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Mdrend l T Du rmnma Oonun , OM1BJ
Enn , Cheek and rod offlo * orders 14 b a d paj
akl to HM erdir ( X iha Mnpany.
i A. H. Tltoh , Manager Dally Olroolatlca
P. O. Bo , JA8 Omaha , Neb.
IF Dr. Mlllor Is not postmaster-genera
ho has the satisfaction at least of dolnj
the pDstoflico advertising.
WE nro In dead oarnoat when wo ea ;
that Mr. Jowott must bo provided for a
iho democratic crib. Ho halls fron
Buflalo , end la not ua offensive partisan
THE ciblo dispatches state th&t war between
twoen England and Russia Is inevitable
The lion and the boar , however , are post
poning the Inevitable as long as possible
THE country Is safe now. The Ifcralc
has become the official Nebraska orgat
for publication of bids for Indian one
army supplies. Contractors for blankets
wampum , chicory and array beans wil
gofcrn themselves accordingly.
THE death-sentence In Kansas does no
generally moan death. The warrant mua
bo signed by the governor , and as yet n <
Kansas governor hai over olgnod a doatl
warrant. As a consequence there are nov
thirty death-sentenced prisoners In tha
THE BEE publishes Gladstone's speed
In full. It contains over 2,500 words am
was received as a special dispatch las
night. As usual , the BEE leads all it
contemporaries in this part of the west
Although enterprise Is sometimes rathe
expensive , it pays In the end.
THE advorliilng of Uncle Sam ha
been awarded to the Omaha Herald
For our part wo will cheerfully dlsponsi
with our share. Wo are content wltl
the patronage of merchants , who placi
t tholr advertising in the medium tha
roaches the people and gives them thi
largest return for tholr money.
THE Now York Herald says that "Dr
Miller , of Omaha , "Nob. , who was not ap
pointed postmaster-general , Is , never
tholoes , so besot by applicants for offici
that ho has felt compelled to refer then
to President Cleveland. " Under thi
circumstances wo cannot see to when
olaohe should refer thohnugry democrats
as ho has nothing to glva them.
A * xw days before the eclipse of th
sun Kiel addressed his ewers , tollln
thorn that if ho did atken the sui
on the 15th ho wonld not ask them to be
llevo him. There is no doubt that h
professes to be vested with supernatura
powers , and the half-breeds have an abid
Ing faith In him. A few days ago h
proposed to fight , saying that one of hi
men would bo injured in the hands , thi
others escaping uninjured. It Is for thi
reason that ho is called the mahdl of th
northwest , and the British do not aoet
to bo mooting with any more success li
tholr effort ! to suppress him than the ;
did In tholr attempt to subdue the malic
pi the Soudan.
THE Mississippi editor who has asko
'for the pardon of Jeff Davis ovorlooke
the fact that Mr. Davis , with other robeli
was pardoned under the proclamation c
President Johnson on Christmas da ]
1808. The only political disability nndc
which the ex-president of the late cor
fodoracy now labors Is the bar which pr <
vents him from holding oflico under tli
federal government. According to th
fourteenth amendment of the conatltu
tion ho cannot hold oflico unless his dli
abilities are removed by a two-thirds vet
of cougrosi. If Jeff Davis hankers afte
oflico ho will have to apply to coogrcsi
as other rebels have douo , so that ho ca
bo qualified. But Mr. Davis hss neve
inado any such application , and probabl
never will.
Acconnma to the laws of the Unite
States the president is empowered to on
ploy such force u may bo necessary t
compel any foreign vessel to depart froi
our waters In all cases In which by th
laws of nations or the treaties of th
United States she ought not to remal
within our limits. When two hostll
vessels are In nentral waters , tha on
that departs first cannot bo followed b
the other until twenty-four hours sha
have elapsed , without a violation c
neutrality laws , In case of a deolaratlo
of war the British man-of-war and th
Russian corvette , now lying In Noifol
harbor , wonld have to seek a battle fiel
at least throe miles from the coast , whlc
la the limit of jurisdiction of the Unlto
State , and should either wish to avoid
fight , the ono getting out of the barbo
first would have a start of twenty-fou
hours. Should they remain at Norfol
until u declaration of war Is made , a figl
between them wonld In all probablllt
take place at a point within easy view c
the cout. It is not presumed tha
either would seek to avoid an engage
niont , and as a declaration of war 1s dall.
oipeoted the naval commanders ate n
doubt preparing for the set-to.
The proclamation of President Arthn
ordering the settlers , or squatters , to vs
cato the Crow Creek reservation , ma ;
bo In strict accord with the law , bn
novoitholeis it will woik a great injus
tloo.f iTheao settlers wore led to bollov
by the acts of the previous admlnlstra
tlon that this rcserratlan would bo opened
od for settlement , and they according ! ;
flocked thither in great numbers. Man ;
of them have disposed of tholr old hornet
and removed everything they posicssei
to tholr now locations , nndor the hones
belief that they would have the rlgh
to permanently remain there. A grea
number of them have made qulto oxtonsiv
Improvements , and now that they nr
peremptorily ordered to pull np stake
and leave , they naturally are making
vigorous protest. If the present ad
ministration la tochnicilly right and th
previous administration was wrong , 1
would bo no more than just for congres
lo take some action in the matter with ,
view of reimbursing those who have suffered
forod by the blunder of the government
The most practical way would bo to pur
chase the reservation ontrlght from th
Indians and open it for settlement In th
usual way. Meantime the sot
tiers who have already locatoi
there should bo allowed the prlvllog
of first cholco of lands. Under th
circumstances , as wo understand them
wo believe President Cleveland Is maklni
a mistake ic attempting to rectify th
errcra of a previous administration i
errors have been committed by worklnj
a hardship on innocent Bottlers. It strike
us that the more merciful way of sottlinj
the difficulty wonld have boon to allov
the settlers to remain undisturbed uutl
it could have boon ascertained whetho
the Indians wore willing to part wltl
tholr reservation npon reasonable terms
On the other hand , however , It 1
claimed that President Cleveland ha
good grounds for his action in the prom
Isos. It is said that a largo number o
the settlers are merely squatters wh <
wore employed by a land-grabbing syndicate
dicato to help them in seizing vas
tracts of the beat land ? . This , of coureo
wonld put an entirely different phas
upon the matter , and would justify th
administration In treating all the settler
the syndicate squatters and the hones
homesteaders all alike , as It would b
difficult to separate the two cLssos be
fore the Issuance of a proclamation.
The trouble over the Crow creek reser
vatlon is largely due to Mr. Teller , ex
secretary of the interior. His brother , i
resident of Dakota , originated the plai
of opening the reservation , the object o
rrhlch , it is now alleged , was t
jive a land grab-bing syndl
cate an opportunity to seize vaa
tracts of valuable lands. Secretary Teller
lor acquiesced in the scheme , and promoted
meted it In every way within his power
The Dakota brother drafted the orde
opening the rrservatlon and submitted I
to the secretary , who presented i
to President Arthur. It wa
hold by the protidont fo
nearly throe weeks , until it was foun
that congress would take no , action
Then the secretary's brother returned t
Dakota , and when It was annonncod b ;
telegraph that President Arthur had sen
the order opening the reservation , he an
his partner , Day , had abont 400 squatters
tors ready to move the lands. These tw
land-grabbers took up several town site
by moans of government scrip , larg
blocks of which they had secured a
Washington for this purpose , and locatei
squatters on the rest of th
rich grazing and fine agrlcul
tural tracts. After Secretary Lama
took possession of the Interior depart
ment ho wiped out the prospects of thes
alleged land-grabbers. It Is now pro
posed to Investigate the condition of th
occupants of the lands , the charge
against settlers , and ascertain who the
are , where they came from , why the
are there , and how many have bee
brought Ihero in the interest and at th
instance of speculators. It Is expecte
that some rich developments will b
made. While It may bo trno thi
a largo number of thso settlers ai
merely the tools of a syndicate , w
bollove that there are man } ' honest homesteaders
steadors , and they certainly should b
fairly treated. Whatever the tonal at
tiou may bo , It is hoped that provlslo
will bo made for protecting the Interest
of the Indians equally with those of th
honest white settlers.
Now comes Mr. Teller , of Dakotawh
makes in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press
direct and comprehensive denial of th
statements to the effect that ho we
financially Interested In securing th
opening of the Crow Creek and WInni
b go reservations by President Arthui
Mr. Teller says that he did favor th
opening , just as did Delegate Raj
mend and other loading citizens c
Dakota , but purely for the reason that h
believed it for the Interests of the terrl
tory. He positively assorts , howevoi
that neither he nor any of his friend
had'any financial interest whatever i
the [ lands In question. To aid stll
further complication to the matter it i
emphatically denied by other parties thi
any syndicate has secured any of thes
lands , and furthermore that there ar
none but honest settlers npon the resoi
vatlon. These charges and countoi
charges certainly make a very mixed n
state of affairs , and In all probablllt
some little difficulty will be experience
In getting at the exact truth.
THE Alaska boundary line may a
some day become a source of trouble be
tween the United States and England
The uncertainty of the line Is yearly becoming
coming the cause of considerable frlotloi
between the settlers , miners and trader
of Alaska and those of the British pea
sessions. Professor Davidson , chief o
the geodetic survey bureau of the PaciG
coast , expresses the opinion that thi
Indefinite character of' thi
boundaries as laid down In the article
of transfer at the time ottho purchase li
1867 , has boon purposely passed over b ;
England , whcsa intention , it is Intimated
la to eventually claim a frontier that wll
deprlvo the United States of th
richest part of Alaska. It ls rathe
doubtful , however , If this question la eve
raised , whether England would pus !
such a claim very vigorously unless sh
could produce indisputable proofs to BUS
tain her position. Meantime she wil
have enough on her hands to settle th
controversy with Russia regarding th
Afghan "eand-box" boundory , as It I
called. Should any difficulty arise concerning
corning the Alaska frontier Rusiia , fron
which Alaska was purchased , might hav
a word or tire io say abont that matter
and she naturally would take sides wltl
the United States.
THE dismissal of Mr. Gorman from th
position of jailor and depnty marshal i
made a text by the Herald for an out
ragoons and nncallod-for assault npoi
Marshal Cummlngs. Now wo have n
desire to shield the city marshal from re
sponslbllity forany official act.nnd If ho ha
In any way neglected his official dntlos o
violated the law ho should bo held ac
countable. Bub it is certainly his prlvl
logo to employ as his deputy whomsoovc
ho may regard as a competent and fit per
son for the place. He alone Is responsl
bio for his deputies. It was porhap
Marshal Cummlngs' mistake to accop
the deputy of Gnthrlo. Mr. Gorman ma'
bo a good policeman , but ho is hardly fi
to bo a deputy marshal and to have th
custody of prisoners , especially fomaloc
The less said about this matter on th
part of Gorman and his friends tbo botte
it will bo for him. If there is any thin ;
wrong with Marshal Cummlnga lot him b
thoroughly Investigated.
DURING the first throe months cf th
present year twenty railroads have boo :
placed in the hands of receivers. W
learn from the Railway Age that las
year the total number of roads whlcl
passed Into receivers' hands was thirty
seven. Their lines aggregated 11,03
miles and their capital and dobtamountei
to § 715,000,000. The first quarter o
this year already shows more than one
half as many roads , more than 37 po
cent , cf tbo mileage , and about 40 po
cent , of the total amount cf capita
stock Involved by the receivership
of the entire previous year. Shouli
this ratio be kept up during the remain
ing nine months the year will show
greater aggregate of railway insolvoncle
than the country has yet known. Th
insolvency of most of the roads that hav
qono into the hands of receiverships i
duo to too much water. The paying o
dividends and interest o n fictitious cap !
tal has proved too heavy a load.
NEARLY all the public Improvement *
such as pavements , sewers , grading an
curbing and guttering that were made 1
Omaha last year , amounting to aboc
$800,000 , were rushed through in fou
months. This is altogether too brief
tlmo In which to have so much impirtnr ;
work dono. Contractors are too apt t
slight tholr jobs , and mistakes are llabl
to occur. During the whole of last sea
son the city engineer's oflico was ovei
crowded with work , This year , whll
there Is not so much to bo done , wonl
bo advisable to make full preparations hi
fore the 1st day of July for all the pabll
improvements that are to bo made thi
season. All the preliminary arrangi
ments should be made now , and not lei
until the very last moment.
THERE is nothing small about Carte
Harrison. Ho only wants $400,000 fror
the Chicago Inter-Ocean , and § 200,00
more from Edwin Leo Brown , for
speech made by the latter and publlshe
by the former. When a man claims the
his private character has been libeled I
a political campaign to the extent c
§ 000,000 It is pretty safe to say that th
jury will think ho has overestimated hln :
self , and will glvo about six dollars , I
ho gets a verdict at all.
TUB Russians do not seem to pay muo
attention to the demands of the Englist
They keep advancing upon the dispute
territory , and era moving on Heral
Meantime the czar is said to bo prepai
ing a formal declaration of war agalni
England. Why England should wait an
longer to open the fight Is what pnzzli
us. If she was looking for a fight it wonl
appear that she has sufficient cause , ai
cording to her own statements , to opo
A MILLIONAIRE at JPlttsburg has bee
convicted and sentenced to the penlter
tiary for five years for leading a gat
well riot , which resulted in the killing c
one man. So far the millionaire's mone
hss failed to defeat justice , and it is cor
sldercd a rare exception to tbo gonon
rule , It ought to bo regarded as an or
couraglng sign of reform.
OMAHA pays $1,400 a month for atrec
cleaning for elgbt months In tbo yeai
The work Is well done , and from a sanl
tary standpoint alouo it is well wort
the money. If the cholera visits Omah
It will find a very clean city , and prol
ably secure but little lodgment.
MR. GLADSTONE li doing a very oxter
slve credit business. Ho asked for § 50 ,
000,000 , and the bouso of commons vote
It wlthont a word of objection.
Mound City IMnzc ,
OAIHO , April 28. A tire at the marln
wayi , Mound City , this afternoon doitroye
the boiler house , taw mill and plaolpe mil
connected with the wayij alio conBtderabl
damaged the ways. Loeg abont $10,000. Ic
turonce , 9OCO ,
Vermilllon hnn doubled its population slnct
1 60.
Ipswich li MtiUttng tbo question of bulldlnf
a S10.GOO court bouts.
The now Methodist church at Dcndwooc
will bo dedicated May 10th.
A slxtcen-ponnd baby Is the latest bowtfa
product of a Brookiugi family. |
Fargo papers report crowded hotels nnc
other Indications of the spring's promised Im
Vermilllon cattle dealers paid out botweor
spven and eight thousand dollars for cattle or
Wednesday of last week.
The prospect of o telegraph line from Ilspit
City to Cbadron Is hailed with delight b ]
many of the business men.
In.Kolctto countr , in which la Dungolth ir
the Turtle mountains , there were twonty-sh
townships surveyed vho past joar and 301
claims Ukon ,
heretofore fought , and which cm otheso home
to us under an Implied promiie to protect u
and our families , a promlao not likely to b
disregarded. "
Koik Island engineers are said to ba campot
about sevont3on miles eouth of Ipswlcb , engaged
gaged In runnlcg a preliminary line Iron
Wntcrtown to Bismarck.
Iho jump lu wheat ia stimulating the farmers
ors to put in ovfry aero poaslblo in nortl
Dakota and It is believed there will bo con
sldorablo Increase over last year.
Hanson county's first bonds , which wer <
issued to build the court honeo , were made ti
run ten years at seven per cent , and were sole
to the Hnnson county bank at a premium o
four and one-half cents.
Bottlers on the Winnobago'reservntlou havi
their dander up. At n public meeting held a1
Canning , D. T , they adopted resolutions
which were telegraphed to i'residont Cleveland
land , stating that "wo will not leave oui
homes unleta forced to do so by the troopi
of the government for which wo havi
A hut wont floating down tha Missouri pan
Bismarck the other day , and attention woi
attracted to it by the howling of a dog Inatdi
of it. Upon examination a dead man wai
found within it , who had evidently frozen t <
dentb. A ctrd bearing tbo name of Mrs. J
H. Stone , and n torn cnvelopo with the word
Philadelphia , FA. , were the only indication !
of identity.
A Pukwana busmenn man writes : "Monej
In almost out of the question in this locality
There nro five thantios on the reaorvatioi
which the poor i quarters nro owing mo for
and now smco President Cleveland's procln
motion I will frankly say I don't expect oni
cent from any of them ; and I am of the opin
ion wo are on the Broad Guagn and Dowt
Grade railroad to the poor house. "
wroMtNd ,
"A portion of the car repair shops at Cheyenne
enno will be removed to Denver Junction.
The assessed -valuation of Cheyenne , ac
cording to the round up of the assessors , i
The corner ttono of the Swedish Luthorni
church at Laramie was laid ( Sunday. Thi
building will cost 31,950.
With the G. A , II. , encampment and tin
firemen's tournament , Cheyenne will have i
surfeit of crush and aport this Bummer.
The Graff oil property bag hern Bold to at
English syndicate for 5520000. Genera
Law , of Omaha , baa gene to England to com'
plete the transfer.
Hugh Bartona ranchman at Oarr station
twenty miles from Cheyenne , boa fallen hei
to an oatato that will jiuld him § 23,000 a year
He will punch his heifers with a diamom
prod hereafter.
The Union Pacific company is looking up i
site for n depot and side track facilities at thi
Soda Lakes , near Laramie , It is'expectoi
that the eoda ponds will bo thoroughly de\el
oped this summer. The people of Larnmli
calculate that this stub road will bn extendoi
into the North Park country , as original ) ;
intended , and thus materially assist in de
\ eloping ono of tbo richest mineral reeions.
The Dry Crock gang of cnttlo thieves havi
been overhauled audjajled.
Fort Collies fruitmen fear that tbo recen
freeze will destroy th'e fruit buds.
The damage to property in Denver , b ;
wind and flood , last week , mounts up int
the thousands. The rainfall amounted to 2,7' '
inches , tha greatest in thirteen years.
Grime ? , tha demolisher of Colorado's mode
farm at the New Orleans show , is nnde
$1,000 bonds , in that city to answer to thi
charge of malicious destruction of property.
The now observatory on Lookoutmountain
Del Norte , Is being pushed to completion a
rapidly as possible. Tha view to be bai
from the observatory is not surpassed on thi
The Tabor opera bouse managemen
stirred up a hornet's nest when it declaroi
war on tha preee of Denver. There is tall
now among the theatrical combinations t
leave Denver out of the circuit and brin
night shirt Tabor to his senses.
Flour millers of tha state are practically elm
out from the market eastward owing to th
raise In the railroad tariff , The Union Paciti
had given them a special rate of 25 cents pe
100 , but the pool compelled the company t
charge the regular pool rate , CO cents pe
Very little ore is now being shipped fror
Leadville owing to the horrible condition o
the roads , making It Impossible to haul the or
to the railroad. It ia also stated that th
horses used in hauling are affected with a dig
case known as foot rot , over 200 animals bei& |
thus disabled ,
n , D. McAllister , a prosperous charcoo
burner from Leadville , has ju t bought -.OO1
acres of land near La my junction , baa con
trnoted for tha dolhery of 85,000 brick at th
tame point , will build twenty-five tonemen
bouees and begin thaiwork of burning char
coal on a largo scale ,
Denver ia experiencing considerable troubl
in tcuring the latoat style of postollico. Thet
is great rivalry among contractors to make ,
fortunoolf the job , The amount appropriate !
will not admit of accepting the bids fora a ton
building and another effort will ba made ti
secure bida for stone within the limit of th
appropriation ,
The woolen mills at Provo are about to shu
down owing to low pries and small demand.
The Indiana of Pahranagat Valley dtonci
a "medicine man" to death recently becaus
he bad failed to cure a patient ,
Neat hiding la tha popular ainunoment o
distinguished polygs just new. Kdmnndi
lightning is striklDg saint and apostle alike.
Tbo mining Interests of the territory givi
promise of a rich harvest this year , Report
from nearly all camps are favorable , The ex
cltoment orer the Southern Utah find ha
died out.
The receipts of bullion and ore In Salt Lak
City tor tbo week ending April 22nd , Inclu
aive , were $78,095.07 , of bullion , and 812,80
of ore ; a total of 190,895,07 , For the pre
vioua week the receipts were (64,841.85 In ag
gregate , of which $68,070,33 was bullion am
80,771.47 ore.
Helena is to have a new courthouse , to cos
Tha number of boraes in tbo territory Is estimated
timated at 100,000.
A system of underground or tunnel water
works ia being constructed In Helena. On
thousand feet of ths tunnel is already du ;
under the city.
The main tunnel In the Cascade division o
the Northern PadSc railroad will be U.851
feet long. It is expected that two and a hal
years will be required to complete it afte ;
work begins ,
Tha merchants of Butta are now profitini
by a 60 per cent reduction on weal bount
freights over the railroads batween Cbicagi
and Omaha , the result of a periodic dliagrco
meut among the companies operating botweei
those pninU.
The dramatic critic of the Billings Rustler
deicribln ? ( be tear nulling power of Katii
Putnam , says , "handkerchiefs which onlj
upon yesterday had been laundritd were a9er
to emerge from their bidicg nlaces and ab-
tori the 'irrigation' flowing from an orb 01
sight. "
Billings has forwarded a petition to Now
York beggiu ? for tbo honor of entertaining
and wltneailng the Sullivan-Kyan fight
Butte , bowever , baa the advantage , anc
thonld tbo authorities decide to prevent thi
battl , the pugilists can ctosa into Idaho
which Is only few hours rldo from Bntto ,
Los Angeles county produced 6,000,000 gal
Ions of wino last year.
At the southern California tloral fair at La
Angeles 40,000 roses were displayed.
Seven tunnels have been successfully mi
Into the mountains in Los Angeles county am
waiter obtained for Irrigation purposes.
Tha ground is prepared for laying the form
dation of the Stanford university , one and i
half miles from May field and near Menl
Park , and work will bo begun ia two woeki
The crowintf crops have boon greatly beno
fitted by the late showers , but In some place
drying winds have partially neutralized thol
good effects. The fruit crop , though some
what injured by the recent frosts , gives prom
isa of abundance. Average weather will In
sure a favorable season.
Jutt before the thunderstorm at Antioc !
recently , a singular phenomenon occurroi
there. While the thunder waa muttering am
the storm was gathering o\orhoad , n showo
of largo black crickets caino down Booming ! ,
from the clouds , and the streets and side
walks were soon black with them ,
The earthquake that disturbed the cons
and valley eectlon of the state on the night c
tbo llth was felt as far oiat and up In th
mountains as liodle , whpro it was sulucientl
strong to stop clock ? , ring door-bolls , thro'
dishes about , etc. It was followed tberoabou
three hours later by another though llghtc
Several English families , now residing o
the Isle of Wight , have asked the Immigrn
tlon association of the state to select a loco
tlon for them eomtwharo In California. Th
tame request Is madn by n number of Ivor
tucUlans men worth from 35,1)00 ) to S20.0CO-
their chief stipulation being a healthful oil
mate , as some of them are invalids.
The Blair choeao factory consumes 30,00
pounds of milk daily.
Bob Tweed dropped n roll of $100 whil
passing through Lincoln.
A now court house is ono of the bright proi
pects of Ord , Valley county.
Six thousand dollars worth of proport
were destroyed at Murray last week.
The cadets of the university will picnl
near Beatrice four days next munth.
The Western Wave is the name of a pralri
billow surging around for news and ads i
Western , Sabno county.
The Kitchen Bros. , proprietors of the Pax
ton hotel , have leased and will run the Boi
trick house at Hastings.
The paupers of Butler county struck agami
corn grub and left the Institution. They in
slated on the diluted article.
The E > pring round-up of children in Gran
Island ehowa 1620 , that of Thayer count
3GG1 , an increase of 1110 in two years.
The pastor of tha Cedar Rapids Congrega
tional church manngej to li\e on the proceed
of the Sunday collections and hold a periodici
donation party.
Shakopah , a noted Indian chief of the So
and Pox tribe in Kancns , slipped under a cc
at Rule and narrowly escaped tranaportatio
to the happy hunting grounds.
Moses Mountain , a prominent farmer an
stock-miser living near Bellvue , in Sarp
county , dropped dead while engaged in plou
in ? in his field n few dajs ago.
The Plattamouth Canning company is con
structing a building 22x100 feet , two stonei
tor pickling purposes and an additional roor
for boiling and cooking i urpoaea.
rarmor Savage , the boas cabbage cultivate
of the state farm , baa thrown up tha job an
gone to rnialne virgin saurkrout in Cuate
ejunty. Prof. Wing succeeds him.
Tom W. Clarey IB anxiously wanted i
Columbus , especially at the Democrat offici
for certuin sunn of money collected and neve
" the little around. "
turned in. "Pass cuss
A hydrophobus cur was turned loose I
Hormun last week and every man in tow
whipped out his gun and blazed away. Fort
rounds were fired before the barkwaa silence
Valentine continues flooded with land seel
era , business prospectors and cow boys. Th
business ia greater than at any time sine
its establishment , and is constantly on tbo ii
The hoodlnm elements of Columbus , who
full to the nozzle , are a holy terror. Th
Democrat calls upon the authorities to "ju
the villains and snow them that thera is
God in Israel. "
Jacob Weyburg was found swinging froi
the Boone railroad bridge ono day lost weel
The knot waa carefully and effectively at
uated. Ho was V5 years of age and former !
lived at Davenport , Iowa.
A David City woman , wife of George Whit
resented tha interference of neighbors in be
suicidal attempts by taking a second dose c
poison. Bodily afllictions and tbo loss of n
latives dethroned her reason ,
Christina Young , a woman of skty-tw
and married forty years , suicided by hangin
in Falls City last week. In a letter to he
boys she says she had been slandered an
robbed and cursed , and life made a burden t
her ,
The Fremont Herald says : Tha "Buckinf
ham" traveling procuring eatab ishment I
working up converts along the line. Who
an outbt is too low for Omaha , it is apt t
shock the modesty of some of our inland vl
A clergyman on bis way from Fremont t
St. Paul dropped a roll of $ i 12 somewhere b <
tween Missouri Valley ana Sioux City. II
carried his wealth in his hip pocket , and in
friendly squeeze between tram acqualntanci
bis roll vanished.
Gordon's cowboys are a sportive set , Whe
real dry they march single file into the nearei
dispensary and coax the barkeeper to set u
the medicine. A dozen cocked revolvers ar
persuasive. Tha matinee closes with a eon
nadoof pistol shots.
Mrs. Patrick Fmncqnn , of Schuyler , hr
obtained a divorce from her husband on tl :
grounds of drunkonfba and cruelty. Finni
gan appears to be a successful got , as thecoui
ordered him to pay 52,500 alimony and su ]
port the three children ,
The name , company , regiment and posl
office is wanted of every Ohio soldier now
resident of Lancaster county for Insertion i
the state roster for 1885. Comrades will aen
their names as above registered to N. C
Franklin , secretary of ntote ollico , Lincoln ,
J. IloUortTTIlllrims Suddenly Become
Noted ami Notorious Crimi
Sometime ago the quiet , peaceful , an
assuming little capital of.Butlor count )
David City , was thrown Into the aargln
waves of an extraordinary sensation. J
Robert Williams , notprlous for dar
wayi and vain tricks , forged notes t
the extent of $1,400 or moro on cltlr.cn
of David City , then like most all orim !
nola of that class , tied tc/Canadn. Whll
there his case was made a matter for th
attention of diplomatic ] circles
and aa the consequence of vol
uralnona correspondence , William
was extradited from Canada and Ukoi
back to the scones ot his outlawry. Ii
order to got htm back an axreoment hat
to bo made with tha government of Can
adft to the effect that the terms of thi
Ashburton treaty would bo strictly ob
served and that his trial must be con
ducted In accordance with the interns
tional laws. As arrangements had boot
made to try and convict Williams 01
some other charge , than that of forgery
this put an end to the effort ; therefore
Inasmuch aa the grand jury failed ti
bring an indictment ( gainst tbe noton
ous subject of all this upheavalho walkei
out a free man.
liaso Ball Nowr ,
CINCINNATI , April 28. Cincinnati , 0 ; St
JjOuU , D.
INDIANAPOLIS , April 28 , Indlanarolis , C
Toledo , C.
The Chattel Mortgage and Lcarc Pub
lications onhe Bulletin ,
A Useless and Irjurlous Practlco-
Kxprcsslons of Opinion ,
There has boon no little dissatlsfactlor
ozprossod by the merchants of this citj
against the the practice which has boot
adopted by the now solf-jtylod "Oonrl
and Real Estate Bulletin , " tn publishing
the list of chattel mortgages , leases , oto.
which nro filed in the oflico of the count ]
clork. This fooling Is well grounded , It
order to define exactly this sentiment o :
dissatisfaction and to show hop
nioloss , and rnluous to the busi
ness Interests of these fir mi
published In the "chattel mortgage'
columns of this publication , la the praa
tlco referred to , a reporter sought thi
opinion of several loading business moi
on the subject. It will bo noticed tba
each ono Is positive in his expression o
disgust at this feature of the papor. Mr
Donoy , of the firm of Dewey & Stone
exproisod himself in no uncertain lang
uagc : "I think that the plan of thi
now shoot with reference to the pnbllca
tlon of the leases , chattel mortgages , otc.
as recorded officially , is simply llltlo bet
tor than ono of blackmail , No rcspcc
table person wants to have his or ho
name paraded in the paper as having put
chased from a firm on the chattel mort
gaga plan. Bora is a poor man who i
earning , wo will say , a salary of $75 pe
month ; ho comes to mo and ho tolls m
that ho wants to buy a sot cf furultur
by installment * , paying perhaps $5 or $1
down and the rest in monthly install
monts. Da you tupposo that ho cares ti
have all this paraded In the columns of i
daily journal ? No. The plan which I hav
determined to adopt , and In truth hav
adopted , is that of colling furniture to m
man or woman from whom the principle
of self-defense In business will reqnin
mo to take a chattel mortgage , or , In
deed , to file security papers of any tort
In this way T can protect my customer
from the publication In tbls shoot , whicl
they are so anxious to avoid , There line
no question In my mind but that th ! ;
practice will roacs in a manner most in
jnrlous and unjust to our business. "
Mr. Hospo , of Douglas street , expressed
pressed himself r.adily on the subject
"What.do I think of this scheme of pub
Hahlng the chattel mortgage > and re
corded documents of similar nature in thi
columns of that sheet ? It is simply ruin
ous to the business interests of the merchants
chants of the city. I have several roas
ona for so thinking. For example , on ;
man does not care to have his next dooi
neighbor know the Inwardness ol his pri
vate financial affairs does not want hin
: o know that ho Is buying this or that or
tlmo , bocanso ho Is too poor to pay foi
, t at once. Again , suppose I sell to Mrs
B. a piano , on monthly piymonts , cbatte
mortgige or lease plan. Snooks , the on >
torprltlng agent for a rival piano roade
in this shoot the fact cf the filing of the
chattel mortgage papers. Ho goes tc
Mrs. B. and prevails npon her , perhap
to drop my piano and take his , as she ba
made but cno payment. So yon see thi
thing pavoj the way to the oatabHshmeu
of a policy which cannot fall to bo dangerous
gorous In Us effects. "
Mr. Hill , of Hill & Young , who havi
boon given considerable free advertizinj
in the "lease" and "chattel" mortgagi
columns of the Bulletin , was next cor
railed by the repcrlor : "I have not
thought over the matter particularly , " hi
said , "but I am Inclined to think that i
will hurt our business greatly. Thi
thing of publishing the private affairs o
our customers Is not relished by any ol
them. Especially is trno of thosa whc
are at all sensitive on the mattei
of their private affairs. Again
there are a number of sporting people
who patronize us and are unable to paj
for an article In one payment and cense
qnontly they buy from us on the chatte !
mortgage plan , or lease It from ur , anc
the papers are recorded. Nrw respect
able people see these names published Ir
this paper , the Bulletin , and they an
naturally shy of seeking such association !
In their purchases , or of having thoii
names.piradod In the s mo column anc
In the same connection. Of course , bnsl
nets Is business , and some firm has got t (
trade with those people , but It is nol
nocouary to have the fact published ir
thn paper. "
Mr. Erlckson , of the firm of Edholm &
Erlokson , was next invited to unboson
himself on the point cf Investigation ,
This firm has boon recorded In the chatto
mortgage column of the Bulletin as hav
ing disposed of diamond jewelry , music
boxes , otc. , to a number of the gilded
sisterhood. " 1 ara inclined to think,1
said Mr. E. , "In faor I know that thii
practice of publishing the private bual
ness which wo are transacting every da )
Is one most Injurious to our trade. Now ,
of course in our line of business wo have
to deal to a very largo extent with fasl
women. They come to up , want tc
buy this or that , and , of course ,
as n mitter of business wo sail to them
But decent people see all this , and II
they ara unusually sensitive , they will
become chary of entering our store foi
ftar of associating with these people ,
They are Inclined to greatly exaggerate
the evil , and , perhaps , may ceaia tradinp
with us altogether , and on this account ,
But somebody will sell to these fasl
women , and why not we ? So that yoi
can see one very bid o fleet on bnslnpst
which this practice w ill produce. Again ,
people don't ciro to have their bushiest
laid open to the public. Only the othoi
day , a lady came In hero and wanted tc
buy a piano on time payments.
She was afraid that if she
made the bargain , the fact
wonld bo published In the papers.
Wo almost lost the trade on tila * account ,
and It was only aftnr I had succeeded In
securing the suppression of the Horn that
she made up her mind to conclude the
bargain. "
U will ba noticed that tboro is a wide
spread dissatisfaction against the practice
of tbo sovon-bynlno folio , In publishing
the private affairs of merchants or tholr
customers. "What Is the use of all this ,
any way 7" they are induced to ask , end
with reason. Echo answers "what ? "
What class of people will it benefit ?
Who cares to kuow whether
Miss Belle , Miss Nell , or Tom , Dick or
Harry , have mortgaged their old.shoes or
old clothes for a set of diamonds , a 717-
alr music box or a tpan of now horses ? If
it becomes absolutely necesiary for one
individual to post himtolf upon the pri
vate financial affairs of another he can do
It through tha commercial agencies and
secure In this direction Information
which would bo much raoro reliable than
that which Is peddled in the columns of
the Bulletin ,
The publishers of tbo folio may make
that these chattel mortgage * and
loisos are a matter of fact and rec
ord , and M such they have
a perfect right to publish the snmo , This
Is not a good explanation , In tmtb , It
is a decidedly unsavory ono. A pair of
ragged.scnted pants Is a matter of "fact
and record. " But would the publishers
of the Bulletin hesitate to avail them *
iclvcs of the protection afforded by the
folds of the long tailed Prlnco Albert
coat to fond off the dread exposure
threatened by the aforesaid breeches ?
Wlllnrd , a Knight of the Rink , Tries
to Jump the Town but IB Ilalkcil.
The "gay and festive rollorlto" Is an
Individual to bo shunned , as ho Is n man
of wicked ways and wiles. The
latott Illustration of this truth hss just
Monday night DM. Dlnsmoro tWorloy
swore out in Justice Bartlott's court
an atUohmont upon the trunk
of ono J. H. Wlllard , a pro
fessional roller skater , who hai been
hanging around Omaha for the past two
weeks. At the tame time , a gentleman
by the name of Lanannau aworo out a
complaint against the same worthy ,
charging him with stealing n $30 over
coat belonging to the complainant.
Thcao legal papers wore placed in the
hands of Constable Mnuniug , who went
off post hnsto to servo them. It had
leaked out that Wlllard had In
tended to jump the town , and to defraud
his creditors , who are ni numerous as the
little twinkling stars that stud the deep
blue sky. It was learned that Wlllard
Intended to leave on the 8:30 : Denver
train for the west. Accordingly Man
ning repaired thither , expecting to find
Willard there with the trunk. But ho
was disappointed. Wlllard bad suspec
ted something , and discovering that ho
would have tbroo hours to wit for the
train , had hastily unchecked his trunk ,
called a hack and waa speedily driven to
the boarding house whtro ho had been
stopping. The officers of the law bsfllod
at the first turn made diligent search for
the fugitive , but did not discover him
until about half-past ton o'clock at night ,
calmly tcated in his rcom. Ho was Im
mediately arrested , but was rolcasod
on a promise to compromise. Ho settled
the medical bill of Drs. Dinsnoro aud
Wcrley , aud the attachment warrant was
withdrawn. Ho was released from tbo
compliant of theft preferred by Lanau-
nan , on returning the overci.ut. The case
ban thus been compromised , and Wlllard
is free to go Denver-ward.
TO rouLisncns.
The Western Newspaper Union , at
Omaha , in addition to furnishing all
si/es nndstyles of the best ready printed
sheets in the country , makes a specialty
of outfitting country publishers , both
with now or second-hand material , selling -
ing at prices that cannot bo discounted
in any of the eastern cities. Wo handle
about everything needed in a moderate
sized printing establishment , and ara
solo western ngcnts for some of the best
makes of Paper Cutters , Presses , Hand acii
and Power , before the public. Parties
about to establish journals in Nebraska
or elsewhere are invited to correspond
with us before making final arrange
ments , as wo generally have on hand
second-hand material in the way of
type , presses , mlcs , chases , etc. , which
can bo secured at genuine bargains.
Send for the Printer's Auxiliary , a
monthly publication , issued by the
Western Newspaper Union , which gives
a list of prices of printer's and pub
lisher's supplies and publicly proclaims
from time to time extraordinary bar
gains in second-hand supplies for news
paper men.
Omaha , Neb.
The Pestilence at Plymouth , Pa.
WILKESDAIIHE , April 28. The poatilcnco
at Plymouth nppeam to be rating moro ex
tensively in the lower port of tha town where
most all tbo bouses are occupied by Hun
garians and Poles where , in many instances ,
hftoen to twenty llvo under one rrof. It is
bare that the malarial dlsonso IB mnst 'atal.
In the better portions of town tbo epidemic is
abating. Quo death is reported unca last
Dis/iyitriHy Humors , Itchiny Tor-
tunes and Loathsome Sons.
Iba\otilcd ( or clot on years to ha\o my wife
cured of tcrrtblo ukin dlscane. The Cutloura Horn-
edies Cullcura Ketolvont , tbo now Blood 1'urlQor-
Internally , and Cutlcura , the gnat Hkln Cure , and-
Cutlcuraeoaji , an exquisite Htin IJsautlfior , extern-
lly h o done In elx necks what I have tried ( or
< lei tn years to liaiodoao. Youelmll have tha par
ticulars na Docn as I can give them to you , and on vro
are B > well known in thin part ol the ooutitry.lt will
benefit } ou , and tha remedies will euro all win uao
JfajeUllo , Ky.
I ustd your Cutlcura Itemedlcaoilllotchts , and
am completely cured , to rny Incxprci ulblo joy Cull-
cuia eoap In tbo boat 1 have ever urcd anil to Iho
profession It Is ln\alual > lo ( or cleaning the akin.
theieby icmovlng all "oorlr/'greant naltt , nd all
the etuO utod by tnem , leaving the skip pure and
white and Bolt lly grcateit pleuure lain reooromen
ding auch an article. II MACK.
ChtropIoD Comlquo Holler skater.
Youngitown , Ohio.
HaInf. . ' usfrd } our Cutlcura Itemudlea ( or eighteen
months ( or Tetter , anil dually cured U , I am anxious
to get It to eel ) on rommliiuloii I ran recommend It
be ) end any remedies I haru ever used ( or TttUr.
liurna , Cut > , ito. In ( act it In the belt medicine I
liavo utcr trltd ( or anything. It. U. I10H10H ,
Since I have been stllentf your Cutlcura Remedies
I have netfr heird a etoKle complaint ; but bn the
contia'y etery one * ho bai used thtm bai been well
pliaMd with them , tnd thry outsell all otberi.
K. a cuuuKtav , Urucniit ,
Andrews , led ,
I hod a dozen bad sorts upon my body , and. tried
all mnedlus I could hoar oi , and ut lant tried your
Cutlcura Ituuedles aud they have cured mo.
Ho bron , Thaller County , I'tnn
Cutlcura Ilcmedlci are Sold ever ) where. Price
Cuttcura , f Oc : Iteeolvent. 11.00 ; Heap , s&c. Pro-
> ared by tbe J'OTNIB Unua AND CIJKVICAL Co , , Use-
on , Utts.
Fcml ( or "How to Cure Skin Dlteamnj'
rf A TIT Sunburn , Plmplei , DUokheainatUOUy
* Kkln.uee the Cutlcura bt aji.
plnnldinlaSouth ,
erndtr writtithitbe
IK | tried some c | the
'oods hljfhly ptalied In
tbe modlcal jonroa's
( er hi ) own InUru.anJ ,
ihouKhtcmowhere bet
ter than otccri , none
were right In their
ictlon upon the bowels
tie little one pined ,
tnd they htd almcct
Icgpalred ol IU Hie ,
htn IUd | 'i Food WM
iled , and the little oceat once linp'oved and per *
cct action ol the boweb resulted. Hideo's rood li
mt up In c08 , lour eltoi. at 5o and upwards , Hold
of Drugglsti. Vfoltloli i Co. ,

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