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Wednesday Morning Anril 29
Br Carrlei . . . . - . - oenta pet week
By Mall - - " - - - " I10.W pel yew
No. 13 Pearl Btrcot.
The Y. M. 0. A. gave another of tholr
pleasant untortalnmonta last evening.
Dr. S. Mosbor , of Slonx Olty , is to bo
at the Scott bonBO to-morrow to attend
to tbo afflicted.
Tiakcts are soiling well for the elocu
tionary entertainment to bo given by
Miss Jeaslo Conthoni at the opera honso
May 8th.
A. M. "Wilson has commenced ault
against the city for $10,000 damages to
her properly by reason of the overflow ol
tbo crook in 1883.
The family of J. B. Atkins received a
telegram announcing the death of their
daughter , Mary , at tbo roaldenco of her
grandmother at Boles City.
Rov. N. F. Scallon , of Yankton , lee
turca In tbo Catholic church this evening
his subject being : "Tho influence of the
Catholic ohuroh on civil liberty. " Ho
has the reputation of being a fine orator
The monthly conference of the Omaha
and Council BlufTi Y. M. 0. A. was hold
bore Monday evening , and proved profit
able and Interesting , although the at' '
tendance was not as largo as on aomo of
the former occasions.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Keller will enter
tain the members of Harmony Chapter
No , 25 , 0. B. S. , at their homo , on
Fourth street , this ( Wednesday ) evening
All members are cordially invltod to at
The dlmo museum and theatre not
only opened well , but is increasing In
favor. The Georgia minstrels glvo an
entertainment which is well worth sev
eral times the nominal sum aakod for ad
mittanco. No wonder that the show
draws big crowds.
The following persons will assist the
violinist and tenor at the opera house
Friday night , May 1 : Miss Onotah Me
Millan , of Vaasar college , pianist ; Misses
Jonoj , Merkel , Tostovln and Corner , vo
calists ; Miss Julia Officer , accompaniat.
Reserved scats at D. W. Bushnoll's.
Miss Mamie Craig , Mlaa Belle Hatcher
and Miss S. D. Rehao are planning on
having a loan nrt exhibition at the build
ing No. 502 Broadway , next to Officer &
Pusey'n bank , on Tuesday and Wednes
day , May 5 and C , afternoons and oven-
Ings. The Misses Merklo are to glvo
iumo choice vocal mualo in connection
with the exhibition.
MATOB VAUOHAN having returned
from his eastern trip. Is beset by inquirers
as to what ho Is going to do about the
saloons. Ho says ho has not had any
occasion to change his position from that
stated In an interview with TOE BEE
man just before his departure , and pub-
llahod at that time. This WAS In effect
that he would act simply as ho thought
the people really wanted him to , and not
merely to suit some faction or clique.
On Monday a big fat slick talking in
dividual arrived in this city and began
working the merchants for from $1 to $5
each for the privilege of lettering their
show windows with .soap. Ho pushed
the soap In good style , having his busi
ness down fine , but the rain of Monday
night washed the sosp lettering off the
windows , and the big fat slick talking In
dividual on Tuesday morning could not
be found , having left for some dry
weather town.
Council Bluffs now patrol wagon still
remains In the engine house , and there
seems to bo no Immediate prospect of its
being used by the police , as there Is no
team , and no driver , and if there were
there are not enough occasions to nao it
to pay for the expense of maintaining the
service. As Omaha is talking of starting
a police patrol service perhaps it would
bo well to try and sell the wagon to that
city. It Is proving a foolish Investment
i present , at least , and by
the time tbo city needs the wagon it will
bo aged.
Artists' ' Materials at G.R. Beard'a Wall
Paper Store. Send for prloo liat.
Tea direct from Japan , at Taylor &
Night Prowlers.
Frank English , the foreman for David
Bradley & Co , , on his way homo at an
early hour yesterday morning discovered
that one of the doors of the Keystone
company's wmhouao was open , and in
vestigatton ( bowed that thieves had boon
prowling about the place , but had secured
cured no plunder except a few postage
stamps. The theory Is that some boys
had hidden In the waro-
honio bofoio It was closed for the night ,
and were bent on gottlng a lot of
tobacco tap * , which had been gathered
by the ofllco boy , Walter , he having
B ved over 3,000. Tne collection has
been greatly admired and coveted bv
many boys , and ho has been offtrod $25
incathfor it. It Is thought that some
one was afUr thti , but it did not happen
to bo in the office. At there wsa no indi
cations of an entrance being forced , and
aa thewoikiffim-d that of
boys , this
uppotition sporrs reasonable.
Fact * worth remembering when you
buy Wall Paper : 1st. That Beard , next
door to postoffice , hts tbo largest stock to
elect from. 2d Th t his prices are as
low as the lowest. 3d That ho la a
practical lnt ri < T deorwtor and employs
none but M'l'ul ' "rkmfn.
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Peirl atreet
Tea direct itvia J uan , at Taylor &
Ctlef ,
The Oil Fellows Celebrate their Sixty-
Sixth Anniyersary With
Enthusiasm ,
Dedication of Tlio Now Hull.
Yesterday was a gala ono for the Odt
Fellows , it bolng the sixty-sixth anniver
sary of the order , and the now hall being
ready for dodlcatson. A largo number
of viiltlng brethren were here and the
elaborate arrangements for the day were
carried out very happily. The procession
in.tho afternoon presented a bcautlfu
sight , and was partlclptatod lnby } many ,
and witnessed by a largo crowd of Inter
oatod spectators. The day was an almost
perfect ono , and there seemed nothing to
mar the pleasure. After the parade the
services of dedicating the now hall , in
the opera house block , were hold , auc
were attended by a largo number ol
ladies and gentlemen. The new hall is
a very pleasant and commodious ono , al
though not BO elegant an ono as ao flour
ishing an order should have in a city ol
this size. The prospect of the Odd Fol
lows within a short time putting up n
building for themselves is probably a reason
son for not expending too lavishly on this
hall. The now homo , Is , however , ono
which answers the present purpose well ,
and compares favorably with most lodge
The services were in accordance with
the programme given in yesterday's
and after the rltuallitlo portions of It
were carried out there were exercises ol
a varied character. The muslo was ox
cellont. The Bavarian band
furnished the martial music , and
in the hall there was some
choice vocal music. Mr. Wcscott , who
has as sweet a tenor volco as there la in
the city , gave a solo , which was enthu
siastically received , and given an oncoro.
The Misses Morkol gave a fine duet , and
the audlonco would not rest content until
they called for thorn another. Mr. W.
H. Troynor sang a grand bass solo , and
received hearty applause. Mrs. Nevada
Ward also favored the andlonco with a
well rendered song.
The first address was by D. 0. Bloomer
and was an excellent ono. It consisted
of a brief , clear , outline of the history of
the order In this country , beginning
with Washington Lodge No. 1 , which
started in with only five members , and
which was still in active working ordor.
Now the order has in GG years
grown In this land , BO that fully 8,000
lodges wore thia day jolng In the cele
bration of this annlvoraary , and the liv
ing members numbered 000,000. The
speaker raised the question as to what
had caused this remarkable growth. It
was not the fact that thee were secrets
in the order , as there were many secret
societies. The name had not done it , as
to many the name might be an objection ,
Instead of an attraction. Ho then read
and commented on the definition of Odd
Fellowship as given by Webster and by
the American cyclopedia , and pointed out
the fanltlncss of these definitions. The
order was not a charitable society
In the common acceptation of the
word ; that is it was not a mere alms
giving .society. It believed in charity
In the soaso in which it was used
by Saint Paul love for humanity. It
was not a merely social organlzttlon , al J
though there was much good-fellowship
In the gatherings. It was organized for
the purposes of mutual relief , based on a
regular system of contributions and of
disbursements. In 1883 there were paid
out for the relief of needy brothers over
two million dollars , and since the organi
zation over sixteen millions. The main
objects of the order were to care for the
sick , to bury the dead , to
provide for the widow , and to
educate the orphan. The order
was not Intended for a church , although
It required a belief in God , and taught
the practice of the virtues of right living. J
The growth of tbo order , and the many
grand features of the organization , rendered
dored it most appropriate that this day
should bo ono of rejoicing and gladness. _
Dr. Harris , of Missouri Valley , also
gave an address which was very timely ,
and was listened to with much Interest.
Ho picked np some of the objections
whloh had boon urged against the order ,
and answered them in his happy , keen
manner , making It plain that ho had not 20
been an Odd Fellow for forty years with
out Boeing increasing beauties In the or
ganization. Ho declared there were no
secrets in the order any more than there
were in a well regelated family ,
the purposes of the order , and its work
being known to the world , and the only us J
thlnps whlob were kept within the lodge
room , wore the minutiae of the workings ,
just as In a family. Ho gave a very 12
happy talk , and called out much onthu
slastlo applanao. J
There were a goodly number of visitors
here from other points , from Omaha ,
Plattamontb , and fron various places it
Iowa , In the evening there was a grand
ball given , which closed the festivities ol
the day. The order observed the day In
a very creditable manner , and one which
reflected credit npon the city.
Tbo Saloon Question Still * Bother-
An attempt ii being made to colloot
the back Hconsea for the quirtor ending
May 1st , a number of aalonn men not \
nnvlng paid , although the understanding
was that they should pay in advance ,
The dollqnonta have been threatened
with arrest and a few of them have been
thus induced to pay. Ono o ! the reasons
of the backwardness in paying baa been
the uncertainty as to what waa to be
done , tbo saloon nun thinking that tbry
might be made to close almost any day ,
and then their Ilcenie money would be
virtually thrown away , the city not be
ing able to offer them any protection if
the prnhlbitionlsta ehould decide to
close them up. The saloon men who IB
have paid grumble greatly about those
ho refaie to pay , aa they wisely s y
ftt any snob refustl will caaia in agl
tailon , which will bo quite apt to came
all the place * to be closed , and that the
saloon men should be the last to itart
any IUDU agitation , Itli expected that \
the prohibitionists will bold * meeting
Thursday afternoon to decide on iume
course of action. It hai been itated that
mo of the causes of deity has been the
tardlnew in railing the needed fund * ,
and this haa ctuied some wonder as to
what the need might bo for any amount
TItl TIe funds , BB the gottlng out of injunc
tions seems not a very expensive mode of
litigation , under the prohibitory law.
The roseon for wanting a largo ntnonnt
of fands has been learned by the BEE to
0si 0b that It Is not the plan to merely
shut np the ealoons , for this they
think Is the easiest part of tholr proposed
work , It is said tbat they feel that the
shutting up of the saloons will amount to
but little , as there will bo ether ways for
the thirsty ones to got tholr throat moistened
onod , and the work of drying up all the
quiet fountains Is the really hard task ,
requiring much money and labor. It is
said that they are planning to go for the
druggists , if they can find them violating
the law in any respect , and that they will
hunt up all the placoa where any drinks
are being sold on the sly. If this is
tholr plan , they certainly bavo under
taken a gro&t task , and It is not to bo
wondered at that they doom it necessary
to provide a largo fund before they star !
on the war path. There is a good
deal of wordly scnio In the idea
that oven if the saloons are shut up
the sale of Intoxicants will not bo
stopped , but that it will bo supplied to
the public by ether and moro disreputa
ble channels. The reports from Dos
Molnos are to the effect that whllo tbo
prominent saloons are closed there are
moro drinking places than before , and
that they are subject to no regulation ,
but are in tbo control of men who are
rcckloas onongb to run the risk of proao
cation for the Bake of the profits , which
they make as largo as possible , soiling
any sort of horrible decoctions and keep
ing the worst sort of boles. If tbo shut
ting up of the saloons is simply to bavo
the trade in the bands of worao men , and
conducted in worao ways , the prohi
bitionists hero think that the change Is
not what they want , and hence a goodly
number of them are not in favor of mak
ing any moro nnlois they are prepared to
fight the battle to the bitter end. If
thoeo who tbns tbink provo to bo In a
majority , the plans will bavo to bo made
for a long campaign , and much sand of
all sorts will bo necessary. The many
entanglements which necessarily surround
tbo problem cauao delay and slow move
monts. It is not expected therefore tbat
anything very rash will bo dono. There
seems , however , to bo a general desire on
all sides thnt something definite should
bo decided upon , as tbo uncertainty oxlst
Ing prevents that permanent adjustment
to buslnoes weich Is necessary to
success. The council is on the anxious
seat , llko all tbo others , and if tbo saloon
licences are to bo knocked out of the
city's revenue , then they will need to
docldo on some now Bf atom for raising
money enough to cover this shrinkage ,
either by taxing ether lines of business ,
sncb as Insurance agents , real estate
lealors , oto. , or by aomo ether scbemo.
Under tbo present circumstances all
concerned are bolng kept on the anxious
aeat , and they do not know what to pro
vide for. Hence they all seem ready to
; et at some adjustment of tbo trouble.
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