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ALL WOOL , $3 , ALL WOOL , $2.
Throe , only three little dollars gets n fine pair of nil wool pants that will fit yon , that will suit you , that will
wcnr you , till yon wish to get a new suit. OUR SPRING STOCK , in carload lots is being added to onr
store daily. 4-Huttou Cutaway Frock Suits
Elegant at $15 , Elegant at $15 , Elegant at $15 ,
Sack Suits , Sack Suits. No Shoddy. No Trash. Reliable Dealing. Ev
ery person owes to themselves a debt if they don't look over the cloth
ing kept by the
1113 , 1113. 1113 , 1113 , 1113 , 1113 ,
Three ones and a three ,
Three ones and a three.
Farnam street. Farnam street.
Teaching IIlKli Grnilo on the South
Side Discussed Other liusmcsg.
Tlio special hcmi-monthly mooting of
the board of education was held Monday
evening , Vice President Gibbon in the
chair , and present Messrs. Clark , Coburn ,
Conoyor , Copolaml Liycsoy and Long.
A communication was received from
the pupils in the chemistry class , asking
that au advanced course of chemistry bo
lidded to the list of optional studies for
Jho senior year. The matter was re
On recommendation of Prof. Lewis ,
principal of the high school , Secretary
Conoyor introduced n resolution to pur
chase for the high school u celestial and
terrestial globe , illustrations in autonomy
and a telescope not to exceed $70 in
price. The resolution was adopted.
The committee on teachers and text
books recommended that the graduating
exercises of the high school be held in
the opera house instead of the Exposition
building , and that the secretary bccuro
the sanio for the evening required. The
report was concurred in.
Miss Emma , J. Carney was , on recom
mendation of the committee on teachers
and text books , appointed assistant
principal of the Hartman school.
The committee on buildings and
property recommended that the board
purchase four lots on the southwest
corner of Webster and Twenty-seventh
streets lor the school site in the northeast
part of the city. The recommendation
was approved.
Secretary Conoyor introduced n resolu
tion , which was adopted , authorizing the
board to advertise for proposals for the
erection of the addition to the Lake
On resolution , a warrant for $3,000 was
drawn in favor of Shaw & Field in part
payment for the erection of Caslcllar
A resolution introduced by Mr. Long
nutliorizcd the examining board to sit for
the examination of teachers who may
present themselycs for that purpose ou
March 31 and April 1 and 2.
The following was introduced by Sec
retary Conoyor :
WIIKIIKAH , The superintendent in his an
nual report stated "thut It Is easy to see If
the grades were divided Into two classes in-
Htcmi of tliteu , Hint higher classes might bo
letnlned In almost ovcrv building , and
WiiRitiAStho : board of education made the
said changes ns it-commended by the buper-
Intcmlcnt ; thi'icfote ,
Jlcsolvcd , That the superintendent Is here
by Instiucted to have the seventh and eighth
grades tnii''ht in the .soutlicin junto ! the city.
Considerable discussion followed , Su
perintendent James arguing that it
was impossible to accomplish the desired
result before next year. Secretary Con-
over and Mr. Long urged the passage of
the resolution , ns the papers had asserted
that the board was opposed to teaching
the higher grades on the south side.
Mr. Clark then moved that the matter
bo referred to the committee on teachers
nml toxtbooKB for further consideration
nnd the motion prevailed.
A resolution was introduced by Mr.
Copeland that $ 00 bo appropriated to enable
ble- the manual training department to
make the purchase of machin
ery needed for the next term.
The other members of tno board
did not concur , however , only ono
vote besides Mr. Co'pclaud's being re
corded in favor of the resolution , The
board then adjourned.
The Circular AVlilch IIo Addressed to
ICov. J. W. JIat Tin.
The publication in yesterday's llr.E of
the trouble in thu First liaptist church
on account of a circular letter issued by
W , T. Seaman , and addressed to Hov. J.
W. Harris , denouncing smoking , was re
ceived with feelings of snrpriso by the
general public. Among the friends of
Mr. Harris the feeling was deep , nml
many wore the expressions yesterday of re
gret at Mr. Seaman's courso. While
some pronounced it ill-advised , others
spoke of it as vindictive , and showing ,
by the manner in which the letter was
distributed , that it was done with malice.
Thu following is the full text of thu letter :
Ilovciend J. W , Hauls Uear Jhother :
1 feel tliat 1 have done wrong In having
withheld my piotest thus long. Our Loid
himself set us an example by dilvlng from
the temple the polluk'is of it , Wo ate some-
tlmi-s detained trom following his example
by an nppicclaUtiii that our nuthoilty la not
co-oxteiibivo vtlth Ills.
Having toreats covered your frailty with
n mantle of dimity which 1 teel to hare be
come \uongtul NU'ukness and having a
' deep sense of the Inconsistency of this fiallty
0 in any followers of Chi 1st , It bolim more no
tably t > o In one occupying the so-called high
and holy iMllliiB of HU minlstiy , 1 uddie.ss
you now toeaint'itly ask th t timing your
continuance as pastor ol our chinch body you
discontinue totally the practice of the habit
uhlch Is world wide tidmlllcd to t > o n vice ,
I ; liouKhchis cd iiuiong thu minor ones , nnd
I' hat is
I- * Tin : t'si : OK TOIULCTO
totally inciiiiblitoin in any Cluibtlnn and
wholly Inadinlstublo
JN A MINISnu : or ins GOSPEI ,
uioio u'pii'hi'iiblblo by far , ns a btumblln ! ;
block , than the often condemned and almost
iulcnlitted , but by far , more admirable
tliouzh not adinlssablo nnd not at alt expe
dient , card playing , tlicator going and the
pioinlscuons iuteimlnullng ot the opposite
In thu modern dance.
heftti full bhoit , 1 say , of the greater pollu
tion of tobacco , to say nothing of Its Ille itl-
lunla'conbitmption of money , vital torce nnd
ily tissue , polluting not only tlio user , but
"God's free air , " lice to breathe , but not fiee
to pollute to the discomfort of others , nor to
their shame. Ceitainly n tobacco soaked
mnii of Clod Is n paiotlox nnd nn nnoinnly.
There Is , too , but n shade of diirerenco be
tween a whlslcy soaked Christian nnd a to
bacco soaked Christian who is supposed to be
a new creature , the temple or dwelling nlaco
of The Holy Spirit. Wo leain iront you In
the pulpit that this habitation we ixro"under
obligation to pteservo pure.
If you cannot or will not separate your
self fiom this your most noticenblc fiallty ,
you know without my suggesting it what Is
your duty.
if I stand alone in uttering this expression
I am content to so stand even 1C 1 stand
condemned by conventionalities and ccn-
stned by church discipline. I iciiret the fact
it I o lie ml you In the least or the hcaits of
those under your charge , who esteem yon In
your pastoral relations to them , or , in whoso
Iieattstlio tnnd of charity Is so treit toward
you as to bear with you In all things. It
pains me to know that some will take olfenso
at this , but the evil of tobacco In our churches
01 to-dny needs a protest so stiong indeed ns
to lend the entire chinch of Christ to totally
excommunicate It from its nieinbcrship.o
Under any circumstances I can conceive of ,
J am liable to continue my Sabbath worship
wlifie 1 have been accustomed to , but can
no longer bo understood now , as giving my
tacit consent to , or even a negative endorse
ment of , this to my mind , heinous Inconsis
tency , lam nevi'itheless , fratcinnllyyours ,
Yesterday the following was issued
for publication as a result of Mr. Sea
man's letter :
Thcie will boa special church meeting of
the Flr.st liaptist church tills evcnlmat7:45 :
o'clock to consider the question \vhetlicr the
chinch shall continue the nresent pastoral
relations or not. The meseiico of every
member of the church Is desired.
\Vnlt !
Hake & Palmer , Howard and Four
teenth streets , will oflbr for sale on and
after April 1 the largest stock of horses
and mules in the city.
Five finely dressed young men , mostly
ex-bartenders , were ordered to leave
town yesterday afternoon by Judge Sten-
berg on the ground of being suspicious
characters. Their names wore Thomas
Wood , Frank Johnson , F. Milburn , John
Rogers and Thomas Shannon.
Prepared with special regard to bcallii.
No Ammonia , Lima or Alum.
StCorCapitol Avenue.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MoMENAMY. Proprietor.
huteen years * Hospital nud Vrlvuto J'racticn
Wo liavo the facilities , ipimratui nnd rcmcdtct
for the iticceeifnl treatment of emjr form of ills.
ca o rinulrliiz clthrr medical or eurficnl trr.itmi-nt ,
nnd Invuu all to come and Invrttl nti ! for tliemsclrca
ur correajiondlth us. Long ciprrli'uco In trrat-
inpcasei by letter enables ut to treat uaur ca ca
eclcntlflMllTlthout sreliiLthem. .
WHITE VIl ) ClllOULAn on Deformities and
Jlmcc * , club Feet , Curvatures of tlm Hplne ,
DISEASES of WOJIF.N. I'llo , Tumom , Cancers ,
Catarrh , Ilroncltltlt , Inhalation , Klectriclty , 1'nral.
yili , Kjiilepsy , Kidney , Ujc , Kar , tikln , Dlood and
all surgical oprratloim ,
Ilntterle * . InWUlors , llrnrrg , Triuscs , and
nil kinds of Medical and tJur Ual Appliances , man
ufactured and for sale.
The only reliable Medical Inittuie making
Private , Special ' § Nervous Diseases
from \Umtovercuuio produced , Bucceenfully treated.
Wo can remove Syphilitic poltoa from tbe system
without mercury.
Kcw re toriuuetr tmrnt for IOM of vital power.
Call and coneult ui or fenil name and poet-oftlce
uddreai plainly written enclose etamp , tad vie
\ull tend you. In plain wrapper , onr
won rnivATi , SOCIAL ANP Ninroiii Uisanta ,
cr , b i'iiti-js , Ooxonnitu : ! , ( iLicv , YAIUCOCELE ,
UniNAnv OncAN ! , or lend lilstory of your case for
BU opinion ,
I'crsouj nnablo toIM ui may be treated at Inclr
noraeo , by cowppondcucc. McdiUncs nml Instru
ment * ent by mall or express SUCUllKLY 1'ACK.
J'.U VltOM OIlSEHVAT10N.no marki to Indicate
contcnti or lemlcr. .One pereonul interview pre
ferred If com enlent. Fifty roomi fur tlio aecom-
moilatlbn of I'atlcUn. ' UoarJ and attendance t
reasonable ptlcei. Addrca all Letters to '
Omalia Medical and Surgical Institute.
Cor. 13th St. and Castld'Aie. . OMAHA. NEB. '
Huutliii ; Up Evidence.
W. N. Moore , rcprcsouting ti St. Louis
wliolusalo dried fruit lirni , is in Omalin ,
on bnsinovs for his houso. Tlio linn
ho roprcsouls is the sumo ono with which
W. 1J. Archer , wlto was robbed hero last
summer , was connected. Archer's
trouble at that time was tlio cause ot his
being summarily discharged by his em
ployers and tlio loss of tin interest in the
business. He lias now brought snit
against the house for $5,000 , and Mr.
Moore's visit to Omaha is to secure testi
mony of Archer's conduct while here to
show that the firm was justilicd in dis
charging him. _ _
Commercial men take notice G'tl Ccntr'l
Hotel , Kearney , Nub. , has changed hands.
T. C. Brainard. IVop.
White Cedar Piling is better than oak
for bridge or foundation work. It lasts
longer in or out of the ground and can
be furnished and driven for one-third less
cost by D. Sopor & Co. , 1020 Farnam
street , Omalia.
Federal Handing Notes.
United States Marshal Uierbowcr , as
master in special sale sold yesterday a par
cel of land in York county to O. F. Bell
for $1.086 to satisfy a judgment in the
ease of the American Ircoliold Land &
Mortgage Co. vs. Valentino Ueicli.
Postal Inspector Brown having boon
duly sworn in , started west upon nis mai
den trip yesterday , accompanied by
Insncctor Spanglor.
Wautc d to exchange for stock of Hard
ware nml general merchandise , OGO acres
of line Thaycr county ( Nob.land ) ; five lots
in Genoa ( Neb. ) ; good store building
( best corner ) ; good dwelling ( best loca
tion ) in Essex ( Iowa ) ; also eighty acres
one-half mile from town of Essex ( Iowa ) ,
seeded in blue grass For further par
ticulars , address John Lindcrholm , Cen
tral City , Nebraska.
"Old Vle's" Funeral.
The funeral of Victor lu Cros , better
known as "Old Vic , " the Twelfth street
restauranteur. who died of paralysis on
Sunday , took place yesterday , Uev.
W. J. Ilarsha , of the First Presbyterian
church , officiated. A large number of
the friends of tlio deceased attended the
services at the house and grav'o.
Absolutely Pure.
Tills pnwilornovarvnrios. A tnarvnl of purl'
ty , etruiiKlli mid wholoMmioiio-H. More econ-
noinlciil iliiiu the ordinary Ultuls , nml cannot lie
solilln competition with the multitude of low
test , Fliort weight , nhun or plio phnto powders.
Bold only In uuns. Itov.u , UAKIMU I'owiiuit Co. .
IftJ WullSt. , Now Yoik.
Yoik.to SALE
ON AFRXZ , 1st ,
Wo will open our
Horse and Mule Market
Cor , Howard and 14th Sts,0malia , , Neb ,
With several rar load ! of good stock , nnd will keep
constantly nn Imntl a full aftHOrtmeut of DHAtT uud
LW1 VIM ! HOliSDd In car lots or at retail.
Ofllco , Cor. 1UU and Farnam Streets , Hoomll
IjEOltQK UUULlNQIlOr With Y , if. HUli
OVER 400,000 oat. IN USE.
1'nnloit Hiding Vehicle made'lUde , * u eur
Uhco penuuutwa. TheSprlnaclruBllirn ml
fcborten tccordinc to the vel Ut they curr. EquilJf
well adapted to rautib couulry roniU nnd
One driM-aofclluM. Munulucturcdaudiialdby
U lending Cairiim liuUucr * laid Dealer *
S , W , Cor , 16th and Parnara ,
Ha § the largest list ol property , ( bo
cheaest and best , the easlast terms ;
no matter what kind of property you
want , by all means examine his list
before purchasing elsewhere ,
Lots for
In every desirable addition to the city. Gen
tlemanly salesmen with buggies
A lot on 10th , between Douglas and Dodge , a
bargain if taken at once.
Foil SAM : No. 11)3. ) Lot fronting two
streets , two good houses only 0 blocks
from court house , .OOO. Easy terms.
170. Lot GGxlUi ; house , 8 rooms ; S. lath
near Center st. , iJ . OO ; easy terms.
1SH. Six-room cottage , full lot , line view ,
beautiful location , Shinn's add. , $3,500 ;
easy terms.
203. Two lots 5u Reed's First add. Four
large houses. Will pay 12 per cent , on
the investment ; ? 15OOU.
209. Lot 100x110 , four-room cottage , S.
Ifith st. , next to Hartman school , $2,600 ,
on monthly payments.
215. East front lot , house 8 rooms , in
block 8 , Hanscom Place , $0,200 ; easy
218. Full lot , brick house 7 rooms. liar-
iicy. near 25th , $0,000.
22li. imo locntron m West Omaha , 7-
room cottage , largo barn grounds 20 Ix
121 , corner on three streets , $0.500.
223. Corner Jot on Clitrago St. . line loca
lion , $0,000.
225. Two full lots , elegant residence
properly , furnaces , everything slriclly
lirst-i'lnss. good location , § 11,000.
200. Full lot , two cottages , Shinn's add ,
202. Cottage of live rooms , full lot Shulls
add , fcl.bOO.
31 ! ) . Nice lot , cottage 4 rooms , Prospect
Place , $1,500200 down , $20 per month.
330. Two lots on 20th st , 4 good houses.
$0.500. This is a bargain and a. gootl
849. Half lot on Webstar st.Two good
houses , $0,000.
332. 1 < nil lot , 2 brick houses , one frame
house , S. llth St. , $8,500.
358. Full lot , largo house oil Farnam
street , $8,500.
359. Full lot , 9 room house , furnace , gas ,
water , sewer , Farnam st. ; $10,500.
300. Full ot IJrick house , Omaha View ,
$1,150. $150 cash , $10 per month.
3GO. Two full lots , two story House , three
miles from postollicc , $800 , $100 down
$10 per month.
3GU. Lot 00x213 , two now houses , ono 8
rooms , ono of 0. A nice place to live
or a gootl investment. Howard near
20th : $7,500.
870. Elegant residence property on Cap
itol Hill. House of 15 rooms ; $8,000.
390 Lot 00x138 , house 0 rooms. S. llth
St. ; § 2,500.
393. Full lot , two story house , 7 rooms ,
fruit trees , barn , ete. Shinn's add :
. $2,000.
399. Two lots , good , 4 room house and
stable. Lowe's add ; $2,000. Easy
411. Elegant residence property 8 room
house , lot 75x140. $7,500. Virginia ave
1G5. Lots on Georgia avo. , between Leav
onworlh and Farnam , $1,800 each. Ea
sy terms.
171. Lot facing Hanscom Park on Park
avo. , $1,000.
170. Nice lot in Ilimpbaugh Place , $1COO.
177. Three meo lots in block 5 , Hanscom
Place , § 1,850 to $1,500 , each.
183. 132 ft. square cor. , Harney and 20th
St. , $20,000
197. Lot , 00x131. 13th St. , near Center ,
201. Lots in Coif ax st. , between Leaven-
worth and F-irnam , $2,000 , each.
208. Aero lots in Himobaugh's add ; $150
210. Corner Farnam and 28th streets , GOx
132 ; $5,000.
228. Half do/en choice lots in Hanscom
Place ; $750 and $300each.
231. Three lots in Marsh's add ; $775 to
$1,250 each.
239. Lot in Clifton Place ; $1,000. ,
100 , Two good lots in Uwight & Lyman's
add. for $750.
258. Nice lot in Denise odd. ; $800.
2G7. Lot in Arbor Place ; $100 ; monthly
0 , Lot 4 , block 270 : $000.
231. Three nice lots in biockSO , Hanscom
Place ; $750 each. Terms easy ,
300. 8 Acres Taylor's add ; $3,000.
U01. Nice lot in Ilees Place , $1.900.
301 , Good lot in Hawthorn add ; $000.
309. Three nice lots in ShuU'sndd. ' ; $ l,20o
Oil. Two lots in Lake's add.$1,175 and
312. Six lots in block 11 , Ilanscom Place ;
$725 to $875 each.
313. Choice lotin West Chiming add ; $250.
314. Full lot , Howard St. , near 12th ;
330. 100x140 ft. cor. Mioliigan and Georgia
ave ; $3.000.
335. Eight lots in King's add , ; $550 each.
810. Two nice lots in" " Kirkwood : $150
Walnut Hill Lots $300 to | 900 each , on
casv terms.
Foil BALK-MO acres within 3J miles
of the P , O , Nice hnuso , largo
orchard , iino location ! On 13-a stone's
throw from Ambler Place where $8,000 ,
per aero is asked. Will sell the 10 acres
at $550 per aero ,
TwontV'livo acres between'Colo Brilliant
and Hyde Park , $150 per aero.
OitciiAiiu HILL .Tho most desirable ro s
Ueneo portion of Omaha. The best 1 o
cation , with n splendid view of thi
whglo city. Prices low and terms easy ,
If you buy a lot before looking at
Orchard Hill you will regret it. It costs
nothing to take a ride out there to examine -
amino it. For beautiful residence
sights or for safe investment buy in
Orchard Hill.
UEAUTII'UL acre lots in Belvedere $300
to $350 each , which will bo worth $1,030
inside of a year.
Foic anything in the real estate line call
on C. E. Mayno.
I 'HAVE a complete sot of abstracts of
title for Douglas county.
AusTiiAOts made on short njotipo and at
reasonable ! rates.
MONEY TO LOAN on real estate at .tho
Joxvi'st rate of interest. -
' '
' . . C. E. MAYNE , .
Are caused when people are indisposed , and more than frequently oc
curs with MAN when things don't go his way. Sometimes caused from
one thing , some times from another ; but it is invariably the case when
he puts on his clothing , and finds after he has exerted himself and paid
an exorbitant price in order to not feel embarassed when" he puts them
on , is one thing that will cause man to forget where he lives , for the
benefit of such gentlemen who have so often been disappointed in hav
ing their full gratification. If you have had a grievance in the past come
to The Misfit Clothing Parlors , and have every desire gratified and save
yourself from 60 to 100 per cent , or in other words get you two suits ,
two pair pantaloons or two overcoats for the same money you would
pay for one of the same cmtside , You can find one to please in pattern ,
cut and price of the following , in light medium and heavy weight
9 CO That was made to order by a leading merchant tailor for 20 00
1280 do do do 2500
1570 do do do 3(1 ( 00
1930 do do do 40 00
2240 do do do 4500
2020 do do do . ' . . . . .5000
The above is but a mere mention as at the back of these remain those
more expensive yet , to be closed in the same proportion of price. Should
you be more in need of a suit or both you cannot be more surprised in
your life than when you inspect the following
AT von
$940 That was made to order by a merchant tailor for 2000
1870 do do do 2750
1080 do do do 8300
1800 do do do 4000
1120 do do do 4500
2555 do do do 50 00
Tile above mention will be found a mention of small circumstance
compared with others to select from consisting of any style in pattern
and cut , should it prove neither an overcoat or a suit , and would be a
pair pantaloons you would profit 25 per cent by selecting from the fol
2 80 Will buy a pair pantaloons made to order by a Leading Merchant Tailor for f 5 00
3 20
41 II > ' II II II II IIII 7 f > 0
5 70
And many others cut in any style you may desire witJt , a ffitar-
antee of a perfect fit and satisfaction. Consignments from lead-luff
merchant tailors tlivougliout the country received daily.

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