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laflrmlllt * . pe Uar to thtlr cx , nhouM trr
This tnedlclnn combines Iron with pnr Yi _
tonic * , and U InvaloaM * for Dlwiwi pncnllar to
Women , and allwhotoad eodontaryllvoii. H J'n-
TlcJirn and Purlflm tha lllonil , Htlimilnirft
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( Jin * the cotnploiion. and rn ako the nun mnooth.
It does not Msekon tha tooth , cAune hoadacno , or
prodaca constipation-/ / Iron ntdietntt d .
ilns. I'MZADCTn Dlinn. 74 Farmill ATB. , Milwsu-
. kra.VI . , Mr" , nnder date nf Dm. S6th. 1 4 :
"I hare neil Iirrrwn'8 Iron Illttors , and It has tx-f > n
mom than a doctor to mo. hatlnK currd mo nf the
wonVnwwliulIwi tmieln Ills. Aliwcurwlmeof Ur-
er Complaint , and now mr comploilnn li clear and
Rood. Ha \ > tn Iwnenotol to mj children. "
Ofmnlne has MioTe trade mtrk and cron * d rod lines
on wrapper. Tnko no ollirr. iladn onlj br
iJDrrn' HANP Boor dwful and attractive , con.
Uln * (5ll8t nl prlrroi for roclpen. Information about
coin * . , eto. , Riven Atraj liy all dutlcr * In medicine , or
mailed to an ; addreu on receipt ot Se , ( Utmp.
iiattrtl. ! the BROAD CLAlhuwti \
-rUenatwoflt mp5forCelebr teilUedlclWorti ,
Addresi. F. It. CI.AUKK , JCTJ. J . , i
Clark Street. CHICAGO. ILL.
Royal Havana Lottery i
Drawn at Havana Cuba ,
Every 10 to 14 Days.
Tickets in Fifth ? , Wholes $5. Frac
tious pro rata.
Onbjocl to na manipulation , not controlled hy Ibe
Jtrtieiln Intoroai. II U lha ftircjt thing In Ibe
ittuo of chance In exlstenoe.
For tickets apply to snirSETT A CO. , 1212 Broid.
w yN. Y. City ; SOUNDER & CO. , 103South 4thSt.
Bt Louis , Uo , 01 U. OTTK.VS * CO , 010 Mala St.
v , Mo.
James Medical Institute
Chartered by theStateofllll-
Inoia for theexpress purpose
of civing immediate rellclin
nil chronic , urinary and pri
vate diseases. Gonorrhoea ,
QlcetandSyphills in all their
complicated forms , also all
diseases of the Skin and
Blood promptly relieved and
pcrmanentlycured by reme-
dics.testedln a. 'or'/rc { r *
. _ _ fijicflall'roctlte. Seminal
Weakness , Night Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
Jhe Face , Lost Manhood , liosUlvclu cured.Tltera
itiio etjterlmenttnit. The appropriate remedy
ia at once used In each case. Consultations , per
sonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icines sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
package to Indicate contents or sender. Address
DR.JAMES.No. 204Washinglon SI.Chicagolll.
Cor. ninthonllnooflrrtU r .
Croonhouso , Bedding Plants ,
Roses , Flowering Shrubbery. -
Evergreens , Small Fruits , Etc *
Extra } with every order ,
Floml nontfrns.Bouquels , lJnskctsKlr. . for I'urtles ,
Weddings nud ruiicrals a specialty , uud
sent to tiny part of t lie State ,
Bwect Potato nml other vcKCtublo plants la their
Icosoti , Illustrated Cutalo uo frcu ,
W. S. SAWVER 4. CO. ,
Tcltphoao Ko. M t. Lincoln , Nebrtulc * .
St , Charles Hotel ,
Mrs. Kate Coakly , Pror-rlotoreM. -
MTNewljr and elegantly furnished , flood umple
rooou on first floor.
MTTeruii-tl.M to tl pet day. Special rate * Kir9
tr n > hr rf the 1f > ? lnlfttnr . DovlO > lrn > ma
Flattsmouth , Neb.
Breeder of thoroughbred and high grade
Hereford and Jersey Cattle ,
And Duroc and Jersey Ked Swine ,
AL13T , MS ronth street , between Faraxm and IU | .
oey will , with theald of euirdiac iclilti , obtalnUf
( or anyone elanoe la tbo put ana picMnt , tad o *
certain condition ! In the fnturi. Boot * and then
made to order Period tatlla tlon rtuiaolord
Some Astounding Stories ( if Giants in
Past anfl Present Days ,
A. Three-Year-Old Boy That Was
Four Feet High and Strong
in Proportion ;
Another That atSovon TVnsnFutlicr
Ilio Wonderful Uuward Family.
Befoto wo commoQCo upon the subject
of fat men and gigantic men wo want to
monMoD , In ono or two paragraphs , some
few little folks , as a sort cf contrast to
thoto to bo mentioned Boon ,
First cornea the little lady. Tbo small-
oat lady known it. Lucia Zarate , who is21
ycara of ago , Is only twenty-ono Inches in
height and weighs but fifteen pounds.
It baa boon claimed , however , that a
child has lately been born in Chicago or
Now York who weighs bat two pound * ,
and whoso height Is but thirteen Inches.
Ita hands are ono inch long only , and Its
fingers the slzo of the end of a monso's
tall. It la said a 50-cont ploco will cover
her ontlro hand ont of sight , ana that
Lucia Xarato'a dlamand ring will make a
bracelet for this mlto.
Oho Mnh la the emallnat man on roe *
ord. Ho la a native of China , the eamo
as Obang , the giant. Oho Mali la 4G
yonrs of ago la twenty-eight Inches In
height , and la worth corda of money.
First on the Hat cornea the casts of a
boy who grow so fait that when ho was
two and n half years old bo stood throe
foot and one-half high. Ho woa not a
"bean-polo" tall , bnt waa a big , stout
chump , being more llko Horcnles than
a child. Ilia strength waa so great that
ho Tras nblo to lift forty pounds with
ease. The name of the boy la not given.
These facti nro recorded by an English
surgeon of roputo.
Pliny chronicles the case of a boy who
waa fonr feet high when only three years
Cratorus ndda the case of a boy whoso
development waa no rapid that ho was a
father when ho waa but seven years cf
ago.Two slaters of Jomca Teller , the giant ,
wore of tremendous alzo. Ono of these
girls stcod nearly five foot high when
aovon years old.
Thomas Hull , or the ' 'Gigantic Boy of
Willlngham , ' aa ho waa called , was the
aon of a little father and mother. At
hla birth ho waa of medium sizo. Ho
soonahowed marvelous rapidity ingrowth ,
reaching three foot nlno inches In height
when 2 years 11 months of age. Two
months later ho rushed upward to the
height of throe foot cloven Inches. When
4 years old he measured ( our foot five
Inches. Hla wonderful growth created a
universal desire among all classes to aeo
the Infant terrible. So , aa the fashion is
to this day , ho was the same aa any
other petted animal feasted with dam
ties and wino to that extent his blood
aoon became poisoned from hla gluttony
and Intemperance. This checked hia
tremendous growth. Hia bulk and
strength wore In keeping with rapid
growth , Incidents of his strength are
ven seemingly incredible. When 4
years of nga he could take a seventeen-
pound hammer and throw it a consider
able distance. When only 3 years of age
ho could take a Ohosshiro choose- upon his
head , and lift a two-gallon measure of
beer to hla month and drink therefrom.
At school boys 7 or 8 years of ago had
no ohanco in a bout with 'Tommy. "
Though ho would not fight with the little
follows , ho would collar and threw them
down upon the ground. Aa a teat of his
strength ho waa given a wheelbarrow of
uncommon size and heavy , being made
of green wood. In which waa placed one
of the blpRoat boys In sohcol. "Tommy"
trotted off with the load at ease. Two
boys were then put Into the barrow , and
the yonng giant made It move three or
four feet. The two boys weighed 170
pounds. His voice was heavy llko a
man's voice. His physiognomy waa a
savage one , although ho was never
violent or cruel. Ho seems to have had
no fear of bis companions , or love either.
Ho was kept in subjection by his guardian
by threatening to use a dlstootlng knlfo
upon him.
In 1747 this wonderful boy took HI
from a fever , and , refusing the medicine
prescribed for him , died of consumption
aix months later , Some months previ
ous to his death his face was covered
with a luxurious growth of board , he
having the appearance of an old man.
Mr. Bright , of Maiden , England , was
the son of parents greatly inclined to cor
pulency. When a child Mr. Dr'ght was
very fat , bnt strong and active. From
childhood to death ho was constantly
taking exercise , which did not keep him
from growing more and more etout ,
When 12 years old ho wo'ghod ' 144
pounds , growing heavier In proportion as
ho grew older. When 20 years old ho
weighed 330 pounds , and five years later
his weight was CSS pounds. His average
gain per year towards the end of hla life
waa twonty-eisrht pounds. When ho
died , aged 20 years , ho weighed about
C44 pounds. Hla height was only five
feet nlno Inches.
Daniel Lambert , ono of England's
greatest notorieties , waa not a tall man ,
but waa pietty "wide ont , " according to
all accounts. Hta body waa nlno feet In
circumference and hla legs thirty-seven
Inches. His parents were not noted for
their large alzo , nor wore their other
Daniel Lambert waa an athlete and a
aporteman. Ho was an expert In rowIng -
Ing , swimming and hunting. Ho owned
and took special delight In game chick
ens , aettera , pointers and terriers , Before -
fore ho became ao very stout he never
know what It was to loio hla wind. It la
inserted be waa able to swim with cato
In the Soar with two ordinary sized men
on hla biok , the oily nature of hla sys
tem enabling him to swim like a cork.
Mr. Lambert died suddenly , without any
manifest disorder , in his fortieth year.
Arriving at Stamford ono evening , ho re
tired rather fatigued , and died before 0
o'clook the next morning. He weighed
742 pounds at the time of hit death , be
ing 12G pounds more than Mr , Bright , of
Maiden , weighed at the tlmo of hit
death. Hla cofl'in measured 112 tqu-.ro
feet ,
Hermanea Bria WAS on exhibition In
1810. Ho wai a very lusty babe at aix
months of ago ; when fifteen mouths old
ho weighed 112 pounds. Hla rtpld
growth did not coaee , for when ho was
18 years old hia height vaa air foot and
hia weight 420 Ipounda. This "boy"
rivaled Lambert , for the calf of hia leg
waa nearly throe feet around and his
arm tire feot. Though aa tall fa Lam
bert , ho waa 238 pounds lighter , which
is proof of great dlferonco In the frames
of the two men.
Jotslo Waldron Reed , who died about
a year since , was the daughter of parents
who wore only of medium slzo. Mrs.
Iloed wna lix foot two inchoa In bight
and weighed 400 ponnda when 10 yeari
old. Her husband's business waa that
a ahowman. She loft a little babe which
weighed but five ponnda when aix montha
It la asserted that America haa raited
the moat remarkable family in the world ,
when weight and slzo are considered.
Statisticians acquainted with the over
agea of thousands of poisons of different
nationalities affirm that the Howard fam
ily of Kontuckyhavo novorboon equalled.
The following table , which gives the
height and weight of each member of this
family , may bo rolled on as being accu
rate :
Feet In , Pounds
Father C 4 200
Mother 0 0 285
Thomas 0 4 230
Jfttnoa 0 0 215
Sarah 0 2 1C5
John 0 111 2CO
Mary ( ! 2 ICO
Elijah 0 3 210
Matthew 0 0 220
Kli 15 01 107t
' " " " " " ' '
Daughter' . . . . . Y..Y. V..V.'d 3 * 100
Total 70 0 2203
The father and his six sons wore able
to lift 9,000 pounds ! Many of the grand
children of this family are eix foot six
inches in heighth and weigh 200 ponnda.
Mr. Harlan , ono of America's big men ,
ia the largest man of the United States
supreme court. Although atanding above
hla associates , ho ia the youngest man in
that body. Ho wears hla hat high in the
air at aix feet aix Inches. Ho ia aged
about fifty-two yoara , and as there ia yet
room above ho may add on inch or two
to hia hoighth.
Anthony Payne waa a notorious Corn-
lahman of the sixteenth century. Hla
weight and bulk were nearly aa much
ai Mr. Brlght'a. Hla biographer
says : "In early life ho was the
humble bat favorjto attendant cf John ,
oldcat eon of NovilloGranvillo , afterword
earl of Bath , whom ho accompanied
throughout many cf his loyal adventures
and campaigns during the revolution and
usurpation of Cromwell. " Ho waa a
knight-errant , salted to cheer and amuse
his illuatrious lord through the mishaps
and denials pertaining to army life.
Charles II. was extremely kind to An
thony , and made him ono of the yoemon
of the king's guard. The earl of Bath
having been made governor of the citadel
of Plymouth , Payne waa made a gnnuor
When Anthony waa only twenty yoara
of ago ho was seven feet two inchoa in
height. His weight oxcecdod 402 pounds.
Anthony died in 1091. So largo and un
handy in handling waa his body the un
dertakers were compelled to take up the
floor of the apartment in which ho died
in order to tranefor hia corpse to its final
There was another Cornlahman who
deserves a place next to Payno. Charlea
Ohlllcott , of TIntagelweighed almost as
much as the former , tipping the beam at
about 450 pounds. His height waa close
to that of Payne's.
Sir Thomaa Lander tells of a large
Highlander who stood over seven foot
ono and one-half Inches , Ho waa a jov
ial , good-hearted man , and was able to
dance the Highland fling to the meanIngs -
Ings and groanlngs and spurts of the
windy bagpipe. Ho waa a strong man ,
and is said to have shattered a prize
fighter's skull with his fiat. Ho waa ap
pointed to watch a cannon on a dark
night. The darkness grow denser , and
rain beginning to fall , this merry giant
cantidored the necessity of remaining out
all night eimply to watch the ordnance ,
so the Idea came to him that he would ba
obeying ordera juat as well If ho would
take the cannon to hla bed and there
keep It cafe and dry. Thia ho did , to
the great surprise of his fellows.
Thomas Boll , the Cambridge galnt ,
was seven feet two Inches high. Thomaa
was the envied possessor of a hand that
waa eleven Inches In length.
James , the second duke of Qaeens-
bury , waa father to a son who was a nat
ural idiot. Thia idiot had to be constantly
under the care of a keeper. Indeed , ao
wltlojs was the scion of a great nire , and
so prone to getting into miserable disas
ters , that ho must have been a terror to
hla relatives and all others with whom ho
could , by any poislb'.o ' moans , como into
In instance of hia ferocity is given as
follows : Hia keeper being moro Inter-
oatod in hearing tjio debate in parliament
house upon the union bill than In watch
ing his imbecile charge ono daydoaoitad
him , when the giant broke loose from his
confinement and went straight to the
kitchen , attracted thither , no doubt , by
the odor of the meat being roaated before
the fire by the turnspit boy. The mon
ster aefcad the boy , killed him , spitted
him , and then half roasted the victim.
When the duke and the errant keeper re
turned from the exciting debate they
were horrified to frenzy upon seeing the
witless giant devouring tbo un'ortunate
Parrons was seven feet fonr inches
high. Ho waa a sight to BOO , for he
must have looked extremely comical aa
ho strutted along knock-kneed. Not
only waa ho knock-kneed , but hia feet
stuck out widely at the aides , or , aa wo
call it , ho was splayfooted.
Halea waa another giant who had the
defect of being knock-kneed. Ho waa a
fine-looking and Intelligent man , being
extremely choerfall. Haloa waa of tha
same height of Parrona seven feet four
inches. '
William Rvana was a well-propor
tioned giant , and was as tall as Parrona
or Halo , and ia said by aomo authorities
to have been as high aa eight foot. He
waa a porter to Charles I , , and died In
Edward Bramford waa a native of Staf
fordshire. Ho was a tradesman , follow
ing the business of a hatter , and was
located in Shoe lane. Ho waa born In
1732 , growing to the reipaotable height
of seven feet ten inchea. Ho died in
1708 , having lived bat thirty-six
years ,
Edward Malone , a young Irishman
waa claimed to have been seven feet aovon
Inches , without ahoea , at the early age of
10 , Thia height la accorded to him by
Dr. Molyneur , In the oily of Dublin ,
whore he moaanred Malone ,
Bishop Berkeley of Cloy no was fond
of experimenting In a philosophical man
ner , very nearly aniTocatlng himself on
one occasion by impending himself by
the neck in order to find out all about the
sensations enjoyed by ( he han&ed. On
another occasion , iceing a hungry-looking
boy sitting on the street , In a moment of
benevolence the kind-hearted bishop
took the boy homo with him , Much aa
ono would fatten cattle the eccentric
bishop began experimenting with his
HTho boy's name waa McQrath , and ho
first saw the light in 1730 in Tlpporary.
Hla parents were only of middle alze , and
their other children wore of ordinary alze.
The Bishop's experiment succeeded won
derfully. Under the judicious fdodlng
process followed the boy grow fearfully.
When 1C years old Iho boy towered up.
ward to the height of seven foot. At this
ago ho started upon a tour of exhibition ,
calling himself the "Prodigious Irish
Giant ! "
Mr. LoCat , a professor of anatomy and
authority upon the subject of giants , road
a memoir before the academy of tcjoncca
at Rouen , in which ho makes mention of
a giant shown at Rouen in 1735 who waa
moro than eight feet In height.
Bernardo GIgll , an Italian giant , at
tained the extraordinary height of eight
foot when but 18 yeara of ago.
In 1013 a yonne man was shown at
Barol I as a show wonder. Ho stood eight
feet f high , WAS very loan , but strongly
built. Ho was 22 years of ago and
boardlesr. t
Gollah Goshen , the so-called Palestine
giant , Is claimed to stand eight foot six
leches in height. Thus his praises are
sung : "Ho la the tallest , the largest , and
the strongest man of modern times. In
every sense of the word ho ia a giant.
Ho Is magnificently proportioned , an ob
ject of admiration , not only on account
of his immense height and frame , bnt
also by reason of his manly beauty.
Mr. Barnum in his autobiography tolls
of Anna Swan , the Nova Scotia giantess.
She was the tallest woman probably in
the world. Mr. Barnum doea not give
her height.
Sir William Wallace waa a well-known
giant of tbo thirteenth century. Ho
was a chieftain of the greatest bravery
among the Scottish clans. Many are
the wonderful feats accredited to him.
His disposition was a gentle and affec
tionate ono. Bravo as a lion , and very
nearly na strong , ho was a terror to his
enemies and a bulwark of strength to
his friends. His height was eight foot.
Among the. loyal Scots to this day bat
ono name stands beside that of Sir
William Wallace , end that ono is tbo
name of King Robart Bruce.
An old lady in 1380 thus speaks of the
two men while talking to James I. of
Scotland : "Robert , " said she , "was a
man , beautiful and of fine appearance.
His strength was so greit that he could
easily overcome any mortal man of his
tlmo save ono Sir William Wallace. "
Another gigantic Scotchman was
Angus Mt. Oasholl , also known as the
"Great Scotch Giant Boy. " This man
was eight feet in height , and weighed
530 pounds. Ho was a fearless fellow.
On ouo occasion , while traveling by
stage , they were attacked by robbers.
Upon seeing auch a monster getting out
of the coach the would-be robbers fell
back In affright.
"Big Sam , " a Scotchman , was eight
foot high , and was well built. His
height came very appropriate to him
when assuming the character of "Cy-
mon" at the Haymarkot theater. His
bulk eoems to have been no hindrance to
him in his dally avocations. Ho served
as porter to the Piinco of Waleo.
Patrick W. O'Brien , the Irish giant ,
and Mlas Christiana Dunz , the Gorman
siantess , were married in Plttsburg by
Rev. F. Ruoff , in the German Evangali-
cal church , on Smlthfiold street.
The above wedding is claimed to have
been the firat marrlago bo tire en giants in
America , and the second in the world.
The brldo carried In her hand an enor
mous bouquet. The wedding ring
weighed seventeen pennywelghta , and
was five inches in circumference. A tre
mendous loaf of bread , five feet In length ,
decorated the table. The wedding cake
was the _ largest over made , measuring
nlno feet in circumference and three feet
in thlckneaa.
Mr. James Porter , of Shippingaport ,
Ky. , waa a giant of no mean proportions.
Ho waa a well known tavern keeper of
that town. Bocauao of hla hlght about
eight feet hla tavern was a great roaort
of boatmen along the Ohio rlvor. One of
his peculiar foata was the power to crash
gobtota or glasses by bia powerful voice
disintegrating the particles of which they
were composed. Ho went by the name
of the "Kentucky Giant. " Ho poaaeaaed
a great rifle and cane , In proportion to
hia Immense size.
Arabia furnished a giant by the name
of Gabara , who waa eight feet aix Inches
high. Thia Arabian waa brought to
Rome during the reign of Claudius
The Roman Emperor Maximinus , who
reigned from 235 to 238 A. D , , waa eight
feet six Inches in height.
A youug man occasioned great per
plexity to the medical profession of Parts
some years since. When ho was 15 years
of ago ho supposed ha had finished grow
ing , for ho stood at the height of aix foot
live Inches. Thia waa about May 1 ,
1881 , A few woeka later ho found that
ho bad added another Inch to hla height.
Ho then measured himself every week ,
and found that ho had gained throe
inches additional by the following Sep
tember , Thia rapid growth was ac
companied by peculiar aching pains In
his bones.
The largest skeleton of Ireland ia that
of O'Brien , and la to be aoen in the college -
lego of Burgeons. He styled himself the
"Irish Giant , " and hla skolaton ia so la
beled to this day. He was born In 1701
In the barony of Klneale. Hla parents a
were of average slzo only , and of little
note. He continued growing until 25
yoara of ago , when ho towered up into
the air at a height of eight feet seven and
one-half Inches , His foot was seventeen
Inchoa in length. O'Brien ' was an Invet
erate pipe-smoker the older the pipe
the better ho loved it. On one of hla
nightly promenades ho stopped at a lamp
post at which to light hla pipe , which had
been extinguished. A night watchman
coming suddenly upon htm and leelng
the gigantic spsctro fell down in a fit and
waa carried to the nearest Icck-op. On
another ocouion no was traveling along
the public road when a highwayman
stopped his driver. The ( topping of hla
carriage caused O'Brien to put hla head
out of the window. Upon aeelng the
great head nearly a foot in length the
would-be-robber waa ao terrified that he
clapped spurs to hla horse and fled for hla
Edward Heponstoll waa at one time a
lieutenant in the Sixty-eighth Regiment ;
at another litre ho wag a hangman. Ho
scorns to have boon Judpo Lynch person
ified. When ho mot A peasant unable to
glvo ft good account ot himaolf Hcpon
atoll would knock him down with a blow
of hla fiat , ndjnat a rope around the
neck of hla victim , and carry him off on
hla back , suspended by the nock. The
victim would thus bo strangled , for hia
Icga could not touch the gronnd.
In 1703 Commodore Byron claimed
that out of a body of 500 Patngonlans
whom ho aw few were leas than seven
feet ; none Iocs than sir foot six Inchoa.
"I could not but smile at the aatontah *
moutl saw expressed on the countenance
of my firat lieutenant , " said the commo
dore , "on perceiving himself , though six
feet two Inches , become at once a pigmy
among giants. "
It Is stated , on slightly dubious author *
Ity , that Orestes waa of the extraordinary
height of eleven feet six inches.
M. LcCat speaks of A Scotch giant
whoso height was stated to bo sloven
Foot six Inchoa. Ho wont by the name of
"Fimnnm , " and lived In the ilmo of En *
sjonoll. , king of Scotland ,
The following concerning Etoazar , a
Jowlaa girnt , will bo found in Josophns'
"Hiatory of the Jowa" : "Artabanus alao
not long afterward sent hla son Darins as
n hostage , with many presents , among
which thcro was a man toven cubits [ a
cubit la twenty-one Inches ] tail , a Jew
ho was by birth nud bis nnuio waa Elca *
zar , who for his ( allncsn waa called a
giant. " Seven times twonty-ono Inchoa
makes Mr. Eloazar just twelve foot throe
inches hlght
The llllnotH
III. , April 29. Morris of'
farad a resolution in tbo senate this morning
earnestly recommending that the visit to Now
Orleans bo abandoned until the business of
the session is completed and adjournment
effected. Carried unanimously and sent to
tbo house for concurrence.
A bill appropriating thirty thousand dollars
to pay employes of the general assembly
passed : also Tubb's resolution Ip effect that
after Tuesday next appropriation bills take
precedence ,
The house this morning concurred in the
senate resolution opposing the Now Orleans
excursion , Fuller ottered a resolution to nd
journ sine die , May 16th. Lost ,
In the joint assembly -13 senators and 140
representatives wore present. No nolo. Ad
Ed iicMtrd and E.\i > criciiccd.
Hood's S.ircaparllla is prepared by C. I.
Hood & Co. , Apothecaries , Lowell ,
Mass. , who Imvo a thoroughknowledgoof
pharmacy , and many years practical ox
poricnco in tbo business. It is prepared
with the greatest skill and care , under the
direction of the men who originated it.
Ucnco Hood's Sareaparllla may bo de
pended upon as a thoroughly pure , hon
est , and reliable medicine.
Miss Linda Gilbert , cf Chicago , the
lady who has placed twenty different li
braries in as many prisons , is visiting
By using Dr. Ifrazier'a Throat nnd Lung Bal
sam the only sure euro for Coughs , Colda ,
Hoarseness and Sore Throat , and all diseases
of the throat and lunga. Do not neglect a
cough. It may prove fatal. Scores and
hundreds of grateful people owe their lives to
Dr. Prazier't Throat and Lunp Balsam , and
no family will ever bo without It after nnco
using it , and discovering its marvelous power.
It is put up in largo family bottles and solder
or the email price of 75 cents per bottle. Sold
Kubp & Co. and O , F. Goodman.
Colonel Lament , the president's pri
vate secretary , has been quite ill with
billions fever for a week , but is recover
ing. ' '
As a Cum for Sere Throat and
Coughs , "BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TnociiEa"
have been thoroughly tested , and maintain
their good reputation.
A piece of needle which entered the
foot of a Boston street car conductor
fourteen years ago came out of his arm
the other day.
HorscforoVs Acid Phosphate ,
Beware of Imitations.
Imitations and countertelts have again
appeared. Bo sure that the word
HORSBFOHD'S" Is on the wrapper. None
are genuine without It.
Water pasted through 200 yards cf
galvanized iron pipe haa been known to
take up 4,29 grains of zino carbonate per
Angostura Bitters are the boat remedy
for removing indigestion and nil diseases oriff
inating { rent the digestive organs. Bewarolof
counterfeits. Ask your grocer or druggist for
the genuine article , manufactured by Dr. * J ,
G , li. Siogert & Sons ,
"Gono to oven" la the current expres
sion for tbo retirement cf the Russian
peasant at night , alnco ho haa no bed ho
aleepa on the top of the oven.
THE VOLTAIO BELT Co , , of Marshall , Mich. ,
offer to send their colebrnted ELEOTBO-VOL-
trial for thirty days , to men ( young or old )
alllictod with nervous debility , loss of vitality
and manhood , and all kind rod troubles. Also
for rheumatism , neuralgia , paralysis and
many other diseases. Complete restoration to
health , vigor and manhood guaranteed. No
risk is Incurred aa thirty days trial ia allowed ,
Write them at once for Illustrated pamphlet
free ,
Horacs can now bo supplied with artifi
cial tails of the moat artistic quality. The
biggest tall factory la in Bridgeport ,
Conn. _
Permanent relief and no prostration
from Red Star Cough Cure. Temporary
relief and powetful reaction from other
cough mixtures.
Sixteen thousand eight hundred and
twenty-five famllloa in Boston were pro.
vided with free aoup during the past win
Good lor tlio Child ,
The ailments of childhood need careful
attention and wise treatment Some
people think "anything la good enough for
child , and there Isn't ' much the matter
with It anyhow. " But judicious motbora
know better , and do as Mrs. H. W , Perry ,
of Richmond , Ya , , dooa. She aaya : " 1 I
take Brown's Iron Bitten and glvo It to
my children with the moat satisfactory
results. " Sold everywhere.
The population of London la sheltered
by COO.OOO dwellings.
The European and American forest8
cover twenty-seven times the area of the
known coal measures of the world.
When Babj was sick , wo g Te her Ca torla ,
VThtn the tru ft CM ! J , eho cried /or Coatoria ,
When aho became UIu , aho clang ( o Cutorli ,
QTbea itie lia < l Children , oho gf.ro them CastorU ,
free from , /'nude * nnit I'otton.i.
F r Cough * , Roro Throat , Ilf nr cnfAft Influtnia ,
CoM * . llronrhlll * . t'roup , Whooptnc Cough ,
AMhmn , Qutmtf , 1'flln * . In < 'hr.t * .n4othr
AlTttlon4 rf th Tliroftt * nl I.iinfffl.
Price BO cents n hottlp. Sold t > 7 DrngeUtt ( ind trM-
ct . f\irlle s unable la Induce III fir iltnler li > l > romt > ltf
ffetttSort > itmielltrtctlreticnt > ottle , Eivrtttc > i < irgci
paid , I/if lending ont dollar la
HIE nun 1.1 s A.Tonmn rowrm ,
& ? ! Uwuert n 1 Minuhctnrrr * .
UlUlnor * . JUrjtlnJ , C , B. A.
C17 St. Chnrlos St. , St. Louis , JFo.
A rrRuUr r.rtuRfeortwo > tfiieii ! Cellrcti , IIM litcnlor.fr *
opticfil ID trie pecltllrcbtmrdt of Uauo".ir.y..r.rol' * . , BLT *
ftnl moor , tiumiiMtbiin fttir other ttitlrliin la Bt. Lent * ,
u * Ity rPfri Ihow Bd all old rrilJmtt know ,
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mcnttl n * >
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and Dinar AiUc-
( Ions of Throat , Skin or Bones , Blood Polu-tfufl ,
oltl Sores and Ulcers , r tr-.M ut , nrtnii > i i
iueeciton iMtcil.elcDll&a prloclrtfi. Pa'flrt'rlrfttil * .
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess ,
Exposure or Indulgence , * hich product om or f ,
filloolni fITrclit Ltnou , CM , ilchllltr , illmntil of llihl
> nd derrctlTt unnorj , rlmptpi en tb r M , pBt.lril dK > r ,
Ttrilontolhl loelrtj or frniMti , conruiui oriJru , eUu ,
rendorlnff Marrlnt-o Improper or unhappy. * r.
KTOimtitljourcd , I'lmptlfKSB p sttin ) the ljoi , nr *
ctlnl eQTrlepr , rrreto HUT adiUri , . Con uttfttloQ ttr
BMorb < n llrn , undlriTlttd. Wtlle for qneillooi.
A Positive Written Guarantee
Rlvc In ill enrmble tMei. Ho.llclnti > tnt ercrjnbera.
ramphlcti , TCnclUh or Derm an , 04 pngei. df-
Jriblne abovq < lieo ( 05 , la lutlo or fomaU , PB &
i , fioet-fttefl. Jltuitrttrd tn eiothaaddltbtikllac.
ifj r | HjiI HM itrjir , 1' ' [ XT oovtrs Sao. Thl * to <
i til tbe curloni , dovhtrul or tQanUtUrn vaitt ft
A book tt ( treat tat rMl to Ui U ltb "
% r rcEittcO by tt-y "
Wlrtll & DlGKJo , CO A
'ihle brand Is a happy combination of fine , young
crisp rod , burly lor K tiller , with a
and It just mcota the taste cf a larga number of
Orders ( or "Flowebaro" are comInR In rapidly
from all. part * of the country , demonstrating how
quickly the great army of chewers strlto a gooj
combination of Tobacco , both its to quality and
Jlesarn Loilllard& Co. have cxcrcleod no
little tlmo nnd labor In cndcaxorlng to reach tbo
Acme of Perfection In Plowshare , aid Bccm to hare
done It. Besides the TUN CUNT cura of Plowshare nro
Which IB a point not to bo overlooked by dealers
who will find It to their Interest to order oorno and
glvo their customers an opportunity to try it.
Ask Your Dealer for Plowshare
Dealers supplied by
Gtonoweefc Sctoontgen , Council Bluffs.
1'crccoy & Moore , " "
L. Kirscht & Co. " "
Stewart Bros , ' "
1'axton & Gallagher , Omaha.
McCord , Brady & Co , , Omaha.
For eale in Omaha by
H. YlDRllntr , 518 S 13th Street.
Henry Ditzen , C01 S 13th St ,
Ileimrod & Co. . 002 S 13th St.
Goo Carlamn.lOlD Farnnm St.
Kaufman Bros. , 207 S 15th St.
Kaufman Bros , 1000 Farnam St ,
Frank Arnold & Co. , 1 < 118 Farnam St.
Aucust Plotz & Co. , 1509 Douglas St.
Geo. Heimrod. G13 N Itith St.
Bergen & Smiley , N. W. Cor. ICth and Cum-
ing Sis.
Van Green Bros , , N. W. Cor. Division nnd
Cumiog Sts.
2J . Stovena 913 N. 21st St.
2C . II. Spetman , Cor. Douglas and 12th St.
2I . Anderson. 318 S. 10th St.
Charlie Ying , 712 S. 10th St.
Mrs. G. M. Lawley , 800 S. 10th St.
II. Mnnfelt , S. W. Cor. 13th and Howard.
1J 1c . G. M. Lawley , 80G S. 10th St. . Omaha.
Geo. Anderson , 318 S. 10th St. , Omaha.
J. II. Spetman , corner Douglas and 12th St.
ChoB. Ying , 712 S. 10th St.
rurtry dm .
.uu the LIVER ami KIDNEYS.
anil KKHTOiti ! TIIK IlKAJ-TJi
nil V1OOK of YOUTH Uj
euro ) . Bonc'i. uiiiscli'SBiiO
IITVCH rotlvo iii-wlori'c ,
l rlhcti' Ilio inlnil and
sui ; > lli s Drain I'ouct.
Mnfli rliiKlrom fuiiiplaliitt
woi A SM * n ucmtjf tt.M.llurto I'lrlrafV ' will
Jnil In DK. E''iRrEK'S IROT * 10HIO u rafu ao4
* * coUy cure * 'lUtf'sa ' clu..r liuuthy oonipluslon
; /lie popularity . . . . . . ni MID orlRtnnK Do . aot u ) ) t/i.
juur iittdrriul to'l b I 'r. ' Ilartiirlltnl.lto
CbVnil , Mo.fur our "BllKAM BOOK "
uUol auaticr Hoti t * talUUi9rmaw > ,2ua
I ha\eh d cancer on my face for miny yean. I
have tried a grott many remedies , but without re
lief. I almost give up hope ol ever belnr cured , Dr.
IJardmin , my son , recommended Hwlft'a Hoeolflc ,
which I have taken llh great results. My ( ace li
cow rcll , and II la Imnoeeltle for me to express ray
thanks la words for what this medicine IIM done ( or
me. Sins , Ouvx lUuciUN ,
Wonroo , da , , Sept. 2. , 1B8I.
Swill's Specific haa curel a ranceron my face , anu
IIM almott made a new man ot me.
T , J. TIATE , Waclssa , Fla.
I have ha < l a cancer on rny right ear ( or three
/.tare. I tried every icmedy tbo lihjilcluu prac
ticed , to no permanent good , Bwlll'o Bpeclflo ba <
witught wonden for me. It Is the beat UooU pu-
rlfler loth * world. JK > 8. MOEnow.Klorcccs , Ala.
Swilt'i Specific la entirely vegetable , and Beeioa to
cure caocere by forcing out the Impurities from tbe
lood. Treatise on Blood and Skin Olieoscfj mailed
ree Tm.SwirrSrr.anc'.Co. . , Drawer S ,
or 169 W. 23d hi , New York.
S et ?
Nervous M I Loll
Uebllllr - / llailiood u
.r ' . " " " prescription of a uoud [ * cUHH
Kr ( l. ) PrtvcUU can fill U. Addr.li
DR , WARD -i CO , , LOl'lHIANA. 1U
Tha lemmkabla growth of l
during the Iwt few yean U a mtttoi of
great astonishment to thoaa who pay n
occasional visit to thla growing oltr. Thi
development of the Stor.V Yards -thi
noocBsftf of iho Bolt Linn Rood -Un
finely paved streets the hundreds of now
residence ! and costlr business blocks ,
with the population of our oltjr more than
doubled In the hut five years. All this
la a great surprise to visitors and li the
admiration ot our oltlsona. Thli rapid
growth , the bunlnosa activity , and tha
many aubatantlal Improvements made a
lively demand for Omaha real estate , and
every Investor hoi made e handsome
Slnaa the Wall Street paulo May ,
with the aubnoqnont ory of hard times ,
there haa boon iocs dom&ud from apoaula *
toro , but a fair demand from Investor *
Booking homos. Thin latter el ass are
taking advantage of low prices in build *
Ing material and are aocnrlng tholr homes
at much leas coot than Trill bo ponslblo
year hence. Speculators , too , can buy
real osta1 a cheaper now and ought to Uka
advantv e of present prices for future
pro Li.
The next few yearn promlaoi groalei
d ivol opmontfl In Omaha than the pant
fin yonrs , which have boon aa good RI
wo oonld reasonably dofllro. Now man
ufacturing establishment ! ! and largo Job *
blng houses ore added almost weekly , and
all add to the prosperity of Omaha.
There are ninny in Omaha and through *
bnt the State , who have their money in
the b&nka drawing a nominal rate of In
terest , which , If judiciously Invested In
Omaha fo/xl o&tato , would bring thorn
much greater roturna. We have many
bargains vrbloh wo nro confident will
bring the pnrohuor largo profits In tha
near future.
We have for sale the finest reui-
denco property in the north and
western parts of the city.
North we have fine lots at reasonable -
able prices on Sherman avenue,17th ,
18th , 19th and 20th streets.
West on Farnam , Davenport ,
Cuming , and all the ending streeti
in that direction.
The grading of Farnam , Califor
nia and Davenport streets has mada
accessible some of the finest and
cheapest residence property in tha
city , and with the building of the
street car line out Farnam , the pro
perty m the western part of the city
will increnflfl in valnw
We also have the agenoy for the
Syndicate and Stock Yards proper
ty in the south part of the city. Tiia
developments made in this sectiou
by the Stock Yards Company on2
the railroads will certainly donbln
the once in a short time.
We also have some fine busineae
lots and Borne elegant inside reai-
dencop for sale ,
Parties wishing to invest will find
Home good borRuiriB by colling * .
Bet -roon Farnhnm and Douglas.
P. S. We oak these who bora
property for sale ot a bargain , to gir
as a callWe want only bargain *
We will positively not handle prop
erty Bt more than its real value.

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