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Injure the If clli , r u M'hf-Bdarhr.or produce con-
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a and Druggists oterrnhoro recommend It.
I > n. N. B tlOioi.r ( , o ( Mirlon , M M. % darn"I
rooommnnd Ilrown's Iron Bltt r M a Yftlnabl * tonlo
for nnHclilna the Mood , and removing all dyspcptlo
wmptoms. It < Ioo not hurt thn toctii. "
Do. II M. IIRtJEKLb Ib > rnM < K Ind. . Mr " t
Into rirrvocrilxxl llrown'n Irnn IlUtura In c w * of
anfflmu and blrvxl dlsaMo . aim when a tonic wan
nnndrd , and it li 1 jirorod thnrmiRhl ? oatlnfactorr
MB.V ntnsM , M St. Mary St. , New OrlMm , IA. .
p rm "n'a Iron Hitlers mtlnvcd me In a caw
nf Mood pol onlnK. and 1 lioartilji commend it to
Ihono needing a purifier , "
Tlio Gnnulno lia Trade Mark and criwrwil rod lines
nnwrappor. Tnkn tin itllirr. Aladoonlyliy
lIltOWN OIIKMICAI , CO. , ll.U.TlMOltl : , Ml ) .
HOOK -ini-fiil and attrsctlro. con
taining ll t of rirlzpfl for rfwlpm. .Information nlwut
coins , jito. , Rlvon away hy all clnalnn In mndlclno , or
mailed to &nj nddrosa on receipt vt 2c , stamp.
CIliriHilc.t.NorvoiK DNcns
_ * { ZSKsz ! yr % ? rr & :
to Hlnmp * for Olehrnt d Jlcdi"a
c.---- - . , Allr ° - . ' . OI.AHKU , ni. D ,
80 tioutli Uarlt Street , Cine AUU. ILL.
Soyal Havana Lottery !
Drawn at Havana Cuba ,
Every 10 to 14 : Days.
Tickets In Filths ; wholes ? 5 ; Fractions pro rata.
feabjecl to no manipulation , not controlled by Ibi
pulieiln iDtorcst. It Is the falrtel ( blag la tat
aioie ol chanoo In existence.
lor lloketa apply lo 8UIPSE7&CO. , 1212 Broad
wayN. T. City ; , 01 M.OITKNB ft CO , CIS Ualn 81
Kansas CUy , Mo.
Cancer of the Tongue ,
A Case Resembling that ol Gen , Grant.
Eotro ten ycaraago I bad a scrofulous poio on mj
tight hand which gave mo great trouble , and under
Ibo old time treatment healed up. but It bad only
been driven Into lliu eyttoin by tbo use of poUsb
and mercury , and In Much. 1S89 , It broke out in
tny throat , and concentrated Into what eoreo of the
doctors'called cancor. eating tbrough my cheek , de-
Btroylng tbo roof ol my mouth and oprer Up , then
attacked my tongue , palate and lower lip destroying1
tbo palate and under lip entirely and ta'f ' my tongue
eating out to tbo top ol my left check bone and up ]
to tbo left eye. I could not cat any eolld feed , but
subsisted on liquids , and my tongue was so far gone
I could not talk. Such was my wretched , helpless
condition the first cf l 8t October (1831) ( ) , "hen my
friends commenced giving mo Swift's bpeciflo. In
lees thin a month the eating p'uccs stopped and
healing commenced , and the fearful aparturo In my
check has bean olwed and flrmly knitted together.
A process ola row unJcr lip U progression finely ,
ond'tho tongue which was almost de8trood Is be
ing recovered , and It seems that nature li supplying
ft mw tongue. I cm talk so that mj friends can
readily understand no. oud can also cat solid food1
again. If any doubt these facts I would refer them1
to Hon. John n. Traylor , State Senator of this dis
trict , and to Dr. T. . Dradfleld. LaGrange , Oa.
LaOrarjRo , Oi.lUy 14 , 1885.
Foreala by alldrugglstn. 1
Troatl o on blood and skin ilUeaeea mailed free.
TIIK Svurr Sriciric Co. , Diawcr 3 , Atlanta , Ga.,1
N.Y.,167 W. 23d S : .
frmwi BiirC.
S M rV t Strcf t
B i-HS
I'ronminrj , Drrllna frotnorronoroxcpwi ,
I.OHt 1'ownr dlieaiesoftliK Itlilm < rn , Hind-
. and I'riiHintu < Jliinil CI'K lil ) without
tnmiiRh Medicines liy tliu Murstmi llolus. Vn-
rfcocnliicumiwIHioutiiurRiTy. Trcntlspnmltcs-
tlniniiJHlafri * ) * . All mrriviiwnilpiii'iironlldi-ntl&l.
Idth Krrent. NEW YORK
Tlio ( IrlKliiol mul Only Uriniinc.
fftfo luAklwRfi UflUMc Hfwaruof uurthlr > Itultttlonl.
In.llimnablo to LADIES. A U " " llrlltfill'l < > '
"Chlrbr li'r' rnull.ir' ul m. n < uii , or fudon lo.
fBUtii | > i > lo at lut | , rtlouUr fit irtltr < i > rrtun , nialL
NAME PAPER l'1'- " ' " ' ' ( .
V'Olij .Mi > ll uiihyuurc , I'lilUilu. , ! , ' * .
At DiuggltU. Tnde eurrllcd by J. A. r'uU r & Co
Droct Line for England , France
nnd Germany.
The sieamahlr > a ol Hill well known lint ir
c-tlion , In w.tor-tlnht coin par tmcntj , and ue lur
nlihod ulth every roquUlto to mike the iimMice
loth eale and agreeable. They cany tbo UaltuJ
Stites and Kuropran milli , and leave Now Toik
TntuJayiand Satuidaya for 1'lymouth ( LONDON )
Uhtrboug.irAUIS acil HAHUUltK )
lUtcj , first CabiD$00100. . Steerage la tnd
from Hamburg ! f ID , O. U HIUaAHU & CO. , Gen
eral 1'ia * . Aguot , 01 LroaJ * y , New York oiij
Watlilnpton mid I.i Lclle etrc't , Chicago or Htury
Tuiult ilark Hanson , K. J- * Moore , Harry J' . Dcul
Quuhi ; Groncwlif iSchooniger , lu Country
Atlli oUelajJU171'arrmmSt. Order * brtclo
prui'li ' u.il cited aul ptuaijiily attended to.
MQ. "li.
[ James McDaDicl1 * SDrprisiDgGarctr
Hobblng Iiunil of I'ASflcnKcrs Tivl
Once on tlcli Blilo of * Town
A. JIoastltiK Iiottcr to
Newspaper that Led
to lllfl Dcatli ,
A correspondent of the Now York S
writes from S n Antonio , Texas , that
Is the general opinion tint if Jamca M
Daniel , the colubratod Texas doperac
whoao death has jait been aanouncc
bad not been killed jnst sa ho WAS by t
officers , ho would have boon killed a
way in loss than twonty.fonr boats.
"Ilia time had conio to dlo , " aild
old cattle man to-day. "I don't BOO hi
ho could hare escaped at all. IIo w
BDL'aRod to marry both of old DAVO C <
re < Ts dftuglitorB , and as ho wan nreparl :
, o jump the country ho'd Rot to take o
ir the other with him. They're aa pret
; trla as there are in Toxaa , and they' '
tut as quick with a gun as anybody ai
ho man who llodto one of them won
UP , and I'll ' bet on It. I bcllevo that Jl
scaped a violent death at the hands
no of the girls by being killed by tl
jflicors. So thoro'u ' no use of anyboc
; riorlng over Jim. It was feto. 1 ]
Imo had como and bo had to go. "
McDanlol had taken n hand In a gro
nany kinds of crime , bat stage robblt
ras his trade , and ho had a reputation !
.hat line which was the envy of all tl
Kginmra in the business in the aoutl
rest. IIo had rcbbod more than fit' '
tagce , and considered his occupation ;
cgltlmato as any other. This was di
a much to the fast that ho never he
ny of the advantages of civilization whe
oung as to any other cause. IIo gro
p on the western Texas border , an
_ rhatcvsr notions ho Imbibed were ovl
During the eight years that ho wan i
work on the highways of Texas and No
Mexico ho nude his natuo a terror to a
drivers and travellers , Some of his rol
bcricn wore eo daring and uncxpocto
that the people wore oxaaporatc
to m&dncen moro than once , but th
haidor they tried to catch him thogrcate
caeo did ho display In eluding then
When the search became too hot for hit
In this vicinity , ho would slip over Int
| old or Now Mexico for awhile , and the
when the excitement subsided a little h
would return and roanmo operations.
On one occasion he broke the hearts c
'a ' party of Texas editors who vreio trav
[ eling through Tom Green county b ;
atage , by stopping them , making these
form in line on the roidstdo , and thoi
having fun with them. As soon as the ;
were all in a row Jim knocked over ]
man's hat off violently , scaring thorn hal
to death , as they thought ho was gohij
to atsanlt thorn , and when all were nn-
covered ho drew a lot of bags ont of hi
pocket and put one over each man's head
Then ho made them march , and , once it
i Vfhllo tripping ono of them up , lu
nrould order them to fall Into linewhich ,
n their blindfolded condition , was a very
ilflicnlt proceeding. When ho tired ol
ils sport ho took what valuables they had
md let them go.
As an evidence cf the celerity , or
: hoek , as It ia called here , with which he
iporated , it may bo said that two years
igo ho robbed the Boemo stage twice
vithln three hours. Ho stopped it first
in the west otdo of the town , and , after
objecting the pasaongorB to many in
.Ignition , let them go , pretending to rid
way from the town when ho had go
hrongh with them. Ela victims drov
ipldly to Bcomo , where their storle
anted the utmost Indignation. Th
bio-bodied men got together , armed am
lounted , and set ont toward the west ii
oarcb of McDanlol , In the meantlm
tie people of the town had supplied th
ravollora with some ready money , ant
lie jonrnoy was resumed. About tw <
illea east of Boomo the same highway
tan presented himself , and once mor <
) ok everything the unfortunates had ,
hey then retnrnod to Boemo , and when
lelr story was told thoaettlei8 gnashec
lelr teeth In impotent rage. McDjmle
ad simply made a circuit of the town
id after finishing his second robbery hi
id no difficulty In making hla escape ,
. dozen similar instances might bo rela
sd of him.
The follows that McDanlel had with
irlng a good portion of his career wore
aito as hard as he was. They killed
ivcrai people In tholr stage robberies
ir which none of thorn was over pun
lied , and on one occasion they cleaned
it a rival party of outlaws with whom
toy had long boon at swords' ' points ,
( tec this exploit they laf t Texas and
'ossed ' over Into New Mexico , where
toy indulged in a "prolonged debauch ,
thing all the principal towns and boast'
g of their crimes. In the saloons
hich they vleited they created a de-
dod eensatlon by reaching into their
jckoti , producing the oars of their vie
ma , and clapping them on the bar In
lymont for tholr drinks. They kept
its sort of thing up for a month or more
ntll there began to bo hints that their
resonco waa not desirable , and they re-
uned to tholr old haunts in Texa * .
During all of Mo Daniel's ' career he
lowed a strong dislike for the press.
Ithoragh living in the wilds most of the
me , ho seemed to have a way of finding
it all that was written against him any-
hero In woatern Texas , and all that an
liter needed to get a reprimand by mall
om MoDanlol was to intimate in hl
ipcr that ho waa a thloi and murderer
ho ought to ba dancing on a Biaffold. It
aa this fatal fondness for writing to the
iwapaperj that hastened Jim's death.
The ontlaw'a last arrest was for mall
ibbery , and on hla trial In this city he
as convicted and sentenced to one of
10 Illinois penitentiaries for ninety-nine
sars. While awaiting transportation
irth ho broke out of the j il here and
sappoarod. A vigorous pursuit was In-
Itulod , bat as no trace of him could ba
nnd , nd as It was known ( hit ho would
ther dlo than to submit to life Impiii-
imont , It waa balluvod that ho had gone
old Mexico , and would not again bo
ard of on this side of the lino. Juitas
erybody had aet'led down to this cou-
ctlon ono of the local papers received a
n letter from McDinlel protesting
; ainst its suggestion that men should be
'pt on hia trail for BOUIO time longer.
e said that that waa not a fair way to1
oat him , Qo was now free , and ho In- '
tided to remain freo. Qo had a good
Inchoater and two rovolverfl , and he ;
intcd everybody to know that ho could
it bo taken. For that reason it oc
rred to him that any newspaper roan
th common sense- would let him alone
d nrgo other people to. Thin missive
is not dated , but it was postmarked at
raldo ,
The oflicors made op their minds that
cDanlel had not gene to Mexica as they !
d supposed and they Immediately made
enuatioiu for a thorough aearoh. Dive1
li'eo and his tire daughters were known1
ba friends of the outlaw and as their
mp was in a wild and < ? aDg rjns part
of the country abont thirty miles not
of hero , It wai believed that ho was
hiding there. Accordlcgly a party fl
made np to go out there , and , arriving
the place early in the evening the office
waited until daybreak and then drew
lltllo nearer , to await the dtvolopmen
Just at dawn they caw McDanlel era
ont of a tent , and as ho grabbed hla rl
when they called on him to throw np 1
hands , they fired , breaking both of 1
arms at the first shot. IIo tried to ra !
his rlflo but it dropped from his hand
and aa ho seized ono of his revolvers ai
endeavored in a helpless way to ralso
ho received a illlo ball In the nock , whl
passed ont near the spinal column ai
: anaod him to stagger nnd fall on I
faco. The Coffee girli throw thomsolv
on the dying desperado's body nnd b
trailed his fate , but proiontly coasi
tholr lamentations to engage In a furloi
icutllo over tholr respective claim
Twenty minutes after his discovery the t
ho officers McDanlol was a dead man.
The outlaw's intention had been'
start that day for Mexico , and oaih i
the girls had oxpactod to go with him i
Ills wife , though neither know of tl
> thor's Intention. McDanlel had coi
rortod what Ilttlo property ho had Inl
ash , and doubtless anticipated a lor
Ifo south of the border.
lo Makes M Successfcil Dual In Her
Kstatolhnt Docs Not Belong
to Him.
Jew York Sun ,
As the hots crook had not boon soon 1
Is accnatomod hannts for a fortnight , hi
dvont into the joint aroused unusut
nthuslasm. Ho WES mete olcgautl
ttlrod than over , but looked tired nn
"What racket have you been np to ?
norlcd half of his admirer ; .
"I have boon lu the rural districts In
nlglng in real estate. It's a good biz
jbut no moro of It for mo , " ho answered
"How did you make out ? "
"FlratclasB. Enough to get in ;
| sparklora ont of hock , pay oil my run
bills , nnd have a few cases loft over
Lst'a have a snifter , and I'll tell yon thi
the scheme. "
The drinks having been ordered ant
coniumod , ho continued :
"I wont down to Iliverahcad aa Mr
Smith , a real estate agent from Morri-
sanla. In a nouplo of days I'd made i
list of all the property there was for sale
and what was moro Important , of all UK
farms whoso owners didn't live In Long
Island , the names and addresses of thcs ;
owners and tenants. I picked enl
a firm owned in Now York thai
was worth about § 2,000. I ther
went to a real estate broker on Third
ivonno , and offered him the property foi
51,000 , half cash down and half mort
gage. I told him I was hard np and hade
; o have the money in a week. If he
: onld put It through in tint time he
: ould have the job and au extra commla-
lion of ? 7o ; but if ho couldn't , I'd try
ho man on the next block , whohadbaon
ccommendod to mo by my friends. Of
: onrao I knew they were rivals. I gave
ilm the real owner's name-and ono of my
lotel addreaaos on the Bowery. Bo
ook the next train to Rlverhoad , and of
onrso waa told by the rustics and
he officials that the place was )
rorth $2.000 , and waa free and
lear , and the owner was a swell city
bap who lived beyond his means , and
oldom or never came down thoro. He
amo back perfectly satisfied , and got
jmo cuatomor to pnt up the cash. I
gnod the papers , got my ? 500 , leas the
Dmrnlssloii , and hla foes for searching ,
id opened wine for them both. Do you
now , boys , the customer had him
Inched for the job , and ho had to make
"Well , I thought I had a picnic , and1
10 very next day I started a second trick'
i Queens county. Everything ran along
f o the first till the broker went down to )
tmalca to make hla search. While !
lore , in the county clerk's offlco , ho ran ,
TOSB an old lawyer who had charge of ,
IB farm ho was working on. The conn' ' ,
llor tumbled in a minute , bub went off ]
ilf cocked because ho thought the broke :
as in the job. They camej
some understanding , however ,
id the next morning sent1
sweet letter to the hotel , and a fly cop' '
ang with it. I twigged his nlbbs from1
o reading room back of the bar and
Ippod. If you go around now you will
id that merry note In the pigeon hole
d the police mng getting weary in the |
air. Still I ain't mncb alarmed. I
w my lawyer on the way up , and he ]
Id as long as I hadn't signed anything
got any cash ont of a bloke they
nld only collar me for a vagrant. But
was a cloao shave , and don't ynu forgot !
! What will yens all have ? "
Izona Letter ,
Tucson Is aituated on the Southern !
iclfic Railroad , 210 miles wet of the
notion of the latter with the Atchison
d Santa Fo line at Doming , N. M. Its
esont population Is reported at 7,000 , a |
go majority of whom are Mexicans and ,
lllzed Indians. As in many parts of
oxlco , the latter are cald to bo by far |
0 beat clt'zens , as they are a quiet , in
atrionB , and tidy people , but like the
lanlsh Mexicans they nro unprogressive ,
d tholr energies accomplish little for
, nt of proper direction. Tucson claims
bo the second oldest town In the
iltod States , Santa Fe ranking first in
Int of age. But as both wore old when
3 Spanish invaders first appeared , tholr
tl ago la a matter of speculation , and If
dlan tradition Is to bo credited , they
re flourishing cities hundreds , if not
) usands of years before Columbus die-
rered tills continent.
As a trade centre , Tucson ranks first
ArV.ona , and la the chief supply point
1 a large section of country devoted to
nlng and atockralslog. It Is alto be-
nlng a winter resort for Invalids from
3 Statoj east of the "Rockies. " A Ver
mt gentleman whom the writer mot !
re said : "Th'a ' is a hot placa for about
roe month ? , but during the remaining
10 it it the most delightful climate on
j globe. I speak advisedly , as I have' '
Itod every part of the world. His ]
itomont was well supported by army
iQiti stationed at Fort Lowell , about' '
; ht miles from here. During the ]
: ator part of the year every ono who ]
i do so prefers to sloop out In the open
, and Instances of catching cold are of
'e occurrence. Consumptives , and
> so enduring from thruat troubles' '
lorally recover by a prolonged slay
re , and malarial diseases are seldom
own. Lnllko many Western towns
ere rough characters ilock from neces
or cli"co ! , society In Taci'-a Is said toj
very good , and the statement is conned -
nod by the appearance < > l n very l rgo
jorlty cf the citizens met at tbo hotols9t
i on the streets.
rho Favorite \Vashmg Compound offl
; leanaes fabric ) withoatlnjurynndwitb-i
: the laborious scrubbing noceataryO
.h ordinary aoap , For sale byf
rVYnntiR itccior nntl ft I'nrlililon
Knf ; KO In a Teat of Musclo.
A dispatch from Trenton , N. J. , sa ;
The congregation of St. Paul's Eplscoj
Church In this city is In a ferment ovc
personal encounter Trhlch occurred the
jSnnday afternoon , between the you
rector , Mr. Post , who has jnst comofri
Philadelphia , and a dry goods cle
named Robert P. Nottor. Too latti
who is a member of the church , it sooi
has n particular avortlon to the form
and ho refused to recognize him as t
rector of the parish. During a session
the Sundayichool Netter was seated In t
Ibrary wnon Mr. Post entered and a
ctroisod him. Netter refused to speak
the minister when the latter told hi
who ho was nnd per slated In addrosii
him. This brought from Notttr a pae
lonaU reply to the died that ho kno
The he ( Post ) was well enough alroac
md ho dcalrod no Intercourse or fatni
The rector became angry nnd ordorc
Setter out. Ho refused to move , whe
Post pnt his nrma around him and trie
to force him to the door. A lively acot
was enacted , the teachers nnd chlldrc
becoming groatljr excited. The con
batanta were at length parted , whe
Netter loft the building , leaving llio mil
later master of the situation , The ladli
present aided with Netter and ploadc
lor htm to remain , but the men provatle
upon him to leave. During the ssrln
mage a glaia door was broken. Th
charge ii made against the young rectc
that ho had to leave n church In Phlli
dolphla because of hla overbearing cot
duct , and that ho la not wanted by Si
Paul's ccn regatlon. The ilock Is aboc
evenly dirldod on the matter , nnd ther
are fears of a fresh outbronk. This I
the congregation over which young Ret
lor Williamson , who committed snicid
sbant a year t > , presided. Netter ad
inits the truth cf the itory and says nom
hard things of Post. Tim latter refusoi
to be Interviewed.
Jtulfjo T. liylo Dickey.
A short telegram from Atlantic Oltj
n ycslerda > 'a BEE announces th
leath at that nlaco last night , of Judgi
P. Lyle Dlckoy , of the Illinois eupromi
: ourt , who wont to Atlantic City a fov
voeks ago in hopes of repairing hi
ihatt rod healtn. Judge Dickey was It
.811 near Pnria , Ky. , nnd graduated li
.831 from Miami univeraity at Oxford
3hio. In 1834 ho removed to Macoml
lonuty , Illinois , where ho studied law
vlth Cyrus Walker and was admitted t (
iractlco in 1835. In 1339 ho made Ot
awn his home , and in 1848 ho waa elect
id circuit judge at Ottawa , serving four
'ears. In 1801 ho raleoi ]
ho Illinois Fourth regiment ,
olned Grant at Cairo , and attor the
lattlo of Shlloh waa given command ol
11 of Grant's cavalry. In 180G ho was B
andidatof or congrcseman-at-largo against
Jon. Logan , and made a brilliant fight.
n 18G8 President Johnaou made him as-
[ slant attorney-general. In 1673 ho
amoved permanently to Chicago , and
as soon appointed corporation counsel ,
elng chosen to the Illinois supreme
Durt in 1875.
Ho leaves Mr. J. J. Dickey , auperin-
indent of the U. P. telegraph depart j
lorit ; Chat. Dlckoy , who la now In th
andwich Islands ; Mrs. 0. H. Wallace
so living in the Sandwich Islands , am
Irs. Gen. W. H. L. Wallace , whoso bus
md waa killed in the battle of Shlloh , a
illdron to mourn his loss.
% O. T , U. Free Medicines and Free
That devoted band of workers , thi
Oman's Christian Temperance Union
.vo . Inaugurated two new phllanthro-
as the past week. One Is a free dla
najry at the W. 0. T. U. Buckingham
omo , where the needy sick can have
latmont and medicines free on Tues
ye , Thursdays and Saturdays , from 10
11 a. m. Dr. C. S. Sprague has very
noronsly offered his cervices and modi-
tea free , and if any deslro to pay the
mey will ba donated to the W O.T.U.
is has long been needed in a city the
a of Omaha , and all citizens will re-j
co at the benevolence of those worthy
I lea and Dr. Spragno.
The second enterprise deserving prn's ;
the erecting of ice water bairels before ]
th lunchrooms. They are panted In
) national colors red white and blue. ]
icn the middle stripe are the lotlors
V. G. T. U. , " and on the red "For God !
i Homo and Native Land. " Inside of :
hour from the time the barrol'waa put
t with three ahlnlng cupB , over seventy
raons drank this alone In front of the ]
cklrgharo homo. The ono before U
iteomh street homo will provo as pop
> r. Asa temperance movement thes
reo drinks" will provo a grand auccota.
Daniel anit iho Iilons ,
icjgo Ledger ,
'Can any Ilttlo boy cr pirl tell mo whyl
i HODS would not hurt Daniel ? " said ni
itleman , addressing a Sunday school. jj
'I know , " siid ono bright littlofollowJ
iding up his hand , I
' .And what was the reason , my little !
n ? " said the speaker , stopping for-
rd , with his face in a joyous glow.E
peak up lend , so that all will hear ]
i. Why wouldn't the lloni bltof
niel ? "
'I guess it was coz ho b'longod to the j
: us. "
It. Jacobs OU banishes pain. Rod !
r Ooagh Oaro removes caught. What' '
star blojslugs could there ba than
BO 1
Accc-ined lil
I have never given yea credit for
tiring very tntiob , raftdara" ' said a
nt old bachelor , "but "
'Sir ' , " she interrupted , "do you wish
Insult "
'Bat ' , bo continued , "I have always
ilred yonr grace and beauty. "
'I ' accept yonr apology , " eatd the lady.
LESI ! PILES ! ! PILES8 ! ! ! * '
. iiiie cure for Blind , Weeding , Itching1
Ulcerated J'jles lias been dlscovorod by ,
Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Dr.
Hams' ' Indian I'ilu Ointment. A single
hag cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or
oara standing , No ono need suffer five i
uti'H after uupljing this wonderful Booth-jit
medicibo , J.otious and instruments don I
e harm tlian good , Williams' IndianjJl
i Ointment absorb ) the tumors , allays theSJf
UBO Itchlu , ( particularly at night altorSf
Ing warm in bed ) , acts aa a poultice , glveaWi
ant relief , and id prepared otily for I'ilea.gt
Ing of private parts , and for nothing else.
Jr , I'razler'a Mepio Ointment. Cur PS aa1
f mnglc. Pimplesliluck Hernia or Grubs
lotches and Irruptions ou the face , leaving
skin clear nnd beautiful. AUu curen Itch ,
Uhuine , Sore Nipples , Sore Li INI , and , .
Obstinate Ulcers. fi1' '
ild by drugglita , or mailed on receipt ofjr
e , COcenU , S !
t retail by Kuhn & Co , and Schroeter '
lit. At wholi'sule by 0. ! ' . ( Joodmau.
our Artie expeditloaa will leave ( jetmany
; winter ,
Free front Oji/u/r. . , 1.untie * nml i'olion
fr Cough" , Pore Tlirr.nl , llnnr cnc , Influent
Cold * , llronrhlll * . Cniup , Whaoplni Caught
Attlimn , qiiln.jI'ulniln CliMt , nJolhw
nffwUMn ofiln 1 liront > u.i Liinffo.
Price no cnnt n pt l < ' Sold ii.v IvaeclMi nn.1 . t > i
er IMrtlfi unaNf m Imlttrr ttirlr < lntlrr lo trrnmm ,
pel II for them u-ttlrrrrtrt ttraboUtttiEittrttitharc
sending one tfafhir to
HIE tiuntrs . . vocrtrn ronri > r ,
BJU Uwnrrt > n < M nur rlurrr ,
lultlnon , n r > Un < l.t,8 , K
" "
flt/f t' 'i ! it J i ] < > < U < int > t i
Nervous Prosiratinn Of-blllt ) , Mcnl" F.V
'hyslcal Weakness ; Mtrcufijl an.l . oth * . " !
ons nt Throat. SMn nflnies , Plnnd Pnlj. . ' < *
14 Snrns mil Ulccfs , .ri > r > > uj n' , fr'k , , . . . '
iee lon ( * vit nelpn'IV Tni-i.- "t . ? M il
Disease * Arlslny } < OT ) 'nrllsnretlon , llxc'tjr
.xpasuris nMr.dulgencti. nM-h oate40x1 of .
ifl dft'tCtl/C r * " - -i.- _ - , _ IJ _ . . . . . *
Positive Written Ruaranto *
i la > lnnblo ) u , t. .Jlolotut , ( tr"-T'tar
MnpMfti. SiulUh = r iJerm n 64 rits
'j'TiM g4ttoTnd n H.lonaoor frntls ,
< in , , ' r 'i' . , ' , < ! - . ,
. uc < ( . M. . .
James Meal Insliliili
pChartcrcdbythcStatconil , !
inois for thcexprcsspurposi
ifof Giving Immediate rcliellr
gall chronicunnarynnd pri
ftvatc diseases. Gonorrhczn
i. Gleet andSypliiln m all theii
complicated forms , nlso al
diseases of the Skin nnd
Ulood promptly relieved and
permancntlycured by remc-
, dics.tcstcdinn/'or/wlViira
_ _ . tyxnVil J'rnrtlrr. Seminal
ckncss , Night Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
[ he FaceLost Manhood , jiuslltrrlurumlTlirrc
lsnoef ] > crti t'nliiiti > The appropriate remedy
sat once used In each case. Consultatijns , per-
> onal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med-
clnes sent by Mall and Express. No marks on
inckagc to Indicate contents or sender. Address
JR. JAIYIES.No. 204Washinglon SI.Chicagolll. ,
. u . -x .1 , BLOOO , * . i- >
tail Kt sTonfe Tllfc UliALTW
and VIGOR of YOOTH / _ /
U'ataoi Ai | | 1H. i
i ol * i eni > u >
t-i i ua receive IR-VV hi
I'.t lit en * Hi' ' * ( iiliitt
"Uipnlie-j liril' ' J'
Ironi rcuiipj |
. . Iliclr 8 >
t , , DR. Kl.BTER'S IKON TONYO n tali-
cure olives a clear , licallhy eu'iinkx
' 'niient Attempt * ? i c" " " ' 'rtil"f'jic on
he populaptv n ( tlif ur iui.i.r Uc - . r
IUKI ; | lliu oini IN'.I , \Mill-'l !
uilroui .icIdri'MiloTtlHDi Hnrti-r IfimJ 'J- \
lath. Slo ' 01 Ul 'DJIEA.M HX > K ft ,
, . , . , . ,
- - nt * * * j y
anxara FOOD !
phjs'fin ' cf large practice s j B cf HrldRe's Food :1 :
nn eav < > ( thla pripaiaticH ot Jood that it han
or ruled ir.o or lalled to agree wlion slvon Urict-l
reordlnK to mi ihrftlone. With Bcruiiulousoaro.J
ro nocd b M."j-lltte ) trnulilc Irom bo ul com-S
ntpnml ; to thiotliat I.isi'iibo tto fact Hut I
or yet loitaotoilJ with any foim cf dlarlhoia orfl
Icra liifaiitum " H
iHtun , MIIUH. , OI.Ill'.VI' \mrrlca l.nrKi > > tI
ii n.MI iiiuiiiM : > iiiiiiiu\voiii ! .inMru-t-l ,
,11(71 hiinleni ) . last j'lir. Th.irouuli Insirui II-KI in !
. aliind In-trmni'nl.il Mlnlr , naiin iinil Oiij.iu TIIM-I
. riiio Arti , Urulnry , l.iiir.iuiro , Prvni'li. ( lenii.in , ]
It.ili.ill I inu'iiap , I'.nvlisli llr.niclios , ( iviiin.i'.ii' ' > , !
Tiilllun , f M < i f'Ji ) ; lio.inl mul ronin , tto \ * 7' )
term. 1'nilTi'i-iii l HIM , hciii | mliiTli ) , I V > .
slrateil < 'uU'iiil.ir , KIVJIIL ; lull InlurinutiDii , mlilri'K.
i : . TOLllJiililr. ; ; , rninklln S'l. ' . lIUaTUN' , .Muts.1
mported Beer
.ngcr Itavarla I Cu'inbacbcr ' lUvaris !
ncr Bohemian Kaiser . . . . .llrornoul
wclser St. Louis I Anhauter 8t.rQiil |
. ' Utlwaukee | Schlltz-1' Utjer.Ullwaulceel
{ ' Omaha i Alt , I'ortor , I > oiue tloandl
JtWuo WInoa. f
) l ATJRER , J213 Jtornam St.l
< icn Lots in Denver Junctions
Weld Count if , Colorado.
onver Junction la a new town ot nbout 2001
tbitantB , laid out In 1881 , on the great ]
ik mil way BCTOBH tbo continent , at thei
: tlon of the JuleaburR lirancli , 107 rolloe
i Denver. The town in ou second bottom
1 of the I'latto Klver , the ilnest location
voen Omaha and Denver , and ia eurrouud
) y the boat-layinK lands west of Kearney
ctlon , Neb. ; climate healthy nod bracing ;
; ude 3,0'JO ' feet , Denver Junction bids to
imo au Important point , OH tbn U. I1. H ,
Jo. , are imttlug up in any of tholr buildings
S while the li , & M. H. It. Co. . are expect-
eon to connect at thla place. The prtujnt
ice for Rood investments In town Iota will
eely ever bo equaled elsewhere. For aalr
he lot or block in good terms by
Appnt , l > * nv r Junction Cole
tice ! Notice ! Nolle
all who arc < lUe il or sflllcled , no matter how
the btaiidniii ; ojiuu ami IJD healej , feamalu dU-
tulitro ineuiciiica liaru lailtd to give relief,1
iclalty ; coinu ono , cotne all aud be healed hy the
notlo hcakr , the enl > euru oncapo fimu auj dU-
far eiauiluatlun , our cba'Kui aru Jl for each
meet , or vUutlous 8terma strictly ca b ,
irthSUtiSi , onoinlH * o ) u ( Fi'r onan I )
Ua , Neb. J' . y ,
Large Lots at Reason
able Prices.
outh Omaha
Since the completion of the new packing
and slaughter houses , South Omaha is mak
ing a wonderful ane rapid growth. Besides
the large pork and beef house erected for
Hammond & Co. , other dealers have com
menced the erection of similar institutions
and still others are contemplated for the
near future.Several dwellings have been
built and twenty or thirty are now building.
Employment is now furnished to about one
liundred and fifty families , and conservative
3stimates place the figure at eight hundred
: o one thousand families that will find eni *
> loynient there a year hence. This offers
jreat inducements to laboring men to secure
ionics now while they are cheap. Specula-
; orswill also find it to their advantage to buy
it present prices. The company have made
10 change from the original prices , but some
) arties who first purchased lots have resold
hem at splendid profits , in some cases at
louble the purchase price. If in so short a
ime handsome profits are made , what will
> e the result when everything is fully devel-
> ped ? In the few other cities that are favor-
d with a first class cattle market , fortunes
iave been made by investors in real estate ,
nd the same is certain to follow in South
) maha. While the whole city of Omaha
rill be greatly benefitted by the growth and
evelopmentof the cattle interest , South
) maha lots will enhance in value more ra-
idly than any other by reason of the pros
nity to the works.
_ Manufacturers of all kinds will find itto their advantage
to inspect this property ; good location , level grounds , trade
facilities nnd plenty of seed ; pure water furnished hy the
South Omaha Water Works. In fact , every facility to make
desirable for manufacturers , including cheap ground.
Will find it profitable to select property now , as a year or
two hence with a population o 5000 to 10,000 people ,
this will become a desirable place for oil kinds of business ,
nnd lots bought now , can bo had /it very reasonable prices
which will double iu price many times in the next two years.
Rich or poor , will find it profitable to make investments
in this property. Free conveyance at all times will bo fur
nished by us to parties wishing to see this wonderful now
town and learn of its advantages.Vo have entire charge ;
of , nnd are the exclusive agents for thfl Bale of ; all this'
property from G streets south. Splendid lots from $225
S. I4th STREET ,
Wo have desirable business nnd rediJonco'"proprty ( "forJ/Silq'tin / ! ] < 'nll
ts of Omaha and do a general real estate business. Wo plicit bi'y-
nnd sellers to cell on us. Wo will give thomiall possible information
} , and keep conveyance free to show property Jin any part of ) . the city ,
Ttulb , wblcli occujneu uy | uivy

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