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csBctM Secretary Bay
ard and the Cslraliian Minister
Concerning Closing Certain of Ita
Ports to Eoreign Commerce ,
With Some Exceptions the Ee-
publio is Entirely Pacified
And They Would Like all Foreign
Vessels Bemoved ,
The U , S , Forces Have With
drawn from Panainai
The Streets nro Barricaded nnd In
llio Hand * of the
Trouble Is Poured.
WASHINGTON , Apiil26.-Tho following cor
respondence lias recently passed between
Secretary Bayard nnd Senor Bocerra , Colom-
6. blan minister at Wathlngton , with reference
to the decree of the Colombian government
closing certain of ita ports to foreign commerce
merce- and virtually declaring the vessels of
the insurgents , now cnpnpod In hostile ad
ministrations against Cartagena , to ba beyond
the palo of International law. Under date of
April 9th , Senor Decerra wrltea to Secretary
Bayard aa follow * :
I yesterday had the satisfaction to receive
n telegram from the president of Colombia ,
dated at tha capital city of the union on that
day , wherby the magistrate informs me the
ontlro republic ia entirely pucifiod with the
exception of the perU of Panamain tbo state
of that ns.mo , and those of Sabanilla , Santa
Martn and Barranqullla in the states
of _ Bolivar und Magdalena. Active
military opjrations , however , ware still in
preparation against the rcbelr , who hold
these points In our territory , and with a view
to making them more efficient various meas
ures of n highly important uharacterhad been
adopted , two of which I have the honor , In
obedience to special Instructions , to biine
to the knowledge of this government.
By the first the Columbian government , In
the exorcise' of its authority and expressly
forcing the pertinent provision * of its com
mercial and revenue laws , declares the ports
of Sabanilla and Santa Marta In the Carrib-
ean sea , and tbo phivi-1 part of Birrauqvllle.
which is yery near to Sabanilla , c'o ' od to for
eign commerce. All attempts to import or
export goods through the aforesaid ports after
this decree is known will therefore be con
sidered as Illicit , nny trade thin carried on
will bo considered contraband , and vessels ,
crews , etc , engaged therein will be liable , be
sides forfeiting the goods , iu the penalties in
such cases provided by the Columbian laws.
By the second decree the government of
Columbia declares that the vessels which are
now stationed at the entrance to the' Bay of
Cartagena , In the port of that name in the
Carrlbean sea , and which are there ernbar
rasslng , and even making war upon the Inter
national commerce under the flags of various
. , friendly relations , and by means of vessels of
T a regular line of communication , which have
long been established , do not b long to the
U. S. of Columbia , and they have nj right to
raise , as they nevertheless raise the llae ol
that nation. As a consequence both their
existence and their existence which are
wholly irregular put them wholly beyond
the palo of international law , and their
r. roceedlncB which are too hostile to the
peaceful operations of commerce , at the
entrance to the commercial port , Belonging
to the nation which la at peace with
the whole world may In all cases ho punished
by vessels that are charged in these waters to
watch over the intoreiti and over the com
merce in general , and over the special Inter
ests of the nations to which they especially
belong. In informing y m , Mr. Secretary of
State , as I hereby have he honor to do , of the
restoration of peace throughout almost the entire -
tire territory of Columbia , and of the meas
ures adopted with a view to ita restoration ,
in tha parts which are still held by tha rebels ,
I entertain the hope that this information
will be gratfylog to you , and that the decrees
in question will have in your estimation the
weight necessary to be considered as impor
tant to American commerce.
Under the data of April 25 ,
to Senor P.ocerrn a recapitulatioh of the point *
of the latter's communication and setting
forth the petition of the United States with
referee thereto , as follows : "This govern
ment , following the recoivedSteneta of inter
national law , does not admit that a decree ol
a sovorigu government closing certain nation
al ports in the possession of foreign enemiei
or of insurgents baa any international etfecl
unless Biistalno I by a blockade force sufficient
to practically close such porta. " Secretnr )
llayard then quotes from Lawrence , "Notei
on Whoatqn. " Ilia rule in such cases as drawr
from position * taken by the administrations o
Presidents Jefferson and Madison , during tin
stru/glea with France and England con
tinuea as follows : "The situation which th <
present decree assumed to create is analogoui
to that caused by the action of the govern
ment ot New Grenada In 1801. The Grenn
dlan ChargedAffaire * , Senor Rafael Pambc
on the Slit of March , of that year , notlfict
Mr. Reward tint certain ports , among then
Hlo Haeha , Sant Marta , Cartagena , Taba
nillo and Seapole. all on Caribbean aB0
had been declared to bo closed to commerci
whether of export or Import , then
is this difference , however , that the Grcnadlai
government , then announced that the wa
vessels of the confederation were to cruls
about the porta Closed to commerce forth
purpose of seizing vessels which should ba
found violating tbo closure which had bee :
decreed. It appears from Mr. Seward's not
-of acknowledgment to Benor Pambo , date
April Oth , 181W , that the announcement the
aaade was interpreted , and correctly so , as
declaration that the certain named ports woi
IE a state of blockade , which should bo ran
deced effective by national vessels , and <
which dua public notice had been clvei ;
While the government of tha United Stati
In 1861 thus confirmed tha doctrlno it cor
atantly maintained from the earlieit '
tha republic that the non insulted par
might iia effectively cloted by mtratm
blocltad * . The BriiUh government than col
trorertei tha right of Now Grenada to rose
la such a remedy , " Tha secretary quot
from a ipaacti made Octobar 24 , 18011 , by M
Cobden , for the pnrpoie of showing the att
tude of the government of Great Britain at
that time , and cites the opinion of Prof.
Pels , n eminent writer on InUrnntlonnl
maritime law , to the effect that there cm bo
without a blockade no clcsnre of n port not In
poitcxulon of the sovereign issuing the docrco.
lie also refers to the legislation of the con-
ireu of tha United States In 1S01 , relative to
the closing of the ports of the iuth , and
saR. "After a cireful examination of the au
thorities nnd precedent * bearing upon this
important question I am bound to
C' ncludo as a general principal ttmt a decree
by a sovereign power closing to neutral mm
mcrce ports hold by its enemies , whether for
eign or domestic , can have no International
validity , and no extra territorial effect In tha
direction of Imposing any obligation upon the
governments of neutral powers to recognize
1C , or to contribute towards its enforcement ,
by any domestic tction on their part.
The decree of tha closing of the cer
tain named , ports of Colombia ,
contains no Intimation of an ulterior purpose
to resort to a proclaimed and elf active block
ado. It may therefore bo premature to treat
your announcement as imputing such
ulterior measures , but It gives me pleasure to
declare that the government of the United
States will reccgnfza any effective blockade ,
Instituted by the United States of Columbia ,
with respect to its domestic
ports not actually subject to its
authority , This government will also
submit to n forcib'o ' repulsion of the vessels of
the United States by any embargo which Co
lumbia may lay upon the ports of which it
has potsoision when it has power to effect
such repulsion. But the government of the
United States must regard as utterly nuga
tory the proclamations doting the parts which
the use of Columbia do not pp < sess under tbo
c > lor of u naval force whifh is not even pre
tended to bo compotmit to constitute a block *
aio , Secretary Bayard then reviews at length
the position taken by tha government during
late civil war w.th r reference to the question
of tha closing of non-postcssed ports , in or
der to show the crnsistenRy of it * present
action , and its conclusion says : "That the
ports not to possessed cannot be closed even
by their legitimate sovereign without the oon-
commitant of a duty announced , and the
effect of a blockade nny bo accepted ai an es
tabllshed rule of International law.
NEW YORK , April 20. The following dis
pitch n.13 rd.rived hero to day :
"PANAMA , ( via. Galveston ) , April 20.All
troops were withdrawn from this city last
night. The consequences cannot hn foreseen ,
but that there will be serious trouble on the
arrival of t'ie Colombian troop" , due here to
night , ii certain. Gen. Aizpura has proposed
to the commander of the United Statin forces
hero ta withdraw his troops to the station
of the Panama Railway company , Gen.
Aizpura , however veil disposed , will not be
able to prevent tin destruction of prop
erty and life. Ban leaded a < c balng erected
in the streets nnd sand bag
defenses ate baing constructed on tha balcony
of the barracls. Tnin shows that the intnir
gents are determined ro fight in town. The
native feeling hero Is strong. It is considered
cruel for tha United States forces to occupy
the town and then withdraw , leaving the people
ple helplesn mnl the city in control ot a Uw
less mob. President Lerymsor of the C'outral
and South American Telegraph company tele
graphed iw follows :
" 11 o.v T. B. BAVARD , Secretary of State ,
Washinaton All American troops were with
drawn from Panama I.iit night The town is
in the hands of the rebels and the streets nro
now barricaded The consequences cannot
be foreseen. I _ have telegraphed as
follows to the superintendent of the company
at Panama. A demand in writing from the
Amsricin consular commandant of the United
States forces forjprotectinn to our own property
and men. At present the United States has
by trea'.y all the rights and obligations that
Columbia has and must be held responsible
for all damage dunu to American property or
forfeiture to keep open communication. "
Similar dispatches were also sent to the secre
tary of thu nivy and to the manager of the
company at Galveston.
WASHINGTON. April 25. United States
Consul James W. Taylor , at Winnipeg , Man
itoba , sent the following to-day to Secretary
Bayard : "The battle with Ricl's force at
Fish Creek continued all day Friday , The
Canadian loss waa twelve killed and forty-
seven wounded. Middleton retired about a
mile to an open space on the northeast bank
of the Saskatchewan. Ho waa reinforced by a
column from the other side of the river , but
the number of troops still does not exceed six
hundred , but there ore rumors of hostils In
dians in the rear of Middloton. Tbo situa
tion is very grave. Thorewa ? a storm of ra'n
and high winds last night. There
is hope of tha arrival of the steamer >
Northcoto from Swift Current with o
Gatlinc gun , but there is danger of her beinn
interrupted or getting aground on the sand'
baraof the Suuth Saskatchewan. The rebel
lots Is unknown on account of their advantag
eous position on Fish Creek in a wooded ravine
The insurgents were led by Gabriel Dnmont.
Ihelr firu was the most deadly. Nearly all
who were shot were shot through the head 01
heart. There U n hospital for the wounded
at Clark's Crossing , Tha occupation of Bat'
tleford by other troops relieving the earriaoi
and lettlera may check further hostilities b ]
the North Saskatchewan Indians , There ii
: telegraphic communication with Battleford
but the battlefield is twenty-five miles frorr
the nearest stations. Tha news comes onlj
by courier to Clark's Crossing , General Mid
dlotou announces his purpoies to the Ottawi
authorities to advance immediately on Rlel'i
headquarters and Batouche Crossing , Hi
rear it now east or south of South Saskvstch
- Increase in the Surplus of Idle Fund
, In Now York ,
Special telegram to the BEE ,
NEW YOUK , April 20. A still further in
creuso in the surplus of Idle funds at Nei
York , brings out more clearly , if that wer
needed , the bad effect which this indrawln
of capital must have upon productive indui
ed try at the points remote from financial centei
and the consequent tendency of being moi
and moro to the withdrawal of money froi
active enterpriie. The failure score must (
courte keen up , This week is no exceptloi
ofn. the slight Increase being reported with a larfl
n. excess over last year'a difficulty of procurin
tea money on really substantial security , t n
IDOt mote parts of the country , must in time ha\
Ot something like a solutiou. While there wi
rts continue for an indefinite future to 1
me a difference in the rate of intere
inert for money at New York , and at Sioux Cit
ert Iowa , or at any other town similarly situate !
tea There must not continue to great a dlffgren
Ir. as now exists. The immediate causes of tl
tti- great disparity are two : First There IB coi
parallvc insecurity 10 long as the money
lender at Now Yoik and Boston or at Lon *
don for that matter , roads from lima to time
of pssseoger trains being sieztd by outlaws ,
ho will continue to bo content with low inter
est nearer home , but beyond thla It can bo
shown that the interest rates are higher in
many places of the country than the real
facts warrant Oning to thn very defective
publicity of the day , Now York has dltect
rotations with every partof tha country , but
ita newspapers do not report tha country , thus
loading cattlemen are finding extreme
difficulty no matter how responsible they
may bo in procuring money nt eastern centers
forcxtendingbuslncsithoro ; is a rapidly grow
ing need , which must suecdlly become imperi
ous of an adequate reporting at the eastern
money centers of the facts relating to tha
trade and industries of tbo country. This is
done that an item for intoie't on the Invest
ment at rcmoto points In a legitlmato Indus
try will not bo so great as now. Such report
ing would Involve a far reaching organization
and might lead to a revolution In metropoli
tan journalism. Tha drift of the foreign
trade of the United States is distinctly tow
ard lesipned imports and fairly maintained ex-
potts. Tha falling off in the wheat crop Is not
calcn'atod to help the foreigh trade situation ,
On the other hand the imports of merchan
dise may grow lo > s and less during the next
six monttiF , During recent weeks merchan
dise imports at Now York havn boon running
down. Fluctuations on the Now York stock
exchange during the week have had no signi
ficance , business Is scarcely moro than a
[ jamo of see raw between room traders. The
indications of an early and pronruncptl do-
clinoiu the price of real cstata at New York
arc stronger. The fear of cholera is un
doubtedly having a bad effect. The real es
tate situation hero has been sustained by a
widespread disposition to soak real estate in
NEW YORK , April 2C. Shortly after ono
o'clock last night General Grant fell asleep ,
Five minims of morphine having been admin
istered , one minim less than usual , Though ha
did not sleep continuously through the night
the patient slept In all as much as usual , and
aroused for the Jay at eight o'clock this
morning. Ho was said by Dr. Douglass to
hiu e been better to-day than on any day sinca
the Improvement b'gan , just two weeks ago.
During the night the general coughed much
If si than ueiul and expectorate scarcely any ,
Dr. Douglass aroused late this morning find
left thn rmldence tit nine o'clock , The ( lay
broke cloudy and at six o'clock tha rain be
gan lulling , and the uir was chill and raw ,
precluding the possibility of tha general going
out during the day. Drs. Barker , Douglass ,
Sbrndy and Sands met at the general's house
for the regular weekly consultation at 2 o'clock
this aft ° rnonn , This dialogue took place be
tween Dr. Barker and a reporter when the
former left the. house after the consultation :
"Iltiw is your pttient to da ) ? " WHS asked.
"He says he feels bntter than he has felt in a
long time , " was the doctor's answer. "As
compared with 1m condition when you Lint
saw the. gcnaral what It his condition to-day ! "
"The general says ha feels better than he has
for weeks , " said Dr. Barker , "But your
opinion ia worth more as to the general's
actual condition Ha * ho improved or worse
than on Wndnetday lost' " urged the
inquirer. "Tha throat has cleared
up some einco Wednesday , but th re
has baen no radical ehnnge in the throat. Wo
did nut expect that , " replied Dr. Barker ,
When Dr. Douglas left the house he said that
Grant was found to have imp'oved since the
last consultation. The observation of the
doctors resulting in that opinion. The gener
al waa fueling better and was better since Ins
Improvement began. Dr. Shrady rfould join
Dr. Douglas Wednesday p m. next and tha
next full consultation would take place next
Jn relation to certain alarming statements
by an electric light agent who carried bis
machine to General Grant's house on
Saturday night and assumed to describe
the appearance of the general'a throat when
he left the home. It may ba stated on the
authority of Dr. Douglas that he did not see
General Grant , nor did he approach him any
nearer than the reception room down stairs
that his machine for examining the throat
with the electric light waa not used. Col
Grant corroborates Dr. Douglas * statement
He says the electric light agent did not see
Gen. Grant , mu.h less examine his throat.
LONDON , April 20 , The Observer in
special edition says It believes that l-'ar
Granville in the second dispatch to St
Petersburg reiterated the demand that thi
military inquiry be held regarding the Penj
deli battle on the spot where the battle wa
SISIEL , April 20. If the Duke of Con
r noupht goes Into active se'vice , the Duches
of Connought will remain hero durlntr port o
tbo month.
' The Russian military authorities sen
10,000 troaps across the Caspian sea froi
, Barker , and of these 0,000 lauded at Chikie
lar and 4,000 at Krasnovndek. Two thousani
additional men were sent from Turkestan t
Merv. Prior to this di'patch of these rein
forcernent * there weie 8,000 men stationed , I
' the Trans-Caspian territory. Merv is th
nearest point to Afghanistan where there Is '
large Russian force stationed. The garnso
now numbering about (1.000. (
BUBO Ball.
CINCINNATI , ApriI2G. ClncinnatisS , Lout
ST. Louis , April 2G.-St. Louis 2 , Pitt
burgs 0.
INDIANAPOLIS , April 20. Indianapolis 11
Toledos 4.
Oon. Grant Goltif ; to the Mountain
NKW YORK , April 25 , Arrangements ha'
been completed for the removal of Ge ;
Grant and his entire family to Mountain M
nJW Gregor some tlm during tha latter part
JW June. The of
uio the cottage of Joseph \
ire Drexel was tendered to Gen. Grant tl
morning and was accepted by Col , Grant
is- behalf of his father. Col. Grant said to
irs gentleman , who had called to complete t
arrangements for the general'a trip , that if t
father coutlnued to Improve for one mon
longer as rapidly as ho had during the pi
of few weeks ha would ba stronger than he woi
, year ago. It la expected Dr. Douglas will i
ge main with the general during his stay in t
"K mountains ,
revo Tiio Telegraph Operators ,
rill OHICAQO , April 25 , At a meeting of t
est Westeru Union operators to-day it was d
ty. elded that It was no more than reasonable
, allow the "company until May ] 1st to dec !
ace whether or not It would accjdu to the opo
the tors' request made a week ago that the BX <
im- pay for extra work ba restored ,
A M Islatd CoDuiic'or ' Assaulted in
statiop Mo
, , ,
By Pieroo Yooum Who Strikes
Him Over the Head
With a Two-Pound Weight and
then Grapples Hinii
Conductor Smith then Shoots and
Kills Him ,
And Also Wounds the Brother of
His Assailant.
Two Well Known Cltl/cnn ol Mt.
Vcrnon , Mo , , Indulge in n
Fatal Shooting Affray.
Special telegram to the BEE.
ATCHISON , April 20. There was a bloody
affair on the train between hero and Win
throp , Mo , , just across the river from hero
last night , the particulars of which are about
as follows : Three young men , known as the
Yocum boys who live in Winthrop , had some
trouble yesterday morning with Conductor
Smith about paying bridge faro. Nothing
sorioun , however , resulted from the dispute
until evening , when the Yocum boys in
taking tha train back homo again , picked a
quarrel with the conductor , Jin accordance
with throats made by them that they would
"lay him out. " In the affray Smith was
shot twice , both brills lodging in the right
forearm. Ho shot and killed ono of tha
Yocum boys , aad shot another one In the back.
Conductor Smith and the two surviving
Yocums worn arrested and taken to St. Jo.
by the sheriff to bo there held until the
matter can be investigated.
Two Men Use Bevolvers.
Special to the Kansas City Times.
ATCUINSON , Kan. , April 25. A bloody pistol
tel fight occurred at East Atchison , Mo. , at
0:15 : this af tccnoon between Conductor L. T.
Smith , of the Chicago , Hock Island & Pacific
railway , and Pierce and Henry Yocum , well
known characters of this place , juat as Smith
had registered his train and and waa about
to give orders to pull out on the regular [ trip
to Cameron , Ho had put Pierce off his
train as it was passing over the bridge Into
Atchisou at IU o'clock this morning. Upon
the return trip Pierce and Henry were at the
depot to administer chastisement. Smith , how
ever , had been warned beforehand and was
fixed with a self-acting Smith & Wesson In
hia right coat pocket. As dmith stopped out
of the depot Pierca hit him over tha had with
a two-pound weight and the two then grap
pled with him. Smith finally pushed his
assailant off but ho was determined to have a
fight and the conductor drew his pistol just as
Pierce pulled his Smith fired first , placing
the weapon close to his antagonist's breast.
Yocum reeled and Smith fired a cecond ,
third and fourth time , each time lodging a
bullet id Yocum's body. Yocum Tell dead.
Meanwhile Henry Yocum had been shoot
ing at Smith , and he turned on hia pew
assailant and gave him the contents of his
last cartridge ; and was then pulled into
the depot wounded in the left arm in two
laces and with a bullet in a email book over
; E is heart.
Henry's vest was cut with Smith's last shot
, but be was not hurt.
, Pierce Yocum , it seems waa a member of r
quarantine committee to prevent colored
people of the state from stopping at East
Atchison , and was on the. train m ucbcapac [
ity when Smith put him off. He and hi
brother have heretofore borne good character
and the affair is regarded as the result of
too quick temper on the part of both Smltl
i and Yocum ,
Sheriff Smith Corey , who was summonec
from St. Joseph by special train , formally ar
rested Smith and took htm away.
Coroner Wells is now engaged on the in
quest , and good order prevails.
The News at St. Joscpb ,
Special to the Kansas City Times.
of ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , April 25 , At Winthroi
nt this county , this evening , Conductor Smitl
ntm : of the Rock Island road , and Perry Yocum ,
isid quarantine officer , became involved in a dill
id culty and both beean shooting , Yocum wi
ton killed outright and Smith fatally wounJei
n- Fearing a mob would wreak vengeance on tl
'n I Rock Island employes Sheriff Carey and
° I posse of men loft here at 8 o'clock to-night c
a i a special train for Winthrop , Atchison , oj
ou postto Winthrop , has quarantined again
colored people because of small-pox. "Vocu
was oiu of three men employed to w t <
trains and it waa while discharging bis dul
ib- that the trouble urosg which resulted in h
death ,
Fatal Street Shooting Affray at 91
, Vcrnon , Bio ,
ST. Ixjuif , April 20. Advice from M
us. Yernon , Lawrence county , Mo , are to t
us.wo effect that John A , Tennis and George ]
en. Moore , both old and well known citizens , b
Jc- tween whom a bitter feud of several yet
Jcof standing existed , met on the street yesterd
ofW. evening and Immediately drew revolvers a :
W. commenced firing , Tennla was shot throu
hls the head and Moore through the heart ai
. both died in few minutes.
the American Neutrality la CBO of
his European War ,
nth Special Telegram to THE BEE.
ua WABUINOTON , April 20. There is an i
ro- terrstlng rumor current among European i
the voya in Washington touching the degree
neutrality the United States will maintain
the event of a war between England a
the Rnssia. It u reported that an understai
de- Ing exist * between our government and R
to sia similar to that of 1878-9 , when the R
side ei n cruiser cama in the harbor of Eastno
era- Me. , when the war between Russia and K ;
itra 1 ind seemed inevitable , and remained two
three months , until the difficulties were i
Justed and the crisis passed. While at K.vt-
port the Russian ship refitted completely MU )
was provided with a high power battery of
modern br eh-loaders and the crew from
Russian sailors tent from the homo stations
for that purpose , Vice-Admiral William
Gore Jones , then raval attache of the British
legation , discovered what was going on and
Sir Edward Thornton , tha minister , pro
tested , but without any remit at the time.
As there was no war nothing moro was eatd
by her Brlttanlc majesty's representatives
about the incident. Tlio question under dis
cussion by foreign representatives hero is will
America permit the Russian government to
repent the a t , and , if so. what will England
do } They point to the fact Palmerston
promptly refined to allow the Confederate
cruisers Alabama , Shenandonh and Florida
to oven tftko coat In any English port during
the civil war. If the Russian vessels are to
have the same pm Urges In American waters
as our own ships of war , then why not Eng
land ? The nations of Europe are anxious to
see what wo will do if It comes to dlscrlmlnnV
ing between them ,
WASHINGTON , April 25. The provident to
day appointed J , 0. Clienowoth , of Texas , to
bo first auditor of the treasury , vice R. M.
Reynolds , resigned by request. ,
General Henry J. Hunt , retired , WAS to
day appointed governor of the soldiers' homo
at this place , vice Colonel Samuel D , Slur
giss , of the Seventh cavalry. Captain Robsrt
Cattlin , retired , was appointed deputy govor
nor. The changes go Into effect May ID ,
when the ofDcon relieved will join their re
spective regiments. Surgeon C , 'C. Birna
barf also been detailed for duty at the homo ,
relieving Assistant Surgeon Dowott , who will
report to the itirgeon general for duty. Army
olllcers express themselves pleased with the
action of the president in placing retired
olficora in charge of the homo.
Jcdge Andrew Wylle , associate justice of
the supreme court of the District of Columbia ,
has tendered his resignation to take effect on
the appointment and qualification of his sue
WASHINGTON , April 25. The secretary ol
the cavy has Issued the following order ;
"My attention boa bom called to the deal
ings of this department with the American
Wood-preserving company. Two largo sum
ol money were paid for tbo use of the patents
and recently for the purchase- n largo plant
erected at the Boston navy yards by tlio com
pany. Such personal investigation as I have
been able to make has convinced me that
a thorough examination and investigation of
all matters connected with the dealings of
the government with the company
should bo made , including an investigation
into the utility of the invention and its prac
tical value. Tha government is In possession
of an expensive _ plant recently purchased
for use in connection with this invention.'I I
am unable to find that the invention has gone
into general use or that private Individuals
nre availing themselves of its supposed superior _ -
rior merits. I hereby designate and detail
Captain Franois M. Bance and Captain
Henry L. Howmson to act with Professor
CbarlesF. Chandler of New York , to look
into the whole matter and report to mo. "
As the impression seems to prevail that any
person is privileged to color tbo competitive
examination that is to govern the appoint
ment of postollko inspector , Postmaster-Gen
eral Vilas has Issued a circular stating that
application blanks for tha purpose will not be
furnished indiscriminately , but only to those
who have been recommended to the depart
A. M. Kelley , recently appointed minister
to Italy , arrived in Washington to-day and
had a conference with the secretary < > f state.
It In generally understood ho declined the
Italian mission and that his visit to tha secre
tary of state is with regard to his appoint
ment to the Russian mission.
Commissioner Atk.ns to-day resumed th i
hearing of the charges against Indian Agent
McGillicuddy. Red Cloud and his inter
preter , Todd Randall , testified in support ol
tha accusations which were taken up seriatim
and a reply waa made by tha agent and hit
Indian witnesses.
Two distinguished arrivals last night were
: the president's carriage-horses , n pair cf seal
, brown galdings , bought at Pouehkeepsie , New
i York , for a fancy price. They are hall
brothers , five and sir years old , by Lysander
a son of old Hamboltonian. They are model
of form , with Jong , silky tails , which the pres
ident has decided shall not be cropped to com
ply with the prevailing cruel English craze
Those horses were selected after n wide searcl
and are considered a great bargain , even at
fancy price. Mr. Arthur's hortes , which tb
president has been using since March -itt
will be forwarded to their obliging owner earl
next week.
, Odd Follows Sixty.Sixth Anniversary
CHICAGO , April 20 , In the cltyt ho lodge
Hi. of Odd Fellows to day celebrated tha sixt ;
ras sixth anniversary. There was a procofsto
3d..ho nnd an address by Dr. Samuel Fallows at SI
Paul's Reformed Episcopal church.
The Thrco Sick Millionaires ofVal |
Street ,
Special Telegram to THK BEE.
NEW YonK , April 20. The bad health of
tliroo millionaire * is the topic for Wall street
talk at the end of tin wcok , The men are
Gould , Yandcrbllt nnd Field , and the stories
told of their Incapttation are possibly in
tended primarily to effect the prices of stocks
in which the tliroo capitalists are heavily In
terested. The truth In thcso cases Is at tha
bcttoin of a well so deep that the job to brine
it up to the surface is almost hopeless. The
most caretul belief is that Gould Is anxious ,
for the sake of case In mind and body , to re
tire from strenuous business , and that ho will
do so as soon RS his losses , through the drop of
stocks after Garfield'a assassination , aggre
gating to him not less than § 23.000XO , if
the calculation bo based on the highest
and Inwcut quotations ot tha securities ,
in which his wealth is chietly invested , have
boon mode good , Gould's tompcr.imeut is in
tensely nervous and in order to save him from
prostration the recent trip In his yacht was
doomed necorsiry. Since hia return ho hat
worked very hard , not lees than tight hours a
day nt the most Imrraselng operation's.
Strikes on some of his railroads , the new law
compelling thn burial of his telegraph wires
In cities of this state , the certainty that his
elevated railroad companies will have to pay
enormous damages to injured property along
tha llnof , nnd the failure of stock prices to
advance as expected these things have com
bined to make the present period about the
most straining and depressing in his whole
career. Ho looks badly , and that Is about all
that can bo positively known of his physical
condition , save that ho is under the doctors'
care , and admits that ho means to rook recre
ation in yachting as soon as ho can get away
from busHOB ? .
Vnndcrbilt Is unquestionable , But there Is
no good reason why that fact should have any
effect in Wall street , for ho Is not active
there , and pays only tha most cursory atten
tion to the management of his railroad
Interests. But Vamlerbilt has for a month
been confined almost entirely to his huuso.
He has baon missed from the road on which
ho is wont to speed his horses. Ills face
shows an occiaional twitching and lack of
mobility , which is said to como to incipient
paralysis. The assertion is even made posi
lively that ho has had a mild stroke of that
diecaio and is in conitint dread of _ fatality
from that source. No bills or receptions have
boon given in his mansion lately , the picture
gallery has not been opened to the public and
the millionaire keeps sedulously
out of sight. Dr. Fordyce
Barker makes calls two or threotimes a week ,
and they are understood to be on Vanderbilt
hltmolf , though the physician declines to say
yes or no to question' . The third millionaire
to whom Wall street has assigned physical
collapse is Cyrus W. Field. That wlley oper
ator with Gould announces that on the com
pletion of half a century of financiering ho
now retires from activity , He has resigned
from the directories of several companies and
there seems to bo nn doubtfulness that what
ever may bo the fact ns to bis health he
really moans to take a rest. His fortune is
estimated at $23,000.000.
CHICAGO , April 25. It was the Burlington
road to-day that waa the first to resume the
freight rates to the northwest. It set tha ex
ample by booking freight of all classes at 10
cents to St. Paul , Minneapolis and Minnesota
transfer points , a roauction on the first class
of 2) cents since yesterday. As soon as the
fact was made known the customers of other
roads were also given the benefit of the re
duction , though the 10 cent rate cannot yet be
said to bo quoted openly.
CLEVELAND , April 20 A receiver was ap >
pointed for the Lake Erie & Western raihoac
company lata yesterday afternoon by Judge
Walker , of the United States circuit coort
on application of George J. McGurkey , ol
New York. August , 1883 , C. R. Cummings
president of the road , gave McGurkey . '
promissory note for $320,000 , to bear intereal
at 7 per cent. Yesterday the road confessed
judgement for the principle and interest un
paid since ilUV. 1 , 1SS-I , amounting to VOW , ,
082GGG. Vice-President Cheney was madi
receiver nnd will take potBession at once.
A Fire Bag at Work.
CINCINNATI , April 20. About three o'clocl
this morning Mrs. Hawley , who occupies i
room in the Palace hotel block , Sixth am
Vine streets , was awakened by a nolso re
tembline the pushing of vmpor under the
door. She called out asking If it was a tel (
gram but received no reply. Then sh
heard some one walk away. 'Proa i-
ently her room was so ' die
with nmoko and going to the door found th
paper saturatud with coal oil and burnin
against her door. The other doors on th
same floor were treated likewise , only the pn
per had not been Ignited. The fire was BOO
extinguished without disturbing the guests i
the hotal. E. H. Johnson of fit. Louis wi
arrested on suspicion.
08 Bullion
WALL ST. , N. Y. , April 24.-Tho week ]
bank statement shows a reserve increase-1
82,740,850. Thi banks now hold S53,142,0 <
in excess of legal requirements ,
ch m Spring Medicine
118 ' \Vhen the weather grows warmer , that
extreme tired feeling , want of appetite ,
ir dullness , languor , and lassitude , aOllct
almost the entire human family , and scrof
ula and other diseases caused by humors ,
* manifest themselves with many. It is 1m-
he possible to throw off this debility and expel
lit humors from the blood without the aid of a
iereliable . medicine llko Hood's Barsaparllla.
> rs " I could not sleep , and would get up In
y the morning with hardly llfo enough to get
Q5 | out ol led. I had no appetite , and my
r lace would break out u Ith pimples. I bought
At no other season Is the system so si
ccptlblo to the beneficial cflccts ol a
llablo tonlo and Invlgorant. The linpi
state ot the blood , the deranged dlgcstli
and the weak condition ot the body , cauE
by Its lone battle with the cold , win
blasts , all call for the reviving , rcpulat !
and restoring Influences so happily a
effectively combined In Hood's Sarsaparll
"Hood's Sarsaparllla did mo a great d
ot good. I had no particular disease , I
was tired out from overwork , and it toi :
mo up. " Hits , ti , K. BIMMONS , Cohocs , In
Hood's Sarsaparilla
'a bottle of Hood's Barsaparllla , and soon
began to sleep soundly ; could get up without -
out that tired and languid feeling , and my
snappetite Improved. " R. A. BANFOIID , Kent- -
of "I had been much troubled by general
jn debility. Last spring Hood's tfersaparllla
j proved Juat the thing needed. I derived an
Immense amount ot benefit. I never felt
ld' better.- , F. MILLET , Boston , Mass ,
us- >
usHood's Sarsaparilla
gold by all druggists. $1 ; six for f5. Made
nK-1 only by C. 1.1IOOI > & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar .
" For seven years , spring and fall , I 1 :
scrofulous sores como out on my legs , n
for two years was not free from them
all. 1 suffered very much. Last May I boj
taking Hood's Barsaparllla , and before 11 :
taken two bottles , the sores healed and I
humor left me. " C. A. ARNOLD. Arnold , 1
"There. Is no blood purifier equal to Hoc
Sarsaparilla , " E.S. [ 1'jiKi.rs , Rochester , N
Hood's Sarsaparillc
Bold by all druggists. 91 ; six for $5. Ma
only by U. I. II001) & CO. , Lowell , Mass
IOO Doses Ono Dollai
Increase of Ibc Prolialil'illcs ' tf War
Btra : England and Russia ,
The Ksoall of the Duke of Con-
naught is Considered
The Most Significant and Warlike
Official Act Yet Taken ,
Ho is to Command the Second
Corps in Afghanistan ,
Seventy-Five Millions Spoilt in
India in Warlike Preparations ,
The Turcnmann and Sarlklm Anx
ious lor Plunder are Impatient at
the Delay In Ucctftrlnc War.
Special telegram to tbo BKK ,
LONDON , April 2 ( ! Dutinc the last wcok
tbu probabilities of war bolwccn England nud
Russia have greatly increased. The discovery
that Frauco uioant mischief , the e'opmont
of the Uosphoro Egyptian incident into n
grave international quarrel. The ostentloua
mingling of Russian mid French oflicors in
every capital on the continent.t All this has
come as a total surprise to the inhabitants of
London , although politicians In Berlin wcro
talking of the possibility three months Ago.
Whether Franco has gone in for the temporary
ary purposes of deviltry or with moro far
reaching arms her demonttration of hostility
served the present .needs of England by
opening the Dardanelles to British
vessels rt Labal Cast and
probably securing Turkuh aid as well.
Some sensational tiowa has reached London
from India. One telcpram goes so far as testate
state that n report IB prevalent throughout
meet of India that war ha ? been declared by
England against Kussia. The excitement
among the Indians aware of the report beg
gars description. In India the recall of the
Btiko of Connaught from Simia in Pnnjaub ,
while on his way to Bombay to take a steamer
to liritmu is considered the most significant
nnd warlike act yet taken by the Indian gov
ernment. It ia atatcd to-night that the Duke
of Connaught has been ordered to assume
control of the second corps , destined for mili
tary service in Afghanistan. A remarkable
increase m the vigor of the preparations In
India for war hns been reported. Moro than
seventy-five million dollars has bon already
spant in the o preparation1 ! , in order to ineit
the immediate nud further military require
ments , the New Indian Loan has been already
IiulTerln linn held a prolonged military
council acd it is believed at this council it
was resolved to concentrate an Indian force
nt Quettah immediately. Old Indian ollicera
are sending their wives out of the country ,
and writing nervous letters homo , lieports
from central Asia are to the effect that the
Turcomans and Sarikha are very Impatient at
the delay in the issue of the declaration of
war , as they are 'yearning for n chance to
plunder both Afghanistan and India. Sir
Donald Stewart and Gen , ISoberti say that
, they are both confident of Afghan friendship
in the event of Russian occupation of Herat ,
, and also that Sir Peter Lumsden , who is in
their confidence , had plenty of money to
spend with the Afghans and do all that ho
could to bring the Afghans and Russians to .
blows. Hopes of peace with Hustia
have grown dally slighter slnco the receipt
of Sir Peter Lumsdens dispatch of Tuesday.
The ministry probably hoped that Lnmsdon'e
account would enable them to waive their
complaint against Komaroff , but his terse ,
explicit and detailed contradiction of the
a Russian commander's story , point by point
d coupled with his distinct assertion that the
Russians were aggressors , forced the cabinet to
again address St. Petersburg a request for
a- explanations. Last week's scheme for con
abe tinuing negotiations respecting the frontier
- nd ignoring the Penjdoh incident as collaps-
ied d , The Czar's advisers in the meantime had
lie occlved from their agents m Central Asia
uch accounts of the effect of Komarolf's ac-
uB ion on public opinion na led them to resolve
a- o rettise all satisfaction. The Russian press ,
aon ncluding the St. Petersburg oflicialj ournal ,
in announced this resolve in plain terms The
Moscow Gazette , whose editor , M. Katkolf ,
s one of the Gear's trusted advifets , spoke
; he plainest of all , saying that if England
withes peace she must accept the
Penjdeh Incident with all the consequence
clyof and ( presume negotiations respecting tbo
of frontier. Other papers were allowed to de
100 mand "the immediate seizure of Herat , " and
to protest against English occupation of Port
Hamilton , simply because it controls tbo
straits between Corea and Japan , which the
Russian fleet expected itself to control. These
and many other signs show how ( lender is
tlio chance that Russia will answer the last
English dispatch with anything but a refusal
to continue the discussion of KornorolfJ
3US- aggression. The English ministers thorn-
ro solve almost abandon all hope of peace. Iho
nirc identical statement read en Tuesday In the
Ion house of commons by Gladstone respecting the
vote of credit of eleven millions sterling ,
iscd though avoiding mention of Russia convinced
itry thathoueo that the cabinet expected war.
ting This belief was strnngthened on Thursday
and when Gladstone described the govcrnment.88
Ilia. engaged in correspondence of extreme gravity
leal and told the house of commons that the six
but million fivehundrcdpoundstbeyhadask | | d for
nert were wanted solely because of the deplorable
incident on the Afghan frontier.
i.Y. The largest financial houspB of London
heretofore clinging to the belief ot peace be
i.Y.I gan selling seme days tince. Dispatches from
I every European capital have a desponding
tone , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
and Quarantine ) AgalnitGholcra.
at Our or MEXICO , ( via Galveston ) , April
gan 20. The federal government has taken vigor
had out measures to guard against the Introduc
the tion of cholera at Vera Cruez and other sea
Me. ports. Vessels from countries where the
od's cholera Is reported will be subjected to vigor
S.Y. ous quarantine.
DcHtrnctivo Flro ,
lade LYNCHDuna , Va , April 25. Giyndy , the
. county teat of Buchanan county , WAS almost
entirely destroyed by fire this morning , The
court house and county records are burned.
'Because e em-
emi. . fj
cofiere recognizeE
aA incjld
fo ) eaFer anb
Smoking Tobacco

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