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lie House of COIMODS , as Suggested
by Gladstone ,
Voted the Credit of $55,000,000 , ,
Asked by the Government
Sir Peter Lumsdon Sends a Special -
cial Mossogor to London.
Beport of Another Battle Between
the Bnssians and Afghans ,
In Which the Russians are De
feated With Heavy Loss.
Settlement of the BoBphoro.Ejryptlcn
Affairs Satisfactory to Franco ,
LONDON , April 27. The St. Petersburg
correspondent of the Daily Telegraph Bays
that the latest English proposal arrived there
by rpectal courier on Friday. An imperial
council mot on Saturday and docldod to reply
that the czar favored the tiiaintalnanca of th o
KusaiaiAlemand In respect to the delimitation
of the frontier. The council also decided to
Inform England that Kustia would consent
to the appointment of a special mixed com
mission to examine into the facts in relation
to the reports of General Komaroff
end Sir Peter Lumsdon , nnd to decide -
cido which of the reports is correct
M , Do Giers bar advised that If Knalund refuses -
fuses to accept tlieso proposals liaron De
Staat , llustian ambassador , will he with
drawn and oil negotiations be broken oil ,
Gen. Kouropotkine urges nn imrrediato advance -
vance upon Herat and his proposal finds
many supporters. It is assorted In military
circles that provocations by the Afghans may
still prevent Gen , Komarou from obeying
his orders to avoid a conflict.
Orders havobtcn Issued for,1 mobilization of
the grenadier corps which numbers 20,000
It is believed ia well informed circles the
nutation peace or war between England and
Russia will be settled to-morrow.
BBsnuN , April 27. The National Zeitung
mentions H rumor to the effect that the czar
bas written to Emperor Wilhelm that the
chances of peace have diminished and several
Gorman papers have rumors that another con
flict had taken place in Afghanistan , There
ia much public uneasiness in the abience of
further news from General Komorofl ,
LONDON , April 27 , A council will bo hold
at Cronstadt to consider the defenses at that
point. It Is reported the czar is going to
The governor of Purjaub and his military
aecretaiy started for Quetta ,
A St. Petersburg dispatch says war between
Russia and England is regarded as inevitable.
The czar leaves for Moscow and from there
will issue a manifesto or declaration of war ,
if 3 tic a an extreme measure becomes neces
LONDON , April 27 , 11:30 : a. m. Consols
opened at 95J , almost immediately advanced
to 1)53 ) , and in a few minutes advanced to 90.
Russian sncurities were97i.
Noon Russian securities , 88. Ibero is a
atrong feeling in h > mo and foreign securities ,
All stocks are active and strong , The feel
ing on 'change is that the difficulty with Russia
siais In a fair way of settlement ,
2 p. m. Russian securities ( lave fallen to
8G. The market for both home and foreign
bocurities has become unsteady.
JJEBLIN , April 27 Noon. Stock raarke
VIBNNA , April 27 Noon. The tone of thi
txrarso is weak.
LONDON , April 27. 2:30 p. m , Russian se ;
curitios have fallen to 85J ; Egyptian securi
ties , 611 ; English consols lost all their early
atrengtn and are now 95J.
3 p. m. Consols , Oog.
4 p. m. Consols , 955-1G.
SIMLA , April 27. Preparations are being
urgently pressed for quick dispatch of troops
to the front.
LONDON , April ' _ ' 7. It is asserted that the
British government is In possession of information
mation which proves beyond doubt that
1'rmco Bismarck has been urging Turkey to
aide with Russia.
LONDON , April 27. A rpeiial cabinet
meeting has been summoned for to-morrow.
Earl Spencer , the lord lieutenant of Ireland ,
will come from Dublin to attend.
In the houto of commons this afternoon
Lord Edward I'it/maurlco , under secretary
of state for foreign affairs , said ho was happy
to atato the government was on the point of
arriving at an arrangement of the misunder
standing with Franco growing out of the sup
pression of Bosiihore Egyptien , This ar
rangement would prove tutisfaotory to
1'rance , England and Egypt.
Gladstone , In the house of commons this
afternoon , read a telegram dated Saturday
last , from Sir Peter Lumsden , which stated
that Mr. Stephen , a member of the boun
dary commission , had started for London ,
bringing with him maps of the disputed zone ,
also a detailed statement of all tits circum
stances leading up to and attending the
Penjdeh affair , lie also stated that Lums
Jeu would himself forward to Earl Granvllle ,
minister of foreign affairs , a statement show
ing the actual position of affairs as they now
stand. The government and members re
ceived the newb of the departure of Stephen
for Loudon with evident Jutisfoctlon.
Kltchloconservative , asked if ( the govern
ment proposed to .suspend the negotiations
now in progrcsi with Russia until after the
arrival ot Stephen ,
Gladstone arose and made the reply with a
firm and definite no.
Sir Edward Thornton , minister at St.
Petersburg , reported officially rosnectinfr the
Russian views of the lost note of England ,
uklog for an explanation of the conduct of
Kamoroff at Penjdeh iu view of the report
made by Lumidou contradicting the Russian
commander's story ot the late battle , Thorn
ton reports unfavorably.
Gladstone in bringing up the subject of the
Vote of credit of J55,0iw,000 * skod for by the
government , on the army nnd navy credit ,
said , ho hoped that the motion to divide the
credit would not bo passed. Tha government
he said would not devote any portion of the
money voted , for a particular purpoto , for
use In the Soudan but would
receive discretion to apply the money
taken for the Soudan account , for pur
pose ! of special preparation , ho urged that
tha house vote the government the entire
$55,000,000 enbloc.
Proposals to separate the Soudan credit
from the credit for special preparation were
rejected by a vota.of 22 against 130. The
house then entered into committee supply and
Gladstone proceeded to explain the object of
the rate of credit.
In answer to the questions concerning
Afghan question Gladstone stated that
Lumsden had telegraphed the government
that he wai to send Capt. Stephens to Lon
don with the full Information relative to Gen ,
Komaroff's action In the battle at Penldob ,
and that Stephens was personally cogmr.ant
of the HUSH an general's movements previous
to and during the battle and since its occur
rence. In the meantime , said tha premier ,
the parleying between England and Russia
will continue.
The house of commons without discussion ,
as suggested by Gladstone , voted the enttro
credit of $ r > j,00,000 asked by the covern-
mont. Mr. Edward Temporley Gourloy ,
radical member forSnndorland.inkodwhother
the government would endeavor to have the
dispute with Russia referred for arbitrament
to the United States. Mr. Gladstone an
swered , "tho government are quite sensible
of their heavy responsibility to maintain the
honor and good faith of the country on the
ono hand , and on the other to use every
means consistent with that honor tn avoid a
war. I can glvo no more particular reply
than this. " The utterance was accepted as
significant and was received with cries of
"Hear , hoar. "
A telegram Plating that the Czar would to
day leave St. Petersburg and issue , if neees-
iary , a manifesto from the latter place caused
much excitement m political and doplomate
ALEXANDRIA , April 27. Notwithstanding
ho enthusiastic reception accordud by the
"ronch residents here to the French charge
1' affairs at Cairo.tlio majority of French resi-
lents really disapprove of the notion of
. 'rauco in the Uosphore-Egyptien matter.
DUDLIN , April 27. The reception given
, he Princa of wales at Armagh to-day was a
ery brilliant i.lfair. Tne nationalists had
irepared to make a counter demonstration ,
nut the police charged upon nnd completely
disported them. It is stated that the govern
ment proposes to buy for Prince Victor , eldest
ion of the Prince of Wales , as a place of per-
nanent residence in Ireland , the celebrated
Ardbracan palace , In the county of Meath.
WOODSTOCK. N. . , April 27. Four inches
f snow fell last night. This adds to the
damage done by the freshet on the St. Johns
river , the railroad and other bridges being
washed away. The tlood is the most disas
'roua for fifty years ,
SAUKIH , April 27. The Arabs kept up o
esultory fire on the British troops at Otoa all
ast night. Three of the British troops were
BRUSSELS , April 27. The Independence
BeUe publishes , under reserve , but from nn
ixcellunt source , report of .1 froah battle be-
iwern tha Russians and Afghans , in which
ho former wore defeated and retired , having
met with a heavy loss ,
LONDON , April 28 The St. Petersburg
; otrespundeut of the Daily News says : I am
nformed on good authority of another en
gagement on the Afghan frontier. Of 1 700
Russians who engaged the Afghans , nearly all
were killed.
The opinion in the lobbies to-night is that
that Gladstone's speech shows that war ia in
PARIS , April 27. A dispatch to the Tempos
from Berlin states that the royal families of
England and Russia have opened correspon
dence upon the subject of mediation.
ST. PETERSBURG , April 27. Savon million
roubles in gold have been sent to Central
Asia. A decision as to peace or war Is ex
pected to-morrow , or , at the latest , by the
1st of May.
LONDON , April 28. Government has no in
formation with reference to the report that
the czar is going to Moscow. The Daily
News ( government organ ) in an editorial this
morning ; says : "There in a strong hope that
matters have not reached a war point , Ne
gotiations between England and Russia still
continue and may issue in n settlement. "
PARIS , April 27. The Turkish embassador
to-day approached De Froyclnet upon the
question of suppression ef the Bosphoro
Egyptian. Do Freyclnot told him that the
question at issue concerned only the govern
ment of the khedive of Egypt which by an
imperial ] firman is made responsible for tbo
internal government of Egypt.
It is reported that the French fleet of tbo
line were to rendezvous at Peraonc , Greece ,
and wait farther orders. This action IB taken
In reference to a naval demonstration before
Alexandria in the event of Erypt refusing to
accede to the demand of Franco regarding tb ?
rehabilitation of the Bosphore Egyptian.
SUAKUI April 27. Small pox is decimating
Abdurman apposite Khartoum ,
Tha garrison of Senaar defeated the forces
of the mahdi which made an attack upon
that place.
DUBLIN , April 27. The government pro
hibited the nationalist demonstration at
Tyrone against the Prince of Wales. Uroat
excitement and serious rioting is feared.
BICAKOH.M , April 27. The port of Vlader-
ostock , Siberia , near tha contines of China ,
has been closed to commerce , Tha Russian
naval authorities so disposed of torpedoes
that only a narrow channel remain * for entry
and exit of their own war ships ,
NEW YORK , April 27. A Panama special
to the Tribune , dated April 2) , s js the
American troops under Commander McCalla
began to withdraw from the city last night ,
under the agreement with Aizpum and tLo
French consul , The evacuation of the city
destroys American prestige hero. There has
been wild rejoicing among the insurgents and
sympathizers with them. Property owners
anticlpito serious trouble. Tbo Americana
are called cowards , nnd threats are heard on
every side to-day American trcuoa with
drew from tha Panama railway station. Gen.
Alzpurn has guaranteed to preserve order in
the city , biitthe insurgents have again begun
the work of barricading the streets.
ILIjlNO 18 JjEQI8IiATimi5.
SPRINOFIELD , 111 , , April 27 , Representa-
TO Cleveland Introduced a bill in the house
o repeal the net incorporating the Chicago
oard of trade. Tha preamble declares that
lie purposes for which the board of trade was
iriginally incorporated have been entirely
hanged , and thac it has beuomo an Institu-
'on for the promotion of gambling.
The BrltUh Grain Trailo.
LONDON , April 27. The Mark Lane Er
rors , In Ita review of the British grain trade
uring the past week , says : "Tho weather
, vors vegetation , which is making rapid pro
gross. Sales of English wheat during the
mst week were 55,021 quarters at 35s 8d ,
gainst 52,875 quarters at 37s 2d during the
orresponding week last year. The business
lone In foreign wheat has been of n retail
iharactor. Buyers and sellers are unwilling
o act until war or peace is assured. With n
tecline after tha sharp advance Russian trad-
rs are active sellers. In elf coast cargoes are
inrdenlng. Ton cargoes arrived , six cnrgooa
rcro sold , seven were withdrawn nnd two re'
inained , both of California. To-day the mar.
cet wnj very unsettled , and there was but lit
, lo tendency to purchase. English wheat
as held for n full recovery of the declinr ,
lour was steady at full cargoes. Corn
icarco : 6d@ls dearer ; barley Gd dearer ; oats
3d@Gd dearer , and beans Is de.trer ; pees are
? rtor HarrliouBues the Inter-Ocean
lor kibe ! .
CHICAGO , April 27. A , S. Trade , acting
'or Mayor Carter H , Harrison , to-day en-
ered three hravy damage suits in the circuit
curt , ono for { 200,000 , against Edwin Lee
Brown , nnd one for 9100,000 against tbo
Inter-Ocean nnd JCdwln Lee Brown jointly.
According to thu attorney the suit ogamsttho
Inter-Ocean Publishing Company is based
upon fourteen libelous articles In which
Mayor Harrison's private character was at
tacked , nnd others upon speech by Mr.
Brown , published in the Inter-Ocean , In
which the speaker stated that Mayor Har
rlson was the consort of thieves and ballot
box stuffera , or words to that effect.
Baao Ball NGIVB.
PHILADELPHIA , April 27. Athletic , 4
Brooklyn , 6 ,
NKW YORK , April 7. Metropolitan , 3
Baltimore , 2.
PlTTSBUHd.Pn .April 27. The specjal moot
ng of the American Base Ball Association to
consider tbo league's action in re-in tttlng
blacklisted players , was hot and protracted.
An ultimatum to tha league was finally
adopted without n dissenting voice , calling
for a meeting within thirty days to re-con
atruct tha national agreement.
Collision on tbo Missouri Pacific Kail
road Two nlcn Killed.
ST. Louis , Apnl 27. A train bearing a
number of Pennsylvania and Missouri Pa
cific officials leaving here thia afternoon ,
when about twenty miles from the city , col
lided with an up-bound train , and quite a
serious wrack wis the result. Philip Toland ,
of the Ponnsyluania Railway Company , en
gineer , Wm. Stevenson , and firtman Louis
Christ , on the train , are reported killed , and
several others of the party are said to bo
more or less wounded , but none seriously.
All Quiet at Panama ?
NEW YORE , April 27. Tbo following dis
patch has been reooived by Central South
American Telegraph Company : "Panama ,
via Galvestan. The city Is quiet. The
moral effect of occupation by the American
forces bas been very greas Not a shot has
been fired since. The Colombian troops
from the touth are expected to arrive here
this evening. An excited meeting was held
Sunday. tSedltiens speakers were stopped
under pain of arrest by Aizpura "
Death from Chloroform In a Dentist's
CHICAGO , April 27. Mrs. Ella Shay , a
young married lady , died while under the In
fluence of chlorofrm while seated in a dentist's
cnair in Dr. N. W , Day's office thiiafternoon ,
The dentist states that sbo requested that
chloroform be administered to her. The po
lice are investigating the case ,
Iowa Day at the * \posltlon.
IOWA CITY , Iowa , April 27. Owing to the
Inability of Gov. Sherman and staff and the
military companies of Iowa to reach New
Orleans on the 29th inst. , Iowa day , the ex
ercises will not bo held , as arranged for , on
that day , but if a suitable day can bo secured
after the Mobile Kocampment , the exercises
will take place.
Champion Foot Flaco For $500.
CINCINNATI , April 27. A foot race 125
yards distance for ? 500 a side and the cham
pionship of America , was run this afternoon
at Chester Park by H. M. Johnson of New
York and Geo. Smith of Pittsburg , Johnson
won by six feet In 11 3-5 seconds , beating his
The Elgin Dairy Market.
CHICAGO , April 27. The Inter-Ocean'a
Elgin , 111 , , special says : The market rnlod
dull to-day. Sales of cheese : 100 boxes of
hard skim ato. \ . Butter active and in good
demand at 252Gc. Sales , 13,330 pounds ,
Will Servo the Canadian Government.
JAMESTOWN , D , T. , April 27. Mayor Flint
left for the nurth to-day with thirty teams
and fifty men to take service with tha Dana-
dlan government in transporting troops and
supplies against Riel ,
The Billiard Tournament.
NEW YORK , April 27. In the billiard tour ,
nament to-night Scb&efer scored COO , Dion
183 ,
General Grant Passis His Siily-ThM
In Beading Telegrams Prom All
Over the Country
Laden With Oonglanlations
of the People ,
Large and Magnificent Presents
of Flowers wore Sent Him ,
Ho Telegraphs His Grateful Ac
knowledgements for
Publication , andSnya ho Could Not
Answer Tliom all Separate Even
It Ho urns Well.
OTTOUWA , Ia. , April S7. Sixty-three guns
era fired hero this morning and many homos
ecoratod with bunting In commemoration of
'on. Grant's birthday.
CINCINNATI , April 27. A large mooting
as held at Turner Hall to-night to celebrate
, ho sixty-third anniversary of Gen. Grant's
irthday , Speeches were made by ex-Con-
ressman Samuel V. Carey , lion. John Simp-
inson , Hon. Michael Kyan and others.
Ivery reference to Grant's name brought
orth deafening cheers. Among those who
itsended were scores of the most prominent
' .tizeus . of Cincinnati.
General Grant's Grateful Acknowl
NKW YOBK , April 27. General Grant
ends the following for publication : "To
IB various army posts , societies , cities , pub
o schoolsstates , corporations ami individuals
orth and south who have been 10 kind as to
end me congratulations on my G3d birthday ,
wish to offer my grateiul acknowledge
ments. Dispatches have been so numerous
nd so touching in their tone that it would
nvo been impossible to answer them , if I hod
eon in perfect health ,
[ Signed ] U. S. GKANT.
Between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon
Jon. Grant , accompanied by Col. Grant ,
talked as usual to Madison avenue and back ,
Jon. Sickles called between 5 and 6 o'clock ,
Sidney B. Dillon sat and conversed with the
; eneral in the drawing room for nearly an
lour. The bouse was brilliantly lighted up in
ho evening , and thousands of spectators
losscd through the street and stopped to gaze
or a lew moments at the house. Large and
magnificent presents of flowers continued to
lour In , while a continuous stream of tele-
[ raph boys were incessantly delivering mes-
lages from all over the country ,
_ The general remained in the drawing room
ill after 10 o'clock in company with the mem-
> ers of his family , Senator Chaff do , Dr. and
Mrs. Newman and Dr. Douglass. He
earned tired-looking , but held up amazingly.
: Io seemed to be supremely happy and joined
n conversation with much spirit.
WASHINOTOV , April 27. A public rneet-
ng in the Metropolitan church in this city
to-night to celebrate the sixty-third anniver
sary of the birth of , Gon. Grant WAS largely
attended. Senator Manderson presided anc
speeches were made by Gen , Halbert , E
Payne. Greene B. Baum , W. W. uurdette
and others. A letter from James G. Blaine
was read expressing sympathy with the objecl
if the meeting and regret at his inability t <
jo present ,
, April secretary o
the treasury appointed the Hon. Geo. H
Parker , of Iowa , special agent of the treasury
The president appointed the following post
masters : Silas J. Montgomery , Bristol , Conn.
M. J. Rust , Dougherty , Ga. ; S. H. Bd
wards , Waterloo , Ia. ; 8. W. Synn , Grundy
Center , Ia. : Chas E. Brason , Manchester , la
The president to-day appointed James F
McClolIan , of Florida , to be surveyor genera
of the state of Florida , vice Wm , M. Hicks
whoso nomination to that office was not con
firmed at the regular session of the senate.
The president signified his intention o.
selecting a successor to John Russell Yonno
minister to China from California. Botli
factions of the democratic party in that state
have endorsed Frank MoCoffin , ex-state sena
tor and eX'inayor of San Francisco , for that
position ,
Judge Upton , second comptroller of the
treasury , bos made a ruling that officers of the
army who held brevet rank at the time of
service in the Mexican war ara entitled to
three montln extra cay , allowed by congress
for such service , according to the brevet rank
held by them at the close of tbo rcrvlce.
Fourth-class or non-pi eildential postoffices
are now receiving consideration at the hands
of Postmaster-General Vilaa and new ap
pointments are being made as rapidly as he
can consider the cues. Seventy-two ap
pointments wore made Saturday and about
sixty to-day ,
The postmaster general lias issued a circular
order to postmasters , explanatory of the
changes made by congress at the last session
in the rates of postage. Postmasters are in
formed that on and after July 1st the rate on
all domestic first class matter , including drop
letters , at letter carrier post offices will be
two cents per ounce or fraction thereof , In
stead of two cents per half ounce. This
change will apply on mail to Canada but not
to other foreign _ malls. To provide for the
wants that may risefromthe change in the rate
on second-class matter , or newspapers mailed
by publishing , from 1 cent to 2 cents par
pound. The department has decided to Issue
a newspaper and periodical stamp of the de
nomination of 1 cent , the doiign and color of
which will bo the same aa those of the present
series. They will be ready for issue on June
1. The postmastergeneral has not yet found
time to form a plan for civlng the effect of
the congressional enactment providing for.the
use of "special delivery" at Specified poat-
oilices. ? '
LI 11 XL.
Dickson this afternoon entered suit against
Attorney-General Brewater for libel , lay
ing damages at $50,000 , In having In Phila
delphia , on the 23d of April , used the fcl-
lowing language of and concerning htm :
"Dickson Bld that trial. Dower was a bad
man , too , nearly as bad as Dickson , and that
li taylner ft good deal , " Through this utter
ance Dickson najrs ho has suffered In his repn
tfttion. The writ was placed in tbo ira that's
handi , but the deputy tailed to tcrvo It before
Browstor loft the city.
To-day , in the trial of Foreman Dickson ,
charged with an attempt to corrupt the ( tar-
route jnry , ox-Attorney-G noral Urenster
was placed upon the witness stand and flatly
contradictedthoprovloiutoUimony ot Mar
shal Henry. The latter had sworn that
Brewstor told him ; "Tho country will hold
you responsible II the defendants are not con
victed. " Little clso of a sensational character
was elicited , Judge Me Arthur instructed
the jnry that the question of Dixon's guilt
hinged upon whetber the defendant had a
corrupt motive In placing a certain document
before the star-route jury. After half an
hour Dickson was declared "Not guilty , "
The Marino Hospital bureau is Informed
that cholera is prevailing m Calcutta to an
alarming extent ,
WINNIPEG , April 27. A dispatch from Fish
Creek , the scene of the recent battle , sayi :
The troops still occupy the camp pitched on
Friday night which lies about a mile from the
battle pround of to-day. Gen. Mlddleton
gave orders to have the remainder of the left
division brought across the fiver , This work
is now being attended to. Thelrebels , during
the night , retired from the position they occu
pied at the close of the fight , and nothing can
be seen of them in the ravine this morning.
At two there was an alarm and the troous
turned out in loss than five minutes. The
dead wore buried near the camp yesterday
morning , Gon. Mlddleton reading the burial
service. Two dead Indians were found in
the ravine where the early fighting took p'nco ,
three others ore known to be killed. Fifty-four
dead ponies have been counted en the
field and In the ravine the rebels had eight
small rifle pits and ono largo ono. Several
" irgo pools of blood wore found in these ,
'ourteen ponies and twenty head of cattle
were captured in the ravine yesterday. The
ebols have not been seen near here sioco the
ay of the battle. To all appearances they
inlferod severely. Word basbeen brought In
> y a scout from tha west side of the river that
50 half-breeds had crossed to that side ,
'hirty ' teams were sent fromHumboldt direct
o Batoucho under the impression that he
vould take that train , as twenty of Bjulton's
mounted men were sent to-day to bring them
* n , and up to a late hour , had not
eturned. It is thought the teams wore
laptured by tha enemy. The timber bas been
iterally mowed down. Garrison's division of
A battery , under Capt. Peters and Lieut.
Rivers , and some of the Ninetieth under
7apts. Ruttan and Wilkes , made a charge up
, ho ravine. About .fifteen men , with Capt.
Rivers , got np to within twenty yards of the
iflo pits , when Cook was shot here , as the
Indian who shot him being behind a horse
which had been shot. The Indian was shot
by one of tha battery men. The Ninetieth
eeins to have taken the north of the stream ,
iVheelor being shot on that side , and about
fifty yards from the creek , seeing they were
not supported , though Col. Houghton did ills
best to Bet tbo Ninetieth up , they could not
itand the storm of leaden hail , and both par
lies returned , the battery going to the face of
, he bluff and tbo Ninetieth down the stream
as cool as if on parade.
The general opinion is tbat another stand
irill bo made at Gabriel's Crossing and
another at Batouche , No advance will bo
made to-day. Telegraph communication is
interrupted and messages must bo sent or
brought down , and unless something inppr-
tant hapoens the risk IB too great to come
down every day.
OTTAWA , April 27. The following private
telegram from Gen. Midrlleton , dated Fish
Creek , April 27 , bas been received : "Wo
must remain here a day or two mire , Thi
wounded are all doing well. Both aides di
camp are improving rapidly. We are drlvini
in the enemy's cattle and ponies , and an
feeding on the former. All are anxious t
march forward. "
MEDICINE HAT , N. W. T. , April 27. There
is no fresh war news here to-night except a
report that Gen Middleton is alter the insur
gents with 120 mounted men , leaving his
main force behind. Old timers h'ro are
hourly ex | ectlng word that Gen. Middleton
bas met the fate of Custer.
CHICAGO , April 25. It was the Burlington
road to-day that was the first to resume the
freigiit rates to the northwest. It set tha ex
ample by booking freigiit of ail classes at 10
cents to St. Paul , Minneapolis and Minnesota
transfer points , a reduction on the first clots
of 2J cents since yesterday. Aa soon as the
fact was made known the customers of other
roads were also given the benefit of the re
duction though the 10 cent rate cannot yet bo
said to bo quoted openly.
CLEVELAND , April 20. A receiver was ap
pointed for the Lake Erie & Western railroad
company late yesterday afternoon by Judge
Walker , of the United States circuit conrt ,
on application of George J. McGurkey , of
Now York. August , 1883 , C. R. Cumralngs ,
president of the road , gave McGurkey n
promissory note for ? 320,000 , to boar interest
at 7 per cent. Yesterday the road confessed
judgement for the principle and interest un-
p.id since Nov. 1 , 1884 , amounting to 833.-
082,608. "Vice-President Cheney was made
receiver and will take possession at once.
CLEVELAND , Apnl 27. George H.Vaillant ,
genera ] freight agent of the Lake Shore and
Michigan Southtrn railroad , resigned his po
sition to-day to accept the management of
the Erie's freight traffic west of Buffalo nnd
Salamanca. Ills headquarters will bo at
Chicago ,
CHICAGO , April 27. The Chicago , Milwau
kee & St. Paul road to-day made on open rate
on freight to Council Binds and Omaha , ten
cents irrespective of classification , Other
roads are not yet quoting the rate openly , but
since Saturday ara known to have taken busi
ness on that basis ,
A Visible Supply of Grain in the
United States and Ctinndn ,
CHICAGO , April 27. The following figures
taken from the weekly statement compiled bj
the secretary of the board of tralo , show the
amount of grain insight In the United Statei
and Canada , on Saturday , April 2Qth , and the
amount of increase or decrease nyer the pre
ceding week : Wheat 44.KH.G72 bushels , a
decrease of 1,053,722 bushels ; corn 8,899,071
bushels , n decrease of 1,028 .SC0 Imnhels ; oati
2,293,351 bushels , a deceeaoo ot 12 270 bushel * )
rye iSJ,211 busholn , a decrease of 19.6SM
bushels ; barley 50Cr 33 bushels , a doorcase of
70,830 bushels , Amount of grain In store in
Chicago on the date nimndi Wheat 15,305-
Ui5 ; bushels ; corn I,8'i2-)50 ) bushels ; oat 332 -
2o7 bushels ; rye 15,771 bushels ; barley 88,594
buihels ,
Dos Molncs liato County Cleric.
DBS MOINIH , Iowa , April 27. Several
dispatches have been sent from this city re
garding the case of P. D. Aukeny , late
county clerk , as being a defaulter. To-day
the Associated press representative spent
some time looking up the case , snd finds that
. . . . . jo county , a
settlement was had in full. Ankony still hold
money due parties , heirs , attorneys , etc. ,
comlbRlnto his hands bylrtno of his office ,
of $0,418 38. Of this amount n former dep
uty paid over to the present clerk $1,731,40 ,
nnd to attorneys and others $906 , making
$3,640.40 , leaving the amount due only
$3,777.98 , which Ankcny is ready to pay over
whenever ho is latisbod that it is correct.
The suit for $10OJO Is brought to cover the
original amount dua and all possible disputed
claims , as well as the cost of the suit. An
kony hat money in the btnk and only wants
to know what the correct amount duo from
him is , but wants to make it thorough exam
ination himself. Mr , Ankony Is one of Des
Moines' most highly respected citizens , and
is considered perfectly honest in ovcry re
spect , The most eovoro charge against him
from the democratic members of the board of
Supfi visors is that he bos been negligent ,
but they are H openly In the belief ot bos
honesty. I *
The Odd Follows of central Iowa associa
tion celebrated tha sixty-sixth anniversary ot
Odd Fellowship here to-day with a parade
and many brass bands , and closed with a ban
quet and ball this evening ,
The lIllnoiB
SrniNQFlRLD , Ills. , April 27 No quorum In
either house or senate this morning. No
business was transacted in the senate. In
the house a resolution was adopted instruct
ing the secretary of state to have flags raised
on the capital in honor of slxty-th'ird anni
versary of Gen. Grant's birthday and another
instructing the speaker to telegraph Gen.
Grant congratulations on his improved
health , A select committee on the soldiers'
home reported a substitute bill providing for
nn appropriation of $200,000 for such insti
tution and the appointment of the board of
commissioners to supervise. A bill for the
protection of cattle and prevention of pleura
pneumonia was introduced. In the joint con
vention se\on senators and thirty-one repre
sentatives were present. The vote was
Decision Bearing on the Boomer
FOBT SMITH , AHK. , April 27. In the
United States district court to-day Judge
Parker decided an interesting point bearing
upon the boomer problem. The question at
issue is the case of ex parto Rogers , was one
of jurisdiction over tno Cherokee outlet , and
dependnd upon the ownership of that tract.
Judge Parker ruled that the Cherokee na
tion's title to the outlet is just as certain
fixed , extensive and perpetual ai its other
lands , and that the outlet has never been
parted with by the Cherokues. He further
declared'.that ' the Cherokees hold their lands
bi a base and qualified fee , not with the right
of reversion in the United States , but only
the possibility of reversion of it.
Two Young Ktiiiucklana Fight a
LOUISVILLE , April 27. Information reaches
hereof a probably fatal duel , which was
fought in the country by two young farmers ,
John Augusta and Abe Taylor , living on the
Barpetown pike. They were rivals for the
band of Miss Jane Greathouse. They quar
relled , and friends arranged the meeting
which took place on Wednesday morning at
daybreak. Piitols at fifteen paces were the
weapons used. Both men fired. Augusta ,
it is thought , will die from a wound m the
groin. Taylor is slightly wounded in the left
aide. Taylor was arrested and brought here
for trial to-day.
The Weather.
WASHINGTON , April 28. For the Upper
Mississippi Valley Partly cloudy weather
and light rains ; variable winds , slightly colder
in southern and central portions , warmer in
extreme northern portion , generally higher
Missouri Valley Local rains , followed by
fair weather ; higher , followed in tha northern
portion by falling barometer ; northerly winds
becoming cooler in sonthern portion ; station
ary , followed by slowly rising temperature in
northern portion.
Judge Dell Stuart , of the circuit court ,
Ottumwa , gianted injunctions to-day closing
sixteen saloons aud two breweries ,
A Pleasins Prospect.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
The oldest inhabitant Bays that this
year shows strange similitude to .tho sea
son of 1810. The year 1810 was princi
pally conspicuous for tbo total destruc
tion of vegetable life by the action of tbo
fioat , and for the descent of snow In the
month of Juno , and the formation of ice
every month of the twelve.
The medium temperature for Juno wag
01 , Every green herb was killed. All
kinds of fruit had been previously de
stroyed , From six to Ion inches of snoir
fell In various parts of Vermont , three
inches In central New York , and seueral
Inches In New Hampshire and Maine ,
On the morning of the 5th of July there
was Ice as thick as a window glass In
Pennsylvania , Novr York , and thjougl
New England.
August , according to Mr , Pierce , was r
daity. The medium temperature was 00
"and , " s ys the writer , "such a cheerless
loss , desponding , molanoholy summoi
month the oldest inhabitant never , per
baps , experienced. This poor montl
frozs the Indian corn , which was In thi
milk , so hard that it rotted upon thi
tUlks , and the fanners mowed it dovri
and dried It for cattle fodder. Ever ry ;
green thing was destroyed , not only In
this country , but in Europe. "
The medium temperature of 1815 wa
Ol | ; that of 1881 , 60.
A Lane Attendance on 'Chamie ' , anil
Markets Fairly Actiye ,
Holders of the Cereal were Very
Anxious to liealizo.
Corn Moderately Aotive and
Frioos Unohangodi
Trade was Slow and Unsettled on
Ordinary Shipping Oattle ,
The Hog Market was Aotivo from
Start to Finish ,
The IlmnKO In Prices of Provisions
WAS Narrow and the Business
TransnotlonH Moderate ,
Special telegram to the BEE.
CHICAGO , April 27. There was a largo at
tendance on 'Caango , and the markets were
fairly active , but of a toe-taw fashion.
Opened In the wrong direction for parties
who wont homo Saturday on the long side.
Consols were higher , and holders of the cereal
seemed anxious to realize and bad to submit
to concessions in order to ellcct sales. Latur
war rumors began to spread and thcro was a
jump from the lowest to tbo highest figure of
tbo day , but the very latest price as compared
with the winding up quotations of Saturday ,
shows a fall of Jo per buthcl. Within the
past forty-eight hours freight room bag boon
secured for 125,000 bushels. May opened
at 8SJJC , and Bales were at S3Ji@E ! > ic , closing
at SUJc ; Juno opnned at yol@lOoJc ) , and
ranged from 90Joto ! ) ljc , closing at ! > l.i(3ljjc ( ! ) ;
July opened at l)2fe'J'.Vc ) , with a range of
t)2S93jc ) , closing at U3ic. The stock of wheat
in New York Is a WH.77U bnshols. Our re
ceipts to-day were 1 > 7 car loads , 75 being de
livered on contract * , and the withdrawals
from store included S5,2110 bushels of winter
and 172,833 bushels of spring gradoa ,
was moderately active , unsettled and
lower early , but later reacted and closed
about the same at Saturday. Liverpool was
steady and New York averaged better at the
opening , The weakness on wheat brought
considerable on the market and the first sales
were Ja below last week's close. Shorts and
scalpers bought freely on the break , and when
wheat turned corn followed , offerings wore
comparatively light after the break and prices
were easily advanced. Receipts were 171
cars , including 138 c ra of ccntrait grades.
Withdrawals from store , 47,503 bushels.
May opened at 47 0 , sold at 47Jc , advanced
t ) 48&o & , and after several light fluctuations ,
closed at 47g@4Sc. Juno opened at 47g@47c ,
sold toISJc , back to 47Jc , and closed at 47&c.
July closed at 18jl@48jc.
were active and stronger , and during the ses
sion prices rote i(2o ( ; } above Highest obtained
on Saturday but closed with an advance.
Tbo last movement was mainly speculative ,
but there was a fair-local and shipping In
wore weak early and stronger later , in sym
pathy with wheat , but the range was narrow ,
and closing figures wire a trifle under those
current forty-eight hours ago. The volume
of business transacted was only moderate.
Some of the businias men about the stock
yards seem to think that the effect of the ex
ecutive action in shutting out Missouri cattle
from the Chicago market will bo to seriously
interfere with our cattle industry , to turn
away from Chicago the extensive traffic in
live stock between Kansas City , St. Louis
and Chicago , the former being the principal
western feeder for the Chicago market , Thnre
have been no sick cattle of any description at
the stock yards , no bodies of suspects and no
cars burned , aa has been stated. The stock
arriving is in the best and healthiest condi
tion imaginable. There is no cattle plague
In any part of the country , and there
bas been no outbreak of malignant
contagious disease in the United StaUn for
years. State Senator Streeter ot Mercer
county one of the leading short horn breeders
of the state and one of the largest land own
, ers in the etote , wai at the stock yards on
Saturday and had a talk with the business
men he mot there , he was not backward in
aylng there was an air of humbugging about
sthewayDr.Poaron exhibited the alleged dis
eased lungs to the members of tbo legislature
last weeknnd that ho himself had often opened
animals from hia own herd , whoso lungs hod
the name appearance as those exhibited by
the state veterinarian. That he never had a
case of contagious disease in bis herd and
that be was certain there never , was a clear
case of maliKcant contagious diseasu in his
notghboihood. The senator also referred to
the foot and mouth scare , engineered last
year by senatorial veterinarians ,
Although receipts are nearly 3380 loss than
] ° st Monday there were between 7,100 and
8,000 on gale. Trade was slow , and prices
ruther unsettled on the ordinary run of ship
ping cattle , In some Instancex fronh receipts
sold equally as well as on Fiiday , and in
some instances lower. There was hut a
slight shipping demand and the dressed beef
operators were in no hurry to fill their orders ,
unless they found bargains. Taken altogether
it was an unsatisfactory market for sellers of
fal cattle , Best big , heavy steers were mak
ing S3 25 to B'iCO and pilmo to
choice $ I90@610 , Butchers' stock in
fair demand and eteady. Stockers and feed.
ett slow and generally quoted lower. Speculator
later * were not operating to any great extent
and there were but few country orders and
but few country buyers present. 1,0.10 , to
1,200 pound * , 81 60@4 90 , 1,200 to 1.H50
pounds , 35 00@5 40 : 1,350 to l,5i.O pounds ,
$52553 ; butchering stock , common , $2 40
00 ; good , $4 00@ CO ; veal calves , $1 00 ®
fi25 ; BtucWsand feeders , S3 5C@4 80 ; Tex-
The market was active from the start to
thefiniib , closing steady at about a nickel
° higher than on Saturday ; rough aud common
packers sold around about 4 3p@4 40. and
best mixed $4 5U&-1 M , with choice and as.
lorted heavy at 8 C0@4 C5 , and Philadol
phias $1 70 ; packing and shipping. 260 to 350
pounds , 84 00 ® 1 70j light , 140 to 210 poundi , .
§ 135 ® J70.
I ' osftere recognizes ! ,
t ; I
Smoking Tobacco. ib
i :

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