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THE OMAHA DAILY BlgB. ; SATUBflAY , MAY 29 , 1886. n'I
Bridging the Big Muddj at Nebraska
City ,
< V"Inrk Hnrun" Vllc-licr Tor tlio Ijltt-
coliis CaiHiirliiK Trnln Confl-
Uctiuu AiiMi HmUlliiK u
IninM inn nr.F.'s ii > coi.x iwnmu.1
Tlm articles of itiuorporution of tlio
Missouri Klvcr Hrhigo company wcro
lllc-d yesterday In tlm secretary of state's
ollluo. Tlio organization , wluuli is a No-
brasku City concern , was formed for tliu
purpose ; of building : i railway and wagon
bridge across tlio Missouri river from
such point near Nebraska City as may bu
found desirable , to tliu cast bank of llio
river in Fremont , county , Iowa. Thu
promoters of the scheme arc T. 11. Stov-
oiisou , W. A. Cation , 11. N. Showoll , W.
N. Wilson , 1) ) . Hiown.V. . F. N. llonso ,
W. F. Sloan , 1) . I' . Ilnlfu " , Kil. Sheldon ,
bert Hawkc.K. S. Hiiwlcy , 1) . MacCa-
nig , liohcrt I'ayno , Robert Lorton , Julian
Metoalfo , W. U. l.amboth , William
HisoholV. W. I- : . Dillon , F. W. Uotliinaii ,
11. H. Hurtliing , F. N. Uodonbrook , J.
Collins Lloyd and Mark Morton , all Otoo
county iiion , who undertake the work as
much for the bonolit of a community
which is practically cut oil' from direct
communication with Iho outside world ,
it * from hope of pecuniary gain. The
capital of tin1 company is placed at ifloO-
000 , which , if the cost of other bridges
can bo taken as a guide , Is considerably
below what will bo romiired before the
structure is completed.
On the arrival of 15. & M. train Xn. 3
from the cast. Thursday night , Detective
1'inneo and his nicii , who have boon on n
Ktill hunt for several weeks after the
slick confidence men who have bison
workintr the load , nabbed ii chap sailing
under the name of Frank Dawson , who
5s alleged to bo the head of the gang.
Dawson , who is mild-intiniiered , inof
fensive-looking chap , was arnMod for
.stealing $50 from a farmer n.imed ( iuth *
rie , whom he approached on the change
racket , lie was arraigned' before Justice
Cochraiio yesterday inorninjr , and
pleaded guilty. The judge lixod tlio bail
at iJJWO , in default of which Dawson was
sent to the comity jail to await his exam
ination , at it o'clock this afternoon.
1'inneo says that Dawaon is the man who
.jumped a $1.000 bond at state fair time
last fall , and he proposes to make sonio
nullifies about that oueurronce after the
case In hand is over. Whim arrested ,
Thursday night , Uuwson was trying to
work a passemrer on lliu train , and was
only captured' after a long chase and
st niggle.AN
AN rssirrrouTKii itusiou.
Cashier Outealt. of the Capital Nation
al bank , of whom inquiry was made .yes
terday , says he is unable to understand the
telegram 'from Ilastiigs announcing tlio
failure of James W. bmall , of I'airlield ,
for $ ' 35,000 , and the attaching of his prop
erly by Mr. C. W. Moshor , of this city.
Mr. Moshcr and Air. Small are warm
friends , anil have done considerable busi
ness together in times past , but the only
connection in that line now is that Mo-
slier holds in trust $ : t,500 in collaterals as
security fora loan made by certain I'oo-
ria , Ills. , parties to Air. Small. If the
latter had iniulo an assignment to Moshcr
for this amount the matter would have
been very plain , but there is no cause
why the latter should bo brought in on
the 15.000 failure , if there has been ono ,
and still less why Moshor should think of
milting attachments on Small's stock.
There scums to bo a big mistake somewhere -
where , but just whore or what it is ,
neither Mr. Moshcr nor Mr. Outealt are
able lo say.
It took some of the young bloods in
Lincoln to ascertain tlm fact recently
that , by working their lady friends urott'y
hard , and making them stand their share
of the expense , a very comfortable german -
man can bo given at a cost of fifty cents
for each person invited. As the party
was gotten up as a compliment to some
ladies from abroad , however , there are
people In town willing to licllcvo that the
purse strings should not have boon held
so tiglitly.
The contract for building the second
par-king honso at the stock yards was
yesterday awarded to Thomas & Co. , of
Kansiw City , at their bid of * 'W108 < . ) .r,5.
David L. Swinney , a contractor on the
Missouri I'acilio extension , was married
at the Cardon house , In this oily , Thurs
day evening to Mrs. Aggie Swinnoy , his
Bbtor-in-law who from Pitts-
- - , came hero -
btirg , 1'a. , for that purpose.
John Thompson , the chap that was cut
in Iho hip with a pick by a fellow pris
oner , while at work on the streets Thurs
day afternoon , was resting very comfort
ably ycfttirday , ami Dr. JJoaeliloy was
much encouraged at lib prospects of re
Manager Durfeo , of the Lincoln ball
team , has engaged Huilor. of St. Louis ,
to play loft Held , and hopes to sign a
"dark horse" pltolu < r from Chicago in
time to take part in the games with the
Loadvillo nine noxt. week.
Itoginning to-inorrow a new time-table
goes into oftoot on the Omaha & Kepubli-
can Valley branch of the Union I'acilio ,
which provides for two passenger trains
from Lincoln each way daily. * Ooin
north the trains will leave at 7:89 : a. m.
and IM p. in ; going south at 2-l1 :
and S-.Vi p. in. The train on thu Slrnms-
berg branch will arrive at Lincoln atlOS ) :
a. m. and leave at 0:50 : p. m.
The llubboll Hank Directory company ,
of Now York , are making anangonioiiia
with the secretary of .state to send their
list.weoUly of all now banking institu
tions incorporated under thn laws of No
Alvin McOuiro , tlio Lincolnltn wic )
achieved fame as the pal of lVg-lefi
( Jrilnn in llio hitler's disastrous rail
oi ) tlm state treasury , was run In by tin
pollco Thurb'.lny night for being driuil
and disorderly. When he works out his
K'lilonce of $ .r > and costs Mciiiro ( ! wll
probably bo held to answer for breaking
jail in tfihi city last July.
Warden Nowborry had Iho tlromci
practicing yoMerday for tlm hitching.ii |
lest on Decoration Day. They did lln
work once in the good time of ton sec
The trunk of Kd Mattorson , a bonrdei
at Urn Washington HOUM ) , was plllagei
by a sneak thlof yesterday , who got nwa. :
with a razor , watch , revolver and $11
worth of tools , Thu luols were aft r\var \ <
recovered by tlm pollco , but the nthc
iirlinlus nro still missing ,
Mattie Campbell was arrested Frlda ;
evening for creating a disturbance 01
thustreet * by using loud and ob ccn
language. Mattio's fun uoit her ? il,70.
Thn enprmuo court ) iiu adjourned untJ
tlm llrst Tuesday in Suptoinbor The jus
lieu * will ini'ot on tlm lir t TucMlav ii
July to hand down opinions , but no otlic
biibint-ts will bo transacted.
John Knight nnd D.F. Smith linvogmi
dtnvn on tlm Itluo river to pink out aspu
for the annual elain-uaku next moiitli
The supplies limy tout with them led t
tlm rumor that tlioy wore going there I
open a restaurant with a hnruliachnnwl
John CJ. Alloi ! , Hod Cloudj 11. ItennoU
J. M. Canmbf ! I , Omahnj J. N. Pan ] , St.
li lVm ' " ' T > 'lor Arnpahoci W. F.
McMillan , Omaha ; C. Sclab. Kwlng ; C.
M. Oiiiwjii , Omaha ; 12. II.YorIoy \ , Weep-
A monstrosity In thn wny of n mcilltira.
sIzi-,1 iluu. with the lie.nl ol n line , Is the prop-
city ot aSluishonn In Kureka , Nov.
A woodcliuck was cnptiin-n In ( inr.iin ,
JlHss. , the other dny , linvlni ; tooth of n INCH-
llaniiairiiiinnllnn. Its upper toi-th wcro of
cxtiaordlimry leiiath nntl cinlfd Inwardly ,
tiiiininaUiiKlutliu roof ot Its mouth. Tlio
lowt-i ti-cth were fully s lom ? , but nliot im-
waul outoltlu tliu mouth. On account or this
eurlous Uovclo | > nient tlioniiltnnl had no nso
of Ills teeth , mid In consequence had nenrly
stai ved when caught.
A veiy tcuiiukahloNtory cnmcs from Tou-
loitso , whcie n .wiiiklnn woman was In the
habit ot IfMiylmr her baby under a tree.
Vimrdeil | iy n faithful ilojr. "As dnys iias cd
she tlioiiufit the Imby's iippotlto lulled , hut
still It thilvcd , One day sin ; tumid tlio do.i , '
stiiiiilliiu over the liifsintandc.ilmly snckllns
It. The mother thought the arrniiucmcnt a
KDOI ! one , and It has .mine on , tht1 haby dolnt ;
well under tliotieatiuent.
While ( some nica wcjio worklti- . roail In
the riittcsklll covoon Moinlnya stone lour
tei-t Hqiiaru was loosened fioni a quarry
which was fully a iiuiter | of a mile above
them. It rolled down with ticmemlous ve
locity , and Ml if n It struck the mail hounded
twenty tret , Just [ cra/.lm : the heads of two
men , and , Hlmtinn a horse In the head , killed
It outrlxht. I'roin the horse's head It bonndeil
cluhteen feet Itirther , and iilun.m'd Into Iho
eiouinl over half a foot.
One ot thu forest euilosltles of thn Isth
mus of Oark'ti anil lower Central America Is
the tiee killer ( iiivlaulo. ; | ) This stalls in life
as a cliiulior upon the trunks of lartio loic-t :
tuics , and. mvlnii to Its mniAcIoiisly rnplil
Kiowth , Mioti leiu-hes the lower hranclies.
Utlien begins to tluow out many shooU.
which eiitwlni ) theiiiMitvcs all mound the
trunk ntiil hnniehcs , ami al oaeilal temlrlls ,
which , asMion as they leieh tlie KIOIIIH ! tal < e
root. In a few yours this tilRantlc paiaslte
will completely cnvclopi ! the tiiml ; of the
tire which has upheld it , anil kill it. The
whole of the Inner ( lend tree will then rot
away , leavlm ; the hollow matnpalo standlni ;
alouo niitt nourishing. This "lieu killur" Is a
Albeit Williams of Savannah , N. Y. , while
plowing last week , saw a blit hhd la a thicket
near by. It was apparently disabled anil
could not lly. lie ran up to It and was about
to sc.lzo It , wlicu thu bird fastcnc.il Its beak In
.Mr. Williams' le" , cuttiui , ' tlnoimli the tious-
ecs and deep Into the tlcsli. At the same
time it grasped his foot and ankle with its
talons. Do what he might tl-.e tanner eonlil
not free hlm > ell from the blul's dutch until
ho had draped himself to a pile of rails nmt
with a club beaten It to death. The bhd was
an eagle , and measured seven feel nine
Inches Irom tip to lip of its wtugs.
Few persons , porh\ps , are aware Hint they
possess a pair ot harps. They aie called the
organs ot Uorti , after their discoverer , and
are locntcil In the ear. They are estimated
to have N,7oo strimrs , being , of course , micro
scopic and varying in length irom l-.VJOto
l-'JOJof an Inch. If you bold a iiinpcrly
lulled violin near a iilano when the K siring
is slnuik , the K violin Htriuu will vibrato ami
sound too ; so with all tlio rest. Now. the
s,7X ( > strings of the huinaii ear harp have
such a wide compass that any appreciable
sound in the universe has the coiicsiioudlng
tone string , and the hound is convoyed
through the coimcctlni ; liliuncot to the
auilitory ncrvo , thciico to the scjisoriuiu. and
thus a knowledge of the sound Is received by
the. mind.
Tiiomas Higiilowii.of Clark's ' Summit , Va. ,
staitcil out one night last week to try a coon
ilog. After walking some distance ho felt
his llnibi becoming very heavy , and after
going further they got so beany that he could
go no further anil was compelled to stop , lie
complained thai his limbs felt as It they woo
tanglud up with iiinniir. briars or ernpo
vinos. A friend who was with him lit his
pine knot and found that Ids limbs wcro
entirely covered with rattlesnskcs that hud
become fastened by their fangs to a pair of
gum boots which he wore. They killed
iilnety-thrcoaiiil several got away. Ono of
the snakes that was killed b.ul twonty-ono
rattles anil a button.
Labor is a blcssintr ,
Hut 1 ruallv can't
Think It would bo pleasant
To bo born an ant
A ad bo always busy
Cleaning house cnch day
All tlio pleasant summer
From the first of May
Mamie Hranscombc was lately married in
London to Victor Louucn , pianist.
Miss May Stcmblur , a pretty local actress.
was iccently marrleilto a wealthy 1'iiikaiid
now lives In Xow York.
Lillian Willis , ( laughter of N. 1' . Wills , was
married at Now Bedford , on Thursday to
ltobc.it 11. Host , of Boston.
1'attl Inquired whether her marriage could
bo solemnized In Westminster Abbov , anil
has been advised in tlio negative.
Onthoocraslon ot Ids approaching mar
riage ( Jen. McUook will bo presented with n
solid silver service by the members ot llio
United States sonate.
Jack Doinpsoy , the pugilist , 1ms captivated
the goutlo affections of a California heiress
with an Income of $15,000 a year , and will
retire from the prize ring.
Mr. Arthur . Urlco , who Is announced as
presently to bo married to a daughter of
Minister I'omllctun , has been for some years
the private secretary of Mr. W. W. Corcoran ,
and Is a griuiUHou ol ex-Sciuitor John For-
sythe. of Ccorgla.
The banns lor Pattl's marriage to NIcolInl
have been published m London and the vocal
pair will bo m.uln one at the Fiunch consu
late Juno 7 , after which they will proceed to
1'atti's Welsh castle for a honavmoon , and
will entertain ooo invited guests.
1MM28 !
A sun ) cnro for Blind , Hlccdln ? , Itchln
and Ulcerated I'ilea has been discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( wn Inillan rumody ) , called Or
Williams' Indian 1'ilo Ointment A slnglo
box has cured the worst chronic cases of 2T or
80 years standing. No one need suffer live
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
Ing medicine. Lotions , and Instruments do
more harm than good. Williams' Indian
1'lle Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
Intense Itching , ( particularly at nlnlit after
getting warm In bcil ) , acts as n poultlno , clvos
instant relief , anil is prepared only for Piles ,
1 telling of private parts , ami for nothing olsts
SKlN mrfKAfii : * GUUKl ) .
Dr. 1'ra/iur's Macic Ointment cures as by
miutlc , 1'implcfl , Ulick : Heads or Orub-j ,
Uldtches anil Kruptloim on the fo e , leaving
thusKin clearuml btiautiful. AUo cures Hon.
Salt Kliriiiii , Sore Nipples , Sere LIH | , and
OlilObstlnaloUlrors. , , . .
Sold by druggists , or mailed on receipt elM
M cunts.
Kotallod by Kubu A Co. , nnd .Sehroeter &
Conrad. \vholeyi\Iu by C. F. Uoodinuu.
Nineteen convicts from Idaho wonl
east yesterday over the Chicago & North
western tn Chicago , in charge of Unitet
Slat sManilml Fred Dubois. They wen
on their way to the Detroit jail.
Ollicor Kicliard Hurdish , who sue
cocded in capturing the burglars whc
broke inU W. F. Stoot/.cl's hardwan
store fcomo months ago , has been pro
soiitod by Mr. S. with a siibhtantla
recognition ol his services in the shii : | )
of a gasoline slovu.
rutrst and tronfest Natural Fruit
nll | , IAUIQR , O.-ar.ico. Almond. Ho
} * vor M < l llt t ! yaiKlnitiir Jly M lb I
8ucce$3ful Struggle for Civil Service
Eoform in Law and Practice.
( V Variety of PenMen Ijoglftlntlon
Urccil and Hustnfncd lO.vjionlnj ;
Ijnml Ornls nml Oilier Vi
clous Pleasures.
civil. SEUVICI : iimmtt.
Senator Van Wyck otl'ered an amend-
nent that appointments shall bo appor-
.ioned among the states on the basis of
lopulatlon. Ho said : "I am desirous
.hat wo should put something into this
> 111 which will giyo It some significance
nnd power. Gentlumon who come from
ilates WIOHO | quola is more than full in
ho departments , cast a sneer upon ono
iskiug for justice In the distribution of
federal patronage ; but 1 d"s"ro that the
) lll should bu based on some substantial
irineiplo in that regard. 1 ask my frioud
'rom Missouri how many men in his
state would obtain portions In llio naval
school and the military school if their
Ilihts were not protected by the law.
riii ) law of Itil'i , piovidlug that appoint-
iicnts in the treasury department should
m mailo from ( ho states and territories
m the basis of population , has not been
fully enforced ,
'I desire that we have something in
this hill more th in the name. Thu pur-
K1. of the amendment which I have
[ iroposod Is lo make it such that the ap
pointments shall be apportioned among
, he states and territories. " The amend-
ni'iit was agree : ! to.
From speech December 2-1 , 1SS2 :
"Within a fo-v weeks the rather singular
Ingular spuclaelo lias boon pivsenled of
the pros'.di-nt of the linked Slates recom-
sliding this body to pass .soao substan
tial civil service law. 1 am anxious to
ill ay the anxiety of clerks who have been
raided by the committee when it sought
to enforce polllical as.-osmunts. 1 in
sisted that they were forced political
assessments. Even after the election in
the htato of New York , a curtain political
committee notified that clats of men that
I hey had suH'ered an election to pass and
liiid not made a voluntary contribution.
Forsooth , I was to be questioned as to my
sound republicanism , because 1 tried lo
persuade our republican brethren not to
follow tlm old demoeratic party in their
tricks and devices , for which llio people
liad hurled their from power. The public
sentiment crystali/.ed twenty-two years
ago , when by the report it was shown
that the iniquity of the democratic party
in t bat matter had found thorn out and
the people denounced them , lam glad
to say that many amendments have been
placid in this bill , which make it more
satisfactory to many hero and to people
outside. Now lot us go a litllo further
and crystali/.o it in this bill , so that it
shall be a guarantee to the present and
lor all timu lo come , Unit not only the
people have spoken in this matter , but
that the national legislature has given
emphasis to their voice and passed a law
which cannot bo misunderstood , and an
nexed penalties to its violation which
will deter all no matter whether they bo
congressional committees or whether
they bo secretaries of congressional com
mittees from , soL-king to evade its pro-
vinous. "
Senator Vest said : "The senator from
Nebraska made a raid on this bill ( for the
improvement of the Mississippi ) and un
dertook to divert .f 100,000 , for the Mis
souri river for the state of Nebraska. "
Senator Van Wyck : "I believed it to
be the duty of the government to protect
the citi/ins ( along its banks from the rav
ages of that stream. I believe the gov
ernment is bound to proloct the upper
Mississippi and the upper Missouri river
country from tlm ravages of those
streams , and the committee has not done
it. My hli'a is that wo have absolute con
trol o'ver thosu waters. The citizens of
Omaha and Council Hlufl's desire to build
a wagon bridge across the Missouri , and
they can not do it. When the govern
ment exorcises control over its water
courses , it belongs to the government to
protect its citi/ens from thuir ravages
and their destruction. That was my idea
when 1 voted assent to the appropriation
of millions to thn Missuvsippi , and I am in
favor of that protection now. Hut that
this expenditure will hold the channels
within bounds , my own judgment has
been that it will never do so. 1 explained
that this money had been expended along
tlm Mississippi river , and 1 told my
friends when they said that this bill was
loaded , that I would try to load it on an
even balance , and load it so that it would
got through. "
"My friend from Kentucky ( Mr. Wil
liams ) said that thoru is no animosity on
lib part. He says that pensions wore not
accorded to their soldiers , They may bo
unfortunate , and L must say that had
they Miucooiled in ostal lisliing a confed
eracy , had they gained an independent
existence among tlio nations of thoearth ,
such confederate nation would never
have sullisred a confederate soldier to
have boon beagmg broad upon the streets ;
you never would nave suHured the widower
or the orphan children of those who fell
to linger through life without shelter and
subsistence. Wo have a right to refer to
the fact that this portion of tlm United
Stales pledged to those who entered her
armies that they would take care of llio
orphans and widows of those who fell ,
That was the nation's promise. The na
tion promised tlm soldiers when they
wont from their homos that those who
came back crippled and'maimed should
AM fo.slo.rcd and saved from want during
Tflo remainder of llioirdays , Thatpromisu
which the nation made was honestly
made , and all wo ask is that it bo faith ,
fully kopt. The nation which made this
promise exists to-day , and wo have as
much right lo claim thatitspromisoshall
bo kept , as that tlm faith of this nation ,
which was pledged to our pnblln cred
itors , shall bu observed. It will not do la
set down in dollars and cunts what It will
cost lo do justice to this class of our vet
eran soldiers. You did not do it when
wu were in the struggles of tlm war. You
stood up boldly and manfully horoand in
every corner of the nation , and you
pledged Iho last man and the last dollar
to carry on tlm war. Wo did it herowe
did it at homo , This nation understood
it ; the people of thn south understood it ;
the nations of thn earth understood it ;
and when the proposition was made
looking toward the repudiation of the
debt which saved our nation , and when
attempt after attempt was made to repu
diate that debt , the allegation was ma'hi
that thu solemn faith of the nation hail
been pledged. Thn solemn faitli of tin.
nation hud boon no more pledged to tin
payment of the public debt than it liail
lu-iin pledged to tlm care and Iho suto <
mmcfj of iho families of soldiers who hail
fallen ou thu licld.and lo those whocanu
homo crippled und disabled from the
war. It is nearly twenty years from tin
bailie-Hold where limy lost limbs or in
( surris'l ' disability , Wo promised Ihen
honorable positions In the govonimem
service. Thut proinbi ) , that pledge , ha ;
not boon kent. Take tuf | list of uniploye.s
of your gon-'rnmciit to-day and souo \ \ \ \
inutgrn is the number of ihoso who hav <
roccived a pirt : of what this niiliiw prom
Hod , Now wo-arc'-called upon to f ulU
: ho oilier part1 of tins pledge. We ran
; ivo thorn In infinity , so that tlmy may bo
inder no necessity'to bog for bread. This
much we can dp. nnd in my judgment it
is our duty. Ituiiy , : ciost $5,000,001 Wo
uivo labored miij-h of the week to stop
.ho inllow. nii.l"h.iTd not succeeded. As
much will bo icolJeetcil from Impo't as
lias bnen in tliu years gone by. The
money still Hews jnto tlm treasury. Let
us nniko an elVort to distribute it where It
should properly go , redeeming the nit-
lion's pledge. It will not do for us to bo
liaguling alioiil the few millions of dol-
Itus these pun-Ion * will cost. With lapse
of years should not come loss apprecia
tion. Another twenty years from the war ,
and this vast army of veterans will an
swer roll-call and gather in icunion with
the patriots who havu gone before. The
whole country should bo willing that
iustlco should be done lo a class of sol
diers in llio war who have become almost
totally disabled , whether from Jo < s of
limla or from any equivalent ( Usability ,
which renders them powerless to obtain
sustenance during life. "
The bill was passed ,
Senator Voorhocs presented a bill
pas-ied by the hou. < e with great unanim
ity for the relief of a class of persons the
most meritorious in this government
wldlors who have lost an arm or a leg in
the service. Senator Van M'yck united
in the opinion of Senator Harrison that
it is duo to that class of nur.-ons that
onif action should have been taken on
this m at tor. Tlm bill | > a > scd the other
lioiifo and should have received a report
from the senate committee , to which it
was referred. If there was another class
of soldiers who have sull'ered equally as
much and arc equally entitled lo consul-
oration in the way of an increase of pen
sion l.y reason of dlsua.su eoulraoted in
the service , that mallei should have been
considered and they should have been
aided ; no mailer If il may add $7.COO,000
to the pension list ; far bolter that ? 7,000.-
0)0 ; ) bo expended in tins way than tlm ad
ditional * 7OOI0. ) ( ) and $10,00(1.010 ( added
thereto upon llio river and harbor bill ,
which was passed by a two-thirds vote of
both branches over the veto of Urn presi
The bill was nassed.
The rotations and compensations of
labor very properly enter into the con
sideration of all matters of political
economy. A commission could not pre
sent them more forcibly than has been
done in the able speeches delivered on
this floor during the present session. It
is surprising in every demand for protec
tion and special privileges , whether by
tarills or the donation of public lands or
subsidies of millions , how earnest and
pathetic is the appeal in the name of
patriotism and the beiiclit of labor. Thou
now strangely acts comport with words !
Because they are industrious , frugal and
docile , the Chinese must < ro ; because they
are indolent , wodigal and savage , the
Indians must slay. You are willing to
protect labor at the expense of the hum
ble , no matter how vlolalivo of what are
called eternal principles. The wild shout
comes up froih' tbfo Pacific slope to cru
cify the Chinese. At the alleged demand
of 'labor you turn the immense power of
what you are pleased to call the greatest
republic on earth upon his iinollending
head. The same cry for better wages
comes from tHe Missouri river , and you
unchain tlm dogs Of war and point the
guns ot llio same republic : upon tlio same
element in wlioto ; presence you stood un
covered a fuw shor.t hours ago. Again ,
on the banks of the Morrimae goes up
from tlm spinners and weavers in your
mills their proltssl'tb the protected manu
facturers that the reduced wages will not
give bread to wives and clothing to chil
dren ; and you iiinr and brand them as
strikers. Let us bring to the discharge
of our duty that spirit of fair play which
usually n.nimatosi nnd always demands
tlm respect of the people. And wo can
frame such tariff rales , while doing no
real injury to the favored few who have
grown strong , possibly exacting , by rea
son of special legislative powers , as will
shower blessings on all , and the humblest
citi/.en may not bo compelled to beg for
the privilege to toil and the wealthy not
yield grudgingly the crumbs that fall
Irom his table.
February 31 , 1833 , Mr. Van Wyck
ollured a resolution that the president bu
requested to communicate information
touching the reported agreement between
ministers of tlio United States , ( Jrcat
Britain , Franco and Italy , to make a
joint effort to bring about poaee _ , and
whether the minister of the United States
has been instructed to invite or accept
the invitation of the European powers in
the settlement of a purely American
question. February 20 Senator Van Wyck
called up the resolution , and said : ' 'About '
ono year ago Mr. Trescott went with in
structions from Secretary Blaine to pre
sent certain views of the United States ,
of which tliis joint agreement of the
foreign powers seems like a moro para
phrase. Mr. Treseott , when about to
make representations , was stopped by
Mr. Froliughuysen , and was informed
th-it intervention was against tlio policy
of the United Slates. During the civil
war , Great Britain , Franco and Spain
had a convention under pretense of seek
ing redress from Mexico , and invited the
United Slates lo accede thereto. Mr.
Seward declined to do so , saj'ing that the
United Stales preferred to adhere to to
policy recommended by Washington and
confirmed by a happy fl.xporicnco , which
forbids them from making alliances with
foreign nations. When during the short
but eventful adm'inislration of ( Jarliold ,
Franco proposed to join the United States
to put an end to the South American war ,
slm was assured , firmly but respectfully ,
that it was against the policy of this
country to invite or permit tlmlntcrven-
tion of European governments in Ameri
can affairs. Trance accepted the answer
cordially. Every intelligent man realizes
that thu power of thu United States ,
wisely executed by Mr. Troscott , would
long sineo have secured peace. The
change of policy will bo truly unfortu
nate should It subject the United Slates
to the humiliation of playing a subordi
nate part lo a European intervention in
American affairs. " ,
Mr. Kdmunds expressed the hope that
the resolution would bo adopted , and this
was done.
. . .
'IN' ' ' DAKOTA. Mr. Van
Wyck submitted1 h1 r-j-jolntion directing
the postmastor-g'onu'ral to inform the sen
ate why proposals Have been invited for
dally service Iroin Fort Niobrara and
from 'Jhambormiij to Hapid City. The
two routes are wliqlly through an Indian
country , and are from the termini of two
railroad lines. 'There ' are no American
eltl/.ons to be sitjipliod by those now
routes. Not eyon a weekly service is re
quired. Shall wo wait until the contracts
are made for daily sm-vjco nnd then In
terfere ? The giJvehimont wijl bo at an
oxpunso of $100 OOUior the bepelit of two
railroads , which1 m'o seeking to get to
Doudwooil. That IB no butler than the
Star-route service. Senator Van Wyck's
bill viis agreed to.
TAUV PuwosKsi. Senator Van Wyck introduced -
troduced u bill to open to settlement and
entry lands withdrawn In Nebraska for
military purposes , The government reserved -
served the land for timuor , but it was
found that the reservation included a
largo amount of prairie , on which many
have permanently settled. I'ersons lo *
catcd on this high ground , to which they
did not suppose tun government sought
to attach any claim. The amendment
was agreed to and the bill passed.
To l'iucii\kE : LAND * FOH AN INDI-S-
Titi.vk SCHOOL. Mr. \ nn Wyek said that
congress had provided for an Indian
school. , either in Dakota wht-ro there are
no building * or .on lands on the Pawnee
roscryution in Nebraska , where thorotirb
.iiuu buildings. A auial ) gum is asked for
to purchase 100 acres. It is n safe place
to establish such n school. The clause
was retained. On August 2 , 18S3 , the
sundry civil nppropihition bill being mi
dor ( lisi-mslon , an amendment was pro
posed to strike out the clause for the
appropriation. Mr. Van Wyi-k opposed
the amendment , which was roiocled nnd
the clause retained by a vote of 3,1 to 20.
amendment to the Japanese indemnity
bill for the payment of $13,00(1 ( to Consul
( joorgo S. l-isfier , for lovsos from fire ia
'iokolinma , was supported by Mr. Van
Wyck. Woyeri1 forcing open tluir
straits. Col. Fisher suffered m conse-
quoneo of the rebellious spirit in Japan
more than did this government , more
than did the allied powers , more than the
ollicers and crow of the Wiomlng ; hu
lost all ho had. The allied powers paid
their consuls nnd employes for tlio damage -
ago they sustained , ami our own minister
was paid $ ldCOO. Col. Fisher's claim ,
presented in 1807 , has continued lo be
presented from that time till now.
An attempt was made to put ( ion. Bur
nett on the rolls for a double pen-don ,
which was continued for several months ,
and was at last defeated through Mr.
Van Wyek's Industry and porsovoruni'i1.
A bill has passed both houses und awaits
the signature of the president , ami all wo
ask is that the secretary of the interior
suspend action until the act bi-uonus a
law. The discussion of the matter was
protracted , and the result was that tbo
double pension was not paid.
CLAIM AJIKSTS , At the second session
Mr. Van Wyck reported favorably n reso
lution as to whether claim agents in
Washington are violating the law or in
any manner practicing extortion In talc-
Ing fees or compensation for prosecuting
or p'-ocuring pension , bounty , homesteader
or other claims on behalf of soldiers or
soldiers' widows or orphans , and asked
its adoption. The resolution was agreed
J ( > Nius. : Jnnc7,1 ' 3 , Senator Vim Wyck
ottered the following : That thu consid
eration of the question , Will the senate
advise and consent In the nomination of
the persons selected by the president as
members of the tariff commission y be in
open session and not with elo.sed doors.
January Ii the senate took up the roeolu
tion , which on motion of SiMiatorMorrill
was eom-Llored in secret session , and
after discussion was defeated by ! ) T to 10.
Senator Van Wjck introduced a bill to
release ami quit-claim to any state ,
county or municipality , all equity unu
interest of the United States , by reason
of the neglect or refusal of any railroad
company to pay the costs of locating and
selecting its lands sold by states , etc. . for
non-payment of taxes by the railroad
company. Hctorrod to public laud com
CLAIMS. Mr. Van Wyck submitted a
resolution that the committee on pen
sions inquire whether claim agents in
Washington are violating the law or
practicing extortion in taking fees for
procuring pension , bounty , homestead or
other claims on behalf of .soldiers or sol
diers' widows or orphans. The proba
bility is , he said , that this thing is done
more in Washington than in all other
pot tions of tlio Union combined , and
there is no ono specially charged to ex
amine into the matter except the two
houses of congress. Committee on Pen
Van Wyck submitted a resolution direct
ing tliu secretary of the interior to inform
the senate as to complaints of trespass
upon and cutting and carrying away pine
timber from unsurvoycd lands in Mon
tana. He stated that immcn.se quantities
of timber are cut Unlawfully , and that
preparations were making to lioat down
10,000,000 , feet stolen from the public do
main. Adopted.
Senator Van Wyek , from the commit
tee on public lands , submitted a report
on a bill for the relief of settlers and pur
chasers of lands in Nebraska , heretofore
reported by him from that coimnittco.
Senator Van Wyck introduced a bill to
confirm titles to purchasers , pre-empt9r3
and nutllcrs on the public lands , which
was referred.
Van Wyck submilt d a resolution that
wherever owners and purchasers of
homestead lands in Nebraska who Imve
improved them arc threatened witli in
jury by reason of alleged defective
titles , that the commissioner of public
lands inquire whether n remedy can be
provided to protect them.
CLAIMS Senator Van Wyck introduced
a bill lo establish a board of review of
pension nnd land-wuirnnt claims re
jected under existing laws , und to pre
vent fraud.
KA C'lTV. Senator Van Wyok introduced
a bill lo protect the channel of the Mis
souri river near Nebraska City , which
was referred to iho committee on com
WHITS OF Eituon. Senator Van Wyck
introduced a bill to amend the revised
statutes in relation to writs of error and
appeal , which was referred to the com
mittee on judiciary.
Van Wyek introduced a bill to create an
additional land district in Nebraska ,
which was referred.
GKANTINO TENTS. Senator Van Wyck
introduced a resolution granting the use
of tents , -crrf. , tj the soldiers' reunion at
Van Wyck introduced a resolution for
holding United States circuit court at
Nebraska City.
SIONS. We are compelled to summarize
Senator Van Wyck's action on pension
claims ; any attempt to go into detail
would involve too much spaco. Wo shall
therefore simply give the names of the
cases on which lie supmitied reports
which wore ordered printed and wore
favorably acted upon , In the lir t session
of thu Forty-Eiivenih congress , the fol
lowing were considered : Hinun Barnes ,
Erastus Crillim , Jacob Nix , Margaret
Beymui. Newton Bout well , John V.
Bovoll , Nathaniel J. Callin , Lucien Kit-
bourne , Kmma H. Collins , Martha J.
Douglas , Hardin II. Helper , Mary F.
McKcuvor. John H. Jameson , Hiram
Johnson , Jacob R , McFurren , Eli/abuth
Suibriek , Mary T. McCawley and .Sarah
Siioit. During the second session the
followingouscs were acted upon : Thomas
Allcash , I ) . D. Edmunds , Richard Jobos ,
J. P. Toby , Clara Wiblo , John ( Jlonn. D.
Williams , Wesley Montgomery and Wil
liam 11. Simmons.
When B by was rtok , we give hoi C.utorii ,
When itio niw a Child , olio cried for CaatorU ,
Wbou eli became MUs , the clung to Cattoria ,
Wbn iU had CUUwi , ill * S TO them ( Jasturi
J. E. McChiro. of the Chicago , MilwauKee -
wauKeo iN : St. Paul , and Alex Mitchell , of
the same road , stationed at Salt Lake , ar
rived in the city yesterday In excellent
spirits from n report of their recent ride
from Ottnmwa to Kansas City to tlio pres
ident of the road in Milwaukee.
A Most IIIinral OITor.
The Voltaic Holt Co. , Marshall. Mich. , offer
to &ond tluslr celebrated Voltaic JU-lts und
Klectrlo Appliances on thirty days' dial to
any man alHIcttul with Nervous Debility ,
Loss of Vitality , Manhood , Arc. Illustrated
raiufihltU in sealed envelope with full. nuUc ;
uluia mulled tree. Wiltc'thum Ut once.
'That tired feeling" from which you
suffer so much , partieiilarly in the morn
ing , Is entirely thrown oft by Hood's
Articles of Incorporation for a street
railway from Omaha to Florence and
with branches to the new cmnolcry and
Florence lake , were lili'd with theeoiinly
elerk vestcrday. C. E. Mayne. A. B.
Eads/D. C. Dunbar. C. P. Bentloy. Win.
Gibson , II , C. Hollls and A. 11. Muync
are the Incorporators.
Oreatcat Madleal Triumph of the Ago !
Io ornpppltc ( , IluiTrU cnillTC , I'a'in In
thn bend , with n ilitll snnntlnn In llio
hncU part. 1'itln utif'rr tba houlilcr-
Mnilc , Fullnofl * nflcr e.itlnc. rrltlinilln-
iDcllnnllanto exertion of body ormlnri ,
Irritability orioiuiior , la\r nplrlti , trllh
n ( roll lie oflin.TlngiiCKli'ctFil nomodiitr.
WonrliiPK , Il.2lnr , 1'liiltei Inn nt tlm
I'.cnrt. Hotn bolnrotho cron , llcndnnbo
ovur llio i-lslit ojrc , ItmtlcniinniN , with
fllttll dreninn , II lalilp colored Urine , nnd
TtJTT'S nijl.Saro especially adapted
to such case * , ono tlono effects encli n
TUey ItirrvnBo tlie Aitl > ntlteanil causa the
tinily to Tnko ou s-'lcxli.thin tlm sy tcm U
iintiruhcil.nm ! hylliclff oiilc Ar.tlou nn
tba l > lRB tiTcOruai,1tetiitlarfHoolKnra
pnvlucxil. I'rloc Sirtr. ! > ! tirrny St. .N.Y.
KctmvAtetlm body , make * healthy llesli ,
ptiun UieiH Iho wciife , repairs lliw wastes of
Vie iifhtcm with pui-u liloo < l tuul Imrd miiscln ;
COU9.H the nnrvoiis vrslcm , lnvl oroto tlio
Jraln , anil Imparts tliu vigor ot maiihood.
( ! . SnM In'iln
l'M , K 44 l
Absolutely Pare and Unadulterated.
IN Ufil IN
AND Pntscniato at PHveiciAwa CVEHYWHCMC *
jtnil all Wasting XHtviiscs t
For sale by Drupgistu , Grocers and Uetilcrfl.
Price , OHO Dollar ] > rr Slot tic *
eept mif U A * bear our t cM v-mm k l\xl \ of th oldclien
* above , itnd the nni9 of company blown | n tiotlte4
CyrereontBAdtoftUe Kerky IIountlniiesrcpt ( the
Terrltorlet ) , unnble to procure It from tlitlr dwlcri
CJtnharsltftir Ooi n rtnt. In plain ffcif , nnmatk i1lx
pr cti rcM i r p ld , ly rtralttliij bU PotUrn to
The Duffy Matt Whiskey Co. , Baltimore , Md.
fftnit 3-ftnl ttanp ftr 9Mrtffat1tg Cf > * tnnpttvnFt > rm
ltltliCQtti 9 printptllv / roi * birftlfti aJnr wft/i
Jtftf * A' H i/f / rn/Ki6 ( / /HrflijMhfrM , f tptftl a
rtcoftrv/rtn * ( t ir ff Xi raiti. It fait leprrptr
bv a tf * < " 'f'fc"P" ' * J'It"fl fr ieciifrr ( tfrArt/'orrti ( (
iiflJA ( vHefeur itfiltkty in a y dtitatttctHkeclit >
fnltV Q9tvtr4 * nf ifidlet t JUfparfi fuf.
CAPITAL PRIZE , $150,000.
I1 Wo do hereby certify ttiat < re supervise the
nrrnuRcmetm for all the Monthly and Quarterly
Dni\vn'a ! ( of Q'bu I/oiilblun * Btuto Lottery
Company itnd in norion mininge nnd control
the UrnwIiiRS themselves , and tlint thpsamu are
conducted with Imnugty , ( nlruesa and In good
fullh toward all urtrtloM , and wo authorize tbo
Compunyto tuo this cortlflcuto , with fao-elinlim
of our eUrnuturaj uttaohqj ia 1U adviirtiBtniMit
Vfe. the underslfnea Hanks and Bankers , will
pay all Prizes drawn lu The IxHilslutm State lat-
terlns whluti may bo pro.sontoil at our counters
j. ii.
Pres. Louisiana National Bant
Fres , State National BanL
Pres , New OrleansNatlonal Bant
Incorporatwl In | B84 for 5 yours by the lojh.
laturolor Hilucalionnl uoJ'liurltulilo purnojos
withii cniiltnl of IOOiJiioo-lo whluU n roiqrvo
fund of over ! & 5UOUO luia slneu bouu uddixl.
lly mi ovorvvholmlriK- popular vole IHI'ninnlilSQ
was inniloiipiut of the pnisont rituto Constitution
doptfi ! Uoooiiioorid. A. I ) . 1S7V.
Us ttnuul alnirlu iiuiulior ilritwlnu lakes pUcu
monthly. U uuvcr fcalua or postponed.
Look nltho following ilUtrlhullon :
193d Grand Monthly
aiRiioiiDiiiARv mmm mmi
In the Acadtimy of Music , New Oili-uns ,
Tutisduy , Juno IMIi , 1830
Unilur tlio personal Riiiorvison | ami niuuut'u-
mi'iit of ( Ji.v. : ( ! . T. JiAi'UKiAui ! ; ) , of l < < m.
Isliinn , nnd CKH. JUIIAL A ICAiu.v , oC Vir >
cini a.
Notice , Tickets are SIO on H alvcs , $5
Fifths $2. Tenths $ !
i OAVITAI , I'mor : $ i.v ) M. . . . $ twoy
KillANIlI'lllZKUir WJ.XW. ( . . . & ) . ( > >
lOiiASD I'inzcor aj.unu. . , . am *
IMIKII ; l'iiuisor : . . . .
< I.AW1K I'lllXKS nt ' ! , , > > . . . .
KM 30) . . . . : ityv
a ) ' ) . . . .
mo . . .
100 Appioxliiiulioopri/esur JiOO. . . .
jai " " it * ) . . . .
Itt ' " -73. . . . 7,4 *
2,279 J'rlzof , aiiiouiltlM'/ . I
Application for rutut to clubs cliouM lia
only lo lUo olllcu ot tUu compupy In .Vijiv Or
lean ; ,
1'or furllior Infornmtlnn wnto clonrlr , ui
full addrcu. 1'MSTAI , NDI'liiS , lixir | < < M onuy
nluiv.or Nuw Vork ICxchiuiKU in orllimr l t <
iir. ; currency hr ut oijr iioiuu | in.
M.A.DAt'1'IHK ,
atia , IA.
. a
Make l > . O. Moncr Order | ) r We and adlrajl
ioinJ It'iitTj fj
fcE\V ! \ Oltt-KANa NAtlONAO I1A S K ,
Svtr Urluaui. IA
1 1
Sir Robert Chr'stisn :
Baronet , M , D , ,
11 yulelim to HIT Mnjos ty tlio Quro i : l'ro ldonl
Itojnl A < i < oulnllon ! l'ior < 'i > ( Hnt iho
I'nlMM-sll.v of UllnlJ.irK. - ' ( ' -
Llobl ? & Co.'j Coca Eojf Tonic
I ? n tonii'k ' b'o lr p n t > u , Itcui'alns th *
i u Mlivo o o iii'iits o lie i' ' o lur.iiiin Moait ,
luii o i n i litlu o i lur u ' ) s l ( o nl ' u o 'kJ
( li ol\ivl In nm > olilslui-i-y vr to , T b io >
t-isi1 , 1'jtch tiili'm ) uo l u i-ontn a lie I'll ' rll
Honiciils of IIIIP otiiu'i ot'i'liolto o f.oio r In
n i > l n half 01 run : cilliiliir | , in (1 \ \ o ftat to'
.mi. ll H'SO ' cinloillo it ( oni-tcitiu < < x . ot
( fnnM.n South Aincricnn tonu < < wli liBir
Koliotl Tin lit .son , .M. 1) . , 1' . It. 8. . | h A o : n to
HIT Mn ] s , thu t/noon , siiys ! " 'J'hn | iiti | > i > rtlo4
or tlil. < uoiid < rrul pi nit itlii' Oocnl itfo 1. c n out
KMiiiirkiililonl liny knonn to llio nollc.il xrorld.
I'roin rcpculisl ii"igiiml ( li-luls I inn conrlniiHl
tlnti It * use hiirhly ln-iioMclul nnd toiik- . " * iil
riUlKKSSOIt Dl'XlWN r.XMI'lll 1,1. , M. 1) .
1,1 , . I ) . , I' . II. S , 1'toj doiit lio.\nl ColU-KOof I'liy-
Minis mid Siirnoii , MoinlivtioncriiU'ounoil (
rnl > i'i.iiy of Kd'iiliui'tr. ' Ac. , At1. , mi's : "l.'oli'tr
Co.'sC'oui llcor 'I'onio hits mnii' IM .n rt'iilUtM
my opvtiitloiH. "
i In-fhltil N.Y. Stnti1 llospllnl. 1'iofoisor
, N. Y. Mfillciil Cnlltv * ' , ( vv-llfiiltli ( llll-
ioil'in1 ol Now York , A1 . : > ys : " > y put onM
ilLTivi ! inifliiMl nnd dcoMcd imuullt Iroin tl\o \
l.lelilir i o.'i CIIDI' iof 'I'tinli- .
"Mr rnotlco U iinioiur wonion : ivllli worn-
out , nt i-itotrii , ( lebllltitltd. o i.'twoi-kvd ncliool
Kn'lioip , inllllnrr * . itti > jMiiiiki < i > , mid ether
cla.--f.s ol' . ir i p 01 tin T \v ( in 1.1 , itul ; It iv nil
ri-nulni r so it . n . I hitvc iiru < crll > i < d Millions
and Kiillni.j. hut i o'ic o 'li'in nro oiuiilto
yoi r It ( s pi > . IllM'lv tun buM o liny wlilvli I
hfot ken inyyo f 01 oMo n o m ' imlli'ittf. '
tltil'ilon of Dr. S. r' . I'no v.v is * Col m IIH
mo itiu , llonon ) of tno l.ichU I'o.'nCoctt i OJT
To i in1
Ininlimliloln Doblllty , Ncrvoiis'trss. Mnlnrln ,
l > .inpi'ii | la , lllllon iipf , NrivoiiM ami Siolt k ll
Ilciul ; clio , Opium HuUlt. Shut lentil Norvex , > l
Avtliion unit roifii'o Inllrinllli'.i. It Improves
nppol.tu Htul iliRi-sili n. cnrli'lins thn lion'and !
rulnvlgor.il ) i UVIM'.V < iririii ; iitnl tiiool y. it re-
toii ti-iit'ls tnr ni.ixlU'to.l nnd onlo MM ) , ti'In *
vluonilrs Iliu I'iri1 ' 1 nnd Inllnu , nun tiin' < it sickly
children blooming n id lifiillliy. h'd ! I y
l ta. I'ri'i u 'I'd I'll ' y li > tlio
Nniv VoiU , 1'uns and London. New York Del -
pot , ; \ * Miifraj Si not.
l 6 | IM , r ehkuipui * , tal U til Ittumrr Xnnkl. Trr It. tl
r ir af ro t rfu. Ak iftur itK.r ,4ruc utfr tk. | ftil&
" " " ' " '
5rTwn'ppsWA K , soiB lar.ir ,
j ao juHur , jr. r. _ v
nnl Prices on application. 8o4dbf
11 tliu best Cirrlacc llullclcn nnd I > C' lcr > .
0-nblo Art < * ri' i. COO-GIN.
( Suooassorg to J. O. Jacobs , *
At llio old stnnJ , 1407 Fnniam 8u Onlnra b/
-U und promptly uttouaoa to.
"London" Trouser Stretcher ,
I'ntoinoJ In Kuropo and U 3.
for oolubruletl John llnmlllon > t
Co. , Strntcbor. Tnkve backing out
of knees , restores pantitlsoliB to'
oii iiml hhnpo. Only pr.t'd stitooli-
orcoiuljInliiK screw rod In conco-
llouvrtth elfimpR. AM otliors In-
I'-lnKC'in ina. OrlRiiuU nnd only
- " , /StrclcliLT / lur ( loiillcmon's uso.
lly ovpress securely packeJ , prlco
. _ - . pi.r < 0. Wrllo for circulars .A ontg
wniilod In every city. U. W. SIMMONS & CO. ,
liojton , Mnas.
A Bcothovon Sonntn , n llaeh Cliomatlo rimn-
tuslo , cnn only bo fully iipproalutoj whou iciU
red upoaanool'your plunoforlos ,
IticiuiiD WAUNEI. :
F' ' 8
1305 and 1307 Farnam St.
SENT C. O. D ,
I 1'AV nil i-iprex ctinrer < In all imlntt nltliln 300
nillci. I.OOCrairlaL'rs to Erlm-t from H < * nil two cuiv
tUmp forIllusliatLxfcataloifuu. tlriillon IM < paiwr.
llocciilljr Unlit. Newly V
The Tremont ,
J. 0. Fn7.HiilAW ; ) & SOU , J-ropilctors.
Cor. Hh and I'tjK , Lincoln , Nob.
Architect ,
Olllccx-31. lii Hinl 4V , Itteliniili lllock , Mncolu.
Noli. Klouiori > nlllli struct.
ilcrnf ul
Live Stock Auctioneer
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