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8 ' . ' " THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : WEDNESDAY , APJttL 20. 1887.
j/ How It Is Affected By the Inter-Stato
Oommerco Law ,
The I'olioo Alnrm A Happy Wedding
A Million Tor Gas Court
Notes A Nolilo Utulcrtnk-
UK Other Ijocnl.
The Wholesale Grocery Trade.
Whatever ollect tlio InCor-stntnlaw may
liavo had upon oilier lines of bu.sinu.s-i ,
the croccry jobbing trade has boon ben-
clltted. In the country iininediatutv sur
rounding Omaha tlio situation lias not
boon iinprovud , M Chicago has always
liad an advantage in rates nnd still main
tains it. However , the situation has not
been made any worse by tlio new law.
On tlio other hand , the through rales
from the cast to points in Wyoming ,
Utah , Montana and Idaho havu been
materially advanced east of the Mis
souri river , since tlio now law went into
oiled. This places Omaha jobbers in a
position to sell all groceries in thoie
territories. The rates from Omaha
arc BO cents less on first-class ,
70 cents less on second class.18 cents less
on third , ii ! : cents less on fourth , 23 cents
less on llfth , than tlio rates from Cmcairo.
It will bo seun that Omalia prices with
freight added trivcs cheaper goods , on
the average , than can be laid down from
any other market. Omaha is in butter
shape than ever before to do a grocery
jobbing tratle. Omaha jobbers ui-o now
nblo to compote for the far western trade
on an canal basis with eastern houses
and in some respects they have an advan
tage. Omaha _ jobbers can lill orders
from tno west in some lines of goods ) ,
Hiicli as sugars , meats , lard , canned
goods , etc. , at a less price than the same
goods can be bought in the east , in loss
than car lots , with Iroight aildcd.
Between South Uinnha and Council
llluiTs Kail Notes.
Tlio now South Omaha and Council
Hind's trains will be put on next Sunday
and will run every hour , in connection
with the regular dummy service. The
time table , however , has not yet been
arranged. There will bo thirty-four of
those trains daily seventeen each way.
In addition to making the stops in Coun
cil Bluffs , Omaha and South Omaha ,
these trains will stop at Twentieth
street. Twenty-fourth street and Sliecly's
packing house.
Jay Gould and General Manager Clark ,
of the Missouri 1'acilic , arc expected to
arrive in Omatia on Wednesday or
Thursday. The location of the now Mis
souri Pacific depot , the grading of tlio
grounds for side tracks , etc. , the erection
of n freight dnpot and round house will
bo decided upon when tlicso gentlemen
According to the now regulations , min
is istcrs , when making requisition for. n
| f | half faro ticket arc required to make an
allldayit on a blank furnished them by
the road to the effect that they are regu
larly ordained clergymen , and that they
nro engaged in no other business or oc
cupation. General Ticket Agent Stcb-
bins yesterday received such a certificate
from u preacher , in Salina , Nub. , who
adds after the words , " 1 am engaged in
no other business or occupation , " the
phrase "Dut in preaching the unsnchiblo
richs of god's Word. " He got a half-
faro ticket.
Mr. Stabbing also received the follow-
inn death certificate , accompanying u
coupon sent cast from Colorado. The
cortilicato was written by a doctor in
Colorado. It reads : "L hereby certify
that Miss , the dcseascd , died
from cappillary bronichals and had
nothing of contagns natur connected
with her last illness. "
B.n.Thqmpson has gone west fora tour
of inspection of the Omaha & Republican
Valley branch.
Byron U. Bent , formerly employed in
the freight department olhcpof the Union
Pacific , and wuo is in San Francisco , lias
fallen hnir to a largo fortune by the
death ot his grandfather.
A California excursion party of the
Union Pacific starts to-day. Another
one will bo sent out on May 4.
H. H. Randall , of Lincoln , has boon ap
pointed airuiu at that point lor the stone
department of Union Pacific railway.
1B. . Drake , assistant superintendent
of the Missouri Pacific at Sedulia , passed
through this city yesterday on his way to
Lincoln , where ho has been summoned
to meet Mr. Gould , who will come by
way of that city from Denver.
NEW roraci-iALARM.
The Boxes arc Now Being Put Into
Assistant Chief Salter of the fire de
partment , with a force of men Is putting
in place the boxes for the police alarm
system. These are about eight feet high.
three foot in diameter , of eight sides with
a glass roof supporting a gas lamp.
Inside , they will bo supplied with
nu automatic alarm which will
connect instantaneously with the
police station ; and a telephone which will
enable the policeman , if necessary , tc
communicate with headquarters. Mr.
Sailer is now stretching wires to connect
with tins apparatus. It will require twc
weeks to get tlio boxes into condition foi
use. They will be located at the follow
inp points :
Sixteenth and Davenport , Sixteenth
and Cuming , Twenty-fourth and Clark ,
Fifteenth and Dodge , Sixteenth and
Lake , Sixth and Pierce , Tenth and
Maroy , Tenth and Howard , Tenth and
Docltjo , Twelfth and Dodge , Twelfth anil
Chicago , Klevc'iith and Farnam.Twentietl
and Pierce , Thirteenth and Williams
Thirteenth and Jackson , Fourteenth and
Douglas , Twonty-eiirhth and Farnatn
Eighteenth and St. Mary's avenue , Six
tovnth street south cud. of viaduct.
The Marriage or Mr. Frank Buck am
Ida Soxaucr.
Monday evening at 0 o'clock Mr. Fran !
L. Buck , of this city , was united in mar
rlago to Miss Ida Soxaueralso of Omaha
The ceremony occurred at the rod
dunce of the bride's parents on Dayen
port street , Hov. J. S. Dotwilor , of "tin
Lutheran church , ollieiatmg. Mr. Byroi
Smith "stood up" with the groom an
Miss AgiiQS Livo'scy attended the bride
After the tying of the nuptial kno
which was performed in the presence c
the relatives of the bride and green
came an elegant wedding supper , fo
lowed by music and dancing. Jinny an
sincere were the congratulations show
crcd upon the happy brldo and green
The good wishes of their friends too
lubstnnllal form in a nun :
bcr of handsome and costly present
Among them wern a pairof elegant plus
chairs , from the Hyperion Social dub , ti
which Mr. Buck is a charter member an
'The newly married couple have take
up their rcsiduncu at Kightccnth am
Cuss itrcets. Mr. Buck is a popular youn
budlness man of .this city , being conncolu
Kith the United States wind Kugino an
Pump comwany. Ills bridn is an estima
ble and accomplished lady , with a host
of friends to wish her a future of unal
loyed Happiness.
Jnmrq Crclgliton llcslgim tlio Trus
teeship of Kinid of Croljjlium
James Creighton , ono of the executors
of tlio will of the late MM. H Iward
Creighton witli Herman Kount/.u and
John A. Croighton , a * also ono of the
trustees of the several amounts be
queathed to the heirs of that lady , filed a
petition In this court yesterday morning
asking for a showing of the condition
of the latter as also Ins discharge from
the position of trustee with reference to
the bequests in question. The request Is
prefaced by an exhibit showing that the
trusts Involved were $ ? 4i,000 to Mrs. Alice
McShane , sister of the latu ICdward
Crcihlon , and now living on Maunders
street ; $ 'W,0)0 ( ) to Joseph Croighton , now
living on ( 'ass and .Seventeenth streets ;
ijri.OUO to Geo.W. \ \ areham , nud $ . > ,009 to
Philip Wftreham , brothers of the late
Mrs. Edward Crcightou , now in the
east. Tim exhibit shows that the amount
acknowledged to each of these is as fol
lows : Jirs. Mi'Shano , § 1-18,102.83 ; Jus.
Creighton , ? lSU.OI ! ) ! ! ; ( } . W. and Philip
Waroham , f 11.877.8' ' ) each. These amounts
have been variously invested in bonds
both of this city and several counties as
also loaned on notes spcuicd by lirst-class
real estate. Two of the ehildien of Mrs ,
McShane , Edward and Thomas , are
dead , each leaving a wife and three chil
dren , who are also intonated in the be
After this showing , Mr. Creghton states
that ho is advancing in years and his bus
iness cniragHinonts are such that ho can
not , without injury to his personal inter
ests , give to the alfairs of tlio trust the
time , perhaps , demanded. Ho asks
that guardians ad litem , be ap
pointed for the infant defend
ants , that an account bo made
of all the dealings of tiie trustees ,
that the securities be examined , and that
his resignation bo accented and some
other party appointed in his stead. All
the heirs above mentioned , with their
descendants , are made defendants.
The divorce ca e of Geist vs. Geist , has
just been concluded before Judge Neville
and taken under advisement.
Judge Wakely was hearing yesterday
the case of Sylvester vs. Bangs. Itgrows
out of the purchase by the latter from
Sylvester of property on which the lat
ter claims ho had to pay back taxes ,
which ho alleges ho understood to Imvo
been paid at the time of purchase. The
plaintitl' claims that at the time of the
sale , ho told Hangs the taxes were paid
up to date , which he holds to be true.
The Mo. Pacific and Northwestern have
submitted propositions for bonds which
will be voted sure. J. D. Kiloy , the real
estate broker , has great bargains in busi
ness lots anil acre tracts. Dawes & Foss'
Addition a specialty. Rooms , 5 and 0
Opera House.
Tlio Unaniiiioiin Ucslro of tlio W C.A.
fora Homo of tlio Friniulloss.
Yesterday morning a very important
meeting of the Woman's Chrislain Asso
ciation was hold at the homo on Farnam
street immediately west of Sixteenth.
There wore present the following ladies :
Mesdamcs J. J. McLean , J. B. Jardinc , Y .
B. Knight , J. II. Grant , E. 11. Soulo , H.
Ludington , 11. M. James , O. H.
Pratt , M. K. Elliot. H. Rohwcr ,
A. Roberts , W. J. Welshans , 11. C.
Moore , T. B. Gilmoro. U. D. Hills , G. W.
Eastman and P. L. Pcrrine. Mrs. Po.r-
rino presided. There wore also present
Mebsrs. S. R. Johnson and Nathan Mcr-
riam , members of the advisory board ,
Messrs. Callaway and McCague being
unavoidably absent.
Mrs. Soufo , who is about to leave the
city , tendered her resignation , which
was accepted. She was succeeded by
Mrs. Dr. Peck , who is also _ chairman of
the ladies' soliciting committee.
Quito an amount of routine business
was transacted.
The doration of two lots upon which
to erect a substantial homo for the friend
less , by C. E. Mayne , was unanimously
adopted , and a vote of thanks was ten
dered to the donor.
These lots are situated on the corner of
Dodge and Brijrgs streets , immediately
west of the Belt lino. They are beauti
fully loctdcd , indeed liner lots for the
purpose could not have been selected.
They are about a milo and a half from
Twentieth street.
The association will beirinto diligent
ly canvass the city for subs criptions to
the homo which it is contemplated to
build. This building will not cost less
than $20,000 , anil the intent is at first to
put up a main building , to which wings
may bo added from time to time. The
necessity of a building of this kind would
Iiavo been made apparent to any person
who could have seen the crowded condi
tion of the place now used as a home.
There IB little doubt that a handsome
subscription will be secured. Mr. Mur
riam and others have alieady given lib'
orally , and th'i end of their donations has
not yet been reached.
The Thlorstlll ut
I find the following in the Army and
Navy Journal of April IGth : "Paymastei
General Rochester has received a tele
gram from Chief Paymaster Jewell , re
porting that Charles P. Parucr. the mar
who several weeks ago robbed Paymastei
Bash of $7,100.00 has-been captured.
This is a mistake. I have never roportei
the capture of the thief who robbed Maier
ior Bash , and as the publication is caloir
Kited to stop pursuit of the robber , am.
prevent his capture , I trust you will deni
the statement. Parker , the thief has no ]
been captured , so far as I can learn a
this dato. C. M. TKUKKI.I. ,
Chief Paymaster , Dep't Plalto.
Omaha , April 18 , ' 87.
KTwcnty-nino young bachelors of For
Dado , Fla. , have organi/ed a club , cacl
taking a binding and solemn obligatloi
not to use any toilet soap except Jaa
Kirk & Company's "Juvenile. "
A Million for Gas.
Articles of incorporation of the Nc
braska and Kansas Gas and lieatim
company wore filed in the county clerk'
ouico yesterday morning. Omaha is dcsin
natcd as the place of business. The objec
of the company is to manufacture gas fo
illuminating and heating purposes , n
the .states of Nebraska and Kansas an
the counties of Buchanan and Jacksoi
in the state of Missouri. The capitii
stock is placed at ? 1.000,000 , to bo divide
into shares of ono hundred dollars cacli
, The corporation commences business tc
day , and . is to continue for ninety-nin
1 yeais. The incorporators are Max Meyer
il Olias. E. Leo and Low W. Hill.
A Good Appointment
Mr. James U. llayncs has bean av
pointed otlicial court stenographer t
servo under Judge Hopewell. The n\ \
pointment U an excellent one , and give
general satisfaction. Mr. llayncs is no
only a competent stenographer , but
.vomit : man of abilitv and high charactoj
Ho has already entered upon the dii
charge of his duties.
J. I > . Rlloy. Real Estate Broker , lias
ings , Nob. References ; City Nat'l ' ban
and Adams County bank.
Off For Kearney.
Sheriff Coburn will leave to-day fc
t the reform school with Logan Johnsc
and Wm. and Gco. Russell ,
Transfers Filed April 18 , 1887.
A S Piuldock and wife to Qco S Smith
lot 27 blk l > , Jerome park sub dlv of
Smith's ndd wd 52,000
City ot Omaha to bnmuel Ki'lchenburc
loxbS feet besjlnmmjat the 11 w cor
of lot 4 blk 17 Omnha-q r 103
Gee K Thompson to dins \V Thomp
son undivided'a of lot 85 Nelson's
ndil-w d 2,710
W li Sclhy nnd wife to Win U J Ionian
s M ot n k lots 11,1'J blk O Lo\\o's
ald-w ( tf ; COO
John H Gibson mid wife toK K French
undivided ' / of nef sw,1nnd
sK"f li w1 , 8,14 , l-w ! ( d 1
Alex McCavnck and wife to John J
G routine et al lot 112 Klvurvlow
w d l.OOU
Aithur S Potter H al to Fletcher Vos-
tmu-h lot U blk : i lot 7 blk 0 1'ottur &
Cobb's -'nil add to South Omalia
w d l.avi
Arthur S Potter to Jas A lirnnlds InU
IB , 10 blk 7 Totter As Cobb's Und aild
to South Omalia w it 1,750
A S Potter t > t al to 1'lorro V U lines
lots 1 , HulkS i'otti-r & Cobb's 'Jnd
add to South Omaha w d 1,200
Win Cusllii. jr , to Mary A 0 Kobert-
son IritsT , bblkO .Meyers , Illclmuls
.t'i'llili'ii'saild-w d 1,200
Win ( laslln , jr , to Alev C Cliarllnn
trnstf i- lot f > lillc 1J ! Movers , U'ch-
srds.tTihluu's ndil-w'il 1,000
Win ( Inslin , jr , to Ali-x ( ! Cliiiilton lot
5 blk IS Meyers , Itlchaidsit Tildun's
ndil w d 000
John W Hamilton to U ! Coy lot 0 blk
20 Hovel's ndd-w d 000
John W Hampton to Peter Swan lot 8
blk'JO noyd'sndil-wd '
John W llninnton to Albert Clonloa
lot 7 Mk 0 Bovil' add-w d COO
John I licdick and \\ilc to 11 ll Doiid
lot 21 , 'J-2 blk r > Miib dlv of J 1 Jit-d
ick's add-w d 2-jOO
Herbert A Ooiid to l ° n.ic K CoiiL'doii
etnl lots'21. US blk 8 sub dlv ot J i
Kedlck's mid w d 4MO
Gee W Ann's and wife to llcnrv II
Cone et al lots 1 , ' . ' , 10blk 4. lots'S , 4 ,
fi. 0.7 blk a Brighton w d 4,000
MTPatih-k nnd wile to Henry B
Million ! lot 4 blk 12 ! Omaha Vlew-
w il COO
Julia S Hopkins and hiistnnd to Heii-
jamin S Allison : iO acres , in IS , IB , IS
-w d 3,500
Julia S Hopkins and husband to Mary
a Allison : ; o acres in is , 15 , 1S-
w d 0,500
Huch Kinsley to Mary A Diudnlo s K
f lotl blkit-p : ; | Z
Ynrv R Co-4 and hushruul to Mniunrct
J Trulnnd lot 10 Smith mi ! : wd. . 3,000
Win ( inslin , jr , to Minnie J Wood lot
10 ttlk 0 .Meyers. Richards &Tildcn's
add w d 703
A I' Tukov rt al to F F Shinrock lot r
blk IS Clltton Hill add-w d COa
L \Vrinhtaml wile to Julia U Van-
dprronkout lot IBB Florence w d. . 5,000
( ! eo K Kou/.ouns nnd wile to Mat ( lat -
t lin lots. " . , 0 blk 1'J Walnut liill-
w it fcOO
Clms N Falsom eta ! to ( ! POV Mossou
et nl o 25 feet of w 7.1 ! foot of lot S bile
Olst add to South Omaha w d 700
John Cliollmaii nnd wife to L It Hammond
mend lot , ! ) blk 1 Hvdo Park wd. . B'JO
B R Hall and wititto Carltou I ) Itutch-
IniiiMJii lots 7 , 8 blk 1 llyilo Paik
w d 1,000
John Choltmnu to H K Hall lots 7 and
8 , blk llhdo Park , w d 600
Francis M Shrivcrnnd wife to Clm-4 II
Silkwoith. lots 1 , S , blk 0 , Kilby
Place , wd 3,000
John A McShnno to John F Waliiatnot
n K lot SO coinnliiliiL' lots trom 1 to
IS Inclusive , West Side , w d B.5CO
Fied Jorccnsen to John A Swanson.
lot ! l , bile" Clarendon , w il 1,500
Herbert A Dnud to TG Snovcr et al ,
lot S blk r > . West Knd , w d 2,103
Ernstus A Benson trustee to Mis Kli/t :
Bucklev. lot Sibil : ! ) . Him.son , w d. . 4.10
Hnrrv B Mulford to Clms 11 Mailple
lot 4. blk IS , Omaha View , w d 850
\Vm \ < ! n.slln ir , to Mnry 1 Tldball. lot.
blk 8 , Mayers , Richards A : Tilileu's
add , w d COO
Win Guslln jr to Cerlinul S Hemnvn.
lot 0 blk 8 , .Mayers , Rifhnrds & Til-
den's add , wd COO
Jacob H ( irillln to C Howard Russell
ct al , lot 7. Arlingtonndd , w d 1,700
Wm A lj Gibbon and wife to Susan
Rich , lot " > blk 7. Cote Urillianto , w d 5 ? >
Uustny Parson and wife to C K Mnynn
IB and l-7th ncres in ) , 10 , 0 , w d. . . . 2iO
Gee Aiinstionu'and wile to Robt II
Vinton lot 1 blk 1 , Armstrong's Stl
ndd , w a 1.700
K H Cliandli-r to Jnlm 11 Mailocrln lot
: ! blk7. ilelroso Hill , wd 330
Francis M Shrlver nnd wii'e to John
Uaumcr , lot 8 , Sunnvslite add , w d. . 2,000
Lucy 1'nrkcr to John Foltick lot is blk
4. A S PatriPk's mid. w d 1,550
Jetter R Conkllmrnml wife to Louis
Worm , lots 3 and 0 , blk 1 , Richmond
mend , wil S5."i
Gee F Boll nnd wife to Clius II Dewev
et nl undivided 14 lntPU'-.t In o"J
fcetot w4l rVctbeliiK the in , I } a ot
lot : t a blK iis : , w el 12,500
W Amelia Ivoitlni : to Kdward IIari- |
strltolotsSandS , blk 7 , Patrick's
Jdndd. wd 7,500
O car F D.ivls and wife to John G WIl-
1U 4a.4.\140 tppt OCK at a point 75 ! )
feet o of the line uctwcon SPcttonsO
and 10 and b7i.O : toot n of line bp-
twpun suctions 10 and 15all In 15 , 1:1 : ,
wd l.SOO
Frank Cady to L ) T Gllinan lot SI , blk
"A , " Hoiltord add , w d 850
B'irr II Richards and wlfo to Sam'l
Itausi'nnau , p J lot 2. blk " > , q c. . . . 1
Catlu-riiip Rcmdoif to Robt Cobb eK
lot S blk 54. w it 0,500
Wm tjobiiin and wife to Huuh Mur-
uhv lots 5 am ! 0 , blk 10. w d i,200 : )
Will 11 Thompson et al to Flunk D
CutkT lot in , lilk 3 , Creston add , w d 1,200
Burnaul Ma lmils el al to tbo public ,
plat of Fo.irou Place , n 410 t't'i-t of e
ittl toot or s w tf Si , 15. 13-dedlca-
C K Mayne mid wito to Lawicneo J
W Flfas. lot It blk 5 , Hniiscom Place
wd 1.150
Carlton J ) lliitcliiiiMHi ct al to Mlllard
K Soars. 10 acres In : is , 1(1 ( ii. : w d. . . . 7
Lydia H Hall to Jennie P Smith lot S ,
Hull PI.HV. w d 4,010
Kll/.ab tli I ) Mead to Win Morrison ,
lots blk : t. Philnvlmv add. w d l.SOO
Wm L McO.iM to W L Solbv lots 11
anil IS , blk "O , " Lowo's aild , w d. . 1,150
IInlUlfn Permits.
Superintendent Whitlock desires to call
the attention of all contemplating build'
ing this season to the fact that it is ncc'
cssary to secure : v building permit. The
increase of the city limits , has brought
within the city a largo number of resi
dents who have not been required te
comply with the building ordinance. The
t. permits issued yesterday were as follows
Orson Stevenson , 1 story fiauio cot-
tau'i ) , Slst near Clark 3 1,201
A \V Huhuoi-k , i story addition to
dwelling. 1S-J1 South 20tli < o <
0 K Wellmosson , 1 story tramo resi
dence. SOth anil Shirley 1CO , (
Ilonora Canoll , thieo 1 story fraiao
tHcottiiKCs. I'Jlh ' anil Grai-e 8,001
Ilonora Canoll , two S story dwell
ings , 19th and Urnco 3,20 (
A SoieiiMin , 1 story Ir.imo cottage ,
: : otli nnd Cass lso <
( ! 11 ( Jntes , 1 hlory frame iiwulllntr.
Slst. near St. Marys nvenuo 1,60 <
11 A Dimd , 8 story frame lint , 1507 N.
S5ih , 0,001
Oln Carlson , 1 story dwcllinc , Oak
Hill 4X (
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pills am fast boinir superseded by Dr
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Decker Brothers
ny Dr. Kneillkor't method. No operation ! No P.iln
No Detention from Uutlncsi. Adaotcd to clilldr.1
as well a crown people. Hundreds ut aut nrupl
testimonials on Illo , All buslaass strlctlyvoaildei
tlal. ty.NbUUTATIOX tf'KKO.
I'KOr. \ . U. COOK ,
ICli Douglas St. , Ouiub , Net
Absolutely Pure ,
Thispowdcr ncverv.irlci. A mai-ve' ' ol
puritystrcnjtl { > and wliolcsomenc n. M ° " "c
economic than the ordinary kinds and
cannot be sold in competition wi'h ' the mul
titude of low test short weiKht.alutn or
phosphate powders. ' Sold onlv 'n ' cans.
Royal Baking Powder Co .106 Wall street ,
New York.
Vose > ons
Instruments crchaniicd , rented and
xold on easy imminent * , below
Factory Prices.
Instrument * slightly used al
r & Bro
OmaliaNeb. .
The BEST nad 33O8T I OPUr.AH
tewing Thrccil of Modern Tltueo.
Silil atvhoc ! ale by Kilpatiick Koch
Dry Goods Co. , M. E. Smith & Co. , and
' "all rclal : dealers.
13th El , Cor. Capitol Nvenua
ron inr Tr.iATjirNT or AI.X ,
Chronic Ct Surgical
PR. MoMENAMY , Prop etor- .
Ruteeiirar ' Unaullal nud Privala I'ractlco
H'u havn the f.ii-ilitlc ? , cpparatiii and H'nmllo
for tlic mcccjiful troetnicst of cory form of ilU-
in ri'nulrlni ; clltier medical or eurglcnl Irwittnenl ,
and Inule nil tocoraean.l InvestlRato for titm ! ; elvM
u carrwpoiirt tth Hi ) . I.oni ; eerli'n | > ( In ucat
Inij casts by lulter iimblca ua to treat many can *
tclrntnlcallr nltlmut < clnp them
WHITi : ? OU C'IKCUI.AU on Dcforcittlr * nm )
ltn\cci , ChiU F ' 't. C'ur > aturci of tlio fipluu
DIBKASIS or Vfaurn , ric ! , Tiimore , Cnnccr * ,
f.itaitli , ronchltl , Inlitlslioti , Elertrlclly. I'ural.
v l , Kpllcnty. Klilncj , JCjre , Ear , akin , Wood am ]
u I Piir"lcnl oporntlnnn.
Il.itiorUn. Inhaler * , llrncne , Trntirs , nnl
nil Kliult of Medical nnil [ Surgical ApplltUicev , man-
ufucturcd ar.it for ar.lo
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rA BI'ffrjAI.TY.
ham 'vhuteTcrcaiucproclnceil.Buccciifully ttesleil
\Vo cnn remove Syphilitic polsou rtom the ( jetum
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NBW r ilnratlrotreatmei't for lots of vital power
Cnll anil consult us or tend came find pont-oftici'
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will rend you , la pbln wrapper , our
ui'Di PKIVITR , SPICUL AMD fiiftroua Ii ) Bistr.
SEMIMAL WKAKNTII , HrziuuTOBimixi , luri > ? : .
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UniNAr.r OKOAKI , or end history of your ca'eioi
an opinion.
Perioni nnable to vlilt uanuty bo irmt 4 at thcli
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ment rent by mall or exurna HUCUltKLY PACK
El ) FUOM OIlSEIlVATION.no marks to Indlcnk
eontenta or ieml r. One pfraontl intcrrlevr prv
ferred If convenient. Fifty rromi for the ? t.in-
moclatlnn of paticntf. Roanlmod nttcndan.'o t
rcaeonablo prices. Acldriei tl' I-cUcm to
Omaba Medical and Snr ical lustitulo.
Cor. 13th St. and CaolUIAit.OMAHA. . ( : ! ?
On hand. 12f
Ptandard Sortl
tochooM Jrora ,
lUfur t.O l
by eipress ,
cafe arrival
Immense ( lock
Of fl t ,
All the noreltlea. Ourlllua-
For our Spring Overcoats will be coufirmed bv everybodv who
has bought one from us last week , viz : THAT THEY ARE
bargains we are offering are of so extraordinary a character
that the mere mention of prices or reductions is esitirelv insuf
ficient to convev anv correct impression , of the values we pre
sent * The goods are all of this season's production and are
models of excellence in fit and stvie- Come and see them.
We have again replenished our stock of Spring Suits by
several new invoices received during the past few days , and
call particular attention to on © line of beautiful Cheviots in 2
colors grev and brown which we offer at $8.90 per suitfullv
worth $14.00.
We regret our inabilitv to wait on all those who visited our
store last Saturday and invite them to call again. We have in
creased our force of salesmen and are now better prepared for
a rush.
All goods marked in plain figures and at one price.
Cor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omalia.
O. H. CURTIS , Pres. - J. KURD THOMPSON , Sec. % & Treas
Wholesale g& Retail.
"FIshTtrnnd" Coats , Bulbs , Douches , IlnirCrlmncrs. Nursery ShoctlUB , Speculum * ,
Air Pillows , Ilrushci , Drill A Dnck , Ilnlr ' Nnvy lines , bportsmcn's Goods ,
Airllccle , Brewer's Hose , Door Main , Oil Clothing , Mumps ,
Caps , Dretn Shields , Horse Covers , Packing , Stationer's CSuin ,
Antl Hntllurn , Capes , Drinking Guns , HOBO , H. H. AT. Co.PallH , Syphons ,
Aprons , Carriage Cloth , Klnstlc. llnniU , Hose Coupllugs , Perftction Box Siir ) i , .Spittoons ,
Atomizers , Cartridge Ilagb , Klnstlc StocLlngi , HOBO Pipes , Pencils , .Sulininlnt , ' Jnckrls ,
llniuls , Catheters , Kr.iflcrn , Hose Iteele , I'cn holders. Syringes 'Perfection Boi. '
llandaRp Gum Clothing , F.ico lings , Hot Wiiter BottlesPessaries , ThlliibU-s
Iliuillsuml Copy Hook Sheets , Finder Cots , Ilnvcrsncks , I'luno Covers , Throiit ling" .
Halle , Carpeting , Flower .Sprinklers , Pipes. Ttlblnp ,
Until tints , Cuiiicnt , Floor Scrnpcrs , IroCnps , l'i ; > o btcms , Tumblers ,
Until Tubs , Clothes U'rlnKcrs , Folding I'liils , Ink Manila , J'lant Sprinklers , ? ! " >
lleil I'tins , Coats "risli llrund" Foot Hull" , "if Cushions , I'uro Rubber ,
Bed Sheets , Conihs , Force Cnpn , 1'ants , Tolmcco PotichcB.
B.ll. [ ' .Co. lcltlngOomb ! Cleaners , Fruit Jar Kings , Llncil Hose , 1'lstol Pockets , Trotting Kolls ,
Bolt Hooks , Corks , J'unnelo , I.aeo Cutters , Hattlcs , Urinals ,
Hollows Cloth , Cork Screws , Gas Tubing , I.I fc Preservers , Huhber Dam , Umbrellas ,
Dibs , Curry Combe , Gloves , Maekintnfli Goods , Hulcm. Ventllntiiif ? Soles ,
lilnnkcts , Cucpndors , Gossamer daps , Mutch Bo\es. Hupnirlnc Cloth , " \VaRon Aprou0 |
Hoots A Siloes , ClRnr CnscR , - Cloth , Martlngalo Kings , Shaft Hubbcrs , WafTon Covers ,
Hoys Cnps , ChalrTlps&Uuffers , Coats , Slatrt , Slioes .t Hoots , Walton .SirlnK9 | ,
Hoyt ) Coats , Dlupcrs , " Waterproofs , Slatting , Sink Scrapers , Wenlherijtrlps ,
Diaper Cloth , Gnltcr Strnps , Mirrors , Scoops , ,
Bracelets , Dollfl , Gun Covers , Mittens , Shooting . Cents , Wadlnir 1'nntf ,
Ilri-iist Pumps , Doll llodlrs , Guttn rorclm , Nipples , Bllng.nhotu. Wntor Uotllea ,
llruantbhlelds , Doll Hcnds , Gymnnslums , Nursing Hlbs. holing , Window Clcnners ,
lluircis , Uoor Hauds , Hair Curlers , Nursing Hottlcs , SionKO | lings , Wilnger Hells ,
Loslon TlpUinc JCo's. Itubbcr and Cotton Uclting , Packing and Hose. Sole agents in Omaha.
Leather Ilcfllng- ; Pure Oak Tunned. Manufacturers of "PERFECTION IJOX SYUIXGES. "
arunitfacturcra of "FISH Jill AND IIUBHER GOODS. "
Mull Orders Solicited and will Herelrc Prompt Attention.
SUITS To Our Immense Line of SUITS
Suits !
Spring SUITS
In Siu'ks nnd Lltiilton CiittnvnyH , ivliit-li for quality , lit , style and
worKmamliip are not to be equalled in till * city. We Nell our goods SUITS
SUITS at J5 per cent lets than oilier denier * ean all'ord to do.
Our SI , § 5 and § 0 Suits arc mipcrlor to anytliiiiK I" tlie ninrUct
for the price. SUITS
SUITS Our § 7 Itluck nnd Itrowii Worsted Suits eannot be lioiiglit fine.
\vliere for le.s than 1U or $12.
A word on our Hue of 81O , g2 , l15 , ? ,20 and § 22 SultN , of which
SUITS we curry the most complete line In the elty. These Roodn are equal SUITS
to the best tnllor.inndc garment * , and we guariintco n perfect lit , and
feel sure a call would u iielit the > .o who propose buying a spring
ISO S Street.
F.inl > a < lV tliehW'it ertrUcn-
; rteilit lt < il > r < lH < ' "tco" > t'"rl" > " 1
K.litrat . > intll < l > 'fll'rrrl < l"l"U
Ournamcls I J.AT.COUSINS ,
on every sole. 1 NEW YORK
' '
" " ' ' '
- ' V ' . '
. . :
Watches , Diamonds , Pine Jewelry , Silverware
Thelarce t fctock. I'lice * the lowest. Repairing a specialty. Work warranted.
Corner Douglas nnd Ifilh strectb , Omaha. Licensed Watchmaker for the Union
Pacific Railroad Company.
The C. E. Mayne Real Estate and Trust Co ,
Property of ev ry ilcscrlptlon for snlo iu all paits of tlio city. Lands for sale iu
every county in Nebraska.
Of Titlcsof DoiiRlns County kept. Maps of the city. Mute or county , or any otbcr
iufonnation ileslrcd furnisfica free of charge upon application.

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