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Attorney General Garland Renders an Elab
orate Opinion on the Subject
National Rnnktj Jlimt Deposit Interest-
ttcnrlnc IJonds Cnllcd Tliroo i'cr
CenlH Cannot Ho I ? MM ! ns n
IJnsIs of Circulation.
Security for Hank Circulation.
U'AumxoTON , Oct. : * ) . Attorney General
Onrlatul has given an opinion to the sccio-
tar.v of the treasury that national banks must
deposit Intfrc.st-buarlntr bonds to scctiro tlinlr
circulation and that called 3 per cent bonds
rnnnot be used ns n basis ol circulation. The
following Is the opinion :
Certain a per cent , bonds of the United
States held by Its treasurer as security for
Circulating notes of thu First National bank
of North Ueiid , Neb. , having been called In
1 or redemption and ceased to bo interest-
bearing , the bank Ims beun not I hod by the
contpttoilcriif tin1 currency to exchange- these
bonds for Intciost-bcnilni ; bonds of the
United States. The bank , in reply , asks to
know by what authority the demand has been
made , alleging that It has onre compiled with
with section 6,15 ! ) of the revised statues by
depositing with the treasurer Intere.st-bearlnit
bonds ot the United States which are woith
liar. An opinion Is lequested upon theories-
tlon thus presented , namely , whether the
Hlnpplnc of. interest on the bonds deposited
resulted from the call of the secretary ot the
tronsmv mitlmU/.Inu the cuinptioller of the
curioncy to rcnulio the bank to substitute In
terest bearing bonds for thu bunds now on
depjtlt. It Is not open to ( iiiesllon that the
. bonds deposited by a national bank to .secure
its circulation must be Intoiest-beailngattho
time the deposit Is made. On that point the
law Is explicit. It would seem to be equally
clear that wtiateverpiupobo congiess had In
. view In requiring bonds deposited
by national 'banks to bo Inturest-
buailnir , that pin pose has continued the
name from the lirst law on the subject In Ibtti
down to the present time , theio being an ab
sence of any legislative declaration of a
clmniro In intention in that pattlcular. In
resolving the question \ \ hether it is estcntlal
to a valid deposit ot bonds by a national bank
that bonds deposited should ho intcrcst-bcar-
lim duilng the whole tlnui of Hit : deposit , It
finay nsslst us to ro.ul the net of INK ! , under
which the national b.mk HJstem was intio-
( luced in the light of chciimstniico-t in which
, lt was passed. The secretary has already
mentioned the suppou to the public credit
which may be expected fiom the proposed
'associations. The Importance of this point
gmny excuse .some additional observations.
The organisation as proposed , It sanctioned
iby COIILTCSS , would ruiiulie within a tew
* , years for deposit as security for cliculatlon
, . bonds ot the I'nltcil States to an amount not
loss than Silu.OOO.OOO. It may well bo ox-
'ticcted , indeed , since the circulation ,
py uniformity In ciedlt and value and
Capacity ot quick nnd cheap transportation
will bo likely to be used more extensively
'than any hilhrito Issued , that the demand
for bonds will compass this limit. Should
congress sco lit to lesti let the piivilegc ot de
posit to the bonds known ns the live twenties
-authorised by act of tne last session , the de
mand would promptly absorb all of that
description alieady Issued and make largo
room for more. A steady maiket for bonds
would then be established , nnd negotiation of
them greatly facilitated. But It is not in im
mediate lesnlts that the value of this support
would bo only or chlelly seen. Theio are al-
'ways holders who desire to sell scent itlus of
/whatever kind. If buyers are few or nncor-
1laln the market value must decline.But the
"iilan ntoposed would cie.xtoa constant do-
. liiaiul cmiall/.lngand often exceeding the sim
plify. Thus u steady uTilformlty In
JJtlco would on maintained ana generally
* nt ; a rate somewhat : above those of
bonds of equal credit , but not available to
'banking associations. It is not easy to an-
jjreclato the full beuelits of such conditions
to a government obliged to borrow. The
roncluslon arilved at. namely , that it was
the Intention of congress that deposits of
jljonils by national banks phonld bo kept
; jlutcrest-bearinK during the whole periods of
ileppjHs , If correct would , seem to be ron-
( dcietl absolutely certain by the hot of July ,
iSS.1 , "To enable national banking associa
tions to expend their corporate existence and
itor other purposes. " Section 9 provides that
, uy national bank may , on depositing law
ful money with the ticasmor ot the United
; totntes , withdraw a pioportlouato amount ot
; iUii1tcd States bonds on deposit , subjtct ,
Jlnwever. to the pio\lso "That not moie than
-8aQOO,000 shall bo deposited during any cal
endar month for this purpose , " and to a fur
ther piovlso "That the piovislom of thishtjc-
tlon shall not apply to bonds
called for redemption by the secretary of
the treasury nor to the withdrawal of cireula-
.ting notes In consequence theiuof. " This
language it would seem leaves no doubt that
It was the Intention of congiess that when
the bonds deposited to sccuiu tlio ciioidation
of a bank aie called for redemption the pay
ment of them mourn the retu Ing of the circula
tion they secure , unless indeed the Dank , as It
iay lawfully do , should make a new deposit
of an adeiiuato amount ot Inteiest-beailng
'bonds. It follows , then , that unless the First
National bank of Noith Bend substitutes
Interest-healing bonds lor the existing de
posit of bonds called for redemplion , the pro
ceeds of the latter must bo applied to retliing
4ho circulation secured by It.
i have the honor to be , sir , your obedient
servant , A. II.
The Hawaiian. Ministry
SAN FIIANCISCO , Oct. SO. Tito steamer
.Jliirlposa , which arrived Irom Sidney and
Honolulu to- < lay , brings news of the resigna
tion of the Hawaiian cabinet and Urn ap-
P/ilntnient / of n new cabinet , as follows :
Minister of foreign nlTiiirs and premier , \Val-
tur Murray Gibson ; Intoiior , Luther Ohalo ;
finance , Tatil P. Kanoa ; attorney general ,
John 1 1. Kaulukou. The resignation of the
old cabinet was due to the defeat on the loth
of tha ministry's amendment to the bill bc-
iciiring a § J,000,000 loan leccntly authoiied
wy the Hawaiian legislating. The ell'ect ot
, thn amendment was to seem o the payment of
(8700,000 ( provlouslyloaued the government by
ClaiH Spieckles. Owing to this action ot Hie
legislatuie , t'lausSpieckles has letuined all
Ills decorations to Kalakua.
Intelligence has been uwlved at Aukland ,
[ < ew Xcaland , that on September 111 bove.ii
jiatlvu villages weie destioyed by a volcanic
tciiiptlon on the Island of Mnfu , In the Tonga
cioup of Friendly Islands. The whole Island
'Jind ' been dovnstaied by voleanlc deiiositb.
iWiltn Island , In the Hay ol 1'Ienty , Is In a
fitntu of ai'tlvo eruption , avast column of
smukct nsciindliig fiom the Island to n height
of 1,0.0 led.
* Murilorors SontiMiocil ,
' KourSMini , Aik. , Oct. JO.Six United
Bta'ti'.s prlsoneis werosentonced to-day to bo
fian ed Friday , .l.innary 14 , for minder com-
inltteil In the Indian teirltory. They were
JL'dt McCarthy , for the niuidor of the
llJaloney hoys , in the Cheiokco nation last
'Jfriliruary ; Albert O'Oell und James Lamb ,
Ofor thu murder of Eduaui 1'ollard in thu
'Clllckusiw null < > n last December ; John \V. \
1'aiiott. for the mmdorof John \V. JIcAdams
niul John .MoAii.imshis win , In tlm summer
pf last vear ; John K. Ki-lmK for the minder
. m John retienildu'eln HID ( . 'heiokeo nation ,
uiid.lolin Stephens , for the murder ot Dr.
J. ' ) ' , 1'ylu in tlio CherokiMi nation last
Mlnter , AH ait' white men but Stephens.
Mho Is a n dino. Thn o men weru tried uiui
convicted at the Autfiistteun of thu Untied
.1 Mllllonulro's aijstoHnus lloaiii ,
] ) Ki'ioir : , .Mich , , Oct , -\Vllliain Cooper
of I'oi t Austin , has iferlved a letter addressed
to him by his uncle , Joseph lle.ilh , who m > s- ,
teiloubly dlsappeau'd from the steamer
Alasku during tier trip fiom Samlusky to
Detroit on Tuesday. Its contents dialed
whciu his will und other inlvatu papers could
bo found. Heath lull a fortune ot si,0oouu. :
It is allo elher unllkoly that he coininlltcd
suicide. H Is believed that ho was lobbed
and IhiosMi Into the lake.
tlic Cupaoliy Tort
t- KANSAS CITY , Oct. SO. Aimour 1'acklnu
Company U preparing to manufacture oleo-
taiarearlne on a nlll ! larger scale under the
new law. haying Increased Its capacity to
JX,0X ( ) jiounds per day.
„ - *
u Nobrivoku nnd town Weather.
/ Nf-hraska Cicnenxlly fair weather , koulh-
ry | winds , bccoiulng viuiable , slightly
'lown Generally fair weather , southerly
Wlms'uo ! , decided clmnge In tunipuratuiu
A 'Moonslilnor Settles nn Old Grudge
With n llevcuuo Collootor.
llAtintso.v. Ark. , Ocu .TO. [ Special Tele
gram to the IJnK.J Details have Just reached
this place of the cold-blooded murder at his
homo In Marion county on the 22d Inst. of
Jiimcs N. Hamilton , late deputy collector of
Internal revenue In the ofllce ot Henry -M.
Coopcrat l > lttlolock. ! About two years ago
Hamilton , while acting as deputy collector
of internal revenue , made a raid In Johnson
county on a number of Illicit distillers ,
among whom was a man by the name ot Mul
ligan , capturing one of the distillers and
managing to get here with their crooked
piopcrty. Mulligan was one of those who
escaped , and notfitng nioro was heard ot him
until n short tlnui ago , when ho came to the
homo Of Hamilton , who was residing on n
farm In Marlon county , and applied for
work on the farm , giving his name ns J'age.
Hamilton hired him and no worked until Fri
day night without attracting any paitlcular
attention. On that nleht ho left Hamilton's
and went to the house of n neighbor , about
half n mile distant , to spend the night.
Alter the family had retired for the night
1'agc or Mulligan , loft the house , and going
back to Hamilton's , crept Into the lattcr's
bedroom , and as he lay asleep placed a pistol
to hishoau , blowout Ills brains and lied.
Mrs. Hamilton g.ivo the alarm , and there
ujing some men about the nlaco the neigh
bors weio boon aroused and In putsult of the
murderer. A party of cltl/cns caught him a
short distance from the house and placing n
rope around his neck madb him confess ills
crime. Just as they were In the act ol lynch
ing him another party of clti/ens came up
and the Ijnclicrs , supposing them to bo of
ficers , left their man and scattered. Mulli
gan , taking Advantage of the excitement , es
caped , but was lecaptured the next day and
taken to Volhlllu , whore ho is now In jail.
Hamilton had twice been elected sheriff and
twice circuit clerk of Searcv county. Ho
was for four years deputy collector of inter
nal revenue and was n candidate for sheriff
at the recent elections.
Suicided Over nil Accident.
Wii.KnsnAiiun , Pa. , Oct SO. A double
tragedy occui red tills afternoon at the Ben
nett slope ofV. . (1. ( Payne it CO.'B colliery ,
near Klngstpn. William Moses , one of the
oldest mining engineers In Ltueine county ,
was on duty at this colliery. Ho was given
the signal to hoist the cage from the bottom
of thoshalt , which was 1-iOO feet deep. Ho
supposed everything was clear below , and
started his engine just as John Bradda , a
footman , was running a ear upon the rage.
The sudden hoisting threw Itradda olT , and ,
In falllnt' , he was caught between the cage
and a brattice on the aide of the shaft and
Instanth killed. As soon as Engineer Moses
was Informed of what had happened , ho
walked to his room near by , took n icvolver
from his coat pocket , and placluir 11 to hlb
foichead , Hied , killing himself.
Died From llln Injuries.
Sr. Louis , Oct , SO.-John Weber died at
the city hospital this morning from Injuries
received on the Oth Inst. On the evening of
that date he entered a house of disrepute
kept by a colored woman , Sallle Battus. Ho
had been drinking ana the inmates of the
house attempted to rob him. A scrimmage
ensued , and Magglo Johnson , taking n
lighted lamp from a table near by , hurled It
at the man's head. The aim was goodand , the
lamp stiuck Weber full in the face and ex
ploded. He received fearful injmics , being
made totally blind , and was besides terribly
burned. Maggie Johnson , why tlucw the
lamp , was arrested to-day , cnargcd wsth
murder in the lirst degree , and Susan Spen
cer and the woman Battus wcio held lor ex
National Jockey Club Uncos.
WASIIHJUTOX , Oct. 30 , The track to-day
was fair.
Mile , maiden two-year-olds : Dunblne
won. Time 1A3. .
Allnges.one nnd one-eighth miles : Irish
Pat won , Valet , second ; Santico third.
Time 1:53. : ' '
Tlnee-year-olds , three nnd three-eights
miles : The Blid won , .Elkwood second.
Only two ran. Time 2:37. :
Mile for beaten Iiorses : Jim Douslas won ,
Ecelhm Mjceoml , Bonnie Prince third. Time
Handicap Bteoplo chase , full course : Jack
won , TMinu beu second , iShanuocl ; third.
Time 4 : ' . ' . ) .
The Fnllm-o Ilecord.
ClNCI.VMA'ITI , Oct. SO. 11. S. IlCMOg &
Co. , wholesale clothiers at No. 08 ; West Pearl
btreet , assigned this afternoon to Louis
Kramer with absets fstirtutcd at 51i5,003 ! and
liabilities about Sino.OOO. Preferences to the
amount ot § 07.000 were made by chattle
moitg.ico , of which S.W.OOO was to Lazarus
Bros , who had eudoiseu notes.
A Motlier'H I > cocl.
WASHINGTON , Oct. ao. The wife of .1 car-
P'juter named Guoigo Donaldson , who lives
In an isolated place near the banks of the
Potomac , two or three miles above George
town , jumped Into the river this evening
w Ith a young child in each aim and all weio
KanBftfl City's Fat Stock Show.
KANSAS CITV , Oct. 80. The fat stock show
closed to-day with a very satlsfactoiy recoid
1 or the week.
The liusiiicHH of thi ! Various Courts
The case of Josie Gibson , accused of
behiR inbano , will be. called before Judge
Wnkuloy on Monday.
Tlio jury in the case of the City vs Mrs.
Lou Boyd , iisuit for the possession of real
estate , gave a verdict for the city yostcr-
Fred Lang liascommunceil nbiilt in the
county court against Wuctlirich Bros , for
$ ,7Jri due him on a plcco of real ostuto
sold by the defendants ,
Barbara Gains commenced n replevin
action in Judge lUeCullocli's court yes
terday against Minnie Prince nnd her
father for the possession of aertniu house
hold goods of thu value of llfiU.
Donni.1 Cunningham commenced n suit
in .Judgo McCnifoch's court yesterday
against Alex Bonham to sccnro $501) ) ,
which amount he was compelled to pay
for Beahiini as : \ buroty on a note.
The jury < n the case of thu Stain vs 1'red
( Jer.stenborg , charged with burglary ,
fulled to agree and was discharged by
Judge Neville.
The county court docket for November
will bo called on Wednesday , instead of
Tuesday , tit 0 n , m ,
The case against ClmrlosVison ! ,
charged with having passed n bogus
olieok upon Grant Lawrence , will bo
cnlhid bofriro Judge Xovil'o ' on Monday ,
In the district court yesterday Junnio
Bowles tiled a petition lor n divorce from
her husband , Kdgnr Bowles , to whom shu
was married in Noith Adams , .Mass. , in
18s ; { . Shu alleges orunlty and inhuman
treatment as n suniciont cauao for the
di ! si red separation.
Hallow K'en.
In another part of the BEK will bo found
an account of the shooting of a boy
named 1'nrt.ell on South Tenth etrcnt.
Scarcely twont.y-livo feet north of the
scenn stands a small target gallery , Last
night the snmo young s.Minps who pro
voked the shooting of their comrade ,
unturud the yallury uf tor it had been closed
and torn it to nieces. Their ONCUSO was
that it was Hallow K'en.
St. Mark'g Kvangelical Lutheran Mis
slon , K. P. Hall , Saiinderd Mroet , no.ir
Charles. Bnv. ( jco. II. Schnur , pastor ,
Sunday sehool nt a-80 p. in. Uolnbrution
of "Reformation Day" with Sunday
school concert at 7-80 p. m. Hiblo moot
ing Thursday evening at 7UO p. in. Every
6110 Invited to bo present at all services ,
St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran
Sunday scl'ool ' meets every Sunday nt
! JiiO : p. m. in Cosmopolitan Hull , 1QU1
South Thirteenth street.
> <
Some Intoroating Facts About a Worthy
Government Bureau ,
Thousands oi'lVrsotin Il scucd Annu
ally From AVatcrv Graves 1'olnts
About "Pretty Prospect"
White House Ncwa.
FactN About Tjlfc-Snvlntr.
WASIH.VOTOX , Oct. 23. [ Special Corre
spondence ot the Dun. ] As the winds on
Michigan's lakes nnd the Atlantic coast
begin to hew 1 and the whtto caps plunge
high , and the biting air warns the little ships
to hug closer to tlio shore , even thouch
larger ones may ventuio more , the scenes of
activity In thu olllcoof the LlfoSnvIni : Bureau
here grow Interesting and the ImiKjrtanco of
this blanch of the government's work Is
made Impicssivc. The equinoctial stoim ,
which usually comes during tlio last days of
September , IMVC an Impetus to the life saving
w oik , which grows Into excitement till the
warm sun of spring comes again.
At this season the loss of lite and property
Is often very great. Already wrecks are
being lojioi ted and caution Is being Issued.
Iteuortsnro coming in to tlio clfect that the
lake and coast vessels are preparing for win
ter quarteis. Soon the sections subjected
most to danger from rough water will bo
cleared of fi agile vessels and the danger
will bo proportionately lessened.
Some terrible adventures are being made
almost constantly In the life-saving bervlco
whlcli the world knows nothing of. No
where in the annals of war can there be
found more thrilling tales of dating tosavo
life or escape death than are In the unwrit
ten history of the life-saving service. Hero
Is one , told by an old life-saver who lias long
worked in the surf of Lake Huron :
"In Movemher , IbTO , a lough winter's
storms were Inaugurated on the shines of
Michigan by a fierce gale , which drove a
blinding sheet of snow as keen ns a carpen-
tei'st saw. On the evening of thu 10th the
schooner W. U. 1'helpi was driven ashore a
mile east of Clen Hatbor. Her stem came
foicmost. her center-board being down and
the rlirulng A mass ol shied * . Clinging to
somuofthu fragments weio the mate and n
sailor. All nluht they had kept one position
In a sheet of Ice. The vessel had keeled over ,
with her Ice rail under water , while the rail
on her weather Mde was gone. The sea
nourcd over in a perfect cataract ( orient.
Five of the ciew perished , and it was not till
daybreak that the two poor follows weio dls-
co\oiod In the wrecK. The weather could
not have been worse. Tlio alarm brought
out a large number ot townspeople , but they
had nothing better than n miserable , leaky
llsh-boat. Tills they launched and biave men
stalled out to the wieck. Soon thu plunging
sea filled the boat and the crew barely got
back alive. The ciies of the two almost
dying sailors came ashore with the whistling ,
cutting winds , lending a ony to the scene
and commanding the most courageous ac
"Finally the fish-boat was dragged to wind-
waul nnd a utioug ciiuent obtained.
Then another eflort was made to
rcscuo the perishing sailors , still cling-
imr to the wreck. Houis were spent
In the plunehiBS'uif betoio the vessel was
reached. Tin ; w.xves ran mountain high ,
shooting like meat cunscle.tr over the shat-
teied ship. The halt frozen , almost drowned
men clung like rats to the spars , and actually
swooned awjy when tlie lesculng party
finally icachcd them. They weie covered
with ice , one of them Doing n Deriect glare.
When the rescuing boat reached the wreck
the two sailors weio away in the bows , inac
cessible on the windward sldo of the hull bv
ir.xson of the terrible sea , and Inaccessible on
the leeward side on account of a great mass
of spars , timbers , sails , rigging and deck
planlc which'even Iiungovcrth0 whole length
of the bulwarks and thrashed and bounded
in the water constantly , menacing 'opoWach
with destruction. The prospect of rescue
was extremely gloomy , and as the boat was
fast tilling It was concluded that what could
possibly be done must bo decided on shore , to
which the crew then leturned , with their boat
stern foremost , not dating to turn it lor tear
of the heavy seas.
"Think of being almost within arm's
length of the men who swooned from expo
sure , and then having to tin n away for an
Indefinite hour to return to the shore for
further piepaiatlonsl J'robablv the sailors
will be found ( load when the rescuers re
turn. Indeed , the chances are ten to one
that Ihcy will expire before the rescuers
reach the shore. Perilous moment ! But the
return trip must be made. So , neatly fro/en ,
the sailors aio compelled to change clothing
upon reaching the shore. But soon they
are on the crests of the white
caps , plunging n hundicd leet
at a time. going back to the
wreck , which is shcddlnir Its substance , like
ehafl fiom n tlneshlng machine. It was 10-
solved to wwlL'o the rescuing boat into the
massot the wreckage which crashed up and
down alongside ot the vessel. Once beyond
the dangerous debris the sallois could be
taken off. At last the boat ploughed through
till within sUty feet of the two men. The
danger was Intense. All strength and skill
is brought into play to prevent the boat fiom
belnc crushed by tlio spais and timbers on
e\oiy hand. More hazardous jet the woik of
getting the almost dying men across the
iniiis. At last a line was made fast , and the
mate was hauled lo within fifteen leet of the
boat , lid was di.iwii alonir on thu deck by
inches , theio being no way of lilting liini.
When ho could beieached ho was landed In
the life-boat , his companion , however , was
so nearly < tead that ho could not bo handled
except with gieat dllliculty , and came neai
being drowned. Asheeiept along over the
constantly mixing p us and timbeis some of
them c'linzht his leg and held him so fast
that ho had not sulllcient stiength to extri
cate It. l-'eebly he was .stiiiggling In this
terrible predicament , on the veigo ot being
drowned , when two men sprang upon the
floating debris , leaped toiward nt uxtiemu
n.si ; , und rehu\ed him. The leucnu lasted
nearly ten hours. But it was woith a I'o1-
ttiue to all win ; p.utlcipatcd In that icacuu to
feel thu giatltudo u.uned. "
Of all the weird , Im/uulotu scivlco under
tun government , not excepting the navy ,
war , or any ot the special uiteneles wheio
theie is detective worlc , none pioduce so
much tlmt Is thrilling as the life having. The
coming wlnter.is expected to bo a severe and
stormy one , nnd vessels will eaily go into
winter cniarteis where navigation closes on
account of Ice , but along the Now Jeisey ,
Xoithand South On roll mi coast andthukexs
ot Florida , theio will bo the blinding huul-
canes at midnight , the iiislilngot thu waters
hiu'li in the air , and on the io.tr ol the scenes
of disaster will come thu ctlus of men , women
anil childien In the wiecks of vessels. Amid
these the lllo-sivlng crows with their modem
appliances for losciiing lives woik.
Aiound thoollleo ot the chief of thollfo
saing bureau , while ordtia are being Usued
iinwaud t'veiythtng made in le.ullnesH for
emergencies , leminlscencesaio recited which
would make chapteu of adventure ad heio-
ismwoithyot pjriiiaiuuit history , .did they
not lead like stories of fiction ,
"I'retly I'iosK-ct | , " thocountiy home near
Washington ol President Cleveland , Is now
known us "Ited Top. " Tor ten diys Mis.
Cleveland lw > paid the place a visit ovurv
Iwcnty-foiii liours.oveiseeliigthocarpontorn ,
palntcis. aitlstsaml scrub women who are
giving It thu linlshini ; torches and making
it habitable lor MIH. Kqlsom. who Is to have
matumlj chaige of it.
Within a few days the furniture will ho In
the house and the giates will be aglow with
llamlng wood fires , "lleetor , " thu klnkoy
pel doL' , will haul been removed from the
uxecutinj mansion to thu larm , unless the
pi iogiammu U changed , and them w ill bo new
li te on the 'lennell ) town toad. .siis. Cleve
land Intends to send out her new piano ,
soniuot her pal n tings nnd her ot\n hand-
nude win 1 ; toirether with ininv of the wed-
dingpiesenth which her moti.or can utilize ,
such us slherware , brlc-a brae , etc. , and "the
laim house. " as shu rem.uked to a lady
lilend , "will be as mcttyas you please. "
Instead of making ' 1'reftv Prospect" a
summer resort , .Mrs. Cleveland , wiui is sup
erintending It. looks lorwaid to It iihan
ovury-diiy homu : v place wheio she can go
to when shu wants to leave tint hum of .so
ciety ami tno public lor n fewhourd , a
few days , ur a tew mouths , ns
.slio may conclude to do next spring or late In
the winter , am ) where she can have thu ci.ni-
fort and advleo of her motlu-r.
There Is no privney worth coveting at the.
Whlto llpuso. Thu building Is about as
public as a department. The complement ot
elfius , seivauts und uicchanictj and , thu
floods of callers at all'tiuiqs of the day tunica
the executive mans'ldn li very undesirable
place for thoio Who "desire retirement. Most
of all It has become a. plnco dreadful In the
event of sickness , and the president and
members of Ids hou&holn am us HablA to bo
ill as those of any oilier household. Jlr.
Clo\ eland is a far seeing man In domestic
matters as well as the o of state , and In fixIng -
Ing up "Pretty Prospect" ho anticipates a
retreat for Ids family"anrt'friends ' as well as
for himself.
H Is said tlmt Secretary , and Mrs. Whitney
first Impressed the atlvi'nblllty ot bavins a
country home , nnd tint I'tesldciit and Mrs.
Cleveland lirst learnul of their place through
the secretary of the Itavy ami his wife. It
was from this that thii rcrort was originally
circulated through Ihcso dispatches that a
real esialo syndicate hero had presented
"Pretty Pios-pect" tOMr.Cle\clnlid | | ,
Quiet will bo thd Whlto House this
winter. The determination to Inaugurate a
season of so.'lal brilliancy wltn the IK ginning
of the Inlldays has been rcconsldeieu Mrs.
Closeland will not be much In society for a
while. But Mrs. Whitney will keep them
up. Miss Heath , the Vlrelula beauty who
makes out the' lists for Mrs. WhltnevIs said
lo bo at work revising the slate , andsomo :
new friends for the administration are to bo
made. Society will likely flap its wings with
paity , ho that theie will bo haimony all
aiouiul. It Is probable that there will be a
mild tvpoof Mvatry between the Bealesand
McLeans on the ono sldo and thu admlnlstra
tlon wing ilium the other side as soon as
John K. McLean , the bonanza newspaper
man , gets his mansion tlnlshed. It Is rc-
poitcd to be"hh ambition to teach those who
have not shown him due deference in politics
a thing or two in society.
The qiilctudu Inside the white hoimo will
be more than accounted for and made good
by the events on the outside. Thu Indica
tions are , too , that.society is again to play an
Important iiatt In the polities of thu national
capltol , Thieu or four ol the master female
Bphits have taken U into their heads to do
the thing and to do It well.
What the farmers of the countrv failed to
do in the matter of co-operation tlnoiightho
medium of the grange the clerks in the dc-
paitments here are Just now accomplishing
thiotigh clubs. Clubs are formed for the pur
chase of clothing , provisions , cigars. e\ery-
thlng needed by bachelors or men with fami
lies by the men , and clubs are lormed by
female employes foi purchases. Some of the
clubs ha\e a puichaslng agent , while others
have pel manent ai I amiumcnts made at stores
for certain discounts , the understanding be
ing that all of thu employes In a certain
division of n department , tioui twenty-live
to one hundred nnd tdty poisons , will buy
there. A meat muasinoof success Is being
attained by this ariaiigcinent. A sulllclent
numberfluree , under the name of "club , " to
buy ccitatii things at one time or to get them
at a place agrero upon , and they go where
tin ; urcatest discount can be obtained. They
stick together and , paying cash , they make
money by savin i : monov. In a number ot
instances hotels or boaiding houses hiivu ac
ceded to demands from these clubs , nnd by
leeeiving nntiml/ei of class boardeis havu
made discounts lumi regular rates amount
ing to liom ton to thirty percent.
boi.iiins' ) : HUAD-STOXKS.
The authoilties directed by congress nt dif
ferent times to make purchases of headstone -
stone * to be placed at the gra\o < of the de
ceased union soldiers report that all of tin ;
lesting places of the boys in blue which could
be found have a tablet to their memory
erected. At ono puichuso KO.OOO head-stones
wete secured , or rather contracts for that
number were let under the one advertise
ment. These cost fiom Sl.UO to ? 2.'Jo per
stone. . ,
When congrcs detiirmtned to erect head
stones to the dead union foldiers advertise
ments were inserted in , newspapers and in
government publicatiunSfjciiuestlng the rel
atives and fi tends ofijhe deceased boj-s to ic-
port the names , comliwnds , aces location of
the graves , etc. , so tht tht Inscriptions could
1)0 ) made eonectly. Although this lias been
nearly twenty years.ugo , to this day letters
nio resolved at thojifiuartciniasler-generaPs
ollice , containing unliiue requests in i elation
to this matter. Oiie.ivoman Ims requested a
laige head-stonn as hur husband was a laige
man. Others aie irujmprgvKcd verse , iccit-
ing the virtues ot thedecease. . J lor inscrip
tions on the stone. Occasionally tlieie Is an
application for a "familyjuionument , " leav
ing a blank place foL'.thq.vlilow nnd children.
A largo number of relatlyus"h.i\e lenuested
that the price of tlio fiyrt.Stoies } allowed by
the uovernment for dtaeititad union soldiers
Sl.'JU or S-YJ5 , bo .sent tttu'mt and announcing
their willingnessto ( fpwgp the pleasuie of it
A Colored Gentleman Goes After a
Friend with a Kazor.
A cutting afl'ray which is apt to provo
fatal to Charles Cook , one of tno princi
pals , took place in a , saloon : it the corner
of Eleventh and Dodge streets last night
shortly before midnight. Coolt and
Billy Ford , the speckled mulatto who
has been employed as barkeeper at
Higgins'saloon , were engaged in throw
ing dice when a quurrol nrosu over the
game. A few hot words were inter
ohangcd , when Ford drew his razor and ,
leaning across the table at which they
were sealed , gave Cook a fearful slash
across the neck and then ran from thu
building and made his escape- . Cook
was taken to Cheney & Olson's phar
macy , on Farnnm street , and Dr. Ilarri-
gan summoned to attend him. The
wound was found to bo an ugly ono , ex
tending trom the base of the left ear
around to the center of his throat , ex
posing the windpipe. Fortunately , the
cut was not a deep one , and no serious
ell'ccts are apt to result.
Tliolr Love of ClennllncsH and Their
JSlodcs of I5nrl.il.
In spite of the multifarious duties and
tasks that are imposed on thcso tiny
burghers , they still liud time to clean
and adore their worthy little persons ,
says a writer in the Cosmopolitan for
Octobur. No spot , no atom of dust or
anything else uncleanly will they tolerate
oil their bodies. Thoj get rid of the dirt
with thu biusliy tufts on their lector
with their tongue , 'ihoy act , for all the
world , like domestic cats when they
clean and lick themselves ; and they as-
Kibt ono another at the toilet piccisclyliku
monkeys , Their sen.su of cleanliness
goes so far that thu natuialistolten finds.
to his unpleasant .surprise , thu colored
marks that Im had applied with .so much
care on his "trial nuts'1 removed by their
dirt-hating friends. They keep" their
dwellings jn t as cleanly.
But the hearing away of their deceased
brethren , who-e dead bodies they appear
to regard with the greatest antipathy ,
gives thorn more trouble than
anything else. When bomo mom-
bow oi an t.0 niit comimiu-
ily , which Mr. Coolc 'lfept ' imprisoned.
died and " could1 'iot ' } bo removed
these remaining ' ftnod nll'uctod
with thu greatest hrirror. For days tie |
insects ran about n liijf a way out , and
ceased only whim ewfupliitoly exhausted.
The ants belonging jitu Mtlio camponotiis
species soi/.ed ihu il&id nnd tluinv them
jnto'a water-pail , which * they convnrted
into n supiik'her.i lOrjUnaiily , though ,
thu ants are said tdiH'ilar'thcir dead with
more reverence. Tj .fi'Veii ' posus their
own graveyards , wlfiejfxiu in the vicinity
of thnir nests , TlgyVy ) ° voy their dit-
ceased companions 'thither , wlieru thuy
lay thorn down in ordyry littlu heaps erin
in rows. DJ.J J. i
It isonlv the coijwrti'6f ' their fellows ,
however , that tlmy ticat in this manner.
Dead strangers they throw out like somu <
tiling unrlean , or tear'uiu body jn pieces.
F.von between the master anil slaves of
thu same community Misb Trout suys she
has observed a dissimilar mode of lunial.
While the masteia lind their last n. > pou
in u special gruyoyurd , Ido by side , the
slaves lie like huapcd.up refuse near thu
nest despised equally In diuth us in lito ,
The nut eumuterliH at'u often thickly
populated lor their lifo Is short. Thu
male live ? through ono summer ; the fe
males somewhat logger , and thu worker.- .
die 01 old age in the eighth or tenth
There Is n MmliodKt church in Kow.m-
nee , HI. , having tor its ruguhr pastor a
young woman named Miss Downer , and
uuv. Kohert Wo-st , odflur of the Adv.uu-u ,
spuaks of her as an educated , .eurucst
mid convincing preacher.
Charles Hoyt's "Tin Soldier" will
afford thontro goers plenty of amusement
at Boyd's opera hoife Monday nnd Tues
day nights. The piece has been scon in
Omaha before. It Is u satire on the
plumbing business , and is ono of thu
most amusing performances on thestngo.
The sale of seats opened this morning
with n largo demand.
The Chicago Opera company will appear
at ' house Thursday
pear lioyil's opera next
day evening in "The Mikado. " The com
pany mimbora thirty-live people , ami In
cludes the principal singers of the old
church choir company. The Denver
Tribune Uopublican says tliolr perform
ance of "The Mikndo" was the best over
given in that city.
Salsbury'sTroubadottr.s , croat favorites
with Omaha nrmtsomunt goor.s , will lie
nt Boyd's opera house next Friday and
Saturday , and appear in nn elaborate re
vival of < 5Thu Brook. "
Army Uriels.
The following olllcors have been de
tailed to bu present at I ho Indian Agencies
named to witness the Issue of annuity
goods for the present year :
1st Lieutenant llobort T. Kmmutt , Olh
cavalry , ( Fort Niobrara , Neb. ) , for the
Rosebud Agency , D. T.
2d Lioiitenanf Philip A. Uottcns , ! lth
cavalry , ( Fort Robinson , Nob. , ) for the
I'ino Ridge Agency , D. T.
1st LIuutennnt Horace H. S.ir.son , 2d
Infantry , ( Fort Omaha , Ncb. , for the
Sauteo ana Flandrcaii Agency , Neb.
1st Lieutenant Arthur L. Wagner , Oth in
fantry. ( Fort Douglas , Utah ) , lor the
Fort Hall Agency , Idaho.
Major Robert' 11. Hall , 22d Infantry.
acting inspector general , department of
the Platte , has been ordered to inspect
the pofts of Forts Niobrara and Rouin-
son , Neb.
Permit to wed wivS yesterday granted
to Joseph Klaus and MibS Anna Filler ,
both of Omaha.
Miss Sadie Clark , of Council HlulTs'
charming and accotnplisccd belles , was
enjoying a visit to tlio metropolis j'estor-
Sir. 1) . S. Appleton , of Now York , the
senior member of the great publishing
firm of D. Appleton & Co. , was in the
city yesterday. Ho was a caller at the
olnco of Secretary Couoycr of the board
of education.
Nine pounds of infuht humanity -camo
to Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith the oilier
morning. Ex-councilman Thranc , who
stand" in tlio important position of grand
pa to the little new arrival , showed his
appreciation of the ovcnt by cracking thu
necks of several bottles champagne.
\ \ . C. T. U. Buckingham , 12th street.
Gospel meeting , Sunday , 70 : ! ! p. in. , con
ducted by C. L. Hover. Chinese class at
; j o'clock. Tuesday's service led by Dr.
W , II. Parsons. 'I hursilay , at 3 p. in. ,
the regular prayer meeting of the Union.
Saturday evening , public entertainment
of the Reform club. Everyone welcome.
Personal I'arafjrapliH.
M. C. Keith , of North Plattc , is in the
city.S. .
S. S. Aaeh Moody , the ofrksicnt deputy
county clerk is on duty again , after a two
weeks" ' illness , lie is .somewhat emaci
ated but still smiling.
F1TZPATIUCK At Boston , Mass. , Oct. 29 ,
Wm. I. Fltypatilck , aKii Iycais.
Formeily ot Union Pacllic supply depart
ment. .
How n Wily Russian Money Lender
] " ( tllcd the Poor Peasants ,
" In January , 1830 , u largo village it the
province of Samara Sofoturu by name
borrowed from one Jaroft'a sum equal
to ? 3,000 , , interest being deducted in ad
vance , and bought from JarolV's store
15,000 pounds ot hay for the starving cat
tle , writes a Russian correspondent o
the San Francisco Chronicle. Repay
ment \yas to be made on the lirst of the
following October , under $25 for every
day of delay beyond that time. The
wretched peasants wore , of course , not
up to time , but they brought the man
$1,000 on aceaunl and promised to bring
him the balance us boon as pos
sible. Mr. Jaroll' pocketed the cash and
ofl'orod no objection to the proposed ar
rangement , and for nearly a year he
made no demand tor the payment of the
outstanding $2,000.
But in September , 1881 , thinking prob
ably that he had bided his time long
enough , he micd the village for the trille
of $7.500 principal and penalty. The
magistrate betorc whom the case was
brouirht deeming the bargain illegal and
inequitable , decided that Jaroll' would
rightly claim no more than the unpaid
balance of the loan and ordinary interest.
But Shyloek knew the law better than
the judge , he carried the case to a higher
court and won it , and as thu appeal had
occasioned further delay and so increased
the penalty , thu court gave him judgment
for .f 10,000 , equal lo live times the amount
of thu original debt , to say nothing of the
1,000 paid on account.
- *
A Cute Vnnkoc.
Sacramento Record-Union : The Los
Angeles real estate agents are sharp ,
and can drive a bargain as well as the
next one , but occasionally they come in
contact with n regular olu-fushioncd
"ilown-Kast Yank , " und then it is diamond
mend cut diamond. A gentleman just
up from thure. an eastern man himself ,
relates the following : A .shrewd Boston
gentleman , one of means , and one ever
on the baiter and trade , concluded to in
vest something in the Los Angeles boom
to purchase n little by way of hpecula-
tion. He made known his intention.
and noon was besieged by the real
estate dealers , who lor several
days besieged him and talked
orange groves and " glorious
climate'1 from morn till night. Finally ,
he .selected tour town lots , and dlckeied
fur HJIIIII ( lays upon thu price asl > ed ,
which was § . ' ,000 , or $501) ) a lot. Finally
the price was reduced lo $1,000 , and liu
was assured , on the honor of thu real
estate agent , that he would d on bio his
money within onu year.
"It It is such a .splendid , invcsimmit ,
why don't you carry them iousulfV"
asked the Yank.
" 1 : | in carrying all I can now. 1 would
carry thofu , too , it 1 had the means 1
lull you , sir , you will double 3 our mnncty
in onu year , you will tieble it in two1 !
"Well , I'll oall and ecu you again to
morrow , " said the eastern speculator , a
ho left for Ins hotel.
"Oh , yi > , " replied thu bank ollicisil ,
vour soi'imtis very good ; but , then , wo
don t want it. "
'J'hi II ( lonitu left the bank chuckling
in his slt'uvu , and inude a beu-linu lor thu
real uitatu agent. As hu enteicil the
ollii-o , the latlur .said : 'Well , you've
come to tuKo the u lots , have yony'1
" nj , look hero , iomiic man , how much
nioupy can I borrow on those lots ? "
"Oh , I don't Know ; you ought to be
able to borrow $1 , 000 on Ilium. "
, 'Woll , I'vii been all over town , tried
all the bniiki at fiO a lot and thuy won't
talk husine.ns uvun at that price. Good-
.lay. "
_ _ _
It is said that Ihu u\ulnmutnn ! "Rati"1
originated several years UJJD at a theater
in ( 'Ifieago where a lot of rnvr Italian
ballot girls were danuing. Tliey wuro
awfully atraid uf mice and rats , and u
was the favorite pastime ot the American
members of the company to frighten the
ballot mis by yelling "Rats ! " nt them as
thuy atood in the Wings waiting to go on ,
mill then enjoy their shout * of horror.
jiy and by thu word eainti into usu as a
term uf derision lor a liilsu alarm und thu
got hold of it.
Is n joy forever , mul Hie only thing tlmt is lasting is
$425 $ TO $500 ; $50 DOWNAND , $10 PER MONTH ,
Only a Quarter mile from Belt Line Depot.
Webster's Maiden Effort.
Providence Jounril : Webster's lirst
f-peech at the bar was before his father ,
tnnii a judge of the court of common
pleas. The same eloquence which had
won the acquittal of the woodchuek at
the Salisbury homestead had been devel
oped by study and practice and consecrated
crated to higher uses , und the old man ,
now near Me end , listened with pride to
the maiden cll'ort of his son. The young
advocate's star was above the hori/.on
and had begun its brilliant und rapid
course to the /cnith. In eight years from
that time ho was in congress , elec
trifying the entire country by liis marvel
ous oratory. Ills tathcr never listened to
him a second time. In a year from Dan
iel's settlement in Hoscawen Captain
Kbcnexer Webster had breathed his last ,
the son closing the eyes of the old revolu
tionary soldier in the honso which still
bore the mortgage contracted to defray
the expenses of his education. Thoiign
sixtv-scven years of ago , he was still , in
the language of the gicat senator , in later
life , gentle , solt , and playful , with teeth
as white as alabaster , amfa heart which
he seemed to have borrowed from a lion ;
"a private soldier , an olliccr , a legislator ,
a judge evertliiiig that a man could bo
to whom learning never had disclosed
her ample page. "
In Fif.da. Germany , regular institu
tion are established to teach bullfinches
to sing. Young birds are placed m
classes of six to ten each , and kept in the
dark. As they are fed a little hand organ
is played. Soon the birds learn to asso
ciate the music with the feeding , and ,
wliun hungry , they commence to sing a
few notesf the tune they hour dully.
Those which do this are iimccd in a nioro
cheerful room , where light is admitted.
This encourages ami makes them more
lively.Then they like to sing and are
tunglit more.
Children playing in the boil of Silver
crook , right in the city of Silverton , Ore. ,
found a niece of gold-bearing rook , very
rich in the precious metal , and nowlhero
is a gold cra/e among the inhabitants of
thu little city.
Will put on a new ( rain for the aicom :
nuidation ot'Oimilm people for Lincoln.
This train will cunxlHt of IVoo "Ho-
ellninjr CliulrCiir , " Condi and liaicgagc
Car , running : through solid without
chanpro :
Leaving Omaha , daily 0:20 : p.m.
Arrive Lincoln 'Jil ; : ( p.in ,
Reluming , 1'avo Lincoln. . . . 7'IO : a.m.
Arrive Onmliii 11:15 : a. inFer
For tickets , information , etc. , call on
K. I ) . MO IKP.3 ,
Ticket .H'C'iit , N.\V. roi' 161 li und I'.iuinm.
Tuns I' ljuiillihf , Tniv. Pass. Agont.
licnl , Tnllllc .Man'r Gc-nl. l'u s.VTIubetgt. .
Notice l C'onli iiolorM.
SIAT.ID : : l'ro | > o alK will t i ifcojvmit ! the
oillcoof tliu chief ciiumi'ur of the Union
I'HClllu rnllu-ny , nt Oiimha , Nuliiuskii mull tne
munliiirof Mnndiiy , Hnil'irsi day /sovmnhcr ,
lor tlici wruillnw. bildylntr , liuckmvlntr 'iiul nir-
fiiclnir DI tlio 1'iilon j'aultla uml Wet-Kin Colo-
riulo railway In tlio viilloynr llluo river , Coin-
rmlo , about fort > Inlltii
I'lOlllus iiiulplansciiii lie ft en ntolllrc of flilef
uni/lneor , Omiilui , nflui OUolKi - * > tli.
The rig-lit la rcscrvo.l lo lojuel any or nil bids.
H. II. IVtl.liAWAY.
Oct.lTillSt ficn'l Miumirrr If. J' , lly.
'lo Whom It Muy Concern !
VroTlri : iBlii'iuo ) lvi' thallhoClyor | Om *
J- > Ini uOI re.ce.lvu bid ; until 1 | i.iu. on Tuiic'lujr ,
Korvinliur "nd , A. 1) . I8S4 , ill Ihu olllcu of tut-
ell ) ell-Ik , lor ea'.li ot Ihu lolla\vliiir ( iiirt'oUof
land , lo fc It. :
Otiuiiivnc-luir at Din R. V corner or lot J , Mock
3 , Ainutroiiir' * lit Itililltloii , mid ruiinliiif i.'ost
'Mfern. \ . thiMicu itoutli Jl Uf > ul , Ilioiny 11,111 Jl
font , tlienco norllr.'l y tut-t to tlic iilncn of bo
the S. K cornnrof ] t ( ,
/Vniibuomr I 11 uJdllloii , uiul ruiiiiliu
Wl It'Cl , tlltltlOO tlOlllll J'iOtPI ( , thl'UC'l Mint
M i fewt , t lien to uurlli .Vfccuu ihu jiiuiof
the S. II. corner ot lot 5. Mock
it , Armstiontf'B lal addition , nnd running west
M1 , tcct.tliencQ south sajsj p-nt , Ihonco east
liil'i ' tcet , tliQiico noith 25.1M foot to the place ot
. . . . . . . . S T ! corner of lot 0 , l > lock
I ! . AitnstioiiK'H 1st addition , anil rminliiK wont
liOVS feet , tlicnco south 21 4 foot , tliunco east
ilO'j feet , tlicnco north 5W.37 foul to the plueo ot
- -
Cominonelnirnt Ihg S. 13. corner of lot 7 , block
II , Artiistiontf's 1st n'ldltion , anil running uett
ftl'i ' Tnet , lliL'iico soiltli 3T > li4 lout , tliunco east
font , tlicnco noith 2'i.tO toot to lliuiilacuot
Coiiinit'iiolnir Rt the S. n. corncrot lot 8 , block
a , Aiinstrontf'n li > l iiildltiou , und iiiniilntr wont
fii' ( foot , llionio Boutli " 1.8J leet , IIIUIILO oust
fr'ct , thence north " 5.01 feet lo tlio plnco of
CoiniiiuncliKr nt the H. I' , corner of lot 0 , block
n , Armstrong's 1st addition , and running wint
Cd'4 fcoUlheiico Koutlix'i ) fcot. tlu-nco ea l I1HV4
font , tlumuci nuilli : .i > teol to thu place
lllllL' .
Commpnclnjf nt the S. \ \ ' . corner oflot G , T
> V ( iiillnfs uddltlon , und runninir oust HI.M rent ,
tlienco sonlh7.11 Icol.tlionco west 01 5S lout ,
Ihonco noith 'M foot lo tlm plnco of bouInnliiK.
Conunonelns-iil the 8. W. corner of lot II , Inuno
& Urlllln's addition , anil running- oust ll.r ! > S H-i-l ,
thence south 27. " loci , Ihonco est Ol.BH foot.
thence north " 7.0 fret to the plnco of bcirhminir.
t'ommonclntrflt thoS. U' . conu.-r ( if lot 7 , Isano
, V Grlllln'H addition , nnd runnliiK- east 01..1S foot ,
tlicnco sent h L'il.S feet , tliunco west 01 M foot ,
tliunco north 27.3 feet to the plnco of tiotrlnnlnir *
Coinnu.-iiclnr nt the H. K i-oninrof lot H , Inane
, V ( ! i Illin's addition , nnd running \vust ( J1..Wmil / ,
thcnco Fonth M.8 foot , tlipnro east II1.6S foot ,
tliunce north 2(1.1 ( feet to the place of befflnnliiK- .
The city council icsoryos the rlKht to reject
anv or all bldn.
No bids lor n tons nnionnt tlmn the nppnilsod
vnluntion will bo eoiiBldoroil.
J. It. SUUTI1AIID. City Clerk.
October 2oth.l8' < 8. o'-'Mlit
Railway Tiina Table
Tlio following li the time of nrnrnl nnJ de-
pniluroof tialnsby Central Ktnndard Time nt
tuo local itopots. Tinlai of tlio U. , St. I' . , M. &
O. nrrivo nnd dopnrt fiom tliolr dopnt , corner of
14th and Wubstnr Htroots : tialmon the ft. .V M.
ail. ft y , nnd 1C. 0. , St. J. ft PH. from the II.
i ; H. depot nil others from the Union 1'uuilla
IlrldKO trnlna will leave U. 1' . ilopot at nli- :
n7aj-800- : ! : -HM-lli:00--lliw : ] ) : a. in. : HtJ :
- -la-lW-Z00--a:00-H4OU-DOu-5:30- : ; : : : : -
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sioux CITV k PACIFIC ,
A 7:1)5 : A. U. I AD : ' A. M.
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A. u. I r. M. " | UNION' I'AOIKlur
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