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8 . ; " . ' ' THE OMAHA DAttY BEE : THURSDAY , TOLY 28. 1887.
Additional Pacts in tbe Oaso Which Make
Mattara Look Blua for John ,
Marrlagca nnd Months Charges
A nliiHt the I'olloe The Success
ful Ill ti School AppllcnntH
General Court > cws.
li. A. Stnwnrt.
There nro some new developments In
the L. A. Stewart case , which will proba
bly have a serious ofl'uet upon the future
of that gentleman. Stewart came from
Di-s Monica a few years ngo , where ho
had hecin In business In the glassware
line with his brothers , A. T. and
W. U. , and which ho left Bin
der suspicious circumstances. Four
years ago ho cauio to this city
und started In the oil business In opposi
tion to the Standard Oil company , W. K.
Stewart , his brother , doing the same
thing in Iowa. The firm hero has boon
wonderfully Micce.ssful , and their prompt
payments and general business capacity
won them the conlidimcu of several of
the larger independent oil refineries
in thu cast. So much so that
though their capital was known to bo
small nnd occasional rumors nf an ugly
character were afloat , respecting their
linaneial responsibility , little depend
ence was placed upon thorn , as it was
believed they were circulated by and
originated with the Standard Oil com
pany. However this may bo , there is
strong presumptive evidence that L. A.
Stewart and other members of the fam
ily , assisted by an an outsidorhas worked
a very clover confidence game.
It Is alleged that L. A. Stewart has ap
propriated to his own use about if 10,000
entrusted to him for invostnu'tita in
Omnha real estate , and that in addition
to this , ho has bi-cured deeds to property
fraudulently , in consequence of which
misdeeds , lie will bo nnablo to return to
tins slate for fear of criminal procedure.
These real estate transactions were con
ducted at an ollico under the Nebraska
bank , which for a time ho ran jointly
with tin Iowa party , but moro recently
ho has conducted tl.o business
nlonc. Yesterday it became known
that several parties who had exe
cuted mortgages through 1.1. A. Stewart ,
to eastern parties , on their real estate ,
were looking for their money : and , as
Stewart has absconded , were endeavoring
to obtain from eastern capitalists the se
curities deposited. It is stated that the
eastern nicn take the position that Stew
art was the agent of the Omaha borrow
ers , and as they have remitted the funds
to him they decline to surrender the se
curities. Several suits are likely to anso
on this point alono.
Stewart , in addition to his oil and real
estate business , \yorked up quite : i largo
commission business with the smaller
millers in this vicinity. Many of them
aresullering loss by their ovcrconlidcnco
in Stewart. It was found yesterday by
ono consignee of flour that his car loud had
been shipped through to St. Louis and
that Stewart had sold it immediately on
it arrival and has never rendered any
account of tlio sales to his client.
The total liabilities of L. A. Stewart &
Co. are variously estimated : it from
f 05,000 to $75,000. The nominal assets of
every kind arc i2"i,0)0. } ( ) A reasonable es-
tiniato of their worth would bo about
f 15,000. Hut , inasmuch as the Hank of
Omaha has possession of books and pa
pers , it is dillieult to give a moro exact
It is rumored that proceedings will betaken
taken to invalidate the mortgages made
by L. A. Stewart to the Omaha bank in
which case the other mortgages executed
by him in favor of his relatives would , of
course , bo worthless.
It is further rumored that there is n
probability of criminal proceedings be
ing taken against several parties for con
spiracy with Stewart to defraud.
Fear of GhoHtly Vlsltorn Cause the
NucontH to Atmiidon Their Home.
Tlio HUE of Tuesday contained a
paragraph referring to the fear of spooks
which seems to agitate the members of
the Nugent family , who reside in the little -
tlo house in which Billy Nugent , who
was recently shot by Keiley , died. It is
n little frame structure ot not very invit
ing appearance. It consists of two rooms
and a back kitchen. In it have re
sided Henry and Stephen Nugent ,
find sister , half brothers and sister ,
Jack Nugent , and the boys Hilly and
James , both of whom have met violent
deaths. There is also a young lad from
the A. D. T. who boards with the occu
pants mentioned. A few nights after the
death of Billy Nugent , the whole cotcrio
Uegan to feel a sense of loneliness , and
whenever out after nightfall approached
the place with a vague feeling of Inse
curity and apprehension. They could
not feel at homo within its walls and gen
erally retired early to avoid the loneliness
which it scorned impossible to destroy.
One night the brothers were out visiting
with their sister. Before going away
from tlio house ther loft all tlio windows
raised. The screen at the back door was
not bolted while the winter door inside it
f was locked from the outside. The front
door was loft open though the screen was
bolted , thus leaving the uir of the evening
entrance to the house. When the party
returned in fear they discovered that all
the windows were down and bolted , the
roar screen door was bolted from the
inside , whilu the front door remained as
it was when they left the house.
The question suggested itself , How
could anybody get into the house and
make hi.s exit with all the doors and windows
dews bolted on the inside ? There were
no marks of violence and why should
anybody who wanted to do such locking ,
overlook the front door ? To these young
folks U was a mystery. They could not ,
hope to solve it nor yet attempt to caln
entrance to the strange pluco. They
turned and spent thu night with their
neighbors , who are just as much perturbed -
turbod about the occurrence as arc the
Next day , however , they gained an en
trance through ono of the windows , am' '
the door of ono of the rooms which hru
not been looked was gecurely fastcnei !
by n key which could nowhere bo found.
Another door which had been lockei
was found unlocked. The chairs were
disarranged and put in unaccustomed
places , while the table had boon moved
to an umisiml quarter of the room. Thai
night aud every night until the Nugonta
abandoned thu place , doors snapped with
unceasing frequency , rendering it irn
possible to court sleep. Noise , as
if of confused voices could bi
heard , sometimes in quiet conversatioi
and again as ii in tuiirry altercation. A
times the noise sounded like the moanin ;
of the wind , but louder than over hean
in that place boforo. In ono night a certain
tain door was locked three di tier en
times , in fear , and just so many tinict
was it opened in some mysterious man
ner. \ \ hatnvor the cause , these mam
fustations , with the violent death of tin-it
brother , has given the young folks supnr
Editions fears , and they have for sonic
timu been sleeping in the A. I ) . T. ollico
because they are hard working. reliabK
boys. Some night this week this strange
occurrence is to bo investigated by sonu
. bravo young follows.
Where Are tlio i' < > llcu7
Thu residents of ( ho locality conform ; ;
BtThlrtocu'th and \ \ IHUum street * , txrc
annoyed m the matter of fast driving
Uortcs arc run at u brcak-ucck puce , un <
their drivers do not seem to care who or
what Is in the way of their onward flight.
Tuesday James Kubovco , a gentleman
of sixty years of Mgo was run down
by a team attached to an oil wagon
and seriously If not fatally Injured. On
Sunday James Kubec was ridden down
by some young bloods in a buggy and
now ho Is confined to his house with
crippled limbs and n bruised body.
Several children have been run over and
the narrow escapes are too numerous to
mention. Frank Kubovec , son of the
injured party first named says if the
police Authorities do not turn their at-
tontton to these outrages ho will take the
law in his own hands and use ft club on
BO mo of these reckless drivers.
Marriage or Jniiie * M. Greene anil
MUn Delia ileotnn.
Yesterday morning at 0 o'clock there
was another joining of happy hearts at
St. I'hllomona cathedral , with an un
usually largo number of the young
Catholics of the city present. It was the
marriage of Jumcs M. Grccuo and Delia
Heelan , both favorites In a very exten
sive circle of friends. According to the
requirements of the strict members of
the Catholic faith , the marriage ccro-
mony was accompanied by a nuptial
mass , Father McCarthy being celebrant.
Thu attendants of the young couple were.
Hon. C. J. Smytho and Miss Mollie
Heelan , and the ushers were Messrs.
( jcorgo Paul and Edward Shelby. The
bride was elegantly attired. She entered
the cathedral escorted by her brother ;
the groom accompanied the bride's
mother whilu tlio young relatives of the
contracting parties dressed in white , fol
lowed the procession , After the wedding
services Father McCarthy addressed the
newly married couple in a few well-
chosen words. A reception was held at
the residence of the bride's mother , cor
ner of Twenty-fifth and Leavcnworth
streets , where the numerous and costly
presents to the bride were displayed. In
the evening Mr. aud Mrs. Greene will
start on n short wedding trip , returning
to settle down in a cosy little homo in
this city. The groom is a favorite at
tache of the United States quartermasters
department and the bride is the daughter
of the Into Major Hcelau , ono of Omaha's
pioneer citizens.
Facts About These Who Have Do-
pnrtcrt this til To.
Mollie Slater was buried yesterday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock , the funeral taking
place from Burket's undertaking rooms ,
the remains being interred in Forest Lawn
Yesterday morning Burket transferred
from the Chicago , St. I'aul , Minneapolis &
Omaha depot to the Missouri 1'aeilic the
remains of an engineer who was lately
killed in a wreck near Minneapolis. They
were forwarded to Falls City.
A Ijlst of ( lie Young Folks Who Will
Go to the High Schuol.
All anxiety as to who among the eighth
gni'lo passed for the high school at
thu June examination it is to bo hoped ,
will end with the publication of the fol-
ng list of the successful pupils :
John Snafard , JJora Grofl' , Julia Rob-
rts. Flora Steves , Jeannette Schonficld ,
> lar Walker , Klla Bonnor , Fred Smith ,
James Ish. Alice Parker , Charles A.
Vtorson , Nettie Baker , Oscar Quick ,
fettio Sherwood , Fred J. Brockeuridgo ,
Margaret K. Leach , PcrsiV. . Hunt , How-
ird C. Parmaloe.Wm Adams.Bessio Latey
Jhr-rles M. Hilgrcn , Hugh Thomas , Car-
io G oll' , Florence Donahue , Will Parker ,
k'ssie Allen , Maggie Hamilton , Grace
Jartcr , Charles . Kogcrs. Hena Stratig ,
With Parker , Estello Mount , Annie
Jodgo , Eli/abeth Kclman , Dollio Whit-
ock , Tilho Christmnson , Stella
; licc , Robert Allen , Joseph
ilirschstein , Catherine Tyler ,
Walter Taylor. Maud McClure , Helen
M. Torbitt. Uoy Walker , Margaret Cook ,
I. Burleigh Moore , Birdie Van Kuran ,
Dora Proctor , Delia Kclloy , Marie E.
L'arker. Lily Still , Sadie Mahoney , Bar-
aara Goring , Louis W. Edwards , Browcr
E. McCaguo , Minnie Carey , Ilarolif
L'ope'.and , Andrew Boats , Jessie Munroe ,
liert Heard , Helen Van Kurau , Jennie
Hubbard , Fred Schneider , Daisy Maus ,
Kinney Hillings , Maud Miller. Alien
Marsh. Ella Ferryman , Cora McCand-
lish , Jennie Maddox , Louie McLean ,
Jcssio Byrnu , Kittle Nelson
John Kilker , Cassio Arnold
Chatlcs Fritscher , Josie Beverly , Pertio
Stewart. Alice Roberts , Eatollu Mackoyo ,
Bessie 1-arroll , Garrett Coleman , Irving
Spoonor , R. Frank Alexander , Jane
Uofl' , Muy Bonner , Pearl liartman , James
Robbins , Julia Schwartz , May Sargent ,
Grace Vandemar , Fred A. Andrus , Rol-
lin C. Smith , Grace Williams , Maud
Staley , Ernest Houl , Blanche Doherty ,
Birdie Manville , Mattie Stone , Fred Van-
dervoort , Grace Simpson , Nora Norman.
Marv L. Wilson , Georgie Share , Alfred
Savillo , Zetta Churchill. CharVio Dyball ,
Herbert Robinson , Minnie Hechcl , George
Crandall , Mattie Polack , Maud Kruttlc ,
Oscar Nast , Lydia Stoft.
Information Wnntcd.
Of the whereabouts , if living , or of the
death of the following children of Pat-
rink Casserly : Margaret , Catherine ,
John , Michael , Sarah and Peter. Pat
rick Casserly was born in Ireland , Hoylo ,
Roscommon county and after living in
America , died at Hoylo at or about 1879.
Any information regarding these persons
or their children will bo gratefully 10-
ceived and paid for.
E. J. H. TowxsENn ,
Boston , Mass.
The Spoiled Mont Question.
It appears that the Br.u's expose of the
South Omaha spoiled meat market has
borne good fruit , Inasmuch as a petition
is in circulation for signatures , remon
strating against this revolting condition
of things , and Is to bo presented to the
city council ut their next regular meet
ing , together with a prayer that immedi
ate steps bo taken to remedy this matter ,
if it exists as alleged. The story that
Meat Inspector Hickstem and Farr have
an old grudge against John
Dow , for whom they condemned five or
MX hundred pounds of diseased beef last
week is pronounced emphatieally fal o.
These ollicials say they hare only that feel
ing for Dow which would bo engendered
for any man in whoso possession they
found spoiled meat , with the manifest
intention of surreptitiously shoving it oil *
upon the market , and disseminating the
seeds of disease and death throughout a
community. Tlio inspectors say the re
cent batch condemned by thorn had benn
cut and salted down , undoubtedly pre
paratory to being converted into wciner-
wurst ; but whether for this or some for
eign market they had no moans of do-
termining. Notwithstanding certain
threats the inspectors will continue to
pqrform the functions of their oilice
without fear or favor.
J. Mo Donncll. F. A. I. A. , Architect ,
N. E. cor. 10th and Dodgo.
K. of P. ReglmcHtf.
Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock all the
ofliccrs of the- Uniformed divisions of
Knights of Pythias in tins city mot at
Lily Armory for the purpose of electing
thu olllcbrs 'ot the first regiment of
Knights of Pythias in this state ,
The Coming Manufacturing City of Ocntlil
and Western Nebraska ,
It 11ns a Water 1'owor Second Only to
That or MliinenpollK In the
Center of a Illoh Aurl-
culttirnl Country.
This evening W. G. Albright and a
party of friends leave for Kearney ,
Nob. , to bo present nt the auction
sale of Munroo & Wiley's nddltion
next Friday , Mr. Albright never docs
things by hnlves nnd in this instance tins
shown his usual enterprise and generos
ity , having chartered a Pullman car and
sleeper for the exclusive u. < o of himself
nnd invited friends during the trip , the
entire expense being paid by Mr. Al
bright. The round trip will be made m
two nights , thus losing only one day's
business in Uranha ,
The object of the visit is to have a good
look at Kearney and its surroundings ,
with a view to milking larco Investments
thure. And the friends of Mr. Albright
nnd others can safely follow in his lead ,
as it is a notable fact that in every real
estate deal in which ho has been inter
ested , he has always made moro money
for those who took his advice than any
other one man in the west. He is very
careful in his investments , and does not
imiku much adu about it , "but ho gets
there just the same. "
As to Kearney , it scarcely needs
any words of praise nt the hands of the
Br.K , as it is well known as a booming
town , it 16 105 miles west of Omaha , and
the county scat of HuHalo county , a rich
farming community. It lias a population
of over 7,000 people. It has three rail
roads , the 1 ! . & M. , Union Pacific nnd n
branch of thn Union Pacific running
northwest from Kearney. The citizens
of Kearney have built a canal at an enor
mous expense from the Platte river , six
teen miles above , to the city , giving them
u fall of tifty-sevcn feet tit Kearney ,
thereby affording thorn a water power
second only to Minneapolis. Several
Minneapolis mill builders arc now look
ing over the ground , and it is confidently
asserted that the Washburuo mills will
be located there soon.
The lots ollcred at auction in Munroo
& Wiley's addition are beautifully situ
ated in the northeastern part of the city.
Street cars are to bo running
by tliis addition within GO days ,
when prices will double. Without
11 doubt Kearney is having a genuine ,
first class boom nnd those in this city
who desire to invest should sec Mr. W.
G. Albright immediately at 813 S 15th St. ,
Omaha , nnd arrange for transportation.
Remember this special sleeper leaves the
U. 1' . depot This evening , July 2dth , nt
8 : ' 0 sharp.
What AVas Done llcforc the Judges
Ljster and Muma , the alleged Ilol-
dredge shovers of the queer , vcro again
before the commissioner yesterday morn
ing for preliminary examination , but
owing to the absoneo of important wit
nesses the trial was again postponed un
til to-morrow.
Judge Wakcley is engaged in hearing
ho case of Annie lloey vs. John lloey ,
the action being brought for divorce.
The grounds on which the plaintiffseeks
separatum are non-support , cruelty and
drunkenness , and the totimony by which
she seeks to substantiate her
claims in very strong. In fnct
her own statements on the stand yester
day morning showed a state of matrimonial
menial di.seord most revolting to relate.
The fact that this was corroborated by
three young children placed the defend'
ant in a very bad light. During twent-
two yours ot married life this couple has
kepi up a continual warfare , and it is a
wonder that a homicide had not been ac
credited to the lloey family cro this.
The defendant is now and has been sup
porting herself and children from her
earnings as janitress of ono
of the pubho schools. The
defendant denies all the allegations
made by the plaintill'and alleges that the
cruelty comes from the female branch of
the family , lie says that she has made
his lifo miserable , and that the present
suit was brought through spite and with
an intention to annoy him. Stenographer
Hint Wakoley remarked that it was the
worst showing in a case of divorce on
the ground ot cruelty that ho had ever
heard during ten years' court work.
Those who heard the evidence heartily
agreed with him.
The injunction suit of E. Rosewater vs.
the city council was continued until Mon
day owing to the absence of the city at
roi.ici : COIJKT.
There was no especial rush in the
police court yesterday morning , and
Judge Borka disposed of the docket with
even greater expedition than usual.
Antonio Soiiset , held for peddling with
out a license , proved a case of mistaken
identity nnd was released.
Mrs. Maleom was charged with being
full , and she didn't deny it , for a change
and was only sent up for a couple of days.
Jack O'Shea , tor indecent conduct on
North Sixteenth , went up for live days.
John Gleason , charged with having
burglarized the grocery store of Mostoi-
ler iV : Co. , Ninole'enth and Mason streets ,
v/as bound over to the district court in
the sum of $1,000.
Irene Curtis , of Eleventh and Cauitol
avomio , for emptying filih in her neigh
bor's yard , was lined $ . 'j and coats , which
the paid.
The C. & N. W. Itnail Discrlinlniitinc
Against Omnha A : iln.
For some time past it has boon under
stood that , notwithstanding representa
tions to the contrary , the Chicago &
Northwestern road has been discriminat
ing against Omaha in the matter of ship
ments east and in favor of Chicago. Ono
of the most recent evidences of this fact
was ascertained hero a few days ago ,
when it was disclosed that a grain buyer
at Norfolk otl'ercd 8.ri cents per bushel for
corn to a buyer on the Chicago & North
western. The intent ot the purchaser
wad to feed it to his cattle -
tlo at that place mentioned because -
cause the rates east were sneh ,
that ho could not afford to ship to that
part of the country. The oiler , how
ever , was refused by the party who hold
the com who was doing business on the
Chicago & Northwestern. The reason he
assigned for the refusal was that ho was
going to ship to Chicago. Now. the
rates to that point , was in the neighbor
hood of'thirteen cents per bushel. As all
Nebraska corn is graded at No. U , which
is rated nt about thirty-three cents per
bushel , the buyer could not all'ord to ship
at a rate which would compel him to lese
in the neighborhood of tire cents pur
in the matter of the shipment of cattle
and hogs like discrimination has been
exercised , but the method of carrying it ,
not while it displays ingenuity at the
same , shows the extremes to which the
Chicago & Northwestern will gp to keep
its business for Chicago. Instead of giv
ing a rebate , its custom has been to have
its agent go to a merchant in the town
where the bhipraorit 19 to bo made , and
through him offer" to the ship
per , in ndVntlQQ of Bhip.
rueut what' { gi-ru tlF they pft'ercd
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vnrlns. A innrvel of pur-
ijstrength ml wliolesnmonois , Mnro econ
omical limn the otdlmiry klnilc , ami cannot lie
sold la competition with tlio multltuilu of low
cost ( liorttclirht nltim or pho phnte powuorg.
Bold only In c-arn. UoYAl , IIAKINO I'OWUKR Co.
101 W llt. . . N. V.
as a rebate through the medium of their
own ofliec. In this way they arc able to
sav that they have not paid any rebate ,
nnd thus be beyond the restrictions of the
jaw. This has been done in a number of
instances , but it is now certain that proof
has been secured to bring the matter
prominently to the attention of the auth
orities in the premises , and it is quite
fikoly that before long some action will
bo taken in the matter.
1'at Humphries , traveling agent of the
Erie road , is in the city yesterday.
Much Ado About Nothing-
Yesterday morning a lad was leading n
favorite horse belonging to Attorney W.
J. Council down Capitol avenue when the
animal suddenly fell down. The boy
was frightened almost to spasms , and
the expressed opinions of the bystanders
that the animal s leg was brouon , made
his condition worse. At last he sum
moned up courage enough to think of a
veterinary surgeon and leaving the
horse in charge of a bystander ho
ran all the way to Dr. S. J.
Chamber's ollicc on'Hnvnoy street. Ar
riving there ho tola a most pitiful talc of
the condition of the horse and insisted
that the doctor bring a revolver to kill
the injured animal. When the doctor ar
rived on the scene of the trouble he found
the horse standing on his stout four legs ,
nibbling grass lining the sidewalk nnd
about lOOcuriousipeoplo wondering how
suddenly ho recovered. It was merely a
case of colic.
I'rcRldcnt Adnms.
Charles Francis Adams , president of
the Union Pacific and Vicc-Prc.sidcnt
Potter , left last evening in special car
for Minneapolis via the Sioux City Ai
Pacific. Speculation is active as to the
reasons for the northward flight.
314 South 13 Ji St. , Omaha , Neb.
Established for ths Scientific and Speedy
Cure of Chronic , Nervous and Special
The OIil Itolliilila Specialist ot many years ox-
penenco , treats with wondt'i fill mccc - * nil
l.A , Hl'lTL'KU , cuieil without KNIFU Oil
Trciits all forms of Thrnnt Lunp , Nerve nnil
Illooil dlsciisos , all Chronlo ilibomos mill Io-
foriiiltlo far In iiilniiico of any institution in
this country. 'I'lmsM who coutciinplato foiti - to
Hot SprliiKD fo1" the treatmoiit ol any 1'ilvntu
or Illooil ui-cn ! > c can l ; cured for ono thud thu
cost ut our I'rlvnto Dispensary , OH South l.itli
trect , Onialia , Noh.
Iturn'KK cured without pnlu orhiudorance
from bu lncsa.
I CRICC HythN treatment a I'liro Lovuly
LNIIICO Comploxlon , Irco from blowupss ,
truciilcs , hliiokhcnrls , eruption' ' , etc. , lirllliiint
liycs anil perl cet health can he hail.
f tf That "tired" feeliiiK anil all foinnlo wi > k-
niiSbcB promptly ciirml. UloatiiiK Heiulneliun ,
NorvotH I'lOflrntloii , Ucnaral Debility , Pleop-
lo-unoss , Oeiirenston und Indigestion , Ovurton
trouliles , Inllainiuatlon and Uleuiatlon , rnlllnir
ami Dlsplaocinunts , hpinal woakneHS , Kldnoy
complaints and Cnungo of Lite. Consult til
old Doctor.
EVE IMn E 3f ) Acute or Chronlo Inflam
blC ANU Cfllliinatlonof tlio Kyollds or
( ilolio und Inr or Near SiKhtoilnpss , luverolon
of the Mils , Scrofulous Ki 03 , mediations. In-
HainniatloiH , Absioss , Iiiunu 9of Vision of ono
or hotli oilami Tumors ot l < ld.
JW Inflnmmatlon of tlio liar , rieerntlon or
Cutitrih , Internal or Cxlorual Deafness , or
raralj > l8 , Slnglntf or UOHI Ins noises , Thickened
Drum , ot < i.
UCDUfi9C ! Debility , Spermatorrhoea , Fom-
rlLn"UU < 9 mal I.o-c8 , Mlil Umlsslons ,
1.0-3 ot Vital Power , hlvupluatiiess , Dosjioiul-
oncy , I.ot-s ol .Mumory , I'ontiifcloii ol u'eas ,
JlluriJ Itilcno the Kjcs , IaMtmlo , Iiinifiior ,
< lloolnlno s , Doprofsion ol Spirits , Aversion to
Society. 1'aslly Dl eotiraifod , I.nck ot Contl-
deuce , Dull , 1.1-tlesi , I'nllt lor i-tudy or llusi-
nn-H , ami HiuH llto n bnidon , Suloiy , I'ouna.
nontiv anil J'rlviuely Cuied.
Rl hfin 2. QKI5J Diseases , Syplillls-ii < H-
DLUiJu W Oniiil M'li-o mos [ hornhlu In
its rt'hUltsc'omplituly orudlciituil without the
use of mercury. Scrolula , Kryslpelns , 1'nvcr
Soiert , Illotches. I'implrs , 1 Icons , pains In the
lletul and Hones , SyiihllltlP ere Throat , Motltli
and Tonirui1 , Olaiidiiliir hnlarKomont of the
Neck , llhoumati-m. Cnturrli , etc. , I'ounanontly
Cured \Vhnn Otnera Have Tallr l.
IIDIiil'tV Kldnoy and Illaildnr trnulilcs ,
UnlllArill WoDlc Hack , limning I'tltio ,
Krorjucucy of L limiting , 1'tlno liUh eoloreil or
milky scdtincnton&tandlnir , ( .otion him , ( ileut ,
Cystitis , eto , promptly and saldy cured.
Clmrsos rertsonabii' .
BliM't. ttilctiiie. omliint cmlvilono , Ios of e\
uul power , woiikiitB4 ol the soxiuil oiKam.wnnt
of iloMro In main or fomide , whether from Im-
prmlout habits ot yoiiiiif or sexual Imhits In
raiituro > cars , or any cuuio Hint ili'ljilltiitt'S the
buruul luiiutloiia , njiLCdlly uuU puniiaucntlr
Conaultntlon free nnd etrlctlr conlMcntinl.
Mpillcino Mint free from observation to nil
imrla of the I'niU-J htiitos. ferro ponilenco
rocol\es prompt Httoiitlon. No loiters nn-
8 ured iuili-8 acoompiinlud by four cunts In
etump * . Solid etninp tor jianiDiilct ami list of
questions. Tormi strictly oftsli Call on or nil-
cireis I > K. nnvr.i.i , uiivis : : : ,
No. 311 South lath St , Uinalia , Nob.
Remarkable for powerful sympa
thetic tone , pliable action and ab
solute durability ; SO yeart > ' record ,
the best guarantee of the excel
lence of Hicie instruments
cmescured.Nokrilfo. . uiupHorcUitn IISPO.
AUil. V. O.Sujndj-Co UoxJlii. Btj Louis , ITo ,
The busy season being over and things not so rushing any more
we have now time to look after the stock that is left , and find that
we have accumulated during the season quite a few odds and ends.
These consist of some single suits , one or two of a kind , and quite a
lot of suit pants. Verv frequently we sell the coat aud vest from a
suit and then the pants are left. We have placed them on a
counter bv themselves , and though the price was formerly very
low we have marked them down still further. There are some very
fine goods among them. We will sell them only as they are. That
is , make no alterations as the price is so extremely low tliat w
cannot afford to have the expense of altering them , but those who
will find a fit in this lot will get the goods at about one third their
As unusual bargains in neckwear we offer 100 doz. elegant scarfs
at5c ; retailed in all first class houses from 50c upward.
100 doz. extra fine silk and satin scarfs , Tecks and Four-in-Hands ,
new and choice patterns , at 25c , the most of them were sold at 75c
Another invoice of those Pique Scarfs at 25c a dozen. This will be
the last of them this season. We cannot fill mail orders on this last lot
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
During July and August , our store closes at 6:30 : p. m. , except Saturday.
Cor. 13th St. and Capita IA ve. , OMAHA , NEB.
IVlt fvlHlU1" , nppnmtni ami r"in li i IW mrrr fii | treatment f
irry fjunnfhM rt > iuiniixMp | < litilorMiitfi < iiUitaimrtJ.
WHIT * ton < inn t * na on Ih-furinllk * nnd llrrtrf * . < lub I trt ,
CurvAlnre rftho h | > ln < > , I'll * * , 1 unior * , tannr CiUri li , ftnmd lilt ,
lnh Isttml > pfrlYiry , I'u ly i . tpllpi | > Klrtnr > , UUJJer , L > e ,
tr , bklu , iH.l UIoo-1 , nJ hUbuigiC IOi > UftlIoiit.
Booli on Diseases of IVomcu I'HEE.
All Rl * vl i i' * pnwMf illjrtrMlP't. Rjr't'11" ' ' " l'ol * > tt ifmovM
from tli Mtmi M It lout mvicurt New lriorftllve ( li ml incut fir
If i ofitftl J'nwrr , IVrtont uiiftbla In vl tl ui Inmy lx > IrfftlM it
lioinc , t > y tt > n * iK > * , < > , AllrormiuinirilJ. i > * C < iiitirfriii | l Mnli
cliif tr iiiBlrniiicnlii > H by irullor uprck * . necurrly picked , no
luurkiilolii Iwiiln miilrnUur Mnflrr. Oim | x r < miil luleivitv % | > i *
JVu-U t'atl Amlwiu lit in , nrn-n IhUl ry oCjt/ur cute , with lUmp ,
tvl no will t-u4 In i > lalui pi > vr , our
I'pon Private Swlil | unl Nmoun D ciiei. brmtnul wfflVii * *
Pwrmutfirrli | < va , Imif'trnry ' , byj.1nH , Gwiiuiiha * , U1c t , aiul * * " !
rtrrlt. . Kouii fi * piMlrnt * , AtMif * * ,
OMiiu jiF.iucAr. A siinniruj IXSTITUor
Dr. McHenamy , Cor. 13th si. & oarltol AToradna , Sen.
Medical Hooks or I'upera Free.
The proprietor of thoOiimlii .Mvilkal ( ind Sum'-
cal Institute lini piiblli * icil H valuable iet ot books
uml ) > Hirrrt upon clironlc and BiirKicitl dt4tai ( iinil
dufortniltt" * . uail the innlio1H nl euro vrbloli lm\o
liliu tuc reputation of bclni ; tbe nio l rklll-
flren p\ic'eiul apeclullot In the west. Mi'l '
muclc tliu liulHuKi t > tclubrnte'l ' that n cillclurn lire
fnt to uiid > p ulenn rtcclvucl Iroin ev ry ftnte In
the union. Annum the books 1 ono upon thi > dliiuv
P4 ot nonininoiie upon IHTVOUS , p cml anil private
clUc'n-o of the ; .exiKil und urlniry ortniiB TO Ico-
i cle eurpil by Hiir iCHl operiitlnnr * , anil thi'lr latnl v
Inventi'il cUmp coninreis BUBpuiiHorj for the relief
ami cure of vuricocole , IILTTOUS exhuiiHIIon and nex *
uul ilolillltr. new rcatoratlva treitment. I'upcrj
onon nnrKlc.il Unices , rtles , cnnccn. piimlTKls , tit" .
Klectrlc Uy and tlie now magnetic batlury lor lioine
IMO : catarrh and Inhitlatlon , etc. LJnllko mint bonkH
iB-uod bjr doctors fret , they do not conil't
of tP8tlmonlili IT I tli rtctluoin name nnd Inltlnli.
or rubblnh of that kind , bat are pluln doicrlntlnns
ofdlflC Bep.ijniptninn , new dUooverles In meillclne ,
nrtrory and electrlcltT , nd are well worth tbe po *
iual , nnil rin Im obtaini'il rree by RdilroHtlne tlio
Omuli i Medlcnl nn.1 tnr/lcal Inntltnto , utli t cet
and Capitol ATonnei ( Jinaha , Ncbrnvka.
WHO n rxAcgrAtxrrn wmi THE nconuiritr or Tma
lly re.i-on of lit central ponltloa close relation to lines
East of Chicago , aii'l contlau ui h 103 nt terminal
Volnta Weft , Korthw est nnil Koath bkt , la the true
mldillo link In that transcontinental pjritem xhlch
In ltc * amt facllltatca tra\el and trafilo between tha
Atlantic aail 1'uclllc.
The Hock IilnnJ main line anil branchot Include Chicago -
cage , Jollct , Ottawa , l. Salle , IVorU , Qen eo , llollno
ami Itork Islanil , In Illinois i larenport , tlurcntlne.
Washington , i'alrflelit , Ottunma , Osfnloo ] ar Wort l.lb <
erty , Iowa City , Hc Jlolni. . InillanolaWlntfniet , Atlan
tic , Knonlllo , AiiUulion , Hnrlun , ( luthrle Centru anil
Council UlulTM , In Iowa ! Oallatln , Tronton. Kt. Joi'pn ,
Cameron aittl Kansas City , In MUsourli Lcavtnuorth
anil AtchlaonInKansasi Albert I aMinneapolis and
kt. Paul , In Minnesota t Watertnvrn ami Sinus Kails , In
iiakota , anil hundreds of Intermediate cities and towns.
/'Tho Croat Rock Island Route" -
Guaranties speed , comfort , certainty and safety. Its
permanent w ay Is dlstlntrulihtd for Itv excellence. Its
bridges are of rtone and Iron , Iti trick Is of solid
teel.lUrollln stockTitrfect. ItspasseniferiKiiiliim1 ! ] !
lias all the safety appliance * that experience baa proro-t
useful , and for luiurlons accommoditlons Is u.i ! lr-
passed. Its KxpreHs Trains conslft of superior L > AT
Coaches , elegant rullman 1'alace I'arlorand bleeping
Cars , superb Vlntnx Cars , prorldlni ; delicious meals ,
and ( between Chicago and St. Joseph , Atchlson and
Kansas City ) restful Kocllnlnsf Chair Cars. Its tnan.
ocracnt la contenratlvoi Its discipline ciactlnf.
"Tho Famous Albert Lea Route"
Between Chicago and Minneapolis and Ut. 1'aul Is the
favorite. Over thla lint Kolld Vast Kiprevs Trains run
d&lly to attractive resorts for tourlfits In Iowa ami
tllnnetota , and , TlaWatcrtownandSloui Kails , to Iho
rich heat and prating land ! of Interior Dakota. Via
Seneca and Kankakee , tboUx.k Island olferxuperlor
Inducements to traveler * ) between Clnclnniitl , Indian *
apolls , Iafayttte and Council lllutfsfit. Joseph , Atchl.
eon , Lea ennorth , Kansas City , M. I'aul , and Interma *
ditto points. All patrons ( especially ladles and chil
dren ) luwlveprutectlon , courtesy and kindly attention.
Tor tickets , map ) , f nldors , copies of WoMern Trail , or
any desired Intormatlon , apply to principal offices In
the Unltfrl State * and Canada , or adJrets , at CLIcaco ,
I. R. e tf , [ , ST. JOHN , I. A. HOIIROCI ,
iiHUH" . Aiitcuiiiuii.i. a .T.iarui in
itv A c it i : now ,
Veterinary Surgeon
Ufllcc , UT S. If III STUI.IMY
" ' . J' OMAHA , NKUHASKA , ,
Display at their warerooms , 13O5 and 13O7 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects in materials and workmanship.
1303 & 1307 FARNAM STREET-
STZHIS is the perfected form of portable Roofing , manufactured by UB
1 for the past twenty-seven years , and is now in use upon roofs of
Factories , Foundries , Cotton Gins , Chemical Works , Ilailroadttridgos ,
Cars , Steamboat Decks , etc. , in all parts of the world.
Supplied ready for use , in rolla containing 200 square feet , and weight
with Asbestos Hoof Coating , about 85 pounds to 100 square feet
Is adapted for nil climates nnd can bo readily applied by unskilled
workmen. Samples and Descriptive Price List free by moil.
n.W. John * ' Flro and Water-Proof Akbuitoi Hhr.-ithlnc , Ilullfllnp I > H ,
Albeitot Steam I'scklngt , Ilollnr C'ovprinjjs , I.Iiiulil 1'ulntii , rirn-I'roof I'.ilnti , rto.
VULCABESTONi Moulded PUton-Hod rackingItlog. . , ( J < kut , Sheet racking , eto. '
F tahiUh d IR5H. 175 RANDOLPH ST. . CHICAGO.
ForSalo by Chicago Lumber Co. , Omaha , Neb. , and Council lllnffs , Iowa.
New Model Lawn Mower
lrr. Slzr * . Will ml holier f/mss than
. Hait Hoi'qittil for Nlinitlicltij ,
t and cane of operation ,
is the latust Jinprovorl Mil'
cliino in tlio M.arkct.
Low t't'lcm. Newt for clrcnlara ,
Male Af/enti for I'orter'a Ihti/lmj Tool
fobhcrft of Itinillnu
At Auction Sale , Thursday , August Itli , at 2 p. in. , Sharp.
Sale without Kesorve 1o the Highest .Hidden- .
Frlcnil , Nebraska , has two thousand peoplu. Is on the main line of tlic It & M road
US miles west of Lincoln. The K. C & W rulro.id . in MU vevcd through thttowti
bonds will be voted for it , and tliu division station on the new line will be at l'i end. J ho
town is one of the best shipping points in the state.
Teuns of Sale One-third cash , balance on cas ) terim
C.C. PACK and 1JEN OR1IODICS , AucM.meeis . L.n.oln. .
\V1MTH it 1 ISMIH'UN , P oirli-or-J
Watches , Diamonds , Tine Jewelry. Silverware.
'Hie lar eb.t block. I'i'iecj llic lowest. Ktpairm { { a p < ru , ty. Work ivarrui'J
orner Douglas and 16'.li titely , Oinaha. 'UicnicJVAtthmal > er Tpr the
1-aciucR ailroad

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