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The End of the Brown Impeachment Trial
at Hand.
Wlint In I'xpcctcil to lie tlin ItcMtlt
Instituting KoToi-tiis
Claims For tlio New Orleans
Kxliililt loivn News ,
Tlin Agony Ncnrly Over.
lr < < Miisi ( : . In. , July -ISpcolnl tn llio
lMi : : . | Tlio long nanny of the imiirnoliniont
tilal Is nhont over. Itlms lieun In ronliint-
cms xissliiii slnre the It'th ' of May. H hri3
cost the stnlc soniiMvhPie Iroin S"iO,0 )0 ) to * "A-
000 , mill the | icoil | ( > mo very likely to ask
ml boiio ? Tills tilal , which lias consumed
no much time , cost so much money , and v\or-
i led so many iicoplo , Is the outcome of cam
less nlllrinl Imbits and stubborn sol f-will
There Is no doubt but that tin1 whole trouble
mlt'lit have hceii avoided nnd this case boon
M'ttlt-d months nio II Iho auditor nnd gov
ernor nt that tlmu had displayed n little tart
nnd disposition to nmku icnsoimblc conces
sions. Hut uarhvus arbitrary ind iinrnm-
pioniUlng at least otic nl\va > swasvhon tin )
ollii't illicit liavo been disposed to ntlcct u
Miltlumcnt. UctlliiK down to the inanow of
this ( Illllciiltj , thi'io SOCIHH tobc.idnal side
to tlm chniKCH against Audltoi Hiovvn. Tart
of them atlcet his conduct as an nluclal ,
looked at Iroiu a business staiidpolnt , and
part his Intent Ity. Miiny of the cliai cs
against him iclatu to technicalities In the
conduct of the otllcu , moio or le.a
Imiiortanl , nnd otheis alleuo that hii
lieiit lues that did not bclmn ; to htm , and sue-
( ? eit In ono e.isc , at least that ot the Iliemer
county hank a hilhory. Mr. Hoo\vn was
charged with n falluru to keep nccount of all
Ices mining Into his pov sslonith ; a tall-
iiio to tile vouchuis for the cMiendltnie ot
about -0,000 , contingent 01 clcik s Hind ; \vith
consenting to extol tionate chaises toi Insin-
uncc cxamliutlons made bv Vail , a Chicago
( ! \ amlneiitli ; liisutxiidlnatlon In infusing
to ndtult thi ) goM'inoi to examine IIH books
timing business hnins ; with the accepting of
lees lor services that ought to have been pei-
loimed without extra clmigo and us a regular
p.utot his duties. Theileleiisoto thogie.iler
nart of these chaises has been that otlicr
olllcers ha1 o done much tlios.unc. that Htovv n
is jiistllicd iniieli by ] iiccedeiit. and that as
iclaies to the tiling ot voucheis tor the
oxpi'Ktlltnic.H1 of Ills contingent tiind , 1m was
in Ids o\\n judgment comphing with the.
luwbj keening a memoiaiidum on tlio- stub
of the warrants.
A good dual ot partisan feeling has liccn
( loveloneil dining the trial , anil nn at
tempt lias been made to show that Hiown
has been peiseonteil , that he w.is the most il ) > -
ilghtanil fiilthtnl olllclal that was over in
( In1 andllui'h otllcu. ho it \\lil not bu possible
toi tlie Jiny ol lifty.seiwtoiH to vote altogether
on thcevluenec and law us presctibeu , tiom
piejudh'O and bias , ono wav 01 the othci.
It is thought now that tin : ( fcmoutat.s will
vote guncially Joi acquittal , two or tluee of
them posslblv voting lot-conviction. Ofthu
lepnbllcans , the tnoscciition expect to gt't '
.somo twelve or lif teen Notes on some counts
possibly mm o. Tlioio aio thlity counts in
tlio indk'tmont , and the eutlio .somite must
be Dolled on each count , which will lequito a
long time in getting n veidlct.
I.OOKIMI von itr.roiiMS.
The nrescnt state administration sepiiis to
beet the lefoim kind , and it Is undeistond
tiial tlio governor is looking into several
cases ot aliened mismanagement ot state In
stitutions and misappiopilations of state
funds. The State uimoisily oC Iowa City is
lecelvlng a little attention now , though
nothing .staitllng b > way o develoDiuent is
PAV ixn rou IOWA'S i\iimrr.
'I'ho last ieclslatuio j-itssed a bill appro-
priat inn about § 5,000 to iclmbnibO .several
peisouswho hsd advanced and o\pended
nioncj to meet the expenses of tin ) Iowa ex-
hihit at New Orleans. it was clalmul tliat
tlin bill bolng of thu natnioot apihatcelulin ,
would icqtiliu the constitutional niajoi Ity ot
tvvn-thliih to cnny. It failed to get that
nuiubei in tlm housolmt the spcakei itiled
that U was not ncccssaiy , and the hill became -
came , a law , going into effect July 4. The
state auditor , however , having bonie doubt
ot the legality of the law , was at fust dls-
liosoil to withhold pavment of any claims
under it , but on tinther consideiation
has concluded that It is not his place to go
unbind thr > loturns and question tlio manner
in which the bill became a law , and .so is
auditing tlio claims as they awpiesentcd.
This is good now.s to several people who woie
Induced te sink a tew bundled dollars in
tills entcrpiiso on the expectation and piom-
Iseol the commissioner that the state would
lopay the money.
( ivr.nroMi : HY TIM : III-.AT.
tJudco Weaver , the leading member of the
boaul of manage of the liiipeaclimeiit tilal ,
\vasoveicomebytlio heat and nervous ex
haustion w Idle making Ida aigiiinont yestei-
dar , and the senate was obliged to adjourn
till to-nioitow to give him a chaiico toie-
cover. Ho Is a very xtrong and nblolavvjer
and lias woiked very haul in tills case , eauy-
IIIK tJio heaviest jait of It alone , lie was le-
centlv nominated for dlsttlct judye. and will
piotiably K < > to ( lie siipiemo bench befoio
many yeais It Ins liealtn holds out.
Jluvo to Prove tlio
Ci : : > . \it ICvi'iiis , la. , July 11. rScdal |
UVloiriam to the HIK. ] Tlio sensation of the
day Istheanest of David Krant , edltot of
the Walker Xovvs , lor criminal libel , the
bin den of the libel being Insinuations and
dheet statements conveying the liiune.islon
Hint John .1. Clicny , a manulartuier of
ereameiy snpplle.s , of Cedar Hapids , Is dis
honest In business , a violator ot the liquor
la\v , living In iiiilawlnl relations with a
\\oman who Is not his law fully wedded wile ,
nnd aHllcted with meanness Roneially. A
civil suit tor § : ; , ) ( ) damages , Diouzlit several
weeks ago , only Incieaj-ed Brant's attacks.
Jtrant gave bond In S''M and will soon bo
tiled buloio.luilKoKtoneiiiaii , of tills city ,
Who AVill lloprnsont lown.
UiJIoiMis : , la. , Jnlv 11. [ Special Tele-
ffinnt to tlm Hui.J : ( ! oveinorlarifibee has
appointed the following delegaton to the Nn-
tlonal Kariuei.s' congiuss to bu held at In-
dlanapolls : U. K Clayton , Macedonia ; C. I1.
CaiiKntorVebhter \ City ; C. F. Clarion ,
Dos Moines ; K. A. Campbell , Kalineld ;
The govdiior also yesterday ajipolnted
Dr. 0. 11 , 1'rcston , of Davenport , to bo dele
gate to the national coiifeienco of chaillles
and collection to bi > held at .St. I'aiil. llo
lakes tlio place ot ill. Wntkinb , or Daven-
poit , who deellned ,
Vlullin of OaHoIInn Stove.s.
JisMoiNKs : , la. , July 11 , [ Special Telo-
Riam to the llii-.J : Mi.s. Klchnul Nash , wlfo
of a lireman on the Fort Dodge lallroad , was
hovoioly burned by the explosion of n gasoline -
line stove this afternoon. She was woiklng
nuoutlt when it e.XDloded , BctttiiR fiio to her
clothing and burning her frightfully about
the bond and breast. It Is thought she can
not live. 'Iho the depattment arilved soon
after tuu explosion and nulckly put out the
Congratulated in Defeat.
ST. I.ouis , July ll.-Tlin following rtls-
patib , signed by many buppoiteis to Glad-
BUUIO'I. homo rule policy , was cabled this
evuulue :
MIL T. V. ' M. P.-Wo -
p'CoNKon , . . - conpi-atn-
late Mr. tSladstono on hU ablu callvasJ. The
JiUh lace and hlsli filends of roiibtltutlonal
llbrity tlmntcliout tlm woiid congiatulato
jilm and foci assinod that the ad vei so vote on
liojiio nile In Knglanil , on moio nmturo con-
bhloration , will be loversed. It is lor the
jautual intciTjst of Kncllsli , UUli , Scotch and
vt'Icli that the principle of homo rule should
bo established , ami U will bo.
Tlio Postal Ijawn Aiiituutcd.
WABIIINOTOK , July It. The postmaster
general has , In compliance with petitions
signed by largo nurubcH of business men In
numerous cltlas , amended the postal laws
so as to permit tiansmlsslon
throtish the malls within the United
Statei ami. tenitoilc * of liquids
not liable t explosion or spontaneous com-
Imstion-or Ignition by spark or ] nrnnym- :
llaunuable soft oa | > . pasti s. confections , oint
ments or nttieins of similar consistency ,
under certain conditions Insuring safety to
ntlici inn II matter In traiHml < slon ,
Ovprnromlltid Ocr-nn Strainers.
Ni\v : YOIIK , .litlv 10. Ye terda > thocai > -
tain of the Atlantic steamship Nevada was
arrested and taken before the Unitrd States
commissioner In this city on the charge of
overcrowding his vessel with second class
passengers. The Nevada on her last tilp
iroin Liverpool out biouglit over Tin emi
grants. Her licensed capacity Is "A < eeond
class passeiiceiN. The penalty for violating
the law Is a line of fifty dollar * for enrh pas
senger carried in excess of the number al
ConvlctH Killed.
Lmu. Itnr K. Ark. , July 11. Tlio particu
lars ol the killliu ; of three convicts by their
guards neat I'lnu lllulf yesteiday afternoon
havn leaclied this eltj. A ganc ot eighty
coin lets w ei e wet king In the brick yard nfow
miles from town , and the ci'tiie number
maile o sudden break foi Illvrty. The guaids
Immediately levelled their rules and Ined ,
killing three of the rlncleador- . and moitally
wounding the fointh None escaped.
Tlin Trnnscontlnetitnl Illcycllst.
Coi.fMiif , Neb. , July 11. | Special Tele
gram to the HII : ] S. (5. Spler.tlie great bicy
clist who Is running from Allianv.'N. Y , to
the I'acllie .slojie , came tluougli liere to-day
feeling quite good , cxpectlnu to leach Denver
bv thu t h ot July.
Saturday In Congress.
In the senate Satmday twonty-tliieo pen
sion bills vetoed bj tlio piesident were ie-
committed to tlio committee , on pensions for
icconsideiation. Mi. Hoar's tosolutlon call
ing for information In logard to the detention
of Amciicaii vessels was adopted. The river
and harhoi bill was taken up and the Henne-
pln canal clause punokcd n long discussion.
AlossiH. .Miller , I'eller. 1'almer and Cliaec
stipDotted tlieamendmiMU , and Mossis. 1'latt
nnd Ingalls opposed it. The lattet's lengthy
lemaiks gave olfeiisi- Mr. l.ogan , who ie-
piled with consldeiablo heat. No vote was
icached on tlie amendment.
In the house Mr. Moiiisoniepoile < l advoiselv
the liandall tniill bill , wldchwas nMeiied
to the committee of tlm whole. The geneial
delielencj anpiopilation bill was passed utter
stiiklng out Hie elatisngtantlng extia p.iv to
hoiisi ) and .senate emnlo > es. .Mr , Mori [ son
Intiodiiced a lesolidlon , vvldcli was adopted ,
setting apirt the tth : ! of JuU fin the consid
eration ol such business as may lie presented
bj the committee on ways and means , not to
Include any bill that may allect lovcnue , hut
it iinv bill shall be undei consideration nnd
not disposed of when tlio house ailjimin * on
said da > tlie consideiation of said hill shall
be continued tiom day to day until dis
posed of.
v General Croolc t llnpld City.
Kaiil ] City Journal , July 8 ( le-noral
Crook was a juest of Hapid City on
Monday , and attended the celebration of
the advent of the lirst passenger train.
The general had not visited the Hills
since tlio olosu ot his Yellowstone cum-
Ditijfii in the early winter of 1HTO. ' 'or-
tainly no man who attended the celebra
tion at this place on Monday was more
caalilo | ) of iimlt'iittamllng or uppreoiat-
injjj the eluin e wliicli has been wrought
in tliis country in ton > i > rs. When
General Crook reached the Hills with
his troops in a Imlf-starved condition in
187(1 ( lie found here anil there a village
composed of log buildings , the people
branded as outlaws , havinir no rights in
this country acknowledged uy the
government , harrasscd by Indians ami
not daring to move out' and settle tlie
country , to propuet for mines or to culti
vate the soil. On his recent visit ho founil
on tlie site of one ot the villages" a line
little city largely built of brick and stone.
He found tlie country .settled , and pros
perous farmera on every hand , the.
danger from Indians over , and the
resident of the Hills entitled to as much
prqtoetion from the government as the
resident of a city on the Atlantic. There
lias been a great change , and Uenerol
Croolc must have felt it sensibly as ho
.sat uiioii the platform on Monday and
giixcd upon the thousands of people as
sembled to welcome the lirst passenger
train and aHho same tlie honor the birth
of the Ameiican eagle.
If wo trust in I'rovidence. nnd keep St.
Jacob's Oil , all will bo well with us.
Tlio Kiul of HiK Nose.
. San Francisco I'ost : " You know Manse ?
Mau.se (5 mist , yon know. Manse is n
great chavvii'or , but 1 got a joke on him
the other day , " sum a young Anglo-
maniac who divides his time between the
Baldwin and tlie corner of Slitter and
Kearny. "Manse was always chawllin j
me , and the other day I dropped into Ins
shop ami 1 says : 'Mauso , deah boy , I
want .some tobacco to chow , don't cher
know. I iiato these little bits ot pings.
'Ave you any long tobacco ? I want a
piece about as long sis my cane , yor
know. YVhat'll you charge , MauaoV
" 'About u dollar , " says Mauso.
"Yeh know Manse is an awful fellow to
chawn"one. . 1 says : "Mauso , what ' 11
yon charge , deah boy , for u piece of to
bacco as long as Innu one end of me
nose to the other. " Me nose is a bit of a
snub , don't cher know , ami Miinse he
looks at it and says :
" 'Oh , 10 wilts for a bit like that. '
"There I 'ad him , don't elier know ; ami ,
deah boy , ho nearly fainted when I says :
'Manse , 'ere's yor dime ; give mo twelve
bundled miles of tobacco I One end of
me nose is eie and the otlicr WHS bitten
oil' by a Kanaka in Honolulu lawst trip.
don't rhor know. Kgnd , there was a yell
of lawflor , don't chor know , that made
tlie cable ears run away. "
I * 11133 !
A sure euro for Blind , Blooding , Itchin
nndUlceratedl'ilos has boon discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Ir
Williams' Indian 1'ilo Ointment. A single
box has cured the woist chionlu cases ot i or
! Xcats ) standing. No ono need suffer live
minutes alter applying this wonderful sooth
ing medicine. Lotions and instruments do
more barm than good. Williams' Indian
1'ile Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays thu
Intense Itching , ( particularly nt night after
petting warm In bed ) , acts as a poultice , gives
instant lellof , and is prepared only for Piles ,
Itching of private parts , nnd for nothing else.
Dr. Frnzlei'.s Magic Ointment cures as by
made , I'lmnlos , Black Heads or ( liubs ,
Blotches anil Kruptlons on the face , leaving
thobiiln clear nnd beautiful. Also cmiHltch.
Salt Khuiini , Here Nipples , Sere Li | , and
Old Obstinate Ulcers.
Sold by druggists , or mailed on receipt of
DO cents.
Itetalledby Kulm A Co. , and Scbrootor &
Coniad. At wholesale by C. F. liooduuu.
The dog question in hotels will bo on
hotter than over this year. A great
many pugs nnd poodles will accompany
the families to summer resorts. A ca.so
at a leading hotel has just occurred ,
where a lady paid full faro for her pug
rather than allow him to associate with
ordinary dogs and eat "scrap. "
Keep Ouiotl
Ami take Chamberlain's Colie , Cholera
ami Diarrhum Remedy. It cures pain in
the stomach almost instantly. Get a " 5
cent bottle , take nothing else. You will
need nothing else to cure the worst case
of Dhirrum , Cholera Mprbns or bowel
complaint , This medicine is made for
bowel complaint only ami has been In
constant use in thu west for nearly lif
years , Its success ha ? boon u n
bouiulou nnd ils uu.iw >
hold woiil in thousands otuoWt-s. lry i
Ono night three years ago Samuel
Smith , of T'ruitport , Mich. , dreamed that
he saw a train of cars pass his house ,
The dream vvus so vivid that Mr. Smith
arose and called his wlfo untl children ,
nil of whom saw the nhantom train. The
dream of vision was forgotten until last
week , when railroad meu began staking
exactly on tlin line whore Mr. Smith nnd
his family baw the ghostly train three
years ago , _
Red Star Cough Cure si Ic , pleasant
euro , No opiates. No narcotics. No
The Political Situation as Seen Before the
Opening of the Campaign.
A Knitl on the Governor's Contingent
I'utid In Tax or of Private Secre
tary HotTmnti AVIiore the
Money Goes.
IraoM THE HER' * t.ts-rot.v
The call for the meeting of the ropbli-
can congressional committee in tliis city
on Thursday , the loth , is the signal for
the opening of the campaign in the big
lirst congressional district of Nebraska.
This district , through the suflranco of n
pool in the days of apportionment , was
made to represent three fifths of the
wealth in tlin state , tlirco-lifths of the
congressional work in tlte stnto.and nine-
tenths of the politicians. Therefore , the
"big" first is rightly named , and , great
as it is in statesmen , it gives promise of a
gt eat campaign the present year , both on
the part of republicans and democrats.
The latter look for a right merry war
and a winning war , providing the repub
licans follow in the not of weak nomina
tions and a wholesale disregard of the
rights of tne people in comparison witli
the siill'erings of the dear corporations
that have been a mark of so much solici
tude on tlie pait of Nebraska representa
tives to the lower house of congress
tin ougli past ages. Hresidents of outlying
congresblnaal districts , wliun tlioyramblu
into this political hub , have meagre news
concerning the plans and projects in
their districts. A third district man will ,
in nine cn os out of ten , remark that "we
shall send George Dorsoy back again from
our district , " and it is evident that Hop-
resentative Dorsoy can read his title clear
to a reiiominatioii. In the second dis-
tiict the Laird and anti-Laird sentiment
is on u tight tension , but tlio machine ,
the railroad stiikers and the colony on
tins Stinking Water , all work the jcar
round , and while tlio people wish a
change the political chains ot the present
ring are forged and welded. However ,
a return to the big lirst shows an open
liold and n fair light in promise a
Donnybrook fair , as it were , in vvhich
many political heads will rise and disai-
pear again The piuvnilimr opinion at
present seems to bu that it will be a three-
cornered light Church Howe is in the
Held and Church is a slaver. Heprcsen-
tatho Weaver has sent word home to his
lieutenants in Hichnrdsou county that he
again is a candidate. Since the meeting
ol the Republican state committee in
Omaha the ; monumental relic of tlie last
legislatme , Allen Field , of this city , has
Jiadstich an intolerant biu/.mg and ring
ing in the political corner of his cnput
tliat it is becoming fairly known
that ho will struggle to carry
Lancaster county on his back
into the congressional convention for
cither a personal endorsement of his
political power or a Mantling advertisement -
ment to tutuio conventions , in a sort ot
"Barkis is vyillin' " style , that they can
find ollicial timber in him on short no
tice. Utit in tlio light of events as con
ducted by Field last fall , and tha substan
tial defeat ho led in county politics , it is
a doiibUul question whether or no the
political hosts will bo willing to .stand up
and bo delivered over for MTField's ad
vancement the present year. Then the
siistaineis of the Cobb projectile , that is
conlidei.tly expected to reach the summit
of senatorial honors tlie coming winter ,
will not themselves look with fervid
favor on tlio fact of Lancaster county
having a congressional candidate at all.
These political forecasts in tlie first dis-
tiictaro premised on tlio fact that but
three pronounced candidates are in tlie
field. When the time comes for groom
ing dark horses , a revolution may bo
inaugurated , lint in the meantime it is
well to remember that the "granger"
candidate from Nomaha is extending his
pasture fence so that now lie has unclosed
two or three ail joining counties , if tlie
word of a politician counts in making up
a summary.
rr.vi ) .
At the hist session of tlio legislature an
appropriation ol j 1,000 was made for a
contingent fiimt for the governor's ollico ,
on top of the regular and liberal appro
priations for salaries , postage , furniture ,
books and blanks , stationery , telephone
and telegraph , and incidentals. Tins now
created liuid was not made for a single
of hoi stale ollieo , great or small , except
the olllce of governor , and it was made
lor that on the plea ot the governor and
his friends that a contingent fund was a
necessity. The fact was cited , to prove
the necessity of a contingent fund , that
at the time of the troubles at Camp
Dump , Omaha , the governor had no
means to pav the veterans , and that in
case of a cattle plague , etc. , there would
bo no available means at hand with
which to stamp it out. It is unnecessary
to add , in the lace of a recollection of the
last legislature , tliat these arguments
prevailed nnd the 1,000 extra was al
lowed to the governor's ollieo , although
it was freely m-omised at tlio time tliat
unless on account of some great
emergency the fund would
bo converted back to tlio treasury vaults
in toto. Up to the first of last January
this contingent fund remained practically
undisturbed. There was no battle of
Oamn Dump , no contagious disease excuse
cuso , and how to got hold of this fund be
came a question. This is tlie way it was
worked : A now office was created in the
executive chamber , a sort ot private secretary -
rotary to the private i secretary , and every
month since- the lirnt of the year a war
rant has been drawn against tliis fund in
favor of Kdwin N. Mocket , the vouchers
upon which the warrants wore- drawn
reciting that they are for clerical services
in the governor's oilico. The private
secretary will have much more time now
to attend to his libel suit against thu Ida ; ,
seeing that lie has waxed so mightily in
ollieo as to be able to command a private
secretary of his own As tliis contingent
fund was created to meet unexpected o.x-
ponsa , in cases of emergency , a presump
tion and conclusion at tills point presents
itself lor consideration. It is needless to
add that the intent of tno legislature in
granting this 1,000 contingent fund was
not to use it in hiring extra clerks.
Appropriations were made tor every
clerk needed in tlie state house , and the
working olliccs- , not the governor's , would
be the ones needing a contingent fund
for extra clerk hire if any obtained it.
As it is , n fl.OOO emergency tuml is being
rallied to pay clerical help that was not
asked of the legislature , or if asked , was
not granted because not needed , If the
appropriation holds out , a state bootblack
might bo employed for tha private recre-
tary witli equal good reason , and it would
come as closely to the intent of the up.
promotion as noes tlio present custom.
cm UKIIF.S : ,
The Iiro ilopaijinolif iTusvyorcd the lirst
jtro alarm Saturday fhSt has ooeTj sjimutod
in live weeks , the alarm calling tlioin 15
u hardware store on Klovonth street ,
whore the flumes wore extinguished before -
fore their arrival ; returning to the engine
house the boys were surprised to find that
on tire , but fortunately not far enough
along to have caused soriona damage.
The tire originated in a closet on the
main floor adjoining the entrance , where
the weights pass dpwu as the doers ojion.
One of the weights fctritck miitchlis m a
coat against the Wall from whonpo came
ttio names- . Had lie | boys boon lighting
flames chew-here , the chances would Iravo
been against the cng'ino fiou e.
It is stated thht John Cadmnn is a
senatorial candidate from tins county
and tliat'hc will bu the county senatorial
candidate. Mr. ( "flilnian is nn old time
legislator and politician , nnd some of the
boys state that he is oonductlnga whisper
ing canvass. Tliis statement is evidently
based on the old story that Cndman atone
ono time in tlio past led n man outside
tlie limits of the city to ask him in a
whiper "what was the news. " It is
understood that thjs candidacy is not
looked upon with especial favor frotu
the fact that the relationship between the
candidate and the governor's piivatc
secretary , it Is thought , would not maico
him more a Cobb than a Davvos assistant.
The police authorities have received a
letter from Mrs James , in Omaha , asking
the names and places of residence ol
Lincoln parties vvlieio Agent Jlmo
bom ded while nt the state capital This
has the appearance of an investigation ;
on the part of the lady in question , re-
guiding the alleged acts of James at
Only one lone , lonesome and helpless
inebriate found lodging in the jail Sun
day , and the day was as peaceful and
quiet at omul headquarters as tlio front
pews in a church. To those who sotvo a
sentence in the city jail theic are no
terrors greater that a return to those
quarters in this heated weather ,
The managers ot the newly organised
base ball association at this place am
already in communication with noted
plajcrs with a x lew to strengthening the
nine. Ono of the policies that will be in
augurated under the new organization
will be a doing away of .Sunday games
when the nine plaj on the homo grounds.
The Knights of I'ithias and their
friends have departed on their Toronto
excursion in numbers up above 100 , the
Uniform Hank and friends going in ex
cursion cars over the Northwestern.
Lincoln division is a well drilled bodv of
mm , who ought to prove , pri/.o winners
on Canadian ground
1 A disreputable re ort on North Tenth
street cieated considerable excitement a
night ago , some of the inmates being on
a hilarious drunk.during which time they
smashed furniture , and with then noise
and racket drew a largo audience on tlie
street. Olllcers were called to utiiot
them , but no tmesis wore made.
The latest number of arre.sus under
warrants issued by the Law and Order
league wore in county court Saturday in
answer to the charges preferred against
them. A number passed the examina
tion before the magistrate and wore
bound over to the coming term of the dis
trict court.
General Baggage Agent Marsland , of
the 15. iV M. , together with his family and
Mr. Randall and family , of the H. & M.
headquarters , Omaha , start for the moun
tains this week , where they will go in
camp for a summer vacation of lifteen or
twenty days.
The grading camps of Iho Chicago &
Noi th western are pitched over against
the state lair grounds , and work on the
grade is being prosecuted with vigor.
The Northwestern , at piu&ont rate of
work , will not bo far in the rear of the
Missouri 1'acilic in reaching the capital
city , and tlio roads cannot reach hero
any too speedily to plmse Lincoln people.
Two boys by tlw ntmio of Harris , had
boys of the town , , who at the tender ages
ot eight and ten years have proved ter
rors to tlie neighborhood , wore up before
Judge I'urKcr with a Voqucst from their
father thai they be setit to the state re
form school. The tathor relented ot his
steps , however , and will make the at
tempt again to gqveru them at home and
become one of the few men who , in rul
ing their own household , become greater
than those who eaptuio a city.
Inspector McFarland , of the B. & M. ,
vyhoso duties lead him to tlie trout on new
lines inspecting trael , was Jin Lincoln
over Sunday.
Captain Test of tliVpolico force is con
tinuing the good work of prosecuting of-
tenders against the health ordinances of
tlio city. Ho shows n eommendabln in
dependence in calling up ncli and poor ,
high and low , without distinction , to an
swer for their neglect. Two such cases
were disposed of yesterday.
It will bu cold weather after to-day for
canines running at large in the city with
out being properly mii//.lod. The pro-
tessional dog killers , who came to this
city last week from a like work at Kansas
City , have been hired by the city to sup
press the dog nuisance , and they will go
into the work with a vim that will make
sorry times for tlio brutes.
The first case of violation in regard to
tlie building ordinance within the city
limits was called up the oilier day , but
on a hearing in court the party was dis
Three inmates in the state penitentiary
have had their term of .service shortened
by the governor thu usual amount for
good behavior and huvo been released
iroin custody.
An unfortunate young man from this
county was examined Saturday by thoiii-
sane commission and lias been sent out
to King Matliowson's castle , where lie
will be accorded treatment , medicinal or
otherwise , witli tlio chances in layer ot
1) . M. Tomblin , formerly of Arapahoo.
this state , now located at Akron , was at
the canital over Sunday.
Judge F. G. Hauler , of Kearney , was a
Sunday guest in Lincoln
" "
"James G. Smith , of Fremont , one of
that city's well known clti.ens , is in Lin
J. S. Miller , . S. Farmelo and W. V.
Gardiner were Omaha parties at Lincoln
Dr. J. Gcrth. Lincoln ; V. K. Moorman ,
Hastings ; S. Hallswoith , Grand Inland , ;
U. S. Smith , Barnoston , James West ;
Flat t.sinon tli , J. H. liiinan , Broken Bow-
anil A. O. Ivartinan , Hastings , are Nebraskans
braskans registered at Lincoln hotels.
Real ntilata Transfers ,
The following transfers were filed
July 0 , witli the county clerk , and
reported for the Bun by Ames' Heal
Kstato Agency :
Algernons I'atilck , single , to Aloir/.o 1) )
Hunt , It ft , blk , A S 1'atiiek's add. Omaha ,
w d-ssoi ) .
AluuinnnS Patrick. f lm'lo , to Alonzo U
Hunt , It 7. blk S , A S ' j'ati.ek's ' add , Omaha ,
Alu'crnonS ratilck , simrlo to Alon/o I )
Hunt , It 7 , blk a , A h 1'ntiick's add , Omaha ,
w d SbOO ,
AlceinonS I'atilck , Minjle. to Alon/o H
Hunt , It 0 , blk S , AH IMUick's add , Omaha ,
wd-SbOO. .
Fred W Stover , sinnle , to Wllllnm A San-
fosd , It 11. blk 1 , AnitstrbliB's Fhist udU.Oma-
ha. w d-.V-00. i
Kdward Hit-Ian , single , to W J Wagoner ,
liu t ot see iMl.UWou.tji.is county , w d
t- too ,
Lannon 1 1'riiyn and wife to Willeinlim
Ioen es , It 2 , blk 5j Ambler 1'lacu , Douglas
comity , vvd Sl.fiCO.i
James \V Kaiel and wlfo to Sarah JJinns
n'tfotltlO , blk 10. koujiUo A : Ituth's add'
Omaha , w d S'J.OO ' u , l '
Funds Joseph .Schoib and wife to Alfred
Formal ) , pait ot soJ ot uejf see M&-iiUutig- :
las county , vv d $1,000.
jeo W Ames and wife to Mau'Rlo L Hunter -
ter , IMO , blkI , Newpoit , Douglas county , w
( ieo YV Ames and wlfo to Mu glo L Hun-
te , It U , blk S , Newport , Uouglas county , w d
Chailes Llchten anil wife to Cathailno F
I'pvvel. n > f of 110)4' ) sec SJ-W-K , Doujjlua conn-
jtSas ; ! Zetter and vvifu to John 1) . Ilobln-
son , ItsTandVhlk 1 , ? .eucr'n iidii , OliiallS , w
d S.'ttO.
( icoigo L Miller and wlfo toObcilIn N
Kaiiisev , It 11 , blk V , West Knd add , Oinalia ,
Ktta t > Orotlm nnd husband to Louis To
lllanclmid , It n , blk a , Credit Fonclcr add ,
Omaha , w d S'J,700.
Mai la MynMer and others to Dexter L
'I hoiiLu , It 7 , blk 23 , and It s , blk 8-3 , town of
Horcnce , Douglas county. 11 c 50.
AiiRustiw S " WrUht and -rtilo to John
O'Donohoo , s" ; of It 1. blk-37 , Omaha , vv d-
A West Virginian's Astonishing Flight
Above the Clouds ,
AmosUvcrs Tools Wltli n Giant Toy
nntl IsAVItlskctl Sky-HlKli Aoresq
Seven It Ivors nnd Tuo Hanges
oT the
A ] ieelal dispatch from Alpcnn , West
Virginia , July 2 ; says. Amos levers of
this village returned home yesterday after
one of Iho most exciting adventures that
have befallen to any man in the United
Stale * , if not in the world. Tor the last
half a do7on year * it has been the custom
in the summer months for the boys and
men in this vncinity to amn o themselves
by making huge kilos of stout oiled
paper and Hying them with thick cord.
A vvoithle s cur or cat or two was usall.y
attached to the tail or "bobs , " nnd great
was thedellghlof the inhabitants when
the frightened animal kicked and
squirmed as the Into mounted Into the
it was decided this year Unit all previ
ous olt'orts in kite-making should be oiit-
donu , ana three weeks ago work was bo-
jr.m on a monster allair. The dimensions
will give an ideaKxttemo height , ! > feet
I inches ; width across the top , 1 tiet ! )
inches ; width across the bottom , 'J
feet ; extreme width across the middle ,
live feet six niches. The framework was
built of tough liickoi.v shaved thin and
staid with one-eightli-iiich copper wire.
A double thickness of heavy nuislin was
.stretched on each side of the frame , ana
the place for fastening tlie living cord
was doubly braced with yellow iilno
scantling a ipiaiter inch thick. Into this
was screwed a ring-bolt , whiclr was
clamped on the oilier side with an iron
pin. The ring itself was live inches in
diameter and callable ol bearing four or
live hundred weight. The kite complete
weighed ninety-six pounds. The tail
was make ot a sixtecii-loot rope weighted
with lead. Instead of the usual Hying
cord 200 yards of clo ely-wonnd mnnila
rope , very light , but as strong as a
doublelinkchain , were procured , and
Thursday afternoon of last week the kilo
was pronounced complete and icady tor
a voyage in the air.
Sam \ \ eatlierbec was the man who
originated the idea , and when everything
was finished S.im called up the crowd to
liquor at Hrngg'a bar. The patty con
sisted of Weathetbee , Amos Kvcrs , Hill
Oaks , or blind Hill Oaks , as he is belter
known , IM Walton , and Spence Jlny-
intrd They drunk pretty freely for more
than tin hour , and it was then proposed
that a trial should be made of tlm kite ,
to test its powers before the great lly
came oil'tho next moining. 'Ihe wind
was blowing pretty fresh from Smith's
gorge , and , alter one or two unsuccess-
lul ellbits , the lingo frame caught the
wind as three men ran with a lope down
a stoop incline Urn aril Laurel fork. One
of them carried the coil of rope over his
shoulder , while the other two paid out
the lino. Ah the huge kite rose in the air
it required tlio utmo.st strength ol all
tluee to hold it , and , finding this a dilli-
cnlt task , they took a halt-turn around a
tree stump , and in that way gradually
gave the kite moio rope , until it was
seventy-live yaids in the air.
Just then livers came out of Hragg's
bar-loom. Ho was very drunk , but
walked a fairly straight lino. "Thero's
a drink waitin' fur * \onso fellers , " said
IIP , with a hiccough. Hotter git in thar
and git it , an' . " Thun , suddenly es
pying the kite and the cord wrapped
around the slump "Why , you've ' got
her up , haint yor" Jos' give mo the end
o'that iqiie. I'll hold her while you
licker. " Nothing loth , the three men
assented , and , alter giving the rope an
other turn , gave up the slack end to
Kvers and won' ' in to the bar. No sooner
had they gone than Kvcr.s took ono turn
oft" the stump , and tins rope began to run
through and burn his hands. Ho braced
himself against a big stone and managed
to get a loop over the stump again in
such a manner as to form what sailors
would call a couple ot half hitches. This
stopped any more lope liom running
out. But Kvcr.s believed ho could do
better than , that. Takinir up tlm slack ,
ho wrapped it around and around Ids
body under the armpits , and made it fast
in fiont of his ehe.sl in tlneo or four tight
Hat knots.
"Kem out yore , Sam , " ho cried. "Kern
out yore , till I larn ye how to lly a kilo. '
This is what the party heaid in the bar
room , and they lounged toward the
door with a laugh. As they readied tlm
tinesliold the laugh turned to a cry of
nmn/cmonl and horror They saw Amos
Kvers sloop and push the rope oil' tlm
slump altogether. In another instant
they * > aw him whisked up into the air as
though ho had been a feather , instead of
a man weighing 110 pounds. He was
just nitont heavy enough to make the
kite maintain its cquhbrimn. As ho was
jerked upward he gave vent to an un
earthly yell. Then Inn companions faintly
heard him cry , "Help1 Help ! For thu
Lord's sakeboys ' 'but they heard him no
more , for&thc unfortunate man was
nearly n thousand feet above their heads ,
'limy say him kick and struggle and
grasp tlm rope in lioiit of him. Higher
and higher ho was borne , and fainter and
fainter became his shrinks. In less than
live minutes ho was a mere struggling
speck outlined against tlm blue sky. The
kite was till visible and was rising stead
ily. It must baye been goin r at it ter-
riliu rate of speed , for poor Kvans was
stringing out behind like a pennant from
a ship's mast. In a few minutes more
tlm outlines of his form nould no longer
be seen , and at the expiration of fifteen
minutes from the time the kite WIIH lot
looio ho had passed out of sight , going in
an easterly direction toward Heil Mount
ain , a spur of the Alicghunios.
On tlm following morning a party
started out in tlm direction the kilo hail
taken. They returned at nightfall with
out any tidings of the man who had
been so strangely .snatched away. Two
dnjh passed and nolhing wa neard ot
Kvers. Three days , four , live , six dn n.n
week , and still nothing , ll was then
generally conceded th.it tlm man had
been lost and consolation WHS oll'ercd to
tlm widow Jn the shape of a hinall keg of
whisky , a now "sled wagon , " and a mulo.
Hut yesterday morning Amo Kver
turned up as large as life. Two gentle
men accompanied him into the place He
sat down on n cracker ban el in the
grocery , and told his story in n few
words , and without anyellbit ut self-
' After I got jerked olT my feet , " ho
said , "I iiidn'L know where I was for a
ininnit , but when that rope began to
tighten it knocked all the nun out o' my
head. 1 guess I hollered some. Scorns
to mo I was a mile high Oeforn I tried to
do anything. Hut I thought I'd cut the
rope , but finding 1 was liable to drop too
fur J concluded to hang on to see if I
couldn't catch u tree loir , but I wun
heap too high fur that After a while I
begun to lose my breath like , an' then I
concluded somothin' hail to be done , so I
bi'irin climbin' that rope with tlm idee of
bustin' a hole in the kite. .Must
n taken mo live or six hours to
olhnb twenty yards 'cos it pitch
, was
' " . . . . . .
' v" * ' - ' * - 1.1.1.
nartf ,
drop too sin
way , and then' she got stidy agin
Mindly I says to myself , 'Hotter die quick
and be done with H'and I stalls to climb
agin The old kite wabbled te.irfiil I
felt that I was goin' down anm/uf fast ,
I felt myself awiah through a big button
wood , but I couldn't git no handhold , so
1 kop'on climbin' The ncarerI.got to
( the kilo the more. sUe wnbblod , and the
Inore she wabbled the further dow n .ho
come. After aw Idle shn lurn ker Hum
mix , nnd I lands all in a heap alongside
of a run , In a place vvhar I'd never boon
before 1 vvwr kind o' foolish , t gucs.
fur 1 didn't wake up till daylight , ami
didn't know what wtiz wrong 1 moots a
lot of people , and these two gentlemen
take mo up to their house and keep
mo for throe or four days till 1 get right
again , and , after 1 gits on my feet , 1
have to otay a couple of days more with
some oilier gentlemen. Give us some
lickor' ' "
Tlio place where hvors landed after his
vvoiideiful llight thiongh the air was Mill
Brook , Hampshire county , about seventy
miles as the crow llios from Alnona The
gentlemen who llr t discov oreii him wore
Homy ( .5. Beeson and ( Seorge Hnckett ,
both of whom attest the timling of livers
in an insensible condition l.v ing lie-ide tlio
huge kite lie was badl. > bruised and
could not sprak for several hours after
being restored to consciousness. They
nursed him ami then agreed to accom
pany him to his home , which the > did.
livers in lils terrible , journey crossed
seven rivers and two ranges of the Alle-
ghany mountains. Ho was suspended in
tlio air at least seven hours.
31en Who Made ( ireitt Winning * In
KiH'eiitVliciit SpcuulntlniiM ,
Special Chicago dispatch to ( tiobo-
Democrat , .Inly 7 The straight away
advance of wheat the last week- nearly
ton cents a bushel has made fortunes for
some men. The advance , however , has
been peculiar. It has been almost each
day an advance over night , the opening
one being at an advance over the close.
This has lessened greatly tlie profits ot
that class of speculators who oven tip at
the end of the tiny. John B Lyon is
supposed to lie the largest speculative.
holder of wheat. A week ago ho was de
scribed as "poisoned with wheat " That
was when the market was aga'nsl him
To a plunger like hi > n , witli the market
in his favor , a load of JI.OOO.OO ! ) bushels ,
and perhaps r > ,0it)0 ( ) ) ) ( > , would not seem.
too largo. Some ot his holdings are nt
high prices , so that lie may not be much
ahead yet. This week , however , has
probably put him 00,00'J better oil than
tlie week before.
15ill Young is another trader to whom
this last week has been worth probably
at the rate of sf''O.OOO per dav , perhtips
four times that. And everybody feeh
happy , tor Young is ponular , and has , as
everybody knows , been staggering under
a load of wheat since it souluttft. Ho
has had the backing of Alexander Mitcli-
elj , however , and has thus been abut to
stick to liis wheat oven after mills like
Armour and Pillsbur.y and Cmlady and
I'eam and dunes had gotten disgusted
and thrown it. Kvory cent advance is
presumed to bo worth ? 2.5,00ll , to the
Youngs , for their holding is about
2.Vt)00 ) ( ) ) bushels.
The old bulls , the "dead horses , " as
they have been contemptuously styled ,
who have been unfortunate holders for
three years , are all great winners. Lind-
blom , Driver , Mair.Baker , Boeho , Murry ,
Nelson and others of that ola s have all
stuck to more or less wheat. o that when
tlio advance for which they had been
praying did come , they should not be
caught without any of it on hand.
1) ) . I1 , llutchinson is also said to be long
a great line ot wheat , several million
bushels. And lie is a so-called tumblebug -
bug , and throws hi stun" without waiting
long. Tliis tact that he lias so much
grain , which he is likely to thiow over
any minute , is not regarded with much
pleasure. John Cud ahy is supposed to
he one of the big individual winner.- , .
After his disastrous attempt with Itenm
and Jones to bull wheat in May , ho alone ,
it is said , kept long. The others unloaded.
Little Charley Wright , of the provision
crowd , is another big winner , having ,
probably , from $25,000 It ) $50,000 in sight ,
if ho reali/.ud to-day. Ueain and Jones
both caught on lute , and have made only
The Minneapolis crowd , made it ) ) of
the members ol the old clique which lost
so heavily on the bull side , are coi tainly
short wheat hero now. It is believed ,
however that they are simply "short"
against the wheat they have bought , H >
that they really are not losers tj.xc.upt on
paper. They have , however , failed to
participate in the profits of tlie advance.
Ira Holmes is also said to be ono of the
big winners on this advance , being long
1,000,000 bushels. Tlicro have been very
few gi eat movements in prices herein
which ho has not , either at the start or at
the winding , been largely ahead. Holmes
has tlio reputation ot being tlie biggest
trader on smallest margins in the west.
" 1 have often had 2,000 snares of stock
for Ira , " said a broker , "with only $1,000
margins , and always came out right. "
Holmes is the man who nmdo $250,000
oil ! ? 25p in ninety days. As that is about
as rapid an aggregation as is ever hoard
of , liis method ought to bo made public
It was llandy's wheat deal , when Ira was
broke. Ho took a $2 < " > U chock to John T
Luster and bought 25,000 bushels ot
wheat. Lester would not have bought
25,000 bushels of wheat with only a cent
margin tor anybody , but it was part of
the courtesy of life that a great trader
who pays in thousands in commissions
when in hard luck is entitled to attention
on the thinnest possible margins. Just
us soon as the price of wheat had ad
vanced half iv cent a bushel Holmes look
down his original margin , gave Le.ster a
stop order at half a cunt from I he market.
took the chock to another house and
bought 25,000 bushels more wheat. That
$250 chock , it is bttiil , went tlnoiigh
twenty dill'cronl houses , tlio sumo pro
cedure being followed in every case.
Wheat k3t | ) on advancing ; tliat was
where Homes was lucky. There were no
halts and no breaks. At each half cent
advance ho had 25,000 nioro wheat
bought. There were perhaps some onsen
where ho was fro/on out. That was to bo
expected. After the price got up live
cents be had credit enough to double up ,
That is the way Ira Holmes made
WiO.OOO out of a i-i'250 check. It would
have made him lamous had he not benn
famous before. . Half the plungcrn in
wheat trade thai way now. Mose Fra-
ley , especially , has the reputation of
never leaving any prolit up with his
' 1 o the commission \iian , this deyico
has been n iiiino of gold. There are
probably a do/am commissfon ( inns
widish have traded every day for a week
not loss than 2,000,000 bnslirils of wheat.
There may be a half do/on whoso trades
have airj.'rogntod 4,01X1,000 bushels. Com
missions on business like this make for
tunes bigger than are made by the cus
Why fiid'cr'tho tortures of
when Hood's Sarsapiiiillu will give jou
iclief Sold by all druggists. 100 doses
Ono Dollar.
The bad Jittlle boy of Homo , N. V. , 1ms
invented a machine for seining timid
persons that hueuvs "knocks tlm window
tick tack silly. " Whim night has come
and everything is shrouded in gloom , Jiu
quietly Inserts Dm hook of a common
shoo'bultoncr uiiuer the clapboard of a
neighbor's house , ties a. strong cord to
the handle of the buttonur , and then ,
drawing the stiing tight , rubs it with a
piece of rosin. Thu horrible rumbling
and shaking and groaning that follow
scare life inmates of thu house mid Ju-
light the bad boy.
vrhcu r.tlj vu nick , w garhcrCitte:1c ,
Wiea § be nnj a Clilltl , ulie cncxl foi Ciuloria ,
When the Ixirainn Ml , elie clang to Ciuloria ,
Wbta tlie bed Children , obo re them Uaitorut
Henton'sllnlr ( Jrimor
All who are ll M.I ) , all who aro. becoiultm
MALI ) , all who do not want to lin tuld , nil
who are troubled with UAN'DUrnor
1 1C III NK of the sculp ; should use llonton's
Halt ( trowcr. Hioim I'KII t'rsT of those
usliic it have crown hair , ttnevet falls to
ston the hair from tailing. Through sickness
and fevers the hair sometimes tans oir Inn
short 1 1 mo , and althoiieh the pcisnu umv
have leinalned bald foi je.irs. If VMMHO lien-
ton's Itnli ( Irowor according to dliei-tlons
j on are sure of a itnvvth ; of har ! Inhun-
dicds of cases wu have piodurod a peed
Kio\vth of Hull on those who have been bald
and c1.i7ed for > ears we have fnlv ! substan
tiated the follow 1m ; fuels :
\Voprow Halt in 80 oases out of loo. no
uiattet how lou < ; baid.
Unlike other picpiijitinn * , It contains mi
Mieai ot lead , 01 vegetable or mineral
Iflsaspoellie for falllnt ; hair , dandiuit ,
and itehinc of the scalp.
Tlio ll.tli diovvei Is a hair food , anil Its
omposltlon Is almost oxactlv like the oil
, vvldcli supplies the hair with Its vitality.
Dol'lll.i : ANU TKll'Ll : Sl'UKNUTH.
When the skin iseiy touch and Hard , and
thefollleo Is apparontlv ctlcetuallv closed ,
the single strength will sometime * fall to
icach ttio papilla : In such cases the double or
tilple stiength should be used in connection
\\lih the single , tisini ; them alternately ,
I'tlce , slinile sticiiRth , SI 00 : double
strength. S'iW ; triple stiencth , SW ) . If
join druggists have not K'it It wo will send It
picpaiedon lecolpt of prlco
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. K ( loodnian and Kulnt A ; l'i > .
IMli mul UmmliK. 13th unit
John H. Smith , of Now Hntnin , Conn ,
had more apples than no knew what to
do with last tall , so ho stored 100 barrels
in n neighbor's largo ice house In the
winter the house was tilled with ice , all
mound tlio apples , which were solidly
fro/.on. To Mr. Smith's great surprise
the fruit a few days ago vvns found to bo
in perfect condition. He shipped soventy-
live bairels to Xevv York and thoi sold
readily at ! fl ! a barrel. Moro wore called
for , and now the whole 10' ' ) barrels of
hard , fresh sound Baldwins have been
sold at that price , right in the middle of
June. _
CJerman newspapers state that startling
experiments have been made at Horlih
with a new description ot a shell , charged
witli tolls of gnu cotton , which pioduces
extraordinary losults No kind of de
fensive works , no matter how solid , It 5s
statoil , arc eapabloof lesistmgso destruct-
a piojectilc. The ( ierman government ,
completely satisfied witli the lestilts ob
tained at thu trials , has ordered 7C.OOO . of
these shells. *
Hal ford Sauce. Tiy it on yom beans.
\\ltli flpocltil rpjtnid to
JSo Ammonia. I im ) r Mmn
Producing a rich , hcnitrii'iil ( JLOSS nnd
No Strtrcli yet introduced pan bo com
pared with ( he .MAOK ! .
Ono pnuKa o will do the work of two
pounds of ordinary starch.
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HLOAN , JOHNSON & : CO. , Wholesale
Agents , Onmliu , sob.
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OR. W. J. HoflNE. luvfNTcn. 101 WAGASH Av , . HHirurc.
Ilctcuily liulll. Nuwly KurnbliO'l
The Tremont ,
j. u. ITIY. < ; JKAU : > A. HON , I'lojui
Cor. Hli unit I'SU. , Lincoln , Not , .
Ilntoi H.6U iH.TdM ) ' . btretH tura trumliuuiu to anr
pallor the city ,
Architect ,
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Null , l.lovntoron lltli btioct. "
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GAM tm'Ar I'AIII i : . BlIOHll'
! ' . M WOO1XS ,
Live Stock Auctioneer
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Farm Loans and Insurance ,
Corrcsiioriclcnco In icirunt lolouus Millcltol.
i 4 , Illt'lmrcU Itlouk , liliiL'oln , Noli ,
Public Sale ,
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4lllienl ( ol Hhow Slioit Hoins llatus & ( 'illicit
Bhmik , S-nur-oliU , wuluhlnir lliVI ; hulls unit
liollfiH. Aililrtm I'lnlii and l-'arni , lor unliiloK.
uus , Duiivi-r , l > ) l. C. M , Iliiiiibon , Lincoln , Nob.
Col. 1' . M. Wood * , jtiicilunuor , .
When fu Mncoln htuji ut
National Hotel ,
Aii'l ' br't a uootl illnnui tor * > o ,
J A n'.IMWAY' Vrvf.1
D QJEIIjmiut - * la a
ck & , Dodge
10 lidos one milo nest of 61 o It Vunls. $ J03
liorucio. ] ' 1X1C ii JOIJi ( ;
J-t3 , Mock IKI'i , on N'iclioliiH Itreot : u ( food
liutinuKh pr | iorty , well improve ] ; ut u L r-
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15 ncios to trnilu for olty property
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