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The Sentiment o [ Various People ant
Paws on the Nomination ,
Flowers Budding Into Bloom as
Domooraoy's ' Oandidatd
Some Seorots of the Late Ohioago
Convention Oomiug to Light ,
How Blaina Gould Have Boon
Beaten by the Arthur Men ,
and What
The Vico-Prosidonoy ,
3resham's ' Chances Were ,
'fl Ganttltliicy , anil the Hole it
Mndo tn Illinois' 1'olltlcs.
LONDON , Juno 7. Uudor the heading ,
"A Uoaconficld Beyond the Son , " the
Pall Mall Onzotto says : " Blaino's nomi
nation is the moat notable event for
England since Lincoln was assassinated.
"Wherever Blaine can oust the British
from a position they hold on the Ameri
can continent , ho will endeavor to replace
English influence and trade by American.
His menacing intimation and his disre
gard of the Clayton-Bulwor treaty is an
evil augury for the future relations be
tween England and America. His inter
vention in Peru was most ominous when
ho declared that ho disliked England to
win commercial triumphs in a field belonging -
longing to America. England will watch
with extreme solicitude the progress of
the campaign.1
ThoTimos Bays : " Blaino's nomination
will bo road with satisfaction. Not only
has ho been the most popular candidate
but the most conspicuous and respected
politician in the republican party , which
has done itself honor by the nomination
of so well known and distinguished a
man. If the democrats could make up
their mind to a definite , reasonable froo-
trade policy they yrould certainly secure
more sympathy this side of the Atlantic
than hitherto. In the meantime , we
congratulate the republican party on it !
choice of a candidate BO eminently suited
as Blaine to represent and uphold the
dignity.of the United States. "
Chicago Tribune ( rep. ) . The nomina
tion of James G. Blaine is the triumph
of popular sentiment. His nomination
wHl bo received with acclaim as a lonj
deferred tribute to his great abilities and
eminent statesmanship ; but it has a .sig
nificance far beyond any personal cou-
aidorations. It is an evidence that under
the rules and practices of the republican
party , of which district representation in
the national convention is the most es
sential , the popular will of the party can
not be defeated. No living American
atatosman ever tilled the hearts of the
American people more completely than
Blaine dees. The martyrdom of Lincoln
and Garfield haa won for them a peculiar
veneration which no man in life can hope
to attain. But Blaine haa reached the
highest place in the public osteam
Blaine is an addition to all his persona
claims is the legitimate successor to the
popular confidence which Garfield's brio
administration inspired. As Garfiold'e
premier ho was almost as conspicuous a
figure as Garfield himself , and he was the
originator of a continental American pol
icy which was the most striking anc
brilliant of Garfiold's administration. Nc
presidential candidate over had a bettei
assurance of election than Blaine has to
day unless it was General Jackson or
Thomas Jefferson ,
Milwaukee Sentinel , ( rop. ) : It i
known that the Sentinel did not favo
the nomination of Mr. Blaine for the rea
con that it believed there worn sovora
other gentlemen urged as candidate !
equally qualified and more available ; bu
in the selection of candidates the majort ! ;
has a right to command. A party or
gadizatiou is impracticable ) when the righ
is denied
St. Louis Republican , ( iloin. )
Mr. Blaiuo is well known to the coun
try. Ho is neither an insignificant no
an obacura personage IIu lias boon before
fore the public for more than twont )
years , as member and speaker of th
house , United States senator , aocrotaryo
state and three times candidate for thi
uomiuition which ho has received at las
and his record , good and bad , is prottj
familiar to his countrymen. If ho is no
the ablest man in the republican party
ho has few superiors in this respect in thi
party ; and he is by all odds the mos
popular favorite on the republican aide
Indeed , the worm attachment of th
masses of the party to hia person ob
scures their vision to his weaknesses ant
liis defects ; and , while ho is clearly entitled
titled to the honor now accorded to hin
by every rule of popular preference , it i
the moat unfortunate nominatioi
for the republican party that couli
have been made for , now that th
protracted and interesting struggle if
over , wo can Bay what Jo would not hav
boon prudent to say before that of al
men before the republican conventioi
Mr. Blaine was the choice of the dorno
crats for their antagonist ; ho Is the mai
of all others whoso nomination they desired
sired ; and that for this nuflicient reasor
10 is , by the admission of high republican
uthoritipj , the mnn most easily beaten ,
a ) , ho is the man whoso defeat is al-
cady assured ; for , it is admitted that ho
lannot carry Now York , the state whoso
oto will decide the contest. Up ropro-
flprcsonta sharply the policy of high pro-
uctiou on the latin" ; ho represents what
naybo called a war policy with England
mid Eranco on South and Central Ameri
ca questions ; and his public record is
narrcd by unfortunate and indefensible
relation * with railroads which gtvo cnuso
otho independent republican organs of
Vow York for assorting they will never
iiipport him.
Democrats are more than satisfied with
ho nomination of Mr. lllaino.
t. hauls Globo-Domocrat.
The stress is over , unit the uamo of
James G. Bliunc , like thixt of Abou Bon
Adiioin in the vision , "loads all the
rest " Upon his shoulders at last has
alien the honor which lias boon the am
bition of his whole life to hia hands has
ho republican standard boon intrusted
. 'or the campaign which is to decide what
> olitical prmciplea and which of the two
; roat partioa shall control the adminiatra-
.ion of the government during the next
'our ' years. The name is not an obscure
mo , the candidate is not a stranger , and
lot an accident. No other man in Amor-
can politics , perhaps is BO well known to
, ho masses of the people ; and the events
of the last few days have demonstrated
, hat ho ia the unmistakable choice of the
republican voters of the country for the
; reat office to which it is now the duty of
ivory sincere and loyal member of the
> arty to help to olopt him by n rousing
md splendid majority.
It is hardly necessary to say that Mr.
Blaine was not the first preference of
; his paper. Them seemed to us to bo
reasons why some other mnn would have
been stronger , particularly in doubtful
ind vital localities ; but wo must have
judged mistakenly. Yesterday , Mr.
Blaine was aimply an individual , to bo
passed upon for a certain use and object ;
to-day , ho stands not only for himself
any longer , but for the heroic and potent
organization that haa declared htm to bo
its "leader of loaders" and its bright par
ticular champion. His personality has
ceased to bo a question for republicans
dispute about , or to deal with otherwise
bhan as the verdict in hia favor requires.
Ho passed the sort of scrutiny that is de
cisive and complete , and ho is the em
bodiment now of those beliefs and hopes ,
these doctrines and purposes , by virtue
of which the party has achieved all its
glories in the past and upon which depend -
pond all its chances of prolonged exis
tence and usefulness.
The Illinois Sfriato Zeituriff ( Kcp ) :
The convention haa done its work. 1'aa-
aion and prejudice have triumphed over
reason. Blaine , of Maine , has been se
lected as the pugilist to knock out the
democratic nominee. How this fight will
end it is not in the power of any man to
tell , while it is not yet known who the
democratic candidate will be. The time
\rhen a aepublican nominatian was
equivalent to an election has passeeJ
away forever. To-day the nomination
o that party only signifies the beginning
of a campaign of very doubtful result. 1
the democrats should nominate a mac
like ' 'Horizontal Morrison" the probabil
Hies would bo strongly in favor of Blaino'i
election , but wo do not hesitate to say
that such a man as Governor Cleveland ,
of New York , Jamea _ G.
Blaine , with all his boasted magnetism ,
would hardly bo able to _ defeat.
The great enthusiasm for Blainp. will
moat likely bo limited , o these whose
candidate ho was from the start. Those
German citizens who have generally acted
with the republican party do not show
much of this enthusiasm. This nomina
tion loaves them very cool and collected.
They will quietly wait to sea who tht
democratic party will nominate before
taking a decided stdndy The independents
dents who clung BO ( tenaciously to the
Vermont iceberg are to bo pitied. Bj
many of them it was solemnly announcoi
that in case Blaine should bo nominatct
they and their friends would wage opor
war upon him. Will they do so ? Wil
Curtis , Roosevelt , and Schurz take the
stump against Blaine or will they make
their peace with him ? Thcro are inter
eating questions to which answer wil
como in duo season. The Gorman-Amor
icans of the country , whoae independence
ia sincere and who wish a wise , honest
economical , and conservative adminiatra
tion of our affairs , will calmly await tin
action of the democratic convention , ane
they say : "May the beat man win. ' "
New York Sun ( dom. ) . A great man ;
republicans are opposed t } Mr ,
Blaine , but these who imagine that bo
causa of that disaffection the country i
now to witncBP a spirited canvass and ar
easy triumph for the opposition are , it
our judgment , very much in error. Mr
Blaine is a fertile and sensational poll
tician and will force the fighting from the
New York Commercial Advertise !
( rep ) : President Arthur can afford to bi
boatun by the elements which huvo prevailed
vailed at Chicago. If the opinioimtec
reformers , the cow boya and the stai
route gang did not openly clasp hands tc
compasa this result , they worknd for t
common object. Can the party sucd-na
fully light through a campaign in which
it muat bo constantly on the defensive
Can the upright and intelligent voturs ol
the party bo persuaded to support Mr
Blaiuu ? If the mun the convention hiu
chosen to supplant President Arthur cm
approach in dignity , purily and in pat
r'otism thu administration wo < m > now t (
lose , ho will do no inoro than the bus
judges of events and character have
thought to bo possible.
The Now York TitnuH. ( rep , ) under thi
caption , " .Facing the Fires of Defeat , '
ays : "It is best after all that James G.
Jlaino should bo the candidate of the ro-
ublic.iii party. Ho represents the
\voraqo of republican principles and pur-
loses of the republican honor attel con-
cionco as they now aro. The party hid
Is eyes open. It has taken this stop not
n the dark , but in the broad day light ,
fhoro will bo nothing ambiguous about
ho defeat of Mr , Blaino. Up who runs
may clearly read the verdict in advance.
' \ Candida to unworthy of confidence , und
i party too careless of its own honor to
) o longer trusted with the nation's. " The
defeat will bo the salvation of the ropub-
icftii putty. The Times will not support
ttr. Blaine for the presidency , it will ad-
visa no mitn to vote for him , and its rea
sons for this course are perfectly well un
derstood by everybody that lias road it
Now York Star ( Tammany organ ) :
Blame's nomination was brought about
jy coalition of the worst elements of the
republicans. In looking ahead , however ,
.ho Star is not rash enough to atUrm that
ivon Blniuo will necessarily bo defeated
iv- any body put up in November against
urn. lie will command , practically , un-
imitod rosournces , for the monopolists
and jobbers who anticipate favors from
lim w ill contribute lavishly to his can
vass. Finally ho will bo fervently sup-
> ortud by these workers of his party who
vill not stop to reflect whether a smart
rogue is not unworthy to bo the chief mng-
s t rate of a great and intelligent nation.
Now York World , ( dcm. ) : The noini-
lation of Blaine and Logan is clearly the
result of n shameless political bargain
and represents the triumph of the most
norconary and worst elements of the
republican party. The yoto of Logan
decided Blaino's nomination. The vote
of Blaine nominated Logan in return.
The Now York He-raid , ( mil. ) : Al
though every man who cares for the pur-
ty of public lifo and the welfare ot the
country must evidently regret a nomina.
; ion like this , yet there has grown within
a day or two in many circles n sentiment
, hat will regard the nomination with a
certain grim sense of satlfaction. Indig
nation of decent opinion at the over-
rocurriug nuisance of the Blaine candi
dacy , a revolt against the open shamelessness -
lossnoss of the Blaine men and their
methods , and all their schemes of carry
ing things with a roar , and not by rea
son , has made men fool that at least
there was perhaps but ona euro for all
this , which was to have the Blaine ele
ment carry the convention and nominate
their man , and then BOO the man and the
patty buried out of sight by an over
whelming defeat at the hands of the
people. All have felt that they have
their euro before thorn , and they may at
last congratulate themselves that they
are now indeed in a fair way to have
done with Blaine forever.
Now York Tribune ( rep ) : James G.
Blaine has boon nominated by the people
and will bo elected by the pooplo. Forva
quarter of a century no other candidate
has been moro clearly preferred by the
voters. Mr. Blaine ia the strongest can
didate the republican party could have
nominated , because ho best represents its
correctness. The nomination of Gon.
Logan for vice president was also es
pecially fortunate. The ticket cannot be
Albany Journal , rep. Blaino's nomi
nation makes the republican party invincible
ciblo SB an exponent of progress ! vo ideas
and its courageous astion Trill bo worthi
ly led by a man whom it has honoroc
with its approval thin day.
Chicago Inter Ocean ( rop. ) : Contrary
to the hopes and wishes of the Intoi
Ocean the republican national convention
hns placed in nomination for president
James G. Blaino. As the convention in
the highest party authority wp bow to its
decision , and , us a soldier in _ the great
republican army , fall into lino'and catch
atop with the advancing column. We
are not ashamed to express regret tlia
our own candidate was not successful
but the cause of good government am
the success of the principles of the republican
publican party are moro important than
the advancement of any man , however
worthy or deserving ; and it was for those
that wo enlisted in the service .long ago.
Chicago Times : The presidential can
didacy of Mr. Jnmes G Blaine inn men
ace of evil to the republic. Of all the
citizens that were proposed to the essom
bly of partisan nlectors yesterday , and o
all whoso names have been mentioned ii
connection , with that office , Mr. Blaine.
is the least lit , the least truj > worthy. Hff
partyism ia not , the partyiam of a st-itoa
man who ia guided by nincero convic
tions , founded on broad knowledge anc
understanding. It it the partyisii
of a moro position for loadurHhip actuit
ing a man of intense prejudices , of ugly
temper , and of defective understanding
whoso highest happiness ia in playing tin
ring-leader in a disturbance. Jn IK
scnuo of ho word is Mr. Blaine a states
man. Ilia strange and worno ( ban BUB
picious South American diplomacy wua
an exhibition of meddling and reoklese
propensity to "rush in where angela
tread. " That chapter alone in the public
career of Blaine contains conclusive prod
to _ 11 sound minds of the peril witl
which his selection for the presidency
menaces this republic
CmuAao. Juno 7. The committee
nppuiii'od ' to notify the presidential ane
yico presidential candidates of their nom
illation will meet at the Parker House
li mton , on Juno 20th , and practice
tlioncj to Augusta , Mo , the residence o
Mr Lilaiiio , and after notify ing him the ;
will proceed at oncu to Washington
where theiy will notify Gon. Logan , Al
the moinburH intending to go will notifj
K. II. Rillins , at Dover , N N
The following guntlwimn have boot
ilded to the republican national oxccu-
ivo committee : Senator J. Jewell , of
few Jersey ; S. M. Yost , of Virginia , and
'hurch Ilowo , ot Nebraska.
1'AriKIC ' .
Nine mcmbors ol the California dole-
; ation were to-day appointed a committee
o visit Blaine ami Logan and assure
lothoftho support of the entire IVvcitlo
! oast. The committee left for the oatt
IlAltSlllKMRU rOMN ,
poclnl toTiir. UKK.
WASHINGTON , Juno 8U is suspoc-
od by democrats hero that roprosonta-
Ivo IMrshiorraor , of Now York , is posing
or the democratic nomination for prosi-
out and that Dana , of the New York
Sun is managing the case for him , This
rill explain tlio recent publication of
Xishlormor in connection wiih Tilelon'a
loclination. It in now generally boliorod
hat the stoay of 1'ildon having written a
otter declining to permit the use of his
lame before the democratic convention
s not true , and that it it wits invented to
assist ono of Tildon's competitors.
With a shrewd perception of sound
> olioy the democratic loaders have deter-
nined to make some public demonstra-
ions on behalf of the coloreel rnco to so *
euro , as far as possible , their allvgionco
to the "Old Ticket" in the southern
states some of the democratic congress-
nou have thrown put intimations that
something of the kind would bo oppor-
uno from a Now York standpoint. Ac
cordingly General Roger A. 1'ryor is to
address a mass mooting of colored people
evening next week.
AneiusTA , Juiio 8. Congratulatory
ol eg rams have continued to roach
Maine during Friday night and Saturday.
Over 1,000 telegrams were received
vithin throe hours after the nomination.
Many woip from Europe , among the
noit prominent being ono from Minister
Morton , Paris , and also Colonel John
Liny and Clarence King in London.
Tlio following was also received , dated
"lovolaiid :
HON. JAMES G. BLAINI Our household
ioius In ono great thanksgiving from hoiiiiut |
if our homo. Wo eond the most onrnost wish
; hnt through the turbulent months to tollow
you may bu guarded and kept.
LUiU.il A 11.
There was a cordial despatch also from
the Garfield boya , students in William
Colloga. The following despatches were
also received :
Bon II amaon aohda a despatch promis
ing the electoral vote of Indiana.
James Longstroot sends the congratu
lations of the whig-republicans of Geor
gia. '
friends of
Mr. Flower , who Has boon canvassing
the political situation of this state , says
that of the 108 delegates oloctnd outside
of Now York city to the Saratoga convention
vontion , the first cboico of all is Tildon ,
except in Syracuse whnro the fooling is
for Cleveland ; the second choice , accord
ing to their observations , stand , Flower
82 , Cleveland 20.
NEW YOUK , Juno 8 The train bearing -
ing several hundred delegates for Ohica
go arrived this morning , among them
many reformers , who refused to state
what action was meditated in view ol
their defeat. The Blaine men appoaroc
liniiiBinninnH Lmlel Iiow.
NEW OKLEANH , Juno 8. The Pica-
yuno's Vickaburg special says : Informa
tion haa boon received from Greenville
of a moat deplorable shooting affray there
last night. Gadchaux , night clerk o
laborg'a hotel , had a difficulty with someone
ono unknown , Jud o Taylor Rucks inter
forrod , and was instantly killed , aho
through the head. Gadchaux was hi
with a ball and mortally wounded
Rucks was onoof the moat prominent cit
izens and only a few moiitha ago was
elected mayor. On solicitation both par
ties resigned about a month ago.
A Now St. Ijouls Church.
ST. Louis , Juno 8 I'ho corner slono
of thei now Citholic church of St. Fran
cis Xaviar , at the corner of Grand and
Lindell avpnuon , was laid this nftornooi
with very imposing ceremonies and in the
presence of an immense crowd , there being
ing fully , ' 10,000 assembled to witness the
ovont. The corner stone was 1 lid b ;
Most Rev Patrick J. It/an , of Olamas
at present coadjutor to Arch-bisho ]
Koneck ot St. Louis.
( Jcriinin CnniplliiicntH in Franco ,
liiiiam , Juno 7. The Gorman govern
ormnunt has nent a communication to the
French government in regard to the com
inorcial stipulation in the Tientsin treaty
It congratulates Franco on her militar ;
success , but objects to her commorciu
policy inclosing certain Chinese province
to general trade.
The Itoil Hat CoiiHlNlory.
HOMK , Juno 7 The consistory for th
creation of cardinals haa boun duforree
until autumn , owing td a diuagroomon
between the Vatican and the government
Death ( il'YVutHonVchh. .
Nuw YORK , Juno 8. General Jamo
WiiUon Webb died tnis afternoon.
Suu , of North Carolina Tobacco ia th
A Hail and Rain Visitation Brings
Devastation to Emmcttsta , Iowa ,
A Ploughing Farmer and Horses
Struck Dead by Lightning ,
A Fishing Sohoouor and 13
Sunk in Trinity Bay ,
Vhioh Includes Every Soul on
Board the Boat ,
'ho Sohoouor tFauny Foru Enn
Down by au Unknown Stoaraor ,
'ho Captain niul Three of the Grow
Hrowncil Other Disaster * .
AX IOWA noiuuw.
DF.K MniNK , lown , Juno 8. A heavy
mil ami rain storm passed over Kintnota-
mrg yoatorday. A farmer plowing corn
vns found elead having been struck by
ightning. His t < ro horses were also
cillcel. No damage to the crops.
ST. JOHNS , N. 1 < \ , Juno 8. A fishing
chooncr , commanded by Neil Thawnor ,
vith a crow of thirteen hands has boon
wrecked in Trinity Bay. All hands per-
GLOUCKSTKU , Mass. , Juuu 8. The
ichoonor Fanny Fern was run down thia
uorning by an unknown steamer. The
: aptain and three of the crow were
Clio IHuh BrlilKO Narrow GniiKO Pony
Cars Burnt Up ,
DKS MOINKH , Juno 8. The most dis
astrous lira for the paat year and a half
occurred about half-past eight this oven-
ng. The largo round honso and repair
shops of the Wabaah , St. Louis and
Pacific , the St. Louis , Dos 'Moinos and
Northern , and the DCS Moines and
Northwestern railroads burned to the
{ round. It is supposed to bo the work
an incendiary , as when the alarm was
_ ivon the fire was bursting from the
centra and both onets of the round house ,
which contained twenty stalls. Nine
engines were destroyed , No. 5 , ( i , 7 , 8 ,
12 , 13 , 15 , and 10 of the DOS Mpinoa
and Northwestern. All the machinery
and tools in the repair shops , together
with ono passenger coach , were destroyed
As far as the loss can bo ascertained thii
evening , it will amount to ono hundroe
twenty-five thousand dollars. No insurance
anco , as far as can bo learned. Supt
Meek is away , and the exact figures are
unobtainable. What makes matters stil
worse is that the two latter roads have
no engines hero to Bond out with trains
to-morrow , and the St. Louis , Dos
Moinco and Northern has only two
engines loft on their road. They are a
the other end , and the Dos Moines anc
Northwoitorn has only ono engine nol
destroyed. Two Wabaah engines had
boon run in a short time before , anc
these were run out , but three cabs were
burned , and when the last ono got oul
the fireman got badly burned , and had
to bo taken to physicians.
Spencer ProhlhliH un Ornn o Mooting
iincl AllowH a Nationalist
Dunr.iK , Juno 7. Karl Spencer has is
sued a proclamation forbidding Orange
men to mnkoa counter demonstration to
thu nationalists at Nowbry to-morrow. A
number of infantry , lancers and police
nro assembled there to preserve order.
Father McCaulan advised his congrega
tion to attend the ) nationalist mooting.
The stopping of the Orange counter-dem
onstration is regarded as the greatest
concession to the Irish nationalists for
fifty yearn. There ia intense excitement
among Orange organizations. Thousands
of Orungumoii have arrivoel at Bolfas
from England. Guddia , secretary of the
Orange committee at London , haa aonl
the following : "I leave for Ireland to
night with 5,000 Irishmen from London
Manchester und Liverpool. No surren
dor. " The Orangemen are dotorminoe
to hold a meeting.
NKWUY , Juno 8 The Nationalist *
paraded the stroota with bands and ban
norn. The meeting was hold outaido th
town. On the return of the Nationalist !
from the mooting they throw atonea , anc
when the procession reached the protest
ant quarters of the town the protcfltunt
retaliated. Several eliots were fired
The police and troops interfered , Fou
Nationalists and several orange moil wor
arrested , Many persons were injured ,
LONHON , Juno 8 The orangum wl e
were to have started from England feu
New York were stopped bv the orange
society owing to Speceir'a proclamation ,
LONDON' Juno , 8Tho Orange meet
liu ; held huro to-day protested ogainal
the proclamation of Karl Spencer directed
against the mooting of their baethrun
which wan announced for to-day at Now.
ry. They expressed their sympathy
or the royalists of Ireland and resolved
o give thorn every Assistance. Shortly
loforo the mooting separated telegrams
roro road Mating that 850 Orangemen
md sta.tted for Nowory by the Shanroar
onto ; ( > 5 inoro nailed from F-lcotvroocl ,
nil 1,200 from Hanow-ln-Furnoas for
lie same doGthiation.
V Drniimtlo anil Trn lo Sccno nt n
CINCINNATI , Juno 8 A sccno occur-
eel at the Cathedral this evening when
Tom Patterson arrivoel in a coach with
'Mia Keating to bo'mameel , Ann Flynn ,
11 woman with whom Patterson has boon
iuing , was there waiting also , and when
' . 'attorson stopped put of the coach , nho
loizeel him , tore oil' his cravat and toro
lis his clothing. The police took Anna
Flyun to the station. The clergyman
ofiucd to marry Patterson aim Ella
venting. Patterson is undr indictment
or murder committed 18 months ago.
COVIMITON , Ky , , .Imin 7.Mllo nnd n ipmr.
or ! Kosconsko won , Poix Kyle xocoml , Ad.
ulrnl third. Tiino , 2:17. :
1'lvo furlongn , Mnldou two-yonr-olds : Fa ) ,
oner won , ( told Bon second , l.oliwlo third-
rima , 1IH1 : | .
Mlle niul n half : Korstill woe , Ynnguiml
ocoml , Iznmorn third. Tltno , 2I : ! > J.
Hlmyar ntftkaj , throo-yonr-olds , fonla of
8S1 , milo and three furlong : I-of tin won ,
Iwlmioy nocoiul , Gon. llnrJIng third. Tiino ,
NKYOIIK , Jmio 7. Aniorioan Jockey
ilnb , inllo , throo-yanr-olda : King Knuuitwon ,
Ulnnlo Cole nocond , Knnndor third.
1'lmo. 1IO : | .
llmf-inlla : Hlcliinoinl won , Tecunuoh ncc-
mil , I'otltlon third. Tiino , bU hocoiuls.
Mlle , nil ngui ; Hnloiloii won , Ciinar noc *
end , Thnckrry third. Tiino , 1:18.
Jockav Chit ) Imndlcnii , inlla nnd throo-nuar-
, orn : llnitford won , Ktnnoy nocoiul , ] > ! ollnt
third. Tlmo , 3:15J. : !
Mlle nnd n iinnrtor , nil ngos : Wall Klownr
won , TrnfnlRar BOCOIH ! , ( tlrofla third ,
rime , 2:17. :
Stoopta chiuio , full conrBo : I'cho won ,
Abrahnin nocoiul. Tlum lll. : !
liltmiiTON ItrACll , Juno 7. KIvo-othUi9 | of
n inllo : Miller won. Hickory Jim nocond ,
( ilonnllon , third. Tlnm , l-.ni : ( .
Klvo-oirihtlia of n tulle ; Tnttlor won , Krin
Ihirko Rocond , 1'rollo third. Tltno , 1:01.
Mlle niul nn eighth : Mnriundnka won.
Hnrbarian accond , J utoHtrlni ; third. Tluio ,
1:58. :
Mlle nnd nimnrtor : 1'nrowoll won , Tlnro
Kocoiul. , ) olui Lodford third. Tlmo , 2:1U. :
Hurdle men , ono nnd a half mlles : Itoldy
won. Tiino , i:50. !
PAHIH , .Juno 8 The race for the gr
[ irizo of 1'nrin (1'nrla ( proxliiioinont ) 100.00C
[ rnr.ca , to-dny , wao won by the Duke ol
Coatrlran' brown colt Lltllo Uiiok ; M. S. 0.
llyncr'n hny colt Lninbkln , cocond ; M. 1 * .
Anmont'tf clioatnut cult Fro DIavolo , third ,
DCS MolnoH Uncos.
Dm MOINFH , Juno 8. The grand Iowa
trotttiig circuit , coniio8ud | of Mnruhnlltown ,
C/Diiticll lllulfH niul lei MoliiOH , promleCH t <
bo n Rruiul HUCCOHS. ICotrloa nro cloaod to
dntoH lioro. July Int. L'd , Ilil niul Ith to whlcli
olRlity-nlno ontrloH nro eltvidod n follows :
Ton , 2:40 : elms ; eight , 2'i6 : olus ; nine , 2:35 :
HacliiK Fourteen. 3-mInuto class ; 'blovon
2:21) : ) ; aovon , 2:38 : ; iiino , l:3tj : : ton pacIoR ( refer
for nil ; seven 21-18 clnss ; novon , free for al !
trotting , 7. Entries nro fromiU dlfforen
ptatcH nnd torrltorioa and embrace many fas
oncn. Six thousnmi dollnrn are offered lioro I
parson equally divided , $000 to each raco.
IJnso Hall.
At Bftltlnioro Baltimore , 5 ; Indianapolis
0.At Fort Wnyco M lnuoapolla , 2 ; Forl
Wnyno , 5.
At Bay City-Boy City , 4 ; St. 1'aul , 3.
At Knit Sofflnaw Suglnawa , 9 ; Qulucoys
0.At St. Louls-St. J.oula Unions , 8 ; CInoIn
natlB , 6.
At Boston-BoRtou , 1 ; 1'rovldonco , 2.
At Dotrolt linlfuloH , 0 ; Detroit , 0.
At Pittiburg Alloghonys B ; St. Loula , ID.
At Now York Metropolitan , 0 ; Louisville
"At Philadelphia Columbus , 12 ; Athletics
At MunkoKon 1'oorlaa , 11 ; Muskcgonn , i1
At ( Jrand Hapldn-Ciraiicl Itaplda , 18 ; Still
water , II.
At Now York Philadelphia , (5 ( ; Now York
10.At Chlcngo ChlcoRO , 13 ; Clovolnnd , ( i.
At Now York Ciucliinntla , 2 ; Brooklyna
At Knnsaa City Unions Chicago , ( i ; Kan
H City. n.
At 1't. ' Wnyno Vt. Wnyno Uosorvoa. U
Cliiclnnntl Cllppotx , I ,
The Our.
OAK. POINT , N. Y..lnno7.Oourtnoy fnllec
to upimar to dny at the tlmo for Htnrtlug It
thnroco with KOHH , whi > rowed ever thu courm
in twenty three mlunton und flfty-nlno nni
ono lialf uocoiidn , u dlntanco of threio intlo
with turn.
WAHIIINUTOK , .Tnnn 7. The huuvo took n
the hill ilnclatlng forfeited the nuournod Al
Inntluand Piiuiliulunil ( { rant. After a brio
explanation by Mr. Cohb thu hill wan POKHOI :
nnd the gunonil dtlicloncy bill win roportoe
from thu unniinlttoi ) on appropriations and ru
ferrnd tu tlio conunlttue of the wholu ,
Tim bill repealing the pra-oinptlon am
timber ciiltitru law nnd uiiicnilliif ; the homo
Blond IAWH wiin culloil up unil uftur the ndop
tion of n cotiplo of minor umondmcntH , Mr
Hohmm offurod nn uinondinunt providing thu
no public lundd of tlio United State H u'dajitoc
to nKrlcnltiiro nhnll bo nold nxuopt for uilnoru
lundn for actual nnd bonnfido Bottlora , nm
( inly nndur the provmloim of the homuHtoai
luw , iiubject huwovor , to bounty land wurrnni
und lollcyo ncrlp Issued by thu uuthurlty <
conprcHH , and grutitu which congreua inni
for the putposo of education ,
In the deilmto whlcli followed , Golf , of Wen
Virginia giivo u Hlightly political turn by tl
declaration that the humonteud law had live
almost Bolhlly opposed by the democrat
party and vutoud by a democratic president
Mr , Cub ! ) retorted by the Htutomunt thu
slnco tlio ropnbllcnn party lnnl como Int
power It h'kd In the mirnt llngriint luaune
wiiHtod und given uwny publlu limi'a. '
Ilolinau coutondfil that tlia lioinoKtead law
wuHObHontlully u domocnitlc meuHuro.
Upon nn nmoiul I'ent ' olfurod I'V Horhor
no tpioriiin voted nnd the houao adjourned.
GBtlinEina BadPosiiion on
the Egyptian Qnestion , ,
And Earning Contempt of Tories
and Conservatives !
! ho Eussian Boar Bristling Up
its Baok at the British Lion ,
roat Distress Among the Labor
ing Poor in North England ,
'ho Nationalist Meeting at
Nervy Tape's Place ,
No DlHttirlinnco liy tlio Government
ASnmll UowAVIth the UraiiRomon ,
r.NOLANl ) AND KelVlT.
poclal Dispatch to TIIK BSE.
LONDON , .Time 8. It ia very apparent
.ho present English government ia rapid-
y wcnkoiiing in its attltudo upon the
Sgyptinn iiucstioii. It is even evident
bat the ministry it Booking to find some
lonorablo line of retreat from its recent-
y pooitivo declaration in favor of oxclu-
ivo control. This state of ufTAirs is at-
ributod ta the aggressive attitude of
Trance , which moans to insist , in the
oniing conference , upon joint control ,
taly will back up 1 ranco , and by the
imo the conference assembles it is bo-
iovod England will bo fully prepared to
ccudo gracefully to the claims of its
mrtiiors in Ejjypt. The govornniont's
roakness in this respect is intensifying
ho contempt tn which the ministry has
eng boon hold by the torics and conservative
vative ! ) , but the opposition is practically
loworless , because It has no leaders.
Much unuasincss has boon caused
among government ofllcials Jn London by
ho latest imperial utrerances from St.
. 'otorsburg. This is attributed to a grow-
ng1 belief in llussia that England is
; rndually retiring from its foreign policy
) f empire extension. Rusnia has formal-
y announced that it has decided to aban
don its recent intention of evacuating
Central Asia , and has proclaimed her in-
ontion to extend her Asiatic frontier.
This announcement contains for England
a stinging throat , being coupled with the
leclaration that Russia believes it will bo
> pttor for England to confine her ener
gies in the cast , in the future , within the
intural bounds of India. The Czar's ad-
, 'isora go to great pains to assort that
Russia has no designs on India , but it is
impossible for Englishmen to bolio/o the
Russian statesmen are not engaged ia
constant intrigues in that direction.
Spodnl Dlapatch to TIIK BKK.
LONDON , Juno 8. Thomas Burt , who
represents Morpoth in the house of com
mons , and perhaps the only true expon
ent of labcu in that body , expressed him
self very freely to a correspondent re
garding the present great depression in
the shipping Industry in north of Eng
land. "The ship building trade of north
England is practically at a. standstill , "
said Durt , "and there probably never has
been a time in its history when the out
look for improvement is as indoGnito and
uncomforting , as at present whole fleets
of largo steamers are lying idle in the
Tyno and on the Wear. Ship building ,
in the old sense , has almost ceased as an
industry , and thousands of persons are
unemployed , and the' distress and actual
want of food and shelter are fearful in
extreme ) . The labor organization , usually
strong in the north , are wholly unable
to answer the calls upon them for the ro-
lieif of these few mnmbors who have man
aged to retain work , being unable to
meet the demands in ado upon them. The
distress in Sunderland is particularly
marked ; many hitherto well-to-do fam
ilies have had to apply to the authorities
for r liof. "
SHOOO. .Given
ffalmn orniij'inJiirlniH sntatuiuvacnii bo found
In Andrews'I'e.irlUalctnE Powder. Is pos-
SlvelypURE , Jtoliifii'iiuoi-secl , uncl testimonials
rccfUtHllroiaiiUchchuinlnUasH. Danalluys.ltos-
ton : M. Dclafoiitnlnc , of Chicago ; ami
lloiio. JIllMmiKco. Never Bold In bulk.
C. E. ANDREWS . - _
' > ' ) & ! B > ] KVftter .

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