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'How ten National Capital Appeared
the Chicago Convention ,
Some Nebraska News and Nota
bles at Washington !
Theodora Bosovolt Expresses Him
self on Elainei
He Will Not Bolt His Nomination
by any Means
He Thinks the Plumed Knight
Will Undoubtedly bo Elected ,
The Train Trip of California and
Maine to Augusta ,
The Question of the Adjournment
of Congress ,
The Democrats Doslro to Attnokllo-
publican Records Beloro They
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Juno 9. The Hon.
Theodore RoosoveU , of Now York , apont
Sunday in , St. Paul , on his way to hia
Montana ranch. Speaking of the issues ot
the Chicago convention , Mr. Roosevelt
said : "Tha platform is an admirable one ,
as strong as the party bis had since the
war. " Ho ( ays : "It will gain thousands
of rotcsall over tho'country. Whether re
publican or independent , conservative
judgment must endorse it heartily. The
democratic party must follow , in the
main , our platform , or pivo up the fight.
I did not favor either Blaine or Arthur ,
Aside from his own strength of 330 odd
votes that would stick to him through
thick and thin the "Plumed Knight"
was the second choice of two-thirds of
the remaining delegates. As soon as
they saw the nomination of their candi
date was impossible , and Blaino'a nomi
nation probable , they flocked to him in a
body. This is why no combination
against Blaine was possible. Had I not
been so positively for Edmunds , I don't
know nut what I would have been carried
away myself by the contagion , and found
myself throwing up my hand for Blaine.
Blaine is the rhoice of two-thirds of the
rank and file of the party. I shall bolt
the nomination by no means. I have no
peiaonal objection to Blaine. I think you
will find that there will be no fatal dis
affection. * I believe
Ho will sweep the west and Ohio , am
will carry all New England. I have been
called a reformer , bus I am a republican.
It is too early to speak of New York. Nc
one to-day can tell how that state will
vote. I do not think it impossible for
Blaine to carry it. I do not believe there
will bo an independent candidate. Those
who will not vote the republican tickel
will stay away from the polls. As to the
bolt of The New York Times , i am in
ohned to think it would support eitho :
Cleveland or Doraheimer , if nominated
by the democrats. "
CHICAGO , Juno 9. The local commit
tee of arrangements to prepare for tbo
national democratic convention have di
rected an architect to prepare plans for
the rearrangement of the convention hal
by which the seating capacity will bo enlarged
larged DO as to admit 20,000 people. The
accommodations for the press will also
bo enlarged. Tim local managers confi
dentiy expect a larger outside attendance
than was the case with the republican
convention , in democratic political clutu
from all pirta of the country have an
nouucud their intention to bo present.
Special Dispatch to THK BEE.
WASHINGTON , June 9 The ways ant
\ \ means committee has been considering
the question of adjournment. It has no
reached any deGnito conclusions , but wil
probably report a resolution providing ,
lor a'Jjournment July 1. The plan seotni
to bo to adjourn congress fur a couple of
days before the meeting of the democrat
ic convention. Whether it will bu suc
cessful in very doubtful. The indications
euum to bo against it. It is doubtful , in
deed , whether congress could , if it wuntet
to , get through iu nocessiry work by
thut time.
h likely to create H good deal of disciusion
in the hiU3u and in the senate too. if the
IIOUEO should strike out the suctions mak
ing large appropriations for now vessels
and the river and harbor bill will con-
eumo considerable tiinn ; as it is not likely
to go through iJiu houeo before the mid-
dloof the present month , it must bo some
timoyot before it can bucomo a luvr. Ihu
thing most likely tocauso a longer ecssioi
than tlwt suggested by the ways and
. moans committee , however , is that it i
.probable that the republicans of the
senate will not consent to udjournmon
until ufcor the democratic convention
Thoto is already an inclination on the
part of the democrats to
of the republican candidates , and prepare
ammunition for the coming campaign
and if this is carried out the republican !
will never consent to adjournment unti
they have had BiinUar opportunities re
garding the democratic candidates. " II
they do thw , " said Senator Butler , of
South Carolina , fiptmkiug of the prospecti
of such action , " if they do this , woshal
probably bo here until September. Any
action of that sort on the part of 'ho
senate would precipitate a general pnliti
cal diseuijioji , and there is no lulling
when that would end , "
The series of Rummer and early ful
elections opened in Oregon include
not less than nine states. Alabama
votes on the 4th for governor nnd state
iflicors ; Tennessee follows on August
th , Arkansas on September lit , and
Torment one day later. Then comes the
nero significant election in Maine on
September 8th , with an interesting vote
on the constitutional prohibition of the
iquor trnflic. Georgia will elect a gov
ernor on October 1st ; on October 14th
ho Ohio nnd West Virginia elections
occur. Political interest of the series
culminating in Ohio , where 21 congress-
nen will bo chosen and minor slnto ofli-
oers hotly contested in the traditional
belief that the result may potently in-
luonco party features in the presidential
ilection three weeks later.
Jorrospondonco of THK BKB.
WAHHINOTON , Juno 7. There w s
irobably not a city in the country ns
[ uiot ns Washington was yostordny over
ho news from Chicago All through the
week , In fact , there has boon but little
enthusiasm shown in the direction of any
candidate hero , and if there has boon any
excitement it has boon confined to the
ircasts of the presidential candidates ,
who were thick enough hero , to bo suro.
[ ho tn o news centres were the Western
Jnion telegraph ollico opposite the treas
ury and the oflico of the secretary of the
senate { at the capital , but at no
; imo wcro cither of those localities alarm-
ngly crowded. There were a largo num
ber of private stations , the newspaper
offices all had their bulletins and the can
didates each had a private wire run to
their houses , so this scattered the in
formation from Chicago a little more
This is decidedly an "administration"
town , so the nomination of Blaine did not
: ako very well. It was , in fact , received
in marked silence and a great many fel
lows' faces fell a foot at the prospect of
osing clerkships on a change of cabinet
officials. At the ollico of the secretary of
; ho senate the announcements were made
on a big blackboard at first , but the
crowd grow impitiont at that and called
'or direct reports , which were finally read
off the instrument as it clicked. Eight or
.on copies of the bulletins were taken by
manifold ,
who were locked up in tholr various committee -
mittoo rooms with select coteries of
friends. Some of the senators remained
in the senate chamber. Bulletins were
delivered there to Senator Hawley , who
read thorn aloud to Seniors George , Call ,
Farley , Pugh , Jones , Cockrell and Yost.
Mr. Robert Blaine , brother of the coming
man , was in there alad"aud watched 'ouch
speck of news with interest. Ilo had
stood by the telegraph instrument the
night before until three o'clock in the
morning. He is employed in the agri
cultural department and does not look
much like his illustrious brother.
It was very evident that the crowd of
privata secretaries , senate employees and
committee clerks in the Secretary's oflicu
was an Arthur crowd , or , at least , anti-
Blaino. Beta were few and careful. An
attempt at a pool was not voty successful.
There was a goodly amount ot fun , how
ever , because Anson G , McCook , the sec
retary was in Chicago , and "tho boys"
had it all their own way. All kept tally.
When the rumor came that Logan had
thrown his strength for Blaine someone
exclaimed "Secretary of war Logan , "
and the remark was applauded.
there was more interest stirred up by
the impromptu holding of a mock session.
Mr. Van Eaton took tlio chair , and any
body that wished established himself at
the desks. Mr. Belford t ok the floor.
Ho said his friend Blaine would have
been nominated in 1870 , but some one
turned out the gas , and in the darkness
Hayes was nominated. The name of
Hayes brought out a laugh. Fictitious
dispatches by "grapevine" were also con
cocted and read amid great merriment
At the white house the cabinet held a
short meeting , and then all went into
Secretary Phillips' room to hear the bul
letins. The president was alone.
Senate and housJ stand adjourned un
til Monday , when the members who have
spent the wnek in Chicago will bugm to
straggle back. The senate , particularly ,
has been a very much depopulated body ,
but has managed to pass u surprising
number ot bills and accomplish so much
business , oven without a full quorum ,
that there is now talk of adjournment by
Juno 23d. It is much moru likely to ho
July let , however. It ia warming up
hero and the iisphu turn streets are begin-
ing to show footprints. All the inhubi
tants of the fashioimblo west oud of
Washington are moving to watering
places and summer resorts and the capi
tal will soon bo deserted.
Senators VunWyok und MandorAou
are expected to resume their places in thu
senate next week.
Congressman Valentino has left the
Nutioiml hotel , where has bunn so loni { a
"nest , and taken the parlor fl tor at 304
Indiana avenue. This is whcru Cungrcxu-
man Weaver has his rooms and U u pleas
ant house , conveniently nuar thu capital.
Citizens of Nebraska in the vicinity uf
the Ft , Mol'herson military reservation
have sent in a petition ashing that tint
proposed Soldiers' Home bo estxbliahud
there. If this cannot bo done they ni
commend it as a tit phicu for an Indian
training school or military school ,
Mr Ed. Uicho , of F.illn City , Nebras
ka , who has been studying the past win
ter at John Hopkins Un.vor&ity , Biltl-
moro , wus in Washington last wouk and
went from hure to the Chicago conven
tion. Ho intends to practice law in
Veiuor W. Bruce , secretary tn Senator
Van Wyck , is a bicyclist. Ho is Having
a small fortune in car fare by uusing bin
wheel between the capital aud the Buna
tor's west-end re idfiic ? .
Hon. L. B. Kilield , the ex-regent , has
chiirgo of the historical ilrptr'nient of
John Hopkinv Univeraity library , where
ho is building up also a "iiuwap'iper bu
WASHINGTON , Juno 9. Hie minority
report of the aonatu committee on th
Danville rioU cays ; "Decent respect fo
the opinion of mankind ihould have impelled
polled ilo n publicans to conduct the in
cstigatlon with fairness , and sot forth its
csults with judicial impartiality ; aglanco
t the minority rcportwould satisfy every
ust mind that this has not been done ,
'ho ' examination was conducted with the
harpncss , the rigor , the cutting olFof un-
avorabla testimony , the loading up and
olicilatlon of that which was favorable ,
which usually characterizes criminal cases
n the hustings cuurt. The people of
Diuivillo were nil the way through treated
s though they were on trial , with the
epubllcttn senators acting as prosecutor ? ,
'lungs wore assumed to bo true on the
ambling statements of ignorant negroes ,
hough disproved by others with greater
ntolligonco , both white and black. "
The report describes the riot from the
tnndpoint of the minority as a purely local
iUT ir , and not the result of conspiracy.
"tcnttrs nt length into the history of
twlosMioss of mobs in northern cities ,
Iwolls upon the crimes nnd violence at
ho north , nlludps to the Cincinnati riots ,
o the Towksbury almshuno invosliga-
ion in Massnchusfttn , the killing of in-
jfTonsivo negroes in Now York and other
lorthorn states , and suggested
, n investigation into these matters would
> o ns proper a subject of congressional
nquiry for investigation as the killing of
our negroes in Danville. "Whilst the
senator from Ohio wai invostigiiing the
riot in Danville and holding up his hands
n horror at the shooting of four negroes
n the crowd , some 200 of whom had at
acked and crowded to the wall some 15
or 20 whites , bloodshed , murder and
arson were running riot in his own city ,
Cincinnati , during which moro than 50
iota ing were killed , twice that number
rounded and n million dollars worth of
property destroyed. "
The minority ask how it would bo if
; ho committee were appointed to investi
gate the "Killing of the negroes in Ohio
for the sale of their carcasses to the
medical colleges"and to report upon the
"state trade in that branch of American
industry , and whether it is likely to in
terfere with the pork packing business of
; ho city of Cincinnati. "
Ttio report charges the majority with
making a partisan throat depriving the
people of Mississippi of representation
n case they do not vote for the republl
can candidate ; and of shifting the ox
lonso of printing campaign documents
from the pockets of the republican na
tional executive committee on to the pub
lie treasury.
PORTLAND , Mo. , Juno 9. Five cars
waiting in Portland to connect with the
Blaine train. The loading car is gaily
decorated with bunting and portraits and
was engaged by Collector Dow for a select
loct party of citizens and public men.
Chandler's baud accompanies the party.
The train rolled iu at 2:40 p. m. , amid
cheer * and welcomes and the strains of
the bind.
The delegates report an enthusiastic
reception at Lynn and Portsmouth , the
only places where the train stopped. At
Portsmouth addresses were made by Con
gressman Boutelle , Governor Robio , and
Governor Davis , of California. The train
mute a short stop at Portland , and Wing ,
of Aubnrn made a brief speech. _ The
- band struck up again and the artillery
thundered a salute.
AUOUBTA , Juno 9. The Blaine train
left Portland at 3 p. rn. No stopa
were made until Brunswick was reached ,
at 4. Hero there were four cars fron
Lewiston and Auburn , decorated with
Blaine insignia , and three moro from
Rockland and other cities , all filled with
delegates to join the Blaine train. A
great crowd with a band of music greeted
the California and Maine delegates with
oheors. The Bowdoin students were con
spicuous in enthusiasm. Senator McOluro
of California , made a ringing speech ,
after which Congressman Boutollo made
a speech , which was cut short by the
starting of the train at 4:20 : for Augusta ,
artillery welcomed the train , but a stop
of only two minutes was mado. All
along the route the flying train wasgreotot
with cheers and waving of handkerchiefs ,
particularly along the Kunneboo river.
Crortdtt were gathered at many places.
At 5:30 : the long train of thirteen cars
where band * were playing , whistles blow
ing , bells ringing , artillery tiring and
crowds were anaoublod to meet it. A
procession with iniisio and banners waa
formed to escort the visitors.
Ex-Governor Connor uddrcaicd the
California delegation in wonts if wel-
cO'iie , which were rouponded to by
riunutor MuUluru , California , who closed ,
amid great cheering , by Buying , " You
laod not bo worried about us ; wo will
tukti care of our mdo of the continent. "
Ex-Senator Humlin said"You : have done
wiuuly and well. Wo will
like a vast pr.urio on fire , " Judge
Knight , of California , paid a tribute to
the vunurablo ox-vicu-primident , The
enthusiasm of the crowds waa interrupted
by the band ( Uniting up , and the procus-
riion proceeded through the principal
in front ot which thu crowd was nssom-
bh d watching an artmt sketching for un
illustrated paper. The procession ur-
nvtd ut Gir : > , .uid the Califoruiaiis wore
received witti clapping of hand * ua thuy
paesuii into the huuio They were most
0 udially greeted by liluinu us Senator
McCluru presented each by name , and
u ouiivurrtution unnuud which wus broken
up by H , in a tor Uainlin coming in and
being presented , remarking they were
intro | W > B ; liluino wont to the door ,
whunt hoVUB received nith cheers.
General Connor uddrenaul him in u short
speech , and wtu * followed by Congressman
Fellow cltlzaim ; If miyttiluK could add tn
tliu pleasure of weluuiniiiK tu my door and
uiultr my roof ny i M ( rionJn of Mulno , it
wou'd ' hung It 1 * to-d y , Imve thtun utcompjii-
Iml by loyul anil true huurt'd men fiom th > )
I'.julliu cowt , whim th-y bring to nur hu -
pitality , und w lorn we givut and weKoinu un
our puuitii , I um vi-iy bury v < l iiiuxt ujipro-
cluto thu nutjjrrannnunt under which man
r | > uka when liu is ovurwlii lui'd with duuioti-
ktruliona of kimliiui * , bg I h.ivu hooii to-day ,
1 can only 'iw fiom thu < loir.ln of my pro
foundly tluuk'ul heart "U , d lilutu ym all , "
[ Urieu uf ' ( ioud " unit treinaadoud upjilauiio. ]
Mr. lioutulh ) f illowed bnuily , > tiid was
succeeded by Sunutor McUluro , who coii-
eluded by introducing Judge idiight , ol
California , who paid a tnbiito to Lincoln
und Ilamlin , The Californ'a ' dolei'a-
gution then took luavo of Blaine and ro-
tirotl , and then the crowd streamed by
the ilnor shaking hniuls with Blaino.
Ar the reception to the Califnriiiv doll-
ention which followed , J , Manchester
Hnyncs , of AgnsU , nude the speech of
ST. Louis , Juno 0 General John B.
Henderson , chairman of the national re
publican convention , having his attention
called to an interview in the Chicago
Times , of Sunday , with Ooorgo W. Bur
ton regarding the removal of the Hon.
Church IIowo , delegate from Nebraska
from the oommittoo to notify the candi
dates of their nomination , nnd substitut
ing U. S. LUrwood in his plnco , says that
the fncts are not properly stated , and that
upon the reception of a letter from Judge
Thurston , chairman of the Nebraska del
egation , and a statement made by other
delegates , ho waa convinced ho was wroug
in removing Mr. Howe , and that ho has
replaced that gentleman upon said com-
mittco and notified him to that effect.
WASHINGTON , Juno 9. It has been
reported for several weeks that Secre
tary Frolinghuson had uhdor consldora-
iou the policy of acquiring certain con
cessions from Nicaragua for the con
struction of a navigable waterway across
.ho country from ocean to ocean , and
the matter has boon the subject of dis
suasion between himself aud the pres-
dent , and other members of the cabinet.
It is understood the subject has recently
taken duiinito form , and the secretary ,
requiring a sum of money , estimated at
f'JOO.COO for the purpose of carrying his
views into effect , recently communicated
with the committee of the sonata an the
subject. The matter was under consid
eration by the senate in secret session to
day , but no conclusion reached.
Special Dispatch to THK IEE.
WASHINGTON , Juno 9. Colonel R , Q.
tngersoll is responsible , for the statomonl
that "President Arthur will carry from
the white house what no other prosidoni
over took away 195 pairs of panta. "
The colonel forgot to mention that Presi
dent Arthur is the best-bred gentleman
who has occupied the executive ch'air.
Many of his predecessors were tholr gar
ments to such a state of thinness ia
they were not worth taking away oven by
the old clothes man.
BALTIMORE , Juno 9. A mass mooting
of colored republicans , to endorse Blaine
and Logan , waa very enthusiastic. John
M. Langston , United States minister to
Hayti , said Blaino'l a the man who wil
push thorn forward until they utand 01
oven plane withAwhitff ' illow-citizcns
Prof. ft. T. QroonoM , of Gtith Carolina
impressed the necessity of united action
Mr. AllUon , from the committee on appro
nriatlons , report-id the consular and diplomat
lo appropriations bill with amendments.
Tha Mexican pension bill waa taken up.
Mr. Hoar's amendment , providing poualon
for soldloru who fought In the Into war /or th
suppression of the rebellion , waa laid on th
table- yen * 25 , nays 15.
Several other amendments wore offered am
laid on the table , and farther consideration
wont over till to-morrpw.
After executive session the senate ad
The republican side of the Louie was rote
forced tliU morning by a number of tbo Chi
CIIRO convention. JJllls were introduced am
the house wont Into eoinmlttoo of the who !
( \Velbourn In the chair ) on the rlror And liar
Lor bill.
Mr. O'Noil ( Mo. ) favored a liberal appro
priatlon for the improvement of the Mlnsls
t-ippi river.
Mr. lilanclmril npolto In support of lha bll
nnd in advocacy uf the Honuopln caual pri
Mr. Hondtrann BUpportod the route pr <
jitaod by the bill for tijo canal
Air. I'ntter thought the llonnopln can a
tihoul'l ' ho conutructoJ by illlnulu without ah
from thi Kovuriiineut.
Mr. Nonce cald the caual wax n work o
national Importance , and nhould roculv
Kovormnont mi-isUiico.
Air Miirphy Hpoko warmly In favur cf th
conttruction nf tliu canal.
Thu general delmte them close I , ami withou
action the commlttco rose. Itoccitf till cigh
p. in.
At thonvoning BOHilon of the hatut numor
oiiHumondmentH incroanlii tlio ai/propilatloii
for v.irimH Improvement.of ) riroiHunU haibor
were otTvrud und voted down.
Afcor cnmplrtinK the coritidnrntion of fi o
thu17 \t \ K > H of the bill the commlttuoroao an >
the huuuu adjo irncd ,
A Tcrrlllo Storm VlnllH
Vc. , wild DlHiiHiroiiH Kniot. :
Vt. , June 9. Tins plats
wiu visited to-day by a disastrous flood
the second within eleven months. At
p.m. the storm , with terrific force , brok
upon the village. A storm wus alno i
progress live miles' north of town , Th
high winds , thut uh.mgud
nti n from south to north and back a/uin
drove the two strenms together. Th
hill north of town sent down a torrent o
water. So rapidly did the water ris
that fdw hud timu to B-ivo anything , IIIK
we rofoi cod to flow for their lives. Th
Ions will reach 50,000. In places th
high \vayn urn guttorid25 : fi'otdeop , 80111
tiounes in villages huvo four feut i f mui
in thum , A burn blowud down an
killed Win. I'arkWand family , and in
jurt'da wQiimn named Bet la Hpuulditi ( .
I'ho storm raged for Ihrjo houra ,
TlioV < ! ullu-r nr T
WAHIIINOTON , Juno . For the Uppo
Mits aiippi : Fair , preceded in the oxirem
southern poitiun by local raiiin , vtution
ary , followed by a blight rise In temperature
aturo ; northerly winds shifting o < ist am
itouth , For the Missouri V-illey : Slight
ly warmer , fair winds , shifting east am
south , lower baroini t-r.
OIlllllluHM I'l'fMKleiKC.
Kxohanfje ,
Wellington was childlesHj Adams' fav
oritit b'y ' died by HUicido ; Monroii had ri
BOII ; Mudnon hud no child ) Van Buren'
sou went to nn asylum ; Pierco'a enl
child wim killeil on the railway ; Pol
had no child , and Johnson's only son wan
( Bolf-dootrujud.
ho Treaty Between France and China
Comes to Nanaht ,
'ho Ambassadorship to Franco
Oanoollod by China ,
ho Treaty Condemned and the
Ohinoso Defense Continues ,
ivo Persons Killed in an Election
jBiot in Hungary (
lismarok Sends His Sou to Watoh
Holland's ' Diplomacy ,
tic Iiattor Power SolioinliiR fXir n
Itonnlon With
PKKIK , Juno 9. The ambassadorship
o Franco has been cancelled , and the
onclusion of a treaty with Franco con-
oinned. Preparations for defense con-
VIKNNA , Juno 0. At an election riot
, t Miodspoll , Hungary , five persons were
tilled and two wounded.
LONDON , Juno 0. Should parliament
eject the agreement with Franco relative
o the international control of Egypt ,
Iranvillo will resign.
BKULIN Juno 0' Bismarck will send
iis son Herbert to direct the legation
at The Ilnguo in order to watch the suc
cession policy of the Dutch government
n the event of the death of the Prince of
Drange. It Is reported King William of
Holland has secretly afliaucod his 3-year
> ld daughter. Princess Wilholmina , to
? rinco Boudoin , son of Count Flanders ,
'loir apparent to the throne of Belgium
in order to reunite Belgium and Holland ,
LJismarck supports tlio candidature of the
Duke of Nassau ,
DUBLIN , Juno 9. There is much ox-
citoniont at Nowry. Two Protostanta
were attacked and badly beaten there
Tlio Coming Mooting nt
AVls. IMnlno , llutlor and Blair
MADISON , Wis. , Juno 9. A mooting
of the committee of the national educa
tion association , which convenes here
from July 10 to 18 , was hold at the capl
tal to-day Hon. Thos. A. BIcknoll
president ; Gor. J. M. Rusk , ox-Govornoi
Lucius Fairchild and others being pros
ont. .Reports of the committee on ar
rangemouts show that the city can acconv
modato some 0.000 people , one-half thai
number of teachers having already regis
tered. Entertainment is limited to
members of the association and those
who may become members at Madison.
E. 0. Corrigan , Boston , was appointed
general manager of the press depart
niont of the association. The following
letter was to day addressed to Hon. Jas.
G. Blaine , General Benjamin F. Butler ,
and Senator H. W. Blair :
In view of your distinguished Horvlcos ns a
statesman , and your great Interest in the edu
cational concerns of the country , It given un
great pleasure tu extend to you a most cordial
invitation to attend the BORslon of the educa
tional association to \ > a hold at Madnon. ! Thin
mooting promise * to bo the largest educational
gathering over held in America , nnd will
gather loadoru aud roproHOiitatlvoa of tlio best
educational thought of the country , nnd ltd
Inlluonco will bo widespread in Humiliating
nnd controlling the sentiment of the nation.
The ( Il cu8 lon of national aid to education
and Idndrod toplcn will occupy a portion of f
till * mooting , und It will give educational
pioploim opportunity to learn the viowtf of
our 'eminent Htateomon on theiio Important
Htibji'ctH , Hoping yon will accept thin oar-
nojt Invitation , which voices the wlnh of a
great multitude of odiicitlonal aud other poo.
in , wo iiro moat sincerely yonrx ;
SiWHMl ) J , W. DlCKNKIX ,
1'rpBident of the National Educational As-
J. M , JtU.HK , Governor of Wisconsin.
A I'arly of HlrollliiK IlalUiiH
( ere a by an lOxprcxH Train.
PiTTHiiuno , Juno 9. A party of strolling 1-
ing I taliani were tramping toward thie
city on the railroad track when
freight train came along , and
on stepping elf the tracks to avoid it
three of them wore struck by the Cleve
land express coining in an oppostto di
rection. The express WHS running at a
high rnto of speed , nnd thu victim * were
hurled twenty feut in thu air , Domineo
U.iprio , aged ! ( ' , was ] lodgcdjn thu cross
arms of u telegraph polo , and when tutum
down lifo wan oxtinot , His BOH uged 15
had his bkull crushed aud hm back
broken : death In mippoxed to have ro-
Hiiltud instantly. Dominoo Brovrit hhd
buth log * broken and wan injured inter-
imlly , Ilo w < i brought to this city aud
placed In the hospital , Physicians enter
tain no hopus of hU recovery. The other
Ituliumi escaped uninjured.
Ottno ( < > Gri'OI lllulno ,
BOSTON , Juno 9 , Thu Maine and
Oilifornu delogitionu arrived this morn
ing. They left for Augusta at noon and
will reach there ut 4 thin afternoon.
Tlin MoulclorH1 Hlrlko.
Pirraiiuiia , Pa , , Juno 9. Steve man-
ufautuiuru huro have decided to start the
factories with non-union moulders , The
atrikeiH are still firm.
Tlio Ohio Kivi'r ' Uullrtiad ,
WUKKUNO , Juuo 9 The Ohio Ilivoi
railroad fioin this city to 1'nrkuraburt
won completed to day.
Tlio Ni-w OrUiiniH Kulr.
WAHIIINUTON , Juno 9. The prosidoni
to day BUM I to the suiutu u inusnago ug
Busting thu propriety uf unngroas appro
Jpri.tting $588,000 for thu purpose ol
nuikmg a compluto and hurinonioui
selection of oxhibitn on behalf of the
government for the Now Orleans expos
ition. The message was referred to the
committee on appropriations. The pres
ident points out how the exposition will
breakdown the harriers which still separ
ate us from the republic of South Amer
ica , whoso productions so entirely com
plement cur own.
A Milwaukee Kstlmnto o ( tlio Coming
Crop ,
MUWAUKKK , Juno 9. S. W. Tall-
madgo to-day issued his annual estimate
of the spring and winter wheat , basing
his calculations on reports just received
from the secretaries of state boards of
apiculture and sUtlstic.il agonta of the
states namud. Ills estimates in bushels ,
are : ,
MlnncHoU , , as.OOO.OOO
Nobrftskft StOOt\COI )
IOWA , 28,1100,0(10 (
H koU ! ! 3,000COO
Wisconsin 21,000,000
Total | . 111,103,000
CAllfornln . 40.noO.000
K.5ii M . S t,5t0,000 !
1 mlliMift . 33,500OiH1
Mtidourl . 32,1500,000
Ohio . 30OCO,000
Illinois . 30oOO,000
Michigan . - . SO.OO'.OOO '
Vonnnylvnnln. . 23,000,000
Oromm. . 10,000OJO
Now York . . . 14.0JO.OOO
Kentucky. . 13,010,000
Maryland . 10,000,003
Temiuitsoa . 10,000,000
Virginia . 7,300rOO
North Carolina . 5,000,0 0
Texni . r.,000,000
Wont Virginia . 5,000,000
Uoorgln . 4.000000
4,000XX ( )
Colorado . 3,000,000
South Carolina . 'J.tOO.LOO
Now Jornoy . ' . ' ,500,000
Arkansas . i,000,000 !
Alabama . ' . ' ,000,000
Utah . li.OOO.OOJ
Delaware . 1.000,000
Now Mexico . 1,000,000
Montana . 1,000,000
Idaho . 1,000,000
Maine . 100,000
Arizona . GOO.OOO
MUsUiiinil . 500,000
Vermont . 500,001
Now Hampshire . 200,001
Nevada . 200,001
Wyoming . 200,000
Connecticut . -13,00
Louisiana . . . . . . 25,00
Florida . . . . . . , 1,000
Uhodo Island . v 1,000
Total . . . . . . , 55,000UOO
AMlnncHota \irmrrH Wife Ilorrjbly
Outraged * ml Mutilated
liy Tramps.
DULUTH , Juno 9. Saturday forenoon
Uio wife of a farmer named Ericka , living
noor Hormantown , wont to a neighbor's
for milk. Not
returning , search was
made and continued until two o'clock
this afternoon , when a woman's body
was found most horribly mutilated. She
had boon outraged , then shot twice in
the head , thrown across a log , her bowels
cut open , portions of the flesh cut off and
thrown asfd , and other nameless atroci
ties committed upon the inanimate re
mains of the unfortunate woman. Her
shoos nnd pail of milk were found near a
camp fire of some tramps , whom it ia
* believed committed the fiendish dood.
The community is thoroughly aroused.
Now York Fliiunolul Troubles.
NEW YOIIK , Juno 9 Horron & Span-
cor , dealers in fruits , have assigned.
Preferences $100,000.
Upon application wf the United States
Trust Co. as trustees , under the first
mortgage ot August 5th , 1881 , to secure
the issue of $00,000,000 0 per cent
lionds , Judge Horace Russell and Theodore
doro Houston were to-day appointed ro-
coivorn of the New York , West Shore
and Buffalo railroad.
TUMI Cumpholl on Trial.
OINOINNATI , Juno 9. The trial of T.
0. Ciunpboll , the attorney that defended
Bonier , whoso conviction for inanslaugtor
wns the inciting cause of the riots , began
to-day. Campbell is charged with at
tempting to bribe juror Gaol. The bar
- association , through a committee , present
ed information astainst Campbell , which
will bo argued Saturday. The nature of
the information is not known.
A Knllroud War In Prospect.
BOSTON , Juno 9. The Atchison , Topo-
kft it S.tnta Fo road has given notice to
Daniels , commissioner of the Utah pool ,
that at the expiration of 90 days from
- Juno 1st the company will aover connec
tion with thu Utah pool , and will not re
main in nny pool with the Union Pacific
road , as long at the eastern connections of
that line cuts rates.
CHIOAOO , Juno 9. The National
Iliflus , of Washington , numbering 100
muskets , wcro Ucday guests of the First
Uugimont. They are accompanied by the
Honorary and Wocacoo of Philadelphia ,
thirty-nix pieces. The corps , after giv ny
an exhibition drill this evening , loft , viu
Hiirlinuton and Dixvonport , en route for
Luke Minnotonkrt.
HmollieriMl in a HpriiiK-fiook Trunk.
MILWAUKKK , Juno 9. Michool Gro-
seuV , 5yuurH , and his dialer , IU years old ,
were discovered in an old emigaantlrunk
inuL'trret. They hud discovered the
trunk and got inside in sport and shut the
lid , which had n sjiring lock. When thu
parents found them the boy was duadj
the girl's lifo was saved.
Ilonry O. Wiirlc Dnuil.
ITAKTriHtu , Ojiin. , Juuo 8 , llnnry 0.
Work , thu noted song waiter and com-
pOHor , died this avimini ; ot heart disiiato.
"Marching Through Georgia , " "Grand-
father's Clock , " and "Dear Father Come
Homo With MJ Now , " were written by
A Coal Hhull
PEOUIA , June 9 A o'lul shaft of Mo-
Culloutjh llros. & Jollroyn , at Hanni
City , wan dustroyitd by tire last night ;
loai $7,000 ; uninsured ; incendiary ,
The 1'oiorod I'ool.
CJNOINNATJ , Juuo 9. Secretary
Stevens will to-morrow iasuo a circulai
f i anuonnuing thu indofmlto suapunaiou ol
b the whisky pool ,
Chicago Balls ana Bears Resting Afler
Panic anil Politics ,
All Branches of Oommorcl " % l-
dontly ] Lazy and Laggal ts
Wheat Opens Firm , But 0 \ . i
Weaker ana Lowon r-
Oorn Shows an Improvement ! .
Speculation Moderate -
All Grades of Oattlo Droppine :
Materially in Value ,
HORN Advance 1O to 15 Cents The
Vena All Sold Out.
Special Dunatch to THK DEE.
CIIIAOO , Juno 9. Very little interest
was manifested intruding , and values
rulod.s irregular on "change to-day.
Wheat opened firm , but eased off and
closed weak and lower. Juuo sold up to
91J but dropped off to 00J , and closed at
that point. Receipts continue to show
an increase , and this aided to depress
prices. August closed at 91 } , and Sep
tember at 91 j , nnd the afternoon board
August shaded off Jc additional.
Speculation to-day in corn was on a
moderate scale , and prices were faily
steady. Fluctuations wore confined be
tween a range of g , July closed at CO J to
' " _ and August to 57 ยง . On afternoon ,
board July and August advanced J.
wns firm July closed at 23jj , August at 29
at 29J on the afternoon board July ad
vanced J.
The trade generally was * slow and un
satisfactory , with values 5 to lOc lower
on fair to good corn-fed cattle , and lower
on common or medium grassers. Cows
nnd other common stock active and ? 0 to
25o per 100 lower on. account of the largo
number of Texuis on sale. Stockers and
feeders d.ul.1 and easier. There were
" .tout CO heads of Texans in the market ,
'or which there waa only light demand
being quoted at 4 00 to 4 50 for grassers ,
nnd 4 CO and 5 00 for so-called corn-fed ,
ono drove of about 10 loads averaging
about 900 , selling at 525. The market
closed rather weak , and the general out
look waa for lower piicep.
Good to choicer shipping 1000 to 1200
pounds , G 00 to ( I 50 ; common to'medium
1000 and 1200 pounds , 0 10 and G 00 ;
Grass Texans , 700 and 850 pounds , 3 25
to 4 75 ; Americans 4 75 to 5 22.
llocoipfj ) for the day , 140,000 ; against
23,070 last Monday. Under the light
supply 9,000 leas than for the same day
last week , speculators boldly bought
bout all on sale , clearing the pens almost
before the regular buyers began. Good
icavy paokingand shipping sort advanced
10015 , selling at 5 10w5 75 ; assorted
ight sold at 5 0005 CO , skips and light
at 5 3504 75.
Xho Noted Kontuoklan Shoots Him
self at Danville , Ind.
, Juno 9. Qon. Abe Bn-
brd , of Kentucky , suicided at Danville ,
[ ndM this morning at 'tho residence of
iia nephew , Bonj. E. Ruford. General
Duford came from Danville last week to
visit relatives and attend the races this
wook. Ho Moemed much depressed ,
which visibly increased after reading an
article in * the newspapers giving an ac
count of the decadence of the Buford
'amily , written in connootion with the
return of Tom Buford to the Anchorage
asylum a physical and financial wreck.
Tho'gonoral's fortune had boonswopt away.
[ Io returned to his room just after break
fast this morning , and had been there
but a abort time when a report of a re
volver was hoard , and ho was found in a
dying condition , having shot himself in
tlio head. Ho died without a struggle.
Two statements , ono dated this morning ,
stating financial misfortune , death in his
Family , and the trouble of hii brother ,
Tom Buford , who killed Judge Elliott ,
were the causes of the act. The remains
will bo Bent to Lexington.
ThoO.M. &St.P.
CiiroAQO , Juno 9. The annual moot
ing of the Chicago & Evanston , Chicago
& Like Superior , Chicago , Milwaukee &
St , Paul o ( Illinois , and the Chicago &
Pacific parts of the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul system , met hero to-day and
rii-electcd the old board directors and
3UOO. .Given
> ii ; M. Pplivfunuilne. oCClilcnso ; uud UuM "u *
undo , lllluunkce. Kcwrcclil Iu bulk.
29 aUo * ' > J8T. ffi'RII ) !

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