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The Anarchist Leader and His Satanic Sub
alterns Jailed in Chicago.
Bomanded to Await the Action of the Grand
Jury on the Charge of Murder.
Ono Gallant Patrolraau Dead and Several
Othorc Beyond Hecovciy.
Abundant Evidence Secured of Bloody So
cialistic Conspiracies-
( V Orapblc Account of the Iliotous
Demonstrations of Tuesday
Nlilit Ijnbor Troubles at
Other Points.
Chicago's llelgu ofTorror. *
CiiiCAao.JMay 5. [ Special Tclegram.J
The occuncnces of last night have created a
tremendous sensation. Nothing else is
talked of and tlio greatest excitement and In
dignation prevails. Forty-four names of the
wonndeu fill nine full pages ot the register at
the county hospital. In tlio conIdor before
0 o'clock was a group of men and women ,
friends most of them of the police ofllccis ,
anxious to inqitiie alter or to see them. The
attendants wcio haggard and excited. Tlio
first patrol biought the dead body of Olllcer
Dlegun licie a little alter 10 o'clock. From
that on until 0 o'clock this morning the am
bulances and police pntiol wagons weie con
stantly arriving with wounded. Tlio whole
stalf of phjsicinns nnd attendants was called
In nnd everybody was devoted to the care of
the Injured. A little tab is Kent at the desk
of the men who aie in a prccaiiuus
condition. Marvellous ns it may
seem , nil of these nro police
olllcets. Thcio are eight civilians in tlie
wards , and not one is fatally or even salons-
lyluiit. The entile police fotce of the city
is on duty , and should they come In contact
with tlie mob to-day
TIneo bundled of them have been armed
with Spiinglield lilies. August Spies Is
under atiest. Ho was captuted by the police
at S o'clock this moining. The anarchist
and incendiary editor of the Aibcltei-
/Ccituiur , who was the first ono to addicss
the meetlnu nt Desplainos nnd Randolph
sheets , who occupied the wagon fiom which
the dynamite bomb was thiown which did
such bloody woik last night , who was one of
the spcakcis at the mob meeting on the prairie
near McCoimick's Monday nlteinoon ,
whoso wotds Inflamed the mob
until It was icady to bum down the
gicat factoiy , had tlio tcmeiity to appear in
the editorial looms of his paper this morning.
Hete ho met his hi other and a man named
Schwab , associate editor of tlio paper , who
weie his associates m these lucondlary har
angues. They met at 107 Fifth avenue to
talk over the scenes of last night and wcio
taken by detective ? to the Central station
and placed under lock and ley. : As tlio news
spread through tlio city that tlie leaders of
the nlhllNtlc mob weio safely caged , ex-
piesslons of the liveliest satisfaction weio
heard on oveiy baud. Spies and his friends' ,
when the police chaigcd tlio mob ,
and could not bo found until this morning ,
though earnest search was made lei thorn all
thiough tlio night. Just what chaigo will bo
lodged against them lias not at piesent been
deteimined. The Ai belter Xoitunc , the or
gan of the socialists , is pi inted In the thiid
story of tlio building at 107 Fifth avenue , the
lower floor of which Isabuer saloon. The
editoiial rooms moon tlio second floor , and
It was thcio that the five Cential station de
tectives found Spies this morning. Spies is
tlio responsible editor , and when thodotec-
tives enteied ho was in a room with his
biothcr Chi is , who is a fuinltiiie woiker , and
Michael Sclia b , an associate editor of the
paper. The socialists said not n woid as the
ofllccrs threw open the door. Detectives
Bon Held and Dulfy entered ( list. "Aro you
August Spies' . " ' Honlield Inquired , directing
his look at th anarchist. Spies' thin lips
and ho displayed two lows of shinIng -
Ing teeth. .Ho hesitated n moment
before speaking and with tlie artful tact of a
malevolent disposition gnvo , tlio ofllccr the
full benefit of his tantall/.ing smile. At
length his lips moved and in a weak anil
husky voice , In alaimlng contrast to Ills smile
of simulated IndifTeicnee , ho made uns\\or :
"i'cs , 1 nm August Spies. "
"Well , " replied Honlield "wo want you ,
and yon too , " said tlio olllcer tinning to
Spies' brother and Kdlt6r Schwab , tlio latter
was deathly white and his hands tiomblcd ns
ho put on his hat. Chi Is Hie.i | ! was Inclined
to bu ugly , while the pilsoneis weio being
seaidied. They nst their oycs to the floor
and kcroiiPd the very
Tlio olllcens were too Indignant to speak
nndhllu the men's clothing was uclng
ovcihauli'd simply glaied at them as If I
\\ouldhoaplensiiro to annihilate ) them nn
the spot. Oiders were IssuoJ to allow no ono
to spcr.k to the pilsoners.
The man \\lio tluew the bomb utlast night's
ilot was niretted to-day and la now looked ui
ut the Central station. His name Is Julius
Carpenter , The police- claim to have ample
proof that ho Is tlio man , and Lieutenant
Klpley says that the public need have no fear
of evil fiom bombs. The twonty-flvo pilnt
eis who wi-ro ancstedat the Aibcltor Zoitutik
luil Id Ing w'cro brougat bofoic Justice Leecl
and held on the charge of murder till May 14
Caipentcr Is sain to ha ouo of Uielr number
Tlio fellow stood In fiont of John liurnctt , a
candy maker In the employ of Mr. Harry , n
the coiner of Washington and Sanganiot
streets , nnd was seen by him to throw the
inlssllo of dentil. According to I'm ' net t ho
was seen to abstract the bomb fiom hU
pocket and light It just as the police
dtow near , IJmnett said ho stood within two
fjct of tliu man , and would certainly bo nblo
to Identify him should ho meet him again
Hardly a moment elapsed after the bomb was
lighted until the man elovnted his arm , pic
pnntory to casting It fiom hint. Every de
tail of this performance was witnessed uj
liurnctt , who did not know wlut to make of
the stranger's action. Presently the fusout
Inched to the bomb coinmoiued to hiss. Then
lor the first tune Unmet * began to realize
what was about to hapvit. The nun with a
quick jeik of his arm
flyInz through the air , nnd the next install
turned to fly. Uurnctt started ID 111:1. : but ;
llrny bullet e'.vuck hlia In tlio Itft nnu UK
10 lost his footing nnd fell to tlio sidewalk.
Vhcn ho got tip all was confusion.
The entire dislilct In the lumber region ,
rom Twenty-second street to Western
nvcnnc , was conspicuously free from crowds
of agitators , socialists and strikers. This Is
loubtless wholly owing to the fact that the
Kjllce are to-day aimed with rifles , and have
strict orders to compel nil loungers nnd lilfcrs
o "move on. " At Eighteenth street and
Center avenue , the headquarters of the
nnaichlsts In that neighborhood , a small
crowd gathered early and seemed somewhat
ngtiled ! over tlio reports of last night's dyna-
nlteexplosion and the riot which followed ,
mt no demonstration was made.
Itttdolph Stclnoerg , a McCormlck machln-
st , unmarried , and ngcd30joarswliosohomo
sntfi93 Bine. Island avenue , was attacked by
Hie mob at Kightoenth street and Center
avciitto last nlglit and beaten Into Insonsl-
Jlllty. He Is now at the county hospital. At
about 0:30 : o'clock this morning the Me-
Jonnlck employes Detain sticamlng Into the
'actoiy , about tlio same number that went In
yestoiday ptobably 70J or bOO. There were
oine crowds of strikers on tlio back stieets
watching them , b'tl theiowasuo Interference
except by a small mob on Oakley street , west
of IJIuo Island avenue , which pelted several
McCormick men with stones until dispersed
by the pel ho.
LieutenantShoppaid , with thtity-llvo otll-
cct.s , will to-day patrol Hltto Island avenue
from I.envett stici-t to Western avenue , and
permit no orowds to congieguto. llesldes
ibis protection , Mr , McCotmlck has In his
soivlc'j twenty-three armed private watch
Business firms , mnnufactmers and lumboi-
inen in tlio dlstuct said their fcais ot Inccn-
diaiy flies \\eio greater to-dny than over , ow
ing to last night's desperate woik by the dy-
iiamiteif. They say tlio hope that tlie few
Poles and Jioliemlans ownlnit their own
iiomes In that section would save the rest
was useless , because such owneis were hope
lessly In tliu minority. It Is furthermore be
lieved that tlieio aie cuouch men xvilling to
goto woik to stint nil to its full capacity
e\eiv factoiy and workshop in the distiict ,
wete it not Hint tiicy aiedctened from doing
so by leais of violence at the hands ot tlio so
At Nineteenth and Klsk streets , in the
li ( > huml.in soci.illotie section , an ugly teni-
peicd mo1) ) tilts morning toie down and
wreaked their \cngeanco on n police patiol
liox. No box Is now left In that dtsti let.
Tlio lioteis nio inery bad temper since last
night's work , and they aio displaying it
fieely. This morning
A MOM CUMl'I.Kl T.D Till ! WllHCK
Of Kosenfold's drm : store , at Klchtccnth
stieet and Centie avenue , tlie windows being
smashed and tlie iroods thiown into tlie
stieet. Itas over this stoio that tlie social
ists Imd their secret meetings. Kosciifeld ,
liadly scaled , galheied up all his valuable
pei.sonal cllects , and with his family fled to
tlio 1101 th side lor satety. His drug store is
now a complct'ireik. . Itoscnteldis stionely
antagonistic to the socialists , and lias no
sympathy with their Incendiary doctrines.
"Tlieieero nineteen of my company of
twenty live shot , " said Lieutenant Howler ,
the six-foot two officer who headed tlio squad
into which the bomb was thiown. Ho was
slttlnu sin rounded by the uninjuied surviv
ors ot his little band at tlie Desplaincs street
station. "I never lieaul dynamite explode
before and 1 don't want to again. It deaf
ened me nnd all tlio men who did not icceive
deadly wounds. Tlieio was one company
ahead of mine and lour behind us. Wo had
just eome to a halt , icady for the next order
which would have been a flank movement.
The bomb came from close to the speaker's
wagon. 1 saw anil heard it coming , but it
exploded too quick lor anybody to have done
anything witli ft or get out of the way. I was
knocked do\vn by the explosion , but not
wounded. It was "a terrible time. I can tell
you. They had everything cut and dried. "
LUAUEIIS llltl.U FOIt MUllDiil.
At 8:45 p. m. the coionci's juiy letnrned a
vcidiet hqlding Spies , Fielding , and their
pals to the grand jury without bail. When
the findinc was read in the city clerk's office
It was loudly applauded by the anxious spec-
tatois. Tlie pnsoncis had been returned to
the cells in the oasemcnt. They will be
taken to the county jail to-night. Some sen
sational evidence was given at the Inquest.
"I made scaicli of the Arbciter Xeitung of
fice " Olllcer Maittn Marks testified.'On a
shelf in tlio recess ot Spies' piivatoioom t
louml a bundle maikcd Adams Kxnress com
pany. Tills bag conlained a lot ot saw dust ,
sand and ultra-glycerine. It looked exactly the
same as what we found on Desplaincs stieet
alter the bomb exploited last night , only it
was not so hard. " The witness described the
ellect of the explosion upon some rocks nn-
dcincath which It was placed. 1'iamnents of
thobouldeis ivciocanied away an immense
distance. "Most of the stuff , " said the ot-
licor , "Is stored in the vault , and one of our
men , who is an expeit , says thcio Is enough
In It to
ni.owui' THIS nim.mxo. "
Tlio coroner moved uneasily In his scat
and ttio witness signed his deposition. The
powder In the bomb found to-day was what
Is known as "giant powder. " This in its
oidinary form is brown- paper mixed with
nltioghceilnc , but in tills case It was mixed
with sand. Tlio effect ol this Is to ntako the
\Yonuds Inflicted by It far moro ghastly and
ugly than tlio wound would be If itas
caused by an explosion of It in Its original
A sisiun OK Auou&r srins.
canto to the Central station to-day , and after
consulorabln talking Lieutenant Kepley
elicited liom her the confession that n thiid
brother , who vns in last ni ht's affray , was
lying dangerously ill at his home , It Is
thought that lie will die.
Mis. A. U. PaiSons ( negro ) the wife , of the
fugitive anarchist , was arrestcn this after
noon and was looked up at tlie Cential sta
tions She wiis pie.sent tills mm nlng when
thuolllecis undo the laid on the Xcltung
building , but thn ollleers did not then wish to
airest nor. They had planned to shadow
her hoping that she would make some ap
pointment with her husband , so that tlie lat
ter could bo captmed.
A siscnivr ri.or
nmonc the Bohemian aimichlsls In tlie south-
westein section of the city to Mail Incendiary
flies in the lumber distiict to-night was ID-
vc.dcd to the police by a man in the employ
of tlio detectives late this altornoon. Thn
plot Includes preparations to cut tlio | u > sa of
the mo department and disable the machinery
\\lienthuvicspondtoalarms. The prepaia-
tlons of the pollfronio ample to copn with the
Incendiaries. An extra tire tu ; : will bo sent
up tlm river and tlm dtvlctill ! be carefully
patioliod. The police at thn ftliiman hticet
station are on tlio alcit , ard any attempt on
Ihopaitof the ineendhuics will meet with
snmmu ! ) dealing.
Affairs in Detail ,
CHICAGO , May 5. T'ho oxcltoment of Jim
general populace is very Intense , growing out
the mu-jsacio p'nmifld ' and ran led out by a
small band'of annichlsts and their blind fol-
lo\\eislast night. Thoclty ismttwaidly\ory
quiet. In the street cars findutovpjy poinl
of gathering In the rltv the ovonli ; of last
night aie being snrloiHy dlsuu.vied. The
lanjo and conservative element in the popu
lation , It is proper to say , Ins iieuT seriously
contemplated that an outbreak of such
serious piopoitions nnd ntioelouschoj.ictcr
could be meditated bv any tlasa In the com
munity. The words heard on every side this
morning nio of utter nnd nhhorrunt condemnation -
nation of the assault uindo on the police.
The occunences of Mor.dny and last nlglit
urn ascilbiid In the public mind to the teach
ings and icceut ullfcvance.s principally ol
thiee mon August Sulcs , X It. Parsons and
Samuel Fielding , the speakers of last
night. They Imd been pointed out by
noaily tvciy paper In the cliy dining
iuit font da ) sand ! ! . ( traIe culmination on
Dts ; > ! alnessiiiilonly ! appeared tqrmphasUo
the&e wainlngs. Uhcir urrost has becu re
peatedly demanded.
I'm tons was the only man seen tube rec
ognized. Ho was in a liquor store , on the
coiner of Desplaincs and Lake street ? . The
socialists'headquarters \\ithlnl50feet of
the point \\licru the- deadly bomb yvis thrown
the rutik * of the pollvc , The liilus ut
ho police came from tbo same direction , and
t Is surmised that the criminals obtained
their guns and made the socialist hall the
rendezvous , and from whciico they proceed
ed to make their assault , They wore conceal
ed behind boxes and barrels on the sidewalk ,
evellugthelr gnus nnd tiring during the con
fusion following the explosion of
ho bomb. Parsons was seen In
the place accompanied by his negro
Wife for only n moment and then disappear
ed with other anarchists. The police searched
for the tlneo men nil night , but 'did not
succeed In finding them. A lltllo after 8
o'clock this moinlng nil thrco were found in
n cloo loom In tlto office of the Arboitor-Xel-
tnng newspaper , at 107 Fifth avenue. They
wcio In consultation when the ofllccrs came
upon them. They exhibited alarm , but made
no resistance. They were taken quietly to
thn central police station a block away , and
up to 0 o'clock the public had not been made
aware of thoiraiicst They are kept closely
guarded and no oun Is permitted to see them.
His not known what , If any , charges have
been made against them , and what is the ex
act policy tlm city authorities Intend to pur
sue. They hau' in evidence against Spies his
utmided but Inllammntoiy utterances In his
newspaper , In which ho has within tlio past
few days urged dynamlta warfare against tlio
police nnd all roKitlaily constituted authori
ties. His ditcut connection and that of his
companions in the events of the past few
days appears very clear. Mayor Hat i Ison reasserts -
assorts liis ability
In Chicago without outside aid. He argues
that the occineiiec of lust nlclit could not bo
foreseen and \\nsunparol el led even In Am
erican history. Tlie entiio police torce Is on
duty to-day nnd Its members arc appaiently
In lirst class condition. While their duties
have boon arduous , tlio fact that tlio depart
ment is equipped \\lth numerous patrol
wagons , they nave been able to leach scenes
of dboulcr without the fatigue consentient
unon a sliictly marching body.
The police nro nccoidcd by
the ontno picss the most unstinted
piaiso tor their discretion , bravery nnd excel
lent discipline. The only published criticism
upon the mayor wns in Ins not foiblddlng
the assemblage last nlglit nnd similar other
ones dm Ing the piccedlngthrccor four years.
Thus far to-day no piochunntlon has been is
sued forbidding nil futitio gatherings , but it
is assumed by the piessthls will and for some
time any assemblings by tlio red Hug advo
was inaugurated this morning. Seventeen
bundled men cmplovcd in tlio Deerlng Har
vester works stopped without notice or warn
ing of any character and without making
any demand. Whether they have been In
lluenced by the recent liotous events directed
against woikingmen icmalning at their
posts Is not known. The nianageis of the
winks asked for police piotcctlon. Tlio
woiks are located in a aistilct largely popu
lated bv foieign speaking people.
The inilioad situation was further
complicated this moining by thn stiike
ot all freight handlers on the
Lake Shoie load. The switch
men of the same road also decided not to
hiindln any tieiehteais loaded by any pui-
son other than Milkers.
ANOTllii : ( OPTItllKAK.
About 9 o'clock tills moining a crowd of
! ! ,0i0 persons made nn assault on a ding stoio
belonging to Samuel itoscnfeld. "Tear down
" "kill Rosen fold he's
the place , they yelled , ,
a police sny , " and pther like oxpiesblons.
The mob had the idea that the druggist was
giving Ihe police tips through his telephone.
A wagon load of police was soon on the
scene and conveyed Kosunfcld and his family
to the station , leaving a guard in the vicinity.
Sam Fielding , tlio rabid annichist and
companion ot August Spies , is under arrest.
He it was who siioko tlie last woids to the
mob last night. Ho was found this moining
and safely ca' cd at the Central station.
Fielding was sullering from a gun shot
wound In tlio Ie .
Three thousand men employed in the great
car shops at Pullman went out this morning ,
lolning the thousand who quit yesterday. A
ilg mass meeting was held at nine o'clock.
Resolutions weie adopted condemning tlio
liotous action of socialists , declaring they
had no sympathy with that element or its
methods , and counseling quite and good
THE POI.TCK rnnPAiinn.
Chiel-of-Police Ebersold said this morning
that the police foico was amply able to deal
with this trouble without outside assistance.
Tlio sheriff has not yet been called on. Both
First and Second regiments and First cav
alry and batteiy D aio icady to turn out at
short notice. Hetwcen tlneo and four bun
dled Spiinglield rifles have been given out tea
a special guaid of police. Fveiy man on the
force Is mined with two 44-callbroievolveis.
The mayoi has bjen in consultation nil tlm
mm nlng with the ollleers of tlie city law de-
paitment and prominent citizens. Various
city aiders me nioparing ) o take action ic-
gnrdlngtho minderoiis occuncnces of last
Tlio police aie lapidlv collecting evidence
against tlio chief conspirators among anarch
ists. They sonichcd Spies' ollice tills morn
ing and found absolute pioot ot tlio inflam
ing clicnlnrs mentioned In these dispatches
headed : "Revenge ! Woikingmen to Anns I"
and on another headed "Attention , Woiking-
nicn , " were found witli tlio form in type.
These weio taken possession of and locked
up at tlio central station as evidence that
Spies and Schwab direeily incited riot
and bloodshed. Anarchist Paisons has
not been captuicd as first icported.
Ha Is still hiding. Schawb was mistaken
for him vvli ° n the first auests weio made.
Inspector Honlield mided Zcpp's hall , cor
ner of Lake and Desplaincs streets , this
morning. Hero were found a lot ot muskets ,
red Hag * and Ceiman books expounding the
socialistic doctrines.
Nearly 310,000 has alreadyjbcen subset ibed
on 'change for families of wounded and dead
Sliortly after noon the police made another
raid on the office of the "Arbelter Xeituug. "
They arrested a man In the olllco who , upon
being 83nichcd produced a large revolver and
dhlc. Ho was placed under aiiost. In the
ofllco was dlscoveied snveial boxes of dyna-
mltn and a number of red flags and Inceiidl-
aiy banners. They vvoio all seized.
A mob of six to eight thousand persons 10-
assomblcd near the coiner of Klghtcenth
stieet and Center avenue at noon and raided
Rothschild's diy goods store , cairying away
everything poitablu in the stoie. Then then
inldcd a liquor stoio In tliu vi elnity kept by
n man named Woiskof , carrying away or
drinking liquor. Women and childlun joined
in this laid. The polica letuined to the
scene and succeeded In dlspeising tlio mob.
The stitkcrs at Deerlng Reaper woiks held n
meeting on the pinhlo near the factoiy at 1C
o'clock tills foionoon. They demanded eight
hourb woik , ten houis pay , double pay lor
ovcitlmo nnd twenty per cent advance lor
piece woik.
It Is learned that Schwab , one of the men
now under auest , addiessed the strikers last
nlcht , niging dynamite.
The freight handleis Intended making a
parade to-day , but Issued orders counter ?
mantling it. They also adopted resolutions
condemning the anaichlsts and tcndeilng
their services , If needed , to preserve tlm
public peace. It has filially been decided by
tlio mayor to Issue a proclamation , Tha
document will call on all people to Keep oft
Ihosticeth alter diuk , and will warn people
not to cathcr in crowds on the streets or in
vacant lots.
Tnenty-livo printers nnes.tcd In the Ar-
bolter-XtMtung building were amtigncd bo-
foio Justice Mcech , charged with murder ,
and the cases continued until May H , bail
being lefused. The dynamite , found In the
Arboiter-Xeltung office this morning , vyas ai
noon to-day taken to the lake front and ex
ploded. A piece the size of a
lien's egg was placed In a coupl
ing link nnd exploded. The heavy
Iron was shattered into line bits. T'ho mayor
vvithscvcinl detectives visited tlie A i belter
Zeltiuig ofllco and held a consultation with
Oscar Nclbe , employed to get out the paper.
The mayor told him the paper would not be
Issued until Inspected by Mr. Hand , whom
he would sent for that purpose.
Nlebo promised that nothing ot an inflam
matory nature should appear In the paper ,
lictoro the p\uer wns issued , a raid was made
and tucnty u prlnteis arrested.
An Inquest upon the body of Police Olllcer
John Diegan , killed last night , began at the
city clerk's ofllco this morning. It Is thoujhi
evidence will result In an Indictment of
Spies nnd other anarchists for minder.
2:30p. : -Thecity remains quiet up tp
this hour , The railway companies lia\e BUS
talned no molestation of any kind , and with
the exception of I-aKoi bhoro are moving
about all freight ottering.
Inspector Bonnold'raided M West Lake
street about 1 o'clock. This Is the notorious
resort for socialists. One of the rooms was
occupied by the freight handlers. The police
cleared the place , . . .
The police raided the establishment kept by
C. 11. Blssell , 115 South Clark street , this af
ternoon , carrying away ninety guns and re
volvers. It Is declared HIssolI has been sup
plying the socialists with guns.
The Northwestern road has arranged to re
sume operations to-morrow with a full force
of men ,
Tiir.iKitmnD POLICE.
Fourty-fonr mounted ollleers and mon are
at the county hospital. Olllcer Dloznu is tlio
only ono dead amone the Injnied officers.
The announcement of tlio death of Officers
Barrett and llanscn were wiongly
reported. At two o'clock Ofilccr Ilar-
ictt was icpoited dying and there
appears to bo little hope ot saving the lives
of Officers Miller and Jacob llrnsen , Nelson
Hnnscn and Ucddcn. Tlmicnmlnlng twen
ty-four olllccis in the county hospital vvnids
all have a show of recovery , but some are ex-
ticmely low. _
Impaneling a Coroner's Jury , ca
CIIICAOO , May 5. Another outbicak at the
corner ol Eighteenth stieet nnd Centra av-
cnuoocctiricdnbout 5 p. m. Crowds lined
the sidewalks for several blocks , but weio be
ing kept In motion as much as possible.
Suddenly n bottle wns huiledfrom the vicini
ty of a ding store at several nollcc who wcio
situated on an opposite corner. The ofllccrs
Immediately diew their revolvers and ( lied.
The mob scatteicd In every direction.
Whether anyone was seriously Injuicd or
notlt was Impossible to ascsitain. The In
quest over tlio remains of Police Ollicer
Dlegan , who was murdered by the atiaicliist
mob last night , was conclude..atSMO ! o'clock
this evening. Chris Spies and Michael
Schwab , two of the prisoners , made state
ments in their own behalf which damaged
rather than helped them. Schwab admitted
that ho did not believe in n personal God.
Fieldcn made a statement that was unin
teresting and unlmpoitaut
August Spies made no statement , and the
jury letlrcd.
They wcio out half an hour and then
atiiced on a verdict recommending that all
the ptlsoncis bo hold for murder without
bail , and that Parsons bo apprehended and
One of the policemen who raided the Ar-
beitei-Xeltung ofhce , gave some sensational
testimony. He said that on a shelf in Spies'
private room he found a bundle containing
sawdust , s.ind and nitro-irl.vceiine. It looked
exactly thn same as that which tlicy found
on Ieplnines > street nfter the explosion last
night , only it wns not so haul. Witness de-
sciibed the effect of tliu explosion upon some
rocks underneath which it was placed , fiag-
mentsot boulders' were carried away an im
mense distance.
Most ot the stuff , concluded the officer , Is
stored In n vault , and one'of our men , who is
nn expeit. says there is enough of it to blow
up tlie building.
Mrs. A. K. Parsons , wife of the fugitive
nnaichist , was arrested this nfteinoon nnd
wns locked up at Central station. She was
present tins moining when the ollleers made
n laid on Iho Aibelfer-Zoltung building , but
the officers did not then wish to aire.st her.
They had planned to , shadow her , hoping
that shn would make some appointment with
her husband , so that'the latter could bo cap
tured. ' i
Lain 111 the nfteinoon. the ollleers burst
open the private desk ofxPnrsons at his place
ot business , and .in doing so found that
the drawcis contalaed a largo quantity of-
powder , luse ahd' ether 'explosives. ' Ono
of the cxplbslvus/ ? brass cartiidgc ,
of tlio kind thatIs used in heavy blasting ,
was six inches long and ono and n halt
incites in diameter , and was full of giant
powder'with fuse attached toady tor light
ing. Parsons had not been caught up to tlie
time of vviltine. Scarcli was made lor him
at his home , but ho was not found. His mul
atto wife told the police that her husband
was so well hid that tlieio was no danger of
his being found.
A secret plot among Bohemian anarchists
m the southwestern uccilon ot the city to
start incendiary fires In the lumber district
to-night , was revealed to the police by n man
In the employ ot the detectives late this after
noon. Tlio plan Included pieparations to
cut the hose ot the fiio department and dis
able their machinery when they responded to
the alarm. The preparations of the police
are ample to cope with incondlailes. An ex-
tia lire tug will bo sent up the river and tlio
distiict will be carefully patrolled. The
police at Pinman stieet aie on the alert , and
any attempt on the pait of the Iiicendlailcs
will meet with summary dealing.
The indignation and concern ot the gen
eral public respecting tlie atrocious occur-
laiices of hist night have been no wise les
sened as the day passed.
The prompt action of the authorities In ar
resting thrco ot the chief conspirators , and
in accumulating evidence w hich it is believed
will fix a great crlmo upon them , has called
forth unstinted praise. All oulinaiy places
of business aie open , but theie is an almost
entire cessation in all oidtnaiytiansactions
of business. Men are discussing the event
in all Its scilous aspects. Major Haiiison
has been assured by nil clnsses of citi/.cns of
their detciinitiation to aid him in every pos
sible way.
Hon. K. B , Wnslibtirne , ex-minister to
France , remaiked that ho had not known
dining the carnage enacted by the commune
In Pans , so utterly cowardly and atiocious a
minder as lhat of last night. If tlieio Is any
law to reach the perpetiators and instigntois
of the nlTair , it is now positive that eel tain
death avvalts them.
Mayor Hanison tills nfleinoon , niter con
sulting with his department olhceis , pub
lished the follow Ing pioclamatlon :
Whereas , Uieat excitement exists among
the people of t'als good city , growing out ot
labor troubles , vv hlch excitement Is Intensified
by open defiance of the guardian's peace bv
a body of lawless men , under puitcnse of aid
inghibpilng men , but who aio ically en-
avorlnt to desnoy all laws.
rVnd , Whereas , Last nlitht , thpso mon , by
the jusnof weapons novtn iesoitid ; to In clvf-
ll/.ed lands , except in times of war or for
revolutionary ptn poses , caused itreat blood
shed among the citizens and ofllceis ot tlio
municipality who weio .simply in the per-
lornmiico of their duty.
And.Whereas , Tho. city authorities propose
to protect life and pioporty nt all tin/aids ,
and In doing so will bu .compelled U bieak
up all unlawful and dangerous gatlieilngs.
And Whereas , Even' when mon pi arioso
to meet for lawful tmrposcs , bad men will at
tempt to mingle with them , aimed with cow
ardly missiles , for tlio purpose of bilnging
about bloodshed , thus eudaugcilng innocent
persons. " 1 '
Therefore. I , Carter JI. Hanlson , Mayor ot
tlie city of OhIcaKoldotHejebr proclaim that
tlio gatherings ot people In crowds or proces
sions on sheets and public places of tlm city ,
are dangerous , undi .cannot bo permit-
led , and orders liavo been issiibd
to prevent all suchcashorlnu's , and to
break' up and idlsnerse all ciowds.
Topiovcnt Injury to Innocent persons , I
nrgo all law abiding ixjoyjo to quietly attend
to their own ntudis nnd pot meet In crowds.
It police order any gatherings to ilispeise
and they bo not obflyod , all persons so dlso-
hex ing are to bo treated as uvv hi takers and
will surely Incur the penalty of their diso
I further assure the good people of Chlcairo
that I believe the police can piotect their
lives and propcity nnd Iho good name of
Chicago , -and will do so.
Conductora Won't Strike ;
CHICAGO , May 5. At an informal meet
ing of conductors from Chicago division ,
No. 1 , Stanchtleld division , No. 41 , Uelknap
division , ' No { 00 , nnd Hovver City division ,
No. 113. Order of Hallway Conductors , held
at If5 Dearborn street to-day , the following
preamble and resolutions weie adopted :
In view of the fact tlmt a largo number ot
people In this city aio engaged In a stiike
ayainst their employers , niid will not work
themselves nor allow others to d.o so , nml
t.iat the several lines of railway onyhlcji
Wo me employed ba\e their business and
property endangered thereby , therejoro bo It
Uesolved , That we , ns members of the
order of railway conductors , whoso
principles are directly opposed to strikes , desire -
sire to place ourselves and our organization
In n tmo light before the public. And bo It
Kcsolved , Tlmt wo , as nn organization ,
stand ready at nil times to further the
best Interests of our employers , and
to that end will use our best endeavors to
protect their propcity entrusted to our care ,
and by all available means to dissuade others
Irom aiding and abetting In acts of lawless
ness and riot.
Its Volco Rained In Condemnation or
Tuesday's Illot.
CinoAao , May / > . The following are some
of the comments of the Chicago papers :
The Evening Journal says : There can bo
but one sentiment among all classes In view
of the outrage and crime last nlglit. Hhoit ,
sharp and decisive mcnsmcs must
bo dlicctcd against the mob whatever
It gathers. The most pressing need is for an
adequate force of United States troops who
ha\o been taught to shoot and who shoot to
kill. This revolt ngninst Amcilean law and
civlll/.allon should bacuishcd without dclnv
and withoutmcicy.
The Dally , News says : Let thcvo men who
defiantly boast of their law lessness , bo made
to fed the full penalty ot a long outraged
law. Their crime appeals moio despicable In
view ot their own peisoiial eowaidlco after
having involved theli dupes in tumble . Let
there be no teinpoii/.lng with their followers
should any ol them attempt a continuation
of last night's lawlessness. Let there be no
firing In the nlr. In such times leniency to
ward lawlessness IsuU Injniy totlielnw-abld-
The Mall says : The ruffians , Parsons and
Soles , and the other rntlian , Fieldun , should
bo made to leel the chastisement of an In
sulted and outraged people. Not one ot the
leading anaichlsts , not one of the whelps
who has helped to bring down upon us the
condition ot tctrorlsm w hlch eveiy where pre
vails in Chicago , should bo treated with
leniency or consideration. Stamp out the In
famous set.
Tlie Inter-Ocean says : Thooccuireiices of
last nlglit show how far the ngitatois of
Spies' and Poisons' school aiepicpared togo.
Tlio rcsoit of piolossional lioters to such
methods calls for Immediate action on the
pait of the citizens. The nuthoilllcs nio
doing all that ino nuthoiltles can do , but
something more is needed. Strikes and
strikers ntc lost sight of now ; tlieio can bo
no difleiences between employer and em
ploye when It comes to condemnation of
such outrages as that ot hist night. The la-
boi ing men must disentangle themselves fiom
the circumstances that have been thiown
ibottt them by the anarchists and socialists.
They are less than men If they will penult
Ihemsolvcs to bo used in any way
to foiwaul the schemes of the
enemies of society and government.
Oniccr Mnildon Follows n Suplcious
Character , and llccclvcs His
Death Wound.
CmcAcioMay5. A lioniblo outcome of the
excitement lesultlng liom last night's ilots
occurred this evening shortly after 0 o'clock.
Two officers had boon stationed on Dcs-
plaines stieet viaduct near Ihe Chicago , Mil
waukee & St. Paul freight yards , to piovent
crowds fiom gatliciing and Idlers from cny-
inz men at woik In the place of the stiiking
fieight handlers. The ollicers noticed two
imrticulaily suspicious looking individuals
slowly cioss the viaduct and enter a saloon
on DCsplanes street near Cairoll av-
enuo. OlUcer- Michael Madden , of
Desplnines street station who was somewhat
closer to the saloon than the othertvvo policemen -
mon , was given the signal to keep his oycs
on the ugly pair that had attracted attention.
At tills moment niuvolvcr wns thrust Irom
Ihe saloon door by one ot the men and a shot
filed into the street in the dhectlon ot the
olllccis. Policeman .Madden stepped biiskly
to the saloon door and at once grappled with
the man who had the revolver , while two
other olllccis hurried to Ills aid. Inthescuf-
llo the man with the levolvcr picsscd the
mur/Io ot his weapon to Madden's bieast and
fired. Madden teclcd but steadying himsclt
almost instantly brought his own
revolver Into pioxlmlty with his
assailant's head and pulled the trigger.
Madden and his piisoncr , locked in each
others arms , reeled to the floor , just as of
ficers Daley and Harnett , i mining , reached
the saloon. Tlio companion of Madden's as
sailant had vanished , lioth Madden and Ids
prisoner were taken lo the county hospital.
Doctors say that the man wns somewhat
under tlio influence of liquor and the result
ot his Injury cannot yet bo told. A paper
found on his pci son shows that his name is
John Loelfelliaidt , of Englewood. Ofllccr
Madden's wound is uioital.
Jmu-8 in His Opinion Are Crim
inal to tlio Furthnriiuco of
Social Growth.
CHICAGO , May 5. In an interview to
night August Spies , in a cell at tlio cential
station , claims that hn attended hist evening's
meeting reluctantly , nnd went moro to calm
the crowd titan with any oilier intention.
Said ho : "I consider tlio throwing of that
bomb a most iiiational proceeding.
It should not have been done
under Iho circumstances. I have
no objection to the use of dynamite. People
have at lived at a certain state vvlieio they
will do all kinds of violence. We have pie-
dlcted these things to come. They vvno
n necessity. Yes , I Imvo advocated In my
speeches the use ol foice. "
"Aro yon In favor of killing police with
dynnmitoV" wns asked.
"Well , Hint all depends on clicumstaiic.es.
If yon have an enemy you must kill him !
1 look upon police as icpicscntntlvcs of the
capitalistic class. As a class the police do
something which , in my opinion , is antagon
istic to the wclfaio ot society , and thbiefoie ,
they must bo removed. "
"You do not caio lor laws , cither , Mr.
Spies ? "
"lam opposed to the present laws ; Iain op
posed to nil fa ws ; I consider them Inimical
lo the iuithuinnco of social giowtli. "
"Do you consider the woik of Tuesday
night a victoiyV"
'W > ; ltwns disgusting ; n meio unorgan
ised outbreak. "
"Now Unit yon aio In this place , do you con
sider yoilrself a inaityr ? "
"Of course , what else would you call ItV"
ie nl led Spies with a foiccd laugh. Then he
added : "No I nm no maityr we tuo all
chlldicn ol clicumstaiices. "
Spies was appaieittly disinclined to talk
much fuithcr , liutbuloio the clo.su suggested
that the dynamite found in tlio Aibultcr
Xeitint ; ofllco was possibly put there by tliu
Fiolctcn was also seen and talked much in
the same stiain ,
Funds for tlio Wounded.
CHICAGO , May 5. The iuudiniscd for po
licemen wounded by last night's bomb
throwing amounts to-night toifcST.OOO. Of
tills , about gl'-.OOO w'as contilbnted by mem
bers of the boaid of tiado , 510,750 by rail-
toads centeilng In Chicago , and tlio balance
by pilvato Individuals. Wholesale gioceis
araalsoiaislngaa laigo fund 10 bo tinned
over to-mono w , and so far none ol them
have contiibntcd less than S100 each.
Legislator nnd Historian About to
Kujoy a Trip , When Strlok-
cii In Doatli.
MATTOOX , 111. , May 5. To-day Hon. O , B.
Ficklino died at his homo In Charleston , of
paralysis of the brain. Ho was stiicken
down on Sunday , and only lemnlned con
scions for a few minutes. Ho was born li
Kentucky , In the year 1803. Ho was admitted
to the bar of Illinois and commenced practlc
Ing at Mount Carmol. In 1630. iror six yeais
and up to Ib43ho had servcil in the lower house
of the Illinois legislature. Ho was elected to
congress In ISl'J and was re-elected In ISM
1&4Q and IbSO. hince his ictiicment frou
public lite ho had devoted himself to writing
tl.o early history ot Illinois. At the time o
his death ho and Mr. Washburne , of Illinois
wemananglng tornn extended trip to- the
jlUt settled towns and counties lu the uorlh
em party f the state. . . . , . . .
Polish Socialists Pirod On bj tlio Militia
With Fearful Results-
Repented Warnings Disregarded
The llloters , Crying Out to Kill
tlio Mllltln nnd Hurn the Mills
Are Quickly Dispersed.
Poles Peppered \Vlth Cold bond.
MII.WATJKIH : , WIs. , Mny fi 9 n. in. He-
) orl8 fiom liny View say that tlio mllltla
I red on tlio mob tills morning. Tha mob Is
unrchlng towards the Allls woiks , which
tnrloil under military piotectlnu this morn-
ng. The llcht horse smiiidron Is on the way
o the Allls works. A laigo gathering of
loclalistslsroported atthoMllwaukuo garden ,
rite police nro on their way to tlio spot.
0:80 : a. in. A mob of socialists assembled
it thoMllwnukeo gardens tarted lor Host's
nowcry. Three companies ot Infantry , a
platoon of cavahy nnd n platoon ot police
mo on the wity to Intetcept tliom.
0.10 : a. in , An eye-witness of the shooting
at Hay View tills moinlnc says that two men
vcie killed outright , two mortally wounded ,
ind a number of others slightly mitt. The
collision occiinoil at Deer Cteek bildgo , close
o the village ot Hay View.
Latest repoits fiom Hay View show a much
noio seilous condition of alfalis than hrM
cportcd. A crowd of stilkcis coiiimencud
o lonn at 8X : ! ) and matched towaids the
nllls. Six military companies marched out
of the grounds mid stationed In trout of the
vvoiks itndas the croud approached , paying
10 attention to the outers to halt , n voilov of
mlluts was pouted Into the crowd. The
lotus beat a hasty letroat Then It was
found that live lives had been lost anil several
> orsons wounded. A schoolboy was among
Jioso killed. A laige crowd of socialists ns-
icmblcdat Milwaukee gatdcn , ineiuiliiR to
airy out the piogtaiiimeol riot nnd destine-
ion. A platoon ot sixty policemen and tlneo
nfaiitty companies were dispatched thi-ie
uid denied the promises. The mob then 10-
nssembled aniLpiocecdcd to Best's biewery ,
ind word hits just been received at the mill
; ary headquarters that a disturbance took
lace there , in which It became necossaiy to
csort to thing and two pcivins were killed
Noon The iiimor that two men had been
silled at Host's bioworv was louml to be
nitrite. The list of killed and wounded ut
Uav View i ns follows :
l-'llANX - KUNKIEL , killed.
Tlio wounded me :
MAurix . ) A.vuoYi\ : .
Hey named NowAcmric.
CASIMI-.K Dri > iiv. :
mil two or thrco otltcH dangciously
tvnnnded. The. linn ; : of militia resulted in
lisperslng Ihu mob. The Polish rloteis 10-
: uincd to the city and proceeded to sack the
icsldence of Captain Hoorchaids , of the
[ \oscinslto en uds. Tlie residence is a com
plete wreck. The Poles then assembled
lear tlio Polish church. It is rumoied they
ieoided to at m thcinsclvct > and make a raid
on the militia at Hay View mills thir after
Later Details of tlio Riot.
MII.WAUKKI : , May r . \0 p. m. By 0:30 :
o'clock this morning 400 Poles assembled
learthc laige Polish chinch in the southcin
.section of the city , each bearing a huge club ,
in hon barpr some other implement of vyai- , ,
aie. Tlie liimi iormed Into line and pro
ceeded in tlmdlicctlon.ot Hay View , raising
he ciy as they went : "Kill the militia and
nun the mills. " Major Traumer oidcred
our companies under his command
from Inside the rolllnir mills' enelos-
ire wheio they tiad" been In camp
during the night and stationed them In tlte
jest position to check the advancing mob.
Major Trauemer oidered them to stop ,
ma gave ttieni fair warning that to
ulvanco meant ccitnin death. The crowd
ignored the caution and prebsed toward the
bridge. Major Traumer had orders to keep
any ciowd item nppioaching the mills , and
to lire upon them as a last resort , it tlio older
could not otherwise be enforced.
Accoidiugly , when no attention had been
given to the second wainini : , ho gave ordeis
to 11 ic. Asncailyas could bo learned hix
companies emptied their guns with steady aim
Into the throng. Seeing sovcial ot their
number tall , wounded or killed , the mob
therw themselves Jlat on the ground , and
sought tlio sholtcr ot the railroad embank
ment. The level ot South Hay sheet and
Lincoln avenue was also sought by fiantlc
men , who tumbled headlong into tlio water.
There was every cvldencu on the suiiound-
ing objects to show that the militia Imdlhed
low and with Intent to kill as one of them
expicssed it. TheieaiiltoC tlio hist volley
having had such a salutoty cltect , the militia
companies stacked their aims , and pot tions
of the united mob icturncd to the scene
of the tingedy. A squad of police
also put in an anppai.inco and be an to as
sist tlio wounded. Homo ol the latter were
taken to neighboring saloons and dosed with
whisky , after which inoy wcie convejed to
their homes.
LIST OK 'llli : KU.I.El ) AND WOUXDCT ) .
The kill'-d and wounded aio :
MICHAEL UUOHOLSKI , laborer , shot
thiouuh thobieast. Expired shoitly alicr-
Kit AM X KUNKEL , aged 0) ) years , shot
through the lieait bv a stiay bullet while
feeding his chickens In his y.ud.
JOHANN MASSEKA , ( hiboicr. ) shot
tinough the bowels , the ball going thiough
liim. He died In uicat agony ,
MAHTIN JAXKOWIAK , ( lubr.rer . , ) shot
through chest , ball entoiliig In iiont nnd
passing out in i ear.
Ai.miur AIII.KANX , sliot through the nbdo-
mcn , and cannot live.
OASIIMIU Di'uuic , shot in left cheek and
nun , halt Ids lower jaw cniried awaj by two
bullets , not expected to liu' .
KiiAXK NOWAT.SAK , aged in , school hey ,
shot Hidcways through the abdomen by stitiy
bulletcannot live.
JOHN Osi.v.sKi , shot In light i houliler. Not
Kiti ; ( ioi.TtUKCU , shot thiough both thighs ,
not dungeions.
TliuoKoltuiuoiit tliioiu-hotit the fourteenth
(1'olMi ( ) , ward icached a high pitch , and
thtoats of vengeance nioheaid on eu-iy cor
ner. KnoU > ol men nto seen gesticulating
aiiddlFcusslngtlm tiagedy. All am Indig
nant over wh.it they tcim the unuiovokcd
murder of their countrymen.
In tint we.stein poition of tlio city the ( ! cr-
man socialists caused the police and millti.v
loncrvo at the aimoiy a Kicnt amount of
double. Thieo times they hnvn been called
to tlio Milwaukee garden , 200 stiong , to dis-
peiso a ciowd ot 2,000 or mote
httikers and womllbls. Two leaders
( socialists ) have been attested , and Governor
Husk will remain on the Held with tin ) suite
militia until all trouble Is ended and quiet ro-
stoicd. His action was endorsed ut a lnro ;
meetlngof business men this afternoon.
Tlio U , P. Krnkttiiien'a Strike.
CJUIYKNNI : , Wyo. , May fl. [ Special Tele
gram. J The stiike by the biakomcn is In
fctntuoquo. The men went out at Noitli
Platte to-day. Fifty big men from Chicago ,
going thiough to Luramie City on the train
this evening , weiobnorn In by United States
Marshal Cnrr as deputies. They state
thuy are going to gitatd piopuitv along
thii road but It is suspicioned tluty will net as
hrakumcn and try to muvw tialns to-motiow.
Nino-tenths ot the people ot Lninmle City
aio railroad men and lhcn'may ( bu tionble.
All isqu'.ct ' at this point. One bundled moil
big men arc coming to-monow night , and It
Is stated tialns will bo i iin if it is neecbtai }
to call on the military to do so.
ILoxlo's Terms tt > tlio Striker ; * .
Sr. Loins , Mo. , May 5. Jlcneial Manager
Hoxloof the Mlsbouil 1'adiic iniluay sent
Instructions to Supciintendent Kcnigan to
guide him In dealing % \lth nppIcatlons ! for
woik by the late bUilters. Jl quotes as t
part ot these tustiuctloiiR the wording ot ad
veitlscmcnt3 lor- help publUluM dining the
\\hlcU the couipnuy ui.dvilalius no
o ask any questions of applicants as to
vhethcror not they arc monibcrs of anj'
abor orgonliatlon , agreclntr that the rates ot
vagcs reocotncnded by the governors ot
Missouri and Kansas In adjustment , or the
rates of March , 1&5 , equal to that paid by
ilhor roads In the same section of the conn-
ry. Kerrigan is Instuicted that men who
mvo been encaged during tlio strike arc not
obo dlscluugcd ; that the men vho hnvo
committed acts ol vlolonre , orlio have ad
vised such acts , are not to bo taken , such hay-
ng already been announced as the company's
erms. _
The Hesolvo of Fttrnlturo Mftkcrs.
NEW Vonic , March 5. The FurnlturoMan-
ifacturcrs' association of Now York and
vicinity passed the following :
KcsoJmf , That tlm mcmbors of this asso
ciation tun their factories on a basis of ten
tours as a day's work , from MomUy , the 10th
list. , and Hint if the employes of any man-
tfaeturor beloiiglni ; to this association shall
Mi Ike by reason of this rule , \vo plcdgo ourselves -
selves \ > e will , ono and all , close our lactor-
es and remain closed till tlio matter Is ad-
A committee on atbltration was appointed-
liljclit llonrn in Hoston.
UOSTO.V , May fi. About twohunilrcd tailors
icte nio on a stilkc. Their employers have
oiganlred "The Uoston Clotlilni ; Mnnufae-
uicrs1 association.Tlio sttlkcis assert that
ho association has been tiyln ? to get a nun
ndontedto pievcnt stiikes by a moce.ss ot
irbltratlon , Intending to keep ( ill nrgotla-
ions until the dull season set In and then
Mint down altogether. To-day nliio moio
Inns of the muster luintci < signed the ncrco-
ncnt pic.sented by tliiil/JOQatilktiigpainters.
Powderly's VlftoroiiH Dciiiinciati.ti.
ScitANioN' , Pa. , Mny 5. Cencial ! Master
Workman Povulorly vlcoiously denounced
he Chlcasro anarchists nnd their desperate
woik. Ho added Ills tlio duty of eveiy or
ganization ot woiklngmcn in Amcilca to con
temn the outrages committed In Chicago In
ho name of labor , and said If any knights
lave taken pait in the murdcioits pircccd-
ngs icpoitud tlioy sltould bo piomptly ex-
lelled fiom the outer.
No Moro Unlawful Mcctin&H.
CIIICAOO , May --Tho coioner's jury
recommended that the conslltuted authori
ties in the future stilctlyentorco the statute
iHohlblting ilicholdlngot unhivvlul meetings.
The WhcolH AVIilrltUK Acnln.
INDIANAPOLIS , May 5. The Woodburn
Satven Wheel company lesumed woik this
11101 nlng , 500 of tliu old employes icpottlng
lei duty.
Flcrec Denunciation by Conservatives
of tlto GliidstonPtirnell Policy.
LONDON , May 5. A collective note signed
ly ) Knglaud , Germany , Austria , Ilussla and
Italy was piesentcd to Giceeo to-day. Tlio
note states that while tlio poweis icco nizo
the fiicndiy intervention of Fiance tlioy
must icqulio tome moie precise nssiii-anco
that Greece will dis.iiin. Fiance added Hint
unless the demands of the powers weio
piomptly acceded to the slgneis will
withdiaw their ministers liom Athens. The
dukeot Noilollc presided at a eoii'-eivativo
meeting this evening , at SI. James' hall , to
piote.st nirninst the homo-iulo policy ot Glad
stone. The attendance was large.
The duke admitted that licland had In the
past been misgoverned bv England ,
but contended now that tlio Irish peasants
enjoyed tlie best position of any of hjs class
in the vvoild.
Addresses denunclnry ot the measure vvoio
madeby Viscount Cianbrook , liurgn iiiam-
vvell ( prominent liberal ) , Sir Michael Hicks-
Benchand ViicouiitCiatibioolr. These trantio-
men were apitoluted a.conunittee to mc.sc.nt to
patllainaiil a petition ugalnst giantlng homo
lulu to Iiclnml. llcaolntlons weie unani
mously adopted denouncing In sluing Icims
the policy of lilsh home rule as fatal to the
integilty of tlio emphc , and callina on all
loyal subjects to co-operate for the defeat of
the iiicusuie.
Natives , Set Flro to Mnndnlay.
LONDON , May 5 , A dispatch liomBurinah
states that the insurgents liavo taken posses
sion of Mandalay nnd destioyed by the 4,000
houses. The Chinese nnd Siamese ba/nnis
wcio binned. The British ofTiccistelcgiaphcd
Loid Diifleiln thin they ate powerless to pre
vent rioting , and ask for loinUucemcnts.
Fourteen Injured Workmen Tnlccil
Fiom thn KuliiH Not Less Thau
Four Men Killed.
ST. PAUL , May 5. About 3 o'clock this
afteinoon one of the walls of the liiacicelt
block , Minneapolis , to which an addition
was being made , foil out and Into the base
ment which was being excavated , and bury
ing a dozen or moio woikmcn. A icsciiliiK
paity , under the lendcishlp ot Mayor Ames ,
immediately set to woikand up to this hour ,
10 j ) . m. , lour killed and ten wounded men
have been taken out. Two of tlio dead are
unknown , and the other two aio named J.
Council nnd John Jnnish. Tlio
latter loaves n wife and six
chihlien. 11 is fcaied that one or two
morn bodies will bo found by moining. All
the wounded will lecovcr. , , Woikmcn wcio
engaged taking out tlie Ihe wall to build ad
dition. They Imd no permit from tlio city to
icinovo the hie wall , and tlie city inspcctou
says that improper suppmts and too iiiucli
weight of building matci ial on the loof and
( loots caused tliu catastiophe. ' The aichltcct
and the owner of tnu building coincide in
this view , and the loimcr.says tlmt tiio men
also excavated dlicctly under the line of
wooden snppoits and used a battcilng tain to
rumovo tlm wall.
Fntal Wreck on tlio Alton lload.
PIKIN. : Ills. , May fi. The last fielght tialn
on the Chicago & Alton , liom Chicago to
Kansas City bioko In two a mila south of
Delator at 2:30 : tills moining. The speed
of tlie ( list section slackened nnd when the
other caiscamo up they knocked tlucijcnis
with lumber down an embankment llihty
feet deep. Four unknown men weio lu
the wieck tenlbly mangled. A caid waa
found on one witli thcnnmoof L. 11. Gan
non , On another w as a scrap of paper bear
ing the uddicss of John \Yoolf \ , 1UM Thirty-
liist stiei't , Ohicigo , Kioin Ihe two who es
caped it vvsio teamed that a ciowd of ten
stdited liom Chicago ; that four got oil nt
liloomlnglun , two were lu n box cai and tlio
othei llnee wore In the lumber car and weio
ciushcd to dentil by the tlmbeis. The acci
dent delated all tmlns until 11 o'clock.
Twelve cars nio ruined and will have to bo
burned. The brakesman Jumped off nnd <
saved hl.s life. The engineer wns a new man
nnd did not know the piade.
Ill Health oI'Diivid Davis.
INDIANAPOLIS , May 5. Tlio Journal's
Bloomington , III. , special conesnoudont re-
poifa that I ! o friends ot ov-Vico Picsldt-nt
David Davis utoalarmod over tliu condition
of bin health. His general health has not
been good lor some tlmo pnbt , nnd tlio pics-
enl alttim Is caused by the nppcaiancd on his
loft shoulder joint ol n huge caibnnno
which , it 1 $ tciiicd , wlllcndnngcrlils life.
IJiiliealtliy Arlchluu Water.
NKVV "Votiic , May fi. The health hoard has
concluded nn nnnly/e ot the uitcMan well
water used to wash down beef in the Chicago
cage slnuglitciliig houses of .Swift & Co. and
Aimour .t Co. It has deckled it unlit for
contact with food.
Denver & Hlo r ; ran do to Tto Bold ,
Dr.\vin : , Col. , May B. At the instance of
the liist moitgngc bondholdeis of the Denver 8
tt ItioOinndo railway Judge llnllett , in the
United States clicult couit , to-day , ( iitcied
final di cicn for foicclosuio nnd , sale of tl'O.t '
toad on July 12.
Upholding I'urucll and Gladstone.
PQIIII.AMJ , Oicgon , May 5. The demo/
ciatic state convention ndopted a lesolullorj
In sympathy with ( ilndsloneand I'jirnell nud
wishing them Uod speed lu seeming hem |
rno ! foi Iiclniul.

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