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Delivered ty carrier in liny part of the city at
twenty centa per week.
B. W. TiLioif , . . Mauaffoc.
BtJRiNrVflOmcr. No. tx
MIOIIT Enitoit No. 23.
N. V. Plumbing Co.
Keller , tailor. Fall goods cheap ,
8. lliddlccomb , who died on Thursday
night , was buried yesterday.
The Council Bluffs Congregational as
sociation meets in Shcnnndoah Septem
ber 27.
Ladies , sco combined writing desk and
sowing machine. Domestic ollice , 105
Fidelity council Royal Arcanum will
attend thu funeral of Mrs. C. . Luke
this morning.
The city auditor has been busy the
past two or three days cancelling about
130,000 of city scrip.
All members of Royal Arcanum meet
nt their hull at 0 o'clock this morning to
attend the funeral of Mrs. C. E. Lake ,
wife of Brother Lake ,
N. E. Leamun was married on Wednes
day evening , and yesterday gave his
friends a .surprise by announcing the
Joe Bachnrach lias n Chinese pu/zlo in
his show window , it arrived from Joru-
Halnm yesterday , nnd is said to be a
patent of Hudio's forefathers.
The funeral services over the remains
of Mrs. Charles E. Lake who died at
Clinton on the Mth hist. , will bo held at
10 o'clock this morning at Field & Estep's
undertaking rouius previous to inter
ment in lairview cemetery , ' [ he do *
ceased was in her twenty-eighth vcar
and was formerly a resident of this city.
There was a special committee ap
pointed by tho. council with power to act ,
to inspect the city jail and provide thu
necessary iron or steel bunks. The com
mittee is composed of Metcalf. Lacy nnd
Wnlis. They inspected thu jail and con
cluded bunKs were necessary , but what
was done after that is not known. As it
is , those cast in jail are required to sleeo
upon the damp lloor. Will thu commit
tee report how far they have progressed ?
Personal Paragraphs.
J. J. Stork came in off the road yester
Mrs. S. Swanson left yesterday for Ne
braska on u visit to relatives.
W. B. Arnold and wife , of Arnold's
park. Lake Ukoboji , are nt the Fuel lie
with Mrs. Stevens , their daughter , spend
ing a few days.
Dr. I. T. Vnn Ness , formerly of Ncola ,
has now permanently located In this city.
Ho yesterday removed Into his oflico nt
vodm 1) ) , opera house block. The doctor
has many friends who wclcomo him
here , nnd bespeak for him n rapidlj
growing practice , as his reputation us a
physician and surgeon stands high.
One thousand head of one , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J. Ureenamaycr , 623 Mynster st. , tele-
Morae Urolith t Back.
Frank Guauclla , city marshal , went to
Omnlin yesterday afternoon nnd last
evening returned with William Morse ,
who was under nrrust in Omaha. The
marshal feigned an agreement to return
Monte to the Omaha police ns soon as they
were through with him hero nnd Morse
signed a document that ho would return
without requisition pnpers.
He was placed iu the county jail and
some disposition of the case ns it now
stands will probably be made in the court
List your property with Cooper &
Judson , Mo. 130 Main st.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
Crumbs From Court.
The grand jury yesterday reported that
they had no indictments against Cautuin
Overtoil , who was arrested at the in
stance of the saloon men for perjury , in
connection with thu prosecution of the
liquor cases. Ho was accordingly dis
charged. A like order was madn in the
case of M. It. Smith , one of these who
hnvo been prominent in gathering infer
mntion against the saloons.
The ( Jollmnn case was called in district
court yesterday , and sot for next Tues
day. It is understood that an attempt
will bo made to have thu case tried by
Judge Loofbourow , at some future time.
To-day will bo devoted to motions und
other matters , to bo considered by thu
judge without thn aid of the jury.
Visit the now jeweler , C. Voss , No. 415
Broadway , if you wisli anything in his
lino. Ho lias a line assortment of the best
goods. '
A ItUck Burglar.
Yesterday afternoon a burglar entered
the rear of the residence oi Mrs. Jones ,
corner of Washington avenue -and Sev
enth streets. Ho went into the house and
lighted a inntch.nud to his surprise found
ho was by the bedside of Mr. and Mrs.
Jones. Mrs. Jones shouted for a revolver ,
while her husband lay perfectly quiet
until the exit of thn thiof.
After the thief had departed Mr. Jones
was induced to get out of bed. It was
then discovered that between | 4 nnd | 5
in silver had been &tolon. but a prize
was found on the back porch. It proved
to bo a jar of apple butter , ( known to
the tramp ns "Pennsylvania salve , " )
which had been left there by the thief ,
and had probably been stolen from someone
ono else.
Mrs. Jones had a good look at the
thief when at her bedside , and describes
mm as a good sized negro.
Wanted Tinners , at Cole & Colo's ,
No. 41 Maiu street.
Slim Police Picking.
In police court yesterday morning
Judge Aylosworth only had three drunks
brought before him.
James Harrington , of Marshalltown ,
was forty years old , and said he never
had ahomo. . He was tinea $7.CO , but
promised to loava town if given a chance ,
* " Ho was lot out.
Dan O'Leary , ijot the slx-day-go-as-
jou-ploa e-hoel-and-too-walkur , but fore
man on the tile work of the now court
house , was given a tine of $8.10.
N. North was lined $7,00 , and wont his
way rejoicing.
Dr. J. T. Van Ness , physician nnd sur
geon , oilice room 3 , Opera House block
will attend professional calls day 01
night. Residence corner Eighth avonm
and Fifteenth street.
, A Chance For ICdonouiy.
Why is it that the council don't attend
to the sewer in the city jail ? It is con
tinually out of whack. It costs the cltj
60 cents a day to keep prisoners at tin
county jail , while if the sewer at the
city fill is fixed it only costs the city 5. .
cents per day to feed them. Aldormat
Keller or some of the economists of tin
council should look after this matter. It
would do moro good than to kick agains
a little paving.
Dr. Jeffries' Infallible Prcvcntlvo am
Cure for Diphtheria cab be procured o
Mrs. Porter , 73tt rourth avenue , Counci
BluflJJ , Price (3,00 ,
The -Sheriff Seizu Three Whisky Barrels
and Spills the Rainwater ,
Found Guilty of BtcAltng a Diamond
Ho Donntls Away A Black Uurglar
Swaps Apple tluttcr For Silver
Found Her Lost Sister.
The First Seizure or
Yesterday afternoon there was fin
apparently dull , drowsy session of thu
district court. There were a fuw loltor-
urs , hero and there an attorney , but
apparently there was no business doing
of sulllclcnt Importance to even break
Into the reveries of the bailiff's , who wore
taking life easy , and waitinjj for some
thing to interest or exorclso them. From
out of tins dull appoarinc gathering there
Hashed a lightning stroke , however ,
which was a surprise to those whom it
struck. It was the issuance of the first
order of abatement in the prohibition
warfare. Even those who were in the
court room at the timn were so oblivious
of what was going on that they did not
take notice that Judge Denmor was giv
ing orders for the seizure and spilling of
the best whiskey of one of the leading
The order of abatement was put into
the hands of Sheriff Keel , who started
lor the well known "Palace" on Broad
way , of which Harngan 4e Carlton are
the proprietors. The BKK man accom
panied the shorifTto see how that staunch
democratic ottlcial would nerve himself
into wasting tin ; favorite bovurage of Ins
partv , Shcrill' Kuel , as usual , kept cool
and handled himself and the whisky with
moderation. On entering the saloon ho
found Air. Carlton there and proceeded
to servo the notice. The sheriff quietly
shut the doors and pulled down the
blinds so as to prevent any undue pub
licity and excitement , lie then pro
ceeded to carry out the order of the court
as contained in the writ.
Ho met with no opposition , and in fact
Mr. Carlton t.Horded him such assistance
as he needed. Behind the bar were found
several bottles of llquori , and these were
soccdily seized. The sheriff tempted the
B KK man to taste the contents , to make
sure that it was whisky , as the democratic
sheriff was innocent about such sinful
beverages , but as the BEU man was
equally an amateur as a tester , the sheriff
took a smell , and took his chances.
"I hate to do it , for it seems awful to
see such good whisky go to waste , but
here goes , " and the bottles wcro emptied
into a bucket preparatory to throwing
the whisky out in the alloy.
Then a partly tilled keg of beer was
emptied. Two full kegs were rolled
aside to await a later spilling , while the
sheriff wont for three barrels of whisky ,
which had apparently just been received.
The bungs wcro knocked out , and the
sheriff with a groan saw the liquid begin
o How out. ft had a peculiar Hmcll , and
ho startled shonff began to think he was
tyjng himself liable to damages for
mptying a lot of mineral water , for
water it surely was. and not whisky. It
' ad an odor stronger than Colfitx , but
ho fears of the official wore allayed by
he saloon man informing him that the
iarrols wcro full of rain water , which
> ad stood so long as to got a little stout
n smell.
At this moment Judge Ford -appeared ,
: io being attorney for the llrm whose
. roporty was being destroyed. Ho had
a written order from Attorney Sims ,
who has been prosecuting these cases ,
lirecting the sheriff to soi/e but nut do-
itory the liquors , and hold them until the
next day , when further instructions
would bo given. "It's too late , Judge , "
said the sheriff. "I've just knocked the
bungs ons of those throe barrels and
tipped them over , I'm sorry , but you
como too late. I hated to do it , but 1 hade
: o under the writ , "
The judge looked discouraged and
After clearing out the ice box , leaving
only the ginger aln , soda water and other
'larmlnss oevorages. the sheriff sampled
.ho cider , and seeing that Judge Ford
had revived , his client having whispered
to him that only rain water was in the
barrels , proceeded to arrange for n settle
ment of the costs , which under the exe
cution amounted to about $70 , $ T > 0 of
which was for attorney's fees. The saloon
men wore given the choice of paying this
bill or having the fixtures and bar seized
and sold. They preferred to Day the
costs , so that the only loss of property
was a few dollars worth of whisky and a
quantity of rain water.
As nearly as could bo learned yester
day the procoodures were the result of a
little sharp strategy on the part of at
torneys. Some time ago notice was
served on Henry Wagner , who was then
keeping the saloon , and on the supposed
owner of the building , the notice being
that application was about to bo made to
have a temporary writ of injunction is
sued. It was learned that the property
was a part of the Folsom estate , and that
the ownership was so much in contro
versy as to make it diffcult to get at. The
b.ipposcd owner of it was therefore al
lowed to drop out of the case , leaving
the case as against Henry Wagner. In
the meantime Wagner had disuoscd of
the business to Harrington & Carlton. the
present occupants of the building.
There was no case against them ,
and so Attorney Sims amended his peti
tion so as to make them co-defendants
with Wagner. Judge Ford was the at
torney for Wagner , and while ho did not
appear in court as attorney for the two
others , he was really acting in their in
terests. Ho made a motion recently to
have their names stricken out , claiming
that the prosecution had no right to thus
amend its petition. This motion had not
been disposed of. No one had appeared
for Harrington & Carlton , Judge Ford
appearing simply for Wagner , not want
ing to aupoar for the two others lost by
appearing he would concede the jurisdic
tion of the court in the case. Thus the
matter stood when the jump was made
yesterday afternoon.
The jump was in this way. Attorney
Sims slipped into court yesterday after ,
noon , and dismissed the action as against
Wagner. This lot Wagner out of coutt ,
and of course , on the surface , it let Judge
Ford out too. for ho had been represent
ing Wagner alone , and not the two
others. Sims then asked for a judgment
by default against Harrington & Carlton ,
they having put in no appearance , by
counsel or otherwise. The judgment was
accordingly entered up , and not only a
permanent injunction issued against the
two , but the order for abatement
and the execution for costs issued.
Attorney Sims was delighted when the
sheriff informed him that ho had seized
and emptied three whisky barrels. Ho
had not got through rubbiue his hands
gleefully , when the shoritl explained :
"Yes , I got throe whisky barrels , full
too , and emptied them , and you ought to
have scon the rain water run out of
them. " aims was nearly heart broken ,
"but after all , " he said , "all I want is
for these follows to stop their selllnir. I
don't want to make any more expense or
trouble than I can help , but its got tc
stop , and they have got to pay what it
costs to stop the business. "
Rotherj'o Disappearance.
The disappearance of Herb Rothory
Immediately after the return of the vor
diet of guilty was the theme of talk about
the court circles yesterday. The reporl
that ho and his partner , Morse , had cs
caped from the sheritt was wholly un
founded. Tbe sheriff bad nothing to d <
with the two men , as they were out on
bail. When the jury had reached an
agreement , about a o'clock in the morn
ing , a messenger was sent for the judge
and for the attorneys. Kd. Uothery , with
others of the crowd of Omaha friends
who had been taking so much interest
in the case , were hanging about
the entrance and making frequent
trips across the street to the sa
loons , whore the interest centered
greatly. He learned it quickly , ns did
the others , and he ran across the street ,
where Herb Hothcry was a few minutes
before. When the jury formally reported ,
finding Rothory guilty , there was a call
for him , but ho was not forthcoming. It
became apparent that ho had been given
a tip as to the result , and had flown.
Judge Ucbtncr ordered the sheriff to
make immediate and thorough search ,
and that the expense would bo certified
up to the county. Sheriff Heel did not
see why it was not the duty of the bonds *
men to hunt Uothery and Morse , but ho
obeyed the orders , and also offered a re
ward of $100. The police were soon on
the hunt , but the search was in vain.
It appears that Rothery expected that
the jury would either hang or convict.
His hopes were based on a disagreement
and ho came very near to getting one.
When the jury first balloted it dtood
seven to live for conviction. At last it
narrowed down to ten lor conviction and
two for acquittal. Brown and Davis nro
said to have linen the two men who voted
in the minority. On ono ballot Brown is
said to have been the only ono voting for
acquittal , and on another ballot Davis is
said to have stood out alone. At last ho
voted with the others , and the agreement
was reached.
Rothury and his friends are said to
have had their arrangements all made in
anticipation of such a result , and whin
they found that the jury had agreed
they jumped into a carnage drawn by a
couple of bronchos and hurried to th o
river , there took passage by boat and
were soon on Nebraska soil.
Some of the Rothory gang yesterday
put on a bold front and declared that
Herb Rothery will show up all right.
There would bo a motion tor a now trial ,
etc. , and when it came time for him to
appear ho would bo bore , but this was
doomed rather "bluffy. "
The case of Morse , who was indicted
with Rothory for stealing the diamond ,
was set for trial yesterday morning , but
as Morse was not on hand , Judge Deemor
caused the bonds to bo forfeited. John
Lindor and Conrad Uciso are the bonds
men on the new bond , and it is under
stood that Mr. Ueiso has an indemnifying
bond from Mr. Lindor , while Linder
claims to have an indemnifying bond
given by Ed Rothery and Mr. flcr , of
Omaha. The bond is for $2,000.
The bond will not bo declared for
feited as to Herb Rothery until the day
arrives for sentence.
County Attorney Daily has fought this
case with all the ardor and skill which
any man could exercise. The fight has
boon a hot one , r.nd with three attorneys
on the defense , and a goodly crowd
backing up the defendant , ho has had all
that any man eould contend with single
handed. It seems that ho was fully justi
fied in his belief that Rothory and Moss
would skip , and hence his anxiety to have
a first-class bond was justly acted upon
Kotliery's friends evidently made a
mistake m their free use of the saloons
and the gambling houses. The crowd
which rallied around Rothery wore for
the most part of the sporting class , and
their fico handing around o ? cigars , their
liberal treating and their general appear
ance created an unfavorable feeling in
the air.
To tlio Public.
Wo understand that ono A. M. Wil
liams , of DCS iMoines , claimmu to bo the
agent of what is termed the "Duun Col
lecting anil Protective Union , " has been
in this city for several days distributing
circulars on which are printed in largo
and bold faced typo the words : "The
old reliable Dunn Collecting and Pro
tective Union. "
The mercantile agency , 11. ( } . Dunn , has
been in successful operation ever since
the year 1841 , whereas "Tho Old Reliable
Dunn Collecting and Protective union , "
10 called , tiled its articles of incorpora
tion in Woodbury county , Iowa , about
December 24,1885 , from which it appears
thev bavo boon in exibteneo less than two
years. With these record facts , wo leave
t with the people to judge for themselves
of the honesty'and propriety of it as
suming the style "The Old Reliable Dunn
"Jollccting and Protective union. "
Is it not a scheme to induce the people'
to behove that they are identified with
the mercantile agency of R. G. Dunn &
Co. , and thus mislead and deceive the
public , secure to themselves the benefit
of the reputation and patronage acquired
by u reliable and respectable institution ?
That the people in this vicinity may
not bo deceived , wo wish it distinctly un
derstood that neither Mr. Williams nor
the concern ho claims to represent are
in any way connected with the mercan
tile agency of R. G. Dun & Co.
O. S. STKANIIUO , Manager.
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
BOB Broadway BOS
They are closing out boots and shoes
without regard to cost or value. One
word to the wise. Call.
Threatened By Crook * .
Police Oflicers Stevens and Unthank
wont to Omaha on Thursday night to the
show. After returning from the show
they noticed something peculiar abou
four men who seemed to bo following
thorn as they were on their way to the
dopot. The otlicers concluded they'd
wait a few minutes in a door way on
Douglas street. Just after they had taken
their positions m the door way , ono of
the men came along , and changing his
revolver from his hip pocket into
the outeido pocket of his coat remarked
as ho passed , "We'll fix you people to
night. "
The ofllcers recognized him as Lee and
ono of the other trio as Cain , who last
week , were both arrested by Ollicor Stev
ens at the dummy depot ono evening.
The crooks , as such they are , then
threatened to do up the officers , but
nothing more was thought of it until they
mot on Douglas street.
The otlicers could not find an Omaha
policeman , but avoided a collision by
turning the corner unexpectedly. They
were followed though , but without be
coming alarmed as they were fairly
loaded themselves.
Sudden Death.
A young man named Al Hampton ,
from Oxford , III. , died very suddenly at
the Revere house yesterday morning. Ho
had been in ill health for a year or more ,
and although very feeble had decided to
try a change of climate as a last hope.
Ho had reached this city on his way to
California , and his strength giving
out , had concluded to return to his
homo without going further west. Yes
terday morning he iiad bought his ticket ,
and made preparations to take the train ,
when In crossing his room ho tottered ,
managed to roach his bed , and as a friend
tried to turn him over so that ho would
rest moro easily , ho gasped and died.
The cause scorns to have boon consump
tion , wttli attendant complications. The
eastern friends were notified , and the
body was prepared ( or immediate sending -
ing home.
Watches , clocks , jewelry , etc. , the bes
in the city. C. Voss , jeweler , No. 415
Broadway. Repairs a faueclalty.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
Not Gone to the Bud.
A young lady named Smith , of Omaha
has been hunting sister iu taU city ( or
two weeks. SfrtJ was inclined to believe
she had entered a. house of ill tame here ,
nit no trace of' ' hpr could bo had and the
unit was almost abandoned. Finally the
Jnmha sister started to hunt through the
warding housed and she was rewarded
> y discovering her slstor living in a ro-
pectablo boarding house on Fourth
trect. Both girls went to their Omaha
mme nnd both foil considerably relieved
at the reunion.
Titles of Hptnl-liarbarlo King * .
Irish Weekly Mall : The titles of the
ting of Btirmah lifelude : The King of
( ings , The Cansd'ofthe ' Preservation of
All Animals , the Absolute Master of the
ibb and Flow of the Sea , Brother of the
> un , and King of the Four and Twenty
Jmbroallas. In the matter of titles ,
hose of the royal house of Burmah are
lot in the first rank , for the titles of the
ting of Dohem are fur in advance. Ho
s styled "Sovereign of the Universe ,
whoso body is as luminous as the sun ;
whom God created to co as accomplished
as the moon at her plcntitudo ; whose
yes glitter like the northern star ; a king
as spiritual as a bull is round who , when
ho rises , shades all his people from un
der whodo feet a sweet odor is wafted , "
to. , etc.
6xO'/4 feet In sl/o , colored by addition , showing
all lots and sub-divisions Included In ten Itory
0 mllci north and south by 10)4 ) miles oust and
west.PKICE $1O.
Address C. It. ALLBN , Publisher.
CARTER A SON , Proprietors.
) AND (
Orders for repairs by mall promptly attende
to. Satisfaction Kuarantocd. Tenth Avo. ad
joining the Ogden Iron Works , Council Ulutts.
Tbo Butter house In Missouri Valley ; fur
nished flrst-clais throughout and with a largo
business established. Will bo rented on liberal
terms to responsible parties. Call on or ad-
dreis J1UQH PEUCV.
Mlisour Valley
T. F. BWTT M. D. ,
NO. 607
It. Ult Till.I il p b (
taild. .r tirwt.
Owing to the DliSOKiL IL1BTICITT of the cloth ( which
our patents cover clcluilvelT ) will At Mrfertlr flrnt
tlra. worn Rqnir i no breaktnf In MOilf KKTIR KU
br 11r ft.rbfllnrworn tftndftyslf not found tbemoit
n4 Comfortable Coriet ercr worn. Sold 67 all
0 > lt < l > ln deulon
CROTTT BROS. . Chtenco , 111.
By r ion of lt central politics c'.oo relation to llnet
Eait of Chicago , anil contlnj ns line ! t terminal
point ! Welt , Mortbwnt nd Soathwoit , ii the tni.
middle link In that tnntcontlntntai njritrra which
InrltM and facilitate ! trar.l and trafflo betw.ea the
Atlantic and I'aclfle.
Th Rock Iiland main line and branches Include Chi
cago. Joll.t. Ottawa , La Sail. , Feorla , Oenci.0 , Holla.
and Rock Iiland , In Illinois ) Davenport , Muioatln. .
Washington , Falrfltid , Ottumwa , Oikalooia , West Lib
erty. Iowa Cltj , DMlUlnes , IndlanolaWlntenet. Atlan
tic , Jtnoirlllo , Audubon , Harlan , Outhrla Centra and
Council Bluffs , In lowai Oallatln , Trentoa , St. * otapo ,
Cameron and Kansas City. In Missouri ! L.ai.'iworth
and Atahlson , In Kansui Albert Lea , Minneapolis and
Bt.Panl , In Minnesota ) Watertown and lloux Falls.lt
Dakota , and hundreds of Intermediate cities and towns.
i'The Great Rock Island Routs"
Guarantees speed , comfort , certainty and safety. Its
permanent war Isdlstlagulthedforltsexoellence. Its
bridles ro of stone and Iron. Its track Is of solid
teel , Its rollUg stock perfect. Its passenger equlpm.nt
basallthesafet7appuancesthateiperlrnchasi rel
useful , and for luxurious accommodations Is untai-
passed. Its Express Trains coiisut of superior Oap
Coaches , elsganl Pullman Palace Parlor and Bleeping
Cars , superb Dining Cars , providing delicious meals ,
and ( between Chicago and St. Joseph , Atchlson and
Kansas City ) restful Reclining Chair Cars. It * man
agement Is conservative , iu discipline exacting
' 'The Famous Albert Lea Roi'.re"
Between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Pa. Is the
favorite. Over this line Solid Fast Express Trains run
dally to attractive resorts for tourl&ts In Iowa , and
Minnesota , and , via Watertown and Sioux FMIs , to the
rich wheat and grating lands of Interior Dakota. Via
Seneca and Xankakee , the Itock Island otters superior
Inducements to travelers between Cincinnati , Indian *
apolls , Lafayette and Conncll lllulfs , St. Joseph , Atclil-
on , Leavenworth , Kantas City , Nt. Paul , and Interme
diate points All patrons ( cspecl&llr ladles and chil
dren ) receiveprotectlon , ourtesy and kindly attention.
For tickets , maps , folders , copies of Western Trail , or
any desired infonnatlert , apply to principal ofllcea In
the United States and Canada , or address , at Chicago ,
And others suffering from
nervous debility , eihaustli > si
chronlo diseases , premature
decline of young or old are
positively cured by Dr ,
llorne's famous Eleetre *
1 Manetle Belt. Tbouiauds
MvDtare. 70(11'lred In'HJ. Send stamp for pamphlet.
_ Ol nt 801 "A1V3H V NOAH
iff , a | 4 MJ ; p llu tloi i o pwJiiaMI * ai t jej
> ; | twna * UpMll ! , ir lo mvl * fVMMiM
iii , . 4pii
Incomparably the Beat.
_ _
I nCTNANHOOD.Youtbul.lwpr |
k > f O I uJ uce.SerTousUebllltycau8ed
t hrouKh error * ud > > ad practice * CURED.
> * IKAl C Ul < OCUtlt , fct.M ui
rfpecla ! advertisement * , such M Lost , Fo.ind
loIxinn.For Bale , To Rent , ft ami , Botrdlnr ,
tc , will bolnaerttd In thli column nt th * low
rttoof TEN CUNTS PEIt LI NB forth * flmlns.r.
Ion tin J . ' 'lv CcntirorLlnefo. ' chiUbi j < iiieiu
Insertion. Lvare aJverllseincnta nt our office )
No. U I'corl iticet , near Uroadwuy , Council
Foil RENT-Kurnlihed front room on tocond
lloor , No. 117 Fourth street. _
WANTIID A jrood pill for cook. Apply nt
onee to Mrs. J. M. Mcl'licrson , No. Ktl
Pierce street.
" ANTKD A ( tlrl for ironrrul limi'pwork ,
Bmall tiuiuly , liandy kitchen. 'iUUOthuvu.
ANTKD-Youn * lrl who 'wants logo to
school nnd lielp do housework to pay for
her board. Addreiit M 27 , Hoc office.
TntlHNlTUIIK AND BTOVKB-For thu next 30
A1 days at greatly reduced uncos to ninko
room lor fall stock. Parties furnishing good
references can buy on weekly or monthly pay.
nients. A. J. Matulol , 82J and : )2fi ) llroadway.
FOU BALK A flrst-clasi restaurant , best lo
cation In city. Heated by FtoHm. Water
works , excellent patronage ; rango. Ice houso.
kitchen , everything In llrst-clms aijie. wish to
sell on account of ill health. Jalm Allen , Coun *
ell Hlufft. _
FOR SALE- Stock of drugs In central Ne
braska. Will Imolco about $1.000. In
quire of Ilarlo , Has & Co. , Council llhiirF , Iiu
BALK Oil TKADK.-For Conncll lllufTl
property 40,000 acrei of Iowa nnd Ne
braska land. J. It. Mice , 110 Main St. Council
Blliffg. _
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Accommodation * First Clnm ,
And Hate < ) Reasonable
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice in the State and Federal Cour t
Room * 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
Justice of the Peace.
Ortico over American Express.
lit Amber ,
etc.Halr On
nnnients , as
well as the
newest nov-
elticaiu hair
> Hair ffooils
nmilcto order
Mrs. CV L. Gillette
20 Mr.iu St. , Conncll Blulls , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , ami all mail
orders promptly attended to.
The firmest of driving horses always on
hand nnd for sale by
Star Safe Stab/es and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot
s i.
Horses and mules constantly on hand
for sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission
Telephone 114. SHLUTKK & BOLKY.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Counci lilufls
Vacant Lots , Lands , City Ileildences and
Fairus. Aero property In western pait of city
All EClllntr cheap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Koom 5 , over 0Ulcer & Puscy's llnnk , Couno
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Highest Market Prices. Promp
Return * .
820 and 822 Main Street , Council Ulufls ,
- AND -
Prices Very Low , *
W. S. HOMER & ' 'Co. ,
NO. 23 MA1X ST. ,
i > r { i , ; , y - ' ' . - f i
600 Broadway , Council Bluffi.Iowa.
Fall Goods ,
We have now In stock our new purchases in Silks , Drew Goods , Under *
wear , Flannels , Domesticsetc. , etc. Headquarters for
We have the largest select Ion at id finest patterns of carpets in the city of
the west. They comprise
Axminster ,
Moquettes ,
Body Brussels ,
Tapestry Brussels ,
Three-ply Ingrain ,
Matting ,
Rugs , Etc , Etc ,
We shall be pleased to meet and shoivour cu itomcrs theic new and choicfi
fabrics. Do not forget the place.
401 Broad way , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : Boarders : : Reduced : : Rates.
NO. 336 & 338 Broadway , council Bluffs.
Common Sense
Greatest Invention of the Age
Iliipture or Hernia a
Cures all kinds of Chronic Dlio.tsoi Hint nro curnhlo with his most Wonderful VejfCtubla
.Remedies. IB the oldest and must miccossl ul Specialist In thu west. Call nnd s o him ,
OFPICU. NO. . 11 . I'KAUI. hrilKKT , r x > ii il "Dl-- . . * T * * . _ . . I
Oillco Hours : 8 to 13 a. in. . 1 to 5 und 0 to 8 p. m. L/OUUCll ± 51HlIS , 1OW8 > (
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on ns.
Instrument ! Tuned anil Repaired. We never Tall to Rive inturncllont
Over 2O year * ' Experience In Piano and Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa ]
Justice of the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffi.
Refers to any bank or business house In the
city. Collections a specialty.
NEW / " / / / iUiiSOPEN.
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City ,
No. 418 Broadway Mho M r.l ttan
' ' . Telephone No. ! i |
Na. 615 Main Street , .Telephone No ,

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