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347 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
This week 'we will make a cut-in all De
partments ,
The Greatest of all Preceding
50 pieces of good unbleached cotton , 5o
worth 8 l-3c
6O pieces of heavy weight unbleached
cotton at 6c worth 9c.
1 case of fine bleached muslin at 5c worth
cases bleached soft finished , water
twisted muslin at 7 c worth lOc.
1 case best standard prints at 5c worth
20 pcs half wool Cashmeres , good
colors , lOc worth 15c.
15 pcs Pacific Blocks , assorted col
ors , at 13c worth 20c.
Combination Suitings at 20c worth
New colorings in Satin Berbers at
25c worth lOc.
Melanges , Drap D'Almas , Diago
nals , Gersters at 25c worth 35c.
Coventry in Suitings , all wool , 40
inches wide , new shades , 50c
worth 75c.
Cashmeres & Bun tinge
At prices which cannot be
UO pcs Summer Silks , checks ant
stripes , warranted pure silks , al
35c actual value OOc.
Ho 1. Black Dress Silks at 660
worth 85c.
No 2. The best Black Silk over
seen in this market for 5i wortl
$1 40.
3. Wo arc showing o Silk a
51.50 , actual value $2.
i'his week our linen department
will have to suffer. Having over
stocked our shelves we are com
pelled to reduce the stock in or
der to make room for more sea
sonable goods.
Towels , Napkins , and Table Linens
at rediculously low prices.
20 doz Mens' Gauze Shirts at 15c
worth 25c.
20 doz Mens1 India Gauze Shirts at
25c worth 40c.
Mens' Balbrigejan Shirts at 50c
worth 75c.
Mens' Heavy India Gauze nt 50c
worth 65c.
Mens1 Silk Finish Balbriggan Shirts
and Drawers at 60o worth 85c.
"Our Own" perfect fitting Jeans
Drawers at 50c worth 75.
Ladies1 Ganze Vests at 25c wortli
Ladies1 India Gauze , three threat ]
yests , at 45c worth GOc.
Childrens1 Gauze Underwear atfron
12io to 3 DC.
Our Hosiery department has some
of the biggest bargains ever offer'
ed in Hosiery.
Remember this Week
For the Money than you Ever Received
Before. At the
A Siclal Ghat With fto Leading Ctiofcer
of Ntw York.
Innocent Mementos o ( Ohnttly Kxo-
onttono Death's Night Cap *
na Nooses.
Now York Mercury.
On the night after the hanging of Mills ,
the wlfo murderer , A short , stout man ,
sandy hnir and musUoho , with a hard sat
faoo and bnshy oyobrowa tot over a pair
of remarkably penetrating gray eyes , entered -
torod a saloon on Evergreen avonno ,
Brooklyn , and Invltod all present to join
him In n qulot "amllo. "The hang
man , " whispered the lonngors In chorai ,
aa they fctrodo towards the bar to In
dulge. Seven or eight rounds were or
dered and paid for by the abort , atout
man , who exhibited an extraordinary
largo roll of "tons and twenties , " and
after Bottling with the proprietor ho loft
the saloon. Aa ho oloiod tbo door a puz
zled Mercury reporter , who waa standing
near , ntked one of the party the c uio of
the excitement over the man who had
beaten anca a hasty rotrcat. "Oh , " ho
replied , "tho'T
'T suou A HAD Fallow.
Ho always treats the boys after ho re-
reivoa 'tho boodlo' from the sheriff for
Bonding an unfortunate to the other side ;
although Borne folks are really afraid to
go near him , and wouldn't even paaa his
houao , I'd jnat as leave drink with him
as I would with you. " The reporter
treated , and after receiving a promlso of
an Introduction to the hangman on the
following Monday night , bid the man
good night nndtook _ his departure. On
the Monday night In question the re
porter was on hand early In the aaloon.
About half-past 8 o'clock the executioner
came in , and , after a few minutes' con
versation with the proprlotor , ho was in
troduced to the reporter. Clgara were
handed around and politics were dis
cnssod. When the reporter loft that
night ho and the hangman were good
friends. They met again , and the reporter
was invited to call at the hangman's
honso. Tha houao is a neat little two-
story frame , sot bank from the street ,
with a
In front. The blinds are always kept
closed and the rooms darkened. The re
porter entered a hall neatly carpeted and
adorned with a few articles of bilc-a-bric.
Through the ontlra house , excepting one
room , which might rightly bo termed the
"chamber of horrors , " there Is evidence
of quiet , good taato and a desire to make
it a home In every sense of the word.
The parlors are moderately furnished and
contain a few cheap palntinga of figures
and landscapes. The "chamber of her
rors" Is Boldom entered except by the
executioner himself , but the reporter
succeeded in gaining admission to it. On
the walls are tacked numerous photo
graphs of niurdorera who had paid the
penalties of their crimes upon the scaf
fold. M ny of these were taken from
life , while others represented murderers
in the coffin. A neatly framed photo
graph of a full-sized scaffold was sus
pended above a closet door and on the
oppoaito wall hnmr the motto ,
"QOD is LOVB. "
On a shelf in the closet were a number
of books on physiology , old newspapers
and a cell of thin rope.
On a rlckoty rosewood table of ancient
style , which was propped up against the
wall by means of a biick , was a dusty old
volume , entitled "An Account of the Hu
man Body , " and a well-worn diary , In
which are recorded the names of the mur
derers hanged , the dates upon which
they were hanged and newspaper clip
pings of the crimes for which they were
executed. It was at night when tbo visit
was made to this dingy little room , and
the rays from a dim lamp foil upon the
blood-stained and greasy nooses and black
caps which were plica together in a huge
old ohosb which the hangman opened.
sent a thrill through the reporter which
made his blood run cold. Twenty-four
of these horrible and deathly looking
black caps , which served to con
ceal the distorted features of na many
murderers who died on tbo gallows , and
twenty-four nooses fthlch strangled these
unfortunates , were exhibited. In a
corner of the room lying upon tbo floor
was a crossbeam of the old Tombs scaf
fold which has served to execute many of
Now York's criminals. This scaffold was
recently removed from the Tombs , -and
replaced by a now one , erected by a
Brooklyn carpenter. The hangman
superintended the erection of this scaf
fold and had the old one carted over to
Brooklyn , and placed In the baok yard of
his house. Recently the neighbours
complained about it and ho took It apart ,
saved the cross-beam and reduced the re
mainder of it
The reporter called at the sheriffs ofBca
In the Klng'a county court houeo recent
ly , and was Informed by Under Sheriff
MoLaughlln that the hangman had re
quested the sheriff to keep his ( the hang
man's ) business "dark. " But It was as
certained that at a recent execution ho
had tire assistants , ono of whom "cut
the rope , " while the hangman Itokod on.
He hasa wife and two children , a boy
and a handsome looking daughter of
eighteen. The latter has many admirers
and Is quite a society belle.
and pray when they pass the little brown
house and strong men avoid meeting the
hangman. Even the police officers pre
fer not coming in contact with him , aa
they Bay to moot him Is an ill omen.
Ho Is a very early riser. At present he
does small jobi at his regular trade In
this city. lie Is very superstitious and
wouldn't allow any ono to cut a twig or
lift a atone on his premises. Ho imagines
that boos , ants , reptiles and beasts have
the power of giving onion of good or bad
The hangman partakes of an oarlj
breakfast upon the morning of the da ]
on which a murderer is to bo executed
loaves his house about six o'clock , am
goes out whistling "Tho Girl I Left Bo
bind Me , " his favorite tune. Ho gen
erally drops into tbo first aalooi
he comes to for "an eye opener , '
I and then starts fcr the place a
which the hanging ia to occur. Upoi
his arrival he goes direct to the aherli
and reports for duty , A few minute
before the hour appointed for the oxocu
Uon , in company with the sheriff , h
visits the condemned man's cell , pinion
the murderer's hands , places the blac
cap upon his head and the noose abou
hli neck. The rope which composes th
noose is well oiled and made very sll [
pory , and upon the end of it la a ana
boor. After these preliminaries are a1
tended to by the hangman , the murdoct :
Is led , to the scaffold , Here the nooi )
which encircled the condemned man's
nock Is attached to the icaflbld by means
if the snap hook. The hangman goes to
his station , in a little honso adjoining the
scaffold. Through a small peep hole In
the tide of this houio , ho Is enabled to
see the signal for him to cut the weight
ropo. This signal is generally given by
the sheriff , who simply passes a handker
chief across hi * month. When the hang
man procelvcs this ho cuts the weight-rope ,
which permits 275 pounds of metal to
fall upon a mattrosf , and jerks the mur
derer high into the air. When the phy
sicians prostnt pronounce llfo extinct ,
the man lowers the corpse and places it
in a coffin. This completes his part of
the programme.
Charles Rngg , the Long Island mur
derer , will bo executed at Long Island
Oily , and this man will bo master of
ceremonies on this occasion. Hla first
stop will bo to erect the scaffold in the
yard of the now jail , pftor which ho will
attend to the rigging of it. This will bo
done on Thursday , the 14th , the day
previous to the hanging. Although the
time ia not very near at hand ho la al
ready sharpening the welght-ropo knlfo.
It Is said that for this job ho will receive
$100. In the fall ho will swing Gnldlcl
Gulsoppo , the Italian murderer , in the
Oily of Churches , and bo $150 richer
than ho Is at present. In Now York
county his p y for n hanging Is In the
neighborhood of $250.
Dry Fads Saturated With Prohibition
aiifl Personal Liberty ,
A. Variety ol Incident and Accident
Gleanings from tbo Now * Centers
of tbo Stmto.
Population of Clinton , 11,300.
Oreston has been divided Into five
The Presbyterians of Mcrldan propose
to build.
The newsboys of DcsMoInos iavo a
fund of $2,000.
The now route from DCS Moinoa to St
Joe opens to-day.
It costs $25 n month to sell back door
budge In Dubnquo.
Revenue collections at Mnscatino range
from $3,000 to $4,000 a day.
A soap faker cleaned up $200 among
the bucolics of Strawberry Point.
A Cedar Rapids saloonkeoperwaa fined
$100 for selling liquor to a minor.
Hamilton connty Is without a saloon to
irrigate the wilderness of dry throats.
Smco the collapse of tha chain Ot-
tumwa has become the tramp harbor of
the state.
Patrick Murphy was badly crushed
in the Eureka mlno near Dss Molnes ,
The Ministerial association , of Creston ,
has , by resolution , condemned the skat
ing rink.
Gangs of tramps give railroad men con
siderable exorclso In the yards at Pacific
One hundred patients are in the new
cottage of the Insane hospital at
Sioux City claims , If the spring census
Is "properly taken , " it will show a popu
lation of 15,000.
A mllltla company has been organized
in Slonx City. Forty striko-domollshers
have been enrolled.
Mahaaka connty decided to add $50-
000 tojtho $60,000 already expended , to
complete tno court house ,
William Hartonott , the boy who was
so brutally assailed by the Missouri Val
ley night watchman named GOBS , is re
Two scared girls and a mouse brought t
out the ontlro police to a house in Dos
Molnes. The fire deparomont narrowly
escaped a call.
Burglars are helping the democrats to
clean ont the postofScos. The former
raided three offices last week , but the
harvest was poor.
That whisky is a cafe road from afflu
ence to poverty was instanced in Daven
port last TTOtk , when a former wealthy
one' prominent citizen joined the stone
gang to pay hla fine.
Joel Bearer , a Linn county farmer ,
harrowed his vitals with strlchnlno , all on
account of a woman. He waa planted
by aorrowlng friends.
Tramps make It a rule to change care
and shirts at Oreston. Citizens of that
town camplaln of the numerous drafts
made fof the latter purpose.
Oreston la confident that a nest oi
counterfeiters is flooding the town with
bogus dollars. The market price of the
qaoor is $100 bogus for $30 genuine.
A deadlock In the city council of Mar-
ahalltown has resulted in extinguishing
the electric lights In that city , and loaves
the world to darkness and to tallow dips.
The Presbyterian minister at Farley
has sued a member of bis flock for $10-
000. Ho says the sheep has slandered
him. Of course there is a woman in the
The charter of the State National bank ,
of Keoknk , expires May 23 , and will no )
bo reiifiwed , but will bo reorganized undoi
tbo state laws as the State Bank ol
The thlaty-socond annual conventlor
of j the Protestants oplscopal.'church It
the diocese of Iowa will assemble In St
John's church at Clinton , on Tuesday
May 20.
Great excitement prevails in Mltsonr
Valley over the enforcement of the pro
hibitory law , the last saloon In the towi
having been forced to close np severs
days ago.
The Riymond Mill company , of Otce
ola , has recovered a judgment against th
Mill Owners' Mutual Insurance compan1
for $7,000 , lees by fire on their mill ii
February , 1884.
The cracksmen were discovered In th
act of rifling the Wiota bank last MOE
day night. The police wore a little to
previous and before any harm was don
the burglars skipped.
Frank E. Day , the youngest preachc
in the state , a mere boy , was married 1
Cedar Rapids last week. The yonn
divine belongs to the methodlst denote
( nation and is stationed at Allison.
A meeting of the officers of the IOM
division of League of American wheolme
will be held at Oskaloosa on May 20 , i
which time the placa will bo selected fc
ask holding their annual fall convention.
nt Bishop Ooagrovo , of Davenport , has a
bo cured a desirable tract of land for tl
boP proposed Catholic college at that plac
Pap the ground coating $0,800 , and will
it- once proceed to the erection of the fii
er college building ,
se The pirUhoners of the Her. Fath
Nugent of DM Molnes presented him
with an elegant and costly silver service
on the 7th , The sot consists of a large
pitcher , cups , bowl and salver , all but
the latter being gold lined.
A half-dozen officials are now claiming
Iho $1,000 reward offered by Gov. Sherman
man for the arrest and conviction of the
murderer of ox-oonvlct Thnm , killed nt
Cedar Rapids In 1884 , Mitchell and his
accomplice having been fonnd guilty.
William Gallagher , an expert horseman
well known to the sporting fraternity ,
attempted to aulcldo by jomplng from a
Davenport ferry on Tuesday night.
Long-continued absorption of too much
personal liberty had unsettled William's
limited reason.
A Dnbuquo doctor had a call at 12
o'clock on Saturday night froma stranger
who , when fairly into the office , re
quested change of a $5 bill. The doctor
quietly opened his safe , drew out a huge
glittering bowie knife , when the caller
Will Clark , a former omployo of E. H ,
Ryan , a Davenport hatter , Is charged
with having stolen from his former em
ployer goods to the amount of $200. It
is also alleged that the matter was com
promised by Clark's paying $300 cash
hush money.
Ohas. Kissinger , the Slonx City sausage
peddler , who failed to ferry his wife over
the Styx with a bullet , attempted to kill
the policeman who arrested him. Charley
drew a bead on the officer's palpltator ,
bmt the gun failed to go off. The would-
bo murderer was jailed.
The Northwest crematory association ,
of Davenport , Is rapidly gaining strength
In membership. Ono hundred and fifty
shares of stock at $25 per share have
already been taken , and the building of a
temple for the Incineration of bodies will
be commenced at an early dato.
The fascinating warbler and heart
smasher , Emma Sherwood , who recently
married George H. Evens , a promlnont
Dos Moines grain dealer , has disappeared
because her husband's bank account was
not sufficiently long for her taste. George
ia to bo congratulated on his good luck.
Sheriff Webb , of Boone connty , offers
a reward for the capture of Andy J.
Dyer , who broke jail April 30. Webb
had effected the arrest of Dyer at
Ooloiua , In California , and was holding
htm on an indictment for forgery. In
dictments are also nut against him at
Dos Molnes for like crimes. J
Warren Parrot , a Marshall town gam
bler sentenced to six months in jail on
January 20 and pardoned by Gov. Sher
man on the 22d of the same month , has
had his pardon revoked by the governor
for re-engaging In his nefarious business
contrary to promises made , When cap
tured ho will finish his term.
Preparations , now being made for the
coming firemen's tournament at Daven
port , include a 000 foot track in front of
the grand stand , which has a 10,000 seat
ing capacity. A four-inch main will bo
laid to the course to supply the water
tanks from which both steam and hand
engines will take their supply.
Garret Brink , living near Fifiold ,
had a hard tussle with robbers Tuesday
night. Ho was assaulted , tied , robbed
and shot In the ear , the ball coming ont
through his mouth. The villains then
fired the house with the intention of
cremating him , but Brink escaped and
thoagh badly bruised Is still In the ring. .
A Dss Molnes amazon , encumbered
with a crying babe which she held under
ono arm , fairly whipped two policemen
on Tuesday night , loosening an ear from
ono official's head and requiring the
united efforts of four husky men of the
force to get her to the station. The
woman was arrested for living in adul
tery with her Bister's husband.
Miss Mary Gelgor , a young lady o
Burlington , who has been In ill-health
for a number of years , attempted suicide
Wednesday night by shooting. The ball
passed entirely through her body below
the heart , and although she arose to he :
feet after the shot and walked to he :
room , no hopes are entertained of be :
George H. Nichols , commander of
Kinsman post , Grand Army of the Re
public , Des Molnes , In a circular without
data , addressed "to the boys who wore
the blue , " desires to hoar from all old
aoldlera in the state interested in secur
ing a grand reunion to bo hold In DCS
Molnes In 188G. Commander ' Nichols
suggests a convention for the thorough
organization bo hold at an early day and
solicits correspondence on the subject.
A prohibition informer named M. H.
Miller , said to bo In the employ of the
temperance alliance , came to grief in
Carroll , where ho Is said to have got
gloriously drunk , drew a revolver and
proclaimed himself a b-a-d man with a
record. Ho finally run a bluff on the
wrong man , got called , was soundly
thrashed , arrested and fined $50 for dis
turbing the peace and carrying concealed
Mr. T. L. Tracy , of Missouri Valley ,
had been forbidden the house by the
father of his Inamorata , but met his love
on Sunday evening at tbo home of the
young lady's brother , Mr. W. H. Brad
ley , where the Irate "parlent" put In his
appearance armed with guns and other
conveniences. Miss Bradley flew out
of the baok door , and Mr. Tracy was
getting out the front way , when the
wrathful father shot him through the
The Eldora grand jury failed to find a
bill against E. 0. Ellis , the rink expert
dude and marrying man. Ellis waa dis
charged from cnstody and Immediately
repaired to the residence of Mr. Aloher-
man for his wife Belle ; securing her , ho
started to return. The Irate father , dis
covering the turn of affairs , turned him
self and the house dog loose , and the
go-as-you-plcaso race between the dude ,
the dog and the outraged father , is eaid
to have been highly interesting , the old
gentleman winning second money.
10 Type writing and copying ol all kit lU on ihort not o
nDO 1511 Farnam Street , Omaha.
DO Telephone No , 95 ,
B. 0. BELLI ItLS. / . II.
1120 Farnam Street ,
Prompt attention will be given to thee di
tiring good help alihort notice , and aliotboi
dulnng Rood iltuatloni ; both malt and fi
male , office noun : 8 a m , to 12 m. 1 to 7 p.i
Perted Work OoanDt d. Room It , OrooQM
ier Block.
it * n ii1 i
ullRlbrlli T u mm
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