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' ' ' " ! ; / ' ' . V/ ' : ' ' - ' ' . ' - . ' ' ' ' ' THE OMAHA .DAILY' BEtt : FRIDAY , ' 'JUNE.'IT . / 1887.- ' . ' ' < ' < ' . /
&yr * & _ -i. '
ZttUmcd br tnrrlcr In an ? part of the cltr at
twenty cents per week.
H. W. 'AI.TOX , JIanafor.
JJtBiKTFP Ornci. No. 13.
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
New spring cootls txtHeltcr's , tailor.
The city council Is to meet again next
Monday evening.
Wanted A coed flrl forponnrnl house-
work. Mrs. P. M. I'ryor , 700 Sixth uvo-
HufCiilnr meeting of Fidelity Council
No. 100 , Koyul Arcanum , at 8 this even
Despite the intense heat of the day the
Manhattan seemed wonderfully cool yes
terday , and the billiard tables were well
Permit to marry was yesterday given
to G. It. Curry , of Omaha , and Anna
llylander , of this couutv ; CJ. H. Kolse , of
Sanborn , Dakota , and Sylvella Hiuhard-
son , of this city.
Mrs. Lot a Smith has filed a petition fern
n divorce from Kd Smith , charging him
with failure to support , adultery and do-
portion. They wore man led in David ,
City , Neb. , in September , 18S."i.
The Milwaukee bridge people say they
cannot begin to build the uridge over
railroad slough before Monday and
travel on the road will not bo obstructed
until -probably Tuesday next. They will
notify the public- through the press when
they begin.
L. L. Uimngton , one of the men at work
putting the telephone wires on a new
polo at Hroadway ; ir.d Fourth streets ,
yesterday fell about twenty feet and
struck upon the sidewalk. His injuries
nre not of a serious character , lie is at
the Koverc house , ills residence is in
Umaha and he is nnmarried.
Tim impersonation of "Forget Me Not"
by Miss Jeffreys-Lewie last night was
one of the most perfect pieces of acting
that has been on the stage here for a
long time. Tlic troupe is not a larco one
but everyone in it acted well the part as-
tlgned. Should it return here it would be
greeted with a better house.
John F. Garner missed some corn from
his crib , and by following uu some clues ,
ho found that Hans 1'loug had a load of
about twenty-live bushels , which ho was
hauling to town. Deputy Sheriff Chat-
terbuch arrested 1'loug , and brought him
before Justice SchurPloug pleaded
guilty , and paid for the corn. Ho was
lined $10 iiuu costs.
Chief Mullen lias sworn off. The last
rainy day he noticed two ladies with no
umbrclaraud with generous politeness he
made a tender ot his , siniuly requesting
them to see that it was returned to the
police station. Of course it has not been
returned , and the chief is now wonder
ing whether it pays for an ollicer to be
over-polite to strangers.
The work of fitting up the club rooms
is progressing well. The partitions are
being put in , the lloor laid , the stairways
changed , and other preliminary work
going right along. The main entrance is
to be on Main street , and it will be a line
one. The old stairway further north is
to bo closed up , so as to give mure room
above. The club is determined to have
rooms which will compare favorably in
convenience and elegance with any in
the west.
At last a claimant has appeared for the
fish not in the marshal's otlice. This net
is a funncl-Bhaped affair , which was
found so planted in the Boycr as to catch
every fish which dared to go up or down
that stream. The ollicers gobbled it , and
liavo since been waiting for a claimant.
Lawrence Daub now appears and liles an
uilidavit in Judge Aylesworth's court ,
setting forth the fact that he is the
owner , that the net was stolen from him ,
and ho wants it given up. The judge
issued an order requiring the marshal to
appear and sliow cause , if he had any ,
for rofusini ! to deliver up the net. The
case was set for yesterday afternoon , but
Attorney Ware. In behalf of the fish pro
tection association , put in a showing and
the question will have to bo fought out in
the court.
There is a large gang of men at work
on the now motor line. Instead of lay
ing the track on the line originally
marked out in the charter , the company
is allowed to temporarily lay its track
right down Ninth street , a shorter route.
It is claimed by those who are posted
that this track at the pltico named will
be in the way of moves being made for a
union depot , and that this temporary
right will , like other temporary rights ,
become permanent ore long , and will re
sult badly , by interfering with the union
depot plan. Thn matter should be looked
into , and if there is any such danger of
interference with a greater and more im
portant enterprise , steps should be taken
to have the precaution taken at once , KO
that no such undesirable clash should
There is considerable talk about the re
quest of the gas company to have its
charter renewed by the council. The re
quest will hardly meet with a secondand
it seems that the mayor and city council
are dead sot against any such renewal. It
is conceded that Council Itluffs is paying
about twice as much for gas as other
cities , and the public has stood it us long
as they can in patience. It will hardly
bo possible for the company to got the
charter renewed , unless some great con
cessions nre madeand then the exclusiveness -
ness of the charter will be an objection
which will have to bo done nway with. The
people are quite stirred upovcr the fact
that even a request should bo made to
have the charter renewed , and the alder
men are not so ignorant of the situation ,
nor of public opinion , us to be easily led
into any such act.
To I ho i'ubllo.
On Monday next , Juno 20,1 will open
up in the McMacken building , corner
llroad way and Sixth streets , a line of
goods similar to the line now carried by
me in my establishment on Upper Broad-
wuy. Tlio new shop will bo run under
the title of L. C. Brackctt& Co. Trusting
to receive a share of ydhr patronage , I
am Yours truly ,
L. C. Bi ACKr.TT.
Drlvlnc Stock For Snlo.
One high bred marc , will go fast ; two
family drivers , one line couch stallion.
The above nro all warranted sound and
of good color. Inquire at once-of John
E. Vnil , Driving park , Council Blurts.
Drs. Hanchutt & Smith , office No. 13 ,
Pearl st. , residence 120 Fourth st. Telephone -
phone No. 10.
Latest improved gasoline stores at N
504 Main street. W. A. Wood.
Wo guarantee the Quick Meal gasoline
stove to bo the best in the United States.
No exception. It Is the best. See it and
buy with our guarantee at Cole & Cole ,
41 Alain street.
J. W. & E. L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
For Bale.
Two drug stores in central Nebraska.
Good thriving towns. Will invoice from
11,600 to $2,600. Apply to
HAKLE , HAAS & Co. ,
Council Blutl's , Iowa.
A fine lot of cabbage plants , best va
rieties , for sale cheap by J. It. McPher-
eon nt his vegetable and fruit farm. No.
1218 East I'forco St. , Council BluQs.
All Sorts of Motions and Belays In the
. ' * * "
" " " Liquor Oases.
Notes About Mnnnwa Slim Prospect
For the Renewal of ttio Gnu Com
' Charter Last '
pany's Night's
Kiitcrtnlnmeiit ,
of Whisky.
There was little headway gained in the
saloon injunction casesyesterday. ; Judge
Carson listened to motions and argu
ments , but llttlo was accomplished.
There scorns little Which can be done ,
or till ; two informers aru locked up in
all in Umaha. The court hero has or-
lured that the prosecution present these
nun in court , so that the. defendants can
lave an opportunity to cross-examine
hum. The prosecution cannot get them
nto the court here , so long as they are
ockud ii ) ) In Nebraska. It is doubtful
ivhethur their tn-iduiiuu will amount to
micli when they do got them hero , for
t scums that they have at least sworn
fory recklessly in some cases , the Kittur
case , tor instance. It also appears that
they have been at least tampering with
both sides , first taking money from the
prohibitionists for making allidavits
nuniiist the saloons , and then taking
iiontiy from the .saloon men and making
[ in alhdavit in their favor. What thu tcs-
imony of Mich fellows will amount to
remains for tin ; court to determine , but
niblic opinion is pretty wull .settled
An attempt is to be made to int.'oducu
other witnesses to substantiate the
jhargcs made against the saloons. There
.vorc . a number of citizens stibptunaml
.vho . were supposed to kuow whether
.hero were drinks sold in thusu places.
Thu sheriff commenced serving some of
liusu , bin they demanded their feus , and
lie ollicer went back to get thu money to
; > ay them. The needed money was not
nit into the hjuuiS'Of the shcrilV , and so
le did not attempt to compel the attend
ance of these witnesses. It is doubtful
whether any very satisfactory evidence
could be secured from them if put on the
Attorney Kink yesterday made a show-
ng as to why the two informers could
not bo brought into court and be cros- < -
jxamincd. The facts given in this show
ing are thosu with which the public is
familiar. The only feature was that/Sink
"iiati been informed by the juilgo before
whom the habeas corpus cases were
pending in Omaha that it would probably
be some time before he would be able to
.jive his decision. There wore some close
questions to be decided , and hu wanted
itne to look up authorities and consult
ivith other judges. Attorney /ink lilcd
ivhat purported to be a transcript ot
.lie proceedings in the Omaha court ,
with the evidence there taken , hoping
thus to show that i.t was by the defend
ants' own actions that the two informers
ivere now locked up across the river.
I'lip defendants moved to have this
stricken out of the case , and this motion
"ormcd a bone of contention to occupy the
imo yesterday afternoon.
All Uiitin | ) | > y I'aii1.
There was a nasty revelation of un-
lappy matrimonial life in the district
court yesterday , it being a divorce pro-
seeding , in which Airs. Joseph seeks
rccdom from her husband. Site had a
number of witnesses , and made bomu
i-ery grave charges to the ell'ect that
Joseph was an idle , shiftless fellow , who
lidn't furnish her much of a support , so
hat she was obliged to do washing and
aku boarders. Shu further claimed that
lie was anything but a Joseph so far as
mnly was concerned. To support this
Allegation she brought upon the stand a
young girl , who has not had a Very
savory reputation , aud who told rather a
preposterous fatory about the manner in
which Joseph hail been untrnc to his
wife. Several letters wore shown up
from Joseph , in which ho declares that
ho has been at fault , aud that the blame
should rest upon him. On thu part of
the defense it was hhown tiiat while
ho had been out of work some ,
yet for the past two years
or morn he had been steadily employed
in responsible positions , had worked
over time , had given bountiful support
to the family , and that he was no such
licentious fellow as his wife asserted.
The husband claims that the trouble
arose over his wife's familiarity with
sonio of the boarders , ami that Mie was
the one who had been untrue to the mat
rimonial vows. The chief contention in
the proceedings seems to bo to secure
possession of the child , a little girl , whom
both want to have. Both husband and
wife seem agreed upon onu thing , that
they do not want to live together , and
that is about the only agreement be
tween them. Each wants thu child , aud
each claims that thu other is unlit to
have the custody of it. The court is to
hear the arguments on thu case Satur
Mnnawa Notes.
The only way to rcacli Manhattan
beach now is via boatas the road around
to the beach is ovcrllowcd , thu lake being
so high.
Mr. Stevens , who is working the land
just north of Wrays , near Lake Manawa ,
ia objecting to the driving through his
corn field. He has planted corn close up
to the fence and is working it. It is ut
most impossible to get through without
injuring his corn and he is bound to
claim damages for trespass , so that per
sons wishing to go from Wray's landing
to Mark's landing or vice versu had butter
keep in thu field of Mr.Vray south of
the fence. Mr. Wray is always willing
to allow his place to bo used for thu
convenience of the public so long aa they
conduct themselves in a propur manner.
Lumber is being handled for the now
bridgu over railroad tdough , and the old
"humpback" bridge will bo removed.
Mr. Woolscy is building asteamcr near
the club house on the banks of Lake
The rowing association has received
their new four-oared shells and onu four-
oared gig , besides four pleasure boats.
The club have some ten or twelve boats
now in the club house.
The painting of the club house was
begun yesterday.
The new hotel is to bo opened under
the auspices of the Congregational
church , and a date to be fixed and an
nounced hereafter. The new motor line
is to .start up also on this opening day ,
aud excursions arc to come in on all the
roads , bringing thousands of people to
this oily for u day's pleasure nnd sight
seeing. _
Three Tlmen nnd Out.
Judge Carson yesterday as much as
ordered a new trial in the case of Jona
than J'lioa , who has been three times
convicted for the killing of David Roberts ,
nnd given new trials. There were several
grounds on which Colonel Scott urged n
now trial this time , one of the reasons
being the discovery of new evidence.
Another was that error had crept into the
charge of the judge. One of the charges
was to the effect that the jury was not to
consider the evidence of experts on the
question of the insanity of Jones , except
it was based on their personal knowledge
Yesterday Judge Carson was giving hii
decision In favor of granting a nnv/tria
when the county attorney ; Colonel Daily
expressed a desire to bo heard further be
fore the order was made. The judge pave
until Saturday morning , at which time
Colonel Daily will bo given another
chance , and the decision will doubtless
fallow speedily. It seems now that Jones
is quite sure of A new trial being granted ,
and if this order is made it will probably
result in the case dying out. It lias been
before the courts so long that U is about
worn out , and a fourth trial will hardly
be reached even if granted.
Brown's Oftlcc JDulltllnu.
The new olllco building of J. J. Hrown
is rapidly approaching completion. It
will bo as complete a building of this
kind as there is in the city. The elevator
men were here yesterday preparing to
put in the hydraulic passenger elevator
at onco. This will make easy communi
cation 'with the upper lloors. Those Hoers
have been divided into suits of olllccs ,
and a number of thcsu have already been
leased. Wright , lialdwiu & Halduno
have secured six rooms on this third lloor ,
fronting on Main street. These rooms
arc bu'mg decorated elegantly. A largo
skylight is to bu put in so that thu middle
offices in the building will bu very lighten
on the darkest days. There aru water
closets , toilet rooms , etc. , for thu conven
ience of the occupants of thu various olH-
cos , both lloors being divided alike. The
entire ) building is to bu heated by steam ,
ho that tlioae who havu ollicns will have
no caru or thought about stoves or coal ,
nor of janitor care , tint whole building to
bo in charge of onu man. In fact every
arrangement and convenience ) is being
provided to maku this a porfeot ollicu
building , iteforo the finishing strokes
arc put em thu work every ollicu in the
building will be spoken for.
Mr.slojhy Omn hns.
The Omaha night proved a success. St.
Paul's church was well lillud , and the
audience was delighted. Thu boy's choir
of All Saint's church , of Omaha , gave
some excellent anthems. Thu now organ
had all its powers and bounties made
manifest by the skillful handling of Will
T. Tabor. The tenor .solos of Nat. M.
Drigham wore also enthusiastically re
ceived. Thu programme ) was of a high
order , and despite the intense heat , the
audience enjoyed it greatly.
Free Lecture.
A free lecture will be given on Satur
day evening , Juno 18 , commencing at 8
p. in. , in Temple hall by Mrs. Marion
Tood. Subject , "Tho Union Labor Ques
tion. " Thu citizens of Council lUttlls and
the public cencrally aru cordially invited
to attend. They will bo fully satisfied as
to the lecture on this subject , whether
favorable to- the cause or against it.
Cointi one , come all and let thu hall bu
tilled to its utmost.
For riipturu or hernia , call and got Dr.
{ icc s new invention. It makes a man
f you in five minutes. No pain. No. 11
ocarl street.
Personal I'nraurnphR.
Tom Baldwin and Charles Gregory
lave returned from the St. Louis races.
Dr. 1) . W. Stewart , of Winona , arrived
lure yesterday , lie is the old fn'nnly
) hysioian of Mrs. Yennwine , who is vciy
11. Her condition yesterday was a littlu
moro hopeful.
L'o/.zom s Complexion Powder pro
luces a soft anil beautiful skin. It com-
jlncs every clement of beauty and purity.
Sold by druggists.
DB. IDn' . I , . WAM.INO , Eur
E OTI In Chief , Natiunal Ouurc
of N.J. , writes :
"Mr attention wai called tc
vnnr KFjitoim tlult Wl.l&ke.v b )
Mr. l.nloi , DlunfUt , of Trtmtun
and I hnrnst \ ( \ a few boltlot
with far letter rflict than any }
h > T lnJ. 1 am recooiin nilia (
vc.ur article In my pMctUe , aiic
tlnd U Terj B tl t tory. "
azwisi ! er HIITAIICKB.
O7Thr 0.nnlD fcai Ihr RlKDtituria
MlBlle Of B U . oo " > ' > ' > " >
I Dole Agpou lor Ihr U S. )
816. 318 and 320 Raw St. Pbiladehhia. Ps.
loortman Drup Co. Gonl.Apents.Omnha
Nobrn ka.
Or Blcck Lcproty , U a dlfcifc nMcb Is counldcred
Incurnblf , tint It has yielded to the curative proper-
tlcaof bwirr'B Si'Eciric now known all our the
world as S. S. S. Mrs. Uallcy. of West Somerylllc ,
Mass. , ncir Boston , was ottAckcd ecveral yeuraaoo
with tills hldeona lihcU eruption , and was treated by
the beet medical tslcnt , who could only say that the
dUcuic wai a cpcclcs of
and coruqacntly Incurable. It It Imposdble to de
scribe her tudcrln s. Her body from the crown of
bcrhc.id to the toleiof her fcrt n as a mars of decay ,
miMea of lleth rotting off and leaving great cavities.
Her flngrrs fettered and three or four noils dropped
ofl at one time. Her limbs contracted by the fearful
olccratlot. and for fcmul jears rlie did not le.ive
her bd. Her \\clpht via reduced from 125 to 60Ibj.
Perhaps tome faint idea of tier condition can be
clrintd from the fact that three pounds of Cosmo
ferer to her all-w le Creator.
Her buitband hearinc wonderful reports of the cg
of Kwirr's Hriciric ( S. S. S. ) , prevailed on her to
try It as a last retort , tihe began Its UFO under pro-
tut , but teen found that hertrttcm was being re-
licvtd of the | x > itou. as the sorts ueumcd a red aiW
healthy color , as though the blood vaa becoming
pure and acthe. Mrs. llallry contlnned the S. 8.8.
null Ian r'ebruary ; every sore was healed ; she dis
carded chair and crate hu , and was for tbe first time
m tuelic years a wcllHoman. Her husband , Mr ,
( , ' . A.IIalley.lt In huflnffsat 17.V lllackttone Street.
lloton , and will take plearnre ID plvlng the details
of this wonderful cure , bend to us for Treatise oa
Blood and SLlu Oluates , milled free.
TUB Swirr Sricinc Co. . Drawer S. Atlanta , Ga-
JVb other /IOK.OC in this state can
show such a lat'uc anil complete
vtock or f/ii'c the price * we quote In
'his ' list , A u > ! ioiealc.itorlittioniit-
Ing to $173,000 to be sold at less
'hail ' wholesale * i
rtment ,
Coed finality 1'rints , 2c , He and 4c
per yard.
Itcut quality Shirting and Draw
I'rhita , such an Meriiinac , Chocc-
t'x , Allcnn , AiucricannIiichiiiondn ,
etc , , at > c. Sold elsewhere at 8c and
American Satccni , yard widc,10c.
Imported Sateens , ISc , 20c and
r c.
Shirting and Dress 1'ercalcs , tic ,
7c , Sc and We , Itcyular price ISc
to HSc.
Thousands of pieces to select from
in both imported and domestic
Apron Ginrjhams , 4c , Sc and ( ic.
Dress Oiiiyhams , 4c , Se and fie ,
llenfrews , Lancas crs , Norman-
dictt , Amoskays , and othci\ \ brands
at Sc and lOc ,
Imported cfinyhams , 12\c \ up
wards , of which we have a yreat
Crinkled Se rsuckcra in plaids ,
stripes , combinations and cham-
brays , 5c , 7c , fie , JOc , ISc and ISc.
Cheviots and Shirtinys from tic
upwards. A fall and complete line
always on hand.
Jirown slit'ctinys and Jfttslins , 4c.
Yard wide Lawrence , ' / , L. " and
other brand * , -"ic.
Itest yard wide Indian Head
Sheetiny , ( ic , TcandSc.
lirowu and Jllcaehcd Pillow Case ,
8-4 , - / , 10-4 , 12-4 , at less than
ever before.
Jltcached Jfuslin , yard wide , 5c.
Lonstlale and similar brands ,
yard wide , ( He to 7\c. \
Wamasnltt I'ride of Wesl and
other bron-s , lOc to 12c.
A discount jiucn to piece lots.
Lawns and White Goods
from 3c Upwards.
Latest Styles Domestic and Im
On Monday , June 6th ,
Of all kinds of Dress and If'asJt
Goods , at almost any price.
. Wraps. Suits , made
up Dresses , etc. , wo arc selling
cheaper than ever.
& GO'S.
Ik 314,316,318 , , and 320
O. J :
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council ISIuffr OflU'o ,
Temple. Omtiliu Olltce , So 111
Xortli lUllixtrcet.
Pnrtleiilar attention Riven to Inventing -
venting fund * for neil - resi
lient * . Steelul | hurituliM In lotx < fc
acre property In Omaha & Coun
cil IlluflH. Correspondence nolle-
Steam , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs. Iowa
Wail Orders Shlppcit JPi'j n ptlij.
' '
Lnrgo hats In whlto , black anil all color1 * . Pat
tern lioiuictf , huts mul tniios ( | , napoclalty.
KolSU UoiighiB et. , Omiihu.
Dr. llwiphawotit : Omaha Dental As
sociation Dental operations rendered
nainlcsH by the use of compound oxygen.
Teeth without plate , bridnu work and
crowns of cverv approved kind inserted
by the most satisfnctor.y method. Hell-
man block , cor. 13th . .till Farnum'sts.
Council BlulI's.Iowa.
Established 1S67.
Vacant Lots , Lauds , City Residences nnd
Farms. Aero property In western part of city.
All sollintf cheap to make room for spring stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Rooms , over Officer fc Pueoy's Bank , Cou
The finest of driving horses alwuyti on
hand and for sale by
Justice of the Peace.
Olliceover American Kx
It. ItlCE , JU. D.
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the knitc or Drawing o
Over 80 years Practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Cor.13th & Dodge Sti. Omaha , Neb.
CURES AU KIM * * u * l 17
Inii.ni.ViM * , ( Mlf AbuFIMM ) , ( Si.
UAUndulfftnce ) , Cunt Kion , ( lUooil I'wi-
. M > n ) . fit l your C M ftudvrul lorUrm * .
MA Xrtul Minp for full lororniatton. UinwJuUvn
unAlty T tr mall I'rM nJ ConMciitliL
omcglloon , giolia.m , ioa rirtogp.m.
Fpecln ! ndvortieomcnts , such as Lost , Found
'jolxinn , For Sale , To Hcnt , V\ants , Honrdlnir ,
etc .will liuliisortod In this column nt the loir
rntcof TEN CliNTSPKIl Lt.NU forthoflm Inser-
Ion and i-'IvuContaPcrUiioforcacu subsequent
inFortlon. I.cavo advertisement ! ) nt our offlco
No. 1I'curl eticvt , near Uroudwur , Couucll
" \T7ANTKD Tinners. Competent workmen
r T cur. upply to Cole & Cole , 41 Muln street.
WANTED A ( rood Girl for llcht housework.
Apply ut once at No.vl Vine si.
\X7ANTii-Immedlatoly. : aGlrloMl or 15 , to
Tf nsslst lit IlKht house work and euro for
two children , IIKUS 3 nnd 0. Address , giving
ruluroiicus. Housekeeper , Hco offlco.
SALK-OrTrailo-SIx sections of food
hind In Lincoln county. Neb. , on U. P.
mil way. Call on or address Udell IlroB. Si Co. ,
103 Pcurl St. . Council IllufTa.
WANTED A good girl for fronoral house
work. Apply at TOJ Sixth avenue.
lu Amber ,
etc.Hair Or
iinjiicnts , as
well as tlio
newest nov-
elticfliu hair
Hair fronds
niaUcto order
Mrs. C. L. Gillette
29 Main St. , Council lilnfTs , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , aud all mail
orders promptly attended to.
I'rlcen Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. 23 MAIN ST. ,
Star Sale Stabfes and Mule Yards
Uroaaway , Council Ululls , Upp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules kept constantly on
hand , for salt ) at retail or in car load
Orders promptly tilled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on cominihsion.
Siu.urKit & UOI.KY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 11
Formerly of Keil Sale. Stables , corner
1st. avo. and -Hli st
Engineer , Surveyor , MapPublisher
Over No. 12 North Main St.
City and county mnps , of cities nnd counties
n western lo wn , Nebraska anUKansas.
Attorneys at Law >
cticu in the State and Kcdera I C onrti
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Heno Bjock.
A Child's ' Skin ,
Eur § nnd Sculp Covered wllli
ErzenutlniiR ScnlMuml 8uro ,
Cured by Ctillctirn.
My llttlogon.nurrtchrhtypnro , lim occn nftlfct-
cil Kc/rn.n ot the sculp , mul nt Unas u irreitt
portion of the tiody , over slnco no us t o yours
uM. lit in-Run In III * I'liis , nnd extended to his
scalp , which ucciuno rmcrnl with scnbs ami
sore * , nnd from which u sticky fluid pomod out.
ciuii-liiKliitciuioltuliliiK nnd dlstrcss , mid leaving
Ills hnlr ninttvtl nnd lifeless. Umlcrnonth thcso
( enliMlu * t > kln wnsrnw , HKonplocouf beefsteak. 4 *
UnuHmlly the hnlr ciiino out mul wnsdcstroyod.
imill but H xmiill patch wni left nt the bnccoc
the lieiul. My fiicndi In 1'onliodr know how
iny llttloboy tins puttered. At night ho would
en Mch Ills head until his pillow win covered
\\ltlililoo < l. lured totla his hnn.l.liulnml him
nnd In ninny wnj i tried tu prevent his scrntch-
ItiKttiut It won nousu , ho would scratch. I took
him to the hospital nnd to the best physlclmiA
In I'enhody without success. Adotit this tlmo
some friends who hud been cnre.l by the Cull-
enrn llottu'illo-i , pruvnllcd upon inn to try thorn.
I liomtii to usn thoin on the liith of .Inniinry hist.
In coven month ? o\ory pnrtlclo of thoditcnso It
removed. Nut n spot or sciili remnltis on hi *
bond to tell the story ot his sulTm-lns. UU hnlr a
hns returned nnd Is in thick nnd strong nnd hit
sculp Hssweot mul tletm ns niiy chllds In the
world. I cannot sny onoiiuh to express my r
trrutltuilo fort.iH wonderful euro by the Cutl-
cum Itemedlesiind wish nil similarly nlllcted to
know Hint my stntem.nt la tiuo nnd without
oxnvKiiriitlmi. CIIAS. McK'AV ,
Oi t. 0 , Hffl. 1'enbody. Mn s.
J Imvo seen Mr. McKny's boy when bndiy nf
fceted with Ucrctnn , llownsa pitiful Right to
look nt. I know thnt ho ling tried our best phv-
slclntu , nnd did nil n fnthor con Id do tor n milfec
inn child , but nvnllcd nothlnir. I know thnt the
statements hu hns inndo jouns wards the
cnilnK-of his boy by your Cmlourii Itcinodlca
s trim In every pailIcnlar.
Pold every wheio. Prlco : CtiTictmi , BO cents :
Itr.s-ot.vr.NT , $1.00 ! SOAP , ! cents. I'repnrod by
I'nrrEii Uiiuo AND CIIKMIU.U , Cu. , lloston ,
Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases. " "i-
' . , ninchlioiulB , Skin ninmlshes , and
PifUM'I.KS I Humors , use Cm IUUKA HOAI- .
' , NournlKln , SciaticSudden
Hluiri | mul XiTvmis 1'nlns nn < l Wonk-
ni > s fls lolluvei ! in onu mlnutn ! > y the
Cutluum Antl-I'iilu Vltistor. At flniif-
uls-ts , "So , 1'ottor itrug Compiiny , llos-
L. J. MARKS & Co.
Grain and Provision Commis
sion Morolmnts ,
1O and 12 J'acljic Avenue.
Ornlnninl I'rovlMmm bought nnil sold on margin-
on the Chicago Huiinl of Tnuto. Corrpppomlmico 104
llfltcil. D.illy or weekly nmrkol letter om nn nppll-
cntlou. lleforcncc Corn lixchmuu H.ink , Ohlnuio.
inois Washer
llainocnual.lt nlll wa h
iinythlnK , frumllnmt IIICQ
tiilicnvy cnrpet , perfectly
clean. It In uaiy to work
unit simple tu handle.
ThmiH.initH run trallf ? to
ItKincrlts. Wo nunriintco g-itlnfiictloii. Trr une. All
kinds nf wrtiiKoritropnlreit t-turMun'fK. Co. , 11)31 ) N.
lotli Hired , Oiuulm , Nebraska.
Copper Brass , Lead , Zinc , Etc
Willpay good prices. Also bottles bought
and bold.
114 S. llth Street.
| AI
1 ' from all
Una a I'ail different
othcra , ia cup nbafe. wltb Keif ,
acljilktlni ; Hall In renteriul pt
Itrelt to all puslttoni oC tlis
LoJy whllollwball Inthocup
1 presses back tha Intes- ' !
_ finea J"Bt as o person * ( /
f Inner. " ' " ' " ( jlit pre iur the llcr-
ly Siy"fld nlnht.anA .radical cura
pertain Itljcary. dnnh pnnrt ohcap Kent IIT mall. Olr >
inlanTfrei. U IJU.IOJ Mt i CO. , lU < Ki 111.
> ;
CAPITAL PRIZE , $ (59,000. (
"Wo do horeliy certify that wo miporvlso the
nrrnnncmontB for all the Monthly ntul Seinl-An-
iniiil HniwliiKH of The Louisiana KtiUo lx > ttory
ConiDuny , and In IHTSOII manage and control
tliodiiiwlriK's thctnsolvcs , mid Unit the same am
conducted with honesty , fnlrnoss nnd In good
faith toward nil parties nnd wo authorize tha
Company to us thin cortlllcatu with fnc-film-
HcsofourfilgnnturosattRchod , I" Its advertlso-
rocnts. "
We the imdcrfllKiiod IlnnkR nnd Hankers will
pay nil Prizes drawn in Thu I.oulglatm Stuto
Lotteries which may bo presented at our court , '
.1. II. OOI.KS1IV. 1'ros. T.ontsliina National Ilk.
1'IKUKK I.ANAUX , I'rts. Stuto Natlonnl Ulc
A. BAI.HWIN. Prop. Now Orleans Nut'lllank
CAUL KOHX , 1'rcs. Union Natlonnl Hank.
Louisanin State Lottery Company.
Incorporated In IMS , forl'iyurs l > y the Irirls'atura ' ,
for cUuc.illoiinl nuil IliurltiiUlo j > urpo i > with tt
nipltnl off I.UI.OUO-to ) which u roijrvu fund of over
IUU.IKII has xlnco beonniltlc'l
Hyitn overwlii'lmlni : popular TOte Iti frnnchlio was
innilii u imrt of the | ire nnt uito constltullouuiloptoa ±
Dvcflinbcr ? mt , A , I > . ISTU. *
The only lottery over voted on and endorsed
by the people nf any Btato.
U noxcr scales or postpone * .
Its Cranil SliiRln Number Drawings take place
monthly , ntul the Semi-Annum Drawing
regularly every x monthc ( Juno nnd Decoin-
l ) < ' '
FOHTUfli : . Bovfnth Orund Drawlntr , class O ,
In the Academy of Mus-lc , Now Orleans. Tuci-
day , July 12,18S7 XOiith Monthly Drawing.
"Notice-Ticketi are Ten Dollars only
Halves , * 5. Fifths , S2. Tenths , $ ! .
1 CAPITAL PIIIXK OF tlW > .OOf ? . . . $150,000
ICKANIi ritlX.IIOK KM * * ) . .
SI.AKUK PUI/.K80K 80,000
, - . o.oiu
SO l'Kl/.KS OF . „ J.IIHU. L'O.CHJtl
60 ,
100 ' w .ooo
800 " 4ii , na
WiO " 110. . 50,000
1WK ) " C.O. .
100 Approximation Pri/us ol
' ' '
. . Ip'WO J
' . ' ,17'J I'rl/es atnniinllnir to . . . . .
Apnllriitlon forelub ruto rhaiifd Im muilo nuly o
thiKimienftliaroiiipiiiiy In New Orlr.ins ,
Kiir furtlinr liiliirniiitlnn write ili'iirlr , elvlni ! full 4
aiitriI'OFTAI. | . .SOTIJH. etpres. rnourr or.lur . ( ir 4d
Nnvr Vorlc K vliunii lii nrdln.irj letter. Ciirroncjr bjr
crpri-n ( t ourci | > en eil.le ) ; ed
.11. A. IV.tlJI 111 * * ,
Xr.vr OII..KA.NS , LA. . d
Adilrea * llt'fiistvrvd letters to
n V Af V Ar H V If Thnt the prejonca of
11 lit J > 1 hi iM i ) i'j U oeuoruli Hoa'uroxHrd in !
Early , who ur In rnirira ot tbo ilruwliiKt , la Kuar-
nlto of nlxoluto fulrnofi and Intoicllr. that tb
ebancoarettlluaaul , ami that no cue nun ponlblr
Clflue uliatimiuben will draw a 1'rlia.
lti.MKMIIl-il : : Hint the payment at nil prl < ei Ii
( Irli'imi , nnd th3 Tleketmro titneiliy \ the proildcnt
of n Innltutlon , whoio cli ul'TC'l rlithta nio ri'ldic
nl/rrt In tha hlKheit courts : therefore , buwuru uf any
imlliitloniorunonyraoui chdiiiii _
roit voiI.AUIUS. .
Three courioi of > iudy. Tabroughnemln ercrr de
partment. | iulldlnii eleitHiitly iiirnlthttd. llfutxl
llhiHim. l.hilitril irltli ui. VTuler from St. ClalJ
Illver. S.ipiTl'irudTnnUEU' ' In imi lo mul nrl. A0 >
dreit for circular , bOMBHVH.I.I' HC11OOU
St. Clalr , Mich.

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