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Mayor Bun Signifies His Intention to Oust
a Law and Order Officer.
The SIIU Tlilnvcn HndcnvorltiR to Pre
vent Identification Inter-
ng Itcmi Prom
tlio Capital.
IntOM Tim nun's MXCOI.X nunr.ur.l
At the meeting of the city council lust
night Mnyor Hurr said that ho had dis
covered that Mr. Liltlellcld , tlio Law and
Order Lcnguo polleeman , is not a clti/.cn
of Lincoln , nud he would have to'removo
him'from the force. As Mr. Lewis , the
attorney of the Longuo , was not present ,
however , the mayor said he would postpone -
pone tlio bouncing performance until the
next meeting , though ho hud intended to
UM ! the ollicial boot now. Mr. Littlolield
was unpointed ou the city police force last
winter at thu rctiucst of the Law ami
Order league1 , who felt that it was neces
sary to have a special olllcer to look after
violations of the law by gamblers , pros
titutes ami Niiloon men. L < or this ho drew
a regular salary of ! ? r > 5 monthly from the
city and a llkn amount from the league.
Llttlelleld bus bi-en very energetic in se
curing prosecutions , and it is hinted that
the mayor is under strong pressure to get
rid of him. If this intention is carried
out there will bo a summary pulling
down of the mayor's political castles ,
timl n sweeping away of his gubernato
rial aspirations , for thu law and order
people will use the hatchet with a re
vengeful force.
Mr. Patrick Kgan , president of the
Irish National league of America was in
terviewed to-day in regard to the dis
patches from Now York to the cdeol that
llio' leaders of the Irish National league
dcsiro to dictate to Parnoll and had
threatened to stop supplies from America
unless ho labored for the actual .separa
tion of Ireland from Kiigland. Mr. Kgan
denounced the entire statement as an un
mitigated , malicious falsehood , manu
factured by some designing knave for
the purpose of damaging the league and
deceiving Parnell. lie also expresses his
conviction that the alleged interview
between Parnoll and an agent of the ex
tremist parly from America was an entire
falsification. "I think"said , Mr. Kgan ,
"I understand the grounds on which the
rumor was ba.sett. A member of the ,
national executive committee of the
league. Mr. Armstrong of Georgia , who
was about to visit Ireland to sec his
relatives , was furnished witli' letters of
introduction to Mr. Parnell and other
members of the party. Mr. Armstrong
mot Mr. Parnell in Dublin and talked
with him of some matters of detail in
connection with league allairs , but tliure
was certainly nothing of the nature in
dicated in tlio cable rumors in the inter
view. It is simply another case of the
three black crows. "
Mr. Kgan , in reply to inquiries regard
ing the Parliamentary Aid association ,
said Mr .Byrne , of Cincinnati , organizer
and prime mover of tlio committee , was
u conceited , impudent , jealous , no
toriety-seeking man , the very counterpart
of a well known crank iu Irish politics ,
whom Mr. Parnell retired at tlio last
elections. Actuated entirely by motives
of personal jealousy and conceit , he
started the Parliamentary Aid associa
tion , and through various influences got
Eugene Kelly and some othur r o.pcotanlo
nnd wcii meaning irishmen
of Now York to join it.
Tiie association brought its labors
to a close early last month and adjourned
sine die. lint this did not suit Mr.
IJyrno , whoso real object was to try and
if'possible disrupt tlio national league ,
and ho has since tried to resuscitate the
committee ami start branches in other
cities , but without any success. Mr. Par-
neil did not , of course , know this when
bo sent his cable to Columbus a few days
ago. Mr. Kgan repeated his statement
that any man who trios to interfere with
the unity and harmony of the Irish
people at tlio present time
as Mr. Byrne is doing , or
anyone who tries to danuigo the league ,
as the author of the New York dispatches
has done , deserves to bo branded as a
traitor to Ireland. The following cables
have just boon exchanged between the
Hon. T. Harrington , M. P. , secretary of
the Irish National league , Dublin , and
President Egan of t lie American leagno :
To Egan. Lincoln , Neb. : The English
papers publish cables from America
saying that Egan ami Sullivan condemn
Parnell's peaceful policy anil threaten to
revolt. Tnis is done to prejudice Glad
stone's statement of Thursday. Wire
authority to contradict. HAHIIINOTON.
LINCOLN , NKIJ. , April r > .
To Harrington , National League , Dub
lin : The statement that Sullivan or [
have condemned Parnell's peaceful
policy is an unqualified falsehood , which
could only have 'miunatod from an
enemy of the league and a traitor to Ire
The examination of Charles Rogers
and James Ryan , the men charired witii
stealing sill : from the stores of Newman
and Herpolshelmor , has been sot for
Thursday next. Pending the examina
tion both men are confined iu the county
jail. Ryan has shaved oil'his moustache ,
and exchanged clothes with a follow
prisoner in tliQ hope , doubtless , of preventing -
venting identification by Newman's
clerks. The man who has thus assisted
Ryan is young \Viloox. who was arrested
two weolcs ago for robbing a granger of
$05 at the IJ , & M. depot. There Is but
little doubt that they all belong to the
same gang , and havuucun working every
crooked schcmo imaginable from com
mon con games to burglary in the Cap
itol City all winter , when Ryan and
Rogers mtulo their raid on Newman's
and Horpolshoimer's stores , they wore
accompanied by a pal who , in both in-
bt'iucos , managed to got away with two
hi v rolls of .silk. Saturday morning tlio
police found the silk , four bolts in all , at
tbo express olliee , ready for shipment to
Omaha. The package , was addressed tea
a Mrs. Stewart , while the consignor gave
Ids name ns Millor. The coils are being
drawn around Mr. "Miller , " and the
police expect to turn him up before tlio
examination of Rogers and llyan ou
Among the papers received for ac
knowledgment by the secretary of state
ycstimlav was a power of attorney from
Conrad , Kate ami Mary Millur , of Hitch-
icoek county , Nob. , to Peter Miller and
Ham Peter Shorkel , of Norku , in tlio
government of Sarataw. Russia. The
signers are all minors and heirs to some
property left by a deceased relative , and
the power of attorney was asked for by
the charge d'tUVairs at Washington in
order that the estate canboadministored.
Gus Landers and Willard Barnes ap
peared in county court yesterday nnd
waived examination on the charge of
gambling. They gave bonds in ! ? . ' 100 each
to appear for trial at the next term of the
district court.
At the suggestion of the Women's
Relief corps , a mortgage of $80 on the
house of Samuel Pearl , a veteran soldier ,
was paid oil' yesterday by the members
of Fnrragut nnd Appommatox Posts.
Pearl has a blind wife and has been
otherwise alllicted of late , so that ho has
had a hard fitrugflo to get along. Ihp
lifting of tiio mortgage , which would
have bqcomn duo In a day or two , was
the means of saving a homo for the aged
Tlio Ogallala Loitn and Abstract com-
] > auy has boon organized by W. 11. Mc
Cartney , M. M. Neavcs , L. U. Brandhoo-
for , J. J. Halligan and G. T. Carlson.
The capital Is 50,000.
Mr. FUIIKO is having the "fly" gal
lery of the opera house raised so as
to accommodate the big sets of scenery
carried by the spectacular companies.
A valuable horse got mired at G and
Eleventh Streets yesterday , ami broke
nno of Us forelegs In Irving to extricate
itself. A blow on tlio ncad from a jjo-
liceman's billy put the animal out of its
John Baker , the canning factory mnn ,
was called to Nebraska City yesterday ,
the pcojilo of that town being anxious to
engage in his enterprise. Ho also has a
bid from Fremont if Lincoln docs not
fasten on to him.
/Ilio Loup City Loan and Building asso
ciation was incorporated yesterday. The
capital stock is placed at S''OO.OOO , and
the incorporatortt are K. S. Havliurst , J.
Phil ( Jivgor. Robt. Taylor , W. ll. I.alk.C.
J. Odeiula , C. Landers , J. C. Kilmund-
son , A. K. Charltou , E. G. Kreichbaum
and PcterTrttelscii.
Slierill' Melick's condition wai such
Sunday night as to give his friends con
siderable nlarm , 'I ho gatherings in his
throat have broken and blood poisoning
is feared.
A telephone wire is to be strung be
tween Lincoln and Nebraska City at an
early day , Manager Drake having given
Ids consent to'au exchange of business
between the two towns.
In paying oft" the indebtedness of $1- ! !
JlM.'lil on the Windsor hotel properly , Mr.
Theodore Barnes has achieved an mills-
] iutablo reputation as an able rustler ami
litiancier. Being a reticent man , the his
tory of tlio troubles aud privations ho en
dured while building tlio house in 1891 ,
will probably never be told , but there are
those who from their business connection
with him know that he encountered and
mastered dilliculties that would have un
nerved and ruined an ordinary man.
A Yin-loty of Cliy BusltiOHs Caroil Kor
Jiy the AlUcrincii.
The board mot last evening as a board
of equalization. George Tranblo ap
peared and asked that ho bo allowed a
rebate of taxes , as ho was enjoined from
the use of his property as a brick yard ,
citizens residing near complaining of it
as a nuisance on account , of the smoke.
The board adjourned until 2 o'clock this
The council was then called to order.
All wore present except Alderman
Straub. Tlio rogulr monthly bills were
allowed. Among thorn was one of Dr.
Seybert for $7-1 for treatment of tlio fire
men who wore injured by the Main street
lire. Allowed.
W. S. Amy , city woighmastor , peti
tioned that council take action so that
be might secure all the instruments and
fees of his ollico. the most of tlio weigh
ing now being done by private parlies ,
wbo had scales located on public prop
A resolution was adopted making tlio
ground between the city building and
citv jail the market place for hay and
wood , and that tlio city weighmaster see
that tlio * ordinances of tlio council in re
gard to markets bo enforced.
A number of petitions wore read and
referred , most of them being in regard to
individual matters. An opportunity was
given for verbal petitions , and the coun
cil charged the usual order of business.
A few reports of committees were pre
Mrs. Mynstcr was granted $100 in gen
eral fund warrants , lor land for the ex
tension of Avenue K , on. condition thnt
proocr title was shown and the needful
deed made to the city.
Tlio park commissioners anil the
library trustees expressed a dcsiro taut
the funds for these purposes be placed in
the hands of the treasurer of each of the
boards , so that these boards could allow
their bills and draw their warrants with
out presenting the bills to the oily
Mr. Graham , ns one of the nark com
missioners , desired the council to take
some action toward opening Cherry
street from the driving park to tlio lake.
Referred to committee on streets and
alloys and city engineer.
Cily Attorney Holmes caljod attention
to tlio ordinance requiring dirt haulers lo
use tight wagon boxes so as to prevent
dirt scattering over paved streets. Such
an ordinance was passed by the
old council but vetoed by the
old mayor. The city attorney
desired to iiave tbe ordinance looked np
and referred to some committee for
further action. The cily attorney had
hoard a good many complaints about
the way dirt was being hauled , and in
behalf of the citizens ho called attention
to tiio fact. The matter was referred to
the judiciary committee.
Tlio city council then adjourned to mcnt
this afternoon at 3 o'clock , they to meet
as a board of equalization one hour
Quito a largo train loaded witli rail
road iron was sent out on the Union Pa
cific yesterday , bound for Plum Crook.
A sure euro for lilliul. Hlccillns , ' , Itchln
nnil Ulcerated 1'lles has boon discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Ir
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A shi''lo
box hits cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or
itt ) years standing. No one need suffer five
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
Inn medicine. Lotions and Instruments do
mnro harm tlmn good. Williams' Indian
rile Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
Intense Itching , ( particularly at nlcht after
cottinK warm in bed ) , acts as a poultice , civos
Instant relief , and Is prepared only for files ,
itchlnu of private parts , nnd for nothing else.
SKIN msHAstts cimrcn.
Dr. Frazler's Magic Ointment cares as by
maL'ic , Pimples , lllnck Heads or Grubs ,
Blotches and Krnntlons on the fnco , leaving
the sKln clear nmlbeuutlful. Also cures Itch.
Salt Kl'oum , Sore Nipples , Sore Lips , and
Old Obstinate Ulcers.
Sold by druggists , or mailed on receipt of
CO cents.
Itetalleil by Kuhii & Co. , and Schroder *
Conrad. At wholesale bv C. K. Uooilmun.
A Now York judge has ruled that a
husband is linblo for slanderous words
spoken by his wife , and on this ruling a
verdict of six cents was rendered by a
jury against a man whose wife had ut
tered tlio slander.
Tilt Greatest Medical Triumph of the Ago )
I.OBaorappeilto , Uatreli roitlvo , JL'u'jn lu
the head , with a dull acnaatlou In tbe
back part. 1'aln UQf'.cr tlio ihnnlder *
blade , 1'ullnui * after eJIIiiff , vrl * udli-
Inclination to exertion of body y.-uilnd ,
Irritability of temper , Low iplrlla , with
a. feollnarof bmrlni ueilrcted emu dntTi
\VearlDM * , Dlzzlncai , Fluttering at Ibe
Kenri. Don befurotlio eyrs , Ileuduche
over the rlgbt rye , Iteitlcmncai , wliu
Utful drenmi , illgblr colored Urine , nud
TDTT'S VIIX8 ore especially adapted
to men cases , ono < lee ctrccta Bucti a
Tboy Increase the Appetiteanj cams the
body to Take ou l-'lc lituui tbe ayitem U
nourialiad.an.l bylholrToulo Action on
the Ulneitire OritandKeuulixr IItool * am
product. ! . 1'rlce aBc. 4 Bfurray St..f .Y.
Jteiiovatea Uie body , makiu liealthj Uchh ,
EtroRjthens Ui wixik , repairs the waste * of
Vie sjutoin with pure blood and hard inuscla ;
cunej the oerrotu STstem , lurlKoratea tha
bralu , and impart * Oio vigor of manhood.
$1. Bold bvilrturglfcU.
Of I'lOE 4 J JUurrsr { > ! . Pie\y Vork.
How the Catcher's Mask Was Intro
Thu Tlrst One Mnc'o by Cnpt. Tlinycr
nnnd Worn l y Cntclicr TyitR
Two Xotctl Ilnrvnrtl Unit
Players of Itonu
Old ball plaj-ers in Omnha and lovers
of the sport , who Imvo watched the gnmo
for tlte last seven years , will remember
the first professional nlno nrgnni/cil in
this city In the fall of 19T9. It was a coed
nine , including the two Whltneys , Han
dle and Nibben. In two of the most im
portant games played the nine was roln-
forced by a clerk trom tlio II it. JI. head-
qtmrturs , I'rctl. Thayer , wlioo brilliant
: u ul tromenilons batting elicited
tumultons applanso from the audience.
Thnycr was the famous cajitaln of tlio
Harvard university nine of ' 70 and ' 77 ,
and is now brought Into prominence
through being the winner of iv heavy pat
ent suit , involving tlio invention of the
catcliurv masks. Thetlobo ( , of lloston ,
lulls the story as follows :
Xo catcher thinks of playing behind the
bat now without having his head encased
ina mask. In fact it woiild.bn almost sui
cidal to attempt to catch the rillo-sliot
pik'lung of the present day without wear-
nig this greatest invention in the base
ball world. Kvon the small boys who
play tliis game on the common and va
cant lots about the cily provide their
backstops with the regulation wire- cage
Tlio fact that tluiro are about I'-.OOO
catcher's ma.sks sold every year , shows
the universal u.so of this invention. It
lias been brought morn prominently be-
lore the base-ball world this week by the
decision in n patent ami which has'boen
won by Wright & Ditson , and Fred
Thayer , the inventor , who sued Al Spald-
jug , tlio president of llio Chicagoes , for
Comparatively few pconlo who arn in
terested in the national game to-day ,
know that professionals owe this neces
sary implement of warfare totnn ama
teur. It was conceived in the ingenious
brain of a Harvard college student , who
was one of the best players in his day ,
and probably as good a captain as tlio
University uino ever had. In the winter
of 'TOanu ' 77 the candidates for tne Har
vard nine were practising as usual in the
old round gynasium , anu Captain Fred
Thayer was traininc them. Harrold
Krnst , the greatest pitcher the Harvard
nine over had until Nichols made his debut -
but , was to do the pitching , and Jim
Tyng was expected to catch him. Al
though straight arm pitching was still in
vogue , Krnst had a remarkable swift de
livery , and after awhile Tyng informed
Capt-nn Thayer that he would not cateh
such pitching unless ho could have some
contrivance to protect his face. Tliayrr
knew that without Tyng the nine could
do nothing , because Ernst would bo use
less , Ho immediately wont to work on
tiie matter , and for awhile ho dreamed
of fencing masks and bent wires. Vari
ous e.xpernnccts were tried , and finally
he completed a rude but satisfactory
protection for Tyng' 's phvsiognamy. This
was accomplished in the spring of " 77 ,
and though Thayer had spoken of his
success to some of the professional play
ers in the city , uono of them saw tlio
mask until ono day shortly before the
season of 1877 opened.
"Ono day Fred Thayer came into the
Boston club room , which was on Eliot
street then , " pays UeorgQ Wright , "and
took out of a small bag what looked to us
like an iron bird cage. Ho said it was a
mask ho had invented for Tying to wear
when catching , and ho wanted us to try
it. My brother Harry and Harry Schacfer
wore there , and wo all put on the tiling
and found we could sec very well. Then
Schaefer put it on , and wo amused our
selves by throwing the ball at- his face ,
which the mask protected perfectly , i
saw at once that it was a good thing , and ,
as I was iu tlio base bail business , I made
arrangements with Thayer to introduce
it. "
"It cumbersome afl'air and
was a re
sembled n fencing mask , except that it
had the chin and forehead rests. The
patent , in fact , is on these rests , which
form tiie essential feature of the whole
thing/ '
"Iid the professional plaj'ors adopt the
mask at once ? "
"O , no. The tirst game iu which the
mask was soon was at Lynn , when the
Harvards played the club of that place
und Tyng wore the 'cage,1 as the specta
tors called it. A little later tiio Ilarvards
played the Hostons on our grounds , nnd
Tyng wore his mask. Tito spectator * )
were universally amused , and wanted
him to 'take oft' the muzzle , ' and 'try ' it
wjthout a bird cage. ' The Boston catcher
tried it but ho could not sec witli it , and
it was not used during the season of ' 77
liero in Boston. Some professionals
adopted it , but it was not until the no.xt
season , iu 1878 , that the Boston club be
gan to use it. The catchers who had
laughed at it saw its value , anil very soon
every backstop in the country wore a
mask. "
Tlio mask of to-day is very difl'eront
from the original one. When itfirstcamo
into use it was very largo , and the front
line was further away from the face than
at present. In front it was made like the
bow of a vessel , and so made that a ball
striking it on either sidn of tlio ridge
would glance on" .
All improvements in the mask have
boon to make it moro compact by bring
ing the front nearer the taoo. The mask
as made at present is heavier than the
original style , though smaller. It also
hits openings through which the catcner
can see , Before the mask came into use
there was many a broken nose among
the catchers , but now the only injury is a
slight cut from an occasional broken
wire ,
' Say , why Is everything
Either at sixes or at sevens < , "
Probably , my ( jour nervous sister , be
cause you are suffering from some of the
diseases to your box. You liavo a "drag-
ging-down" feeling , the backache , you
are debilitated , you Imvo pains of various
kinds. Take Dr. K , V 1'iurco.s "Favorite
Prescription" and bo cured. Price re
duced to ono dollar. By druggists ,
The ayonigo weekly income of working
women in Now York atato is $3.00. and
$0.10 for men.
Good news for homo. St. Jacobs Oil
conquers rheumatic and neuralgic pains.
North Carolina , formerly called South
Virginia , was once sold to' the king's
agent for a house and 200.
Why every ono needs and should take
Hood's Sarsaparilla iu tlio spring :
1st : Because the system is now in its
greatest need. Hood's Sarsaparilla gives
2d : Because the blood Is sluggish and
mpuro. Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies.
S l : Because , from tlio above facts ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla wilt do a greater
amount of good now than at any other
time. Take it now.
A millet'aimed "at a rat by a Now
Yorker missed its mark , and , striking a
gas meter , caused an explosion.
Complexion Powder is an absolute
necessity ot the retined toilet in this cH-
mate. Pozzoni'a combines every element
of beauty and purity.
Snowdrifts have blockaded trains in
Ireland since spring opened , and in South
Germany a week or so ago it was so cold
as to murk zero- . ' .
Strny Leaves ,1'Vqiii , the Reporters'
"I see that Tom Gallagher has given
up billiards and ono back to newspaper
work , " said a well-known sporting man
the other day. "Ho went to ( " "lilcngo and
knocked 'em all out nt billiards and made
n good pile. When that Hock Island ex
press robbery ami murder occurred Tom
was sent for by the News and asked to
work it tip forthbnii If any one can un
ravel the mystery Tbm's the man. He's
a born detective , and when he was on the
St. Louis Globc-bomocrat ho got ono of
the biggest scoops on record.
You remember what an excitement in
St. Louis Mary Churchill's ' disappcaranco
caused. She was a bright , lovable girl
and a general favorite in society. The
papers nail several columns of theories
every day to account for her disappear
ance. Every reporter in town was on the
lookout for the i-luo wbieh would load to
her diicoverv. Tom was then doing Po
lice for the Globe-Domocrat , ami onoilay
ho told McCullocli that he'd lind the
girl inside of two woeki , if the paper
would pay tlio expense of his tourney.
MeUulloeh , who had great confidence in
Gallagher , readily assented and gave
Tom the necessary money. Ho had
never seen the girl , but had an
excellent photograph of her. He
had a certain theory in re
gard to the case which turned out to
bo the right ono , but which ho never dir-
closed. Well , Tom worked around for a
few days ami linally traced the girl to
Indianapolis. He didn't dare work open
ly for fear tlio local papers would lind out
what ho was doing. I In searched the
town the insaim asylum , which seemed to
bo the most unlikely place , for the last.
Finally ho went out there and found that
a girl answering Miss Churchill's descrip
tion was working in the laundry. Slio
had gone home to spend the night with
a friend of hers also employed
in the laundry and Tom wont to the
house where ho found her. Under a
pledge of secrecy the girl conllded to him
the reason for leaving home , and after a
long conversation she was persuaded to
return to her parents in St. Louis. Tlio
story she confided to Tom that evening
has always remained sacred , and she and
Gallagher are the only parsons in the
world who know it. Yes , sir , if anybody
can brinir the train robbers to light , it is
old Tom Gdllaghor. "
That the Chinese in California do not
understand the real moaning of the boy
cott is shown in the following : A San
Francisco "moon-eye" had just stepped
oil' tlio train in this city when a young fel
low accosted him with , "I say , John , but
were you driven out ot California by the
anti-Chinese men ? " "Not muchce , "
said John , "they no driveo any Chinese
out. Eberyblody onto there heap talk
muolico ' . ' "
too 'bymob.y.
And that tnoy don't earo a coiit is
shown by the following :
China Jim of Council Binds is a bright
Mongolian. "lie's' the smartest China
man 1 over saw , , " narrated a gentleman
the other day. . 'On ono occasion lie was
Hush with coin , and ! he said : 'Dammit , if
I was an American now I'd got drunk.
Comu on , boys ; 1 guess I've got enough
to treat witli , anyhow. ' "
The other dvy : ( t local lawyer asked
Jim : "What aro. . you going to do when
wo drive you out of the state. Jim ? "
"Oh , h - , " said Jim , " 1 don't care. 1
go to Boston and marry a schoolmarm. "
The sympathy inherent in every man ,
woman and child was beautifully illus
trated at the Uiiion Pacilic depot in this
city htjst Wednesday evening. Quito a
number of gcnticnion and ladles were
sitting in the waiting room laughing ,
talking and having a. pleasant time. Ono
of the railroad employes came in and to
another said , "A man was just run over
at the east end of the yards by the dum
my. " The people hoard it. Laughter
ceased ; talking also ; and each and every
one of thorn shoved plainly that they
wore affected by the horrible news. One
kind-hearted-looking old lady burst into
tears , and exclaimed , "too bad ; too bad. "
It is always the same. Sometimes they
do not show it as much as on the above
occasion , but they fool it ; it is human
nature , and therefore cannot bo
avoided. _
" 1 have scon a great many powerful
men in my day , " said Cily Jailor Picronet
the other day , "but I believe tlio most
thoroughly muscular man I over laid
eyes on was Jem Mace , the great slugger
who traveled through the country with
Slado a few years ago. Why , the biccp
muscles on each of his two arms looked
like a small mountain. I remember when
1 was making the run on llio Union Pa
cific from Cheyenne to Uawlins as con
ductor , Mace was ono of my passengers ,
I noticed that in the morning his wife
was in the habit of combing and brush
ing his hair for him. Ho would sit there
for all tlio world like a great big baby
until tlio little lady had smoothed his
disheveled locks into something like or
der. I grow curious about it , and asked
him why ho didn't comb his own hair.
Ho cheerfully volunteered an explana
tion. 'No , ' ho said , 'it is not because I
am too lazy to do the work myself. The
muscles on the fore part of my arm are
so Heavy that I Imd it impossible to bond
it milliciontl.y to reach tlio top or back of
my head. And so I make my wife useful
as well as ornamental. ' "
The young ladies of Cuming street-
some of tlio select few have organized a
secret society known as the "Order of
thn Chicken Heart. " Ono of the fair
members confidentially informs a lii'.E
man that the object of the order is to boom
the matrimonial prospects of those com
posing it. Ono ot the most solemn duties
imposed upon n lady who desires to be
come a full lledgcifmombor IH said to bo
tlio swallowing of a roasted chicken
heart once avuek for two months. At
the expiration of this time , in a dream ,
the lady will bo brought face to face with
the man whom she , is to love and obey.
The order is receiving largo accessions
every week , and jt issaid that now lodges
are to bo instituted iu various parts of
the city. ,
An Iowa man /wlm / had been converted
at a revival meotingi groaned so long ami
loud over his sins that lie was arrested
and fined $10 for'dls'ordorly conduct.
The Great Invention ,
Without llartn to FA UK 1C or JIANJiS ,
and particularly adapted to TT < i rm Climates ,
No family , rich or poor , Btoulil bo without it.
Sold by all Grocers , but leuare ot vile 1ml
tiuous. rEAHLtxii 'it niMiulacUiu *
only by
\bsolutely 1'uro and Unailnlternted.
AND PncscniBio nr PHYSICIAN EvenrwHtRi ,
Anil nil HYtjfii(7 JXionirn ;
fcrEalob ; Urucglstp , llrcccr nuil Dealers.
1'rlcc , Ono nollnr per Itottlc.
ft ? * Sol 1 only In iftlM t > ollti , nd tion * c nnlnn ft-
rci < LtucliMl > croiirlrftJ-imik l licl ofihtot Irhfiuiii ,
> t > otrt in I tlio tumo of rotuftmir tlowti In bvttl * .
. 7l'rrmniiAiitorth4 Itorky > foiintnlnn ( Cir pt tlif
Tertllotlf * ' ) , nntblc tn iirocmo It ftoni thrtr ( Itnlpri ,
run IIMV , llulf Doivn . . . B . nt , Iu i U1n r f , wntrurVC'l ' , Ul-
by rftuiMDg ! gt | DotUiito
The Dully Malt Whiskey Co. , Baltimore , Md.
fatly anfu > rnl 6y r Utdit * I Departmt t
Asthma Gure.
This Invalunblo specific readily and perraiv.
npntly euros nil kinds of Asthma. Tlio most
obstinate and Ions Minidlnc cu-sos yield prompt'
] y to Its wonderful curing propertied. It li
known throughout tlio world lor Ha unrlvrtlod
J. 1 OAI.DWKM , , city of Lincoln , Neb. , writes ,
Jan. 25 , 1BSI : since uslin ; Dr. Hair's Astlimu
Cure , for more tlmn ono yt-nr , my wlfo lias boon
ontliTly well , mid not oven n symptom of the
dlsunso bus appeared.
WILLIAM UENNETT. Rlc-hland. Iowa , writes.
Nov. lid , 1883 : I Imvo boon mulcted with Hay
Fever and Aptlimu plnco ISM. I followed your
directions nnd inn happy to sny thai I never
8le ] > t better in my llfo. I nm glnd that I nin
among the many who can speiik so favorably of
your remedies.
A valuable Otpaso trentlso containing slmllat
Sroof from every stntu In .ho U. 8. , Canada mid
rent Britain , will bo mailed upon application
Any druggist not having It In stock will pro-
cu 1U
li rdf lb. inpwn Uiiui. i w l "C' " "
, . , . . . irlili. Tri It. nd
I r. ( In o f < lB > p jo. .oJ II III nunil
! * , > < . .fttu.lrrr.iU.it I ur irart f ran < ' " ! "
11CIJ. , BUuCntunil b , I'll. J. 0. U. SLIOinT Ji SOX * .
j. vr. wnrpisKAMW , COLB ASEITT ,
61 BBOAUH'AX , X. r. _ ,
Poitsr & fthgeaih ,
Law Reporters and Copyists ,
State Agents for Nebraska.
Type-writer supplies nnd paper kept In slock.
Send for catalogue.
Rooms 12 and 13 Granite Block ,
Orado Systems and SowcratfO Plans for Cltlea
nnd Towna n Rppcinlty. I'luns , Katlnmtes und
Spfclllcntloim for I'uhllo and other KiiKlniierlng
works furnished , tiurvoyu und Keport mads
on Public Improvements.
ANUIIK.W HopKWATEii. Memhor American Soclo-
Uty Civil Kntrinecrs. Clly KiiKlnoor of OmaLm
EO. li. CIIIUSTIE , Civil Knt'lncer ,
! ialFsSaG3VaultsTimelocks ?
and Joi' Work.
1020 Furnam Street , Omaha , Nob.
Coifflission Merchants
Jloanl of Trfido , Clismlmr of Commerce ,
- " - -
Mllwaiikoo ,
, C , MILLER , Western Business Solicitor.
v . 3 ? . IFEGK : ,
I < ocnl IliiHlnc.is Solicitor , l.'tOl
England , Franco & Germany.
The btftimshlpd ol this well Known line tire
liullt of lion , in ivutur-litfUt ooinpiirlinunts , andre
ro furnished witli every ru'iulailu to niitko tliu
juuBiiifo both t-nfo und lurrccuulo. They curry
tlio United Sunns mid KurupiMin nntllsiind Icnvo
New i'orlcTliurs.luvs uml Suturdara for l > lr.
nnutli.X.NUONjCk.crbougla'AUlS ( ) und KAM-
Upturning , the steamers leiivo I la mini r if on
\Vodncbduyn und SuuUuja , via. Iluviu , tHklnjr
iiHSMint'C'rbiit Bonthumpton and Ixjiidon.
I'n-fct cabin fV ) , ttJ ! mid fT5 ; Stoorngo $ % X
Hallroud tickets' from I'Jyinmitu to llrittol , < 'nr-
illtr. I.ondnn. or to any jiliico In tlio South of
Knglimd , 1''K1C1 : . BtouruKO froin Uuroua only
| . Bond for 'fourisffluzettr' ' . "
Oenural 1'asat infer Airuuts ,
81 Broadway , New Vork ; WasliliifWu uad La
Sulluiti. CUlvuxo. 111.
Full Assortment for sale to the Trndo by
: Y
Oneof the Best ctn-l Ltryost SLoa'as in the U.S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
OEO. HUHKE , Manager ,
RKKKIJKNCKS : Merchants' and KarmcnV Hunk , David City , Neb. ; Kearney National
Jt.ink , Kearnev , Neb. : Columbus State Hank , Columbus , Neb. ; .McDonald's .Uank.'Nortli
Platte , Neb. ; Oninha National Hank. Omaha. Neb. , '
Will pay customers' draft with bill ot ladini : nttnclieil for two-thirds value of slock ,
Short-hand Institute
The InrROSt , best nntl clionpost short-kaiid and
typu-wrltlnit sohoul In the wosl.
I.cnin tills valuable urt nnil acuuro a luorntivo
position. Short-hand tmmht liy mull to tlioso
\vlui curmotuttcnd tlm instltutu.
Wo licop on hand a full supply of Pitman's
short-lmml tout books , also typo-wrlior supplies
For particulars soiul lor circulars to
Valentine's Short-Hand Institute
1118 mid 1120 Oat root Lincoln , Neb ]
T !
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago
The only road to take for Dos Molnns , Mftr-
Im lltown , Cedar lltiplds , Clinton , Dtxlo. Clilcmro ,
Milwaukee and nil points oust. To tlio people of
Nebraska , Colorado , Wyoming , Utah , Idaho
Nuvadii.Orcson , Washington and Callfornlii It
offers superior advantages not possible by any
other line
Among a few of ttio numerous points of supe
riority enjoyed by the patrons of this road be
tween Omaha and Chicago , are its two trulnsa
day of DAV COACHKS which urs the llnust that
human art nnd inronulty c n create. Itsl'AIr
ACK SLKUl'INO OAHS , whicn are inodnls of
comfort nnd olejranco. Its PAHLOIt I ) HAWING
HOOM CARS , unsurnassod by any , and Its wide
ly celebrated PALATIAL DINING OAHS , the
equal of whlon cannot bo found elsewhere.
At Council ninirs the trains of the Union Pact-
flo Hy. connect In Union Depot with those of the
Chicago & Northwestern Hy. In Clilcniro the
trains of this line make close connection with
thfxioof nil eastern linos.
For Detroit , Columbus. IndlnnapolU , Cincln
null , Nlairara Kails , Ilulfnlo , I'lttRhurir. Toronto
Montreal , Iloston , Now York , Philadelphia , llul-
tlmore.Washlnifton nnd nil points in thu east , in *
the ticket ncnnt for tlekcts via the
If you wish the best accommodations. All ticket
Goucrft n I > a88
CillwAUU *
Star Line
Carrying l ho nnlRlum Hoyal and United Stated
Mall , suiting every Saturday
Between Antwerp & New York
Salon from $00 to $100. IC.xcurslon trip from
Jlluto J180. Second Cahm f.V ) , nnd Kxcurnlou
UK ) . StocniRO UNS IIKR at low rales. 1'otcr
Wright & Sons , General Agents , 05 Ilrondway ,
MOW York.
( Jinulm , Nobraskn , Frank E. Moorcs , W , , St. It
& P. ticket
lloruo'iiillrrlro.Jlugiiella licit *
IruMcombined , liuumutrccltho
only ono In the world eencrntliiz
continuous J-'ltctrto tt Maanrtlo
'currrnt. BclendtlcI'ower/ul , liuruble.
ComrnrunlB nnil KITtcllve. Avolrt fmutli.
Ovorli.ooocnrfd. K nilhtininfoi'ttamiihltiL
A1.KO ii.ioTJiio iiKi/irt i-oit jiiMUAHiX
You are allowed afrte Mat oflMrlv < > [ / of the use
of Dr. iJjre'a Oleliratoil Voltalo Belt with Klcctrlo hui-
pflnsory Appliances , for tlm spctdr relief itnd per-
nioncnt ouru of AVrtntii JMblKtu , IMS of rilalilv and
JUannoud , and all kindred t rouble. Also for man }
otherdL'p.isoi. Uomplotorcatoratloato IlfallliVleur ,
and Muiihooit miari\iitc < 'il. No rltk Is Incurred , Iliu *
| iamnhlpt In ttnlnl rntv/npe tnallml frw , byad-
VOL.TAIU 11KL.T UUU niariball , Ancb *
Or HIP I.Kiuur llnlill , lo < Ui ly
Cured hy AtlinluUti-rliti ; lr ,
Ilitiiiov' Colili-n NiOflllc.
U can tie elven Inn cup of coflVu or tea wllhotit
tlio knuwleJKfof lUu paison Uklncltl < atiulutely
liaruiloumid will efTect u | > iTUiuiientcnd uiieedy
euro , n hclUtr the pailrnt U u niudemfj drlnki-r or
\n alcobullc wrfcU , H lias been elvtri ) In tuou >
nv.idiof caiesuudln every InsUnceajicrlfct cure
his followtxi. It ucTtir fnlU 'Hie Eyitcin once
luipieKiiaUd with tljoHiecl.1c | , It l > fcoinen mi uttti
Itnponilblllty for tbe lUUor | appclltu to exist.
KUIIN ACO. . , Cur. 13lli iiud Uiusli . aud
IHlh iV runtime Kin. , Omabu , Neb , '
A , I ) . KST1'.1I 6i IIKU. ,
( 'ouncll Ilium , Io\rn.
Cullortrrlto for pampblrt contalnliijf hundreds
c ? t aliiinnUlu Irouitticbot vvciuvu BUU tiiuu trua
i'ii t''i'Uuf tlm cuuutrv.
CM : oit JIOIIK AT viiioi.r.biAI.K I'IMTK.
1 I'AY all fipro rhariEO la nil | lnt < wltlila'aid
nllej. 1 , IHH'carrtsL'i' to bclttt from 8 'twl Iwo cti
" ' " '
Lincoln Steam Dye Works
\V. D. BODEKTSON , Prop'r.
O.Tioo No. 1105 O St. , Works S.B. Cor. ? . & Dth.
Lincoln , Not ) . Gouts' Clolliliij ; Cleaned aud He
Chicago Milwaukee & SI , Paul
The Short Line '
and Best Route
From Omaha to the East.
Chicago , Minneapolis. Mllwaukoa ,
SUl'aul , Cedar llaplds , Dt nvonport
Clinton. Dubuque , Hookford ,
Hook Islana , Freeport , Janearllle ,
Kltfin , Maillsnn , La Cross * ,
liflolt , Whmnn
Aiidall other Important points East , Nortlmi
nnd SoiubuiisL
Ticket omco nt HOI Fiirimni street. ( In
lloioll. end nt ITiiion I'aclllo Dupot.
I'uniiiuu tfloopoi-H unJ tlio Khiost DlnlnirOiin
In tlio World are run on tie | main lines or tb
Clll AaOMlIWAUKBRt'eST. ' I'.UJfc UATtYWAY , Mid
ovury iitUintlon Is puhl to immouironl by ooiut * *
ousomploycfl of tlio coiuimny.
It. Mn.i.Kit , Gonornl MunnKor.
J.F. TITCKBII , Assistant Qonoral Manager.
A. V. II , CAUPENTEII , Gontrnl PHBSOO * or ftal
Ticket Airont.
QKO. K. ilK.vFFOiii ) . Assistant QonoralPufoa
ffor nnd Ticket Agent ,
' '
Kihatutcit Vltalltr. Kflrrons nnd PhjrilOil Dtkllltf
Promatur * Ducllne In Man. Hrr0ra of Tooth , and tb *
untold mlaerlei roiultlnK from InJticreUon ua < *
old.A book for orory mull , younx , tn lMitd
and old. ItconUlns 12'i pro'rrlptloni for all at * ai3
cbronlodiBoiiBOR , cattinne of nhleb u tnraf
found by the author wboso oxporlnucefor
ruch ni probnbly nerar cerorafoll totbe
jrBlclnn : 3 IIHUOI , bound In bt-nutlful jrranoh tnu6
linen\ucs , encorer , full nltl. imnnmteed to beaBnar
work In every sonpu nteohiinlcal , lltenirf and prQff
or the monny will bo refund In evorjr IntUnoa. .
nnlr II by mull , pnstp-ilil. Illuitrntod tampl * , Sx
tiendnoir. Gold muilnl awnrilort tlia autbor br jk Nil
tlonulModlo'H Amocliitlnn. to llio Hon. A , 1' . lnJlT.
ami HMiiflnttt ontcon of the boird th r d - rlir
eiiuctrully roferrml.
ThoHrlencoof Ilfol worth moro totbt young moil
nilddlo-nueil mon ot till * aeiioratlon thun ll Ui go
mliHii orcnlirnrnlaaiid llio silver mln o ( M ru ,
roinblneil. ! * . P , OUrunlolo.
TlioHolrnceof rlf polntnout tha rooki und qaloto
Hindi on which the constitution mid hopes of mM *
n round man hnv boon fatall/ rooked. JUnoheitS
'I'hc ticlonco ot Life Is of crfiatcr Tttluo than all Ih *
mudlcnl works publlHlied In lull oountryorlhopaM
Ulronn. Atlaiitu Coiistllutlon.
TheHcloncoof I.lfoli H nuuorb nnd raaiterly trill *
Ire on ncrroui nod pliyiloal delilllty. iMtrolt Tr
Add'remtho Pasbady MoJIcal Initltut * . Of Dr W. f-
Prker , No. 4 liullnncu itreot , Boston , MiUi..wk * i
btooniultadon all dlioano * roqulrlngikll Uu4 u.
onco. Cliniiiluninl ousltmlo dlnuaies UiattulTVt
nod tlio gklll ot nil otliurphyilclani peolmlly , 81
treated successfully without am niUBMOI t
Mention Oiualiu Uat.
csuurnr wiui tCI ay AMININO THI ) MAP THAT THI
Ily reaian of I In central rotltlan aad clo e relation to
nO | > rln < iliMl linet ton and Wb t. at lulllol ami ter-
niliKil puliitrt , cinitlttlte the iu t Impuitftllt liuil
ronllnontKl link In tl.at v tvni of tlircniuh tianrnor *
tlin wlilch Invltui anil furlllUIr" Irntel mill llllio :
Iwtwpcnclllvior the Atlllitlu n < l I'arino Cuaill. U
l alia i ih ftrorllb and br.t tuutu luund from iwlnti
Knit. Narlheait anil Houlljunt , nd roriouuualail
liulnii We.t , Noilliweit ml Hutilhwttl.
The Croat Rock Island Route
OuirinteMi In nalronn ilmt tcn * > of l' ' r on l icca-
rlty ulTurileil ly a rolld , thoroughly tull ! t l rotd.
lioJ. unoolh tr ck > ul ctnitlnuoui iffcl r > ll. tubitui.
ll.ljy Lull ! cult.rl. and lnldK > ' > , lolling loVk "nur
IKirfectlun human > klll i-on m k U , ( ho ntftlv
ni > | ilUiirviuf intent butrmii , pint forini and alr-br > k i
nnj Ihaln.cllD dl.flplllio whli'h L-ov > lni thn pr X
t ual oiiarallon M all Hi trnlni oilmr tpct-laltlu of
; ! ' 'f ' rul ! ! " ar * Trail. fm Hi nil rciii cUnir nolnu in
Union l > l > tiU. and tuo ud
uniurpur conifortl and <
luiurle o < Hi r i .mor ! l'.ijul | > iiiiinl.w"1"
The JPaat RilirrM Tr lm iirtvrten Chlcuro anil
P or a , Council llluir , lan ! ( n Clly. Uarinnbilli uaj
Att'liUun urn cotu | > o d of uoll leitillatM , llncly u
holtturwl Ooy Uvachu. UavnlRcnal l-ullmtn falacii
Klefpunof the tt.'it design , mil .uinMuou. itlatvit
Uan. lii widen rl.ilioraK.ljr . rook.u me al.ar. l.f. ir , ! ?
catrn. | l t n t'hkfifo and K n sL1ly anil AU'lil ! , li
oio aim run Ilie CtlAirattd llei-llnlug Vbili Cari.
The Famous Albert Loa Route
! the direct and fo orlto line b t cn Chlcaitoand
MInncapolli audit. I'aul.whire connwtlom ar. ra.Si
lirltliU I ' ! " ' " 1'roilncej. / " ' " for " ) ' I"1"11 ' " ll' Terrtterlta aud
Or r thli route Kait Kiprtu
iMln. aie run to th walorlllif | ilt. . ginm
jrt..i1clurntlu ; localUlei. and buntln nd
uf Iowa ana illiliif./ , ! . . ndih
Btlll anoihtr . . . . , .
> . DlltEOT UNI ! , rU H nsca and Kau-
k > k , liui ti ea mniioa h ti n I'li.i lnn.ll. ludUn.
{ Win inOi L t ir.il and Council BUiir. , Kiiqsii OTlr.
MUin < - - | . < .lls 7"Il'i'\4Ul * rttAUrmVUU. | , oli"ur ' .
tor dttallvd ? UfOMrt.lloiy 1U KuTdtn
. , p' tea n ana Kuld.rf ,
' . . " . " "
. . ! : Kr."i ! ? ?
.tla * bl ' . * w ll ' ' " - < - - - wlncl.alTlck7
fIU . l".1 ? : ? r. . . . IV1111' M t. " | {
( * > Iu tU Voltwl Bute * and CauaUai or It 4-
K. R. CABLE , E , 5T. JOHN , .J ]
rrsi'tiUi-u'l U'e'r. 0 n'l T-kt & rut. 4\t. .

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