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East St. Louis Mon Reported to Bo Again
Ready to Go to "Work.
Xlio Deputies Who 1)1(1 tlio Shooting
HclcaBcd and Itcarrcstcd The
Gould Interview Clinrno-
Icrizcd ns n Iilc.
Affairs nt Knst St. Louis.
ST. Louis , April 12. Word h.is been ro-
eehed from East St. Louis that tlio jnrdroen
mid switchmen of the Ohio & Mississippi
railroad resumed work In a body , and the
Chicago Buollngton & Qulncy jaidmon niul
BwlUhnicn iclnrned to work. This , It Is
believed , will cud the strike.
EAST ST. Louis , April 12. Tlio presence
of the iiillltln In this city continues to have
the desired effect , and no dlstuibnnccs nr
unlawful nets have been icpoited sluco the
Jnccndl.iry llrcs of Friday night , and It Is
now believed no encounter between the mill-
taiy and strikers will occur. Tlio same strict
guaid over lallroad proiieity Is observed.
this morning , nnd the vigilance of the sentries
lias not lireu relaxed. The tlmo over whlcli the
order extended requiring llioso who wished
to go over thu bridge Into East tit. Louis
fci supply themselves with passes.
( lapsed at midnight last night , nnd
the brldgo this rooming presents
nn animated appearance , pedestrians pas
sing nud icpasslng without Interference ,
niut transfer wagons hcavllvloaded are cross
ing over , and on neither sldo ot the bridge
aru drlvciH approached by Intimidating stilk-
ers attempting to persuade thoiu to again
stop woik. Thu promlsi' of military protec
tion to those who might deslro to BO to work
to-day resulted In thu employment of a largo
number of applicants , most of whom arc not
knights of labor , but those employed to fill
vacancies caused by the strike of the latter ,
nud who left their places last Fildny alter
the fatal shooting by the deputies. The platforms -
forms of the various freight depots ate busy
wltli men actually engaged loading and un-
loaillni ! cars , and no attempt lit mteifcreuco
by the strikers occiincd.nor Is any anticipated
No freight trains left this city up to 8:30 :
o'clock , but In soveinl yards trains aio now
In process of construction , and an attempt to
start them out will bo made , it Is expecting ,
some time durlnz the morning.
ST LOUIH , April 12. Tlio mlucis of the St.
Louis distiict , who btruck last week , held a
meeting yestciday nnd resolved to remain
ilrmly together and not resume work until
the strike by the knights Is ended. Verylittlo
coal Is on Imnd In this district , and It is ex
pected the total cutting off of the supply
would effect seriously the mamitacturing in-
teiests of this city and vicinity. Four hun
dred ami llfty coal miners on the Illinois &
Sf. Louis i.illro.id struck , nnd It is expected
morn will strike about Uellovlllo to-day to as
sist the Knights In their stiugglc.
Sr. Louis , April 12. The inquest on the
victims ot tlio Kast St. Louis shootl it : affair
of Filday continued to-day nnd up to noon
moro than a dozen witnesses were bi lolly ex
amined. No now facts were developed. All
tlio testimony given was of the same tenor as
thatol Saturday. The witnesses wore chlellv
r.Uhorul men , spectators of thu scene , and all
agreed that the deputy sheriffs flicd the lirst
Hliot ; that no btones were thrown nt them ,
nnd that the ciowd gave the deputies no
other ptovocatlou for Urine than hooting
and leering at them and making irritable ro-
K P. Sarccnt , chief of thoBiotherhood of
Locomotho Firemen , Issued a call this morn
ing for meetings of the grievance committees
ot all local lodges on the Gould system to
Imcatlgato tlio discharge of liremen and all
other grievances that may bopiesented to
them , and report nt the meeting of the gen
eral giicvanco committee , which will meet
at Parsons , Kan. , on the 20th Inst.
nt Kast St. Louis up to 1 o'clock. But llttlo
woik Is being done so tar and few tialnn
moving. The L. < te N. yards are at a stand
still. They have moved no tiaius yet to-day.
A large tialn came into the Indianapolis
yard this morning from the cast , but none
were sent out. The Vandalla sent one and
recehcd one. The Chicago , Buillngton < t
Qulncy and Chlcairo & Alton aio doing all
they can , and the Wnbash is doing its regu
lar business.
Minmoioufl nr.ruTir.s nnAiimsTin : > .
Sr. Louis , April 12. In the cilmlnal couit
to day the writ of habeas corpus applied for
on Saturday by Judge Liughllu , In behalf of
the deputy sheriffs who did the shooting In
the Louisville < fc Nashville yards In Kast St.
Louis , Filday , was granted and the men
weio leleased. They wcio Immediate
ly n-.iiiosttd nt the inst-uico - of
tlio Kast Louis authorities as fugitives fiom
Justice and placed in jail , where they will bo
kept until lequisltion papers aio iccelved
fiom thugoveinorof Illinois , or until they
e , in Iw sent to Kast St. Louis without en-
dangeilng their peisoual safety.
Tin : AitiusTii : : ) KMCIIITS.
In the cases otJ. J. Mcdatry , Judge ndvo-
eato ol Distiict Assembly No. 101 , Knights of
Labor , anil live or six other knights who
weioairested two weeks ago lor obstructing
trains and Interfeilng with business on the
Missouri Pacltlc , came up buioio Judge Hor-
IHT , In thocouitof criminal coircctlon , and
utter heai line the testimony it was taken
tnuler advisement
ONI : or JAY noui.n's 1,11:1. :
In conversation with a icportcr this after
noon Ceucial Commlttceman Haves savs the
Matoiuetit ntti United to Jay Gould In tlio in
terview teleeiaphed Irom Now 'iork last
night , In which uould savs Powderly at 0110
of thu Now Voik coiileionees refenod to the
members of Distiict No. 101 as "outlaws , "
nud said they had disobeyed the laws of the
older , was False In o\ciy p.utlcular. llo
characteiUed It as "one of Jay Gould's lies. "
lor tlio pnrposo of misrepresenting the
Knluhts of Labornud destiov ing public faith
In the oidei. _
Lnliororn Htrlko For IIlKhor Wnjjos.
GAI.VKSIO.V , April 12. The News' San
Antonla special says that 1,233 laboieis In
the employ of Jacob Marshall , contractor tor
htieet imurovemeiits , shuck this moinlng tor
81.25 per day of eight hours. The men had
been waiving SI for n day's labor of ten
liouis. Thu contractor lufoimcd the men
thatlt\\as impossible to comply with their
demand , ua ho bad taken thu contract estimat
ing thu labor at SI per day of tun horns. The
sinkers proceeded to Po\\dei Hill nnd com-
iielhd the men working theio to throwdowu
their picks. Later In the day about fortv
laboieis told the conductor th.it they dcshed
to leturn to work , but that they were tlucat-
I'lied with being btoned if they did so. Thu
contractor promised they should bo pro
tected and they went to woik. Those whn
btill held out weio peisiwded to letiro with
out offering any violence. The stilkers art
of dllfeiuut nationalities , nnd without
A Strike In NolirnHkaClty.
NKIIHASKA Clrv.Neb. , Apill 12. [ Special
Telegi am. ] Thu laborers and teamsters en-
Haired on the excavation for the new block of
buildings bi'lns erected by Gebrro W. Lold-
It'h , corner of Tenth nnd .Main sheets , struck
for higher wages this morning , the laboieiE
demanding gl.50 per day Instead of 81.25 ,
nnd the teamsters 53,00 per day Instead ol
S2.CO , Thu demaiul was ret used , nud tin
men nil quit woiU In u quiet und order ! )
manner , _
A Striking Coiiiiultteo.
WASHINGTON , Apill 12. [ Special. ] The
hou o to-day , on motion of Mr , Morrison
unanimously passed a lesolutlon authorjrliu
the appointment of a committee of seven ti
Inmtlrato the labor troubles In the south
west. The co mm it tee is authorized to sent
for persona and papers , to visit bueli states a :
may bonccessaiy to piosrcuto the luvestlga
tlon , and topoit duiluE the piesent session o
congress ,
Troubles In Winnipeg.
ST. PAUL , April 12.-r.Tho Dispatch1 ! . Win
nlpejf special says : This morning ' 'tx
Italians assembled nt the Canaitiat , PaclHi
tlt'i'Ot to go weal to work on thu toad t § 1.2 ,
per Jay. Another body of men who thought
the wages not enough Interfered nnd pre
vented them leaving. The strikers took
possession of the cars and refused ndmlttanco
to others. Clubs nnd stones were freely used
nnd several were Injured , none seriously.
The police arrested the leaders.
Chief Arthur and the Strikes.
CLr.vni.Asi ) , April 12.-Uhtef Aitiuir , of
the Brotherhood of Locomotho Engineers ,
hns lelurncd from the scat of trouble In the
southwest. In an Interview ho said : "I
heartily Indorse the sentiments of Mr. Povv
dcrly , nnd If his Ideas are carried out , no ser
ious difficulty can occur. I think the strlko
will result In the enactment of n law , by the
knights , which will effectually prevent nny
such trouble In the future. In regard to the
report that 1 am opoosed to the eight hour
law , I wish to say it Is not .true. I am In fa
vor of nny law that will promote the welfare
of workingmoii. There are , however. In my
opinion , a largo nuui'ier ' who would not
piolit by thu enactment of such a law. "
A Boys' Strlko Quickly Settled.
OmniNi'oiNT , L. L , Apill 12. About 100
public school boys of nil ages made a de
mand nnon the principal that the recess bo
extended from ilftcen to thirty min
utes. Their demand not being acceded
to , the boys refused to return to school
after the morninc recess , nnd picketed
the entrances to prevent others from enter-
Ing. 1 ho trouble assumed such threatening
proportions that tlio principal sent for the
police , nnd a sergeant and so\eral officers
were soon on thu stint. Finally the mother of
the ringleader at lived nud toiced- her son
Into school , after which the lest of the boys
quickly maichcd in.
Milwaukee Tnllors Strlko.
MIMVAUKEK , April 12. The journeyman
tallois in this city to the number of 2,000 will
strike to-moriow , their demand for an In
crease of nearly 50 percent In their wages
having been refused by their employers.
Several of the largest establishments , nnd In
nil piobablllty most of the smaller one.s , will
bo closed , and no attempt w III bu made to stait
them until the tailors arc leady to make wide
concessions from their present demands.
Tlio Laredo Hlot ,
LAnnno.Tex. , April 12. Gon.Uoberts and
his command of state troops have returned
to San Antonio. Capt. Schmidt , with his
company of : state rangers , will icmatn hero
for homo weeks. Maj. Arleo says that no
arrests will bo made for a few days In order
to glvo the people tlmo to cool down. The
most reliablelotuins show that ot the
"lumrches , " seven were killed and eight
wounded ; while of Bot.is , ten were killed
and eight wounded.
A Number of Bills Passed nnd Other
Business Transacted.
Dns MOINP.S , April 12. In the house sen
ate bills were passed as follows : Authoriz
ing cities under special chaiter to levy ntax
for the purposes o paid lire depaitments ;
for suppressing the circulation , advcrtlstnc
and vending of obscene literature nnd
other articles of Immoral use ; male-
Inc fuither provisions for contracts
by cities having a population of over
30,000 for pavlnc and curbing streets and the
construction of sewers and issuance of bonds
or ci-rtllieates to p.iy for assessments lor the
same ; llxlng the. salary ot the attoinev gen
eral at S1,50J , and 85 per day additional w lien
attending court outside ot the capital.
Thoseiuto passed a joint resolution nuthor-
i/inr the capital commissioner to loan any
machineiy not In use at the state house to
the st.ito fair society.
At 0 o'clock the senate went Into executive
session nnd continued the appointment of
Gcncial Kd Wright as custodian of the capi
_ _ _ _ _
A Missing Defaulter.
DES MOINKS , Iowa , -April 12. [ Special
Telegi am. ] Mr. A. II. Perry , who has been
for several yuais superintendent of the
Eureka Coal Mining company , has turned up
a defaulter , his books showing shortages esti
mated at 87,000. For several days his em-
plojeis had been suspicious that Ids accounts
wcio wrong , and ho left town not long ago
In n suspicious manner , but came back ycs-
teiday. piomislug to settle with Ids creditors
and make It all right. After making ap
pointments with dllfcicnt parties for to-day ,
ho has disappeared to-night w Ithont having
seen any of them , und his whcieabouts aio
Tlio Soldiers' Homo Commission.
DKS MOINIS : , Apill 12. The go\einor has
appointed the following commission to
locate the soldlcis' home , being one fiom
each congressional distiict In order : D. J.
P.dmor , Washington county ; D. F. House ,
Jackson ; 0. C. Biadloy , Delaware ; Charles
Sweeney , Mitchell : John It. Caldwcll , Tama ;
A. W. Swalm. M.ihaska ; T. J. Anderson ,
Marlon : M. M. Waldou , Appauoose , 11 , K.
( irlswold , Cass : .M. V. Blower , Hancock ;
11. M. Smith , Uiiciokce.
Ail Iowa Suicide.
Dns Momrs , Iowa , April 12. [ Special
Telegram.J Wllllnn Stoohbchn , a farmer
living near Traer , committed sulcldo to-day
by cutting his tin oat. Cause , duspoiutuncy ,
glowing out of ill health.
Will Sparks JCcsljjti.
Nnw Yonic , Apill 12. [ Special Telegram. ]
i'ho Times Washington special says :
There Is no sort of doubt that nil effort la
buini : made to induce Land Commissioner
Sparks to resign his office , nnd now hero Is
thu Interpretation of Secretary Lai mar's revocation -
vocation of the April 3rd order of suspension
spoken of so posltl\ely as Intended to bo n
cousuro. Spaiks can do nothing but resign
if ho desires to letalnhissclf-respect. Spaiks ,
however , will piobably not leslgn under the.
Itlmv Out Ills Bruins.
CHICAGO , Amlll2. JohnM. Kountrco , n
piomlnent nttomoy and old leshient of this
city , entered a Madison street store to-night ,
nnd purchasing n re\olver , cocrily placed It to
ids own he.ul nnd blow his brains out. Thu
can so ol the deed Is unknown. Kountrco was
highly connected. Hon. J. N. Jowett Is his
biother-ln-liuv. A daughter of the victim 10-
sides In Now York.
Murder and Suicldo.
S r. PAW. , April 15. The Despatch , Eau
Claire , Wis. , special says that John Wngncr ,
n farmer of thu the town ot Lincoln , this
county , this morning shot and killed James
Moo. Wagner's house was suriounded by ex
cited people , who thie.itened to lynch mm ,
Wagner Mint himself In the house and com
mitted sulcldo with the Mime we.ipon with
which ho shot Moo , fearing lynching ,
An Injury to Navigation ,
CINCINNATI , April 12. The chamber ol
commerce to-day adopted the leport of the
committee protesting against tlio election ol
n bridge at Cairo , 111. , nccoiding to the plan
proposed by the piomotor , because It will
borlously Interfere with rUer navigation.
Crushed by a Wall.
LA.WHKNCI : , Mass. , Apill 12. John Miller ,
the man who lay two houis In the ruins ol
the Peuiberton mill , which burned Saturday
before being rescued , died yesterday Uon
the t'llects ot his Injuries
Freight Train Wrecked.
Pirrsuuiio , Pa. , Apill 12. The freiRh
train coming west on. the llaltlmoie & Uhli
last night nt S3J ; o'clock , thtity miles east o
ConuelUv Hie , ran Into n land slide. The en
Klnnaud be\en cars were tliioun fiom tin
Intel ; . Tlio engineer , John Coffman , wa
killed and the lircman seriously injured.
Wcatlier lor To-d.ay.
Missoum V.\i.i.tv : Local rains jsoutherl ;
w iiuh ; stiuloiuiy tuuipeiature.
Some of tbo Securities of Otoo County's ' Late
Treasurer Found to Bo Spurious.
V Romantic Young Miss Elopes nnd
JMnrrles the Mnti of Her Gholco
Mayor liurr Bounces
Duke Simpson in Trouble.
NnniiASKA. CITV , Neb. , April 12. [ Spe
cial Telegram. ] There was quite a llttlo stir
n town this afternoon , caused by three fann
ers coming to the city nud presenting them
selves at the Nebraska City National bank ,
one of them having received notification that
a note ho had given to Duke W. Simpson ,
ate county treasurer , on Auaust
11 , 1S&1 , for 5220 was duo. The
lames of these farmers aio George
Oelkc , Louis Brecknid nnd Fred Bieckara ,
ds brother. Tlio note said to bo duo was
ircsentcd by the bank nnd handed to Louis
licckard who nftcrglauclngnt It pronounced
tnfontcry. This excited suspicion , nnd
wo other notes , ono for S220 , duo August 1 ,
lbW5 , signed Fied Biccknrd , and ono for 523. > ,
[ tie November 1. 18bO , signed Fred
) elko were produced. Both of these
alter gentlemen pronounced the notes forg
eries nnd said that they never had given such
lotcs to Duke W. Simpson. AH these notes
md been placed In the Nebraska City Na-
loual bank as collateral securities by D. W.
Simpson for money borrowed by lilin , and all
ndorscd by Simpson. The mm whosennines
nppcar on these notes are all well known nud
cllnblo farmers , nnd they dcclaio In pro-
lounccd terms the notes nro bold
orgerlcs and they will never
cay them. Humor after rumor
vas on the streets that warrants were out , or
vould bo got out , for Mr. Simpson's airest ,
> ut nothing ns yet has been done in that
vny. In fact Mr. Simpson was out of the
city ot the time of the discovery , nnd icports
vero out that ho had left tor good. But that
gentlemen arrived homo this evening ,
and on being questioned us re
gards the matter gave no dlicct
espouse. Pilvato conversations are being
icld this evening , but the Bnc icportcr has
; oed grounds forsajlng that the notes will
10 paid and taken up before to-morrow noon ,
I'ho bank , even In case the notes are foi-
jeiles , w 111 only boloscis about S203 , as they
iavo other good notes left by Mr. Simpson In
heir possession sufllcient to cover Mr. Simp-
oil's Joan , less the 8203.
A Bride at Sixteen.
NnnnAsitA CITY , Neb , , April 12. [ Special
[ "elcKnun.J The latest sensation in our city ,
vliich has co mo to light this evening , is the
elopement of Miss Kate Wesner , next to tbo
oungest daimhtei of Jacob Wesucr , a prom-
ncnt mannfactuier of this city , with Harry
lahn , a resident of Sidney , Iowa , but who ,
or the past year , has been employed in Ed
dcCuIlum's harness shop in this city. Last
Saturday afternoon Miss Knto , who Is a
landsomc and dashing brunette of some slx-
ecn summers , left the parental roof , ostons-
bly for n walk , but , as the sequel shows , It
was to meet the man on whom she had set
ler affections. The next wo hear of them
sou boaid the tialn going east with tickets
o Uumlnng , Iowa. From there they proceed
ed to Sidney , Iowa , by private cojivcyatico
and to-day weio made man and vvffo In the
ncseiico of many filends , including Mr.
Wesner himself , who , In tbo meantime , had
got on their traek , but no power of his could
Misuado his daughter to change her course ,
riiofnst notice the parents had of their
daughter's Intent was n note which they
found late Sunday afternoon nnd which lead
ns follows :
' DnA PAIIKNTS-I have gone out. I
will come back no moro. 1 have gone to get
married. I am soiry to offend you , but this
is my choice. "
Mr. Halm Is n steady , business joiing man ,
and has certainly shown his smartness in ob
taining the nffectlons ot n most estimable
wife under many difficulties.
Burr's Bad Bounce.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Apill 12. [ Special Tele-
; ram. ] Contrary to expectations the meet
ing of the city council last evening was a
tame affair. Major Burr catilrd out his
nvovvcd Intention of putting his official
boot under Policeman Llttlcllcld's coat
tails , and formally but quietly relieved
that gentleman fiom duty on the lorco. T he
mayor reaffirmed , as his icasons for dismiss
ing LIttlefleld , the lattci's lack of citizenship
and transmitted to the council an opinion
fiom the city attoincy , Allen W. Field , hold
ing that policemen aio city officers , nnd as
such must bo quail lied elcctois. Accompany
ing the mayor's resolution was n piotcs !
from the Law and Oidei league against Lit-
tlelield's removal , nud a petition , numerously
signed by lending citi/.ons , asking for his re
tention. Opinions were also presented from
T. M. Marguette , Judge Mason , Walter J ,
Lamb nnd other eminent lawyers U
the effect that policemen nro mil
neccssailly ofllccrs of the city , and that cit
Izcnshlpia not icqiilrcd of them. Mayoi
Buir said lie would glvo those papcis ntlciv
tlon next Monday night , but In the meair
tlmo would let his dismissal of Llttleiieli
stand. H further bald that ho thoughi
that the position belonged to tin
Lifw nnd Order Leauue , and ho line' '
notified that body to nominate so mo citl/.ei
for it. A lai go number of Law nnd Ordei
men were piesent , but thcio wns IK
Anotlioi- Veteran Cone.
WAHOO , Neb. , April 12-Spcclal [ Tele
cram. ) Another of the lieiocs of the lad
war has passed to the grand nrmy on tin
other shore. Tills time thu call was tor Colonel
nol Peter Mnish. Ho died of cancer of tin
stomach on Friday night nt the ngo of 72
Ho was burled this afternoon by the O. A. It
with military honors. Comrade Stoddan
delivered the funeral oration. Peter Marsl
was colonel of the Sixty-seventh Pcnnsyl
vanla. Ho was with the nrmy of the Potomac
mac In nil Its Important battles. Ho vvai
captured nnd confined In Llbby prison , wa
removed fiom there to Danville , from ther <
to Savannah , and from thcro to Charleston
where he , with other prisoners , was placet
under thu fire of the Union troops unde
Ollmoro. Ho was fortunate enough to com
off uuhuitand was afterward paroled a
Catnp Sorghum.
Injured by a Unrstlnu Gun.
AI.HION , Neb. , April 12.-fgpcci.il. ] YCE
tentay morning Joe BIynnaman ' employe !
on J. W. lUley's farm , taw a. flock of wiU
geese Hying over the form. Ho wont to th
house , seized a gun and rushed out Just n
the Hock were over hht head. Ho Immediate !
liicd the gun which bunt , the cylinder strtli
lug him on the side of his head , Ho wa
taken into the house nnd Dr. Lewis sent foi
The doctor found the fjkull slightly fnu
turcd and the bone pressing on the brain
The doctor relieved the pressure and thl
morning reports hls.pntlent doing well wit
good prospects of recovery. Ills a w-onde
that tlio top pf his Uead was not blow n off.
Iwo Flat Speeches in the Commons
on Gladstone ( Scheme.
LONDON , April 12. The hooso ot commons
was agnln densely crowded this evening , nsn
result of the extended announcement that
Lord Bandolph Churchill would nttnck Mr.
Gladstone's homo rttlo bill. Among conservatives
vatives and vvhltrs thero-was Intense Interest
n Lord Randolph's effort Lord Knndolph
Churchill In the course ot bis speech said
that after a long consideration ho had
como to Uio conclusion that the scheme
nvolvcd such a complicated nnd Inoxtrlca-
jlo mass of contradictions that If anybody
besides Gladstone- had proposed It , It would
never have been taken seriously. [ Cheers. ] It
wns hedged about with such fanciful nnd ec
centric guarantees for the Integrity of the
iinpiro that the speaker was astonished at
; ho Parnellltcs acqulesaiico. After dcnouiic-
ng Gladstone's plan fornn Irish parliament ,
the speaker went on to analyze the receipts
ind disbursements of an Imaginary Irish
Midget , for the purpose , ns ho Bild , of bhow-
ng that Gladstone's pioposal to main
tain the unity of the empire ,
whllo giving Ireland homo rule , wns
nltoaellier untrustworthy. Ho then pointed
out that the amount which the premier had
mined as that which Ireland would every
year contribute under homo rule to the impe-
lal treasury as her contribution for the beuc-
it of Imperial unity , was of an extremely
llluslonary and precarious character. On the
question of Ulster , ho asked If an Itlsh gov
ernment could pay its way If Ulster were
withdrawn. That the Kngllsh goveintuent
could not make up Its mind In regard to
Ulster proved almost an insoluble chatacter
of the homo lido project. The premier justl-
led his proposals on the ground that there
were eighty-six homo rnlcis in the house ,
ml why should the voices of the eighty-six
Irish members prevail 9V or the voices of 581
other members.
Gladstone's proposals had plven the nation
alists an enormous ndvantncc. Ho had
Istcncd to many of Gladstone's speeches , tlio
cliatms of which were described as being llko
.ho effects of morphia. The sensation under
the operation was transcendent , but the
awakening was bitterly painful. Tlio day of
Icclslon would speedily arrive when the
house would vote ngalnst the proposals ,
which woio despciatcly unconstitutional and
nlslcadlng. [ Loud cheers. ]
Mr. Kusscll , attoincy general , taunted
Churchill with Infusing Into his speeches
tiojudlco nnd passion. Ho wont on to con-
end that the bill does not nttnck the Impel Inl
> arliament or crown. As to Ulster , the bill
; ave protcstants ami Catholics the same
right. It was now time for Ireland to tiy to
govern Itself. [ Cheers. ]
To-nlcht's speech In the * commons caused
UsappointiucnU Churchill's speech lacked
he wonted point and energy of the orator ,
while that of Mi. Hussell was a laboied ef
fort , and fell Hat. Sir Miclinel Hicks-Beach
will close the debate to-morrow.
The Visible Supply Statement.
CHICAGO , April 12. Tho1 number of bush
els of grain In store In tbo United States and
Janadnon April 12 , nnd the increase or de
crease ns compared with the previous week ,
will bo posted on 'Cliange to-morrow ns
'ollows :
Wheat. 47,081,809 Decicaso l,2fO,2.r)3
Corn 10,4b7,810 Increase Htii0 , ; !
Oats 3,230BVJ Decrease 222&i)7
{ ye. 400.012 Decrease ao.l'M
Barley. birf.llO Decrease 108,43,5
The number of bushels ! lu Chicago ele
vators was : )
iVhe.it - ; 13,040,459
Coin T. 3r * ,2i :
Oats 5. . 405,85:1 :
l ! > e . . .1 ll > 0,778
Bailey. 00,024
British Grain Trade He view.
LONDON , Apiil 12. The Maik Lnno Ex
press , in its icview of the British grain
; rade , for the past week says : Wheats
nro growing very fast. Trade has
not Improved. Sales of English wheat
during the w eok were 50,004 quarters at 80s
4d , against 42,609 at 83s 3d during tlio concs-
noiuiing period last year. Flour Is steady.
Theio Is no new leaturo ill the foreign wheat
trade. No cargoes ailived. One cargo was
Bold and ono was withdrawn. None re
mained. The market to-day was stagnant.
English wheats were Od lower. Foreign
wheats were weaker and Hat. Coin was 3d
dearer. Barleys were difllcult to sell.
Elgin Dairy Market.
CIIICAOO , April 12. Tha Inter Ocean's
Elgin , II ) . , special says : Butter continues
firm and active. Begular sales on the boaid
of trade were 22,440 pounds at Sl tg'J.'c ,
nearly all at outside quotations. Cheese was
ulet , with no leguuu sales. Private Hales ol
7,034 pounds ot butter and 815 boxes of
cheesp w eio icpoited. Total bales aggiogated
Blfjl'lro in niiniieapollB.
MINNEAPOLIS , Apill i 12. Short'y after
noon a lire broke out in | lie Boston -block , In
which the postofflee Is located , and the build
ing was quickly enveloped In flames. On
the ground floor was located the postoffico
and Miller Brothers' handsome btoro. From
the former all the malls have been taken. In
the upper stories wcio the Inw offices of sev
eral leading Inms , Bradstiect Commercial
ajjencv. L. S. Burlington , nrchitcct. the Buck
eye Publishing company nnd tlio "Spectatoi"
luivvbpaper and scores of othcis , including
the lJ.ii Absociation Law library which was
binned out a jear ago last Christmas.
The hie wns cammed to the Boston block ,
whicii wns gutted. Tlio llrst lloor was dam
aged onlv by water. Miller Bros , removed
ne.iily all their stock , and sustain n trilling
loss. The contents of the postofllco were all
lumoved. The loss to tliu block Is 87.5,000cov-
cicd by insurance to the amount of 8100,000 ,
over half of which Is in small companies not
to exceed SJ.OOO each. The law library of
7.000 \ oliimes U a total loss , the estimate being
511,003 , with 82,000 Insurance.
New Directors IJIcctcd.
CHICAGO , April 12. The Inter-Ocean's
Dnbuquc , Iowa , special says the annual
meeting of the Cedar Falls & Minnesota rail-
load company was held to-day , nnd 3,821
shares were voted. A. JJ. btlcknoy of St.
Paul , president of tho. Minnesota & North
western ; C. W. Benson , of London. Eng-
Innd , and .1. Kennedy Todd , of New York ,
wcio elected dliectors. ThuJCtliing directors
aio Willis James ami 0. JL Noithcouc , of
FnvorliiK Prohibition.
CIIICAOO , Apr.ll 12. The Inter Ocean's
Ficcport , 111. , special flays the evangelical
conference of Illinois to-day adopted a icso-
lutlon eiidoislng the absolute prohibition of
the liquor traffic , opposing Uio enactment of
any laws that torco the protection or con
tinuance of that trnlllc , and favoring eveiy
national uieasino contributing towards the
suppicbslun ot the nmnufactuio nnd sale ol
Intoxicating liquors as beverage.
Postponed by n Plot.
ST. PETIIISUUIIO , Apill 12. The Intended
Journey of the czar to Nova Tscherkask to
present Ids son to the Cossacks ns tholrchlcf ,
lias been postponed by the discovery of n
dynamite plot to assassinate the imperial
party. A Cossack olllcei and his biothei
Imvobecn arrested In connection with the
crime. They are believed to bo ullilllsl
Twenty-Nino Persons Drowned ,
"WELLINGTON , Ncvy Zealand , April 12.
The New Zealand coasting steamer Taoros
Jiasbeen wii.ckod between Wellington anil
Chi 1st Church. A heavy calo prevailed nl
the time. Tkreo boats wciti launched , bin
ench was Bjicedlly capsi/ed. Twenty-nlm
persons weiodiovv tied. Only two passengei :
were saved.
Emigrant Car Burned.
NEHOII , Neb. , April 12. [ Speclal.- ]
A box car containing emigrant move
ablcs burned on the side track hero a
an early hour this morning. Some mei
sleeping Jn the car nanowly escaped. It 1
not known how the liie originated.
Many Bills Introduced in tie National Oon-
grosa Affecting Our Neighbor State ,
An , Appropriation Asicctl For A
Bourbon's Opinion on ttio Wearer *
Campbell Con test Postmasters
Commissioned Other Notes.
For nn Iowa's Soldiers' Homo.
WASHINGTON , April 12. [ Special Tcle-
jram.l Ilepresentatho Hall of lena , who
Intioduccd n bill Into the house to-day appro-
irlatlng 8100,000 for the construction of a
national homo for disabled union soldiers
and sailors within five miles of Durllneton ,
Iowa , on 200 acres of laud to bo contributed
for the purpose by citizens of Ilurllngton , ex-
messed the decided hope to your correspon-
lent to-night of the success of his measure.
[ Io suggested that if the Iowa legislature
Will appropriate SVJ.OOO tow aids the improve
ments it would ery materially assist the passage -
sago ot the bill ho introduced to-day , ns it
would bo n substantial endorsement of the
iroject nnd would gt\o It prestige here.
The legislature made an nppioprlatlon of
850,000 two years ngo for n homo , proIded It
was located in Iowa , but congress located the
lonio In another state. Mr. Hall thinks the
Iowa legislature should take Immediate
notion. Ho is quite enthusiastic , nnd is de-
crmlncd to do all ho can to achieve success.
Judge Harris , of Virginia , an cx-inciiibcr ,
vho while In congress wns a member of tlio
udlclary committee , said to your coircs-
) ondent to-day : "I have carefully examined
all the evidence In the case of Campbell
against Wca\cr from the Sixth owa distiict ,
nnd I nin satisfied that Campb'ell was hon
estly and fairly elected to congiess. But the
rouble Is that It would bo necessary to oxam-
no the votes Individually to establish this
fact , and the committee would not dcvoto
sufficient tlmo to do this. Notwithstanding
his , however , Campbell Is entitled to the scat
and should hu : u it. " Judge Harris Is know n
as n bom bon democrat of the most pro-
lounced type. His testimony In this In-
slaiice , therefore , should have weight even
vilh Weaver's most ardent suppoiteis.
Iowa members Introduced bills In the house
o-day as follows :
By MR Conger Pensioning Mrs. Sarah
Young , Mrs. Benjamin F. Mm ray , Jacob L.
Eugleboit , nnd making provision for artifi
cial eyes for those who lost an eye in the ser
vice during the late war.
By Mr. Weaver Pensioning Jeiomo B.
By Mr. Hall Locating a branch homo for
disabled soldiers nud sailors at "Burlington ,
owa , appropriating 8100,000 for the con
struction of the building , and making suit
able Impiovements upon a tract ot 200 acres
of land to bo donated by citizens of Burling-
on , within live miles of that city , the nccept-
inco of the lat\d \ nndjjjo construction of the
) ulldlnff to bo in charge of ; a' board of man-
' * - > - - ) - .
By Mr. Murphy To change the namoof
: ho Merchants Kxchangc National of Musca-
; lno , Iowa , to Uio Fhst National bank of
Muscatino ; to pelislon Wllbelm JNoltce.
By Mr. Fuller Pensioning Caroline C.
McNalr and Rachael Barnes.
By Mr. Lyman Orantins condemned can
non to Robert Plover post , nt Carson , Iowa ;
Win. Lavton post , nt Oakland , Iowa , and
Updrgraff post O. A. K. , nt Macedonia , Iowa.
By Mr. Hepburn To incicaso the pension
of C. Barber.
The republican members frofn Iowa are
vciy generally pleased with the course ot the
legislature In icdlstilctlng the state. They
think that the result will bo the icturn of
tcpubllcan representatives fiom all but one
of the Iowa distiicts. The exception is the
Davenport district , now represented by
Ucnnepln Muiphy. This gentleman has no
walk over either. A representative of the
Davonpoit Democrat , heretofore Muiphy's
own paper , lias been sent on hero foi the
express purpose of wilting down that states
man. The disgust ot the democrats , Hall ,
Fiedcrlcks nnd Weaver , Is eipial to the de
light of the republican members. They
think that the action of the legislature will
seriously Injuic their chances , though they
aio not ready to give up entirely.
A I'KNSION ailANTi : ! ) .
Colonel Henderson of tlioTldid Iowa dis
trict has secured the passage In the house of
a bill ginntlngn pension to Mrs. Janet K.
B. Smith , widow ot the late Platt Smith of
Commissions were Usucd for the following
Iowa postmasters to-day : John 0. Bell ,
Bra/11 ; Uuimon A. K\ eland , Biough ; Ly-
man B. Palshall , Canton ; Charles Kallen-
bergcr , Grand View ; James I. Italrilon , Kill-
duif ; KvansF. Aunltago , Movlllo ; Wm. C.
KdwaulB , Itockbranch.
Representatives Hepbuin nud Henderson
to-day presented n petition In the house from
n Inrco number of cltUons of Iowa nsklmr
congress to atithoil/o nud direct the postmas-
tcrgencialto allow tlihd and fouith class
postmasteis pay for rent , light , fuel and other
necessary expenses. Petitions of the bamo
character have been received from a number
of other states.
BIII : iiKNnnnnn VAT.U.UII.E sunvici : .
Senator Alllson'liitioduced In tlm senate
to-day , nnd Iteprcscntntivo Strublo intio-
duccd in tlio house , copies of n concurrent
resolution passed by the legislature of Iowa
In favor of pensioning Mis. Sarah Young ,
of DCS Molues , tor valuable set vices ren
dered In the late war as a nurse. Senator
Wilson and members of the house- Introduced
numerous petitions In tills direction.
Clerks In the adjutant 'general's office say
there has not been such a rush as now foi
corrections of military records within many
ycara. The office Is full of applications foi
removal of the charges of desertion clmiged
against thu soldiers of the late war , nud most
of the tlmo Is occupied In referring them ,
Of course , the reason the applicants want
their war iccords cleared up Is that they may
get pensions or bounty. As long as thr
charge of desertion rests against the sol
dier's jecord ho cannot receive nny bonrtit
from the goveinmcnt , no matter how good
and true a soldier ho wns. The sccietary ol
war Is helpless to act In the matter , and It IE
of no use to npply to him. Only congiess
can correct the record , und that by special
act. An effort Is being made to. pass a
bill which will gtvo the secretary ol
war and navy authority to con ecta record
when it Is proven that It should bo corrected ,
Technically , about 10 per cent of thesol
dlers and sallo.ru were deserters that in , they
rushed homo without receiving , tlielr muster
out nt the close of the war.
In the house to-day Mr. Laird Introduced
bills to pension William T. Dodge , Israel 1.
Johnson and Hussell V. Looinls , pfNcbra&ka ,
Senator Mandersou Introducul a bill tc-dflj
to rejuovp tbe charge 9 * ( Jef ejtiou $ alpst Uif
military record of Jolin ( J. Hopkins of Ne
braska , llo also presented n number of peti
tions from Knights ot Labor of Nebraska
igalnst the passage of the frco ship hill , ana
n favor of granting government aid In the
construction of the llcnncpln canal.
Moses II. Smith has boon appointed post-
nastcratllvldoShciman county , Nebraska.
The special mall service to Marougo , Nebras
ka , will bo discontinued after the 10th Inst
Senator Wilson was to-night selected by
ho republicans of the Iowa delegation In
: onKress to bo the member for their stnto of
ho republican congressional campaign com-
nlttce , nnd the Nebiaska delegation selected
Mi. Dorsoy for their stato.
WASHINGTON , April 12. A resolution of-
'crcdby Mr. Beck wns agreed to appointing
Senator ( itbson to the membership of the
senate committee on commerce In the place
of Mr. Jones of Florida , during the present
emporary absence of the litter senator fiom
ho senate.
Mr. Morgan's resolution , recently submlt-
ed , irlatlng to Nicaragua claims was , at Ills
leanest , lefened to thu comiuitteo on NIe.ir-
igua claims.
Mr. Klddlebergcr moved to tike up the res-
olutlon lelutini : to thoconsldeiatlon of ex
ecutive nominations In open session , llcre-
tu ed the letnicst to permit thu Indian appro-
pilatlon bill to betaken up , nud Insisted on
ho yeas and nav.s , which lestilted In n defeat
"or the motion jens7 , nays 51. ( Thlsvoto
Isnot In nuy suiiso tlio .sliungth ot the open
session movement , ns many ot its strongest
advocates voted In the negative. )
Mi. Loiran submitted an addition to his
esolutiqn ielating to the executive session.
I'ho addition iccltes the semite rules which
the icsolution i rpo cs to amend.
On motion ot Mr. Hoar the senate went
nto executive session , nnd the nomination
of Senator Jackson , to be clicuit Judge , was
unanimously continued.
When the doors weio reopened the Indian
nppiopiintlnn blll\\as taken up. On motion
ot Mr. Cougei , and al tor u dcb.ito by Messis.
Jongcr.D.uves.DolpIt and Plumb.thu amount
ot thoappiopilation for the Indian schools
n Alaska was Incie.iscd irom 515OCO to
SUO.ooo. The bill was then passed substnn-
lally as repoitcd from the committee , nnd
the sunato ndjoui ncd. '
Mr. Motrlson , from tlio comiuitteo on ways
nnd means , reported the bill to reduce the
tariff taxes , audio modify the laws In lola-
.lon to ttio collection of leveuue. llefcired
to the committee of the whole.
Mr. McKinley presented the views of the
ulnoilty of the committee.
Mr. O'Ncil , of Pennsylvania , asked Icavo
to have printed lit the record the piotest of
emploves , repiesentlug-17,01)0 ) workmen in all
states ot thu union , against n leductlon of
the tin iff. Mi. Mouisou Insisted that the
piotest bo presented tlnough a petition.
Mr , Moiiisun , fiom the committee on tides ,
icpoited the lesolutlon for the appointment
of n select committee ot suven membcia to bo
appointed by the speaker to 1mestimate the
causes and o\tent of the dlstuibcd condition
novvcxIstliiKln the lelatloua between rail
road corpoiatlOHseiifraged in Inter-state com
merce and their employes In Illinois , Mis
souri , Kansas , Arkansas and Texas. The
committee shall have power to send for pci-
sons and papers , to sit ( tilling the sessions of
.ho house , and to visit .such pl.iccs In those
states as may be ncccss\rv in order to laclll-
Late the investigation. It shall report dining
thoptcsentbcsbion with such recommenda
tions as it may deem proper to make.
Adopted without division. Mr. Morrison
stated that the bill recently passed by the
house , known as the inhitration bill , was in
adequate in its provisions. The object of the
[ lending resolution was to enable congiess to
leai u the facts of the case so It might pcifcct
Its legislation.
Mr. IJeagan contended that congress had
no moro power to icgulato questions be
tween common canlers nud their hired la
borers than a question between common car
riers and their butchers 01 grocers These
were local questions and the tact that patties
might bo engaged In mtor-stato commerce
did not idvo congress jurisdiction over tlm
matter , i'ho question was whether the demo
cratic house of lepiosentatives would deny
and repudiate local self-government , or
whether It would assume that the states were
no loncer able to execute their functions.
Mr. Morgan thought It was time the house
should dispel the illusion in the minds of
laboring men the illusion that relief died In
the body of this bouse. Kcliet could not bo
found here , 01 be aided by any legislative
enactment. It was the duty of the lionso to
speak at once , In older that worklngmcn
might stop , pause and consider. Powderly
stood nt the head of n powerful oisanlzatUm
which ho cndcavoied to govern with wisdom.
Ho had been unable to do bo because Ids
hiiboidliiatcs bad refused to acknowledge
his authority. The woikingmen said they
wished to arbltiate. What was there to
bo nibltiated ? They said to the rallioad
company , wo want employment , nnd the
company said , wo don't want jour seivices.
The men said , we will aibitrato , and the rail
road company said , wo will not arbitrate , because -
cause wo do not want you.
Atter further debate the resolution was
adopted without division.
Mi. Turner , trom the committee on elec
tions , submitted the report of that committee
on the contoUed election case of Campbell
vs. Weaveriom the Sixth distiict of Iowa.
Oidcied piintcd.
The Distilct of Columbia appropriation
bill was then passed without discussion or
biitatantlal aliicndmcnt.
Ad join no J. _
WASHINOTON , Apill 12. The president
sent the following nominations to the senate
to-day : Howell E. Jackson , of Tennessee ,
to bo clicnlt Judge of the United States for
the Fifth Judicial district , vice John H.txtcr ,
decease ; Finnic 11. Doyer to bo United States
maibhalfor thoteirltory of Utah ; Kohl. J ,
.Ionian , to bo surveyor of custom of Omaha ,
The nolmmioii Case Argued.
WASHINGTON , Apill 12. [ Special Too- !
gram.l Attorney Uoueial Lccso and Mr.
McCeon , of Nebmska , aigncd the Bohannon
case bcfoio the supicino court to day and sub
mitted It for decision.
First IIlooil for Omaha.
WASHINGTON , April , 12. [ Special Tele
gram. ] Picsident Cleveland this nitcrnoon
nominated IlobeitC , Jordan , of Nebiaska ,
to bo surveyor of customs foi the port ol
Ills Appointment Confirmed.
WASHINGTON , April 12. The nomination
of O. S. Lake as pension agent at De :
Molncs has been confirmed.
nook Island Afl'nlrs.
CHIOAOO , April 13. President Cable , oi
the Hock Island load , and Messrs , II. P ,
Flower , II. B. Bishop and Henry Selhort returned
turned to Chicago to-day from Minneapolis
Cable said the tiip had no slgnllicanco. The )
hud been inspecting the St. Paul connection !
ot the Itock Island. Kcuaidlug the repoii
that the Itock Island was attempting to so
emo control of St. Paul & Duluth road
Cable said that so far ns ho know the Itocl
Island did not care for the possession of tha
Arbitrators Selected.
CHICAGO , April 12. The list of the arbltra
tors whoso duty it shall be to prepare the per
centngos to govern the eeveral committees It
control of thu traffic association was com
pleteil today , the lull list being ns follows
Chicago committee. Hugh Itlddlo ; Pcorlt
nnd Indianapolis , l > . D. Itlchnrdson am
Oeorga It. Blanciiardt Cincinnati , L. D
Kiehfurtson and John 0. Ouult ; Louisville
U. U , Campbell and ( leorge U. Blanchard.
Fatal 6t6nniboat IlxploBlon ,
PANAMA , via ( Jalveston , Apill 12. An explosion
plosion occurred oil the 20th tilt , on boart
the btuall liver dtramcr Colombia nt Islam
lilimico. I'lfieiMi persons vvcie l.illtdm \
twenty-two Injured. The hteamer w is com
letely dutiojed.
Seven Brainy Mon Appointed to Manngf
Brown's Impeachment ,
-Adjournment oCtho Legislature
Set For To-morrow Xho Hcdls-
trlcting or thu Btnto 1'nra *
lyzcs Ucinooratlo 1'rospoots.
Brown's Ilncon Smoked.
Dns MOINT.O , April 12.-Speclal.J-Tho [
impeachment of Auditor llrowii Is n fixed
fact , The managers who have been elected
jy the house Include some of Its strongest
members. The list Is headed on the republi
can side by Hoprcscntallvo Moore , probably
the ablest lepubllcan In the house , nnd the
real loader of that body. Col. Kcatley , of
Council Bluffs , is the leading democratic
iiembcrof the house , and Isalsoouoof the
uanagers of the Impcnchmcnt. With four
republicans nud three democrats as the coun
sel lor the state , thno will bo no ground to
charge partisanship or unfairness in the
prosecution. The comiuitteo that wns hrst
appointed to piepaie articles of impeachment
returned n bill which goodlawjers say a
coach and four could drive through. It was
not a veiy heavy committee , and the Indict
ment was cotrcspondlngly weak. As Brown
will piobably be defended by ns good Inwycra
ns theio mo In the state , the prosecution
want the very best indictment they can
) i lu ? . So the house hns loft to Its managers
.opicpaio their own articles , and they will
heiefoio draw up n now set. Saturday morn-
tig lleprosontntlvo Bcrryhlll , of this city ,
who had been elected ouo of the managers ,
icslgncd on the giound that he had not tlmo
to attend to the case , and the house Uicrc-
: ipou elected lu his ste.ul Heprefotitativo
Itoaeh , of Ljous county. When Itbocamo
apparent yesterday that theio would Lo anovv
Indtctmuut diawu ngntust Biovvn ono that
would be llkelv to stand his iilenda sudden-
y lost tlielr pressing doslio for an Impeach *
mcnt , nnd joined an effort to adjourn nt 3
o'clock , without giving the manageis any
time to piep.uo now nrtlclcs. By thu assist-
in ' ot some democrats who woie anxious to
ret away beloio an j thing could bo done In
11 in case ngni list Judge Hnyes , tlio resolution
: o adjourn was pushed tlnough the house ,
nit the senate reluscd to concur , nnd very
iropcrly decided to glvo the manageis of tlio
mpcachment proceedings n reasonable
cngth of time in which to prepare the Indict-
nent. Following the picccdont In the tiial
ot Andrew Johnson the heimto will probably
Ink" a icccss of two weeks after the formal
noceedlngs hnvo been be un , to glvo time to
: lie defense to prepare an nnsvver. It Is with
great reluctance that the scni.to consents' to
sit four , live or six weeks longer foi the Im-
) eachmeiit proceedings , nt n tlmo when nil
lad expected to bo homo and attend topiobs-
ng duties there. But escape from this bur
den seemed inevitable , and they will get-
what llttlo compensation they ami out of hio ,
fact that they will receive SO a day and
ndleagofoi their enlorccd prosuuco ns a jud
icial body. It looks now , as it an indictment
against Biowii would bo tjrnwn so strong that
? scapc would bo Impossible , notwithstanding
the general reluctance of some tdiesort to
; ho extreme penalty proposed.
The republicans nro feeling pretty good
over tlio passage lit both houses of the bill re-
distilctlng the state by congressional d's-
licts. At piesent ot cloven Iowa congiess-
men , lour nro democrats , but the vote nt the .
last general election showed that the dcmop
ciats carried n mnjorlty of the districts. Un-1
der the rcapportlonment things will bo SOMIP.-
whatchanged. Accoidlng to Uio new dls- _
tricts , the dcmociats will bo Hiiro of but onn j
congicssman , the ouo fiom the second dis
tiict , the llrst district and sixth will bo close ,
with chances in favor of the republicans , anil
nil the rest will bo solidly republican. The
redlstrlctlng by senatorial and representa
tive districts hns alEe strengthened the party
rcpieseiitatlon and will Insure a republican
legislature two ycais hence by an overwhelm
ing mnjorlty.
The comniitteo that has had Judge Hayes
on the coals foi several weeks with a ylovv to
impeaching him , has u repoit almost ready to
submit betting torth the facts , andicprimand-
Ing him for his course. As regards Impeach
ment , their verdict is much llko that of the
old juiytliatdeclared "not guilty , but don't
do It again. " Owing to tlio lateness of tlm
session and tlio fact that ono Impeachment
wns alieady ordered. It was thought best not
topiess tills any fuither than a rcpilmand
for the Judge's derelictions on the bench ,
Tlio testimony will be published and the people
ple can then Judge for themselves of the ex
tent of his guilt or Innocence. There Is no
doubt but that ho has been guilty of great In-
dlseictioiiBas n judge , and by picceptnnd ex
ample has biought laws of the state into als-
rnputc , nnddeniornll/ed moiocw less ( the Ju-
dietary. Ho may congratulate himself that
ho escapes as easily as the committee pioposo
to let him off.
The long contested case for the senatorial
contest fiom the forty-fourth district Islinally
settled lu favor of Judge Helnlger , the sitting
member. The hearing nnd settlement of tho'
case have taken the whole of the session , the
evidence about tilling 0,000 pages. Mr. Case ,
who brought the contest , has been heroffi'
several weeks , nnd finds nt last that lie IH
beaten by ono or two do/on votes. The con
test has been very expensive , costing liotli
gentlemen , It is bollovcd , about § 5,000 nplcco.
Senatorial scats at this rate como high , but
some pcoplo have to have them.
Saturday , width was piactlcally the last
day of the session , was bomuwhat hlhulouH.
There was not miieh distortion totunsnrt
any leynlar business or do anj tiling but con
sume time. Members who weio In thu midst
of some stlulng speech v.oiu uulely Inter
rupted by a waste basket diiipjiln , ; on their
head , or a paper wad hlnlvliuj'tlu-'ni In the
face. > A little noccssniy Iris-lues's In thu t.linpo
of an nppioprl.itlon bill w.is passul , but a
Rood deal ot time wtis bpe-nt In lixlng tlio
hour for linal udjouinmunt. " 1 begin to
fear , " said Senator MeCo. , th.it wo never
shall adjourn inther tliun wti nh.ill adjoin n
too BOOH. " When ono house was it-ndy to dlo
the other wasn't , ando 1m sevci.il < lavs Iho
members having been doiiiK their best to let
goand ha\o just succeeded by llxlng the linal
houi for adjournment ut 2 p. m , on Tuesday
next. Tlio semite , of cnuibc , will have lo tilt
for some tlmo yet , us a umitot ImfV.icliiaejH
in the Brown case , but thu house can L'O.
One of the most Intciesteu obseiveis of
legislative jiioccedings for the gem al weeks
past , Is u handsome and lelined looking lady ,
Mrs. 11. A. Kctelmm , the sculptiess. She lu
anxiously analtlug the passage of'n joint ict > -
olutlon , authoiI/Ing her to make a marble
statute of some prominent lowun , to bu
placed In one of the niches of the lotiimla
of the capltol. Mrs. Kctchnm Is nil Iowa
lady , living nt MU Pleasant , nnd bho pos
sesses nlai go amount of ait 1stIc talent , aju {
if she gets the commission bho expects to go
to Italy this summer to begin her work. The
bill In which sue Is patiently Interested hail
passed the senute , nnd now waits its fate In
the house. A few moio hours will mean JhU
cioUnliii ; ambition or the crushing ( llsay-
yolntmenl ol .htf Me , .

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