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Bam Jones' Sermon at tlio Exposition Build
ing Last Nigbt.
Tliu Roartl or Ktltiuntlon Anienillnq
llio Charter A I'oHuemiw Sus
pended Tl o Imurr Trial
Other liocal
Lnsl night about three thousand per
sons assembled in the exposition buildiiifi
to listen to Sam . /ones. The weather
without was chilly , and had a sensible
rH'ect in reducing the number of auditor :
from that of the night before. The tem
perature of the Interior was comfortable ,
especially after tlio altendaneL1 had beeu
seated for some time.
( ico..Toplm , secretary of the Y. M. ( J ,
A , presided.
The exercises wore opened by Mr.
Maxwell announcing "Praise God , Kron :
Whom All Blessings Flow. " Hov. Mr ,
Mail offered prayer. This was followed
by the hymn , "King the Hells of
Heaven , " sung In unison. The choir
next sang " 1 Will Pray. " The choir wa <
hastily improvised from the audience )
anil although it acquitted itself : w well
us it could do under the circumstances ,
yet tlio effort was not in keeping
with the importance of the occasion ,
The response of Himrers to the call ol
Mr. Maxwell , an also of the clergy , has
not been In keeping with
of the management. 1 people
then rendered "Happy at . " ° nu
of Mr. Maxwell's compi irfona'iot to a
familiar southern air. IIyin"iri17 ! , "Over
There- " was sung in unison. - > Kov. J. B ,
Huuso followed with pravur , and to this
mioeoedcd , "Glory to llis Name. "
Mr. Jones then appeared aeeompanlcd
by Mr. Exccll. Tlie lornior was looking
rather weary and seemed to Imvo lost
homo flesh ) at lcasl M > far as his features
were concerned , MIICO iiis lirst appear-
uneu hero.
Mr. Excoll's effort was , "lie Saved a
Poor Sinner Like Me. " This was one of
Mr. Exeell'H favorites , having already
Ming U rt.ur.lnfc the revival. Mr. Kxcoll s
Voice is particularly agreeable in tlio
lower notes , lie bings with rare sweet
ness and expression and 1ms become
quite a favorite among the revivalists.
When Mr. Jones appeared upon the
rostrum , the followihg clergymen were
upon tliu .stand : Kov.s. J. b. Mail , J. M.
HoiLso , J. P. Hoe , \V. J Harslm , W. H.
Jlunderjion , I. M. Wilson and U. C. 13os-
Ln the aiuliunco wns quite a number of
people wlio hail come in from Lincoln to
attend thu exercises.
Mr. Jones spoUo substantially as fol
lows :
Wo trust tliat you will pray Hint God will
ble-ji this service ami the salvation ol men
nml women.Vu have selected a verv fami
liar text , thn question of tlio t'liillippian
Jailer , nml tlio answer ot the great apostle
Paul ; "What must I do to bo MIVHU" . " ' and
they haltl , "Helievo In tliu Lord Jesus Christ
mnl thou shnlt bo saved and thy house. " In
answer to the question now alter the ex-
noiieneesand lessons of nineteen ecntutlus
Intervening between the occasion that
biflimhtout this text nud this hour in which
woseivooil ( ! , lam leniiy to say to an audl-
enco like thin that 1 Imvo no light in answer
to the question , "Wlmt must 1 do to ho
6avo.1V" i Imvo no right ( Interruption in
the gallery when Mr. Jones said : "I1 hope
you ushers wilt see thit that noise up thuro
M 111 bo quieted. Don't you boys know that
you aroat womhipi' Don't you know how to
behave yourselves ? I wish tlioy would
KIII' : : hucn TjiiTNt > r.n IIID : TiiAsir
as tliatnt homo. I have beun preaching to
these vast audiences for years , anil J declare
thnt 1 Imvo been amiojeil mom In this city
than in all my ministry. 1 have heard ot the
" \\ilil west , " hcnid anil read about it , but
am realm m : it now. I Laughter. ) 1 say in ,
answer to tlio question "what must I do to bo
saved , 1 have no right to advNo a mnn to do
anything tliat ho may not illo doing that unit
die saved. 1 might advise a man to keep
good company , and wlmt better could. I give
uny man , and yet 1 wee how a man may keep
good eompany all his llto and die uns-aved.
I might advise a man to lead good books , and
J know tliat Is good advice , and thine Is no
estimating the value ot good hooks , thuto Is
no estimating the harmful , baleful influtmco
of a bad book , ami yet 1 see how a nmn may
read good hooks all his llto and dlo unsaved
at last. I might ndvibo a man to join some
branch ot tlio Christian church , and I wish
every man on earth was a member of
the church ; 1 wish to-day 1 was the meanest ,
man In Iho world , and 1 want
to bo as Rood as Christ cim make mo ;
1 wish every man wan a hotter mnn Hum 1
nm , aiul.l want to bu just as good as It IB pos
sible lor mo to be. 1 say , to advlso a man to
join some Christian church , that is good ad
vice , and a gu-at many men think , "Well , I
can do as I pk-abo until 1 join the church. "
Well , I Imvo
AH MiicirniniiT TO OUT DRUNK
to-night as any man in Utnulm , ( iod holnc
the Judge. Who gave you pei mission to du-
baueh your body wltli whisky ; Imvo you uer-
mlbhion from hen von to do a tlilim like thnt ?
Some men think it Is no harm to do tliiH , that
or the other until they Join a clitnoli. The
difference between the member or a church
and a man not In the church Is that the mum-
bur of the church lias mot his obligations and
acknowlodgeii them. L Imvo as much right
to steal HomutuhiK to-night as any mnii In
thla world , C.od being thu judge. I Imvo as
much right to tell a Unas any man in this
wiiild , dod being tlio judge. And H snv , I
wish every man would meet the obligatfons
upon him nnd decide for Uod und
ilcht. That Is poort advice io tell you to
join the church , und yet 1 know you may po
irom tlio heights ot piofesMon down to the
depths of damnation. 1 might advise niiinn
to take tlie baernmont emblems of our stillor-
liiK Lord , and 1 know a man intent lake the
Nacramunt all his dn > s and dlo unsnved'nt '
liift. I inlgliUulvUo a man to bo bautUed In
Iho nunto of the Trinity and yet I Vny Hint
nmn might go from baptism down to destnio-
tlon at last. 1 might advise a man to pmv
with his lamlly at-homo morning and night
prayer wllh wife and children. JJy the way ,
\\llluvery father and mother or head ot a
Ifiinlly who prays night and morning with
Ida loved ones at home , will you htund up ; 1
want toheo how many do that. 1 know , J
know that it takes less religion to save a
mini's soul in heaum than it decs to mnko
1dm pray In his family. 1 don't tie-
llevo any mnn lius religion to take
liiui to heaven , until ho bus got
ioUgon | enough to read tlio wont or ( iod and
piny with his lamlly at homu. A prayerle.ss
Iiuuso is
My birllnon if wuaro going to bo'rolli.'inus ,
In tlio name of In > a\on let us bo lellgloiH ,
ami it wo are not golm : to hu
religions , lot us never ho humeiltei in Iho
uhiiroh of ( iod , iMothodlsts , Hiiptlsts ,
( /fiiigrosrtttonalliits. I'resbyturhins , Cathollia.
LpUeopnlltms , Lutherans , If 1 were jon ami
iiretended to Do a Christian father , 1 would
be a prie.st of my own home and coiiMicrate
my homo In family devotion and lot the Ihu- .
ot the lamlly alturijo up with their incense
until ( Sod cjillod mo Iroin bulnj ; the pi in-.tot
that homy to that homu IH > boyoiul. And ,
hlbtin ; it your hnnband will not pray with
with you and jour uhlhlion , don't lot your
luui-.eJiu * luitfjer without the dm'otion of ttio
family all.ir going up to lioavon nl lit and
uioi niiitf. 1 Hay 1 mlgld uilvlso a man to
pray in his family night and minnlng , and
> ut ho may may | n Ids lamilv night and
murnlngall hlsllfonnd die unsaved at last.
1 miglit ailvloiiii mnn to read his bible daily ,
and yet a man might re.id hU blbla all Ids
dnvh and yet die untiaved at last. Theoo aio
Hilly liibtiiiniontul to biing mo to ClnUt ;
the-e uio iuhulllclont to maka mo hcttur ,
and tliuiu U but uno sutllclout
nnd that is faith in thu LnidJesus Cluldt. It
is lulth in.liinus Christ that bavus Iho boul.
> 'ow underHtnud mu It Is not luith m a ureud.
A crri-4 per MI Is uothlu but the bUln ol
until hot ii | > and.
tiii'rruii wrru S.UVDUSTyn SAND.
There is not a tliinir m It to t\vu \ llfoto any
nmn , Oh , tlio gallons nmt gallona of blood
tliat luivo hiHin biillt ovtir that croud , Tlio
'iiul itniidbitioii , the blood v wain ot tlio old
times , it was the civcd that wlietttvl Uio
hivuril atul loddvHltliuKUii. Creed ! \\"ulia\o \
Uiil wlmt wvcall our oithodoxy aild what wo
rail our heterodoxy , It I In-lievo what you
bollovo 1 am orthodox ; It 1 don't bDliovo
what you t > cllevo L wn bntcrodox. Ortho
doxy Is my doxy nnd hctero < loxy Is your
doxy ; that Is the way wo work It. If you
believe x hat 1 believe jou arc orthodox ; If
you don't bellnvo what I belleto you are
liCteriHlox. ( Sod don't say whosoever 1)0- )
HOVM the Methodist creed , the U.iptl t
rrc * > d , the Coiiuiecatlcninllst creed , or the
Presbyterian creed shall bo saved. Ho never
said that ; 1 am glad ho didn't. Now some
ot you could ncser swallow tic Metliodist
creeil , some of you could never swallow the
Congregationalfst eiceih ( some of you could
never swallow the Uaptlst creed. 1 am glad
the more religion wo got , and the more sense
UPRPI , the loss wo are tnlklnc about creeds
and the closer wo are getting together. I am
glad of that. It there Is anj thing thnt dis
gusts mo In this world It Is a Methodist
preaching on Infant baptism and nine-tenths
of the babies of tlio chinch at homo atleep
nnd ho is uii ringing the changes on infant
baptism. And licnr the Presbyterian , boat
how I HI goes it nowon linal pnriuivornncoand
one-halt ot his crowd Imo nothing to pcrsc-
\eriMii. And the HnptlM preachrr liollcrltm
"Water ! water ! watcrl" and half of his
congregation going whcio they will never get
a drink
TO coot , Titntn
( Lniigiilcr.j ] .say lam glad wuaro gottlm ;
away fiom such ns Hint , and 1 am glad we
are coming to tlio tlmo when this world IP
meeting ( iod half way , and the ctoss of
.lusus Christ' Is middle ground bntwcon
heaven and hell , and wo will inoet ( Iod thorn
and now hero else. HHnot fnllli In acrced ,
it is not lallli In a dogma , it U fnltli in u per
son ; it is nut who.soeu-r bullbvetli tills faith
or dogma , but It is whosoever bcllovuth in
the Lord Jesus Christ shall bo saved. I wish
wo would tie our faith to the cross and unit
nunrrellng overcreed. A preacher snld to mo
once , "Jones , look to your orthodoxy. look
to your orthodoxy. " I said , "Old lefliuv , If
1 had as much orthodoxy us you have got nnd
caught no inoro lisli than you do , I would
quit the business , 1 would. ' ' And ttieni
urn HO in i ! poor old fellows who are afraid
tliat Jones will get foino poor old sinner Into
heaven that has no religion at all. Hero ,
brethren , hero is n Savior to save unto the
uttermost , who said , "If 1 bo lilted up L will
draw all inon unto Me. " And hero wo stand
with thnt old ship /Ann away out across the
bar. ten miles fiom land , ami a great big old
D. lh will gut out on the deck or that grand
old ship and cry , "All you old blnueis that
cnn Dswlm ten miles come out here
nnd wo will cany you to gloiy. " I
hcllcvo in the old ship coming tin
to thu whnifand tin owing out the tow plnnk ,
and calling out , "All aboaid , every man who
wants logo to glory. " [ Amen , amen. 1 I bo-
lli-vu in that , f do. Old sinners stand and
look at that ship ten miles out , and siy ; ,
"Boys. I can't swim out ; tlieie , I might lust
as well die where 1 am , " and stands light
there and dies. Thu lord nivo us something
else besides ciecds and handle * to our names.
Now let me tell you
nor a eng , nor a good feeling , but icllgion ,
blblo religion , eirisilanitvunilorlayin.r ! every
t < ltnU ot human lilo and conduct , makes monet
not only live the light but do the right ; not
only eschew tlio wntug but hate the wronu' .
That N leliglon. "What I inus > t do to bo
saved ? " To bo- saved from sin ot coursito
bo saved from all that wilt hai m mi- , all that
will damage me , to bo saved hum tliiibU
things which keep mo liom being such a
lather and such a mother and such acitlzon
ns 1 ought to bo it is salvation liom sin , that
Is the highest aspiration that ever stirred a
man's soul. 1 don't btdhtvo that anything !
clso will round up a man's nature
and make it what it ought to
he except ths religion of Jesus Christ
What must I do In oidcrtliat I mny boagooiL
husband , a good fattier , and u good citUon ,
love virtue and loan nn humble life baloio
Goal' What must I do to lead a quiet and !
peaceful lito In all ( lOdllncss and sincerity ?
Now tlio aiiswcrcoint-s in this way : Hclicvo
in the Loul Jesus Christ and thou shalt bo
such a tatiicr , such a husbind , such a
citizen , nnd sucli a man as God
will honor on earth and crown in heiven.
\VhontlioUiblosays , " 15elii'\o in the Lord
Jesus Christ , " It means that you revere him
and follow linn in all your walks and ways.
That is what the Lord JL'SUS Christ told
Matthew to do. "Follow me. ' ' i expect if
some of us preachers , and some of us good
old brothers , had been present when Christ
came along where Matthew was sitting at
tlio scat ot custom anil looked at him and
said , "Follow me. " I expect if we had been
along that day whim Matthew closed up his
tax book aild followed Christ , we would Uuve
walked on nnd ovei tool ; Matt now and said ,
"Hold on. old follow , you nro not converted
vet. " You act converted buforo you get to
Christ. When a man gets up and follows
Christ , if he has not uot roliiilon , what Is the
matter with lilmV The fact that ho is follow
ing Clulst Is proof that he has got religion ,
and whtin you see a man following Clirist
that Is the best evidence in tbo world that
hu has got It ,
o , now MUCH nt'Miiuaor.nv
there is nbout this tiling of religion , how
much foolishness. Nothing hut the inlinlto
patience of Gud could bear with us on mat
ters like Hits. God is meiciful , com ! and
kind , lie loves you and wants to save , but
Goil Miniboll : cannot save until you put your
self Into an attitude to bo saved. In other
wonlb until you cease evil and Icnin to do
well. Religion Is a thing of choice. Let me
lallc a little common .sense. Suppose thatI
wanted my boy to bu a tanner , how will 1
make him ono' . ' Go out hero and buy him a
thousand acics ol this beautiful Aebiaska
land. and slock It for him. and SUV , "My boy ,
I want you to RO out there and go to farm-
Inur. " Deus that iniitu a farmer of himV
I ) t us see. where is the hov ? Down in
Omaha. What is ho doing ! Playing cards
and drinking whisky. [ Laughter. ] I say ,
"Sou , I want you to go oat and farm. I have
bought you a beautiful farm and slocked It
nico. 1 am going to make a fiumur of you , "
and ho stagLcrs back and says , " 1 am not
goiiiR up there , I don't want to bo a fanner. "
"Then , .son , Inm going to make a. . lawyer out
ot you. " i'ou will bulld-him a linohrlckofllcc
and buy him all the law books , ( iicmiliet' .
lilackstono , Story , and a host of
others , and Bay , "Son , I am going
to make a lawyer of you , I Imvo built
you a line olllco and got you all the books. Ho
bavs , " 1 would like to sen you ; 1 am not
going to , eit.iur. " You would make a lawyer
out of him with a s'cngcniice , or you would
make a former out of him with a vengeance.
If that lather can not make a fanner out of
that boy until hu decides to be a farmer , or a
lawyer until ho dcoldoH ro bo a lawyer Uo
cannotmnka a lawyer out of him. God can
not iiiuko a good man oat of you until you
decide to bu good. How can Ho do I IV ( five
vou tile bible ? Yon nnvo hud it'nll your life.
Give yon n Sunday school ! ' You weio In
Sundflv school until yon were fourteen years
old. No sinner over gets salvation unions ho
gives hlmsoK to ( tt > d. Tile od | > dliolrniH of
thu Lord's good tlmo will HHVO him. If .ton
nro honest In tliat. 1' ' nm not preaching to
you to-night because you liavo
not sense enough to ho response
bio. ami all the powder and shot wn
waste on dcnd game is thut much lest ; I
no\cr shoot at a dead dog , nnd you aio dead
as tar us icsiionslbllity Is concerned. Hu says
wnlt for the Lord's own goad time towwu us.
ttotalk about times to rotrcihmcnt and re
vival. Theie never was aday in the history ot
( iMialm that ( iod-lilmsdlf was nut as wllliiiK
to save you as ho is willing to-night , or to-
moriow. or any peilod in your lilotory.
Hiutliron do you know God's tune to bave ?
It Is now , now. now. Thu eternal now Is
thu time that ( ! nd proposes to savu every one
ot us. What must 1 do to ho saved , .saved to
the good and sa\cd fiom the bad.
KAvr.n riio.n niir : ,
and saved to heaven. Saved from all the
di'haUL'lics and Mivod to all that elevates
What miibt I do' , ' Hiothurhcro Is the whole
matter , listen : Uollevc In the Lord Jesus
Clulst and lollow in his lootstops , and vou
wlllbti btivcd as certain aswunie In ibis
hotibo to-night. 1 do not uaro how you h < el
about It. Wo are not limning on loollnits.
1 hear so mo of the old butthum get up
and tell a great long rurmorolo about their
e.Nperlcnco and it wouldn't bu a month tm-
foio 1 rend the samu nut of a bonk , and I
would wonder it tlioy didn't K"t their ex-
puriencc.s out of a lunik , 1C a man's bollof Io
anything atterho is concerted ho will helluvn
the biblo. 1 novcr saw dm dr jvrnen I
didn't bvllev. Jm ! biolo. I never HIIW * tlio
nnv wlion I did not buiiuvc that- JCSHAta \
Inlinlto. For twenty-four ) cars ot my life 1
went right down to the jiuvs of death and
hell believing it. For fuui teen yaus I lui-
lluvudlt and didn't do that. bt. James bavs
jon bhow mo your faith without your winks
and 1 will bhow you my tultli by my woiJs.
i believe in Christ by lollowlng him. Hero
is thoeoncbialon of the wholu matter , K\ciy
body that wants to bo sa veil isbuve.d. You
say wlmt do you mean by that. It a mnn
will do thu best ho knows how , God makes
allowance for dUluront liglitb tbut aiu puiucd
upon him.
A. man thnt guts religion Is n good donl like
aman thatKotb mcablci. For instance heto
is a follow owr heroIn your city ; tie wakes
up b'omo morning with n high fnver , burning
nnd aching ( rom head to foot. Ho sends for
a pl'y.sicUn. Tlio physician examines him
and guvs : "ily friend , you have been es-
l to ttio mi'jiUu * . " and liu
was up in a loom about Urn dayu ago
a man had tbo mev : > lft3. " LLo tuya : "Y"ou ,
hnvo contracted ine-uli'j , Kow ( air , all that ;
Is Io bo iiono Is to give you two or Hires cups
nf warm tea to brlns tliom out and keep
them out. Asioon ns thov brcuk out tlioy
will bo nil rlmit. but It they po In they will
kill jou. " There Is an old sinner over there.
Uo gets tangled up in n meeting like till5
and ho begins to feel mean nnd bad all o\er
nnd ho says I rim thn
I never felt so bad in nil my life. What Is
tlio mnttcr with him ? lie has been exposed
to religion nnd has got It. What are you
going to do with a sinner like that , nulling
from head to foot anil tooling bad all over' .
Ulvo him two or thrrocnus of ten and break
It out on him and lie Is nil right , but if It goes
In on him It will kill him. [ Laughtcrl ,
That U what Utliu matter with about hall
of the brothers the religion has gone In on
them. [ Laughteri ] and every time tliat they
tro up to take them tlioy say 1 lm\ogot it ; 1
have got It hero and Unas gone in on them ,
They have not got a bit on their bauds or feeler
or on their puckotbooks. Droak It out on tin
hands nnd feel and you mo elected for nil
time to come. Lord ( iod Incline jour heait
to seek this kind of piety tc
love , cherish nnd follow Christ everywhere ,
and vou will bo hnppy In this world and It
the world to come , ( iod help you to take till !
home with you to-night. I scarcely feel ni
though 1.could talk to you to-nlglit. L trus
to-morrow night to bu in as good trim as J
lm\obc.cn physically. Drutliren ot Omaha ,
you nro not treating God right. You can
treat mo asiyou jilcaso , If I am Sam Jones
but if 1 am ambassador for Jesus Christ yoi
are not treating Him tight , You have no
been up to that day HOI vice on Sunday. I nn
' not hoggin * . The church wns full to-dny , tin
lower loom wns packed andusomo In tlio gat' '
lury. I am neb begging tor un nndlonce , but
brother , are you treating mo right ana treat
Ing God riglit In your staying awnjMvher
we nro trying to save yourself nnd clnldicn ,
lirotlii'r , brother , hiothcr , cut lonsofrom bust
ness to-morrow and pray that the power ol
God may como > upon tills city and .save It"
Sister , you have not been tlicio pcrclmnca
think a moment , mo > ou treating "tlio Lord
ri III' ' Are you ( renting his cause right In
absenting ynursult Irom tlicso day services !
Tlio middle of this week , the latlci
pnit of this week anib next week , the )
will bo pom Ing In lieru on excursions , pur
Imps , and your plnces in the church may bt
taken and nlso this hall. Urothur , sister ,
wlillo God gives us ouportuulty let us do wltli
our might.
THE RO A UP 010 13 1 ) UC.VT1ON.
It Moots null TrnriHiiotH ConsHioriilik
The board of' ' cduc.ttion met lust
with a full membership present. Con
siderable business was transacted.
From William M. ( Joodthwaite , ofl'erinc
to furnish thu Omaha schools with Atlos'
tillurians and globes at a stated price.
ISeferrod to committee on teachers and
text books.
From Clewos IJrothers , roporliiifx that
$2,1-1:3 : are due to tlio contractors at "work
on the Gi'ornia avenue school. Ailoweil
and secretary instructed to draw tip war
From ITomov P. Lewis , rpeommciulin"
that Leyton's latin lessons bo exchange"
for Callart Duniul'.H latin lessons , provid
ing tliat the pub ishers are willing to ex
change witlioiit evpenso. Granted.
From Mrs. D. ( irancy , ox-jranitress of
the Harttmin school , protesting against
the action of ono of tbo members of the
board in fiiving to one of tlio papers al
leged false-reports about her character.
A bill of ? 100 from George "W. Him ! for
boiler work in the high school wtb al
The committee on judiciary reported
that it bad received $217 of an old judg
ment collected by Colonel Chase from the
Lowe estate , when hu was attorney lor
thu board , four or live years ago , Ho Imo
retained sflOO of this amount as a fee.
Tlio report was adopted and Colonel
Chaise's claim was allowed.
Tlio committee on buildings reported
that additional room was needed for the
pupils of Lake school. A resolution was
offered that the committee bo authorized
to rent tlio basement in the Congrega
tional church , on Twenty-second and
Lake , until ancli a tinio as a temporary
$ 100 structure could bo erected. This
was carried.
Upon report of the same committee , a
resolution was passed ordering that the
furnaces in the Cass street school bo re
Mr. Copeland , of tbo committee on
rules , forms and printing" suggested un
amendment to the rules governing the
school board to this effect that teachers in
the public schools bu graded as primary.
grammar , high school and special , and
tbatthuy bu required to pass examinations
to secure cortiticates m eacli of these
grades. These certificates entitle each
teacher to teach three years , This class
ification , Mr. Copeland explained , was
intended to take the place ot the ono now
existing , dividing teachers into lirst ,
second , third , and special grades. After
considerable discussion the amendment
was luid over for ono week.
Mr. Blackburn proposed an amend
ment to suction 01 , which wns adopted.
This was thut the .superintendent should
make a report every month to tlio board
of the time spent by thu spceml teachers ,
the time lost ( if any ) , tlio number of
lessons taught , etc , , together with : i full
report of progress in all bclloola in the
11 no of specistl work.
Considerable tinin was taken up nt this
juncture in preparing a setof rules to
liovern the principals of the different
schools in the distribution of free sup
plies. The rules in vogito in Now York
City wore with a few amendments
nusoi.tmoNfi ,
A resolution was offered and carried
that the superintendent be instructed to
present to the board a list ot Hie attend
ance of scholars in tlio itifl'eronb schools
and grades , together with a list of such
pupils as could bo transferred to the
satno grades in cliools noaron homo. An
other resolution carried was tliat a com
mittee bo appointed to visit' all occupied
rooms in thu oily and secure all possible
suggestions , which might bo madu as to
improvements in lighting , hunting , ven
tilation , etc. Per resolution madu nnd
oarriodj tlio salary ot Miss Rogers , the
musiii teacher , was raised to $110 per
month. A resolution to raise that of
Miss Wllitmoro to $100 a mouth was lost
by a vote of 4 to ! .
Oflluor Doiitvaii Lot OuL For A
Marshal Citiuinings yostm-day sus
pended Otllcor Donivnn from the police
force. Donivan , it appears , has suc
ceeded In getting himself into n bad
scrape , and may have a grimier authority
than a nolico committee investigating Ins
case. It appears that Miss Sullivan , who
is a eibter-ln-law of Donivan's has boon
working for Mrs. lirncklny in a restaurant
on Davenport street , and quit the other
dliy with a balamm of fd.OO dim her.
Thnro was .somo tronblo In ollbollng a
settlement , and nn Kumlay , when Mrs.
llnickluy w'j'/absont , Donivan , it is al
leged , woi , * wall Miss Sullivan
to Mts , Hnickloy's room and
broke into ucr mini ; , carrying off
goods enough to scotiro tbo claim. Mar
shal Cmnminus heard of this and sus
pended Utmivau pending an investiga
tion. Yobterdaj morning Donivan , 'in
order to bu ablu .o account for his pos-
bo.sskm of Mrs. Iintekley'.s ellcts \ , nworo
out a writ of attachment for thu goods to
bi'curo iiis si tor-iiiflaw's claim. At tlio
same time that thu attachment papers
worn gtvon to Constable Kdgorton , Mrs.
Uriiokloy WAS getting out u writ of
replevin to sc.curo possession of her
goods. Affairs nra now delightfully
mixed , and Mr. Donivaii will Imvu his
bands full for a while getting out of the
mudillo ,
The Grand Chancellor unit. G. V. 0.
will visit Omaha on Wuduosday , Nbvom-
TcmburlT. Out that evening all sister
lodges aru rc < iucstud to-ussembla atCatftlo
ball of Nebraska No , L1 to ttnitu In a en-
era ! ' meeting ,
Tbo Meeting ut the City llnll Uast
The call.for 51 mass meeting of elti
zens at the city liall last evening to ills
cuss proposed amendments to the cilj
charter anil legislative enactments for
the benefit of Omaha was responded tc
by n score of citizens esnccially interested
ostod In the proposed legislation. Among
those present were Senators Lmingoi
anil IV.schuck , Representatives Smytlto ,
Atulros ami I'oung , Mayor Uoyd , Conn1
oilmen l co , X.owry anil Kaspur , Judge
Sti-nburg , J. U. Southard , James Croigli
ton , C. V. Gallagher , W. A. 1 , , Gibbon
J. A. Wlikoliold , 13 , Uosowator , A. Hose'
water , \ \ . J. Connell , Joe. Hodman am :
others. The room was eoltl ami cheer
lesss , and but few of those present
seemed disposed to open i
meeting for the discussion o !
such it fruitful theme as tbo city's noods.
After some informal talk Judge Slenborj
called thn meeting to order unit called
Mayor Hoyd to tlio chair. Thu tnayoi
stated tbo object of thu meeting. Cm
Attorney Council offered n motion , whier
was adopted , providing for the appoint
nunit of a committee of II vo from the
council to act in conjunction with a com
mltteo of live from tbo board of trade in
the choosing of live cltix.ons , making r
total committee of fifteen who shall report
port proposed amendments to a meeting
to bu held at some future date , Aftei
homu further discussion tbo mooting ad
journcdt _
AVill Come Up In Two AVcclcs Othci
Court Notes.
The now trial of John W. Lauer
charged with the murder of his wlft ) , was
down among the cases to ba called ur
yesterday in the district court. Judge
Neville was still confined to bis homo bj
sickness and Judge YVakoly did not want
to take up thu ca.su alone. Judge Sav
age , ono of Lauor'H attorneys , is absent
fioni tbo city and. will not be uotuc for a
week. Un those accounts the case could
not well bo taken up , ami
after a consultation it was
mutually agreed among the attorneys
tornoys that the case should bo called
upjfor trial ono week from next Monday ,
Four of tlii ! prisoners arraigned before
Judge Wakcloy yesterday plead guilty ,
lliov were : Charles Lincoln , charged
with the larceny of a horse from Mr.s ,
ti'l ; Charles U'illinms , accused witii
stabbing : Ella Williams , and Charles
Trooms , accused of the larceny of a cow ,
and A. H. Soulos , charged witli thu
larceny of $ Jfi from a trunk in Curran'e
boarding house. Soulus was sentenced
to eighteen months imprisonment in the
state ponitontiarv by Judge Wakely. The
other prisoners liavo not yet been sen
Tlio trial of Fred Gorsionberc , charged
with the larceny of goods from Paul's
park , was commenced before J"udge
Wakeloy yesterday afternoon.
"Tlio AVnucs of Sin. "
"Tho Wages of Sin" is one of the most
powerful productions in the annals of
melodrama , and the fact that it is in
tensely moral docs not interfere with its
interest , which is sustained throughout
the entire live acts without a single inter
val of tamcness. The play is admirable
in construction ami the usual ingrediunls ,
love , seduction , villainy and virtue , arc
put together with such unusual skill as to
gain new attractiveness. The audience
was largo and composed of such people
as go purely from love of the drama ,
Their appreciation amounted to demon-
stralivoness , tlmprincipal character being
repeatedly calleil before the curtain. Tliu
characters were all excellently portrayed ,
down to the most minor. Miss Etelka
Wardoll is an actress of considerable
power , notwithstanding a tendency to
rant , but she made an immense impres
sion on the audience judging from the
frequent recalls she gained. Florence
Vincent did a clever bit of acting as the
mother of a "genius , " and Lisettp Lo
Baron made a decided hitas an emotional
actress in private life. She is 11 bright ,
taking woman , destined to make her
mark. "The Wages of Sin" will bo re
peated tiiis evening.
Officer White's Cnic.
The committee on police met at the
mar.-ihal's olllco last night for an investi
gation of tlio charges made by ex-Coun
cilman Anderson against Officer White.
The interested parties were present , but
before the committee commenced the
work of examination the ollicor and his
accuser had como to an understanding
upon the matters that led to their trouble ,
and Mr. Anderson asked permission to
withdraw his charge against the oilicor.
The police committee , taking this as an
exoneration of Officer White , dropped
the matter.
Knotting fur Aerial Imildcr * .
CounuKiuen Goodrich , Leo and Lowry ,
who compose the committee on lire and
water work ? , will leave to-morrow forSt.
Paul , Minneapolis , Milwaukee , and Chicago
cage , for the purpose of making exam
inations of the latest improvements in
aerial ladders in uio in the lire depart
ments of these cities before they purchase
ono for the Omuha department ns re
cently ordered by the council. The com-
mittcu will bo accompanied .by Chief
J. J. Galligan , of the lire department.
A Birth-Day Present.
Mr , Branch , of liraiich & Co , , whole
sale dealers in fruit and produce , was
considerably surprised on entering his
place of business yesterday toJlnd ancle-
gant new chair at his desk. A card
pinned to tlio back of the chair told thu
story of whence it cnmo , as well as the
cordial fcolingoxisting between employer
and employed. Thn note road as fol
lows : "iJirthday Gift IMeasuaceoptthiH
slight token of our regard. [ Signed ]
Paul , Will , Kd , Ujuilil , Mort and Fix ? '
Collo.ulliiK Clalinw.
In the oounttfu court yesterday John
Kiuwitt secured' ! m attachment against
the properly of , J. Nicole to secure a
claim of $1) ) 8.89 for money loaned.
H. W. Day , in the same court , com
menced a suit to secure n claim oi ifC'Jfor
goods sold and delivered ,
IMook Watchman Jerry Murphy 011
Monday night 'found two boxes of tin
' iiith'o between Thirteenth
ners' tools ( alloy
teenth and Fiwtlcenth and Farnnm and
Harney The tools arc now at the police
station awaiting lentillcation.
James Ityan , a hackman , was flniid 11
and < : o.-.t in no ! leu court yesterday for
leaving his team ou the .streelb untied.
William Hoinriebs swore onta warrant
in Judge Stunhorg's court yuaterday for
the ui rest of Huns Gosch on the chargu
of assault and battery ,
A Kansas City linn has written to Soo-
rotary NntUnger , of tbo boar.1 of trudc ,
to ascertain what inducements this city
will oll'iir tn sccnra thi ) location of a putout -
out roof manufacturing company.
i'estorday thu order was issued by thu
Union Paci'tic to employes ol' the road to
use the twenty-four hour syelom in telu-
grapliinirnnd eorre.snondenoo. The old
system will Mill remain in us.u in tbo run
ning of trains ami in suhudulus. Some of
boys were rather .stunned in trying to
cipher out thu time m their finst' attempts
yesterday , but uxpcet gradually to work
into thu uuvv yktomull right ;
U ( Torts Kor Federal Alii Kor tlic Com
inon SchonH
BOSTOK , Nov. 15. the incctlnR ot the com
mltteo on federal aid Io the common schools
appointed In July Inst by the .National Teach
crs' association nt Topeka , and the Anicilcnr
Institute of Instiuctioii at Hnr Harbor
which hns been in session hero for the pasi
week- , adjourned to-dny to meet In Washing
ton nt thu convention of stnto school superlu
tmidots In Februniy. The committee ills
cussed the bill for federal aid to tin
common schools aud voted to icpoil
favoring Its principle , but no action wa
taken as to the special feattucs of Iho bill
lu accordance with the resolutions of tin
conventions ntTopuka and liar Hatbor , tin
committees were enlarged son * to Klvo cacl
stale nnd territory n local represen tntlou In
the convention at Washington. The followIng -
Ing school olllclnls were electeit to serve on
the local eommlttos in the representation ol
status nnd ns members of the federal
aid convention ; all .state nnd ten Itorlnl super
Intomluiits of public Instiuctioii ; superin
tendents of schools In southern cities nnd
town * of more thnn 10,010 Inhabitants ; all
school supeilntendfnN of cities of fi.OOO ot
mine Inhabitants : presidents of. the nntlonnl
tcarhct s association nnd the Amer
ican Institute of Instruction ; conoral
nueuts of the I'onhody and stnto schools
funds ; Mrs. Alary II , Hunt , superintendent
of the I'diicntlonal department oC the \Vo
. . . . . . , .
' *
tnnit'a Xntliitiitl / li * ! * < t * * lln..ik. > * % > >
nenJIy coinioctod with the national aid move
ment. HJis thoimht- second inlcr-stuti
Filtieailnnal convention like that hold ni
Louisville in mi mny bo called , thouuli nr ,
formal action was taken to mcmoriallro con-
Krosa other than to propose a imuss convoii1
tion In Kobiunry. Die committee In sun- -
KUIIIO that aid will ho grunted either ns pie
vlilcd In thu senate bill or tliiouull souu
similar dfaft.
Ills Arrest in New Vtirk on the Charge
ol' lmrce.li- .
> iW ! Yomc , Nov. 15. Scnor VlnclntDi' '
Mustre , a member of the Span inn legation ,
who recently returned to this city trom Itk
do Janeiro , wns attested yesteidny at the instance -
stance of Mile. Jcanio Uo Maymud , the
oputa sliiKur , uho caino hero on the snmi
steamer with him , on the charge of. having
robbeil her of 1,100 francs , which , she says ,
ho took to gotchnngo for her Into American
money. In police com t to-day tlio hearing
in the case wns set down
for Matin day next. Cnptnin lt
Slestro Is a lotlrcd admiral
of the Spanish navy , lie lias frequented
Now iTork through eighteen years p.ist.
About six months ago he went to Hio dt
.Innoiro. There ho was In close relations
with Knmuror Doin Pedro. He returned
lieie to nrraimo a commercial tieaty between
the United State * , Uraxil nnd the Aigentlne
] ! uputllc. ) Jle hns In his possession a letter
Iroin thu United Stales minister at Hio du
.Inneiro to President Olevelnml , Suuielary
Uayaid , Peiry Uelmonf and well known
Isew Vork meichauts. The accused says ho
tifbt mot .Mllu DoMaynaid nt the Hotel Hoynl
In Hio whcio she was living as the
mistress ot a count , who wns
a filond to thoacctiseil. On tlio steamer lie
paid attention to Mile Alnynaul , and on
arrival took her to the lioiiM ) of Mrs. Austin
In the eity. AIllo Maynaul was out of tunds
and asked DC Mestro to tell Mrs. Austin that
hu ( Domestic ) had her money ehanging it
for her. When the admiral refused to do
this , Mlle JViaynaid called Mrs , Austin into
the loom anil accused DoMestio of stealing
her money. Then DeAfcstie loft the hou.so
nnd the next step wns his niicst lor tlie pur
pose , lie says , of blackmail.
Crookedness Brought to
Loxn IbLANi ) CITV , Nov. 15. The adver-
tisimrof property hy the city treasurer to be
sold to-day for unpaid taxes has led to the
discovery that many persons whoso property
was advertised for sale Hold receipts for the
amounts appearing ngnlnst them on the
trcasuior's booics. The most of
these receipts , covering 52,000 or SfJ.OCO ,
were iRsucil during the term of Treasurer
John U. Morris , wlio committed siilcido four
ycuis ago. just Imfoio the oxpiiation ot his
term of ollicc. The books ot the treasmer's
olllco show no iccord of the uicelpt of thu
amounts In question , and it Is probuUlu that
suit will be eimimcnvcd against tlio bondb-
men of tlio deceased ov-treaMiior ns sonn ns
ttio actual amount unaccounted lor has been
Tlio SIKUII Tobncco Trulc.
M Anmi ) , Nov. 15. It is repotted that
Sunor PuigcTVcr , mlnlbtcr of linanco , will
intioduco in the cortcs a pioject to place the
state tobacco monopoly In the hands of a
syndicate of native and foreign Imakew , who
will pay the trensiiry a tixcil rental exceeding
the meson t income which the government
derives from that source.
Civil War Imminent.
, Nov. If ! . It is reported heio from
Athens thnt-the peasants of Kastuni Itouino-
lla arc declaring themselves In favor ot Itus-
sia and that civil war Is imminent.
Ntl > rnnkrt mill Iowa Wnathor.
Nebraska Snow : colder , norihoily winds.
Iowa i.ocal snows ; colder windsshitting ,
to nottlicrly.
1'nrflonnl I'urajrraplis
Max Meyer is in St. Louis.
P. B. Spraguc , Oltumwa , la. , is in the
The bank clearances yesterday were
J. .F. Imhoff , of Lincoln , came into
town yesterday morning.
John ( J. Smiley , formerly of thu linn of
Bergen & Smiley , loft tlio city yesterday
morning to engage in cattle feeding at
Hampton , Neb.
Mr. George Storsndorf and bride re
turned luht evening from their extensive
wedding trip in the cant , und will begin
housekeeping immediately in Omaha.
Mr. S. Fee , state fish commissioner of
Kansas , is visiting hU sister , Mrs > K , A.
Jackson , at No. 10111 Burt street. Ho re
turns homo to-morrow. Mr. Fee is very
favorably impressed with Omaha and her
manifold evidences of growth ami pros
James B. Chapman loft yesterday to
spend the sonson in thn south. H ) wont
to Chicago , fiom which point ho will
pass through all the morn important
cities , visiting in the Slates ot North and
South Carolina and linally reaching
Florida , where ho will rubt and ruonpur-
ale during the wiiilmmonths. . -
AHI : s-rir.B , 'rstM.m ; 3SA.N'r :
I'orblxifen year * , they liavo stoadlly gained
in fnvor , ami nitli sulea oonbluiitly Incmifcinir
liavo Ixx'onio Iho mi > t populuruoi-svt tluouirh.
out the L'nllcd i-luleri.
'I'liol ! , ! ! nail It H rttdfinromuiloInSimnT
MEIIIUH AMI KvriiA liONti W.\ihT , BiiJtulile far
nil llviirus. Thn ( > < iuuJlty , iniulo ut lin IUU
wiii-iuuled lu wiiui' lwto iw loiitf ui
ihianlf from nil tlio World's crrat
1'ul is. Thn hut mould icculvi'd1 Is lur PIKST
DI.IIIIKI : otv MBIIIT , Irom tbu lulu Exposilion
he'd ut Now OrJoiins.
While tu-oios nf patents Imvo he.un found
wovihkiho'priuniplub ol' tliu Oluvu-l-'iltluif
Uuvo proved luvahiiiblu
Hotullui-b aru uutboriwd to refund inoaoy. if ,
u. tluo Con > nta do not provo ui
THOMSON , LANCDON & CO , , New York.
Hardly a week passes without the men
tion by the newspiipors of smlilr-n deaths
nml of Into the alarming frequency of tin
statement that ileatlt wa cati.seil by rhoti
mutism or neuralgia of the heart cantio
fail to have been noticed. In all prob
ability many deaths attributed to near
disease are eattsed by the o terrible ills
eases , wliieharo far more dangerous thai
Is goiierally conyidered. J thorn an ?
positive cm of Tlio best answer to Mich i
question is given by those who HA\KIU.I : :
ctnni > by the nso of Atlilophoros.
r-ongrinc , Neb. , Aug. lltli , 1836.
Ipullured for years with neuralgia it
my head , neck and faee , and liavo pent
1 Know , ever ? KH ) in trying to Iind SOIIK
medicine to relieve me , and found onh
tomiiorary relief in anytliing I tried unti
I aw nil advertisement of Atlilophoros
It gave mu relief at once , ami after usin ;
onu bottk ) and n half L found InstiiH.
relief. It llehicd and cured me where all
other remedies failed. 1 liavo recoin
mended it to several of my friends will
like good result * , t have not had a return
turn of the disease sineo taking the Ath-
loplloros ever two years ngOi
i A.
Altoona , Iowa ,
Atliloplioros is giving unparalleled sat- -
iMfuetion ill this locality as a sure euro foi
rliuiiinutisin. id Jaqucs , a farmer neat
Greenwood 1 . O. , was cured of hcltitu
rhuumalibin after Imving bnon foiMlirui
months unable to walk wit limit a urutoli
Jk A. Ogdun of this plaeo had for years
been troubled with rhounmlitmi , oflor
times unable to work. Uo never found t
liermaiiuiit cure until lie tried Athlo
plioros. Shipped two bottles by cxpres1
aa a present to B brother in Nebraska.
L. O , 8ii.vrrr.it , Druirgist.
K very druggist should keep Athloplio
ros and Alhlophnroa 1'HN , but whore the
eannof be bought of the druggist tlu
Atliloplioros Co. , 111 ! Wall St. . Nnw York ,
will sund either ( carriage paid ) on reeeipl
of regular price , wliiuli is $1.00 per boltk
for Atliloplioros and 50c for L'llls.
Tor liver ntid Ulnnoy dlsen os. drspcpaln. In
iliKoallou , wenkni" , ner\oim didilliljdSiniMi
of woimni , ( MiiihtlpHtlon , llendticho , tmpiiri
blood , Vc. , Atliloplioros Pills uro imoquiileU. II
Warranted o llfff / jntrn
Cocoa , from which tlio OXCUM of
Oil has been rcimncd. llkutthrec
itmct ttia stnngth of Cocoa mixed
wllh Slixrcb , Arrowroot or Hiignr ,
mid in therefore far more economi
cal , coiling Itti titan ant cent a
cvp. U It dcllcloiif , nmirlshlncr ,
| ! ntrrnBlheulng , cp.slly dlgcetcd , and
n'lmlrably adapted for Itirnllda aa
well nil for pcrtonK In licalth.
Bold by OiroriTH orerywhcrc.
BAKER & GO , , DorcUer , Mass ,
Nebraska National Bank
Pnid up Capital . $250,000
Surplus . 3O,000
H. W. Yates , President.
A. E. Tou/alin , V iec Prchldcnt.
W. H S. Hughes , Cashier.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H. W. Yates , Lewis S. Heed.
A. E. Toiuuilm.
Cor 12lb and Farnam Sts
A Ur.acrtil Banking Business Transacted.
. W. HARRIS & Co.
or'mmtlcfl , Cities nnd ol hers of
hlKliirrndoliunclitnndenld. Etistem
ollloo OH Dovoriehiro St. . liustuu. Corrcispond-
ouco MOllcltcd.
The only DENUINEones made.
_ The most comfortab7ir antr durabto
s/m/o for walking.
Perfect fit. . .lio'wrinftles. . .Easy as air
oM stow. . .Always retain ttio stiapo.
_ Will not tire the feeJHmTong Imiks.
Matia m 77 widths and all sizes.
Uck on Ecl for Mam unJ Addiou ot
J. & T.
For Saloby Ifnywanl Bros. , KOTIIow
urd Srtcct , Oiuuhii.
ADC ] other * nUIferinff fiom
Itfrvotu ( Jfihllity , eiiaiisllux )
chinnio dU ( u > cff , prfinntun *
ot vuunif or old nro
otUIrHr l y Dr.
-Jorn 'ii fi Klcrtru *
AJiianrt'n HrlU
n flu * IJmon liavr
, ,5IT instantlyfelt.
, j i tail ! IT can wtar 0me licit K Ice trio
* frw wilii male belt * Avoid wortniotu lm *
hat tun o uiid hoguft c-oinpanltB l lrvlrla Truir lor
K"i < iur . 70O currd ln'8& . Hrwl ntftnip rp innhUt
iiir - l without H I n m ni It l * * llt-li rM.I'V t
JllAHUTDN TltlflA.1'jll KNT.
r < i. Bltould by Falhcfl
AP.rpIHe wllh Inn.tiiutlQn of raluu lu ll m n.
MoiitionOmulm UOIN
< joldoii
it cnu Ijexlven In it cup ot ciilltpoi tfa without
UiltniWleJiout ; thu pcrgou taking nliiili-Juliili-lj'
haruilM.1 , uuil will caret a purtiiam-iituii'l upewiy
cutu , Mhiiliivi tliapulvnc Un muJcrnf.c-.rlnlr&r Gl
* i > mcoDullu wrruK. ll lm bi-cu MlMn In lliou.
ne.adj o ( ruei , Hinl In oeiy luslinuimfciicuro ;
lion followed , It iiitvor In ) ! * , 'J'li& > liiu niioo
luipit'tnalBil wltli tl < u Hieci.i" , It bt-cunii-Hftii utlei
lupoiilbllllx fur thu liquor appvlltu Uioiixt
rou HAI.B iivroi.nowjNfi nuuauiHTHt
A.UIIN ib CO. , Cur. l.llli iind lts.ns\nit. \ unit
Ihlli & ( Miming Nm. , llinajiu , Nob. '
t , U. I'UaTtill iV II1N ? . .
Council Hindi , Intra.
Callornritfi Inr puinpbUt coittuimnu liiulnrJs
c' i. 'ilini.nlKl * trom HIHbv. t UU.UM und inucIrooi
Tli OrlK'n'il iin < l Only < J.'iiuliii' .
lLdlin.iblo kt LADIES. Ail. ) ur llruxtrl * ! lur
( tua > t > * ) Io us fur | * rlk ul " ( n ItMrr ) > ; rrluni mull.
NAME PAPER. * Jblibt ler t'briulcul. * ' - .
Sold ttf lruiil l citrjuliorc. > > k or " < 'll < lic
be tmltln r n > u lir loriLo obeie dliiun ; by Hi uu
8)i olnl Ordinance ITo. D07.
ANOnllnnnpp lovjttijrH pccinl ( HI nnd ( < .
iiH-nt on nil lots nnd rcnl r tiitd niiluriit
pnrt ofl'Mliifr luctrlot No. 41. In thr t/tj / of
Oinnlm. to nivt-r tlio > t of pnvini ; 'im-h
Mifct from Maon Mrt-ct to Wllllnm tiTot
\ViihiiKASi It linvinir lircn , Hiid hclnir herr > lir
adJiidKi'd.iletcrinlncdiuul cstnlill lied Unit tlio
seutiid lots iitul iilocosot i-calnMntu liprpinafior
nifcnod to lni\o nufii lioon f < | u < oiall. < r liom Illliil
to thu roll amount hoicln lo\Jnl mill H PI INI
npAlnM cacl I nf pnld 1 ( > I mid pIcHi-fof n < nl.inio
rc'iipctlvt'lr. liy inu-on f Ilin pmiiifc of Unit
inut oC Tonlli Mlx-ot from Mmmi street to
Wllllnm trcot.
'I'lir.iiKi-oiu : , for tlio | iurpo o of | m > lnir there
ro t of ciild | > iuiiiR luth Plrcct fnini Mnioti
l-Itcct to Wllllnm street :
Ho it itrdiilnod liy tlio oily round ! of tlio City of
Uiiiiilin :
Sii-lloiit. Thnt tlio co t ot iwvlni ! Unit part
nf Tenth "licotllliln M pint of 1'nUtijr Disirlrt
No.11 , In HHI city of Oiunhii , fiiini MII--OII
flUTt to \ \ Illlinii Hiicct , wilil i-o-t liclmr tlic-iini
ot fin.WHI.OI , tiu ami tlio sumo N hnirliy lc\l l
nnd iis'o-onil. In iniipnilloti to tlio loot fiom
nloni * nlil pin Inir , nnil lu-ninllntr to fptvlnl IK-MI--
Ills liy iviixoii ol Pnid | iiirlniruioii | the follon ln r
ilrorll il liitoutid ion ! tHliili' , ns " "liinrn hj Ihn
Kiiuuinlly nxiixnliod limp ol tlio oily of Onuilm.
lvNl , llthi > uriihod | nnil linMNlicil hy C. It.
Mnyiii. ) cold i-osi IMIIIK | M ) lovlnl ott mid lots nnd
mill I'sUito.ivspi'riht'ly , ns follows , toIts
tf ! 11 H Co , It 1 Idk L'll. i-ltv . J321 01
" 112 hlk iKll.i-lty. . . . KSI BO
rlllrkrlt.H ' . .
Miuy t-'lnnnrrv , 11 41 It K Ink 11 17i ; M
1'iililukCllllor.li Hain't M H hln'.MI.clty M 81
Kllcn Mclhu It ) , s ij It S hlk 11 , olty -'liO f.l .
o > v s w Hy Co , it a hlk at.1 , i-iiy , . . . ssij
" It J liln M-U.clty . fii'l ( II
W .1 Commit , n 'i It C blk U . clly 200 ni
.lohuChrUtophfisdii.K't ll ft hlk , cltj tTO )
Kmilou S.Spiior , It II hlk SK.clty. B2.1 BU
School DIM Ni ) i , It a hlk ! Ml > , i-tir. SS3 !
Wlinioy Wlivlnn , U tWJ ! It 4 hlk S4ti , city ! II7 74
A KThoimi-i , BTd't It 4lilkL'liilty ! ) BUI ! rt
Hfiuy .I Wlmltor , Itr. hlU 2W , olty. . . . Ml Ot
( I K&J llnrki-r.lt II hlkBW.cllj . i 2
M Kltruttor , h I bik B.W , i-ity . rai 01
" it s blk aA olty . . . BSi''u
1'oray Si Swolko. n M H7 lilkjau. ully. . . . Ill ill
( Justin o I'omy.s 't It 7 hlk Sill , ollv . . . Ill :
I'otny & HpffclKo , n ' 5 It H hlk BoO.'nty. ate r > l
( lUlnvil'oinv.H ' 4 its blkSJii , oltv B0060
TriiKtisiu ) Om SI K Cliliroh , u U It 1 hlK.
Biil.ulty . . . an so
Miillndii P cook , H S II I Mis L-rtt , i-ty | ail 61
TniMooarfo Om M K Cluu-uh , u 'i It a hlk
S-'ilI.clly . M fit
Mnilmhi PCooV.s 'i ItahlUStS.ult ) . met
A Konntru , ItTlilk atlUolly . 1FI SIS
" It H hlk Bill , oily . 4'.MOl
K ICoilMtzo , IlithlkBiU , uitj . 181 J.N
" 114 IHUBiU , i-lty . 4 l IK1
" Itniilk''iH , i-lty . 4i.IO ! > l
" ltnlilkBfl.uly | . HUBS
A.ll K'ounUo.n Ilia It thlk 1,1 ou-stlllll S8S BO
" oliKIt a hlk 1 , " 48U ( W
" e lit ! It 4 hlk 1 , " 4 ; H )
" DKUliniilkl. " liM'.M
" ulliltOhlkl "
, STiSt
luinnnti Kunntzo , IL 517,11 or w 11VJ It 1 ,
HOoBT . 2.K.M (
S ! tloiiB. 'I'lnilyiilil special tiu < > slovicd nloro-
siild , on snld lots it'ppootln'lv , "liiill livrninu do-
llliiunl | ns lollouK : nno-loiitli itf the totnl
ninonnt so Uixlod on niioh of Mild Uiltthlnili hn-
L-oinudulliuiniint Inlllly iluys Iroin the passimo
nnd iippi-t\nl ot tlii < M > i < HmiML'i'om'-t < ) Mtfi hi one
y.'iir.ono-lrnlh In t o j-onrs , ono-tonlh In thit'o
.nno-luntli In foiiryiniw , ono-ttintli hi UMI
. ( inu-lfiilh in nit yeiii-i , iino-totith hi HOVOII
, Oiiu-ti'iitli in olirhl j um s and imu-k'litli ] u
nlno joiifsultor euld lovy. and hi-lntf fiomnui
piwsntronnd iiliuxvnl | oC tills onlliiiini-u. Knuh
of mild InstntlinuntH , 6xrt > pttno flit. t. slndl diiiw
hiloi-ost ut the into ul HIM-II pincunt , per nn-
niiin liiim tlmlliiiuot HK > low iilmosiild , until
lliuBiiniu hlnill hoLomo ilulhiiini'iit. A ponullv
ol llvopor cent. . to cthor will Intoroxt nt thu
iiito ol uno pi-r ct nt. per month , piivnhlo In nil-
viuiru , blmll ho jmld un ouch ilollnnuuiit Inslnll-
incut ,
fcitlon n. Thnt tlio entlio mnmmt of tnno
lovii'd nnd nssovsod on tiny ul Mild lots niiiyhn
paid by tiiiuiwiioror nny lot , or the onllio oiinnl
prarntnpropnitliinotH.ildtiiA oanny ol'xnld lots
nmy ho paid hy nnj ppr nn on nny pnrt ot'inlil
Intb within 1111 } tlnyn Inini tmlil lovy. nnd HUTU-
upon Hiich InlHor piit-IHof lots , Bliali ho oxompl
from nny lion orchnrKO thoiotor.
Soctinn4. Tlmt thlsoidlnnnroslnilltnlio olToi-t
nnd bo In fotvo I nun and at tor Itspussi-go.
1'nsM-d Ootohor Blllh , IHXII.
WM.r Ilix'iir.i , 1'ipsidpiit city Council.
J. II. HoiiTMAlili , City I'loili.
Appi-oxud Novumhor 1st , iswi.
.1 .1MIN I ! , llovi ) . Mayor.
These taxes nro now due and puyabli < to thn
city tit-nsnror , unit will bri-omo dolliniuoiit 111
hlunviilnSuctionU. TIIMM.N HIJL'K ,
nllilBt Lily Trillium or.
Special Ol'rtluanco JTo. O7O.
AN Oiiliiinnco lovyinw : n pprclul t.ix nndiiKSoss-
inonl nn I'crtiiln lotH nnd ruiil oiliitu In the
i-ityol Unniliu , to ( o\orlho cost ofcuiiutrnct
IIIK n sowur in Power Dlslrtci No. ; itl.
It linvinj , ' lii-on , mid liclnif horohy
M-inhiud nnd c-liilili hi l tlml the
il lotHiiml phtu'Htil lonlosluto horchuilti-r
rolofrcid to luiri- ouch ht-ou npcclully hi-m-tltlud
to thu lull nni'iunt hpiiMn lox nnl nnil ii su-.hiid
onch of mid lots nnil pk'fi-s ol' rent
ostnto , icspeotlvolv , by reinon ol tliucuiihtrnut-
inirol'a tionot-ln Scwor DIMiiut No : in.
'J'MIMIFOII : : ; , far the pnrpoto ul piiyiiur the
post ot anch Howoruoust riiutlon :
Ho it nrdiilncKl by the city council oC tlio city ot
Omnlin :
Section 1. Tlmt the eoM. of constructing aRe
Ro or In Sewer DlMiItt Nn , in , In the cits of
Unmlin , snl < l i-t heinu' Hio hum ol $ ' . M.4U. he
nnd thohiunuls lioiohy levied nnd nswox-.nl , In
piopoitlon totho loot Iront nhmur nld Improvo-
nunit iindnocoidliiK- bpeoinl heiiellls hy rou-
Mm of hiiiil impiovompiit , upon the lullowli.K'
di"-crihed lots nnd I-I > H | o tnlo , TIN hhotvn hy thn
Utinornlly leooKiilxud mniiol the city ol Diiiiilin ,
IKMi , lllhoKinphud iindpunli-ihiulhy ( , ' . II. Mny no :
Mild eost hoinv HO levied on Mild lots mid luiil
ostiito , icsncctivoly , na lolloww. lo-rtit :
Thmmifl DIIVIH. Itfi hlk IWl. city . S5G r > l
Ul/ub ( > tli Davis , It ll blk IH9. city . Cll r-J
" It 7 blk IMI , city. . . . fill f.T
Rinorpon T < Htnni' , II 8 hlk IH'.i. city 5U 5J
U l > It KrlKlll-ot-wny , Milan ft in ItTi hlk
lOll.iiity . . . . . BO
.liirt.Vi ; [ { llnrkor , 5UK ! HI ) fl In If 5 bllcKHl ,
elty . . 18 Oi
SohlllK nioHliitf Co , n - ' M of Itn hll ( UK ) ,
olty . io ; i :
Annlo Woilhiw , s.'l.1 ! It fiblkllio , eliv . . . . : 'A 4'J
U r n It Co , riKlit'OMvuy , " - l 11 It 0 hlk
I'M ' , city . a
Jim , v i ; ic itm icor.ov. 7a HH 1 1 w is w 77 it n ,
hlk 1UO , clly . . . . . . ( I'll
Schliu Drawing Co.thoHJKtoWl , thoii H
V > , th H 7f > S u 77 , thee 48 nnd thu ' ' ,4
( it ( , ! . ' > It ll lilk ll'l ) , oily . ill fit
AniiloWollliiH , siriw 4liafthlk l ! , uliy. . 17 US
Wm Iliinrman. It 7 hlk 1WI , oily . rU fill
HllonrlckRon , ItB hlk IW.elty . HI 53
Outiiurliioo\cllnir. Ill bile 05 , olty . . . CttfB
.InlmJ Itniii ! , , Ita hlk an , city . .Ml n.1
llolra of A O Alllinns , It : i hlkani , city . fHa , \
Miiitim w piiitt.ii 4i it4. hik am . : M
Piiul Noleon. 44 11 1 hlkaio , elly . : > 7 US
iCliphionlil Doll. w ± Jof II 1 bit BOU . 1H HI
H Krnmor.lt - ' . blkBMl , cily . & ( l m
John P Audiirson , It ! l hlk . .M , clly W fa
Ilimry I.HRi' , n ffl ) It I blk aoi , cily . . : u ? j
Mary A Ail' Vnloitn.B UH n UH ft 4 blkBUB ,
olty . IBM
P Vnloltn , HB2 H 44'lt 4hlk 2M , elty fi (15 (
M UWuKiior.H Uilt 4 blk SOB , olty fi li.1
Simtlona , Tlml Iho Hpeiiml tnxoi uinl nK ( i D-
monlHlovlnd nnil ns.-csiioil HH ntoionlil , ishiill hn
iluo linmedlnloly upon the pnvnvrK nnd upturn--
ul ul' this oi-.llnnui-o , nnd hhnll houoino dolln-
| iKint.H' miLpnld within Illly duyn ihoroiilKn- ;
nnd tlKJr.iupoii.il liemilly of tun per < ont hlnill
lie nililnd , toKOthur with Inloiost ut the intooC
mio porccntii monlli , piiynhlo in ndvniufiom
llm time hii'd tnxim heeomo HO didhiimimt.
Hoctlon : i. TlKil tbisoiilhinneo Hlnill tnko olfoet
uinl ho In lorou tiom nnd nttor lib pnhjuni1.
Passed Octidiuranth , 1BHU.
WM. I' . Iliuiiiui. , PrnsldoiitClty Council.
.1. ( I , Hoin'lMiin , Cllj ClorU.
. \pjimvoil Novomhur ( Kt , IbSR.
, IAMIH : K. Itovn , Minor.
The5O Inxns 1110 now dim nnd pnynhln In thn
rtty li-eiisnit-r , nml will lieeomo dollniin-nj |
Dueomhoi-Ulhl , IhM , nftor whleh dnln pnnnlli >
ind InloiiioL will hondilod us hlxnvn InHrotlon i
nlUd.'t TniiMAN UIICK. CIlv TrouNiiinr.
AM > WAfliOX S'I'Ot.'It.
Ami wo i > < iA.ei ars :
S.W , Corner 9ih and Douglas S
onicuiu s. i-i
'itj openened , polled , examined ami Ur
anced. TiuiKMiicni * bills , luticr
< ; iNC'l.NNATI. U. M. A.

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