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Ko. IS Fe tl Street.
In anj ] mit of Ilioclty M
t tj < tntS ] M
JI , W. 1'ii.ioN ,
Xobby patteins in pant * at
Iteitcr , the tailor , for winter goods.
A genuine "baby mine" ut Kiseman ,
Hodda. & Co.'s.
Lf'iuo lo wed was vesterdny tj'vrn to
W. I * ln { ell and Mamie Winianibon ,
both of this city.
A free luby given you by ft.scm.in ,
Hodda iV I'o.
John Skidd has brnn ] ) lared in durance
on complaint of Annie ( Jnllin , who cays
he was nih ; drunk and tried to burn a lot
of her clothing.
.See the doll .show at KK'innu , Hodda &
Co.'s People's htore.
The Imperial club have another of their
series of social gatherings this evening.
The members and Imited guests tfro the
only ones expected.
Look at the doll babies in Kid-man ,
Kodda A : Co.'s.
( J , I.angdon , a painter , was arrested for
being dangerously drunk nnd Mllmg in
Ills iiniiM3vith an a\e threatening to chop
the lir t one who interfered with him.
Just think of it , yon can gel u doll
baby of KiM'tnnn , Hodda & Co.
Jtislieo Kchnr/c , who has tied the matrimonial
menial knot between more Minden
couples than any other magistrate , added
another to the > > cori ! yesterday afternoon ,
tlinp.ittles.thiH madij happy being Otto
Schonck and Hortlm Kartell.
Counters full of babies that wo give
away , Kiseman , Koddu&Co.
"llis Honor , " of our elly , seems to have
been struck with a pile driver at the
mayors' reinvention at DCS MIMICS yes
terday The Hir. : ' > special telegram from
the gathering reports lie was " .sat down
on haul. "
K\eiyboil.y "hooks on" to a "baby
mine" when they pmvha-oat the People.s
A rather clumsy set of burglars tools
and a small can of powder Wt tv dibCiiMT-
ed last night in the rear of the Mueller's
Music company'.s sloie. Tl.o owner > can
have ( lie property by applying to lite
chief of police.
Tlio "largest baby nhow on earth" can
be seen at Kidman , Kodda & Co.'s Poo-
jle's store.
The work on the jpwor ditcli i.s pro-
greying so well that Iho c who have siif-
fii ! 1 in times mist by oversows of the
creek begin to nave hope of being .sai'e
next spring. It will be a great relief to
many eiti/.cns.
Doll babies ! Doll babies ! Yes , little girl ,
you can gut one we'll give yon one if
your father or motlu r will buy a bill of
goods at the People's store.
The iircmcn had their merry time last
night. The boys not only enjoyed it but
the others who attended seemed to have
a happy evening. It is hoped that the
net proceeds may prove a snug little ben-
lit for those who s > erve tlio pubhu bo val
Everybody should have n baby , and
Kiseman , Itoddit &Co. will give them onu
of their pretty dolls if they will purchase
u bill of goods amounting to $5 or over.
In the district eouit ycilerday the time
was taken in > with the trial of the ca e of
Mrs. Mary Walker ugaiiust the Hook Isl
and railway , the plainlitV claiming dam
ages on account of the explosion ol u ear-
load of dynamite being .shipped through
by the company.
Constable Hiekott was to sell the Gerst-
cnborg property on a foreclosure ! of
mortgage this ultcrnoon , but he has been
restrained by an injunction issued by
Judge Loofbourow on the petition of
parties claiming to hold a first mortgage
on the property.
Ono of the chief points sought to bo
established in defense of the claim for
damages in this dynamite case , is that
dynamite or giant powder is not danger
ous in shipping. It would bo interesting
to have a can of dynamite introduced in
evidence , and HCO how many of the law
yers would stay in the court room while
ft was boin ; ii2Cd urCu.nl mm t-xnni-
facet. Expert evidence was introduced ,
however , that it was all right to .ship it.
The entertainment to bo given by the
pupils of the Bloomer school in the opera
Iionso to-morrow cveniii } ' promises to bo
incresting ami to amply repay all who
attend , llesides the other benclils of
siii'h an entertainment , it Is hoped lo
realize some financial surplus to bo nx-
pendcd upon the museum of natural his
tory already established at the ISloomer
building. This museum is a great educa
tor of the young and is becoming quite
valuable. During the past year seventy-
three now birds have been added besides
other specimens. In thus enlarging and
improving the museum about SfoO short
age exists. This should be promptly met
nnd a sulUcienl sum added to hccure addi
tional specimens. The public can do
this easily by patronising the entertain-
nionti o-morrow evening , wh'lo at the
dame time those attending will bo suru
of securing for themselves u Imppy even
ing with tno young folks.
Cottage ranges. Garland stoves , Ha-
diant Home ! ) and Hub heaters of the very
latest patterns at bed rock prices , at
Cooper & McUeo's. ' No.11 Main street.
Fine Indies' ' hand bags at Heno'-i.
The llnest fringes , foot rests and fancy
chenille llowcrs for fancv work at K ,
Ktockcrt & Co.'s , No. W.i IJroadway.
I'ci-Honal 1'arajjrnpliH.
Mrs. II , H , Suing , of Harrington , Neb , ,
daughter of Mr. H. Pnsohel , is hero on a
visit to her parent. * , and will remain dur
ing the holiday season ,
Mlsa Mary Ward has returned from
Chicago and eastern Iowa , where she has
boon visiting friends ,
W. J , Hancock has gene to Chicago.
K. Hurhorn , who has been confined to
his homo by sickness .the past two weeks ,
is now out and attending to business.
A. W. Courson , of Cincinnati , is in the
citv. Ho loaves for tlio west to-day and
will return in time to Sunday bore ,
For firM-clo0 ? Missouri wood call on
Glcason at his coal ollice , StI Pearl street
The electric belt of Jiuld & Smith , ! ! 0
Fourth street , Council Ulull's , positively
cures rheumatism , neuralgia , dVspcp.sia ,
} > ile i , paralysis , indigestion , tits , cold
eot , nervousness , headache , kidney and
liver complaints , loss of vitality , lead
poisoning , lack of nerve force and vigor ,
wasting weakness of those diseases of u ,
personal nature in mala and female.
For Kale.
A lurgo Hall's tire proof safe , suitable
for county purposes , ( ironeweg &
Schoentj't'n , wholesale grocers , Council
Everybody IntercHted ,
A now schema has been Marled by
Messrs , Klsoman , Hodda A Co , They
now tjivo a doll away with all purchases
during tlio remainder of this week.
With a f 5 purchase yon will receive u
doll which retails for 75o.
With a | 10 purchase you will receive a
doll which retails for $1,50 to $3 ,
With a f l/i / and | JO purchase you will
receive u doll valued at from f ) to $3.
.Everybody is invited to HOG the great
doll show ut the People's itore.
Iltjghes1 Assailtint Olcvcrly Collared at
Blair , Nebraska.
Developments Coming-
Ijl lit Connpctliifj the Onus \VUli
Allot her Murderous Afl'uli1
Account of Hie Catch.
The "Mnjor" Capture il at IJlnlr.
OHicer O'Hricn arrived last night from
Hlair , Neb , with Major William * . The
' .Major" iiml Honeli , bettor known as
Three Fingered Jack , nirhed at Blair
Tiicsil'iy ami put tip at the Commereiul
lioue , Thi'y were recognised by n do-
Fcriptton given in tlio J5ii : : , and tliu ofll-
eers there al once telegraphed to tills
city.Vlmn am std at tlio hotel Itiweh
tifekod Marshal Ivelley to allow him to get
his satchel from his room. When in the
room ho suddenly jumped through tlio
window , smashing glass and nil , ami
falling twenty-two fuel to tliu Mdmvalk.
He struck on h s feet , lauding among si
crowd of citi/eiis. He started to draw
Ills revolver anil the crowd scattered , lie
then ran down the street about a block
to where n hors-is and cutter bulongiuy
to the county treasurer was standing ,
Jumping into the cutter ho drove right
back to tlio hotel , no one in tlio crowd
noticing that he was the man who ran.
When fust in front of the hotel lie man
aged to unset the cutter , falling out , and
as the horse started to rim ho tried to
stop him , and the attention of the crowd
beingtaken up in chasing alter the horse ,
he sliitped around the corner and es-
fn the. nionmvhilo the "Major , " who
was in charge of an ollieer in the hotel ,
made a bre.ik down the stairs , but was
overhauled and placed In irons. Ho then
consented to come here without a requisi
tion. Ho would not talk about the shoot
ing all'air , but was very rn < ious to know
what tlio fet-hng was hero concerning
him , and desired to have ollicers and a
carriage meet him at tne depot for
protection. It is thought that the des
peration shown by the gang was due to
the revelation made by the HIK : , that
they were probably connected With the
murder committed near Sioux City.
Mat Kern , the third man in the gang.
has boon lounging about this city and
Omaha since tlio shooting , watching this
end of the route. As MHIU us the ollieer
Marled for Hlair ho huriied there too , nr-
riing about an lioiir after the capture.
II , has been discovered that on the night
of the shooting the "Major" and Itoach
went to Missouri Valley in a democrat
wagon with two residents of tins city.
Much indignation is felt about theio two
eiti/.ens hclmng them out of the city , and
it is probable that thy will bo arrested.
Ollieer O'ISrien .speaks very highly of
the assistance and treatment that ho re
ceived from the Blair oilioer.s.
There were a , few now points to bo
learned yesterday concerning the details
of the shooting ol Hughes. The wounded
man was still alive and resting easilj a.
the Union avenue hotel , where neveral of
his friends are taking turns looking alter
his wants. Jr. Uellinger , who is"in at
tendance , says that ho i.s quite contident
oi pulling hi1- man through , and Hughes
himself seems confident ot recovery. He
will not council t to any more probing or
cutting at the present.
The Hii : was informed that the
"Major , " who did the shooting , claimed
that the cause of it was trouble gro\ying
out of an all'air which occurred near Sioux
City. . t was told that the "Major" and
two others beguiled a. cattleman or far
mer out into the railway yard and there
knocked him down and robbed him of a
big roll. The "Major" intimated that
Hughes insisted on having a share , al
though not concerned in the all'air , but
based his claim on the ground that he had
put the "Major" onto the follow , and that
they realized $1,000 from the robbery.
The evening papers have sought to show
that no Mich all'air had hanponed , and it
is also denied by sonic of Hughes' friends
now. The all'air which it is claimed was
referred to by the "Major" as being the
cause of the trouble ami of which Hughes
threatened to "squeal , " did really occur ,
in spite of the stupid denial ol the even-
! „ „ . , . . . , . . .r. 'I'l ' 'I - > "
. . . . .
.ft j * | /v.a. A IU lOlllfttlilK vtttO Ilirj IUJU-
graphic account of it which appeared in
the lii ! : ; at the time :
MUiti > imi : : > ron HISMONKY.
Sioux CITY , Oct. li > . [ biwcial to the Hir : ]
A fanner naine.it Monis Lamb , living near
Lo Mais , w.is run over this mnniliif , ' near the
depot theie by the Chicago , Milwaukee As St.
I'anl train about U o'clock. When picked up
heiis found to be coldniid .stilt' , with fills in
the head indlcnllni ; foal play. Jlu went to
I.o ilaix jcsti'idiiy Intemhiii ; to sell his land ,
bat it' he did so it I.s not known. Ho was
seen lute last ni''ht In romp myvlth a
blraiiKer , but since his body has been lound
m > tiaec of the t-tRiiiKcr can bo dit-covcicd.
( Jieatovcitement pievallsat l.e.Mars and li'
the .suspected inurdcicr is tound heiii.iybo
The mysterious stranger referred to In
thought to bo the notorious "Major , " and
his confession to a friend , as stated
by that friend , evidently refers to that
transaction , it is not to bo wondered at
that all concerned hasten to deny that
any such all'air occurred. Those who
know the "Major" say that ho has boon
lame for some weeks. This tallies with
the statement made that ho hurt his foot
in the above encounter , and was still suffering -
foring from it at the time of the shooting.
That very evening lie had the foot dressed
with a special desire , as ho said , to bo in
shape for walking a long ways that night.
Tlio pointers thus gamed are worth
following up , It is believed that if the
lirc&cnt clues nro followed up , the mur
derer of this farmer will bo convicted. It
is thought that Hughes may bo ulilo to
throw some light on the mutter , although
not a participant directly. This theory
makes a probable motive for thn
"Major's" anxiety to gut Hughes out of
the way and his tongno silenced forever.
It is learned that Hughes had fear of
his life. When the three came to the
hotel for the llrst time Sunday evening
Hughes rushed up stairs and one of h.s
frioiulH locked him in a room , so that lie
could not bo reached. When the party
found him afterwards in tliu olllco and
'ried to pick a nuarrel with him by abus
ing him , ho made the remark to one of
the boarders : "I hope that this won't
end. with anything worse than words. "
Alter they had gone out ho was afraid
oven to go out and get a nail of beer , and
sent a messenger. Tim measengor
chanced to go ton saloon where the party
chanced to bo. It is said that they found
out who sent for tlio beer , and tried to
dope it , but the bar tender interfered.
Tins , too. will probably coma out when
the case IB reached In court.
Christmas presents at Homer's.
Correct Abstracts of Title and Heal Es-
tnto Loans at MeMahou & Co's , No. 4
Pearl htrcet ,
All kinds of interior draplnps , cornice
poles , bhades , etc. , the very cheapest in
the wcbt at K. Slockert & CD'S.
1'or Manufactories.
Council Hlull's is getting aroused on tlio
subject of manufacturing. The meeting
hold in tlio Masonic hull Tuesday night
indicotad that the business men nro en
thusiastically ready to unite in some wise
movement to secure more manufaetur ng
hero. Not only was the attendance larire ,
but there worn present many of the
representative men of the city , The dls-
cuss. on now centers more on methods
than anything else. There is a general
enthusiasm in favor of getting manufac
turing Ixro , but there arc diner * , ncea as
to how thi < shall bo accomplished
The city council has passed an
ordmaneo exempting from taxation for
live year * all factoiu-s .tait-ng hen * with
a on pi till of not le. , than $ loWO. Senator
Can-on will this Winter introduce a bill
for getting ileh faetoi ie * exempted from
Mate taxes for MMIIH period of > cars.
Other needed eitj and tate legMalion
for the encouragement of manufactures
will bo urged.
This cil.V has mnuy advantages , besides
the conceded advau'lago of being one of
the greate-t railway eonlors mid dis
tributing points in the \vo l. The local
organi/atiou has among ether objects
that of presenting these advantages to
the consideration of the -c thinking of
locating in this iiart of the country.
There is much which the citi/ens in a
united form can do to to secure factories
heie , and tlio organisation now being
pertcetod need not go to pieces bcc.iuse
of having too little to do.
While thi' . oigiiui/atlon is a move in
the right direct-on , still many here feel
that a stronger and moiv atl'eetivo innus
should bo made Some are advocating
the organization of a .stock company , the
capital of which shall be divided about
in various manufacturing euterjirisos ,
thus making a safe inve.-tment for the
stockholder. , and giviugtho city it monled
organi/ation which will bo prepared to
talk business to tiny parties thinking of
locating here. Some _ advocate the plan
of this company taking stock iu these
dill'civnt manufacturing enterpriser
Others that the company should uu its
capital \\holly in providing lands and
buildings , giving the enlerpri. es encour
agement and lu-lp by liberal turms of oc
cupancy of such property.
It is very dillicult to secure donations
and subscriptions , as in times gone past.
Men can bo induced to in vent much easier
than to donate. The time has passed.
also , when moro talk will bring men and
capital to a cily. If the citi/.ens of a
place , knotting all about its past and
piocnt , do not have enough faitli in its
luture.to invest some of their own money
in manufacturing onUrprNes , it is little
IIMJ to trv to pcrMindo strangers to come
hero and invest their money. If the citi-
xe.us of Council lilnll'-i will show in some
organi/.cd form a disposition to chaiico
some of their means in building manufac
tories here , this will inspire eonlidenee in
outsiders quicker than another actjon
that can be taken. Such is the portion
taken by some of the live business men
here , and there js likely to bo some prac
tical move in this direction.
The meeting the oilier night has had a
good ell'ect in agitat.ng the Mibject , and it
is believed that some very bcnelicial re-
hulls will lollow.
Pea Jackets at Ueno's.
Substantial abstracts of tillo and real
estate loans. J. W. , & E. L. Squire , 101
Pearl street.
Try John Tcmpleton's "Koso" oigar.
Drs. Jiidd < fr Smith's Kloetro-Magnetio
insoles. Only ( if tv cent * . No 30 1-ourth
street , Council iMull's , Iowa. Agents
Young Folks Night-
The entertainment to be given tomorrow
row night by the pupils of the Bloomer
school building will bo a decidedly inter
esting one. Tlio following is the pro
gramme as arrang.nl :
XXHIth Pwdm . Concert Mediation.
FOUKTII AND rimi OKADL' , MISS ui'.ooics ,
"Uo Still nnd Know that I am God" .
. Chnnt.
"Didn't Think" . Concert Iteelhitlon
"IJaby llye . Kxeicise hung
Kiusr nitAiiK , snss AXDiitso.v : , TKAOIIKK
' Siimcthlni ; Sure" . Slabel IJiown
"Euteitainint : his Sister's Dean" .
. Gienvlllo Montgomery
"The HOUIH" . Two Girls
"Jamie and Jennie" . Costume Sous
Willie Squire , liolle Sn > Ucr.
Lincoln , ( ianicld , Grant .
Fied Hill , Tlierou Josslyn , Dick Stewart ,
mi ill ) or.Aiii : , MISS i.vow , TnAriir.n.
"Cricket and A lit" . Concert Kcrltation.
"Ulullo'B Hall" . Kxerolso Song.
Biroxi : > oitADE , MISS WAICK , IKACHCU.
"PnvjiiiL'foi aPairol Uoots" .
. . . . . . . Belle Snyder
"Gathering Home" . bong
Fieo Gymnastics .
Santa Clans . Chorus
"Mis. Caudle" . Klsio liouu
"Tho Ciow'fa Childicn , " Fninkio Unlley ,
KirntNI > SIXTH Rit.viina , MISS DALE ,
Selections Hryaiit , Whittier , Lnns-fellnw
"Ueturn of lllrds , " "Snowbound , " "llux-
watlia's Woointr , " Xelllo JJiih.iney , Alice
Draiuard , Heshlo Squlie.
"Makin" an Kditor out'n ITim" .
. Spencer FanibWorth
Goddess of Liberty . Statue
"Battle llviiinof tlio Kcimblic" . Choi us
"Knll ) f Pombciton Mills , " .May Diiveu-
iiort . High Schnol
"Gi aiidma's I Jirthday. " . Opeiettit
I'niuls Koiirlh , HUli , Sixth and Seventh
Grades , directed by Mis * L. Merger.
For hardwaio and house furnishing get
jn ices of Cooper & McGee , No. 41 Main
Haying put in a OJinploto now sleek of
clothing , lurni.shing goods , hatn , caps ,
etc. , Fox & Hughes , No. Jilli Main street ,
invite tlio public to give them n trial.
Their oxpon.ses are small and they can
nnd do sell cheap ,
Free to Muniiracturct'B.
I will present a warranty deed to any
good reliable manufacturing company
that will maintain a factory for ten years
on lots 10. 11 nnd 13 , block 7 , Fleming &
D.IVIB addition. Also to second respon
sible party a deed to lots II and 1.1 in
block 45 In Kiddles' add t'ou for a like
purpose. J. VV. Koi inn. :
Best COM ! nnd wood in the city at tllca-
son's , : > 0liarl ! street.
Ladies nnd gnnts got n ticket to the.
grand drawing ou January 1 , with every
X'5 cents worth of goods purchased of
Arthur Lcfkovitz , rj.'ll Broadway , The
choicest candies , California fruits , nuts ,
cigars , etc. , always on hand.
C , B. Jacquemln tfe Co , , No. 37 Main
street , take pleasure in announcing to
the public that their stock of articles , or
namental , stylish and useful holiday
goods , Is complete in each nnd every de
partment , and cordially invite everybody
to visit thnir store , inspect their goods
and compare prices. No trouble what
ever to show goods ,
Money Wanted.
At 7 per cent interest ou comity and
city bridge warrants as collateral secu
Over First National bank. Council
Binds , _
Nocktiea , n large assortment to select
from for Christmas atHcno's ,
Brooking Iiico Cars.
Gcorgo Uhikely was arrested yesterday
on a charge of breaking open n car on
the Wabosh track and stealing n quantity
of Hour , lumber , shingle * , etc. Dlakely
lives with his brother in u little house
down on the bottom , nnd a search war
rant was taken out , resulting in the mid-
ing of u quantity of stun" in tliu house
winch answered to the description of the
property taken. The case will bo heard
m Justice Sclnir/ ' court ,
Ho.'iery for ladies and gents cheap at
A liivo Stock Company ,
Articles of incorporat on have been
filed for the lirownV Park Horec and
Cattle company , of Council Jiluit's. Thn
I nrorpor.it or ? are II. I | , AUtcnlf , A J
C'ritloiulon. < > porco Jlctonlf. I. K. IVti'i1-
MIII. 'J'honins > It't ( ; lf , nml ( ti-orjiu F
Wn-jhl. Tlio cnintnl' stock is 10 be
$ . "iO. ( > i)0 ) and tlio co-iiiian } * Is to hninllc
rani'lies ami I'alllt1 us implieil b.v the
name of tlio cutujiany , Ono of the
naiiii'tl n Pn-own's park nml
loi'iiti'tl in rintsili poimty. I'tali. II IT.
Meti'alf is UK ; lirusiilniit bt the i-oinpiinv ,
( icoi' o Alutt'iiu treasurer , (5eovG r.
AVri lit MM-retarj , s\ml \ .7 , H , lVtfr. on
tlnibrella- Chrisuuis iircscntat
The Uln'orouoo.
The city council of Council Hlull's ap
propriated .fliiO to pay the cxpcnf-e.sot' the
doli'gal0 * lo the proposed ronvuntion of
cities ofI.OOO and over , : it Jcs M ine * ,
and the cili.i'usire raising a liijr row
about it. Major Taylor will roprc-iont
Cri'-ton , ando believe , expects to bear
his own expenses.jCreston ( jJaxctte.
nre endoiseil ball
the leading iiliyieitiis and ebeinists for tliei-
ptultv nml lioli"-oineiiLNsi. lte\Mire ot'eoiuii
teifelts mitt nikotir . ciocer nml driif.'iri'-l lei
tlie genuine iirtlcle , pieimred by Dr. .1. ( . . H.
.Siegeit A : JJOII.N.
Harmony Chapter No. U3 , O. K , S. , will
bolil its regular ineetinji this ( Tlmr-day )
evening at lasoiiiu hall. A full attend.
anee i.s requested to elect olliecri for the
ensuing ; year.
Hy order of the X. M.
CAIIUII- : Ilt'.vmv.'ro.v ,
A Mire cure for Ullnd , JUecillmt , Itelilng
nnd Ulceiuted Piles lm > j been dlpcov < 'reil by
Dr. Williams ( an Indian lemedy ) , called lr
Williams' Indian Pile Uintmcnt. A single
box has cuied tlio woist cluonlc cases of as or
! JO years staiiillus. No onu need sulVcr fixe
minutes after nmilyini ; this \\omlerful sooth
jni ; inedlcine. Lotions and instruments do
uioio haiin than good. Williams' Indian
1'ile Ointment absoibs tlio tmniiis , allays the
intense HcliliiK , ( particiilmly at nlirht alter
cettliiR warm lu bed ) , nets HI a poultice , elves
Instant iclief , and is piep.iu'd only for riles ,
Itching of piivato i > arls , and for imtlilnt : else.
Dr. Fia/.ier's .Macle ointment cmes ns by
macic , Pimples , lilark He'.uls or Guib < ,
lilotehes and Kiuptious on the face , leaving
the skin eleaniud Ixvuitlful. Also emes Iteh.
Salt Klieiun , Snto Niimlcs , Sole Llp- > , and
Sold by driif-'giHls , or mailed ou icceipt of
CO cents.
Itelallcd by Knhn & Co. , and SoluoeterA
Uecht. At whelesale bv C. F. ( Joodainn.
Manufacturer * of nil sbes of
ilsnoil for Itunnlnir ,
Tubular and Locomotive Boilers.
New Massillon T'lircehers. '
Cnroj' and Woodbnry Horse Powers.
Portable nnd Traction Engines ,
Factorj' Ma&sillon , 0. Branch House
510 Pearl St. , Council Bltifis.
Wnnn rooms and good board at ronsonnWo
nos. ofncKR. w. n. u. PUSBI
Tbtabllsliod 18G5.
R. BICE , M. D.
or other tutu irs remoivd without
Over thirty ycurs' jiract oal osnoiJonuo. OJlioo
No. 11 Peuil biriTt , Couni II Jllults.
Northwestern Hotel.
Newly fitted and fuiiiHicd. Opp Bioadway
IJuiiiiny Depot. SI. CO ) ier d.iy.
Tailor !
KO. 7 and 9 MAIN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
In Councl
A ml all iiKxioru Imnrovowtnts , cull Ijollj , flro
jRrin bells , etc. , iii the
MOB. M , 217 ana : ill , Main Street ,
MAX M O1IN , riojuJotor
Justice of the Peace.
Office Oror Amcrfcan Rxjircei ,
Coinj < uby. ,
Comer Pearl Street and Fifth Avenue ,
Jllnk for rout for theatrical performances
Imllb , pat-lire , etc.
Ani.liidsof refreshments and a mix
rj\ctlce.s \ In Htat and Federal Courts.
7 uodt ) , btiu ar ( Block Bcuu.
NOT IOK. gjifeial n.lrcitlsf'inonls , fimlt n
, Pnnnd , To I/inn , Vor Siiin , To Kent , \VanU
' vnrdinK , etc. , will bo Incited In tlil column at
, Ilio1o\vrato oC TEN OHNT3 1'Kll I.IN12 for the
, llrstlnsorUonnml HVK CK.VTS 1'Klt UM ! for
each subsequent In'Ttion. Leave ndvcrtUo.
I '
incntsnt our oiKco , No , U Pcul : stiocl , near
Itt.NT-A lliu-ly turnlslied fiont room
No. . ' 1 Vliic li-fi't.
lti\T ; . \ n | < cly IttrnMioil liont
nii or.MltlMiul Im.unl. Two
rir < t uvcniic > .
IJMIIM ton S.M.IAt ; " ii
A Hi'lnni' ' : . . fi'j mllf ( niiilliwc t nl Oiimhii. fi
loom linu r , < i\ci'llcut well nnd oistc-in.U Imrnx ,
Olio for ritjlit hnr us. onelor l wins ! lien , tool
uiul viiiroii houers ; Hj ) ucroj In tlmotliv : h' > ,0 t
loifl lives cotton Mooil.blHck triiluut , mh uud
iiiHlc | ; itooil inxliiuil , * | ! iio ! ° , c'lu'irloc , pltiini ,
fifiipra unit .niiiii fiu | | . Never inlllnv slock
wnli-r. It. I * . ( Jnici.it , flw Hromtwtty , Cotinull
llluli.s IOTMI. '
\VAN'IKI ) To buy ufi tlMnirstTlawJconmlr
1 1 liiuiil tmiiM'liold ftoiuN tluit mo "ItcrtMl to
PIII' . 'tlHi ni furnlturo , rni | ' ls. tloios , i'to
IVtMing not luulnir sniitTt.v Ili-t-i'lat j-ooiM
will MixctluiP by tint niil.vlnir | | , .All otliuis nlll
icccUu pnnupt NttiMitlon nndII | l > o pnl l the
lilvlio t inniket pilot's liy A. J. Matulrl , lUS
llioailwailenlor ; lit new and slilctl > Iliclus3 |
FornniMinnd " Inrnltuii' , rli > , iii * . _ _
( H'Si-J : roil IIU.ST-At .McSlalioiT * ( Jo's ,
Nil. I IVml tirrt.
SAI.K , 1'JHl UKNT OK i\t'IIANttS ;
NO. M For 'Hln or rent , on very Ilbornl letmv
'IlioCounrll lllnns I'apt-r Mlll.coiiipli'lo , > rlth
the largo boanlluir houtu miU thteo ucies of
No , ' . ' (1 ( A lU lnpe i pioppily In Clirrokpu ,
fhoioVco county , Iowa , III trnilo for western
lands. Vtilue , Hlmut f 4.0IX ) .
Nu.i9 : A IK nutiriil homo In HIP town of Hast-
liiKi,1 , MlllH county , Iowa , for NcbrttsVa land.
Value. fl.VW.
No. 41 A Kiwttl IwMiie * * proprrtv unit nlso
uond re lileiic'o prupeity In tun town of rheiivo
Mclii'nn t'ountj , 111. , low ilown for cash or wilt
Oichnnco lor uc.'ti-ni Inuiln.
No. ITU A Kpleintlil tarm , well Improved , OKI
neres In Dickinson comity , IOAVH , jolnhiRtlio
lown of Spirit t.iikc. 1'riec , for n choit time
$ .l'i per nere.
No. 1M to 187 Aio four InproveJ farms In
I'hllllpH county. Knti'-Ho , encli lth a uniill In-
eumbiani'Li. Tliu iniultni will be * rvohanjfeJ for
unlncumhoii'il liiml lu Nubianka.
No. Ilil IS ) iieri"lti Unit eountvNeb. , iiaitly
ImptoMxl.at n MK bin \Viiutstoo.\chautru
No. M A line two loty Itrlek rn ldonee , one
ol Iholio'-l loentlons in Ccnnicil lllnns , lll trmlo
lor Rooil tinlni'iiidiPied Kniisiis or Nebraska
hiniN. Vnlne. f IAiu ) .
No. M mill It Aui two other bcanllful lioiniM
Inititnell ( ItlulTs , which cash pn.Mm.ms will buy
at n bargain.
Ni . fiO A bi'imllfiil mlnirban location In Iowa ,
( "ity , Iowa , will L'M.lnitiK'u for ueMorn lands.
iii , , .
TlionhoTd ate only n few of onr special tur-
Kiiliis. If jou'voKot aujthliiH to trniloor sell ,
in- want to fell unv real e t lc or merch.ui'lNo ' ,
wilto ii . Wo lm\u boveiid Kooil Mocks ofuoods
to tiailo for lands. SWAN .V WAI.KKIt ,
Council llhifT * , Iowa.
J , L. De BEV01SE , Agent.
No. 507 Broailwar , Council IlluITn.
Railway Time Table.
TUo followlnff Is tliu time of arilvnl nnil
ilcpnrturo ol trains by uentinl Miindniil time , at
tlio local depots. Trains lenvo irnn-ilerdepot ton
miiiulcs eatller and itrilvu ten minutes later :
llhi'AUT. AltlUVB.
0a : A. M . Mall and KvpietH . 6jQi : ! . w.
] : ! : ( ( ) p. M . Accoinmodatlon . 1:50 : r. M.
HlbOl'.M. . . . . . I3\pics"j . 0U5AM. :
D:2) : ) A. > l . Mail and H\pro 9 . 6:5 : ip. M.
7:15 A. M . Accommodiitlon . fi:4ii : > . .
Ot..cr.M . IJjtjimsi . UUJA. : M.
0:20 A. M . Mull and ixprc : 3 . Orr.Op. M.
tJOr.M ) . K.\prehs . 8:05ji.J : * .
0:40 A. M . Mullniul i\prii-s : . fiHi : ) . M.
0'Jr.st : . Uvpre-s . ll:05A. : u.
WA1I1SII , bT. I.ilt'l" a I'ICIFIC ,
2Ti p. M. Local St. houlh Kvpic-i Local .
U:00 : P. M.TrausferSI. I.onK llx. Tnmsfi > r.3 : ! 0 r. it
10:11) : ) A.M . Mall and ISxpicss . 5JP.M. : )
Uli&p. M . I5xpro n . Ci'JjA.M.
7:1fiA.M . Sioux City Mail . PIDOP.M.
( l.0 : p. M . St. Paul i\pivs9 : . 8:35 : A. u.
HMOS p\c.nc.
W:8fiA. : M . Hi I r Kxproed . S : P. M.
3ii ; p. M. . . Lincoln Pass. , Om. Sc It. \ . .i'rttfi P. M.
7:60P.M : . Ovcilaiiil KiinchS . 8:10 : A.M.
tcnvo Council Ulutrs 7U"a : : -u,10-tOW : :
tlK : ) n. m. ; l'Jtf : 3:30 : : iyO ; 4JJ : ! 5 : 5 nW :
ll:4.r : p. m. SllulllJ,7 | ICi SLJIJ 11'W : u. in ;
33) . > 5 " 5 : : > iiJ. : > p.m. Leave Omalin
-Ui.5 ; 75-8SO-10:00-UHt : : : a. m : lu-2:00-
3:00 : 4:00 : 0 0 : : 0 11:10 : i > . m. bundnys : ! ! 3
:5U11:00 : : a. ni. : 3:00 : 3:00 : 5:00-0:03 : : 11:10 : p.tn
Chicago Water Motor Co.
Power f in nUhcil from hydrant picssmofor
Irlvlnir all Itlndii of llj-tit machinery. Special
attention tficn tr > church organ lilowlnir. Wo
run pilntlnuprobses , moat ehoppcrs , Ice rronin
freivurs. iMillaliinif lutliiri , fio\viiii \ ) maulimi-H , ttc.
The best eheupi-al motor mado. Send Jor cir
cular , In i flu in Council Illulfs by
lien job ollico.
1'nio & Selimldt.meat mai'Kct.
( .hieaKO Mi'iit Market.
Juilzcnilurliir'H .Mtut Market.
hnilth A ; Meyers.
Kuru At Kloeb , eolfeo grinder.
Bellln'Aiffnt ( , 18 Main nt. Council Illnirn , Iowa.
Jill I'lirnnni tit. Omaha.
No. S3 , Main Street , Council Bluffs.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Wholesale mid retail Lumber , t tli , fiidiifc'lca
Sasli , Doors and IlllmU. Solo HgoulH for tlio
celolirntoj Marliloheiul Concentrated 'Whlto
lime. 8 I' , MACCO.s.vrLr , , Munncor.
Telciilmno No. 2H ,
_ No. 710 ilnln hticct.
Main St. , Council Ulufls ,
Near tlio C. , fi. iV.JC. ; , M. * St. P. , nnd
0 , , IE , 1. < te P. railway ill-pot" . Streetcar
f.\ss the door. Kvi'iythhiu now and lira
class. Opened Dec. Ut.PHI.
PHI. .
Proprietor t
IT. . MAv : < i : ! A. 8.11 I/EI.TON
r. T.May tic & Co ,
Real Estate Exchange
N ) . 131 t'Jirl a trost , Counoil Uluffs , Iowa.
Dealers In lown , KWIISHS ami Nebraska Lands
Heal Kstato bought anil sold.
No. 837 Broadway , Council Blufl'a.
Hi . lrfc luittttliiM of stir Vlii 1 ial r t or nnvo . I m 1 ftat s MMUtonl. lYainsltouioi
on i.ittloUlMit trucks Ilie licst 111 Itio uorU.
SOS Eighth Avontio and Kigl ( h Street.
er ic Com
1 Instruments ,
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy Goods.
Wo make thoeclehiated llaidinan IMaiux , ami the I'nynl Whitney or an < $ , , \ specially
Ever } insttnmcnt wnn.uited. Send forcatalo ue .
MUKU.KH Ml'SlO CO. , Coun.'il U.ulTa
Miss * .
If you buy any where except at Metoal
Bros , They are selling their Clothing at
Cost , and guarantee prices on hats , caps4
underwear , hosiery , neckwear , silk hand-
ffnnTrj Tvscra
METCALFBEOS , 344 Broadway , Council
Nos. 1 and 2 , Masonic Temple.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Tbe cold W3ith5r has finally put in an
appearance and finds many persons not
ret supplied with heavy underwear , con
sequently wo wish to gently Mat that we
have a flue assortment of
Underwear ,
We wish to call tpecial attention to our
Double front and back Undershirts with
Irawers to match ,
Fur and Cloth Caps ,
Mits and Gloves.
Mufflers ,
Etc , , Etc , , Etc ,
A , "W. Pftttersoo < te Go.
Kos , 1 ard 2 , Bssoaic Teicple ,
Council Bluffs.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
Our rtnrlt In norr ootnploto In cvory
nirnt nnd oontulns nil tlio IntuittuyKaaivloUoot *
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices.
TUB o.vi.r Bsrru.sivi : CAKPST iioutm IN
SAMPLRS rurr.itae * .ipon pplle no U 0
Couicil Sluffs Caipet Company

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