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J..1. . . , . : OfA1A DAILY .BEE. , ,
The Hearty Reception to Do Tendered -
dored the Prosjdontlal Party.
Mngnllcont Weather Will Add to
the Ploaouro of the Occaelon.
How the Ouoete Will Bo Received
and W hero Driven.
De COI'ltt IOilx % 'Idci ' .flll Add Beauty
to the Clty-Clevclnnd's Lucky
Career-Ilia 'Ife'x Ontalun
Our Honored Guests.
I file nrrangements for the reception of
1 Vresideaat Cleyela id trod his wife are coin-
plete , mid Onuila is idl ready to accord them
welcome on their arrival this morning.
: verytliing so far has been propitious , and
i the probability is that the sun will shine
s brightly upon the distinbvlshed guests. 'the
t' city is nlrendy throlgrd with thousands of
strangers who have come to greet the chief
mngistrate and his wife , and to-day Omaha
tv ill turn out an assemblage such as it never
q has hoforo iniohit of mmnbors. 'Since leave
t , ing Washington the party has visited Indian-
r apohis , St. Louis , Chicago , Milwaukee , Madi-
c xan , St Pad and Minneapolis. In each of
these cities Mr. Cleveland bus been accorded
a cordial reception , not as a Politician but as
the head of the great American republic ,
Ibis greeting at Oniuha shtwld not and viii
not be less hearty than ht the 1 lmccs nlrendy
visited , and the domionstratioi of good will
will doubtless copse hull to gratefully remember -
member ilia unbounded hospitnlity of the
i people of the nletnpolis of Nebraska ,
'rite presidcadinl trail is expected
1 to rcaeh Omaha this nioruiag
a at 10311 ; , At Madison the president nud his
wife there joked by Postmaster General and
Mrs.'ilus , who , with Private Secretary
s Diudel S. Lament and Colonel 13issell , Air.
Cleveland's old law piirtaer at Buffalo , coin-
rose the disthlguished party. Upon arriving
at the Union l'acillc transfer , ml the other
side of the river , the party will be met by
Judge J , AL Woolworth , Senator Charles F ,
Manderson , Dr. George L , Miller , GeorgoW.
fioldrege , 1V. A I'axtou , Geuie al C , 13 ,
Dandy , Max Meyer , A. J I'opplctoi , J. 31.
Upon reaching the Union Pacilc depot in
Omttha the party will be met by the committee -
tee and immediately escorted to carriages
in waiting and the drive will coutmeulx.
TII1. 1)IttvE.
of the l'resitlenthtl '
-Houle I'arty
Through the City.
The route finally adopted by the committee
having in charge the drive through the city
' Is quito extensive and probably one hour will
be consuuwd hr going over it. It bus so been
arranged that the best Parts of both the rest-
, bt taco and business portions of the city will
ho via veil by the pat' and it will also
give limo people the greatest opportunity -
tunity to see the President en route.
The following are the streets on which
the drivevill be : From the Union Pacific
depot west of Mason street to Elev-
odh , north on Eleventh to Jaokoi ,
cast on Jucksot to Tenth , north on
Tenth to Barney , cast on Harney to Ninth ,
north on Ninth to Farnnui , tvcst on Far-
nam to Sixteenth , north on Sixteenth to
Dodge , east al Dotage to Fifteenth , south of
Fifteenth to Douglas , east on Douglas to
Eleventh , south or Eleventh to Harney ,
west on blarney to Fifteenth , north on Fif-
tecadh to Douglas , west on Douglas to Sixteenth -
teenth , north on Sixteenth to Cutuing , west
on Cumiug to Twcadysecond , south on
Twentyscrond to the highr school building ,
around the high school building , ( vest of
Capitol avenue to Twenty-fifth , south of
Twenty-fifth to Farnum , west on Farnain to
Twenty.eighth , south on Twenty-eighth to
Park avenue to Leavenworth , on Leaven-
worth to Phil Sheridan , north on Pliil Sheri ,
dam to St. Mary's avenue , cast on St. Mary's
to Twentieth , north on Twentieth to liar-
nby , east on Harney to Eighteenth , north
on Eighteenth to Farnam , east on Farnain
to Eleventh , south on Eleventh to Mason ,
east on Mason to Tenth , south on
'i'enth to hi ownell hall , circling in the yard
In front of Brownell hail , and north to the
The carriages wilt ho ocmqIed as fellows :
1. President , Mrs. Cleveland , Governor
Thayer , J A. McSiato
'J. Mr. and Mrs. Vilas , Mayor Bcchel ,
ludgo Wukely.
J 1) . S. Lauto t , Dr , Miller , J. F. Boyd ,
tv , A. Paxton.
4 , v _ S flinch , W. Manlersou , J. F , Say-
-age , C. D. Dandy.
n. Dr , flyriud , A. S. Paddoclr , Woohvorth ,
Max Itteyor.
0. Boymitmt , Itoaewater , Poppleton , Dorsey.
, I 7 , hiitehcock , Pritchet , F. Murphy.
8. Bahtwln , Cowin , Doane , Ferguson.
9. General 13rcek , C. H. Drown , II. W.
Yates , T. Kimball ,
10. Dr. M. Purlhm , J. II. Millard , C. V.
j Onllaghcr , Holdrege ,
11 , Major Hughes , ilrachvogel , C. Taylor ,
11 , Kountzo.
Ii. Colonel henry , Judge Croff , Judge
Nev'hlle , C.V. . Ilan ilton ,
19 , Major Crenry , 14 E. Iler , lioplchts ,
J. Meyer.
14. Clowrnl Hawkins , J. Garicau , J. II.
15. Colonel Terrill , Captain \h Coilyy , Gilbert -
bert , llurttnun.
10. Koamu , Captain Ray , Siattli , hbe"nett.
17. Dr , Crittenden , Major Ruker , Helm ,
rot1 , Mnyno.
18. Major lialeondt , Ktchen. ;
19. 13stWyt Lowry , llaskelt , Boyd ,
'Jq , Ford , Lea , Glanville , Cimisuum ,
21 , Schuchler , ltedfonl , Cheuuey , Pan
-Ja. 1clrslc d , Aloador , luuhnuu , hn. pcr ,
r t3. Retorters of the four pnpo > v.
Everyone is expteeted to b e in time carriages
on the arrival of the presidential train.
How the Troops and Civic Societies
1v ill lIe Arranged.
General l1'heaton , grand mmarehal of the
day , has labored Indefatigably in arranging
the troops aul civic societies who will greet
the presideut. Of line regular troops the
headquarters baud of the Second regiaed
United States infantry will be nattier comma-
lnaad of Lloutenant Cobouel I. S. Fletcher.
Who Second infantry will form on the west
+ .
. , .
, lr J ' l _ I
: Y d. t r f a ,
r. =
. . , c.
1 r / 34- . - ' . i. ' i/
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a- -
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i , - 1
. .
R 1. / - 1 ,1
4/ i
! , A /i .
I , I Y ' .r
a 14/i2'/ ( n J
. \ / r
. . L \
a 7 (4 ( . ' iff" , -
\ j 1i ( ( %
lL/ I --J , 1V\J tit .
I1 ,
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\ ; ? I
j I _
l V lE'I S J
- > \
I 1 , , .I
, , 1 . ,
; \ \ \ 1 _ r
: . : \
a t ; t'
I 1 1 / :
y ' 2/ : ( '
side of Tenth street , facing east , right resting -
ing on Jackson street.
The uniformed regiments and divisions of
time order of the Knights of Pythias are to
format in single rank on time left of the regular
troops , extending time line of parade to time
left along Tenth street to Barney , thence
east on the north side of Burney street to
Ninth street ; on the west side of Ninth
street to Farnam ; west on south side of
Farnan street to and across Sixteenth street
breaking the hue at Eleventh timid Fifteenth
streets , which will be left open until after
the president has passed north on Fiftecdh
street Then , commencing at the northwest
corner of Farnmn and Sixteenth streets ,
leavllg Farnumn street clear until after the
presidential party has passed cast on that
street. Time uniformed amid imnuuiformed
Knights of Pythias vlll extend their llama of
parade on the west side of Sixteenth sleet ,
Lnchig east , to Cunlig street , and west of
time south side of Cuanimg street , facing north
to or near TweutySecond street ,
All other organizations and civic nssoci-
atious will form on tam parade li"o on time
north side of Douglas street facing south ,
and on the south stile of Ilaruey street , facing -
ing north.
The young men's donocratie chub , Colonel
E. C. Fioyd commander , will be at the Union
l'mmcifk ; depot at 9 a , In , The Genoa Immdus-
trial School band is assigned to duty with
time young men's club.
A force of police will be present to gran }
time depot grounds mid also the lbw of march.
A presllcadhtl salute will be tired inunerli-
ately on the arrival of the president in
blow time City is Attired For limo
Daily adorned in red , w hito and blue , her
natural beauty reinforced by all that skillful
hnnds can accomplish with yards upon yards
of binding and thousands of flags , Omaha
will present a sight to Old Sol this morning
fit to make his eyes water. As President and
Mrs. Cleveland and time presidential party
arrive at the Uuiou Pacific depot they will be
greeted by a display of flags and hunting
tastefully festooning the south side of the
building and in time center time word " 11'el-
come , " This will be the first of time long lbw
of hnndsonte decorations tvldchi Pidrloliu citizens -
zens have prepared in honor of the first visit
of time nation's chief mimmglstdo to the
( late City of time 1Vcst In time hands
of the conm itteo on deconitio" aid Its caner-
getie and ellcicnt ciwUmat , Julius Meyer ,
this partof the city's reception to its dis
tinguished guest bas been performed In a
maser of which all tier citizens laity fool
justly proud. All day yesterday alarge fora
of pointers and workmen of various kinds
Veto busily engaged la limo empty stmrc build ,
itig on the first tloor of the D. & M. aehd-
qua tera at Tenth and Farnam streets , pro
pariug mottoes , tiags and streamers tor lame
m.loug time line of the presidoitial drive this
morning. Sonic of their work was flung to
time breeze , nrly yesterday morning. During
the day the nc ority of the mottoes and
Pictures ivero put in place and limo Eleventh
street viaduct supplied with its dress of
many colors. Early this morning the ] sigh
school building will be decorated and a liberal
mnouut of flags amid bunting will be displayed
of time four fronts of time county building.
The decorations of the Eleventh street
viaduct , wldch will he the first to greet the
eyes of the presidential party , are among time
lsandsomest on time line of march. From the
south end of the soutlm span hangs a streamer
bearhsg the inscription , " 11'eleoule to time
presidealt and Mrs. Cleveland. " As the procession -
cession again passes under this
span on its return from time tour of the city ,
the chief executive will meet this flattering
and suggestive motto : "God Speed the Man
who does right" As the llama advances it
will pass under time magnificent ceamtral span ,
at the south mad of wimiclt rm arch has been
constructed for time occasion , upon which are
hang portraits of President timid Mrs. Cleveland -
land , flanked by nntional shields. At the
other end of this span are pictures of Wash -
fugton and the Goddess of Liberty , Vith a
shield nud eagle between. After leaving the
viaduct , as the procession moves north on
.Tenth street , it will pass mmler n streamer at
Tenth amid Jackson streets hiseribed , " 12.,000
Omaha People Welcouo tine Presi-
dent. At Tentlt amid Ilarney anotimer
stnnmps Omnhas npproval of time celebrated
utterance of the chief executive , "A Publio
Oftco is a 1'ublio Trust" At Temmtlm timid
Farnum this sentiment is repeated while on
the other side is time inscription "Grover
Cleveland , time Nutioam's Chief Magistrate. "
At this corner is suspouled a large crayon
portrait of tam president's lovely wife , for
which ho handsomno decorations on time army
and Union Pacific headquarters help to make
a fitting background. Spanning the street
at the next street west on Farnam is the inscription -
scription , "The Foundation of a Govern-
mcidtime Nation's Strength. " Pam their return
down Furnum. The city's ' guest will be
greeted with tlmo hospital invitation , "Come
Again , and Stay Longer , At Twei fin and
Farnam , 1,000 Omaha Peopho repeat
their "Welcome" to "the President" At
Thirteenth and Farnam an immense crayon
portrait of the presidential visitor looks down
benignantly upon time passersby. The
Knights of Pytlmlas present their welcome at
Fourteenth and Farnam and Thirteenth mmd
Douglas , on streamers tastefully adorned
with emblems of the order. An arch on the
west side of rho bight school building bears a
welcome to the distinguished visitors as they
pass north on Twenty-second street , and
on their return bids "Godspeed
to the Man Who Does Right"
The court house will be , decorated
at an early hour this morning with bunting
tripod about pleturee of the president on the
north , east and soutlp fronts. The chamber
of commerce deserves especial mentiou for
its tasteful bunting decoration and time arch
lm the square in front of it looks very pretty
with nutioual shields at the four bases and
time national tricolor tvrcatlmed about the
frame work.
Sheri1T , Mayor , Governor , President
and Husband.
Time wonderful career of Grover Cleveland
has won for him the title of the Man of Des-
tiny. Born in Margh,1837 , at the age of ttf-
teen ho became a student in Clinton academy
Oneida county , Now York. Without means
to Ilnish his studios , Ito was compelled to
accept u position in a country store. lie was
next appointed u teacher in ma asylum for time
blind , in width position ho remained for one
year. Turning his eyes westward as the
siot affordhmg room and scope for his amid-
tions , ho was on his way to Clevelmmd , Olmio ,
what stopping at time residence of his uncle ,
lion , Lewis B , Allen , in Buffalo , he was by
that relative dissuaded front his Intention
amid advised to study lain. IIe was admitted
to the bar in 18.19. In 1S0'J ho ryas appointed
assistnnt district attorney for Erie county ,
This was time first ppblio ofiieo ho bud ever
held , mid he was at the time twody-live years
of ago. '
In 180.1 ho was nominated by time democrats
for district attorney of Erie county , Accepting -
ing the nomination ho entered the campaign
vigorously but was defeated by the republican -
can nominee. This is the only defeat for
any public milieu for which lie over ran , scored
agmatnst } aim. After his defeat for the district
uttorneyship Ito resumed the practice of law
iu Buffalo as a member of the firm of Lining ,
Cleveland & Brown.
In 1670 ho was elected slmeriff of Erie
county and held that 0111ce for three years.
In 1874 ho was elected mayor of Buffalo and
exercised time veto power unsparingly. From
the mayoralty of liuftalo we next timid him
graduated Into a noaineo ) for the governorship -
ship of New York amid his contest with Sec.
rotary Folgerr , tire republican nomhmee , and
his victory by a majority of over
190,000 votes forms lmo of the most remarJc-
able events in American politics , As governor -
ernor of New York , Ciavoland was regarded
as a man of indomittblo will-power mid an
indefatigable worker rather tuna a states-
man. It was while seated In the executive
chamber in the midst of his duties at Albusy : ,
on July 11 , ISSI , that the salute of a hundred
beans conveyed to him the intelligence of bis
nomninalion for the presidency of time United
States by the democratic convention at Chicago -
cage , of the fourth day of its session. Time
events of time campaign of 1654 arc too well
known to need anything but a suggestion for
their recall. The cad of that campaign found
at its zenith and hinself , presldeeitt. It Is safe
to say that no itreaidlYmtlal inauguration eve r
. U
excelled in elegance amid numbers that
of Mnrcli 4 , is ; ; . So great was the nuum-
her of military amid civil delegations attend-
fug that time usual procession was curtailed
en route to the escort of the preshlent from
thu capitol to the white houso. Seated in a
carriage drawn by four white horses , with
the oath of ofilco administered by Chief
Justice Waite aid time declaration of his own
inaugural , "Public ofilco is a public trust , "
ringing In his cars , Grover Cleveland as head
of 00,000,000 people role to the white house ,
bowing his responses to time cheering crowds.
The same lndefatgmiblo work and minuteness
of detail which characterized his ndmLalslra-
tion of time oftico of governor of Now York ,
clung to him in time wllito house
Every application for ofilco ho personally
exaniued and every movement of congres-
alonal legislation ho closely inspected. At
his desk at 8 a. m. ho labored with lntermis-
slons for meals far into the night , but with
all his assiduity he found time for courtship
amid was
MAnnirD oN aosr 2 , ISSO ,
in the blue room at than White house , Time
event was significant , being time first ma -
riago of a president occurring in time exeeu-
tivo mansion ,
iTiulm : w IIITE noesu ffINae.
Time first marriage ceremony ever solemnized
ized at time white house wits that of Marie
Hester Monroe , the youngest of the presi-
dmit's daughters , to Samuel Lasvreace , gov
ermior of New York , March 9 , 1820. The ceremony -
emony was performed by Itev , Dr , Hawley ,
an Episcopal minister of Washington , and
was very exclusive , limited to attendance to
the Immediate family , Jolni Tyler's second
inarriage to Julia Gardner did not occur
at time white house , but at the Church of limo
Ascension , New York City , Juno 20 , 18(4. (
On the 31st of Jnnuary , 1842 , Elizabeth , time
third daughter of John Tyler , was married in
the east roon of the white house to , Viiiimim
Waller , Rev , Dr. hiawley officiating. Time
next mnrrluge at time white house was that
of Nellie Grant to Algcrtmon Sartorls , ftov.
Dr. Nevmnnn , a Methodist maiuistcf , ofilciat
M115. .
A Brief Dlography-Tho Folsom Pant.
Ii ) ' and ' 1'helr Otnaha I'n prrty ,
Mrs. Grover Cleveland , whom 73yron Sun.
derlund of the First Presbyterian church ht
Washington pronounced one with the presided -
ded on Jumio 3 , 1650 , was Frances Folsom ,
the daugldcr of Oscar mid Emma C. Folsom ,
of Buffalo , Her mother was left a widow
in time year 1810 by the accidental -
dental death of her husband and time
daughter was placed at school at St. Paul ,
Minn. , in the same year. While there slue
lived with her aunt , Mrs , hluddlestono , and
attended school at the corner of Fifth and
Franklin streets , kept by the Misses When-
ton , IIfro the future "first 'lady of thq
land" spent about a year , fauify circum-
staaueer r1 : derjng her return to Dmi ale nod
essary. It was at this period that Cleveland
first met her and laid the foundation of time
love that culminated In marriage. By in-
sthtct mud education , in beauty and grace ,
Mrs , Frances Folsom Cleveland Is well
qualified for the position slue occupies -
pies , and during her short reign
in the widt0 house , has proven herself a
worthy successor of tire glories of Dolly
Madison , the Tylers auli Harriet Lane , bequeathed
queathed her In trhdltion , song and poetry.
Her visit to Omaha at this time , aside from
time eclat attending it , must prove doubly interesting -
teresting not only to herself but to time
citizens of time city , from the fact that she is
largely interested in thoownorship of Omaha
real estate , thus making hors and tiieir Interests -
ests idcmitical.
Over thirty years ago , Jolt B , Folsom , the
grandfather of the present Mrs. Cleveland
together with lie brother , believing in
Bishop Berkely's prophecy expressed in
poetry : "Westward the course of time cm-
hire takes its way , " Invested his savings in
western lands. Among others sdlected were
several ranges him Nebraska , sons of which
are now comprised within Omaha's Boils ,
John 13 , Folsom died In the latter part of tlmo
year ISS0 , rand after provldhng by his lust
will and testament for the support and mali-
tenanco during life of his friend , Cyrus
hlunmphrey , amid his burial after death , devised -
vised all the meat nud residue of lids estate to
his following daughters-In-law aid grandchildren -
children , viz : Alice It. Folsom ( widow of
his son , Bojamin : F. , ) , Emma C. Folsom
( widow of hats son Oscar ) , Francis C. Folsom
( daughter of Oscar and Emma C. Folsoa ) ,
Emma A Folsom , I3enjanin F , Folsom ,
Alice Saplmronia and Wllllarn R. Folsom ,
( children of Benjamin F. and Alice R , Folsom -
som ) and Mary Augusta Martin ( daughter
of Wllliura N , and Mary Augssta Marlin ,
deceased ) .
In addition to her interests under time will
of ho' grandfather , Mrs. Cleveland also In-
hc'its from her grunduncle cc'tain estate hi
Onmha. As nenras curt be gathered fron
Byron Recd , her agent in Onmaha , time value
emmer estate hero in round figures is over
t Uoooo , , Time property 1n which slue hiss a
ono-sixteenth interest Is located as follows :
Lot A , block L6 , northwest corner Seventeenth
and Davenport.
Jot 1 , block 68 , southwest corner I'ourtoentlt
and ( .7dcago ,
Lot 2 , Ulock M , next west of southwest corner
Fourteeath and Chicago.
Lot f. block 68 , northeast corner Fiftee"lm and
Lot 1 , block 01 , northeast corner Twelfth and
Davenport. .
Lot 1 , block 73 , aouthwest corner Twelfth and
Lot 8bioek 74 , northwest corner Thirteenth
and Capitol uveuue.
Lot 1 , block 7e. , southwest corner Fourteenth
and Davenport , Exposition ammex.
Lot 2 , block to Capital avouue between Six.
tee"th mind SuventeenthClimb stables.
Pot 7 , block MI , landau atreetbctweenl lxteentla
and fie entsenth Planters hou9m.
Lots sad 8 , block 107 northwest corner of
and Dqu. its 41tst0i 1h21eet squure ,
" - M
I.013 , block 110 , Dmtglns between Seventeenth
mul Elghtecath , south sllle.
Lots block 10a. Jscksan between Eleventh
and Twelfth , north aide.
North 81 feet lot 4 block 24L corner SLvtlt an4
Pacific streets , aommtlleaat ctriier.
Lot e , block 31a. Iturt betvecu Twenty-second
and 7lvcntylldrd , north side ,
Let AbiotkttM , uorlhm'.cstcornerNinetcenti ,
amid tluntug , l
Iots o , 7 and e , block 1tth m , east able Saunders
street o1i1matte enghw house ,
Lot Ablock X)114 ) , Mooing betweenm Sixteenth
and Seventeenth , tlcttIi solo.
Lot Ii. block t1tl1 ; , northeast corner Ctuuhgj
mid Eighteenth ,
Llts7aud 8 , block at' ; , northwest corncl
Canting and Srvcntesutii 1z : feet squao.
Lots 8 nud 4 bkxk :111t1 , snutlu'ast cornet
Twentieth null Iznrd , l:12 : feet square ,
lat I , blocksoutlmweat corucr Twentletlt
mid lzmird ,
lot 6 , block miortlivast corner Twentyf
first cud lmnhig.
Lot 7 , block ; , .I' ' ; , l'untiag between Twemily
llrst nud Tivetnysecrnel. nut th stir.
lots 7and a , ldcck .lli ! , nnrmhnest rorucd
' 3'imrmitvsecemid and l'ianltmg. 112 tint square.
lot I , block soli , sotttlmvlst curlier 1\vcutyf
first nud Lluntwg.
lest 4. Murk 211 ! ; , southeast cltrner Treutyf
first mid ( 'inning , r
last I , bloek2rti ) , southwest curnerEtghteeiitlt
mid llunhmg ,
lot 4 , block : 13 } ; , southeast cornet' N naetnrntlf
mid Ciuuhlg.
Lots2 mid 8 , block 211t ; , Ciumibmg betveed
Scventeenilm ani Etglnel mth , to fret square.
Lott' I and 2 , Mark 21A' ; , southnu'sl corner Six'
foram mid ( 'luihu ; , l.t . fret square.
( vest bait of lot 2 , block 2111' ' ; , Cimdwg be.
wren Fl fternlli mid Steteenlh , south slur.
hut : a. block rim ! „ uortbu rst corucr N lueteentlt
mot Iluraey.
Lots 4 , L hl mum 7 , block 2g11 ; . northeast corner
7lventtetit and Ilmiruey , opposite c + je llama
pow em hicuse.
ht the following real estnta shin lms a came-
eighth lderast :
Lot 1 , block 111 , notlmeest corucr Se enteeiitil
amid Intmgbcs.
Sotitla 4 feet iot S , block Wt , 24 fret front eu th/
northnest corucr Sixteenth nud Dodge.
4 "COU51N lillN. "
An Old Omaha Ib y Vim helped Ar
rimnge limo tVedding.
"Cousin Ilot" 11'laonm , vimo figured quits
Prondicutly iii time amitewnuptiul nrrange
meats of Alra. Cloveluud , is it colmain of timmtl
lady. It will bo rmnentbo ed that ho accent-
pamicti bliss 1"olsom turd leer mother to
Emnpe , wlmitber they went for the purpose
of seleethig time u'oddlug trousscam. "Cocain
lieu" is a suit of the late lleamjanatn F. Fol
snm , of 7'uknumlm , Nub. , tvlmo tens name of limo
ptouea s of this atatc. 'yin is a bright young
matt , of altructive itppemu7tuce , very self-
conmposed , and a thoroughlred godlenunt.
Re is at presetlt United Slides consul amt
Shc0leld , 1 imglamid , Ho is mm old Oumhia
hqy , having Il cd here until lie reached mama
hood's years ,
' ' '
141(110 lutl'restltyr Itl'IIIM A1MUt limo
l'iesldential l'iir.
President Cleveland's ' hood-shakimig record
at Chicago was fortythreo hoods per minute.
Mrs. Clevelmmd's portrait in } nmmze , by
Almgmsttms IL Giuiicns , imas beelm semmt to time
foundry to be 'mist ,
1Vhilc AL's. Cleveland wits at Indianapolis
a fuuay thing happened. "Cod bless you ,
1 'rlumces , " said mot enthusiastic Irlshtvnminuu ; ,
"mumd I've brouglmt you ammo old tvntcr proof.
'folic it aluug , b'i uuccs , you'll need it in this
unsartin' ' cliuude , "
AL' . Cleveland looks ten yea's older them
the oldest lookhmg picture of trim , r
At a lunch table at St Louis Mrs. Clevo.
lmmd said that alto did Imot object to anmokhlgl
ha her preseimce , us she liked the flavor of d
good cigar.
The fierce mustache given to Mr. Clove.
land by time picture-makers lmus no existence
In fact , Time actual nppondago Is thiu aa4
liable to time suspicion of hair-dye. 1
Omaha will be out in full dress today.
Republlcmas should see Cleveliumd by nil
means. Donocrntic presidents are a rarity
amid Grover is the last of hits line ,
Here's to time heath of the president nud
lady : Call again mid stay longer.
Time president's timme being limmited to six ,
teen months mmnd twenty dims , accounts ton
his brief stay hr Omaha.
Editor Culhn am , of time Lincoln Democrat ,
ha8 beta teudcard Missouri river rates with
the privilege of seeing time imresldcmmt.
Dr. Bear , of Norfolk , will not occupy a re.
served sent In the federal building durimg thl
Time reception conndlteo in Plitlsmouth
will present Mr's. Cleveland with a crayon
sketch of time U , R M , depot , ns a sixteottb
cemmtury work of art ,
The Killoran brothers , of the O'Ncif Tel.
buns , love declined mm urgent invitation to
visit Omaha mind sec the pmsidmmt. Time boy ,
arc immodesty itself. They ha'o been known
to stop a loconoeive by uncovering their ugll. E
ness , and a similar misfortune to tlmo process
sion in this city would be enmbarrnssing to
their undo and circulatiomm ,
Nat Smuila has prepared nit eloquent Pro.
test to hurl at time president for mnrryhlg
without pernatssion from time Fronout baeh
more' club. It will be printed in the hlcrald
so that tin public can't rend it ,
Lew May is haconsolnble because time harest
dent declined to partake of time piscatorial
riches of the Rawhide , f
The Beatrice Express trill loin time lhmonpl
in Omama } with a miniature postofllce on i
pole , preceded by a band playing , "ThougU'
Lost to Sight to Memory Dear , "
Marshal fliorbover's caucellod cmnmission
is unavoidably delayed and will not be a parr
of tire exhibit
President Potter , of the Union Pacific , isI
expected to turn loose imis greatest elTom
when the presldermtial party reach the city.
Pointing to time nmagldficent cycioamo cave ii
will any : "Mr. President , this la a depot"
The I'nrty Leives St. I'aul After A
Ilrh e Abort the City.
Sr. PAUL , Oct 11. Thin presidential party
breakfasted about 9 o'clock mind at 9:45 : they
took a carriage for a drive about time city.
The route taken was rather a rircuitous ono
to thin Mhumesota club , whmero time pity tools
lunch at noon. A big crowd was waitimg at
time hotel to see the pmrtystart mid overwhco
almmg the route were women and chm ldremi lam
great numbers. In the residence portion of
the city and everywhere the President and
Mrs. Cleveland were met wlth pleasmmt
demonstrations of respect pnd interest The
drive was a revelatlon to Mrs , Clevel"mt ,
Time splendid advnncemcmt of limo city since
site saw It as a seimool girl of fourteen was a
source of pleasure.
The party slapped at Mayor Smith's real.
denco , and while there partook of sono light
refreshments. Mrs. Cleveland remained
iatnd wlmilo time rest of time party drove to the
Minnesota club , where they sat down to an
elegant lunch , after whlchm time President re
ceived umeanbcrs of time club. Some of the t ,
private residences era the streets tluough 7
whichm the president and Party Passed wcru {
handsoncly decorated.
At Dtinucapolis.
Mlg\riIOLIs , Oct. 11.-Tiro presidential
party arrived at 1 p. m , from St. Paul mid
veto immediately escorted to the West hotel.
The streets were thronged with people , many I
of whom had come hundreds of miles to mica
time presided and Mrs , Clevelmnd , The pity
was accorded a mngnlflcemmt ovation , t
After a reception and drive about tie city ,
tithing In both time business mind residence
portions , time party was escorted to tlmo depot ,
where time train was lm waiting , and at fi
o'clock good-byes were said and time trip W ,
Omaha began.

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