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whole ndiiitnlRtrnllori , which tvni Inspired by
the sultan In order to cxclto public Indlenn-
lion nualnst tlicm and thus cover Mis own re
sponsibility In connection with the Egyptian
LONDON , July 18. A blue hook has been
published Klvlnit particulars of the Etrpilau
mission of sir 11. L. Vt olIT , nnd thu text of
the Egyptian convention , Dispatches show
that the Italian nnd Austrian representatives
nt Constantinople cordlnlly nsslsted tin )
Jlrltiflli commissioner tlirotiKlmut : that Lord
Bftllsbiirvlthnukcdlmth governments lor their
friendly services. The French emba3 ador ,
It appi-nrn , protested that France could In no
.way tnkop.itt In thn nocotlntlons.
Nclldoll , the Ku lan ambassador , In
formed the representative of ( Ireat lirltalu
parly stage of the negotiations that
Hussla's policy ns roirnriicd Kgypt wns to
maintain the sultan's BovTrolgti rlithts , and
prevent their being Infringed. Knssla re
garded the status quo with less disfavor than
the convention scheme. Lord Salisbury In
his dlspntclKis to the sultnn , effusively
thnnked him for approving the conveiitloii ,
which , he said , would povvcrtiilly uphold the
Integrity of the Turkish elliptic. The text of
the convention agrees with the forecasts
Lord Kosoberry , speaklne at a llbornl ban
quet to-night , di-ciaied that Sir H. I ) . Wolfl
made Ltiglitiid's name and honor laughing
Block In n back quarter of Constantinople.
PAIIIS , July 18. Tlio papers reznrd the
failure of Sir Henry Drummond Wollt's nils
Blon as a victory for French diplomacy.
Prlnco Fcrillnnntl and
LONDON , July 18. The Times' correspond
ent at Vienna 1ms had 1111 lntcrvlo\v with
Frlnco Ferdinand. The prlnco said ho had
not decided whether to go to St. 1'etersbuig
to specially request Jltissla's recognition of
Ills election to the IliilL'.iilan tlirone. Ho
would not allow hlrnsolf Into bolnic enticed
Into taking any course likely to further
ostratKO ItUHsIa and llulgaria. King Milan ,
of Set via , In nil Interview with the same
correspondent , expressed the belief thai
Itussln would never sanction thn occupancy
of the Ihilcarlan throne by Ferdlimnd. Al-
ludlnt : to the Idea of a federation of Servla
nnd Jiulgarln under himself , King Milan said
ho was willing to enter Into such n project ,
tout only under Turkey's protection.
7 ho Prince Improving.
Bniir.i.v , July 18. Adqlces regarding the
condition of the crown prlnro of Germany
Bay that his throat affection Is being rapidly
cured. Dr. McKenzIe thinks no further op
eration will bo necessary. The Cologne Ga
zette states that Dr. McKeiwte'ft bill for his
services covering two visits to German v and
the treatment In England amounts to .JG.i5.
ConcoBHlmiH Iljr the Government.
LONDON , July } 8. Lord Hartiniston had
an Interview to-day with W. 11. Smith , the
conservatlvo leader In thu commons , on the
amendments to the land bill. The mooting
resulting In Smith's acccptanco of the main
of the liberal-unionists. Lord
tlisbury , at a reunion of thu conservatives
to-morrow , will announce the extent of the
Tlio report gains credence that the govern
ment will not accept the unionist's amend
niont to the land bill unless Lord Hartlngton
end Homo nthor prominent llbeial unionist
join tlui cabinet and slmro the responsibility.
Notes From Rorlln.
LOHDON , July 18. The llorlln corre-
cpondont of the Dally Nov/s says Emporoi
William and thn czar will mcot in Suptembei
near Danzig on the occasion of the Gorman
Army mancuvres.
The Cologne Gazctto nnd other pavers
ftflirm that the rclchbank Intends to restrict
the loans on Russian securities ; also that
Russia Is treating with French houses for n
Kold loan sf 20uooooo.
The Irish Land Hill.
DunuN. July 18-Archblshop Walsh , ol
'Dublin , Is endeavoring to Induce the govern'
mout to suspend lurthor evictions In Iteland
until the land bill has been passed by parlia
ment Ho suggests a conference on the sub
ject bo held by the leaders of tbo various
Doin I'vilro in Spain.
MAniao , July 13. Senor Morel , minister
Df foreign affairs , to-day received In behall
of Queen Christina the emperor and emprcs :
of itrnzll. The loyal visitors subseiiuenth
visited thfl colonial exhibition. They wif
leave for Franco to-morrow.
Joseph and William to Moot.
LONDON , July 18. A Vienna despatol ;
Bays that Emperor Francis Joseph will go to
lUasteln the beginning of August to meet
jCmporor William and that Bismarck and
Xalnoky will bo present.
Failure of a Coal Operator.
LONDON , July 18. John Nosh Peako , col
liery owner of Staffordshire , has failed. Ill , '
liabilities are between one hundred and twc
tundred thousand pounds.
Head a Third Time.
LONDON , July 18. In the house of lord :
to-day the crimes bill was read a third time.
Pardoned the Spy.
Br.ni.TX , July 18. The spy Sarauw hai
pardoned by the cmporor and released
Moxloaii Itrutallty.
KL I'ASO , Tex. , July 18. D. Urockoiirldiro
p citizen of Silver City , N. M. , was trading It
the town of Elvnlls , state of Chihuahua
Mexico , recently. The Mexican authorities
trere requested to arrest nnd hold him until
extradition papers wore secured , ns the clmrgs
of murder was preferred against him. The :
x did so , and treated him brutally by striklni
him over the head with a sword nmtthrusUm
ft Into hU legs. They then placed him In jai
vvhero ho was kept a month until ofllron
from Silver City went after him and carrlei
nun back to that eitv where he was tried am
acquitted. Judeo Urlgham wrote to-day to thi
of Chihuahua complaining of thi
1 treatment of American citizens , nnd ask'
Ingforfan investigation nnd return o
property which was sel/.ed at the time of hi
lurest The case will also be reported by tin
consul to Washington
Hhot llliiiRoir Accidentally.
CmtYKNNK , Wyo. , July 13. [ Special Tele
gram to the HEE.I A distressing nccldcn
occurred hero to-day by which Wllllan
Wehrson , a married man of about twenty
eight years of age , will lose his life. Meht
con was employed as a butcher at ono of tb
daughter houses near town nnd while pre
paring to kill a steer laid the rifle , he wa
About to use on a fence near by. When In
Dirked it uj ) again lie grasped it near th
niu/.zle nnd pulled it toward him. The ham
pier caught and the gun was discharged , th
ball striking him in the right side , passln
entirely through his body and cnmlni ; on
near the loft hip. .Strange to sny Mehrson I
yet nllvo but no hopes tire entertained for hi
BteatnHhlp Arrival * .
NKwYoiiK , July 18. ( Special Telegrat
to the HEX. | Arrived The Anchorla , fret
Glasgow , and the Zoailam , fjom Amsturdan
* llAMntnta , July IS. Arrived The llaui
monla , from New York.
SOUTHAMPTON. July 18. Arrived Th
Elder , from New York for Hrenman.
OuEKNiTOWN , July 18. Arrived Che Clt
of Chicago , from New York.
GI.A.SQOW , July 13. Arrived The State (
Georgia , from New York.
llAVitK , July 18. Aimed The Normal
die , from New York.
Dualncsa Failure * .
INDIANAPOLIS , July 13. Pratt , Oilman d
JTrancoe , wholesale fruits , were closed by th
sheriff on an attachment this aftcrnofir
They will make an assignment to-mono
for we benefit of creditors. The llabllltlc
BIO about 3J5,000. The firm say they wl
j > av about ninety rents on thu dollar.
GALVKSTON , Tex. , July 18. Kaufman .
Ilunee , cotton brokers , have nmde a transfi
of all property to Mrs. Kaufman , Urutnei
CJerinanv , making a total of 5250,000 to t *
cure her claim. It b thought thu lirin wl
lucut italosbes In lull.
Another Invitation to Cleveland.
CHICAGO , July 18. In pursuance of sui
Kestlons from citizens the city council t
flight unanimously authorized Mayor Itoacl
to appoint a committee of 'M3 citizens to c
tend a formal Invitattoa to President Clev
land to visit Chicago.
The Flro Ilocorrt.
Ai.UKitQUKr.QUK , N. M1 , July IB. Tl
lll at th Arizona Lumber company i
Flagstaff hai barued. Loss , S100.CO ) ; I
Testimony nit to DlacrlmlnatloiiH In
Co ft I Untca liranch Iilnrn.
Cjtf.TF.NNK , Wyo. , July 18. ( Special Tele
gram to the HEK.J Kx-Uovcrnor Warren
was the principal witness oxamincd by the
Union Pacific Investigating committee at Its
session hero to-day. Ho testified that the
facilities of the road for handling freight and
transporting passengers were goo.1 nnd that
during the pjvst few years no complaint
could bomado of either branch of the service.
Cattle shippers had no complaints nnd ho
knew of no rebates or special rates being
granted any firm or Individual. No Inllucnco
had been used lately by thu Union 1'aolllc to
curry elections In the territory. What Influ
ence had been used In early days was rather
to prevent bad lo lslntloh than to direct It.
In regard to the building of branch lines Mr.
Warren strongly favored thc.conttnuanco of
present branches and the building of new
ones. ' 1 ho Chovenno it Northern , now built
from Cliejenno to the I'latte river , should bo
extended north to Buffalo and branches
north should' bo built from Laramlo and
Kawllns. If this uero done much of the
trailu captured by the Northwestern In Its
course across the toirltorv could be regained
by the Union 1'ncltic. Without these feedois
the road would soon become llko a
trco stripped of Its branches. Ho thought
that previous to 1&31 the equipment
nnd road bed was robbed to pay dividends ,
blucu that time the policy eeo'iis to Imve
changed nnd the line of road has practically
been reno\\ud. Now stations liavo been
built and the ncncr.il condition of the road
Improved , although no dividends liavo been
paid. It nt the maturity ot Its debt to the
government the road could not pay ho
thought an extension of tiinn should bo
ernnted. M.ivor Kher and Mnrshnl
Smith testilied that thn Union Pacific
discriminated ncalnst Individuals nnd In
favor of their own agent In the
coal business. The freight on coal from
Hock Springs to Clioyonno was the samn as
to Oinnlia , MX ) miles further away. F. b. lie-
hard , who \vis a fielght bllllni : cloik from
lb7U to Ibb. ! , testified that the rate of freight
charged the * company's ngont on coal was
S5.50 per ton , while to the government It Is
SS. Several witnesses repiescnting the
Cheyenne board of trade nrgued with Gov
ernor Warren conceinlng the extensions of
branch lines , 'i he commission left at noon
by special train for thuest. .
lie Forgea ISiidorsmneiits on H Friend
For $ toH 2.
KINGSTON , N. Y. , July IS. ( Special Tele
gram to the UIB. : ] Dewltt H. Nnwkirk , a
younz clgarmakcr and tobacco dealer who
has been doing an oxtonslva business In his
wile's name here for some tltno , caino to
grlof suddenly Saturday morning , ills store
was closed by his creditors. It Is now found
ho Is a forger to a largo amount by his own
confession to his victim , who was giving
him financial aid. Jacob L. Dewltt , a part
ner of Postmaster Glllcspio In the grocery
business , had endorsed business paper for
him , or Francis Newklrk , his wife ,
to the amount ot about 52,800.
Finding this insufficient the young
tobacco man continued maklngslmllar notes ,
and attaching endorsement ot Mr. Dowitt
hlmsolt without troubling that gentleman for
his autograph. When these notes In the
State of New York bank readied 810,000 the
clerks became suspicious nud submitted the
signature to the president , but ho considered
It genuine and subsequent paper was dis
counted for him , the whole amounting to
SiJOi2 ! ! before Mr. Dowitt was apprised ot the
matter , Duwltt's debt Is thought to bo se
cured but the bank must lese considerably.
Newklrk lias absconded.
The Fa to of Jennlo Oramor.
NEW HAVEN , July 18. [ Special Telegram
to the BEI : ] Interest In the fate of Jennie
Cramer , whoso dead body was found nt
tiavlne Bock , some years ago , has been re
vived In n sensational way and the story leads
the friends of the Mallery brothers who were
charged with her nun dor , to speak of them
as martyrs to circumstantial evldenco. The
story Is tlmt Albert Fltzroy , who died in
llolvoke , Muss , n few days aeo , stated on
his death bed that Jennie Cramer committed
Riilclde. He left homo n week before Jennie
Cramer's body was found floating in the
surf , presumably to go to New York. Instead
of going to New YorK ho met a lady friend
at Holyokn stition and together they went
to Savlne Kock where he remained , nnd as
no status on bis death bed that ho witnessed
with Ins companion Jennie Cramer commit
suicide. lie attended the.latter part ot the
trial of the Mallery boys , ready if they wore
to bo found guilty , to get up nnd tell hl <
story , which of course , would have cleared
them beyond a doubt As it was they were
let co and FlUroy went back to HolyoKo.
The Irlsli Language.
NEW YOIIK , July IS. [ Special Tologrnra
to the UEK.J Itev. Dr. John Mcnerth , rec
tor of the parish ot Klllegnoy , Ireland , ar
rived Saturday on the steamer Celtic on a
two months' visit to the United States nnd
Canada for the purpose of soliciting aid foi
thn Irish society. Ho preached two sermon"
yesterday. Ho says that tlicrfl are in Ireland
04.000 persons who speak nothing but tin
Iiish language , and it Is among those that
the educational work of the society Is done.
He Is Indignant at the statement which has
been made that his mission hero was a polit
ical one , and that ho was to try to undo Edi
tor O'llrlen's worK. The visit was planned
bulore O'lirien's.
Healing Schooners Seized.
SAN FHANCISCO , July 18. The steamoi
Doia , from Oun , Alaska , to-day brings the
news of the seizure of two schooners , OIK
American and ono lirltlsh , for sealing wild
In the limits prescribed by the United State *
government. On the American vessel , tin
Challenge , no seals were to be seen , but then
was blood on the decks and evidence tiia
the crew had recently boon encaged In cut
ting up animals. The circumstances in tin
case ot the British schooner Annie Decli
were similar. The crews of both vessel :
were sent to Sttka. The British captain pro
tested vigorously and threatened to seek re
dress through the lirltlsh government. Whet
the uteamcr Dora left Oun , Alaska , then
was a largo fleet of sealers hovering arounc
and the revenue cutter Itnsli was busy watch
Ine them. The steamer Bear has been sen
to aid her.
Uoodlcr AlcCaho'a Deht ,
NKW YOBK , July 18. Counsel on behalf ol
some of the largest creditors of ex-Alderman
Francis McCabe , ot the "combine. " liavo po
titloned the supreme court to appoint a com
mlttce of the poison and estate of McCnbo
who It is alleged covered all his propert1
with mortgages and left his creditors out litho
the cold , The stor" goes that McCabe ha1
been living with his wife over since he wai
adjudged Insane , and that both have loft thi
city for parts unknown.
The Coke Strike.
PiTTSiiuito , July 18. The striking cok
workers have called a convention at Kvei
son , to-morrow , to consider the advlsablllt ;
ot causing the total suspension of work it
the region by calling upon those working a
Uiu advance to come out until the strike 1
settled. They thlnktliataKeuer.il shuldowi
would soon compel the operator ) * who wan
coke to bring strong pressure to bear on tb
At Kt , I/oulB.
ST. Lotus , July IS. The intense heat coi
Unued to-day , thu mercury reaching 103o li
the iliude. A cool breeze this evening lowure-
the temperature slightly , but at midnight th
thermometer showed but little less than th
average the past week. Forty-three prostrs
tluns are reported , but only three deaths ,
Tllden's Property In England.
NKW YOKK , July 18. [ Special Tclegrat
to the HKK. ) The probate ot Samuel J. Til
don's will in England brines out the fact the
tie had a personal estate there valued a
I'otato Iluita In llunala.
Hr.iu.iN , July 18. The Colorado beetle I
devastatlne the potato crop In Kusslan Sai
ony. A government commission 1ms bee
appointed to devUo means tor its cxturutlnc
The Elgin Dairy Marker.
ELGIN , IIL , July 18 , Butter on call sol
for 25 cents. The market was very flrra wjt
au upward tendency , There were salts c
lO.ObO pounds.
Meeting of the Old and first Meet
ing of the Now ,
Jack Klloy , thnKlaycr ot Hilly Nugent ,
Jlcld In $ 'J5OOO liomlrt Why.
Michael I'urcell was
Hnnrd or Education.
The now board of education met lust
night. The secretary of the old board
opened the meotinp. Mr. Davis moved
that all petitions nml communications bo
turund over to the secretary of the now
board. The motion was adopted. Air.
LlvcEoy of the committee on supplies , re
ported the sale of 100 old school scats to
J. A. Linshaw i\t thirty cents each. The
estimate of lhijlncor Ilotiso for $702,30 In
favor of Contractor Drown tor gnuHnu
wns allowed. Mr. LOUR moved to Issue
Warrants for teachers' salaries allowed
at lust muutlng , which included Matilda
Evans at $70 , W. H. Mclntyro at $01.78 ,
Jennie C. Salmon at .f U3. Kate E. Crane
at * 01.78 , Mary O. Uiichanaii at $41.17 ,
and the motion was adopted. The mom-
bora of the old board then adjourned and
the now was at once called to order by
Mr.Copclaml. A formal ballot was taken
for ollicers , the result being in accor
dance with the nominations made at the
last mooting. The ballot made 11.1T. .
Clarke president , 1' . N. Gray vico-nrcsi-
dent , J. P. Piper secretary. Mr. Clarke
briellylthaiiked the board on assuming
the chair. The $10,000 bond of Secretary
Piper , with Frank D. Brown , James A.
Woodman , llonry Livusey , and T. W.
lilackburn as sureties , was approved.
The rules of the old board were adopted
for the Kovornmeut of the new board un
til such time ns a committee should bo
appointed to revise the rules. On motion
of Mr. Morrison the now president was
given thirty minutes to prepare the list
of the now committees. During his ab
sence Vico-I'rcsidont Gray occupied the
chair. Ho suggested that the. roll of the
new board had not boon called anil
ordered the secretary to call the roll.
This done petitions and communications
worn called for. Dy resolution of Mr.
Ulackburn it was docidud to dis
pose of of the old buildings
on Pleasant school hito and
erect now on a situ in the neighbor
hood , recently purchased. Mr. Davis
moved that the board advertise for bids
for a school site in Walnut hill addition
and the motion was adopted. Mr. Davis
also movud that a school .situ bo chosen
on West Loavcnworth street ; adontud.
Mr Copeland moved that the committee
on schools sec how many rooms were required -
quired for school purposes next your.
The same member moved to remove the
partition of the high school lower room
bo as to make onu largo room. On a
vote the motion was lout , the now mum-
bers not understanding the motion and
being thuroforo excused. The resolution
of Air. Copolaud to have the I/ard street
fnrimcos repaired and put in the Cass
Ptrcct school was lost on vote Mr.
Morrison oll'ercd a resolution for the pur
chase of a schoot site near Parkhurst
and the resolution was carried. Mr.
Clark , the president , asknd until Satur
day evening to report upon the com
mittees appointed , and on motion of Air.
Colmrn the hour Saturday evening was
made at 7l ! ) ) o'clock. Air. Shoales of-
furod a resolution that a school site bo
selected in Ambler place and on motion
the board carried it. On motion of Mr.
Copeland the election of a superintend
ent of schools was proceeded with. Air.
Davis offered the name of Honr.y James
in a brief speech. Mr. Felton'mado a
motion , which was carried , that the super
intendent's term bo three years. Mr.
James' was the only name plncod in
nomination , nnd thu ballot showed eleven
in favor of Air. James , and ho was de
clared elected. On motion of Air. Davis
a contract was ordered prepared with
Air. James for | ! ) , GOO , a raise of $000 per
year. The mover hold that the raise was
instilled by the increase in the schools.
Air. Alorrison favored the raise and
the resolution was carried on call
of the roll , only Air. Livosoy
voting nay. It was decided on motion
to open bids for supplies at thu present
mooting And refer the s-amo to the com
mittee on supplies , who should report
thereon at the next meeting. The bids
wore opened and the items read in de
tail. On motion of Air. Alorrison the
consideration of further bids was post
poned until Saturday's adjourned meet
ing. Air. Gray , who had assumed the
chair on making his report , ollorod n
resolution that the president of the school
board call an election by proclamation
on Tuesday , August 'J , to issue $100,000
tour per cent bonds ( of $500 denomina
tion each ) for the purpose of ercotinc
now school houses. Air. Copeland moved
to make thu amount $150,000 , and the
resolution was adopted. Air. Davis
moved that the advertising of the board
bo given to thu daily paper offering the
lowest bul. Air. Blackburn wanted
some paper designated. Mr. Kollj
wanted the number of insertions specified
and that the specifications bo drawn uv
by the secretary. Air. Gray moved tc
amend that Air. Kelly supervise the spool
lications , and in this form it passed. Air ,
Kelly , a practical printer , said that tin
bids which had been presented on print
ing were so indolinite that printers could
not toll what they were bidding on. He
moved that such blanks as were roquirct
be designated by form numbers HO tha1
stationers could bid intelligently , Oi
motion , all the stationary and prlntinj
bids were rejected and Mr. Kelly wai
made a supervising agent with the score
tary to prepare now bids. The boarc
thereupon adjourned.
An Inhuman Mother.
Mary Shelley , the white wife of ;
mulatto , was arrested last evening b ;
Olllcer Bloom while beating her child ii
a most brutal manner , Both the mothe
and child wore taken to the city prison
where the little unfortunate's back , npoi
being uncovered , presented a most piteou
spectacle. Not only tiio back , but tin
arms and logs , vyero a mass of bruised
bleeding anil discolored llesh. The in
human mother , upon securing sutlicion
bonds , was released , to appear befor
Judge Burka this morning.
Jack Klloy , the Sliutcnr of Billy Nu
gent Held In $25OOU.
Before Police Judge Burka ycsterda
afternoon thu priluminary oxaminatioi
of Jack Kilcy , ( or the murder ot Bill ,
Nugent , was hold. Larry Casey , wh
was with young Nugent when shot , tes
tilled that Nugent hit Kiloy with the but
of a whip and provoked the quarrel. A
he hns told povcral different stories a
the affray , llttlo Importance was given t
his testimony , although he was Tiold i
$500 bonds as a witness with his agoi
father us surety. The most reliable wil
lies1) was Jacob Alluors , barkeeper at th
Gees hotel , who saw the shooting. Haiti
Hull. Myrtle Bates and Lulu Moore to :
tilled to substantially the same as th
bartender and were released on their owi
recognizance. Sergaul Mostyn tostiliei
to the arrest of Kiley. The evidence be
ing all in , the attorney for Kiloy made
turingr plea for reasonable bail. Jmlg
Borka hold Kiloy to the district court to
murder in the second degree in the sun
of $20,000. The prisoner went to lall
HuQlclcnt bopds not being forthcoming
Which Caused "Uuoh Trouble Tor Air.
nilchn * ! f'urooll.
Air. Allchacl Pur ciris a native of the
Emerald isle who ( mbbdlcs nil the facial
and extravagant 'ohuractorlstlus of the
variety stage Irlslhiarj. ( If the inipor-
senator thereof is funny Pttrcoll Id in
finitely funny , for with Michael it is
wholly natural. A woo ( Imp of the
crathur is what occasioned Alichacl's ar
rest and his case was called yesterday
afternoon m pollco' . urt. His statement
set everybody lauglimg nnd pales de
scription because his'npponrunco , ges
tures and dialect cannot bo presented.
Even Judge Borka latighod outright.
The clork's raps for order were disre
garded , In his statement to the judge
Mike said ho know full well the reason
of his arrest it was because ho had voted
and worked for Jamus G. Blalnn , and
ho said that was why thu bloody far-
downs of coppers had run him in. Ho
had worked and voted for Blaine and lie
would do it again , in spite of all the ter
riers on the police force. Ho had bucti n
democrat for thirty years a d d fool
for all that time and had just cot a bit
of sense. As soon as Judge Dorka
could recover himself ho told 1'iireiell tn
go and sin no more , and with n wuvo ol
his faded white deruy Alike sifted out.
THK IlKUALI ) is'sUKO Foil hiniSb.
lunnc Itrotvii Wants $ 'J5OOO for n
Hcnrrllouq Allauk.
Air Isaac Brown , who , in n recent
sensational arlic'.ii ' in thu Herald , was
b"andcd as a lawless ringleader of n
crowd of thieves and pimps , has by the
persuasion of Iriunds and legal advice ol
counsel , sued that popur for ifl.'O.OOC
damages for defamation of character ,
Air. Brown appears to bu as much as
tonished as anyone else by the publica
tion of the article in question. I c dome :
it , and can in no way account for it 1111
loss it was inspired by a recently dis
charged employe. His friends are in
censed over the matter and liavo urged
upon him the course taken in retalia
In an interview with a BKE reporter
last night , Air Brown said lie had never
had any connection- whatever with
thieves , nor had ho in any manner
harbored or attempted to sup
ply any dons of iniquity with fallen wo
men ; and that during his whole business
earner ho had never thought of making
money in Mich a manner , much less being -
ing charged with such acts. As to the
charge of his furnishing houses of prosti
tution with second-hand furniture al
usurious pricey he said it was needless
to deny , as he did not deal in any second
hand furniture. Mr. Brown said , he like
other merchants , numbered among hi. '
customers men and women of bad re
pute , but his relations with them ccascil
there ,
Air. Brown has engaged as legal coun
sel Alessrs. Ferguson ; vnd Goodwin , and
duchirus ho will not Itt-'the ' matter dror
until his innocence is established.
Police Points.
Yesterday was rattier a busy day at the
police station , upwardt of thirty arrest'
being mado. ' *
William Uassler nnd Villinm Boyd
two would-be burglars ] were arrested in
the act of breaking into Airs. Krctsh's
store ou Tenth street , this morning about
8 o'clock. They had broken in the front
door , but had not yet .secured any booty ,
Howard Lowe , while being arrested bv
Ollieer Pulaski , drovr n revolver and
threatened to let the daylight through
the ollieer. On being talcou to the sta
tion 'f.VJ.SO was found on his person , ana
ho was released on leaving $55 as _ bomk
to appear at 10 o'clock this morning.
rtocheznznka Dlnuharcod.
At the examination of Becluv.azaka ,
thu German who was charged with
forgery , it developed that the prisonot
with the unproiiouncablo nanio was the
victim of persons who were sin-uyod
Judge Bcrka therefore discharged the
Mo was Innocent.
A man named Jones , a stranger with
out guile from the precincts of BlairN b.
visited the Olympic theatre Sunday nigh' '
and fell into the hands of a shark , lit
was relieved of ? 30 in hard cash.
Pormmnl Paragraphs.
Alex Johnston , of Axtolle , i.s a Alillan
W. II. Strcotor , from Aurora , is at tlu
( fiiorgo Spangler , of Hastings , is at thi
William Sttirgcs , of Choronno , is at the
\V. B. Alorrison , of York , is stopping a
ho Arcade hotel.
John Heron , of Eustis , Nob. , is rcgis
tored at the Alillard.
'F. I. J'oss ami John L. Tidbnll , o
Crete , arc stopping at tbo Millard.
N. S. Harding and son and W. E. Hill
of Nebraska City , are stopping nt tin
Al. W. Hartigan , a leading attorncf
of I'lattamouth , was in the city ycsterda ]
on olliciai business.
J. C , Clark , president of the Illlnoi :
Central , is in the city accompanied by i
number of gentlomeji who will Imwi
Omaha to-day on hormitiack to make i
tour of the surrounding country prepare
tory to nn intended railroad survoy.
Hon. ll. H. Onlin , auditor general o
Alichigan , and lion. Fred Dunn , Uuitei
States , consular representative at Dur
nngo , Alexico , are in the city. Both gun
tlemon are interested m the manufaclun
of iron , and arc in Omaha to consul
with parties hero relative to that Indus
try.Mrs. . J. Al. McGovcrn , wife of the wel
known coal man , and her sister , Airs
Edward Hartley , wife of ono of th
older ana best known typographlca
artists in this city , , leave tuiay 01
afi extended ploasureti5n co the "cost
They will lirst visit' Davenport , afto
which they go as far 'east as Massaehu
setts , slopping upon Ui6iway to call npoi
relatives and friends. ' There will be twi
oncsomo husbands in town while the ,
" '
re away. 'r
The bank clearings' yesterday wcr
Al. T. Donnls , passchgpr acent of th
Union Pncitio at Boswu , has arrived i
the city. "
In consequence of , tjio grading o
Eleventh street , in front of the No.
engine housn. it lias been necessary t
move the building onUoHho street unt
the grading Is comulotcil.
Fifty teachers who'liflve been in nt
tendance at the National Education !
convention which closed its labors i ;
Chicago , Friday last , went to5m : l-'rat
cisco via the Union Pacific.
I'rof. L. 1) . Davidson , principal o
the Stromsburg schools , passed throng
Omaha , accompanied by his wife nn
child , curouto homo trom the nut ion r
convoulionof school teachers atCoicagc
Sunday E. P. Colllor , a news agon
on the Republican Valluv branch of th
Union I'aoirio. got the middle finger n
his right hand broken by being caugl :
by the door of a car , and thu membc
had to bo amputated. _
Sharp's Appeal.
Nmv Yonif , July IS. Argument In ordc
to show cause why a permanent stay of o :
ecution of the sentence of Jacob Slinr
should not be granted has , by consent , bet ;
postponed until next Friday ,
President Cahto Naya They Have a
Very 8nh < itaiitlnl ItnHU
NKW YOKIC , July 13. ( Special Telegram
to the IlKn.j President 1C. H. Cable of the
Uoek IsUnd railroad was at thnVltidsor \
hotel to-day , lie docs not recall any season ,
ho says , when there have boon brighter pro
spects than just at present. All over the
northwest alone the Hues of his company
crops are not only promising to bo unusually
lari < ehiit there are Indications of quality bet
ter than the average , There Is no threat so
far trom weather or any ot the posts that
sometimes kill ott crops. The season too Is
earlier than usual and farmers are in hl h
spirits , fcclltu sure of exceptional rewards.
It Is noticed by President Cable that nil
the dreary tnlk about hurt to thu west from
real est.itu booms has nothing whatever to
suppoit It. Activity In real estate has at
tracted settlers instead of frightening them
away. In Iowa , towns that have , been
boomed the most , the most general business
Is being done.Vliun \ people talk about wild
western teal estate booms , they usually go
upon premises that are faulty. A lili ; boom
seldom slgnlties mote If sn much than that
the price of real cstntn Is advancing to Its In-
tiinsie value a value given by thu demands
of coming suttleis.
Hrltish Ornln Trndn llovlrw.
Loxiox , > luly 18. The Mails Lnnu Express ,
In Its review of the British grain trade dur
ing the past week says : English wheat con
tinues to dcclliiP , although deliveries are
small. Sales of Kngllsh wheat during the
week were -0,213 quarters at 81s , against
2S.7MI otiarters nt Ids-Id during the cone-
snondlng week last year. The foreign wheat
market Is deadly Blow. Values mo In favor
ol buyers , In Llveipool the market prices
are lit per cental lower. Klmir Is steady.
Oats nre against buyers. Twenty-foui v > heat
cargoes nriivod , nine cargoes \\ere sold ,
thirteen withdrawn and eight remained. At
to-dav's market wheat wns very quiet. Flour
was slow nnd tlemesM-d. Corn , barley nnd
beans were dull. 1'eam weie Cd dealer.
Cunndn's Foreign Trado.
OTTAWA , Out , July 18. The Dominion
govenimcnt will semi a commission to Asia
lor the purpoeo of promoting trade between
Canada nnd China and Japan. All efforts of
thepiesent Dominion Government to extend
Canada's foreign trade has been utterly bar-
leu of results. The foreign trade Is still on
the decline. It Is held thnt It will be utterly
impossible to extend Canada's ioroisn trade
on a urolltable and permanent basis until thu
Dominion obtains the right to negotiate com-
mcicial ticntles on her own account.
A Volcano liroakn Loose.
SAN FIIAXCISCO , July IS. The Ichooner
Dora Irom Oun , Alaska , airlvimt hereto-day ,
brings news that the volcano of Akoutnr , on
an Island elf Akoutar , ono of the Aleutian
group , Is in a st.ito ol eruption. The natives
st.ito that the eruption has been almost con
stant since the middle of May. Loud oxplo-
sUmsoccur every tew momuuts and a largo
quantity of lock nre thrown up 100 feet Into
tlio nlr. At night numerous strenms of lava
can be seen couislng down the mountain
sides , lllumiiifitmg the whole country
around. Earthquake shocks are also fro-
The French U 111 Flail.
ST. JOHN , N. F. , July 18. Information
from points along the French shore ludlcatus
a serious misunderstanding exists between
the French nud New Foundland fishermen.
The commander of the French war ship Drae
hns di I von New Foundland fishermen away
from certain portions of thn coast at the point
of the bayonet. The French nro encroaching
upon thu hshlng uroumls hlthcito exclusively
used by English fishermen ,
Hinting Pennsylvania Miners.
UXIO.VIOWN , Pn. , July 13. When the
Illinois nt West Lelsenrlng wern on their
way to work this morning a pnrtv of Hun
garian strikers assaulted them with stones.
The PinUerton men fell into llnent once and
the 11 nna Hud , but not betoie one was
knocked down and severely beaten wlt.i the
butt end of a rillo by a detective. Tlio
wounded man wns taken to Union town by
lilrt friends. Supi-i In tendon t Tnggart savs
the prompt notion of the I'lnkerton guards
alone prevented a serious riot.
Ravages of Cholera.
CATAMA , July 18. Forty-two cases of
cholera and twenty-live deaths werureported
hero to-day. Of 117 soldiers attackna sixty-
two have already died. An exodus of the In
habitants is beginning.
A Petroleum King.
A few days ago , in a hospital of
Vienna , poor and alone , died the son of
a man who , a few decades back , was
called the "Petroleum King" in his ( tali-
asan iiome , ami wns the founder of one
of the most oollossal industries of mod
ern timas , the roliuin of oil. This man
his nanio was Ailolph Schremcr
shared the lot of the majority of in
ventors and benefactors of mankind. Ho
increased the world's wealth by millions ,
enriched thousands , laid tlio foundation
for immense ! fortunes , but remained a
poverty stricken man. The petroleum
industry in the United States dates from
the "liftios , " the first sale of American
oil taking place in 1851 , but Abraham
Schrolner , by documents in the archives
of Vienna , produced illuminating oil as
early as 1853. Ho owned apiecu of land
in Boryslaw whore , in nn opening in the
earth , ho found a black , tar-like sub-
.stance which the peasants hat' ' used from
time immemorial to heal wounds and
greese thuirwiigon wheels. Schre'mer got
thu idea that the lluid in thu clay might bo
employed in other ways. Ho kneaded
n ball from the slime , stuck a wick into
it , and it burned brightly with a red
llamc until tlio substance was exhausted.
This was the lirst petroleum lamp. Later ,
Schreinor heard something of distillation ,
and determined to try afow experiments.
Ho purchased u lingo kettle and trans
formed it into a distilling apparatus as
well as possible , filled it with the bluc-k
earth , and placed it uuon the firu to ac
complish the distillation. But that hap
pened more rapidly than ho wished. The
petroleum exploited , the kettle was
liioken into a thousand pieces , and
Sehrciner's body was covered with scars ,
Hardly recovered from his wound * ho
began his experiments again with a
proper apparatus , into the .secrots of
which an apothecary had introduced
him. Here ho wns crowned with better
success. Ho gained a product which re
sembled a strongly-smelling oil , and pe
troleum was found. He filled a bottle
and hold it to a druggist in Dropobyuz.
That was in the year 1851. ! Schroinor
was , therefore , not only the discoverer of
petroleum , but the first who introduced
it into commerce. The first purchaser ol
tlio new fluid in quantities was the apothe
cary , Mikolasuh , in Lcmburg. The lat-
'tor , who acquired the lirst ono hundred
pounds for fifteen llorina , refined the oil
until ho succeeded in making it compar
atively clear and colorless. Ho was ac
cordingly thu prime oil-refiner. In the
same year the Kaiser Ferdinand Knihvaj
company purchased three thousand
pounds at 100 guldens per ono hundred
pounds to use in lighting their signal
lamps. Encouraged , Sclireinor enlarged
his factory and began thu production ol
oil in great quantities. In 1850 ho bored
the first oil well In Ualicm. Ho then
erected his refinery and distillery. In
1800 the entire works were burned to tlio
ground. But ho completed them anew ,
hoping for bettor luck. Ho had hardly
started his motor , when the flames nt'nln
robbed him of his treasure , and this time
beyond restoration. His youthful cnergj
had dcsortcd him now that gray hairs ,
feeble health and ago hud come. Ik
tried to drown his nuiury in drink and
died in great poverty , leaving hia son
nothing , save a document which .statuil
that Abraham Belirenlor was thu first mar
to discover petroleum for illtiminntlnt
purposes nnd introduce it into trade.
Adolph Schrulnor , thu won of tlio for
mer putroloum king , Jrom whom tin
world hoped cro.it thiiiL'ti , wont to ruin
us a small merchant in Luinbcrg , pro
ceeded to Viennawliuru ho traveled fron
house to iiouso sdliuu mutches , At lasl
ho died , mourned' y nobody , and fol
lowed to the gravu Ly none of his kiu or
uatuo ,
A Wicked Hull Slut Which Preferred
Douj to lints.
San Francisco Clirontclo ; A very largo
number of sports assembled at a cerium
pit last night to witness a rat-killing
tournament in which several prize tcr-
rlors took part.
Tins sport is becoming very popular ,
and many podlgrco terriers arc being Im
ported from England and the cast , so
that before long some excellent records
should bo made In this city ,
The rats last night wore a yory mixed
lot , the smaller fry being hard to mouth
and the largo ones showing determined
light , so that the work of extermination
wont on slowly.
The lirst dog to the pit was Bessie , a
bull slut , who certainly looked as if she
would bo moro at homo chewing thn
windpipe of one of her own kind than
crushing rodents , a supposition which
subsequent nvonts verified. Besslo
proved herself very Incapable In the rat-
killing line , and it was fullvfonr minutes
before the sixteen vermin which she
essayed to slaughter were ready for the
Dick , a fox torriur , came next , and got
through with live rats in thirty ncconds.
He was followed by Darkey , a nonde
script , who killed eight rodents In a
bungling manner in the slow time of two
AlmedaJaek , a Swedish terrier , then
Meshed his maiden teeth < n the carcasses
of sixteen squealers , and though rather
ponderous for pit maneuvers managed to
corpse his siring in an even tlucc min
Jack , a fov terrier , then killed nine
average rats in ono minute and gave
way to Jerry , the never failing brown
and white fox terrier , who put an end to
the earthly careers of twenty-five assorted
brownies in the creditable time of liW. :
The last single feat was performed by
Jack , a Yorkshire terrier , who ran against
four furry lighters from the seawall and
had a very rough time with thorn. Sun
dry nips on the mnx./.le made the British
dog act cautiously and it look him a full
two minutes to perform his contract.
There were tlion twelve rats Inft and
they were turned into ttio pit and a "freo
for all" arranged , in which all the avail
able terriers took part , Bessie , the bull
slut , then came out in her true colors ,
and as soon as she touched the nit floor
in company with the other dogs she
seized Yorkshire Jack by the throttle ,
and caused him to yell for mercy. Jack
being dragged away from her. she turned
her attention to the Sweedi.sh terrier ,
and was mopping the floor with him at a
lively rate , This slight incident gave
rats a temporary respite and they played
leap-frog over thu non-combatant dogs ,
which were watehing Bessie's erratic bu-
havior in evident consternation , but the
oHending animal once removed , the rats
were attended to and killed in less time
than it takes to write it.
Goo. L. Fisher , architect , room 47
Chamber of Commerce building.
Attention Manons.
We have just brought to tlio city a line
line of Masonic and Knights Templars
jewels , and in the fiituni wo intend to
make a specialty of all kinds of Masonic
goods , rings and presentation watches.
Kdholm tte Akin , loading jewelers nnd
diamond merchants.
Great Hallway.
St. Paul Pioneer Press : It is cabled
that thu Oar of Hussiu has set the seal of
his approval upon the great project to ex
tend the Central Asian railway , which is
under construction across the Knights
steppes , to thcSyr-Daria , and is projected
up that river to the Russian military
posts thereon , and to Tashkent ) , Diizad
and Samarkand , Already the railway
made it comparatively easy for Russian
armies to get down to the Afghanistan
frontier , but thu extension of the main
line to and down iho Amoor Valley to
Vladivostock , tlio great Russian naval
station on the Pacific Ocean ,
is a military necessity , and its
oflectuation embodies ulso im
portant results to Russian commerce
in Northern Asia nnd with China. Within ,
the last twenty years Russia has added a
territory in Central Asia considerably
larger than Franco nnd Germany com
bined. The remarkable faculty tor ab
sorbing hostile Asiatic nations and tribes ,
nnd making them aids in her civilizing
processes , is onn of the phenomena of this
great scheme of Russmn conquest. The
Russians know exactly how to govern
them subject Asiatic people ; they sel
dom seriously disturbo native adminis
trations , and they consequently nro sel
dom troubled witli dissatisfaction or ro-
volt. The vast Central Aiirn region is
kept in order by loss than fiO.OOO Russians.
The extension of railway facilities will ,
of course , insure this security from re
volt , because of the case with which
troops can bo transported constdorablo
Tlio Central Asian railway lias boon
constructed ever the most difficult portion
tion of tlio route across the Asiatic con
tinent , probably ; but one-fourth of the
distance to Vladivogtock Las hardly boon
travorsnd. Tlio proposed road Is to pass
through Kirghisk.lrkoiitsk and tlio other
important military stations in Siberia ,
and its cost will bo imiuenso. It will , in
efloct , give Russia the strongoit grin on
Asi.x and alarm the British government.
This railway will bo n menace to North
ern China , and greatly facilitate Russian
designs on Coroa. \ \ huthur the czar
really wants Afghanistan is problemati
cal ; but the railway to Merv already
places in his hands advantages for furth
er conquests southward wliioh England
docs not now possess. The British gov
ernment , indeed , has recognized the
strength and meaning of Russia's move
ment by expediting the extension of the
railway from the Indus Valley through
the Bolan Pass to Candahar and Cabul ,
in Afghanistan.
X * u& . X > X 22 JS ,
Magnolia Balm.
It l n delightful MQUIP for tlio VAVE ,
M'.CK. AlMlM uuJ HANDS. Overcome *
llual , Huuburn , Hallimiiunn , Krdnesi ,
Plutli-1'iitclii-it and itfr/ kind of KIN
llUfleuri-inrul. Al'1'lludlnamnmint. ( , ' ( ui.
not 1.0 Delected , J-UUE < ! IIAItMLESSI
Taka U vUlk 7uu to lltu tx-uttlo , Moutitllm
and all llurtl Itetorti 1 U U < > clrnnly , re-
frublutf olid ruiUul ttlvr A bvt * rlVC , Ibutf
rarallo or M'btlb.
Ifl oth ri lr 'l T nto
i'livlntf wpilhle i Imlti.
llwit.M tMililrnOKIill.
MAI. COM. U Will II |
TION com * r r.l mont r
111 I * rerumlfHl to flrtf
not peifccllf tMUfacluiy.
I or nla t > r t ! Y licvius D t R9. or It net okl tn\b !
will mill. lil n JvMJ. IlKALTII I'HRiEKMVn. 111 ?
l--r.LI-'l ! , ! < Ml ! < , JlSO.NURSINGJl | 50 | ACDOUlNAi.
iool MISSR , PSC.
Sthllllnic Corttttomii iTi } Bttrolt , Mich.
Olticonnit rujdJpnro , Hnotn 17 Arlington llooli
ID"UiulKuSI. IsUnHHll'itf VVerit of 1'OdtolDc !
Muiclintm' National Dank llulhllni ; , Itoom 1
t'i-Stnlr | .
Telephone No. 875 , Oiiuihn , Nobrnskn.
I't.oenl.x , London , llnulnml . f > , ? i1T7U8
Klrcmon'o , Nimark , N .1 . lrClWi ; il
Ulun'n 1'nlK tllim'n 1 nils , N. V . 1,4'L' tU.M
Ulinril , I'htliulelpnin. 1'n . U'i.lr > < K70
Wustrliujtor Now Yorfc N. Y . . . 1.312W .OJ
! feUCTION !
Of Iiouso Furniture , ovury Wednesday
and Saturday at 507 S. 18th St. ,
at 10 a. in.
Bought and sold. Furniture sold on time
payments. Cheapest place to buy furni-
turoand household goods in the city.
A. W. COU'AN vS ; COn
n . , ,
Carpenter and Builder ,
Telephone 000.
3O ! > South Mxtccntli Street.
II. If. HUllItET.
Funeral Director & Embalmei
111 N. ICthSt. Tulo p hone N < I
Norris' European
llntps ? 1 per tiny. First cln'S ro'tnurnnt nt
tnolied , ill rou'onublo riiK'i. First cln a Hurt nil
outside rooms Cnr.K'.tliniiil Webster sts.Omnhn
Nab. IJth ami Ifltli street cars miss the door.
Lego INoltce-
To Tfliom It may concern :
You nre hereby notiflud thnt Mori In Quick
piirclmHoil nftlin troanuicrof DcniKlim county ,
State ot Nubiimkn , WU7 wiimro foot of lot nuiii-
liuronul ( ) In hlouk number fort-onu ( If ) , In
CixMlit I'cineloi addition to the city < > C Omnlmiu
Fimojcd , pluttml and rcouiduil , tlio eaiiin huliiK
Flliiati-il in DoiiKlns county , Stntuof NubrMska ,
Unit bitlcl.Mut tin ( Julck purchased said portion
of n.ilrt lot on thiHth day ( if Novenitiui. IBM ,
tlmt snul lot WHS tnxud In the IIHIIIU of J. Q.
Cliapmnn ; that suld \\asta\cd rotthu ) uar
18 1 : that ( Ho tlmii of rodmnptlon will nxplruon
tlio 5th dny of Kovnnihor , lt < B7 , nnd tlmt said
Mnrtlti ( , 'tilok Imfl sold and nsiHfKiicd the enmity
ticusiirer'fl cci tlllc-uto of tax t-Me to Clnirk-8
Cot belt iho now ou IIH the pamo.
ciiAiti.ns roitiiinT ,
lly II. U. HUT bunk , Hid Attorney.
OnmhnNub. , Julj 15th , Isb" . JylBul
Bl > r l-athrrn A pncM , ] Inllio linn _
iorihrlrSmn ttf Htil | le llh
_ _ _ _ 1 inrutniHtlun cr VHII | to Hit nM-D.
HARSTON RCKm CO. IB Park Place. New Vork.
The Best and Safes
Vapor Stove Made.
C. W. Sleeper , licad of St. Muryu' Av
JauicH & Smith South , Omaha.
Horny' . lli.lr .ilB n.Ho Brll.
1runcombined. ( juar nUMtl > e
only nue la tli * wortrt fftnerallnir
koontlr.uoui Xltolrte
.urr t' . 8cl ntlile , I'uwcrfiil , L
* romfnrtatlt and CIToctlT * . Avoid frnua * .
O er tf , OOO CTirud Hvnd HtKmp for fiArnr-lilet.
tDiakles aieCmedfakhaki ; ( Mineral SpringWaler
nentli front them uro.iiirillcet.v Duchiuuoi , ttrlo-
Uiies , iirontntu ul oil , varcu ! < - le. klitililor mil
rlironloill > ( ! H > p > ciiiisu them nnd mutt l > o inrc'l l > r
th. Amil.Pl McHllcnl llurcou Kuriil' " " " od Ainrrlein
> I > ecl > llit | itiT lclnn' loculaml Interim ixifwuniu-
eillcBortliuniitforurHnrii l < i t OI > 1 plifiilnlH ' ndric.
National Bank ,
Northwest Corner I-'urnam nnd 13th Sla
Paid up Capital , - - $400,000
Surplus Fund , , - - 80,000
t'rtuik Murphy , President.
Siirnuel E. Uo era , Vice-President
Hen U. Wooil , Cashier.
Luther Drake , AsstCisller : )
Accoiidts solicited nud pimupt utton-
lion paid to All business oqirustoJ tu iti

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