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> " * T
DAILY 1886. * *
71. J. n tnl''t III HnMfyii KaglK.
Since she went lurme
Tlic c\enlnc filiation * linprr lo.ircr here ,
The winter ila > s till co imu-h of the jrar.
Ami even summer winds nro chill and ilrcar ,
Mnee she went home.
Since MIC went home
The robin's nfite has touched a minor straIn ,
T ho old triad SOURS fori n'lie but a < ail refrain ,
Awl laughter > bs u Ith hidden , bitter i > aln ,
fiiuccshe went home.
Hiiro she went home-
How Mill the empty looms her presence
blessed :
Untouched tlip jillloxv Hint her dear head
pressed ;
. tj lonely heart hath nowhere for Its rc
Since she went home.
Since she went home
The lonp , long days ha\e crejil away like
' '
The Ntn'iUu'lit has boon dimmed with doubts
nlid feni < < , . . . ,
And the dark nh'hts have rained in lonely
loan.blnee she went home.
India and China silks are trimmed with
J.acc dievscs aio moio Ilinvliig than for
Ulaek and white julnted hosiery arc aiiioug
the novelties.
Klamine with wild meshes Is combined
With woolen lace.
Cotton crape cloth Is almost us effective as
the milliner ) er.ipe.
White dresses fur home arc in general u e
by iiersonH In mourning.
Hlark. dark brown navy-qluo hosiery are
worn with walking costumes.
Camel's hair cloth , In light colors , Is com
bined with hrizht tinted surah.
White nnd ecru cotton gienadlnes aic
among thu summer jiovcities.
DiaiM'd Polonaises nnd overdiesses , with
b.istio ( | bodices , nre In equal favoi.
Plain skirts without gires , some being uiado
with do'jp plaits at the side , me worn.
Joan of Aic was Maid of Oilcans , hut
Noah's ink was made of gopher wood ,
Kgynll.in and orlent'U Inco nio mcd for
llmnlft.s over colored and white ilrcssis.
Mutinies of lace , lined witheoloied sllkari !
worn with d.uk silksl.hls with a deinl-tr.iln.
Hlack silk hosleiy Is woin with evejiliig
toilet and with light dieses ot cvciv descrip
Lustrous silk wrap white material aie cm-
ploved foi iiiouiiilng dresses foi Infonnal oc
Kndiroideied erape , game and musllii are
shown In most el.iboiato designs and beauti
ful coloring.
Material for tennis costumes , with ( tames
of the aeeessoilesof the game , have ribbons
Nllppcis for evening wear arc of Sneile
leather , and are claboiatolj embuildeicd with
beads and silk.
Dull leather will suspend patent leather foi
walking boots. Heels me low and the toes
artUesH pointed.
I.urge buttons nre used to lihn diess panels.
The rosary heads , now somewhat iMy > ' , , ue
utlli/ed as Inlttoiis.
Unloaded sateens , In light colors and white ,
have delicate VIlie , bud and lein designin
the sanm rotor as the giouiid.
' A wom.m at Ninth Adams , Mass. , has dug
a cellar this Mining for a laige , new house ,
und slid ( plained the stone also.
( .oaisu meshed nets , have laipe or small
polka dots. They are to he found In all the
lavldoiiablo colors. They aie made up over
Tussore Mile Is worn over skhts of brome ,
fical-biovi u , 14:11 : uet or dai k pi line silk. These
te.01orsare.al > o woin with ceiu silk net ovei
Some of the silks for summer wear have al-
of lace gienndliie. Moire
. . .1 have stiipcs of close Iiluge
woven In the material.
A new matcilai ; lalne vltieaiiv , has small
cheeks with lace canvas lattiee woik. It Isln
eolois and is worn over silk eorresponding to
thu dai Kcst shade of thu checks.
Ages will rome and go. but woman will not
l > pelfectly happy until she can have cjes
attaehed to her shoulders , so that she may
look up to and criticise her own back lialr.
Moinlng diessL-s of veiling , cashmeie , alba-
tiiis or small of delicate colors , are tiimiucil
with lace or ilbbon , accoiding to fancy. Un
some of these ill esses a combination oil Ib-
bous Is used.
A Voikvlllo laboicr , rcadluc a paper to bis
wife. Instead of "tho picsidcnt wasieceived
with three lnu/nlis'r ' pionouiieed the last
word ' 'hussies. " "More shame for him , " 10-
l > lleu the Indignant and seandall/rdlady.
In a gay circle In the Faubourg St. llonore.
they weio comullmenting tlio bcautlfu
Duchess dc on the appioachiug and IIJH
iiarent lihth of an heir to so Illustrious a
house us her own. "Say nothing of it to my
husband , she replied ; "It's a nice little sur
prise 1 am piepailni ; for him. "
A ulrl's heart will palpitate and her breath
eomo short und ( julek at the very thought of
getting ii | ) to icclto a verso In the Sunday-
school ( oneert. hut "sliov 111 sit calmly up In
the choir and tlirt with the handsomest tenoi
all through thu scivico In thu lace of the
whole eougi elation without experiencing a
single tiemor.
"Susan , stand upand let me sec what you'vo
learned. What does e-h-a-l-r spell ? ' ' " 1
don't ' know , ma'am. " "Why I Whatdoyoi
hltonV" "Oh , ma'am , 1 don't like to tell. '
"What on eaith Is the matter with the Kill'/
Tell-wliatlsltr1 "I don't like l tell ; It
was Hill IJi-ass' knee , but ho never kissed mo
but three times. "
"Fannlo. " he mild to her , "I lovn jou with
my whole heart , and 1 want jou to bo my
w | fc. It Is true I'm oulv a dep.irtment clerk
with only 51,400 a year , but , Fiinnle , money
doe.sn't buy happiness. Do you love me ,
darl ngV "Oo-oo , " she cooed , nestling her
head I on his nuw coat front. "And > oi do
love me' ? " ho exclaimed witli confidence ,
"lou Io\u mo with your whole soul ami
being ? " "Mnxbeiint uiilto th.it much , " she
gurgled . "but 1 lo\u you 51-JOO worth.Ceo '
Him tliat's 8-tOO < mine than 1 ever loved any
other Ih Ing man. "
A Mlaiiprirolieiisloti.
Thou puling and pugnacious child
That , without ceasing , prattlest ;
And diixest both thy iiaients wild ,
As with tlieii lialr thoii b.ittle t ;
What holds the future glim tor then ,
Aught gi.ind and consvijiieiitlal ?
Perhajis somtlme tliou jet nuiy.st be
A person piciidcntlal.
Perchance a Judge of mien piofound
And patience and endurance
Thou'lt bo ; or one who wanders round
.Soliciting Insuiance ;
Mayhap a giaxo tnigedlaii ,
A butchei 01 a bie\u'r ;
Mnyhiip a wllv plumber man
\ , ho loses to build a sewer.
Peichaneea man of eloiiuenco
Thou'lt be to bore a jury ;
A scienllst ot bialn Immense ,
A warrior nt fury.
A baiher with tils head n-curl ;
A cleig\man veracious
Whnl's tliatV KliV What '
? The babe's a girl
What n mistake ! ( iooit giaclousl
I'Kl'l'KHMl.NT DKOl'S.
The Texas Slftlngs suggests that this Is the
Ec.iMin of thu maiden all lor lawn tennis.
"Is R wioni ; to toast .leu DaIs ? " asks an
exch.muc. Not if It Is done over n hot lite.
A paper Infoi ins Its re.ideis that "when n
gentleman and lady are walkin ; ; upon the
btieet the lady should walk inshht the gentle
man. " Hut how * the lady U to do that it la
not stated.
Wanted One for Keeps He : Anil now ,
Kaiuli , wh.it kind of an engagement ring
Khali 1 get jou ? Slui : .Solid gold , 1 guess ,
Henry ; I'm so tired of wc.irlnj : Imitation gold
for engagements ,
In a Weak State Landlady : The coffee , I
nm soiry to say. Is exhausted. Mr , Smith.
Hoarder Hmllh : An , > es , jmor thing , 1 was
e\iHTtliipthat ; I've noticed that for some time
It hasn't Ik'i'ii , strong.
The tecciit toinado In Ohio carried a deed
and na'moi.indum Ixiok from its owner's
liouso In lliudln county to Adams township ,
distance of foity-elcht miles. Anybody
who doesn't believe It can si < o the book.
' Will jour biother iiiob.ibly ever come out
licie ! " "No , 1 think not ho lia-s never been
west of the Allegheny mountains. " "Is that
so ? What Is his business ? " "Writing de-
M'llplhe mtk-le.s of thu west for eastern pub
lications. "
Young Sm.rllw ace I dcslro to purchase n
ring for m > miiicee. Obliging dealer Yes ;
how long liavu > ou liecn eiiuaucd ? Young S.
Nearlj three jears , sir * Obllu'iiiB dealer ( to
cleik ) Ah , ji > ; Jaiue tihowtlilsjoiiugui.m
some of those linltntion pirnets
The editor Of the Atehl&oii Times recently.
T ID 'or the proud posH'0" ' ° ' ccliool illreclor.
A. lver--p fate or contninaeious Miters did not
itermit htm tii reach the RIM ! of his desire , hut
the undaunted spirit ent out to the world the
following announcement : " 'Ihank dotu we
\ ic : still : v rich heritnio to lea > e our childien
-the memorj of their father's virtues. "
. 'Have von had much of n drmilh up jonr
wj ? " asked n Milwaukee storekeeper of a
lii'iitx-minn ' from the HilpiKSWa region.
M.all , " ald the InmlKTiiinii. "It did look
ravthcrdroiith.v when the water In the Chiiv-
lieu a got so low that the < athsli had to line
mud-tin tk to tow 'em mer the bar. "
How HP Workoil.
He leelurt d on unions and lalnir ,
And wildl.v he branlshed Ids list ;
He told them to take LMIII and sabie ,
And go for the capitalist.
He told them thcv never need 'cumber.
Their thoughts'w Ith respect for the law ;
He said lie vv.is one of their numl > er
Hut all that he worked WILS his jaw !
.lohn r. . Owens announces that he will not
etutn to the .stage.
Minnie Hank piopo cs to eoneerlbe on the
'nclllc ' co.ist during the einrent summer.
Agnes r.lhel Traev. novvn very itch widow ,
irojHise.s to st.ir In "Agnes" next season.
Mine , bcmhilch at the latest accounts had
ichleved gieit success In "I.ticla" at Dresden.
The Fifth A\cinio "illkado" company
made a gicat lilt in licrlln , dining the past
Miss Kate Fornjthe began her stalling tour
n "Macbeth" at the Boston Paik the.iter last
A cck.
Horace MeVleker Is to lie united with his
father in thu imiuagement of MeVlckcr's
tlm "aiithoil/ed" "Mikado" diew S3SJ.OOO
ii New Yoik , felOO.WWIn Huston , and 8110,000
n Philadelphia.
Mine. Miidjpska will pli > an engagement
of eight weeks nt ( lie I'nlon ' bqiiaic theater
"leginnlng In Octohei.
Slgnor riieiubinl , Maplesou's favorite
MSSO , Is In New Yoik waiting foi the I'attl
'oncei t season next fall.
Kate For > the has gone out u-staiilng in a
new iilay. "Meicelle. " hhe was well le-
eelveu in Uoston last week.
Maiy Anderson sailed for Llveipool
riiursd.iyof last week aceomn.inledhj her
Ijiother und Dr. Hamilton C.iifliii.
Khun Pljinpioii made hisdeliut on the Lon-
lon Mage on the 'Jlst ult. , and achieved an
Immediate and verj' decided success.
M. Wldoi's new opcia"Mnltie Anne bios , "
now being given at the OperaComhiuc , P.uis ,
has attained an uueiinlvoc.il success.
When Mrs. Laugtiy visits Ameiica next
nutunm she will hiing with heranevv play
wiitten lei hei bj Mr. Chailes Coghl.in.
Henry Irving gave a h.iniiuct in London
Thuisihiy nlifht to Mr. D.ilj and his eom-
panv , w'hlch occupied fiom midnight to
l.iw n.
Mr. Hill will take Miss Mather to Califor
nia in June , having aiiiinged for a hilef sea
son In ban Francisco , the HistMtoltlie
Jimng aelicss to the westein co.ist.
"The Aetoi , " a new play bv IMg.ir 1'eni-
lieitou , has been successful ! ) plodueed at
Hiimlngham , ling. 'I he plot is diawn from
a ( ieim.in legend , adapted hj Mink Twain.
Tin1 piesent season will be the Ill's ! summer
th.it Minnie Hank lusspeiit in Ameiie.i since
the hcirinninirof liei muslc.il eaieei. ! > hewlll
shoitlj visit the YellovvslonepaikaudOicgon.
Miss Kllen Teiiaecomp.inledhv hei eldest
daughter and under the escort of Mi. llenij
living , will leave London .Inly : U for this
countiy on a short tout foi lest and lecic-
Tne "Fedora" company , with Adele lul- !
gaide and K. I ) . Mantel ) , has closed its sea ,
son , Miss lielgaide having , it is icpoitcd-
nioie than tilled Faiinx Davenpoit's place as
the heroine.
Joliann Strauss of Vienna was recently en
gaged as chief of oiehcstia to conduct a seiies
ot conceits at St. Peteishing. His conditions
were 100,000 fiancs , with hotel and traveling
expenses for tlnee pel sons.
As might have been hue-seen. "Adonis" has
piovcd an unequivocal falluie in London , the
audience leceiv ing the stale jokes and child
ish attributes ol an Indillerentailety show
with demonstrativudeiision.
Willie Kdouin is still In London , and , like
Mail ; Tapley , waiting lor something to turn
up. He will shoitly pioduce an Anglicised
version of Alhin Valaheigne's new ricnch
comedy , "Le lionhcnr Conjugal. "
It tin hs out that Colonel Mnpleson has not
seemed I'attl forun Ameilean touinextsea-
hon. Henry K. Abbey , accoiding to the late
cable , is the lucky man , and he unnounces
that the diva will open in New Yoik Novem-
bei n.
"One Thousand Kms" is the tltleof a comic
opera soon to be pioduccd in New York. The
scene is laid in a neuspapci olllee , and there
is ax'horus of composltois. Chatlcs Lauback
is iesKinsible ] for the music and Myion Uein-
aulfor the llbietto.
Jo.iquin Millet's daugliter Maud and her
husband , London MeCoimack , have been
plajlng inI'.i" ' at a New York bowery
theatie , wheie beei anil tohncio smoke aie
leading attractions. It Is li.nd hut honest
work , and better than waiting until tall for
an engagement.
It is cabled that Dion Houeicault , immedi
ntel > upon his arrival in Londonwas seived
\\itliuMiiinuons in a divorce suit at thu in-
stameot Agnes Kobeitsoii-Houcic.uilt , under
the advice ol her clilldicn , whose blitlnightls
Impugned by the Austiallan ceiemonv be
tween Mr. lloueieault and Louise Thorndvke.
Marie Wainiight. who has just closedher
season with Hooth-Hulvlnl , will spend the
hummer at Nahant , Mass. , preparing for her
tour as principal .support to Louis .lames the
coming .season. She has just refused aeiy
tl.ittering olfcr to play at the lialdvv In theater ,
San Francisco , in the stock company which
Al Hajman has organi/ed.
Miss Sojihie Kyie made a complete success
in "Moths" at San Francisco dining the past
week , playing the leading idle of Vera. The
audiences at Baldwin's theatio have been
\eiy huge , accoiding to all telegiaphle ac
counts , and the critics agiee that Miss Kyie'n
Vera was the hit of thu play.
Havelli , Maplc.son'.s luijiular little tenor , has
been talklnu savagely against the doughty
colonel In New YoikItaulli said that
Maplcson owes him S7XX ( ) . "While the
ailists could get nothing from him , " added
the wrathful singer , "and the chorus singers
were half starved , them were tour people who
lived on the fat of the land and washed it
down with champagne oveiy day. These
were Mapleson and Mine. Dottl , and Charles
Mapleson and Mine. Cavalaizc , his wife. "
Miss Fortesque , the English actress jilted
by Kail Calms , will be accompanied to Amer
ica next fall by her mother and sister , and It
Is expected sue will mouse a good deal of
attention In social circles. Aitlmr Sullivan
lust gave her an oppoitunlty in "lolanthe. "
hhe subsequently appealed as Dorothy In
"Daniel Diuce. " W. S. ( iilhert.became In
terested In her , and vviotu a play called
" ( iietchen" foi lier. Last > ear she staned
thiough Kngland. She w 111 play In Phlhidel
plihi at the. Chestnut stieet thcatic.
MoroTrutli Thau Poetry.
Lives of bank cleiks all remind us
We can make our lives all eihuo ;
And , depaiting , leave behind us
Not a solitary dime.
One of ( lie oldest , If not the oldest , medical
colleges of thu world is the medical school ol
the Imperial university of Japan.
1'iof. Ulibcy of Piliu'cton has slatted for
Alaska. Joining Lieut , hchvvatka , they will
explore the Alaskan Alps , the Mount St.
Kltns group , with especial rcfcienco to their
Btructuieiind their glaciers.
Mr. A. A. Hinedalc , On. Gaifleld's friend
and hlogiapher. has lust beun lemoved tiom
the ixisitloii of Superintendent ot Instruction
by the Cleveland ( O. ) Hoard of 1'diicaiion.
Picsldent McCosh , of Pilnceton , vigorous ! }
repudiates thu idea that he Is s Scotch phll-
ospher , He wishes to bo knovvn as the
founder of an American school of philosophy.
The Jena mil versify lias received ulegacj
of about $75,000 from Paul urn Ulttei , of
iiusle , to be applied In the zoological 10-
scarch on the basis of Darwin's evolution
theory , which the testator regards as the
greatest sign of pro/ress of thu tentury ,
Hartford Is to be congratulated on the pub
lic spirit of her worthy clli/.ens. JunlusS.
Morgan , who lecently made a handsome gift
to Trinity college , hud Infoimed the manage-
gers'of the Hanfoid oiphan usylum of his In
tention to give them a fund of $25ooo In 4
per cent bonds us a memorial of hit mother ,
who was ouo of the managers.
O'l'lio Catholic university property In St.
Louis 1ms been sold to be cut un Into business
blocks , the price buliiKUU,000or a little over
SlkV ) a front foot. The university was famuli *
in 183) ) , before the city dad 6,000 inhabitants
and lu. JUTS it hail. bulWiua cuitiiiK S QOCKX
Now that lh business part of thu city has
grown up about It , thu university vylll bo
moved Into Uio newer West end. Tim Is cc
large t real cMato ale ever made In the ciiy.
Columbln college has had about l/ * " ;
dents more or less under Its h liu'iict' ( Wring
hevliolnrlstiejear now ending. Of lhe e ,
hrvvc iu'iel a iriiml-
hef > 00iuedieal students ! >
lal connection with the college , the wiinoi
> f mines , which includes all dcp.irlsinenfs of
applied 'eiciiec , has had WO names on its
rolls the law school av > , anil tlie umlcrgr.ul-
late depirliuent about 'i3.
The trustees of Columbia college of New-
York City at their ' 1st meeting decided to
uliult In future to their Institution women on
exactly the ame footing as men. The van-
in * members of the boaid have for some time
llsphijcd a wllllnirness to give -women a
fhauco to edtieate themselves. Thotiustees
mve not been urged to taku the step by the
so-e.illcd women sriniKithlrcr * . nor hasanv
Mtie been biouuht to bear upon them.
A HngKoil Pair.
He stood in ticice despair gaunt , hollow-
ejed ,
With murder wblsperlne In Ids tortured ear.
No woik ! His IMUJ'S erles bioko down his
pride ,
Ills sick w ife's pleading hi ought the horror
Thej henid his tale , ami carelessly they throw
A golden coin , as U they thought the sting
That drove his soul eiline's hated poitals
Would weaken ut the money's golden ring.
Ills thlu fare settled lu a hateful fiown ;
.The snceiluireh.itlly unheeded lay :
They who had Idly cinslied his manhood
Will wonder at his daik icveiige some day.
A man with co.it aw lairged as his own
Held out his hand and spoke brave words of
And lot the dnik stern face has gentler
glOW 11.
And lu the hollow eje thete shines a te.ir.
forgotten nre the hidden thoughts that tilled
His soul , the way seemed blighter than
hefoie ,
\ new eoui.ige all his life has thrilled ,
And thiiiwn a gleam of sunshine thiough
hope's door.
He elves the most who bravely lends a hand
To help his luother lu the hoin of need :
( ! od keeps thereeoid lleeau undeistniid
And ol our slightest s v lee w Uptake heed.
Sam Jones will be the attraction at the
Katon Itaplds , Mich , cMiuiHiieeting , which
commences Junetsi.
The Piesbv teil.in ehuieh of Aheideeii. Da
kota , Is lighted at night with uleetile light , as
Is the entire joung eity.
The dloeese of Missouri has elcrled its
bishop , Ht. liev. D.inlel h. Tuttle.themission-
in j bishop of Utah ami Idaho.
Hcv. J. Uadger , an Iiidl.in of I'llnceAl-
boi t. has been ordained hj the bishop ol Sas
katchewan , and licensed as mlsslmi.iij to the
Indians of Fort I.a Corne.
The Chilsthuis of niigl.ind 'and Ameiica
spend annuallj fU.fXW.OOO lu Mippoit of mis
sions , 'I hey employ : I , . " > IH ) mlssnmai ies , : i7 , < > 00
native helpeis mid have about TUO.UOO niem-
( ieueral Hoolh in his speech at Exctei hall ,
l.iiiiiliin , after the hie.iKtast given to the sol
diers of the Salvation army , Horn all p.iitsol
the world , s.ild that during the past je.ir
J0,0X : ( ) had been contributed to the arm.v In
( ite.it Itilt.iln alone , and 1,000 ghis icseiied
fiom the sheets.
The gavel used h > Dr. 1) . C. Maniuis , the
nindeiatorot the I'leshjterl.in geneial as-
suiuhlj , at Mlnnc.ipnUs , was made of plpe-
stone and pieseuted on hchalf of the Dakota
Indians , thiough Itev. Messis. , Iohn Wllllam-
SOH and John Kastnmii.
Thecoloied Methodists hate now the laig-
estchureh In Washington. It isou M stieet ,
between Fltteenth and Sixteenth stieets.
nnithvvcst , In a fashionable nelghhoihood. It
cost § 110,1X10 , ol which all hut Sto.ooo has
been lalsed , and seals liKK , ) people.
The gifts to the luiuie mission fund of the
Southern Picshjlci Ian church weie $ r.V.i"yU.
The committee mentions one fact which K
sin pi King and quite gr.itlljiug to-wit , th.it
lepints liom forty picsbjtciles show oulj
eight available miulsteis uiiemplojed.
It is pioposud to establish a 'Sjnotl of Xow
Kngliinil" composed of the seventy-two 1'res-
hvtciian minister who inhabit that region.
Thcie have been svnods In New England be
fore , and one met In Caiuhildge , Mass. , in
HHil , at the time that the Westminster iisscm-
bl > ot divines was in session lu the Jeiitsa-
lem chamber of London.
The .southern Ilaptist convention , which rc-
eentlj met In annual session at Moiitgomeiy ,
Ala. , comprised more than live bundled dele
gates , icprc.scntlng lllteen states. Among
other iinimitaiit votes passed was one to raise
810,000 lor evangelical woik among the
colored people , and another voicing a strong
e.xpiessfoii in favor of union between tlio
iioitheru and soutern blanches of thu
Uaptlsts ,
"Nothing but Leaves , " was the subject of a
Boston eolrgyman's seiiuon. A great many
sermons me nothing but leaves.
The" joungei members of a New Oilcans
ehuieh became jealous of the minister , who
hugged the gills , and withdiew Irom the
sanctuary. "
Visiting elcigj'inau ( In Indian nation ) :
"Am all these Indians ehiistlansV" Irish
waiter : "No , sin , not wan ot thlmsomu ; Is
Comaiiehes an' MIIUU Is Episcopalians. "
"Jimmy , " said the editor to the devil , "I
want } ou to send a niaiked copy containing
thu obltuarv of Hcv fraud Slubkins to his late
resldeuce.'r "Yes , sir : but where In hell Is
It ? "
Tlio lady teacher of the Infant class In ono
of our Sunday schools brought a fancy Japan
ese bowl to take up the collection in. Upon
his arrival homo one little fellow was asked
what hudid with tils penny. " 1 put it In thu
spit-box , " was the paraljvlng reply.
A lad was leainlng his Sunday school les
son , with the words : "Considei the lilies of
the neld how they glow : they toll not , neither
do they spin , and jet I say unto jou that"
hero tlio hey paused , foigettlng the next
word , and then pioeeeded with a pionounced
voice "Sullivan In all his gloiy was not llko
ono of these. "
A llttlo girl who realized that hcrlttl !
tincc-montlis-old baby brother was bald and
toothless , and belinviug In the efllcacy ot
prayer , added this tequest to hei "Now I lav
mo down , " etc. , the other night : "O , Lord ,
bless little Pcicy , and do give him some hair
and some teeth. '
Parson H. was a pious man , and at the
glares , which usually followed the meals , thu
whole family icvcicntly knelt , except tlio
paison's brothei , who kept twisting about
until muling no end of thanks , ho broke in
with : "Cut II , parson , rut It shoitj the cows
aioln thogaiden playing h 1 with the cab-
batcu ! "
A Methodist minister , liming his prayer
picUmlnaiy to preaching while full of/eai ,
used the follow lug oMiicsslon : " 0 , Lord ! wo
pi.iy Theo to curtail the devil's ixiwer In this
jilaeo ! " An old negro , who was always ready
with a i espouse , leaped upon his feet and ex
claimed : "Amen ! dat's right ! Lord ! cut do
tall smack end smoove otf t"
A well-known minister was sent south
fiom Now Jciboy a few vein sago to labor
among the eoloied people. They icielved him
with many demoiistiatloiiti ot joy , and at the
lust meeting which ho held ono eoloied
picacher piujed for him with gieat ennest-
ness , thus : "Oh , Lord ! biess dis ycr dear
biudder what's come down fiom thonoifto
mcndi do gopll tons. 'Noint him wtd the
kerosino llu ot balvashnn , nnd set him on
the. "
llostou Hecord ; A lady who lives "out Dor
chester way , " and whoso Income , though it
exceeds gio.OOO a year , is jet cherished with
exceeding vvatchfiiliiesiand jealous care , suf
fered thu loss of her husband thu other day.
When thu niidei taker came to a'Inch ' the craix )
to the door the rain was falling. Wiping tne
tears from her oj'es , the beieavcd lady canto
to the door and said : "I think jou had bptter
wait. Mr , Undertaker , until It clears olf. I'm
afraid tlio crape w HI spoil 1"
Low Campbell Is a pious travclei who han
dles baking-powder down south. Not long
ago he wont Into a local-option town , and thu
nrst dealer ho met came back at him. "Did
jou know wo were only recognizing local-op
tion men now V said the meichant. "No , 1
didn't , " answered Lew with a conclllatoiy
smile. "Well , wo me , and before 1 look at
jour samu'cs ' 1 vvant to know if you are an
advocate of law and order. " "Of course I
am , " said Lew , with emphasis ; " 1 don't care
about the law , but jou can bet I'm In tor an
order ev cry time. " He didn't got It
James H. Warder of Nokesvlllo , Prince
Williams county. Vu. , : > a > s : "My wife's old
turkey was sitting beside the old. garden
fence on thirteen eggs. About a week ago a
largo black snake along and ate the turkey ,
curled himself ou the eggs , and staje4 there
until they hatched out , and tUeu ate the
whole brood at oucc. "
12andl3FfenzefBlockflpp.PO.Telepli , ,
A partial listof our improved and unimproved property
COt t-room cottngq on 18th street ; easy
term * , fl.foo.
003 7-room cottnio , largo barn , on Ixitiff
nnd llainiUp st , "
053 Corner , lot nnd nice ; house on Park
nvc. , $3fioo.
051 Slots anil house on Sonlh 21th st.
S full lot" , corner nnd 1 houses ,
1'ieiTO and 2Jil ? 7Boo.
G35 Good corner on Pinrco and 83d ,
store anil ! l bottuycs $ . " 1,000.
0H : ! ) feet nnd rottago on 8th ! and Cap
itol nvo. $8,000.
033 2 lots tnul a houses on Seth nnd Cap-
iiol avo. $8,000.
Gill Full lot nnd cottugc on 12th near
ear line , $11 , loo.
02:5 : 2 cast-front lots , corner , in Shinn's
2d nenr car line. $3,000.
SDO Full lot nnd house 0 rooms on
Georgia , uvc. , $2,5oo.
590 Corner and 14 - room house on
Georgia avu. $5,5oo.
o70 To ft with 8 houfiif , ono of 11 rooms ,
other 11 rooms on llurney und 20th
st , $18.000.
077 Uooii house with lot 154xl)4 ! ) on
Lcttvcnworth near St. Mary's avo. ,
570 Full lot and cottr.go , 14th tuul Dor
cas , $ l,83o.
45 New 4 room eottapc and full lot on
Churlos st , chenp , ouxy tuniisrl,5.'io. ! :
551 lo-iootn house with modern im
provciuoiifs , on 2oth tuul St. Alary'-
: ive. , ! Mo,5oo.
55IJ Full lot , 1J stbry house , line loca
tion , on 2oth and Lciivcnvvorth ,
$5 , < ino
002 2 lots , coi'ncr , und lur c 2 story
brick , on South JDth , f j.ooo.
C5G Full lot and It-room house with nil
modoni improvements , on Dodge
opposite Hfeh Scool , $12,000.
COO Half lot and cottage , Davenport
und 21th , $ S,3oo.
001 Full lot and cottage on Davciijiort
nnd 2.-th ) , $4ooo.
008 Uo ft. lot und cottage near Saundcrs
St. , $ l,85o. *
OO'J ' Full lot and cottiige on red car line
fl.Ooo. i
580 Full lot near Sannders and Cnnilng ,
and It houses , till for $0,000.
2 full lots with 2 line brlcK houses ,
on Paul and Seth , $11,090.
831 Ka-rt front In lliuiscom Place on Vir
ginia nvp. , fcl.ooo.
200 75" feet ct'.bt front in Hedtck's sub
div. , $ ; ) , ooo.
South front in Shinn's 3d add. , $075.
1)0 ! ) 5o feet on llarnoy and 2oth streets ,
$ l,5oo. ,
108 2 nice lots on California st. , ono
milo from postoflicc , only , each ,
$1,0-00. ,
180 South front inLowo's , add. , $175.
183 2 corner lots in Ifiinscoin Pltiuu on
Park avenue , $5ooo.
100 2 comer lots in Parker's add. , ono
block oil" Suundcrs ; both , $3l5o.
110 Corner lot , 00x138 , with g.is and by-
dr.iut , near slicet car line , $2tfoo.
07 Lot in Hillside No. 2 , $1)50. )
1)5 ) Lot in IHllsido No. 1 , $750.
232 180x127 feet in Shinn's First , $3,35o.
i 210 East front , Megan's add. , $ l.o5o.
1127 Corner Chicago and 21st , $ < ! , ooo.
1177 South front 25th nnd Davenport ,
j $3ooo.
1100 Good lot near St. Mary's avcnuo
. $3,3oo.
100 3 east front lot.s in Hurr Oak , nil
2 east front lots in Ilanseom Place
on Park avenue , $4ooo.
fiO Kust fiont on 18th street , $ l,55o.
84 2 nice lots near Poppleton avenue ,
each $ l,4oo.
10 South fiont on Cuss and 27th , $1,15
3 South front In Shinn's Second , near
cur line , $ l,25o.
224 2 corner lots in Kilby Pliicc , both
100x100 feet on Sherman avenue ,
2 full corner lots on I.onvciiworth ,
soutli front , both $1,25' ' ) .
Lots in Hnnscom Place , $ ! Joe to $2,000
each , lo lots North nnd udjoining liuild-
ing Association ndd at a bargain.
snitivr.i : ri\r .
Bountiful residence lots 3 miles from
Postoflleo , i milo from Belt railroad , }
mile from Canning Co. , nnd } milo from
Missouri Pacific De | > ot , $ : ! oo to $3:5 flo
or $15 cash , balance $ lo i > er month , ut 7
per cent interest. First here , lirst served.
' 1'l.t\S\NTIIIlil. IDWTIOV.
This is n new addition H miles from
the city , near Walnut Hill and Bolt Line
way urn ! 15 nilnntos dilvo from the Post
oflk'o. Lots lay beautiful $ lee to $ Vo
will buy a lot in this addition , $ lo to $ lo
cash , balance to suit pnieliuser at 7 per
Sen ShrivelPlueo and Pleasant Hill
nddition before buying clsownoro.
Splendid investment , besides son cannot ,
get a homo on your own teinis nnywhcro
in thu city.
"OI.H Oltl'ttAlttl Pl.ACi : . "
Deiiutlful aero lots and 5 UPIV lots uoar
yanU at $185 to $ lfK ) per ncro ou
* easy terms.
Sltiiiitcd on Lea von woi th extension , licit
railroad inns through it , cann'iig factory
und Missouri Pacific depot located on It.
Lots in this locution are selling for $300
to $400 per lot.
mtsixr.ss pHopr.KTV.
100 Half lot and house on Howard near
15th street , $ lo.5oo.
103 Corner , IKKOO font , on tlth nnd
Davenport streets , imirovul | , $ looo
103 Full lot on Dodge near 12th street ,
101 33 foot on Tenth streol , $8,000.
10. " Full corner lot on 12th and Leaven-
worth streets , $15,000.
100 Full lot on Le.ivenworth near 13th
st , improved , $10,500. ,
10.1 Cornnr on 12th near .Juekson street
Ill 33\00 feet on 10th and Jones , im
proved , $7ooo
110 Corner lot on Sunnders st. , $3,5oo. ,
117Inside lot on Siumdersst. , east 1 runt ,
118 Fine lots on 20th und Clark street ,
110 50 feet lots on Cnming st. , very
0 acres , four miles from postofliec , s. vv.
per acre. $125.
80 acres , s. w. , near Stock Yiuds , per
acre , $125.
101 iicies four miles from post olllee , per
acre , $175.
2) ) acres in Hcllalr , $ "oo.
Aero lots in "Pleasant Hill" on easy
terms , $ loo.
2 aero lots in Park place.
Rooms 12 and 13 , Paxton Bilding , Cor. I5th and Farnam.
LargesVlist of property of all characters , City and Suburban , Farms and Lands for sale
throughout the state : Telephone 779.
No. 123 A fine lotfrlV.lfla on Jackson-st.
near 13th , voi-y > Heap aMj.11,000. "
No. 172 182 fcetisqitarc on railroad track.
A fine locaion | ; n bargain at $15,000.
No. " 504 A splendid full lot on Jones st ,
"lino waroliouso or jobbing uropcity ,
No. 504 } A splendid full lot on llth at ,
corner of alloy , and u bargain nt
No. 110 A line improved brick block ,
business property , on Harnoy st ,
No. 153 A splendid business property on
Saundcis st , 120 foot fi outage , nnd
. $2,500 worth of Improvements , all for
No. 543 A full corner lot on Howard st ,
partly improved with 4-story brick
block ; rented ( or $3.300 per year.
which can bo increased with a small
outlay to $4,800. Only for a few
days : it $33 ,000. ,
No. 477 130x100 on Lcavcnworth-st. ,
close to Holt line , a good prospective
business property , very cheap , $3,000.
No. 470 2 splendid Jots , corner 20th and
Lako-st. , good prospective business
property. For the two , cheap at
Nu .Ml. Ouo of the finest cornets on Harnoyst. ,
such an aio hard to vet , J5 , XI
No 103. Ono of the choicest corners on 13th Bt. ,
ncHiMilliml hotel , til.MK )
No 108. A HiUimtid coiner HxIK on llurney st.
and u tritiriilaut ! UOIM
No Oft , A line corner 120x120 on Sumvlors st ,
soi , tl > ot tlio brldeo , clioiip ut f 4..W1
Noi : Onoot tliobcot corners on Humidors Bt. ,
UMxlZO 8 and K front , u Imrpriiln at W.OOO
No (111) ) . A splun lid corner. OB loot fiont on CumIn -
In si. , with stoics , K ImrKiiln at f Hl.oOD
l\o tai. An olo/unt corner lot with amidl build-
on DodKo st , clicnii t ,
No bSl. A uhoit o tmslne-s lot ICIUIO , lioueoV
loom B , nhiKotsurroundo t hy Ktoins ,
dors st. , lei a few days only at tba low iirico
of $1-'OI
A 1'lchToid ( Mich. ) blide braided and made
enoii'li ) straw hats lecently to TMV the niliiib-
ter for his services oil her wcddlni ; il.iy.
An elojiliiK louiile In Kentiaky rodu thirty
nilln.s on horscuaek to hmnairled , with the
"old man" in close pursuit. They won the
It Is now rejxirted that Miss .Muifreo
( Charles KKboit'nuldock ) will bo 111,11 1 led In
Juno to Dr. llenrv ( i , llanchctt , a pi.ictlcing
physician In A'ert York.
ft Is reported that the hotroth.il of I'llnecss
Louise , elde.st duu hter of the Piince of
Wales , to Pi inco Oscar , .son of the King of
Sweden , will lie otllclallrdeel.ired soon.
AitJuirMaplPson , youijest | } son ot the oi > -
eratlu colonel , N tolm injurlcd shortly to Miss
Marie Kngle , tliu haildbOino Chicago prlni.i
doiiiia. ) dung Maplc oi ) at jnesent ( K'eiiples ,
a responsible position In a New Yoik hank ,
Mr. Joseph H. McOullagb , editor of the St.
Louis Globe-Democrat , Ip about to wed Miss
Kv a Hi-own , a wealthy mhlden lady of llald-
vv Insvllle , liul. Mlss Jiir\vn ) , who Is u cousin
of Senator Yooihetia uodj.i nleeo of Judge
Thin man , U deeply liitej sted In public cli.u-
Itles. |
And now thopossIjiB sir that Tra D.iven-
port , the republican candidate lor governor
ot New Vork , is to folloviiu. Cleveland's ex-
niuplttand marry , the hilde-eleet heingMIss
Fliivia Clinton ot a town' fcitar Klmha , N. Y.
It is a pity the picsldent's other leforms are
Mlnnlne Aveilutt , d scrlliod by the Consti
tution us one of Atlanta's "picttlcst and
most captivating IT-ycai ld girls , " has nm
away and nuirlcd a circus acioh.it , ( Jeorire
1'atterson , whoso pilneljial a t was a douolu
bonicr ault fiom ono swintjinK trapeio to
another ,
Assistant Sect etaryjenks bad an Iinjiort-
ant reason for resigning. His daughter U
betrotlicd tojouiiK Dulrais of I'ennsylvanln ,
nephew ot the lumber king of that state w ho
died recently leaving him an estate of 58,000-
000. The ongugcment was solemnly reeog-
estate , as ho had been for some jenvs of Its
proprietor. _
Red Star Cough Cure supplants Imrnv
fill features of other cough mixtures. No
POlbOllS. .
No. 173 S-.room house and barn , lot
' -33X110nin ; llrth St. , $3,000.
.No. ITl-i-Good house and lot on Harney
St. , $5,000.
No. 545. A splendid property renting
for fv',800 per year ; a bargain at
No. 297 Elegant house , largo lot , 10
room honso , modern improvements ,
two blocks from court house , $10,500.
No. 1U8 A splendid 2-story house , 0-
rooms , lot 00x140 , 1 block from car
line. A bargain at1,000. .
No. 149 9-room house , barn nnd half lot ,
near High School , ? 5,000.
No. 55.1 Lot33\133 on California st , near
21st , 8 room house , south fiont , very
desirable and cheap ut $5,000.
No. 460 House of II rooms , lot 33x132 ,
south front , on Webster , near 20th st ,
No. 530 A corner lot , 152x00 , near High
School , 2 houses on nnd room for 5
more ; when all improved , will p.vy
20 per cent on investment , § 11,500.
No.404 A liifo south front full lot with
house 8-rooms , shade and fiuit trees ,
clcso to a street car lino. Terms easy
and remarkably cheap at $2,500.
No. 105 11-room honso , modern improve
ments , good barn , corner lot , block
from street car $7,500.
Nolflt. A choleo corner with 2 liousos , Bnnd 5
rooms , 3 blocks from car line , a bargain at
No 11.1. A flnn cast front lot BOxin.in Lane's ad , ,
with nlco house , cheap tit fil.O 0
No 117. An ulr tint 0 room bouse , oatt front on
, ,
No.VJJ. K ist front on ( Joorirla ave , full lot , now
houses rooms , modern Iniprovomoiitu , Srt.UJJ
No IK ) . A choice south Irnnt lot 5Dxiir : ) , liougo In
nlco order , ) ) rooms , on Scwunl st.clicap , f.JbSO
COD. A choice oust trent lot 33x140 , house G
rooms , fl.700.
No 177. r.lpffiint tmmnvod roslilenoo nronorty
onSt.MnriHfte , THxlUI , 1I-OI ) '
NoBOB. A full Jot oust trout , .1 blocks south of
Stvtarysavo.J.'housej icutinirrOr | J5 , u tiar-
iralnnt fl.tWO
No 002. 3 lots ono a corner , cast front , on South
x'Othst. , ) room house ami other iinprovoments
easy tormsnml u if rout IIAIKU n ut yd .000
No GO' ' . A nlco cottngoU rooms , lot yhlSJ , cast
front , 'i ' milo west of 1' . O , cheap otr..OW
No , 15 choice lots on .Sherman avo. ,
from $2.500 to $ .1OJO
No. 80 choice lots a block from Slier
man avo. . from $1.500 to $18,003.
No. 100 choice lots in South Omaha ,
beautiful , on projected street car line
from $ -150 to $800.
No. 301 10 lots in Thornburg Placo. from
$350 to $550 each.
No. 473 Choice lot on Harnoy-st. , $4,200.
No. 139 Lot on V'irginiii nvo. , $1,250.
No. 48t ! Lot blook 5 , llanscom Place ,
No. 504 2 elevated beautiful lots on Vir
ginia nvo. , a bargain for all , $2,200.
No. 448 Lot , Shinn's add. , $050.
No. 490 A splendid elevated lot fronting
llanscom Park , price low at $1,800.
No. 510.our of the choicest rusidenco
corners in the city , each 132\-12t.Snch
pieces are getting scarco. For price
and terms innuiro at our ollice.
No. 150 A splendid lot in Luko's addl
tion and remarkably uhcaii : it $1,200
No. 120 A nice lot on Park nvo , and
noith of the p.vrk , and very cheap at
No. 150 2 cast front lots north of Hans-
corn P.irk und west of Park nvo. A
bargain. Kach $1,030.
No. 220 A ohoico south front lot in Uon-
iso's addition , $1030.
No. 501 2 choice lots in Marsh's Place
NoKl. A Jew ohoico lots loft In Hillside No 1
und 2 , und $ JU ! ; Home i blocks fiom street cur
ou Cumin ; , ' st ; Cumin ? ft la Kolnit to bo
paved this HiiinmurU blocks bcjond thcso lots ,
u bargain. i
No4. ( ) Twooloffnnt lots , ono a corner , east
I front , In Slitnn's 2d add , 2 blocks from our line
1 oisy terms for the two , $ V > 0 ° . i I
No < U4'i. ' A splendid eeit front lot , U blocks from ' i
I roJ car line , 81,000
No/178. / Slots , ouo a toincr , cast front , on Viiv
( rlnlu uvo , JX'.GIX )
No3ii. 2 lot's , onouooinor , east fionl. In Bogge
A : Ilill'HnUl.on Dolfe-oBt , a small house ; tor
the two f4iXX )
No 485. A splendid pi npotty on St. Mary'M nvo ,
lt ! ! ft suuri | ) , coi nor of street ami ulluy , eoutli
fi out , SI4.0 Kl
No MU. A choice lot ou Virginia ave , f 1,100
No MU. Tvv o olciriiiit lull lots on i'ark ave , east
trent niiiin ImrKiilnut ? 4KH (
Nofisc * . A elioko lot on Virginia ave , $1ICO :
NoSil. 1 cliolcu corner lei , cast front , on Vir-
Klnla avo. not fur from Iouvenwoitu , tl,800.
And "lots nnxt to tlio corner , * 1.TOO
No jao. A cliolco loion I'aik ave , feroat bargain '
No 094. A Dnotot In Llko'8alill,7tX )
NO.IM. 3 of llio oliokc-.t lots noi th of Cumlng
st , cast fiont , flno suiulo mul fruit trees eftuli
NolV. . 2 choleo loU in Itcdlok's suti , one cor
ner nnd veiy cbo ii | , for tlio two , at ft.0 (
No W4. 2 ciounnt lots on Virginia uvo , north of
I.cavoiworth , ono n coiiiur. tor tuo two ,
No3'u A choice soutli fiont lot In Hcaick'ssub-
' " "
. ' south trent lot. 4 blocks west'
or I'arkavound north or tlio park.l ! ! > p
No " 4II BiiliiiidlU lots a blinks wosl of Pnrk
iivd , uii'l norttiol Iliinscoin 1'liuo , 0110 u cor
ner. * Kfatlinrmiln at $ lauu
No Lits in Ovf ir.l Pluto fiom ftfO to * < 0fl
No4 l. : ibouutl ul soutli and oust Iront lotfl la
Murnli'B tuld , near I.oavcnvfortli st , cheap ,
* 'i8d ' ° llot/lnYlawthoiii add fiom KO to | 000
No 402 10 norcs near Ttittlo'H snbdlvi.
sion , $3,500.
No. 315 Aero lot in Park Place with 0
room honso , $3,500 ,
No 417 A oho5ico aero lot In Tutllo
subdivision for $2,500.
tlio I' . O will ill-
Noli-T ) . lr > nciej 4 nulos fiom ,
v Ido Into 5 uoro loU , u burKiiln at f 2 W pur uuro
N ; , . 37 ucins stouo iiuurry and tlinbor'J
miles fromOiunh , nuiir railroad Afireatbur
KUlll. $1,000.
No688. 2 of the Lholtost nci c In Wi-H jl ! ' ' l' .
miiklnfc V lotB. for H ro\v duj s o nly at the Inwr
I prlco ot ? 8 iOJ
. . .
! 2O , 11 mul UIU Wc6t 5IH direct. 11.45 .11 tin Sirs el.
1317 and 1319 Douglas St.
Furniture arid Carpets.
Special attention given to furnishing houses and hotels complete. . "

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