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Imlulgcnco nnil
Whether ovoroaling or drinking nro
mvlo hftrmloss by using Hop Bltlora
rcoly , giving elegant appetite nnil onjpy-
mont by using thorn boforonnd removing
nil dullness , pains and distress nftorwnrds ,
leaving the hond clear , nerves steady , nnd
nil the footings , buoyant , olaaticnnd moro
happy than before. The pleasing effects
of n Christian or aumptous dinnorcontin-
uing dnya afterwards.
Kmlncnt Testimony ,
K. Y. Witness , Aug. 1618SO.
"I find that in addition to the pwc
pints contained in their composition ,
they rontain the extracts of hops and
other well known and highly approved
medicinal roots , loaves and tinctures in
quantities sufllciont to render the article
whnt the makers claim it to bo , to wit , n
medicinal preparation nnd not n beverage
unfit and unsafe to bo used except as n
"From n careful analysis of their for
mula which wns attested under oath
I find that in every wine-glassful of Hop
Bitters , the active medicinal properties
aside from the distilled spirits nro equal
lo n full dose for an adult , which fact in
my opinion , subjects it to an intoral rev-
cnno tax : as a medicinal bitter , "
GREEN B. lUusf , U. S. Com. In. Rev.
Burdened Liver ,
Flvo years ago I broke down with kidney -
noy and Liver complaint and rheumatism.
Since then I hnvo boon unable to bo about
nt all. My liver became hard like wood ;
my limbs were puffed up nnd filloc'with
water. All the best physicians agreed
that nothing could euro mo. I roaolvod to
try Hop Bitters I have usud seven bottles -
tlos ; the Hardness has nil gene from my
liver , the swelling from my limbs , nnd it
has worked n miraclu in my ciso ; other
wise I would hnvo boon now In my gravo.
J. W. MOUKY , Buffalo , Oct. 1 , ' 81.
Poverty ami BuITorlnK' .
' I was dragged down with debt , potorty and suf
fering forj earn , caused by a sick family and Urge
bills of doctoring. I van completely discouraged ,
until ono j car go , by the advice ol my pastor , t
commenced using Hop Hitters , and In ono month
we wcro all well , and none of us hate seen a slok
day since , and I want to say to all roor men , > oit can
keep > our families well n > car with Hop Hitters * , lot
lossthan one doctor's visit will coat , I know It. " J
When the Bystcm haa
been overtaxed , go
that the illRCHtlvo or-
tana do not properly
iciform their office
relieve them of the
itraln , and RTO | time
or recuperation.
Illdgo'a Food la the
I bent food for tills. It
lll Rlvo strength and
geuilydlgogtcd. Kven
P itho nurao will llnd
nijio' | huu > i iur numcii ut ( iroat value. In cam , four
sizes 3 c , 85o , $1.26 and | 1.76. Sold hy Urumlata
Send to WOOUUCII & , CO. , Palmer , Mats , for pain
An tlMtUnl tptffUilaitonU efiiqiiUlu Buor. fitt UMi OTtf tbi
to ! , nld. cur. . Iljimp. . Clutb l..r u4 Anu. U.1 tit
dlMN.rlftrtli * I > lfMtlt Urr.ol Af.w drpf > lUMrt kd.lldo lfi of
10 | ! MI * f cbttnpun * . kai U kll lunM r drlnkl Trj II. Kn4
U ftr .f countVllfc Ak jour rrOTr r drurfl'1' Ui
knicuBuurmiit itl > K.u u mtntliTkbU s.
; . w. wcrrEEiuiw , coin io ir.
si KROAiHrAr. if. r.
\QTF \ MANLY ViaOHSp rm torr
Ihcca , eta , when ll other reme.
fdlcs fall. A cure guaranteed.
I'M.M ' bottlelargo bottle , foul
times the quantity , $6. By ei-
press to any address. Sold by
lldrtiffKlata. KNOLISH MEDI-
OMilNSTTinTE , I'foprloton , 718 Olive Street , Bt.
X uls , Mo.
"I h vo aold Bit Aatloy Coopor'i Vital RegtoratlTt
orvean. Every customer ipoak ) highly of It. I
nhmutlnglycndono It M remedy of true merit
" 0. F QOODUAH , UruRglii
Kl 1S88 l8-met.
A CARD. To all who are flcrlnf ( from eirori
and ludUcrotloni of joutli , nervoni w eaknera , early
decay , loss of manhnoil , etc. I will lend n rccl o tint
will cure vou , KHKK OP CIIAHOK. Ttilt great rem
edy was dlscorerod hy a lul'slonery In South Ameri
ca. Send nel ( addromwd envelops to IUV JOHKI-II T ,
S , Station D. Now Vork. dy o m i. cod
° 'th ° Ocnoratho Organs
quickly cured hy the
C1VI ALE MirniOI ) . Adopted In all the HOSPITALS
orFUANCK I'rompt return of VlUOIt. Hlmnlo
cases , fj to W. Set era ones , $3 to $12. Pamphlet
Frco. Olvlalollamedlal Agono , UC Kulton bt. , New
Flowi from the Miilmum Mineral Fountain of Sara
toga Hprtngi , and If the opinion of the tnoit eminent
medical men Nature's Sovereign Cure for Consti
pation , Dlspopala , Torpid Liver , Inactive
Conditions of the Kidneys , and a most salutary
Iterative In scrofulous affections , With Udles , gen.
tlcmeu , and ton \ltanta everywhere It hai liecomo
tha standard of dietary expedients , fortliylng the
dlgestlra functions and enabling free-liters to Indulge
with Impurity at table. The world ol wealth , Intel
ligence and refinement testifies to Its sparkling , oat.
urally pure , and dellghtlul quantities as iho beverage
Incomparable , and accredit It with being the surnt
and i | wed kit source of clear complexions high health
Md exuberant spirit * . IlatUorn Spring Water
Is sold la glau bottles ; four doien pints are packed
Ii a case , II may be obtained at all hotel * , > nd of
aruggltts , wine merchants , and giocers everywhere
DR. *
tiU'.critO-VOITAIO BELT and otuef Kutonid
t I AIIUAKCKS are soul on tU Days' Trial TO
MEN ONLY.OVNO OH OLD , who r suffer.
Inif from Ntaroua UKBILITT. LOST VrriUTT.
WAITUQ WRiifHcxaa. ami all thote dluatei of n
ill. MATUIU : , ri-tultlnit from Aiiosu and
OTUKB Ciusea. Speed.relief . ud rornplets
natoratlou to HEALTH' VIOOB and MASUOOD
UUAKAHTCFU. CtCUU at once for Uluitratod
famjihlet free. Adarewi
VOLTAIC JIEI/r < : O. . Murshall. Mich
To thoM saBerlna f row tn
MANHOOD eflocU of youthful t
. . wrnlnal weakntM.Mrl
t jr , loitimnlicKMr. etc. , I wlllMnd rouj > irllcul r of a
fliaple and certain means of a lf cure , free of eh rg. .
bead ouraddmus to V. O. VOWLUHMuodujUuD
A ? utun of early Impruosuoo. cao Iog ne
letllUr. prematarn decay , etc. bavlov trii
isle every known rsroedy. ua * dl coter d a al
fnsau of self-cure , which he will scad I'lll {
ddraaa ,
Ancient anil Modern Schemes of Rniii
and Rite
Tlio MisBlHBlppI llulildo of 1710 All
Skctuli ,
Cleveland Lender ,
It is said thnt hurry bcgols Hurry nnd
worry , nnd that in the hast to got rich ,
wo cripple honor nnd lame lioncaty. In
the dcairo to accumuhto vast fortunes in
the twinkling of an cyo , as it were , men
turn their back upon wisdom and ntnnd
face to face with folly nnd on clangorous
heights. Each man in this ngo , when
things nro conducted with telegraphic
speed , beguiles himself into the belief
that ho holds the wonderful lamp of
Aladdinand that by tubbing ita well worn
surface ho may have his moat extravagant
wishes satisfied. This desire for wealth
and ita accompanying power has led to
the downfall of nations. It has ruined
men occupying high places in history , for
once it possoascs ] a man , reason is power-
logs and all is sacrificed to gain , Rome
vras great nnd powerful , until the luxury
bornoot vastwoalthonorvatodwoakonod ,
nnd finally ruined her. The splendid , scin
tillating satires of Juvenal were leveled at
the habits nnd follies of the onso-loving
sensual Romans , nnd ho boldly predicted
the beginning of the end. Lord Bacon
was n victim to the love for wealth and
luxury , nnd it was not until after his disgrace -
grace through it , that his great intellect
assorted itself , and made posterity respect
and honor him. The Duke of Marlborough -
ough , the great war diplomatist nnd general -
oral , put nn inorosiblo stain on his name
by his insatiate love for gold. Ho car-
nod his greed to surprising lengths , and
is known to have collected nnd kept the
pay of his ollicera killed in battle , but
whoso death was reported inaccurately
ornotatnll. And to-day , how many
revere the nnrao ho loft , or think of him
with anything save contempt , despite his
services to his country ? Surely , with
sucii a nature ho would have betrayed
his country rather than have sacrificed
wealth , so true it is that wealth , na well
ns want , may mnko cowards or thlovoa of
men.All readers of history nro familiar with
the accounts of the great Mississippi
bubble. Louis XIV. , by his extravagant
living , oxponslvo nnd unprofitable wars ,
created a debt of throe thousand millions
of livros , and thereby laid n wide and
deep foundation for the ruin thnt follow
ed. Ho made a grant of the valley of the
Mississippi , including Illinois , to Crozat
in 1712 , This Frenchman was n mono
polist , and made the trallic between the
inhabitants of Lousiana nnd the natives ,
and between the French nnd other Eu
ropean Bottlers , entirely profitless. Ho
monopolized everything available. His
conduct led to the fomentation of diflicul-
ties , and since every Spanish harbor in
the Gulf of Mexico wan closed to his
vessels , and all the French in the state
were hostile to him , the retrocession of
Louisiana to the crown in 1717 was the
Notwithst anding the ill fate of La
Sallo , the non-success of Iborvillo , nnd
the conduct of Crozat , and although the
bones of emigrants whitened the valley ,
the visions of Louiaiana'a undeveloped
treasurers , her mines of gold and silver ,
her vast tracts of lands for cities and
plantations , disturbed the dreams of
financiers and blow the great bubble
called the "Mississippi bubble. " Its
projector was John Law , n Scotchman ,
born In Edinburg in 1071. Ho was a
gambler , frequenting gambling houses
by night , where his playing was always
based upon abstruse calculation , and devoting -
voting his days to the study of the prin
cipals of trade and finance. His pro
posals for establishing a council of trade
not boimr noticed , ho loft Scotland in dis
gust , and withdrew to the Continent ,
where , as a sucoesaful gambler , ho became -
came the friend and companion of princes ,
nnd the hero and lion of the moatchnrming
woman. For fourteen years ho traveled
in Holland , Flanders , Hungary , Ger
many , Franco , and Italy , studying character -
actor in each place , and perfecting
schemes. Ho was convinced that no
country could prosper without n paper
currency. His schemes nnd success final
ly alarmed the officials. They consider
ed him dangerous , and expelled him from
Genoa and parts of Franco. Ho wont to
Paris , but was ordered to leave , yet not
before ho had made the acquaintance of
\ho dissolute Duke of Orleanswho prom-
sod him his patronage nnd friendship.
"Jaw presented his schema of fiuanuo to
ho comptroller of publio funds , who
was asked by Louis XIV if haw was a
Catholic. When answered in the noga-
'ivo , ho refused to oven consider the
Law then unfolded hm pot plan to the
'oigning Dukb of Savory. The Duke
old him it was magnificent , too much so
ndoed , for his limited kingdom ami
nouns. Ho could not afford to bo bank
rupted , but udvisnd him to o to Franco ,
ainco from lib knowledge of the charact
er of the people In that country ho be
liovcd his now and plauaablo plan woulii
bo hailed with delight. Louis XIV. was
then dead , nnd Louis XV. , n chile of five ,
succeeded him with the Duke of Orlonni
as Regent. Tlu > treasury was exhausted
and the Empire on the brink of rum and
Law was cordially wolcomod. Ho made
Franco believe that her condition was
not the result of her former King's extra
vagance , but of an insufliciont uurroncy.
The specie , ho said , unaided by paper
money , was inadequate. Ho cited En
gland and Holland as brilliant examples.
Ho proposed to establish a bank thai
should manage the royal revenues , issue-
ing notes on that and landed security.
They should bo administered in the
King's name , subject to the control o
the commissioners to bo appointed by the
State's General.
The bank was opened by royal edict in
1710 , with law and his two brothes in
charge , and a capital of 000,000 livros.
Notes were payable at sight in the colt
current at a time of issue. This shrowc
policy made them more valuable thai
ilver or gold. Stock was immediate ! ;
taken. Notes commanded a premium o
1G per cent , while those issued by tin
government as security for the debts
created through extravagance of Loui
XIV. were at a discount of 78J per cent
The high premium pu law'u notes was
owing to his declaration thnt the banko :
who made iesues. without the means t
redeem them deserved death. Law
having prospered in his banking scheme
brought forward the Mississippi scheme
and thus connected indiasolubly hi
name with our own. Letters patent wor
issued in 1717 "to cstnblith a trading
company to the Mississippi , " which ahoulc
bo known as the Western company , It wa
divided into 1:00,000 shares of COO livro
each , the capital to bo composed of otat
securities at par. lly absorbing 100,000-
000 of depreciated stock , the government
was indebted to a company created by
itself , and not individuals for the amount ,
Law established a bank that should pay
the interest on this portion of the debt
> romptly , nnd thus raised ita value from
' 81 nor cent to par. Hencoho who hold n
lundrod livrcs of state debt * bought
) orhnps ns low ns 21J livros could now
realize 100 livrcs for them. Enormous
brtunos wcro mado. Public credit V.M
nirnculously restored by the paying _ o
ho interest on the capital of this union
if the bank with the risks and liabililio
if n commercial company , not from its
irofits there were none but from whol
y fictitious sources. The state of Lou
sinnn vns transferred to the western
company , nnd the vnlloy of the Mississ
ppi became the theme and scone of the
vildcst speculation. Franco saw the op
ilonco of future centuries in her grasp
, nd bccamo vainglorious.
Law's bank worked marvels , winnin ;
mportnnt favors continually. It monop
riizcd the tobacco nnd slave trades ; it hat
ho right of refuning the goldand in 1717
was elected the royal bank of Franco
'ho Mississippi or Western company bo
amo the "company of the Indians. '
low shares were created and sold ai
normous rates and profits. The riches1
larta of the valley were conceded to com-
isnlcs to entice emigration. Law hinsell
pent 1,500,000 livrcs in the purchase ol
largo prairlo in Arkansas , whore ho
ropoaod to build a city. Ho bought and
ent to Lousiann three hundred slaves ,
nd at his own expense sent largo parties
rotn Germany and Franco t ? settle in
ho vnlloy. But in spite of it all , when ,
n 1720 , a Jesuit priest visited the colony ,
hero were butthirty Frenchmen , wretched
nd poor , nnd they had boon purposely
eft by their obscondingomployors. When
lock holders thought their coffers over-
lowing , the company proposed the build-
ni ! nf Fort Chartrca , near Kaskaaia llli-
mis. It wns built in 1720 to protect the
'Vouch against the Spanish , with whom
key were at war. This added at one
imo 80,000 sharca to the company , and
or thorn there were 300,000 applications.
Publio fooling merged into frenzy , and
lomandcd nn increase of 300,000 more
hares at five hundred livros each. Poo-
ilo anxious to buy took apartments near
aw's house to know the result of their
logotiations , and route , in that vicinity ,
nd sixteen thousand.
Law waa in the "zenith of fame , for-
uno , and splendor ; high and low sought
lim , and his house was surrounded. A
ump-backod man made largo aums of
lonoy by renting his hump as a writing
! osk , nnd many ludicrous scones are ro-
ordod. Law finally removed to the
'lace Vondomo and the largo space
ookod like a public market. This un-
ommon prosperity increased manufact-
rors and every thing almrod the general
dvanco. Men who had earned fifteen
ivros per day were earning sixty.nnd the
laro of prosperity waa so dazzling that
t obscured the clouds that heralded an
pproaching storm. In 1720 some specie
as demanded , nnd , behold , there was
ono in the kingdom. Coin for more
lian five hundred livres was declared ill-
gal tender. A council of of state was
ailed , and it was found that two ihous-
nd six hundred millions or livros were
u circulation. The bank stopped pay
ment on the 27th of May , anc Law baro-
f escaped mob violonco. Ho took ap-
rtmonts with the Regent until ho could
ot out of Franco. Hia estates were con-
seated , and ho dioi ot Venice in ox-
rome poverty , in 1729. Such \ras the
ate of this schemer when his gorgeous
lubblo burst.
The recent financial trouble in Now
York will recall to many the great mone-
ary crisis of 1837 , which has over ainco
> eon known aa "tho groat'panic.1 This
cached the business centers aa well as
ho banks , and waa brought about by a
general extravagance which pervaded all
lassos. The excitement was so great in
western land speculation that lots were
nought in wholly undiscovered regions at
abulous prices and largo cities were sold
nd peopled on papor. It waa simply
land of mania and in its mad whirl
wallowed up all classes. The lawyer ,
lorgymau , " merchant , farmer , and artl-
an , each loft his profession nnd became
speculator in a greater or loss degree.
This desire to grow rich by land spocu-
ation led thousands west , many of whomever
over returned , and their homes gleamed
liito on the fertile western soil , oven as
! io bones of emigrants bleached in the
alloy of the Mississippi under the reign
f Crozat and Law. A similar state of
lungs , a mania for speculation of snino
ort , hna preceded every panic , that of
720 , 1837 , 1857 , 1873 , and 1881. Lat-
orly , however , it hna boon stock spocu-
ation. The vast fortune of-8200,000,000
laa boon nccummulntod by W. H , Van-
lorbilt within the last thirty years. It is
unparalleled in the history of the world.
Flio aamo ia true of Jay Gould's § 80,000-
100 , and indeed of most men of vast for-
uno in Now York. The Astora nro ex
ceptions. Their wealth is the accumulation
if generations , ono undo-a butcher
wwiiig to the father of the present Win.
: J , Astor n fortune of § 50,000. The for-
, uno of the Asters does not exceed
55,000,000 , which in compiuison with
Vniidorbilfa ia n more pittance. This
s indeed getting to bo n land of luxory ,
nnd for many , uaao , and wo will soon bo
xblo to boast of largo numbers of ' 'gentle
men of leisure" aa the English call their
useless members of sooiotp. Wo hnvo al
ways had thorn , but as the bright young
American girl suid in answer to the En
glishman's snoora at the scarcity of men
of leisure : "Wo call them tramps. "
AimoHturn niltorH , the world renowned
appetizer anil limgorator. Used now o\or
the whole clvlllred world. Try It , but beware
of Imitations. Ask your grocer or drugRlat for
the genuine article , manufactured by Dr. J
(5.11. Siogort & Sons.
Iturtlotto Points Out Who mill Wm
Tlioy uro.
"Thia , " aaid the returned missionary
to the poor heathen whom ho had brough
over , "is a church , "
And the poor heathen greatly admiret
the church. By and by he asked :
"Who is the fat man with the bit
watch eeal , who looks at the church aa
though ho thought some of putting on i
$50 bay window and raining the ron
$500 a year ? '
"That ia a trustee , " said the returnee
"Ho does moat of the praying I sup
nosel" aaid the poor heathen , who , in his
blindness , knows very little about the
way wo do these things.
' 'No , " said the returned raiaalouary ,
"ho doesn't believe in praying , ho is i
Bob luRoraoll man and believes that no
body dooan't know nothing , and tha
they know that ho knows that they know
ho knoAB they don't. Ilo ia not a mom
bor of the church , but ho is a good , clear
headed business man , good manager
strong on real estate deals , and so ho i. .
n trustee. Dooan't take very much of i
Christian to bo a trustee , except in the
country. In town a church only wants a
good business man for trustee , "
"And who is the man who stands in th
door and glares at the people as they pas
in and trios to keep them out ? " asked the
poor heathen.
"That , " said the returned missionary
'is ' the now superintendent of the Sun-
lay school. They arc all that wny at
first. By nnd by , when ho has forgotten
ivory line of his beautiful speech , when
10 has started the wrong tune to nn on-
iroly strange hymn , and corrected him
self by striking the right tune on n key
so hieh that the chimes of Normandy
souldn't ring second bass to it ; whbn ho
las flunked , fair , square and outright , on
ho first ton questions in his question
> ox , ho will know loss by n ton than ho
does now , and bo n good , usesul , earnest
and humble superintendent. He's only
young and now , like an August persim
mon. "
"Hero comes the owner of the church , "
ho poor heathen said. "IJo looks ns
hough ho had decided to mnko pemmican
of the sexton nnd trustee , nnd not hold
nny service to-day. "
"No , that ia not exactly the owner of
ho church. " tno returned missionary
'that is the loader of the choir. "
"Who is that meek , timid little man
who is trying to creep in without letting
ho sexton see him , nnd who has just
akon off his hat to the leader of the
holr ? "
"Oh , that ia only the pastor of the
hurch , " the returned missionary replied.
'Will inside "
you go ?
And the poor heathen said ho would ,
IOCAUSO ho rather guessed from thcirlooks
he sexton and the loader of the choir had
nado up their minds to settle that morn-
ng which of the two should take the
hurch nnd run it.
Piles nro frequently preceded by n Bonso of
weight In the back , loins anil lower part of the
nblomoncausing ; tno patient to SUI > IH > SO ha haa
omo affection of the kidneys or neighboring
organ * . At times , nym loins of Indigestion
nro present , as flatuency , uneasiness of the
stomach , etc. A molstcro like perspiration ,
> reducing n Aery disagreeable Itching tiarticu-
arly at night after potting warm In boil , Its
very common attendant. Internal , Kxtcrnal
ind Itching Plica ylold at once to tno applica-
ion of Dr. Bosanko's Pllo liomody , which acts
[ Erectly upon tha parts affected , absorbing the
, umora , allaying the intense itching , and of.
octlng a permanent euro where other roino-
Itos have failed. Do not delay until the drain
on tha system produces permanent disability ,
mt try It anil bo cured. Schrotor & Bocht
"Trado supplied by O. If , Goodman. "
Bennett's Early Writing.
James Gordon Bennett , in 1828 , when
n hla 30th year , bccamo the Washington
orrcspondont of the Now York Enquirer
rhich was thpn on the topmost round of
ho journalistic ladder. It is related of
lim that during Inn stay in this position
10 came acrbss a copy of "Walpols's Lot-
era , " end resolvodjto try the efloct of n
ow letters in a similar strain. The truth
f this is doubtful. It is more probable
han the natural talents of the man
were now unfettered , and ho wrote with-
ut fear of censorship and with all the
laso which a sense of freedom inspires.
lo was naturally witty , sarcastic and
onaiblo. These letters , however , origi-
latcd , were undoubtedly a great hit.
? hey were lively ; they abounded in per-
oual allusions , and they described freely
lot only senators but the wives and
lauphtora of senators. This sort of thing
wna a novelty then. The descriptions of
oilota , the cravats of the president , and
ho hunting saddle of his niece , tickled
not only the fools but also the wiser poo-
ilo , who liked the sensation. These
amo letters established Mr. Bennett's
oputatlon ns a light lance among the
lost of writers , and ho found a ready
ale for the poetry avji the love stories
fhich flowed from his pen during his
oisuro hours.
True Merit Aloiio
las given Allcock's Porous Plasters the largest
ale of any external remedy In the world. If
ou hnvo boon using any other kinds of plag-
ers ono trial of "Allcock's" will convince you
f their wonderful superiority.
CC BiiOAm\AY , ROOM 52
Now Yorx , March 2 , 1883.
Having been cured of a severe attact of
lioumatism of the nock and shoulders by using
Allcuck'u Porous Plasters , I fool It my duty to
: ommend their use to any one similarly af-
ictod. For a period of several months I had
xhaustod many other so-called remedies with-
ut obtaining the slightest relief. Finally I
ppjled ono of Allcock's Porous Piasters , and
ound myself almost immediately cured ,
I consider them a true blessing.
Faithfully yours ,
Ills AVondbrTul Financial Scheme ,
" \Vlilch Fell to the Ground.
There is ono astounding incident , says
John Swinton's Paper , never yet told of
ho two Grant brothers , the truth of
vhich is assured by incontrovertible tea-
imony. General Grant , ns all the world
ised to know , had a brother Orville , and
it wns in Orvillo's store that Ulysses was
jmploycd at the out break of the war.
When the man to whom Orville once
mid his weekly wages bccamo President
.n . Washington , Orville tried in many
wnya to feather his neat through political
jobbery. There were numerous gross
icandals grow out of these joba , ns every
body who road the newspapers at thnt
time will recall , nnd the trancing of the
scandals in winch Orville was n partner
always led straight to the white house.
General Grant was ro-olected for his
second term , which began in March ol
1873. Orville then took part in a scheme
more ambitious nnd more startling than
any that ho had over before got hold ol
a sihemo that involved nothing else
than the selling out of the United States
government for private profit. Ho came
to this city and sought out ono of his olc
Galena friends , through whom ho pro
cured an introduction to a party whom
ho believed to bo able to render him the
peculiar service ho required. Orville
Grant was anxious to enter into negotiations
tiations with ex-Govornor E. D. Morgan ,
the great banker of Wall street , and so
proesing was ho in his appeals that moans
were taken to bring about a meeting between
tweon them. To reduce the transaction
to short terms , it turned out that Orvill
sought to know whether in case Presi
dent Grant should nominate Governor
Morgan to the oflico of Secro
tury of the Treasury a
the opening of his then approaching
second term ho ( Morgan ) would enter
into a stipulation to appoint OrvilloGran
aa financial agent of the United States
government in Europe , or elao give hiii
control of the government transactions in
bonds and other financial business ii
this city , the latter , perhaps , preferable
aa these transactions were large and pro
fitable , Orville had given his introduce !
to understand that Morgan would havi
the treasury ; these were the conditions
that ho sought to attach to ita acceptance
If Orville did not speak with authority i
is evident that ho apoko with assurance
Suffice it to say that Governor Morgai
listened to the astounding proposition
with surprise , and that ho answered the
president's brother in such a way as to
bring the negotiations at once to an end
Nervousness , Nenoua Debility , Neuralgia
Nenous Shock , St. Vitua Dauce , Prostration
slid all diseases of Neno , Generative Organs ,
and all j > ermanontly and radically cured by
Allen' * lirain Food , the great botanical rcm-
* ) v. $1 I > Vg. , 0 for 3. At
Bilious symptoms invariably
iriso from indigestion , such ns furred
; onpuc , vomiting of bile , giddiness ,
ick headache , irrcgulnr bowels. _ The
iver secretes the bile and nets like a
liter or sieve , to cleanse impurities
) f the blood. By irregularity in its
lotion or suspensions of its functions
he bile is liable to overflow into the
ilaod , causing jaundice , sallow com
plexion. vellowcyeslilioiisdiarrluua ) ,
i languidweary , feeling ind many
ithcr distressing symptoms. Bil-
ousiiGss may DO propjrly termed an
ifl'ection of the liver , and can be
horoughly cured by the grand reg-
ilator of the liver and biliary organs
Vet upon the stomach , bowels and
iver , making healthy bile and pure
) lopd , and opens the culverts and
luicoways for the outlet of disease.
Sold everywhere and guaranteed to
James Helical butt
Chartered by theStateoUUU
noli far thccxprcsspurpose
of giving Immediate rcllclln
all chronic , urinary and prl-
; vate diseases. Gonorrhoea ,
QlcctandSyphills in all their
complicated forms , also al'
diseases of the Skin and
Blood promptly relieved and
pcrmanentlycured by reme-
dlestcstedina.ror < j/l'c < irj
_ . ki > cctall'rucHce. Seminal
Weakness. NiRhl Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
; he FareLost Manhood , jioslttctli/curcd fltcrt
> fl > iocjfrmemi / > i < / . Th : appropriate n..r.ifl *
ta at once used in each case. Consultations , per-
lonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med-
Unes Gent by Mall and Express. No marks on
package to Indicate contents or sender. Address
3R.JAMESNo. 204Washinglon SI.CiicgoIU ! ,
Will cure Ncnmi np < * § ,
Iuml > ipolthomimllnn , I'nr
nl > i.l , .V nrnlKhi , Silatlca.
Klilni ) , s > | ) lno nnil I.lier
illvcuMts lout.thmalit art
dl < QH > , DjfmpRla , Con ? * ! .
latlon JrjsfielflH , Ontarin ,
( lli . Epllppiv. Imnotcncj ,
Jamh Ague. Trolflpiim Uteri , fte. Onh HcltMitlllcHto
na Hell In Ami rlcii that tend * the Electricity anil mug
ictlim through thn body , and can be recharged In an In
twit by till ) liatlent.
SI.OOO Would Not Buw It.
i I waa afflicted with rheumatism and
cured by using a belt. To any ono afflicted with
hat disease , I would say , buy Home's Electric Belt ,
Any ono can confer with me by writing calling
t my store , 1450 Douglas street , Omaha , Neb.
MAIN OFFICE Opposite postofflre , room * Fren
cr block.
a3TFor Bale tttC. F. GooJmnn'a Drug'Storo' 1110
latnam tit , Omaha.
Orders filled C. O D.
thrives on Uorllck'i rood , " write hundreds ot
irrateful mothers Mother's milU contains no
BUrch. An artificial food for Infants should
contain no etarch. The bett and moet nutritious
- - " " " "
fowl in health
or slcknws for
the liput diet for
DOMTED"fr ? ! % from
6tarchandreaulresnocopUiUf. (
1 llecomrncndert by Musicians
lllirhly beneficial to JJuraliw
Mothers as a drink I'rico 10
0 , w w amnrtccnta. lljral drumrtets.
Bendfor Look on the Treatment of Children , f rco.
"PasllT dlKittil nd nutrltlouiO.ir. Buiify ,
IT n . A'H al , N. J. _ _ , .
"Find II ll that could b deilred. " Ir.lr. Reid ,
"No he lt ncr In monouoclni : It luperlor to tnj.
lhl t > l " - ' * -S Colum.J a. Trof.ff. Y.
Will bo sent by mall on receipt of price in gtampa.
I10UI.ICK H VOOO CO. . Ituclne , IVI * .
lloni.ict' PUT EITBACT ot
Health is Wealth' '
UEV i , n Ruarnntood snnciho for lljatcrm , Dizzi.
loss. Convulsions , Vita , Norrous Nournlgin ,
-Itvi'Uclio , Nervous Prostration cnusoa by the uee
of nlcohol ortobncco , Waknfulnces , Mental Do-
> roftion , Boftoning of the llrum rcBultinginin
rjuty anil lending to misery , decay and death ,
L'rematuro Old AIJO , Jinrrrnnesa , Lees of powot
m cither BOX , Involuntary Lease" ) and Hpormnt-
orrhoea caueea byover-oxortion ot t ho brnin , self.
Bbusoor ovewndulRonco. Kach box contains
ono month's treatmont. $1.0011 box , or BIX boxej
for$5.00sontbymail iircpuidon receipt of prica
fo euro nny raso. With each order rpcotvoa pym
tor cs boxes , accompanied with tn.tt,1 , vro wil'
send the purclmeorotir written Bunrnnteo to re.
fund the money if the treatment dooa iiotoffocl
a euro. Guarantees iBBtioa oniy oy
C. F , aOOI/iTANN , Druggist Agen for Omaha
The remedy being Injected directly1 tntY ) eo t o
the disease , requires no change ot diet ( i c.-uiscoua ,
mercurial or poisonous mcdlcinea to be taken Inter.
natly , When u > ed as a preventive by either sex , His
rapoaslblo to contract any prhato diaeaae ; but In the
caao ol those already unfortunately Mulcted wo guar
tntoo thiee boxes to cure , or no will refund the mon <
ey. Price bj mall , pontago paid , 9- per box or three
boxen for f 5.
Issued by all authorized agents 1
Dr FeHxLeBmii&CQ.
F , Oc < cn L , Iuglit Sole Agoat , for Oma
&e ly m
I * warr.uitel to wew longer , ( U
ithe form neater. 0114 Kivo ketl
'wUifixctJon ' than any oUierCortv * .
ia the m rkot , , or prlca paid wtl
b rcfundrd. Tba Indorsements o
Chlot\Ko'.i beet phnlcUr * . .KXUPI
.Any * ch Conct. fric , Br t Hi * tec a . - - - ' *
tfepald. * 1 f > ( L Atk your merchant for
A.ui'vMH.niili.n. , JiiMsvitii j.
M uiactu
J. H. F. LEHMANN & 00
mod * to curt thtt wont cues iHviaiv oini
tallt < l nor s > son for unt now rtcftlrtupacar * .
cno for tr * tl sni ) a Kr * tiottl * f raj IBMUUSIU
' ' . Ulfo Kiprats nd lut Orflct. 1 ( &OM * * *
ffor * UUL ud 1 wlllrur * TO. : .
ILQ. KOOT. IMre rietK r.V tt
\tuoM tleblllli. cxliuuiiluit and premature
dccny arocaujedDjrticeuet.Frroniof youthetc. .
cm perfectly reitored to rubint lirulth and
Tla-iirmis miinUou.l tj THEmMAR8TON
EtOLUS.Cf'Oitomach dntrnnc , Tuutreatment
u\crtuuallelilllty anil JUj lc l IJecuy is
unUormlr sue < e ful bix-iinta vkrrd on perfect
uiuctii Ulic\ri < nil tllrrct nielhadiandab
MJIUIM ili r iiahnv > i. Kr&l J 'Irvallta frf <
Growers of Live Stock and Others.
Our Ground
It Is the boat and cheapest lood lot ttock ol ny kind. One pound Ii eqn l to three pounds ol corn
Block t i with OrounJ Oil Cake In tha Fall * nltTlntor , Instead of running down , will Increase In vcljtht
nd bo In cowl marketable ooiid.tlon In the sprlnir.ffDalrjmen. M well n others , who u o It can tostlly t
Its morlta. Tq It and Ju . * ' * " " * " *
Fine Havana , Key West and Domestic Cigars. AH Standard Brands Tobaccos.
Trial Orders Solicited , Satisfaction Guaranteed , {
Near Union Pacific Depot , - Omaha , Neb ,
H. B. LOCKWQPD ( formerly of Lock-wood & Draper ) Chicago , Man
ager of tlift Tea , Cigar and Tobacco Departments. A full line of
all grades o above ; also pipes and smokers' articles carried in
stock , rrices and samples furnished on application. Open
orders intrusted to us shall receive our careful attention
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
* : *
Heating and Bakini
TH only attained by using
Stoves and Ranges ,
Fci * lo by
* ® -
Ofiice and Yard , Etli and Douglas ts , ,
106 and lOSJSouth Hth Street , Omaha , Neb/aska. "Correspondence Solicited. "
Wholesale Druggists !
Paints. Oils. Brushes Glasn.
OMyllA , -
Milwaukee , Wis.
GUNTHEE , & CO , , Sole Bottlers.
Wholesale Olothiers !
1301 AND 1303 FARNAM STREEJ CHJr fflh

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