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Judge Dwight S. Hull's ' Death Trora an
an Overdose of Morpbiu
The OmnhnVliCPl Chili Iho Lntter
Cane Hurtclnrs FolltMl "lloiijli
on Horses" Odds and
' Ends Oilier Local.
Judge IltiH'H Dcnth ,
At twenty-live minutes to eleven
o'clock yesterday occurred the
death of Judge I ) . G. Hull , it
prominent nnd well-known lawyer of
Omaha. His demise is surrounded by
circumstances of mystery which may
never be cleared tip. Certain it is tiiat
it was caused by tin overdose ot
opium taken sometime before six o'clock
yesterday morning ,
The immediate circninstances surround
ing the case are these :
Wednesday night Judge Hull returned
from Lincoln feeling as happy anil hale as
over after the hard session's work. Ho
retired ralhcr late ami spent a restless.
night. About two o'clock yesterday morn
ing he left his own room and went into that
of his wife , complaining of general rest
lessness and pains in his head. About
five o'clock yesterday morning when W.
C. Greuory , city editor of the He-
publican , who rooms in Judge
Hull's house came in , Iho judge was
slill awake , reading. He dialled pleasantly -
antly with Mr. Groeory a few moments.
In separating the judge asked a question
about the Klks order , of which ho was an
enthiisiaslic member. ' 'I'll be at the
session to-night , " he remarked , "and
I'll see you there. ' ' Those were Iho last
words ho over npoko , in all probability ,
to any one. Mr. Gregory then lefl him ,
little dreaming that ho would never see
him alive again. About six o'clock yes
terday mottling Mrs. Hull heard him
breathing heavily , and thought Ihat ho
must bo asleep. Ho was snoring loudly ,
but as this was his habil , nothing was
thought of the ninttcr. An hour or
two later , however , when she went to
call him to breaktast , she found him still
breathing heavily and a Hushed unnat
ural appearance on his face. Thinning
that something was wrong .she called in
MM. Ualch , a lady friend who rooms in
the house. Mrs. H. at once reeogni/.od
that Judge Hull was in a critical condi
tion. Dr. V. II. Cofltnnn was at once
sent for , but as in the meanwhile the
sick man grow worsn , Dr. Sprague who
was next door , was called in. Every-
tldne was done for the siillerer that
could possibly avail to save him. Whan
Dr. Co'flman arrived the sick man exhib
ited fully developed .symptoms of opium
poisoning , and was , it could easily
bo seen , dyine. Atropia and
cofleno , hvpodermically administered ,
with arlilicial respiration , wore used to
combat Hie cllVcts of the poison. Judge
Hull grew worse and worse , however , his
heart gradually failing.until dealh came
to hlrelief. . From the time that lie was
found up to the lime ho died , ho did not
speak a word or reeogni/.o any one.
auuo.uJSK OK DIATII. :
The immediate cause of his death , as
already staled , was an overdose of mor
phine , though exactly when or in what
( Itmnlity ho look it , no one c-an loll. For
years past at irregular intervals Judge
Hull has used opium and morphine to
quiet the neuralgic pains which ho
frequently suU'ored. And especially dur
ing the last three or four months , since
ho abandoned the use of alcoholic stimu
lants ho has used opium regularly. Mi.
Leslie , his druggist , says Ihat ho has fre
quently sold him McMunn's elixir of
opium or the deodorized tincluro of
opium. A half empty botllo of the latter
was found this morning on his dresser ,
and from tins , in all probability , he look
the fatal draught. A full dose of this is
about twenty-live drops , and Jtitlgo Hull
probably look a drachm or thereabouts.
, A friend who has known him since his
residence in Omaha > says that
ho has on several occasions
taken an overdose , but each time
the mistake was diseoveied in time to
save him. Sometimes ho would take Iho
opium diluted with water and at oilier
times undiluto.d. In this way ho got thu
1 proper quantilu-s confused in his mind.
Tito prevailing impression is that ho look
the ovet dose of morphine accidentally ,
though Dr. Sprague suggests that it may
huvo been a sudden attack of npoploxv.
Mrs. Hull , the bereaved widow , is ter
ribly prostralcd by Iho sudden blow.
She was intending lo leave last night for
JNbtro Dame , Indiana , where her little 12-
year old daughter , Maggie , a
bright nnd beautiful child , has
been atlonding school. Thu
latlor hns been lelegraphed of the sad
nfltilr and is expected lo arrive hero
to-night or Saturday morning.
' Judge Hull's relatives in IJinghamton
N. Y. , have been notified , and Iho limo
of holding the funeral will not be li.xed
until they are heard from ,
ins LIPK.
Dwigjit G. hull was born in Hingham-
. ton , N , Y. , January 0 , 181 ! ! , and was con
sequently forty-four years old tit the time
of his death. Ho graduated from the
Madison high school in 18(11 ( , ami then en
tered Yale college. The breaking out of
. the war altered his plans , however. In
1803 he enlisted in the United States
navy and was mustered out in 1805. The
lirst two years he was "bcforu the mast , "
nnd the balance of the limo in otlicial
f positions. Ho returned to Itinghamton
mid was admitled lo the bar in lbG5. In
the fall of that year ho wont to Atchison ,
Kan. , and was elected clerk of Iho lirnt
legislature over held in that slate after it
was orgnn/ed ! as such. Ho then returned
to New York city , and from there moved
to Nebraska in 1801) ) , locating in Lincoln ,
. where ho engaged in the practice of his
profession. In 1878 ho was appointed
masinr in chancery uv J\ulgos \ Dillon and
Dundy. In 16SU lie removed to Omaha ,
and has lived in this city ever since.
Judge Hull was one of the best tvad law
yers in Nebraska and was especially well
versed in all matters of equity. Ho was
j also agent for Iho Corbin ll.inkingcom-
patiy 01 Now York , and did a largo busi
ness for them in the Unllod Slates courts.
Ho was a member of several secret or
ders , notably the Knights of I'ythias ,
' . Knights of Hpnor , Itoyal Arcanum.
Grand Army of the Republic , and UIG
Benevolent nnd Proteclivo Order of
/ Klks. Of the last named ord-jr he was
deputy grand exalted ruler and at the
. timoof tno organi/ation of tlui local ledge
was esteemed leading knight. Judge
Hull was for many years secretary of Iho
Itato bar association.
InlBfUMho deceased was married to
Mlss Jennie Conkling , of Hinghaimon ,
N. Y. , a nleco of Uoscoo Conkling anil
the daughter of u prominent citi/en of
that place. They had one child , Maggie
Edith , who is now twelve years of age.
Judge Hull loaves considerable insurance
nnd a comfottable competency. There
will bo no inquest held , as General
Cowm , who was consulted by Coroner
.JJrexol . about the matter , does not deem
'i a procedure necessary ,
_ ire those to be built in South Omaha , for
VT.\thch ! the plans havu just been com
pleted. Vast int'iutijus will bo added
this year ami
1 rooted for those finding employment
' , tbero.
" Ai.uitiniiT'a cnoicK
| P Heratlie best opportunities for these
wuhiug to purchase lots in South Omaha ,
Whether for residence or speculation.
aie s i6tu-st.
Uncovering n Mystery Which I'lor-
nice Ofllclnls Do Not lleport.
William C. Thomas , a boatman , who
nukes a living by picking up drift wooden
on the Missouri rivcr.came Into town yes-
.onlay . and reported a rather pun ntionnl.
story. He f-ajs that on the lifth of Novem-
jer last when he was coming down the
river he found the dead body of a child in
a box which was securely wedged in a lot
of brushwood which had llontod Into the
river. This was at n point almost oppo
site Florence , and Mr. Thomas BUS-
icctlng that omo crime had been com-
nltled , hastened to inform one of the
numbers of the city council. The alder-
nanic father , for some reason or oilier ,
lid not deem it worth while to investi
gate the case , and so informed Thomas
that it was not necessary to
toffy the coroner. Ho promised ,
lowever. that the body should bo prompt-
y buried. Thomas , thinking that it was
lone of his business , went away satisfied.
lint the councilman never fulfilled his
jromisc. The dead body is still whore it
kvas four months ago. and is now in a
lorrible state of putrifaetion. Mr. Thom
as is highly indignant , and now sweats
that ho wishes he had informed the coron-
ir months ago so that the mystery could
iavo been investigated , lie says that the
reason the affair win never investigated
was that a full disclosure would have im-
ilicatetl certain parties prominent In
b'lorencc circles.
Thomas describes the body as that of a
lowly born infant , and is attired m plain
clothes. How long the body has been
there is a mystery.
The noiiniixii Addition
To South Omaha has just been placed on
the market , being a subdivision of block
10 , of
100 lots iu this beautiful addition are
now offered for sale at very moderate
trices. They are located on and inmie-
lialoly adjoining ISellovue road.
W. U. ALWiHOiir , ! > 13 S. 15th.
Sonic 1'olntcrw About n Prosperous
The Omaha Wheel club is one
of the most nourishing organizations of
ho kind in any western city It started
n 1SS-1 with eight members and has had
a hard battle for its existence. It has
come out of the woods , now , however ,
and its prcmancncy and its success are
assured facts.
At a meeting held Wednesday
light , fourteen new members were
akcn in , making the entire
nomborship at this date twenty-
eight. The names of the new men most
of whom arc new riders are as follows :
'A. U. Smith , U. N. McLatighlin , G , o. II.
Voss , ( Juo. O. Howard , Geo. O. Scribner ,
11. H. Hunter. I' . 1' . Pomcroy , A. D.
Hughes , H. II. Hhoades. F. N. Connor ,
A. J.JKendrick , C. W. IMoulton and W.
3. Roberts , formerly of the Wlnona
; Minn. ) Wheel Club. The names of the
old members are at follows : W. S. Hacon ,
Perry Hadollct , Thos. F. Hlackmore , F.
N. Clarke , W. G. Clarke , W. K. Coombc ,
C. M. Haynef. A. C. Jollille , Kd lA-tlo , F.
Mittauor H. H. Mulford , Hey ftnneio ,
I'ivorton , Nob. , G. F. Schwam , G. W.
Williams , C. M. Woodman.
The present ofliecrs arc as follows :
President , Dr. G. W. Williams ; vice-
ircsidcnt. C. M. Woodman ; treasurer ,
L'crry Hadollet ; secretary , F. N. Clarke ;
japtain , F. T. Mittauer ; lieutenant , T. F.
lilackmore ; color-bearer , A. O. JolifVo ;
bugler , Perry Hadollot. In addition to
these the boys ha\e a sot of titles at
tached to mystic initials as follows : Club
bouncer , W. K. C. ; club skeleton , E. L. ;
club masher , II. H. M , ; club dude , T. F.
15 , ; "laziest man , " A. C. J.club : punster ,
F. N. C. ; "the Ilhilr delegate , " F. T. M.
The headquarters of the club arc in the
liruoiiig block , where rooms arc being
landsoinoly lilted up. The club intends
to make runs once every week during the
coming summer to Fort Omaha , Flor
ence , Hlair , and other points more or less
The "Club Hotel , " it might bo added ,
is the Millard , where all visiting L. A. W.
men can obtain .special rates , which their
connection with the league entitles them
The Uriggs Irnrt on Farnam street has
been platled , but will not be put on the
market for several months , however
those wishing to select lots now can dose
by calling at my ollico. C. E. M.VYNK ,
15th and Hartley.
A Venire Issued for 15O Jurors
White's Case.
In the District court a venire for 150
juiors was ibsued , returnable ne.xt week
to try the Lauer case , seventy-five to ap
pear on Monday and seventy-live on
Tuesday. This case will take probably
ten days or two weeks. The prosecution
is ready for trial .ind claims to have now
evidence to introduce. Mrs. Emma Bell ,
on whoso account the case was con
tinued is here and will bo iu attendance.
The defense is also ready. After the
Liuier trial thoMiltoman murder trial will
be commenced , in which hot ! : sides are
also ready. Mittoman is charged with
shooting and killing George Durham m
Millard , last September. The case
against Policeman White charged with
manslaughter will probably not be tried
this term , as the prosecution will not bo
ready. The Downey robbery cast * , it 13
expected , will bo finally disposed of Ihis
lerm. Sentences have not yet been uro-
nounccd in the Hothery cases. Out of
fourteen cases prosecuted by Attorney
Simcral this lerm he has secured eleven
convictions. H speaks well for his /cal ,
skill in unearthing evidence and present
ing U to the jury.aud his energy.
In the eounty court an attachment case
of 1) . S. Erb ot al. against Goo. M. Uest
tc ! Co. was commenced tor 'f'J.'iO , on ac
count ot goods sold and delivered.
G ! ( \ntlc
Are these to be built in South Omaha , for
which the plans have just been com
pleted. Vast industries will bo added
this year and
erected for llioao finding employment
ofl'ers the best opportunities for those
wishing to purchaiclota inSouthOmaha ,
whether for ruaidunco or speculation.
W. G. Autumnr ,
318 S loth st.
They Make a llald but Secure
Durglars entered Mrs Allen's boarding
house on North Seventeenth opposite the
Dodge street Presbyterian church , early
yesterday moraine. They skirmished
through all the boarder's rooms
and tool : all the clothes out
into the hall and searched
them thoroughly. They secured but little
of any value. Mrs. Allan had a purse
containing $200 in her room , but luckily
it escaped the attention of the thieves. ,
General Wreck's house , at 1818 Douglas
was also entered by some burglarious
licnd early yesterday morning.
About 3 o'clock the general arose , when
he was surprised to find scrambling hast
ily out of the room. The follow ran
down stairs and jumped out of the front
window. He | { ot nothing.
Strny I/enves I'rom n Heportcr's Note
The acquittal ot Crosby Wednesday ,
who was on trial for perjury , ends , it is
believed , n long series of trials , iu con
nection with the principal event , the
death of Leslie , out of which the perjury
charge arose. The killing of young Leslie
by Powell brought about the trial of the
latlor. Ho was tried twice , the jury dis
agreeing both limes , and finally the case
was dismissed by the prosecution. There
was an affecting scene when Crosby and
: ho army of witnesses gathered in the
lobby outside Iho court room. The ton
women who had atlended as witnesses
were excited , the defendant's lady friends
jolng in tears. There was some bitter re
marks , and one lady was "mu//.led , " as
Iho school boys would say , by her lady
companion , who literally grabbed the
too talkative female's mouth , nose and
chin in her clinched list. "Say nothing , "
said them iscular peacemaker. There was
i pleasant feature , however , when a bevy
> f young women emerged from the com
missioners' ollleo with their vouchers for
? ( ! . ! ! ( > each in their hands , and.a merry
'litlle-maideus-are-wo" expression on
heir faces.
"No , sir , I never use bay rum on my
iair , " said a young man to a barber , who
was putting him "in trim" for a party the
other night. "I used to , " ho added sadly.
" \\hy don't you now ? " asked the
The young man grow communicative ,
as he lowered his voice' "I'll toll vou , "
10 said , "it's just like this. About a year
igo I was engaged to a young lady.
1 hough a mighty line girl in oilier re-
spcols , she was a crank on Iho subjccl of
temperance. One day she found out in
some way that I was a little fond of
iquor. Sne wanted mo to promise to
juit drinking at once and forever. Other-
.vise . , slui said , our engagement would
jo irretrievably broken , ahu would never
marry a man who might become a drunk-
ird. Of course I promised. And I did
quit drinking , \\ell , everything went
smoothly for a week or two until finally
: ny betrothed angrily accused me ot hav
ing broken my pledge to her. 'I haven't
lotichcd liquor since 1 promised you
: hat night , ' I said solemnly. 'I know
jeltor. she said , ' 1 can smell it on your
jreath.1 Well , hot , and hitler words
followed and in less lime than it lakes lo
lell it our engagement was broken. For
i week or two thereafter , I spout all my
time trying to decipher 'the mystery
which had separated mo from my be
trothed. One night while I was laving
my looks with bay rum 1 solved the -rid
dle. She had smelt the bay rum on my
iair. Why didn't I explain to her ? It
was too late she was engaged to some
other fellow. And that's why 1 never
ise bav rum. "
"That reminds tno , " said a man in the
icxt chair , "of how I acted very dishon
orably once. 1 was a youngster , anyway ,
nnd the matler involved Iho keeping of a
contract ; perhaps I could have been ex
cused by pleading the baby act. I was a
collegian , then , and a little addicled lo
wooing the wine when it was red. A
adv friend much older than I frequently
javo mo advice on the danger there was
n such kind of love , and finally gave mo
i valuable ring on condition that I would
lever take a drink while that jewel < ; lis-
ened on my little baso-ball _ maimed lin
ger. 1 accepted the ring and the coudi-
ions. The boys used to wonder , how
ever , why I always removed my ring be-
'ore responding to an invitation to im-
jibe. 'J echniciillv I kept my promise ,
jut it was a contemptible way of doinir
things , and I have always felt ashamed
of myself over sinco. "
K it
"A good deal of complaint was made
ibout the way in which the crowds cn-
icriiig the exposition building were
Kindled on Patli night , " said Secretary
Miner the other day. "Everybody had a
way to suggest in which such a tremendous
deus jam could hayo been avoided.
Now the fact id that the blockade at the
door was largely duo to Iho carelessness
and inatteiilien of Iho people Ihenisolves.
A man would enter the turnstile , and in
stead of bavins his ticket ready , so that
the coupon could bo easily lorn off ,
ho would present it enclosed in
the envelope , necessitating , several
seconds' extra work for the the ticket
taker. Another , when a go tit Ionian oanni
in with two or three ladies , instead of
going in 'ahead himself and presenting
the Ticket ho would try to push the ladies
in lirst. The ticket taker of course
would inquire for their tickets and would
be told that the gentleman behind had
them. Of course the ladies would have
lo bo scut back to wait for their escort ,
and thus another delay was caused.
Ml thcso little things prevented Iho
crowd from passing in smoothly. If
these difficulties had been obviated there
would have been little or no cause for
complaint. "
* r *
J. J. Mahoney , .superintendent of the
county ! poorhouse , tells a good story on
himself. A day or two ago ho was called
to the city jail to take a sick man out lethe
the poorhouso. Just as he reached the
city jail a message came in from the poorhouse -
house to the effect that as one of the pa
tients had just died Mr. Mahoney had bet
ter bring a coffin back with him. The
superintendent lost no time in going to
Iho undertaking establishment ami or
dering a coffin of the proper dimensions.
Ho then went to the city jail to get the
sick man. Whoa the latlor was being
lifted into the wagon he spied the collln.
"Great Scott , " ho yelled , "are vou going
to kill mo after you get mo out there ? "
"Why , no. " replied Mr. Mahoney , "of
course not. "
"What's that coffin in there for , then ? "
"That's for of the the
one men at poorhouse -
house who died to-day , " answered Mr.
M. in his blandest tones.
"I know bettor , " whimpered the sick-
man. "You got that coffin for mo. I
think you might have waited for mo to
die before you gyt ready to bury mo. "
And the sick man grow morn violent
and positively refused to ride to the poor
house in Iho same wagon with the collin.
Ho Iried lo jump out and make his es
cape , but Mahouoy's strong arm re
strained him. ly ! sheer force ho was
compelled lo "take the ride over the hills
lo Iho poorhouso. "
* %
"Yes , the Omaha mud is a terror , " re
marked an old timer yesterday. "Why
don't the tire laddies got out their hose
and wash the pavements at the same
time flushing the sowers. Now I live out
on Walnut Hill and thanks to our
city fathers I have the benefit of a side
walk on Cuming street until I reach the
city limits. Thence lo Lowe avenue , a
distance of about three good M/.ed blocks
the mud is perfectly hoirible. Just
think of a sea of mud pies of the con
stituency of molasses two feet deep on
an road elevated twentv feet on each
side of the adjacent land. If the county
commissioners would only engage a
man for one day nnd provide him
with a hoe ho could fix drains that
would soon make this slice of table land
dry : The owners of Iho properly DC-
twcon the city limits and Lowe avenue
on Cuming street represent a pile of
money , being Dr. Mercer , Hishop O'Con
nor , Guy C. TJarton , F. C. Nash and Mr.
Sherwood. It is certain they would
'chip-in' to have n two-plank sidewalk
built in the section named , whllo the
Walnut Hill people wouldI am sure , join
the contribution. A walk of that kind to
Lowe avenue and thence over to Hamil
ton avenue and Orchard Hill , and west
ward ou Cuuiiug street , or auy other
place on the Hill desired -wouldn't cost
much , and the benefit to residents
and visitors would jbe incalculable.
It was amusing , nd at the
same time suggestive ot shame to these
who have regard for th eternal fitness of
things to see Mr , Nash's coachman and
several other kind-hearted men picking
the lilllo Mercer and Uyan girls and
other attendants at the Content out of the
mud where Ihoy wore stuck yesterday. Ap
parently had not assistance come in time
llioso little ones could tell nf China by
personal observation instead of turning
over pages of geography. Who will be
the first Walnut Hill man to start a move
in thu direction named ! "
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed C. E. Mayno solo agent for the
sale of their lots. HP will show the prop
erty and furnish all desired information
upon application.
[ Signed ] W. A. PAXTONPresident. .
ON itoicsns. "
A New nnd Dingctoim Diet Tor the
" .Nolilo Hoast. "
A man led a rather dilapidated horse
: o Doctor Chambers Wednesday
evening nnd desired a diagnosis ,
is the horse was sick. It re
quired but a moment's examination
for Iho doctor to pronounce It n case of
poisoning. On questioning the owner it
was learned that the horse had eaten
some "Hough on Hats. " The doctor pro
nounced the case a serious and probably
fatal one. Ho savs that very frequently
similar calls arc made , for equities seem
to have a great appetite for this poison ,
ind il is something that should never be
kept around house or bain without the
greatest earn being exercised.
Are these to bo built in South Omaha ,
for which the plans have just boon com
pleted. Vast industries will bo added
: his year and
iiE.vmtuns or D\VII.I.INOS ;
erected for those liuding cinploymci.t
AUll < inHT' < ! > CMOICi :
offers the best opportunities for those
wishing to purchase lots in South Omaha ,
whether for residence or speculation.
W. G. Autumn r ,
[ trier and Pithy Interviews Gathered
About , Town.
Marshal Cummings " 1 sent three men
outycsterday to see that all the streets and
illeys are cleaned up. All property
owners will bo notified and given twenty-
rour hours to remove any garbage which
; hey may be ordered to take away. All
lelinqucnts will bo jailed at the expira
tion of thai lime. ' ]
Mat Clair "The western bound pas
senger business is grow ing slowly. "
County Attorney Siiueral "There may
lot bo as many murders in Douglas
lounty as in oilier places in Ihe nation ,
jut I think there are enough. "
The rionair/n Addition
To South Omaha has just been placed ou
tno market , being a subdivision of block
10 , ot
AUtttmnr's CIIOICK.
100 lots in this beautiful addition arc
low offered for sale at very modur.ilo
iriccs. Thev are located on and imme
diately adjoining Hollevue road.
W. G. AutnmiiT , ' . ' 18 S. loth.
A Parlor .March.
By far the best and unquestionably
: he most succcisful of Chits. 11. lloyt's
Farce-comedies is a "Parlor Match , " and
its presentation at Hoyd's opera house
this evening and Satmday matinee
and night will bo greeted by crowded
liousesas usually hail the appearance of
this play In Omaha. Evans iS : Hocv give
a very amusing performance , which is
said to bo belter than ever this season , it
liavitig been greatly improved in many
ways by the addition of now songs , new
specialties and more people.
Absolutely Pure *
Thispowder ncvcrvaries , A marvel ol
purity.strength \\holcsomeness Moie
economic than the ordinary kindr and
cannot he sold in competition wi h the mul
titude of low test , short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cnns.
Royal naking Powder Co. ,106 Wall street ,
New York.
HrOr. Bncdlker'n metliod. No operations > 'o Pilnt
NQ Detention from l > ualna 4. Aitnme.l to chlldrun
us well as irrown peoplo. llunrtredi of nutoiirnph
testimonies on tile. All bu-lnets strict ! ) conlldcnl
i or. \ . i > . COOK ,
Room 6 , 1514 Douglas St. , Omaha , Neb.
InntrinncntH cj-chaiiueil , rented and
sold on ea y intuincntH , below
Factory Prices ,
Instrument * slluMlU scd at
Omaha , Neb. " '
The first harbinger of spring trade comes in the demand for light
weight Overcoats. We are laying in of these useful garments such
a variety of kind and quality that the man who cannot make a sat
isfactory choice , must be hard to please. We have them in all shades
and at all prices.
We still have some very choice patterns of heavy and medium
weight Suits and single Pants , which we are selling extremely low ,
far below the cost of manufacture. A majority of them are adapt
ed for all the year round , and to a great many people they would be
even preferable to the light weight summer clothing.
We have just received 1 lot oi 120 Children's Suits CNorfolk style )
with box pleats and belt , in sizes from 4 to 13 years of age. We are
selling them at $1.95. They are a special bargain , and would be
cheap at $3.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at the
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
The best Suits made to order
from $25 to 835 , at
1001 Parmtn , < „ Co1. JOtli.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital . $250,000
Surplus . 4O.OOO
H. W. Yato , President.
A. E. Tou/.alin , V icc President.
W. H S. Hughes , Cashier.
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H. W.Ytttcs , Lewis S. Heed.
A. E. Toiualtn.
Cor I'-'th and Farnam Sts.
A Uci'.cral Bunking Husiucss Tiansacted.
nntinCOf Counties , Cltloa nml. othersof
DUHUw hljrli ( 'iaJo bought ami sold. Eastern
cflloo 68 Devonshire lU Beaton. Correspond
ence solicited.
1 3th 61 , Cor. Capltoi Aunui.
Chronic & Surgjcal Diseases ,
OR. MoMENAMY , Propi ! otoi ; .
Mtuuiyiarn' Hospital and 1'nvnto 1'rutUco
Wolmu the facilities , nppftratii * nnd remcdle *
for the eucccusfiil treatment of c ery form of ills
i.ioo requiting tlttitr medical or f > urilcnl treatment ,
and 1 iiutu nil Income am ! In vcttljutc for themichiM
or correspond with us. lauf ciperlince la treat
Ini ; cases l > r loiter eniblcs u to trtat many catoi
scientifically without toeing them
WIUTK roil riltCUt.AH on Deformities and
Drucrs , Club Vect , Cunaturci of the Spine
UIIEASIS or Vfovri , Filer , Tutnum , Cancel * ,
Catarrh , Bronchltln , Inhalation , Klcctrlclty , I'aral-
) > ! s , Bplleimy , Kidney , ETC , liar , bkln , lllood aut ]
ull surglcnl operations.
ItBtlerlpi , Inlialeri , Itrncr * . Trusses , nrvl
nil klnil * of Medical and bnrgUal Appliances , nun.
ufkcturcd and for snle.
The only reliable nlcdlcal Institute miklno
Private , Special f Nervous Diseased
from ' Uatevercauio produced , iueccufully trenlrd
Wo ctu remo\u 8/pbllltlo polio. i from the lyatem
without mercury.
New r toratiYO trcat-neut for IOM of iltal now tt
Call and coniultua or lend came and poit.nfrtrc
nddrcM plainly written cnclobo ( lamp , and ne
nlll tend you. la plain wrapper , our
urox PRIVITI , Bmaui. AND Ninrcui
WziKxiii , SpiniiiToimiiai ,
or , BTrniLit , OONCKHHIH , QUIT , ViuicocxLt :
UmxiRT ORUIXI , or tend hlitory ofour caie for
an opinion.
Perioni unable to vlilt us may be trcaUd tt tlitlr
lioraei. br rorrc'pondence Mrdlclnei and Initru
raiuti lent br mall or exnrcu UKCUKKLY f ACK
KD mOM O11BRIIVAT1O.V. no marWi tolndlfalr
content * or lender. One personal Interview prr >
ferred If con\enleot. Fifty roomi for the a-com
modatlon of pttlenti Board and attendance el
ce * . Actdrtu * 1) ) Loltcro to
Omaba Medical and Surgical Institnto ,
* .or. I31htt. nnfl Capita' ' A . . OMM" 0 "
The Cedar Creek Stone anil firavol
Quarry hns just been opened tip for
btiflincss. A good quality of white and
blue lime stone for building purpoiea ,
is furnished by
The General Salesman.
Alsoarravelof the finest quality for
lawn and other imrnose < j Offices at
Plattsmoutli , Neb. The B. & M. rail-
toads use u large amount of this stone
I'ATAItllll. TheOrfatO rroan
Hemedylatpoiimocnre. r > c iam | > !
NO rackaire and bnok lor 4 itiJl tn ilamp * .
k a riuuucAi. co. . cut linn ; to , CVBB.
Lawrence Ostrom & Co.
Is Death to Consumption ,
Millar-la , Sleeplessness ,
Chills nud Fovorj Or Insomnia , and
Typhoid Foyer , Dissimulation ,
Indigestion , 01 Food ,
Dyspepsia , Ten Years Old ,
Surgical Fevers No Fusel Oil ,
Blood Absolutely Pure.
This nlll corllfy that I ImTe examined Iho nTCI.TjE OK EOtHPON VlIlf-KV. reccnrrt linra It
IU.NCKOSTIUTM Aronnd fnunl the irao to bo parrtfcllr fraa from Fuiol Oil nnd nil oltior delrto
out bubilinccsancl strictly p ire. I cheerfully roaotnmnnt the iims for Fa nlly ml Mcd'climl imrposoi
J. P. HAIINUM , Jt. II. Anilyllcil ChoiiUt , Uwl.rllto Ky.
rorialebyDnuslsti , Wlno Merchants nnd Grocers Oferywliorp. 1'rlca tl J' > ner bottln.
If not found nt the uboYO. Imlf doion 1 > OUU , oxprati piU , In plain 03701 , will bj ( ant to .injr u UreM
In the United Stnles or Canndn , on receipt of six ilollnrn.
LAWRENCE OSTROM & Co. Louisville , Ky
Wholesale and Distributing Agents ,
HICHAlinSON DRUG CO. , ami \
JtlLKlr 0 DILLON , Wholesale. Liquor Dealer * , \ Omaha.
FamiliesmimtUedbii GLAUS1OXU liltOS. .DCO. , Omaha.
Watches. Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stocK. Prices the lowest. Itopairing a specialty. All work w.irraa
id. Corner Douglas and 15th streets , Omahi.
Licensed Watchmaker for the Union Pacllio Kailroad company.
The C. E. Mayne Real Estate and Trust Co ,
Pioporty of every description for sale in all parti of tha citr. Land * for sale lu
every county in Nobrnska.
OI Titles of Douglas county kopt. MAIM of the city state or county , or any othe r
information desired furnished free of charge upon application.
limning on n 1)0 ) donolntho oven of the
Chatter Oak HIUIKMOI htovo vv th 11mV > tin
( iau/o Oven Door , nioronciftctly than over
° thoa6leakt chops. 1mm or fish oni
nrlioliroll vorineatiai-k , jilncliiK it In an
otdlnary bake pan toratch tliodiipplmju.
Alow It to remain In the oven wilh the
ilnnrrlosul 15 or S0 ! inlmites. No turning
sTeaulrl'd- t the end of this time It will
bo found nicely cookwl reatly to serve.
Theio la no taint of coal-gas or fimokc ,
and the moats ai o more tender and better In
Huvor than these broiled over the coals.
The convenience or biollliiK In the oven
Vtlll bo appreciated byeveiy liousc-keepcr ,
and odds another to the many icasons why
the Charter Oak HaiiKO or Hlovo with the
Wire Oati70 Oven Door should bo preferred
In the market.
to all others now
MILTON [ ! . . . GKlfLEft FAOKK , } ! KAM < IH. !
KFNNFY V.r.Vr. . . . . . . . . . . . .GosuoN. , "
. . . . . . I f McCAFtEKTY , , O'Nnu. Cur.
HA/.LUWOOU . . OscrotA.
W. F. TKMPLlJrON , . . . . . . . . . .NrtscN. J.S DUKE , , I'IAITSMOUIW
' - - - - - - - -
Inlera f iiiuoui , ml.d. ioolhlriturttr.il of
LliclricJi4 7dlt.ctljr IhtouiU til w k fir i.tiitor-
&IlhlM"5JnP > NlQh . ! th ndVI olouiBlirlh. iltclrio
Cuni l O r' Ulniuntr ! ci .f.Jiftt ! JJ.iJW Intuh.
OriftUit ImproTCUiatioTir I1 othrr tilu. norit rtici pir
niniBtlycurldlnlhrrvmonthl. fccalnl p.trphlit c. .uniD
Tht * idm Elictrio Co. 169 L 8 ll it. , Chlcj }
Offeri for prlnir trade u full Ine of Aipley. Crati ,
Choirlei. I'vutf. l'liimi.llr pe § , Currnnlj.llooio-
Apple ri > 'Jt r ll ' , cTi-rureeni , foreil iren ntdllnei ,
uraiimpntarireM mi < 1 uliruhi , rox-i.rllmblnit YIIH' .
Ac. l > oaleriuinl ll tupplled > t vorr low prlcti. Aa-
B's. Lake , Prop. , Shenandoah , Icwa
1 r

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