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. , - . - * v ? * fjr r s T"i * '
Aclvertitcmrnu nndrr tFilM head , 10 rents per
line fur the first Insertion , 7 ct-nlrt fqr rnch mb-
miiu-nt Iti'trtlon , nnd l.r > i ) n llnc-per month.
Nondvettlsi'inent takm for less than 25 cents
for the llr t Initrtlon. fccvin words will be
count ! d to the line ; they must mn cotiscctittxc-
ly nnd must l e pnlil nadvano- . All ad\c-rtl e-
liicntH inilit bo bnndril In before 1' . > J o'clock p.
m. , mid nnilrr no clrruinstnwei will they bo
Inkin or dlHCoiitlntifd by ti-leplmne.
1'nrtlfs ' Hdvertlxltii ; In tlieMi roliiinns nnd liav-
Inu IhoniiuwcrH nddreKsed In rare of tlio lire ,
v III picnic- k for n i lu-i k to c-unble them to
hclr Itttui * , us none will bo ilellu'rcd ' except
on presentation of check. All answers to nd-
\ ( rtlneincntnHliouIil bo enclosed In cnvi'lopes.
All luUerttvjiii-nlM In thee columns nrupulv
ll'liril In both monitng nnd evening edltloiiH of
the lire , thM circulation of which ng tngati-s
inorii than IMUHpniiciH dally , nnd ghisthnnd-
vcrtlFi-rK the lipnellf , not only of thurlty clrcn-
Intloii of the HIT , but nli > o of rotiticll lllulls ,
J.lncoln , nml other cities nnd towns throughout
thlxpirtcif the wct.
Situation by young mnifattelfiP
Ing school , where ha can work for board.
Mrs. Ilregn & Son , 3103 Mlifct. Ttlcphonp , f4.
_ IUJ lfl _
T\7ANTr.l-Sltuntlon by n mnn. floneral
TT work In a groiery Htores good references
glvan. Address W , N. ll th nt. _ ( C7 11 *
\ \ rANTKDMtitatlfjii by n man ns clerk or nt
T > genprnl hotel work ; good references given.
. lOthst. t OU *
WANTIID A Hltuntlon , temporary or per-
mnnent , as bookkeeper , xnlpplng ( Ir bill
clerk by nn experlencul ilniiblit entry book
keeper. Can gl\e good lefelelices. Addiess
ytU , lloo olllco. _ K U *
' IVimnm-iit Hltuntlon ns book
keeper or assistant , with good llrni , by
Joung man ( married ) . Adddnss , T44 , llee.
K.I 17 *
WANTIII ) A good cole winn for selling ponp.
AdditssL , 1'rltz.M'f g Co. , Kansas City ,
Kan-.an. m 11 *
\\fANTii-l : ) mnn pastry cook4D per mouth ;
Ti S waiters for hotels ; 1 man to drive team
nnd do chores ; ilianvassi-rs , on salary or com
mission. Umiihn l.mp llureau , ll'JN ' , l tli bt.
WANTIID Man to nm express wagon ; must
liuvo stnble of his own Call Mon Jay from
fi to 0 p. in. nt ll-'OCatlierlno st. ( Ml 11 *
ANTIIDI'lrit mm tecoml conks for K.It ,
eating lioiiBi'.l'JI nnd } - " > : young mnn to do
chores nnd boy to run ei rands. Canadian Knip.
ollice , Mrs. Ilrcgn & Son , 910 S. 11th. Tel. hW.
Cir.U *
W ANTIID f > good men for luitiranco work nt
once. .Miiyno X Nuedham , u. w , cor. l * > th
nnd Ilnrney , omahu , H7111
WANTIU ) 1 good man for lusurnnr-fi work In
South Omnlm at onto. Mimic V N'eedliam ,
n. w. cor. irth nnd llnrney , Umalia. r > 74 11
A NTI5D WJ carpenters nt art Ift's Ice house ,
Cutoll lakti. 4.H11 *
w ANTI'.lT o persons to learn bookkenjv
Ing. Itoom 518 Kttinge block. J.ll. Smith ,
WANTKD-ActUo yiiuiiK man with $ K to
innnngo mi ollice , IW-'J rariiam , room ' . ' .
611 17 *
WANTKD Salesmen everywhere for door
bells , burnlar alarms and our now silver
ndjiistublo door plates , rinefct In the world ,
4No glass or paint. ) Can sell nnd deliver H.imu
iluy. Ono Halo nil hour will pay fH8 profit per
lay. Send 2 cent stamp for ( free ) circulars ,
llthoBraphs.ganiplcs.etc. We prepay the express ,
N. Y. Door I'luto Co. . Cambridge. N. Y. CCiMU *
WANTI'.D-Salesmen to sell n line of Roods
to HID furnltiiio and beddliv' trade In
Otnulm and vicinity on commission. Onu who
Is well acquainted and Is sclllUK Koods to the
tniilo , prefcned. Liberal arrant meiits with u
good man. Addros.s l.Vt-l'.H Itallroad avenue ,
Jersey City , N. J. U7M7'
WANTI3D Two experienced llro Insurance
sollcitorH nn lommlbslon ors.ilary. Apply
to Ulbrlch ti l.uiiiK , loom 4 , 1417 1'unmm st.
WANTI'O Aupuerpotlcinnn tossll the most
vahiublii and most usHlul article over of
fered to bUioolH. Address Dox Tt'J , Omaha.
TVAGIIS flK-Wtlllm paid weekly to a youiiR
T ? man wltn Kood relereiRes. Ono wlUIiiK
toiepiesent us In his locality. No capital u-
( julri d and a frill line of samples sent absolutely
Ireo , Address cm losing u2cHtnmp for reply ,
New Vork M'f'e Co. , Cor. Dro.idw.iy and Diiano
ptx. . New Vorte city. _ ino-lllj
WANTIID An energetic younc man for n
prhatu business , in nil western towns.
Address with stamp > l. S. S. Aut'iicy. Lock box
CB.J , Minneapolis , Minn. _ C21) ) 1IIJ
WA'N'I'FiJ In every county In Nebraska , ie-
llable enerRetlc men to sell poods byso-
HclthiK for n well established mle company
permanent employment to the il nt men , no
capital or oxnorlouco neressary , mfori'iirn re-
ipilred , addiess llox 2 7 , Omaha , Neb. UWflJ
" \\rANTKD 2 or 3 energetic men of peed address -
> dress as canvassers on guaranteed salary.
Klciiwork , steady job. Call early , lloom 4 ,
Crouuse block , ll'J N. ICth. U5.1 !
ANTED rirfit-class general mnchlnlsts.
Davl.s & Cow'itill Iron works. t > 7'J
' \ \ 7ANTr.D-AKeiits to rnnvass clofk.i ,
T > c-rs , etc. , lu Council Uluirs und Oinnliii.
f ) 't'g Co. , (1'td ( ) > 1 Nu. IJth St. , Oiniih.i. |
4-,0 IU *
at * ll per A.V. .
Moil Is , Lincoln , N b ,
TV TANTIII ) Moil for nillroartork. . Al-
bllKit'ulnl > or 1121) ) 1'uriiain. Oo5
WANTI'.D- ) ini'ii of Rood appnuriiucB to
tr\ our ICc ini'nlb lit IsoirlM rrsluiuunt.Iill
nnil 313 South lltU Btreet. ( old Llvu uud l. > > t
llvu ) U'-d
3 , UK ) IA 1)V nRcuts wnnti'il iliiiiicdliilolv. Rrntid
nu tulibi-r uiiili > i ( ! iiuiiit ! for ftm.ilci , JlOa
il.iy , proof fuo. Jlit , . 11. r. J.lttle , Clilcupo , 111.
Ug ! ! >
_ _
\V ANTKI > - ) Rlrls ccncral liniisowork. 1 dln-
V > IIIK room Klrls , t illshmishc-r , Kill , foi
( Iritiul IsUinil , 1 pastry cook , 1 M-coud cook , 1
rouK fortoituuuuit. Uiiuiliu limp Ituic.iu.il'
K. Ibthst. tii.1 It
1 Ii women cooke , out of city , J.W tc
ft } V ) ; illnliig-u > om girl lor Ooloi.ulo , J2i ) ;
nn expeilenced nurse. 2" > girls for general work ,
8.1 to . " > perweok. ( 'anadlan limp , olllce , Mis
111 egn & Son , : ilt ) S. Intn. Tel. SM. M5I1 *
" \\7ANTKI ) Khst-olass waiter attliuKuropeai
> > hotel , IWi ti. lUth ht. 017 11
\VANTr.D-GIrl for housework , 23H llouslas
> > tll'lll-
WANTI5D A girl for general housework :
liberal w ages paid to proper person ; call
110 2Mh iivenuo , near Dodge , IUI Ii
WANTHD-nirl for general hou oworK , fam
ily of throe grown peisona , 2118 IIM-II- )
Vort Ht. C4U H *
for general IIOUM
work. 11)17 ) C.iss st.
" 1 t ANTKD Immtidlntely , ladles to work foi
TV n \ \ holoMila housu on ueedlnw ork at theli
liomes. ( Scut any distant e. ) ( looil pay can bi
llliide. K\ei > thing furiilsbcil. 1'iutli ular :
frt-o. Address Aitlstic Needluwork Co. , 1 f > btl
et. , New York City. U
lTANTii-Jlrl : for general housework
> atiKUS. IDlh St. OUU- *
\\rANTKn-01ilforpcneial hou.-.owoik. 211
> > Douglas. KS
TlT'ANTnD-Hlrlfor general housewor
> > L'umlng. KU ) Iti ?
\rANTlTu-Mu-bO girl at 2U S. SUth st.
Nil lady In every town wanted to introduci
O nml t-ell l'enujro > a ! 1'llN. Chlehestor' ;
IhiKllxh.1' Original and only Cemilue. Send 4
( btamps ) for partUulais. Chkliesler Chemlca
Co . I'lillaiklphla 1'a. : t-T
"lAfANTKn i indies totiy our I'm me.ils n
NouU'lestanrunt old LheundLet LUul
Oil and ai I B. 14th bt. U0
\\rANTlUl-Olrl forgeneiallioiis work. Xou
TT but competent gill need apply. WllCass
TV T'AN'll'.l ) tllil to work In kitchen , Doiai
lioti'so , Ii. ti. Inh et. , mar St. itury's nvi
"XVANTIID Ladles m city or country , for ou
i ' holiday nude , to take light , pleasant worl
nt their own homes. $1 to Jj per day can b
ciulelly made. Work bt-nt by mall any dUtanci
raitkulais fieo. No canvassing. Address a
cune , I'le.sceut Art Co. , H7A Milk bt. , llostoi
Has-s. 1' . O. box 617U. ' . "
ANAU1AX llmploymeut olllce , male and fi
male holii neut to all p.irts If faro N at
vanced. Itefeieiiei' . Oimih.t National bun !
Mrb. llti-pa \ Sou , Ultl S. 1Mb. Tel , bsl.ois
ois r IM
" . 1'iico mtibt I
TV . : ) - top desk.
AddretaTW , lleeolllio.
ivy b7
ILL n reader of the Itee give mo the tu
dress of Almond 1' . K tngvn. A. 1
Kingen , Cameron , Mo. _ _ t"i4-l J _
"V\7AN'lT.D-ll < > iirilln | Plluite family nr pr
T 1 vale lioardlug housn. .with breakfiiat b.'toi
T. No fancy price. Addrosb , teiuis and l u
, UceoUlce. , " d7Vl'Jj
7TU1IST-CLAS& table board , w rvnl In homo
X ? st ) le , for 3 or 4 gentlemen. HM4 Dodge. VV _
\\T A NTIJD To Icnso Warding h.ouso by Jl nrch
TT 1st. Addrega T M , lleo olllco. f.l , 141
" \\rAN'llD To rent a milto cif 3 rooms , two
T T unfurnished and one furnished , with heat ,
gas nnd bath : must bo reasonable. Addre.-u
with price , T. E. M , boxff.H. f.72 11 *
\\TA ; i'KI-To rent T small Job press with
TT out IK : will pay reasonable price and give
Hcurltylf raqlllred. Address Till , Heo olllce.
T7\UU \ HEN1-A lint of (1 ( rooms . w. cor. K th
J and I.eavin orthbts. Enquire nt s. e. ror.
17th and Lvnx enwnrth. ( Vfi.
'i j * oTMtT ; NTA r > room liousn cheap to asm .ill
J- ' family , 153V S1st ln-t Center and Dorcas st.
413J.14 *
FOR HENT An-room cottage with modern
Improvemcuts. luqnlro lstnadfct.Mary's.
iroit KENT A house with C rooms , llnrney
J'fit. . bet Hit nnd Dili. Imiulro nt H. Dohle
Co , nhoo store. Cl'l ' 10
\\TH have n largo llsl of furnlshoil houses and
T T Hats for rent , and furniture for sale ,
rents reasonable , nnd prices nnd terms to suit
nil. Call and examine our list before Investing ;
Co operative Land uud Lot Co , LU > N loth st.
Oil ) 10
HUNT If you. wish to rent n hou o or
- Hat I have them from lo to * A > for cottaces ,
nnd Hand 10room modern houses , from fi' > to
flu per month. Call at J. H. I'uuotto. Ilental
Agency , IM' > Chicago st. 6 > 7tll
; r HOr.TS for rent from JI2 up.
) K , L. Oreaory , Mental Agent , 30D S. IMh st.
'IjlOll KENT The lower story of my house No.
tiV7 South 21th st , C rooms , gas nnd heat , hot
nnd eolil water and clstetn water , cellar nnd
yni d. n *
TjWIt KENT 2 elegant new brick houses. 10
-I ? rooms , all modern Improvements , line loca
tion , K > mln , walk from 1 * . O. . on street tor line ,
rent $70 per month. H. M. Genius , UJS Dougl.is
stnot. 4M
"IJ1OH KENT Three now NVroom hotisns with
nil modern Impioremetits , highly lln-
nlshed. 1'or particulars Inquire of S. Katz at
house adjoining or room 315 , Itnmge building.
filOU KENT Se\cn f7) ) room house , nil furn-
JJ ished , No. 107 north nth st. 401
FOIt HUNT Three (3) ( ) room house , for colored
people , llth and Chicago sts. 404
TjlOlt HENT-Small cottage ; Inquire 42. S. Wh
U st. , near St. Marj's nvo. i3
fpll E house I now occupy w 111 be for rent , .Inn.
-L nary 1st ; house contains ID-rooms nnd all
modern Improvements. UK ) S. ! Mth Bt. Morltr.
Me } or. Cull at llth and Fanmm or at 207 S. L'tth
Bt : M _
T31OH HENT 2new 7 roomed hoitseb , well , els-
-I. tcni. largo cellar , iwh near Clars st.V. .
U. Shrlver , opp pojtolllce. KSl
TJH1H KENT 0 new 7 roomed houses , city
V water , c Istern , cellar , 20th st near I'aul , W.
(1. Shrlver , Frenzer block opiwslto postoIIUe.
m )
NO. 1100 7th nve.,6-room house , > good re
pair , largo yard , cistern water ; will ren-
to responsible poison with not morp than 2 chil
dren for 325 per mouth. 443
FOll HENT Now house , 0 looms , etc. . largo
grounds , corner "bth nnd Capitol avenue.
Inquire2b2l Dodgost. Wl
FOll HUNT S new ! l room housoq on 8 30th
near Leavcnworth. 0. E. Mayne. 341
FOH HENT Newn room cottage In Ambler
place ; good 7 room 2 story house. Orchard
Hill ; good 4 room cottage. Orchard Hill , C. K.
Mnyne , N. W. cor. 15th and Harney Ht. 101
TmOH HENT-Hotiso 11 rooms. W. M. Hush-
-I-1 man , N E corner loth and Douglas. tn)4 )
FOH HUNT Turnlshcd loom , EM S. 20th St. ,
nearht. Mary'H uvo. 041 It *
rj1OH | line looms with all modern conveniences ,
JL' llvo minutes'walk fiompostolllce. Addiess
T48. lleo olllce. 003U
"IjlOH HKN'T Laigo alcove room , with two
JL ? commodious closets , bath room adjoining ,
w Ith boaid In private family , suitable for niar-
i led couple , within one. block of horse cars and
cable line ; icfurcnco required P.O. box274.
Kg 14J
171011 HUNT Furnished rooms with table
-IJ boaid. 2210 rarnam st. 6C9U *
"I7IOH KKNT A nicely furnished south room
Jl w 1th all modem conveniences at 1711 Dodge.
au > 11 *
"VT1CEI.Y fuinhhed heated rooms , f to $12 per
J- > month , nl o tlr.st-elaos table boaul. 140U
IJaM-nport. Ml 14 *
TJIUHNISHUI ) rooms with first-class board.
1. hc.it gas and bath. Near cable line. 20U
Douglas bt. 150-14 *
OH HUNT nimlslied room with board for
tu o centIrmen , 1724 Douglas st. dU7 H *
SU1TK of furnished rooms for U gentlemen.
Ill H. 20th near Dodge bt. 6M ) 17 *
FOH HUNT KiiruKhed rooms ; terms moder
atu ; fleam heat , gas , b.ith room and on
treetcarllnu. 2217 Douglas 8t G2S20 *
POH HUNT I'lensniitly fnrnMied room for
ouo gcutlemun , $ , " > pur month , nt fin. > N 17th
bt 04-J 10 *
FOH lU'.NT Nlcol > 'furnished loomswlth heat
$7 pur month , il Williams Ht , bmlmitc : .
w alk houthcast U. 1' . depot. Kii
r ) H HUNT I'lciibniit loom for two , 1'XJI
Dudgo. 516-17J
fOH HUNT Nicely furnished room suitable
' for two gentlemen , 1U21 rarnam st. KU 1st
IOH HUNT Suite of tuinhhed looms , A
llospo. _ fit'j
: flClUY fiiinlshed rooms cheap Wl S 18th St. ,
"I71OK HUNT nirnlshcd room with bonnl for
JO lor'-'persons. HiN. ! liithst. toi
FOH HUNT Nlcu loom for 2. 101U Dodge st.
"VTEATLY furnished largo front room foronn
J- > or two gentlemen , veiy cheap , 2104 Harney.
3J2 17 *
D room , bteain heat , 1 S ! Mth.
FOIt lti.NT : N'lcely furnished rooms nt 2W
Dodge. Clas , bath and fuumcuheit. VM
N 1CIM.Y fiirnlsheii front room with ur with
out bouiil. 1-1 ! Uodgo st , W"
171OH H1XT ! Newly tin nlshed Bguth frou
-L' room , In now house : steam heat and e\ciy
convenience , lil Davenport. 6 : > J
" LiTICII liiigi ) front loom , ruinlshed nnd heated.
-Li isiiltablu lor two gentlumeii. Also small
room. 11117 CANS st. ; > M
IJIUHNISHKD rooms , 1810 Doilgo.
J : 308 H
( HMS- ) Well furnbheaA\Uh lisa of piano.
iamr ! _ rnnin. iiUj
IjlUH KI'.NTrooms ; ! nt \Voolwoith nve. :
, -I ! ut til per month. '
FUHNlbllUl ) looms and boaid , ItKIl Kiirnam.
740 J 'J2J
"ITIOril elegant looms all modem conveniences
J ? 17H4 Webster st. 4'ri
FOll HUNT 1'umlahud looms , 2200 Dodge.
6iJ 17 *
UKNT FnriiUhtHl rooms In Oreunlgblk ,
; cor. Kith nnd Dodge bts. luiiuliuof eo. II.
Da > ls. .Millard hotel billiard room , oaj
TTl Olt UKNT 'IVo nicely furnished front roonv
J ongioimd lloor , utUS Hurt , for in pel
month , with board ? l per \\eelxnildltlonal.
IT'OIl HUNT A nicely fuinlbhfd room with aT
L modern lniiioemeuts | for one or two gentle
men , Wi ) S. SHIi. _ ' . >
SlNdLli'und double furnished looms , 24
Dodge. KI'J f SJ
TriOH UKNT Largo front room with alcovi
a ml closet , gas. bath room , hot nml colt
water An the same lloor. Two gentlemen , 01
man and w Ife. i-M per month. Ko. M SItti st
Uf > 7
L Alton FOUth trout room , all modern enliven
lences , suitable for two gentlemen ; aNc
tlr-.t-cla s table bo.ud for three or four ; refer
dices. 1M4 Dodge xt. V.'J
O ITICIJ roonrtor rch } , 1'renzer block , $ in pe
moutti. U7 10
1IMUl 7ir.XT Ollae ioom llibt Uoor , ntiHi : !
-JMMh at. KM
1J1OU UIIST Orouml lloor ollico room , cen
-L1 t rally located , heated and llghteJ. C. F
Harrison. 418 S. 1Mb st. 100
_ _
1OH HIINT-Ollii'cs imTiiSnam Bt. nt S10 to ft
1 per month. Uno oil. co furnished. 1UU Kar
mini. 101
Foil lir.NT-Onice , cheap ; best location In th
CIIV. HMUQlllTH t. t l
" \TliWunfnnilehedroomforrent , bl.1 8. 17tl
i.\ u 15 *
IJIOlT lti\"l ; . \ large room furnished , centra
-1 ? locution HID Chicago at , ' utH
. "
, '
TWO oil room * . No. 1SU Howard Bt.
Three (3) ( ) rooms , No. 101. > north 20th Rt.
Three ( .1) ) room" , No. ituo north " 1st st.
fx ! ( fl ) room house. No. 2ICO Nicholas st.
Tbreo (3) ( ) room cottage. 21st ud I'aul et ,
nire CD rooms. No. IIJ3 north Sift ot.
Three ( Hi rooui" , No. llini'Ieriest.
Three (3 ( > rooms , No. 1112 south 7th St.
Three ( in rooms. No. ' , ( I'vltlc st.
Olio (1) ( ) nice ofllce , No. 31D bouth l.Mh bt.
OMAHA I idRlui House. 010 and Ilia Jackson
t , bet. nth and 10th std. Itcuta ultmlu beds
nt II per week ; i lean beds. iW5 Keb ! >
1 I , . (1HK(50HY ( ( , lelit.il agent. UO 3. ICth. t. ,
ground floor. Telephone s' > 4. 4 4
Rl'r.rt.U attention clven to rentliifrhousos ,
furnished ami linrurnlsheil rooms List w 1th
us. W.M. Harris. over23)S. IMhBt. IUI
POH HKNT If you wish ton-lit ahoti < cull
on lienawa A. Co. , 15th bt. , opposite 1' . U.
"VTliW YOHK Stornpo Co. have most extensive
J- > facilities for Htorage of furniture , pianos ,
hupples , general merchandise , vest of Now
Yoik. Cash advances to nny ninount ; ware
house lecelpts given ; goods Insured ; brick
buildlm ; fire-proof ; npeclal arrangements for
commission merchants. Cull New York Storage
Co. , Cnpltol are nntl N. 15th St. , llounett's block.
] 3iit : ? < > NAt-Twaiit va ciiutTct7 ) iiortirimrt of
city , for good house and lot In omnha
Vlow. C. C. Spotsw oed , ao3'i S 10th St. , Omnha.
_ _ _ _ _
r > KHPONAIj = rrnnkTKniiiIl' . Vork want to
bee you soon us convenient. Union.till
till 13
Ii ladles nnrt pentlomen can rent
masMUeradu suits at 61U N 16th St. , upstairs.
PKItSONAIi 1'rlvnto homo for ladles during
conflnement , strictly ronlldentnl , Infants
necpted ; uddicis K2 Dee olllco. KJ7 f 10
Dll. B. Hooper , magnetic , trance and clairvoy
ant. I'orft'ct diagnosis of disease. Satis-
fiction guarantied. Wl ) N. NHh St. 471 ll'J
STUAY1U ) lilnckciilt , two years old , white
streak on forehe.id , om > white hind foot ,
f.ost Saturday noon. Was seen last 21st mid
Ciimlng. Anyonu knowing his wheieabouts
w 111 please infui m ( "In 1stuethi Icli , bt. M ai y's
iivo mid lkth St. Libel al reward lor discovery of
he animal. n l HI *
LOST A small gold breastpin setwlth twenty
six pearls. ' hinder will bo rewarded on
ailing ut IUIJ California st. 4I7J
I OST Contracts to lots 8 In 3 and -1) ) and 21.
1 II , 1 , Cielghton Heights. Howard nt 1UW
'amain ht. 877
"IJ i\VAltn-Wlll : le ptxen for return of bay
J.\ mare , UOO Ibs. halter on. Stmjed from
yen CiimliiK st. 0. S. Oslrom. tm
SA 1,1 ! A Hi st-cTais cuttor. used one Reason
son , nt half coit. Address T 41 , lleo ollice.
C701I *
FOH SAT.K I'm nlturo 7 room house , pilvnto
sale. 1012 lluitht. 621 W
N KOES31TV compels mo to sacrillco all my
furniture consfstiut ; of the entire furnltiiio
of slx-to > m house , IncludliiK bedding , eui tains ,
dishes , stoves , lamps and curtains. No reason
able olfer i etused. 1'or particulars address lock
box 305 , city. 071-17
STANDAHI ) Horse and Cattle 1'ood Is not a
"Condition 1'owder" made up of mineral
substances which Injure the animal , but Is com
pounded of the pmest vegetable lugredlcnto by
: non of o\pei lenin. The 1'ood cleanses the blood ,
curesipl/ootlc , pluk-e > e , distemper , liilliieuzn ,
prevems and cmes colic , lu making claims on
: ho curative poweis of the 1'ood they are sub
stantiated by u guaiuutc'O. Mnnufactuicd bv
T. II. SanboinV Co. , 170J bt. Mary's live. 1'o'r
alooveiywhcro. ( Ai 17
FOll SALE Klegnnt now rurultuio and car-
pots at a bargain. 2311) ) Douglas st. Ii2 17 *
FOHSALH Duggy slelgb runners , sotdoitblo
buggy harness und stock Bc.iibc.iail N.IiOth st.
C. II bpray. 4U2 lb *
FOU SALE-Fresh milch cows. Hill & Smiley ,
opp. Uxchungo building , Union Stook.\iu > s.
Telephone US. . lUl-feb-1
STANDAHI ) Block Liniment Is not a patent
inedlclno but Is compounded from purest
Ingredients by men who have made the treat
ment of stock the study of their live * und Is ns
carefully put up art a physician's prescription.
It Is fully guaranteed to accomplish all claimed
or money refunded. Manufactured by V. 1 ! .
Sanborii Sc Co. , 1710 St. Mary's avenno. GiXM7
WANTKD 'lu buy u ne01 gooil huumuiumcl
hack or c-ab nnd pny for It in Nebraska
wild land. C , I'.lienjamln , 310 815th. 69714
banjo taught as an att by ( Jeo , 1' . Oellen-
beck , b. c. cor loth aud Douglas , up stnlra.
IK )
IK you wlsb good , prompt paying tenants ,
list vour dwellings , Hats and store looms
with .1.11. IMrrotto , ItciiUl Agoucy , lim Chi'
c.igoit. 687fll
HI ! . COL1 ! Insuianco. Hellalilo companies ,
N K cor 15th nnd Douglas. Tuluphout
IftH. Mi Jl
lO Lr.API' I'orlong tlmo and n ( low rate ,
lots Ki and 60 , Nelson's addition , und pait
of lotlis. Hedlck'.s 2nd add. A. I'.Tnkev , 1321
rartmni st. JJW
It. Ahniansou'M ofllco removed from T
block to OK ! S Itttli st. Ik Tii
C II..lOIINbON" . cistern builder. wolU borcil
and diifKM X UOth St. , Uiuulm , Nob.
U54 J'"J
C ASH p.ild for.socond-lmnd books nnd Mbr.v
. , ' 'MS N lUth st. II. Khoiifeia.untluiiurluii ,
'M J ttJ *
DK. NANNIK V. Wnrren , cliilrvoyimt. Mrd
leal , business and test medium. IIaiiio- ) l-
free. Feuiulo diseases n bpcclnlty. ll'.l ' N. Ifltl :
\ TANTIID-A JHH or ? < V,0 llrst mortgage note
> onlmpio\ed propeity * John D.ile , ill I S
jjin. t-iO llj *
ASTUD A lob printing press. Vail at Co
opcratho Laud \ Lot Co..2U > N 11-th st.
tilti HI
" \\7ANTUD-A meat maiket , n country town
preferred. 1'rank Wood , Aluuworth , Neb
CM 17f
will buy n $ inortgnBO note. O. E
' 1 hompson , ; ill S. Kith bt. 449
" \\7"ANTnO A ifood htock of merclintidlso ll
f > good location. Co-operative Lnnd .V Lo
Co. , 205 K With st. KW 17
" \ ITANThD To buy snort time pnper , J.W
T Gross , at C. E. Muyne's office , IKth am
Hartley. i5 *
H' K.COLII Loans mom-yon real estate nui
buys llr.st mortgage notes. N U cor liitl
nnd Dougms. Telephone 1W. Mid ; il
MON'IIY to loan at low est rates upon Improvec
ami unimproved real estate in Omaha am
also upon farms In western Iowa nnd eaMeri
Nubrnslcn. .Mortgage notes bought and soli
Odell llros. If Co. , IWlKiirnam st. 'ATA
MONKY to loan on Improved real estate ; n <
commission charged. Leavltt Uurnham
room 1 , Crelghton block. 121
MONEY to Loan-On furniture , pianos
wagons , or other perbonnl property wlthou
removal ; also on collateral t > ecuiity. llusli
coiilldenttal. Chas. II. Jacobs , U20 S. IMh st
| 170
MONEY to Loau-O. F.Davis Co. . real estat
nnd loan agents , ISOi Farnam st. 1U8
TVIOXUY to loan 1 can now place Homo llrs
l'I class city loans Immeillately. Call at onci
If you desire to bo accommodated. D. V , Snolus
room 1 llaikcr block , entrance In allor. llrj
MONUY To loan. lx > wpst rates. No clelii-
J. L. Hlco A : Co. over Commercial Nu
tlounlbank _ 114
LOANS madn on reai estate and mortgage
bought. Lewis ti. Iked & Co. , 1521 Fimuui :
G 1'UH CENT Money ,
1'atterson A : 1'nwcett 15th nnd Harney. 116
SHOUT time loans made on any nvnuabl
security. In reasonable nmounts. Securqi
notes iKiught , sold or exchanged. Oenern
nnnnclnl business of any kind transacts
promptly , quietly and fairly at the Omnha Kl
nanclal Kxchange , N. W. cor. l th and Hat
ney sts. , over Stale National baud. Corbet !
manager. 117
MONEY to loan , casn ou hand , no delay. J
\V. nnd K. L. Squire , 14U Farnam st. Fa >
ton hotel bulldtue. in
MOMKV loaned on plauoj. furniture , luires.
orgniiH , etc. , low rates. O. H..Inuuoi
man , room C , Arlington block , - Coora west u
yoalolllce , 877 1
LOAN ? madeon rent estate. Cnsli on Inml.
M. llnn-ls ovcrgMg.
W. 15th st. 110 _ _
MOSEY loaned on film/tu'rf. / plsnos organ' ,
horse * , etc , low rate * . ,1. J. Wilkinson *
Co. , lu-4 Fnniam , over llurllugtou ticket olllce.
UjrAl.OX ) to loan In any ninount at low cst rate ot
l > Interest. II. 11. Iroy. ITcfigur block. 119
MONKYlo lx > an Ily tnf nndorstcnr-dwho
hns tlio only pro rly organized loan
npency In Omaha. Loans pf 110 to lUWmndeon
furnltnri' , plnnos , orrnn" . .Tiorses. w rgon.s , mv
rlnnery , vtr. , without remm'M. No delays. All
business strictly conlldeiitliil. Loans FD made
that nny part can be paid [ rtpny time , each piy-
ment u-ititcliiK the co < t tire rnta. Advances
inniln on flnn watches nnd''Mlninomls. 1'ersnns
phoulil iMrefnlly consider who they are deallm ;
with , nsmnny new-roncerna nre dally coining
Into existence. Should yo i need money call nnd
ree me. W. 11. Croft , room lT\Vlthiii-ll building ,
If.lliamlltainov. . 111
MONEY LOANED at C. 1' . llced \ fo.'s Loan
Oltlcp. on furniture , pianos , horses , wnitons ,
persoiml property of nil kinds , titid nil other ar
ticles ofaltio without removal. 313 H. nth ,
over Hlnphnm s rotnml'slou store. AH busi
ness ktrktly contldcntlal. la
CJMiO.OOO To loan on Omnhn city propertv at 0
P percent. U. W. Day , 8. U. cor. Kx. Hid.
1 Al
TIO LOAN Money lx > ans placed on 1m.
proved real estate In city or county for
New KnRland Loan .V Triist Co , by Douglas
County bank , ICtli and Chicago Bts. 1 )
' 710,000 to loan at 6 per ccut. Llnahan & Mahoney -
' honey , Vtu I'arnaiu. 124
MONEY to loan , inorteago notes bought , loans
made on chattel security ; no delay J. J.
uinmltigs , lliioiu 10 ll.irker lllock 201
fONUY to loan. Notes ana it. H. ticket.
L bought ahd sold. A. Formati , 21J 3 1 Ith sts
WANTKD A working pirtuerwlth not luss
than SVO 111 money makliu ! business. A
ioro and delivery wairon \ > ould be taken. Mrs.
Iret'H A. Son. ! 110 S. 1'tll. ( iJVIO
KOl'SKS and lots for western lands , farms ,
etc. liiim rarnam. tsu
" 17lOTt SAi.K ( ! r c iy , ula'.swaro ami notTdn
-U MOCK nnd fixture * . Nicest store on ( "mntnif
t , liivulcu Jt.iKKl , will take part In ifnixl leal et-
atu or bankable paper , uddicss T ! iO llee ollice.
5.Ti U *
MEAT market on paved stre t , doing good
business , for sale ; lent low. T : n > . llee
nice. I'M 11 *
FOH SALU A good paying restaurant , cheap.
Uniulro U17 S. 12th. aiWll *
illi.mid staple stock of well bought
general merchandise In one of thu fastest
rowing agilcultliral towns In Colotado ; sales
13,000 per } ear and can bo rreatly Incre.u-ed ;
Ickness only C.IHSO lor tell ng ; thlsls a rarn
nnd genulno chance ; exactly as itpresciitod
Address TP , lleo ollico. Wl 14 *
\\Tininvonllkludsof business chance" , and
can fmiilsh any kind of stole" , livery sta-
lle' ) , restaiiranls , meat markets , feed stores
itotk of L'oods , uiid.ln fact , nuythlni ; In the com ;
net rial Hue. Co-opeiatl\o Lund and Lot f'o , , JOf >
N Kith ut. 010 1U
WANTI'D To e.xchanKO 2 splendid lots In
Douglas odd for house and full lot nearer
islness cunter. It. K. Copson , cor inth and
"I71OH SALi ; Korcash. stock of ceneral incr-
-I ? chandl'O with btilldltiKS. peed location. In
rountiy , postolllco In connection , address 1' . M. ,
1'addouk , Holt Co. , Neb. 619 10 *
$ COO buys Vj Interest In established mercantile
nRency ; with cuergatlo partner can be
iado lucrative business. I'or particulars cull
tX'l , rreii7er block. . \ya \
WE have for trade a larwo list of uoti UKOSS. .
able mining stock , wild lands , Improved
farms , vacant lots , houses and lots , three livery
barns undeitaklnj ? business , ( | no trotting stat
ion , Imnltme and leasn orii , | room Hat , rest uir-
iint , n now Hteam boat , horses stocks of coodn ,
etc. Co-opeiatlvo Land & 'Lot ' Co. , ' 03 N liith st.
C4G 1G
ALA HOR. pleasant storeroom tor rent , one
of the best points In the cltv for ictall
boots and shoes , hats and caps , dry poods , etc. ,
within half block of coruoi ) Uth and Karuam.
Lougle.ise , chu.ip rent. 13.1' . Seaver , IfllJSi Pur-
natii st. " 'ijt
H11COLP gives spcclaaittentlon to tiadlng
Wilto for our 1UU N U cor 13th and
Douglas. " 60031
"I 1OK Exchange. It you Uavo farms or lands to
J2 sell or trade send for oilr descriptive blanks.
If you have nny kind of property to seller ex
change. Hit It with us : wo can furnish youn
customer. S. S. Campbell & U.V. . Hervoy , 310
Hoard ofTradn Omaha 3C !
I HAVE for trade Improved farm In Cass Co ,
near Plattsmouth , will trade for Improved
Inside property. Address M 38 , Dee office.
WANTED Good family Horse In uxrnangn
for lot , McCullocu * Co. , cor 13th and
Fumani. 128
FOH cxchanpo-Jl.OOO \ of hoises for stock
of proeerles.
$ JMU ) farm clear for 31,50) stock of dri s , bal
ance cash or mortp.igo.
W.COOlmpoited 1'erchon stallion for land.
$2,500 eluvator clear for land or Omaha prop
lo.tiflO acres Nebraska school lands for bale or
trade cheap.
li M acres inipi oved ranch on II. It. , N K. No-
bi.iska , extra line tr.iet hay and \\ater , for Im
proved faun within i miles of Omaha or Coun
cil DliilTs.
3M ) ucics Mo. land , clear , for town propeitv In
Nebraska orlow.i. S S Cnmpbull&U.V. \ . Her-
vey,31U Chamber of Commerce. 512
FOU KxclmiiKO Lots In Factory 1'ltice , Al
bright's Choice. Patterson's .subdivision.
( Kfinil riare. and Maynu i5 addition for good
low.i or NubrusKa farms. Also ( M acres In
frontier county , Neb. , for exchange for Omaha
houses idul lotN or Dont'las county land. A. I' .
Tukey , 1324 Tai liiim ht. 320
Jl yon have anything to exchange call on or
address H. K. Cole , n. e. cor. 15th and Doug
las. 217 I'l
" \\7ANTr.D-Ptocks of merchandise to exT -
> T change for lands and cty | pronerty ; C. C.
Spotsw ood. 30."i ! i S. lf.tr , . ISO
WANTKD Houses nnd lots to exchange for
Impioved nnd nnlmproued lands In Ne-
braskauudlowa. Charles C. Spotswood. M : > /
S. Wtli. Ib5
"VrnilHASKAund Kan-as faims to exchange
i > for Iowa and Colorado hinds mid vice
versa. Co-OpeiatlveL.ind and Lot Co. , 203 N
H.th st. b' ' . > 4
WANTED ( loon tarms m exchange for
Omaha property , C. C. SpoUwood. 300 > i
S ICth. 13)
BiNTON\-CAUMICHArr ; ; , furnish complete
and guaranteed abstracts of title to any
real estatu In Omaha and Dougl.is county upon
short notice. The most complete sotof abstract
books In the city. No. 1519 1 arnim st. 111
MIDLAND Guarantee and Trust Co. , 150 :
I'arnara street Complete abstracts fur
nlshed. and titles to real csttttn Txamlncd , per
fected and cuarautced. 1JO
ONLV KiOrush. balance to suit , will buy i
$2CO lot a lew blocks from the packlllf
houses , South Omaha , also other buigams cai
bo found with D. I ) . Smenton , room 7 , Ilarkei
block , cor. 15th nnd ruriiam sts. _ 017-
HK\V lotsTno each.
rinest low-pi Iced lot In city , must bo sold ,
Hest lui'Kulii In Omaha.corner and inside lot
Sdth und Dodge , only W.tM jtor both.
F.legant residence lot , Oodfo and 2Dlh nvc.
Two % ery valuable lots , cor. 23th und Douglas
sell cheap , ltt.SH ) . '
OUH bundled and forty ciolco Insldo lots to b (
closed out Immediately. 1 ortnnei In thes1 ? .
Twolmudri'd houses nnd lots Insldo belt Hue
build houft s to order , $100 to * ,100 dow n.
Will build goad houses , UUtli and Dodge , am'
sell on easy payments.l
For exchange , JVIO.OJ1 worth of clear , unln
cumbered Urot-class real estate , with cash , foi
No. 1 business property. ,
Drake Pros . Jill S. 1Mb St. " H07 II )
IlOll ALK-Corlot rfixUf and 2 story hous-e,2i : (
1 and Pacific st. liiiiuliu James Chilstlansou
U. V. fielght dipartmeut. 621 Sit
/ 1OUXiil : 64xl22. Sewanl and 31st St. , 91,700
\J ) , W eubli , or il.tiiH * 7UO cash.
1 * . L. Urvcury , Heal Fstate , 3trj South lEth bt.
T71OH SALK Finest location tor u homo It
J1 West Omaha , adjoining the in.iM-.Ion home1
of Klrkendall , Coe , llrady , Ilisson and others
Nothing tluer In the city. Can so ) l < l"alS7 01
less ; for prices aod terms see 3. A. Sloman. 13J1
rarnam st. t > W
In Iowa lor niualm rem
dence piorerty. J , J. Wilkinson , U21 rurnnin
"IJflOH 8ALK1xN ) feet on cable lino. Splendii
J : ln tde location for four flats M.VXI. Mils
b sold ut once. Marshall & Ix > bcck , room ii
Cham be rot Coin. : tS2
T OIl SALB-1M acres of land tour miles f ron
-L' stock yards , at ! 12.'i per acre ; this Is n bar
pain. McCague. Opp. 1' . O. _ 1M
LAND , farms and lots to exchange tor share
in good paying concerns , Itkrj 1'arnam st ,
_ _ _ _ IfTH
T ANDandlotitotraduforsood horses. Wj
JU iaruaw.t , - 378
FOU SAIR-Or exchange. loM 1n North
Omntiv fur tum ex. llousn and lot.s in ( Ndu-
ell lllutrs. shares In Iiowo ave Hulldlng ans'm
Irfita In Hftiiscom and Ambler places. 1'lenty
of other property , llosworth * Jopllti , 41 * 8.
1'ith 8t. _ 17U
IjlOH PALI ! Thrw good'loti on corner of
JDod 08t ( one block west of Lowe UM for
f4,5W. Addrcj for n few days S 61 Dee olllco
_ _ _ _ 71 _
OIWA1' HomeIx > t Er > xl2. ) , Pewnrd Btreet ;
giK > d house , 4 rooms , f | ,4'i ) , ll > J cash.
Ii.Oregory.reul estate , 3Wbouth inth st.
V.i' . Welslians. T. I' .
Low * Heal estate Investment brokers ,
P.III Diego , Cala. , Invest for uon-resldeiits. per
fect tltlfd , alteud to all tnisluess , take title in In
vestors luiuiH forsharii of prollLswhen deal U
closed. Send stump for our Investment Couti act ,
San Diego lu l l had MM ) population , 1ms now
2.V 1I ! w pit-diet WMMJ before 1IW ' . Ili-ferelicesj
Omaha Nat'l Dnnk ; First Nat'l Hank , New Vork
City ; .Nat 1 Dank of America , Chicago , 2. * > 7-17
FOIl SALT Wo unor as a special bargain liV )
ucres of lund four miles from Mock yards ,
nt 812.1 per acre , on line of U , 1' , K. It. McCigua
Opp. 1 * . O. _ tin
"I/lOlt RALi- : Lot . Milk 8 A. S. Patricks ad ; will
JJ sell for few days at Jl/KX ) , JOOJ cash. bal.
easy. S 4rt Dee olllcu , U17
EM sriCKNUV & ( X ) . maKe nsp-clilty of
tiropertv In North Omaha , forsalo or lent
at CitUenV bank. 2lM ! Ciimliu tt. 114
Railway Short Line.
And Chicago ,
Th onlr T0 4 to taVo for DPS Molncia , MnrlnIItown ,
Cedar ] lnplrt , Clinton , llUun , Chliniio. Mllwiiukoo
unit all points ea t. To Ibc people at .NoliraskH , Colo-
ado , Wyiunliii ; , Ulnli , lilahn , Nevada , Orotton , \ \ n t > *
niUooand CalKurnla. It oilers tupc-Jlor adrantniiol
tut poiMalo br nny other line.
Among B few of thu numorom points of suprrlorltf
cnloreil bi the ptttrons nf this roml bnlween dmnha
anil Clilcnun , ro Its two lmlr n Uajr of DAY COACH-
? S. > rhUli uro Ihe flneat that nuainn nrt nott Infceaul *
1 can create. Us I'ALAUK M.Kr.I'lNU CAIIS. which
kre iiioilnlnof comturt uud elek'ancn. Its 1'AHIXJH
IIIAWINU 1IOOM CAIltt , un nrpH < eit br any. and
ts wlttcljr cclPbratcd I'AIiAllAb O1NINU CAR * , th
equal of Hhlcb cannot bu found p.sewhorc. At Coun
cil lllutTj the tralni of the Union 1'nrlllo Hallway , con
nect In union depot with tbrxo or thu Chlrogu 4
Northwetlern Ily. In Chlc KO the tralni of thin lint
nttXu c.oio connection itlth these of all other eaitern
For nclrolt , Cotumbai , Indl n poll , Cincinnati ,
s'lnesra Palls , Ituflaln. tlttrnun , Toronto , Montreal ,
lemon , New York , 1'hllndrlpbm , llnltlmore.ash *
iiEton , aad all point ! la thu cast , aek lor a Uckat Tl
[ f yea irlnh the c st accommodation. All ticket agent *
( lltrkptu via ILIs lino.
Gcnl. Manager , ( lent. I'ms'r A goal
cag0' " *
r.NTHABCocir , r * n. BOU.KS ,
WMWra Ajmnt. citrl'ui'r. .
Oouba , Kibruka.
* TIO 19 riric cir < TiD Trim Ttis OEoauArnT or Tmi
By reason ct It * central potllloi ioie relation to lints
Kast of Chicago , tnd contlnaoxu linen At terminal
polnti Vint , Northwut and Boathwoit , ! the true
inlilille link In tKai transcontinental iiystem which
Invites nuil farllltates travel and traffic between th
Atlantic and 1'aelflo.
The Rock Island main line and branches Include Chicago
cage , Jollet , Ottawa , LaGalle , I'eorla , Oeneseo , Mollne
and Rock Island , In Illinois t Davenport , Muscatlne ,
Washlnston , Tatrfleld , Ottumwa.Oikaloosa , Wre tLll > -
erty.IowaClty.Desilolnoa.Indlanola.Wlntcrset , Atlan
tic , Knoivllle , Audubon , Hnrlan , Guthrlo Centre and
Cornell llluds , In Iowa : Oallatln , Trenton , fit. ' ) epb ,
Camrron nnd Kansas City. In Missouri ; Leal jvrorth
pnd AtchlsonlnKansast Albert I.eaMinneapolis and
W. PaulInlllniKioUt Watertown and 8louxFalls.lv
lakota ) , and hundreds of Intorinedlato cities and towns.
. ' 'The Great Rock Island Route"r
Guarantees speed , comfort , certainty and safety. Its
permanent way Is distinguished for Its excellence. IM
bridges are ot stone nnd Iron. Its track Is of solid
stealUs rolllnff.'tock perfect. ItspasiengercqulpmxnC
has All the naf cty appliances that experience has pivr * J
useful , anil for luxurious ivccommodatlocs Is uiu r-
pnssrd. Its Express Trains consist of superior fa
Coaches , elegant l'ulman ! i'alaco I'arlornnd Hleopln
Cam , superb Dining Cars , providing delicious meal * ,
and ( between Chicago and Bt. JoFcpb , Atchison find
Kansas City ) resttul Reclining Chair Cars. IU man-
nccir.ciit Is conservative , Ita dlsclpllno exacting
"The Famous Albert Lea Ror.re"
Between Chicago anil Minneapolis and St. Pa Is tha
favorite. Over this line Solid Fast Express Trains run
dally to attractive resorts for tourists In IOWA and
Minnesota , and , via. Watcrtoirn anil yioux Falls , to the
rich w heat and grating lands of Interior Dakota. Via
ncnecu anil Xankakee , theKoclc IslandotTein superior
Inducements to travelers between Cincinnati , Isd'an-
apolls. Lafayette and Council ISluffi , Bt. Joseph , Atchl-
ron , Ix'nrpnwo-ti , Kannas City , St. I'anl , andlntemte-
< ! Ut polnta All patrons ( e > i > rclally ladlrs and chil
dren ) receive protection , courtesy anil kindly attention.
For tickets , maps , folders , copies of Western Trail , or
any ileslrrJ Information , apply to principal oRlccs In
UID United States and Canada , or address , at Chicago ,
R. R. GABU , r. ST. JUHM , E. A. HOL1ROOI ,
Aiil Onl tUu > ir. on.I
An Ohio llooilliuu 1'nys Dearly Foi
] > iMiirl > hi a Itlocttni ; .
Urbanu , O. , corrcspontlonco of the
Now York Sun : An ovout in the vil
lujjo of Cubic , ncur this city , a few cvo-
nniRS n o , niado quite a Ecnpiition ,
Cable is the center of a rich ajricuHU'
nil district , and is the natural play'
ground in A\hieh rural young men take
their oxcreiso. For some time past bomi
of these young men liavo made theni'
selves obnoxious in the churches ol
Cable anil other villages by pornihtonl
coughing , shutlling of foot , and othei
methods of disturbance whjchintorferoi
with the feerviccH. Jonlnns chapel is
in Cable and is a branch of ono of tin
EisL'opil | : cnurches of Urbana , and pro
hided over by the Hov. John V. rreuor
iclc , a nparo and tall man , who has
worked earnestly for his church for tlu
past two years. Parson Frederick looks
like a man who could light if ho would
and is bitid to hiivp been nn athlete o :
great ability in his college ditys. I5ni
ho had never before had occasion to dis
play his powers in the line of pugilibin
intellectually ho has alwirys been no
tivo , and lias assayed missionary worli
on all sides. IIo had never run agaitifal
the gang until last Tuooilivv.
On the evening of that uay. however
the collision raine , and the k-ador of thi
gang was worsted. The Hn-vioes ii
Jenkins Chapel had hardly begun whet
three young men , dressed in tholi
working clotlics and led by Dick Dar
nell , who has named a reputation as !
roystoror , entered the church and tool
peats together near the box-like pulpi
from which 1'afttor Frederick was ex
hot-ting to his Hock. Darnell had ovl
dontly vibited the chapel to break u ]
the Borvuvs , and he and his compun
ions shulllcd their feet and interruptci
the minister's discour o by a stead' '
volley ol coughs. Pastor" Frederic !
wont calmly on until it was evident ti
everybody that Darnell and his com
panlpns were intent on breaking up th
horvicos. Then the minister stoppci
talking to his congregation longonougi
to request Darnell to leave llio chape
or keep quiet.
Darnell hold his scat and kept up hi
annoying conduct until the servirc
were over. Then he walked to the dee
of the chapel and waited for Pablo
Fredericks to pass him. Tlio minibto
wuf > warned that Darnell was an ugl
customer , nnd that lie was waiting fc
him. But ho calmly put on hih ovorcor
und followed the lustof his congregatio
the main nlslo nmt lo the door.
There lie was accosted by the nttgry
Darnell , whp roared , "Do'you know
wlnU 1 think of you ? "
I'astor Frederick said that ho didn't ' ,
ntul Hint Darnell's opinion was not par-
ticulai'ly interesting lo him. This mad
dened Darnell , who used a vllo oxproa-
slon with I'ofofcni'o to tlio Hov. Mr.
Frederick's aged mother. U had hardly
passed his lips when the minister's right
hand was driven into Darnell's bro.id ,
red face with the skill of a Dempsey ,
and tlio loafer measured his length on
the hard wood lloor ot the modest little
D.f/ed. but with enough conceit loft
to question the minister's power to do it
again. Darnell rose nnd rushud in for
nnother round. Again did the
proachor's handy right Hash out on the
mark and Darnell wont down again
without a ehanco for any in-lighting.
Tills second blow is said to have been n
credit to its dolivo.or. It certainly did
great execution , and besides Unboning
two of Darnell's , teeth , split his rather
thick lip and ended u second round of
the London prize ring rule order.
Again lie rose and da-shod in for close
quarters as Lv ; Blanche or Fogarty
might huvo closed on Denip&ey. Again
ho went down in n heap. Parson Fre
derick sending in a Hush hit on the
mark , a very rod nose , nnd knocking its
owner olT his feel.
This third round settled Darnell , who
slowly picket ! hiinbclf up , declared that
he'd "got oven" in the future , nnd
blvnk ott amid evidences of dcriiion
from tent part of the congregation who
tayed to see the Smill. " The three
rounds occupied fifty-six seconds. Then ,
I at the advice of members of his congro-
j gallon , the victor in the battle drove to
town nnd swore out two warrants for
Darnell'sarrest. JIorts arrested on
them while nursing u very ugly looking
face , and gave bail for his appearance.
Justice Ward will hoar the eases early
next week , and Darnell is likely to bo
bound over to keep the peace and to bo
lined for disturbing religious worship.
The lesion administered to him was a
very neat and prompt ono , and will have
its oik-ot. Tlio church service disturbers
now ( inspect that there are more lighting
parsons in the district , and are likely to
be wary fn consequence.
He-nil the Death Itoll
Which tlio bills of mortality of any
largo city may bo fitly designated , and
you will Und thai ronnl and vesical mal
adies , that is to say , these that alTeet
the kidneys or bladder , have n remarkable -
able prominence wo _ had almost baid
preponderance. Briglifn disease and
diabetes in the chronic stage are rarely
cured , and gravel , catarrh of the blad
der and enuresis slny many. Yet nt the
outset , when the trouble merely
amounts to inactivity of the organs in
volved , the danger may bo nullified by
that pleasant renal tonic and diuretic. .
Hosteller's Stomach Bitters , which im
parts the requisite amount of tone to
the organs , without ovor-oxeiting thorn ,
and tlio use of which is convenient , and
involves no elaborate preparation.
Dyspepsia , a usual concomitant of renal
complaints , nnd debility , which they
invariably produce , are remedied by it.
So also are constipation , malarial , rheu
matic and nervous ailments.
Serious Disorder \Vhlcli Comes of Coin
] ) I-CbSllll Clf'tllC lllooll VOSM)1-J.
London Lancet : Every ono know ;
that stooping forward , particularly aftoi
rising quickly from the bed in the murn <
ing , when the stomach is empty and tlu
heart has less than ordinary suppori
from the viscorra below the diaphragm
is very apt to ocnssion a form of taint
ness , with vertigo , not unlike tha' '
which occurs in seasickness. Wo do neat
at the moment speak of the fnlntncsi
nnd giddiness from cerebral amcmii
whick are directly consequent upon sud'
denlv assuming the erect after long coiv
tinning in the recubant posture , but p
the more alarming sensation of being ir
tlio centre of the objects which are rap
idly passing away , usually from left ti
right , with loss of power to stand or cvoi
sit. and an almost , nightmare feeliiif
of inability to call for help or do any1
thing to avert a catastrophe , while
throughout the experience the sullerei
retains acute consciousness.
Tliis , wo Bay , is familiar as ono , nl
least , of the ell'eets not uncommonly
produced jy stooping forward under tin
special conditions indicated. Will
many other varieties of the vertigo con
sequent upon heart weakness or cerebra
ntiii'inia , observation or experience ha
made us all acquainted. Wo cannot
however , help thinking that the cense
qupiic'JS of Of on partia. compression o
veins of the ncckolToringan obstacle t <
the return of tlio blood to bead , with it
important organs , are not so well rccog
nS/.ed. The peculiar form or , mor
accuratelp , the several forms of head
ache distinctly caused in this way whoi
the head is long bowed forward on th
chest , bending the neck on itself , can
not fail to occur to every one ; nor wil
the high tension of the eyeball , th
turgid and heavy eyelids , the smiiliini
nose , the deafness , with bu//ing an
throbbing in the cars , the heav ,
breathing and the pulled and perhap
Hushed or darkened color of the fact
resulting from the obstructed venou
circulation through the bended necli
be forgotten.
There are other and more porilouf
though secondary , ellei'ts of Icnnin ,
forward wuen the heart is weak or th
blood vessels arc not as strong as the ,
ought to bo , which should not bo ovci
looked. Beyond question the extra strai
thrown upon the apparatus of the circti
lalion by anything that impedes th
free passage of the blood through al
most any part of the nervous system i
more so'vero and dangerous than a phy ;
lenity equal strain thrown on the ai
lories. At least this is so in adult lif (
and , without going further into detail
in connection with the modus operani' '
of the mischief to which wo point , i
may bo permissible to urge that tli
subject is ono to which attention may b
usefully directed.
The weakly and these whojire not ui
likely to have hearts readily overbui
denod and blood vefiselu stretchud be
yond recovery , or oven ruptured , shoul
bo warned quite as earnestly againi
suddenly assuming , ortolong retaining
any postures which do however slight !
nnd partially impede the return (
blood through the veins. Wo know bo
prolonged sitting may cause the von
of the legs to extend and ojlher giv
way or permit the extravasation of the :
contents. Whoa this sort of thing liuj
pens , oven in trilling degreein theca <
of vessels directly connected with sue
delicate organs as the eye , the car an
tlio brain , itisoasy to see that the resul
may bo very serious in their chamoto
anil probably few poatures common ]
taken up by persons who lead emi
what KCifnntiiry H\os are so prone to c
misehiuf tmnoticed as that of Icnnin
forward as at work at a table which
not sulllciontly high to insure the tic ;
being so raised that the veins .of tl
nock may not bo in any way eoin'pre- (
or the return of blood from tbe he :
embarrassed or delayed. Wo sco rei
son to believe that if this apparent
small matter were understood thoi
would bo fewer head nnd heart trouble
nnd wo will go &o far as to say that fcon
lives now lost would bo saved.
A Fuw i-'ncts.
Allcock's are the only genuine , pr
ous plasters. They act quickly , aud wi
1 cortalnl.V , and can bo worn for weeks
without causing pain or Inconvenience.
They are InvnUmblo In cases of spinal
Weakness , kidney and pulmonary dllll-
t-iiltles , malaria , ague cake , liver com
plaint , dyspepsia , strain1 * , rheumatism ,
sciatica nnd nervous dobl'lty. ' Other
pln.stors blister and inllamu the skin so
that the jmres are closed and ( jtton came
serious Injury. Yon waste tlmoand
mono v by buying inferior platers made
to sell on the reputation of Allcook's ,
'IMm lltltllMV 1MAI1 > Vtlllisn
HunnliiRbetween Council DlttlTs nnd Albright
In nddltlon to the stations mentioned , train *
stop at Twentieth nnd Twenty-fourth streets
iiuil at the Summit lu Omaha.
II ixiadTrans - Omaha Shcely. South
way. fer. Depot. Omaha brlKht.
A.M. A.M. A.M. A.M.
r.:45 : 0:00 :
: fiO
7:4) :
: : < : Hin :
U:15 : ioitt : 10i : : 10:2.i :
10:45 : ' 11:1 : : 11:25 :
nrS ! I'.M. I'.M. P.M. P.M.
P.M. I'.M. 13.1H 12:1 : ! ' - ' I1 KM
12W : 1:05 : li : :
an : 2Si : 8:30 :
2K : :1. : UiX : > 11:30 :
4:05 : 4:1 : : 4:30 :
4:4 : } iiffi 5:05 : rl : : r > :2f :
6:25 : 0:30 :
l:4 ! : ant. 7:05 : 7ll : 7:2i : 7W : !
T:41 : 8:05 : 8:12 : 8S : 8tO : !
8:4" : . Hl- :
U:4" : > 10:12 : 10-3 ! lolbo
10:45 : 10:62 11:30 : ll:4.- > 1 M
Leave. Arrive.
A No.O ll:40n. : m. A No.i ! 0:15 : a.m.
ANo,8 4:00 : p.m. A'No. 7 11:3H a.m.
A No.4 4:110p.m. : A No.6 7:00p. in.
A No.2 0:40n. : m.lA * No.6 ll:30a.m. :
A No.l 4OOp.lijA : No.3 7.00p.m.
A No.2 fl:25a.m.A : | No.3 Gi5a.m. : ;
A No , 4 0:10p. : m.lA No.l 6:30p.in. :
A No. 10 7:05a.m.A : | No.l ) . . , R:5ra.in. :
A No. 12 7:00p.m.No. | . It . . . . D.OJp. m.
A No. 8 . . .3:40p : , m.lA No. 1 IltSfip. m.
A dally ; H dally oxiHpt Rat. ; O dally except
Pun ; 1) exu-pt Mon : BKast Mall ; Limited ;
I Will probably change to 4:110 : p. m. bo fur e J < 'eb. 1.
Notice of Incorporation.
TO Whom It May Concern : Notice la hereby
given that "Tlio Hen llulldlnu Ooiiipany'1
has llled In the olllco of the county clerk of
Douglas county , Nebraska , artlclas of Incorpor
ation. The principal place at transacting HH
business Is nt Oinuliu , lu Douglas county und
state of Nebraska.
The general nature of Its business Is to
Require , own , bold , lease , mortgage , sell und
com ay real estate , erect buildings uiul Impiovii-
meiits upon thu same , for icntlng such leul
estate , \c.
The amount of capital stock authorized It
fiini.OiiO. ten per cent of which to bo pitld at the
tlmuof bubscilbing for the same , and the re
mainder as it-quired by ( hobo.ird of dliectors.
The coiponitkm commeucoil January 15th , A.
I ) . is s , nnd will terminate the 15th day of Jan-
uarv , A. D. IDsH.
The highest amount of Indebtedness or liabil
ity to which the coiporatlon shall ut any tlmo
subject Itsult Is two-thirds of the capital Block
The business affairs of the corporation are to
boconductid by u bo.ud of directors of llvo
members who shall si-lect from their number a
president , secretary and Measurer.
cr.o. D. T/SCIIUCK ,
DlllIMI 'I'/SCIIllGK ,
Dissolution Notlco.
The real rstate llrm know n us SternsdorlT k Mo-
lckor.l.Wj I'uiiuuii St. , has this duvdlnsolvod by
mutual i ousent. u. J. StcriiMlmir bus opened
nn ollice In i ooni 0. Prenrvr block , opposltw 1'okt
ollice , whern ho will uirry on u general real es
tate business , while C. W. ilcVlckcr will ruliiala
Ht IKfJ I'urnam ut.
Omaha , Jan. 12 , l fs. JlMJt
[ No. 3-r , . A. No. 017. ]
I'ropusalH 1'or Army Supplies.
'ininiibi.sn AMI CoMMihHAitvor 1
U.NCK I' ' . S. AllMy , J.
OMAHA , Nebr. , Dec. 15 , 1887. |
Scaled proposals , lu tilpllc.ite , mibjnct to the
usual conditions , will bo receded at this ofllca
until 11 o'clock u. m. on Monday , the Kith day of
January , ls\S ut w hlch time and plaro they will
bo oiidii-d lu the | iiesencH of bidders , for the
Jurnlshlug and dellcrliig of tne lollowing army
buupllcs , vl/ :
Oiriuneul , crackers , and oitmeal , cooked.
The right U reserved to inject nny or all bids.
Jllank juopo&als und spui illc.ttlons lioHlng In
detail thu utllcles and quantities rwiulied , und
giving full Infoi matlon us to conditions of con-
trad will bu furnished on application to tills
Ilvt. llrlg. lien , uad C. K. , U. B. A ,
d7a4tJI3 < 12t
Notlco to Contractors.
ReaVd proposals w 111 bo ictelvod at the olllco
of tliu county clerk up to 2 o dock p.m. , of Krl-
duy. I'ebruaiy lu , KSS. foi rnniilng the county
ir.idmu ; macliliivH for the year l . 1'or full
jurtlciilarii liiiilre | ut county clerk's oilko. A
itoposlt of ono hundred dollars must accompany
each bid as u guaiunty of good faith. The right
IK ri'seru-d lo reject any and nil bids. Ily order
otho lloaid of t'ommUslonoiB.
t'ommUslonoiB.M. . D HOCIIE.
jlldl > jw4t County Clerk , Douglas Co , Neb.
lication ot John Hnline for liquor
Nulliv Is lierrbf irlvonthut John IIMinn dlA upon
Ihci'lti Uuy nf Dcci'inbur.A. I ) HvT , HluliU uiiillcuUiiit |
tolliu utiijur iiitit city cuunoll of Omuha for 111 fen lei
10 i II mult , spirituous nnd rlnuiu l | > | iior nt No. 1711
Vtllllinn ttrvct.bci'nn'l wiiril , Onmlm , f\Hh , f rum tint
tintiluyotJuiiuury , l--ii , to tbc llraldujuf Juuuiir/ ,
l } there be nd objection , rcmonitrnncn or prolfit
fll d wiiblu two wecl ( froai livceuiior attiA. 1 . 1537 ,
If- UiiMld lloetvw will lo irentea.
Iftil a.-U.'BauTUAn , , , cur ClM

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