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1 l > Tf OrilPlII A\T I'AAT
A. Stock Oompnny to Opcrats A Mammoth
Brick Yard ,
Boino Jr'nctH anil 1'lKiirns Thereon
Whnl Scnntnr Jlnntlorsnu Hnj'H
- An Accident In the North-
wcHtcrn YnrilH , 12to.
A Illir Scheme.
It developed yesterday that a large uum-
berof Omahageutleinen among whom tire
SOIPC of her prominent business men ,
have formed a stock company for tlio
purpose of operating a mammoth brick
yard in the city. The detailsof Ihosehcmu
are not yet ripe for mililiratinu , but from
a gentleman interested in the scheme , a
reporter learned enough to give the read
ers of the Biu : some idea of the magni
tude of thi ! scheme.
In the first plaee sJ50,000 is be the capi
tal stock of the concern , and nearly
every cent of this will be invented in a
site and the necessary machinery. The
latter will be of the latest aad moil im
proved make , capable of turning out
work of tlio iinest description.
The works will start with a capacity of
from 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 brick
a year , which will be as soon sis possible
increased to i > 0,000,000 a year. Some ap
preciation of what these ligures imply
may bo gained from the fact that witli
the ten or llfteun brick yards in operation
lust year only about 30,000,000 , bricks
were turned out.
"The new company proposes to have
Us machinery in operation within the
next sixty days , " said one of the proprie
tors this morning "we shall have lir.it
class machinery , and shall turn out the
iinest brick. Yes , we shall make pressed
liriek just as good as can be purchased in
Chicago or St. Louis , and wo shall be
able to supply all of Omaha's wants in
this direction. In fact wo shall make
brick of every kind tiial can command a
sale here.
"The fact is , " he continued , "tlio man
ufacturers in this town have been charg
ing tin exorbitant sum for brick. They
are in league with brick contractors and
bricklayers and charge so much for the
brick in the wall that is , already laid.
In this way they can got exorbitant
ligures for their brick. Now , we propose
to sell them by tiie thousand , lit very
cheap ligures , and while wo shall not
make much prolit on each thousand , yet
on the principle of small prolits
and large sales we shall
bo able to make a fair , reasonable profit
on our investment. The trouble has been
heretofore that in the first place contrac
tors have not been able to supply enough
bricks , and that in the .second place they
have not been disposed to grant prices
anywhere near reasonable. We propose
to obviate both these dillicnlties in
short , to revolutionise brick-making and
building in this oily. The consequence
will bo that next year there \yill be more
brick buildings erected in this city than
' ever before. "
The articles of incorporation of the
company are now being prepared , and
I will be Hied in a few days.
lie Hctiiriis From Washington for n
Period of Uest.
Senator Manderson was seen by a BEE
reporter , yesterday at Stho Millard. lie
Btlll retains his rotundity of form , which ,
however , lias been slightly increased by
exceedingly good digestion and because
of tlio impossibility of taking his custom
ary walk for some time , he has not boon
able to keep his avordupois down , to that
figure whl ch ho feels to comport well with
a'gentleman of his formation.
Senator Manderson said that the bill
for the relief of the Union Pacific was
placed upon the calendar and would be
taken up in due thin ; at the next session
of congress. The Pacific extension bill
was also wait ing for later action , in fact ,
one depended more or less upon the
other. Tlio relief bill had been consid
erably changed in committee , but what
would bo its fate , ho , of course , did not
feel able to forecast.
With respect to the bill for the sale efFort
Fort Oninna , Senator Mandorsoti ex
pressed surprise at the action taken by
the board of trade in opposition to the
movement in question. Said he : "If it
had not been for that opposition , I feel
that in all probability the bill would have
passed tlio house as it had the senato.
lint then , it is not so much what the people
ple of Omaha or the people of Nebraska
want. It is wh'it the war department
wants. It requires an act of congress to
establish a post , but it requires
only an order from the department
of war to abolish it. The war depart
ment will not give us any more money to
put Fort Omaha in a condition for the
garrison the department wants. 1 have
been told that by General Sheridan. If
thu war department can't get hero what
it wants , why it will be compelled to go
olsowhero. Denver feels as if she would
like to secure our headquarters , and has
already given 010 acres for a post. Chey-
oiuio thinks she has a superior position as a
distributing point. Chicago has just given
r > ( )0 ) acres of land for the establishment of
, n post , and several other places are in
line in the same manner , looking for
what wo seem 10 bo in danger of losing. "
Tlio Amount ofStulT Now Hnlil to bo
Ou Hand Tor the Cubic Ijlno ,
Tlio force of men on the cable line
xcavation on Tenth street was increased
this morning by lif teen inun. The work
men now number about soventy-fivo , and
lire working witli system and a will. Tlio
granite blocks are carefully piled on
cither side of the street , as they are taken
out of tlio pavement , and whentlio work
cf piling all of those has been eons unl
imited , the more diflicitlt work of the
system will be begun. This will require
n picking through thu broken rock foun
dation , next an excavation several feet
below the under surface of tlio street.
Ibis excavation will bo protected by n
convex duct of cement , broken at inter
vals with iron yokes , resting on the
ground , and projecting areas extending
u short distance beneath the surface of
tlio paved street. Upon these arms the
track's will rest. It lias been no
ticed that , while all this prolimi-
imiry now in progress has oc
cupied the attention of thuuablo company ,
there is yet no material , with which to
perfect the rend , visible , This is true so
fur as tlio material lying along the street
is concerned , Thu company lias not yet
strung the stulV along the thoroughfares ,
because it feared it would more or less
interfere with tlio trallic on the street.
There is excellent authority for the fact ,
however , that there is now in the city ,
both in iron and cement , enough ma
terial to complete two miles of the road.
The men now engaged in the wort : are
under the direction of Captain Kuut.
Wholesale Oliloatlonu Against the He-
1'ort of Hocclvor Stomaii.
Yesterday tin important and
rather amusing paper was
filed Qin the United Slates
court , in regard to the celebrated Sloman
disc , by the atUmioys for the eastern
creditors , Messrs. Webster , Barllett and
This paper is n bill of exceptions to the
final report of Receiver Samuel A. Slo-
man , who was succeeded by Messrs.
Itroatch anil Morse.
The bill makes objections to thn fol
lowing Stems in the report of Mr. Slo
1. Thn items allowing compensation
for < -ervic.es of S. A. Slomnn as receiver
is objected to became , as is alleged , said
Sloman was not a suitable person for the
receivership and that furthermore he
was , as charged , in the conspiracy to de
fend the creditors of Sloman Bros.
2. The item allowing fees for the law
yers of Sloman Bros. , is objected to on
the ground that the services of such law
yers were unnecessary.
! ) . The item allowing Morris Sloman
cash for services In selling goods is ob
jected to on the ground that the said Slo
man was in the conspiracy to defraud
eastern creditors.
1. Tlio Hem allowing money for ser
vices of S. Friedman in the store is ob
jected to on the ground that ho was n
brotlicr-in- law of S. Sloman anil that lie
was also in the conspiracy to defraud.
ft. The item of cash paid by Samuel
Sloman for an inventory of the goods is
objected to because , it Is alleged , the
said inventory is incorrect ami Incom
Several other small items in the report
of Sloman are also objected.
The bill concludes by asking that Slo
man bo not discharged from liability as
former receiver , until the case is fully
and squarely tried.
Tlio Aspiring Ztlarshtil Has n Ijittlc tu
Say Aliout the M. I * .
Frank 1' . Ireland , of Nebraska City , the
mild-mannered anil sweet-tempered can
didate for United States marshal of this
district , was in town yesterday. Ho has
heard nothing of the appointment as
marshal , of which some time ago ho was
so confident. Nevertheless , the hope of
succeeding to Mr. Biorbowcr's shoes is
not less buoyant than when , several
months since , he secured the Indorse
ment of almost every leading democrat
and many leading republicans.
Mr. Ireland says that the Missouri Pa-
cilio lias a corps of surveyors in the Held
witli a view to extending a Jino to Ne
braska Citv. "It will not be built , " said
Mr. Ireland , "from Duiibar , as I wiw
mentioned in the BKK several days ago ,
but from Weeping Water. "
"What would be the object in building
from that point ? "
"It would give a more direct and
a shorter route with Omaha. "
Ucnton'H Jliitr Grower
All who are U.Vlil ) , all who are becoming
J5ALL ) , all who do not want , to Im halil , all
who are troubled with D.VNDIUJKF , or
1 1'CIllNG of the scalp ; .should use Beaton's
llair Grower. KIOIITV PKII CINT : of those
tislnc It have crown hair. It never falls to
stop the hair troai tailing. Through sickness
anil fevers the hair sometimes tails oil in a
short time , and although the person may
have remained ualil lor yean , if you use lieii-
ton's Hair Grower acconliiiK to directions
you are sure of a growth of hair , liiliun-
ilreils of eases wo have produced a good
growth of llair on those who have been bald
anil glazed for years wo have iitlly substan
tiated the fullowini ; facts :
Wo Brow Hair in 80 cases out of 100 , no
matter how Ion ; ; bald.
Unlike other preparations , it contains no
sugar o lend , or vegetable or mineral
It is. a specific for falling hair , dandruff ,
anil Hulling of the scalp.
The Hair Grower Is a hair food , anil its
ompositlon is almost exactly like the oil
which supplies the hair with its vitality.
When the skin is very touch anil hard , auit
thefollico is apparently effectually closed ,
the slnglo strength will sometimes fail to
icach the papilla ; in such cases tlio double or
triple strength should bo uscil in connection
with the single , using them alternately.
i'rlce , sliiu'io strength , S1,00 ; double
strength , S'J.00 ; triple strength , 800. It
your druggists have not got It wo will souil it
prepared on receipt of price.
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. F. Goodman ami Kulin & Uo.
aith ! und JUouirlas. 18th imJ Cunlaa :
Walnut Hill Depot.
To those who feel concerned about the
threatened removal of the depot , wo de
sire to say , have no fears , for four rea
sons :
1. The owners and officers of the road
would not act viciously with a largo class
of people to gratify personal animus to
ward one who simply asks the law to pro
tect public rights.
2. A contract exists for tlio depot , for
which a very largo consideration was
8. It would not bo to the interests of the
road to move the depot from n thickly
populated place loan open prairie.
1. If such a move should be attempted
the power of state law as vested in the
board of railway commissioners would
at once bo invoked to protect thu people.
We simply say this to quiet the fears of
many people in that locality who do not
understand fully the situation.
We further say , once for all , that there
is a glimmering hope in the not far dis
tant future that the citi/.ous of Walnut
hill and tl : jreabouts may have better and
cheaper transportation than the Belt line
can possibly afford. Kespcctfully ,
Educate Your Rons.
Endow them with a legacy that can
not be squandered and send them to the
an institution now in its forty-third year ,
and unsurpassed for its advantages to im
part to your sons and wards a thorough
and finished education , either in n thor
ough commercial ( business ) course , which
is a distinguishing feature of Notre Dame
university , or in a full course , which com
prises classic , law , science , mathematics
and music.
Special advantages are od'cred to stu
dents of the IMW Department ,
a separate institution ( St. Edward's hall )
for bojs under twelve years of ago , who
are taught by
under whose maternal cure they pass
nearly the entire day in receiving instruc
tion in all the elementary branches of
an English education together with a
fundamental knowledge of Latin , French.
( lernnin , vocal mnsiu , violin , piano and
drawing , preparatory to enter either tlio
junior or senior classes of the university ,
Board , washing , mending , tuition and
entrance fee for session of live months in
Minim department , $ li0. !
The eighty-fifth session will open on
Tuesday , September 7 , 1886.
Before concluding where to place .your
son or ward send for a catalogue , which
will bo sent free , giving you full informa
tion of the University of Notre Dame. Ad
dress , IlEV.T. E. WAI.SH , C. S. C. ,
President University ,
Notre Dame , liul.
Cheated n Furniture
Parko ( lodwin Yesterday Hied a compla
int on behalf.of M. F Martin against Lund-
berg , the man who Is now in jail on a
charge of selling mortgaged property in
Iowa. Martin claims that Luudborg
came to him and bought if 100 worth of
furniture , on time , by means of false
representations. . These representations
were to the ell'cct that ho ( Lundborg ) was
about to locate in Omaha , and had ex
tensive deposits in the Chicago and
Omaha banks. On the strength ot these
statements ho was allowed to have the
Dr. Hamiton | Warren , Eclectic Physl-
cim ; und Surgeoii , . Room 0 , Crounsu
block coruur 10th ami Capitol nvcnua
Duyuud uigut calls promptly attuutod to
Some Knots nntl FlRtircs on that In-
tcrcfttltiK Topic.
The weather for the past eight or t.-n
weeks has been simply atrocious. In
fact , it is much to be doubted whether
Omaha has ever suffered anything like it
before , of recent years , at any rate.
Last summer was a "scorcher , " and
people declared that it was the hottest
yet. But the heal of this summer goes
a iveral points better.
A few facts and ligures on the subject
of the heat of the present summer may
prove interesting to the readers of the
During the mouth of June the hot' '
weather commenced , though it did not
swoop down in such vigorous style as it
did later on. During the month the
average was 70.2 deg. On the Mill , ac
cording to signal-service ligures , the ther
mometer registered 00.0 deg. at 2 o'clock
] > . 111 , and on theM tho'minimum , 01
deg. , occurred , at the same hour. It
should be borne in mind that
these ligures are taken from
signal - service observations , which
are made in the fourth story of the gov
ernment building where comparative
eooli.o s prevails. On the street the tem
perature will average ten degrees higher.
And this allowance'should be made for
all subsequent ligures.
The month of July , 1880 , was a very
warm one unusually so , in fact. The
lowest temperature recorded during the
mouth was (1H.S ( deg. and the highest OJ.8
( leg. on the 13th. Tlio average was 77.3.
'I he hot weather commenced about the
tth of July , on which date the thermom
eter stood 02 deg. July 5 , it was 05.5 deg. ,
July ( i , SH1.5 deg , July , 7 , dep , 05.1 deg. ,
July 8,00.0 deg. From that day on to the
12th there was comparatively cool
weather. Then it began to warm up
again. On the 12th the thermometer re
gister ! )3 ) dog. , and on the tilth ! > ! ) .8deg.
More cool weather followed. On the
1-Hli the mercury registered a tempera
ture of 70 ( leg. , and on the loth , 7(5 ( dcg. ,
on the Kith , 82 dcg. On the 17th
the mercury took another rise , reaching
a temperature of 87 deg. A few days of
slightly cooler weather followed and on
the 21st the thermometer showed another
increase , jumping to 80 deg. On the 23d
the temperature was 89 ( leg. The rest
of the month was comparatively cool ,
when the temperature was 02 2. These
ligures are taken from tlio 2 o'clock ob
servations , when the day may be sup
posed to be at tlio the hotcst. Add ten
dcegres to them and you will have some
idea of the temperature which prevailed
on our streets.
But it is in the month of August that
old Sol has been doing his hardest work.
Seven more days of the month remain ,
but even if they should prove to bo fairly
cool which is not likely to be the caso.thc .
average temperature for the mouth will
be very high.
Let the reader add 10 ( leg. to the fol
lowing iigures and he will gett'io tem
perature for the mouth. On the 1st the
temperature was comparatively cool , 82
deg. on the 2d , 77 deg. on the 3d , 73 dcg.
on the 4th , Ci ( deg. on the 5th , 81 deg. on
the Oth , 81 and SO deg. on the 7th. Other
hot days were the btn , 87 ( leg. ; the llth ,
82 dcg. ; the 13th , 05 dog. ; the 15th , ' 02
dcg. ; the 10th. 83 ( leg- ; the 20th. 01 deg. ;
tlio 21st , 80 deg. ; the 22d and 23rd , 02
deg. The lowest temperature so far re
corded this month was 73 ( leg. on the 3d.
As already intimated , the records
show that this summer has been warmer
than last. In June , 1885 , the mean tem
perature for the month was 71.1 deg. sis
against 70.2 deg. lor the same month this
year. In July , 1885 , the average was
77 deg. as against 77.3 deg. average for
July , 1880. But in August , 1885 , the av
erage was _ only G9.0 deg. , "while tins year
it promises to be at least ten or fifteen ,
if not twenty degrees higher. >
Asa general thing in August the cli
mate is eharactcmoirby very cool nights.
This year , the observers saj' , the nights
have been unusually warm. The neat
this year has been unusually oppressive
on account of the six weeks drought in
June and July , and especially on account
ot the great humidity of the atmosphere.
At the signal ollico it is stated that
there arc no prospects of an immediate
change in the weather for the cooler.
Still , such a change is liable to come at
any time.
Cut the "Weeds.
James Allen , superintendent of the
construction of side and cross-walks
under Mike Meany , says there is a woful
ignorance on the part of many people
regarding the clearing of sidewalks. In
many part of the city , especially
those in which rural ideas
largely obtain , weeds are permitted
to grow to a great height on either side
of the walks. After attaining to a good
growth the wind gradually brings their
tops together , so that they almost inter
lace , making it necessary for people to
walk through them with disadvantage ,
especially after a rain storm or in the
evening when they are wet with ihwv.
Mr. Anon says it is necessary for him to
specially notify the owners of abutting
property to dispose of these weeds , and
yet there are many careless of the ordi
nance. _ _ _ _ _ _
A Sail Cnso of Destitution.
To thu Editor : Dear Sir Will you
please allow mo a space in your columns ,
my object being to call the attention of
the charitably inclined to the family oj
Henry Deano.liviug on North Thirteenth ,
near the Northwestern depot , in ti small
shanty that stands in the street. They
number eight in all. The father has boon
on a SICK bed for nearly three years , and
his wife very weak and in bad health.
The second child , a boy of fourteen , a
cripplenut able to walk without crutches ;
their eldest child , a girl of sixteen , being
the only able * budlcd one of the family.
Yesterday they had nothing in the house
to eat , and they could not procure even
the necessary medicine. Comment is un
necessary. SuuscmiiEit.
Sheet Ijottcr lOnvolopcs.
Postmaster Contant yesterday re
ceived a circular informing him of the
rates at which the coming sheet letter
envelope , mentioned in Monday's BKK ,
will bo sold. It is us follows :
One sheet 5 03
Two sheets , . . , o. " >
Three hheqt s. 07
Four sheets 10
Five sheets , ia
Slxshcots 14
Seven sheets n
Eight slieuls , it )
Nliioshccts i
Ten sheets ; {
Twentv-livu sheets r > 8
Fifty sheets. . . . , t is
One hundred sheets 2 'X )
Five hundred sheets , 11 no
One thousand sheets , 23 00
Old Grossing Gutters.
Inspector Keniston has a forcn of men
engaged in taking up and relaying many
of the old gutters at crossings in the city
These gutters were too deep and acute in
their lines , so that it required exceeding
care to cross them with a buggy without
injuring the latter. A number of them
were ou North Sixteenth , and the most
noticeable of them was at the intersec
tion of Cumiug. The sandstone in the
last mentioned was badly worn and had
to bo replaced by granite. This im
provement will bo greatly appreciated by
drivers who run light buggies and do not
care to pull up at every street crossing ,
. . The. Fremont Tournament.
Among the visitors to the Fremont
tournament this year will bo Jerome C.
Pcntzel , Jack : Koacliill Coots ,
Charles Hunt , Daiinis Lane nnd
Thomas llcrold , all old firemen.
The Thurstons wilt not attend the races
this year , tor the very .simple reason that
there is no free-for-all race , in which
they can enter. Having Dcutru every
thing in this and every other state in the
union , they are content to rest on their
laurels as champions of tlie world , while
the Fit/.gcrulds ami other organizations
of like diminutive calibre , are struggling
in vain to attain the name exalted plane
on which the Thurstous now st'iud.
Slicrmuii Avenue
Ycstordrs , Messrs. Wheeler , ( lar-
ncaii , McShauc and several other gentle
men , representing the- Omaha Fair and
Exposition association , called uuoii the
board of public works and suggested
thai some means betaken to enable Mur-
pliy.Crolglitoiufc Co. , to continue the pave
ment of Sherman avenue to enable them
to conclude by the time of the opening
of the fair. It was agreed that there
could be omo more care used in mixing
up the broken rock so that the line part
need not come all together. The arrange
ment was satisfactory ami the road will
bo now continued without interruption.
Opelt's ' Hotel , Lincoln , Neb. , opcno
March loth , lirst class in every respect.
Another Church.
Cloves brothers , architects in C'rcigh-
ton block , arc now busily engaged upon n
set of plans for a new Catholic church on
Sixteenth street between Center and
Hickory. The ground has long been
purchased for this purpose , and just us
soon as the plans arc ready will bo broken
for the building , The church will be of
frame , two stories in height , the lower
lloor being used for a school and the up
per for church purposes. It will bo
U2x70 feet in s'r/.e , with a capacity in the
chapel of 350 people. It will cost .t5r > t)0 )
and will be opened before thu approach
of winter.
J. L. Wilkie , manutacturcr of paper
boxes , 108 S. 1-ltli street , Omaha.
The ni
Lewis Gordon , the plasterer , whoso
mysterious disappearance from homo
was chronicled in Mondiiy'iiig ht'ttBin [ : has
not yet been found. There are some sus
picions of foul plav. Suiehlo is not
thought of , and Hint' he has deserted his
familv is scouted as impossible.
The body of a dead man , it is said , was
found yesterday in Hedick's prove , al
though the coroner has not yet been
ollicially notified. It was thought that
this might bo the body of Gordon , but
upon investigation this was found to bo
without foundation , in fact.
Hulctt at Home.
C. C. Hulctt , one of the old and popu
lar clerks of the Millard , who has , prob-
ubly , gripped as many transient hands as
n\\y \ hotel man tins side of Chicago , has
been on a visit to his father and mother ,
Justice and Mrs. HutcU ; Adrian , Mich.
Mr. Hulctt is a member of the order of
Klks in this city , and upon his return
home , the loca | order at Adrian did itself
credit by getting up a magnificent so
cial in honor of their former friend.
The entertainment was excellent , and
hightly enjoyed by everybody.
I'olloe Points.
Robert White was "sent up" for ten
days by Jmlge Stenberg yesterday.
He is charged with stealing clothing from
an acquaintance of his.
Charles Legrce , whoso exploits with
Madame Jennie Jackson are recounted
elsewhere , was 'committed for further
examination in default of . 1,000 bail.
Seven drunks were arraigned. Of those ,
only two were lined Mrs. Pinkey and
Minnie Craig , both of whom had serious
ly disturbed the peace.
The Boy's Check.
The BEK of a few days ago mentioned
the biting of a little boy , by a liercc dog ,
on the southeast corner of Thirteenth
and Chicago streets. The child's name
was John Moronoy , and though attended
by Dr. Wormersley , strong fears arc en-
-tortuined that he may yet die. The cheek
w-is horribly mutilated. The mother of
the child has instructed Gen. O'Brien to
bring a suit against the city for one-
thousand dollars damage.
A Deserted Wife.
A pad case of desertion was noticed
ycsterduy.by a BKK. reporter at the county
It was that of a woman named Smith ,
She was forty years of age , and had
come from Iowa looking for a worthless
husband who had deserted her three
months ago , The woman was encicntc.
and being without both friends and
money , Commissioner Timmo gave her
an order to the poor-house.
Tlio Courts.
Wm. A , Mardis sues Mrs. J. Strabcll
and E. S. Flagg for ? 300 , with interest
fiom July 25 , 1885 , the face of three notes
for $100 each , upon which payment was
John H. Gibson sues Nellie I ? . Smith
to compel the sale to him ot lot 8 block 8 ,
Hnnscom place , according to agreement.
The argument is being made in the
case of Haas vs. liby & Walters , iu the
county court.
Not Yet Converted.
Frank Langford.ayotiugman formerly
well known here , Is in the
city yesterday from Salt Lake
City , where has been for a. year
or more as stenographer for P. P. Shelby ,
assistant general trallic manager of the
Union Paeilio. He is not yet converted
to polygamy , but on the other hand , is
on his way east to wed one of the belles
of Clinton , Iowa ,
No nioro H nnohelor.
Conductor K. H. Smith , of the Union
Pacific Grand Island .train , came in yes-
terdby on his iirst run : since ho re
turned from his bridal tour. He was
married in Sidney , Iowa , , two weeks ago
to Miss M. Moomaw , and since his re
turn has boon warmly * wwloomed by his
old friends. His ho m J. id on Park Wilde
avenue. _ _ _ _ _ _
The Inftmnry.
A. Alice has gonejto Grand Island ,
Among the attrac.tion * outlined for the
soldiers' reunion at Uiat place , will bo
General Wheaton's regiment of Second
to companies of infantry , of this city ;
also two companies oMJonoral Morrow's
Seventeenth reglmontiftoni Sidney , and
Captain Woodford's battcr.y from Fort
Leavuti worth ,
M. P.
Henry Douglas , lte : | baggageman on
the Missouri I'aeilio between this city and
Kansas City , has been transferred to the
new train whioli is to run between this
city and Lincoln. Joseph Bowman , who
has heretofore been one of the passenger
brakemen , has been appointed to suc
ceed him.
_ _ _ _ _ _
Llmberpcr , the old gentleman who at
tempted to kill Charles Kohlmoycr , of
the United States hotel , and fired a revolver -
volver at him , was released ypstoniuy ou
furnishing bail to the amount of fWO.
Tlio trial lias b"-n set for fjeptumber 7.
Ken ! Kstnto Trnnsfr-rs.
The following transfers were filed
August 2 : ) , with tlio county clerk.
\ \ Illard ( ' Wllklno to Alex V WllUins. oiitli
J $ of lot -I , block 12 , K V Smith's add. , w d-
Alex F Wllkins anil wife to Willard 0
\ \ IlkltH , lot i block 1 , Drt-lgiit iV Lymatf s
add. , wd ? i.
Alex M MrOnvook to the puble , plat of
llivur View dedication ,
lleiiiy W Teniiy and wife to Ailolplms
Simhcn , lot 7 , block f S Uiiiahn. n e snaw.
. Snmuul Mortcnson and wife to Matthew
Bailies lot 10. block F , Prospect Place ad
dition , wd-Sl,100.
Frank 1. Smith to Matthew Maine * , lot 1 ,
block : i , Hawthorne addition , w d 31,01)0. )
.Samuel I ) BnrutT to Hannah .tames part of
lot 1 , block a , Illincbniujlfs addition , w d
Alex 0 rharltou to the public , plat of lu-
stltuto Place dedication.
Otto Lance ami others to Matthew Schnei
der , part of lot 'J , lilocl ; V. Improvement Asso
ciation addition , w dSKO. .
C'lilton K Mavne and wife to Hester 1.
Thomas , lot 40 , liloeh 8 , Orchard Hill , w d
Frank S B Wanleo to Dexter L Thomas ,
lot 4 , block , Klrkwond addition , w d STOO.
Andruw ,1 llanscoiu and wile to Alfred
Bjnikluiul , lot 0 , block 1 , llanscoiu Place , w
d SWO.
Frank Yookmu ( slnule ) to .lames Vere
Uud , ! < j or lotI and , block 1 , Donuckun's
addition. wd-S-HU.
Frank Yoiikum to .lames Vore llinl , ) f of
lot 10 , block l ( > . Walnut Hill. wd Stw.
Alcemon S Patrick to William W Keysor ,
lot I'J , block , A S I'atilek's addition , w d
Theodore Olson and wife to William W
Keysor , lot 10 , Olson's addition , w d ยง 1,100.
John L McCaKue and wife to Sarali l < Ax-
lord and others , pint of lot 7 , block 0 , le-
uiso's addition , w d-SlOO.
David F Brown ami wife to Sarah and
Elizabeth Axfnrd , lot 13 , block 0 , Deiilse's
addition , wd 81,200.
D U Patterson and wife to . Tames Tamia
hill , lot 0 , block ! ' , PatterMiu Park , w d S"00.
D 0 Patterson and wile to William
WnlhiTH , lot 10. block 8 , Patterson Park , w
d-S-r ! ! , .
DC Patterson and wife to James Tnnua-
hlll , lot 7. block 0 , Patterson Paik , w (1-SH75. (
Bridget O'Conner iiml husband to Anton
Caiorl , lot 1 , block 2JT ( > . Omaha , w d ? nr..V , ) .
James Jl Koss to Ciithcrlue E Murphy ,
part of kits 5 and 0 , block 10. Improvement
As.sooiation addition , w d 1,25'J.
Clittim E Mayue ami otheis to Victor II
rotTmau , lot ; , block 17 , Orchard Hill , w d
Joseph B Piper and wife to Frank J Buike-
loy , lots 14 and 15 , block 2 , Hawthorne addi
tion , w d $2,000.
Frauds B .Miiinau li and husband to Anna
C CYowull , lot 7 , block 14 , Highland Place , w
Anton Osantner and wife to Harry Jnck-
son , south > $ of lot b" , block 15 , bhlun's ad
dition , w d S1.000.
Samuel S Curtis and wife to Cyrus D
Kelly aim wife , lot S3 , block 3 , Belvidere , w
d ? .5j.
Cyrus 1) Kelly to Lee Hey Maync , undi
vided X of lot S3 , block 3 , Belvedere , w d
Adeline .Talin to Isabcll Campbell , lot 20 ,
block 15 , Haiiscoin Place , w d Slf > ' > 0.
Kamge's arrival of new fall goods.
Goes Home.
The county commissioners have sent to
his home in Cedar Hapiils a young man
named A. Walhicy. who , a short time
ago was discharged as incurably sick
from the poorhouse. _
Tills powder never varies. A mnrvcl of pur
ity , strength ami wholnsomono q. Moro ocon-
cralcul thiin tlio ordinary kinds and caiint bo
fold inconiiotltlon ] with tlio multitude or low
test , ebort weight nlnra or pliosptwto powders.
Fold only In cans. KOVAL BAKING POWUEH Co.
Very Important Decision by Prominent State
and University Chemists.
Among Uiom Profs. Collier , Choiuisl in Chief of the United Stales De
partment of Agriculture , Washington , D. C. ; Ordway of M siK'lwsclts ,
Uiirker of ronnsylvania , Albredil of tlio United States Mini , Louisiana ;
Everliart , of Toxin , Hilgard of California , llcysof Canada , and others
most , prominently known in chemical literature , after subjecting brands
of baking pow.lers on the American market to a thorough chemical ex
amination , have published their findings , and it is important for the
people to know that the report , olthe.su hygienic authorities of the Na
tion implicates almost every brand aunly/ed with some poison of adulter
ation , with the exception of Dr.Price's Cream Making Powder , which for
its purity and heiilthftilness they recommend for general family use.
. . . . . . . . .
- - - * - - - - - - i ixii * if 4Lii tiii\ni v nv > 111 < ri | i * i
Prof.JAS.F.BAiH'UCK , Slate Assayer , No-ton , Muss.
J.rJ ) J S.IlMKTLKi-.B.S. , Clu-iiUst to thu bcp't of Health. Brooklyn. N. V.
.cdieul College , Columbus , Uliio.
riciilturo , Washington , I ) . C.
Profs. . . HEYS . & KITE. l rofs. Chemistry _ . . . , Oiuarlo School . . Pharmacy . , Toronto , Can.
1 I ftXfl.'Otll > * / ' / - * - - it i- * t *
Chicago , III.
\ H I V * iJ til.
Prof . J. II. LONG , Prof. Chemistry , Chicago Medical College tiiul Chicago Col
lege of Pharmacy , Chicago , 111. .
Prof. G. A. MAU1NEU , Analytical Chemist , Chicago , 111.
On long credit and very easy pnyments. Only interest payments an
nually for 10 years ; interest at 7 per cent. Title perfect. On thesn favora
ble terms I have sold over 200,000 acres of land and .still offer for sab
i20OOO Aires Ciodd XcIirtisUa I.juul ,
! iOOOn Acres Selei't i' l fiuii'i > i I.uiuls.
And " ( ) Improved Farm * in Kansas.
< iO,000 At-rus Choice Waltoi n lnml.
These are positively the best hinds dow _ in the market , at low prices
and on easy payments. No other firm can offer such terms. Wiito for price
lists. C. U. NKLSOtf , G.-ul. . Agent ,
GO-i South 10th street , Omaha , Neb.
QUO. BOKKE , MnnaRer ,
THE 0 , E. REAL and HOST CO.
s. w. coie. ir iii AXI > r A us AM , OJIAUA.
Propurty of every description for sale in all parts of the city. Lauds for sale in
every eounty in Nepraska.
Of Titles of Douglas county kept. Mans ol tlio city slate or county , or any other
information desircil , furnished 1'ree of charge upon application.
1308 Farnam St. , Omaha , Neb.
When we say we are going to open with the largest and
finest line of
Clothing and Furnishin
Ever shown in Omaha , we mean what we say. To prove it
to yourselves , come to the opening and see. Also get one
of our beautiful souvenirs.
STRICTLY ONE PRICE. Remember , Our lotto Is "Honesty and Good
Value for Your Money. "
We Open about September ist i

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