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- -
. . . : - - '
- - _ - m OMAHA DAILY BL ] : TUESDAY , JANUARY , 1888. '
DftI1' ( M'nItig P.dttlon ) Including Sun4ay
IUE , Duo Yenr ho
POTFIX1tflttT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. VorThrpn ! 4oiiti ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . :
Tue Umaha tIiidisy flii. matled to any ad.
drec.Ona Year 200
OMAtIA Oiric. No1l AilW0PAUNAM TflEET.
Nw YflItP OY1CI. ItOOS ( I5 T8iiiUE IiUlht )
INn. VAsJINITON $ OrrzcE , No. fIJ FotJft
. zJTj1 SiIET. _ _ _
co1tItIsI'oNrHcI. :
- All comnaun1cz.ton.q relating to nMv and
td1torIaI natter I1lou1(1 1o at1drtsed to the
Eni'roii op TItI 111E.
nusINtss : iivrit. ;
" Alt htidn 1 tter. and xirnIttaT3ees 411nht1l 1)n
. a1Idre(1 to Tiii : IIKK 1tllI.li4lilll , UOMI'ANY ,
UUAItA. 1)raflR , fheck and ro4of1Ice ordn tt
he made liftYnbie to the orler of thu conipany.
: Tli Bee Pablishing Campny , Prarietar1
E. I1OSEWATER , Enri'on.
- _ _ _
Sworn t4tatcinerit of Circulation.
Rtato of NebraRica ,
( otlnty ( ) tIOUgIlLSt4 ,
. ( leo. . TzMcInIck , secretary of TliO flee Pul , .
llsliliig coitipany. d,0F4 ( hoItvuly Nwear tIut tim
ncttliiI CIrCUIIIIIn ( It the flaly flee for ( ho week
. 'nullng Jec. : X ) , was it4 follows :
taturIla3 Iec. 24 15.4t )
Httndiw , i. i. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
4on1ay , Jec. 2fl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1f.,41U
'FiIelllLy Jt n 27 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
, WeIlfleMllIy. ( Jke. 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
! FhurslIIy , flee. 2U . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,030
, . . Friday , lice. 30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,010
Average . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,1111
Hworn to and si:1scrlleil In roy prance thIs
1 2(1 day ofdauuary , A. 1) . , 1lk8. N. I' . h'1IL.
Notary Public.
Rtate of Nohrrnka ,
( ountyof houghan ,
( Jeo. 11. Tschuck , being flrt duly sworn , e
) OSeM and says that ho Is secretary of The hire
1'thIl0ilng that the actual '
- : company , a'erngo
IlnIh ) ' circuintlon of tile 1)ally lice for the month
of January , 1M87 , 1li.4 copies ; for February ,
- 1I87. 14,178 eoIes : for March , 1887 , 14,400 COpIe4
for April , hlc4 14h18 : copIes : for May , hI0t3 , J4.1
copIes ; for June , 1I87 , 11,147 copIes ; for July
i$7 14,111th e4)hICM ) ) ; ( or August , I8aT , 14,151 coplr ;
for Sptrrnbor , ll'T , 14 319 copIes ; for Octolwr.
11q17 , I l,3f1 ; for November. 1ui , irio co1)Io ; for
liecetitber , 187 , 15,041 copIes.
t ( lEO. 13. TZSCIIUCK.
' Sor1i and RtI1)scrlbed to In iiiy PreeR1cO thIs
2d day of January , A. 1) . 1S$8. N. P. FEIJ
Notary l'uljhlc.
. HIS name Is Mngihhnls and ho Is to be
chief justice of Wyoming.
. Titis II ; to be otmo of the exceptional
. lemtp yours which only contain 80.5 ditys.
. New Years day was forty-eight hours
, long. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
TIUY have struck a rich vein of gold
; and silver \Visconsin , but raising
lioiis amid barley will yield more revenue
to the nero.
. Ir the senate means to do away with
secret sosslouB lot thorn bo abolished at
once. There is no excuse for dallying
: with a needed reform.
TuE board of public works has very
properly laid ol ! the inspectors of
- sewers and pavements. The city cannot
afford to keep men em : Urn pay roll whoa
' : there is no work for them.
GovEuNon Sw1NiFouu of Alaska is
. going to Washington to present before
: . congress time need of extending to that
torrithry time mmmd laws in force iii the
- states and torritorlos. There should be
: opposition to such a measure.
Tins output of precious metals in
Leadvillo for the last year is reported
- jts an average of one million a month
0 but that still falls two millions a year
short of the output of precious metals
: , - by the Omaha Smelting works.
r- ALLOWING Des Moines , St. Joseph
and Lincoln all they claim in the nurn-
bar of hiOW houses built and aggregate
, : value of improvements made in 1887 ,
Omaha still has a fair margin over thorn
- combined. The nggrognto population of
. Lincoln , Des Moines and St. Joseph , as
estimated by their own papers , is
: Tni. high license advocates of Now
: *
York tate will this winter attempt to
establish by law three grades of liquor
: license ranging from five hundred to two
thousand dollars. This scheme is im-
practical. The lower grade license
j. . . would cover all the high pried liquors
- and wines under bogsms labols.
TuE ticket brolccms bavo sounded the
. almu'm all along the line against a. bill
1k. . In congress , which embodies the l'enrm-
' sylvania lnv that prohibits dealing in
: railroad tickets except by regularly employed -
. . ployod ticket ugents. It is claimed tlrnt
i , if this bill pmscs the railroad managers
r will adopt stringent regulations timat
, would put an end to the trafflo In cheap
- . railroad tickets.
- . - _ _ _ _ _
: i Boss CLARKSON , of the Des Moines
. Register , thinks It is high time for Iowa
to seimd a soldier to tue United States
senate. We should say so. But isn't
it singular that Mr. Clarlcson has kept
: . Iowa vaIting twenty-three years after
- the war before ho could find a veteran
' who would fill the position creditably.
. , It Is passing strange , too , that Colonel
: : Hepburn , the Chicago & Burlington
2 railroad attorney , should bo Boss Clark-
son's highest Ideal of a soldier-senator.
Tins railroads of the country at first
: " regarded the inter-stuto commerce law
as ILU OflOhUy and sought to make the act
' unpopular. Later they found that by
conipiying with tuch of its iegulatiomis
as wore favorable to thorn and qulbtly
l ignoring these that pimmcimetl time other
boot leg they could make the act m
hitehtflB of Immcrcasing their enrimiimgs.
, . . This irns boon done amid the opposition
- , to the law on tue part of the comnpnimios
lute in time main ceased.
l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
, NINE of the applicants for license to
; deal in Liquor havobeon rejected by the
I. licensing board on the ground that
their iilaces of business are notorious
, . . . rosortsof vice and crime , and reported
by the chief of police as disorderly.
, This is a very wimolosomo now departure.
It Is in accord both with the letter and
spim'it of the high license law and will
meet time approval of decent ammd respect-
4 able citizens of all classes. It is the
* first effective step toward ridding
, Omaha of deims , dives amid resorts timat
harbor crooks and professional outlaws.
A , Mayor Broatoh , who took the initiative
' In this roformn , doserros tiso thanks
of time community npd duo praise should
be accorded to J'residont of time Council
: I3eohel and City Clerk Southurd for
joining imantis with the mayor. Having
. : taken POSitlOhi against disorderly
, . imaunta we hope time board will firmly
muaintmin It. They can rely upon time
cordial support of * tll lasv-mtbiding and
' orderly P0Il0 and the uuwav rlng
! : backing of this imLImor.
: . . m ,
: - . . _ - . : . - - - -
% -T.-
. . Lcsons For Labor.
Nointelligent worktngman will question -
tion , we believe , that ono of the chief
nteds of time great thajority In the nrmny
of labor Is a more timorough acquaint-
ttlhCO wit ) : and a more careful study of time
) ) rnetiCftl side of labor con filets.Tcry few
ever think of this phase of time question ,
a lnrgo nummmbor imiLve only such super-
floitil knowledge of It as they mnmiy have
gained from personal exporiencewhilcii
quite generally does not make a Iastiimg
itnprcssloii strong enough to deter themu
froimtoiitorlng iimto othot' conflicts , amid
the small minority wimohave familiar-
1ZOl themselves witim time practicmtl fitets
ai.o powerless to mnnko them avoidable
except as a guido to their own conduct.
We believe If the mnnsscs of himbor wore
Iotter informed respecting time cost of
conflicts , affecting miot only 1a-
her and time employers of labor ,
but the entire body politic , there
would be fewer hostile contentions ,
ptrticularly : of the imaturo of the Present
Ilonditig difficulty , wimleim seems to himivo
little warrant 1mm any substantial grlev-
an Co.
1mm thIs view the report on strikes and
their cost ( luring the past six ycors , just
submitted by Mr. Carroll P. Wright ,
commissioner of time bureau of labor ,
mnuatbo regarded as of great value. Al-
timough timocommnissionordoes not claim
for timts report absolute accuracy , it is
time result of mnost careful Investigation ,
and timoso who know the interest Mr.
1Vright has always slmowmi in time cause
of labor will not doubt that. his presontt-
tioim of facts is made without prejudice.
Time most reliable data obtainable shows
that during time pust sixyears the aggro-
gmUed Ioses to strikers amounted to the
enormous sum of $ M,810,10t , to which
niust be added $8,132,717 repro-
muting losses sustained by cm-
ploycs from lockouts. Thus time
total wage losses to workingmen ere
$50,018,882. Those losses occurred 1mm
2 1,1il8 establlsimmeimte , averagimmg to each
establishment $2,445and to each striker
OL' locked-out operative nearly $40. On
the part of the employers the losses
were also heavy , amounting to $30,732-
o'53 from strikes , and $3,432,201 from
lock-outs , aggregating $34,104,914. Time
combined lossts of employers and em-
Pioyes amounted to the onormimous total
of $01,113,700. But this is imot the full
measure of the disastrous financial effects
of tIme strikes amid lockouts of this period -
iod , for ever $ community in which con-
filets occurred suffered material losses.
The dollars unearned and unpaid wore
so much taken out of actual circulation ,
so much taken out of the receipts of the
grocer , the butcher , baker , and other
trades-people. Every channel of trade
necessarily felt this loss , and in
time diminished production the mmation
as a whole suffered. Jim cases where
timeso conflicts resulted totho advantage
of labor 1mm aim iimcrenso of wages there
wits icrimaps a return in time to Individuals -
dividuals of the loss sustained by strikes
or lockouts , but there Is no process of
computation by which It can be shown
that the sum of nearly one hundred million -
lion dollars was not really a loss during
the past six years as the result of labor
coniliets. The privation and suffering
it may not be necessary to eonsidor ,
though to many thousands these have
certainly boon a very practical matter.
We do not expect the time will over
come when there will be no more conflicts -
flicts between cmnployors and omploycd.
So long as these relations exist injustice
amid oppression on time one side ,
or ill-advised and unreasonable demands -
mands on the other , will bring about
contentions only to be settled by the
strike or the lockout. There are conditions -
ditions , and they must recur while
imumun nature remains what it is , that
will yield to no arbitration short of ivar.
But there is reason to expect thatatlino
will comne when all worldngmenas some
now do , will deliberate iimtolligently
and carefully upon their duty to thorn-
selves , their famnilios , amid society before
engaging iii hostilities to rorimody griev-
muies that may . be romnovod by other
nmeaims. As was said by time prdsidcimt
of time Brotherimooci of Locomotive Eu-
gimicors , at their last commvcumtioum , time
strike simould be the last resort of iumtol-
ligent workingmen , and wimon it becomes -
comes their only court of appeals they
will never want the ptmblic symnpatimy.
Workingmnen should carefully study time
practical side of this question as shown
jim time impressive figures of the labor
commissionor's report.
The Iowa Senatorship.
The Iowa legislature , soon to meet ,
will elect a UnitodStates sonatorto sue-
coed Hon. James F. Wilson. Time mdi-
catfons are that Mr. Wilson will be reelected -
elected , but he is not without a more or
less formidable opposition. Whatever
has been objectionable at any period of
his political career is being raked up and
made to serve by Imis opponents for all
there is In it. 0mm the other hand his
friends are able to point to his later
record as one entirely creditable , and
iii this they hmtvo a good vammtngo
ground. Senator Wilson has unquestionably -
tionably represented Iowa in the senate
with ability mind merit , anti while it is
true that formerly his sympathies
roro too much with imionopoiy
It must in jtmstico be said that this objection -
joction does not lie against him as a.
semmator. The candidate who seems to
be mnost in favor with the opposition tb
Senator Wilson Is Coloimol Hepburn ,
y1mo was defeated for congress at time
last election. Time anti-monopoly soumti-
mont 1mm Iowa cammiiot hesitate botwooim
Wilson amid Hepburn. If the latter has
any allegiance more hearty than mm-
other it Is that which ho gives to hUb-
umopoly. As a railroad attorney ho was
always the trusted and unfailing friomid
of time corloratiomms In congress ,
amid svo have never heard that
timore has been a divorce between
thcmn sluice. It is a reasouhablo
and safe supposition that most of whatever -
over bmtchiug Helburn is now gottilhg
collies from or is due to the iniluemmco of
the Burlington road , and should time
Iowa legislature commit the blunder of
electing him to the Uumited States senate -
ate there would be no mnoro reliable
friend of time corporations in that body
tlmamm imo. Colonel hepburn's uumpopu-
inrity was shown in his defeat last
fall , amid it is too seems to attempt to rescue -
cue him from that popular couidomna-
tioum. As to the plea that Iowa ought to
be reprcsemmtod im ( the senate by mm 8oldIor ,
. . , ' . :
, , ' ,
, . . ) '
. , , ;
. ' '
. : . .
. '
L . . :
it is a snore subterfuge so fajr nsit Is used
In the Interest of Hepburn. It Is very
late In the day to bring forward such a
plea , and If It hind any imubstantiul
merit thmqro must surely be other sol-
diem In the stnto moro worthy to be
ehoscn than Hepburn. We believe tlmer
will bo no danger that the Interests of
the soldiers will not be fully cared for
if Senator Wilson shall be re-elected ,
and wo are coumlitlont timat In nil other
respects loiva would be bomiqlitted by
contInuing him In the sonata.
Consular Reform.
Congrcssnmamm I3ehmioumt , of Now York ,
wimo , It is expected vill be continued at
thu head of time Imouso coumnitttee on
foreign affairs , Imums somno ndvahheod ideas
regarding reform In time consular service -
vice of the country. lie appears to have
measurably justified his soleetloa as
chairman of the foreign affairs committee -
tee by giving careful immvcstlgatlomm and
Intelligent studyto timoconsular service ,
and time result Is a conviction that timero
Is ample room amid great necessity for
Improvement. There Is noihing now
in time disciosuro of this fmmct. Time
country has hoard at every session of
congress for quite a quartci of a ccii-
tum'y that this service was in large part
insufficient , Un trustworthy , and alhnost
worthless. It Is very likely that it has
been subjected at times to a
severer criticism than it deserved ,
but uumquest.iouummbly it imas always been
far short of what it simould be. It Is
perimimps better now timan at any timno
lu the past , btmt it is still needing to-
form , and will not compare favorably in
character or usofulmiess with time service
of any otimor large commercial nation.
Mr. Belmnomit. imas recently preseumtcd
In a magazine article his views of what
is required to improve and elevate this
sei'vice. his leading propositions are
that our comusuls should be Anmerican
citizens , adequately paid for time per-
formmmnce of duties for wimich their fit-
mmess immus beets ascertained , amid time abo-
litloim of thmo system of compeimimation
by foes. These ofilcimmis , represemmtimmg
umot only our cohmllnemcial interests
abroad , but in some dogrce time charac-
tar amid digimity of time umatioum , should
1)0 men of a high order of intelligence -
genco , of ummquestionablo integrity timid
of a Imimysical and mental vigor that will
enable them to perform timeir duties
and look after time interests timoy are
expected to servo with thoroughness
and olfleioney.
The well-understood trouble with time
time consular service has always boon
that It was hnade i.e a very large extent
a retreat for politicians wimo had ceased
to be of any further use at home , or
whoizi senators and congressmen
tlmought it desirable to put as far away
from timemnselves as possible. Such follows -
lows of course never imad any idea of
doing anytning more than the mnerest
perfunctory duties of their office , and
nothing more was expected of them.
With such material time consular service -
vice necessarily grew imiore and
mnoro inefllciemmt amid worthless ,
until it became at last a
reproach to the country. Then there
was an effort to reform it tlmat resulted
in some improvemnont , but much more
remains to be aecomuplisimod In the direction -
tion of reformn. Mr. Belmont will
achieve national distinction in so impressing -
pressing the importance of thIs matter
upon comigress that it will make tuitolli-
gent and liberal provision for improviimg
the consular service. There was not
many years ago a demand that time
service s.Imould be done away with , but a
great commercial country like the
Ummited States can not isponso with consular -
sular representatives , nor can it afford
to employ in this service Incompetent
and inefilcient men , as too generally it
has done. Such a consular service as
the country ought to have would unquestionably -
questionably be greatly to its commner-
cml advantage , amid would return many
times the additional cost timat inn' be
necessary to secure it. Time required
reform in timis matter can umot bogimi too
Purblind l'artlsnns.
Time advocates of the coumfirmmmtion of
Mr. Lamar scorn to find a great deal of
comfort in harping on time fact that cer-
tam ex-commfcderates mvomo appointed to
judicial nnl other positions by republican -
can iresidohmts , and also that Mr. Ba.-
ned and Mr. Gnrlaimd , wimo wore eqimally
guilty with Lamar In not voting for the
resolut'iomm in time semmate declaring the
war amendments valid , were confirmed
without question for time Positioms ! they
now hold. It Is singular that these
champions of Mr. Lamar , otherwise ap-
pam'ently clear-sighted , cannot see that
nohmo of these assumned precedents can
be admitted , amid that time present
case of Mr. Lamar Is wholly
exceptional. The appointment of
an ox-confederate to an executive of-
flee , ortothebemmch ofaim Inferiorcourt ,
is obviously a very difforemmtmatterfroun
appointimig one holding time views of
Mr. Lamar to time beumch of time court
of inst resor. This seems to us to be so
entirely clear that we cannot understand -
stand how anybody can fail to see it.
There ivere a great ninny people wimo
did imot think it was mm vise mmd proper
course on time part of time republicaum
prsidcnt in appointing ex-confederates
to judicial positions , but mmoimo of timose
wimo were so appointed hind a record so
ob.noxious to time loyal seumtiinont of time
country as is that of Mr. Lamar. There
was no feeling of danger to possibly -
sibly result from their appoint-
meimt for time reason timat they
are powerless o do mimmy sort-
ous or irremediable harm. There
is mm chock upon timom , mind both timoir
political heresies and their judicial
bluumdors are subject to review. But
there is imo power' to overrule the supreme -
promo court's interpretations of the
lairs and the constitution , and timercin
lies the danger of pcrmnlttimmg a maim
imaviumg time political 'iews umid unto-
coumstrietcd opinions regarding time constitution -
stitution possessed by Mr. Lamar to
OCCUIY Li scat on time bommeh of timut court.
It does not very much quiet tlte sense
of danger to say that Mr. Larmner would
be a helpless mimmority , for it Is by no
nicamis certain how long lie would to-
main so witim four members of time court
mmcmv itt the age which allows thmom to iSo-
tire. But ui any event the precedent
would be mum inifortunmite ommo , and the
safe swiLl' would be not to pinko It.
Tmn last week of 1887 witnessed a decided -
cided increase 1mm time loans made by
Now YQrI lmzmnkennd a slight. fmmlllmmgoff
In time reserve. Time surplus , however ,
isctiumimtted itt tiotwoeim eiglmt and ii limo
mililop dollars , sufliclont to be regarded
as a sound fInancial basis.
Tni rcaderlcss organ imasslobberod all
over the city council. Time official nd-
vortising bids for 1888 are to be awarded
by the council at its next mneotimmg.
Walt Whitnman's ' latest loem Is entitled
Ex Prcsidcnt qr 'yy's memoirs are being
Written by huts nephew.
liaroumemu l3urthmttCoutts has just resolved
a bequest of W,000,000 from a relative.
Henry Clay Is time only man who ever presided -
sided over time house for twelve years.
There is a tendency to refer to time new
iresldezmt of 1'raumco as "Old Sad.Eyo. "
Count Von Moitho's favorite game is iviuist ,
aumd li Is as good a player as ho is a statis-
A son of Admiral Chii , who lost his heart
with Adelaide Neilson the actress , Is now
Lord Woivcrton.
Ocmioral Lew Wallace advises nil young
men to sow all their wild oats before they
are eighteen years o age.
New Ilampsiulro , ltev. Mr. McKinmmcy , lmas
been in the Uaivorsmillst pulpIt during his
whole active career.
There are nine mmativos of Ireland , seven
Scots and two Norwegians Ia the prosotit
house of ronresontatlvcs.
Mmlllonuiro Carnegie advises young mon to
shun tiuroc things : First , liquor drinking ;
second , speculation ; third , Indorsatlon.
Timero are timreo ministers in the iresent
house of representatives. Judges Stewart ,
of Georgia , and Ciucadlo , of InlIammn , are ox-
preachers , but the now congressman from
Ex.Mimmister Taylor , time colored diplomat
who recently retmmrned from Liberia , is in
Waslmington obtaining subscriptions for a
democratic mlewspaper for time negro race
wimicim ho Is about to inmbllsim.
Lord Lytton , whose literary reputation was
made by time locm of "Lucille , " resembles
his father in personal appearance , having
the same long face , saul looking eyes , full ,
straight beard and pronminont. nose.
William Black is thiirty.fivo years old ,
slightly buitt , with dark , earnest eyes amid a
long brown mustachio. lie dresses with
faultie.ss taste mind lisa nothing of the con-
ventiommal literary man in his manners and
Robert Burns Wilson , the rising Kentucky
poet , begami writing verses at an eariy ago
and is now thirty-seven years old , and not
twommty , as has been recently stated. His
first volume of poems will soon be published
with the tithe of "Life and Love. "
David L. l3oker left New York for time
west tivelvo years ago , landing in Denver
with 1.ti0 in imis pocket. lie went to work
in a silver mine , afterward took up a claim ,
and is now visiting hue early friends with
letters of credit aggregating $100,000.
Donn Piatt , wimo some yenta since made
the Waslmingt.on Capitol time most aggressive
imewapaper in this country , is living in retirement -
mont in an Ohio vmgo , of which ho is the
postmaster , with t munIficent salary of
$40 a year. Colone iatt Is about fifty-five
j F
Bmit Not on o Transgressor.
C7ic000 ( herald.
Time weigh of the transgressor-l,800
pounds of coal for a ton-la particularly hard
during the present style of weather.
. ' . A Lesson , tor 1'reachers.
Phf1adap7It ( rinmes.
The preachers that complain of time Sunday -
day papers should take a lesson from time
Sunday iiavors In making their sermons in-
teresting. There are preachers who never
ComPlain of preaching to empty jews.
Tluomas Thmnum Eiuq(1i. (
A strange , weird tale in Russian homes they
tell ,
How once a pcasammt , honest , lust and true ,
To whom for many years good fortune foil ,
Who naught outside of patient tihiage knew ,
Heard fronm a stranger passing through the
That Evil dwelt within a wood at hand.
Evil ! that was some noble , rich , no doubt.
The minnie had an alluring sound to him ;
Aimd girding UI ) his loins hue sallied out
And souglmt time woodlammil , where the shadows -
ows tUrn
Aired and attracted , till he came to where
A mimaruho lalmmco reared its form imm air.
The lofty , brazen doors were open wide.
lie entered. 1mm a hall with statues ihmed
A lame , blind giaumt , vrono upomm his side ,
On silkemm cushions helplessly reciimmed ,
Uttering no word ; but such hmis aspect grim
'J'hmat the irnor Pcasmmmmt shrank lit awe of imirn ;
But , plucking courage , asked imis lot dship'
Of two wee dwarfs who waited on him
Th giant spako himself : "This place is
Shame ;
My nammie is Evil. These are Woo and
Care "
So terrible the look upon his face ,
Time ilcasamit turned 1mm fear to leave the Piaco
Then suddcumiy the brazen portals Jarred ,
And emi theiriuinges umoved to chose him in ;
But ore imhs exit front the place wits barred
By time huge doors that shut with noisy dium
He leapt without , and rumm timid rmmn until
His hoummo ho reached , secure , he thought ,
from iii.
Exhausted , terror-struck , time hut ho gained ,
Unable for a while to stir or speak ;
Then hastily a CIII ) of Wmder drained.
Somctimimut that rnomemmt rubbed on either
check ,
And , looking iIj ) , uion his shoulders , lo I
The grhmunlng dwarfs were seated , Care and
A silly tale you say , Just fit to tell
At Peasant's iircsmdes , miot to Print Ot read.
Nay , 'tis ' a myth , amid when you seamm it ivell ,
It gives a lesson which nilnmezm should heed.
AhIIIOtmCll , not Evil ; of Its haunts beware ,
Or bear forever mmftcr Woo and Care.
Geuicm'aI Crook's Reception.
One of the hiloasantc4t social events of the
day was the recoiitiomt given at the Paxton y.
tertlay afternoon by Cemmeral Crook and staff ,
assisted by ladles , totho olilcers stationed at
Fort Omimaima , amid otiie. fricmmds. The spac-
bus virlors : ivero iiauIsonmcIy decorated nuid
time ladies appeared it ; iail evening costunio ,
while thu arimmy amen were mnagmilflcemmt in mmcmv
uniforms and gold iace twcr five imundrcI
callers paid their respects to time general.
Aniong time ladles lrl3euit Were Mrs. Crook ,
Mrs. ICenmioum Mrs. Hemry : , Mrs. hail , Mm's.
and Miss liichmirdsotm , Mrs. hiarrimiger , Miss
Jialcoumbo amid Misses Lee.
Bumh1ock-IIeale. !
On last Saturday imight , Edward N. Bullock -
lock , time weii.knowtm byciciost of this city ,
and one of time most popular young athletes
in town , was married to Oraco L. Meade ,
daughter of Frank Mmmdc , the weilknown
cotmtractor at time residence of time bride's
parents , 2110 liarney street. The bride Is
one the mumost mummiable young ladies in Ozmmmdma.
Time cercmmmouuy was herforumcd by itey. John
Williams , the vaster of St. Barnabas cliurcim.
Tough Drivers.
Timero arc mnoro complaints against tlmo
drivers of tiuc 'rluirteemmth street car line ( lion
on all the hues 1mm the city. Sumiday miight ( ito
last adihitlomi was mmmdc to the roll. Five
toughs took liossessioum of a car oim that street
and filled it witlm the smoke of rotten cigars ,
umidnitbough the escort of a imumimbor of ha.
dies aboard asked time driver to stop the
smokluig , yet time follow refused to take ally
atci ) to i'roveimt ' tli sumokiug.
. : .
- - - -
The Here of Twonty-Throo Stage
ltobborloa Released Froni Prison.
A. Bandt Who had no 'ico Escopt a
for Oilier ' '
Liking I'copie's
Money-How ho Evaded Ar.
"Black Burt , time Poe-B , " time most
fanmoims stage robber on the commat , viio
coimiuiiittcml twommty-threo robberies dum-
lug sixyemmrs , was released fromu Saum
Quen timi , Califormmla , emi Now
Year's day. lb promises to turn over mm
new leaf timid lead an honest life , nuid lim
view of this resoivo a brief history his
career will be found more than usually
interesting , as time histories of stage
robbers go. It Is told be a San Frau-
cisco corrospomidunt of the Globe-Demo-
crat , as follows :
Black Dart Is time most celebrated of
nil the skillful hmigitwaymaum , or road
agents , as they are called , who hare
Ilourisimed emi time Pacific coast sluice the
early days of time gold rush. For six
years ho wits the togror of Wells , Fargo
& Co.'s express agommts. Ho soemned to
be ubiquitous. Ho first levied on mm
small concim in time Sierras , timid the mmoxt
hoard of him would be in time lonely Sis-
kiyotm mountains , on the old trail Into
Oregon. He was always alone , and imo
noverfailed to do his work iii system-
title amid gentlemanly fashion. If
there was nimy doubt in time
driver's mind of the identity
of time lomme highwayman , tItle
doubt svmis always dispelled when time
detectives arrived eu time eccimo of the
robbery. Attached to the rifled cx-
liCn' box would always be fommnd sonme
bit of 1)miper , with a low lines of dog-
goral P0ettY. signed , "Black Bart , time
Pee 8. " The express company has in
its oinmloy some of the most skillful detectives -
tectives in time country , yet these men
were always bailled by "Black Dart. "
Up to time time of his capture they did
not even know his minnie or any of his
haunts. The cimief cause of this mystery -
tory was that Dart was a pimenomnonal
crinmimial mviio never had any commfldaimts
. -lievom. drank liquor nor had ammy rein-
tions with women. In this way amost of
time sources of information upon which
time police rely were cut off. Bart ,
wheim not on the road , was known In this
cityand Sacrainommto as Charles B. Benton -
ton , or Dalton , and Charles Barlow. He
was supposed to be a mining man who
made frequmont trips Into time interior to
looic after his proporties. These trips ,
it is needless to say , were always
marked bya "clean-up , " but this was
made at time express company's expense ,
amid time only tools that time ingenious
mnincr used was a shotgun , to pursuado
ammy refractory stage-coach driver , and
Ii crowbar or axe to breaic open the cx-
press cohmmpany's box.
Black Bart was finally captured In
November , 1883 , but this occurred only
after ho had pursued his lucrative call-
lug for six years. A brief sketch of'his
career and of his methods may not be
without Interest. His first ltpptmflrttllCO
in California. was on August 8 , 1877 ,
when he halted the regular snail stage
from Fort Ross to the Russian river.
The road at this point is along a high
bluff , amid , on time day mnommtioned , as the
stage swung around a sharp curve , the
leaders wore halted by a scarecrow
figure iii the middle of time road with a
doublobarrelod shotgumm In his hand.
Thu imike-up of the road agent was
unique. He had jute wimeatbags on the
lower part of his legs ; his body was clad
ill an old iimmomm duster amid his head and
face wore covered with a white flour-
sack , through which gleamimed the bright
black eyes of the robber. On his head
imo imad a cap which bore a striking ro-
somnbianco to the comical hat of the
circus clown.
Before the astonished driver could
fairly take in this strange apparation Ito
was asked in politotones , "l'iease throw
omit time box mmimd mail-bags. " As time
fun was traimied cmi him hum lost imo time
mm ) oboyimmg. Thmoim time figure mmiinbiy
leaped to the side of the road and ordered -
dered him to drive on. No attempt was
made to rob any passengers in the
Whoim flue stmmge reached the next
statiomm time sheriff started out , but ho
foumid ommiy time thlalidmmted treasure box ,
time rifled mail-bngsaimd nut old ax. Frommm
time bOX the road agent had secured $300
In coin , a check on a San Francisco
bmtiik for $305.52. On time back of a way
bill of the comnpany twats scribbled time
legend which was soon to be so well
kmmown , "Black Dart , the Poo-8. " Time
humorous signature of time highwayman
caused much amuscmemmt througimout
the state , but time cpress
officers timought lie was a crank , and
they bad heard the last of him.
Rewards amouuitimig to $800 in all wore
offered for the eapttmre of time stage rob' .
1)Cr , iUt not a clew wits gained by imumy
of time smnmihl army of detectives that
worked on the ease. Time detectives had
only fairly given U time imumit when another -
other stage robbery by a lone lmighway-
man was reported Ill Moimdocino coummty
mind among the debris of mail bags and
express ioxes wore some execrable vom'-
see , signed by "Black Burt. " Again
rewards were offered , timid again unavailing -
availing search was mmmdc. Durimmg the
mmoxt five years Wells Fargo & Co.'s express -
press boxes were robbed by this practical -
tical hmighwaymnamm about four times a
year. He mmcvur tackled mm stage that
hUtch a shotgumi muessemiger : lie mmever die-
turbed a mussemmger , but was mmotorious
for his 1)OiitefleSS to womnon 0mm board ,
whom he assured timat no imarm would
iOfhtll them ; yet ho nlway got away
with a good swag , his clean-ups rangimig
from $300 to $3,000. Ho seemed to have
U litrtiality for gold dust and amalgam
but Ito also appeared to have means o ?
kmiowing viicn heavy coin shmijmncmmts
wore made. In timis way. durimmg the
six years that lie worked so regularly ,
ho commid not Intro averaged less timamm
$6X)0 ( ) a year , wimicim emummo out of time
imocicots of time express company and out
of Ummele excimequers.
Aitimougim ime always wore a sack ever
his imead , it was eomnetimne carelessly
adjusted , ammd the drivers of stages were
notified to take special pniums to get a
deseriptiomi Of imihfl. In this waytimc detectives -
toctives flumully hind a good tlcscriptioa.
They knew Imo was about fifty , aim Amnem-
icamm , with lomig gray imnir , timimm lace ,
(1001)-Set gray eyes and pronmimiont teeth ;
timuit ho was a teetolor and fond of read-
lug ; that he always wrote imis doggerel
1mm a different imnmmd , iut mit timmmes ho-
trayed gmtmat prficitiney with time pen.
Yet this imotograph of time mnyeteriotms
crimInal did imot seem to aid them at till
1mm time semircim for him. The rewards i
November , iSS3 , iuul reacimed the hand-
50010 sum of $18,400. Every mobbevy
was committed tim JmeeiSelY time same
mvay. The rmuil bags iveme always. cut
jtm.t iieiow time lock iii time form of a let-
tet' T , and the ax with which time cx-
- - - - - - _ .
' - - - ' - - - - - -
press'box wn broken opeim was bit on
tlhgrountl ,
TIAIIT'S LA5i flommr.itY. .
Perhaps ho would still be levyIng ohm
time stages In title stab if it bud tint
been for a bit of caroicesmiess on time
imiorning of Noveambor 8 , 1883 , whmemi lie
robbed the stuigo betwcum Milton amid
Sommormi , iii Tuohmumno eouumty , about
three tidIes front Coppeiopol1s , cmi time
old mail road front time Yosenilto. it
wna his twemity-timird sthgo i'obbeiy , amid
lie imad locoumc so expert that Ime 1150(1 a.
powerfimi pair of field glasses to detect
wimetimor timmy nrmiiod mnesseumger was out
the stage. 0mm timis dnv McConnell , the
tiriver , imunl allowed a boy of time imeigh-
1orimood , vlmo imiul It guim , to ride with
imliii , but time lad got dowmm just before
time stmmgo mvas stopped and lund mm goume
imito time woods to hunt.Vimetm hart
imalteti time stage Imo mmmdceml mtcCommiiell
what had bocoummo of time mnnn with time
guilt. Time drivem told hmimn time trutiiwimetm
Dart orderemi imiumi to throw tiown time
box and to unlmlteh his iRrses , Thou
Burt vent through time box like an old
imitmid , getting * 4,400 of amnigmunated
gold , 21 ounces of goiti iltist , and $5T,0 imm
coin uickmiges. lie gathered timeso up
mum ins arnie , said "good-bye" to time
driver , mmnti was scarcely oume lmnmmdrod
yards away whoum time boy with time rifle
nPPoarod. Mr. McConnell snatched the
rifle and fired four shinto mit time retreat-
immg robber , but time thick bushes pro-
vomited him front taking gooin alum ,
Whion the detectives explored the
scommo a tow imonis biter they found time
romnmmnnts of Bam't's eiitnji fire amid imoar it
a slouch lint , a silk imnmmdkercimiof , timid a
liumcmi cuff ms'ltim blood stain oum It.Vimmmt
delighted timeimi , imowevorammd furnislmed
the first real clew timey html evem' gaimmed.
was a laundry ninth on time cuff. IL was
time mnmirk used by ammo of time city stenum
lauimdries , and time detectives at once
scoured Sami Fraimeisco for tim ummmmui mvimo
hind handled this mark. Timer fouumd
hitmi to be a htmutidmy ngotmt 1mm this city
aumd lie ideumtifled time cuff mis belommglzmg
to C. E. Bolton , a maui who hind clothing
awaiting him at time otiice. His tioscrip-
tioum of Iloltoum tallied pretty closely with
time hippemtrttimeo of Dart. So time iletec-
tires laid fom' the appcaraimco of the
stage robber. Ho returimed in exactly a
wcok frohn the ditto of time roTbcry ammu
was arrested mis ito calledfor his clothes.
lie professed great iumdigmmation at imie
amrost , but a search of his i'oomim led to
time discovom'y of his real name amid to
the fmndiuig of a number of article of
clothing vithm the idemmtical nmnrk ott iimo
culT. His real umaummo was Charles B.
Belles , its it was found In a family bible
amid in a discharge trout time regular
nrtny , in which lie served durimig time
Dart was takemi . to Stockton , whore
he was picked out of a. crowd of 200
mnon , by a hunter who saw him a few
itours after time robbery. Title idemmti-
fieation rather staggered Bart , hut lie
still laughed' at time officers , ummtil timmit
mmight , wimen Detectives Thormm ammd
Stone laid before Imim all time evidences
they hind secured.
"Cmiii you prove all that ? " quietly
asked time prisoner.
"I can , " returned Thorn.
"All right , " said Dart , "let's travel. "
Witimouta word Thorn wommt out , ordered -
dorod a team and at 1 o'clock in time
morning tiireo officers amid Dart started
for time scene of time roibcry. Bart
acted as it guide , andtooic tlmcm to mm imol-
low buckeye , not far from time road ,
ivimore the plunder was concealed. Hero
everything was found except the coin ,
which Bart declared ho had sFeult. Ho
was bromight to title city and locked tip.
Ho pleaded guilty to this one robbery ,
but strenuously denied timat ho was the
famous stage robber Ho made an up-
peal to time court , declaring timat it was
only urgent hiecessity tiimit drove him
to the crime , and time result was he received -
ceived oimly six years in San Qucmmtin.
He was sentenced November 17 , 1883 ,
just a fortumigimt after his robbory.
When the aliases umider whicit lie was
wider wimieli ho was known hero ivero
published , mm large number of people
recogmmized time stage robber as a man
wimom they had known for five years.
His landlady had been acquainted with
him all this time. Ho always paid
promptly. Ho boarded at a i'ostaurant
whore lie was wont to entertain his
fricumds with army reminiscenses. He
elaimned to have been captaimm In an
Oimio regiment , and ho was a good story-
teller. More than a dozen policemen
knew imim , timid imad frequently talked
witim imim whim ) a small fortune was
awaiting the inaui wimo simould arrest
and identify imimn as Black Bart. Time
story appealed to the popular inimigilma-
tiomi , amid created agreateensation here.
1115 1'RISON RIFE.
\Vheim Dart svmms finally transferred to
Sami Quentin , lie mmmdc no secret ok his
idommtity , but he refused to talk or imis
irovious eX1)lOits. lie declared that ho
imnl ( robbed his last stage , amid that
when he got out lie would lend utim imoum-
est life. lie imuts been a model prisoner ,
givimmg no trouble to time ollicers. Ho
has worked during time greater part. of
his imprisonment in the drug depart-
memmt of time prison , amid lie has no-
come tin oxpem't chemist. Officers who
have imad lomig experioumce with crimni-
nmile are doubtful of the imigitwayinaum's
relemitlimicO , but lie is sowoil known mmcmv
imm California tinit It would be useless
for him toattempt to operate as a road
zmgeimt anywhere on the coast. Wimetimer
ito retires from time road or not , lie still
retnaiums one of time pimehiolneumal crimE-
nals of time age-mm maim who pursued a
busimmoss that requires un paralied nerve
amid ' 'sand , " and who miovor simowod imny
traces of feaf iii thoworet prcdicammiommt.
The Press Climb.
The Omaha l'rcss club met Sunday for
time first time iii their now rooms. Time large
attczmdtmmmco evidcumccd time gmowimmg Interest
in ( lila association. Several Imnportant coin.
immlttee reports were received in regard to time
lOOlosed ) entertainment for time betmefit of time
club. It hums been decIded to complete ( ito
furnishIng of time room so that time formal
opemmimig iminy take hmlace Jamumavy 17. Times.
day afterumooum mit 4 o'loclc ' time minmmual election
of officers mviii occur , and at thi' mnectimmg a
a full attendance is desired.
Sluice its orgminizatiomi time Press has tact
with most generous recognition emi the partof
time citizens of Omnalium. Its success Is assuicd
amid the bemmelits derived from bucim an or-
gnmiizittiomm ms'Ill lumoro than FCIlly those wito
hove so liberally aIded In Its inauguration.
Sick and bIlious licadncimo , mmd all do-
rauueuiiommts of stomacim and bowolscurcd
Pierce's 'i'ellots"-or ti-hil-
by 1)r. - tin -
ious grmmmmules. 25 cents ii vial . No ouch1)
boxes to allow waste of virtues : By
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Last Friday alternoomm a maui giving
his mmanme as Sunitim ivimilo intoxicated attempted -
tempted to drive a imore ohm tirnmi.illroatl
track mieur Florence , whoim time amuinimmi
fell timid bm'oke Its leg. Smnitii alma doned
it mimmd returned to Ountihma. It is timouglmt
froumm lime suspicious actions timat time
) mome bud beoum stolen.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When Paby wsa sIck , we gsyt. her Castorla.
When she mvas a Child , she crIed for CastorIa. ,
When .he became MIss , she clung to OMIOIIa ,
, When sbe2md CbUren , abs gsye them C&stort * .
: : : :
What a eporLr Lcarno Wliilo on a
Recent Visit Thi'c ,
The "Meamict" Man in Oummutla-fl14
Nanie l1kflWfl to the Hcrlbe , Iitmt
ills Fee Fautiliar.
" 'flmert , goes time omm maim who is uiintmmiy rr.
5jOuuM1tdt tar I Imi 1lme''ttt ( ommillt Iou ( If ( Ito
tuimumelt car ServiCe of Stmithm Oummmmhuui. "
'l'hm , ' sh'vmuktr was it mvrlh.kumowmm ( ) mmmnlmut mimer.
ciumumt grtmwimmg gray 1mm 1 hue mmcl of rummliurlmmg ii six
for mm iimummrter m Itit , tomutims'artl lmo , ' aimd mm oarimmg
timt \ % IhI.wr-evrr.get.tluem'o style of conmmteumammeo
whuleim ( lIstlumIrimIsIles limo Souitim ( ) tumumba emir Iat.
romi fmimmmt hmis fellow ridersoim tImO other roads.
'tVho Is imol" uagrrly 0rmmmmmumu1td huts rommihammi.
liii , mm recruit grnduumtt , fromim time Iosltlumi immes.
selmger hey. to tu Imomim iii , , ear ulIleauei t C ) be
goluig mituuct iimltns iiii Imoumr ltmehumdumug sbus.
11u Is thm mumeaurmut itmummi 1mm Ommuiium , and imI
himmlumtl Is
'ouuth Omumnimat" simniuteil tim ecmimductnr.
dmowmmlmmg liii' mmirrchiimmjs mephy. mmuti at time smmmmm , ,
tlumit wumrmiluug tue repomtrr ( lout ito lund m'uaemett
his Jomlrmmoy'u. ( immt. ,
1 lie mmmttmmo ( if Omnmtlmas mumeaumest mmmii Is timmu
lost to huistory timrnmugmm the chise uittemitlomu to
mutt y of time , oummmul.imummged comiduti ( , r. I tiqimtry
nmtmlo at time reshlemmee at Mr. I. . ( 'arlm'umter. tlmii
raai cstatn dealer resbltumg op It strert , titttverui
'E'vommty.ftftim toni 'L'mm'rmuty.sixtim sttQOt 5 , fall'tt to
timu tw nimy li.iiit oh tim 1.4 subject. limut N umsi er
harry Carhwnter knew , mli uulont ummmotlu'r mnittuer
of immore 1ntemet to ouum' rrndu rs tmmmd very kLumitl
gave tim'i reporter all time Inorummatlomm lii liii
MASTEIL mlAuuuiv cAum m'zzmm.
" 1 Imuive. " said hme , 'beClimttIIIctej mmliii a diseas
of tim. nose mmnd tlmroat. My imoSt mvoumil , sto miii
ttnl I mvoiuhl ( llscimmirgo immmrd scabs or elitunks
whmlcim mvlmen ireed irtweemm time llgmmers emumlileti
a bad oior. h'or amvhullo amy tmon uummd thmromit
seemuiril to ho ( it , , nail millesrett to immtvo a btmrmm.
ing semmsattoim , hut after umwiuil , , time tilselmargo ( me.
dumb illOO free ammO I wonid frequeumtty soil two
or tlmrei immmmmtlkerciutofs Iii a clay. 'l'lio semmuto of
mmmdl I began to tmotleo was begInning to leave
mmmn. ammil amy ( wrath ioruuumo m'my oiremmslve aunt
seummiod to be short. I had at tlimme diilicuhty of
lireathing on 11mg to time stopped up conditIon of
lily miose. would have s3 > eii of romugiutuig ammi
wommhd plt imp commsIlerable. NotIcing time ad.
vorltsoimmeut ( , f irs. Mccoy & unity hi thmo ( intl
lalrrs I WItS maivlnetl to ( olmSlmit titetum , whmleim
.110 limitS begamm treatimicuit at once. 1 amim tmow
fzoe from the offemmslye breatim , mmiy head fcel
perfectly clear , cuit I aumm eumtiehy well.
A Few Simptoumm.ofa Discaumo That
May l'rtivo Serious to You.
Do you have frequent fits of bouts ! depres.
Blon ?
Do you experience ringing or bmmzzlng imoItc
in your earn ?
1)0 you fool as thomugh you must simliucato
wimeum lying down ?
Are yomm troimbled whOm a hacking cough and
getiemuml debility ?
Are your eyes generally weak and watery , anti
frequently lmuluimmmett ?
1)oes ) your s'oico luavo a hUsky , thIck soimnd ,
amid a imasal sort of twaimg ?
is your brt'mtth frequcmmtly offensive from some
uimmmccountable , caumumu ?
iluive you a thmll opprensivo headache genor-
nily hocat'mi over time o en ? 4
1)0 you have to tmmtwk amid cotmglm frequently In 4
time emlort to clear your thimoat ?
Amo yomm losing yomur semmumo of smell , amid is
your seumse of taste bocommmlmig thmiiei ?
Ios ) yomir nose always feel stopped up , fore.
log you to Inomtthme tlmrouglm ymmr mouth ?
1)0 freqimemitly feel dlazy. partIcularly
when ntoopllmg to flIck anything off the floor ?
Does every hittic draught of air mind every
slight cimamige of touiperattmre give you mm cold ?
Are yomm nminoyt.ti by a commumtmumt desiroto hawk
and spitommt an eumIhess quantity ot phlegmim ?
Are yotm always tIred mmmiii Intlisposed to exer.
( Ion , imhuather or busIness , work or anmumsemument ? '
Is great effort requIred to keep your tlmought.u '
fixed upon matters that fornmerly were easily
Do you rise from bed as tired and weak as you
Were ( lie imigimt before and feel as though you
wamitod to lie thiero forever ?
Is your throat tiled msittm umimelgni in tlmo ummorn.
lug , wimiclm can only be ( miseliarged after viohemit
cotmghilng amid immiwklmig ammd splttimmg ?
Do you occasimmmmily svake froimm a troubled
sleep wlttm a start nimd feel at if you had Just
escaped mm lmorrthlo deuti , by cfmoklmmg ?
Itmiva you lost au Iimtercst In your caflInm or
bn.smness or former phemnnmres , all anibitloim
gomme. amid (10 OU feel immdluuurent whether to.
morrow 1111(18 YOU ailvo or tirad ?
Are yomm tiomibled wlthm a dIscharge from time
boa'l iii timti timroat , sonmctiimmcs watery and ex
connive , sonietmmimes mnucommum , thick stIcking to
whatever it touclues. somumetinmes lih000y , amid
mieamly always Vtmtrlti anti offensive ? 1
TIme above are sommm of the ninny symptoms of
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tomims , tIme more serious your symimptommms , time
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dlumemmseC Is treated very successfully by Dr.
Mccoy and 1mm assocIates. 'J tie ninny cases re.
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Dr. 'lcCoy ' mumol hIs associate , Dr. iteimry , mm. , , mio
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have aelmlrved a smmccens 1mm curlui disease which
few or no other doctors cmiii duplicate.
Time Snccessrul Meihod as UMOd by
Drs. McCoy & henry.
Time treatment for catarmhm , limmig trouble.
umetituima. rimeuimmntlsiim anti omuior cimroimic dIseases
( an only be UIhlieI ( smmccessfimliy by one who lion
imivestIg&uted imimU lumuic a 1103.101mg ktmmdy of such
dlu4eaes. Careless doctors amut thmnMo who are
not thmorommgluhy acqmmmtimutcd with those troubles
are lIable to tall. mslueim a skiliftul specialIst ivhmo
luau ; devoted years to ( hint pamittutur humsimiess ,
as 1)mtu. McCoy & henry , trill uuimcceeti. Nutimlng
but tile very let , treittmient , kimowmm to immedleal
sciemtco Is gIven to nil imatftilitS. mmml it cam , be
uafeiy t4aIi that these geiitlemuieii arc mumumtors
or all thuut ms kumotrim of commsummuptfotm unti other
cimrommic mlisi.ases muim to dmmto. With them it Is mme
longer hpeculhntion anti exhcrlnmemmt-it 15
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AmemIcan imospitai anti umider time greatest
Amumerlcamm mimmwters of tmutshieitte antI surgery.
'these gemithtiiuiemm hmavtJ ndmld to time oxhmamustlve
kmmnwiectgu or their tIttIlthtItI5 It replitatinim for
tuindeintu rimargis. as their coumutultatloum Iou li
but ii. uliotiler Ut their ofimc , or an opinion
glvemm by ninth.
Late of Bellevuc lloita11 Ne York ,
Dr. Columbus Henry
( Late of University of Pennsyivantmm )
No , OhO and all iu RAMU1I flIJlLIflNO.
Coimior Fitteumith mmml lIarhioYmits. , Oummmbut1 Nd ) . ,
where nil cuirmbiu cases ace truatuti
with success.
Medical tllseascum truate.l skillfully. Comisumnp.
tloim. Jirmghirum dIsease. Jitmpepslu ) , mtituuimmtismmm. ,
autO all N F.liVuIs ( nmsIAbas. : Mi dlsemuses ptm.
'j'I"Dt" ' the sexes mm. pcclaity. CA'l'Altttli
CthiiJf.TATHN ( mt office or by mail , II.
0111cc hours-It if ) I I U , mu. , 2 to 4 p. mim. , 7 to 8 p.
Zn. . humidsys , Included.
( torresp000ellCmJ receIves prompt attention.
Natty tilseases utru treated umumcccs.utumlmy b
urn , 1.IcCoy auid llemmry tlmmougim time mumalbm. an
it , is thus Possible for tlmm.u unable to tuait , mum
Journey to obtain successful hmoiltUi trcatmnuut
mu timttr imoimies.
No letters unswerod unless accomupanlod by
Ic in stamumIms.
Address ull letters to Drs. McCoy nmmd Henry.
htooumU1Q and 111 J.tamgu bmmlltling , Oumalums ,

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