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The Bicjcle Tpnrnamont at the Exposition
' '
Building Last flight. . .
Xlm County Poor I'nrm An Oniccp
Afl'nnltcd Officer Wlilto Houiiti
Over HtriuiKC Victors
Other Ijocnl News.
The IMcycIo Tournament.
The bic.vclo ruco nt tlio Imposition
building Inst evening was nn excellent
entertainment , notwithstanding the fact
that several of the professionals who
were advertised to take n leading part In
the race fulled to appear. This was
owing to tin untimely intorfurenco of
the elements , a fact that Mr. Prince , who
prepared the programme , greatly
regrets. Soon after the fifteen hundred
people who witnessed tliu tournament
liad congregated , Air. J'rinec read the
following telegram in explanation of ttie
absence of tliu riders in question :
AVoUTinxoToX , Minn. , Feb. 20.
JOHN rf. PniNOi : , Oniilm ; l > lti.L'ey ] , Snears.
Hmlth , CnrllMe nml myself nre snowbound
licrn nml have been since Thursday nl ht ,
AVlll nrrlvo In Oinnlia Sutulnv morning ,
ready for the six days' rnco. T.V. . Kcic.
Mr. I'rinco stated how deeply lie re
gretted the unavoidable delay , and prom
ised to do his best to present a pro
gramme that would be an acceptable
substitute. And ho .succeeded admirably.
The lirst race eallcd was for colored
men , a two mile dash. Throe starters
were advertised , but two of them ,
through sickness , failed to appear. .John
Ricctnn. who has been riding but a couple
of weeks , appeared ready for the race
and was matched againsl a new be
ginner , familiarly known as "Texas
Jack , " who , blacked as a negro , prae-
tlsed a neat deception upon the audience
and upon his sable lined opponent us
well. The race wasanrotty one and was
won by Riccton in 7 minutes and U2 seconds
ends , entitling him to n medal.
Following tins came an amateur handi
cap race for ten miles. Mittaucr and
I'eabody started from the scratch , giv
ing Deal Wort/ , the champion boy
rider a start of a half-mile. 1'oabody ciit
out the pace for the lirst mile , trailed by
Mittauer and the "Kid. " Then Mittnnor
took the lead ami set a pace that dropped
Wcrtv. a lap behind at the end of the second
end mile. The rival amateurs had a
give and take contest until the end of tin ;
si.Ntli mile , when they had gained three
of the live laps' advantage. The first ac
cident of the evening occurred at this
point. An outsider who was standing
near the dressing room attempted to
cross the track after I'eabody and Mit
tauer had passed and caused a collision
with Wort/ , who was thrown from his
wlieel but fortunately escaped any seri
ous injury. Tins narrowed the race to
the two crock amateurs , who are earnest
but friendly rivals , and a lively pace
they made of it. 1'uabody was in the
lead the last mile ami started on the fin
ishing Jap with Mittauor on his little
wheel. At the fatal corner near the
annex door I'eabody took a header and
both riders were in a heap. Instantly
both were on their feet and making for
their wlicula. in mounting I'eaboily's
foot rest slipped , making a
pedal mount necessary. Mittaner
improved his chance advantage
and led his rival across the line in Ul
minuted and 22 seconds , an excellent
record notwithstanding the accident.
The next event , and the one that
created great excitement , was the twenty
mile race between Kd Bullock and Charles
Ashlngcr , both of whom claim the
championship of Nebraska. The race
was to decide the claim anil for a purse
of sfoO dollars ollered by Mr. Prince. Both
of the men appeared in excellent shape
and showed from the first that the race
would bo an excellent one. Ashinger ,
who was at a slight disadvantage- not
being acquainted with the track , set the
pace for the lirst two miles when Bul
lock took the lead and gave the Colorado
champion a pace that loosened the boards
in the track to keep. The men led in
turn and aroused the wildest enthusiasm
of the audience the greater part of which
was on their feet during a greater part of
the race. NY hen the pistol was fired lor
the last inilo Bullock shot ahead and
opened a gap that was closed up by
Ashinger on the sixth lap. The Colorado
champion was directly on the wheel of
Bullock in the eighth lap when he struck
the fatal corner and took a header , leav
ing Bullock to run the last two laps alone ,
winning the race in 1 hour 5 minutes ami
43 seconds.
During one of the intermissions , Mas
ter James Murphy entertained flic aud
ience with an exhibition of trick riding
that was received with great applause.
A boys' race for live laps , between Mas
ters .lames Murphy and .John Tnlloy ,
with Tulley a halt lap the start , was won
by Murphy in 1 minute and iW seconds.
The closing feature of the excellent
programme was a 2-mile race against
time by John Prince. The best indoor
record Is ( j minutes , 4 seconds. Bullock
acted as pacemaker for Prince , who set
out a turriliu pace that kept the track
crncking. On the second mile of tlio
Bimrc another accident happened. Bul
lock had slackened his speed while Prince
was gaining a la ] ) on a spurt , when an
outsider attempted to cross the track with
the usual result. Bullock withdrew from
the race , leaving Prince to linish alone.
He did this in ft minutes and 50 seconds ,
beating the best indoor record by 8 sec
onds. The announcement was greeted
by the wildest applause. The entertain
ment on the whole was one of the finest
over given in the city.tliu largo audience ,
that included some of the best people of
the city , attesting tlio increased Interest
in this sport of sports. Mr. William Potter -
tor acted as master of ceremonies and
( succeeded in making all aniionncdinents
.hoard distinctly a faet that was appre
ciated us being unusual.
The Six Unys Hace ,
To-morrow evening commences the
six days race , four hours a day , for the
twenty-four hour championship of
America. The men who will start In
this race are ; John S , Prince , champion
of America ; T.V. . Kok , champion of
Canada ; Tom llardwlck , champion ot
.Kansas ; Frank K. Dingloy , champion of
the northwest ; Kd Bullock , champion of
ubraska ; Ulias. Asbnigor , champion
of Colorado , and Frank Smith , a now
rhler from Minneapolis. The race will
start each uvuiiing at 7 o'clock and eloso
flt 11 o'clock. The race will bo an ox-
qitmg one. Of course all of tlio contest -
tints have an eye on tirst place with
1'rinco as favorite. Then what a scram-
hip hot. Dingloy , Bullock anil Ashnigor
.will . make for boeond place , To-morrow
.flvoning all ladies will bo admitted fres
qf charge.
.Divorce Petitions linmtlcU ( n the
District Court YobloriSuy.
In tlio district court yesterday Katie
Dledcr commenced a suit for a divorce
from her husband , John 11 , Dicdor , Ac
cording to the petition of tlio plnintlll
she lias had no cud of trouble with her
Jlego.lord , She was mat'ried to him in
April , 1680. since which time a child has
Ifycfi eight mouth * in the family. Her
.husbanu lias refused to live with her
< j co the wedding day and has failed-to ,
optributo anything to the support of
ierself and child. Shu further alleges
that'in February , 1887 ; the husband com
mitted adultery With an Oinnlia woman
of 111-fpputc. The injured woman asks a
decree of divorce and the custody of her
Answer was made in the dis
trict court yesterday in the cele
brated divorce case of Bolwcll vs Bol-
well , of whjeh a great deal has already
been said in the paper. " . The plaintiff is
the wile , who asks for divorce on the
ground of excessive cruelly. Thn an
swer of the husband charges the wile
with adultery in Council Binds with a
party whose name is unknown.
llenrictto Grybisky began suit yes
terday in the district court
through her attorney , Max Kuhn , to se
cure-divorce from her husband , Joseph
A. , a wealthy farmer residing in Bloomington -
ington , in this state. She is now living
with her mother , Mrs. Blocsc , on the cor
ner of Third and Spruce streets in lids
city , having been driven there by the
cruelly of her husband. She has not yet
attained to her eighteenth year. Sinoo
her return home a child has been born ,
and in her pica she asks for thn custody
of the same and alimony pending the
scttemcnt of the case.
A 1'Altl.oU MATCH.
At Boyd's opera house those comical
comedians , Messrs. Kvnns ami Iloey ,
( Old Hess and Me ) , will appear Friday
and Saturday this week in Mr. Hoyt'.s
amusing comedy , "A Parlor Match. "
This piece is one of the most amusing
which Mr. lloyt has given to the stage ,
and in it Messrs. Kvans and Hooy have
disported themselves to the infinite en
joyment of largo audiences , and they
xvill no doubt repeat their former great
.success in this city. The piece has been
changed in many respects since it was
last presented hero , and new music
specialties and new topical songs liavo
been interpolated , so that there will be
much of novelty in it. even for those
who saw it and enjoyed it last season.
People's Theatre. „
On Monday , February 28 , at this
ttieatre Fielding's Comedy Ideals begin a
week's engagement in tlio ludicrous
mirth-provoking comedy , "Confusion. "
This Is an organization composed of
comedians and play only comedies. The
stars of the company , John and Maggie
Fielding , arc known to tins theatre-goers
of the entire United States. Tlio com
pany is a carefully selected one , and the
plays are produced with every attention
to detail. The performances have re
ceived the highest praise from the press
in every city in which they have ap
peared all tlio plays produced by this
company are interspersed with songs
and pleasing specialties. Manager Wal
ton assures his patrons that this is the
strongest company that has yet appeared
at his theatre , having himself been a
member of the company six years ago ,
and ho speaks advisedly. On Monday
night "Contusion11 will bo presented.
The County I'oor Kami.
The bill authori/.ing the county com
missioners to soli the poor farm on time
was passed by the legislature , and the
commissioners have taken steps to have
the arrangements made at once for the
sale. Judge MeCulloch yesterday ap
pointed John Rnstin , Chris Hartman and
John L. McCaguo as appraisers to ap
praise the value of the property. The
sale will be made some tune in April.
The terms will probably be one-third cash
and the balance in one , two and three
1'ntti's reception room at the exposition
hall was adorned with an Kmcrsun piano.
Strnnuo Visitors.
NVcneoll Sheef , a Bohemian \ > iio lives
on south Fourteenth street , has a strange
pair of uninvited guests at his home.
Friday he and his wife returned homo
after their day's work to find a young
lady , a stranger and a bouncing boy
baby a few hohrs old , occupying one of
their bud rooms. The young woman
gave her name as Mary Bodka but re
fused to tell anything more of herself oi
lier history.
lot ! ) mid l > 2l Douglas Street.
Special prices for next week. Great
est Towel sale on record. leO do ; : . Turk
ish Bath Towels , IGo worth Me.
Our Great Leader , 200 doz , line bleached
Knotted Fringe Towels L'oc , worth uOc.
100 doKlegant Satin Damask Towels ,
knotted fringe , ! Mc , worth 7fie.
no do/ . Elegant Bleach llnck Towels ,
si/.e 2o.\-IO in. , ; Kic , worth ? r > o.
For next week only wo will place on
sale four1) ( ) numbers in extra fine
Bleached Table Damask , full 2 yards
No. 1 at 7."ic , regular price flOc.
No. 2 at 87.je , regular price if 1.
No. ! J at ? ! , regular price if I.2.I.
No.-I tit $1 2o , regular price f l.7o.
Don't fail to see these damasks as they
are gems.
M ) don , extra fine bleached Napkins
at sf 1.-I8 per do * . , worth $3.00.
50 do/ , very line bleached f Dinner
Napkins at $ ) . < ) ! ) per do/ , worth $2.75.
100 deFine Fringed Checked Napkins
at 50o per do * , worth double.
2 cases White Crochet Quilts 75c worth
? 1.00.
3 cases \Vhito Crochet Quills $1.00
worth $1.25.
2 cases White Crochet Quilts $1.25
worth $1.75.
Don't fail to examine these Quilts , It's
yory seldom you got a bargain like those.
For next week 100 pieces full width
Stripe and Checked Seersuckers at lOo
per yard , never sold less than 12i and
50 pieces All Wool -10 inch Ladies'
.Sackings worth Doc , all now Spring
20 pieces -10 inch Fancy Mixtures 5c ! )
worth "Go.
1510-1521 Douglas street.
Obnrno & llosick's addition goes on
sale Monday morning at the ollieo of K.
S. Hood , solo agent , 1500 Farnam im-
The Ilouair/a Addition
To South Omaha has just been placed on
tno murKct , being a subdivision of block
10 , of
100 lots in this beautiful addition tire
now ofl'ured for sale at very moderate
prices. They are located on and imme
diately adjoining Bullovuo road ,
W. G. Ai.intir.HT , 218 S. 15th.
Oborno & Hosick's addition.
Thq revenue collections yesterday
amounted to fl,701.70.
Mike Kulloy , a chronic offender , was
arrested yesterday charged with the lar
ceny of an overcoat from Calm Bros' ,
store ,
, Frank Hoffman , alias "Banana , " and
I rank Striker , alias "Hats , " two well-
known crooks , were arrested in Nio
\ \ allaco's dive yesterday afternoon.
Personal Piirauraphs.
Mr. J. F. Hittle , of Rnwlins , NVyo. . is
in the city , the guest.of C , W. James.
Church Howe is in the city , at the Pax-
Ion.Albor Ktihn , the youngest and almost
tlio biggest member ot the Musical tlmon
orchestra , celebrated his sixteenth birth
day yesterday. Ho is is a promising olar-
netlst and at the same .time is making
headway Jn the study of the law with his
Debate IJy tlio CrclRhton CollCRO 1'hll-
linrtnonio Society.
In the debate which took place between
some of the chosen members of the
Crelgliton college Philharmonic society
last week it was once more made evident
thai Hie professors of lliat institution do
not believe that education consists en-
llrely of routine work. The subject
clio.'pn for debate was one of the live
topics of the day and one which required
an immense amount of original thinking
by those who championed one side or the
oilier. Mr. Kiigono Noon , previous lo
llio debate , read a carefully prepared
critical essay on Henry George's theory ,
and on Ihis was Ihc debate founded. Mr.
P. Burke ami Mr , 11. Town contended
that the private ownership of land is un
just , while Mr. J O. Gorman and Mr. J.
Mc.Carvllle pleaded for thn more conservative
vative and present method of ownership.
For some time past the more anvnncc.il
students of Hie college have been on the
qnt vivo of excitement as lo the outcome
of the debate. It was generally conceded
Iho sides wore about equally divided as
to oralorical ability , and consequently
there was an unusual interest and a
largo attendance ) .
Mr. Burke opened the argument and
in doing so condemned in unsparing
terms and with sharp invective tlio pros-
American land system. His opening
speech was well opposed by Mr. O. Gor
man , wco was in turn attacked bMr. . H.
Town and who , in turn , was severely
criticised by Ids opponent , Mr. MeCar-
villo. Each of the lour speakers had an
opportunity , in a second speech , to de
molish his opponent , and as each modern
Cicero resumed his seal amid the plaud
its of the audience , his manner indicated
thai he was at least satisfied with liim&ulf.
The debate lasted over two hours and
was ono of HID most .sprightly and inler-
esling ever held in the college. During
Ihe evening Mr.V. . Dorau gave an orig
inal declamation on "Washington. " It
was well written , pleasingly delivered
and warmly applauded.
Cnrd ol' TlinnkN.
We take pleasure in expressing our
gratitude for the liberal sum received by
us as the proceeds of the charily lecture ,
given under the auspices of the St. Leo
branch ol the Knights of Labor , for the
benefit of the orphans of Omaha.
In behalf of the poor , homeless chil
dren , whose wanls wo are endeavoring ,
with very limited means , to allovialo , we
thank tlio worthy eiti/.ons of Omaha who
so generously patronized the lecture. We
thank in particular the members of the
St. Leo branch ot the Knights of Labor ,
tlio very reverend speaker ami all who
assisted in tlio intcresljng programme.
The orphans' petition will bo daily pre
sented before the tlnono of the Almighty
God in behalf of all who aided in mak
ing Ihe lecture , as it was , a literal treat
and a grand financial success.
Sis-nuts orMiicv. : ;
Irish National
The honorable secretary of Nebraska
has issued a call for .a stale convention to
bo held in Lincoln March 3 next. In re
sponse to that call it is hoped that every
branch in Nebraska and every atliliating
society will have a representative at said
convention. Irishmen of Nebraska de
serve censure for their apparent indiffer
ence , but we are convinced that Ihe crisis
now impending ; will revive all their old-
time devotion and patriotism. Lot the
Irishmen of Omaha combine and consult
for the common cause. For this purpose
there will be a meeting of the Irish Na
tional league held in Cunningham hall
this afternoon at 2:30 : o'clock p. m. , at
which delegates will be chosen for the
state convention. Every man in Omaha
having Irish blood in Ins veins and poss
essing a desire to ameliorate the present
unfortunate condition of Ireland ought
to be present , if for no uther purpose
than to show his sympathies for a cause
which has produced so many heroes and
JOHN A. McSiiAXi : , President.
Jonx HUSH , Vice president.
City of Sottth Omaha.
Dummy trains carry sixteen hundred
passengers daily to and from it. Stock
yards , packing houses , two national
banks , four-story brick hotejs and busi
ness houses MOW what will it be in three
years ? C. E. Mayms has exclusive sale of
this property. Branch ollice opposite
depot , South Omaha.
The present low prices of lots in Obcrno
& Hosick's addition will be advanced
after Monday. Buy a lot Monday of E.
S. Hood , sole agent , ISO ! ) Farnam upstairs.
Miss Rnrtlui Steinhiuisur.
Miss Bertha Sleinliauser , daughter of
Prof. Steiniiatiser , and a promising young
vocalist of this city , had the pleasure of
being presented to Mmo. Palti on Thurs
day last. Through Anlili , an old friend
of her father's , she was introduced to
Sig. Nicolini , for whom she sang with so
much success that the gentleman intro
duced her to bis wife , Mmo. Patti. The
latter commended the young lady's as
pirations , entertained her for some mo
ments , ami wished her sucsc.ss in her am
bition to become a singer. MLss Stein-
liauser's voice will bo cultivated , and she
expects , before long , to commence to
study under a foreign master.
"Citizens' School Montlnc Called.
'Several prominent Omniums have made
a call for a meeting of citizens , lo be held
Monday evening at thn City hall at 7
o'clock , for the purpose of discussing
House Roll No.170 , introduced in the
legislature , relative to school matters ,
Tills bill , they think , needs amendments
in view of the new charter becoming a
law and additional territory buing added
to the school districts of the cily. As it
is n well known faet that gcvoral subur
ban places , notably Walnut Hill , arc de
sirous of coming into the city principally
on account of the reckless and outrageous
manner in which schools in their localilv
are now conducted , the meeting will
very likely bo a largo ono.
Are Ihoso to bo built in .South Omaha , for
which tlio plans have just been com
pleted. Vast industries will bo added
this year and
erected for those finding employment
AI.llllIfillT'S CHOICE
offers the best opportunities for those
wishing to purchase lots in South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
W. G , Ai.miimiT.
218 S 15th fat.
' 1 lie Did'cronco lit Time.
By the quickest route now in use it re
quires to travel from the cily
To Hanscom Park. . . . , . 30 min
ToSOlh and Leavenworth st . ,25 min
To 33d and St. Mary's uvo . 20 min
To 20th and St. Mary's ave . 15 min
To 2ith and Farnam st , , . 15 nun
To the high school . 15 min
To Oberuo & Hosick's addition. . . . 0 min
Wliilo Ihe lots cost away up In the
thousands in all the above places except
the last a lot can bo bought in Oborno &
Hosick's addition for a few hundred dollars
lars ,
The old engine house of No , 1 , which
formerly stood on I/nrd and 'Twentieth
streets , is now located on. the corner of
Cuniing and Sixteenth streets. It lias
been beautified and repaired and will
soon be supplied with a lioso cart and
company. This will save No , l.uow ou
Saurtdors , from answering a number of
the calls from the interior of the town.
The extension ladder was shipped from
Chicago on Thursday la U and will > i
brought up to town and exhibited on next
Monday or Tuesday. Hook and .ladder
will bo removed fro-n No. 3's house to
No. 1 on Saunders street , and the c.xlon-
MOII ladder will go to No. 8.
A Itarcaln.
For Sale Lois 0 and 7 in block 0 ,
Dwiglit and Lyman's bolh corners.
George Iludio , Council 13 lulls.
The large safe weighing 14-lOOlb ? . , was
transferred from the Missouri Pacific
froighl house lo Iho building lo bo occn-
piedby the U. S. National bank , by Mr.
E. J. Davis , who dons heavy hauling. Mr.
D. deserves much credit for placing this
immense safe quickly and without acci
dent ol any kind. It will bn remembered
that it is the largest safe ever moved
upon ti wagon , and demonstrates the
ability ot Mr. Davis to accomplish any
thing of the kind entrusted lo htm.
Call on Mrs. M. l Mltcholl , 1520 Doug
las street , for all kinds of fancy work ind
materials , niso latest thing in art decora
tion lava.
The commissioners passed a resolution
yesterday rescinding the right of way
privileges granted to C. E. Mayuc. Eras-
tus Benson and W. L. McCaguo for a
street railway along the military road.
This action was caused by the failure of
the company to sign the required bond
for the protection of the county's inter
Tlio contract for running the road
grader No. 1 was awarded to B. P.
Knight it Co. , and for running grader No.
2 to Kli Johnson.
The applications of Dr. Kcog.li and Dr.
Dysnrt lor the position of county attor
ney were received and placed on file.
The county treasurer was instructed to
sell lo Konn\Vs Co. , ot Chicago , $0,000 of
the county's bridge bonds duo 1800 at
llinlr oiler , a premium of $1.0U1.
The Forest. Lawn Cemetery association
presented a communication offering to
soil the county live acres for n county
burying ground at if 1,000 , per aero.
Sritixn Novni.TiKs
GKO. Mi rciiKi.L.
Sonic Good 1'otntn.
Oborno & Hosick's addition
Lies high and beautiful.
All the lots gently slope towards ' .ho
It is only live minutes ride from the
Lots are cheaper than in Ihc adjoining
Lots lie betlnr than in the adjoining
The fare is only 5 cenls for a ride lo
the. city in 5 minutes.
It is inside property.
It is a sure and safe investment.
Tlio prices are especially low for Mon
After Monday prices advance on all
lots not sold.
There are no more beautiful lots in the
whole city than in Oberuonfc Hosick's ad
Special sale Monday.
E. S. Kooi ) , Sole Agent ,
150 ! ) Farnam street , up stairs.
House anil lot in Walnut Hill $3,000.
? . " > 0 cash. B. W. Briggs , 1000 Howard
The Criminal Calendar.
In Ihe district court yesterday after
noon John Kratka , the Bohemian saloonKeeper -
Keeper , was found guiltyof the charge of
adultery preferred against him by his
wife , who followed him from St.
Louis and found him living here with
another woman.
The case against Crosby , accused of
having committed perjury in the Powell
murder case at Florence , will bo called
before Judge Neville to-morrow.
The case against Henry Mittcman ,
charged with the killing of Durham at
Millard , will be called Tuesday , and
upon its complctiod the Lauer case will
be called for trial
C. E. Mayno has established a branch
ollieo in Soiith Omaha for the exclusive
sale of tlto South Omaha Land Co..s
property. Oilico opposite depot.
For a small investment with absolute
certainty of big profits and no risks lots
in George II. Bog.1 addition at nrocnt
low prices cannot be equaled. Call on
Boggs it Hill for maps and reliable in
formation. Special bargains for cash or
to those desiring whole or half block's.
Are those to bo built in South Omaha , for
which the plans have just been com
pleted. Vast industries will bo added
this year and
iirxiKins : or irwKi.i.ixo.s
erected for those finding employment
ALiininiiT's CIIOH-I :
offers Iho best opportunities for those
wishing to purdiaso lots in South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
W. G. Ai.mmiirr ,
218 S 15th st.
A AVifo Heater.
Mary Norton , an innocent appearing
Gorman girl , swore out a warrant in
Judge Stenborg's court yesterday after
noon for the arrest of her husband ,
Harry Norton. The woman alleges that
she has been subjected to all kinds of
abuse and ill-treatment from her hus
band and now states that she intends to
prosecute him lo the extent of the law ,
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed ( ' . E. Mavno solo agent for the
sale of their lots. Ho will show the prop
erty and furnish all desired Information
uiion application.
[ Signed ] W. A. PAXTOX , President.
For a small investment with absolute
certainty of big prolitn nml no risks lots
in George II. Boggs1 addition at present
low prices cannot bo equaled. Call on
Boggs it Hill for maps and reliable in
formation. Special bargains for cash or
to those desiring whole or half blocks ,
The lionan/.n Addition
To South Omaha has just been placed on
the market , being a subdivision of block
10 , of
100 lots in this beautiful addition are
now olfored for sale tit very moderate
prices. They are located on and imme
diately adjoining Bellevue road.
W. G. Ai.UHUiiiT , 218 S. 15th.
The Omnlin Hazaiir.
Articles of incorporation of the Omaha
Ba/.anr were filed in the county clerk's
ollieo yesterday. The incorporation has
a capital stock'of $10,000 and is formed
for tlio purpose of bvying anil selling
loys , notions , smokers' articles , etc. The
incornorators are M. Toft , Oliva Toft
and Chris Toft. _
Oborno ifc Hosick's addition is inside
For a small investment with absolute
certainty of big nrolits and no risks lots
in Ge.orge II. Boggs' addition at present
low prices cannot bo equaled. Call on
Boggs & Hill for maps and reliable in
formation. Special bargains for cash or
to those desiring whole or half blocks.
Oberne & Hosick's addition is within u
100 yards of itatiou ca the Union P&citc ,
X. 1) ) . KAI.COMCK.
Our Next Hnsoinoiit S lo AVIU bo
Mndn on Tucsdayi , Int. Mnrch ' .
And will'bo more interesting'llinn any
wo have madoyot. Amongst other bar
gains , the following will bo ofiorcil ,
Sateens in short lengths this season
now slylcs , regular price 15c , will bo sold
by us on Tuesday at 81e.
Uemnanls of Turkey red damask.
Remnants of cream damask.
Knmnants of wool dress goods. .
Hosiery and underwear.
Linen laces and billions ,
and a lot of remnants of embroideries
will bo put ii ) ) in average lots in which
lln-y will bo great bargains.
Full particulars in Ibis papnr on Mon
day. N. 13. F.U.OONUU.
Oberne & Hosick'a addition is only two
miles from the posloHlcc.
Two Old HpsldcrTts" Combine Their
Talent * and < > i > Into the Itenl
Kstato IJuslness.
It is very seldom that Iho Bur. can so
heartily recommend a now firm to tlto
tender mercies of the public as it can
Messrs. Samuel Coiner and Gco. 11. Filch-
ell who havecslabllshcd a real estate and
loan ollieo at 1005 Howard street. Both
those gentlemen have lived in Omaha for
Ihe last twenty years and have watched
Iho city's growth from its infancy to its
present mammoth proportions. The
most part of their time has been devoted -
voted to the real estale business , having
been with C. E. Mayno for n number of
years. Messrs. Coiner & FItcholt are re
garded by all who know them and there
are very few who do not know 1 hem as
competent judges of realty values , and
their judgment , too , can always bo relied
upon as tlio very best. Their large ac
quaintance enables them to start out with
a very largo list of properly foi sale ,
comprising bargains in every part of tlio
city and South Omaha. Their carriages
will always bo found ready to carry pur
chasers to see property which they have
for sale.
Their olliccs , at 100.1 Howard street , are
being furnished in elegant style , with
main and private ollieos , finished in
cherry color. Those in quest of real , gen-
nine bargains need look no farther than
to Coiner it Filchett for they always
have that kind of property for sale.
Myrtle Division U. It. K. of P. special
meeting Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock ,
at Metropolitan hall. By order of
Sir Knight Thomas Burrell , sir knight
Yon will miss the chance of a lifetime
jf yon don't buy a lot in Oburne it Hos
ick's addition Mnmlny. E. S. Rood is
sole agent , 150 ! ) Farnam st.
"Doujjlas County XursnrloH
will plant the trees in Hitchcock's addi
tion. " By order of O. O. Howard , Propr.
1'Inttc Valley Hay Company.
E. C. Mockbcc , proprietor. Bailed Hay ,
Flour and Feed. Car Jots a specially.
Corresponce solieity with close buyers.
C. W. SrAitKs , Manager.
Telephone 27.
For a small investment with absolute
certainly of big profits and no risks lots
in George 11. Boggs' addition at present
low prices cannot be equaled. Call on
Boggs it Hill for maps and reliable in
formation. Special bargains for cash or
to those desiring whole or half blocks.
Are those to bo built in South Omaha ,
for which the plans have just been com
pleted. Vast industries 'will be added
this year and '
iiKNimnns or DWKLLI.VOS
creeled for lliose linding employment
AT.iiitiGirr's CIIOICK
oilers the best opportunities for those
wishing to purchase lots in South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
W. G. Al.llKKiHT ,
The Inter-Statu Commerce Kill.
is expected to help the boom in South
Omana immensely , as freight rates ad
vance and passes to .stockmen arc abel
to compete with South Omaha at the
eastern points.
thus becomes more valuable every day ,
although ( ho prices have not yet been ad
vanced , but they soon will be !
W. G. ALintifiiiT ,
218 South 15th st.
Obornc & Ilosick's addition lies on that
beautiful slope , just southwest of the
llowcll lumberyard
fjincoln Suburban Property.
The real cstalo boom at Lincoln is just
beginning. You follows in Omaha who
know how to make money out of acre
property come down and see my tract ad
joining the city limits and you will make
money by Ihe operation.J. .
J. f ! . McBitiDi : ,
Room ! , Richards' block , Lincoln , Neb ,
For n small investment with absolute
certainty for big profits anil no risks lols
in Gi-orgo II. Boggs' addition at present
low prices cannot be equaled. Call on
Bogga it Hill for maps ami reliable In
formation. Special bargains for cash or
to those desiring whole or half blocks.
The IMotter Hunt Kstato Agency
MOVCN Into Now QuartorH.
The ollieo for so many years occupied
by Paulson it Co. is being entirely reno
vated and to-morrow morning will betaken
taken possession of by the Motter Real
Estate agency. Former visitors to 1511 !
Farnam street will scarcely rocogni/.o
the place next week , as it is being newly
painted , papered , etc. , and a counter will
1)0 placed across thn room , in the rear of
which will bo placed the privates oilier ) ,
tints materially changing ( lie appearance
of the building.
Oborno & Hosick's addition is a half
mile southeast of Hanscom Park.
Heal I'Jstato TrniiHferfl
Filed February 20 , 1837 , reported for
the BII : ; by the C , E. .Mayno Real Kstato
and Trust company.
I ) L Thomas and wife to Omaha and Flor
ence Land and Trust Co , lot 7 blk W and 12
In KU and 17 In 107 and 7 In 23H and l-20th ot
old lots 'JW Florence qc 81,00.
K IMValker anil wife to Omaha nncl Flor
ence Land and Trust Co , lot a blk 75 Flor
ence * l C SI.00
Lewis Plant anil wlfo to Omaha and Flor
ence Land and Trust Co , lots ! J and 8 bile UO
Florence i | c 81.00.
Alllton Iliuidrlx and wlfo to Omaha and
Florence Land ami Trust Co , 07 lots In Flor
ence n c 51.00.
John Stalon anil wife to Omaha and Mor-
enca Land and Trust Co , lot 4 blk 103 Flor
ence n P. S 1.00.
4M1 Walker and wlfo to Oiimhti nnd 1'lor-
enue Land anil Trust Co , lots 2 and a blk Tl
nnd 6 07 and 8 In M Florence / ij c-Sl.OO ) :
J .F Hansom to Omaha and Florence Land
nnd Trust Co , lots 5 0 7.88 It ) UW 13 M 15
au.110 blk 112 Florence q c-Sl.OO.
M 11 WISU aud wile to Owalia and Florence
Land nnd Trust Co , lols 5 and C blk 53 .Flor
ence q c Sl.OO.
C I ) Iliitclilnson nnd wife to A W Dudley ,
lot 7 blk 3 Fowler place w d5400. .
Carrie T Ilino to Chas and Ffvuik Marsh ,
lot 14 blk ti Patrick's 1M add w d SI.MW.
L S McCnbo to .1 B Mi-lklo , trustve , lot 0 ,
blk r. , Oiniihn , w d-S'5'W.
\V .1 Paid to 1' ' I ) Tanner et nl , lot 2 nnd w"
o ft of lot 1 , blk . % Reed's 3d adil , w d-53.WO.
A M Alexander lo I ) L .McConaiiithy , lot
II. blk' 2 , Clarendon add to Omaha , w d
v '
.iam'cs Kill ? , jr. . to Mrs Cora Kills , lots 0
and 10 , W A Itedlck's add to Omaha- d
Union Stock Yards company to Mlcliacl
O'llern , lot 3 , blk 0 1st add to South Omaha ,
w d Win.
15 , blk 5 , C K.May no's 1st add to Valley , w
d SW.
A (1 ( Iiieram ctal to W I Klemcail , lots 1
and S , blk 14 , Isaac & Selden's add , w a
Ci' iKK ) *
Clara Hoeiler to the public pint of Kocdor's
add , n Ktt ft or wMO ftef sw 'i' nw , ' 4 , ; > , M
nnd W-dedicatlnii.
T C HnuiniT et nl to Samuel Bnlrd , lots in ,
II , fftand 10 , blk'JI , Morse & Brunner's add ,
w d Sflw.
A (5 ( Cliarlton and wife lo F L Itceil , lot
10 , blk 1 , Institute place , w d Sl.KOO.
Byioii Ueeil et nt to Samuel Mortcnseii , lots
13 and 15 , blk 4 , Campbell's addition ; w d
. ) L Mcraeue and wlfo to Ann L Larson ,
lots 'J and : t'blk , \VcstUiimlng t nild : w d
I ) L Thomas nnd wife to .1 H Blair , twenty-
nine lots In p'lnrcncu ; H e SI.
Omaha and Florence ( .and Trust Co , tn
Milton B. Wild , lot , blk IH ) , Florence ; < i c
S ! .
Florence Land Co. to H C Ittordmi , lota 7
amis , blk17 ; lot 2' ' ) , blk HI ; oue-twcntloth
of out lots 1.V3 , ITU and ITS , Florence ; w it
8S.7.- . .
, Iosciili Barker and wlfo to I ) L Thomas ,
lots SI , S' ' , SI. H , SSil , 121 , Wi , liSJ and 121 ,
Norwood Piiik ; w d 55510.
.1 (5 Chapman to I ) L Thomas , lot 2. blk
ir > S ; lot 3 , blk IHl ; one-twentieth of out lots
tW. ItM and 210 , Florence ; q c-S'MO.
T C McCowu et nl. rxec.itovs , to I ) L
Thomas , one-half lot 11 , blk U , Florence ; q c
* '
1IA 'Harrison ot alto Milton llondrlx. lot
8 , blk : unit tots 7 anil ! > , blk lot : , Florence ;
< 1 c 875.
Knorli Lowe and wife to Milton Ilendrix ,
lot ID , blk ' .is ; lot 7 , blk IIS ; one-twentieth of
out lots I-1 , 1SI and 2'iS Florence ; q c SW.
Samuel llarsli and wife to Milton Ilendrix ,
22 lots in Florence , q c SI.00.
D M Crnham et id to Milton Ilendrix , lot 3 ,
blk-ll. Florence , q c S'-M.
TPMcCulloiiulM'tal to Milton Ilendrix ,
lot 5 , blk 25 , Old Town of Florence , u c
Wilson Bros. , t Co to Milton Ilendrix , lots
C nild 7 , blk C7 , lot 7 , blk OS , 7 111 241 in SI.
Florence , ( i e S75.
Charles Cooper to Milton Ilendrix , lot 10 ,
blk HKt , Floiouce , q c-S25.
\V 11 Luas to ililtou Ilendrix , lot 7 , Ulk 27 ,
lot2 , blk4 : ! , Florence , q c-Sl.OO.
Mary K Harsh et af to V ( ! Lnntiy , lot 7 ,
blk 15 , lot 3 blk 110 , Florence , q c Sl.OO.
Mary Sinxi'iit et al to V O Lantry , lot II ,
blk lO-i , Florence , q c-Sl.OO.
Klixubuth L Shocnberum4 and husband to
V ( ! Lantry , lot 11 , bile 10S , Florence , q c
Herman Konntzo and wlfo to V Q Lantry ,
10'J ' lots Florence q c S51S.
1) L Thomas and wile to Omaha and Flor
ence Land and Trust Co , S in (11 ( , 7 In bS , ' .I in
101. - ) in > , y in 87 , o In in , l in m , r , lu lot ,
and n > rf ot out lot 208 , also ' < ofI In f > 8. 2 In
70 , 7 in 78 , II in W ) . 0 In l . 18 in " 5 , 3 In 'J'J ' , 15
111 107 , II hi 120 , 5 ill 121. 12 In 134 , 4 ill 145. 5
ill 117 , 13 in lf > 7 , 2 in 1(12 ( , 10 ill 101) ) . 0 in 2N : , M
In 115 , 3 hi 250 , and out lot 203 , ullin Florence ,
q c SI.
K II Walker and wife to Omaha and Flor
ence Land and Trust Co , 17 Jots in blk 05 ,
Florence , w d S3.00J.
F S Malcolm et nl , to Omaha and Florence
Land ami Trust Co , 1J ! ! by 2011'eet com east
side of blk 274 and west sideol Water st 2dl , < f
feet from n cor of blk 274 , q e SI.
K L Sayreand wife to Omaha anil Florence
Land and Trust Co , lot 5 , bile S3. Florence ,
Thomas Barrett and wife to Omaha and
Florence Land and Trust Co , lots 1 , S , 14 , 17.
is. 20 , till : ' . . also 3 in bU , Florence , w ii S4IS7
1) L Thomas and wife to Omaha and Flor
ence Lund and Trust Co , 13 lots in Florence
il c SI.
V t ? Lantry and wlfo to Omaha and Flor
ence Land and Trust Co , 'M lots In FJoicncc ,
q c-Sl.
.1 II Ulalr and wlfn to Omaha and Florence
Laud and Trust Co , 13 lois in Florence.
.lane Thomas lo Omaha and Florence Land
and Trust Co , lots 11.12 , blk 2S , Floroncc , q c
11 C Rlonlan and wife to the Omaha nnd
Florence Land ami Trust company , lois 7
amis , blk 47 , lot 20 , blk-Jl. l-'iOth of out lots
150 , 173 and 17tf , and lot 4 , blk KG , Florence ,
q c-Sl.OO.
Andrew Nelson and wife to Omaha and
Florence Land and Trust company , lots 5,0
and tt. blk 50 , lots 2 and 12 , bile 100 , Florence ,
ii e 5 ? 1.00.
K. 11. Walker and wife to Omaha and Flor
ence Laud and Trust company , lots C , 10 and
14. blk HI , lots 1 , 4 and 5. blk 71 , lot 0 , blk 05 ,
all in Floionce , q c 51.00.
County commissioners of Douglas county
to the public ulat of Don.'las add o 810 1'cet of
ne'-i' 2 , 15 13 , doilication.
Alexander ( irel to ( ! . K. Smith , lot 13 , blk
"A , " Sauiulurs & IlimubaUKh'b add , w d
! ? 400.
William Cobiirn. sheriff , to Herman
Komitzc , 112 lots in Florence , shcrliT's deed
§ 5.17.25.
Milton B Wild and wife to Omaha nnd
Floienco Land and Trust company , lot : : , bile
no , Florence ) a c Sl.oo.
LitdwlK Kustner to Josouh Kuslncr. lot 10.
blk "K , " Lowe's add to Omaha , w d 51,470.
L V Morsi ) et nt to SS Aiiclimoodv , lot 5 ,
blk 27 , Morse & Briuiner'saild , wd $150.
I K Conxion d nl to K I Mix , lot 21Clnrks
add to Omaha. W D-S 1.500.
W M Foster and wlfo to K B Williams ,
lot 4. blk 4 Fosters add to Omaha , W D
L V Morsn et al to public plat of Morse and
Briinnors add In lots 3 , 5 and 0 , sue 27 , 10 , 13 ,
W B Taylor to I ) II Wheulcr jr ! lot 15. blk
1 , ( Jlnromlon add to Omaha. W. D Sl.fiOO.
C E Mnyno to the public plat of 0 K
Mnynes 1st add to Valley sub , n ' < i of w Jtf of
sw'4 31. 10 , lO-dodicatlon.
C A Sherwood to R J Coxier , lot 5 , Pclham
plnco , W U-S1750.
Klnm L Canaiiand husband to f ! W .Stan-
sol , lot 12 , blk 113 , Calkins sub W l-Si500. :
W T Seaman and wif'o lo W RP.irks n M >
ft wk lot 3 , blk II , Shinnaadd to Omaha , W
J ) & : i5.
John Itoyan nnd wlfn to L W Wakcly , lot
1 , Dik 3 , Kount/.us4tli mid' W D-SOTO.
\V TCr.ilmin to Mlllonl Tidball lot 2 , blk
7 , I'lainvlowaild. W D-810W
A S Potter < ! nl to. ) F Flack , lot 21 blk 4
Potter .t Cobb'H nd 8aoo.
A S Potter et al to Carrie .1 Fluck , lot 22 blk
4 Potter , t Cobu'Hiuld-200.
O II Ballon ot nl to R A McKachron , o 'W ft
of w C,0 It | ot 23 Millaid it Caldwell's ailu wd
? 'i,800.
Balthas .letter tn HIP public plat , blks 12 , 13
anil 14 .letter's aild-lcdUatlmi ) : ,
.Michael Donovan and wlfn to Patrick
O'Connor , lots 7 ami 0 blk 1 M Donovan's
sub wd 82,500.
.1 ( i Tavlor U D Brown , lot 8 blk 03 Omaha
John 'itoo'jo nml wife to J .N Dennis , nil of
lot 1 blk 42 Credit Fonder add wd § 2,000.
Corollno Latino to MorlU Mtiycr , lot 3 blk
I'M Omaha wd-Sl3)00. ( )
Kllen K Williams and husband to J' C
Whinnery. lots k > s nnd b'J Uiso's add wd
Sophia Dallow to the Omaha Belt railroad
company , 1)13.0 ) sq It loto blk 37 wd-Sl.coo.
Kheno/ ( Dallow nnd wife to Omaha Belt
R R Co l.bTOX square It , lot fi , blk 37 , Omaha ,
WA rchorTko to J P J list cl al , lot C , blk 13 ,
Slilnn'sadii. wd-sn.TOO.
K t ! BallMi and wild to .Mary F Watts , lot
0 , Pruyiis sub , w u-X'"M.
C K Chum to Cordelia VS llklc , lots 0 and 7 ,
blk 3 , Omaha View , w -S25' ' ) .
Cord hn Wllkio and husband to James
Miller , lot 18 and s } { lot 1U , blk 18 , Hanscom
Place. wd"S3K . , . , . , , ,
Frank Hclli-rto Ciecs InKhram , lot 14 , blk
f. , Kilby Place , w d-81.000.
Frank Kwors and w'f" ' ' Martha B Pat
terson , lot 5 , blk 17 , Hanscom 1'Jaco , w d
"Y'hllln llaudsrhuli and wlfo to L C Kno-
weld , o50 it of lot 7 , HnwrV add , w d-SHV ) .
Caiollne Sutton to 11 M Hunt , lot 8 , blk W.
1) In 110 , ( i and 8 in 117 , 7 in } 'M , 2 nml 15 in
131,12 in 140,20 In 1M. Florence , q e-sOO.
Tliroo Citliiu Knuneod.
David Bau.ni , of Morfolk , had a repre
sentative in town yesterday sccurine the
borviccs of General U'ooster in the suit
between Iho lirst mentioned and the
creditors of Alt , Schulur & ( 'o. , of
Missouri Valley. The latter sold their
stoCK to Buuni tuul creditors stepped in
and sei/.ed the same. The Koods Will
now bu rcplcvincd DJ Baum ,
Tlio l-'lftccn.th
oftllo Danish Association. .
The fifteenth .uinurtl inasqucrndo bnl
of the. Danish association took place la-it
mglU.in ( icrninni.i hall ) and closed this
morning at about fl o'clock. Tli'cro wcnj
about one hundred couple in attendance.
The coslum'es were varied , some being
plain yet tasty while others were bolli
rich and handsome. Eleven dances took
place before Ihe unmasking. An elegant
supper followed nnd then the second
part of the programme , composing nine
teen numbers , was carried out. The un
masking revealed a very comely gather *
ing of ladies , most of whom possessed
charms of form and fcatnro as to attract
attention. The ball socially and hnau-
dally was a grand success. The as ocia-
tion Is in ah excellent , ilnnncial condi
tion , having n membership of 22 ( . It owns
n lot and a half on the southwest corner.
of llariiuy and Klghleonth streets , part of
which it proposes to sell and with the
proceeds erect a inngnillcont hall for its
own u cs. The music was furnished In
an excellent nutnncr by HolVman's or
chestra , one of thn features ot which was
the drumming of 1 < M Holl'maii , son ol the
professor , who read the muMe and
drummed with exceeding ellcet. lln is
but cloven years of ago. The olllcers ol
tlio ball were as follow ? :
Manager of CYroinonic- ! . C. Thrano.
Masked llnll at tliu State lnnno
LtNTOi.N' , Fob. 22. [ Correspondence of
the Bii : : . ] Thn annual mask ball given
hero on the 22d was the most succcisfnl
within the history of the hospital. The
grotesque , comic and elegant costumes
did great credit to the varied ideas and
artistic skill of Dr. Bodelson , who planned
and directed the evening's programme.
The home-like feeling of freedom anil
non-restraint which is bediming to dawn
in this benighted prison hospital under
Dr. Knapp's genial and charitable man
agement shed Us rays abroad that night ,
making the all'air one long to bo remem
bered by both patients and employes.
The brilliantly lighted and beautifully
decorated hall was rallier crowded till
masks \\oro removed , after which those
patients who ( { id not dance were taken to
their respective wards and retired.
Kvcry patient who was capable of appre
ciating was permitted to go. Quito a
number were masked. Among the ladies
Miss Brinlon was the pretty , quiet ,
modest little Quakeress. Mrs. Yerricfc
looked quaint and picturesque in
her peasant's suit. Mrs. M. Brown
wore a gracefully designed paper suit
representing tlio ( Jnieha Uui : . Many
more ladies and many ucntleimtn were
masked and all carefully and success
fully disguised. Among lha employcH
some very elegant suits wore worn ; by
Mrs Brink , as court lady ; Miss Boyle ,
Cleopatra , and Miss Pollock , princess.
Cindorilla wo suppose ordered her cor
sage from the domain of her pumpkin
mansion and drove away ere tliu mystic
word of change was pronounced , so wo
did not learn her real identity. Mrs.
Kinney wore a beautiful costume an
godoss of liberty. Miss Flink as old ! '
fashioned young lady was ilre.sM.'d very
becomingly in cream colored rtisso vail
ing and lace , with wide hoops , llowing
sleeves and an exceedingly poke bonnet.
The parody on Red Riding Hood was"
represented by Miss Oowder. The Baby
and Nurse were characterises reprc.souto'd.
in the most amusing manner by Air.
Gore as Nurse and Mr. Irwin as Baby.
The heretofore " "
indispedsiblo "George"
and "Martha" wore allowed to rest
peacefully unexhunicd. Miss Bin-ford's
was unanimously pronounced
the most beautiful and airy
costume , and was the work
of an cxampled art. As Fairy , her dross
of white tarllan spangled with stars a
beautitnlly decorated bodice < if delicate
pink , a golden crown and veil broidered
with trailing Ufndnls of moss and
smilax and the little golden wand bear
ing the mystic emblem of moon and star ,
proclaimed her from the ethereal re
gions of Fairyland , ( 'ostinnes were lee
numerous to mention all. Peals of
laughter aud aimless handshaking fol
lowed the removal of the masks while
the band played a low , soft waitAt
12 "the batujurl hall was deserted , " and
half-hour after darkness and quiet
reigned in the castle. RISU : ; A.M.
Additions within two miles of the stock
yards are called South Omaha. Look at
the map and you will see that the U. P.
Ry has two depots on South Omaha
proper. The Belt line runs through
this properly. Prices are low now if
bought Irom first hands. C. K , Mayne IH
tliu only ( inn who can sell it to yon from
lr. ! > t hands. Ccta lol before it is ton late.
Branch ollieo opp. depot , South Omaha.
For a small investment with absolute
certainty of big profits an.d no risks loin
in ( .icorgo 11. Bongs' addition at present
low prices cannot bo equaled. Cull on
Boggs iV Hill for maps and reliable in
formation. Special bargains for cash or
to those desiring whole or half blocks.
Kvcry lot in Oberne & Ilosick's addi
tion lien on high and beautiful ground.
K. S. Rood , sole agent , 15'JO Farnam up
stairs. _
O. E. Maynn keeps teams at his branch
ollice in South Omaha , to show properly
to parties going out on the Dummy
The Intnr-Stato Cnimiioroo Hill.
Is expected lo help the boom in South
Omana immensely , as freight rates ad
vance and passes to Mockincn are abel
to compote with South Omaha at the
eastern points.
Ai.iinifiiiT'.s ciioini ;
thus becomes more valuable every day ,
although prices have not yet boon ad
vanced , but they i-oon will bo ,
W. ( i. AniKiiiirr ,
218Sontb 15th st.
Residents in Oborne A : llosiok's addi
tion can lake tlio dummy on the Union
Pacific und reach the oily in 5 minutes.
"DiinKliif County NursorlcH
will plant 10,000 trues in Bonson'.s ' addi
tion. " By order ol C. O , Howard , pro
HAVK Yonii < > ! .ovis : CI.KANI'.D AT Gr.o.
i.'s , 1520 DWOI.AS KIKKKT , NO
uitv UIJA.VII ; ; .
Properly in South Omaha projier will
advance.10 per cent this season. Jiuy
from lirst hands through C. K. Mavno ,
who has exclusive control of the prop
erty. Branch olhco opposite depot in
South Omaha.
_ _
Tti Actor.
Supported by Hie boaulllui A r : ' . n AcVng
Lilah Stuart
In ttio Orc&l * o o ' lraipu ,
Condemned to Death *

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