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Monday Morning , May Hi
By OarrlM . . . ----M eenta p f " *
By Mall - - - - - - - 110.00 p r year
Hoton Potter ia to bo bore Thuradny
Yon should not fall to hear Joseph
Cook to-night.
0. L. Front has oponoda frnlt end cigar
l nd at No. G45 Broadway.
Soonro stata for Joseph Oook to-night ,
at Bashnoll's.
Ed Harris , Finloy Onughoy , and Mur
phy Thompson were run la Saturday for
being drank.
Brlcku , for sale In Inrflo or small lots
by J. A. Weaver , No. 815 Seventh ave
nue.Mr. . Mellon la moving his saloon from
No. 326 Broadway to next to Rapp's
To-night Joseph Oook looturos at the
opera ; no Intelligent man or woman
ahould bo absent.
John Thompson , Frank Hastings and
Dave Fllos ara to have n heating in the
superior court this morning on a charge
of raising a rumpus on the streets.
The city council Is to moot to-night ,
and the long oxpootod election of city
officers Is to take plaoo at loaat ancli la
the promise handed down by the fathers.
It was atatod yesterday by parties who
ought to know , that the pipers In six In
junction aults against saloon-hoopers
have boon prepared , and that the notices
will bo served to-day.
In the ejectment suit of Scott against
lira. Richardson , the jury have decided
In favor of the plaintiff , so that now ho
gota possession of his farm after a fight
which has lasted since August last.
The eleven-year-old son of Mr. Grower ,
who fell from a car In the roar of the
Chicago lumber yard on Friday afternoon
last and received such serious Injuries
la doing as well as can bo expected under
the circumstances.
Tbo foundation of the brick cottage ,
No. C19 Sixth avenue , gave way the
other night , causing the building to fall ,
ono of the walla being all down , and the
whole building being bodly wrecked. It
is owned by J. T. Hart.
Mandemakera & Van , the upper
Broadway contractors , have again closed
a contract for a tiro-story building. It
seems that they are receiving a largo
share of the work in this city , this being
the ninth contract for now buildings they
have made this year.
At Noola Saturday a falling scaffold
caused Injuries to B. Grahl , and his son ,
and a young man , who wore at work on
tbe building. Grahl had several teeth
knocked out , and his face cut , and his
aon got a bad scalp wound. The other
young man escaped injury.
William Mynater , jr. , acn of the alder
man , having gained quite a reputation as
a rifle shot , some of the yonng men ex
press themselves as anxious to meet him
In a free-for-all amateur shoot , and de
sire him to express himself on the ques
tion aa to whether ho Is thus willing to
join in such a contest.
B. Grayblll had the distinction of be
ing arrested twise on Saturday-for being
drunk. In the morning he paid one fine
out of the $35 ho had on hand , and in
tbo afternoon ho was run in again , and
given another dose. Ho then concluded
that ho had contributed enough to the
city's coffers and skipped out bofora ho
could bo assessed again.
On Saturday afternoon a horse attached
to a buggy became frightened on Willow
avenue , corner of Bluff street , and made
for the sidewalk , the buggy coming to a
sudden standstill against a tree , and the
horao breaking away , made for the sta
ble. The occupant of the buggy Jumped
In time to escape injury , and the damage
to the buggy and harness was only slight.
When Miss Potter appeared as Charlotte -
lotto Cushman , in "Meg Morrlllles , "
where Miss Oushman had lived , the pco
pie were startled , as though the actress
herself had como to life , so perfectly had
Miss Potter caught oven what was mosl
subtle and wonderful In Mies Onshmaa'a
rendition of this character. Hartford
Oouranl. She will appear at Dohany's
Thursday evening , May 14th. Admission
OOo , children 25o.
The management of the dime museum
and theatre give a special performance
this week and have also retained Miss A.
Patterjon , the human match ; Prof. Sten-
doll , with his "electro musical thaumas-
cope ; " L. Baldwin and Madame Howell.
In the words of the management "ladles
can safely visit this popular place of
amusement without an ouoort , as wo per
sonally guarantee that nothing will bo
done to offend the most fastidious. "
To-morrow evening the chair sociable
of the Young Men'a Christian association
will be held In the new rooms , corner
Main street and Broadway , The objeo
of this gathering la to seat the noir ball
There is room fur about SOO more chairs ,
Persons attend ing are expected to bring i
chair to donate to the organization. The
old quarters of the association became
too small to accommodate the lncrea e :
attendance. Now when properly chaired
from 300 to 850 persons can bo seated
The Intertet In nil departments of the
work is Increasing , It is to be hopec
that this sociable will furnish the dealted
numbrr of chain. Everybody Invited ,
Gome and bring chairs with you.
The ladles who are preparing "The
Cirnlvsl of Nation , " have been very
busy getting arrangements completed so { j
ihat tbo entorto'nraent miy open to-mcr * ) <
row evening , and a largo force of car
penters have botn kept on the jump preparing -
paring Masonic hall. The work Is ono of
Creator magnitude than those not
directly concerned would think , and all
of to-day , as well as to-morrow , will not
too much time to allow for the re
maining wark of preparation. The ladles
are preparing a grand on *
tortalnmeut , and should re-
celvo the reward , the only reward
which they hope , that of seeing their
efforts ao appreciated that many dollass
may bo gathered Into the treasury , for
the building of the now Episcopal
Tickets are going rapidly for Joseph
Oook , to-nlgM.
Boaurogard Miller has been arrested
on the charge of being a vagrant. Ho
says that the charge was the result of a
Ittlo trouble with the son of Mr. Moss-
or , who Is employed In his father's store.
Miller claims that when ho has a spare
five dollar note ho frequently puts it In-
sldo of his hat lining for safekeeping , and
hat Saturday night ho had ono thus
stowed away , when ho wont Into Moil-
or'a atoro to get his hat stretched n little ,
and that the yonng man pulled the bill
out , and after fooling with It a while , ro-
osod to Rive It back , and that as her
r isod a llltlo row about It , Mossier had
ilm arrested as a vagrant. In turn ho
iroposea to prosoouto'tho yonng man on a
ihargo of larceny. The other sldo of the
itory la that Miller had no five dollar
> ill , but that the bill In question won ono
hat had just boon paid fn by a man who
lad bought a hat , and that Miller tried
o work the store for It. The case will be
loard to-day.
Bolter , In order to close out hit present
took of tailoring goods , Ia putting prices
at 24 to 35 per cent below coot , No. 810
Facts worth remomberlng when you
my wall paper , lat. That Board , next
leer to postoffico has the largest ntook to
elect from. 2d. That his prices an as
ow as the lowest. 3d. That ho Is a
practical interior decorator and employe
none but skillful workmen.
Judge O. F. Lootbonrow is in the city.
Major J. F , Wood , of Ottumwa , is at the
Captain Hatcher has returned from St.
L , E. Waterman , of Moline , III , is at the
Charles Ellis , of Cincinnati , O , , Is a Pacific
house guest
B. 6 , Eaton , of the American express com
pany , was in the city yesterday.
J. Henley Bradley , of the Chicago imple
ment firm of that name , is at the Ogden ,
L. Jl Tulleck , agent of the "Power ef
Jonoy" company , was at Bechtdlo'a yeater
Hurry Z. Haaa has returned from North
? ark , Colorado , where ha has been looking
ifter his large cattle ranch ,
Mlaa Anna Bowman and her friend , Miss
Jora Rns ell , of Glenwood , have returned
rom a visit to Omaha friends.
Dr. Albert Smith , who has been here for a
week or to , visiting friends and relatives , now
itarts for Denver , where ho will open a den
ial office.
W , G. Lloyd , late bookkeeper with Else-
man & Co. , has gone to Sioux Falls , Dakota ,
o take an active interest In business with his
: ther at that place.
Col. E. F. Hooker , of the Chicago , Bock
Island & Pacific railway , Is in the city , the
piest of Jerome McOllntock , acting general
agent ef the same road.
Henry Wagner left last evening over tha
lock Island on a long journey , bonnd on a
visit to the old country , and expects to be ab-
ont abant thrse months.
George B. Thompson , representing Park
Davla & Co. , of Detroit , manufacturing
chemists , Is hero arranging a display for the
meeting of the state pharmaceutical society ,
which opens on Wednesday.
Mr.D. , B. Prescott , of the Coming Ga
zette , was in the city yesterday , his first visit
lero in two years , Ha noted and commended
many improvements as made during that
lime , and expreaies the belief that Conneil
Bluffs should have great faith in ita own fu
Mr , and Mrs. M. G. Griffin left last evenIng -
Ing for San Francisco , where , they will take
np their abode , he having been appointed
general agent of the Hartford Llfo and An
nulty Insurance company , with headquarter *
there , They will go by tha way of the Oregon
short line and will stop off a few days at
Boise City , Idako.
It is nndentood that Bob Ingersol is to
lecture hero shortly , In answer to Joseph
Cook , who epoaks to-night at the opera
houso. All should hear each sldo of the
question. Oook Is laid to be the ablest
and deepest of thinkers.
Substantial abstracts of titles and rea
estate loans , J. W. & E. L. Squire , 101
Pearl street.
" \Vhoro Is OTOBB ?
There have bonn a good many various
reports about Dr. Gross , and whether ho
has boon taken to the penitentiary or
not. The fact Is that the judge , in pass
ing sentence , ordered him taken to the
penitentiary , there to remain until the
date fixed for his hanging , and this was
generally supposed to bo the only place
ho could bo kept under the law. Ills
attorneys hunted up a special statute
providing that when tbo defendant per
fected his appeal at once , ho should
bo kept in the custody of the same officer
until the appeal was hoard. Under thin
they claim that Dr. Cross mnit bo kepi
at Glenwood until the appeal is heard
and decided Although the judeo is said
to have made the order that he should be
taken at once to Fort Madison , the de
frndant IB still in jail at Glcnwood , and
It la not thought probable that the order
to have him taken to the ptnltentiarj
nil ] bo inils'ed upon , in view
of tha special statute referred
to. Tha length of time which ho may
remain in the jail at Glunirood , while
the appeal la being derided , will cut no
figure , In case the appeal confirms th l
sentence , and in that event the date fixed
for hanging would bo the eamo as now.
Such Is the position taken by the de
fense , and the fact that he remalnt in the w
jil ut Glenwond , aermi to bo an cqoiu
leeence oa the part of the prosecution.
Governor Manning mnil Family the
Victims ol a Rnnnvf ay.
A soriona accident befell Lieutenant
3ovcrnor Manning , and his wlfo , and lit-
Jo daughter yesterday afternoon. They
were enjoying a ride with a horao nnd
niggy from Bennett's stable , when. In
coming down Glen avenue , the horse
looomo frightened , and broke Into a
run. On reaching the corner by
Mr. John Oliver's house , tbo
lorso turned suddenly np into the cut ,
and the buggy was overturned , throwing
the occupants out in such a manner that
at first It seemed that they must all have
boon killed. The little gltl , aged nbont
ivo years , was Insensible when picked up ,
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Manning were appar
ently badly injured. They were taken
into Mr. Oliver's residence , and Dr.
Hart speedily summoned. An exnnlna-
tlon happily showed that no bones were
broken , and the injuries Boomed to bo
aovoro bruises , and the -shock , hut no
n juries appeared which were
thought to ba of n really serious or
permanent nature. The escape from
death aoomod almost miraculous to those
who saw the accident , the family and the
buggy seeming to tumble Into such a
confused pile that there appeared no
ohanco for an escape from fatal results ,
A carriage soon took Governor Manning
and his family to their residence , and It
a to bo hoped that a few day's care and
roatmont will see them well recovered
rom the effects of their accident ,
Artists' Materials at G. II. Board's
Wall Paper Store , Send for prloo Hat.
Tlio County Attorney Explains Wliy
it ia Not Prosecuted.
Col. Koatloy , the county attorney , haa
icon Investigating the caio of Dayhoff ,
who was arrested on the charge of soduc-
lon preferred against him by the mother
of a yonng lady , with whom It TVOS sup-
josed ho had boon too Intimate. The
case was so mysteriously dropped that
the publlo has been wondering what the
real facts wcro. The county attorney now
makes the following statement : The
other day the mother of the girl was re
quested to arrange for an Interview
jy the attorney with the girl , seas
as to BOO what did occur between
icr and Dayhoff. The mother said aho
conld not Indnco the girl to s y anything
about the caso. The county attorney
; hon told the mother that would end the
case , if the girl would not tell what hap
pened between her and Dayhoff. The
iiothor wont off , and that is the last that
IBB boon soon of her. She has been cir
culating the statement that the officers
cihi nd received money for letting Dayhoff
off. The yonng lady herself after
wards called on the attorney and
emphatically Btated that nothing
orof an Improper character over
occurred between her and Mr. Dayhoff.
That Is the reason she did not Intend to
50 Into court against h/rn , because aho
lad nothing to charge against him. It is
evident that the mother , in her hot haato ,
lad been Influenced by some malicious
persona hero against her daughter , and
laa thus been led to do her a cruel
wrong. The attorney says that the yonng
ady la pretty , modest and intelligent ,
and that hot manner beara the imprint of
Roml Estate Transfers.
The following are the tranafors of rea
estate aa recorded In the office of the
registrar , and reported to THE BEE by
A. J. Stephenson , for Saturday , May 9 :
0. F. Harl to W. T. Grouse , lot 26 ,
block 26 , Central anbdlv. , $190.
John W. Barl at al to 0. F. Harl , lot
26 , block 26 , Central anbdiv. , 8100.
Walter Moore to 0. F. Harl , lot 26 ,
block 26 , Central anbdlv. , $100.
L H. Jensen to H. Ghrlatofferson , part
lot 90 , original plat , $1,200.
Laura D. Wells to Henry Lauter , part
nwi 21 , 75. 43 , $800.
Henry Klofman to L , W. Caughey ,
part nej nwi20 , 76 , 43 , $470.
laaao Doty to E. L. Bellinger , lot 13 ,
block 3 , Street's add. , $250.
Margaret Clochcsy to Jerry Kelly , lot
15. block 18 , Riddle's nubdlv. , $2,300.
Total sales , $5,415.
Oantctl , a Private ,
Brooklyn Times ,
A prominent Brooklynlte , on his re
turn from the World's Exposition at Now
Orleans , took a run up to Louisville on
his way homo to visit a friend , who was
unusually delighted to see him , and who
did all the honors of hospitality wlthtrno
Kentucky spirit ( Blue-Gr < ft whisky )
Hitching up a fast horse for of course
every true Kentucky gentleman drives a
fast horse ( if ho can beg , borrow , or
steal one ) ho took our friend for a
drive to show him the city. The Ken-
tnck > an pointed with his whip at a gentle
man and remarked :
"Soo that man coming out of the
Courier-Journal bnildlugl"
"Yes ; who is he ? "
"That's Col. Watterson old Hank.
At short Intervals ho would again
point his whip and say :
"Seo that man on the corner , that' *
Col. Burchard ; owns lots of trotting
stock , That man over by that lamp
post is Major Martha. See that man
with a gray suit on going into the hotel
that's Col Littlejohn. That man jus !
golfing into Jhst buggy is Capt. Kellogg
poker player the captain Is. See that
man standing in that doorway ; that's
Ool. Will S. Hays , the song-writer. See
t5at man going into the telegraph office
' "
* "Excuse mo , Jim , but do yon happen
to have a revolver with you , ? "
"Yes , I always csrry one. But what
In thunder do yon want a shootln'-lron
for ? "
'Ju t let mo take It. Thanks. Now
show mo a private , please. I want to
hoot the cnaa , Ho must foci d d
lonesome hero. "
Australian Bport.
Kangaroolng la the most Interesting
sport in Australia , and is ono of the
most exciting in the world , Largo meets
are organized , parties of from twenty to
thirty joining in these hunts. They rid
to the kangaroo grounds , and as soon a
an animal is sighted the two dogs are ro
asod aud the horses are given their
heads. If the Australian horse is up in
his bnslmss , and if you let him take you ,
instead of your trying to take him , he
will carry you safely , avoiping trees and
underbrush. A goop , strong kangaroo
trill give you a long ehase , and very often
% A large stock and choice patterns. Prices clear down.
DryGoods , DryGoods
All the novelties in Dress Goods , Silks and White Goods , Always Lowest Prices.
We make a sneoialtv of Store Sliacliiigs > Office Mattings , the furnishing of churches
offices and public buildings.
Harkness Bros , 401 Broadway Council Bluffs
the dogs cannot follow dim. In this
0 iso , when the horseman gets up to the
kangaroo ho takot of his stirrnp and
strap and inooVa the animal over the
head , which Effectually stuns him. Ho
is then JcllJod and skinned. The hind
quarters are given to the dogs. It is
good enough for catinp , but too strong
to bo patataplo to those of dollcaso taatr.
The tail , on tha contrary , ia considered
policious when made into BOUD. The
nAorafjo \ slzo of the kangaroy is about 3J
feet high , and la very fierce when cornered -
ed ; ho has oven been known to rip men
open with a alnOlo blow from ono cf his
hind legs ,
Wboat-No , 1 milling , 70 ; No. 2 , CO ;
No. 3 , GO.
Com Now , 28o.
Oats For local purposes. SOo.
Hay 9 00 per ton ) baled , 60.
Rye COo.
Corn Meal 1 CO poz 100 pounds.
Wood Good snpply ; prlooa at yards , 6 00 ®
6 60.
Oool Delivered , hud , 9 50 per ton ] 10 !
40 per ton
Lord Armour's , wholesaling at 7i > .
Flour Olty flour , [email protected] 90 ,
Broomo [email protected] 00 per doz ,
Cattle Butcher cows 8 [email protected] 75 , Botcher
atoers , 3 70(34 ( 00.
Snoop 3 003 50 ,
Hogs 3 [email protected] 75.
Eggs-Dull at lOc.
Butter Receipts are increasing ; choice
crearaety,[email protected] ; choice country , llDc ; good
12&14c ; poor to fair , [email protected] Race butter
should be wrapped in bleached butter cloth
and closely packed.
Poultry Demand strong supply light ; live
spring chickens , good size , 56 00 perdoz.hro | ;
old chickens , light and medium weight ,
[email protected] perdoz. ; live old chickens , heavy
weight , $ -1 00 ; live turkeys , [email protected] per Ib.
At present tha weather is too uncertain to
ship dressed poultry ; however high prices can
be obtained lor choice stock arriving in good
Game Demand is only for fresh killed
ducks ; mallards200 ; mixedl 59 ; teal , 1 00.
Onions None in market ; choice stock
would likely bring 31 76 ; sprouted and poor ,
[email protected] 25.
Beans Clean stock in goodjdemand at 61 30
@ 140 for mediums , and 1 GO for navies ] dirty
Block < is dull at $1 00.
Potatoes The freight war has given us
choic Wisconsins and Mlnnesotas at [email protected]
Giood natives are going at 60o in bulk ; small
lots of sacked , GGc.
Ureen Peas None but poor stock as yet , at
$2 00(13 ( 00 per bushel.
String Beans 7Cc to $1 OOJper box of one-
third bushel.
New Potatoes S2 50(33 ( 00 per bushel.
Sweet Potatoes Table , [email protected] per Ib.
Strawberries Fair Arkansas , 25o per quart.
Asparagus - Small native , 75o to 1 00 ; Cal
ifornia , $1 [email protected] 00.
Spinach 32 JO per bbl.
01 elhtr ttmion ieaoT i wllhont lit
Jalli > r irawin * of UM&
Orer thirty jtm practical oxptiUoat
f. Pearl itreei , Council EloEl.
' " - i frss.
By reason of Its central position nnil rloso relation to
all principal lines Fait and Went , at Initial and ter
minal points , conitltutca the ranit Important mid-
continental link In that system of through transpor-
tatlon which Invites anil facilitates trawl and trafllo
between cities of till ) Atlantic and 1'aclflo Coasts It
in also tha favorite nnd best route to and from points
Kant. Knrthcait anil Southeast , anil corrutpondlnff
points West , iiorlhwcat and bouthncet.
The Croat Rock Island Route
Guarantees Ita patrons tint uen n of ptrnonal teca-
rltr alfordpd by a Bolld , thorouRblr balUitvd road-
tut , mnooth tracks of continuous tfrcl rail , tubilan-
tlally built culverts nnd lirldncs , rolllnir rtoi k as nrar
pirrcctlon OH hunmn rlclll tan make It. the .aftty
appliance of patent burferH.ulatfonns anil air brakes ,
uniltlmt cinctlnv dlBelplIno which iroverni the prac
tical operatlun of nil Its trains Other f pcclalllc i of
thin routis are Traiisrcrs at all conmctlnir point ! In
Union Depots , and the unnurpattfied corufortu anil
luxuries or Ita I'assonutr Equipment ,
Tlio Fast f'JDrcw Trains between ChlcnRO anil
Ptorla. Council llluiri , Kansas CMty , 14-avcnworth and
Atchlson uro compo ed of vull vrntllatnl , llnely up-
tiolitorud Day Coaches , llairnlllcent 1'ullman 1'alaco
bleepersof Iho lalost dcilgn , anil sumnluous Dlnlnic
Can , In which cl ljorat ly reeked meals arn Wnunly
eaten. HetwtimChlcauoanil K /vsC'lly anilAtrhlsou
are also run the Celebrated Hccllnlng Chair Cars.
The Famous Albert Loa Route
Is the ( llruct anil fayorlto line Ixtneen ChlcaRoanil
MlimeapollsariilSt 1'aul , where ionm-i-tloni4areroailo
la Union Depots for ull points In the Territories and
llrltlsh 1'iovlncos. Uvur this route Faet Kiprt-m
Trains aru run la the wntirinR places , imminer ro-
forts , plcturesriuo localities nnd uiintlnii > unil Ashlntr
CToumljof lotra and Jllniutic'a. It Is ul < > the most
desirableirouto lo the rtcu > " jt llilds and | m toral
lands or Interior Dakota
Mill anolbir DIHKLT UNE. rla Seneca and Kan
obtainable , as jreJI as tickets , at all iirlnilpalTkket
Outre * la tha Uultod Btatoj and Canada ) or by ad
Prts't A Oeu'l M'jr'r , Oon'l T'kt & J'OM. Ag't ,
Mammoth Dime Museum
6th Avo. anil Pcirl Street , ( Formeily Martin's
Kink. )
PAIVIKH & SAKDIH , Prop'rs & Managers.
Ono week only , commencing
The Celebrated and Popular
George France Draia'ic ' Company
In tbo Highly 'Sensational Dramas
Will contain Freaks of Nature , Curiosities ,
and Mechanical Wonders , principal among
which , will bo found the world reputed won
der ,
The King of Fire-Eaters
The Lightning Lady ,
The Armless Wonder ,
Princess of the Todoa tribe of Mexican In
dians ,
The Bohemian Glass Blower ,
And many other novelties.
A Reaort for Ladies. A Resort for Ladies ,
Museum open 1 to 5 and 7 to 10 p. m.
Theater Matinee 2 p. m. Evening 8 p. m.
NOTICE. Spcotal ft veiilMmenta , mo M Lost
found , To Loan , For Bale , To Bent , Wants , Board' '
tug , etc. , will bo Inserted in this column at Iho low
rate ol TEN CENTS PEB LINE lor the flrai Insertion
and FIVE CENTS PEB LINE for e oh snbeaqaenl
rtlon. Le vo advertisement * at oniofflo * , Ho.
Pear ! Blrevi , near Broodwav
WANTED Situitlon by a young nun having
limited experience as dark and book-keeper.
Addles * , E. K. , BIB office. Council Blags.
IMJUND A pwketbook onUmiog valuable
papers. Call at Baa office , proro propertr ,
and pay for thli adtortUoment
FOR SALE AT A BAKQAIN-Tho deslroblo rest-
dcnoe or bnslnc'a property on Upper Broad *
way , known ag the Powers place. Apply.to Quo , H.
BHARD , 22 Main itreet.
WANTS TO TrtADK. Good Iowa or Nebraska
land for a email stock ol bardvaro or general
merchandise , well located. SwiN & WJLIKBB.
TjtOR B4LB A rare ohanco to get a fine , well 1m-
J ? proved farm of 400 acres , within a few miles ol
Council BluBi , at a bargain. Low price and oaay
terms. BWAH & WALUQ
FOR BALE A good paying hotel property with
llyoiy stable , In ono of the beat Bnull towns in
western Iowa will Bell with or without furniture , or
will trade for a small farm with ( took eta
FOR SALE Land ! Improtod aad unimproved.
II you want a farm in western Iowa , Kansai
Nebraska or Dakota , lotus hear from you.
I\OK BALE A Unto number of business and teal-
denoo lots In all parts of Council Bluffs. See
us before you buy , SWAN & WALKBB.
FOR SALE Partloa wishing to buy cheap lota to
build on can buy on monthly payments of from
82 to 810. SWAM & WALHIB
PIOll KEN t Wo will rent you a lot to build on
with the privilege to buy if you wish on very
liberal term * . SWAN & WALKXB.
TTtOR RENT Desirable residence 007 Fourth tit
Apply J. W. Damon.
fjiuit BALE Houses. Lota and Land. A. J.
J Btcpbonron , 603 First a\onuo.
AHTtM Every body m Council BluBa o Uko
. TniBn. Delivered by carrier at only Iwtnty
tents a week.
Office , Main Street , ItoomB 7 and 8 , Shikars'and
Iltuo block. Will pr ctoo ( La Siateand tate oonrta.
NO. 2 ,
Ia the Highest Achievement in Writing
Machines in the World.
With only S3 keys to learn aa
operate. It prints 76 characters
Including capo and small letter ) , !
punctuations , figures , elgns and
fractions. It otne elmplest and
moat rapid writing machine
made at well u the most durable '
for free illustrated pamphlet.
Wyckoff Swnnns & Benedict ,
Chicago , 111. , Sole Agents. ,
0. II. BHOLKS , Council
Agent for Western
No , 201 Hoper Broadway , Council Dlnfli.
ft. BOHUBZ , \
Justice of 1 Peace
Brick buildings of any kind raised or moved and Bntisfaction guaranteed , Frame housed
moved on Little Giant trucks , the boat in the world.
w. p. AYLswoimr.
1010 Ninth Street , Council Bluffs
505 Broadway , - - Council Bluffs.
The only all night houeo in the city. Everything served in first elus style and on shor
notice , Hot and cold lunches always ready.
Merchant Tailors !
7 and 9 Main St. ,
AGomplete Line of New Goods to Select From. ;
Will Discount all Prices.
337 Broadway , - - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Good Agents Wanted
Brs. Judd & Smith's
Offlco and Fictory , No 89 , Fourth St. , Council Fluffs , Iowa.
Keep Horses and Mules constantly on hand which
me will cell in retail or carload Iota
All S toe arranted as Reoresented
Wholesale and reUU dealers in Grain and Baled nay. Prices rea-
eonable Batlalaction Guaranteed.
& }
Cor. Oth Av. and 4th St. , Council Bluffs.
No. 507 Broadway Council
Railway Time Table ,
The following are the tlmea ol the arrival and de <
partaro ol trains by central standard time , al tbe
local depots. Trains leave transfer depot tea mln
itoi earlier and arrlvo ten minutes later.
TrfiOAoaand Homuwaarmn.
0:25 : A u Mall and Eiprcea t-M\r \ M
12:10 : r u Accommodation 4:10 : r u
6:30 : r u Express 9.05 A u
:25 : A u Mill and Exproea 6.53 r
r26 ; A u Accommodation 6:16 : r u
5:30 : r u Exprcta 8,00 A
1.20TA M Mail and Exproaa 0:60 : f
S26 ; r u Expreai 0.-05 A
craoAoo , itnuiaroit AHD quiKtrr.
0:60 : A u Mall and Exproea 7:10 : r u
2:30 : r M > ccom > oJatlon 2oo : r u
6:15 : iu Expreu , 8.60 A u
From Transfer only.
ISO : r M St. Txmli KrprcM 2S : r u
:40 : r 11 Chlctgo Kip via Fcorla 0:10 : A M
0,0h A U Mall and KxpreM 8:40 : r
8:16 : r u Exprcea 6.2S A M
:50 : A u Mall for Sioux City 6.to r x
; CO r u Exprexa for Bt 1'aul B.60 A U
usiov w
11:00 : A > ( Denver KspreiH 4:35 : r u
1:06 : r u Lincoln Tote O'a & R V 2.85 r M
,7:66 r u Okerland txpreba 8.80 A
Leave Council Hlufli 7:15-80 : : 9.30 10:80 :
i:40 : a. m. 1 0 8:30-8:30 : : 4:28 : B5 : fl6 :
il:46 : p. m. Leave Omaha 0 40 7B : ( etO : 10
-1ISI5 a. m. 12:60-2.00-8.eO-4 : : 0-4:66-6.66 :
-11:100. : m.
In Couno Bluffs hiring a
\.nd all modem Improvemeuta , call bells , fire
alarm bell , etc. , i the _
Nos. 210 , 217 nnd 219 , Main Street.
Curtains , Oil Cloths ,
Window Shades ,
Linoleums ,
Mattings ,
Bugs , Etc , , Etc.
Careful Attention Given to On
of Town Orders ,
Upholstery and Drapery Work a
Oar stock ia the
Largest in IB f est
and U being continually ropleniehod by
all the latest and choicest novoltloB.
405 Broadway Council Biufls

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