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Omce , No. DM AND 018 TAIWAM 8t
oeM 65TiunuNit HUIUIINO
I WASHINGTON Omcr. , No. M3 FotmTKMmi ST.
ruMlshpd every momlnir , exempt Sunday. The
[ only Monday morning paper published In the
1T.ni.i3 . UT MAIL !
{ One Tfnr.,4..tl0.rOiThrco Months . I2.50
1 8U Months. . 6.00ono ! Month . 1.01
fanK WEEKLY BKE , Published Every Wednusdnr.
One Tcnr , with premium . . . . . , . . . . . . . $2.00
Ono Year , Without premium . 155
Blx Months , without premium . . . . . . . . 75
Ono Month , on trial . . . 10
AHcomrminlcntlon * relating to news nnd full-
torlnl matter * fhoulj bo addressed to the Km-
tron or niK HER.
AHlm lnosslottcrnnndrornlttnneos should ho
flddropecd to Tun IIKK runusitixo coMPANr.
OKAMA. Drafts checks nnd postolllco ordora
tqbo timdo pnynbloto the onlor of the company.
m BEE poBiisHiiBlipjiir , PROPBIETORS ,
Sxvorrx Stntcincnt ofClroulatlon.
Stale of Nebraska , I
Cotintv nf Douglas. I " B <
N. 1' . foil , cnsliier of tlio Uco Publishing
coini > nnv ( locs solemnly swear that tlio ac
tual circulation of tlio Dally Uco for the
week ending April 30th , isso , was as follows :
Mnrntng Kventno
Edition. K > nttni\ . Total
Saturday. 21th. . O.WX ) n.siro 12,470
Monday , 2.1th. . . 7,100 ( , ,005 12,70.
Tuesday , 27th. . o.noo r,7i5 13,015
We < lneslaySSlh 0 , < 500 r.,8 5 12,145
Thursday , 28th. 0'JOO 11,005
Friday , JJOtlt 0,375 rsoo 12,173
Average . .0,471) ) 5.777 13,850
Sworn to nmt subscribed before mo , this
1st day ot May , A. D. 18SO.
Notary Public ,
N. I . Foil , bolnp flrxt duly sworn , tfojiosas
and says Hint lie Is cashier of the Uco Pub
lishing company , that the actual averatjo
daily circulation of the Dally Dee for the
month of Jnmiarv , ISSC. was 10,878 copies ;
lor February , 1830,10,51. ! > copies ; for March ,
"W , 11,537 copies ; for April , 18SO , 13,101
nworn to nnd subscribed bcforo mo this
ft day of .May , A. D. 1880.
_ / Notary Public.
Notice to Agents antl Hubscrlbors.
Hereafter all orders for papers , nil
complaints about postal delays , and all
remittances should ba directed to the Br.i :
Publishing company'Omaha , Nebraska.
Mr. Filch will still continue as manager
of the circulation of the BEE , west of the
THE anarchists must go. They arc
worse than the Chinese.
MOKE of Powdorly and less of powder
is what the workingmen of America
need , and they arc clear headed enough
to know it.
THE Chicago policemen have gene on
n strike. They are striklns : , right fmd left
at anarchists' heads , and creating a
{ demand for arnica.
I HAD it not boon for the impudent and
( Uninvited action of the anarchists tlio
Chicago workingmen would have
Achieved a peaceful and substantial vie-
IF wo are to have nn exposition in
Oiimha this fall it is high time that steps
bp taken to make the necessary arrange
ments and get the affair properly adver
tised. _
' dynamiters riot and attempt to
bring the bomb as a fmal argument to
force their theories of riot and ruin upon
American workingmen , they will bo mot
with arguments equally forcible and de
[ SENATOR VAN WYCK Is away from
Vashington , but the literary bureau
whoso headquarters is in Senator Man-
dorson's committee room continues to
.olograph abuse of the senior sonutor to
Nebraska papers without intermission.
TIIK agonizing struggle of the demo
cratic party at Washington for a policy
a very painful to witness. But it is no
jinoro painful than the disgust which the
imbecility and cowardice of the loaders
'at ' Washington have caused in the rank
pnd file throughout the country.
. . .
- - - i i - - i i
THE Chicago police deserve the great
est credit for their bravery and cflicient
Performance of duty during the anarchist
riots. The citizens of Chicago cannot do
too much towards providing for the fami-
llea of tlio dead and wounded ofllcors who
Wore victims of the anarchist dynamite
bomb. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
C.OMTLIMENTAKY Comments ttpOll Soil-
ator Van Wyck's late speech on tlio in
terstate commerce bill continue to appear
IB. the loading papers of the country ,
Whoso editors are not controlled by the
Corporate influences. These fully set oft
* bo uncomplimentary remarks of the
Buiigtown Gazette and Doadhorso Whang-
doodle , which are quoted with so much
i by the Nebraska tin cans.
probability is that there will bo
BO : labor disturbance In Omaha. The
workingmen of Omaha are peaceful and
honest citizens , many of whom possess
homos of their own , and are satisfied
with the present condition and prospects
ol tiOairs in this city , They ara inter
ested in the prosperity and welfare of
Omaha and tlio country generally , and
emphatically denounce socialism and
anarchism , which can only result in riot ,
bloodshed , plllago and ruin.
bo doing inimensodamago
to settlement , but the number of entries
'tit Nebraska this spring , as reported
from tiio various land olUcos , show no
Evidence of the fact , There will bo
hundreds of thousands moro acres of
land taken up under the general land
laws this year than were entered a year
ago , Settlers who enter land to comply
with the law know very well that their
patents will bo forthcoming , The chorus
acainst Sparks , however , docs not
originate f torn this class. And that is
whore the shoo pinches
FOUTV-SIX pqlico olllcers of Chicago
wore cither killed or wounded in attempt
ing to preserve the peace in that city
against tlio riotous mobs led by such ruf-
. fi h $ us Schwab and his follow anarchists.
, ' Teu thousand dollars was promply raised
fi the board of trade yesterday for the
Victims of dynamite and the red flag ,
1 Such eceuoj as those which have ills-
igniccd the great city on thu lake will
mnd the battle cry of ' 'the anarchist *
must go" ringing throughout the country
d the loudest voices will be those of
rlcan workingmen on whose geode
o and reputation these posU of bo-
are trading.
Some * Oonserrntlvo Adrico.
Mr. Arthur , chief of llio Brotherhood
of Locomotive Engineers , has recently
presented somn views upon the labor
question which must meet with the hearty
approval of all who wish well to work
ingmen in their struggle to improve their
condition. In the first place Mr. Arthur
took occasion to warn workingmen
azainst the false notion that tlio chief end
of labor organizations vrns to dictate
terms to tlioit employers. lie boldly assert
ed as a worktngman , and head of a great
labor organization , that it is as wrong
for them to demand that workingmen
who do not belong to their organization
shall not ba employed as it Is for employ *
crs to rcfuso work to a man simply be
cause he belongs to a labor union. Tlio
right of ono man to begin work on such
conditions as suit him is as much beyond
dispute as is the right of another man to
quit work because tlin terms do not suit
These arc the same views which Mr.
Powdcrly nnd other wise nnd far-seeing
lenders of labor have expressed. It
is unforlunato that they have
often failed to enforce their mod-
crate and just sentiments upon
the organizations of which thov
arc the admitted heads. It is not to thn
interests of workingmen to attempt to
oppress their employers an d their as
sociates. The success of orga nizcd labor
will not come through force. It will bo
attained by convincing workingmen and
employers alike of the justice of their do-
maiuLs. The demand' ) must como from
tlio free deliberation and the full con
sent of the masses and not from tlio arbi
trary will or excited impulse of a few hot
headed agitators. An irresponsible des
potism which attempts to rule by
fear can never take deep root
among the free political institutions of
America. The spirit of liberty which
this country fosters cannot thrive amid
arbitrary coercive practices , either on
the part of the government or the gov
erned. This -is what the great labor or
ganization , the Knights of Labor , rccog-
ni/.os as ono of its cardinal principles
wli'ch ' cannot be too perfectly committed
to heart by American workingmen.
TlibMidlothian Manifesto.
The appeal made to the electors of
Midlothian by Mr. Gladstone indicates
that the premier fools strong enough in
his position before the country to forego
a personal appearance on the platform
in Edinburgh to conciliate his Scotcli
constituents. His manifesto was accord
ingly written and given to tlio public
through the press. Mr. Gladstone gives
it to bo understood very plainly that his
homo rule bill in its present form is lilce-
ly to bo extensively magnified before it is
put on its final passage , and that provided
its vital principle is sustained
ho is quite willing that the details of its
application should bo settled by parlia
ment. This leaves the doors open for the
return of some nf the socedors who have
their defection upon certain clauses of
the measure. The premier probably lias
in mind the reform bill of 1807 which was
brought into oxistoneo in much the same
way as the homo rule bill of 1880. Lib
erals under Mr. Gladstone established
the principle that an enlargement of the
franchise was necessary , and though
tltoy were defeated and resigned on the
form of the bill which they pre
sented it was owing to liberal
work and the education which liberals
had given the country in agitating the
measure that Disraeli was forced to take
up the great questions and pass a bill em
bodying its main features in a succeeding
parliament. Mr. Gladstone insists that
the neeesslsity for homo rule for Ireland
shall bo admitted. Ho demands that the
liberal party shall commit itself to work
and vote for self-government on the part
of the Irish people , This principle ad
mitted , ho will make such concessions as
may bo needed to pass the measure , pro
vided always that they do not conflict
with the principle which it was formulat
ed to establish.
Tlio Fight Has Begun.
The campaign in Nebraska is about to
open. The never-failing sign of the irre
pressible conflict is the revival by the
Lincoln paper , that subsists upon the pro
ceeds of fraud on plundered taxpayers
and monopoly pap , of the exploded and
moss-grown story that Jay Gould once
upon a time hushed the Omaha BEE with
tv thousand dollars. No matter how often
this impudent falsehood has been buried ,
it is always sure to bo rcsurrectod at the
outset of every campaign. Nobody knows
the true history of this transaction
bettor than the rogues and jobbers
on the Lincoln Journal. But that
docs not matter to them. They
know what Is notorious , that the
BKE never for ono smglo Issue has been
hushed by Jay Gould or any of his min
ions , and If Jay Gould really did pay.
hush money to the BEB.it was the first
time in the life of the Wall street finan
cier that ho put his money wliero it did
him no good. It Is as wall known to
that venal mercenary , Charles H. Gore ,
whoso whole career in Nebraska has
boon that of a common prostitute to
everybody who had money to purchase
his favor , that the thousand dollars
which was collected nine years ago by
the Omaha BEB from the Union Pacific
was for a broach of contract involving
over five thousand dollars of job work
which had boon tukon away from us after
part of the work was done , because the
BEK refused to dance to the music of the
Union Pacific in the effort to defeat .a
local railroad project which Omaha busi
ness men were trying to inaugurate.
Tlio papers that did prostitute themselves
and sold the interests of Omaha and Ne
braska for a moss of railroad pottage
were given the job work for which the
BEE had tlio contract and they , with just
fetich pliant tools as Charles II. Gore , had
the impudence thereafter to besmirch
Hosowator because ho enforced his just
claims for broach of contract. Fortu
nately no such dispute can occur again
to furnish the brazen brood of railroad
editors material for assailing our intcg-
rity. Tito BEB wont out of the job print
ing business four years ago , and has left
tlio Held clear for the owners of
Lincoln and Omaha job olliccs
with railroad newspaper appendages to
till their coflbrs with its profits. Their
failure to cope with the BEE iu its chosen
Held as a newspaper is duo to the utter
ack of confidence which the people have
in mercenary editors like Mr. Gore , who
can thrive only through collusion w > th
publio plunderers and corporate mono
poly ,
Since this gttug buvo seen fit to open
this campaign , wo sorro them divine no-
tlco that it will be waged on our
henceforward with all the vigor nt our
command. In the coming fight wo will
ask no quarter. Wo are ready to measure
swords with the corrupt confederates ,
nnd will teach them and their backers ,
bcforo the fight is over , that the day' ' is
past whnn the people of Nebraska will
submit to misrule and higliway robbery
nt the hands of organized jobbers and
public thiovcs.
To Increase Frontier Protection.
Both the house nnd the senate com
mittees on military affairs have favorably
reported the bills for the Improvement
of Nebraska's two frontier posts , Forts
Hobiuson nnd Niobrara. There should
bo no aucslion of tiio pass ago of the bill
making the necessary appropriations ,
especially in the case of the former.men
tioned post , which lias been raised into
commanding importance by the exten
sion of tlio railroad to ( ho very heart of
the reservation. On this account , next
to Fort Omaha , It becomes the cheapest
post to maintain and supply in the
department of the Platte nnd the
most available in case of calls for troops
which can bo loaded on trains in front
of their quartern while in every other
instance a journey of from live to two
hundred miles to thu uiilroad Is needed.
Those considerations with the added ono
that Fort llohlnson holds the key to the
position at Pine llidgo agency guarding
as it docs the White Hivcr valley with its
thousands of settlers , makes it of the
highest importance that'll should receive
immediate attention. Nothing has boon
expended on it for ten years and tlio post
.originally built of logs lias fallen
into a decay which makes it scarcely
habitable. The appropriation which the
congressional committee asks for will
bo expended in rebuilding the
post in a permanent and substantial
manner , and enlarging the capacity to
that of a ten company garrison. North
western Nebraska , including that won
derful and thriving little city of nine
months growth and 2OCO population ,
whoso other name is Chadron , is vitally
and intensely interested in the outcome.
FortNiobrara , which is also mentioned
in the bill , guards the right llauk of the
Sioux reserve and while on this account
scarcely as important a position as Fort
llobinson , would afford protection if
needed to the section lying south-oast of
the reservation. Its importance has
already boon substantially recognized by
generous appropriations which have
made it the best built post in Nebraska.
The additional sum asked is to complete
the improvements made and fix the garrison
risen with all the accommodations needed
for the muintonanco of a regiment.
Nebraska and especially tiio frontier
portion of the state is entitled
to full protection on its exposed
line. As long as 28,000 Sioux
menace our northern border , at
least two regiments should bo stationed
to guard the exposed lino. The extension
of the Elkhorn Valley road into Wyom
ing will take away the hist excuse for the
retention of Fort Laramic , which will
lie fifty miles south of rail connections.
A sound military policy would seem to
dictate that the troops there stationed
should bo transferred to the Nebraska
PitETTr positive evidence has been secured -
cured showing that the man who threw
the dynamite bomb in Chicago is under
arrest. If the evidence is sustained in
court ho will shortly ornament a scaffold ,
and in all probability some of his coconspirators
spirators will keep him company. The
indignant citizens may not wait for the
red tape and delay of a legal trial , but
may introduce Judge Lynch and his wild
western method of disposing of such
worthless and inhuman fiends and mur
TIIE Chicago Herald , an independent
paper with democratic inclinations says
of Jeff Davis" march to the sea : "Davis
is a croaking old raven still eager for re-
vcngo. and when the ebullition of
mingled curiosity and enthusiasm evinced
in tlio present tour shall have ceased , a
soberer south may be inclined to ask it
self what it meant by extraordinary
honors to a man who still proclaims himself -
self implacable. "
ACCOUDINO to the BEE'S Nebraska crop
reports Cheyenne county , tlio largest in
the state , leads all the rest m increased
acreage , the increase being 350 per cent
over last year. Our Sidney correspon
dent states that a radical change of crops
has been made in that county. "Former
ly wo raised h 1 and cow-pnncliors , " ho
says , "but now wo are raising good old
king corn and small grain. "
HEHK MOST , Mr. Schawb , Biobolbegcn
and the crowd of boor-guzzling Hro-
brand socialists which Germany lias
vomited into this country should bo
taught that the people rule iu f rco Ameri
ca , and that there is an Iron hand to preserve -
servo order in a democracy as powerful
as any which they have felt in Europe.
ACCOUDING to our - ad
vices J. Sterling Morton is expected in
Washington in a low days to spike s.onio
office guns that have been loaded by Dr.
Miller. This startling information is
likely to cause an immediate trip by the
doctor to the national capital.
bill adding two now land districts to the
number in Nebraska. Chadron and
Sidney will unquestionably be designated
as the points at which the new land
oflices will bo located.
THE aim and object of American labor
organizations is to build up and .not to
destroy , Lot the crazy foreign fanatics
who are doing their best to , injure the
cause of labor , paste this in their hats.
Mu. CLKVKLANO , it is intimated , pro
poses to bo married on tlio qulot. So
ciety will never stand this , but will strike
against it. Wo would suggest that the
matter be arbitrated
KNIGHTS of j > abor will not fratoruizo
with the rod-mouthed knights of laziness
who are trying to inveigle workingmen
into the commission of the crimes of
murder and arson.
HONEST nnd sober workingmen of
America are everywhere denouncing the
blatant blatherskites who are stirring up
disorders in our cities to advance their
own wicked interests.
To nuiLU or- not to build ; that is the
question with many contractors who arc
waiting fur ( bo labor tvoublos to subside.
The moment that wor kingmcn nnd their
employers in this section settle their
minor differences Ihoibooin will begin in
a way that will" frfghten the Omaha
inossbacks out of Jhcir second childhood.
fi Is no occasion for the slurs of
the Herald agahis } , organized labor. Or
ganized labor does- , not support a disor
ganized society and 'has no sympathy
with anarchy aml'flyifamito. '
When In his ofllee Attorney General Gar
land M cnrs a red i'ez. J
Postmaster General Vllns has cone to Vir
ginia to lash streams. Be is a llslier of truth
and soberness.
Secretary Lmnar says when ho wants to
reach the country ho prefers the Interview
form , as ho has always been fairly treated by
the representatives of the press.
Secretary Mnnnlni ; Informed the senalo
thnttlio republican collectors of Internal
revenue were removed and democrats ap
pointed in their places lor the good of the
service and to promote the success of the
policy of the administration. A gain of
nearly 53,000.000 In the collecilonsdtirlng the
first nine months of the fiscal year Is a pretty
thorough justification of the changes.
Tin ) present cabinet Is ono of heavy
weights , The president wolchs over SOO
pounds , ilr. Maiuilnuat the time of hlsnt-
tack weighed 020. Mr. Garland aiuL Mr.
Lamar are both largo men , welching over
200 pounds each. Messrs. Uuyard ami Eiuli-
cott , though tall , aie rather spate. They
each tip the scales at about -00 , while Messis.
Whitney nnd Vilas will each mark about
175 pounds.
The Empress Maxhnllllnn loves music. It
is the only thing which appears to sootlmher
mentally darkened soul.
Princess Vtctoiiaof Wales will make her
debut In society next mouth. She will kiss
her gralidmothcr's hand.
The prince ot Wales is so popular with tl'O
Free Masons lu Ktmlniul that they cannot gut
get along without htm us grand master.
The Princess Mctiernlch Is getting1 up some
amateur theatricals , including a ballet In
which members of the Austrian nobility will
take place.
The crown prince anil crown princess of
Austria will visit England during the Derby
nnil Ascot weeks , ami will bunk with ( Jtieou
Victoria nt Uucklnglmm palace.
Queen Victoria will open the Indian anil
colonial exhibition In person next week ;
Tennyson will be present to hear Jimp. Al-
baul sing his ode ; Sir Arthur Sullivan will
conduct the music , and of course the gatherIng -
Ing will bu largo and fashionable.
A Tight Kit.
r/iftaefji/ilu / I'ms.
Signal Si'rvlco IIa7.011 has boon exonerated.
Ills coat of whltcwati lib } hiui ilke the skin
on a Bermuda onion.
A Custom or Many Years.
Cincinnati /hjulrcr. (
Senator Edmuiidst Is ' 'still ' mentioned oc
casionally as a piesjdi-t al possibility ; but
the mention app < iarsto , be.only from lorce of
habit. | ! j
Ought to 1)0 Uiider | the Daisies.
Chtcaifi JlcipW.
Old Jeff trampingjjjrou'uil on beds of roses
does not present a vcryipdifying spectacle.
What the country wantsf _ him Is to get him
under ( he daisies.
Takes tliti StingOut. .
V Plinaactfaita'Tirrltnl. '
As long as Mr. Jeflersour' Uavls makes his
harangues with the lliig ot the'tinion waving
above his head his roinarks'areliarmless. The
flag makes a speech to the eyes of Ins audi
tors , which takes all the sting out of the
words that reach their cars.
In a Bad Box.
Dawson County Herald ,
What will the railroad press of Nebraska
say now , since a number of republican s'en-
ators have gone over to Van Wyck's position
on the third Edmunds resolution ? Declare
that they have also apostatized ? It's a bad
box those papers p laced themselves In.
Hits tlio Nail on the Head Every
Crete VIdtttc.
Senator Vau Wyck seems to hit the nail
on the head every time. We don't see all
his blows but tiio result of his constant ham
mering Is apiKirent to ono who reads each
issue of the dully Journal . Usually ono man
on the organ was siilliclent to defend monop
olies. Since Van Wyck has taken to the an
vil , the monopoly defender is put to his wits
end In his heroic defence and it takes an
other able-bodied and able-brained Individ
ual under the head of Topics to denounce
the labor organizations , fanners nnd mechan
ics. The outlook Is cheering.
By All Means Let Him Marry.
Kmth ISend Flail.
The knowing ones have set down as nn
event certain to transpire during the summer
the marriage of Picsldent Cleveland to his
ward , MlbS Folsom , of Buffalo. Tlio Flail
congratulates Mr. Cleveland that tills Is the
case. It is a consummation that Is absolutely
necessary under the circumstances. The poor
man is almost alone In the world without a
confidant or sympathizer. When ho went.
.Into the white house ho fancied that/nlthougn
every one clso turned the cold shoulder and
everything CHO ! failed him , the festive mug-
wurnp would stand by to comfort and sustain
him to the end. 15 nt now , when the bourbon
is turning the cold shoulder and the republi
can Is looKtng upon him with gravu suspic
ion , that useless niece of God's furniture Is
holding him off at arm's length and denying
that ho has over had any fnlth in him or sym
pathy for him. At this time little Miss * ol-
som would drop Into his arms as a Godsend
from heaven , to cheer the gloom and relieve
the darkness of Ills disappointed life. By all
means lei Mr. Cleveland marry.
Fancies and' Finances.
The jWm/jfl'r. /
The first spring viollffs tire herb ,
Forerunners of tlieTcrnnl year :
They are not halfj so sweet
To mu as those tliatiiiovut lese
lly any season's cliansa * | ielr hues
Wltnln your eycsctlti
The lilies bloom by Yilcad'and fall ,
And ilng at night tlii vodpcr bell
That lulls the llnintorest : ;
Hut fairer than Uieamblowioins far
Surpassing In their liv < iuty uro
Tiio lilies of your Jjreubt ,
Ah , what to mo though nu the weld
Is strewn with buttevciiiis ot gold ,
And every velvet nooKir-
Can any flowor-gold compare
To that , vlilch biirklr-s | : iu your hair
And lines your pocketbook ?
Twonty-ninp converts were initiated in
tlio Congregational church iu Pronioit )
last Sunday.
Judge Lucas , the victim of the bath
tub explosion at McCook , is becoming ac
customed to ills crutches.
Pat Kennedy , a former Plattsmouth
boy. was run over nnd killed by the cars
in Topeka , Kansas , Monday.
The two Fimplo boys , Cass county's
convicted horsuthievos , will contribute
eight years of toil to the state.
Pruo & Driscoll , of Nebraska City ,
have boon awan'ed ' the contract for thu
erection of the 1) . SiM- round house at
J. 0. Middaugh , of Fremont , was
thrown against a wlro fcnco by a fright
oncd team , and lost a few slices ofhi
cars on the barbs.
ThoPlattsmontli Journal is suflbrinfi
from another attack of railroad colic
nnd threatens to demolish the Omahn
branch of the 13. & M.
The Fremont creamery is turning tlio
product of 3,000 cows Into butter. Now
nnd improved machinery lias been put in
the factory , and the institution now loads
in the state.
Eleven cnrs of coal were wrccKed ii
the yard at Plattsmouth , Monday even
mg , and the contents scattered aroum
promiscuously. It took nine hours of
solid work to clear the main track.
F. Dlckson , of Itivcrton , Iowa , sold a
span of mules to Jerry Driscoll in No
braska City for $300 , and started for
home. He has not been seen or heard o
since , nnil it is feared lie has been robbed
and killed.
While Patrick Hart , of Bonkelmnn , was
moving his house to a better location ono
day lost week , his little son accidentally
fell under the building and was run over
His head was horribly smashed , but it is
thought that ho will recover.
An artesian well in to bo sunk at Cha
dron. It is thought n depth of 1,000 to
2.C03 feet Will somiro an ample supply of
water , and a water works system which
will supply tlio needs of the city can bo
put in on that plan much more cheaply
than by any other plan so far produceif ,
A farmer named Nelson , living six
miles from Albion , met with a serious ac
cident last Friday. Ho was stretching
barbed wlro , when thn wire slipped
through his hand , cutting a deep gash
between the thumb and linger and divided
I ho radial artery. Ho nearly bled to
death before a surgeon arrived to dress
the wound.
Tlio Aurora Sun came out brighter
than usual last week , and gilded Hamil
ton county with a borealis of black ink
and laudatory sketches. The beauties ol
the town nnd county , the enterprise nnd
thrift of th'j people , and tlio varied open
ings for business and pleasure , were
spread over sixteen pages , tlui whole
making an excellent immigration docu
Iowa Items.
Dubuque skating rink is now a variety
The Aborn house iu lcs ) Moincs can bo
had for $170,000.
i * During the year ending April ; (0 ( , thcro
were IDS deaths in Sioux City a very
healthy record. ,
The breweries of Dubuque irrigated the
newspaper men of the town with bock
beer on the 1st.
J2d Russell , formerly editor of the Da
venport Gazette , has invented a family
scale and lias madu $30,000 out of it al
The Perry city council , as n board of
equalization , at a recent meeting raised
the assessment of ono of the property
owners of the town from $525 to iJ5U,000 ,
and another from $515 to $10,000.
The residence of Rev. Father Slattery ,
at Farley , was entered by two masked
men. Friday night , and the reverend
gentleman was compelled , nt the point
of a revolver , to hand over his purse con
taining about $40.
Mrs. John Gorman.of Bedford.a widow
living in very moderate circumstances ,
has been notiticd that slio is ono of the
heirs to an estate in New York city valued
at several millions of dollars , and that her
portion will exceed $50,000.
An egg party was recently held in
Riverton , Lrcnuml county , and during
the evening a number of guests com
menced throwing cirgs tit one another.
A row ensued , and "several parties had
their heads badly punched Stovewood
and bricks served as weapons.
A woman by the name of Jones at
tempted to drown herself and her 4-year-
old boy at Burlington Saturday afternoon
but was prevented. For some lime her
husband has been out of employment and
they have nearly starved , a statement
which the circumstances corroborate.
Saturday some words arose between her
and her husband concerning their desti
tute circumstances , and despairing of
over seeing better times she canght up
her little boy and hastened to the river
with the intention of drowning herself
and ending her earthly trouble.
An exposition association with a capi
tal of $10,000 has been organized at
Rapid City.
A cheese factory to use the milk of 800
oows , is being built at Winchester , Em-
mons county.
Sitting Bull is running a farm this year.
He has ten acres of grain , five of which
is seeded to wheat.
The Deadwood & Red Water rail
road , connecting Duadwood with the
famous coal fields , is to bo built.
Brown county has twenty-two elevators
and twenty-four warehouses , with a ca
pacity for holding 034,000 bushels.
Thcro are thirty-six public bchools in
Edmunds county , ami it is expected to
increase the number to forty-live this
summer. Two years ago theto was but
0110 school taught in the whole county 0
Deadwood feels the impulse given the
Black Hills by the approach of the rail
road , and is striving to maintain its
position as the metropolis in wealth and
population. Rapid City is crowding tlio
old town.
Rapid City is experiencing a wonderful
boom ; her streets are crowded day and
night ; daily transfers of real estate ag
gregating thousands of dollars arc mado.
Theatres are crowded nightly , u circus ,
with attendant side shows will bo on ex
hibition by the 12th of this month. She
has-a street canal , will soon bo operating
street cars and electric light , has com
pleted city" water works , is building a
niamhioth hotel , and a score of brick
blocks faro contemplated.
Ijlfo Among the Ncz Forces.
Sim Francisco Examiner : The Indians
of this coast have nearly all discarded
their peculiar costume , and wear old and
now civilized dress in a decidedly Indian
fashion. Among the Nez Purees is seldom
seen an entire Indian costume. Some
times , however , ono is forcibly reminded
of the parody :
Jo ! the poor Indlan.whoso untutored mind ,
Wears all his clothes In trout and none
These Indians live in tents made of
poles and covered with cloth or bull'ulo
robes. The tents are left open at the
top , and. as the lire is built in the
center , tlio gmoko naturally goes out at
the top. At night each individual wraps
his blanket around him and lies down
on the bare ground , without any other
covering , The bucks arc fond of
gambling and understand the value of a
bob-tailed Hush. They know how to
play u lonu hand , too , and if there is ever
a scrapping match over the pot , there is
u good Indian for breakfast already
A bird's-oyo view of their encampment
reveals sonio curious phases , In the
largest tent every night witnesses a high
jinks which is made hideous by Uiu dis
cordant notes of several tom-toms , a
peculiar llute witli u bourse whistle , ao-
companied by the women , who crone
through their teeth. The dances and
athletic exorcises are thu same as the
POW-WOW and sun dance of the Sioux.
Not the least interesting and nioturusquo
are the children and tlo" * , which abound
in great numbers. Tfju little infant is
firmly tied to a bourd with a fatraii , which
tlio mother puts across her forehead
when who is walking about. A litto |
buckskin string tacked on the corner
with a knot for each-month tolls bow old
the liUIo'fcllow is , and the pr.c5.onco of
houtls and n strip of oilcloth for sanitary
purposes reveals' the t ux : It is amusing
to walch the older children play house
with rag dolls and dogs stmstittitod foi
horses. In their childish way tboy mimic
the life of their elders , and they nra as
quaint and ugly as tlioy are mirthless ,
The dogs contribute their share to the
general fun and patiently submit to be
ing ridden and made to carry nil sorts ol
bundles. The children hnvo no com <
punction about rnldinc ono another's
play-houses , and many laughable things
occur during llio mclco which follows.
The children receive but little attention
from their parents and are covered with
vermin. They are all bow-logged be
cause they nra not taken from tlio board
until they can walk , and a great portion
of that time their hands and foot are
pinioned. They nro remarkably quiet ,
seldom if over crying. Less than half of
them reach maturity.
The Story of Dnti Smart. Emhozzler.
Chicago Herald : " It is not gcnor
ally known. " Bald a stock yards
man , "that Dan Smart , who has just
boon overhauled in Montreal for em
bezzling $50,000 from Fowler Bros. ,
was ouco a resident of tills city nnd work-
iiig for $1 a day. 1 remember him well.
Ho was a common laborer in tlio Fair
banks refinery , but was willing and apt ,
and finally secured an advance of ills
wages to $1.50 a day , and afterward to
$2.W ) . Ono day ho surprised his foreman
by demanding n still further increase of
his pay.
" 'Why , Iaii't , < aid the foreman , 'you're
already getting half a dollar a day moro
than any laborer hero. You ought to bo
satisfied with that. '
" 'You think hut I don't '
may so , , was
Dun's pert rejoinder ; 'my opinion is that
I'm not gutting anything like what my
services nro worth.1
" 'And perhaps you'll bo good enough
to toll mo just whatvou do consider your
self worth , ' said the foreman sarcas
tically. „
" ' \\ell , ' was the reply , in a nonchal
ant tone , 'I reckon I could bo satisfied
with three thousand a year for awhilo. '
' 5 You could hnvo knocked that foreman
down with a feather , " resumed the stock
yards man. after lie had shifted a quid to
the other side of His mouth. "Ho looked
at Dan with a kind of vacant stare , and
ftnally blurted outs
"Why , man , you must bo sheer daft ,
crazy , Dan. '
" 'Not much , ' replied that worthy , as ho
shut his eye and threw his head in tlio
air ; 'you can bet that I know what I am
talking about. My terms to this house
are three thousand a year , commencing
to-morrow morning. If that don't suit I
quit to-night. '
"To make a long story short , Dan quit
the same night. Ho hied himself as soon
as possible to Ktumis City , called on the
1'owlor Brothers , ami in two hours had
been etignged ami put to work on a salary
of $3,000 a year.
"Tho secret of it ? Certainly. Dan
was smart in disposition as well as in
name , thotigh he didn't take any pains to
show it. Ho was , moreover , particularly
observing , nnd he turned this faculty to
good use. His labors took him into
every corner of the works , and nothing
escaped his eagle eye. He had a good
memory , but , as the sequel proved ; he
didn't trust to it entirely , for there was a
little memorandum book in the hip
pockets of his pantaloons into which as
many ns a dozen points a day wont down
whencuer Dan could got into a dark
corner. In this way ho gradually got
the hang of things until he know as much
about the business and the processes in
the factory as any of the high-priced em
ployes , while his natural brightness en
abled him to think of ninny improve
ments which might be mado. It was this
knowledge which secured him a place
with the Fowlers , who advanced him to
$4,000 at the end of the first year , and
finally sent him to manage their New
York branch at $5,000. He was getting ,
I believe , six or seven thousand a year
and a share in the profits when ho bt-gau
to dip his fingers into the firm's money.
This is how Dan Smart degenerated from
a dollar a day laborer in Chicago to bo a
member of the American colony in Mon
treal. "
Not So Bad.
Arkansaw Traveler : Young lady ( to
her father ) So you do not object to Mr.
Father Not in the least.
Young lady O , I am so glad. What a
dear , dear paw you are. Mr. Carmoll is
so nice , and ho would make such a nice
busband. Very few men have como up
ns rapidly as ho has , A few years ago
ho was nothing but a shoemaker , but just
look at him now.
Father What is no doing now ?
Young lady ( with delight ) Why , ho is
a literary man , and writes war articles
for the magazines.
Father ( in astonishment ) What , has
lie stopped making shoes ?
Young lady O , paw , you must know
lie has.
Father ( clearing his throat ) Then I'll
toll him not lo como liero any moro. I
! mve supported two sons-in-law and O.
say [ brightening ] , luis ho written tiny of
the recent novels by Hugh C'onway ?
Young hidv No. sir.
Father Wollt then , lot him como
ahead. I am willing to support him.
Kirk's Gorman Pile Ointment.
Sura cure for blind , blccdlne , and itching
Piles. Ono box has cured the worst cases of
ten years standing. No ono need suffer ton
minutes after using this wonderful Kirk's
Gorman Pile Ointment. It absorbs tumors ,
allays tlio Itching at onco. acts as a poultice ,
gives Instand relief. Kirk's German Pile
Ointment is prepared only for Piles and
tchlng of the private parts , and nothing else.
Every box Is warranted by our agents. Sold
by druggists ; sent by mail on nscelotof price ,
DOc per box.DR.
DR. 0. O. BENTON , Pnoi- ,
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. if. Gooodmon and Kuhn & Co.
She Was a Polo Herself.
"I son , " said Mrs. Foilinsboc , looking
up from her paper , the other evening ,
"that they say Modjeskiv has a lot of per
fect 6tlckH supporting her this season. "
"That is entirely appropriate1. " replied
, he colonel with a diauollcul grin.
"How is that ? "
"Why. she is a Polo herself , you know. "
Mrs. lollinsbco was so Indignant that
iho didn't ' spunk to him for all the oven-
A Word About Catarrh ,
"It H llio mucous membrane , that womior-
'ul ' BoraMluld onvtilopo uirouiidliitUo clcllunto
Usuus of the air uiul food IHIBSUKOS , tluit Cu-
ai'i'li iiuiUub ! U BtruiiRliolU , Oncu uatalillsliat ] ,
touts Into thu vary vltids , uncl lomlurs Hfo liut
i loiiif-drawn lire till of mlsory und dlscmso , dull ,
ng tlio tense or linni I iii , ' , ti niniiiulllng 1 1m power
of gpcoch , dustroyln ? tlio faculty of sniull , taint-
HK tlio broiuli , nivl kllliiiif tlio rollneJ plcutnres
ot tiialo. Insidiously , by erci'iilntr on Irinii u
Blinplu cold In II. o bead. It ussuuftg thu mum-
inuiooiiB llnlna und ( involopnstlio boiica , outing
lirouuli tlio ddllouto uouu tiiul caiitdnirliilliim-
nutluu , sloilirliliitf itnd cloiith. Nothing tliort of
otul onidlc.it Ion will tcciiro liouilli to tlui pa-
lent , ami ull iilluvlutlvoti uro f Imply prom-ustlu-
itud BiillerlWB , luadlntr to a liitul tonnlimtloii.
IASVOHU'K lUniCAi. OitiiK , by Inli.iliUlon and ny
ntonml ndiulnUlrntliiiliU8 ( novcr fullodjovon
UioiilliodiMJHsulmsinudo frlKhtful Inroudsoii
Uollcutu constitutions , houiliiK. mnoll und tuslo
itivo IKL.MIfun orcd , and thu dldeuso thorough
y driven ouU"
tfANroill > 'S IU DlCArCiiK : ( contlsts of ono but-
loot1 the U/ ) LAICunt , ono box UATAimiUb
Hoi.vr.NT , mill pnu lurwivri ) J.MUI.I.H , nvutly
wiupjivd in ouo package , with full directions ;
irlco , 4l.0) ) <
J'o TIII : Diiua & CiiEuiciAt. Co. , IIOSTON.
NuiiibnoE8lamcnos3 , soiciiosshuck-
log cough , ( linicult brcuthliiv , iwlh-
mn. plouiUr a < J lullawimtloii of
the puctojul mutcloi Instiuitly ro-
levo.l tuiJ ( iiMliitca to a speedy imra. by that
low , original , and Infalllliln untidotu r i pain nit I
iitiuiuinutlqn , tliu CuriuiTiiv AXTIj J'/.AS-
HI. At driiicffhts.gSo. ; live fUror ( : | io > tH o
Ministers , Mlsalonnrlos Managers
of Factories , Work-shops ,
Nurses In Hopltals In shoit , orcry-
body everywhere who hns
ever given It n trial ,
r.ut.tMi cf UK ron
THUOAT , &c.
BURNS , WlOST-llITES , &c.
Prices , 25c. , SOc , and $1.00 per Bottle.
C3T Bownro of Imitations.
17 St. Cbnrlcs St. , Bt I.onU , He.
irntul r r dn t ot two UidlcilColltin. k i t > t lenfut
eBeittdlQlh * r elft1 tr.tlmenlor CB.ONIC. Huron. RKta
Mil IlLoon DIIIIIII Ihtntnr otbtr rhjiltlto Infll. Leila ,
M eltj ftptn ihsw nd ill old f nldinti to .
Nervout Prostration , Debility , Mentll ind
Phjtlcil Weakness : Mercurial and other Affec
tions ol Throat. Skin or Denes , Blood Poltonlng.
old Sores and Ulcer * , > r < irc t J iih < np. n ii
loc n , n l > t il iclmtll. principle ! flifilr. Ptlrilelr.
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excest.
Exposure or Indulgence , hi t profit , ton. or ui
fleecr bj cull trie. IntlltJ nd iltlellj BO.J.mUI.
A Positive WrltUn Guarantee tir iKnrr.
MkU cut , tledlclne icut itir/wb.r. If null or tiprui.
280 PAOE3 , riWE PLATES , tf.nt elolh.nl Kill
blndlnr , i led for GOo. In p.ilic.orcurrency. Ofer nrir
vondrrnil | > enrl lur . true lolla ( | arUcleion Ibo followlt ,
llbjeetit whom.j Birrj. honot. wbr j nmotuXKl , onnn.
hoed , I'hfilc.l drcir , off.eti otc.Ul.rr and lit.n , Ihi phri.
lolccrofrfproJnoUtn , < t .
nuinjrniore. mirrltd 0-
ccnlcmpl.llng mirrlxt b uM rmIt. . . l prl r cAlllo. *
t-n , jM-Tri r. a"n. fl1r . % ( fir , ITMttlir
Manhood l'rom turo Uooay --8 * *
-7--- - > - - VOUB Dohlllty , xt u.
oal. &c. harlnqr trlod Innln orery known romwlr
-JifSorS1d.n : ! ! : lrapl > lr-c rew1ilcli he will send
' to .
np'to \ Jii followHUirrororn. AdilroM
J. 11. K 43 Clutluii treot. Now Vork Cttr.
Warranted toglvoentlsfno-
hand0" ttny WOrk nui1 lu ony
H Price $ 2.5O
m JBTrickey&Co
Lincoln ,
Solo Wholesale ngouM for
DEALERS Surrui'-o AT
S N. II. Tills It not n Stylo-
Rrnpu pencil , but a Orst olosj
lloxlblo gold pen of ny do-
aired uuouosa or point.
Do you want a pnro , bloom *
Ing Complexion I If so , u
few nnimcntions of Jfngan's
ify yon to your heart's con
tent. It does away ivltli Sal-
lowncss , ttcdncstt , Pimples.
Ulotches , and all diseases nuu
iniporfectioiiH of the 8kin , It
overcomes the flushed appear
ance of hcat/latigno and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIILVY appear but TWJKN-
TY ; and so natural , gradual ,
and perfect are its effects.
that ft is iiiuioysiblo to detect
Us application.

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