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Many Pleasant Social Eyenta During tbo
Pant Week.
A. nc'L'nlon Picnic Various Happen
ings In Social Circle * of n
Pleasant Nature General
Society In Omaha.
It is not strange that the man ; pursc-
llmltcd people of our land gaze with en
vious eyes upon the happy throngs de
parting for the summer resorts. The
happy faces of the old and young
who hasten away to joyous breezes
nnd quiet nooks are surely to bo envied
by their more unfortunate fellow-being's ,
who are compelled to remain under the
Bamo old monotonous suns which pour
their rays down with malice toward all
and charity fur none. This summer
promises to bo a warm ono and it is well
that the climate of Omaha is a most
agreeable ono in which to spend the
heated term ,
During the past week many of our
locicty people have departed for their re
treat and the present week will witness
the departure of many more.
In the circles of homo society the past
week has been a very pleasant one , some
very agreeable events having taken
The Pntcrson-PnrsoriB .Nuptials.
If the much beloved canon had not
been too modest the event of the WCOK
might have been the marriage of Hcv.
James Paterson to Mrs. Julia A. Par-
Bens , of tills city. The ceremony took
place at St. Luke's church. Plattsmouth ,
nnd was performed by Hev. 11. B , Bur
gess of that place. The affair was a quiet
ono , in fact .so quiet that ninny of the
most intimate friends of the divine were
totally ignorant of the happy union.
Everyone knows Dr. Patcr&on as the pas
tor of St. Marguerite's church , Pupillion ,
nnd editor of the Guardian , the Episcopal
paper of this city. His bride is a lady ,
for many years a resident of Omaha , and
loved and esteemed for her manyeslima
bio traits of character. The quietness of
the nuptials will bo forgiven by the
many friends of the happy couple in
their eagerness to wish them much hap
piness and prosperity. That the union
of two Christian workers who have
labored long and earnestly in the
vineyard may bo ono of increased
ben elk to the cause as well as to thorn *
Reives , will bo the earnest wish of all
A Itnmiion IMcnlo.
Thursday evening last a most enjoya
ble event occurred at Hanscom park , the
occasion being a reunion picnic by
Omaha familes whoso former homo had
been Marshalltown , la. The whole af
fair was an impromptu ono , but was as
great a success as though weeks had been
spent in preparation. The invitations
with a few unavoidable exceptions were
most cheerfully responded to. The ele
gant supper was just such a one as it
person acquainted with Marshalltown
ladies would expect , In variety , prepa
ration and arrangement there was noth
ing left to add , and it may bo said that
the good-humored Hawkoyos not only
brought with them their proverbial so
cial qualities , but they also brought their
Iowa appetites , and the way those
tempting viands disappeared was
enough to make a dyspeptic die of envy.
Rev. A. R. Day , whilst adding largely to
the entertainment of his former neigh
bors , kept decidedly close to the chicken
pie. Mr. A. W. Gregory , while crossing
the park with his welt-filled basket , was
"hold up" by u jolly crowd of
picnio people , but camu into
camp , basket and all , in oed
ehapo. The supper was bounteous and a
complete success. The number present
was over fifty , the following being a complete -
pleto list ; Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lyon , Mr.
and Mrs. Captain A. H. Neidig , Mr. and
Mrs. H. M. Hess. Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
McFaddcn , Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Day , Mr.
nnd Mrs. T. E. Folcy , Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Noyd. Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Atwatcr. Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Lcdwich , Mr. and Mrs. B.
H. Hose , Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gregory.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Thompson , Dr. G. W ,
Williams , Dr. C. W. Hayes , J. C. Swan ,
U. F. Hoyco. L. W. Gifford , Willie Neidig ,
Gcorgo S. Miller , E. A. St. John , S. F. bt.
John , C. D. Dart , Alanson R. Day. The
young ladies present were Misses Ella
Koyco , Ella Calhoun , Emma Calhoun ,
Clara L. Day. Ruth Van Kirk Day , Annie
Day , May Perfect , Lillie St. John. The
bright boys and girls who added much to
the enjoyment of the occasion were Misses
Ilallie and Maudic Lyon , Cura , ( trace and
Mary Neidig , Lulu Calhoun , Fannie Hess ,
Flora Day , Marie C. Gregory , Masters
Jimmii ! , Tommies , Frank and Karl Foley ,
Hammie Hess , Jamie St. John and Robbie
McFadden. The whole affair was a com
plete success. Many friendships were re
newcd nnd the hope often expressed that
Buch occasions might be more frequent
in the future. While writing words of
commendation for each one present , to
the thoughtfulness and energy of Mrs
K. L. Lyon , Mrs. H. M. Hess and Mrs. C.
1) . Thompson is due much of the credit
for this most happy event.
AT ST. LouisTiicsday evening occurred
the marriage of Mr. D. 1) . Miller , of this
city , to Miss Lillie J. ( ireville , of th.V
city. Rov. J. V. Scholiold olliciatcd. am
the ceremony took place at the residence
of the bride's sister. The couple are now
nt the Millard , but will shortly move to
their now rcsidonc on Grant street ,
TIIK wiaunxn of Air , M. J. Cuff , an at
tache of the board of public works , run
Miss Ll/.zio Connelly , which was ccle
bnitod at St. Philomena's cathedral las
Tuesday morning , was a very charming
event. The ceremony was very impres
lively performed by Father McCarthy
mid the bridal couplotho fair young bride
boiug becomingly Attired with lilies o
the valley and Dijon buds at throat am
corsage , and the manly groom in con
rontional black , with their attendants
Miss Bridget Walsh and James P. Con
nelly , made a very artistic and
pretty group. The nuptials consuin
mated nnd the newly made husband nnd
wife repaired to the residence of the
bride's parents , where a reception was
hold , the number of callers being very
iargo. Among the many Unoful nnd
beautiful presents with which the bride
was unwonted might be mentioned , the
J. P. Connolly , $50 : Mr. Connolly , nap
kin rings ; Mrs. Connolly , table cloth
sprciul ; R , Kurdish , center table , Mrs.
BurdWi , stove and table ; Pat McDonugh.
plush rocker ; Mrs. McDonagh , lamp ; P.
Ford , silver castor ; T. J. Ornisby , butter
dish : ; r.d knife ; Katie Cnsgrnvo , water
Fet ; Andruw McAndrew.s , fruit
nnd sauce iIWi ; John Cos-
irrovo , lamp. John Hurdish , clock ;
J\SPS ! | Donahnt * . silver teaspoon * ; Mr.
L'elanuv.knlves and fork * , Mrs. Donavan
bed spread ; No.xh Donavan , puem bunk ;
Frank Johnson , lamp ; John Connolly ,
china tea set ; Mr * buiulurtablecloth and
napkins Nelliu Whittcd , silver pleklu cas
tor ; Murv Bowlesset of glares ; Mrs. Nest-
line , set of glasses ; Junnie Kvlly , water
hot ; John Smith , bottle cologne ; Domin-
icit White , rocker nnd chairs ; Dennis
LniH\ fruit dish ; Mrs. Lane , sauce dish ;
JoJ NeMllno , fruit dish ; Mrs. Uarns , cake
dish ; Mrs. lirown , ilver teaspoons ; Ww.
: < ; k , looking tthuu.
AT TIII : residence of the , bride's par-
) aUi'i 111 Charles strcot , ouWuJJ : < * Uay
' ' . . ' *
, * ' it * " "
.uiinifi , Mr. Frank W. Btiokloy , of
stromsbtirg , Nab. , find Miss Nellie H.
Mangold , of this city , were united in
narriage , Hev. Charles-W. SaVidgo of *
IclutiMi. The bride is a young lady with
imtiy friends in this city. The groom is
prominent business man of Stroms-
irg , where the couple will reside. Their
nan.y friends wish them prosperity and
Ox TiiuitSDAY at tlie residence of Mr.
nd Mrs. Chnrlns W. McNair , near Han *
com Park , Ellen Tazwcll , thn infant
laughter of Richard and Bessie B. Mct-
alfo , f was baptized according to the
leautiful ceremony of Hie Methodist
hurch. Hev. H. H. Millard of the Park
M. E. church ofliciatcd.
TO-DAY a basket picnio and excursion
ill take place at Calhoun. The affair
s under the auspices of the Calumet
ilco Club and is given tor the benefit of
he painter ; ) . A good time is anticipated.
TIIK FOURTEENTH national conference
} f chanties and correction will meet in
his city Thursday , August 85 , 1887 , and
omain iu session until August 31. The
iicetings will bu held in the opera house
nnd exposition building.
THE SmvAitn street M. E. Sunday
school gave a delightful picnio at Hansom -
: om park Thursday.
A I'KOGUEssiVE euchre party was given
I'ucsday evening by thn Misses Sue and
ilollie King nt their homo on Charles
trect. The partv was given in honor of
Misses Dado andlVlcKinstrv , of Alabama ,
ind was a very pleasant affair.
A FAUTY of young folks went over to
.lake Manawa the past week and en-
oycd themselves hugely. Among them
were : Mr. Abe Reed and Miss Nellie
Jurna , Mr. Chase and Miss Mabel
Orchard , Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Collins and
Mr. Will McCaguc. Dr. Charles E.
Smith and Miss Loomis. of Council
Muffs ; Mr. Robert Patrick and Miss Bob-
jinglon , of Council Bluffs.
ON MONDAY evening a pleasant little
ca was given in honor of Mrs. Martin
'lynn , of Des Moines , by Mrs. R. C.
Juslung , of Twenty-fifth avenue. Among
ho ladies present wore Mrs. General
) 'Brien , Mrs. Templeton. Mrs. Coad ,
Irs. Remington , Mrs. Reagan , Mrs.
fcan , Mrs. MeShano and Mrs. McKas-
Toronto and Miss Jennie Carlisle of
Minnesota , wore married at the residence
of Mr. John J. Prince. The affair was a
nest pleasant one and attended by
select number. The bride is an accom-
cotnplishcd and much loved resident of
Vlinnesota , while the groom is the well
nown bicyclist. Dr. Maxwell oliiciated.
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs.
Prince , Mrs. Emily Robinson , of Bir
mingham , England , Mr. S. G. Whittaker.
of Chicago , and Wilber F. Kuapp , of
Denver. After the nuptials had been
solemnized and the congratulations over
the bridal couple and guests sat down to
u collation and the merriment was con
tinued until a Into hour. Air. and Airs.
Kek will remain at the Arcade for ten
.lays-when they will leave for Ashbury
Park for a month's honeymoon at the
seaside. They will bo accompanied cast
sy Messrs. Whittakcr and Kuapp , and
Mrs. Prince as far as New York , whence
she sails for tier old home iu England on
the 37th.
the second musical and literary enter-
itinmcnt occurred at the First M. E.
church. The programme was an excel *
"cnt one and fully appreciated by all
present. The following was the pro-
rramme as rendered :
Instrumental solo Mnry Spcotler.
Hccltntlons Lulu Gather , Thomas Bay-
ess , and 1'earl ( la cow.
Sonc-'The Ueautlful Moon" Mrs. Hil
ton's kindergarten.
Recitation "Littlo Jim" Lulu Bayless.
Iilsh .selections Mr. Klnloy.
Uecltatlon "Tho Courtln'Miss Juno
Hong "MldshipmsUe" Mr. 1. Earlo.
Sesect readlnK Miss Mamie Carpenter.
Duet "Homo , Uweet Home" Misses Car
rie and Dolly Wells.
ON SUNDAY last Mr. Charles Kirsch
braun of the firm of Kirschbraun Bro. ,
commission agents , was married to Hulda
Loouwenstein , at the residence of tiio
bride's sister , Mrs. L. Kirschbraun , 520
Colfax street. Rabbi Benson performed
the ceremony. The presents wore costly
and numerous , and over ono hundred
congratulatory telegrams were received.
The happy couple left on Sunday night's
west bound train , en route for San trail-
cisco , and will return in two months to
take uu their permanence resident in
Miss VASHTI M. MILLER , daughter of
Mr. Thomas Miller , of this city , received
many praises for an essay road by her at
the commencement exercises of the
Bethlehem ( Pa. ) female seminary.
ATPUIES LAKE yesterday a pleasant
picnic took place , given by Mr. Louis
Littlolield and Miss Nellie Redman. The
affair was given in honor of Miss Belle
Horton , of Eau Claire , la. , and
a most enjoyable time was
had. Among thooe present were :
Miss Nellie Aumack , of North Flutto ;
Miss Belle Horton , of .LaOlairo , Iowa ;
Mr. D. H. Christie. Miss Laura Ward ,
Mr. W. G. Hustin. Misa Emma Walker ,
Mr. E. G. Solomon , Mr. Louis Littlolield ,
Miss Nellie Redman , audMr.D. A. Argo.
ON WEDNESDAY of next week Mr. J.
B , Sheldon , manager of the Union Pa
cific telegraph , and Miss Mollie Wilber ,
of S. P. Morse's , will bo united in the
holy bonds of matrimony. The cqro
mony will bo performed at the Christian
TIIK DOPOK Street Presbyterian church
will soon have a now boll , the bequest of
the late O. F. Davis. The bell will bo
55,000 pounds in weight.
TDK TKINITY choir has a valuable ac
quisition in Miss Frances Roodor , who
has been engaged us the contralto.
TUB MUSIOU.E promised at Mrs. Byron
Heed's for Tuesday evening bus been
postponed indefinitely.
THE DKESS parades at the fort have
been suspended almost entirely during
the warm weather.
ON WEDNESDAY the Twenty-first regi
ment band , from Fort Sidney , passing
through Omaha tendered a sercnado to
Mrs. General Crook and were royally en
AMONG THE sojourners at Hot Springs ,
Dak. , arc Senator Paddock and family ,
Hon. E. K. Valentino and wife , and
Mrs. Mumaugh of this city.
A I'LKASANT social was given Wednes
day iiight at the residence of E. T. Gadd
on"Park avenue.
Mr. Julius Poycke is in Michigan.
Mrs. B. B. Wood has gene to Maiikon.
Mrs. General Crook is at Fort Sidney.
Mrs. Kuuiucr is visiting in Manitoawoo.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Harvey are in the
Bishop O'Connor spent the weou in St.
Mr. N. E. Loach of St. Panl.Nob. , is in
Mr. .E. P. Staples , of Arlington , Is in
tliicity. .
Mr. L. A. tJiuiiuo.tH , of Portland , is in
th cilyt' '
Mr. nnd Mrs.T. . K. Sudborougli ore in
the east.
Mr. A. 13 , Davenport has returned from
the cast.
SJr. D. M , Lewis oi Nebraska City , is
in town ,
Air. and Mrs. J. P. Lund arc at Lake
Hcv. and Mrs. A. F. Shcrrill are iu
Miss Alice Mitchell has gene to Chicago
for a visit.
Mr. G. W. U. Pcttlbono , of Lincoln , Is
in the city.
Mr. Elbert S. Mnxwoll.of Grand Island ,
is in the city ,
J. W. Reed of Piainviow , is In tun city
for a few days.
Miss Tompkins .has returned ! roru
Carbon , Wyo.
Mrs. E. J. McSlianc has returned from
Far Rockaway.
Ttiis * Lillic Dort has returned homo
rom Colorado.
Mr. E. H. Sinclair , Cedar Rapids , was
n'town Friday.
Max Rich has returned from a week's
isit to Chicago.
Miss Fannie lllon is visiting Miss Mer-
icr , in Urownvlllo.
Mr. George W. Wainwnght , of Blair ,
vns in the Friday.
Mrs Lev ! Carter has gene to Manitou
or three months.
The Misses Necdham arc to spend the
iiimraer in ISoston.
Mr. and Mrs. D. II. Wheeler , Jr. , leave
o-dav for Chicago.
Councilman and Mrs. Leo have gone
o lioscman , M. T.
John Stafford , United States army , is n
guest at the Paxton.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. B. Knight are at
Orchard Lake , Mich ,
Mr. II. G. Mason of Norfolk , Neb. ,
: amu to town Friday.
Mr. Orlando TolTt and wifeAvocawero
U the Millard Friday.
Miss Castettcr , of Blair , is a guest of
rs. J. S. McCormick ,
A. D. James of Madison , Wis. . is pay-
ng Omaha a Hying visit.
Mr. Chris Hartman and family have
gene to New York City.
Mr. Ed Ilancy is entertaining Judge
'orter , of Pasadena , Cal.
Mrs. 1) . J. O'Donahuc and Mrs ,
O'Leury are at Manitou.
John J. McMahon of Columbus , paid
Omaha a visit Thursday.
Messrs. Brigham & Tabor went to
Spirit Lake last Monday.
Mr. and Airs. Russell Harrison have
returned to Helena , M. T.
Miss Mary Henry of Columbus. Neb. ,
vas a guest at the Paxton.
Mr. F. J. Pickett and wife , of A hfat ,
are with friends in the city.
A. C. Christiansen of Lincoln , is pay-
ng Omaha a business visit.
Mr. P. H. W. Dow and wife , of Ognllala ,
Seb : , were in town Friday.
Mr. W. S. P. Lawton and wife , of Lin-
: oln , were in the city Friday.
Mr. T. Paulson is attending the Plat-
dcutscher Vcrein in Chicago.
Dr. J. Gcrth , Jrof Lincoln , state vet
erinary surgeon , is in the city.
II. N. Dcininger of Hastings , is shak-
ng bauds with Omaha friends.
Mrs. S. Schlesingcr and the Misses
Schlesingcr , arc at bpirit Lake.
Mr. Thomas Creigh left Thursday
evening for Moreorsburg , Pa.
MissCullin and Miss Judkins of St
. 'atil , Minn. , arc at the Millard.
H. J. Budd and C. M. Gates of Racine ,
Wis. , are on a visit to this city.
F. W. Rogers and family , of West
L'oint , are stopping at the Arcado.
Mr. E. S. Carnos , a prominet attorney
of Seward , was in Omaha Friday.
Mrs. George E. Wright and children
lave gone to San Bernardino , Cal.
Miss Lulu Loomis , of Council Bluffs ,
s the gitostof Miss Nellie Burns.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Patterson left
1'hursday evening for Spirit Lake.
A. H. Abcrcrombie , United States
army , may bo found at the Millard.
Mr. G. W. Mumford and wife , of Dcail-
wood , are registered at the Paxton.
Mr. bred E. Kennedy of Hornellsvillo ,
N. Y. , was in the city the past week.
Miss McMurtry , of Lincoln , has gone
with her parents to Lake Minnctonka.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Landroek leave
to-day tor Spirit lake for a few weeks.
Mr. Howard Kennedy , Jr. , lias re
lumed from college at Williamstown.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Southard have
gone to the country for their vacation.
Miss Annie Hawkins , of Lincoln , is in
London , England , with Miss Arta Cody.
Mrs. O. F. Davis and Mrs. P. L. Ferine
loft this week for the White Mountains.
Miss Ellen Smith , registrar of the State
University , is visiting Mr. D , II.Wheeler.
Miss Mory Richardson , of the Excelsior
office , left yesterday for Yankton , 1) . T.
Mr. W. S. Emery , of Grand Rapids , is
Baking a look at Omaha's improvements.
Mr. T. J. Pickott and wife , of Ash-
bind , are making a brief stay at the Pax-
Mr. W. W. Williams and daughter ,
Grace , left last evening for a trip in the
Mr. Victor Rylandcr , well known
among the Swedish societies , is at the
Mr. O. F. Hovcc , editor of the Ga/.etto-
Journnl. Hastings , was an Omaha visitor
Mr. W. A. Carnahan , of Columbus ,
Neb. , is rcghtoted for a brief stay at the
Miss Mar.uc Fierce , of Galveston , is
the guest of Mrs. Crary on St. Mary's
Harry A. Rilcy , n popular young rail
road man of Genera , Nob. , is at the
Can field.
Mr. William Wvman , of Cincinnati ,
brother of A. V. Wyman , is visiting in
this city.
Mr. Edgar C. Snydcr , the assistant
editor of the Excelsior , will bo in Omaha
Secretary Joplin of the Y. M. C. A. , is
.spending his vacation at his old home in
Mr. W. R. Hngnn , Esq. , of Los Angelas ,
and C. C. Lusolicof San Francisco , are at
the Pay.ton.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. McClure loft
Saturday for a visit to friends in New York
and lioston.
Mrs. E. Warden nnd Miss Minnie
Warden of Topeka , Kan. , are guests at
the Millard.
Mr. W. A. Davis , of Creston , | Ia. , was
among the latn arrivals at the Millard
Friday night ,
Mr. N. F. Potts , formerly of the Union
Pacilic , loaves this morning for Denver
on a summer tour.
Mrs. 1. W. Munn of Joliet , 111. , is in
the city the guest of her sou and daugh
ter at 2901 Ohio street.
Miss Mary Ambrose , sister of the Hon.
( } . W. Amboso , left last evening for Bat
tle Crook , Mich.
Mrs. U. E. B. Kennedy , accompanied
by Mies Fannie Kennedy , left oil Monday
for Lake Superior.
Mr. N. D. GucKort , of Keokuk , la. , is
in the. city visiting frien.is. He intends
moving to Omaha shortly.
Mrs. S , Schlcslngcr and daughters left
Thursday evening for Spirit Lake , where
they will spend the summer.
Rev. W. E. Copeland , of Trinity church ,
expects to have Rev. Edward Everett
Halo u ! ) his guest in September ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. E. Bailey , Miss , Balloy
and tl-e Misso.s Atrnes Sweo dy nml Min
nie Jiiium- left Friday for Spirit lake.
Commencing Monday , July llth , ' 87
Men's all wool suits , made and trimmed in the best shape
possible , former price , $20 and $25. Our priceMonday ,
and until sold , $15 and $18.
Several lines of Men's wool suits , well made and trimmed
former price , $12 , $15 and $18 ; our price Monday , $7 ,
$10 and $12.
Boys' and Childrens' ' Suits at Equally Low Prices ,
We ask Your Inspection of Our Entire Stock
Clothiers Hatters and Furnishers , Ramge's Old Stand , 1311 Farnam St ,
Arthur Oman , Howard Clark and a
company of young Omahans are cam juug
out av Dickson's beach. Lake Okoboji.
Mrs. J. V. McAdam with her four
children arrived here from Chicago and
is the guest of her sis-ter.Mrs. J. F. Daley.
J. M. Granthan , bookkeeper for Mc-
Cloud , Love < te Co. , of South Omaha , left
yesterday morning for a visit to DeWitt ,
Mrs. Archibald Powell , accompanied
by her boys , is on a farm north of Flor
ence. Mr. Powell visits them once a
Uevs. W. J. Harsha and \V. H. lien-
dcrson left Monday for Harbor Springs ,
Mich. , for a vacation of at least two
Mrs. F. P. Hawkinson , who has for the
past two weeks been the truest of Mrs.
William Knotts , of Webster street , lias
returned to Lincoln.
Miss Imogciio Her , daughter of Mr. J.
\V. Her , has returned trom Chicago ,
wlicro she has been visiting with her
aunt , Mrs. J. 1) . Her.
Miss Annie Paulin , of New York , ar
rived in Omaha Friday , and is the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Stephens , 1210 Worth
Twenty-sixth street
Lieutenant . K. Abcrcrombio , Second
infantry , has returned to Fort Omaha
from his sicK leave , lie spent home time
at Hot Springs , Ark.
Mr. Andrew Kingswell and wife , of
London. Eng. , who are visiting all the
interesting places on tins side of the con
tinent , are in the city.
Mr. James II. Mclntosh is in Tccum-
soli taking testimony in the case of Libby
vs Cheney , a suit in charcery in the
United Stales court in tliis-city.
S. II. Johnson , esq. , president of the
Cable tramway company , and Dr. A. W.
Nason left Wednesday evening for San
Jose , Cal. , for a two month's absence.
Mr. Charles Ferry , son of George J.
Ferry , fur hat manufacturer of Now
York city , is spending a few days in
Omaha visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Par-
Dr. K. W. Leo , D. W. Van Cott and A.
V Davenport , who were delegates Irom
this city to the national convention of
the Elks at Detroit , have all returned
Kcv. H. II. Millard and wife returned
Wcdncbdny from Chicago. Mrs. Millard
lias for some time been visiting her
mother in the cast.ft d met her husband
in Chicago.
Mr. Charlie Hobble , city passenger
agent of the Hock Island , has gene to
Milfcmt Springs for Us health. His many
friends have been aomowhat apprehen
sive as to the outcomu of Ins recent indis
position and ho hu been advised to take
a short vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. H. K Burkott , who have
for some time been risking relatives in
this city , roturnod.to their homo in Khodo
Island yesterday. They were accom
panied by Mr. Joseph M. Haskcll and
Miss Annie E. Hnikqll , father and sister
of Mrs. Burkett , who will spend several
weeks on the shores'of Naragausctt liay.
Doctor * CiTGet [ Square.
Merchant Traveler : "Freddie , what
are you goinir to do I when you got to be
a big man ? " askecjl a Prairie avcuuo
mother of her ten-year-old son.
"A doctor , " answered Freddie ,
"Wouldn't you like to bo a lawyqr.liko
papa ? "
"Yea , but I'd rather bo a doctor. "
"Why is that"
"Cause they don't have so much trouble
to get their money. "
"Indeed. And why not ? "
" 'Cause , when people don't pay , they
can give 'om more medicine. "
The Itnnit /'Inotnnntl. .
CINCINNATI , . July I0.The temperature Is
two degrees hotter at noon to-day than yes-
tonUy. There has been a number of i > ros-
trntlons from lieat amopg laborer * and others
exposed tothe extreme heat , Four deaths
were reported yesterday. Four more deaths
toave been reported up to noon to-day ,
What Manner ot Man the Pope Is His
Itlca on Socialism.
Nr.w YOKK , July 10. [ Correspondence ot
the BIK. : J Almost on the same day that Dr.
McGlynn was ex-communicated by order of
the Supreme Pontill Leo XIII. there was
runnliii : through the press In Now York , in
London. In 1'arls , In Cologne , In Turin , in
Barcelona ami at the Jlacun the first author
ized "Life" ot the pope , which was written
larfcely from a manuscript m the Vatican
which he lent to the author , Dr. ISernard
O'Keilly , an American priest. It Is , there-
tore , largely autobiographic , and having re
ceived the pope's special bKisslliij ami sanc
tion it may be taken as the narrative of his
career by which he himself des'.ies ' posterity
to judge him. Tha author has also the es-
poclal congratulations of Archbishop Gibbons
bens and Archbishop Corrigan. It will be
recalled that
is not the attitude ot a Protestant to the pope
but of a believer In the Jtoinan church , its
doctrines and Its system of government , still
of a rebel against what he regards as the par
ticular abuse of the papal and hlorarchcal
powers. In other words , Dr. McClynn
maintains that he has not sinned against the
ical Human church not against the Catholic
religion but only against this partlculnr
pope and his hierarchy. The very osscnco of
the McOlynn case , therefore , lies iu the es
pecial experience , career , doctrines ami pe
culiarities of Leo XIII. And the narrative
of the pope's life which he himself has au
thorized and to a great degree himself writ
ten , leaves no room for wonder that the
course pursued by Dr. McUlynn has been
attended with the consequences that the
whole political and rclkious world is now
discussing. The greater part of Joachim
1'ccci's life ( for that Is the popo's name ) , has
been u IK' lit lor the
and tor the maintenance of all doc
trine upon \vhlcli its temporal us well at Its
spiritual power must rest. The great work
ot the earlier part of Joachim 1'eccl'a lito
was his work as bishop of I'erugla. A
scholarly and devout man from his youth up ,
at a comparatively early pei led ( ho Is now
seventy-seven yeais of age ) ho displayed
along with the humility of the tiuo priest and
theself-saciiiicoof a devout man , the pug
nacious qualities of the church militant and
diplomatic qualities of the very rarest order.
It he had not been a priest ho mitiht easily
have become ono ot the foremost secular
diplomatists of Ids time. Ho was a cardinal
in INK ) , after his loug service as bishopric of
I'erugla , when he wrote an almost lierco ex
planation to the "Homan Question. " main
taining the necessity of a temporal domin
ion ot the pope. Tins was beforotiarlbtildi's
expedition to .Sicily and the 1'icdmontcp In
vasion of Umbria. "It Is lalso , " he said ,
"that any Catholic holds the temporal do
minion to bu a dojina to ills faith. But It is
most true and must bo evident to every In-
tellUent mind , that there is n very close con
nection between this temporal power and
the spiritual primacy. " "This church Is the
kingdom ot Christ , ' ' ho exclaimed , "can the
head ot this kingdom , without unreason , be
come the subject of ot a meio earthly poten
tate' . ' " And so all through the revolutions
that followed anil the temporal loses that bo-
lel ! the church , ho was her vigorous cham
pion asAN
In this world as well as a guide to the world
beyond. Ami when the linnl invasion by
Garibaldi came his double conduct as hum
ble priest u ml as daring diplomatist equally
command admiration. Alicmly ho had lived
in Belgium , as 1'apal Nuncio. He had trav
eled In France. Ho hi\d been in England.
and he is the lust 1'opu since the time of
Henry V 111 that ever set foot on KnglMi
soil. Already tic knew the temper ot all the
leading n.Uions nnd the humors and purposes
of every European coutt. Foi this man Is
noit.v mi'i.oM
nnd student ot politics. With this tempo :
nnd experience It is no wonder that h be
came an Intlexlble ruler both In temporal and
spiritual things , and ho Is not the kind ot
man take a purely personal vlsw ot him
to be shaken by appeals or threats not the
kind of mall to yield or shrink when the try
ing moment ot a duty or of a policy , comes
But morn directly pertinent to the Mctilynn
case Is his famous.
written iu Ib7s , after ho became pope , which
ho lias had Incorporated In this "Life" by
Dr.O'Kellly. Socialism he uses In the widest
sense a sense wide enough to include tno
( ieorgo-Mclilynn theory of land-holding ;
and tills Is a passage from that now tamous
document : "They ( the socialists ) , deny the
right to hold property sanctioned by the laws
of nature ; and by a savage audacity , under
the pretext ot providing lor the needs and
desires ot all mankind , thev aim at dis
possessing people of all that they have law
fully Innerlted , or gained by tiielr talents or
Industry , or hoarded trom their savings.
These monstrous opinions they proclaim In
their mcetlnu's , teach in their pamphlets , and
spread through a host of organs in the
press. " The man who wrote this , whether
viewed as a mere autocrat or as supieme
pontiff , is oviilenty not the man who would
permit Dr. MrUlynu Inside the church to
mi : COMMUNAL owNKiisinr or LAND.
Whether or not the pope's position Is the
true position for the church to take , every
Catholic and every critic of recent o\cnts
must do-ldo for himself ; but It is nlaln to
everybody that Joachim Pecci ( Leo Xlll ) Is
perfectly consistent now with his previous
doctrinal teachings and his previous experi
ence. Of course nothing is said In this semi-
autoblicraphy about any plan ( if anv such
plan wore ever ically on foot as some of Dr.
McClynn's friends thiuk ) ot making an
effort to send a
but there Is not another prominent uovern-
ment under the sun with which his holiness
has not had Important dealings , notwith
standing the fact that ho has been a
"prisoner In the Vatican. " Ho 1ms time
and again entoicd the councils ( never In
person ot course , but none the less effect
ually ) of Itussla and Ceimany and Spain , to
say nothing of Austria and Franco and Bel-
glum. Ho was a power iu the last ( icrman
election. Hu has since the manuscript of
this memoir was piepared , had conveyed to
the rulers of the lepubllc his especial solici
tude for France ; ami ho has sent two onvovs
to Ireland , without a fuss too , In spite of the
almost angry criticism that the liist an
nouncement of .such a purpose piovoked. Ho
is now negotiating for the extension ot the
papal Inlltient'o in Africa , us he lias already
successfully extended it In China and in the
Islands of the tea that are ruled over by
countries which hardly acknowledge his
temporal power. Kvervwhero through this
"LHo" great stiess Is laid upon the qualities
Till ! I'OI'i : AS A STATF.SM AN
and diplomatist , ills sitill as a politician
( In the higher sense of the word ) is nearly
lost sight of , and U is plain that the pope
himself ami tlioso closest to him wish to have
his power and skill in this direction appreci
ated. Hu came to the I'ontllicate when the
temporal power nf the church was severely
humbled ; and in the few years that have
elapsed lie has regained much of the lost
ground. So skillfully has his recovery of the
irroiind been made that a measure has actual
ly been introduced in the Italian chamber ot
deputies whereby a part of Homo now held
by the Italian government shall bo icstored
to the Vatican. Since he has been pope a
a new olllco In the papal household has been
created the Urtltor ill mm Kimtttnjudge
In the popo's own palaoo. It Isilllod byMgr.
Uoccall , a priest ( it tlui Isnly father's own
rearing , In whom ho has unbounded confi
dence. And tills modern oHlccr has direct
rhargn of an Impoitaut branch ot the pontiff's
dally rail's , which border on what ir.txv be
called the locally political cares. In the nar
rative given ( if
the political or semi-political duties are
throughout ulvon a piomlucnt place. The
reader Is t'ld how Inuniuuralilo congrega
tions and commissions na/o their special
work to 'to and must report rccuhtrly ,
" ( ireat Is hi" mind , " tl'e nuriator goes on ,
"and high as It soars In Irs doctrinal opposi
tions 01 his mastuily stirvejs of social condi
tions , political exigencies , or thfl relative po
sitions and tt'iulenclrs ot philosophical sys
tems , his Is also an eminently practical
mind , to which ilio minutest details are
grateful. " "And then , " to n'loto Irom an
other Pait of this ant'iorUcd ' no-
count of his d.itly lite , "thcio
U the Cardinal secn-laiy of t-tito nnd
the terrible difficulty and luvtcdibly delicate
work of dealing w ! th foreign \ ovornmtMiU.
Look over tint entire political nnd diplomatic
field and think of HIM hard mid long ( tattles
the Holy See hat > to tight not only with non-
Catholic court * tmt wlih ttu > Jn Hint HU call
Unthollui. All Uilo U a matter ot dallv ,
sometimes of hourly I'uuceiu nml labor toi
the Holy F ttie.r. lie has to ircciVo eiid'.rs.v '
dors , arHioiohops. plUcrlms deputatloni , HI- |
diesjioi from the numerous Catholic uilon ; *
utid cdinmlttoos frqm Catholic cciritrov.rR. "
ills most liupcttuiit bullfi or coiiaUuliiii9 | ) ,
A.-.U : ;
like those on the restoration of the Scotci
hlciarehy or the settlement of the dlfllcultles
In England between the bishops nnd thi
regulars wo arc told are written or corrected
or linishrd In Urn quiet of the night , when all
otheis In the Vatican enjoy repose , liuf ,
ho Is
and the real Blsmark has measured diploma *
tie stinnuth with htm often cnotiu'li to know
the true Blsmarckhui mettle. In the lifting
ot the olllclal veil whereby In this volunia
the reader gets a view ot the man Joachim
i'ecci , there are interesting climpses of nnd
of the most potent personalities In the world.
After a lone reception on the mornIncs when
visitors are admitted , ho retires to his private )
breakfast room and partakes of the frugal
meal which consists simply ot cotlee nd
broad nothing more. The sharp clear
countenance and the delicate frame tell Ihn
story of a life time of ascct'e ' fare. In every
thing ho Is punctual ; In nothing iierlunctoiy.
His studies are letrulaily conducted ns his
prr.yers are t > aid. Ho Is an early riser. Ills
body-servant wakes him at an appointed
hour , nnd ho has not changed the
habits of a simple priest slnco ha
became pope. Ho dresses In hisimio whlta
robes and does his private devotions nt the
nltar In his private chapel. Aflera half hour
of meditation his chaplain recites with him
the three first mornlnit "hours" of the canon
ical ofllce ; nnd then the holy father Is ready
for mass. His shoulders and head are
slightly I Hint forward from ngo nnd from the
habit of devotion. Beneath the berrctta Is a
circle of snow white hair. His volco is un
failing , every tone being lull nnd measured.
.Sometimes after the fatigue of long services
and i'editions his fcebloncis becomes appar
ent , nnd his thin form shakes from ex
haustion. But
THE vinou or ins wiu ,
sustains him. "Wo , " writes Dr. O'Uellly.
"who have spent within a lew years of hair
a century In priestly ministrations , art
bound to say that nothliu ever so power
fully moved our soul as to see lx > o XIII. at
Christ's nltar , his whole soul lifted uu ns th
Ucatllic vision neld It made. It plead there
nnd supplicate with gieat heart-cries for the
church whoso dangers , trials and needs am
his especial care. " This personal manner
and Impressive presence ot the present
pontiff area pan of natuio's endowment ,
hut a lesult also of scholarly cultivation , and
these qualities have had much to do with hl
distinguished career , not only ns a pi lest , but
ns u diplomatist. It is a presence that Im
presses , and there Is n will behind the cain-
e.st , gnntln manner that every court in Ku-
rope 1ms felt. And this personal view of the
man throws not n little light on the pic ont
condition of Dr. McCilynn. If on Dr.
McCilymi's side there is an admirable manli
ness in holding to his convictions in .ipltc of
consequences , there Is also an altogether un
common personality at Homo from which the
most astute might learn lessons In firmness
and political longsightedness ,
A I'rlHonor'p Novel Kscnpo.
A Des Moiuea special says : The war
den of the Aanamosa penitentiary has
been to see the governor and lay bafora
him a singular case under his cnar o. A
prisoner is now confined in the peniten
tiary on a charge of bigamy , but lin
claims that the crime was committed by
a twin brother , who is fn-o , while the in
nocent oni ! is behind ttio bars. As twins ,
he bays , t'nov resemble each other so
closely that the ollieers mixed them up ,
arrested the wren < r fellow , and the court
sent the wron/ / ; man to prison.
The follow who is in prison is namoJ
John U. Buck , and letters have been re *
ccivod tit the penitentiary purporting to
coinu from liis brother John U iSuck.
The warden has also received letters protesting -
testing against the confinement of the
"innocents , " but exports say that both
loiters were wiittcn by the same person.
If the courts did .sond thu wrong man
to prison by mistaking him for his broth
er , it is n most hinjiuhir C.-IMI of "Littlo '
liutteroup and tlm babies , " but there In 'Si
suspicion that the prisoner and oul.-.uto i
partite are working i collusiott to < ; ut
him out follow.'S
has accordingly concluded to let thu
twin stay there it wmlu longer , till he can ,
bettoi prove that hu is ho ; himself but
thu o'.htr follow.
Lewi ; Jnnscn , for titsuult upon Mrs.
SlKUiund SuhlHtieii.was bout over the lujj
for thirty duy , thu IJrsUiuU lust toll o
bru kU und'wuUr. ' , , .
* *

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