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Delivered by Carrier in Any Part of the City at
Twenty Cents I'er Week.
BDRtNr.rt * Orric * . No. 43.
NIGHT KDiioii , No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Now spring goods at Roitor's.
To-night there will bo a special meetIng -
Ing of Harmony Chapter No. S6 ! , O. E.
B. By order W. M. x
A marriage license was issued yester
day to James Christcnson and Johanna
Sorcnson , both of this county.
The interior of the Broadway fire
house has been "shot" by the photo
grapher , and it makes u very neat pic
ture.Tho muddy roads have cut down the
receipts of country produce , and corn
has gone up from 38 to 'M and 40 cents
nt the city market.
It is now confidently stated that the
motor line to LaUo Manawa will bo
ready to start full operations by the 16th
of April. If ready thus early n success
ful opening of the season is assured )
The vinegar factory started up yestcr-
duy. Within a day or two everything
will bo running smoothly and the estab
lishment will then bo run to its full
P. II. Wind , ono of the directors of
the now State Savings bankis lining up
the rooms of the institution nnd getting
them in readiness for the opening of
business about March 1st.
J. Gilbert is engaged in putting down
drive wells to supply water to the air
compressor engines operating at the
now bridge. Four of thcso wells are
now in successful operation , which gives
ikbnuntoful supply of the aqueous lluul.
C. H. Kellogg , of Sioux City , the
owner of considerable realty in the city ,
is preparing to build n two-story brick
block just south of the present store ol
Odoll & Bryant , on Pearl street. When
completed this firm will occupy it.
Work upon it will begin about April 1.
Another phase is to bo put upon the
occupation of the lands near the rives
by the so-called squatters. Injunction1
wore secured yesterday against these
occupants of the land , restraining them
from in any way interfering with the
owners , and forbidding them from culti
vating the land , or even trespassing
upon it.
An overcoat belonging to John Rey
nolds was stolen from the third story of
the Bloomer school Monday afternoon.
It was found in an Omaha pawn shop ,
\vhcro it had been ' 'soaked" for $2.50.
The coat cost $30. The smooth-faced
dude who stole it will probably bo some
what cautious hereafter in making his
visits to this side of the river.
Mrs. S. S. Nash died of heart disease
vcstorduy morning at her home , "H
Knoppor street , at the ago of forty-six
years. The funeral will bo held tomorrow
row , with interment at Fairview. Sam
uel Day , formerly of this place , but now
of Sioux City , a brother of the deceased
and another brother from Grinnell. la. ,
will be hero to attend the obsequies.
The path of the boarding-house
hooper is not strewn with roses , as Mrs
Almy has found out. and she yesterday
invoked the aid of the law to bring a
delinquent boarder to time. Justice ii
the case was dealt out by Squire Schur ?
in douhlo-hnndfuls at the customary
price. The name of the delinquent
was Kohoo , and his brother promptly
squared t o matter.
The Episcopal ladles' supper last eve
ning was largely attended and well pat
roiuzod. A comparatively small part o
the viands were disposed of , nnd a lunch
will be served to-day and another sup
per this evening. The supper was pie
pared for the banquet of tno Knight :
Templar , but us that was indefinitely
postponed the perishables had to bo dis
posed of , and the ladies took this methot
of doing it.
Mayor Rohrcr seems to bo the lead
ing choice of the democratic party fo
re-election. He states that ho is will
ing to accept the nomination , but tlitx
ho is not yet n retired millionaire , nnt
it will bo necessary for the salary of the
mayor to be increased considerably
in order to allow him to devote the necessary
ossary time to the ollico. It is inti
mated that ho places the figures a
about $2,400 per year. A live mayo
can hardly bo procured at the prosen
meager salary , anyway.
The contestants in the Fairmoun
park case continue to give evidence
that they are still alive , although they
do not appear to bo doing much. Yesterday
torday the non-resident defendant
filed a showing of authority , entitling
the attorneys for the city to appear fo
thorn. Mr. Hnldune filed .an objoctioi
to the showing on the grounds of its in
sufficiency. It is impossible to sa ,
when the case will come to trial , but i
certainly will not bo until after the al
torneys hnvo exhausted all the motion
and cross-motions known to the legu
Judge Aylcsworth did a good cash
business in police court yesterday. Wil
liam Jones and Bill Beath were each as
sessed $7.60 for imbibition. Mary and
Kittle Jackson , two of the members of
the Omaha demi-monde , wcro charged
with being gloriously drunk. They wore
arrested at George DoLong's saloon ,
nnd ho was also charged with drunken
ness , but discharged. Ths frail Oma-
hans were assessed $8.10 each and as
signed to "room 24" in the city jail.
The members of the force entertained
their company in good stylo.
The Uniformed Knights of Pythias
are making expensive preparations to go
to the grand omcampmont at Cincinnati
next Juno. It is predicted that several
hundred will go from western Iowa , and
as many more from the other side of the
river , so that the slope will be repre
sented by a thousand or more. Bluff
City division meets this evening for
their first drill. It is intended to so
perfect themselves in the drill as to
make a commendable'appearance In the
grand review. Colonel C. W. Hicks , of
the Third regiment , has appointed as
adjutant , Colonel E. J. Abbott.
Money to loan. W. S. Cooper.
Domestic patterns at 105 Main street.
To Be Cleared at Iinat.
The city council is in correspondence
with several firms that manufacture
street sweepers , with an eye to pur
chasing one. The cost of thcso machines
ranges from 1300 to $600. It is under
stood that a deal will bo closed before
very long , and that the streets will
then be put In first class order. Such
being tiio case , this is the last season
when mud will reign supreme on the
paved streets of Council Bluffs.
The King's Daughters , of the Presby
terian church , will entertain n sociable
Thursday evening at the residence of
Mrs. Stevenson , corner of Park avenue
and Picrco street. A fine programme
has boon arranged in which several of
Council Bluff's choice musicians will
take part. The daughters will receive
you cordially at the door.
Travelers ! Stop at the Bech'telo.
The Official Report Gives Them No
Occasion For Worry.
A Jury nt kast Obtained Mnnawa
Thnwcd Out Knrincru' Insurance
HtrcclH lo lie Olrnnrd TUo
in Brief.
The Bridge Company Snt lulled.
The leading * ' members of the Broad
way bridge company were asked yester
day what they thought of the olllcial re
port made by the socivtury of war , and
publihhcd in yesterday's BKK. They re
plied very promptly and emphatically
that they were satisfied with it.
"Do you anticipate any further trouble
about the mutter ? "
"Why , no. We don't sec how there
can bo , or how there ought to bo. Ono
of the chief complaints made by these
who have opposed the enterprise has
been that wo were not building such a
combined bridge as was contemplated.
You sec the ofliHal report pretty
squarely settles that point. Itays :
'Tho bridge is being constructed as
a combined railway and wagon bridge ,
and in this particular is believed
to bo in accordance with the provisions
of the act of March 3 , 1887. ' It bcems to
remove all doubt as to what is being
done , and whether the bridge will bo
such a ono ns the law requires. "
"But what about the plans not being
the ones which were approved by the
secretary of war ? "
"There is some difference in the
plans , but our present plans have ad
vantages over the first plans. It is
simply a technical diirerenco , mainly in
regard to the length of the spans. In
stead of having three spans 300 feet
each , wo have the main span 400 feet
and the two others 250 feet each. Of
course there can bo no real objection to
this change , and in fact it is pronounced
in the olHcitil report a bettor plan than
the original. If wo uro doing better
than the law required no one can com
plain. The report of the engineer says :
" 'Tho mot I
design my approval , as
considered that with a 400 feet span over
the main channel and two 250 foot spans
adjacent thereto bettor accommodation
was afforded to navigation than by the
three ! > 00 foot spans required by law ,
while the waterway would be the same. ' "
"What about the change suggested
by the engineer ? "
"That is simply in regard to the carriageway
riage-way trusses of the two last river
spans. Those two spans arc not over the
channel , and the river may never bo in
such condition as to over permit the
passage of boats there , in which case
the trusses aa now planned would bo all
right , but if the channel should ever
change , these trusses could very easily
bo lifted right up out of the way. The
change of those trusses in no way affects
the grade line. Wo have planned for
ju.st such a possible change as this , and
H is a comparatively unimportant mat-
tor. "
"You are therefore satisfied with the
finding as it is ? "
-"Most . "
- certainly wo are.
"But what about the change from
Dodge to Duuglas street ? "
"There wore some insurmountable ob
jections on Dodge street the crossing of
Union Pacific tracks , and the smelting
works property but the worst feature
was the engineering difllculty to over
come a hump in the bed rock of nine
teen feet opposite Douglas street that
did not exist opposite Dodge street. By
placing a 800-foot span , leaving this
nineteen foot lump protecting upward ,
might have caused an obstruction of the
channel , and probably would , throwing
the channel on to the east side from the
west , where so much has boon spent ii :
holding it. "
"You are therefore satisfied with the
finding as it ib ? "
"Most . "
certainly wo are.
If you desire to get u new Hall type writer
cheap , drop a postal card to H. A. P. , BEB
ofllco. A great bargain for the first who
On the market for over twenty years.
Still the most reliable and the most
popular sewing machine made. The
light running Domestic. Ofllco 105
Main st.
The Trial of Cofrninn.
The CofTman case was at last reached
yesterday. Most of the day was spen
in the dreary task of securing twelve
men as rt jury. Most of the exami
tions wore uninteresting , but the court
room was well filled with these whc
bcemod anxious to hear even this ,
George Drake was about the only jury
man called who broke the monotony.
Ho frankly declared that he always had
an opinion about any matter in which ho
was interested to any degree , and that
whatever prejudices he had were al
ways in favor of his friends. Ho could
not toll whether his opinions and preju
dices in this case would prevent his
giving a fair verdict or not. "I moan
just this , that if ono witness swore to
ono thing , and another just to the oppo
site , so that it was about oven , I would
stick by my friends. "
Ho was at last excused , and the jury
was soon after completed , the state hav
ing exhausted its peremptory challenges ,
and the defense having throe loft. At
torneys Ware and Mynstor are prosecut
ing. while on the defense arc Colonel
Daily , Colonel Sapp and N. M. Pusoy.
r It was near the hour for adjourning
when the jury was secured. Attorney
Ware objected to the jury being allowed
to separate during the progress of the
trial , and asked that a bailiff bo placed
in charge of them to keep thorn together ,
and separate from the rest or the world.
The attorneys for the defense objected
to this , on the * ground that it wasa needless -
loss inconvenience upon the jury ,
and that the jurymen could bo
trusted without being thus locked up
day after day. In other cases
it was not customary to thus keep
the jury locked up , ana when this case
was tried before this was not done.
Judge Loofbourow decided that under
the statute ho could not do otherwise
than to direct a bailiff to keep them in
charge , if either party objected to their
being separated.
After the opening nddressefe to the
jury Deputy Sheriff Cusick took charge
of the twelve and marched them off.
This case has been before the public
in various forms over since the 20th of
July , 1885 , nt which time the trouble
occurred which resulted in the death of
Jack Main and the arrest of A. W. Coff-
man , the defendant. Main was at work
for ColTman , and some trouble arising
between them Main mot CofTman at a
restaurant in Avoca , where both lived ,
and thcro they had a sottlomontof their
accounts. Then an altercation followed -
lowed , in which CofTman was badly
punished by Main and which
ended in Coffnmn fatally shooting -
ing Main. The grand jury which
mot in December , 1885 , failed to
find an indictment against CofTman , but
in Juno following the grau'd jury then
in session returned n bill charging him
with mnnslttuchter. The 'niso was
tried and the jury disagreed. Now it
comes up for another trial.
ColTman has claimcdtlmt the killing
was in telf defense. The controversy
over the evidence in the case has proved
of interest on nccount of the promi
nence , wealth and standing of Coffman.
rather than on account of any effort of
Main's friends , for ho died without any
estate or family. Aside tfom the in
terest which would naturally arise out
of the case itself , there IB a grcatalcal
more interest because of the complica
tions which have arisen , and which
have in part been fastened onto the
CIIBO. ColTman ln\s boon a thorn in the
flesh to some , especially lo borne of the
local democratic leaders. The party
line has boon drawn somewhat in the
malterand in addition to this there arose
n dispute between Coffman and Fremont
Benjamin , xvho was ono of his attorneys
in the first days of his arrest. Benja
min sued Coltnian for $ i,500 ! fee. An
action was commenced against Benja
min lo got him debarred , but this was
dropped. Another suit was commenced
against ColTman for 810,000 irt favor of
W. B. Cuppy , who had been appointed
administrator of the Main estate , So
many chapters have boon added to the
history , that it has been kept before
the public much of the time since the
homicide. Although Main's relatives
do not appear in the case , there seems
to bo no luck of enrnestiiessin the prose
cution , and this gives some color to the
claim of Cell man nnd his friends that
there arc other motives stronger thnn
the mere desire to see law vindicated
nnd justice secured.
The jury selected in the case is as
follows : H. C. Hartwoll , H. A. Smith ,
William Schocnning , J. Timberman ,
John Burk , Simon Reynolds , O. O. St.
John , Francis Lowe , G. Larson , W. O.
Barnes , R. A. Price , E. Thorentcn.
Two good lots in Beers' sub. $000.
Barman this week. Bilgor , 0 Pearl
The Connty'H Furniture.
Tnc furniture for the now court house
irrivod yesterday morning over the
Milwaukee , nnd teams were busy dur-
ng the day in convoying it to its desti-
ntion. The building is beintr cleaned
as fast ns possible , Superintendent
Inrdin having half a dozen women
crubbing the rooms. The new furni-
uro , consisting of chairs , tables , etc. , is
tared in the main corridor on the lirst
lopr. By" the lust of the week ovcry-
hingwiflboin order , and the county
itlieers will soon after bo installed in
heir now quarters.
Mr. John M. Carter , supervising ar
chitect , will bo through with the steam
icnting company on Saturday , and will
.hen return to St. Joseph , where ho will
mvo charge of the outside work of
vlcssrs. Eckel it Mann , the architects.
L'hoir work there at present amounts to
i early $500,000. During his stay in this
ity Mr. Carter has won golden opinions
'or ' himself , both ns n business man and
a gentleman. Uniformly courteous and
Peasant to all who hnvo visited the
juilding , he has carefully watched the
progress of the work , and it is largely
lue to his consciciitiousaiid painstaking
superintendence that the county is now
n possession of such a perfectly built
structure ns its now court houso. Mr.
Carter will leave many warm friends in
Council BlulTs , and carry away sincere
wishes for his continued success and
E. H. Shcafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Office 500 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs.
Farmers Insure Each Other.
Thoflnnual meeting of the Pottawat-
; amio County Farmers' Mutual Insur
ance company was held at the Kiel hotel
yesterday. Reports of the various com
mittees were heard. The number o :
policies written during the past year is
200 ; the amount covered by these poli
cies is $470,057 ; number cancelled ant
expired during the year , 100 ; amount ol
cancelled policies , $303,105 ; net gain
$173,702 ; total amount of risks in force
at present , $1,20-1,609 ; total number o
policies , 720 ; losses during the year
$1,854.45 ; assessment , H mills on firs
class risks. The dnte of the annua
meeting was changed from February to
the second Wednesday in October.
The following officers wore elected for
the ensuing year : President , R. Camp
bell ; vice prcsidontHon. A. W.Wyman
secretary , E. H. Ohlendorf ; treasurer
C. B. Waite ; directors for throe years
J. A. Forrington , of Mills county , ant
D. F. Drydcn , of Hardin township ; for
ono year , O. L. Barrett , of Hazel Doll
Directors holding over are Bnssjl Fox
of Lovelnnd ; J. P. Hesse , of Lewis , am
John Hnrtjo , of Keg Creek.
There were present nearly ono hun
drcd and twenty-five farmers , represent
ing nil parts of Pottawattamio , Harrisoi
and Mills counties. The next meeting
will bo held in October , 1888.
Bargains in houses and lots on small
cash payment. Johnston & Van Patten ,
33 Main street.
The Hotel Moves.
Yesterday morning Messrs. Allen
& Boll , architects , wore ordered by
the board of trade committee to prepare -
pare sketches of a hotel , which are to
bo used in furthering plans now under
consideration by that organization.
These sketches will present a seven-
story building 102x110 feet. Several
rumors are afloat growing out of this
fact , but of the plans outlined by the
committee absolutely nothing is known.
This much may bo said with safety : At
this time three schemes are on foot and
and all are mooting with more or less
favor. Should that of the board of trade
committee seem the most feasible and
best meet the public favor , a syndicate
will be formed , a first-class site se
lected and the building immediately
orocted. Council Bluffs is sure of a
first-class hotel.
Sheafo loans money on real estate.
8. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Personal Paragraph * .
J. Mueller will return from Chicago
Mrs. J. J. Bliss spent yesterday in the
city , the guest of her sister Miss S. D.
H. M. Simpson and family leave to
day for Valley , Nob. , U > vibit relatives
and friends.
Mrs. J. J. Miller , of Valley , Nob. , is
in the city visiting the family of H. M.
Simpson. She returns homo to-day.
Mr. E. E. Harknoss , of Harkncss-
Bros. , loft for Now York Tuesday ovo-
ning. Ho will bo absent several days.
Mr. Fred Hanson , car repairer at the
Union Pacific transfer , was smiling all
over yesterday because of the arrival of
a bouncing boy at his house , weighing
le&s than Jiftoen pounds.
L. M. Shaw , of Donlson , was in the
city yesterday. Mr. Shaw is one of the
trustees of the Clmutauqua assembly ,
and speaks encouragingly of the work
being done. He thinks it likely that
Denison will do 'something towards
helping the project. . . '
. The
There was notj , > bj Jargo nn nudlonco nt
the * opera house Inst ovonlng as the
A polio club concert merited. The pro-
grnmmo wns cjiitroly changed from
that of the preceding concert , thcro
being but ono or "tw9 of the numbers
given before. The club snng grandly.
The seronndo aroused much enthusiasm
and its composer , Mr. Tabor , who
served as the accompanist during the
evening , was cq llf d forth to bow nn ac
knowledgement oi the hearty encore.
The lulhiby , whiph was next to the clos
ing number , wan also heartily oncorcd.
A very enjoyable trio , "Memory. " was
given by Mrs. Latoy , Miss Ponnoll and
Mr. W. R. Wilkins. Each of thcso
Indies nlso gave solos. Mrs. Latoy won
her way into the favor of the audience
with her very first notes , nnd both her
solos wcro enthusiastically encored.
Miss Ponnoll gave as a solo , "Sing
Heigh-Ho , " which was warmly ap
plauded , necessitating her appearance
again , but she would respond but with
a bow. The Apollo club has thus af
forded the music lovers hero two grand
feasts , and they certainly merit more
substantial encouragement than that
licy have thus far received.
Thco. Beckman,205 , Main street. Fine
inrnoss work a specialty.
Another Illg Brick Ynril.
C. F. Guycr , of Glonwood , lias pur-
hascd of J. R. Rico twenty acres west
f Wickham'shriek yard , and will there
tart this season ono of the largest brick
nrds in the city. Ho has means and
xporionco , and the enterprise will
prove a worthy addition to the boom
ear's progress.
Union Abstract Co. , 230 Main st.
I'lnkcrtoii's $2OOO Reward.
The Pinkcrtons offer the above rc-
wnrd to any persons actually discovor-
ng the bottom of Lake Woodbury. One
housand feet of life line will bo de-
ivcred on the corner of First avenue
* Pearl , and furnished free to parties
making the attempt.
Lake Mnnawa Thawed.
The ice in lake Manawa is clearing
ut well , and the water is rising fast.
L'ho slough this side is so filled with
water that if it rises much more it will
> o over the bridge. The Mosquito
creek is gorged with ice , so that the
vatcr is flowing into the slough and
bus causing the raise. The indications
ire that the lake will have an abund-
inco of water for this and many coining
seasons , despite the croaks about the
ako drying up in a few years.
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
.hree-year-old . steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire o
A. J. Grccnamayer.
The lintcst Thing Out.
The jury in the jcasc of Richardson vs
Scott wns still out at a late hour last
night. It is understood that the judge
vill keep them o ( ) | a week if necessary
o secure an agreement. The prospects
seem good for n long hang.
Dr. R. Rico , NoT 11 Pearl st. , will
„ .vo compound oxygen treatment at 60
cents each sittingn
Snia to Rival .the Great Kentucky
-Huntsvillo ( Ala. ) special to the Chicago
cage Times : A discovery has been
made that promises to give to Hunts-
vllle a reputation possessed by few
places in the United States. A rival to
Lhe great Mammoth cave has just been
Tound within a mile of the corporation
lines. The existence of this cave has
been known for years , but it was never
suspected to bo but one of many insig-
nificent holes in the ground. The cave
is what is known ns the Bowling'James
farm. The entrance is small and unin
viting. A descent of over fifty
feet was necessitated to reach the
main floor. The decent , of course ,
is not nearly direct , but can at no great
expense bo made so. Once in the cave ,
the party lighted lanterns , of which
they toofc with them as many as the
three could carry , and started on their
excursion. They were not long in as
certaining that they were in a tremendous
deus cavern , and in order to be.sure of
finding their way back they placed lan
terns along their path , and about 200
yards separated. The room in which
they found themselves they estimated to
bo 250 or 300 acres in tjrea , though this
is only a guess , since they could not in
darknessseo far ik any direction.
The wall,1 in places where they came in
contact with it is covered with a sub
stance that , even in the timid light of
the lanterns , glistened as crystal and in
many places they came upon formrtions
curious in form and dazzlingly beauti
The explorers wandered about in one
direction and another for two hours ,
and finally found their progress im
peded , if indeed not quite cut short , by
a beautiful body of water. By the light
of their lanterns they were enabled to.
guess as to the width of the lake , but
missiles thrown by them as far as possi-
fell in water. They might have made
their way around it , ana attempted to
do so , but after traveling a short dis
tance they discovered an en
trance to what appeared to be a
second enormous room. This they could
not enter because the water of the
lake partially closed the entrance. At
this point there wore indicaiions that
the stage of the lake is not stationary ,
as the floor appeared wet beyond the
edge of the water showing that the
water had receded.
People here are delighted at their
"find " and have'named the
, great cav
ern "Shelta rock. " They will at once
alter the opening or approach into the
cave and arrange. ' tor perfect lighting ,
so that a thorough inspection can bo
made. Parties who have visited Ken
tucky's Mammothicave believe "Shelta
rock' ' to be fully as extensive.
A BemarkaWe Coincidence.
Chicago Mail : ' , "You ask me if I am
superstitious , " said a well known hotel
clerk. "No , noU to any extent. There
is ono thing , however , that I have no
ticed. There are ! certain numbers on
the annunciator that demand more at
tention than others. I don't account for
it. I suppose thfcfce is noway of account
ing for it , and so I'll let it go. But I
haven't failed to notice it. Because cer
tain rooms are occupied more than
others is no excuse for it.
"I'll tell you ft strange thing that hap
pened one night when I was on watch.
It was quiet in the hotel , for nearly
every guest was in. I was reading a
newspaper , when my attention was
callca to a number on the board which
was uncovered. I glanced at it , called
front , told tno boy to go to No. , and
resumed my reading. In a few minutes
the boy returned" , and said there wns no
response. I looked over the rooms that
had been taken , and found that no ono
had boon assigned to the room in ques
tion. I didn't think anything moro
about it then , for the wires frequently
get disarranged , and ono push on the
button will uncover the numbers of
three or four rooms.
"A little Inter'the tame number vrat
incovercd again , and I called to the
my and gave him .the pass key , tolling
him logo into the room and light the
( us and inspect it. If thcro is anything
Hat will tnako a negro's teeth chatter
t is to go on such an errand. How
ever , ho wont , mid in about ten minutes
returned with the information that the
room was unoccupied , The number
Iropped again , but I said nothing more
{ linking now that the wires wcro disar
ranged. I went off watch and went to
"When f cnmo down and picked up
ho morning paper , the first thing I
saw was the announcement of the death
f Senator Logan. Then I recalled the
act that lie always occupied the room ,
he number of which had noted so
itrnngely , when ho was hero. I um not
lUporstltiouB- , but I confess that I
bought it a very strange occurrence.
told this same story , I think to my
doctor , and ho laughed so heartily
about it that I have never told it
inco'till now. No , I won't tell you
what the number is. "
SPECIAL ail vertlsoments , such RI Lost , found ,
To I.oun. For Sale. To Ht'iit , Wants , Hoarding
etc. , will be Inserted tn tills column nt the low
rnteof TRN CKNT8 I'Elt MNK for the first In-
sertlon nnd Five Cents 1'cr Line forench nubse-
( inent liiBcrtlon. Leave advertisements nt our
otllee , No. 12 I'enrl Street , ucur Uroadw ay , Coun
cil IlluHd , ] o\va.
FOH HENT Ilcnson & Muynp , Masonic Tem
ple , have several tine houses for rent.
C10U KENT KurnlsliPtl nnd unfurnished
rooms. Ti ; 1st avenue.
I7HH HENT Store room MxfiO : coed location
-t for any kind of business. Oliver Ixjwcr ,
Q ) South Main st.
WANTED Dress making aud plain sqwlnp.
BIO Vine st. , Miss Wallace.
FOK RENT The St. Joe house ; good loca
tion : 25 rooms. Oliver Lower , 10 ) South
Main st.
WANTED A position ns bookkeeper by n
competent man In a llrst-class wholesale
louse. Host of references. Address U 18 , lleo
ilBcc. Council IIUifTn. _
ll S A LK A prominent doctor with n good
practice In a town of ii.OOU Inhabitants , In
western lown , will sell hit ) practice chcup to
rexpoiiHlblo physician , Address F. J. l > ay ,
Council liluus.
WANTED To exchange land In central Ne
braska for Council HluffH property. Ap-
ily to Council UlutTs Lumber Co.
TlfANTED Stocks of merchandise. Have
TT Omaha and Council llluffs city property ,
nlso western land to exchange for goods. Call
on or'address J. Ii. Christian , 410 liroadway ,
Council.muffs la.
FINE RESlDENCE-Lot 100x60 feet , 8-room
house ; water , hot and cold , lloth streets
paved. Assessments paid. One block from
business center. Price ttyxKI. > vlth fair cash
payment ; balance on long time.
Street's addition. Lot 44X1LM feet. City water.
Property In good repair. fJOU , small cash pay.
ment , balance to suit.
NICE LITTLE IIOME-On street car line. In
Everett's addition ; 60-foot lot , fenced. Nice
shade. Uood well. 3 good rooms. ( l.O-'A
small cash payment , balance monthly to right
480 ACHES LAND In Monona county , Iowa ,
twomlles from a.good railroad town. Unim
proved. Kent for MOO.OO for pasture. Suitable
for fine stock and grain farm. Fair casn pay
ment , balance on easy terms. Will trade for
good residence property In this city. Price $15
per acre. \
SIX ROOM Brick house , two blocks from
dummr depot , liroadway. Finest residence
part oi city , 1,500.
SEVERAL NEW 3 to 5 room houses In Squire's
park , (1.000 to 11,600 , monthly papments. Why
pay rent ?
CO2V THUEE-HOOM-Cottoso on 8th avenue ,
10 minute r.valk from business center. Large
lot. well , snade. Oood neighborhood. IVM on
easy payments. Will double in a year.
FOUH OOM COTTAGE-On Graham avenue.
One acre ground. 5 minutes walk ; 3 depots ;
street cars. 11,800 , part cash , long time bal
A SEVEN ACRE-Frnlt farm Inside city limits.
Good improvements. Several hundred bear
ing grapes. H.WO. Easy payments.
of lot ion , original plat , liroadway. Good
brick btoro building with ware rooms reachIng -
Ing from Broadway to Pierce. J10.000 , part
cash. No finer business site on liroadway.
Real Estate Broker.
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
O0 and 823 Main BtreeUCouncil Bluff s.Iowa.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand , for
sale at retail or In car load lota.
Orders promptly filled by contract on short
Block sold on commission.
Telephone 114. 8CHLUTER & BOLRV.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council llluffs.
n os PIT A i. AND orncc IS FOUUTII ST. ,
Council llluffs , la.
Vitiiinaiy Dintistrj t Specially.
uUHMluulUDI UflRPJUNTQ mciujimN 1 u ,
. . NO. 104 BROADWAY. .
ATJ.HN Architects and Superintendents , Room
nUULill 2) opera House Block , Council Ultiffa.
HRTPYTNRINH Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer
. UlUIUumNU. piana ( Estimates , Specifications , 8u
lervision of Public Work. Brown Building , Council Bluffs
[ owa.
PINT 17Y RIIPITtf Attornoy-at-Law , Second Floor Brown
L'lnLljl DUIUVD ' , Building , 11K Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
U SCHIIR7 Justice of tlle Peaco- Office over American
Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council. Bluffs ,
[ owa.
&CTUQ Attorneys at-Law , practice in the State
011UO , a,1i , Federal Courts. Office Kooma 7
and 8 , Shugart Beno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
EO RAJMUTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Broadway
, 0. DmillJCill , Council Bluffs. Refers to any bank or
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
DR8. WOODBURY & SONS S t Office corner o
. , Pearl St. and First Avenue
rooms 4 and 5. Telephone No. 273 and 272 for the office and
residence. Diseases of women and children a specialty.
DR. C. B. J U DD ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen on large commission or salary.
The Greatest Invention of the Age !
Rupture or Hernia a Specialty I
Makes Female Diseases a Specialty ,
Cures all kinds of Chronic Diseases that are curable with his most Wonderful Vegetable Koma
ies. Is the oldest and most successful specialist In the west. Call and see him. OlIlcoNo. 11
earl St. , Council lllutls , Iowa. Ollico hours : 8 to IV a. m. ; 1 to 6 and 0 to 8 p. in.
No. 201 Main Street , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Both Domestic and Foreign.
Standard No. 4090 , chestnut stallion , foaled
Paichln , "sire of the dam of "Bell Hamlin
( record 3:18 : % ) ; second dam by Kysdyk's
Hamblotoninn. Norway stands 10X hands
high , and can trot better than 2:80. : This
stallion will be permitted to serve a few
mares at $35 the season from March 1st to
July 1st. For particulars enquire of
Council Bluffs Driving Park , or No. 417
South 14th St. , Omaha.
OFFICER & mil ,
WO Brood way Council Bluffs , Iowa. Established
CARTER ti SON , Prop's.
Manufacturers ot
Mil Kindt of Sttam Boiltrt 4 Shtet Iron Work
Orders by mall for repars promptle attended
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. 10th Avenue. Ad
dress Ogden Boiler Works. Council llluffs , Iowa
Telephone No. 33.
Tlie finest line of l.anclauc , Couched and Hacks
In the city. The only line authorized to uusvter
calls turned In to Aiu. Dint. Tel. Co.
. . . , . .
-v.i -v i
By Our Crank
HAS imported hero from China ,
Coffees l OASTiD , none are flner ,
The best f Fldur , please bear in mlnc\
These at OX V.U , BUGS' , find.
Here we HAV the bent of frail
Everything we'll 8KI. | to suit.
And save you DDL
If you have to UV at all
BeyourOKDK m large or small
Come and get your OH > * CEKIE8 ,
Burely you know where.piacei |
345 Middle Broadway
Telephone No. i.1) ) .
Council Bluffs , lown.
Main Street , Council Bluffs.
Only Hotel In the City with Fire ( <
cape. Eloctrlo Call Bolls.
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable
MAX MOHN , Proprietor *

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