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* * i V "
r , PelJTcrtd ty carrier in ny part of the city at
twenty ctnU per w tk.
B.W.TiLToir , - Manage.
BuffiNVPfi OFTICK. No ( tt
WlORT EtllTOK NO. 23 ,
M IN Pit MKN X10N.
K. Y.Plumbing Co.
Rcitcr. tnllor. Summer goods cheap.
Havcrly's minstrels are to appear at
the opera house on the evening of the
Fine coupes for ladles calling. Wm.
Lewis , telephone 128. Olllce 141U Hroad-
Regular meeting Fidelity Council No
150 Hoynl Arcanum at 8 a. m. Business
of importance. W. A. Gronowcg , secre
The various medals won by the scull
ers , Sadler and Livingstone , are dis
played at the Manhattan. They arc
Frank Peterson , who was kept away
from police court for some time , WHS vis
ible there yesterday again , and was lined
for lighting.
The funeral of Chris Koenijr , the
butcher , took place yesterday afternoon.
It was attended by the butchers wearing
While aprons.
Persons wishing to enter the Cottage
Home hospital during August will apply
to cither Airs. J. P. Casady. Washington
nvonuo , or Airs. E. D. F. Fisher , Uraut
Saturday , August. 0. at 8:30 : p. m. , Elder
I ) . K. iJodson , of the Reorganized Church
of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints ,
will preaeh at the Streetsvilli ) school
house. Citizens and strangers invited.
One man , brought in as a vagrant , on
being asked the usual questions yester
day was able lo give his age as about
thirty-six , but could not spell his own
name , nor tell his nativity.
Yesterday Mr. Edward Saner pur
chased , through J. U. Tipton's agency ,
lot 3 , in block 1U , Grimes' addition , upon
which ho will erect a nice home during
the summer. Mr. Saner is general deliv
ery clerk at the postollico.
George Uopcr was arrested for being
drunk and for fighting , lie looked at
the judge yesterday out of ono eye , and
was quite indignant that he should be
charged with being drunk. He didn't
care so much about being known as a
The shower which touched hero yester
day morning seemed to be only the drip
pings of a heavy rain which laid the dust
couth of here. Ono of the railway boys
coming in yesterday morning reported a
drenching rain , and terrible thunder
etorm all along the line from Kansas City
to Nodaway.
Surveyor Hrodbcck will to-day look
utter the motor line crossings and get the
correct angles for them. Sow that ar
rangements have been completed with
the Milwaukee road , it is to be hoped that
the crossings will shortly be completed ,
nnd the road will then bo in running
order , everything else being completed.
To-night the band concert at Lake
Manawa will draw a crowd. Hacks and
other conveyances wijl be in readiness to
convey those who desire to attend. The
band should be well patroni/.ed in this
enterprise. The boys have had a stormy
time of late , through no fault of their
own. They have shown themselves a
most worthy organisation , and have aided
materially in various public enterprises ,
The Brotherhood of Locomotive En
gineers of this city and Omaha enjoyed
their lir.st annual picnic yesterday alter-
noon and evening at Lake Manawa.
Each dummy train from Omaha during
the afternoon and tore part of the even
ing brought members of the order and
their friends , and in consequence a large
number enjoyed the picnic. The rain
Bomewhat marred the pleasure of those
remaining during the evening.
The board of trade seems to bo sleeping -
ing at the very tirao when it should be
awake. There are a number of enter
prises which should receive the attention
of this body , which has done so much in
the past to advance the interests of the
city. A meeting shook ! be held at an
early date , and a full attendance had to
take action concerning some of the
moves now on foot , in which business
men generally are interested.
The Union Veteran Legion has ar
ranged to have a pleasing entertainment
Monday night next. "Tho Fighting
Chaplain" Lo/.icr is to bo hero , and will
deliver one of his inimitable lectures , in
terspersing it with songs and recitations.
He is said to be a host in himself. The
entertainment is for the benefit of the
Legion , and as such should bo gener
ously patronized , aside from the fact that
the entertainment will of itself bo one of
special interest. The tickets are only
twenty-five cents , and children half price.
The old soldiers of Omaha and the sur
rounding country are invited to attend ,
nnd a happy evening is assured all.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate oflices in the city ;
f 3 per day.
For Hunt A suite of live rooms , nicely
located , for light house keeping. Apply
at 41 Main street.
Personal I'araurapba.
Mrs. F. H. Stewart has gone east.
J.J. Steadman and wife have gone to
Spirit lake on a pleasure trip.
J. J. Uhss , the Omaha milliner , was
over on this side yesterday , greeting his
Judge Fuljer and wife , of Bowdlo ,
Dak. , are visiting her sister , Mrs. Robert
W. H. Oaks , cashier of the Silvar City
bank , was in the city yesterday. Ho now
goes to Spencer , la. , for u short rest and
reason of recreation.
Cole & Cole have four gilt edge inside
residence lots. Very choice property at
a bargain for parties desiring to build.
Inquire at 41 Main street.
Kmnnolputiaii Day.
Yesterday was a gala ono for the col
ored population. Emancipation dayis
always observed here , but this celebra
tion was far ahead of any previous ono.
There was a largo delegation from
Omaha , accompanied by the colored
band. The procession was quite a showy
onr , consisting ot a goodly number on
foot , distinguished by bright red badges ,
a number of carriages well tilled , and
adorned with lings , a big band wagon in
which a large number of children wore
seated , gaily dressed , The procession
wont to the grove where the exercises
wore held and the sports had. Addresses
appropriate to the day wore given , vari
ous games indulged iu , and refreshments
served. All Eccmcd to have a merry
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J. Grccnamaycr , 023 Mynstcr fit. , tele-
v 211.
Wanted Two coed boys to work in
dining room at Kiel's hotel. Apply at
onco. _
For Sale A Standard bred stallion for
one-fourth its value. Will sell on time ,
Five years old. W1J1 show 3:85 gait . A.
C. Arnold , Deuison , la.
When you are in. the city stop at the
Pacific house. Street cars pass the door
very fifteen minutes for all the depots.
' la 00 cents each.
A Bridegroom Spending His Honeymoon in
Jail For Forgery ,
AQuarrclnome Couple Held Together
By it Ilnny Schurz Still After
Fees Picnic * and I'er-
A Honeymoon In Jail.
The course of true love rolled Into
Judge Aylcsworth's court yesterday on n
writ of habeas corpus. The chief hero
ine in the romance was a young nwn
named Charles Wilkins , whoso home is
in 1'acilic Junction. Young Wilkins be
came acquainted with a tender aiaideti
at Glenwond , Lulu C. O'Ikien , who is
only sixteen years of age , and whose
mother , now MM. Elizabeth Reynolds , is
a widow. The acquaintance dated back
to the winter months. The mother learn
ing that the young man was given some
what to drink , and that there were other
habits which rendered him objectionable
to her , ( orbitt his going with the girl
any more. After this their meetings
wisro on the quiet , but they continued despite -
spite the mother's protestations. Last
week the young folks decided to marry.
The mother of course would not consent ,
and so there was little use of consulting
her about it. Young Wilkins sent a
friend to County Clerk Kobinson to got a
lieenbo for them , but this friend learned
tnat it would be necessary for sonic one
disinterested to make allidavit that the
parties were of ago , or the written con
sent of the mother must bo produced.
Young Wilkins then came himself. Ho
was told the same thing , and informed
the clerk that if ho would make out a cer
tificate for the mother to sign hp would
see that the signature was obtained. The
blank was prepared , and Wilkins wont
away , only to return about supper
time with it signed with what pur
ported to bo the autograph of the
mother , triving her consent to the mar
riage of the girl. The license was ac
cordingly issued , and the young man
went off to get the knot tied. There was
a circus in town , and all the justices and
the preachers seem to have been in at
tendance , so that the couple had to wait
for the show to bo over. About 11 o'clock
at night they found Justice Tolles at his
house , and with some dilliculty they al
layed his suspicions sullicluntlj for him
to take the fee and tie the knot. Then
they hurried away to 1'acilic Junction.
The girl not returning homo the irate and
anxious mother started on the war-path.
She found the bridal party about sunrise.
She had a warrant sworn out and the
bridegroom arrested on the charge of
uttering a forged instrument , she having
never signed her name to the certificate
purpcrtmjr to bo her consent to the mar
riage. The same justice who married
them tried the ease. Ho decided that the
young man should bo hejd over to await
the action of the grand jury , and placed
the bonds at fr > 00. Not being able to
furnish them the bridegroom went to jail
with a good prospect of spending his
honeymoon there , us the grand jury does ,
not moot until in October. Ho secured
the legal hcrvices of E. Starbuek , who
liled an application for a writ of habeas
corpus. The hearing was had yesterday.
County Attorney Genung , of Hastings ,
and I * . If. Kellov. of Glonwood , appeared
for the state. The prisoner was present
in custody of Deputy Sheriff W. A. Haw
ker.The evidence taken on the preliminary
hearing was introduced. It consisted of
a complete rehearsal of the courtship
and marriage , interspersed with racy
bits of opposition on the part of the
mother-tn-law. The young man claimed
that although the mother of the girl had
ordered him away from the house , the
girl had told him about a week before
the marriage that the mother would give
her consent. When he got the certiheato
from the county clerk , for the mother's
signature , ho thought it was bettor for
the girl to ask for the consent than for
him to do so. Ho took the paper to the
house whore ho thought the girl was , but
she not being there ho lett it with a wo
man to hand to her. Later in the day
the girl handed him the oertitieato all
signed , and ho did not know but what
it was all right until the next morning
when the mother hunted him up and
raised a row.
Judge Aylcsworth after hearing the
arguments , decided to remand the young
man to jail , and refused to lessen the
amount of the bonds. The mother seems
determined not to lot him enjoy the mar-
riano relations i which ho won by such
subterfuge , and insists that eho will
prosecute her new son-in-law to the bit
ter end. The girl seems devoted to him ,
and testifies , so far as she can , in his be
To Excursion Parties.
The excursion steamer and barge John
M. Abbott is prepared to fulfill engage
ments for excursions on the Missouri
river cither day or moonlight parties.
Capacity 400 passengers. For terms and
other particulars inquire of L. P. Judsou ,
O'J'J ' Sixth avenue.
An Overheated Home.
A tall , black haired young man , a
Frenchman , stood before the police court
yesterday morning charged with whip
ping his wifo. Ho gave his name as Tom
Lafoy and residence No. 225 Tenth ave
nue. His wife , a slender little woman ,
with a baby in her arms , came into the
room just as the case was called. The
husband took the babe out of her arms
and handed her a chair in a gallant man
ner , as if to conciliate her , but the cour
tesies apparently came too lato. Despite
an impediment in her speech , she rattled
oil'her story of abuses at a terrible speed.
If half that the woman told is true the
fellow needed a whip instead of a jail.
She said he was a terror to her. She had
to got up in the morning , chop the wood
and get breakfast while ho slept , but she
was willing to do this if ho would only
treat her like a decent woman and netlike
like a dog. After doing all kinds of work
bhe was slapped and cursed whenever ho
got a little mad about anything. Ho had
driven her from the house in her night
dress and she had been once knocked
down by him .tho blow in her face caus
ing the blood to form a pool on the tloor.
The other night she ran out of the house
with her baby in her arms because he
was slapping her , and wont to seine
neighbors. Ho chased her and insisted
on her giving the baby to him.
When asked what ho had to say about
all this , at 11 rut ho declined to suy any
thing , but when ho got started no was
quite talkative. Ho charged the woman
with going to places which ho did not
deem proper , and going against his
wishes often expressed to her. If it was
not for the bnby ho would skip town and
leave her. If the baby died , which it
would if it didn't get bettor care than she
was giving it , ho would leave at once and
not wait to bury it. Her own sister had
udvlsod him to leave her.
Judge A vies worth tried to effect some
reconciliation , but was not very success-
ful. The woman at last said fcfie did not
want him lined or scut to jail. She
needed his support , and there scorned no
other way bnt to mukc another trial , The
judgii advised them to avoid both getting
mad nt the same time , and thought they
could got along if they could stick to thii
ud nyf oaeget mad at a time , Sj
thus keeping their turns they might live
together. The two wont off up the street ,
the man carrying the baby , but so far
ahead of the woman who followed behind
that It Scoineu Iho couple were not going
home in a very loving frame of mind.
The rows between them have been a
Krent disturbance to the neighbors , but
tliero seemed no one to care for the
woman and her baby if the man was
locked up.
After IIU Feri.
In the superior court yesterday the
taking of testimony in the case of Justice
Schtirz against the county was concluded.
The arguments will bo made this after
noon. Among the fees claimed by him ,
and which the county refuses to allow ,
are some for cases which ho tried during
the absence of Judge Aylcswortli. It is
claimed by the county attorney that the
Informations were liled , and the warrants
issued by Clerk Uurke , ot the superior
court , and that afterwards when Justice
SchurK came to try the cases ho entered
the fees for information , warrant , etc. ,
on his docket. The other side of the
statement is that the clerk drew these
papers under the direction of Justice
Sehurz , and that the cases being in
Schur/'s court the fees certainly belonged
to him. Yesterday a number of attor
neys were called on to testify concerning
cases in which they had bison engaged ,
and an attempt made by the county at
torney to prove by them that in these
cases there were not so many continu
ances as were charged in Justice Soliu 's
fee bill , and that bonds were not liled ,
although charged on the Uockct. There
was not much headway made on this line
of defense. Those matters had been
quite fully explained bv the justice.
The ceiling of one of the court rooms
of the county's new mansion is finished.
The decorations arc quite showy , and
the countvevidentiy isgottingitsmonov's '
worth from the artists. The work "of
decorating the colling of the other court
room will now commence. The other
work about the building is progressing
The jewolrv man who worked Council
Bluffs recently and who has been visiting
other cities in this vicinity , was arrested
at Denison the other day , and held tor
trial in the sum of sftfOO. Ho can easily
pay such bail from the proceeds of catch-
in } ' suckers. It is estimated that the
fellow took about $7,000 from his corner
sales hero alone.
Justice Harrctt yesterday officiated at a
quiet wedding in the parlors of the
Ojdcn house , the contracting parlies
being P. II. Swift , ot Lincoln , and Miss
Lucy D. Thompson , of Omaha.
A. Lowcnthal , of Omaha , was com
plained of yesterday for not taking out
the necessary license for doing scaven
ger work here.
A man was picked up in Hayliss' park
yesterday , who seemed to be either sun-
struck or dead drunk. Time decided in
favor of the drunk theory. Ho gave his
name as Al. Wilson.
Heialer's , coolest barber shop in the
city , 503 Hroadway , Melehior IJros. ' col-
bratcd chairs and new lixtures.
At the Pacific house von will save from
GOo to $1 per day. Try it and be con
J. W. and E. L. Squire load money.
The Study of Things anil Hooks.
"Manual Training in School Educa
tion , " by Philip Magnus , in Popular
Science Monthly for August : An objec
tion is sometimes raised to the introduc
tion of manual training into elementary
schools on the ground that , as the chil
dren of the working classes necessarily
loayo school at an early ago , and spend
their lives for the most Dart in manual
work , such time as they can give to study
should bo occupied iu ottior pursuits in
cultivating a taste for reading , and in the
acquisition of book knowledge. This ob
jection is duo to a misconception of the
true objects and aims of education , and
to an imperfect knowledge of what is
meant by workshop instruction. To as
sume that the bc.st education can bo given
through the medium of books only , and
cannot bo equally well obtained from the
study of things , is a survival of the me
dievalism against which nearly all mod
ern educational authorities protest , lint
there is another and more deeply-rooted
error in this argument. People often
talk and write as if school-time should bo
utilised for teaching those things which
a child is not likely to care to learn in
after life ; whereas , the real aim of school
education should bo to create a desire to
continue in after life the pursuit of the
knowledge and the skill acquired in
school , lu other words , thosohool should
bo made , as far as possible , a prepara
tion for the whole work of life , and
should naturally lead up to it. The en
deavor of all educators should bo to es
tablish such a relation between school in
struction and the occupations of life as
to prevent any break of continuity in
passing from one to the other. The meth
ods by which wo gain information and
experience in the busy world should bo
identical with those adopted m schools.
Rio Do Janeiro.
From a letter received from a friend on
board the Thetis , bound for Alaska , the
following extract is taken : Here wo are
at last at Hio. It took us twenty days to
como from Barbadoes , and it seemed a
long time to bo at sea. You know now
is the very middle of winter for this
place , so the thermometer rarely ever
gets above 80 deg. in midday and down
to ( id at night. The dew is something
frightful , everything is dripping in the
morning. The harbor of Hio mid the an-
prooch to It are the most beautiful I have
over seen. The hills all around rise to
great heights right out of the sea. and al
most all around Rio the mountains are
very high. Wo have taken surface cars to
the suburbs of the city , and Jong
walKs into the country. There is one
hill called "Cancovado , " which is
3,230 feet high and whinh has a
railroad up its side to the summit and a
pavilion on top. When you arc about
nine-tenths of the way up there is a sta
tion where you got off and walk along the
side of the mountain on a well made
road along which is an aqueduct which
catches all the water from the mountain ,
anil carries it to the city. After you
have walked about three miles along
this road yon como to a bridgecalled the
"Devil's bridge , " because It is so rotten
that it is very dangerous to cross , so that
people frequently fall through , I was told
they fall only 2,000 leet or more. Of
course wo wont across , but I must con
fess I was glad to get back safely , and
have no desire to go over it again.
The city is a very slow place ; there is no
opera , and no public buildings that
amount to anything , and the people don't
amount to very much , either , bnt the
country in beautiful without any doubt ,
and so are the little parks and squares iu
the city.
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Kcgular : Boaitlers : : Reduced : : Rates.
NO. 336 & 338 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign ,
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No. 33
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 93.
lu Amber ,
etc.Hair On
nnmcnts , as
well as the
newest nov-
eltlesia hair
Hair Roods
nmdcto order
Mrs. C. L. Gillette
20 ilnin St. , Council ISluH's , Iowa. Out
of town work Bblidted , and all mail
orders promptly attended to.
CAUTION-no not
let olhcil l d you Into
buylne worthiest imlta *
' .
lloDl.'t thillllieOBHM.
TION COHSBT and money
wIP be refunded lo wearer
tfl\j \ four weeks' -veir , It
not perfectly Mtlifictory.
For isle by DRY COODJ DlAI.BRS.or If not oMtlnlble
will mall , rwur paid. HuALTH PRKSBKV1NG. ( t.ij
boo ) MISSIS , ! C.
Schilling Corset Cempanr , Detroit , Mich-
An Island on the Southern coust of
Rctts. Coed llshlnfc and bouch for batlilnir. Ixi
eitteil In the bVxt Summer Climate In the woild
Forfullpiirtlclurs wdilresi ,
Mutuiil Lite llulldlnir. SJ NiiBtuu St. , N. V
Iliites tl per day. First class restaurant nt
fuelled , tit rtmboimule rules. First clat-s and all
outside rooms Cor.U'th utul Webster sisOmaha
Nob. iith ; and IGth trout ears pass tlio door.
Sole Manufacturers of
With All MODERN Improvements.
47 and 49 Dearborn St. ,
roil 8A1.F. ItV
12 Dotiglua Street.
Carpenter and Builder ,
Telephone 6CO.
909 South Sixteenth Street.
Funeral Director & Embalmer
JJ1 M , WUSC. T lapbQQO Xo t
Sprclnt advertisements , such as Lost , Found
olxinn , Kor Bnlo , To Hcnt , ft unit , llonnllnir ,
etc , will do Inserted In thin column Ht the loir
ratuofTEN CENTS I'EU LINE Torino nm Insor-
Ion nil J . ' ! vo Tent * Per Line fo.- each subsequent
Insertion. I.e vo AdverlUomuntg nt our otllce
No. U I'carl stieet , no.tr Uroadwaji Council
_ WANTS. _
lA'ANTEISituation by yoiiiiKtmirried man.
' Ilcst of rolurcncei. llualnosa rxixirlonco.
Wbolcftulo house uruforied. Address K 1U ,
UPO olllcc , Council Illulls. _
WANTHD-Sltuntlon by liuly bookkeeper In
olllcoor IIH KiUcgtady. Address W U , lice
otllce , Council lllults ,
WAN1KI ) Situation by young man , ro
ccrv or clothing business ( irolerred.
Three years experience In each. Address U K ,
lite olllcc , Council Illulls , Iowa.
WANTED Situation ns bookkeeper by
young tnnn who can > rlva Bntiifactory rcr-
erenceB us to ezperlonco , Imblts nnd responsi
bility. ' U. I ) , lice olMce , Council UlntTi.
Situation us fmlesmnn In irroeerjr
WANTED Koforonccs tflveu. 1) , V. T , , Uoo
onice , Council HlutTs.
, eel ! two ciirrlRRCs on IOIIK time or will
W1L1 tor hones. William Lewis.
I.nrRo tints In white , black and all colors. Fat
tern bonnets , hni.i and toques , u specialty.
No 1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
500 Uroadway , CoiuicinUulTs.Iowa.
Established 1857.
Vncnnt Lots , T.nmls , City Hrsldonceq anil
Farms. Aero property In western part of eity.
All bulling1 cheap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Moom 5 , over Otllcer * Piisey's Dunk , Councl
Star Safe Stables and Mule Yards.
llrondway , Council lIluftB , pp. Dummy Depot.
E3 < *
Horses iiud mules constantly on hand
for sale nt retail or in cur load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
Telephone 114. Siiit'Tiu : & Hoi.r.v.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council Hluflfe.
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. 23 MAIX ST. ,
Crcston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Accommodation * Tirol ClaiH ,
And Kales Reasonable
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Jllyhcst Market Prices. Proinp
820 and 8'22 ' MaiU Street , Council Bluffs ,
Cor , 5th Ave. & 7th St. , Council Bluffs.
Ono of the best Educational Institu
tions in the west. Boarding nnd day
school conducted by the Sitcrs of Char
ity , B. V. M.
Hoard and tuition for n term of live
months , $75. For furtlicir particulars
fit , francis Academy ,
" Council BiuilB , la. .
Summer Dress Goods , White Goods
Parasols , Gloves , Mitts , Hosiery , Etc. , Etc.
Are Large and Well Selected
Our Patterns are Choice and Quality the Best *
New Goods .are arriving and invite
Curtains ,
Work Done by Competent Workmen.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
N. B. Special attention given all orders by
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
. .
cn.ll on us.
Iiiitriiiiiciits Tuned nnd Repaired. We never frill to give NIIUi'iicUonV
Over iiO year * ' Experience in Piano and Or an M'orU. i
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Uluflrt , Iowa
o. cr.
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council ItliillM Oftlco , Itlu onlu
Temple. Omiiliti Olllcco 111
North Ititli street.
Particular intention given to Inventing -
venting fund * for nun - resi
dent * . Special bargains In loin k
aero property In Omaliu A Coun
cil Itluir * . Correspondence solic
E. ( i. BAllffETT ,
Justice of the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council BlulTs.
Refers to ny bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty ,
Justice of the Peace.
Ortlco over American Exjirnss.
No. 419 BROADWAY ,
Engineer , Sur ve ; or , MapPublisher
Over No. lit Xorth Main St.
llopi , of cities and counties
The linrht of ilrivinK horses ulwivy * on
imml nnd far FUO ! by
Attorneys , at Law , -
ctlc in the State arid .Federal CourtRoom /
Room * t and 8 Shugnrt-neno BlotU- . _ . ' _

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