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lEome Facts in Eegard to Lancaster County's
Pauper Refngo.
A Boot anil Shoo Firm Closed Out
on n Cliattnl Mortgage District
Court UolnKs Capital
City News.
CFUOM TIIK nr.r.'s LINCOLN iirnr.Ati.l
"IMcsscd nro the poor , " rcmnrkcd n
Lincoln citizen when he noted the esti
mate of nearly flO.OOO to take care of the
poor nnd the poor farm of Lancaster
cotiuly for the coming year. The nomt
innde by the citizen wns well in order.
Lancaster county has n poor fnrm , a
fnrin of 100 acres under the care of the
FiiperititiMidcnt nnd 80 acres that nre
lcn cd. The farm is equipped with
buildings ot all kiud , with machinery ,
with stuck , witn nil modern improve
ments , nil of which , including alleged
bloodeit stock , has cost the county thou
sands of dollars. Yet in the face of this
fact , in the face of the thousands spent
to make a home for the care of the poor ,
Lancaster county is confronted by a
$10,000 estlmnte for the coming year. If
the .years past and gone were uncovered
nnd the itcmi/cd account of expend !
lures on this farm were brought to light
every citizen of Lincoln would bo glad
to bo classed as one of the common poor
if he could be assured of an equal divy of
the appropriation , but such would not be
the case , for superintendents and super
numeraries would pluck the plum to the
l > it before the poor would see the fruit.
Tlio Lancaster county poor farm is oucr-
I ntui ! miller nsuiicrintenduut. Tlio county
builds the buildings , plows tlio ground ,
furnishes the seed , liirosthis help , buys the
t groceries , pays for the harvesting , husks
the corn , foods the stock , buys the ma
1 * * clnncry in fact Is actively in the fnrm
iug business ; but what has the county
to show for it ? Up to the present time ,
in the third month of the year 1837 , no
report has beeti liluil in the county clerk's
ollico showing what has been raised , what
1ms been sold , what is on hand or any
thing of tlio kind. The county commis
sioners pay the man in charge of tlio
] ) oor farm sOSn month , but when the UKI :
naked County Clerk Uoll what had buon
raised on the farm , what had been solil
or used or on hand , the clerk said that no
report whatever had been filed for the
year 1830 , nnd no man knows what ha
ween done on the farm. There is no
record to show what has been raised or
Bold , no record of the stock on the farm ,
nnd a guess at best is all that can bo
found. It is about time that this business
was stopped. A landlord who would hire
a man to run his farm and would not nsk
nnd insist on a report two months after
the end of the year would be put down
ns wholly Incompetent , ami it is aboui
time that the county commissioners con
ducted their business on business prin-
ciulcs. Every bushel of corn nnd bond
of stocic could bo sold from under them
nud they would so on in blissful ignor-
nnce , nllowincr bills from a ? 10,000 esti
mate. There is no record further in the
clerk's ollico showing how many inmates
Ihero are at the poor farm. No one knows
cither how many there are now or what
the average has been foi the year of
18SO. This is a fair climax of business
Incapacity at the poor farm. An cx-olli-
cial who departed from ollico a year ago
Btntes that at this time the average num
ber of inmntes per year at the poor farm
was not over twenty. Consider , there
fore , that a farm of ICO acres , highly
cultivated , with -00a month man to run
it ami all expenses met , is provided to
sustain the poor , nnd look at the enor
mous expense saddled on the county
through tlio poor farm. In 1680 the
superintendent drew n , salary of $720 ,
paid in cash by the county. The records
of the clerk's ollico show that there wns
paid for help at the poor farm the same
year a'total of $1,0'JO. paid in cash by the
county. Three merchants iu the city
drew in cash from the county $500 , pre-
Bimiably for dry goods and groceries
for the 3'ear , and the records
show that medical bills were
Jiaid , coal bills paid , clothing bills paid ,
umber bills paid , furniture uills of over
J200 , tannery bills , agricultural implo-
mcnt bills , and so on down the catalogue
for | 1,000 or more , too numerous to
enumerate. All this great expense out
nnd not the scratch of a pen showing any
income from the farm. Every dollar of
this expense ought to have been met by
the proceeds of the farm , excepting per-
bap.s the salary of the superintendent ,
and on top of it all , when the commis
sioners are in ignorance of what income
if any has come from the poor farm , a
prater estimate is launched at the tax
payers for 1887. The board of commis
sioners are lit subjects to embark in baby
Yesterday the boot and shoo house of
Goodrich Bros , was closed by a chattel
mortgage hold by the Lincoln National
bank amounting to some $000. Papers
wore also tiled in the district court by an
eastern wholesale house , representing a
claim of $700 or $ SOO , hold by thum for
goods sold and delivered , the payment of
\vhiuh was part duo. The papers in the
latter case go further and assert that the
lirni is about to convert its stocic into
cash to place the same beyond the reach
of their creditors , nnd that a largo
nmount of their slock lias already
been disposed of with that
end in view. The tirm has been actively
In business for some time in this city nnd
their location has been one of the most
eligible on the principal business street.
They have certainly been enjoying a
handsome trade , which wns no doubt
Bomovvhat augmented by the largo signs
displayed of "selling out at cost. "
Their failure , however , or closing in on
the stock , caiuos n ripple of excitement ,
nut ! it is understood that other creditors
wore engaged yesterday in film" their
claims iu the proper courts for iinul set
The jury iu the district court yostordny
returned a vordlct in the case of Ulcott
vs. Williams , that has l.con on trial for
two days. Thu verdict was for the
nmount asked and a consequent victory
for the pliiintlll' . Tlio fuels elicited in
the trial were of much Interest nnd
Bhowed that when this J. Robert Will
iams wns one of tlio Uutlor county tirm
of Roberts , U cstover A Williams thai
Mr. Henry K. Lewis , in seeking an ngont
to make loans for him on farm lands in
that county , mot these parties and thai
nn agreement was made in which Lewis
was to discount .some notes with chattel .so'
curitv held by them at U per cent a month
In 18 1 , after Roberts had left the farm ,
this agreement was renewed at 1 } poi
cent a month , am' ' a lot of the notes wort
BO Uncounted by Lewis , but that insofni
us his investment might bo secure , re
cardloss of the chattel , Williams gave t
bond in $10,000 , with three citunn ol
Uutlor county as sureties. The nttompi
of the bondsmen in this suit to evadi
liability was based upon the claim thai
Lewis gave them no nptico of theh
liability , nud further , that the wholi
transaction was tainted with fraud , allng
ing that Lewis had advanced money foi
the loans and then bought the loans back
11 r. Lewis repudiated these charges ami
established the fact that ho wa.s in uc
such transaction. The verdict was foi
| 3,7W.8J ( , and other cases of like nature
ro on the docket for trial.
Mr. H. T. Clarke , of Omaha , who ha <
> successful and rapidly growing wuolo-
drug business In this city , lias accel
erated the Lincoln real estate boom by
the purchase of $30,000 worth of real
estate , situated In the most olligiblo part
of the oily , for wholesale purposes. Mr.
Clarke's Intentions in this regard have
been felt for some time , but the extent of
Ids faith in the capital city was not ap
preciated until ho had the deeds ready
for record in the above figures Upon
the most eligible of these acquired
business sites Mr. Clarke will the present
? on on erect one of the mo t complete
blocks in Lincoln for his wholesale busi
The programmes for the coming ses
sion nf the Nebraska State Teachers' as
sociation are out and the meeting is to be
buld in this city commencing on the last
day of March , continuing four days there
after. The programmes show that al
most every varirty of topics will bo up
for papers and discussion and aside from
tins educators of the state , Prof. C , M.
Woodward , of Washington university ,
St. Louis , and President Miller , of the
Campbell normal university of Kansas ,
will bo present at the session. One and
rt third railroad fare has been arranged
for and reasonable rates are as-ured at
the Lincoln hotels. 1'he sessions of the
association will bo held : xt the state mil-
The man named Palmer , who was ac-
cu ed by Palmer Way of obtaining
money under false pretenses , had his
lu-aritig in court 3cstcrday and was as
sessed a line of $ -5 mid costs. As the
amount was beyond his reach he went to
jail for a month's board as a guest of Lan
caster county.
The showman with the canine prodi
gies , who left this city for Council HliiUs ,
it is stated , left a number of small bills
unliquidated. The show was so poor the
lirst night that the manager of the opera-
house hero kindly hinted at a cessation of
hostilities and the proprietor departed
for Iowa.
A lad who gave his namp as William
Caldwell was taken in tow veitcrdnv by
the police for obtaining money at Wil
bur under tal-o pretenses. At that place
he stated that he was the son of Joseph
Opelt , of Lincoln , and by u-ingToe's
name ho found himself possessed of
credit that he did not tail to use. He
will bo examined to-day.
Chief Post pro tern has made a number
of changes in the police department ,
making Olllcor Hyatt captain of the day
force , transferring Captain Sawdry from
the night to the day list and putting Olli-
cor Hobson ns captain of the night men.
Friends of Tom Carnnhan , one of the
bcbt of the night men , hoped to see him
the night captain
The real estate transfers on Wednes
day passed any limit heretofore- reached
this season , topping the list at 201,000.
In tin-so diivs of buying and soiling the
county clerk's ollicc is the busiest place
in the city
Henry southwick , the young man from
Dennett , who has become insane , had his
hearing yciterday and was sent to the
asylum. The friends of the young man
are hopeful tljat ho will soon recover.
C E. Koth , of Omalm , general agent
of the Harden hand grcuado for lirc.s ,
gave an exhibition yesterday on Market
square that drew a crowd equal to a bal
loon ascension.
Dlstinc nislilnjj iMarks Between
Yankee nml Now "Yorker.
New York Sun : "That man 1 knew
was a down-onster as soon as he spoke , "
said the night clerk at otio of the largest
up-town hotel" . 'Ton see , he's from
Springfield , Mass. I have learned in
this business that you can't place a man
by his looks. 1 have seen a Texan come
in here who looked like a down-east
Yankee , and I have eon Pine Tree citi
zens who I would have taken my oath
were ranchmen of the west until they
registered. I can generally spot , a Bos
ton business man the instant hu comes
and takes a pen to register , but I can't
toll how , and there is a peculiar kind of
self-nssortiveucss that stamps the Chicago
"But I have an infallible locality test
now which I have learned by experience.
I can tell a Yankee or at least one
brought up among Yankees , by his pro
nunciation , or rather lack of pronuncia
tion , of the letter r. By Yankee I mean
a Now Englandcr. A Yankee never says
'where'ho says'whach. ' Just so with
the word 'hero : ' ho always pronounces it
heah.1 He will toll you ho is 'putty'
well , and that the price of things is 'deah. '
Ho is going to bo 'vehy' busy this 'mawn-
ing,1 nud when ho asks for a horse car
line ho always says 'haws caehs. '
"It is a curious thing that in some parts
of the south * they do the same
thing , but with a difference of accent
that makes it possible to distinguish be
tween southerners and New Englanders.
A true New Yorker never slurs his rs ,
while in Pennsylvania and all through
the west this letter is oven too promi
nently trilled. A genuine Pennsylvanian -
ian will roll his rs like a Frenchman.
There is a peculiar and never-failing test
of a native New Yorker ns well as natives
within fifty milesof New York , and thatis
nn apparent inability to pronounce prop
erly the letters wh. Instead of why these
people sny y , like this : 'Y , sir , w'cn nro
you going ? or , 'that is a very yto house , '
for white house , or 'ware are you goings'
for where ; who is'hoo,1 and what'wat.1
A teacher In a Columbia college , to
whom I spoke of this one day , said that
lie had noticed it , and thought it showed
the ell'oct of the early Dutch settlement
of Now York , as the Dutch were not able
to pronounce tno diphthong wh. A
western man always says tnat he
'couldn't got to go ; ' nud a peculiar colloquialism
quialism of Wisconsin is the invariable
clipping of the participle ending. Thus.
'I shall no ride , ' or , 'I wish my head
would stop ache,1 or , 'I have been drink
too much. '
"One day there was a man who
stumped mo. Ho cqrae down from his
room just as I was going oft" duty in the
morning and said : 'What time is the
bank taken up ; ' 1 had to nsk him what ,
bank , and then what he meant. He in
tended to ask mo what time the bank
opened. Ho was from Indiana , and I
found that there they say taken up when
wo would say opened , ns chool is taken t
up at 0 o'clock , or 'tho bar is taken up at
0 a. m. ' Yes , language ; accent , colloquialisms
quialisms are a much better test of a
man's homo than clothes , figure , or
manners. "
Kxtrnorilnmry Contempt of Court
London Telegraph : An extraordinary
incident has just occurred at the Kouon
court of appeals. Three men who had
boon sentenced to various terms of im
prisonment at Havro appealed to the
uoucn court. They were brought in to
gether , ami on tha lirst prisoner being
asked the question"Haveyou appealed * "
ho replied , "Yes , I do so to see if the Ko-
ucn judges arc as great rascals as those
of Havro. "
This piece of impudence produced a
great sensation , and the man wan forth
with condemned to one year's imprison
ment for insulting the magistrates.
What was the general surprise when
the second prisonur , on being asked the
same question , returned an identical re
ply. Tliis time the judge dealt out a
double penalty , and ho w.-u sent oil'with
two years' imprisonment to his book.
No one dreamt that the third man
would dare to face the court iu this inso
lent fashion , after the punishment to
which his two companions had been
treated , and a thrill of amazement ran
through the audience when , iu r.nsvvor
to the formal query , "Have you ap
pealed ? " ho returned the same reply i
' 'Yes ; 1 did so to sen if thu Houoti judges
are as great rascals as these of Havre. "
Tlio court sun to need this man to three
years'"in prison.
Colgate1 ! Cashmere Itouiiuet ,
absolutely pure , exquisitely perfumed
popularity unprecedented. The soft and
la the Element We Drink Decimating the
How a Universal Mcnncc to Health
SlnyUe Disarmed.
A few years no the people In a certain
section in ono of the lending cities of the
state vvere prostrated with a malignant dis
ease , and upon investigation Itvns found
that only the e who used water from a
famous old well wen > the victims.
Professor S. A. Lattlmore , nunlylst of the
New York State Hoard of Health , upon ana
lyzing water from this well found It more
deadly than the city srvvnge.
The lining up of the old well slopped the
invaijes of the disease.
Not long since the writer noticed vvhllo
some men were making an excavation fora
larco building , a sir Mum of dark colored
catth runnlne from near the surface to hard
pan. There It took another course toward a
well near at hand. The water from this well
had lor years been tainted with the Urninintis
fiom a receiving vault , the puicolntlons of
which had discolored the earth ,
A similar condition of thliiRS exists In
every village ntul city where well water Is
used , nud though the filtering which the
lltiitl.s rucehn in passing through ( no eatth
may give them n clear appearance1 , jet the
poison nml disease remains , though the
vvalrr may look never so clear.
Ills still worse with the Inrmer , for the
drainage Irom the barn yard and the slops
Irrim the bitched eventually laid their \\.iy
Into the family well.
The same condition of thtncs exists In our
lar.-o cities , whoso water supplies are ihors
led by llttlo streams tlinto.urv oil the liltli
and drainage trwn houses. Tills "water" ' Is
eventually drunk by rich and pour alike with
great evil.
Some cautious people resort to the filter
foi nnritylng this water , but even the tiller
does not remove thli poison , tor water ot the
moit deadly character may pass through this
tiller and become clear , jet the poison Uis-
guKed Is there.
They who use inters know that they must
be renewed t regular periods , for even
though they do not take out all the inipur-
itv , they soon become foul.
Ixow in like manner the human kidneys
net as a filter for the blood , and it they me
Illicit upv 1th impurities and become foul
like the tiller , nil the blood in the system
coursln ? through them become bad , for It is
now a conceded fnct that the Kidneys are the
chief means wheieby the blond Is pitriiied.
These organs are tilled with thousands ot
/iir-f//c / ( ( / / tithes which drain the impurities
liom the blood , ns the sewer pipes dialn 1m
purities Irom our houses.
If it sewer pipe breaks under the hon e ,
( lie seuiis'o cscaM\s | into the c.uth and tills
the linnse with poisonous ens ; so If any ot
tha thousand and one little hair-like sewer
tuber of the kidneys break down , the entire
body is atl'eotcd bj- this awful poison.
It'ls a sclcntllic fact tlmttho kidneys hvc
few nerves ot sensation ; and , consequently ,
disease may exist in these organi lor a Jotu
time and not l > 2 suspected by the Individual.
It is Impossible to lilter or take tlio death out
ot tlic blood whun the least derangement e\-
iits In these oigans , and if the blood is not
tillered then the micacld , or kldnoy poison ,
removed onlv by Warner's safe cure , accu
mulates in the .system and attacks any oigan ,
producing nine out often ailments , juntas
sewer gas and bail drainage produce so manj'
latal disorders.
Kidney disease niav bo known to exist if
there Is nnv maiked departure from ordinary
health without appaient known cause , and
It should bo understood by all that the great
est peril e\isN.-i\nd is intensltitd , if there is
the least neglect to trent It piomptlywith
that great spec ! tic , Warner's safe cure , a
remedy that has received the hulelicst recog-
nltioifbv scientific men who have thoroughly
Investigated the character of kidney derange
They may not tell us that the cause of so
many "diseases In this organ is the Impure
water or any other one thing , but this poison
ous water , with Its Impurities couislnn con
stantly through these delicate organs un
doubtedly does produce much of the decay
and disease which eventually terminates in
the tatal Hright's disease , for this disease ,
alike among the drinking men , prohibition
ists , the tobacco slave , ttio laboier , the mer
chant and the tramp , works terrible devasta
tion every year.
It is well known that the liver which Is so
easily thrown "out of gear , " as they say ,
very readily disturbs the action of the kid-
nej-s. That organ when deranged , fmmct- ? (
Hteln announces the fact by sallow skin , con
stipated bowels , coated tonane , and head
aches , but the kidney when diseased , strug
gles on for a long time , and the fact ot Its
disease can only be discovered by the aid of
the microscope or bj- the phjslcian who is
.skillful enough to trace the most Indirect ef
fects In the. system to the durancemcnt of
the e organs , as the prime cause.
Tlio public Is learning much nn this sub
ject and when It conies to understand that
the kidneys are the real health regulators ,
as they ore the real blood purifiers of tire
system , they will escape an Intinitc amount
of unnecessary sutfering , and add length of
days and liapp'lness tojhelr lot.
Golden Medical Discovery" will not
cure ft person whoso lungs nro almost
wasted , " but it is an unfailing remedy for
consumption if taken in timo. All drug
An Irish Woman's Native Wit.
Atlanta Constitution : The Hon. John
C. Underwood , ox-lieulcnant governor
of Kentucky , told a very amusing anec-
doilo at the banquet given in his honor in
the city last week , and which convulsed
the guests with laughter at his expense.
In replying to the address of welcome
delivered by Mayor Cooper , Governor
Underwood said , among otner things :
"Tho kind and generous treatment
which has been bestowcct upon mo by
the cili/.ens of Atlanta makes me feel
very proud anil reminds mo of an inci
dent which occurred some years ago. In
addition to being mayor of a small town
in my section of Kentucky , I hail
been elected delegate to the
Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows , which waste
to meet iu Indianapolis , Ind. Of course ,
. ' 'it'll honors to a young man made mo
feel very proud ; in fact , I fell about six
inches taller than my actual height , and
strutted alone after "the manner of the
peacock. In addition to all this I had
the good fortune to possess an 'annual'
over the Louisville tS : Nashville railroad.
1 boarded the train at Howling Green
and took a seat in the car opposite an old
Irish washerwoman , whom I had seen
in the town , but did not know. Pres
ently the conductor came around for
tickets. Ho stopped and collected the
Irish woman's ticket , and , rccogni/.ing
mo , ho simply bowed and passed on. The
woman eyed me for quite a while , and
then leaned over and said : 'Mister , how
PCS it yiridi ) free , while 1 have to nay ? '
Somewhat taken back. 1 hardly knew
what to say in reply. Finally I answered :
'Madam. 1 nm riding on my face. . ' The
woman jumped tip , all excitement , and
sn id , loud enough .so nil the passengers
in the car coulu hear ; 'Face ees it ! Bo-
gorrnh , yc won't travel fur , thenl' "
ninndcrg of a French Caurt-Mnrtlnl ,
London Daily News : A scandal has
been caused in military circles by a
wrongful sentence of a court martial sit
ting at Langtou , in virtue of which nine
French soldiers were shot. The crime
for which thov were tried conspiring to
desert and deserting to nrmud rebels-
does not exist in the military codo.
Tlicro are four classes Of desertions.
The least grave is deserting without in
tention of leaving France ; the second is
deserting to go abroad ; the third is dp-
sorting to go to the enemy. Neither in
the cede nor the text books is there a
word about deserting to armed rebels.
As'-dn.whon.soliliors conspfroto desert ,
thu ringleader only is liable to a capital
sentence. There was a second vice in
the proceedings of the Langsou court
U is a matim of international law that
there is no possible case of extradition
for desertion. In the case of the nine
deserters who were shot , a demand ww :
made by Gcnoral Miinier to the Chinese
authorities to extradite them , which was
complied with. „ .
r . _
Plrnnnre Anil Profit In Gardening.
Philadelphia Record : There is not
only profit in managing n garden but
pleasure. Mnny persons attach no vnluo
to the labor of garden worK , especially
when It aflbrds them a mode of healthy
outdoor exercise , but whether a garden
be only a very small plot or a larger area
the advantages derived depend upon the
skill , care and labor of the person who
has charge of it , It is true , that whiln
those who cultivate hundreds of acres o'
"truck" can produce vegetables much
more cheaply than can those whose plots
nre too small to permit of the use of im
proved implements , the gardener who
grows his vegetables for homo use se
cures a freshness and quality that cannot
be obtained with vegetables that nrc pur
chased There is quite n difference be
tween the pulling of a ripe tomato from
the vine and placing it on the table and
the selection of one from a basket t'ant
has been shipped ovet n distance of rail ,
nud which may have been taken from
thii vines two or three days Doforc.
Hut there is also another advautace in
family gardening other than the fresh
ness nudquality of the small fruits and
vegetables grown , which is the choice of
varieties. Two or three kinds of sqtiasji ,
several of peas , ns well ns dillercnt varie
ties of beets , beans , berries , and even of
melons , if space allow of their growth ,
will permit of catering to the preferences
of'every member of the family. With
selection of varieties come proper care
and judicious working with tht > hoc , and
it is in this manner Hint the yoimgur
members nre taught their lirst lessons in
practical agriculture. It is said that the
bov who works on a farm where ills du
ties call for milking the cows , plowing
the liclds and cultivating tlio crop * , does
not have that fondness lor farm life that
is peculiar to the one who is given a
small garden and early taught to take an
interest in it.
It i often the case that ladies are bone-
lilted bv light work in the garden , and
especially if they are interested in ob
serving the different stages ot growth of
the plants , and when the farmer's wife
nml the children nlo become interested ,
the cost of the labor may be really con-
siderea as nothing , while the saving of
doctor's bill and the enjoyment of the
garden luxuries more than compensate
for the care bestowed. If every farmer
would have a garden and take an inter
est in it it would greatly add to the com
fort and enjoyment of farming , ns well as
prove very protitable.
SonsonaMo Suggestions anil Illnta.
Peas may bo hastened by sprouting the
seed in a box of moist sand before plant
Cucumbers , when cultivated during the
winter , require a temperature of seventy
degrees during the night and eighty de
grees during the dny.
To beautify the plumage of fowls feed
he seeds of suullowers. If these cannot
)0 obtained .give a small quantity of
ln\sced occasionally.
Make your hot-bail frames in sections ,
o that they can bo stowed away when
lot in use. It Is much bettor than allow-
ng them to remain on the ground to be-
ome Useless. . -
It is an cnsr matter to have a garden
io arranged as ( o cultivate it with a
lorse-hoe , but the best results are usu
ally obtained' on small plots wpll ma
nured and worked by h and.
5 Never use whitewash in the stables or
ion houses unless carbolic acid is added
o it , as a single application of the mix-
urc is better than two or three applica-
ions of whitewash alone.
The silver maple is a rapid growing
ree , often attaining n diameter of ten
, neho.s in ten years. It also thrives well
on sandy soil , requires but little careand
' ins few insect enemies.
Squash , cucumbers , egg-plants , melons
and beans should not bo planted until all
lunger of frost is over nnd the ground
, vell warmed. Nothing is gained by at-
.ompting to force them iu cool weather.
Cattle should not be permitted to feed
on clover land in the early spring , ns the
crop will hardly be able to develop in full
vigor if this Do dono. Neither should
stock be permitted to graze on it late in
the autumn , as this renders it very liable
to winter killing.
Do not expect the hens to lay when they
are compelled to roost on trees. They
cannot cndurn severe cold nnd prove
productive. It is only with the best of
cnre to the hens that eggs Qfcc obtained
in winter.
There is no advantage in having young
ducks , gceso or turkeys too early in the
season , as they will not thrive as well as
when hatcheifin April or later. A good
start in dry weather will enable them to
grow rapidly and entail less labor , while
dampness is fatal.
A few boxes in the house filled with
earth , anli planted to tomatoes , lettuce
or cabbage , will be found a cheap mode
of securing early plants. Now is the
time to begin , ns they will not grow too
rapidly when tlio seeds have sprouted.
If potted plants be watered around the
roots with lime-water the angle-worms
will bo destroyed iu the soil. The caustic
qualities of the lime-water kill nil soft-
skinned worms. Only a small amount of
the lime-water is nccesjary.
Do not bo tempted with all the new
novelties ollered in garden seeds , as
somes of them are only old varieties with
new names. Before devoting the garden
to anv new variety give it a test by pro
curing a packi-go of seeds for experiment ,
as a loss from poor seed or nn inferior
variety cannot bo recovered. Time is an
important factor in gardening.
Hero is the way the largo strawberries
are produced. Apply a heavy dressing
of manure of two parts each of niurato
of potash and superphosphate , With one
part nitrate of soda. Keep the young
plants clean , Water when nnccssary , and
do not allow n single runner to sturt , ns
they should be pinched back. Mulch the
young plants m the fall , and remove the
mulch early in spring. Then apply
another dressing of fertilizer and clean
the soil bv sfirri'ng it about nn inch.
When the voting berries are set pinch off
all but tho'largesu It requires work , but
it will pr.y. >
To feed an- animal only that quantity
of food necessary to prevent it from los
ing llcsh is a waste of time. The aim
should bo to secure an increase every
day. It is of no advantage to have an
animal pass through the winter and como
out in the spring in tlio same condition it
was in the fall , The winter is the proper
time to get thtj stock fat.
It requires pracilco and close attention
to nil the details fn order to produce two
tubs of butter nlike In quality. A change
in the kind of food given the cows will
alter the character of the product , as
may bo noticed when wild onions nro
eaten. The most careful consideration
should bo given the feed , and next the
cleanliness of the stalls.
When purchasing pure-bred stock give
the preference to these breeds best
adapted to the soil , climate nnd facilities
of the farm. It will not do to suddenly
transfer an animal from a luxuriant pas
ture to a barren hillside. Good breeding
is important , but the c-cst of breeds will
fall to give satisfaction unless kept under
proper conditions.
It lias been dninonstratcd by experi
ment that one acre of land upon which is
grown soiling crops for dairy cows will
produce sufficient food to enable the
cows to double the yield of milk and but
ter as compared with the ordinary mode
of pasturing. If tins' bo possible with nil
farmers the extra yield should , afford a
profit. .
Tlio supposition , that uo labor is re
quired in bee-keeping has done more to
cause failure than anything cl. o. It re
quires close attention to grade the honey ,
and nn experienced bee-keeper will grow
llowcring plants for his bees as well as
devote time to the swarming , wintering
nnd strengthening of the colonies.
Thrto is room for improvement in the
exhibition of breeding stock at fairs. As
a rule the stock is shown In the fattest
conditou possible. Fat Ls detrimental to
the production of offsprings , nnd a line
should be drawn between llio animals in
tended for the butcher nnd those to bo
kept for breeding.
So far no ono has been nblo to state
what hog cholera is , nnd , of course , no
sure remedy is known. The .symptoms
vary in different sections , and nearly all
diseases to which the hog is subjected
are now classed as cholera. The only way
to avoid it is to keep the quarters clean
and feed variable food.
It is very difllcult to raise youiur
turkeys , but if they bo kept dry and
warm , ns well ns confined for n few dnys
nfter being hatched , until they become
strong enough to be allowed out of the
roop there will be fewer losses in the
broods. Dampness is more fatal to them
than cold.
Mnny farmers place great stress on tho.
power of clover to restore the fertility of
the soil. It does this by taking carbon
from the ntmosphere and causing ele
ments in the soil to assume organic shape.
It is aided iu this process by it.s roots ,
whioh penetrate a great distance , and
thus lighten up the soil. It is n dis
puted question whether the plowing-In
of clover is the most satisfactory and
economical method of enriching the soil ,
but the practice is quite common in many
localities .
The Hand was Too Ilijj to Handle.
liuffnlo Courier- Four or live gentle
men sal around a round table iu an up
town hotel. Five dollars was the limit ,
and nil the player- , were friends and men
of means. The boldest bluffer of the
party found himself dealing nnd looking
over his hand discovered ntivosixsevoii , ,
eight nnd nine all spades. They were
playing straights and the hnnd was
nlmost invincible n straight Hush. One
man came into the $2 anteand the dealer
raised it two. His opponent said "Five
better , " and the holder of the straight
Hush just inadi' it good. Why ho did not
raise it no ono knows , nnd his adversary ,
who held three aces , felt as bad as any
body nbout it. And right here another
funny thing happened ho got hisfourth ,
ace. Here was the chance of a lifetime
for both men , according to all appear-
uees ; but , ce what happened : The
lealer bet $5. No 'J raised him $5 and
ho dealer .studied. At last , ho laid his
ards on the table , face down , and asked'
"Hoys , what I want to know is , does a
trnight Hush beat four acesi1'
He was told that it did , and raised
back $5. His opponent promptly called
nnd the hands were shown. There was
almost a howl of surprise all round , and
'he dealer was besieged for explanations ,
"Can't tell what was the matter with
ne , " ho said. "I foil as if I were dream-
ng when I saw the hand , and I actually
didn't know what to do with it. "
Some of our most prominent citizens
iiave been cured nf chronic rheumatism
by that wonderful pniu-banishcr , Salva
tion Oil. Price 25 cents.
" \ \ hy , Jones , what n honse ( ) you have
Jn your throat.1 ' 'Yes , 1 raised it from
a coldt ( ) in my head. I've too much live
stock. " "Well , like cures like : Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup will euro you. The Hull
will qtiicl .y scare the ho"nr.se ( ) away. "
The StronecHt Man on Rartli.
Virginia Footlight : There is a man on
ho Darson river , below Dayton , named
Angola Cordelia , who claims to bo the
strongest man in the world. He is an
Italian , aged twenty-eight , nnd stands
ivc feet ten inches , weighing 1)9 ! ) pounds.
His strength was born with him , for he
lad no athletic training. Ho differs from
other men chiefly in the osseous struct
ure. Although not of unusual size , his
spinal column is much beyond the ordi
nary width , nnd his bones and joints are
made on a similarly largo and generous
scale. Ho has lifted a man of 200 pounds
with the middle finger of his right hand.
The mnn stood with ono foot on the lloor ,
liis arms outstretched , his hands grasucd
: > y two persons to balance his body. Cor-
lolla then stooped and placed the third
linger of his right hand under the man's
foot , and , with scarcely any perceptible
eflort , raised him to the height of four
feet and deposited him on a table near at
hand. Once two powerful men waylaid
Cordelia , with jntcnt to thrash him , but
ho sei/.od ono in each hand and ham
mered them together until life was nearly
knocked out of them.
Sclf-Pralse no Recommendation.
Self-praise is no recommendation , but
there are times when one must permit a
person to tell the truth about himself.
When what he says is supported by the
testimony of others no reasonable man
man will doubt his word. Now.to say that
Allcqck's Porous Plasters are the only
genuine and reliable porous plasters made
is not .self-praise in the slightest degree.
They have stood the test for twenty-five
years , and in proof of their merits it is
only necessary to call attention to the
cures they have effected and to the vol
untary testimonials of these who have
used them.
A Well-Conducted Louisiana Duel.
Now Orleans Times-Democrat : Friday
week Messrs. Leo Hlnnchard and Am
brose Hougcau , of Donaldsvlllc , had a
quarrel. A challenge followed , and the
next morning just after daybreak the
principals met at Cleveland park , Messrs.
J. H. Mnthieu nnd P. Ganel officiating as
representatives of the challenging prin
cipal , With Dr. John E. Duffel nnd Nunia
Mollcro acting in like capacity for Mr.
Hlanchard , and Dr. J. C. Lognro surgeon
in attendance for both parties. The toss
for position was won by Mr. Rougcau ,
who was placed in position about twelve
feet iu front of the catcher's fence on the
base-ball green , facing south. Mr.
Hlanchard was placed fifteen paces dis
tant , on a line with and a ow paces to the
left of the "home-plate , " facing
north. The weapons used were
regular duelling pistols , single-bar
relled and carrying half-ounce
balls. When everything was in readiness -
ness and tlio word of command about to
bo given , Mr. Hlauchard's weapon wa
nccidently discharged while pointing at
the ground nnd had to bo reloaded. I'lus
accomplished , Mr. Mathicu asked the
combatants if they were ready , and gava
the words , "Fire ono , two , three , " the
understanding being ns usual , that the
liring must tnko place between "one1
nud "three. " Mr. Hougeau tired between
the words ' 'ono" ' and "two. " Mr. lllaii-
chard between "two" and "throe" . The
hitter's bullet passed through the catch
cr's fouce on a line some two feet above
und three feet to the loft of his antagon
ist's head. Mr. Kougoau's aim was truer
ns the ball from his weapon found lodg
ment in Mr. Hlauchard's right .shoulder
striking the bonu und glancing down
I..OST "I don't see where , I can't tell
when , I don't see how something of
great value to mo , and for the return of
which I shall be truly thankful , viz. , a
good appetite. "
KoL'.NU "Health and strength , pure
blood , an nppotita like that of a wolf ,
regular digestion , all by taking that pop
ular and peculiar medicine , Hood's Sar-
saparllla. I want everybody to try It
thu season. " It Is sold by all druggists ,
One hundred doses one dollar.
Tlio Ilorse-l'ower of n Wlinlo'a Tall.
Sir William Turner , the eminent pro-
fcjisor of anatomy la the university of
Edinburgh , recently delivered a lecture
to the members of the philosophical insti
tution of that city on "Whales ; their
structure and habits , " ' " thu course of
_ No Ammonia. Limo. Alum or PhosphateA.
In one of thn IVpnrtmpnts of the
Canning Dr. I'rtco'n Cream liaklas Pmvder.
which ho referred to n point of consider-
ible interest to engineers , which was the
lorsu-povvcr exerted by the tail of n Inrge
vvhnlc. Ko cnnliii the length of n full-
; rovvn whaleProfessor Turner remarked
hat the porpoise wns four feet or live
'cot loner , whereas the Greenlnnd whale
was from fifty to sixty feet lonn , nnd he
said that the creat Ifnucr-wliulo , which
frequently visited the British seas ,
reached the length of eighty feet , or oven
more. An animal of the latter sort was
stranded ut Longnlddry some years ago.
After speaking ut some length on the
structure of the whale , the lecturer made
some remarks on the rate of specil at
which they traveled. It had been esti
mated , he said , that the Greenland whale
could attain a speed of uino or ten miles
.in hour , and that tlio tinner-whales at
tained even a greater speed. In all prob
ability the Loiignidilry whale could pro
pel itself through the water at the rntc of
twelve miles an hour , and the sperm
whnlo was said to bo capable of driving
itself along at the same rate of speed.
lie had asked Mr. John Henderson , of
Glasgow , the well known builder of the
Anchor liners , to assist him in arriving at
the horse-power which must be exercised
by one of these great whales so as to ac
quire aspced of twelve miles an hournnd
lie put the case of the Lpngniddr.y whale
lcfor him. It was eighty feet long ,
weighed about seventy-four tonsand , had
a tail eighteen to twenty feet across from
the extreme ends of its llnnges. With
these data Mr. Hundcrsou calculated
that a whale of the dimensions , in order
to attain a apced of twelve miles nil
hour , would require to exeicise a propel
ling force of one hundred aud forty-five
Ladles should reflect well before using
any preparation that is appplicd to so
delicate a surface ns the skin. An/ ; cos
metic will nt first impart a beautifying
ofl'ect und not apparently injure the skin ,
but in n very short time little blotches
and dlscolorations appear on the face
which conclusively show the poisonous
drugs in their composition. It can be
safely said that morn than two-tliinls of
the tnce powders contain these injurious
Ingredients. Po/.zoni's medicated com
pletion powder is not only absolutely
free from all deleterious matter , but its
principal ingredient is nn activq curative -
tivo lor nil disco-sca of the skin. It
has stood the test of years. Sold by all
druggists , and at the depot 007 N. Sixth
Mr. Gibson Settled the Bill.
Houston Post : A man by the name of
Gibson , who lives iu Falls county , went
to Marlin nnd got full. Ho was arrested
for drunkenness and the usual line im
posed by Mayor William Sholton. The
man told the mayor that ho only had a
few dollars , nnd his family needed it very
badly. Ho wantu-J to know if ho could
not submit to a whipping and bo allowed
to keep his money. The mayor told Mr.
Gibson that his cost was $ ' 3.70 , and ho
would take that amount "out of his
hide. "
"How many will you strike ? " said Mr.
The mayor said ten. This was agreed
upon , but Gibson refused to .strip. His
honor took n board , and , bending Gib
son over a chair , proceeded to take out
his costs. The city mat-filial then offered
to take out his costs the same way , but
Mr. Gibson said no , and paid up and
went home.
Fnr Ilia rillvt anilcurof
consuarTion , IKOMCHITIS ,
if"n tab r tlntf bp-A of
1 J'l ! - ! . ' & > " " ' > o' > ' 1 FUKl .
X JI J > IIP Ojt\lim \ It aft.
la tent owyicAiv in IA
rnllfrSlof'l. . Canada or
nlatnfoixj > tU dlrrrlf'rtij. irith tattrfrttwnt AailruM.
OR. PElHO.U' ' o ? ll iiM , imuou , IU.
1887 Spring Valley Stock Farm. 1887 ,
George Wilkea 510. Record S:32. :
Mmsurctl by:31 : , they > nnd tho'J.DJ xtmid
nrd ; wiia tliitmnlcst that ever lived. Hnvlni , '
now K > aoru uiul UiunihU'ra In tlioJ : 1 lut down
Tbo'only son of Oooru-o Wllkos In tlio Btntoof
3541 Black Wilkes 3541 Standard.
8lrc l by Georuo Wllkos fi9 ! ; 1st clam Tunny
neil , sired by Confodprnto Chief , own lirtitlior
to Woodfonf Clilt'f. SOiXi Slid < lnm llyKlytt's
irnmblctonlnn. Will stmtd fur mures at tlio
uliovo ffirm at $ ! U the season , cn h time of s r-
Vice , with privilege or rotuin should luftrus not
prove In ( on ) Limited to iOm.iros bcsldet my
own. hon < "in rummcncot Fab. 1st mid end !
AuEint ltltS7 For further juittlculnu send
On Agtnt ( Merfiiint onlrl wintM In.rfrj < on for
Your bit Involna ot "Tantlll'a Punch" 5o c !
frnrftcamo in jcsteriliir. I win out of thorn hal
ad r. and bail tu cull on tbe Governor ( or a
company of mllltlR to prevent a riot. HIWB al
ready retailed ovcrSWWJ. H. 0. MANJ.KY ,
Uucolu , N'cbriiBka.
Poison the System with Nauseating
Drugs.Dr.IIorne's Electric Belt Cures
Diseases Without Medicines.
Will Positively Cure Without Mwllcine
Pnlrnln the back , hlp .liond or llmbv Nervom bo-
bllllT.Lumluuo.Ooneril Deollltr. RhcumalMm , Par-
nlrsK Ncuraletn , o'n'lcii. ' l > lvia04 of Kldnofi , HjM-
rml ni < 1n t' .Torplrt I.lrer. Omit. Atlhnii , Heart Dt-
K > * e . I > Fpepsin.Constitution. Krr'lpolm. IndlaM-
lion , Imjmlencj , C.i'urrl , ! ! ! < , Kpllep r , Ago * , 11-
bct"i , Ilrilroco o IJiliuiistlon.
Note the Following who were Cured
A .T. Hoiclnml. H. S. IMrkPr , J. M. Hmk'tt. * U on
bor.nl of tru'lo ' ; B. W. Kurnlmm , Amerlcnn KxpreM
Co : A. llrfdorv , rommlolon morchnnl. SlocH YariH.
( ' .Ttmnsenrt. I'nlmcr lluuvi ; liujd l > obl . lh areut
horse-naniCol.Connfllr , ot the Intur-Oc nn. B. W.
llHrrKTHiKrle ft i H.M. Pavli , Heorolurr Ararrloam
llorocmioii .1.1. Sheafrur , ill Mnlhonit. ; J.U. Smith ,
Jeweler.in.Mirtljon ft..nlot ! ( 'lilcinoid. W. uellui ,
M. II , Mormontown.low a ; Lemuel Milk , Kankukes ,
111 , JiKtKO I. N. Miirrr Nnperrllle. III. , and liundredi
of ntlicr * ropre ontlnii nimrly i verr town In th
Union. Also electric belli for lacllui. Cull or tend
Ftnniii for IHiKtratccI citnloirnn. Open clnllr. olio
evenlniM nnd mjiluf . Kloftrlo 8n pn < Jre ! frM
Hntltill M.ilclleltv llewnra of l > ogu cmnp-inlos with
mnnr ttlnitii. ttellln worthier gnn It , with onljrGto
H el'.mcnt" All mr hi > lt < contain Zl ele-nonti or
butteries , hcnro Imvo fo\ir time * tbe power nnd
qiinntllT of eioctrlrltr. Honest KOOJ unil boneM
ilaillnjl * the motto.
) R.J.W.llRNKl ( ) lWabash-avChlcajEO
Inventor , Proprietor nnd Manufacturer.
. . . ,
Of the Missouri State Museum of Anato
my , St. Louis , Mo. ; University College
lospital London , Glesen , Germany and
Slew York. Having devoted their tten-
Nervous , Conic and
More especially those arising from impru
dence , invite all so suffering to correspond
without delay. Diseases of infection and
contagion cured safely and speedily without
detention from business , and \vitliout the
use of dangerous drugs. Patients whose
cases have been neglected , badly treated or
pronounced incurable , should not fail to
write us concerning their symptoms. All
letters receive immediate attention.
And will be mailed FREE to any addreM
on receipt of one 2-cent stamp , "Practical
Observations on Nervous Debility and Phy
sical Exhaustion , " to which is added ail
"Essay on Marriage , " with important chap
ORGANS , the whole lorming a valuable med
ical treatise which should ba read by all
younp men. Address
. nits. s. & n. DAVIESUN ,
17.1 Si Lawrcnc St. , Denver , CoL
A Iiirt'o number of recorded I'cruborou nnd
( 'lde lAlu Stallions- Also Homo Ilrcil 'olts.
r.rcry luumiU KUurnnleoil a brooder. PrteM
rouHon\beniiU ; ! tonne cu ; . Ourhlock litig boon
elected with rntorenca to both Individual
merit iiil | > edl | < reo. A Inrjre number of out
HlnllloiiB uro nccllmnted and Cults nf tlielr get
cnn bo phoi.- . . , York U on tluill.i M. It. H. ,
two hours' rl'ln went of Lincoln. 1'or cnta-
oxues and fiirll.er lurornintlon.
Cor. Kith uml no lge SU , . Oinnhu , N b.
A KejuUrUrnluaUln U Ulctt < Ortr If
jr i > t cilc . 10 In KftDiaiCltv. Wo > o-
t horll-01 tri < it U Cluunle \ rvnD tel
Nljchlloiati ) , H * inil P bllllT ( lot * * f
Mixual powtr ) , Nerv d Debility. Ac.
urt * ( ju rnteJ or rnonej r lund 4.
rti > rl Dr li ImixirtAiit All tAtdtelDM
r A4Tl rv um rrurior lojnrlou * n illct& n cd.
hnla liiat from b-ithirM PtiUntt t dl tinc irvlttd
bj Inur and ipr i Uc4l ln * > nt ter7wb r fr rroiQ
t i or Uri kM"KUt * four fi oJ . * Dd fnrlrnn * ,
i frrvaoil t/LfldtntUI p ( ioitlly or ' ' "
The Orlgliinl mid Only Uvuiila * .
* > h atl * < } > IUIUI.U. n wu > f wrthlM l lu U .
I.liiwi > nbl K LADIES. A.k JUM OnuoUl *
tklthntct' * V.fjfltf'til u . .i.t r.M ( WUMW.
( ! ltai > n to ui far t.fvlcultri 4 * Itlttr t > / return
NAME PAPER. . CUI.1..IW " 'l' l
ilia MXU..JII xgu.ro , I'fcUx
Bold \ > j Dracil.U ovcrrwW * . lit br "Ck
* * KMyltA" l * y r t l I'tUfc !
> tr.a llxll.M T. . l | > K i | , He. MU ( . . frM
VII. A.U. OMN CO. . . . l 1 V- . .ll.c' . . * U tO Hl
IU. II.OV rf * M . iUf r & . .

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