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a - JrlPUgUJB ! "
A Nebraska Horolno'a Achievement
During the Blizzard's Blasts.
A Hey HavcH Two Mvc GrlfTlttB
CongrntulntcH the Norlliwentcrn
Oinnlin nnd Chicago ICtpinl
Other City News.
A Heroine In the
From Mr. .1. II. Agor , of Ord , Nob. , and
one of the RcurcturlL's of the state board of
trnnipoitntlon , a representative of the HII : :
learned an Interesting tulo of the pluck and
Kood Judgment exhibited by a joung lady
Rchool teacher of Valley county.
Not many miles from the town of Ord Is
situated the school house of Mini Valley
ncliool district. This house Is a small frame.
structure and the nearest dwelling to It Is at
least ono-half mlle distant. The pupils who
attend this school arc usually brought to les
sons In a conveyance ) In the morning , and
called for In the evening. Thursday morn
ing , January 12 , there was little evidence of
the coming of the terrible Htorm which played
such havoc in all portions of the country , but
when the blizzard cuuic It tiroUo with equal
fury in the neighborhood of Ord.
In the llttlo school house of Mlra Valley
district , Miss Mlnnlu Freeman , the teacher ,
yet in her teens , was endeavoring to allay the
fcarn of thirteen pupils between the ages of
six and fifteen years. The taslc was no liirlit
one and the children were wrought up to the
highest pitch of excitement by the fury of
the storm. In the midst of the teacher's as
surance that all would bo well a terrible gust
of wind struck the building , the windows
rattled , the hou.su shook and the door of the
structure was torn from its hlngus. It was
then the young teacher realized the necessity
of preparing for emergencies. With an ex
hibition of rare judgment , she gathered bur
llttlo brood together , and hecuring a coil of
strong heavy twlno bcinm with the largest
ones and tied the children together by the
nrms and bodies , three abreast. This com
pleted she huddled her charges
uround the stove and awaited the
pleasure of thostorm king. Us furious work
came sooner than expected. A tcrrllle gale ,
sweeping everything before it , struck the
building and carried away. In the twikling of
an eye , the entire loof of the structure , le.iv-
Ingtlio frightened little ones exposed to the
elements. The time for prompt action hud
arrived , but the plucky teacher was equal to
the emergency. Taking the youngest and
frailest of her charge in her nrmssho tied the
remaining end of the twlno around her own
body , and with all the words of encourage
ment she could muster , the courageous
teacher started with her ' 'team" of fright
ened llttlo ones out Into the fury of thostorm.
Those who have braved the terrors of a Ne
braska bll7. .m ] need not bo told that it re-
'ijuircd courage to enable a young
girl to breast tlioso furies , having
in her keeping the lives of thirteen little
ones and the happiness of thirteen homes.
Those who felt and suffered from the effects
of Thursday's storm need not bo told that
the act of that young girl was one from
which strong men themselves might quail.
Selecting her way carefully , following in the
course of the storm , the brave girl led her
little charges through snow drifts and
blinding blb/ard , now cautioning them about
their steps , now encouraging them to cheer
fulness , and all the way , herself bearing an
additional biirden of somebody's darling ,
urging them into renewed efforts. And thus
it was that after a wearisome journey of
three-quarters of a mile , through all the fury
u storm could muster , the little band reached
the threshold of a farm house , whcreit is need
less to say , they received a hearty welcome.
At the' very house where they found shelter
one of the children made its home , and if the
eyes of a loving mother lilted with tears as
she pressed her llttlo one to her heart , they
wcro not dried when she gave to the bravo
young teacher an embrace in which was cm-
bodlqd all the [ love and gratitude within a
mother's heart. It is safoto say that the sub
sequent , reception of Miss Freeman in till the
homes whose little ones she had rescued per
haps from death was equally as warm as that
accorded in the first instance.
Miss Minnie Freeman is a young lady only
nineteen years of age , and is teaching her
first term of school in Mlra Valley district.
Her action of Thursday has endeared her
stronger than words can portray to those
whoso little ones she cared for so well , and
the display of rare courage and judgment en
titles her to the esteem of all who adrniio
heroism with a true ring.
He Saves the Ijtvo.s of Two T ullcs at
the Kink ol'lln ! Own.
There was a runaway on South Thirteenth
street yesterday , anil but for the courage
nnd presence of mind of a fifteen-year-old boy
three persons might have been either killed
outright or seriously injured. The lad's name
is Henry I'ntehett. Ho lives with Ills father
on a farm about six miles southwest of the
city , and together with his mother and a
young lady named Martin , stalled for town
In the morning on a shopping expedition. At
the corner ot Vinton and Thirteenth streets
the team attached to the sleigh became fright-
i-iied. Young Pritehett , who was driving ,
kept a stilt rein on the animals and pulled
with all his might. The lines were old nnil
badly worn and ono of them broke. This
caused the honses to increase their speed and
they rushed along at a frightful gait. When
they wore within two blocks of Mason street
the frightened occupants of the sleigh wore
borrilled to see that a wagon , loaded with a
huge stick of timber , had broken down and
that It extended clear across Thirteenth
street. To crash into tills meant death , but
quick as thought young Pritehett sprang
from the sleigh , landing squarely on the olt
horse's back. Ho grabbed the itit of both
auimals and succeeded In stopping them
within a few feet of the obstruction. He-
yond their terrlulo fright neither of the la
dles wcro Injured and no damage was done
save a broken rein.
The XorllnveHtern'N Now Tariff.
FitmoitT HruiiU' OM.UIV Hovunnr TUUH : ,
OMAIIV , Jan. IT , IMS. To the Kditor : It Is
with sincere pleasure we note the recent
action of the Chicago & Northwestern rail
road , when , by vhtuo of a now tariff Issue of
u few days ago , they open up the northwest
ern iwrtlon of our Mate ( and Indeed the
lilnck Hills country as well ) to our Omaha
merchants and manufacturers , upon
it perfect parity with Chicago , so far
tin rates are concerned. This iceognltioii
of the principle for which wo are hO ear
nestly contending is especially gratifying ,
and If the road In question will pursue Uio
same wise policy in connection with their
southern nnd southwestern extensions , thev
will unquestionably reap a rich reward in the
Increased patronage and hearty good will
of our business community.
Very Hcspect fully ,
W. F. OmrriTTs ,
Commissioner of Omaha Freight liuicau.
K Dcuk Found.
Wexcll Hick , the eight-year-old son of F.
C. Heck , who resides at Walnut Hill , and
who was reported as having perished in last
Thursday's storm , was found yesterday at
the house of a farmer living nearly two
miles from the Heck houso. The la'd has
bcqn 111 and delirious. The people who gave
him shelter were unable to discover hi- , Iden
tity until yesterday morning.
Annual Meeting .Nebraska anil Iowa
Insurance Company.
At the annual meeting of the ptook-
lioUlors of the NebraMca and lowii lu-
sunuu'o company , of Omaha , held at
the otllco of the company in this eity
yesterday afternoon the following
named oflk'orrf wcru duly elected for
1SSS : Snmuol 1 ! . .lohiiMjn , nrcaldont ;
L , II. WllHtuuB , vice president ; Matt
Goodwin , secretary ; Kli Clayton , gen
eral manager , nnd F. 11. Johnson , treas
urer. The board of directors con t of
Hoit. Ell Cluyton , L. U. Williams ,
Samuel P. Johnson , F. O. Glcnnm , Hon.
George F. WriRlit , Thounis ; S. Creitrh ,
F. B. Johnson , II. C : Luub ' anil.Mutt
Goodwin ; ' , - . . ' . . . '
The Growth of One of the Greatest of
Omalid'H ItiiltiMricM.
A Bun rcjwrtur , having heard last night
that the stockholders of the Puxton ft Vier-
ling Iron Works held their annual meeting
yesterday afternoon , started out In search of
some of the officers to gain some Information
about the works and the business of the year
just closed. .Mooting H'ibert Vlerllng , vice-
president , he learned from him the following
facts :
The amount of business done during the
year Iss" was over W KUUD ) , being an Increase
of ? 1MX)0 ( ) over IfcSii.
In 1 " , the Paxton & Vlorling iron works
paid to railroads for freight , -Mt)00 ) ; while In
IVMI the freight bills amounted to only
$ ir.,00 ( ) .
In IstiT the corporation paid to Its employes
' ) ; while its labor account for IbsO was
The corporation was organised two years
ago. It started business with forty men , and
the number was increased during ls 7 to .Mi !
men. On the date of the org.mizatlon of the
company the capital stock was (50,000. A
year ago It was increased to $3. " > ,00 < ) , and yes
terday it was Increased to * 100UOO , and au
thority was given the new board of directors
to nmlto a further increase at any time dur
ing the year lijSS to an amount not exceeding
J'iOOHXi , ( , to meet the requirements of the rap-
idlv growing business of the corporation.
During the year Ibh7 the company pur
chased of Mr. Kount70 another acre of land
for ? 1SIVH ) , nnd during the year another
foundry and other buildings have been
erected , at u cost of $ ir > , ( H > ii , ami new ma
chinery and tools have been purchased to the
extent of IIHK , ) . For the year lw > the cor
poration contemplate1) ) the erection of a new
and commodious brick ofllce , some additions
to its present foundry and machinery and the
election of another foundry for the manufac
ture of car wheels , gas and water pipes.
"We have now , " said Mr. Viorling , "ono
of the finest plants for foundry purposes In
the entire weit. Considered with reference
to its trackage , switches and railway facili
ties , there is nothing equal to it , even in
Chicago. We expect to keep right on grow
ing with tlio town. "
"As an evidence that the w.orks have been
well managed from the start , theie has not
been , since the organisation of the company ,
the slightest change in the directors or oftl-
cers , and yesterday , for the third time , they
re-elected. "
wen ; -
"Who are the diiee-torinnd officers ! " "Tho
directors arc Hon.V. . A. Paxton , Louis
Vierling , A. J. Vierling , .1. L. Kennedy and
mjself. The officers are Hon. W. A. Paxton -
ton , president : Louis Viorling , secretary and
treasurer ; A. J. Vierling , manager , and I am ,
as formerly , vice piesident. "
"Has the business been profitable during
the .v ear1 ! "Nevermore so. It has been
mote profitable , however , in Omaha than it
has been at some other point , for instance
Chicago. We are largely interested in the
Vierling , McDowell & Co. foundry of Chicago
cage , of which I am president , and 1 know a
great deal , by reason of my official connection
with the Metal association of Chicago , of the
volume of foundry business done last year
in that city , and the profits made , and this
company hero has succeeded beyond all com
parison , and all expectation. If the business
had not been piosporous during the last year ,
wo would not risk the Improvements and en
largements I have mentioned. "
"I do not think the peoplo.of Omaha reali/o
fully how many men wo employ , and how
much money we expend here in the city.
which would otherwise go to Chicago , and
other points. Wo started hero in Omaha ,
took hold of a business , which up to that
time had not beef profitable , and asking no
bonus from the board of trade or from the
city , wo have , in two years time , placed this
Institution on a financial basis unequalled in
the west , considering the length of time it
has taken to establish it. "
"In this connection , Omaha people ought to
aprpeciato how much public-spirited citizens ,
like Hon. W. A. Paxton , do for a city. With
out Mr. Paxton's name , unequalled credit ,
push and enterprise behind us , the success
we have had would have been impossible.
Mr. Paxton , in the beginning , said lie would
take stock In the company only on condition
that it be made , as rapidly as possible , the
leading institution of its kind in the west.
This Is what wo have done.
Had I the time I could give you many other
interesting facts regarding our plans for the
future , but I am very busy , and as I expect to
leave for Chicago on the afternoon train , my
tlmo is fully occupied , so you must excuse
me , please , for the present. "
Police Court.
Vagrants G. II. Bryant , continued ; G.
Henham , Mike Hogan and Charles Grcena-
weld , one day : Tom Hayes , discharged.
Fannie Davenport , Flora Benson , Anna
D.uley , Lbzio Green. Maggie Williams , Jen
nie Woods , Viola KenearIary Conoyer ,
Maggie Smith , Nellie Jones , Anna Jones ,
Frankie Baldwin , Carrie King and Lulu
Brcvoort. SO and costs.
Suspicious characters J. B. Hate , con
tinued ; James Cookc , * i and costs : John
Kenear , F. Custer and Tom Hayes , dis
Fighting Cora Hammond and Jennie
Smith , W and costs.
Three vagrants , James Barnes , ! Charles
Smith and Frank Casey , were each given
twenty days , the first and last live on bread
and water. Everything about the sentence
seem to suit them but the bread and water
clause. _
County ConiinihslonorH' Proceedings.
Sm'itnu , Jan. 14 , 1SSS.
Board met this day. Present : Anderson ,
Corrigan , Mount , Turner and Mr. Chairman.
Minutes of previous meeting read and ap
Reports of committees ;
Poor Farm That the committee bo in
structed to purchase suitable vehicle for the
burial of the dead and to take such action in
regard to furnishing team for drawing same
as to them shall seem best. Adopted.
Poor Farm Authorizing the county physi
cian to purchase apparatus for the adminis
tering of electricity , to bo used at the poor
farm , cost not to exceed * 'JO. Adopted.
Judiciary That having ctwo applications
for constable of Second ward , Charles King
and Daniel P. O'Connell , recommend that the
board ballot for choice. Adopted.
Ballot ordered and Mr. O'Connell having
three votes was declared the choice of
Jndicinrv In the matter of the election of
K. 1C Wells , justice of peace. South Omaha ,
find that said Wells was duly ehvtcd and
that the bond of Wells bo approved.
Judiciary That county treasurer bo in-
htructed to change the valuation of tax lot 8 ,
sec ( M.V1H , from * r.,000 lol.tKX ) . Adopted.
Itoails. Allowing the bill of S. Van Syoo
for work on road and bridges , $ .MJ. Adopted.
Charities. Allowing the following bills
from the
General fund
Colin Ac Johnson , drugs S 2.00
Hess , Ss O'Ho.irne. groceries : i.OO
James S. Bennett , groceries lil.-lO
N. M. Ruddy , spectacles , 'J.X ( )
Morroll's ' Pharmacy , dings 1.10
Wilde & Larson , groceries Bb.GO
B. & M. railroad company , transporta
tion -10. n
J II. F. Lehmann , dry goods W.'M
Henry Dohle , shoes : i.7. " >
Charles llin/ , groceries 23 111
D S. Piniiey , groceries 'J.UO
HolTman A : Boronsak , gioceries ! i.K ( )
McCord , Brady Ac Co. , groceries 21.S3
L. Jnnkonskl , groceries b.OJ
Forest Lawn Cemetery association ,
graves 0 .f > 0
J. S. Gault , care of indigent 5.00
Finance Allowing the following bills :
C. P. Ncedham , recording SHJ.10
Alex Green , defending prisoner 15.1)0 )
\Vado & Seabrook , defending prisoner 2.YOO
C. A. Haldwin , defending prisoner. . . . tiltH )
H , II , French. Tales juror JM.IHI
Adopted. The bill of Needham to bo paid
from the Hospital fund and the others from
the General fund.
From K W. Simeral , county attorney , giv
ing hii. opinion us to the custody of city
prisoners la the county Jail and the right of
tho. puavo for Seventh ward.
From same as to cancellation of tax on lots
1.1 and M , Parker's addition for iWi , claimed
to bo church property ; that tax cannot bo
cancelled,1 All placed on-file.
From P , S. Kcogu , Bounty physician , ask
ing Increase of salary from f.0 to * 100 per
month. Referred to committee on charities.
From John J. Mnhoney , Bii | > criitcndent { of
ponr farm , asking Increase of salary from Kite >
to * ! " 0 i > cr month for himself , and for his wife ,
the matron , an Ineronse of from f25 to $33 per
month. Referred to committee on poor farm.
From Adam Stengleln as to his tax of 18SO.
Referred to the coiriniittecon Judiciary.
FromC. H. Howes , county surveyor , ap
pointing George Smith , deputy county sur
veyor for lbs > s , was placed on flic.
From C. II , Howe" , county surveyor , as to
the boundary lines of Omaha city and the
village of South Omaha conflicting at certain
points and asking Instructions as to assess
ment plans , was referred to the county attor
ney.The official bond of E. 1C. Wells , Justice of
the peace South Omaha , approved.
lH > Ol.fTlONS.
Requesting the sheriff of Douglas county to
furnish the bonrd with a statement from the
beginning of his first official term as sheriff
to January 1 , ijvN-i , of all prisoners committed' '
to Douclas county Jail. Adopted.
Assessing the property of Kdward and
Philip Cassldy. In section 6 , 1-J , 1U. for the
year IbsT , for which no return made by as
sessor. Adopted.
Reducing the valuation of personal prop
erty of D. De.\o , Saratoga , froin $ 7V ( } to
81.102. Adopted.
Placing on the tax list of 1SS7 by the county
treasurer the personal property of William
Gentleman , $4,020 , and ofC. Rich $ 'Ji3 ; same
being omitted therefiom , the assessor of
Fifth ward having made no return. Adopted.
Authorl/lng the countv treasurer to refund
to L. Miles the sum of ? lJi.81 on account of
double assessment. Adopted ,
Instructing the county treasurer to cancel
tax of the Union Pacific Railroad company in
Waterloo , amounting to $ 'J'Jf ( ) ) < i , nnd to add to
tax list jf.'in. lit , omitted in Millard.
That all persons presented as Jurors for the
next term of district court bo approved by
the entire board of county commissioners.
The bill of Julius Stronsky for carpenter
work , * 'ii.li ( ( ) , was allowed , same to he paid
by ex-County Clerk NccJham out ot fees ic-
mainlng in his hands.
The board adjourned till Monday next at
2 o'clock p. m. M. D HK ( in : ,
County Clerk.
' '
D. Guernsey , of Alma. Is In with six cars
of cattle.
J. M. Coc , of Sloan , is stopping at the Ex
W. J. Farr , of eastern Colorado , registered
at the Exchange.
W. J. Davis , of Grand Island , Is slopping at
tlie Exchange. . '
J. J. George , of Madson , Neb. , is a guest at
the Exchange.
Sam Sheoley , Union Pacific yardmaster , is
laid up with an attack of illness.
L. Butler and William Terry , of Cairo , are
at the Exchange hotel.
J. F. Stuart , of Stuart & Cook , St. Paul ,
Neb. , is in with a car of hogs.
J. 'J' . Goodcll , of J. T. Goodell & Co. ,
brought In a ear of hogs and a car of cattle
from Western.
Seventeen hogs in one car wcro froren to
death in the storm and sold at from IJ e to 2e
per Ib.
Nels Llndgrcn wants a position on the
police force and his petition was referred tea
a special committee. .
J. P Fall , of Fall As Spencer , brought in a
car of hogs from Silver City , la. He caught
ton prices ? 3 f. > .
\V. M. White and Marsh McClcan arc in
from Tekninah , and are stopping at the Ex
change hotel.
M. .1. Owen , of Crclghtnn , is in with three
loads of cattle and caught the top of the mar
ket f..e. '
A. L. Spearman , of Springfield , is on the
market with a load of cattle , and sold theiifc
at satisfactory prices.
In the case of Lotta Black vs. Charles Rol
lins , Justice Levy decided that the defend
ant should pay over ? 10.
George A. Spells , of G. A. Spells & Son ,
Octavia , is in with a load of hogs. Ho re
ports tin ; Mnrm to have been a bad one in his
vicinity , and he is out about & 2UO in Iroicn
A runaway horse dashed up the Union Pa
cific tracks in front of the depot hist night ,
and left a demorali/ed buggy at the foot of
the embankment. No ono has yet claimed
the wreck.
A motion to arrest inmates of all houses of
prostitution and gambling houses was voted
down and the matter refened to
Councilmen Glasgow , Burke and Smith as a
Property owners on Q street , between
and will have
Twenty-sixth Twenty-seventh ,
to lay down sidewalks in front of their re
spective propertiwH. The council said so.
Councilman Geary introduced a motion last
night asking the mayor to apiniint a commit
tee to look after the destitute in South Oma
ha , and City Clerk Wells , Marshal Mc-
Cracken , and councilmen were appointed.
Charles Stem is up before Justice Levy
charged with obtaining ? 12."i from the South
Omaha National bank by false pretenses. lie
is charged with presenting a sight draft and
lepresenting himself as being a member of a
wealthy firm.
City Clerk Wells , having duly qualified ,
will in the future run a justice shop in his
new office. His first case came up yesterday
morning , and ho continued the suit ot the
South Omaha National bank vs. Is.li until to
Councilman Rafl'erty was the only absentee
from thoH council meeting and
everything ran smoothly. The committee on
ordinances seemed to be the only one ready
to report , and ordinances 117 and : ii > , relating
to streets and alleis , were declared carried.
Routine Inmiiie.ss followed , and bills to the
amount of tl > l. . " > U were ordered to be paid , af
ter which the council adjourned.
The council by a unanimous vote
completely cxhonoratcd City Marshal Rice
from all charges preferred against him.
However , ho lias had enough of the job , and
handed in his resignation , to the regret of
his iminj friends. In leaving the service of
the council , he docs so with , a clear record ,
and with the reputtitionrof at all times doing
liis duly , regardless of the consequences to
himself ,
A. C. McCraelccn was duly appointed city
marthal in the place ot MarMml
Rice , resigned. His appointment was unani
mously endopsed by the council , who further
showed their confidence in him by granting
him increased powers in maintaining the dis
cipline of the force. Those who know him
best , say this confidence will not bo mis
placed , but that for once the council has se
cured the right man in the right place.
Elizabeth M. Denis , the ver.iblo mother of
Major G. L. Denis , died Monday night at ! l
o'clock at the lesidoncoof her son , ' 'MtiSonth
Twenty-ninth street , at the advanced ago of
I'ightyflvoears. . It has not jet been decided
when she will bo buried.
IIM.I vsrivi : .
Mr. W. C. Ballantme. deput > internal rev
enue collector , iccelved a telegram Sunday
from hjs brother , George W. Balhmtine , nil-
nmincinf the death of his wife at Denver.
The remains will be taken to Lincoln for
burial , for which place Mr. W C. Ballantfiio
departed last evening. George W. Hallantino
ih well known in Omaha and was for many
years stock agent of the B. Ac M. , but resigned
that position a jcar ago to ncrcpt the more
important ono of superintendent of the Den
ver stock yards. His brother's nmn\ friends
will heartily sympathi/o with him in bib be
reavement. The funeial will bo held to
Improvements at the .lull.
A committee appointed by the city council ,
together with Chief Seavey , Building Inspector
specter Whitlock , Mayor Broatch nnd other
city officials , made a thorough Inspection of
the city Jail yesterday. They were unani
mous on the point that additional ventilation
must bo provided , and will recommend such
Improvement to the city council. They nlr.o
Instructed the chief to see that the cells are
cleaned every morning by the prisoners , and
that the cells receive a fresh coat of white-
wabh regularly once a month.
A Correction.
The reports published regarding the wreck
on the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis ft
Omaha at Oakland , Neb. , January W , have
been greatly exaggerated. No one was seri
ously Injured with the exception of John Cot
ter , fireman , who had bin left leg broken
below the kneo. Mr. Cotter is now rapidly
Improving. Conductor C. U'Smith uiul En
gineer Peter Brnmels , who were reported
seriously Injured , were not hurt m uuy way.
The CominlRiilotiers Meet ninl Dlscuna
PoiiKla.County's Basilic.
At 5o'clock luttvenlng Chairman O'Kcofo
cried "Hats offt'\ ' \ and the county commission
ers assembled foiconsldcr matters relative to
the Jail. The following from the county at
torney was rend and placed on file :
To the Board of Commissioners of Douglas
County : Gentlemen Your resolution of this
date regarding the boarding of prisoners con
fined In the county Jail is duly received.
Touching your authority in this matter , It is
my opinion that you have the absolute power
to say what the sheriff shall receive from the
county for the board of prisoners , as section
5 on pages : o and : U1 provides as follows :
"For boarding prisoners not exceeding 75
cents per day nor more than $ . ' 1.50 per week
when the prisoners are confined more than
six days. " You will sec by the above section
that you arc permitted to pay a sum not ex
ceeding the amounts therein specified. It
follows that you may In your discretion re
duce the amount to such a reasonable sum as
you In your wisdom shall see fit. The case
of Lancaster county , plaintiff In error ,
vs. Joseph S. Iloaglaud , defendant in error
In Eighth Nebraska , page . ' ! ( > ; Chief Justice
Maxwell in rendering the opinion of the
court used the following language : "It is
clear from an examination of the several
cases In relation to sheriff's fees that section
5 , page 111 , of the revised statutes , although
modified by the act of Ib75 , had not been en
tirely repealed prior to the passage of the act
of lb.77 , is now in full force and authorl/cs the
county commissioners to fix the compensa
tion of the sheriff for boarding prisoners at
such a sum as they may deem just not to ex
ceed ; r > cents per day , nor more than i.r > 0
per week when the prisoners are confined
more than one week. Respectfully submit
ted , E. W. StMEIUI , ,
County Attorney.
The communication was placed on file.
Commissioner Mount voted no , while Com
missioners O'Kcefe , Turner , Corrigan and
Anderson voted in the affirmative , thereby
ratifying the following resolution offered by
Clmii man Anderson :
Resolved , That commencing on the 15th
day of January , ibsS , the compensation of the
sheriff of Douglas county for boarding of
prisoners committed to the county Jail bo
fixed as follows : For each prisoner com
mitted for six days or less not to exceed the
sum of W ) cents per dav , and not to exceed 1)5 )
cents per day for each prisoner committed
for more than six days.
The appended amendment by Mr. Corrigan
was also adopted :
And for each prisoner sentenced to bread
and water not to exceed the sum of 20 cents
per day.
The Jail and court house committee re
ported as follows :
Mr. Chairman : Your committee on court ,
house and jail find two offices in the court
house and one apartment in ( lie jail in which
the radiation is insufficient during extreme
cold weather and have taken steps to have
the trouble obviated. In regard to the man
agement of the Jail , the sheriff seems dis
posed to do all in his power to prevent the ro-
curicncoof the alleged abuses , but in H4
present crowded condition there aic many
difficulties to overcome.
Your committee icspcctfully recommends
that the board of commissioners take such
hteps in the premises as will enable the sher
iff to employ two jailers or guards , instead of
one us at present.
The report was adopted and the board ad
Will Not Ji-ill On Sunday.
OMAIU , Jan. 17. To the Editor of the Bnn :
In your Sunday morning issue you kindly
gave the Omaha Guards a very complete
"write up'1 with the exception of one thing ,
wliicli we wish you would correct through
your columns as soon as convenient. While
the Omaha Guards desire to attain pro
ficiency in drilling they will not drill on Sun
day , as you htatcd they did , since they wish
at all limes to maintain that moral standing
you mentioned us being ono of the ncce&sary
qualifications to membership.
For the Omaha Guards.
All'OveiDrinkH. .
Gus Rudolph was arrested yesterday on
the double charge of assault and assault with
a deadly weapon. The parties bringing the
complaint arc Eugene Stevens and L. Him-
merliafer. The affair commenced in Allen-
pach's saloon on Cuming street. Rudolf had
invited the two to drink with him , when
Stevens replied snceringly that ho "did not
drink with d d Swedes. " This brought on
a quarrel and stopping outside .Rudolf gave
both Stevens and Himmerhafer a most un
merciful thrashing , the marks of which they
will carry for several days. Rudolf will have
u hearing this morning.
IJaUly Frozen.
Mr. Friedmim. ; : the driver of an Anheuser-
Busch beer wagon , is more seriously injured
by the cold than was expected. His face and
nose , as well as his hands and feet , are badly
frozen and it is feared that he must lose some
of his .
_ _ _
National Lifo Iiib. Co. of Vermont nro
now in their now offices , New Pnxton
block , cor. Kith nnd Fnrnain , rooms
IDl-U-Ii. Entrance on Furnnin.
MEYER To Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyer ,
yesterday morning , a son.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder HBver vni les. A innrvel of puri
ty , streiiKlh and wliole-.oimMie- . Morn eroiiom-
feu Ithan the nrdin.irv kinds , nnil cannot be Hold
In competition with the multitude of low cost ,
hhoit weight nluin or phosphate | > oud ( > rs , Sold
only In r.uis. Itny.xl flaking I'o\\der Co. , 120
Wall at. , New Vork.
.Omaha , Nebraska.
Is that you take the time to see our goods. Tou cannot afford to let sucli
an opportunity pass without investigating. Our great clearance sale
offers the greatest inducements ever heard of. In Men's and Boys'
Overcoats , you will find that one dollar expended now will go further
than a dollar-and-a-half a month ago. It will pay you to buy an Over
coat and put it away for next winter. You can't make a better invest
ment Prices never were so low and in many instances are cut in two
Overcoats that used to sell for $4.50 , ' $7 and $9 , are now offered at i.
$2.50 , $3.5O and $5. We don't mean to have a single overcoat left. All
must go.
Another bargain to which we draw attention' odd pants. At the
end of every season we always have left a good many suit pants. Eve
rybody knows how cheap we are selling pants , but our suit pants are
always marked far below their value. What is left of them now is
taken out of the regular stock and placed on separate tables , and the
way these pants are marked ought to clear them very quick. Good heavy
all wool cassimere pants in nice plain patterns , at $1.50 , which are ac
tually worth $3 and more. Among them is a lot of extra fine corkscrew
pants , marked $3.25 , $3.50 and $3.50 ; every pair is worth more than
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
W. L. DOUGLAS , Manufacturer of the Celebrated
Made Seamless , without TacKs or Nails , and as Easy as a Hand-Sewed Shoe ,
Tile W , L , DOUGLAS $4 SHOE
Is the only liaiul cwed welt hoe s Ul for (4. Uls
imuto bcamluss , of thn ticht nlnterlul , uml very stIMi
Wears ami looks us ncll ( is u cilstoui-iniulu shoe , co t-
Why the $3 Shoe is the
Best in the World.
1st. It Is made hcumloss.
-'d. No tncks or n.ills nro used in lasting.
3d. H will not tear the stocking or liu rttlieiuo
4th. Nothing but the best matm-lul Is nsort.
Cth. It is better tlmn most shoes coating Ki or t3
Cth. livery pair warranted , nnd t > o stamped.
7th. It Is as easy us n hand so\vcd shoe.
8th. Warranted to glvo the best satisfaction.
Made In Congress , llntton and I.nce , w. 1th nil
btylesof toe.
Korlosl very stllih nnd neat ; It will wo ir hotter
than n liltih priced shoe ; inner loses UK Minim , anil It
Uatlupted fcireltlier ilressor'achool wear. Miutu In
CotiKiesH , llutton and l.ace.
Tor sale by Roller. RtlRer A Po. , cor. Dodge nnd 15th Stn. ; II. Sargent , cor. Howard nnd Sargent
Sts. ; Coo. S.Miller , flk' North filth fat.
ICE TOOLS. Wire Rope ,
Buffalo Scales
Plows , ,
Markers , Scale Repair Shop.
Hooks ,
; Grapples ,
Slide Iron. OMAHA.
-uv ouiiiir.u Ton-
20 Cents a Week.
Seven papers ncek. . Send your order to the
olllce ,
1029 P Street , Capital Hotel Building
Proprietor Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Gcnd for Ci-ilese Journal.
S. E. Cor. 10th nnd Cnuittil A vc.
Mention the Omului lite ,
. .
. n.
iet V tk.rmliBd , h ie lh < Crtl U. l"l ( < 'f
> M ni w.i L.I4 A l > . . . Alw l ru Illa.lijUl
tmnirtcei. i ll r IH. I'M , 'f'f
Glasgow via Londonderry ,
Liverpool via Oueenstown.
Are Strictly Flrt-Clu c , and nmona
the ItirRpxt , fact OK and Uneti In the world.
Haloon , BocontJ class ami Plecr io I'unirnirrr
Arrcimniodntloita Unrxcrlleil. Kvvry
rtfcnnt for the totnfurtaml C'onvtiiienro nf | m *
etudlouslr co until or oil unit practiced
very Saturday for ( JlncKow. City of Home
calls lor Liverpool October 12. U U tin ; Ittiwt ami
finest paf filler steamer utlo.tt. Hates of passage for
all classes an low a by nny othfr flrat-tlatta lino. Ha-
If ion eicurilon tlckt-ta at reduced rates , bruits for
any amount nt lont-tt rnrrt-nl niton , her book *
of tnnri. tlckeli. or further Information , apply to
IIKNDKKMIN HltOTUKUb , Chicago , or t'UANK K.
13th & Douglas
Streets ,
0 in a I : a , Neb ,
Nervous , Mental and Private Diseases
Prompt uttunll'in trlvun to toi respondent , by
rncloslriK posture ,
OClcc houri 0 tv U u. in , , 2 to 0 nnd T t 8 p. m.
M. W. Cor. 13th & Uodgo StB
Ilest facilities , apparatus ami remedies for c-
cessfnl trc.itmetit 01 every form of dibenbc requit
ing Mttllcal or Surgical 1'rcntinciit.
Hoard mul attendance ; best hospital accommo
dations in tlie vveit.
WKITI : ion CIKCUI.AKS on Deformities nml
Ilracc1 * , Trusses , Club 1'eet , Curvntiirc of the
Spine , Piles. Tumors , Cancer , Catarrh , UronchUii ,
Inhalation , lilectticily , FarolysK ISpilcpsy , Kid
ney , Illadder , lc ! , I'.ar , bliu mid lilood , nud air
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All lilood Diseases successfully treated , Syph
ilitic 1'oison removed from the Hystcin without !
iiiircmy. New restorative treatment for loss of
Vital l'o er. 1'erMins unable toisit us may be' '
treitcd at home by correspondence All comimi-
nic.uioiiM confidential. Mcdiciiicsor Instruments
sent by malt or express , sccuuly packed , iur
marks to Indicate contents or hcndir One ptr-
honal iutcrvicu preferred. Call nnd coiibull u or ,
send history of your case , and uuiill scud m
plain u rapper , our
Upon J'ri\ale , Special or Nervous Iis ice Im.
potency , Syphilis C.lcet and Varlcocilc , with
iiuotion list. Address
Omaha Jlnllral nnil finroienl I > i.tlttnlfar
Cor. 13th and Dodge Sis. , OMAHA , NEB.
I'orc lu-rons , Clydi'sdalos and Fhlrc , also liomO
lircd rolls. livery anlmiil Kimr'intiM-il ' u breedi'H
Our stock IIHH been suloctcd with rcferi'iicoto
both Individual merit itnd iicdlKri-o. Somit oft
thcsohorsc's hiivu taken first pilzo at the N'o *
biuska.Stati ) IVir , ln.s.7. All our horses uru nq-i
rllinalcd , nnd felts of thulr K < 't ran liu HhownJ
I'rlc < ri'asonublo mid easy ti'i ins. In nvcvfcHllilivj
by the threw lending rallro uls of the Htntc , II. iff
.M. ; r. , i : . tc M. v. . ami ic. tj. .v o.
ntV tV KAIIHIIAII , i'ork , Nub
'Ililrd.Judicial Dlstrlrt.
Tbll lithe tit-
UfelVlrc-llit ,
U1 la colour-
'print ' , of U >
hlcb ihoaU
( jo i ana in
erny funlly nd m > 7 I * oLUlnal from lUl TOT
draltn , HUllontn uu-l Education * ] ItetioU. T )
I'dcc-lut nlll U forwinled griUi on ( > pUcUOD U
f. AD. niCHTER & Co.
we eoir\ln\y \ rerommen4
C t llD _ Lo'ivn to us fjt OcuuJlluxA
J TO 6 liTB.\ And Olcct.
VGiurtotitd DO ! ul We hare lot I conllil r.
t u aiiumri. fil le , tndla ever jr. cue il
Aleatt A LUk.
tiltT-.iChe = i : ia.
lludun. M , V.
Clnclan tl.l
Ohio. Ccldty Drif2tltl )
Vliie ! . " ,
' ' ' '
" , ' ' | 'i ' ' , " . . '

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