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Morrison's Tariff Measure Without a Show
of Successful Passage.
Senator Wilson Denies Ono of Ilia
Statements "Weaver's Contested
Scat Kx-Prcslclciit Arthur's
Illness Ocncrnl Notes.
TIio Morrlnon Tariff Dill.
WASHINGTON , March 15. [ Special Telo-
jjroiiiij Hepic ontallvo McKlnley ot Ohio
said lo your correspondent this af In noon
that the committee on ways nnd mentis
would undoubtedly complete llio consider
ation of the Moiiison tnrilT bill In time to
rcpoit It by the iWth of this month , tlie hcai-
Ing lioin parties intcicstcd having closed.
"Do jon think them will bo any inatcilnl
change inadu In the bill by the committee ? "
was iiskcti. "No , " leplled Major MeKlnley ,
"I tlilnk It will bo returned to the honsoln
about the ; sanio foi in it was fhst Intioduced.
Mr. Moi i Ihon seems to have tlie majority of the
committee with him .solidly , but \vu intend to
appeal f i oin the committed on ways and
means to the committee ot the whole house , "
mul tlie major smiled .significantly. "Yon
tlilnk the bill will bo defeated , then1" ! "Yes ,
I Ihinlcho , and without any doubt. " Major
McKinley , It Is mul w stood , will make the re
port for the mlnoi Ity of the committee , as bo
did upon the tamous horizontal tariff bill by
the same author two years ago. It was one
of the strongest piotcctive aigumcntB over
maile. Gcncial Hrowne , Messis. Kelly , Ilccd
and lllscock , and other lepubllcau members
of tliii committee on ways nnd means , bay
the measure will bo defeated.
Tin : i > is : MOINKS mvin : LANDS.
epresontnttvo ] Van Vooihccsof Hoch-
rslcr. New York , was on the floor of the
house this motning. Ho took occasion to
commend the eomso of tiio resident In the
matter of thu veto of the Dos Molnes river
lands bill , and 'incidentally attempted to
work up sentiment among the New York
state incmbeis against the pioposltion to
pass the bill over the veto. In
carrying out bis purpose Mr. Van
Voorheesasscited that Senator Wilson had
previously woiked and voted against a simi
lar measure. Your coricspondent saw Son-
atoi Wilson later and was assmcd that the
statement made by Mr .Van
bees was uttoily without found
ation. The opponents of. the
bill arc wotklng baixl to prevent Us passage
over the veto , but the efforts ot such men as
Van Voorhees In tills dliection will ccitainly
piovc tutilo If they nro based upon such misstatements -
statements as these set nlloat by the hot-
heiulcd ox-congtessiiian liom Kochcstcr.
rin : wnA.vim-cAMWir.rj. . CASK.
Judge Cook , who IIP.S been heio lorsomo
tt mo as attoinoy foi Gcneial Weaver In the
Campbell-Weaver contested election case
fiom the Sixth Iowa district , lelt hero this
morning for his homo in Iowa , liufoie bis
depaituro ho Mated that bo would leave his
case In jjood hands that Itcpiesenta-
tive Hen Hall would take charge of
it. Hall la a member of thn honso committee
on elections , and this Is the first time on icc-
oul , it tine , ot a member of a commltteo act
ing as attorney In n case pciming befoio
tlio committee. I doubt the tiuth of
the statement , for Mr. Hall lias been rcgiuded
nsnf.iir man heretofore.
T Aiirtiuit noPiT.ifisrYir.L. :
A private letter received hero to-day states
that ox-President Arthur Is hopelessly ill ,
and that bis most intimate friends have no
hope of his lecovcry. His stomach and liver
have broken down until they do not piopeily
pci foi in their functions , and ho has genoinl-
ly declined In health. When Mr. Aithuv left
the white house a little over a year ago ho
told a fiiend that lie veiy much needed abso
lute icst , and that it would take many months
to icstoro him to the vigor ho took to the ex
ecutive mansion. The letter closes with the
positive declaration fiom thowiltcr that the
ex-prcsldcnt would not live a foitnlght.
It was the Wilson Instead of the McMillan
bill foi felting to the btato of Iowa lauds
giantcd to the Sioux City te St. Paul lalhoad
that passed the sen at u on Filday last. The
AVIlson bill gives llvo'tuli sections of land or
lands the company has alieady leccivcd.
The Wilson bill ptotcets the settlets and
their tight , and is much better than the Mc
Millan bill , whleh was by citor announced
to have been passed.
Itopresentiitlvo Laird IMS returned Irom
Ncbtnskn whither ho went to attend the
Initial of his brother , who w.13 accidentally
w dajs ago.
THIS PAN unnormo.
Tim iluuso Committee UPSUIIIOS In-
vi'stlcatlon of tlio All'nir.
WASIIIXCITON , Maich in. In the telephone
Investigation to-day Hauls Rogers wasio-
called , and said that the gentlemen con
nected with the Pan Kleclilo romp.uiy were
ieiiucstcdlogl\o their names as a guarantee
to outside paitlc.s that the company would bo
lalilyand lionoiatily conducted ; an enter
prise based upon tutmo possibilities loqulied
aguaiaiiteo of men of national icpufailon.
lioirnve. S10XK ( ) stock to Hlcluid Winter-
hinltli of Kmitueky. The witness also stated
thiitun elloit had been made to h.ivu him aj > -
polntcd electrician ol thohoiisoot lepie.sent-
allve.s , Inhlcli Senators Hauls and Gar-
J.ind had Intmested themselves. Such ap
pointment would , witness s.ild , have enabled
him to eairy on experiments widen would
alike benefit the gnvernment and the Pan
Kleetilo company. Tlie examination will bo
iciiowed on Monday.
WASHING-ION , Match 15. Among the pe
titions pi escnted and tefeued to the com
mittees , \\cio a number hum local nssem-
MU1" of the Knights of Labor throughout tiio
fiiuiitiy , fnvoilng the building of tlio llenno-
pin eanal.
1 \ resolution was agreed to , to appoint Itev.
.1. d. liutlei , I ) , 1) . , of Washington , chaplain
ot tlie limit e.
Vllei a brief discussion of the house bill in-
en. XMIIJ ; the pensloiib of widows and depen-
ilcnt icl.itlvei ol deceased soldiers , the son.Ui'
I'djoiu ncd nut < > f inspect to t'.e ' memory of
Hahn ,
Mireh in. Immediately
after the leading of the Join nal the liou'oad-
joiuned , out of ie peet to tl'.e tncmoiy of
.Mlclriel Halm ot l.oulblann.
Tlio American JIo .
WAStitNOTON , March IS. Iteproscntattvn
Phelps , of XowJet-oOy will , under the call of
M.itos to-moirow , present a memorial lioiu
the Mow Jersey st.ito bivid of itMricultiiic ,
pro ) Ing enngieaa to male diligent investiga
tion Into the ICHSOIIS why Amciican | iork Is
absolutely excluded from Get many , Ati.stilu
and other conn tiles ,
Ono Nomination.
WASHINGTON , Maieh 15. The president
to-day sei-t the following nomination to the
senate ; To be postmahter i\t Abingtou. 111. ,
Thales 12 , Given.
Dcntli of an Cx-tJcnci nor.
SAN FiiAHt'ifcroj March 15. H\-Covcinor ;
William liuln died this motulii- ! alter it
' illness.
Ocncrnl ProcccdltiBs A Protest En
tered by the Democrats.
Dis : Moixis : , Iowa , Maich in. The scnato
passed on the third reading the Gatch bill
for the oiganlzatlon nnd regulation of mu
tual baneflt associations. Scott Intiodiiccd n
concnnent resolution authorlrlni ; the board
of capltol commissioners to employ Mrs. Har
riet Kctcham to make a marble statue of some
one of Iowa's distinguished men deceased.
Sutton , chairman of the conimtttca on ai > -
pioprlatlons , intiodiiced a icsolutlon asking
that his committee bo given until Match 21 In
which to icoort. Adopted. The scnato then
Indellnltcly postponed a laige number of
bills reported unfavorably by the committees ,
lo which tlmro wixs no objection , and passed
Mnernl Icgnll/.lngacts ; also , the Wolfe bill
proNldlng for the election and compensation
of county attorney. Tlie lionso having re
fused to concur In the senate amendments
on the bill legnlatlng medical piactlco and
the senate refusing to iccede , the picsldent
appointed Caldwell , McCoy and Bolter as n
committee on confetenco to meet a like com
mittee from the house.
In the houie a large number of legalizing
acts wcic passed , but nobills of gcneial Im
portancc , llolbrook nnd seventeen oilier
demociats Illed a piotest against the resolu
tion of ccnsuic tor the picsidcnt's \eto , pass
ed under tlie previous question on Satin day ,
They doslied to ha\o tlio piotest cnteied in
the join nal. This occasioned a sharp debate.
Thompson of Linn , moved to lefcr the pio-
tcsl to the committee on judiciary , claiming
that n piotest icllecting upon tlio action
of the house was not In older , and could not
bo onteicd on the journal. Kc.it Icy , Ilol-
biook and others Insisted It was , and pend
ing settlement of thu question , the house ad
join neil , ' _
Peculiar Circumstance In Connection
With IttiKKiiKOiitnii Watts.
Ciiit'Aoo , Match 15. A very Important
fact In connection with the Investigation of
thoexptcss robbery was made public this
moinlng. It seems that at a conference
of tlio expiess and railway officials
and dctectlu's yesteiday , Baggageman
Watts was placed under a rigid cross-
examination. AVygant'ssecietaty took a few
notes and wont Mom tlio hotel wheto the
eonteienco was held to the office to write out
Ids notes. Ho did not nn ivc there , and aftet
some lioins seaich was instituted but nottaco
of tlie missing jonng man has been found ,
Wygant lias every conlideneo in his integri
ty and is sine that ho has either been abduct
ed 01 met I out play. It Is nndoistood that
under the seveio eioss-e.xamintalon of tlio
cletc'ctlvei , Watts made some valuable state
ments , but lust what ho has admitted cannot
be abceitaincd.
The jouthful McDonald turned up to-night
In a demented condition near a coal ollico in
a distant pait ot tlio city. Ho could give no
coherent account ol himself , and his notes , of
the baggau'eman's .statement are not to ho
found. Tlide is no clue to the manner ol
their disappearance or as to tlio cause ot the
stenographer's sudden distraction.
CincAoo , Maieh 13. Uaily News Moirla
( III. ) .special : JClfoits aio being diiected
towauls the attest ol Mike llumphie > s. a
local despctado , as the man who killed
Nichols , the expiess messenger. His hair Is
tlio exact color of the handful found in the
death clutch ot Nichols. Humphicj s has not
been seen since tlio murder.
To.xmis Lynch a Suspected
Horse Thief.
GAI.VKSTOX , March 15. The News' Cop ;
pcras Gave special says ; Between 12 and 1
o'clock last night a band of eight masked
men called at the house of T. O. Polk ,
seized him and cairledhlm Into the yard ,
where ho was knocked down with a
heavy club nnd icvolvers. After dragging the
Insensible man some distance feet foremost
tlnough the biush , the mob took Polk up and
CHI lied him half a mile and hung him to a
ttce , where the body was found this morn
ing. Polk's neighbors suspected him of be
longing to a band of horse thieves who had
been depicdatlng Caryll county. No arrests
have been made.
A Furniture Factory Damaged $55-
OOO Worth.
CHICAGO , March 15. R. Dclmal it Cro.s'
furnituie factory was danmccd by llio to
night. The loss to Dcimal Uios. will bo
S15 000 , and to A. O. Slaughter , owner of the
bnlldinir , about S 10,000. The Insuianco in
each case Is ample. The other losses nioin-
_ _ _ _ _ _
Rolling Mills in Ashes.
CiricAoo , March 15. The Daily News'
Pontiac , 111. , special : The Pontiae rolling
mills , with several adjoining dwellings , weie
cntitcly buincd today. Taylor Hios. owned
the mills. Loss , S5Q.OOO ; hall Insmcd.
Collision at Hen.
Nr.w Yonic , Mareli 15. Ono of the sailors
of the Oregon tills morning said that Imme
diately after the collision the hulk of a sailIng -
Ing vessel was seen drifting slowly on the
poit bide of the steamer , gra/lng her side as
hho passed astcin. It Is thought ( fiat she
sank ashoon as she clcaied the Oregon , and
as nonoof hcrcicw were on the Kulda , he
piesumcd they all had been dtowncd.
Miners on a Strike.
PnTsnuuo March 15. Scvetal bundled
Milking mlncrb In the livvln dlstilet assem
bled at I twin at 1 this inoinliig and headed
bj n brass band maichcd to Manor minesand
persuaded the woiklng collleis to join the
Oinclals Very Indignant.
NKW Youi ; , M.irch 15 , The olllcei.s of the
law are very Indignant rcgaidlug tlio .success
of Dcmpsoy and La Blanche In eluding their
vigilance. Tliedisttiet attoinoy declaies ho
will tnko measuies to put tlio mtllclpimts
nnd spcetntoi.s In jail. Among tlio latter tt
H inuiei.stood were n number of club men
liom New Yoiknnd members of the stock
exchange , w liich makes the situation so much
moio intciesllng ,
A Mystery Cleared Up.
KI.VHNIV : ; , Neb. , Maich 15. [ Special Tel-
cgtam. ] The body of George Hoge , who
dlsappeaied notoriously fiom his homo at
Keainey last November , was found to-day
two miles noithwcst of town. Tlio Inquest
icaiilted In identifying the body as above.
Thcuo vveie no mniks of violence. O.mso of
de.ith unknown.
Thn Fiftieth CheH Game ,
NKW Oi .i.vxfl : , Match 15 , The llftlcth
game of chess for the \\oild championship , be
tween Zukcitoit and Stelnilz , and the sixth
game of thoboiles In tlds city , was pl.ued
this atteinuon and ended in a dniw niter
luity-nlno moves by ZuUeitoit , who played
with the vvhltrt men , nnd lorty-oljitby ; | Stein-
It/ with the black. Time , /Cukcitoit , 1 hour ,
i'i minute. : , ; Stelnlti , 2 lioius 14 minutes.
Ho Toolc llin Choice.
Wall Street News : within twenty-
four hours after the receipt of tlio news
ot tlio breaking out of tlio trnnscontinoii.
tnl pnsM'iigur rate war , .several citizens of
a town in Illinois called upon u gentle
man mimed Ihrcccnrd Jack , the spokes
man said ;
" \Vo liuvo been doing sonio fii'tirin"1.
It will cost ? 17 to lynch nnd bury you.
and the same amount to hond you to San
r'rnnoiico. Odds is tlio diftbrcnuo with
us. Jf there is any diueroyco to you
plenso let us know before a o'clock. "
Jack took tlio 2:80 : train for the. golden
Don't fall to road tlu * advertisement of.
JfaUo & I'jlme1. Tholr new horse marK -
K t will bo ready foi busmen by April 1.
The Honso Oommitteo on Agrioulturo Con
siders the Subject.
Amendatory Provisions ot the Ilalcli
Hill , Governing the Kllllnu of
Diseased llovlnc.s and
Pay Therefor.
The Htircau of Animal Indnstry.
'WAsmsciTON , Slaich 15. Tlie house com-
mlltce on agilcultuto to- < lay Instructed Kep-
rcscntatlvo Hatch to rcpoit favorably tlio bill
priptred by htm amendatory of tlie act estab
lishing a bitieau of animal industry , nnd
piovlding means for the suppicsslon of con-
taclotis diseases among cattle. The limit of
twenty persons as tlio number of employes
to be allowed In thchuicnu ot animal Indus
try Is removed , and the number is left discie-
tloiiatywlth the commissioner otagrlcultuie.
The chief titncndmcnt to the bill Is In sec
tion 3 , which relates to the suppicsslou of
contagions and infectious diseases. Tills
section is amended ns follows :
That it shall be tlio iltttv ot the commis
sioner of ngilcnltuto to piciiaro such titles
nnd tegulatlons as ho may deem necessary
lor the speedy and effectual suppression and
oxtlipatuin of said diseases , nnd to ceitlly
such lilies nnd icculations to tlio executive
mtthoiity of each state nnd tertltory , and invite -
vito sniil nuthotlties to co-operate In the exe
cution and enforcement of tills act.
Whenever tlie plans and methods of tlio
commissioner o ! agiicultute shall bo accepted
by nny state or teriltoiy in which pleuto
pneumonia or other contagious , infections or
communicable disease Is declatcd to exist ,
nnd whenever the governor of a state or
other properly constituted nuthoiitlos signify
their readiness to co-operato for the extinc
tion of any contagious , infectious or commu
nicable disease in conformity with the pio-
tine Is heieby authorim ! to expend so much
of the money npproptiated by this act as may
bo neccssaty In such investigations In pay
ment for animals it Is deemed necessaiy to
slaughter , Is heielnafter provided , and In
such disinfection nnd other means obprofec-
tlon ns may bo necessary to extirpate tlio dis
ease ; provided , that the commissioner of
ngrlcnituio shall cause a special invcstlira-
tlnn to be made as to the existence ot pleuio
pneumonia , foot and mouth disease , and
lindctpest luanypait of the United States
weio he may have reason to suspect their ex
istence , and upon discovery ot any of these
diseases , tlie commission of.igilcultuie , with
the consent , appioval or co-opeiatton of the
goveinor or other properly constituted
authoilty ot the state wlicie such disease may
be found , shall cause an apptalsal ot tlie
animal ornnlmals affected with or that have
been exposed to such disease , and under the
laws ot the state , piovidlng for condemning
pnvato piopcrty for nubile use , shall cause
the same to bo destroyed , and pay the owner
not to exceed tinee-tout tin of Mich amount as
thoapnialsois may determine to have been
the value befote being diseased or exposed ,
outot nny monies appropiiated by cougiess
for tills put pose. Piovided , further , that ho
shall not pay moio than SlOO for any animal
with a pedigieo recoidcd or lecordablo in
the recogni/ed herd books of the breeds to
which It may belong , or moio than SOO foran
animal pedigteed , and that in no case shall
compensation be allowed for any animal
slaughtcicd under the uiovlsions of this act
tliat may bo contracted or have been ex
posed to such disease in n foreign
countiy , nor shall compensation lie
allowed to the owner of nn animal where , by
icasonnblo diligence , ho could have pre
vented his animals frin becoming exposed ;
and provided , further , that whenever a state
or tcnitory , in an any section of which con-
tasiottsor infectious disease exists which the
commissions of agriculture has dcclaied to
be dangetous to the animal Industries of the
nation , tails to make provisions for Its oxter-
patlon. or to co-opeiate with the ulnns of tlie
commissioner of agiictiltuio lor the
exterpntion of such disease , the
president of the United States , on pio-
scntation of the tacts by tlio commissioner of
agricultuie , shall be authorised to declare In
quarantine such state or tcnitory , or such
pait of said state ortcirltoy as he may deem
dangerous to the animal industries ot the
country nnd to icKttlato or piohiblt the
tianspoitntion ot cattle out ot said state , ter-
litory ordistiict.
The act is amended so as to transfer the
duty ot guatding these diseases in the Dls-
tiict of Columbia liom ths distilct commisi.
sioners to the commissioner of agriciiltne.
It Is further amended so as to allow n day in
time for the Inspection ot places where rattle
aio kept in the Distiict ot Columbia , and to
punish by fine and Imprisonment any poison
who endeavors t ° pi event .such inspection ,
and a similar penalty is fixed for any poison
who knowingly conceals the existence of any
such disease on his piemises. The bill makes
an anpiopriatlnn ot § ! 250OQO , to cany its pio-
visions into ollect.
Only a Small Portion Saved From the
Wreck of the Steamer.
NEW Youiv , Maich 15. Postmaster Pear
son states that by the steamer Oregon , which
sailed from Liverpool on thoOth nnd Queens-
town on the 7th Instant , there weiedespatched
COS bags of mall. Of tlieso about 113 weio
closed bags , containing iiCO bags of letter
mall for the United States and Canada , the
balance being made up of about 170 bags of
newspaper mail , despatch bags ami a num
ber of bags enclosing empty sacks retuined.
Of ijO heavy reglsteted malls , estimated
ns containing about i,400 ! letters and pack
ages , despatched by the Oicgon , only n poi-
tion of thu Fiencli , Italian , Swedish nnd
llusslan malls , ninety-lour pieces In all , was
icceived , the Itiltish aifd German loglstcied
mail being all lost The lliltish , Geinian.
Swiss. Swedish , lielglan , Portuguese and
Capo Town money order lists tiom London ,
lieilln. Itaslu , Mululo , Antwcip , Lisbon and
Capo Town icspoetlvely , ana the Kienth
money older advices weio all lost , tholtalian
nlouo bolng saved. Duplicate lists will bo
cabled tor immediately and theao wiilpiob-
nbly bo at once tot wauled.
Chief Officer Mattlunvsstated to-day In tlio
piesunco of the agent ot the company that ho
went on deck at1 o'clock nnd with thotouith
otlicernnd tliieo other men weio on tliu look
out when thu collision occuued. The first
intimation ho had of thnptoxlmityof the
schooner was the appearance ofn blight
light on her port bow. Wo put tlio helm
haul aport , but the collision was almost In
stantaneous. Matthews believed other men
on the lookout saw the light at the same
time. Ho believed tlio light was held In the
hands ot some onu on the deck of the
Captain Cottier of the Oregon made only a
veib.il statement this moinlng to the liiltish
consul. The captain said that the course of
the Oicgon was noitu by west when the light
was teen oil tlio pott bow. The steamer
w hen sti nek was going eighteen knots per
bout and Iho helm was put haul apoit.
Chief Ollleer Matthews was in chatgo
and them weio lookouts In
thofoiecastloandat llio foremast. The wind
wasvxest by noith , with a fiesh to stionc
liieo c. Ho could have saved every soul on
boaid the Oiegon with tlio boats shoeattled.
Iho consul has decided to send the case to
England lor investigation , and tlieio the
captain will fully lenort.
The Tilbuno estimates the loss by the
sinking of tlio Oiegon ns tollows : steamer ,
gl/JiO.600 ; caigo , SVW.OOOj prisonal effects
ot nasscngeia , 5150.000 ; total , § 1,900.000.
> otfilii ! , ' has been heard of the colliding
schooner. There Is little doubt that the ves
sel with all on board went down.
Spain's Quaking Foundation.
MA iitii , Maich 15. The city of Gienada.
capital of the province of the same name ,
was shaken yesteiday by an eai thrjuake.
Thobhock was of seven seconds duration.
The people weio terrified and tied In all
dliectiojis. No lives lost.
Death of a Congressman.
WASHINGTON , Mareli 15. Kx-Govcrnor
Michael Halm , representative In congress
fiom the Second dUtiict 01 Lotilsann. died
this moinliiK at Willaiu'a hotel of lieiuoi *
ihaijeot the lungs ,
Till ) djEAiyVNOt ; JflKCOHD.
Omaha Fourth On the Mat In the
Pcrcontngc of Increase.
BOSTON , Majs. , March 15. The following
table , compllo.lfrom special dispatches to the
Post , from mattigcra of the lending clearing
houses in tholinltcd States , shows the gross
bank exchanges at each point for the week
ending March 0 , In comparison with the
corresponding Week li : 1885 :
Denver nnd Galvestonnro not Included In
the totnls.
Rcviow of the liritluh Grain Trade.
LONDON , Match 15. The Mark Lane
Express , In Its regular review ot the
Uiltibh ginln trade the past week , says :
SpiltiRvvoik is at a standstill on account of
the fiosts. Tlio situation is very serious. The
wheat tiade Is dull. Fine English icd Is Cd
do.uer. Sales of EiiRlish wheat dining the
week weio 04,421 quarters at 2s ! ) Cd , against
51,710 quarters at ills 4d dm lug the cono-
spending week last year * Thcie have been
continued heavy dellvclles of flour. Prices
ate not in.iteiially altcied. The foielgn
wheat tiado Is giadually liaulcnlnc and sup
plies ate unusuallyshoit , yctEuctlisli wheat
continues to umlciscll foreiRn equivalents 5s
to 10s per quaiter. tFour cargoes of wheat
auived ; two cargoes weio sold , thico were
withdrawn and ono , California , remained.
Trade forward Is more active and prices are
against buyeis. The market to-day was slow
for Enullsit wheat : [email protected] moio was demand
od. Flour was Od. dealer. Oats weio Od
dealer. _
The Vlslhlo Supply Statement.
CinrAoo , Match.15. The number of bushels
of grain iu store in the United States and
Canada on Match. 13 , and the amount of
Increase or deci ease compared with the pre
vious week , will boposted on 'Change tomorrow
row ns follows :
Wheat 50,854,419 'Decieaso 418,711
Corn 14,011,31)9 ) Increase 1,050,990
Oats y,0i)9,707 ) Increase 70.103
Uye O KM Wecicaso 04.000
IJailey l.VCT.OSl .Decrease 117,203
The amount In CUlcago elevators. ou the
date mimed was ! ,
Wheat 14,213,370
Coin . . . . * a,2r4CS5
o.its ' . . , 4rio-jo (
Uye SflS,823
Uarley. 137,127
Kl lii Dairy Market.
CHICAOO , Maich 15. Tlio Inter Ocean's
Elgin , 111. , .special says : On the board
of tiado to-day butter was active
and firm. Regular sales of 27,109 Ibs. were
made at 3lR31Kc. ( Cheese was quiet ; full
cicams , lOc : skims , 45c. 1'riVato sales ot
20,105 Ibs. ot butter and 1,000 boxes of cheese
weie icported. The total sales aggregated
Cliatnhcrlain Will Resign The Cabi
net Situation Critical.
LONDON , March 16. The Dally News says
Chamberlain disagrees with Gladstone on
tlie land question. It is likely Chamberlain
willteslgn dining the present week. The
situation Is ethical. Tlio cabinet meeting
which Is to be held lo-day will piobably decide -
cido the question of who shall le.ivo the
niliilstiy. Whatever happens Gladstone Is
determined to submit his Irish scheme In its
cnthety to paillamcnt.
Urltluli Cahinct Troubles.
LONDON , March 15. The Globe this after
noon states tlmtnttiio cabinet meeting held
Saturday , Tievclyau , secretary for Ireland ,
and Edgar Ilencagc , chancellor of the
duchy of Lancaster , both tendcicd their ic-
signatlons. The icason given by both gen
tlemen for their action , .say.s the Globe , was
their disinclination to .suppoit the Irish
policy outlined at the meetings by Gladstone
as that which he h.td decided to puisne. .
Another Version of Homo Ktilo.
LONDON , March 15. The Standard bays :
It Is supposed that Gladstone's scheme for
the covcininontol Itclandpioposcstho estab
lishment of a single chamber of pailiamcnt
at Dublin , and embodies the piinclples of
minoilty icprcscntntlon. 11 eland will con
tinue to send membeis to Westminster , not
In ptoportlon to her population , but in pio-
poitlon to her contilbutlons totlio hnpcilal
lovcnue. _
I'arnoll's Advlco to Ulster Irishmen.
Dum.iN , Match 15. Mr. I'.trnell publicly
urges thu mombcisot tlio nationalist party in
Ulster to icti.iin fiom celebiating St. Pat-
lick's day by demonstrations tuch as paiades
likely to anger the Orangemen. In uchculiir
advising the course the Iilsli leader says :
"Do not In Hate the OiaiaA'iuen however mls-
unldcd you may deem UiTT.i. Thb Is ot \ Hal
hnpoitanconow. ' '
Glndstono Dcnlcn Ittvorytlilni ; .
LONDON , Match 15. Gladstone authorizes
the statement that ho will take no notice of
the vaiious versions of his Iilsh plans that
lecontly have been glyen to the public. Ho
says that all thu stoiies that have Ix'cn pub
lished Hoarding Ids Intentions with icspcct
to Jieland aio entirely baseless.
A lliz/.ard In Silesia.
ttr.m.iN , March 15. An immense snowfall
appealed In SilcsU Sevci.il buildings aio
reported completely buried , the Inhabitants
being compelled to dig their way out. Five
chlhlioncio tie eii to death w him coming
from school.
Going to Join the 1'olion. ' ,
SUAICIJI , March 15. GeneialV.trren \ has
s'arted for London to assume command of
the meliopolltnn police force. General
Dixon has usbiinied command ot the Drltlsh
Denies the Statement.
LONDON , March 15. llcneago authorizes a
contradiction of the statement ho has le-
blgned Iho ollico of chancellor of the Duchy
of Lancaster ,
Wealth For tlio Khedive.
OAif.o , M.uch 15. The Egyptian govoin-
nient expects to derlvo a laigoicvennofrom
theiesiilts of the discovery of petroleum In
the khcdlvo's dominions.
Weather ForTo-Day.
JlissotMii VAI.MV : Southeily winds ;
wanner , lah weath ei.
Mayor Chapman's Innngnral Adverse to the
Greedy Union Pacific.
A New Police Force Appointed , With
Matthews the Chief Temple-
ton to lie Klrc Chlcrtaln
Again Notes.
The First of the New.
The now city council held its first regular
meeting last night. Mayor Chapman pio-
cceded to read his lnnugiii.il address. In Its
\cryopenlnghopaldnlltllng tribute lo his
late competitor , Hobert Perchnl , whoso sud
den death has caused so much sortow In the
community. The Inaugural then palit a
ttlbute to the peonlo as the sovereign lo
whom officials must bo icsponslble. In poli
tics tlio now mayor promised to show the
same non-p.ittlsanshlpas was shown by the
people In his election. He mged the fosterIng -
Ing of mannfactmlng Inteicsts hero , lie be
lieved the time would como when Council
Bluffs would have the finest water power In
the country , by using npottlon ol llio Mis
souri ihcr. There were oilier matters need
ing mote speedy attention. Onoot tlicsowas
the new Union ncllic bridge. The
plans for the now bridge wcto such
as would nauow the channel botno
700 feet. This should not be permitted. This
gteat corporation had been petted until It
was like n prodigal. The company had
shown no disposition lo keep Its woid with
this city. The mayor lecommended that
steps be taken to make them open a suitable
watercourse ; that the light to use Union
avenue bo icvokcd , unless they complied
with the promise to inn trainsoveiy half
hour and make the toll icasouaule. Mayor
Chapman devoted a latgo poitlon ot his in
augural to dressing up tlie Union Pacitic , to
which he has been such a friend.
After reciting the causes of gtlevanco
against the Union Pacitic , ho said : "I also
iccommend that their charter planting them
the use of Union avenue be annulled , If
they continue to charge the piesent exoiblt-
ant tolls and tail to inn their tialns
every thhty minutes as tlio law icmilies.
Also , th.it a losolutlon of piolebt bo adopted
and foivvarded to tlio delegation in congtcss
fiom our own state against the passage of
the so-called eightj-.venr extension bill ,
lids bill asks that thiity-year bonds , now
almost duo and bearing 7 pet cent inteicbt ,
bo lifted nnd canceled , and that an eighty-
year bond bo substituted which beais but 3
per cent intctest. This icquest , in the
opinion of many poisons is not only
immodest but docs -violence to all bus-
nesspiincinlcs. To my mind the simple ask
ing for such a measuie , nggtegating perhaps
SlOO.UD.OOO , combining ininclpal and Inteiest
with the legal coliatetal obligations incident
theicto , is the manifestation of .1 spirit ot
greed and aval ice only excelled by the bandit
and outlaw who "takes to the load. " We
have In all the past obtained but slight recog
nition ot our lights at the hands of this cor
poration except through legal piocess , and In
so far as our city Is concerned , its interests
could not bo placed In greater hazard if the
corporation weio to pass into the hands of a
receiver to-moiiow. "
Ho urged that thn paved stteetsbo cleaned
nnd swept. For tire alarm service lie recom
mended making some coiitiact with the Dis
trict Telegraph company. For sticet lighting
ho recommended that electric lisht bo favor
ed lather than eas. Ho ctiticlsrd the present
rates charged for gas , nnd declared that there
were patties now ready to take a charter and
build vvoiksand supply gas at half the pres
ent rate. Tlie mayor endoiscd tlio recent
act on exempting fiom city taxes now mantt-
facturlncentoipilses. He thought it should
bo ictioactive , so as to exempt such a tnctory
astho JlcClurgCiackcr company. The gen-
eial ad vantages of the city , Its building im
provements , its business and tinancial con
dition were also portrayed In encouiaging
woids. A financial showing of the city was
included in the Inaugural. The icsoiiices lor
the coming year tor geneial putposes weie
about 875,000 , and the expenses ot the past
year wei o about SW.OOO.
The mayor urced a fiee wagon bildge be
tween Omaha and Council liluffs. Those two
cities could nffoid no longer to show jeal-
ou ° y orrivalry. They weie In fact onecom-
merclal center to the outside world. Ho shall
use his lullucncc toaldiuiy move to secmo
such a bridge. As to the moialitv of the
city , lie expressed the dcteiinination toclear
tlio city of cappers and thieves. The siloons
would not bo closed , it the keepers conducted
their places in a respectable manner. They
must close Sunday. They must not allow
loatcrs and toilers to hang nbont their places.
Alderman bhugatt picsented n set ot new
rules tor the guidance of the council , which
were adopted.
On motion of Alderman Sliugatt the police
force was limited to one chiel and eight men.
Thu mayor announced the following com
mittees :
Finance.Olaims and Pilntlng Danfoitli ,
Bennett , Hammer.
Jiidlciaiyand Special Assessments Kel
ler , Shuffart , Sttatib.
Internal improvement1) ) , Stieets. Alleys
and Sidewalks Shugnrt , Danfoitli , Hummer.
Fho Dcnaitmcnr , Gas Lights and City
Pioporty Uonnett , Stiaub , Keller.
Police , Health and Public Giounds Ham
mer , 13ennett. Keller.
Water Wet ks Straub , Danforth , Slmgart.
For picsldent of the council U. L. Shiigatt
was chosen.
An Infoimal ballot for city eleik losiiltcd :
A. Dalrymploi : , K A. IluiKo : ! . A toimal
ballot lesulied In the election of F. A. IJiiikc ,
the iccont city auditor.
For chief ot the llio depirtment John L.
Tompleton was elected unanimously.
For commissioner ol stieetsniid sidewalks ,
K. S. Uainaltwns ic-electcd by a unanimous
vote ,
Chailes J. Hcckman was unanimously
elected poll-tax collector.
The mayoi then announced the following
Tlie nnvv police foico will po on duty at
noon to-day.
Miscellaneous business was then tians-
aeted. A petition ot U. Dectkln tor icduction
of assessment on leal estate was presented
and icfeiied. A petition ot tlio ptopoity
owneis lor nppioachcs to bo made to the
Seventh sticet Inldgo was presented. He-
leired to the commltteo and sticet commis
sioner witli power to act.
The city m.tt.shnl announced that ho had
appointed. ) . 11. Mullen and C. 11. White ns
cityjnlleis. Laid over until the next mcot-
Tim Ameilcan District Telegraph com
pany asked permission for the right to con *
utiiict its bVMom heio. Hefeiml to the city
attorney with Instiuctlons to picpaio an or
The commltteo on police was Iiibtiuctcd to
sceuro bids toi feeding in Isoner.s.
Jilds lor building sidewalks was lefcucd ,
to re ioi t at the next meeting.
Adjoin ned until thu next regular meeting.
The aldeimen then met as n boaid of
he-tltlilor the election of a city plijslclan.
Dr. Lacy was elected , receiving 1 votes : Dr.
Sajbeit 1 , Dr. Gieen 1. A resolution wai
adopted nidcilngthe lomoval of the powder
Eighth sticet to outside the limits.
The JIlufTi * School Roard.
The school boaid of Council lilulls met last
night nnd oiganlzcd by the to-olectlon of , ) .
li. Atkins piesldcnt. The old committees
were icappolntcd. The leslgnatloiiB of Hello
Falrman , Agne.s 1'oibytho and Coin Hiooks
as tc.ichci-i vmo icceived and accepted.
Dividing Up the Karth.
WAISAW : , Maich I1) . A gi at Ian leforin Is
makiii' , ' piogiosa in Poland. Many of the
piovlnccsati * donating laiui tObii.iall holdois ,
expiopilatlng thn cilatcs of laige owners.
The policy , ills believed , will win tlio sym
pathy ot all tlio PolCb.
9 I i
Ueforo buying feet prices at the Central
Lumber Yard , Kith und California. , . .
rnoounss OP THK STIUHK.J !
Jay Gould Disclaims 1'ovvcr to Settle
the Dlllloulty.
GAt.vi:9TON : , March 15. The News' special
from Dallas says : Uecclvers Urovvit and
Sheldon iccclvcd notice fiom the United
States marshal thai Iho Texas & Pacific rail
road was now open from end lo end , At
lllg Springs thirty clcht mechanics have
gone to woik In the car shop , meeting \vlth
no opposition. At Mai-shall notice has been
Klvcn that the company will put men to work
this morning.
Tlio "Now s" special from Sherman says :
Marshall Cabell and live deputies left hcto
last night tor Dallas with four prisoners
charged with contempt of couit In attempt
ing to obstiuct tralllc on the Texas A Pacitic
ralhoad. Two of the.m were nttested at
Bunham. Tlueo lieluht tialns milved fiom
the east over the tiansenntlncnt.il division
and two were sent out. Tim yard Is full of
lulUc Height , lllstepoiledthat the Texas
iv : Pacific will to-day lesume innnlnu its
ficight tialns , which weio withdrawn a few
di\a : no. There mo no new developments
in tlio strike. The feeling against tlio
sit Ikots glows stumper every day.
ST. Lot'is , Maich in. Ono of the now
switchmen on thoMlssoutl Pacific was as
saulted by stiikers and knocked senseless to
day. One of thn a < allants WHS nrieMed.
At Atelilson. Kan. , tiftceii oftlcUN of tlio
Missouri Pacilic load have advices tiom
Downs , Kan. , on the Ceiittal Uratich of tlio
Union Pucllic , to the elTect that the vltlklng
Knights of Labor theic have accented the
company's twin * nnd havoietutnedio wotk.
JACKSON VIM. i : . 1'la. , Match 15. .lay Gould
to-day , speaKlng tor the litst lime lesjicctlng
the stiiko by tlio Knigbls ol Labor on the
Mls-ourl Pacilic and temaliilugpnitlon of the
Gould southwestern bjMem , Nild to the rep
resentative ot the Associated iitess : "I lirst
leainedol the sttlkn while at llnvana , and
have been advised by tclegiaph of the ehatnc-
ter of the tiotihle , moio paitlctilatly si MOO mv
ai rival here. Thobttlkeon our system was
a complete surprise to me. foi two tenuous :
Fitst , wo have acceded to all tlio demands
which have been , made upon us by our em-
iloyes , nnd weie supposed to bo wotklng In
laimony with them. Second , the piesent
stiiko is made upon an issue with which
\voliavonothiugtodoandwhlch we cannot
possibly nibltiato or control. The piet > cnt
stt ike , continued Gould , originated in tlio
dischaiico ol n man named Hall on the Texas
A Pnclllc , which load Is In tiio hands of the
United States com t. Wo have no nuiio t ight
to attempt to contiol the workings of that
system than the vvoikingnicn themselves ,
and would boas completely in contempt in
an attempt to do so as any other outsider. "
Nitw Oni.tiANS , March 15. This morning
Hecoidei Sheldon of the Texas & I'.icllicioad
leceived a letter fiom a lopioientativc of tlio
New Oilcans employes of that load icnuc.st-
Inp him to arbitiate tlio difllcultlosexlsting
and avcit Iho necessity ot their Joining their
brother stilkers. Before Mr. Sheldon had
time to cousldei thu matter ho teamed the
men wcio already sulking. Thltty-llMiinall
had left the shops and had been notified ol
thch dUchaige.
Boycotting Hoarding ; Houses.
Ci.ivr.i.AND : , Match 15. The boycott of
J. F. Sicberllng by the trades and labor
assembly at Akion , Ohio , assumed n new
phase to-day when all the. . boarding house
keepcts weie infotmcd they would bo boy
cotted if they gave shelter to the workmen
Imported to take the places of the stilklni :
monldcis at the Emptio Movver and lleaner
works. A boycott will also bo placed on tlio
tenants ot every dwelling and business house
owned by Siebeiling In Akron It not vacated
at the expiration ot the piesont leases. The
feeling ou both sides is giovvliic very bitter.
A File-Tailed Organization.
TOPKKA , Kan. , Match 15. For thico days
Tttist the delegates of the Printers 1'iotec-
tlvofiatcrnlty have been In session in this
city and to-day perfected a national organiza
tion. Thocaidlnal pilnciplooftlioorganina-
tion is aibiuation. Another feature Is sick
benefits and insurance. Any person con
nected with any branch of the printing busi
ness Is eligible to membership.
An Increase Or a Walk Out.
ST. Louis , Match 15. It is asserted In rail
road click's that a cltcular cmauating from
the East St. louis assembly of tlio Knights ot
Labor was served this aftcinoon upon the
leprescntativesof all tlio roads ccntcilng in
Kast St. Louis , demanding an increase of
waccs for nil shop and yaid men , nnd .stating
if the demand is not complied with by next
Tlmisday the men will bo ouleied out.
The Huns learning Fast.
PiTTSnuito , Pa. , Maich 15. A Dubols , Pa. ,
special sayst Three handled Hungaiiansat
Walston mines shuck to-day for the Colum
bus convention scale. If they are succosslul
it will entitle them to an advance of from
10 to1TK cents per ton. Should the nrbttia-
tlou commltteo tall to meet on the Ifatli , next
Monday -1,000 mineis will quit woik.
May Prove a Monster Affair.
Pm-snuiso , Pa. , Maich 15. What may
spicad into a general stiiko was begun at the
VAiIous mlnci along the Haltlmoio&Ohlo ,
and PItlbbuig , McKccspoit & Youghloghcny
ralltoads to day , between 500 and fiO ! ) going
out. They stiuek lor 00 cunts par ton for all
coal shipped cast.
A Voluntary Advance.
CHICAGO , March 15. Inter-Ocean's Mil
waukee sppcl.il : It Is announced heio that
tlio Iron minim : companies In Iho Monoml-
neo iinu laiigo have all advanced the nay of
tneir men fiom 10 to 50 cents per day , ic.ulng
labor tioubles in tlio busy pcnson.
The Deepest Cut "Vot on Overland
I'liHSciifjor Tralllc.
CHICAOO , Match 15. The laigest teductlon
yet made in insscnger i.itcs to ( lit ) Pacific
coast went into eflect to-day. A cut ol S10
on both Hint and second class tlckct.s was ob
tained , and this evening Aihltiator Wilson ,
of the Chicago , St. Louis and Missouri Hlvor
Passenger association , Issued a elicular an
nouncing net i .lies tiom Chicago lo Califor
nia points by nil lines , as lollows : I'Mist-
clas- > , S.'J.5Q ! : .second-class , ? 17. Tim Noith-
westcin and St. Paul toids to dav instoied
passenger rates east tiom Council Hinds.
Two dollars was the extent of the cut. It had
only been Inaugurated Satutday.
The Transduntinontal Cut.
ST. horns , Maich 15. Another inioad was
made yesterday upon tianscontlnental mil-
foad tales by the Union Pacllie company ,
announcing an open ratoon ( list-class tickets
between the MIssouiI tivnrnnd Cnillornla of
S'i ! , anil 51" for second class. It Is expected
that the othei lines will meet this and make
an additional reduction to-day ,
The n. ft O. MalCL-H Hates.
NKW YOHK , Match 15 , Jlaltimoio & Ohio
agents have been Instiuctcd to hell tickets ,
fhst-class , Now Yoilc to Samianclfcco , at
44.50 and second-class nt sil.50 : via the Sun
set loutc , and vl.i the Atelilson , TonckaA ;
Santa Fe. M9.M ) fli st-chm , a tcbito of 5ri at
Kuitbas ( 'Ity , and 41.50 second and mixed
class with n ivbito of 810. The above tele
gram letcrs to limited tickets only.
A Itcdiiotlon of Two Dollar * .
PniiAtiiHiA : , Maich 15. The Pennsjl-
vanla lailtoad company announces a ted no-
tlon of rates on the New 7oik and 0 hic.igo
limited ospiess between New Voik , and
Philadolapfa and Chicago ol S' ) . with a coi-
respondlnj ; reduction to oilier points.
A AVcok WJII See It Out.
NKVV onu , Match 15. It was ceiU'r.Uly
conceded by ralhoad mnn to-day that it eon-
fereneo bad piacllcally taken place between
thu Tianscontinuntal official ; ) , and that the
tioublo would ccititlnly bo entied this week ,
lolin McCiilloiiKh'i ) ItninaliiH.
I'HH.AUKU'IUA , J'a. , Maich 15. The 10-
muinsof John McCullough and thosupfhta
s > on , W. F. McCullougli. weio today placet' '
in a receiving vault at Mount Morljilj ceme
toy pendini ; ccluctlcn ot a sultiMo snot IVr
iutefmcnt. ' . . . -
Just Entering Georgetown College to linisli
, IIis Studios for the Priesthood.
rtconlllnj ; the Sensation Caused When
JIo Announced Hln Intention
ofUrcomtiiKa Priest The
Father's Ancr. ;
Heady to Don the Coasnclr.
AinonRtlio Jesuit scholastics who hnro
lust eiiteied Georgetown college , District
of Columbia , to nmko tliolr llnal propnr-
itions for the priesthood , is a pale , slim
young m in , of gunurnlly nscctlc appear-
met ) , who u few years u o was ono of tlio
cnders of Washington's gilded youths.
.This is William Sliornmn , oldest son of
.ho general. Kverybody here is recalling
he sensation oiui'-cd when ho nnuouneed
lis intention of giving up tliu world nnd
louning llio Jesuit cassock.
lie was nt the time n student in the
aw ilepailtneilt of Guorgetown college ,
md was teeogni/.cd as the leader of lita
'lass , both in intellect nnd in social qual-
tics , lie vvns one of tlio most dashing
Doting follows in town , though by no
.ncans . a dude. Tins old general fairly
loted on thu promising bov , nnd relied
on him to perpotnato the lopututlon of
the Sherman name. It issiud , too , that
roung Slturmun was engaged to a lich
3t Louis lady , and it vyas understood
hut , immediately nflor his admission to
lie bar , ho vvns to marry her and settle in
St. Louts. Nothing in ins conduct gave
evidence of tlio religious fervor which
ms since marked him us the most pious
of Jesuit student.s. His mother , a sister
of ( ten. Kwinc , of Ohio , wits , it is true , a
devout Catholic , nnd had carefully
: ruincd her son in tln Catholic fiuth , but
i' was , like most young men , piofessedly
hristian , though caiole&s enough iu
The change was clTected by a retreat
which the catholic students of George-
: ovvn college made in 1878. Tlieso re-
tieats consist of a succession of religious
exercises prayers , preaching nnd medi
tations lasting ono week , during which
almost absolute silence must bo preserved.
Young Sherman had been more conspic
uous than usual in the gay season of
1877-78 , so that when the retreat of tlio
Intter year camo. ho entered it with all
the fervor of reaction. The day after it
was finishcd.ho . wont lo the Hov.Dr. llunly ,
president of the college , and begged to
bo admitted into tlio Jesuit novitiate. Hemet
met with a downright ruftiMil from the
wary priest , who had witnessed before
the ephemeral ofl'octs of religious enthu
siasm , and who thought that the appli
cant's fervor would die out with the cx
citemcnt. Perhaps n fear of tlie old gen-
oral's certain wrath had also something
to do with the refusal. Anyhow the hey
was advised lo continue the study of law.
Young Sherman them developed that te
nacity of purpose which is a characteris
tic of the Sherman family. Ho rctuscd
to open another law book. He appealed
again and again to Dr. Hcaly until , after
siv months of anxious probation , hopes
wcro hold out to him that ho would be re
Another and more formidable iliflictilty
way in store for him , however. His fath
er's opposition had to bo mot with.
Armed with an explanatory letter from
Dr. He.tly , ho faced the general one
morning and announced that ho was go
ing to join the Jesuit * . It is said that iv
stormy scene ensued one fully up to the
scenes described in novels , wherein dis
appointed parents nnd refractory chil
dren exchange surprising , appalling and
nnpr.y words nnd part forever. The gen
eral declared that lie would never con
sent lo sue his son n piiest , nnd the son
declared that nothing could deter him
from eiitcrin < r the priesthood. So they
parted , and have not seen each other
Young Shormnn was pent to the Jesuit
novitiate ntFredoiick , Md. , hut for some
reason said to , lm connected with nn-
noynnco from relatives lie was boon
transferred to the Jesuit novitiate in Eng
land , lie returned to tlio United Stttcrt
in 188B , and went to Woodstock college ,
Alaryhmd , whore ho remninod till last
yenr , which he spent teaching svt Loyola
college , Baltimore , in conformity with
the Jesuit rule that requires all siihohiR *
tics to teach for a certain time. Ho will
ho ordained a priest next year.
( { en. Sherman lias never recovered
from tlio disappointment cnu = ed by tiio
course of his favorite child. .Much of his
crankiness of late year * is to ho uttrimi *
ted to this source. Prior to 1878 , ho Inul
oviiibilcd little of that unruly tamper
which Ims since gotten him into bo much
troublo. It was thought at one time ) that
ho was on the point of becoming a
Catholic , biitsinco 1878 nothing could in *
( luce him to enter n Catholic church.
One of young Sherman's t-iiih-nmtes is
also the Kim of : i distinguished sire. 'J Ills
is Scholastic Roman , son of ov-Uniled
Slides Senator Kormm , of Now York. It
would bo interesting tof \ ir these yonne
Jesuits preaching hero next reason to
I'us ' society hutlcrllics among whom they
once How'nnd IhiUcrcd.
i Killing on a I'ancli.
San I'rancisuo Chronicle : To any ono
who contemplates trying a hesihouM rid
ing I would finy this : Yon will build up
your constitution for lile , yon will meet ,
rough follows , hear hard swearing and
sec some lighting , hut you will lieu *
fewer indecent .stoiic.s on the rnngo IhaU
you will in llio nvurago nlnl ) smoking *
room. Your outfit , or hod , clothing and
equipments will cost you nbout luilf your
earnings , nnd , if you fctnoko freely nnd
do not try ( o have money , tlio end ot the
season will Icuvn you neither richer nor
poorer. You will often have u wet lied ,
and tlmnk heaven for getting to it wet
ns it is ; you will always ho up bcforo
daylight and generally two hours out of
the night us well ; yon will eat course
food , everything tried in hird ; you will
bu in tlio Middle from twelve lo eighteen
hours every day ; jou will oflon sutler
for tliu want of food and wafer dining a.
long dny's woik in thu hot MIU ; you will
expose yoiir.-olf to Eomo peril of Hfo and
more of limb ; you will bo for much of
( lie limo ns absolutely cut oil' from tlio
oivih/od woilil ns itou worn on a vessel
in mid ocean ; you will vow three limes n
day thul when you Mriko the raiteh
agnin you will quit ; you will ho sere and
Imiisod , cold nt niglil uiul scon-hod by
day , wet to tlio skin ono hour und
parched with thins I the next , nnd for tlio
rest of your life you will look back to
your hfo on thu rnngo witli longing
thoughts of its charms. Very tew men
mo rich enough to indulge I heir la.sto for
riding by keeping morn than two biuldlo
hoix , " > n "puncher" otteit ride * n do/en
and docs much of his woik nt u full run.
Hi ; biealhiis tint finest nir on earth , c-ila
beef as freely ns nn ordinary working ,
mnn oats cnbhngo and potatoes und
fancies tlio chit.to which Im halongs is
tiio aristocracy of labor. IIo ii > gcncioui
to a fault , always iiuick tonppicciuto
pluck and kindliness in otlier.-i , cliival-
ions to thu few women huhecf , ever
ready to help hang a lior.iu thief , ami
undeigoca mort ) liartlbhi | > and daner
than u.do/ten /

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