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George the First , Otherwise "Father
of His Country. "
Young People's Scwlcty of Clirlstlnn
Kmlcavor Tlic Case ofNcstor
Death of Mrs. linker Y.
M. C. A. AftVtlrfl.
WnntiliiKton'H lllrtliiftijr.
Yesterday was ttio most pleasant unnlvcr-
nry of the birthday of the Father of his
country that Onmha has ever seen.
The atmosphere was llko that of n
sprint * day. Light clothing only was re
quired. Under the Inspiration of a cloud'xss
sky , a pleasant breeze and a general absence
of business , thousands of people llllcd the
streets and Imparted , certainly at least so far
ns the business centro of the city was con
cerned , to the thoroughfares a metropolitan
end animated appearance.
All the national , county and city ofllces
were closed. The saino was true of all the
banks and other local mercantile Institutions
as also the headquarters of the different rail
way companies. The letter carriers , however -
over , inado their usual holiday rounds , and
the regular Sunday noon-delivery of mail
took pluco at thcpost ofllco. The horse and
cable cars ran as usual , ns If Indeed there
bad not been a national enactment to signal
ize the sanctity of the natal day of the Father
of his country.
The most noticeable feature of the day was
the parade of the Omaha (2nd. ( ) regi
ment of the K. of P. This event
which attracted the attention of
thousands of spectators was not really in
commemoration of the birthday of the father
of his country , but was considered as such
by many who enjoyed the spectacle which It
occasioned. The display was , lu fact , a com
memoration of the twenty-third anniversary
of the establishment of the uniform rank of
the K. of P. in which could not bo celebrated
oo the 10th , which fell on Sunday last. Con-
ciiucntly the change was made to yesterday.
The regiment met at the armory on Four
teenth street between Douglas and Uodgo ,
at 2:45 : o'clock sharp the line took up the
inarch in the following order.
Pythian band , otherwise that of the Musi
cal Union. Acting brigadier genernlColonel
Thomas Hurrcll.
Colonel J. Leon Fournlorof St. Louisnu1u-
de-camp on stall of Major General Carna-
Acting assistant adjutant general , W. S.
Assistant quartermaster general , Harvey
J. Wells.
Inspector general , J. S. Gibson.
Lieutenant-Colonel James A. Urown , com
manding Omaha ( Second ) regiment. Major
James Donnelly , Jr. , with the following regi
mental staff : Adjutant , Lt. Henry Creignton ;
surgeon , Dr. C. M. Dinsmoro ; Quarter
master. Lieutenant C. S. Higglns.
The divisions followed , us follows :
Myrtle , Captain H. J. Fuller.
Falcon , Captain A. . .ASeldon. .
Omaha , Captain John Hayward.
Lily , Captain J. C. Lang.
Black Eagle , Captain E. G. Crap.
Trojan , Captain Al Vinoy.
Kucbti7ol , Captain Henry Hornbergcr.
Mount Shasta , Captain McNuill.
Douglas , Captain Schaeffer.
' The line of march was as follows : From
the hall on Fourteenth street south to Doug
las , thence to Ninth , thoneo to Farimm , Fif
teenth , Dodge , Sixteenth , Webster , counter
marching to Dodge , Fourteenth and the ann-
. ory where the line was dismissed.
The only division which did not turn out
* * * WnB that of Launcclot , which was prevented
* by'Iu\vcntlUou,3 circumstances. Lieutenant
Colonel Urown who appeared in the parade
was indisposed and unable to give the com-
- mauds usual on such occasions. As a conso-
qUfinco the captains of the several divi
sions were compelled to attend to the
manoeuvres of control of their own divisions.
Some - f the latter displayed great proflency
in 'military and Pythian movements , while
/Others , especially the newer ones , lacked the
perfection which only devotion and effort can
obtain. As a whole , however , the parudo
was one of the most attractive ever given in
Onmha. The Hags , uniforms , pcnnats ,
plumes , equipments everything was now
and these features intensltied by favorable
skies and general warmth together with the
additional fact that Omaha is the only city in
this country which can turn out so many
divisions of this order conduced to making
the display one of extreme- attractiveness
and of almost universal interest.
How the U. P. Imicl Over the O. St. P.
M. & O. Kernel.
Late Tuesday afternoon the Chicago , St.
Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha railway com
pany flled a suit against the Union Pacific
asking that the latter bo restrained from
tearing plaintiff's tracks that crosses * lot i
in tbo southeast quarter of the northeast
quarter of section 15 , township 13 , in Douglas
county. The plaintiff further states that defendant
fondant has a largo force of men work
ing along Fourteenth street and
threaten to tear up plaintiff's tracks
Yesterday revealed the state of affairs
at the place mentioned in the above inter
Bcction. It is located ut the corner of what
is supposed to bo Fourteenth and Nicholas
streets. At that crossing is located the ware
.house of the Winna Implement company. On
the west side of this house , nearly two years
ago , the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis &
Omaha road built a side track which run close
to the platform. This sidetrack connected
with the main track of the road. Tuesday
the Union Pacific scut a gang of men to work
who laid a track over that of the Chicago , St
Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha right up to the
Winona warehouse ana covered it with
loaded curs. This track connects with n
branch of the Union Pacific whlcl
runs to the barbed wire works. Yesterdaj
morning the Minneapolis people bulll
a second track paralleling their old ono am
beside that which the Union Pacific had lait
over the old onu , expecting to pull oil the
Union Pucitlo cars and then slip their no\\
track over that beside the Winona house
which was built a couple of years ago. Bui
the Union Pacillo got onto the move
and at about 'J o'clock rushed
up about twenty cars on the barbed
wire works track which effectually cut off
the Minneapolis people from pulling out the
Union Pacillo cars. High words passed be
tween the gangs of both roads. The Minno-
opolls people scorn to have gotten the worsl
of It because they have been deprived ol
truckage they have hold for several years.
Hut the courts may give them some relief.
Tlio Societies Will IMnciiss Plans for
Doing Belter Work.
The various local organizations of the
Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor will hold a union meeting
this evening at St , Mary's avcnuo
Congregational church , commencing at 7:30 :
o'clock. An interesting literary and muslca
programme has been prepared and those who
attend will enjoy a rare treat. There will bo
' ecvaral short addresses explaining the ob
ject of this organization and setting forth the
good that can bo accomplished by it. A general
oral Invitation Is extended , but more particu
larly to the young people is It given.
The chrlbtlan endeavor societies of Omaha
arc about two years old. Within that time
however , much has boon done by then
toward Inducing some of the younger men
nnd women of the city to attend chuivh ser
vices and ovontuully become members. They
urc composed of the young people of the van
OUR churches and hold meeting * cither before
service Sunday evening or some other nlghi
during the week. The exercises consist o
singing , refcpoiibivo scripture muling , and n
topic for general discussion , the
latter of which Is opejicd bj
& lender selected before hand
Each member Is required to say somcthiiiK
tearing on the subject , offer prayer , or rcai
a verso from the bible , thus bringing about a
ft6o expression of thought. By giving cacl
one a sihkll part to do a better knowledge o
tie scriptural teaching is secured than if ono
uersqn'conducted the service alone. At rcg
F Tuftf idtttvals all the societies of the city have
i * AVtJgRIUWUJIg b ops st tUg < &ui ; Ucscvcry
effort being put forth on uch oc ,
cantons to bring about better
acquaintance between the members
of the different societies. It Is the
opinion of some of the prominent ministers of
ho city that Omaha Is on the verge of a ro-
Igious revival. This being the case it bo-
IOVCH the Christian endeavor societies to get
: hemselves into better working order to old
n the work. Although much good has al
ready been accomplished there is great op-
Kirtunlty to do more. Considering all thcso
: hlngB the union meeting merits a good at
New York Htorngc Co.
Ciinnot bo undersold by nny liouso west
of Now York. ' Capitol live , nnd 15th st.
Wllllnm Objects to Ilclng Called a
"Hpltzfoubcn uml Uetriifrcrs. "
William Van Dohrcn Is about the maddest
German citizen in the tnto of Nebraska and
and Henry Harden is the object of his re
vengeful angc * . According ta Willlam's pe
tition , filed yesterday afternoon with the dis
trict clerk , Henry has been say Ing all manner
of slanderous things against him. The
plaintiff states that on February 17 Henry , in
the presence of a number of witnesses , de
nounced him In choice German in the follow
ing terms : "Du blst cincr von die Spitzbu-
bcn und Uctrugcrs. Ich kunn dich bcwelsen
dan du clncn Mnnn crb urmllcho Lump. "
Plaintiff states that a translation of tha
above is as follows : "You are one of the
class of thieves and swindlers. I can prove
that you hired a man to set it on Urc , you
mlsrrnblo , ragged wretch. "
William explains that defendant referred
to the burning of his ( the plaintiff's ' ) eleva
tor at Mlllard. Naturally William objects to
being called a lire bug and "raggcjd wretch"
and so ho asks the court to award him (5,000
Of course Germans will recognize that the
translation of the sentence is not a literal
one but so it appears in the petition.
New York .Storage Co. ,
Capitol uvo. and 15th st.
Didn't Kent. Their 11111.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Wood , who live on Dav
enport near Thirteenth street , were foiled
yesterday in a very cunning little scheme to
defraud 0. T. Summers , the grocer"hcar the
corner of Twelfth and Capitol avenue. A
week ago they went to Mr. Summers asking
for credit , pretending that Wood was an em
ploye of Qnrncmi , the cracker manufacturer ,
at a salary of S JO per week. On the strength
of this they ran up a largo bill , promising to
pay on Monday night. As they failed to show
up , Summers instituted an investigation ,
when ho discovered that the Woods family
had packed all their effects and were on the
eve of skipping the town , and that Woods
wai not on Garnoau's payroll. He had a war
rant sworn out for their detention and yester
day both were arrested on the charge of BO
curing goods under false pretenses.
Now 1 liny Me Down to Sleep.
Fohlinp beds , sofas , lounges , parlor
suits at coKt of frames. Special cash
discounts of 10 days. A call costs noth
ing , will you call ?
Capitol live , and 15th st.
The Apollo Concert.
A largo and fashionable audience was
prescnt-at the second subscription concert of
the Apollo concert at Boyd's. The
programme was an exceedingly fine one , and
demonstrated that under Mr. B. B. Young's
ublo management the club is rapidly im
proving. Mrs. Latcy of St. Louis , and Miss
Pcnnell of Onmha , received the most en
thusiastic welcome , they being the soloists.
The choral work of the club was in the
main most excellent. There was evidently a
desire , not always carried out it is true , on
the part of the members to hide individuality.
This is us it should be , as ono of the great
est defects possible In chorus work is tlie
effort on the part of some ono or two to make
themselves prominent , Taken altogether
the concert was u most enjoyable ono.
A Promising Kid.
.TooDopoto , a thirteen-year-old lad and Ed
Fitzgerald , aged llftecn , were sent up to the
district court yesterday , as promising
candidates for the reform school. They are
bootblacks , and the Dopcta kid has a history.
Ho has prcrcgrinated over the whole western
country , and was in Jail in Cheyenne for six
months , being held as a witness against a
brute named Lynch , who got ten years for
an unmentionable crime. When asked by
the court whether ho didn't want to go to the
reformatory , Joe replied ho'd Just as leave us
not. The court then intimated that it might
bo the penitentiary in a few years more , and
the kid retorted : "Well , it don't muko much
difference , it's bound to come sooner or
later. "
It Will Pnv You
to call and see * us before you buy any
thing in tho.way of furniture. Remem
ber wo have the largest stock to select
from and make special prices to hotels ,
schools anil churches. Call
Capitol avo. and 15th bt.
A Thief AVhen Drunk.
The genial weather of yesterday caused
Julius Wardius , a painter , to shed his over
coat and ho left It for safe keeping in a saloon
on the corner of Tenth and Leaven worth
During his absence John Thompson , who was
very drunk , laid hand ? on the garment am
carried it off. A bystander was a witness o :
the theft , and when Wardius came in , toli
him of it. Thompson was then captured by
the police and opposite his numo on the police
register were entered the double charge
"drunk and larceny of overcoat. "
Hiiro Chance For Speculation
Greatest bargain over qfTorod in par
lor and bedroom furniture , stoves
pianos and organs. Special rates to
hotels , churches , schools , etc.
Hotel Kmploycs Arrested.
George Clark and Martin IColly , who per
form the functions of bellboy and porter at
the Cozzcns , are in the central pollen station
charged with having slipped into the room o
E. E. Seward and stolen a satchel full o
clothes. A scarf pin that was In the satchc
was found in Clark's possession , but it Is not
yet known -what disposition the boys made-
of the rest of the articles. Both boys uro
aged nineteen.
New York Storage Company.
Lower than the lowest price over
named by any dealer. Capitol txvonuo
and Fifteenth street.
A Disreputable- .
Gcorgo noigor , a disreputable son of re
spcctnblo parents , was taken In tow by the
police yesterday for outrageously beating
Ella Berlin , who lives on the corner o
Twelfth and Davenport street. Ono of Ella's
eyes were swelled shut and her face and
head were disfigured with bruises und welts
Procrastination IB the Thief of Time
Don't wait. Now is the time , for ton
days wo will make n special sale of ton
elegant parlor and bedroom bets at cost
of frames. Don't pay fancy prices. A
call costs nothing. Cull early and make
choice selections.
Capital avo. and 15th st.
DIED Kleffnor , at 0 o'clock on Wednesday ,
Feb. 22 , Mrs. Helen Kleffncr , aged 50years
a months.
Mrs. Kleffnor was a resident of this city
for thirty-two years. Funeral notice here
For coughs and throat troubles use
Hrcnvn'H Bronchial Troches. " "They
stop an attack of my asthma cough very
promptly. " u , F < ic/i ! / , jl/lumluHIc , OMo.
Hot the Hall Grounds.
The cable line Is to bo extended to the ball
park. The company let u contract yesterdnj
for the extension of their Twentieth street
line to the corner of Lake street at the bull
park. Tho.work is to bo completed within
thirty day * , . _ .
rhnt'H Sheriff Mulvcnon'ft Hurry to
' Get Itnck to Art r on ft.
W. J. Mulvcnon , sheriff of Yovapat coijnty ,
Arizona , has been in the city for a day or so ,
and during that time has disabused the mind
of the tenderfoot that an Arizona sheriff
wears high-topped boots , long1 hair and car
ries a small armory about his waist. Mr.
Molvunon Is a fine specimen of manhood and
presents all the proofs of refinement and
ilenty. His apparel Is of the latest fashion ,
and his assortment of Jewelry is of rich min
erals nnd qulto valuable. A BKB reporter
was Introduced to the gentleman by W. H.
Itobblns , whoso guest ho has been , and Mr.
Mulvcnon was at ouco recognized a ? the per
son described some weeks ago by the eastern
[ ircss as having been killed while attempting
to arrest a gang of quarreling cattlo-ralslng
factions. In response to several questions
Mr. Mulvcnon said :
"I leave to-night for home , as I have got a
man to hang on the 2d of March. Ho is a
Mexican , Martin Duran. who killed a girl
sixteen years of ago while in a fit of Jealous
[ Mission. Duran will make the third man I
have hanged myself personally , but I have
assisted at a number of executions while In
the capacity of deputy sheriff. "
"What led to the feuds between the Tukcs-
bcrry und Grahutn factions in which you
were reported as having been Killed I"
"It originated among cattle men us to the
rights of ranches nnd water privileges. Al-
logcther some twenty-threo persons were
killed in the battle , which went on for over a
year. Wo arrested the quarreling factions
several times , but could never sccuro a con
viction on account of the variance of the tes
timony. The hist time wo started out to ar
rest them they wcro killing und slaughtering
ono another without restraint. There wcro
thirty-live of us in the attacking
party , and as soon as they
saw us coming they surrendered. Wo
arrested fourteen of the number , nnd they
will be Indicted at the next tcim of the Juno
"I have lived in Yavupal county thirty years ,
and during thut time have had several ex
citing cxpct Icnccs , but I don't care to talk of
them. I knew Arizona Bill , und ho was not
the tough , bad man the eastern 'press painted
him from time to time. Bill went up the
spout from the limb of n pine tace , yanked
up to it by a gang of railroad men at Pitman
Valley. Ho was the genuine Ari
zona Bill , and all thcsa stories
afloat thut ho is still alive are
nil bosh. The citizens cut his body down and
buried it at Pitman Valley , and a plain
board marks the spot where he lies'1. Just
his name , 'Arizona Bill , ' Is all 'there is on
the board ; no sentiment or verses whatever ,
and jio friends has he to keep his grave
green. Ho was lynched for shooting a man ,
and only a minute before ho had finished a
letter to his mother. At the time of his death
ho was a deputy sheriff , and the mob were
not Justified in lynching him.
"Tho tough nnd hard men are nearly all
dead , or else out of the territory , alto
gether , and the inarch of civilization into
Arizona and better organized and determined
police and sheriff discipline has driven the
lawless classes to the front into New Mexico ,
nnd I can safely sny the day of dcspcradoism
is passed in Arizona. "
Sheriff Mulvcnun is quito enthusiastic over
the future success and importance of Arizona.
Already the southern part is becoming jwpu-
latcd by grape and fruit growers , who claim
that a better quality of grape can bo raised
there for wine purposes than in California.
Emigration js steadily increasing , and the
emigrants are made up . , of at push
ing , go-uhcad , industrious class , such
a class us develops and 'builds up u country.
Prcseott , from where Mr. Mulvcnon hails , is
the capitol of the territory , and is located in
the northern part. The vicinity abounds
with gold mines , nnd only recently a largo
one , rich in yield , was opened up ten miles
from Prcseott , where William O'Neill , better
known as "Bucky , " at On.o time' connected
with the BEE , has n newspaper and was
recently elected probate Judge. Hcccntly
"Diamond .Too. " the.famous Colorado miner ,
invested $75,003 in a mine thereabouts and
will begin "working" it shortly , as will a
syndicate from St. Louis begin operations on
a plant for which they planked down'115,000
In cold cash. . . . . .
For the Benefit of thx _ Nebraska
fiivenby the second United States Infan
try band , Albert Wedcmoyer leader , at the
Grand opera house Thursday evening , Feb
ruary 2. ) , 1888 , the entire receipts to bo given
to the Omaha BEK fund.
Grand Overture "Fra Diavola" Weber
Potpourri "A Night in Berlin".Hartman
Grand Euphonion Solo "Hocked in the
Cradle of the Deep , " Olio Vario
As performed by the world-renowned
soloist , F. Frino's.
Sergeant Reading.
Grand Selection "Opera Tanhousor"
Waltzes "Plino d'Or" Wuldteufel
Grand Cornet Solo "Diploma Polka"
J. Cox
As performed by the world's cor
net virtuoso , J. Levy. >
Mr. Luschingcr.
Grand Selection "Opera Uijtoletto".Verdi
Grand Clarinet Solo "La Somnombula"
i . . . .Donizetta
As performed by the world-renowned
clurinetist , F. Bcrr. ;
Mr. Daruno.
"Reminiscences of the Great Composer ,
Verdi , " arranged Heinicko
Grand Piccolo Solo "Kinloch of Kln-
loch" T.Occa
As played by the celebrated piccolo
soloist , Signor Do Carlo , of
Gilmoro's band.
Mr. Otto Euhl.
Idyll "ThoMillin the Forest".f..Eilenborg
As drawn from nature.
"Grand Ynnkeo Patrol" T. Missud
Admission 50 cents. Concert commences
at 8 o'clock sharp ,
New "i ork Storage Company.
One-half price on furniture.
Washington's birthday No Justice courts
Wallace Bros. , of North Bend , hud a carol
T. Green , of Blue Springs , brought in a car
of hogs.
A. D. Waters came in from Randolph with
a car of cattle.
J. F. Wilcox is on the market with a cur of
cattle from Morso.
F. H. Church Is down from Stanton with
two loads of cattle.
The Stockyards bank observed yesterday
as a holiday , and was closed for business.
J. Gatwood , of Lulk & Gatwood , North
Platte , was down with a car of cattlo.
. J. A. Fraser , of Silver City , has thrco cars
of cattle and a car of hogs on the market.
A Bohemian widower with six children
applied to the city for relief. The children
range In ago from three to eleven years , and
will bo sent to the Homo for the Friendless ,
Lincoln ,
McNulta's condition was slightly im
proved yesterdaybut the chances of his pull
ing through are slim. Some of his friends
are circulating a subscription list In his behalf -
half , und these not called upon , but willing-
to contribute , can do so at Gorman's saloon ,
his boarding house.
Tno case of John Collins , charged with
holding up Dan McNarnura , was heard by
Justice Wells. All the witnesses on both
sides said the holding up was done on Mon
day , February 1-ith , and the 14th fell on Tues
day. An alibi was proven und John was re
Exchange hotel guests yesterday
were : John J. Niuiock , Shnl-
ton , Neb. ; Marion Hart , Edgar ,
Neb. : Chas. Green , Blue Springs , Neb. ; W.
H. Uatwnrd , North Platte ; J. P. Taylor ,
Ashton , Neb. ; M. Walla , North Bend : L. H !
Denman , Alparalso ; R. A. Hcaton , Weston ;
W. R. Smith , Chicago , 111. ; J. S. Wilcox.
Moiso , Neb. ; Frank Walla , Lin wood ; and
J.V. . Murphy , Glcnwood , Iowa.
Soidonborg. ' & Figaro Is the only long
Havana tilled lOc cigar for Co on sale
everywhere. .
Don't Take Such Security.
OMAHA , Feb. 22. To the Editor of the
Bui ; ; I notice In the Buu of hint evening a
statement to the effect that tbo Nebraska
Savings bank has a chattel mortgage note
o correct this by flaying that the bank never
bought a chattel mortgage note of Kauffman
or anyone else ; an4 It docs not loan money
on such security. Neither had the bank any
mdnoy loaned to KiufTmun.
-J. . L. .MILES , President.
The New Gcnnral Secretary Other
Tuesday , Vice President O. P. Seward re
ceived a telegramSroin Mr. Ed. T. Dadmun
stating that ho would accept the position of
general secretary of the Omaha Y. M. C. A. ,
jffcred him by It * , board of directors , and
.hat ho would bo here to take charge May 1.
Mr. Dadmun , who Is at present in Norfolk ,
Va. , is a gentleman of high reputation
and has been connected with several promin
ent associations In the cast. Ho accepted the
position In this city In preference to several
other calls of a similar nature.
Prof. Krutz will glvo Ills first lesson In
vocal music Thursday evening after the
irayor meeting.
Friday evening Mr. James McDonnell will
ecturo in the public meeting hall. His sub-
cct will bo "Architecture. " A general in
vitation is extended to all.
Now York StornKC Company.
Best of material , furniture and pianos.
Capitol avo. and loth st.
Mr. H. A. Sackctt. tho. famous sllhoucttlst
of New York is In the city. Mr. Sackctt Is
irobably one of the best known men In the
United States. Ho has cut , In black , the
lortralts of every famous man in the coun-
.rv and probably has the finest autograph
album of any man living. In hi * book are
.he portraits and signatures of presidents ,
; ditors , celebrated divines , notorious cnm-
nals and shining lights of every profession ,
From the alter to the abodes of the demi
monde from the bench to the penitentiary.
Absolute/ ! Pure ,
This powder never varies. A mnrvel of puri
ty , strength anil wholesomencss. More econom
ical than the ordinary kinds , and cannot bn sold
In competition wltntthe multitude of low cost ,
short n eight alum or phosphate powders. Sold
only In cans. Unyal Uaklng Powder Co. , VM
Wull street. New Vork.
Oof Magic Remedy
' All syphilitic Tltceanei , ef recent or lone itanalnv.tn
from ten to fifteen days. Wo will glre written guar
antees to euro any CftRe or refund your money. And
wp would say to those who ImTt employed tba raotl
pklllru Phyilclans , usrd every known remedy ant
nave not been cured. Hint you are tbe subject ! we nn
looking for. You that h TO been to tlie celebrate
Jlot Springs of > rk ni i , and haveloitallnopn o'
tccorery , w *
Will Cure You
ornate no charge. Our remedy U unknown to any
one In the world outMdu of our Company , and It Is
the only remedy in tlm world tbat will cure you. 'Wo
will cure tbc most obatlnate ca e In leu than one
month. Feven days In rocmit cases does the work. It
! the old , cbronle , deep-peatrd eases tbat we solicit.
We HHTC cured hundreds who had betm abandoned
by Physicians and pronounced Incurable , and
We Challenge tha World
to bring ns a ease tbat wo will not euro In leas than
one month.
Since th0 history of medicine , a True Specific for
ByphllltlChKruptlons , Ulcors. bore mouth , Ac. , ha *
Men sou t lor but never found until
Our Magic Remedy
iras discovered , and we arc Justified In raylnitlt Is th
only remedy In the world tbat will ponltlrely cure ,
becauMi ibe latest medical works , published by tha
best known authorities , say there was never a true
peclUc before. Our Remedy Is tbe only medicine In
the world tbat will cure when ever/thine else has
failed. It bn been so conceded by a lame number of
Celebrated Physicians. IT HAH NKYEH YET FAII.KD
ro CUKE. Why w ste your time and monty with
patent medicines tbat never bad virtue , or doctor
frith physicians that cannot cure you. You that bav
tried everythlnii else- should come to us now and get
permanent relief i you never ran get Itelsewhiro.
Mark what we sayi In tbe end you must take oar
Remedy or NEVKK recover. Aud you that have been
afflicted lint a f tort time should by all means come to
ns now. Many get help and think thuya re free from
the disease , but In one , two or three years after. It
appears aitita In a mor terrible form.
Unvestlgatf onr financial standing through the mer
cantile agencies and note tbat wn are fully responsi
ble and our written guarantees are good , we havt a >
HKMEi > r prepared on purely Scientific Pi Inclples and
we wish to repeat that It N EVER TAILS TO CUHK. All
letters sacredly contldantlal.
THE COOK REMEDY CO. , Omaha , Neb.
Booms is and 17 Uellman Block.
Wlmt ? Cured nmong others the
following. They write :
&t9 Ontral'Am , Cincinnati , O. , >
JaiiuarjMtb. l s ! . (
AtblojihoroH Pills bat a cured me of liver
complaint sml dyrmwla. I inuotrn "f
tlm 1-IIUtoa friend who Is troubled with
ludlxei'tiou uud ho has lmi > rn\td won-
UeifuUy , F. H. lloKKiMr. .
16 P.osettn fit. Now Haven , ft. 1
I'ehrunry loth. IMS. f
AthlniiboiOH I'llla worked wonders iu my
of dj KM si * L. Claim.
Ath-lo.plio-ros Pills tire sinnll and
jilensant to take , yet wonderfully
effective : . Invaluable for kidney
and liver complaints , dyspepsia , in
digestion , constipation , headache.
etc. They'll take away thut tired
feeling giving new life and strength.
j-SendGrcnta'for the beautiful colored pic
ture , " .Moorish Maiden. "
The market IB Hooded with
DON'T ' BE niibtruniH of various sorts in
the form of so-called "Klcc-
tric appliances and I'orous
I'luhters thut lnivo no merit
DECEIVED beyond that of a meru me
chanical mipport to the parts
to which they are applied.
Avoid these nostturns and UHO
BY ! only Benson's Plas
QUACKS ters in cubes where outwuid
applications are deslrrd. J < "or
l.unic and Chest Affections ,
BENSON'S ' Rheumatism , ( Jclatlca , Lame
JIack , Bowel Troubles , and all
dli-orders resulting from overexertion -
exertion or expobiire , these
THE BEST plastcrx have no euual , and
their t-fflcacy la endorsed by
thousnndH of PhysiciansPhar
PLASTER macists and laymrn. Auk for
, a Benson's Plaster oud
take no other
w r reconmrn *
rou > ti ii ttt iim d >
known tMUlfuCoaoiiluil
and Glm ,
U'eh a iclj coallder.
able , tad la n rr tut U
tuglxa upiKctlcm.
Alcttt A LUk ,
lludtca. H. Y.
Although it is a little early to talk about spring goods , yet in some
departments new goods are already in demand. Our Hat department
has for the past few days been quite active , and our spring trade in
this line promises to be the biggest we ever had. We have made am
ple preparations for it , have enlarged this department considerably ,
and have put in a stock of hats unequalled for variety and styles. We
propose to make this department a leading feature of our business.
Those who bought hats of us last season know that we sold them for
about one half the prices other houses charge. We intend to do still
better this season. We do not carry any cotton or so-called wool hats.
We only keer > good qualities of fur hats such as we can warrant will
give entire satisfaction to the wearer , with every hat sold in our es
tablishment goes a guarantee , and our guarantee means that if any
imperfection or damage is found in a hat , we take it back and give
either a new hat or return the money.
As our opening bargain for [ the season we have placed on sale an
elegant line of cassimere hats , made in the latest shapes , at one dollar. >
These hats cannot be duplicated elsewhere for less than $2.50. At the
price of one dollar they are the most astounding bargain ever offered in
this or any other city. Finer grades of cassimere hats at $1.40 , $1.75
and $2 25. Our very finest hats at $3.25 are equal to the best makes
in this country or imported.
We have added this season a large line of soft hats , and also a fine ;
assortment for boys.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Nebraska Clothing Company
Corner Douglas and I4th Streets. Omaha.
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge Sts.
BR..A.OH3S ,
Best facilities , apparatus and remedlt.ii for sue.
cesuful treatment of every form of disease requir
ing Medical or Surgical Treatment.
Board and attendance ; best hospital accommo
dations in the west.
WRITE FOR CIRCULARS on Deformities and
Braces , Trusses , Club Feet , Curvature of the
Spine , Piles , Tumors , Cancer , CaUrrh , Bronchitis ,
Inhalation , Electricity , Paralysis , Epilepsy , Kid
ney , Bladder , Rye , Kar , S'lin ' and Wood , and all
Surgical Operations.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Syph
ilitic Poison removed from the system without
mercury. New restorative treatment fur loss ol
Vital Power. Persons unable ( o visit us may be
treated at home by correspondence. All commu
nications confidential. Medlcinesor Instruments
sent by limit or express , securely packed , tiu
marks to indicate contents or render. One per
sonal interview preferred. Call and consult us or
send history of your case , and we will scud iu
plain n rapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Impotency -
potency , Syphilis Gleet and Varicocele , with
question list. Address
Omaha Ktdlcal and fttrgical Initltuteor
Car. 13th and Dodo * Sts. . OMAHA. NEB.
( Sowing Thread of Modern Time * .
M.II.Kiirru &uo.
IIAVUUN 111103.
CHAS. HINOKII , § outh Omaha , ana all first-
class retail dealers.
Or the Liquor Hnhlt , Positively Cured by
Administering Dr. Jlalues' ( ioldcu
It run be Klven In n cup at colTeo or tea with
out tlm knowledge or the person tuKlnx It ; abso
lutely Imrinli'xs , uud will effect ft pennnnt and
bpeerty cure , whether the piitlont In a moderate
drinker or uu ulcuhollo wreck. Tlioiibiinds of
drunkards ! mv been made tcmperutH men who
have taken Uolden Specific In tliulr totTeo with
out their knowledge and today liollevu they
unit drinking of their own free will. It never
fiilla. Thufcyeteni once Impregnated with the
Specific , It becomes un utter Irnposnlbillty for
the liquor uppetlte to exlkt. Tor uulo by [ Culm
If Co. , IMh uud DoiiKlaa HIM. , and Ibth und Cum-
Inx Nt * . , Umnha , Neb. ; A. 1) , 1'oster < ! c liro. ,
Council illullB , town.
Advertising has always proven
successful. lioforo placingany
Newspaper Advertising consul
1DTI8TI9UQ iCnts ,
U to * * cUli. sir.il , CHICAGO.
- I
Display at their warerooma , 13O5 and 13O7 Farnam Street , < M
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at II
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , Including
i i iFi ,
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects in materials and workmanship.
1305 * 1307 FARNAM STREET.
Electro-Magnetic Belts !
The Grandest Triumph of Electric Science
GeoUeiei'iIelt Btrt Sthltif A Se'entinea"y ' Made * nd Practically Applied. *
with Klectrie
tUB. Psralni * Nfaralds , fltUUtk , DMM iej * . nplul . Tor
MOB ! , BxhmtUi , EnlMlmu. Aitkna , He.rt DUraM , D nDcptU , CmutlpcUM. mlpelu.
n , WcBlnw. IXROUICT , V'Urrh. Pll . JEDll.p.7. tfonb JLfne. VtobttM.mlpelu.
Blo < l IMitMM * , pr.My..t thci > tbU , U Jiut whs * JM BM * .
tuctrteit * Kttantlu nut Can ba appl li
to of the body , whole lic.u ALL ELltE
any part family c.u
wear It. It ft etrj < les tb. blood and nrei / ? ! _ JB" PB |
rcaeoVA Ore orirrconmliiTloriinfrcnaot.BtockVardL , . , the ( rreat bonemaa i C l. Connelly ,
of theJntnOcean , a. W. Bellus. M. 1) . . Hormontown , lowai Lemuel Mffk , Kaakakee.lll.i Judjro I. ft.
Hurrar , NaporTllle , III. ) L'.L. Abbott , npt-cltrwatorworki , Booth Ilenrl.lnd i -obt. B.Sampson , Ohlc.go
post office i L. D. McMlchae ) , M. ! > . . UUUW1U. N. T. " Tour belt bas accomplished what no other reraeilr hufc
steady n rre and comfortable sleep at night. ' RoVt7"lIau""aJdermVc15o"t ta th060tri.rS'ew fork-
and thousand ! of other * .
' mnt oreleetrlel >
ty arVitront- mlldaha wearer mar d -
ilret producee a conTlnuoui current ) conroyi electricity through the body on the nerrti. It curei dlioaioi
br ffeneratlDfi ; a contlauous carrent of electricity < 10 or ! bounout of 94) ) throuRbout tbo human system
alUylag Ml ntrronsness Immediately , and producing a new circulation of the II f. f ones the blood. I
Birtlnir vigor , strenvtb , energy and bealtb , wbea another treatment ba I > failed. The merit * ot thU tclan <
floH.1t are liflng rtooifnlieiTand Indorsed by thousands whom It bas .
REFEHENCEfli Any btnk.commercUIaeencr . . . . . t- or wbolMaln bouso In Chicago . _ . . ) wholeiale druKgUU ,
' , - - .
- - - -
B nrr ncI oo > rJ Chicago tr Bend stunp for ! ! page Illustrated pamphlet.
x > x % . . ifm XXOXUirX ] , Inrentoraud Manufacturer , 1W1 Wakatb Avcnme Chicago.
Catalogues and Price List upon Application.
. _ _ . , M IL
CHiCHCSTtRCHlkncM.cn ioicriicr.iiACisoNsawiA.PATsit ficNATUR(6N cvcmr vex
. ' .
Nebraska National Bank ,
Paid Up Capital , - $2BOOOO
Surplus , - BO.OOO
H. W. YATKS. Pretldent.
Lt\risU. : HKKO , Vlce-President.
A. K. Tou/u.rv.iJnd Vice-rresldent.
w.ll.8. HuaiiKS. Cashier ,
oiitecroiis :
Hanklnir onico
Cor. ISth and Karpam riln. '
' " '
'Tho test known anil most popular Hotel la tail/
stale. I/ocntlori central , appointments Orit-clals/
llcntlquarters ( or commercial men anil all polltlca4
( MiiccoHBorn to John U. Jacobs. )
Undertakers & Embalmer ?
At the old Ktimd , MOT Karnam Ht. Orders by UlW
L'ruph Bcllclted and promptly aUcu&Mtw- * } '

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