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Etlirtrtd by cnrrirr In nj pnrtof the city nt
twenty cents per week ,
H , W. Tn/roir , - Manner.
BceiNfFfi Orncr , No. 40.
N. Y.PIumbinjr Co.
Now spring goods at Holler's , tnllor.
New carpets at Council DlnHs Carpet
GeorgoW. Thompson & Co. , real estate ,
No. lor > Main street.
Telephone No. 282 lias been put Into the
i.'csldenco of C , il. Judson. \
J , W. tV ; K. L. Sqttlro's abstracts nro
giving good satisfaction.
Furniture upholstered and repaired.
Council Uinfl's Carpet Co.
Doc Scott wns yesterday fined for as
saulting his .sun , Jou Scott.
Cluxrlcs Hurko was yesterday fined for
assaulting Samuel Dnsbach.
One hundred and sixty acres. Sco Itlco
fi McGcc , No. 101 Main street.
Newest things in light and ho. aw dra
peries til Council Blntl's Carpet Co's.
Tim injunction cases against the saloons
were not reached in court yesterday.
The United States grand jury will bo
drawn Tuesday and court convenes on
March 28.
Krastus A. llenson purchased yesterday
leu lots in Kiddle's sub , near the new
union depot.
On Friday evening a party of young
folks surprised Miss Kutio Ponder at her
home on Vine street.
A bargain , 100 acres of land near the
city on easy terms and long time. Illco
& MeGeo , No. 101 iMain street.
To save further troubln , the party who
stole Iho dog from the I'litunix will re
turn Ihosamc , as liu is known.
Squire's park addition is a sura invest
ment. L'acifie uvenno will bo built up
with store buildings within a year.
Tickets for Bella Robinson's benefit
concert will bo on sale tit 1) . W. Bush-
noll's book store Monday morning.
One hundred and sixty acres for sale
ROiiih of the city and near Lake Manawa
by Uieo & McOeo , No. 101 Main street.
1 * . Giinnondc says he cannot have his
name considered lor aldcrmar.ic honors.
There are others who will gladly tukotho
M. Markson was yesterday arrested on
the charge ot bloating a wajronloiul of
boards from the Chicago & Northwestern
near Crescent.
There was quite a largo attendance at
the funeral of Herman Zopf yesterday
afternoon. The Odd Fellows attended in
ft body , ho having been a member of that
A goodly number of these who partici-
pilled in the "deestrict school" yesterday
grouped themselves as gracefully as pos
sible and were photographed in costume
nt Gorhsim's galloiy. There will prob
ably bo a great rush for these pictures.
Mrs. Joe Itouldon died at her residence
in Jla/.el Doll township Friday. The
funeral will bo held in the church in that
township to-day , the services to bo con
ducted by Hev. Henry Do Long. Mrs.
Uouldun has been u resident of this
county fainco 1853.
A largo black dog on Main street has
been amusing himself by snapping pieces
out of the pantaloons of passers by.
Amolig Iho victims reported are Kr. .
Davenport and M. Schickcntanz. Some
think the dog is mad , but it 'Iocs notseem
reasonable , as the dog ought not to get
mad so long as he seem * to have his own
Next Tuesday evening in Bono's hall
Rev. Mr. MacKey will deliver a lecture
on "Leadvdlc. " Any address by the
gifted rector of St. Paul's church is a
treat , bat this wiil doubtless bo .a special
one. He labored successfully in Lead-
villc at a period when that place was pe
culiarly full of intercut , and being a close
student of human nature his observa
tions and experiences will without doubt
prove the basis of an interesting lecture.
The meetings of the Salvation Army
present many queer sayings and actions
to excite mirth on tint part of those who
are eager for a chance to laugh , and who
have little other interest in the meetings.
There are few , however , even of these
who attend out of mere curiosity or to
bo entertained , who have so little self re
spect as to cause any disturbance. The
meetings for the most part are quite
orderly. Occasionally some smart youth
trios to display bis smartness , but these
bubblings over of verdant vanity are
speedily suppressed.
Yesterday morning Charlie Liebold
was coming out of.the Savings bank with
u handful of money , when he noticed
Mrs. Kisomun's lie o had slipped and
fallen. Ho rushed to Iho rescue , caught
the horse by the head , and was trying to
dccidii whether to let go of the horse or
the money , when u gust of wind decided
the matter for him. The bills were
quickly scattered in all directions , and
there was a rush of bystanders to help
gather them up. Charlie hung to the
norsu until other help came , and hon-e
ami money were soon all right again.
A case of destitution was yesterday re
ported as existing near the corner of
Nineteenth street and Fourth avenue.
The husband is out of work , and the wife
* " Is very ill , while added to the other bur
dens has como a little one. In the nov-
crty stricken homo tliero was not u bit of
clothing for the now comer , and in other
details the house was desolate indeed.
The case was referred to in the mooting
of the stockholders of the American Dis
trict telegraph company yesterday , and a
puree ut once raised Some clothing has
also been taken down lo the family , but
1 their needs are only temporarily sup
plied. They have been seeking no
charity and the help came to them as a
surprise ,
The Dos Moines Register continues to
publish imaginary interviews to the ef
fect thai the Council HI nil's boom will not
keap up. In other columns of that paper
appear lonir appeals for the DCS Monies
people to "prepare for a boom. " While
Dos Moines is getting prepared , Council
Ulutl's is going right along with Us boom.
\\hen the Register gets over its jealousy ,
its narrow two-for-a-penuy policy , it will
rejoice in the boom of any Iowa city. The
Council Jllufls boom is not going to pre
vent DCS Moines having a boom too ,
Won't some ono send the Register u
map , ho that it may see that there are
other places in the world besides Dos
' Maincs , and other parts of Des Moines
than the particular corner on which the
Register building stands , The Clarksons
oem way behind in geography.
IJIjr llnruulno ,
One hundred and sixty acres of choice
land south of the city tuul nenr Lake
Manawa. Will soil in separate -10-acro ,
tracts , if desired , ThN laud will be
worth four times its present price when
thu Lake Mauawa . treet railway is com
pleted. Kasy terms and loiig tUne given
tliu purchasers.
Lund within a nulo and a half of this
tract has been sold within the present
month for nearly ten times the price
! asked for this.
\ \ u have also bthor desirable aero
property in the city for $100 iin aero anil
upwards- , also lots for sale in all parts of
Real Kstato. .
No. 101 MahrMreet ,
Council mull's
Some Big Deeds Go on Record and Activity
Keeps Up.
New OrcnnlziUlons For IMcnsnre nnil
i'roflt Annual Mooting of the
Amorlcnn District Tclcurnpti
Co. Tito Smitlny Services.
Rcnllr.lncnn llcnlty.
Yesterday was a lively ono so far as
the actual transfers of real cstalu are
concerned. The deeds recorded yester
day show a changing of owners of
nearly $100,000 of real estate in this city.
The total transfers recorded for the week
vmount to between ifMO.OOO and $400,000. ,
L'lils is half as much as the transfers in
Minneapolis. It may bo that Council
Hull's is not having much of a boom , but
ho facts and figures as shown from the
records arc such as cause the groancrs
ind grunters to hurry into back seats.
I his activitv f > o long in advance of the
favorable weather for building indicates
that when the building boom opens there
will bo a still greater excitement. Prices
ire stiffening daily , but much better
chances are now presented for buyers
than there will be a month hence. The
wise ones are quietly taking up .such
chances as present themselves : confident
that there will bo a great and sudden
rise in prices ere another moon. Ihe
following were among the instruments
iled for record yesterday , on city prop
erty only
L J Talbot to M K Kohrcr , lots 1 and 2 , blk
24 , JJrjant&C-Stm
A I ) .Malr to Mnry . ) Malr , so # sw X 0 , 74 ,
TL , Foreman to R .Mullls , lot 1 , subot 202 ,
0 1' SS.OIKJ.
, ] F Kvans to A H Walker , lots 11 and 12 ,
blk K ) , Central-Sl.OOO.
John Dohany to V F Clmtnbcrlaln , lot 8 ,
Uh'mlnlo i-xtcnsioii ? 1,000.
Theoll Dlnijiimii to. ) J Urnilshaw , 3 acres
In se corner sw U so K 8 , -tt-sm
I , M Arnold toC U Ferson , lot 'JO , blk 34 ,
U H , ( i c SI 00.
N I'Dodnu to Charles Dodge , lotC , blk 1 ,
jrT ilalilwln to F .M Hunter , lot 3 blk 21 ,
Heers' sub-SWU.
C. It 1 it P 1C U to .1 N Plefer , sw H se X ,
4 , 77 , 41 S4fcO.
F M Hunter to F M Hunter ( trustee ) . 40 , 80
and 100 acres In nw 4 : ) . > , 4:1 : SiJ,2fO. :
F Wilcht to K A Hensoii , land in
31 M Mai tin ct nl to G F Mnxwll , lols 1 and
2 , blk 7 , JolTrli's' 512,000.
Gt-orgo F Wil'ht ( to J Y Stone nnd C J
Colby , wjtf w ) $ in-4 ! M , 75 , 41-S40.COJ.
P Keel ( sheritl ) to F H Hall , 15 UMOO acres
in mvjf itti. 75-ii-s4J.5. : : ! : !
Isaac Kclluy to \ \ N Kelluy , nw 14 , 70 , so
51.Urorce Urnckcn to N Ciuey , lot 2 , blk 1 ,
Hollers' add to Wnlnm-8400.
A S Hums to W F Mnloney , eK lot 1 , blk 1 ,
Noes' add to Walnnt-8700.
ilonry Allen to William Crook , noJi sc
23 , 77 , 44-S'JOO.
S T French to O WalKrcen , lot 8 , blk 17 ,
Ilall's-S3.- .
Dr. Jlanchott.ollico No. 13 Pearl street :
residence , 120 Fourth street ; telephone
No. 10.
Anderson's Day.
Major A. U. AnJorson was in Chicago
lie other day and there submitted to the
lumping process of ; i Mail reporter with
ho following result :
' 'Will you enter cither party caucus ? "
"I have learned tliat it is the easiest
hing in the world to get into a party , "
said Major Anderson. " 1 don't think 1
will worry myself on that score. "
"Does the opposition to Senator Wil
son's re-election amount "
- to anything ?
"I think it does. Ho has been deyiat-
n < r and disatniointing to nor anti-mo
lopolv friends. '
"Will the republicans elect the next Icg-
slaluro in lowaV"
" 1 think they will. "
"Who will Iowa republicans supporter
; or president ? "
"If the Bluino clement would honestly
support Allison ho could get the delega
tion , but no sooner had Allison com
menced to show some strength than did
the lilaino organs commence an effort to
crcato division by bringing out Ju > tico
Miller. There never was so much opposi
tion lo Blame in the state as there is now ,
and if well organi/ed in a square light
lilaico could not carry all the districts. "
Are yon not rather ashamed of the
democratic company you find yourself
in ? "
"I am not. "
"Why not ? "
"Hccauso 1 intend to select them my-
snlf. There is no live issue to-day a'd-
vocatod by either of the old parties that
they darn go to the country on. "
"Will yon and your supporters bo able
to hold the district in the next congres
sional fight ? "
"W-e-Fl , I don't know. I think so. "
Call and see the stock of hor.tcs and
mules at Star Stables before purchasing
_ _
Xlin Kiro System.
There seems to bo some doubts as to
whether the Richmond lira and police
alarm system is in working order yet ,
No official seems yet ready to openly
avow that it is all right , but none seem to
boieadytosay that it is wrong , The
Br.i : man does not claim to bo an oloc-
tricianist , like Whittlesoy , and has there
fore to depend largely on the testimony
of those who are trying the apparatus.
It seems that the city will not accept the
system until satisfied that It is fully up to
thu guarantee , and hence there seems no
danger of thn city being u loser in any
ovent. The liix has no pets in this matter -
tor , It IB not lighting Iho Richmond for
the sake of gaining a victory for the
Uamewcll , as some of the papers seem in
clined , Nor does it have any occasion to
praise the Richmond until these having
the matter in hand stuku their ollicial
reputation that the system is what
Council 151 nil's wants. There has been so
much ill feeling shown by the friends of
the ( jamowcll system that it is difficult to
determine how much justice or truth
tliero is to any charges made against the
Richmond. The prejudice shown unit
the determination not to bo pleased with
anything but the ( iamowoll has weakened
the force of criticisms made.
L. H. Crafts & Co. , are loaning money
on all classes of chattel securities ut ono-
half their former rates , See them before
securing your loans. _
Tim Uniformed Hank ,
IMufY division Uniformed Rank Knights
of Pythias , was duly instituted Friday
night by Sir Knight M. II. JJyprs , lieuten
ant colonel of thu Third regiment. The
division starts in with thirty members
and in uniform they make a tine appear-
iinee indeed. Tlioy will at once begin
drilling and ere long will make a public
appearance. Thu following nro the of
ficers :
Sir knight captain. C. W. Hicks.
SirMiight first lieutcnanl , C. A.Tibbots
Sir knight second ' lieutenant , C , Uarg-
Sir knight guard , J. M , Scanlan ,
Sjr knight' treasurer , H. ICost. .
Sir knight recorder , F. It Putton.
Sir knight sentinel , . F. Dookompcr.
Tim Sunday Kw.vlecs.
The following are 'among the services
to bi > held at the various churches in 'the
cltyto-iity _ : :
.Tlio Congrcgationa.1 Church -Services
in the Congregational -church to-duy
morning and evening. Subject of Morn-
ng sermon : ' 'The Hook. " Kvcning :
'Whfct the Christian Young Man Ought
o He. " A most cordial invitation Is ex-
The Haptist Church Preaching by the
pastor of Iho Baptist church at 10:30 a.
n. and 7:80 : p. m. Subject for the morn-
ng : "Why Did God Commission Abra-
mm to Oiler Up Isaac1 For the even-
ng : "Tho Twin Brothers , Jacob and
isau. " Scats froo.
St. Paul's Church Divine service to
day as follows : Holy communion 10 a.
n. Morning prayer and sermon on "I
Not to bend Peace , But a Sword , "
11 a. m. Evening lecture : "The White
Cross Movement. " The public and
itrangcrs are cordially invited to attend.
1.J. . Mackay , rector.
Methodist Church Topic at Broadway
Methodist church this morning : "Chris
tian Activity. " Revival services in the
evening. \ oung people's meeting at 0:45 :
i ) , m.
Star sale stables of Council Bluflfa.
The largest stock of horses and mules
west of Chicago , which will bo sold at
wholesale or retail and satisfaction guar
anteed. _ _
Delegates Clionon To Tlio City Con
vention and Candidates.
Last evening the democrats held their
ward caucus to chose delegates to the
city convention to be held Tuesday to
nominate an alderman nt largo. In the
third and fourth wards aldennanic can
didates were selected.
KIKST WA'tl ) .
Delegates. J. A. Herald , James Wick-
luim. C. M. Maynard. F. H. Gunnollu ,
William Connor , II. Shumaker , ( ! . H.
Jackson ; ward committceinan , R. N.
Delegates. James Million , A. T. Whit-
tlosoy , M. F. Rohrer , W. H. Beck , J. C.
Mikesell , G. H. Holmes. John Wagner ,
William Malloncy , I ) . F. Kiclu-r , William
Uronowcg ; ward cummillccinan , J. C.
Tltlltl ) WVItl ) .
Pat Lacy was nominated for alderman
unanimously and by acclamation. Dele
gates chosen C. A. llamcr , Geonio
Blaxsim. Fred Spotman , John Green , K.
Pierce , 1' . Kinnoy. J , J. Sullivan.
WAItt ) .
J. A. Murphy was nominated as ward
alderman. The delegates were W. C.
James , C. A. Reed. J. A. Churchill , C. R.
Mitchi-ll , W. S. Williams , Louis Kuhle ,
T. L. Smith , M. Hughes , G. S. La.vson ,
L. Kinnchan , A. Wnceler.
The District Telejjrapli.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the American District Telegraph com
pany was held yesterday afternoon in
the parlors of the Pacific house. The
showing of the company's business for
the past year was very satisfactory , it
being the first year of its history in
Council Bluffs. Despite the drawbacks
nttcndinj : the starting up of any such
business the year has proved profitable ,
and there is a.Mirplus in the treasury for
Iho extension of lines thi.s .spring. The
service has been greatly increased , and
every detail of the business scorns to bo
prosperous and promising. The follow
ing were elected directors : George Mel-
calf , S. 11. Foster , M B .Brown , F. J.
Day , L. M. Rhuem , J. F. Kimball , C. H.
Thu directors then met and elected the
following officers : George Metcalf ,
president ; S. H. Foster , vice president ;
\1. B. Brown , secretary J. F. Kimball ,
treasurer ; C. 11. Judson , general man
Star sale stables for mules and heavy
draft horses.
_ _
Fall In.
Another attempt is being made to or
ganize a militia company hero. M. 11.
ISyers has the matter in hand , and there
is a good outlook for tlie successful equip
ment of the organization. Council Bluils
should have an active military company.
It would afl'ord much enjoyment and a
healthy exercise for the young men com
posing it. It would be a credit to the
city , and in case of need a help to the. in-
Icrcsls of good order. There should be
no allowing the move this time to end in
talk- . _ _
The Rowini ; AHSoclntlon.
The Council Blull's Rowing association
has been duly formed by the election of
the following officers : President , K , E.
Hart ; vice urosident , Dr. Seybert ; treas
urer , C ! . W. Thompson ; secretary , F. E.
Slubbs ; commodore. E. W. Hart ; vice
commodore , I , A. Odcll ; directors , K. E.
Hart , Dr. Sovbcrt " , G. W. Thompson , F.
E. Stubbs , C. "H. Hannan , K. H. Merr'mm ,
C. H. Ferri" , L. R. Mayno and George
Some boats have already been ordered
and more are to follow. It is proposed
to have much sport on Lake Manawa
Ibis season , rog-.ttas , races , etc. The
young gcnllcmcn interested in Ihis or-
ganl/alion will pu h it to a success.
Temperance Ixioluro.
Elder Joseph oniith will deliver n free
temperance leeturo at Masonic Temple
on Tuesday evening next , March 1 , under
the auspices of the Independent Order of
Good Templars , who extend a hearty in
vitation to all to come and hear one of
the best lecturers ever heard in Council
A llurlrsciuc.
On Tuesday ovoninir next May Vor-
lion's burlesque gaiety company is to bo
at the operu IIOUHH , An evening of fun
is promised and thono who have the blui.'s
can easily bo cured. The manager gives
assurance that the rollicking maidens
will give a show to which no ono can
take exceptions.
Stock of I2uilrnlt < * rlCB
nnd Knees lo be Snlil nt Aliout
Oiie-IIiilf Trice.
1,800 pieces of embroidorins ,
1,400 pieces of laces of all kinds , brands
anil makes ,
05 pieces of llouncings.
The sale of these goods commences
Monday , February 28. and continues until
all nro sold. The prices will not bo in
the way of anybody. Wo will soil them
for just oiio-half tlmir value.
Flounclngs 40 inches wide , line work ,
for H5o per ynrd.
Embroideries , linen laces S ) inches
wldn atf > cents.
Wo have too big a stock of tlicso goods
to mention prices. Wo will have thcso
goods laid out on the lirst and second
:10UG5 : , pieces , the laigost stock in this
line over shown in Council iilnHs.
18 Main Street.
The llalnnco of the Flro Stock
will bo closed at any price as thov are
roughly handled by the big crowds of
customer during the week tales , it was
impossible for us to straighten our goods
out , the biggest crowds ever visited a dry
goods store this time of the year. The
MOCK consols of curtain lace.s. laces ,
toilet linen , toweling , towels , Germantown -
town yarn , Hashry corsets , dress ging
hams , unlaundried shirts , shirtings , tick
ings , garments , jerseys and fifteen rolls
of carpet. J. UOI.DUKKG , 18 Main St.
A Won tier fill Instrument.
Chicago Saturday Kvcning Herald ,
Fob. 10,18S7 : Last Wednesday night , nt a
privnto. concert , ono pf our noted local
pianists performed upon the most won-
de'rful grand pjano evef'uxhlbUod lu Chi-
cago. It is n new instrjinicnt of-imnicnsa
Bi .o , Dnilt expressly far oonccr.t jixyng ,
nnd sent from Hnlliinnro bv the belcbrw
ted firm of Willinm Knabc" Co. Siicli
lower of tone , such sbnarity and bril-
inncy , such liquid purity nnd sweet qunl-
iy have never before boon Attained in
any piano. The instrument is now nt
{ cod's Tuniplo of JIusio , where it will re
main for the present on exhibition.
The nbovo piano wast , shipped from
" "hlcapo last Tuesday , jo bo used l > y Jliss
tobinson nt her concert Wednesday oven-
ng , which shows how highly Messrs.
\nabc & Co. appreciate her musical tibil-
City Council .Meeting.
Tlio city council mut last cvonlng and
mssed the Lake Manawn railway onli-
mnce , but did not let bids for thu Itivcc.
The temporary bond of 1) . Mnltb.v was
approved. Also tliose of M. Vincent and
I. 1' , Gouldcn , in casu either should rn-
cuivo the contract for btilldlnp the lovue.
Tlie following bills for hauling dirt for
the now lovec were opi-nnd. 1) . Maltby ,
JOc per cubic yard , anil IJc per yard for
each additional hundred feet of travel ;
M. Vincent , lie for the entire work , or
.I5c for that portion which is to bo built
now ; . I. P. GouUton , Ule per yard and So
additional tor "overhaul. " As
[ ho bids wuro not in accordance with
tlio specifications they were rejoetiMt
and ordered advortist'd. Hlils to bo
opened to-morrow night by the council
nnd to state the amount JILT yard without
"overhaul" .
any iiginvs.
I'ctitlon to open North Second street
wns pri ! < iMitcd and the eiiRini'oi ordered
to establish grade to Avenue ( ! , as thcro
will bo a great many residences built
tliero this year.
This J < ako Manawn s-trcot railway ordi
nance was taken up and the couneil went
into committou of the whole and ad-
joiirm'il to an ante-room , and after imicli
liscnssioii rcappi'iirt'il , and after ndnnt-
ng thu amtindinciits was pa sud nnniii-
1'nrFoiiiil I 'urn era pi is.
Dick llootun , who recently had the
misfortun'c to have both h-trs broken , is
getting along even bettor titan wa > - lo bo
Constable Dick Kit-knits lias rcUirnod
from Chicago , whither he went \\ithMr.
Slerns , who was taken so suddenly in
sane nt this 1'acilic house , While in Clii-
calio Dick improved his chance of get-
tins a look at the anarchists. He also
got a peep at Miss Vun Xandt.
Mrs. Anna AlcICIrath , of Kandolnh , is
visiting her father , Kev. Henry DeLonir ,
in this city.
Jndio Carson , who is holding court at
Clarinda , is at homo for a Sunday stay.
W. B. McGorribk , of Dos Monies , is at
the Uechtclo.
L. Kondoll , yard master of the Chicago.
Milwaukee < k St. Paul , is thu proud pos
sessor of a now baby girl.
S. T. French , of Armour , Bnrrabce it
Co. , hasyone to Luadvillo. and will .soon
return with his wife , who has been away
for the past live months visiting.
Have just sot a sample lot. of the new
Quick Meal 1S8T pattern. 'We ' know this
to be the best stove made. Will Im
lileased to show our goods to the public
ind patrons , ( 'all and s > co us. -II Main
street , Cole .V Cule.
Tipton , 527 Hroadway , law , real ( ! .stato
and insurance. Call on him.
W. C , STACY & CO ,
10 acres of'flnc lanilfnljolniny the
fltn limits on the mini to IMC Man-
aii'a , on I/ten minute tutill ; from the
main street car line , $ ( MO ncr acre.
S3 acres ten roils from Jti-Hatliray ,
Just oitlsltle the city , $ : t"tOU.
. 'i % acres In the same vicinity ,
( rougher land ) , on'y $ fi jier acre.
n < ) acres on Jlroailioay , Inside the
city limits , ( .sf of Galcslmrg add ,
for $ OO i > cr acre.
7 22-1OO acres on Lincoln arc. ,
corner of Franl.Un. $1,8 < H ) worth
of Improvements , only .fi-t"iIO.
Lots on jraln st. , $ J'-i > per foot
Lota In Middle's sttb.f'-iiO to $ ,0t )
Lots In Mnlline ; on easy terms.
Cheap lots In every addition to the
Rssidesieas in uSI Paris
of iss ! city.
Large List of Acre Property ,
Business Property , Etc ,
Make your lnvestinqnt # now , as
jtropcrty will advanrc rery rapttlly
as soon as the "littlldiny Jtooin" bc-
alns. ,
W. O. STACY & CO. ,
Real Estate Brokers ,
JVo 'J , Main st , , Council muffs ,
W. L.
Justice of the Peace.
No Ml Broadway , Council Uluffs.
Collections a specialty. Kefcrfr to ttie Hcc.
i ) . II. ML-I\XniU A ; CO. ,
[ i : ttiun ii u
No. f Main t-lten. I t < Council Illiitri.
1887 1887
Nnvt'Hu'S in onclt of our
suvcrnl tlcpfirt inputs arc be
ing ri'ceivctl dnily , niitl at
IIHCSS that Mill plca-e llic
clo ? < 'sl. buyers.
We invite attention lo our
rich ilNplny of novelties ami
staples in our winli gootls
uVpurtiiu'ut. Many of thoHu
have never bofoie bticnsoon
in tlie west.
' ' ' ' " Do
Sattas Fm''t'i"1
, , , ;
Lare , Stripes and
I ' Plaids.
Upwards of 100 ele
gant designs.
Seersuckers and Crinkles ,
In endless variety.
Early buyers will have the larger
selection and will secure the
is roplele with an elegant slock
bought before the- rise , and as
they are m .rl < ed at old prices ,
consumers will get the benefit
o ? af lca-t 'JO per cent.
ffliisliiisLinensDaniasks , ,
TableCoversNapkins ,
Towels , Quilts ,
are all included in the above in
a va-st ashortmont.
We call special attention to
our large and uoniilute s'oclc of
White Goods
some elegant fabrics in Victoria
and Bishop Lawns , Plaid and
Stripe Cambric , J'ltiin , Stripe
nnd IMaid Nainsooks , India Lin
ens , Swiss MinliiiH , dotted , fig
ured and plaid , a very nice se
lection for summer ( Iros-cs , A
large line of. Embroidered Rob's
in boxes.
Wo have received an entire
new line of muslin underwear ,
for ladies nnd children ; the larg
est and most varied steak WJ
havu over MIOWJI.
Wo liave rece'ncd in our no
tion d parmnnt ! a complete as-
Bortmentof Jiinbroldenes , Laces ,
Cor. e s , Bustles , Hoops , Gloves ,
Hosiery , Jlandkorchiel's , Hib-
boiis , Buttons , etc.
way , Council
il orders promptly and care
fully attended to *
Property of every description for sale in every
part of the city.
506 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
i ° 9
E. W.
"Inrpo wnreliouso lots , near Hiontlwuy < lc | ot , Kino residence nnil IN ) It front , Onklnnil avo. (
I'lii-M fl,400.
ill fuel , Miiln 6k , opposite lstnvo.IOr,00. Kino resilience and. ! lots. Oakliiml live. , fl'r > fl.
W Irct , .Mnin st , but. 8th utui Utli lives. , per Fine rcMdonco nml 110 ( i front , ncur Oakland
loot.jaJU. iivc. , $ "ir > iK ) ,
lOn.Miiln st , nenr lirnudwny , double 2 story Lots. Ottkliiiut nve . J..COO to $3,000.
brick , SI0.5UU. l.ol , WiKliliiKlon iivu. , ncnrOiiKland , fli.OOO.
" lory nrick More , Ccntrnl tlroiulwny , J'J.OOO l.nt , Washington iuu , nenr Market 8t.SI-fA)0. )
1-Morv In Ick , I'ontrul llroiuhvny , H.3KJ. IGUxllK ) , cor. Oiildnnd nnil WnsliliiKtoii nvcs.i
ITdxITfi , brick hnuto.lTii It trnuk , cmitrnl , $111.000 J10.IKIU.
4 lols.tlOn It truck , Hlli are , ncarllnl St.$1,000. Fnriul flncrcs,2'3 inllos noithcltypcrncrcf40
House nnil lot , neur Wnbusli depot , Sl.MH ) . Kami ,18 ! ) acres , " "i miles cnat city , per acre , 15'J.
I lot \Viilins-hdepot , fL'.UOJ. Funn , "Oflacre ? . ncur I.oveland , per licit- , Sit ) .
Turin , ISO acres , ncnr I.ovclnml , per iicro , tSO.
Acic property In nnd near tlio city. tFlmlf lilocka , ami blocks indifferent , parts of the city.
E , W. Raymond , Real Estate Agent ,
No. 13 North Main Street , FirBt National Bank Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
J'lifiinf Lots , Lands , City Resiliences and JFarmn , acre property In
tvcbtcrnpartofcity. All selling chcup to malic room for sprlna stock.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
linom ft , over Officer < C PH.J ! Jlianl ; , Council Jilnffn.
Pprcln. ! ndvertlForaents , fiuch as I/ost , Foind :
lotx > un , For Bule , To Kent , Vinnts , Uoardlnir ,
elc.'vlll boliiEortiid In this column nt the loir
latuofTICNC NTSl'KK LI.NB forthoflrnt Insor-
lonurjd rtvol'onH Porhlnoforcnch HUbsoqueni
infurtlon. I.euvo adverlUanientD nt our olllca
No. 13 I'eurl street , nuar llroudtTuy , Council
\\TANTKO A ffoocl iflrl for geunrnl bonne-
IT WOIK Must come well loauinjiicndcil ,
Aily | | ) at uneoto No.'I Vine street.
WAN.Tr.D-To runt , n Bmall IIOIIRO In tfood lo.
cut Inn. Family Enntll and rent mimt bo
hohiw fill per niontli. Address by letter U. J.
Hue olllin.
' SMilJ For fi'w ' iltiys In deslrnlilo loca-
: lion , Iloiifo , FOVCII rooms , modern Im-
iirovcincntii , lot AUvltr. . U. .M. mown , C. 11. It
Ji. , tlukut ngi'iit.
\\rANTHIl-Aulrltoilo Bcnernl liousowork.
Kbinlly oflour. Handy Ultolicn. Ajmly
TiWillli A\u.
S.M,1'Mnslo anil fowlni ; mnchlno linsi-
FOlt , iDfrotlier with snmll slock ol holiday
nail pupnr. ( inod town mid country ,
uoou locution , cheap lent , profltnlilo business.
Invrlcu ? ! , - ; to * IOJU. would take part In
Council Illiilfs real cptuto. AOdress A. L. Man-
nliifr , Dunlnp , Iowa.
\ATANTni ) A inun to tntfo cat o of horses and
ti dochoiTR. .Miipt lie well locomrnc'iidoil ,
X , Council llluirs ,
AiWicss J , , _ _
l7lOltSAIIC-At a burcainJi uoros with linn
-I IliiproveiilPliH , Bh mflos en t of 'Ailinoll
UlnlTf. 1'ileelow nnd all the tlino nei'drd , In-
iiilre | of T. W. Vun clover , Council Illulfs.
tills rek A five room
hoiiao on Filth nvenuu , near iliiminy
depot. Tlio M reel , sidewalk and lot Illlod lo
Kradr. Prlco fl.lOJ. Kaby toims. Address
Jjnt. llcoolllce , Council limits. _
i I.M.KV ui'iiKi : < IKO. w. iirw m
Attorneys at Law.
601 JJroailwny , Up Stairs ,
1514 Douglas St , , Otpaha.
Ladu-s buym ; ; a $ i liat or bonnet , one tare
will be paid ; ? m , lounil trip.
I'q'iiifll Uliill's , Iowa.
Geo. S. Miller & F. H. Tobey ,
Odicc over 1st Niitionnl Hank , cor. Main
and liroadwiiy.
If you wimt estlmntos or plans for bridge
work , foundation , FA worn , pnialnir or mirvey
/ iiftind philtlntr , cull uon tliem. All wo
The only Hotel in Council Bluffs Hating a Eire
Escape ,
And All Modern Improvements.
215 , 217 and 210 Main St.
MAXMOnX , J'rop ,
Justice o ± the Peace ,
415 Hrondway , Council Illulfr.
Refers to any bank or business liouhc in tlio
city. Collections a specialty.
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice in tliu Stale anil Federal Coin t
Koonib 7 and 8 Shusait-Ucno Ulock.
roi'.vcu. HI.UPFH.
Horses g Mules
For all int-1)O ) ! > cf. buu lit .mil tolJ , at retail
and in lots , Lur e qi.anlitien to belect
Itoin Sevi-ral jiair ol fmu drivers , hin-
[ ; l ( ! or do' blc.
E , Council
Justice of tlie Peace.
O I Vice o\er Aiiierican K
jt. i : ICK , M. n.
Cancers ant.other Tumorr
Removed.wi . " io.it ilie l niio o.r praw nj ;
IJlooJ.- :
' pveHI' ' ) xeats I'rariii-al experience.
No'11 1'earl St. , Council Ulnfjs.
' '

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