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m Real
45 No iv I room ootta c , full lot on
Charles st , ifSoO to f3'iO cash , bal. in
1 : 2 , 3 , ! nnd 0 yours , $1,57) .
C03 Now 7-rooin cottage , largo barn , on
Hamilton st. * ; t,5oo.
023 2 east-front lots , corner. 5 room
cottage , in Shinn's 2d near car line.
653 Full lot , cast front , house 0 rooms ,
line location , on 2oth near Leaven-
woi th , | 5fioo
COO Fnll lot and cottage on red car line
? lir ( > o.
CDS Corner lot and nice cottage of 0
rooms , on Park nvo. , 'i. ! > oo.
C51 Slots unit honso on South 2 Ith st.
Rollick's ' 2d mill , * 3,7oo.
000 Full lol and housu 0 rooms on
( jeorpia avo. sf'J.noo.
C7'V-75 ft fiont with 2 houses , 9 and 11
rooms , on Hnrnoy st , IS.OOO.
G50 Full lot nnd 11-room hoitso with all
modem improvements , on Dodgu
S. of High Scoot , $12ooo.
G81--2 houses of 0 and 7 looms each , barn
etc. on Capitol nvc , $3,000.
678 Uornerlot lllxllt ! ft , with 4 loom
cottage , on S. 20lh St. , $2GOO.
075 Cottage 5 rooms , 2 lots , in Wulmil
Hill , ,000.
009 llonsoS looms , lot 30x131 , on Tar-
nam st. , fO.fiOO.
COS Full lotnevv cottage 0 rooms.Lako's
odd , ? 3,100. ,
0 7 11 lots with 1 tootn cottage on Pnr
ker's ndd , 4 bloek ofT street curs
605 Uornerlot , 2 cottages , Parker's add ,
1 block off of Sannilcrs st , $ 5,500.
074Large new house 8 rooms , modern
improvements , lot 00x100 , ou Doug
las near 20th , ? 7SOO.
8 Large now 8 room house , all mod
ern improvements , cast front , Geot-
cia .wo. $0,000.
122 ft on Lcavcnworlh st , corner ; south
front ; a bargain , $1,500.
331 East front in Ilanseom Place on Vir
ginia live. , § 1,000.
230 70 feet cast front near Park nvo.
and Louvonworth sts , , $ ' ) , ooo.
South front in Shiim's ad add , $ G > 0 ,
109 5o feet on Harncy and 2otli stteets ,
$ lGoo ,
108 1 mco lot on California st , only
one niilo from Dostollice , 'Sl.JJoo. '
183 2 corner lots in llanscom Place on
Park avenue , $1,500.
100 2 corner lots in Parker's add , one
block oil' Suundors ; $ : i.25o.
07-Lot in Hillside No. 2 , SOTO.
ur r.oi. in Hiiisidn Nn. i. ; ? r n.
232-.180X127 feet in Shinn's Tirsl , ? 3mo'
210- East fiont. Regan's add , ! ? l.o5o
177- South front 25th nnd Davenport ,
120--I1 cast front lots In Httrr Oak , all
2 east fiont lots in Hnnscom Place
on Park nvcnno , * .2ioo.
31 2 nice lots near Poppleton aveiiuo ,
each $ l,4oo.
[ lfl--Sonth fronton Cnssnml 27th1,150.
3 South front In Sliiun's Second , near
car line , f l.iMo
KiOxlOO feet on Sheiman a\cmto ,
00\110 ft , corner on N 20th st , only
.TM ) .
Full lot on Cuming st , tl'COO. '
2 largo lots , coiner , 1 block of Saunders -
dors st , both $2GOD.
15 lots in ICilby Pluce , * 050 to $750
each , easy terms
235 125 ft on ( icorgiti nve ; near Leaven-
wet tli ; * 5,750.
"Leavenworth Terrace , " lots $500 to
1G25 , on easy tcims if bought before the
loth of Juno , when they will bo raised
$100 per lot.
110 Full lot on Dodge near 12th , a bar
gain , f 11,000.
103 I nil tot on Jackson near 12th fatreet
? ll.ooo.
lOo Full corner lot on 12th and Leaven-
worth streets , $15ooo.
113 IJusinebs corner lot well improved
on ISth si$12,000.
102 Corner , 00x00 feet , on llth and
Davenpoit streets , $4ooo
100 Full lot on Leavenwortli near 13th
st , impioved , $10,500.
Ill 3.\GO ! foot on 10th and Jones , im
proved , $7.ooo.
110 Corner lot on Saundnrs st. , $3fioo.
Don't fail to sec SlIHIVBH PLACE
and PLEASANT HILL before bnyhicr
Lots are uvc scllincrmst nt § 150 toSWKJ
each ; ? 15 down and § 5 per niontli , at 7
per ci'iit Interest. . ,
This i n pi-caf'SaviniTS Hank"vhlck
pays aliiffh ratooliittcrest to the in
ACHE 1'iiorF.nrv.
10 , 80 or 100 acres near stock yards ;
? 125 per acre , easy teims. The above
lies beautiful and is good tor sub dividing
into nero lots.
101 acres four miles from post office , per
acre. $175.
21 acres in Bollair , f 5oo.
Acio lots in "Pleasant Hill" on easy
terms , 3 miles fiom P. O. , $500 to
List your property with ns ; we guarantee f.itr and com Icons treatment to all.
Tlio llonnets nml Itio I'lnj- .
Damsel with expansive bonnet
UrlRlit nnde.i } ,
I could \ulte to jou a sonnet
Kv cry thy.
Fivl { ns nntnre lia1 * listened voi
1 shall e'er expect to linil Jim ;
Hut Jould J not it bclilml j ou
At tin.1 piny.
tt 1th your < inliisl > oroiili before mo
Iovvn Hie aNIe ,
Vengeful fu'lliiK pntlfCMS o cr me ,
Thmmh t inlk' ,
be as oriii'l ni Hi'.iluna
tliilllint , ' niulodrnnu
Sawnn l < i HIP a jfiiiornnm
Ut till ) st ) lo.
All tlic Tlip-plnns' emotion
Seems iiilli | > tl.U.
1 Imvo nut the sllelitrst notion
What tlioyV at.
I have nn miprri'latlnn
Of II splendid sitlUtlOII ,
1'or I'm lost In ( ontcini'hition
Of youi hat.
1'nlreit , don't iiitsninloiMnnd me ,
Now 1 piaj.
M nnt oi'verjoti comiuand tnc ,
1 obey.
Thoiijli I IOVP jon ilcnily , ndlidon ,
Cniillv.ittnitpvci thiil > < m ,
Abk me not to sit bihind > on ,
At the pl.iv.
Xlils Is Ills Season.
JtiHtmv Com id.
Xovv upon thcstu'ot vvo meet him ,
Asbi-foic ,
And \\llh plc.in.int smiles vvo gleet hlni-
Ciiri-t tlu-boie ,
And oin billion hole he cinsiis ,
And oin hand he stionijl ) clasps ,
'lill U
And ho looks us tlnonijli and l
While vvi > vvondri , vvh.it'stoilo
And Inlthn chuckle s.is
Whllu the sun p'Hii-nlcnvn its rajs ,
Is this hot enon jh lor jou'.1
Ilah-llno stilpes grow In favor.
I'entlici Inns au > the moit fashionable.
bttlpeonro the pievuitlii ! , ' fanc > of t'io ' sci
.Mosqwt.ilro gloves aio piefeitcil to n
Couliircttolsthe now matuilal for Infiint
The hair Is worn du ilgueuci oti the top i
the head.
The woman vvho does not pad isnotabic.t
of the times.
Sapphlio blue and gi.i ) aic an clttcth
Japanese fans icinaln In favor for decoi
the pin poses.
Mikado hamlkcichiris aio nobby , nov
sumnici fancies.
1'earl firn > stilned with > ellow Is an cfk <
tl\e combination.
Infants' cloaks of loidmcttc arc made I
Mother llnbb.ud foiin.
Xalmal llovveis tor mllllnciy purposes at
much alfectcd in Paris.
Transp-iicnt bonnuts , parasols and ma :
ties aio tlio picscnt lane ) .
I'laldsaiiil checks aio worn , but , ire n
neai k < > ) iopnlai as stilpcs.
Suiah is employed fmests , plaitions an
panels on dicss-es of vigogne.
( iiilpnre lioclcs aie popular lor girls o\i
Ihoand under twelve jeaisot ago.
Daik blue is ouo of tlio most fashionab
colors this season. It Is seen in alt sliadts.
Kino , thin t\\ccds of tiny dieeks ai
nsed ns skills , with a diapeiy of plain mat
Mantles foi visiting aio short ; those f <
ti.ui'Ilng icach to thu bottom of the skirt <
Fans \\Ith handsome sinks arc made i
natutal llo\\eis. The ) aio costly and pciis
Coral , silmnn pink , hullotiope , do\
gi.i ) , violet and la\\n cjloi aic the Uahio
able colors.
Three bo\-nlalts in liont of skills at
often used. The piesent tendcncj ib tovv.i
iiictoaslni ; fullness.
LOUR overdresses with scant drapeiy a
trlnimid with lame buttons ol with discs
p.issemeiiteile or maid.
The old-time cotton matciials , with boide
pel flounces , aie re\i\ed. Tlneo Katheii
Honin cs n ach the waist.
India muslin , with tiny blossom design
mi'made up ovci batiste touudatlons con
bpondiiig to the ground tint.
Hoots and shoes ate now e\ipnsi\e aitiel
owing to Hie lich cmbioidciy In beads ni
silk with wliii-h tliey are adorned.
i'iqno diesscs are made \\HliNoifoll :
basque boillica The skills are kilt-iilate
and have slunt apion diapeij and long ul.n
Cliailes r.gbeit Ciaddock ( Miss Mmfip
cets SJ10 fin a single stoiy and S 1,000 foi
serial , bhe disclaims the lumor tliat she
to many.
It is said that Cajenno pepper blown in
cracks \\lune ants tongu-pate will drive the
away. What's the m.ittei with tiying It (
' . '
1'om well known society > onng Jadi
startled ( Jiaiicl lapids ! people recently b > i
laidi ! , * the hticcts in lull Japanesn tostnim
nmbiollas "waddle , " and all.
Fashionable Now Yoik belles now amu
themselves diivin < ; donko.v < . 'Ihe giilss , ,
the transition is not so veiv gie.it fioin as > ;
elation with a full-blown dude.
Loose ban is seldom seen no\vadajsexcc
among a veiy few equcstiiennes. who tldi
It pictuiesqno to Itt their hall lloat li
length behind ( hum when they ga'lop alon
Uemuieiiess bhould aceompanj tiie he :
dovold of a banir. Unt tlio jiossessor ol
hich , intullectnal blow has irot to cover son
of it w ith hair or else lose all aspect of Icml
A costume adopted by the Fat Men's ba
ball club ot Oilando , Fla. , consists of
Mother IInhbaid diess , and is said to bo cu
and cjmfottahlc , if. not an aid to fast HI
Nothing is nioio absuid than for an o
woman topeislst In tomblni ; her hair ! lk (
gill , indeed , not inan > girlish countenanc
can stand the hall tuiiad up In tlio btvlu
Lonlb XV.
The style suitable to the majority of hcai
is to biIng tlio hair somewhat over tlio foi
head in allulfj orwavv mass , hut not in
stilt b ing ; dress It piem snnglj at the ti
and sides , sind ctlmp a few slioit locks at t !
nape ol tno neck.
Accounts beu'lii lo conic In of girls whok
tiiemsclvcs jumping the rope. The elovc
vear-old daughtei of Andievv llosemer.
Louisville , has just died after matching IK
sell againht some phymatca at a picnic. &
lumped until she bron.'ht on heait palpil
lion that could not bo contiollcd.
A young gentleman well known abe
town called to t-ce his Inamoiata , alter bell
absent twin thoeltj fet boveialdajs , and w
greatly shocked when hho Miiil : " ( ieorj
dear , I full thu ovunlng jou went awav ai
was unconsclotLs tor boveral hourri.vhii
did jou fall ? " ho asktd eagerly. " 1 fi
asleep. "
"Yon aio a Jewel , " said Ethel , shjly , win
Algernon opened up the usual laj'ont ol cat
nieis. "Xo , " ho sad. pushing the big lockli
chair awaj fiom the window , " 1 am enl >
lapidaiy. " And then tlio long sllcnco co
tlnncil to bo broken byasnccchslon of honn
such asahungiy man makes whim takli
ojhteis from the half-shell.
Thowoildof woman's work Is growin
AIlss Kmily Yonnc has ommed an Insman
olllco In D.ijton , Ohio , and Is Mic < ccdln
hho is tnlly qualhicd for tlio w ork , h iving 1
gnu as clerk In the Khoman'h liihinanco (
lice , wnlch occupation slio tollowed tor li
jc.irb. She now acts as holicitor toi all t
local and boveial foiulgn companies.
In leap jeai Japanese phis set out How
] ioth on the liont imrtlco as an emblem. SH
a disjoin In this conntiy would cxhimst t
lloral contentH of many con ei\utoiios. .
piesent all a jonngnnin wants to know
w hcthor the j oung ladv has anemone , 1 lo
alwajs icudy to nmiigold but not quito
much bo pciluips ns thojoung lady.
A Louisville lady sijs that milliners a
the shaipcMt dealorb on earth , and suit tin
pi Ices lo their customers' pocket boo lib. S
Knows , foi , utter vainly trj Ing to buy a be
net foi lebs than the Si * asked , blio we
homo and dt-bciibed the bonnet to her si
\aiit , who went to thu bhon and bought
for Sl'J.
Middle aged women , to whom the slim
knot at the top of the mad Is no longer be ;
able , had better keep on the coilturo th
have worn for the p.iht few ) eain. and tli
to try to preserve as much as possible the bt ]
that bulled I he lii t dawn of mationhood th
adopt the newest arrangement , which Is I
coming tofow except jouthfnl taces.
Women are not credited wltn liav lug inn
rouragu In business matters wheio money
rlbked , and wo rarely hear of them lus ypui
lator.s , Iheru aic occasionally those , no
ever , who luvo llio requisite pluclc. One
l a real estate "l 'ftl' r In Oiilton , Cal
i ml I SIIIH-C sful. It Is ticordi-d t. it "i
nu\do , . 'XXthcothrr > on a turn In tw
Nothing ? n p fd th < > beintv anl llm
ness of tin1 new Fienen rhcnn > c * . Thrtfl
hali-cloth are nc.itlj Ir.inoiutent , and ha\
the fronts made of tuU mate rows of Ope
woik. Insertion nnd Iftoe , cu' In ton deep \
Manv aio without ilcovt , thetiimmiu 'boin
IhcncAulixl vtniti it tuouiid the cheinl i
When there are ltn\M thev niciiirrcl ) band
of iiwrtion rd cd m cftch ldo with lace.
the dnrdcti AAnll.
Hoeev donillct < i drifting
In the summer bioe/e.
Sunbeams iifilV sifting
Mndowsshjh shlftlni :
Tliionijli tlii ll tie s lioc < .
"Over thosatden wall1
Sister Mav ircllnoth
On the rustic Mai ;
Aiuustns < ad , icpiuelli.
Hidden thiMuhtsdlvineth ,
Kneellneal hei feet.
"Over tlio gar ten wall. "
' 1 ho mcrrv robin
Ttieclicrry lu' ' tlotli nip-
'I he jilajfnl boll-puiiRpringcth ,
Tenacliiuslj hccilngvtli ,
Wlthahc.iHSfi.'rlp ,
"Over tlu- garden wall. ' '
Anaustut wlldlv
Anddawotlrnt tin1 air ,
And now the fjirnicrsiemcth ,
Cjulle pleased and blandlj beametli
On tlic M-ene so fair ,
"Ovei iheKardcn wall. "
And now , without nicamblp ,
Anon without dclav ,
Amrnstns , with a sersimbJe ,
Dioppcth in tinbiixmble ,
And sllnkelh iiilck | awnv.
"Ovci thogaiden wall. "
Thus veij fitlj cndeth
The drama well biuttn ,
Thu pitch the bull-pup rendcth
Augustus sadly mendeth ,
And Mav enjojs the Inn.
"Ovei the iraiden wall. "
The llsheiles question Is ihciv anjthlii
left In the pockut llaslf.
' 'The elieuslsouo ot the oldest dlvcisloi
known to man , " sajsau exchange. So
the elicits joke.
Tut key uobbleis xnd Imlls aio not entitle
to meat inspect oidinarllj , but they sl/o up
led llag about rljht.
Ho ( on hoiMebick ) Shall wo tuUo tlio hlgl
wav home ? bhe No ; 1voulu preter 11
bildalpath , I think.
Information comes fiom SI. Louis that tl
seivant gills aio joining the Knights <
Laboi. We think that the "joining" Is doi
bj a pi lest.
An Kngllsh champion pigeon-shot ai
nounccs that ho "will shoot any man 1
Ameilca for 81,000. " Let him take a pop i
( icionimo.
White nndiesscd Mrt * aio fashioimblo fi
theevenlin : . Kxeliange. Thov aie. and
o'clock is about the hour foi undressing ' 01
In wcllicuulatcd families.
Yale Lolleco has established n chair (
jouinalism. It Is an old baltcied atlalr wil
tlncelcgsand a broomstick and tilled wil
exchanges lor a cushion.
A sable eitl/en of Te ns made a bet that 1
could cat liltj watermelons in llftv hour
HM stalled on the thiilx-scventli. Thev li
bcrib-'d on his collln , "Art ! ! r. "
"Tommv. if > on aroa\ciy seed boy th
week I will take jou to the pukon Suinlaj
" ( ) mammal how good you aio ! But Jet i
take a low -neck c.uriago , so 1 can sco ever
thing. "
One of the Lnn primary school teachers
few dajs since ask-ed lw > i seholais thoqiie
tion : "Wliat is dust'.1" One llttlo fello
answeied : " 1'lease , imrm , it is mud wil
the watei bijnee/x-d out. "
"Was lie niuuleicdV" asks a staithd e
change. No , he wasn't , quite , but when 1
came out of a bcci saloon and met his wl
atthodooi it came < jo neat scaiint 1m
death that it would Iwyo been a clu.lty
innrdei him.
A yoniiK man in Gainesville , Th. , sent
cents to a fellow In \oikwhoad\e
tised "How to make woney fast. " Hoi
celvcd from tlio Xow Yorkei the valuable i
formation ; "Take a p&iicr bill mid mnko
f.ibt to something witli-p.wte. "
The season has coiho when a man wl
finds a twelve loom house and a half-aero
gi ouiid too small for him at home will II' '
with his family in a tlnce-room shinty , bii
lounded bv 1,000 Icct of glai ing sand , fi
three months and call It happlnc&s.
Kastcin diummci ( to hi. Louis mcrchan
'Tint was u piettv bad Jnllnicof Isa :
SlelnV" Merehant "Pad ? Veil , jou \ ,
riglitltvas. It vas do voist laiiuio of <
season. Ills giedilois made him bay 7 ! > ecu
on de dollai. It ispettci to stay In peebtie
as to fail like dot. "
A Montana papci speaks of the Ilghtnir
striking a prominent cituen jnstasliewi
coming out ot a .saloon. That thundeibc
may have been waiting foi j cars to get i
him ; theonlj way tlie electiic tluidwijlcv <
get a smite at many Montana ilicn will bu
go riuht in and mow them down in fiont
the bai.
The noble red mwi who have already gat
eredat N'iagaia 1'alls this season toenea ;
in the bale of Indian idles aio bald to take
great intcicst in the IiNh honie-iule inov
nient. Ono of tliem was iccentlv heaid
lemaik : "Ilegoiia , Mlstht'i Oladshtone's
nioiirlitj foine mon. "
A cinions tlavor to the whiskv set out
Miem at tlioir tavoiltu lesort atliacted maiki
attention among the eiistomeis of a.Smit
town ( L. 1. ) llipior dealer last week. Tht
Inteiest was intcnsillKt consliierablj a lilt
later on when tliej all took ven blck. A
investigation showed that the banel fie
which they had been supplied contained cu
b liming Ilnld , and had been c\ciangcdl
mislako lot one ot whisky at a ratlio ;
Mrs. Jones' Party.
St. L < i\tl IHiip.
Mis. Jones gav o a pn tv a few days aso ,
And it was a most pleasant event.
A thousand 1 iruess werclhcio in the house
( On which she has not paid the lent ) .
Mrs. Smith and her daiightcis weie there
great stvle ,
In b.itliiband ilbbonsand fillls.
And their dresbcs weio tilmmed wlthie
binnihh lace
( And tallois' and milliners' bills ) .
Mrs. White nlso came with a woi.deifnldic.
And diamonds thatsjarkled so blight :
( They vveio hlicd of old Isaac , thcii UIR
down town ,
And test hci an X for the night ) .
Mis Hiown was iJgged up in a beautiful hi
That shone from the llooi to the collar ,
( Hci liisbiud , the banker , is linsled they fin
Au i pa > s lint a dlmi ) on the dolhn ) .
aiusioAij A-VD DHAMATIC.
Minnie Hank sailed for tin ope last wee
Margaiet Mather is at her homo In Xc
The now play In width Itol eit II. Mant
Is to star lieu season is entitled " 1'angl
Lives. "
Like old John Iliown's hnily , Kotta'a fc
tnno Is nmchlng on , The latest tstlmn
puts It nt 51,000,100.
Louis HaiiNon will atai lu Xevv York ai
support Xat ( ioodwln in Ills coming \entu
at the Itljou thuatei. |
Wagnei'H "Tannahauser" has lately lei
piodueed tor the Hist tnuo in Home , at t
Appulo theatre ,
Mr. Joseph JolTeison conlemplates anotli
lovlval of olil LiiL'llsli comedy bcfoio takli
linul leave of the stage ,
Itublnstcln is so jioimlar Ju London that
piemlnm of one hundred ir cent , is paid f
heats at Ills piano iccltals
MrCanll'H piodncllon of * 'Tho Ambas.-
dor" will bo lirbt given Tit Wallack's X (
York theatie on August UQ.
Ilhca sailed for Franco last week on t
Xormandie , letuinlng to be in hei furcwi
tout ot America August ID , In bt. John ,
Providence is to have the honor of hearli
first the diamatUatlon ( it Edward Kv en
Halo's story ot "Tho Man Without
Country ,
Frank Maj o w III not c6nfino his efforts
"Not deck" aloiui next di'iison , but willal
produce "Tho Three ( Juardsmun , " blmsi
atnwaring as D'AJtagnan.
Lawiente liarrett veiy emphatically stati
In response to certain wandalous insliu
lions , that 1m rcgaids Fdvvlu Booth t
grandest flguro on the stage.
An Aniericiiu play named "Jack" was pi
dnced at the Itojalty theater in London ! ;
week and made a success. Elxsu Pljmpli
nmdo u hit In the pilncipal pait.
Mr. Uduiuud Collier will star lu "Ja
Ci < Unnd "Mutamora , " two of 1-dwln Foi
Tf st's old 11 j s , ron IIIMK Ing at the Pu < i ! c'
thcaUrin New \ork canj Inugnst. .
Daniel Frohnun lave < ior F.urope on th
Ala lvX nest week in the Inlercsts of tli
Ljccnni tluatre and to complete anangi
incuts for the loui of Ah s Foitescnc.
Annie Pl\le.v will appear ne\t ea on in
hrco-act oomedv bv A t' ( iiintor. entitle
The Deacon's Ihugnter. " It Is Miiil to bo
clever and militant conredj , fnllorpjrecilv
Adelina Pattf. It Is announced , lias IRHPI
a contract wltli Henrv L. Abbov to open ni
November Ti a sciles of oncrallc concerts I
this counlr.v. Shevvlll Iravul undei the nnm
of Mine. Patti-Xlcollnl.
In the season of "sI.awicnce ; Ilanel
will pmduioanew slvact phy. the event
Inwliicli vvlll bo supposed to h.i\c occnnci
In the time of Christ , with the scone laid li
Jerusalem and the holy land.
Tostl , the Mine writer , is to compoo i
comic opera , and Mine. Judle is to retlr
fiom the staue , le iv Inn the usual maigins fo
nil the "entices" which me habitual will
songstresses and acli esses.
Miss Maud Hanks , the dangtlicroC ( lencrfi
X. P. Hanks. Is to Maitout Aueiist Us
a theatrical star , playing in "As > n I.Ik
It. " "Inuomar , " "Pjgmallon and ( ialatca ,
"Lilly of Ljous , " and slmllxi pieces ,
Itohtul Hoed denies the rnnmr tint ho wil
tour the countty ne\t season In comic opci. '
Notwithstanding his success In "I'lii' HiIdr
Tia | > . " he will do only "Check" and -111111
hue , " which ho says the people want.
Miss Kill ltu sell , a Vounir Ameiican piim
donna , has been well uvelvedon her debn
In London , as a mcmhpi of the Italian opci.
company , which IncludeAlhanl , bealchl
( Jayane and Maniei among its members.
Homy Irving , It Is st ited , will come to thl
count ! ) next August lor the pnnio'-e ot lei'
Ing a theatie In New Yoik , in which ho ma ;
duplicate his London ju'iroitnanees , It belni
his Intention to have his companies play si
months in each city every season.
Louis James will piolnco Vilnius a
MeVlcker theater in Auuiist , and will en
deavoi to make that plav Ills "piece de leslsl
ance. " McCiillou h has no successor as j el
and Mi. James may Mil the niche.
Joseph Jetrcison Is said to be the wealthle5
actor lu Ameilea. His foitiino lspstlnmte <
all the way Mom SIOOIXK ) to two 0)0. ) II
only vvniks on the stage sixteen weeks In th
jear , which affoids him sulliclcnt for Id
maintenance without at all impairing hi
The Alia Norman KtmlNU opera compan
bealn their second tout AugnstiiOvvlthata'g
and i omilelo | oiganiition. . Their leueiloir
will Include "Tho Maid of llellevllle , " "Tli
Flowei of I'ekln , " and other new operas , In
sides boveial st unlaid vvoiks , "Maltha , " "Hi
hemlanClil , " etc.
The twcnty-fointh s.engeifest of the Xoitl
American b.i'iigeibniHl will take place ii
Milvvaukie , Julv 'Jl to i\ It will uu a may
nllicent allalr altogethei. The jirl/o cantat
"Columbus , " by C. J. Uiambach , ot Bonn
Geiumnv , will be sung on tho'JJd. Amen
othei Intciestlng features will bo thUdiuu'
chorus of bOO voices , a male elioins ol 'JoO
% olcesand a mixed chorus of lCO ) voices
'llio soloists will bo Frl. Ltlli Lehman , si
piana ; Miss CairleGotdstieker , sopiano ; Fi , '
i\Iarlanna \ Drandt , contralto : Heir Joscp'
\on Witt , tenor ; Mr. Albeit Panlet , lenoi
Mr. Joseph Henedict , hailtono ; HcirJosep
btaudlgl , b.iss ; Mr. Kapacl Joseph ! , plane
Xivv : YOIIK , Juno 13. Theiivaliy betwcei
the Wallack and the Ilijoit theater people
glowing out of the playing at eacli huusoo
a dilfcicnteihlon of Andiain's opeia , c.illc
"Tho Ciovvliuf Hen" at Wallack's , wlici
McCanll's company produces it , and "Th
Uridal Tiap" at the IJljou , led to a comlcn
rlv ally to see w hlch could most successfully
by btcicoptkon , lime lights and other coutii
vances , cover the fiont walls of rival house
with advcitisementsof its piece. Wallack'
people stalled It bv hiring a dead wall ne\
' Hen" . Las
the Uijou lor Crowing posters.
night tlic Uljon stcreoptlcon advertistd " 'lh
UildalTiap''on Wallack's fiont. To-nigh
ioi two hours the emplo\cs ol each Iheate
kept devising now means of putting up it
own signs and keeping invisible theotlu1
hons-'s. Finally , on account of the gre.i
ctqwdsin thostieet. Police Canlain William
ordciecl a siibponsion of hostilities.
Snino Things i IiH'o.
JVVio llaicn AVu * .
" \ nevci had n piece ot bicad
Paitlcularly wldo
'Which did not fall upon the floor
And on the butteied side. "
'Tvvas thus a poet lone ago
Did ihy thmiclj lament ,
And tliuudiling down the ages long
That tiiith liinmpliant went.
And as it rolled Itcatheicd up
A bundled truths 01 moic ,
And one is tills : L'ach tiuanttaek
Stands point up on the llooi.
Anothci is , tliat when you shave ,
Your ra/or-wiping slieet
Will tall , the Htlicr .shin below.
On th' caipct at jonr teet.
Urown nniveisity will heicafter adm
Ot : W5 colleges in the United States l.M ) ptil
lisli papers.
There aio tlilitv coloicd students in tli
fieshman class at Yale.
Slnco li. McCosh lias been presiden
55,000,003 liav o been donated to Piinceton.
School inonerty in the south is valued t
50,000,000 , against St > 3,030oOi ) in the north.
James KtiBsell Lowell has lesuiued h
position as piolcssor of modern languages :
11 annul.
Seventy of the Ameilean colleges now I
osistcme wcie fonmled between the jcam i
isii ) and 18sO.
The college which lias the mobt graduate
In congiess is the nniveisily of Yngini.
Harvaid Mauds second and Yale third.
The Coiean government his ibsued an edi
catlonal law which lequlics all childien bi
twcen eight and thhton ( years ol age to a
tend .school.
The accumulation of books in tlio publl
liluary , at lioston , lias inuicased bo muc
that the city has appropriated toriO.OJO for
new building.
The total icpoitcd donations and lozaclt
bv Indlv Iduals In aid of edntation amounte
during ei.'hteen months liom July 1 , Ibb. ! , t
Jnlyl , lbs | , toSlly70i20. !
Since tlioSnrlnghcld , M ass. , public llbiar
became iieo the number of hooks taken 01
lias been multiplied by thru * , although tli
jeailvihugo w.is pieviously only VI.
Sixteen joun women , ciaduatcs of tl :
Wlnona Normal hchool. Wisconsin , aio noi
teaching In tlie Aigontlno Confederation i
salaries ranging tiom fclf > 00 to Si/iOO a yea
The question has come betoie tlio board <
education ot Jackson.Mlch.tv bother a hdioi
teacher has a light to bend a pupil homo (
put him in quaiiantlnc. toi catlngraw onion
.Now York takes four of the twelve honor
Including tlie valedictory , ot the giaduatln
class at Vale , and Connecticut tour. Tli
other four aio bcatteicd among the othc
The honois of Wellesley this ycaivei
canlcdoll by a couploot Illinois gills , Ml-
Homci of Chicago , who was the class JKIC
nnd Miss liroadwell of Jacksonville , wl
pinnoniiLcd the oiatlon.
Tlicio arofiom four to sl\ millions of tex
bookh imblished to give "methods' " ot toacl
Ing made by the ablest edncatois of th
country and published without repaid to o
] ienso in illustiatlon and binding.
The Com oid School ot Philosophy wl
open July 15 , with a lecture by Prolessor V
T. llairlson the "Philosophic btrnctuio (
thu Divine Comedy. " The leaincd gentl
man who is to orate on tlie "vvlilchncss of tl
what , " is not jet announced.
A few ywiis ago n society of eminci
Ficnchmen discussed the question. "Win
language would a child most naturally spe.i
If never taiin'htV" Twenty dllfeient resiil
weiopicdhtcd. To test the mallei two i
Jants weio procured and Isolated with a dei
nnd dumb woman , who lived alone In tl
Alps , Miironiuhd by hei blicepandcldcken
Alter six \eais the tlilldrun and their nun
weio brought before tlie s ivants , who we ;
on tip too of oxiM'ctatlon as to the icsul
When , lol not a word could either of thin
nttei , but most peitectly could they imltai
the ( .lowing of acock , tlio i tickling of a he
nnd the bleating of ahhosp ,
A I'riiltlnin In Cliess.
[ John and Julia's problem. John to mo :
and mate in two moves , ]
John moves his arm loiuid Julia's neck ,
She moves one square and whispers check ;
He , nothing daunted , moves right fctralghi
Ills lips to heis , and calls out mate !
Poor Julia yields to love's constraints ;
Sluha , blusfiw , ] alpltatob and falnlH.
r.icial neuralgia and toothache are i ;
stantancouBly relieved by .St. Jacobs O
A 1'eiTrctlj : Awfully Lo\clj Story.
J it i f , ( in ti A i r.u.'l.
Iheiow.astn on vetic < ; ( I ) nudirii girl ,
\ \ Ith ncifcctjy n.oderuw.av * .
ho avv pci.C"'llon in ivei.Mhlnc
'lliat happcm il to meet In
Such perfectly hiviply things sin1 said ,
And perfcrll > aw/ul. too ,
That none would have dared to ih > ubt hi
woid ,
So perfectly , pcifeclb true.
Tha wcatiicr. she said. In * nnunei time ,
Was perfectly aw full } w rm ;
The winte.r was perfect , toe. , when thci
A pcrlcctlv teiibi ! ! storm.
She w cut to a pel fivittv hoirld -hool ,
In a perfictlv lion Id town ;
And thop-ifecllv hateful teaehers there
Did things up perfcitly blown.
'I he les ons were perfeillv fearfully long ,
lint nevei p.-ifecllv s.\id ;
And when sue failed , asolten shculd ,
Hei face siew p Tfivtly led.
'Ihe ( lunch she attended was vcifccil
m ig
With a pcrfcctlv hcavonh splio :
And peilc < t erowds went time to hear
A pel feel ly charming Umlr.
T he latest < -tv le N pel foctlv sweet ,
The latest the pertectcst out ;
The books < , ho reads ate periectlj good
( lust heie we ral e n ifoubt ) .
A rldo she took was perfectly tjiand ,
On a pirfeotly oi eous d.u ,
\\llh n perleetly nobby fiiend of hcis
Wlio happened to pass that way ,
The peifectly alegant falls she'd seen
U hen on ner way to the lake ,
And the gianhle descilptlon she gave ns a
\Vi\bslmpb a modem mistake.
The petfecllv splendid foam dashed up
In apcifcctlv killing style ,
And tne petlcctly tciilole waves cam
dow n
In peifectly lovely pile.
1 mlnlit go on with this pcifect poem ,
Ami write to the end of time ,
Hut. lea 1 1 Hi ; to wear your patience out ,
Will bilnt loan end my ihyme.
AJoi ey City man has sold his wife to
Hoboken Dlacksmlth for MO.
Clitistlno Xllsson Is to mairy a Spanls
diploinat , Lount Mil alula , It is not suppose
she maiiics aieal count slmnl ) to show
great livid tliat her husband did not need t
puichase a title.
Pronto who tlnovv rice at weddings need t
be told tliat the practice has lecently n
Milted , in London In Injnilnga biidegioom' '
eyes to sncn an extent that he has had lo pa *
In ( lie waul of a hospital what would hav
been his honej moiin.
Moio than foity licenses wore Issued b
tlie countycleikat Haltimoic , .Mil. , on Jui :
1 , the date of the beginning of the new la1
icducing man iago licenses ttom Sl.fiUtoi
moictlian had been wiittcn out dining tli
entiie picccdluu : week.
A "society" panel s\ys ! "It Is now n
guided as the correct thing In bridal partk
lor the biide and gioom to arilve an honrc
so late. " Attci the mairingo tlio uroom oul
will arrive an hour 01 so late , but it will n <
then bo regarded as the "collect thing" b
the wife.
One of the bridegrooms of the week Is n <
torlous lei his tin 111. Ho complained of tli
cleigy man's tee. "A widow ei whom von ma
rled at Kastcr , " said lie , "tolls me that jo
ehaiged veiv much less. " " 1 run , " said th
Hev. Dr. 11. , "but ho w aba regular cnstomci.
A dlvoicc case Is soon to come up in
Maine com t , the outirrouth of a trilling quai
i el between a man nnd his wile twcntv-liv
yeais ago. Since tliat dav , althoiuh min
together , ncltl.ei lias spoken to the othei
until a few weeks ago , when , In tlio excite
ineut of house ( .leaning , the woman said t
the man : "Whole's the nails ? " The ma
looked at the woman and did not answei.
It is state I that the mesideiit since his it
tut n lias announced his intention ol kcepln
all the wedding ptesuuts. "Why shon'd
not ? " ho is quoted as saying.Vcddin \
pit.sents aieuiven to the biido. I do not IK
( opt tlio gilts as piesldentof the Unite
Stales , but thev aiohonttomy wife. Surely n
objection can bo tttkon'tosuch pioceedings.
'I ho qiKbtion whether the picsldcnt wool
accupt the gilts sent him has caused consii
ei.able comment , some pcoilo ] < .ontendlng th ;
us picsidcnt hetould not accept them , ' 11
discussion has been loiiHideied out of placi
and Hie pieshluit'ti action , tlieiefore , scttli
tlie question.
Nr.vvmTiinit , X. Y. , June 20. Two nevi
wedding ceicmonies took place in Orant
comity on Monday. On" was amidnigl
allair , and tlie othei occtnied in the open al
The midnight wedding took place at Wai
wick , just ns the town clink struck 1'J. Tl
bilil.il couple were Mlbs Haiiict Aimed
Wateibuiv , daughter ot J.K. Waleiburv.ini
Cliailes P. . Williams of Patteison , X. .
Theievvasa laigo attendance. William (
S. Findlay , a piospcious young farmai , an
Miss Kmlly H. Tobla , danghtei of tlio lal
Ch irles Tobias , ot Sallsbuiy M llls , wcie ma
ried at Maple Cottac , the lesidcnce of th
bilde's inotlici. A largo mairiaiio bell (
white roses was suspended liom the bianc
of a laige tieooii tlie lawn. Over < X > guesi
were piesent. When the guests had n
ranged themselves under tlie tiees. the bildi
party descended a stall way and advance
ovei the wide lawn , liniillv slopping buneat
the lloral bell. The ushers piecccdcd tl
piocesslon. Then came t n vonng lad
triends of the bilde , followed by two SWIM
lltllo girls , wlio eanicd baskets of iobc
which weio stiewn in the pithway of tl :
bridal pail , who came last. While the bin
weie twltteiing on the bonglib ovcihcad tl
ce-emony piocecdcd amid n scene of lai
beauty and novel Mirioundlngs. The vvci
ding icpast was seiveil on the lawn , vvhlc
was illuminated in tlic evening.
A clthen of Allendal , S. C. , has just be u
cutting anew set ol teeth. Ho Is litty-oi
ycais old.
A Massachusetts woman has just give
blith to hci second installments oftiiplct
botli within ton i teen months.
A rhubard leat measuring forty-two Inclii
In length and tw o inches thick is on exliibitk
ntTacoma , Wasnington , teirltoiy.
A Uethlehcm ( Pa. ) youth recently fell 01
of bed and lan a noLilIo In his back. Jlo
now sutfeilng the toitures ot lock-jaw.
Among tlio wondei fnl products of art I
the Fiencli Ciybtal palace was shown a loc
which admitted of ! t , < U7b5 : combinations.
Mis. T. 0 , Lliiney of Hohon , Ky. , Is brai
glng because she set a hen on three goo'
eggs and the faithful fowl hatched out foi
healthy goslings.
Thebugestciystal of alum ever produce
weighing over eight tons , has been sent
Kdlnbnig International exhibition trom tl
Manchester and ( ioolo alum mines.
Lo Grand Larow , who owns a cattle ram
In Kans is , is visiting his paicnts in Klmlr
X. Y. llo la six teet high , wears a bear
that dragb a foot on the lloor when ho stain
A monstiosity In tlio way of a incdinii
sl/ed don' , with the head of a IKM , Is tlie pie
esty of a fcjhoshono In Kuieka , Xev. Tl
by In ill gonmallj goes along witli his nose
tlio ground.
Bn.vDiinnoic , Iowa. Juno 2i. I Coi resnoi
donee ol llio linn ] Mr. Nathan Wiiltfor
living neai ( iladbiook , Tama county , lewIs
Is the ovv inn ol nthickon having thiio lc
U \ nearly two weeks old , well proportion !
anduiowliu nltcly , K. K. P.
A f miner named Cook of Calhoun , Air
has a curiosity in tlie hhapo of an ivg that
a very rcimukablo Me.ik of natuie. Tlio e ,
ineaBined ten inches In lensth , and win
bioken was tound to contain another we
developed , tnlly shelled O B. The enteiprl
Ing hen that laid this eg' , ; did so at the e
peiibo of hci lite.
A wiltei in the Hue Journal says that be
havoahtiong antipathy to dattc-coloml o
iects. A biood of thickens lan about h
hives. The bees stung one of tlio daik on
to death , and did not molest the light-colon
ones Ho says that a man with a black ph
hat rarely guts stung , the bees devoting the
entire attention to shooting the hat.
A novel showei of rain occnried recent
at Sacramento , Cal. The stars were shlnli
bilghtlyat the time , and n brisk bree/o w
blowing fiom the smith. 'Ihe lain-dio
were very large , and for about a nilnnto th
came down thick and fast. The shower w
t > o unexpected that the people who had n
icthed went Into the street and scanned t
horizon to bee fiom whence the water cam
"Well , how did you like the sennon Su
day ? " asked one lady of another. "The si
monV" "Yes , you vvcre at chinch , weiei
jouV" "Yes , certainly. " "Well , thin , he
did you like the sermon ? " " 1 didn't be
any sermon ; 1 belong to the c > " > lr , " wast
belf-batUliuU rejoinder.
18 HKCOM.Mr.NDKl ) H\
riiyf > | clfin , MlnlOerA , Ml ionnrlps ,
of r iioikVoiV hop , riuntatlons ,
Nnr < ( s in llopitnls-m
over ( flvciHt n t
t vn lid ( i lit : ion
sunnKN COLIU , fiur.Ls , PAINS
U'PI.H tl \TrllV Vt t.V ,
OS I VHT1I 11)11 t \ll\U \
XKl'KLtA. ( ! . TOOTH ACHU ,
IIIMINS , 1-KOsr H1TKS , * V-c.
Prices , 25c. , 50c. and $1,00 per Botll0 ,
of Imitations. ,
national BanK
Pnid \ p Capital . $200,000
SuplusMay 1 , 1885 . , 90,000
U.W.Yms , Pn-sident.
A. E. rotuvi.iv , Vice President.
W. H. S. HIWIIKS , Cashier.
W. V. MoiiSE , jOlIN S. COI.UN5 ,
U. W. YAM s , LKNVIS S. RI-.KD ,
A E Toiv.vu.v ,
Ooi. ICth find Far imm Streets.
Ocnornl llankluit
po V1TA1 IT V In fnllliin' , llrnln till A1NFit MX !
itXIIAUMI I > 01 I'owfrl'ltl MA.llltl.bV VV ABT.I
Ell nrny nml n mrfwl i > ncl irllnUo rliio In tto 1 I
.S P 4t9PsWMfMSJ ?
. ,
orifflimiril Itf b rui 1 t I * 1 Al.i , l'l I HIJF r " rnii
Adopted lir all rrrni li 1 Iir l"n l unrt Win/ / ? rurldly i n
rut const iilly Intro Jm tnl hei c All v oiikrntni ; Iv ici ft
drains iMtiinrllT cnrcko.l. Itl.VllHI' glflo
nnprrnn In I rjlcflfzisr I r. , , .tSi ; , It SK. C < > n olt
Kprr ( on'oo * r ! i > tinlhwllli tli nrli.Viil doctoriiFHLE.
CIVIAl E AliENCV. NoU Fulton SUeet. Nen Yorlu
DR. .
3.50S .a iviva : so ? .
Pinctico limited to Diseases of the
Glasses fltteil for all ( onus ol'dcfootlvo
Vision. Artiilcial Ejca Inserted.
017 lit. Chnrli-sNJ.St.I.oulaMo.
ArrtnliririJuitiof i o UrJIoiIColl.jfi b tornItnfcf
cDRBgedlo Ilievreclal Irckttueotof CHR tc , NKRVOU * . 8KIN
And DLOOD Uiiitui th n BDT otlifr 1 fcvilelaa lD&t.L ulf ,
telly ptiptr * itiow oud All alareillrnUltnov
Nervous Prostration , Debility. Mental and
Physical Wtikness ; Mcrcu-lal nnd other Attec-
lions ol Throat , Sklnor Bones , Blood Poisoning ,
old Sores and Ulcers , re trotea vim upp.r n < iej
lucecti , ou ItUKtieU-otlBeprlnelplci.BBrflt- . f
Diseases Arising from Indlscroilon , Excess ,
Exposure or Indulgence , which produce iou or th.
followlDg cITucKt oetvoumeis , deHlltjr , dlmneit or ilbt
and drfeellTe memnrr , plmDIeionlbtt face , phflcal < l ; jt/ ,
Ttr > lon tatlie occiof ! female * , coofuiloft or Ideftf , cu. .
rendering Marrlico Improper or unhappy , urn
pcrmaDfOllj cured. 1 aini > hlct ( 6pagcionUjt ) aboTe , teat
InpealcJenvelope , rreotoaDjr&tltlreii CottiultatloaatoZ *
tee orb/ mall free , IntlteJ t nil at lctl7c DQleallal.
A Positive Written Guarantee ilvnn In Merjot.
raMe cue. llcdlclafl CQt i vorjrnliere bjr mull Ol eiprest *
Accounts of IHnkcrs McrclmntHnnilothernsoltcltod.
Collections I'romptljr Jlailc.
S. A. KEAH & CO. , Bankers ,
( Snccp orB to t'rc'ton Kcnn A Co ) '
lUCuiililtml , U. II. , Local unil otb < r Ilundi.
Scnil for I.I.I. .
Forfeit if not Havana Filler ,
Thl Clpir will rroTC DI reprcientt d nnd wHI be eiten-
iTtly aclvirllif.il u c\frro > Mi lor llvo ilcnli n whovilll
ippti-clate In mtrlta auJ puih Itcccotdlniljr.
saroKC isi rjanxo ioa
AdJresj D GIIACT IJROi , Soli
130 FinU Avenue , - CIUICAGO.
D. W Bnxe , J.osllu & Mnrroll ,
U K. UuiidniHii. T. VV. Spullonl i , Co. ,
J. A Tiillur X ( 'o. , M ran ,
, M II. I'owcll ,
Knlm .V Co , , Hum I'nuisworth.
1'iunlt Ilnrrott 4 Co , HllKllOrt ihtllllllilt ,
JunicB Toraj thu.
Do you want a pure , bloomIng -
Ing Complexion } li' o , a
low nnitlicutioiiH of Hn mil's
MAGIWUA BALM will ; rnt-
iiy you to your licart's cou
tout. It does avayvitli \ Sal
lowncss Itcdncss
, , t
lllotches , and all jllsoasosj and
iiniioricctions ol'tho skin. It
ovorcoincstlio Hushed appear
ance of heat , fatigue and ox-
chonionl. It makes n la > ly of
TJIIHTY appear but TWliN-
TY ; nnd so natural , gradual.
and perfect are its ollects.
that ft is impossible to detect
ita application.

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