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Delcgnto GiflbriVs Eonse Bill to Crcato the
Stflto of Dakota.
Bills Introduced by "Western Mom-
hern Under tlio Call of Htnlcs
Army Mailers Is 1'nlon
ti Hi-publican.
PronniMo mill Twenty-Six Section ? .
W\s iN-no.v , DCP. ' 'l.-ISpcelal Tele
gram. | DelcttalP ( JIlTord of Dakota today
introduced a bill for the admission of that
loriUory into ihc Union. The bII has n preamble -
amble and twentj-slx Bcttlons. Thopienm-
ble tits tor Hi llio fact that the constitutional
ronvcul ion of September last framed n con-
fctltiiiiun for M UP government , and that thn
propv of thp territorv nslc t ! o admission of
that pail liuhivlcd In Hie buutrdniies of Iho
propi'H-d ' stale. 11 provhks for jurlsdletlun
ovci HIP rhenj which form pail of the rom *
moil boundaiy belween llio slalo of Dakota
and oilier st'ite.s surrounding It ; that the
Mi aouri river sh ill ha a common highway to
the free inhabitants of Dakota as well as
othej 'tales ; until llio next cousin la taken
tlrusl.itpof Dakuta shall bo entitled to two
icpie-Piitative.s in con-ness ; npproptiatiM
110,000 fur Hie purpose of paying all llio cx-
pcrKm ol theconstitniinn.il convention and
elections held tin refer , lobe paid to the trcas-
nrer of the new state on roiiulsitiorr of the
leg ! 1 iture , setting forth Iho aitlclosnrrd pai-
H giants Frellons 10 nnd 3i of every ( own-
fchlpof the pubhuds ! ! for the support of the
common tchooin , nnd where tht'-o sections
have been ill'ip-ist-il of , otuer lands equivalent
therel > are ; , ' : nuted ; grants 5.1,031 cnllroF.cc-
lions c.f iiiiapDropriated pr.blie lauds , to bo
hcle lid by the legislature , with lite nppioval
of iho president , for tin1 purpose of erecting
a I'libli. ' btiildin.j as a eapltol for Hie state ,
Hie I'liids sell eti'd ! > l > 3 within the b-iuuda-
lies dl the st ito , and i-hoseii from lands either
sDiii'jcdor unsurveyed ; gran's ' twelve sec
tions nf the public hinds for tue maintenance
of a state university , nliuty cccllons for an
end. vi.iont of an agrlpriltur.il college , and
hft > 'eelions for buildings and the tnninte-
iraiic'of u peiiit'-ntiary ; grants .1 per conl ot
all tl. . 'sales of public lands wilhln the sta e
fi mi Hie time of thn oiganizalloir
of fie territory , and apprnprialos
bu" , . i.'iit to pay nil amounts due ;
Hi. us S.COi.c-.M aire.s ot p ibiio lands
i.f t'ii Mate for Inteinal improveurenl : pro
vl ' ' ' .hat the Htalo of Dakola shall cousli-
I ii" on- Judicial dish-Id , to ha called the dis-
tri. tof Dakota , and that the district court
ebn'J ' beheld at Yankton , Urn salary of the
jiuU'c-lo be'JV'OJ ' ' per year , ami it provides
nis ) for a clerk and other officers who shall
l.ccp their olllces at Vaukloii.
The bill div ides the publlo Indebtedness of
Ih'-fi'iui'-r loriitoiy as follows : Public lu-
dclitcilness Iiicuiied for the purpose of publle
li st.tiilloiis within the limits of the slate of
D.tii'it.i shall lie assumed by s.iid sluto , and
siud sUto shall make liumi-diati' provision
foi tut-pavment of this sum , and nil llio ic-
nritn.iig funded Indebtedness of Hie former
tcnitory shall bo and lemaiii a debt of tlio
territory which shall ba organised out of
the ic'imilnlng pottion of the former
territorv. One half of Iho fundnom.iiuiin ;
In the Ireisiiiy of the loirllury of Da ! o a ,
and al receipts ftoni taxes imposed by foimei
legl-datuics theieof , sli-all bu paid hy the
lie.isiirer of Iho stale of Dakota. All the
nichivesnnd icconU of Ihufoimor territory
of Dakota now in tlieciistody of the secretary
mut governor of said leiritory , nnd ( he torri-
loiial libnny of said lerrilory.sliall bo turned
overhj Ihatollicer lo tlu governor orsccrc
tniy of Hie slate of Dakota.
The lands granted for educational purposes
Hhall bo sold at public sale at not less than
sSlo per acre , the proceeds to constlinto a per
manent school fund , only the intcrc'U ' ot
which shiill be expended inthotiiippoit of the
common schools. It provides I'm ( her for
Iho organi/.atloa of Xoith Dakota out
of Hie remaining portion of Hie
territoiy not admitted into the union. All
federal oliicers sh rll continue lo hohl their of
fices , and di'sl nnles thu city of Hismaick nt
tliopln.e for holding Ihe serious of Iho leg
islative assembly of. North Dakota. It gives
the legislature of llio new state power
lo piovldu foi the transfer of all actions and
proceedings pending in Iho supreme nnd dis
trict com Is of thuteriitoiy nt the time of ad
mission , nml declines tint the slate of Da
kota shall bo liable for the indebtedness for
Iho public building In the southern porilon of
Iho present territory , ami tlmMho new terri
lory to bo organlml shall bu "llablo for any
similar Indebtedness Incurred for buildings
in tlio northern portions ,
iiOL&r. MI-ASP 1:1.8 : nv wi .sTi'iiN
During the call of state the house
this afternoon lor Iho Inlrodiictlon of bills ,
Con. Henderson ot Iowa submitted mens-
uref as follows : Doing away with the llml
tatlons In aucars of pensions ; giving a uni
form salary to judges of United Stales dis-
tiict courts ; granting pensions to all depend
ent soldiers and Hiilois w homo GO years of
ngo ; Increasing the rnto of pensions to per
HOIIS whose aims are off above Iho elbow and
legs olV above thu knee , and for other pur
poses ; providing inrdistrlbutingtkecoiKics-
bionnl iccord lo public libraries ; granting a
pension to Hannah Malouoy , Anna Dedgen-
dnrf , A. V. Itlchanls , Anna D , \ \ ' . Uk liman-
Mury Heron ; for the relief of U' . 11. MouH ,
nnd for thu bcnclit of widows and orphans of
thu District of Columbia ; aiithorUing llio re
moval of the statue of ( ion. John A. Hawllns
to a more desirable location.
Mr. Murphy introduced his Ilcrrncpin
canal bill , which Is entitled a bill topiovklu
for the construcllon of liie Lake Michigan
iiiul Mississippi liver canal , and lo cheapen
traiisHrtalIon | ) ; also , bills to prohibit thu
employment of convict laluror the sale of
the product of the same ; to regulate inout in
pension cases ; tor the lullef of Jnmes Farley ,
Thomas S. llrools iV Co. , Calhailno Collins ,
George A , Krauze , Kvans , Nichols ACo. . and
It. 11 , Shrojidhlro ,
Mr. Hepburn presented a number of pen-
elon bills , among which aio HIOMJ for John
W , Ilubeit , James Murgiir , llobert II , Moore ,
llobert ( Sray , ficoraoV. . Miller , W. A. Lo
Master , IJenjamln Itawllns , KujjenoV. .
Bqulies , William K. Ward , Samuel P. ( llenn ,
Minion Pratt , Daniel K. Wright , Thomas
Urackelt , John Kennedy , William A. ( im-
liarn , Kov. Kmstus l.alhrop , Thomas Wil
liams , Major ( J. W. Oindeouiid John Deferi-
Mr , Frederick IntrixliKed bills to enable
the pcoplo of Dakota to form a constitution ;
foraielssno of the lirst live volumes of thu
record of the war of the icbelliou , with an
issue of nlno additional copies for each mem
ber of this conuic .
Mr. Holmes Introduces ! bills to quirt the
Htlo of settlers on the Des Molues river lands
Jrr the state of Iowa and for other purjioses ;
for pensioning prisoneis of the war who
vverocontincd In lonl'cdenrto irrllttary pris-
ortb appropriating SlOO.uoo tor the election
of a puttrfc building at Fort Dodge ; to estab
lish agricultural fxiH-rlmentliig stations In
Munectlou with th * collcfva L-stublishtd in
the "cvcral slates under the act of July ffl ,
Mr. Weaver will Introiluro hllli In the
muse to create an additional judicial dMrirt
In Nebraska south of tire Pintle ; dcHaiing
wlipn the CD < t of surveying ami sclcctiiis l''o '
Paclllc lallroad lairds was paid , Ihrro years
l.i given lire company In which to dlM ne of
the land , and declaring lhal the stales ami ter
ritories In which the grants were rnadoaro
nolluried from locitlon of ( ho lands subse-
fpicnl to Urn ! lime providing , however , that
Hip c < > 4 of surveying nnd solcf-tin ! ; ate lo vo-
main a lint Hen on the land ; loro'iuho
United Elates Judges to red'icc their charges
to writing ; to creel a public building at Heat-
i-lco ; to require thy United .States court lo beheld
held al least once a year at .Nebraska City.
the nniiaimeemont a week ape
of Collector lleddin's nomination having
been sent to thu senate , a number of ppcclllc
dmrjjcsajailirst him have been received by
members of tliat body. These aru of less im-
portanee , however , than tiioso made against
Sin vc-jor llca'tie , lie is charged with direct
\iolatron of the civil service laws inlhunp-
liointment ol day Inspector ! as onicers of llio
night watch , wlilmut their h iirn ; und'-rgono
nn examination as wiu'red ' by the civil ter-
\i < o legiilallons , Ills oilier is1 said lo have
been the daily rende\ou7 ol WO Thompson ,
Julrn Kcenan and othet notorious democratic
politicians , lie Is charged with Im Ing de
tailed men to collect campaign siihicripllons
in llio recent rarnass , and with Inning con-
splied to defenl Iho clxll nlw law , anil
with having done various other things that
piovehlm lobearr unlit man to 1111 his pres
ent olllce.
liepieseritalhes and ' .onalors are daily re
ceiving humlrdls of letters making 'com
plaints against men who hnve been ai > -
polntcd by tlio prosident. It Is a curious
fact that tire majuiit > of the docnineiils came
lionr democrats , beuator Harrison has t-uv-
eral hundred received 1 rom Indiana demo
crats protecting against men who ha\o been
placed in oiilco thtoiigh llio Inllueneu o
Voorheu.s. There Is no doubt in Senator
Harrison's mind thai In many cases the pres
ident has been seriously imposed upon , aa
the s tiato uctid hanllly la t spring in con-
lirruiirg such nominations as land commis
sioner Sparks arrd Acjuilhi Jone s , postmaster
al Indianapolis. Ills proposed now lo take
plenty of lime toconsldui the appoin I merits
made dining the receas. Umnientionably
manj unlit ouc.s will be rejectid. The. lirst
sisslstant postmaster general , Stevenson , It Is
stntcd , will be tejickd.
M > MI : w r.-i iisx Arroi.vTMi\r ? ,
President Ce\eland lo-day sent lo the
tenalo llio name oi K M. Xeib.ich lo be
receiver of public monies of YanKlou , Dak.
Xeibach has long been urged for the Dakota
governor-ship to succeed ( jovcruorCJill Pierce.
Among the other nominations Is that ot
I'liomns 11. Davis lobe register of the laird
olllce al Lincoln. Keb.
CCUIMISSIOXIH : i.A'io.v roxvicnr ) .
Civil Service Commissioner Katon
was before the senate committee on
eivil service , retrenchment and rciorm
this mot ning and shaiply iiuestioncd
in le'alion ' lo his republicanism , against
which nuiiirlncnt reimblican scuatcra havu
tiled charges , The law jnovlilus that one of
Iho civil service commissioners shall be ol the
opposite political parly ot thu oilier two
members. It is said Ilalon bus been con
victed on the charges prefeued and that the
ccmmittees will report against his confirma
tion. Laton , who is the chief feature of
civil scivico lelornr , i.s very nruch agitalcd ,
mill refiues lo talk ujwrr tlie sub.cct ,
AUMMAirr.i : " .
Among the .u my urders posted at the war
dcpuitmt nt was oiioanuimiicing thai "Lieut.
Kdwirr > t. John Oreble , Second ailillery has
repoited In person to l.i.-lcn. ! ! Oliver O ,
How-mil at Omaha , and lias been ollicially
announced as uld-do-camp on Ids stalf. "
A i my leaves were eianled I'hst Lieut.
Henry T : llilxins , Tvveuly tilth infantry ,
i'ort Slssetou , Dak. , one month from De
cember 11 ; Acting Assistant burgeon II. JI.
DceOle , Fort Vales , Dak. , one nioutlr trom
.January 10 ; Capt. Gustavus Valols , Ninth
cavalry , Fort Itobinson , Xcb. , ten dayi > ' sick
leave ; Lieut. Charles McDuislon , Fnurlh In-
lautry , Fort Omaha , Neb. , fourteen d.iys
fie ir December 17 ; Capt. C. C. C'.irr , Fln.t
cavdiy , Fort LcavoiivsoHh , ono month trom
December .
Noruixo hi'ccr.iis I.IKK Mvcrs1 * .
The Xew Voik Sun to-day Fays that the
unexpected majority of Morrison In carrying
through the nuw cede ot rules tor the Irons )
changes profoundly thu relations of tnc Illi
nois statesman to the home nnd the country.
He must heueetorth bo regarded as the leader
ot'the democracy lor that division in con
gress , and tor whatever wife measures there
may be enacted ho will enjoy his lull sh.uo
of glory and whaluver mistakes may bo com
mitted , Iho responsibility will ie > l uimn him ,
TIIK cinxi m rr. r.
W.\nill.voio.sDcc. 41 , | Associated Prcc * . ]
A bill was iirtiudueed in the hou > u lo-d.iy .
byMr. . .Morrow of C.ihlorni.i nmeiiilatory
ol the Chinese Immigration net. It lorbids
thourrti It-Mil Chiiieso lidioii'ih tor u jieriod
ot twenty jcnrs ; jtiovld s for Identuication
byphotogi.iplmiK of tbiueso hibmeis who
siioentltieil ru return to this couniiy ; pio-
vides additional salegu , uds auniiist thu ille
gal entry ol Chinese , and limits the. number
of Cliliiesojiassenitcr ) tooue for oveiy lilty
tons ol a , M-ssol's burden ,
A iirn.Di.M , rou sioux en v.
Among the hills which were introduced In
the senatetoday and icterred , was ouo by
Mr. Allison to appiopii.itc.rlUii.iKM lor the
erection ol a puulie budding at Sioux City ,
coMMi'NirAirnvs rnoM 1111 : piifsinK.sr.
Tlio pie.siilcut to day M nt lo Iho senate n
mes > aue : tiaiismittlng a communlcutlon tioitr
tlio seciet.uv ot tlio jut lior , submitting a
draft ot a bill tc amend the invited statutes
relatlimto timber di'pted.ttlons upon hinds
reservcdoriimchascdiur mitiuiry , Indian , or
othei purposes. It makes It nulawliil and
punMiable. by a line ot not moro than t-M
or Iniiirisoirmcnt lor not mom than twclvo
mouths to cut or dcitroy any timber otr bitch
lands or to aid in so doing.
Also , a nieasajjo transmitting n communi
cation from the bccrcl.ii.v of thu interior ,
submitting a draft of a lull In amend Urn re
vised statutes relating io trespass upon In
dian lands. It makes It air oilcnsu punish
able bv linoand Impr6 ! > inmcnl nud lorleiluio
ot outiit. for miy person toerrter any Indian
lands without authority ol law. Kmlgiants
peaceably passing through such lands aie
exempted from the pt'iml pruv rsion.s of ( lie
'i > rsr.iur.iiR UXTITI in : TO rrxsiovs.
'I'lio commi.vsioiR'r ol Dciisloiis hasiender-
cda decision upon the application of mi cx-
veU'ran who deserted after ru-enllntment
and never rejoined his command. The com
missioner holds that Ins ill-charge tiorn his
nr t errll.stment contnid perlected his rightu
tlieieunder , which wuut not forfeited l > j ids
larluro to comply with the terrriaot hla sub-
seiiuunt contnict.
AX i\-iirxn : : oronowTii.
Olllclals of the postollloo deparlment repoit
that they are locelvlng an unpiccedcnted
numlH'r of applications tor the establishment
of iio.stotllccsln Kaiijosaud Nebraska , Indi
cating a rapid settling up of those states.
Perform oil tlio Operation.
] ' \iis ! , Dec. ' ! ! . M. Pasteur , who had at
lirst contemplated positioning until to-mor-
low the operation upon the Newark , N , J , ,
chlldieii , roncluded this after noon that it
would be best to admit no delay , mid consc-
( piernly Inoculation.- , were made immedi
ately , M. Pasteur pen > orully pcrlorrnlnsj the
operation * . _
Death of a rU'irepont.
PiKJiimroNT MAXOII , N. V. , Dee , 21.
Hon.VllliHiu C. Plcrrciioiit L. L. I ) , , died
y ujuriilng lu hfa eighty-third jear.
New Yot-Ic Cley's tayor's Coiuipctiou
With iho Chilian Mission.
Nr.w Yon : ; . Dee SI.- [ SioialTeleeram. . ]
At the time W. U. Uobeits was atipotnted as
iniiiiBter lo Chill , vlio C. A. Loian , resigned ,
there wasacurieul rtrnior that Mayor \V. 11.
Grace ecutcd tire ntipoiiitinuiit , and it was
also charrjed that ItoberU was going to Clilll
to press Iho celebrated Grace claims. The
latlcr rumor was denied at the time , ns if by
milhoiity. The U orld this morning prints a
long document stannl by Lntran , which It
tajsls noworr tile in the slate department ,
nnd which places flr.iei ? hi an unplcasrut
light. It Sftjs the report will likely form Iho
basis of nn investigation by the senate as
soon ns Uoberts > * appointment comes up. Tire
irpnrt ghes tlie history of the allowed claims ,
rind suoiiks ot the feelhu of the Clillian oflie-
lals when they hecul tlic lumnr that I'ol ert3
win to bo the cuts-pAW of llrace. The \Vorld
sajs editorially : "An cUlcla ! communication
ndilressed by a foruu r minister of tlio United
States to Chill to Secretary of Slate U.ijard ,
and now on lilo Irr the .state department at
Washington , throws some light err thu eMi-a-
oidlnmy sclicme.s of "KoformcrCJrace ami
his South American tlun to obtairr i-eveial
million dollars from the treasury of the ic-
publle of Chili. It ollicially confirms the sus
picion that Oraco has \ery curious
mid enormous "claims'1 tigaln.st the Chilian
government. It shows the.sc "claims" have
heietofoiobccn invesli , iled by Iho stale de
partment nnd its representative InCldtinnd
Wire eomidered too flimsy niid unv.oillu of
serious ) iicscntatioii. Tire Grace lit in , at
whose head is our dlsUugulshod forty per
cent mayor , as it plainly appeals , endeavored
to use thc. = e patched claims niralnst the
rhillan govern men I In tire hope of securing
certain fat contracts. Such oitorts falling
the claims aio now supposed to beprov-cd
for settlement. Of course this is impossible
without the aid of the Amciii'tui miu.ster.
So Mr. Grace .shrewdly managed to have Mr.
Wm. H. Itohcrts , a SV 00 eleik In the ta\ de
partment , r.polined ] ) United atatcs minister
to Chili at -.alary ot 810,000 a .vear. He Is
trying to use tlic loicign minister of the
United States as hN cats paw. The adminis
tration at Washington has without doubt
been Imposed upon by ( iraco irr this mailer.
He was tlie last man in tlie world to whom
the selection ot an American minister to
Clilll should have been allow ud , as there was
no man in this eouutii who had more diiect
arid pecuniary interest iutluitappornlaieiil.1
i > ON .ironic
IJoolc Mnkri-fc Siiiiullcir liy .1 Colei'io
of Tct''fjfapli Upot-ntoi-ii.
Nr.w YOIIK , Dee.Jl. . ISieeial | Teleiram.j
The book makers of this city ( ! o lare thla
moirringtliat llrey were sw in. lied out of SSOO
by a gang ol telegr.iih ) ojieiators. .Saturday
pools vveio sold on thu New Orleans races
and the horse , Judge JacUsoii , was sold as
short , the bookmakers ofi'ering Irom 315 to
SHU to 51 on hi. u. During the afternoon , junt
bufoietlie bookmakers were noliiicd tliat the
horse had started on that race , a number of
young men visited several pool looms nud
laid S'i5 against the odds oIK'icd on Judge
Jaekson. A few minutes later the pool
learned thai Jackson had won and paid their
bets , in sum1 instances ? .V ) for i1. ' " ) . Later
in llio uttcrnoon the pool men discovered
that tlie news of Jackson's victory had been
held back trorn them until after the young
meir h.'d made their bets , tt is chaiged thai
a \\'estern \ \ Union operator somewhere be
tween Now York and New Orleans got up
the scheme and tire bookmakers say they will
\ pose every inin connected with tire alleged
swindle. Westci n Union omVeis in this city
emphatically deny that anv of their men
were connected in the matter.
The IMiii'riM of Ihc North In No Con-
ilition on Account of the Y.Vatlier.
ST. PAI-I , , Doc. 21. Col. 1'l.ilt H. Walker
of Iho Northwestern Lumberman , lias been
investigating thoclTcct of the continued war in
weather on the log cut , and sa > s whatever
condition may now prevail to the end of iho
season tiiecut can but tall slioit from IS to0
per cent. Men have been engaged and under
nay tor months , but nothing us vet has
been rue miphslied. Tin1 loails are
over slough beds , which are riot
vet fnv.en , and thew is no snow in the
woods. Ho tliiuks there v.ill bo an advance
otJ l > er thousand in conseimcncc or these
unlavoiahli ! conditions. Kvcn were the
wcatbei to become severely cold now and siit-
licleiit snow tall , it would leiprlre a week or
tenilavs lor the log.'eis to get under way.
Other rumbiumen seem to take thcsamulew. .
PAI.T L.VKI : , Dec. SI. The Mormon papers
to-day print the names of the gran. 1 jurors
just ( llsi-hn g ' I. with their busings , "for
Inline icldence , " that they may bu boycotted
by the .Moimons.
The Picslivtertarr , Methodist. CouKregu-
tlonal ami l plncopnl cleigy or this city to
day bait a mccUng and adopted ami signed
tin' lollowing :
To mi : Coi NIISY : The rrand jury has
uiicaithida corrsliacy ] ) on tlie part of Iho
Mormon ollloi.il' > to b'acken ' tlie char.rctsrof
public m 'ii. An .itlac'u on Christian mini -
ter.s has begun , ami we warn tlie eistein pub
lic against these sliiiidcroiis rejiorts eitranatl
Ing Horn .Mormon sources.
nernuiny Gobbles u I-'i.-vv
SAX i'n.vxfisro. Dec. "Jl. Prlvato advices
1 ) 1 10 steamer Ocean c hlehiuil veil j cstcr-
da > ii-Jiu China , state that the ( icrrm.n iiian-
ot-war Naut 1 is hns raised the German Hagen
on the Marsh. 1 mil dilburt groujis ot Wands
Soiithcni Pai c numbering abmit lilly In
all and claimed a piotectonito over them.
Tlic unlives am .said to bu i-lviil/ed and lor
llu n } > t'.us have bci n undui thu In. .11 mcu ot
tl.o Amcrlc.iu Missionary Miclctj. t'uither
paiticlil.ns .110 eccti | < d on tliu Australian
stunner duo hero the : ; > tb in = t.
ItatcH from Ciilua o lo St. I'au ) .
Sr. I'Ai-i. , Dee. SJ1. Thu local p.issuiiger
agents' as.-oci.ition this morning made nn
agreement signed hy the iepii"-eiilatlven of
all the lhri > b , 'tween hoioandChicau'o , IKing
the pilce ot n rut class tickets between liiesu
points at Sll Instead of 512.50. The 111:1 ce-
menl goes Into ellect .lummy 1. They ab >
agiecd not to permit the tianster of mileage
books alter that d.itv ,
Another Apaclio Viotiin.
WASIIINI. rex , Dec. SI. Dr. T. J. Maddo\ ,
who was killed In n tight with the Indian ! ' ,
near White House. Now Mexico , Saturday ,
IH the FOII ol Dr. Thomas Mnddof , ot \ \ ash-
ingtorr county , Jld. Ho was commissioned
as assistant surgeon In the aim ) in October ,
1-sbl. and his just assignment to duly was to
the Depaitiiic-nt of Te.sas. .Maddux was U- )
> eawot age.
Slogan Wins the First Game.
CIIIOAI.O , Dec. 21. The fourteeu-lnch balk
line billiard tournament between Vlgnaux ,
Blosjorr and t-chaefcr for Sl.CHO and llui net
receipts i-- : ui hero to-night. The uudlenco
was small. Mo-su.1 ! beat VIgnnux boo to 7 1 ; .
The gamu lasted nearly rrvo hours , and was
tame us well ns Icdlous- ,
Ijlliellintr a I'iclato.
CIIICAOO , Dee.A'rcar ! ( iencial Conway
procured u warrant lo-day for the arrest of
the editor of tliu Chicago Pilot on a charge of
criminal libel. The charge alleges that the
jmpcr named published libelous articles to
the eirce.t that bather Conway had appropri
ated the timiln of the churcu to his own use
on various occasions.
School Mill-ins on n Holiday Jaunt.
CnrcAOO , Dec. 21. The school teachers of
Chicago composed a party which left hcie for
New Orleans to-night over the Louisville ,
Now Albany & Chicago road.
The Provisions of Soimlor Vau Wyck's ' Bill
Introdttcc-1 in the gej.ito.
Opcntnu Vj > a I'leec of Ncln-askft I < arrd
HotilPiiii'itt anil Cultivation
Other KpNnilon ) Inivoiliic < % il
ly ) Benloi-Scnatof. .
Scnntor Van "vVyoirn "Winnchntt.1 Hill.
W \Mtrvi.iov , llcj. ' . ' ! . [ .Special Tele-
gram.J Senator Van Wyck Intioduced In
Ihebcnate to-day a blll'to ' provide for tire sale
of a part of the leservition of the Wlrne-
lugo linlhins In Nebr-a-ska , nnd for olhcipur -
IIOM. . U provlileslhat thn soorctary of tlu
Interior- shall sell , with llio consent oi the
Wlnrrebairo trili. ' of Iiidl.ms of Nebraska ,
epiecd in council , nil Ural portion of their
icsiuvtitlon situaled in Xebi-iisku , eoiilalnlng
about ; IXIVM acres. 'J'ha laud shall 1m. np-
plained tu trai Is of forty acres by tlirco com-
petenl rouimlssioiii'rs. one of whom lmll bo
sehvled by the Wlnnb.uo trlb. of Inilitins
and the other hvo by llio secretary of the In
terior provided , that n certain parcel or part
of laud theiolu , contAlnliu 5Jf nt-res , hens-
tofoie sold to the Chlcigo , Milwaukee , St.
Paul it Oiiulu niilroad comp.iuy for depot ,
warehouse , side track and other purposes , by
\Uliiuol aeouli.iel euleied Into between the
tribe of Indians and tlie railroad company
on Apill 1 * . iss : , shall be cxcepted therefrom
-run sintt-TAiv ! or Tin : IXIMHOH
hheieby nu'hoilzed ' , upon pajmnct by the
company of Hie amount agreed upon as com-
liiMis-itlon for Iho land , lo issue n palent to
the Nvr them Nebraska Land and Improve
ment company , the suwessois ot the com
Therefor , " , after the curvey and apprai-e-
rrient of the curolarj of the interior , he shall
isMie a proclamation to the effect Hint the un
allotted lands at tlio date ot passage of Ibis
net are onen lor settlement under such rules
and reirulatlous ns ho mav piosei Hie. At any
time within nut less than KK ! moiitlis and not
moro tl. an one year after the date ot f.etlle-
nipiil under such pioclaiintiou.that each boua-
tide settler ofcupylmr any imiiion of tlio
laud , and h-iving made valuable improve
ments tbcicoii. or the lieii i at law of such set
tlers , who is a citizen of the United States or
who declared his intention to become such ,
shall bee.rtitled to purchase lor cash thinuuh
the Unit-1 Slates land oil -o of the di.stiict
in which said laud ollleu is situated , the
land so occupied and improved by Ihem , not
to exceed t'X ' ) acres In ea'-h case , accordln ; ; ( >
the survey and appraised value of tlio land.
The secretary ot tlio intoi lor may , however ,
dispose of tlic same upon the
Koi.r.owiN'o Ttrrus : AS TO PAYMCV TS
llial Is lo say , oue-thiidof the pnco of Iho
land to bccomo due and pa > nblo Iwo years
fioin date of entry , one-third in three years ,
nud one-third iu four years from said date ,
with Interest at the rate of 5 per cent , but in
i ase default in eiliier of the payments the
person thus defaulting fora period of sixty
ilnys shall forieil absolutely his light to the
tract wtil'-h he has nnrcb.iscil , any payment
or pnyiiieuts he might have made.
The proceeds of 3uch silos , alter
paying the oxpouvs Incident and
necessary for caryiuC : out the provisions
ol the act , including such cleric hire as the
secretary of the Inter ior may deem necessary ,
shall bu placed to the eicdit of the Win ueba-
go Indians , entitled to the same under exist
ing laws.in tlio tronsiri } of the United States ,
and shall bear interest at llio i.ito of 5 per
cent , which income shall be annually expend
ed tor the benefit of tlre-e Indians under llio
dlrecllons of the secretary of the interior ,
with tire consent ot tlie Indians interested.
The secretary of the interior is aulhorUeil ,
either through the n trout of Hit ! tribe or such
other persons as ho may designate , to allot
the remainder ot the lands iu the reservation
outsidu the boundaries ol the land mentioned
to Indians of the irrbc.in Nebraska , enrolled
as per the hist annual report of the agent of
the tribe ,
ijUAxriTins AS FOLLOWS :
To each head ol a family , one-clifhtli of a
ccctlor ; to e.ii'li single pei.son over 1 yea is
of age , one sixteenth of a section ; to each
orphan child under 13 years of age , one six-
leimrli ol a section ; and toeaeti other person
under lb years of age , one sixteenth of a sec
tion , which allotment shall bu deemed and
held in lieu of any allotments or assignments
taken under any law , ami by vntuo ot any
treaty hereloloro madu ; provided , that any
Indian to whom a tr.u'tot kind h.u been as
signed and a certificate issued , or who was
entitled to receive the same under the provi
sions of any such law or treaty , and
who has made valuable improvements
theieon , or any Indian , who , being entitled
loan assignment and eorthicatu under any of
the said laws or treaties , who has settled and
made valuable improvements iipjn a tract as
signed to any Indian who has never occu
pied or improved such tract , miiy have the
pieferenco of rUht to h'ttlo thu tra-Jtupoir
his improvements when the lands are situated
lor allotment.
orrri.ir MIAM : itis nv Tin : IHXAIOII.
Senator Van Wjek also introduced a bill
providing for the consolidation of Indian
teultory and iho public land strip to tie
known as tlie terr.torv of OUIu'iama ' , for al
lotment to iho Indians and lor a general ter
ritorial government. .Senator Van \Vjck \
said ron I5ii : : eoiiespoinlent that ho into ided
givingsipu-iat nttemion to both llieso blllH ,
and ilioiiL-'ht they would be passed by both
houses ot congress at this session ,
i.-o u rv.Ni.vni bo.VG itusss.
WAHinxmov , Dec. 21. Among the bills
fnvoinbly reported wastlmtof Mr. IMmunds' ,
lioru the eomrnittco on judiciary , in icler-
cnco to bigamy and polygamy In Utah Mr.
K.lmundsnahl im would nsk the t-cnnto to
lake up tlio bill Immediately after the holiday
Mr. Ciillom Introdiu'cd a postal telegraph
bill to-day. It provides for the puiehaso of
any existing lines under the piovisioris of llio
net of 1 Ci , at an appraised valuation to bo
uscertnlned by u commisilon of mo dinlnter-
i tcd persons. The hill was referred to the
committee on pastofticca ami jio.it roud.i tu bo
considered In connection .with the bill err thu
snuin subject recently introduced by Mr. I'd-
miiiids. .Mr. ( 'idiom's bill propuses to pur
chase existing lirres when this coirr.su may bo
deemed ndv .liable , under certain limitation
as to prrce to bo paid , It lecrted the provision
of thu act of Ib-x ) to aid in the construction of
telegraph lines as lollops : "Thel'nltcil. States
may at any time alter thu expiration ol jive
veuis alter the d.rto of the passage of this iM't ,
lor postal , military or U.UT purposes , pur-
Cf'.i'M ! all telegraiifi lines , juojieity nnd ellects
ol any ofi ! aid companies at an appraised
value as asceitaineir by ve competent ilialrr.
teiesti'd peisons , two of vvlroin - > alijij ) se
lected by thopostiuastergeneral ot the Lulu"- *
Static , two by iho company Intel cMed and
ouuby the four pru\lously fcclected. Mr ,
Cullom'o hill then provides that thu seeretary
ot state , Mxretan ot war and po.tmater gen
eral ftball cor stitute the bii.ud , lobe known
ns the postal tek'Lr-aph commission , which is
nut homed and illicctci ) to pwchaso and ac-
ipriiu tor thu United hiaiesanj i\.tng | ) lines
inlerthu provisions ot t-i | < not of INJ'Innd
uojict to tliu njijiroval of t'io ' pnsi-
donu It is e.xpitsnl.v inv tiled tint
no Hues thall bu puicha' H | until it
shown lo lire satisfaction of the
C' itrii ) * lon that sui h linn lin earned suf-
licienl during the twelve montlm pilot lo the
purchase to meet the HWOSNUV expenctsol
its malnteiiaiiee , ii-cotistnrctlorr nud opera
tion. Itetore any line is purchased the com
mission is diiciled lo p. ccrialn the value
which Is to bo cnmputed on llio lu'ls of
-l.OJO torcveiv , V ) ot nrt annual earnings ,
nud Ills provided Hint no line shall bo jnir-
chased at a holier vahuition than thai ascer
tained upon the basis proscribed. Mr.
Cnllom states Ids purpose In pro-
renting the ine.i-iiii ! iu addition to
Senator Kdmunds , is Hint tlie po toillcc coin-
niittet ! HIP. } have both met : . mis that lune been
siiKSC-'tcil ior the establUiuiieut of a postal
tele.'iiiph attlrnntivcly before it for consider-
ali ( > rr.
A iiionc llio bllM tiilioiluccit nnd referred
wore lite following :
Hy Mr. Vnn U'iek To estnbllsh an ad
ditional land district In thesi.iteol Nebraska ,
to bs called niojenno dlstiict ; also to pro-
\Uu for the 'lie ol part of the rescrvallou in
the state of Vebnixka ol the \Vlnncb.i \ < jo II Iho
of Indians ; aho to piovlde lor tlio organl/n-
tlon of tint partol thi'toiritoiy of the United
Stiites known as ( lie Indian teiritoiy nnd tlio
public land stilp into a tcnitoij to be known
as the teirit'U ) ol Okhihuui.i , to pro
vide. a l-'iiij ol.nv pinernaieiit for the
same , tor the allotment ot homesteads
to the Indians in sevcially , a'lil ' to open the
unoccupied land i to Indian sittleis.
IJv Mr. Coke To i iablisha nnliminl Hvo
stock highway auii laomote eomurerco In live
sleek between the liiil" .
Ity Mr. Ilaiils-J'or ' Hie relief of Hear Ad
miral Carl * r , U. S. N.
15.V Mr. M.'l'heison For HIP relief of Ihc
olllc-rs and eiow ol the United States
sb'nmer Monitor .who p.itllclpnled In Iho
engagement v-ith the lebcl Irorr-clnd Meru-
nine in iNfcJ.
t ! > Mr. Log.in To Inere.i o the pfllclen-
e > ol the armj of the United Slates : nKo to
equal 7.0 the bounties ot soldleis , sailois and
nuiriues ot the late war tor Hie union ; also to
pension pi I'-onois of the war who vveio con-
nncd In confedcrnti ) nrllltniy prisons liuriii'
tlu : late war ; also to ic0'ulntu manrre hospital
r. West otfeied n ic olutlorr strongly com *
niemliiig the coin-so ot Seuetaiv Hnyiiul In
the Kelly mattei , and moved lefeieuceot the
resolution to the committee on foreign rela
Mr. Plumb thought the incident showed
how ulteily uselws the whole seivlco wns.
Jle hoped that ( lie committee would repent
tli.it the aeiMW could ba dispensed with allo-
Mr. Vesl then proceeded to address the sen-
: \lo iu remind lo Ids resolution. Al the con
clusion ot his ii'iaaiKi the resolution was re-
lerred lo Hie committee on foieign lelations.
Thus-isaio Ihi'ii pas cd the house coiieui-
lent icsoliitlon providing 1or adjotnnuicul
Irom to-day until Tuesday , .January 5 , l > sn.
Thu senate ajreid to day to the resolution
"oilcieil by Mr. Hoar luitlioii/nrj Hie llnnuio
committee to Inv eselgali * llio New loth cus
tomhouse , especially as to the matter of un
Mr. lliiuisuii offered a resolution diroeling
the coiiimillce on expeudilUK'.s ot public
mone.vs to imiuiio liuo t usiati incuts ol the
( oiniiiNifioncr of p ii'-mns ' , that under tlio
niecediiu adinlulsii.ition pu ! , Meal tc-.ls weie
applied to applications tor pension * . Thu
ii'Milution emioMeied | the committee Intend
for persons and papers , nnd ( o employ n
stenographer. .Mr. Harrison asked immedi
ate consideration.
On iibKviinn ol Mr. Cockrell , the resolution
went over under the iiiie.
.Mr. Uock called up Iho ieolution
herctofou ! olTcred by hiur , ciiicctiiis'
the committee on linauee. to iu < iuiie
w tietlier coin jiakl for Import dalles hod been
siI rii'.ut us a spe-ial liuid , and aiiphed
ti ) the payment ot Interest on United
States bonds , etc. , ns requited by
law. Mr. Heck spoke at considerable
I'MgHioii his ic.-oltilioii. Tlie laws ot llio
laud , he mud , were equally binding on Iho
hUh.'st executive olllccr and tlio humblett
diii/cii , yet Iho laws to which his resolutron
ruterud liad nor ior many years been com
plied with b > Hie nc.isiiiy omcinls. No moio
httitvbiiiiuilllcu message has over cmnntiteil
fioin Hie e.yutivo iimuslon , In Mr. Heck's
opinion , than President Cleveland's nist
mi's-iigp , but ho ( Heck ) did not agiee with
his position reg.uiling silver. Thrce-fouilhs.
of the business tumbles ate from the fact
that ( lie laws ol the United States weie not
can icd out by oiirex'ecutive ollicers. Combi
nations ol b.mker.s and bondholders and
their well paid piess were oppo Hil to silver ,
and their present ciiibiulo against
that metal w..a another evidence
of Ihc audacity of the oigani/ations
of wealth , orcam/atloim which had
always seemed wliatevertliey hnd demaiided.
Jlr. lieckoxpicssed the opinion that there was
rrnt an obligation existing irr this country ,
national or municipal , Hint could not legally
ha paid in gold or silver ot the United t ite- , .
Tlio bondholders of the United bates , ho
said , contiollcd enormous amounts of money
ami the be-t talent ot the picss , and h iving
iu vr aplutcd the executive hianclus of the
government , they weie. chiiiioriug lor gold
and go''l ' alone in settlement ot their
chums. 11y was Ibe surplus silver to
get out of the treasury if the &ee-
lelary of the tieasury would not call
in Hie bonds that might to bo called in and
pay out the silvoi. The people and their
lepn'sont.itlMS , however , siippoitcd silver.
No executive olhcer .sliould be allowed to dis
regard the law. UP would. It he could , take
liuui Hie banlis theii political power and theii
inllueucp on our ciniencj , as sliovvn when
they received President lla > es' veto on a
memorable occasion.
.Mr. Mori III remarked that Mr. Heck's
spe.ch seemed to boa very elaborate assault
on the secretary of the trcasiny and the presi
dent , and 11 Iho resolution iu
support of which it was delivered
should pass Ihu senate it would bo equivalent
to a vote ol a want ot coniitlonce in the
piesldent and his administration. He ie-
gretted that the senator from Kentucky
should Im.-u represented the secretary of the
treasiuy as llttlo better than a common Ildel.
and tlie president and secretary together as
having been bought by bondholder , but as
ptnbably no senator "on the Iclfwasnt
pieM.'irt prep.ired to enter Into a defe.n- of
the present iidminisiraiion , ho would rnovo
rcleiciico ot Hie icholulion to the coinmitteo
on nnaiico. It wns so iptencd.
Sou-itor Uutler's recent icsolritlon lelating
to D.ikota was re ! cited to the committee on
ten Holies ,
The senate passed the hou o concurrent
resolution providing lor a holldav iecca.
and niter nn incentive session adjourned
null ! January 5. _
WASHIVOION , Dee. Ml. The legiilnroidcr
helm : demanded , Hie speaker proceed to cull
the Mates lor hills anil n solutions for retor-
ence. Tim lollowiiiK weie intioduieil :
Hy Mr. Henley ol Calitoiiiia Di-claring
foi reiled certain lairds granteil to nltl in tiie
cuiistiuctlon ol thu NoiUiein Pacliin lailwny
eoinpany ; ul.-o the Hoiilliciii P.u-iiic railway
company ; also a rnllio.nl iiom Poiilaml. OID-
con , to the Central Paciiiu lailtond iir Call-
Hy .Mr. Dunn , of Arkmnas Amending the
Paciiic rnllioad nctK. It icipilics tlio i.tll-
riuds to take out iialents for hinds earned ,
Hy Mr. Spiiuger of lllinols-ltcl.iling to
tlio I'ompi'ii'-atlou and duties of United Slates
marshals and attoi no ) s. This is similar to
the bill repurled bv the rommittto on i-xpt-n-
ditiiies in Hie dcpaitmcnt of justicu dining
Hie last hctoinn ot congress ; aim , enahliin ;
ollicers ot Ihoarmy who weio promoted lor
gallauuy during the war to Im teiiicd with
the in I rank ot thogiadu to which ihoy weio
so promoted ; also , piinldlng that niiny
ollicers who served as general ollicers ofol -
unleeis during Iho into war bo iPthcd
Iiom active fcrvico on their own
application ; also to suspend the Usiianco nt
lutents to lauds which have been gunled to
aid In the coiiBtiiiction of railroads until
cougrcds other vvlso dlrei Is ; nl.so , piojiosing a
constitutional amendment in legunt to tlio
election oljiicildent nud vice president ami
members of congress ; nl o , piojio iug n con
stitutional amendmeiit luohlbitin.siieciul
legislation : also , a resolution calling on the
fcccrctniy ot the tie.iMiiy lor a statement of nil
balances dun by or lo the United .Stales as
bhownbytho books ol the treasury on tire
Wi'i ' ot June , l ss.
llyMr , Lawler of Illinois Approiirlallng
? luuK ( ) for llmuiicllon in Indianapolis ol a
iuin"uept ! to tint mcmury ot the late
Thomas A. JlcydrJcks ; also , by request , to
test and tiy tlm wlc uf bpelilng ; also , to
entorcii the eight hour law.
Hy Mr. Jlcndeison of Illlnols-Tc ; eslnb-
Ish a boaid ot courmLvsJouers ol Inter-starcT
H ) Mi. Towiishcnd of Illinois To orgnn-
iziintenltoii.il goveniuieut In Indian lent-
lory. ( Itprovides tor the establishment of
com IK and Iho allotment of lauds to Indlaim
internally ; U rant-i akirUiUi U-
for larhl1 ? nllo Itcd In severally , 1'iakliic thrm ,
however , Inallonab'o for Iwcnt.v-iivo years ,
and inquiring nil remaining lands hud by
the Iii.flmns lo K1 sold and lo h. open to sol-
Ik iiiot.11. and the proceeds ot the sale l < > bo
used law the pox 01 n men t tortheedueattou nnd
civlllzUloi ) of the Indinns ; nNo lucroa'dng
Iho p < M3cImi of widow of soldiers of Hie late
war tSl'J n mosuir. also for Ihc establish-
mi-ntiivf mi Amciieau customs union.
UyDJr Thotimol Illlnois--irantlnp ( pen-
Finn * tk > nil Foldloio who seixeil thlity dajs In
the tola war ; UNO. to o < piitl/p bounties ; nl o ,
toiUv.Bc.il1the1 stale ot Illinois into Ihtee judi
cial ilielriiN ; also. providing n constitutioni !
nmciicliii'iit prohibiting ' } * : > in the
UnllihS S lutes.
Hy Mr. Woilhlnctou of llllnol-i To amend
HioiiiU'iu.il revenue laxvs so ns lo tax all
trnctiuiiid pails ot n gallon ol dlstlllPiUpirlK
Hy 31i. PII > SOII ol illiiiols-llrnntlui ; lands
( o honor.ildy'di'viini.rod soldiers of the late
war : cilso , icpealin r tliu limber culture , pie-
1'iiiptl wi and liesit land acts ; also. foitciiiii < ;
lauds manti'il to aid In the ronsiructliiii
ot 6hu Memphis & 1'hiiilcMon nud
Xorllaciiu P.ic.llc ; nlio. foiloitliiK kinds
gtnntiHl to Hip stale ol Michicnn lo uld in iho
ooiislBiii'llriu of railroads ; also , to nut lumber
on the tree list ; also , to roilin o the dul.v on
luinln : ; nlso , pioposliu ; a i < oristitutioiml
nrnoiiiEiiuMit poiinltiiiu : the pHMidi nt to veto
IteiiH in HiPKPiier.il appioprialiou bills.
llv Ur. XeCMf Illinois To pay govprn-
uipnt niiploj PS w.ici" heietolore withhold In
violaStouol'thP elirht hour law. . . . .
Hv Mr. lloltmui ol Indiana To limit the
dlspo til of public lauds adapled to nmiciil-
tuie I a actual seitieis ; nlso.tn forfeit uiieatued
laudKrauts , ; also , to maintain the pui'ily ' ot
tlio Im Hut box ami prevent bilb.'iy and lor-
ruptl-Hi In elections.
liy Mi. Cobbs ot Indiana'lo prevent the
fOoicil.iry ot the inlcilor Horn l-Miiuu patents
tor Unds ; raiitPihv | the I'mli'd Hales lo aid
in the nmstriictiou of railroads where these
r.tilnuiU h.ue . not been compleleil within the
time Im-d by Hie giatitiiig enactment.
H.v 3Xr. Weaver ol lowu-Foi the establish-
riiculit a posial telegraph ; nNo , lor the tiee
and latiiv-tiicted colnaitool la" Mlver dollar ;
also , to orgaiii/o Indian teiiitoiy and llio
publlr land slilp into a torriloi.v , tobe known
us Hi * ten'ii ! ' ) ot OUIa.ioma . , and ti ) provide
a loinnor.U ) govoinuieut Hn lol'irdl piovldes
Hint "llio Ulioenpicd lauds ceded to the
UniU'ilblalcs by the CiceKs and Seminoles
by 1\u tieatles ot lvt ! nnd tlio publle
hind Mrlp , lo IIP declined pmt of the public
doui.iin and opened lo settlement ; ( hat tlio
lauds can only be taken under the liomo.ste.nl
law rmd that ihere shall he commutation of
elal.iis iu cash ; ail limian lea-cs In tliotoia-
torv , CM-ept those lorculliv.illiii. Hie .soil , are
decl.nud vo d and conti.nv to public jiolic.v ;
the hill piovides lor n counni"iou to
iiejciliato with Hie Indians with a
view to assigning them lauds Irr FCV-
erallr and ptiichnslui ; all iclinipilslied
amluiucpiipicd ) lands ; it lopeals thai poitiou
ol tbriutcn isfti which ( , ians ! lands to thu
Atl.iu.tii-A ; I'acilic r.nltoad through llio teui-
tory : it piovidesth.il the law ml nitoot liitei-
t'st sjiill beO per cent , ami in all coutinets
lorn greater into not only the excess of i.ito
but isll inierest seemed by such eontinct shall
bo rorfcited ; also , a bill lo org.nu/o
a dc..iiltmelit ol labor wltli a secielary ;
also the hi-eiotaiy of Iho treasury
I" ai'iilv ' the Mirlus ) ) uionpy In the lic.isury lo
Hi" | jj"iiienl ol the Inleiuit hearing puulie
lit"Jlr. . Henderson of lo\\n Fixing the
salary of United btales distikt judges at
trj.UJJ per annum.
11)7 ) Mr. Murphy o Iowa For the con-
slmalton of the Ilcnnepin canal.
P. ) ' Mr. I'lodoiiek oC Town To Piinhlo thfl
pee ID'i-of ' the teinlory of Dakota to 11.1111011
Bu Mr. llohups of Iowa To establish ag-
rleuSLtunl uxpoiliiicnt stations.
15.u Mr. Coiuor of Iowa To incrp.ise the
ipnsLin5 of soldiers who are totally dis
able ! .
V.'ljeu the stiteof Maiuowas ro.icheii the
call > discontinued , willi the undBrstaud-
iug 11 be resumed when Ihu lioitio rneels
Jan-airy5. , , , , .
Onii thoiisind nud four hills wro iutio-
diteiTito day , InckidirurouiiJor the uioetion
of lujinbllc building iit Ft. Dodge , Iowa.
Adjoin rn.il till January 5.
Gro-8 Hank I2\clinunof nt < he Leait-
IIIR Cities IjastVcelc. .
13 > siov.Mass. , Dec. 21. The following t.iblo
couh | lilcil Irom speciil dlspatohns to the Post
fionLit.aiia'-'nsol tire leading clearing houses
ol ill e United Slates shows the grossbank e\-
chnsKPS at each point tor the week cndinK
Dc einbcr 1'J , lt-55 , with pencntage ofdo-
crcHu and incie.ise compared with Hie coi-
rcspoadiiig week of Ib-Sl :
: ilinneajiolis , Omihn and G'alves-
toii not Included in totals.
Ituvlcwnf tlm lirlilrili Marlcnls.
IdiMioN , Dec. Ul. Thu Mnrki't I.aue Kx-
prsss , in Its weekly levlew ol the Hiltish
gui5n trade , sajs : Wheats aio inactive ov > In. ;
to I lip niiiroat-li ] ol HID holidays , bales or
KnKlish v\h < nt during Ihu past weckvveru
It ) , ! * * ' > uu.ntcisnitMil : ( ! , nMlnst 51'Jlil qnar-
teut. tor the corresponding week last year.
I'j'iir | Is I'ji.i'li siijiplied. Then ) have been
dragging sales ot barlev. Old oats nnd beans
me ) rather scaur , and prices an ) maintained.
A ilt'.spondcnt tec-ling prevails In ihumaiket
leu luielrrn wheats , i-'on-ign llour Isdillluult
to sell , ( 'oin is weaker ov.iug to the in-
lessor condition ot the American crop. There
Is no r.o.v leaiure In wheat laigoe.s. There
vuse hitven iiulval.s , two sales , two with
draw D and live n iiiaiucd , h\o ot which were
C.dHOInit. . : At today's nintkctonly a retail
business was done , Piices ol English and
liuvlvu whciils wci3 noiuin.ilh umillerod ,
An leriran Hour was clreajier. Other articles
lit Hl lit anil Store.
C"nitM < iO , Dec. 21. The lollowing ligiiros ,
tatu-n ! from the otllclal ttatcment of the
b < d of trade to bo posted on 'Chango to
m < vnow , show in luishoh t-Uo amount of
yrilii In sight In thu I'nitid htatos and Can-
aJii on hatitidiiy , Deci'mber MI , and tinJ
uiiiciimtot incicusc or decieaso over the pru-
* '
week :
VThi-at .
( Van Incioaso. . 710 , ill )
( Jala . ii.MO.ou Dceicnso. ' .M-i-vS
7W.I57 Ineiensi ! . . 10-JI'J
Dceifiiso .
Him piopoilion ot this niiioLint in MOID in
tlu3Chicagoekivatoin on tliu datu nnincd was :
M'fcicat 11'HM.M i I 'orn ] , UTil-lsj >
Oals . . It/VJlO . Jtje OOtJI5 ) , :
11 l - < M 1 fl.t
Elgin Dairy Markot.
Cmc.u7" , Dee.-Jl. The Inter Ocoan's Kl-
Klo 111. , special bSja ; Hiiltcrwas Htm to-day ,
ll-c . . iMuuiimls al 4i iu
- , u r.aies. vvciu - v.
TJwi - > \ a-.no de ii.imt tin eh-oe. vvnu-li Was
at * * J 'o lei crcaui.
An Eraplmtio Eobttko lo tlic Rumor of Dis
cordant Ocllic lections.
Ornndlj * Ircjinrlng ( lie
Coming I'nmoiitlonVnll
llio OrntiKriuoit Ovoi-
Itulc CowrtiV Opinion
Disunion lCim > lmloaHy ( n < Mili-l
CiitoAtio , Dec. il. ! It wit undo imu'fe
lo night that rumors of disunion ntu < > ni > the
followers of I'.irnell In this eilyni * without
fouudatlon , Theio ne\rr ni cmble.l ln > tu n
more thoioiighly icprespiitithe Irlsh-Amctl *
c.in meeting , nor a iiuno enthus.rti.- | ,
than that held In .Judito KnlchoibniKi-i'd
coiiit room to iiuku an.ingciiiiMiU lor Iho
coming eoruentlon ol thn Irish N illoual
I eagiie ol America. More tlmn fWi rvnro-
-citl\ll\o irish-Auierlcnii inombcM ot the
Hvi'ptliiii coiiimltti'i'i'liii-cn li > thocoiiiudtteo
appointed t1'iiv.lJi ) lit KKKH utlenili'.l. It
Included men in all walKi of life , re > icscul *
Inirall Amcilcau polilic.il paitlesand all ie-
llglou-icicciN. Nearly seventeen hundred
dollars was suWiihcd to ilelrjv Iho mpongcj
ol enter taiidiiir I'.tini-ll or his lepiecentathcd
and inciting the cost of a smxlal t' rln to
meet the IrUh delegation. The Aini-ile-in
and tier man niemlii-isol the commlllei' were
not invited to llils iiieltmliiary meetinjr , us It
was the tlctermln.ition of tlio Irish
incmbus to bc.ir all the oxiicnHi'l
thcmvhe . Speeches plediiinir 1 arnoll
.support , nud sliowlnc th.it Chicago waa
united , were made bj i-s-Congie-s-smtiri Fln-
ncily , M. 1' . Hrmly. M. .1. Dunne , Kov. l-'alht-r
llennebeiry , Alisxander Sulluau , Alderuiari
.Shi'iidau alul otheis , all of whom ilhircd :
that the talk of illiiinion would prove ns
KioundLss at f'hiiajo as 11 wan before the
I'hihuleli'hi.t convention. Acommitlro , coin *
jiosed e.vcluiivrly of busine.ss men , wat )
chosen at bullixan's sURge-llou , to sicuto a
triiln and m.iko all Ihoiirungements.
Irish Ijoynlibtrt AfOH e l.
Dniu NDec. ill. Tinli ! mill Orange J od 6
ot licland held a meeting in Dublin to < 'uy ' to
iloxNo HUMUS lor opposing homo rule lor lie-
land. A large number ot peers andi \oral
lojalist members of the IIOIIPO of oiii'mous
were present. A maiilleito , addiecsril to tire
Uiangerueii of ( .Jreat ISiilaiuvasdialted and
will be ported tlnoughout Cicat Urltalu and
licland to-nionow. The manifesto ilii-larcii
that I'rutest.ititlsiii in thiee ot the fo ir piov-
inces ot lieland Is at the nicicy ot
avowed coiispiratois who are eudi.ioilnrr
to incMhiow the inli1 of the irnporhil
govcinmcut , and claims that the lo.
icpii-seiit the Indu-tiy and lntelll i''ico of
lielaud , and ajs one of the Hist iwiuts the
I'liinellitei will seek to obtain will l be com
plete control ol rdiiuMtmiiil mailers This
would gi'.e them eontiol incr tbo n liK gou-
ei.itionhili : the command of tlio police
would make them masters ol llmpiesLMit gen
eration. The slightest iciaxation ol tlio lies
of tin : union , HID manilcilo xi.\ : < , will nvrntu-
ate in .suiiaration and thciiltimato ruin of. tire
country , as it will cstahiKh a dull ground lor
hostile ai mies and dock ynuls lor lorelgn
lleets in the most vulnerable parl of the cm-
pi ie.
l.ovnnx. Dec. 21.- The colleagues of Par-
rrell h.rve roeeived inlormallon from the v
leader ill it h < w 111 oppose all schem.As aU'ect-
ing lieland which do nut allow the Irislrlo
control their own police.
Joseph COWGII on Home U ile.
LONDON' , Doc. 21 Joseph Cowen , meuibci
ot parliament , elected for Now Caiitlo on
Tyie , issued a manllebto to his constltulenffi
resjiuctlng homo lido lor Ireland. Coweii
was the ehiet ouo of llio exeoptlono made by
I'.nnell in his manifesto instuiulln ; ; natliia-
rilists rrot toote for llljorals ornidic-al candi
dates. Cow OM s.iys : " 11 Is Impossible for
Kngland to consent to pioloettvo tariffs tot
Ireland , or the connst-atlon of 13ie
pii > l > crty of Inndloids in Ireland
or to allow Irish uembci.s to
legislatein the home alfaU I'Kirgland In
addition to having their own parliament. I
WithlliusouvcupUons I approve Homo irrle
for Ireland. 1'iopei gii.uantecB tor rep o-
senatlon of minorities tlio equitable parti
tion ot all imperial chntgcsand tlin unity ot
ttie cmpiru , in my omiiion , nro useless. The
best seem ity against disruption ol llio union
is in tlio mutual inteiests existing beiwcvu
JCngUnd and Ireland.
Will Conii ) If
Nr.w Voisiv , Uee , til. At a meeting of the
Irish Parliamentary Fund association lo-
night , the follow ing dispatch , referring to Iho
January coineution in Cim.rgo , was road :
Drin.i.N , Dec. I ! ' . If the urgency of publlo
all , ills < iu this Hide icmleis my aiieridaneo at
the convention inipos ible , 1 will glvo you
due notice.
\VorU of I'icry Dcsiruotloa In Va
rious I'laci1 .
I'rrrpiu 1:1. , Dee. "Ji. 'I'aiunliun , 127 miles
ninth of this place , was visited oi.rly . this
morning hy the most destructive hro over
known there. Theliieslaited In IhoTurenturn
l.lghl and Heat company's ollicc , North
Canal hi i eel , and lifter burning Iho Kecro-
tarj'.s and treasurer'rt olilces , npread north to
Jlecher's millinery and bakery , Jugraru's
jewelry .stoio null rcsliliiiK'O , MoC'uI-
lough's residence , ( Joodwiu'ri hardaani ,
store and dwollin ; , the Wesi
ern Union telegiaiili ofdce , tclejlioi ) ;
olllop arrd Campo llrogeneial store n
ihu'lllnir , eomplelelv dcstunirrg themy/
( } in.nro : , Dee , ai. A llio In -
Laurent's diy goods psl.iblislimont
damaged Hie building and almost t < > K iy
stioyed the stool : , valued at SiV * " > . 'l' " °
total loss and insiiianco Is not X ascer
CIIK-AOO , Dee. 21. The hulldlntr ouleil
bv tlio liutler eiiii.iny ) ] , iiianutaitiiot
innntols nnd gutc- * , and Crossmnn
deideis in p.tinls , I u ned toninbt.
loss will aggie iilo soiuelhilig IIKi'bK
? 5)W ( ) , ami is covered by about ( hi ce-ij-
of that min.li insiiiancu ,
Will HLiiia A-aln.
KI.I/.VUII : II , N' . J. , Dee. 'il. In ti'xoidtinco
willi a resolution jiasied by the elly council
toiy will resiimu ojicratiuns to-mono\y
Woatlior for To-liy ,
Missonti V\r.r.iv : Lu'.ilialns ; south lo
wcstwlnds ; nearly btatiouaiy tompci.ituru ,
SliUe. Court ,
l o Dundy Inun ye.stcnlay tu
iii : nt lo ! ers. . Illako arrd .Smytlii ! ,
The suit Is one of loni ; .standing and ir > to
recover ! ? 1,7H ( ) on Ulal.i-'s prutosteil imto
to that amount. Col. Smytlio -cciirlty
virtually bears tint liruutof llio uetiou.
The deieiisii ulle'jea thai Itobi > rt4. for it
\alualilo fun.siilcnilioir , cxtuudi'ii tliu
tiiiio to lilako , nnd tin > -.tcii vyu.s unknown
to Col. Km > tliii. Meuiivvliilo lliu Slouutnli
law went into lilleet and bunl.niiiliul
Jlluko. C'ul. hnrytho ( ; la.ms him elf a- )
sylvutl by tlio < > \tiii ) ion jiroeeys ,
Jiinty ! | . . - ' -Iial htew.irt cirnx ! in thty
iiioriiin wilh llarii > 7 'J'U'.T , of AliX'ooU ,
in ciiblody , I'li.-ir-icil \\.th bi'It'-1 ; JI"JUO "
vvithimt licfiiio Tylur iluudeii iiilty iiT $
was lined . > anil uost.s.
IJcarji Iliiuiiau was m tuwnycst < 'iiynt- ' | :
tcniplin with Hon. . ) . \\ob.sturlo \ \
have ha\i ! one nt their causes net 1'onvaril
on ( In ; docket. ' 1'liu ia.-i : ) is any ono of
tins d lit sinis brou-jlit hy as iiiany i-altlo
coiiccriih a aiu-ii HID Kunkin Cat I In com
pany. The ( l.iina i ! nil - eil is tliu intvo-
iKiituni < ii' 'J'csMib iovor , and thu total of
dainrs rj-.u-h s $ l " > , oiij. ) J'liu cases will
bo vcr > intciu.-tini , ' , iiiul will iiuolvu full
in vi'bii&it ion into the history , naluro ,
inauiicrot sjiruad ami u-ulb of Toxuj

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