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The Bourbona Are Fnirly Swept
From the Field.
Ghairmnn Brlco's Rainbow Disap
pears Under Dark Olouda.
Even Mugwumps Compelled to Qivo
Up the Fi ht.
Jlnrrlhon Will Hnvu Two Hundred and
Tlili'ty-tlirito VotoH In tlio Elec
toral College A Few More
nrlce Finally Given Up.
NEW YORK , Nov. 8. An extra World
Jays that Chairman Brlco of thu democratic
national committee , concedes the election of
Gcrcral Harrison , The World puts Califor
nia and Indiana in thu republican column ,
and gives Harrison ) votes In the electoral
In regard to the congressional situation ,
thu extra World says : "As the belated rc-
turns'lrom the congressional districts como'
in the complexion of tlio next house grows
moro and more doubtful. Thu
republicans are claiming that the full
returns will give them ttio houso. This is
improbable , but n distinct possibility. There
have been some surprising republican gains.
Democratic St. Louis has elected throe r -
publican congressmen. The republicans
IIIUKO rpparontly well-based claims to three
gains m Michigan , but the democrats gain in
Virginia. New York's delegation is un
changed us to parties. The fact on the situ
ation is there are enough districts uncertain
to turn the house majority either way.
, Nov. 8. On Washington
nnd Illinois streets were gathered large
crowds shouting und cheering for General
Harrison. The crowds were naturally of a
hilarious and humorous disposition , it is
therefore not to be presumed that any dis
respect , of the president was Intended by
the roars of laughter nnd cheers that greeted
n wagon which passed through the streets
drawn by u mule. Within was a bit : colUn.
On the top of the coflln sat half a dozen
mourners carrying huge boquets in their
hands , nnd , as mourners , acting with n great
lack of decorum , for every few minutes
their feelings'overcame them to such an ex
tent that they stood up und waved their bo-
iincts and than sat down and wiped mock
tears away with' brilliant bandanas. From
the head cf the coflin hung a picluro of Presi
dent Cleveland. The eyes of the picture
were black , wlnlo below was inscribed ,
"Thoy done mo up bad. " As the funeral
wagon passed along Pennsylvania avenue it
was greeted with fitorma of applause and the
blowing of a thousand horns.
Probably no city In the union over wit
nessed Much extraordinary nnd outlandish
scenes of enthusiasm , nnd chaotic but good-
natured disorder , as prevailed hero this
afternoon nnd to-night. Certainly the citizens -
zons of Indianapolis never before saw such
nights. The demonstrations that occurred
immediately following the news of General
Harrison's nomination sink into insignifi
cance ns compared with the scenes to-day
and . tha whenever
to-night. Throughout day ,
ever the rain ceased falling , the distant boom
of cannon re-echoed the enthusiasm of ten
thousand celebrating republicans. About 4
o'clock the rain which had bcon pouring
Bte'adily for live hours , ceased , and in an in
credibly short tlmo the streets were again
swarming with yelling , hooting , horn blow
ing thousands , marching back and forth , re
gardless of the mud and water. Pennsyl
vania nvonuo , in front of the post-
ofllco und around ttio New Deni-
Bon , in ono of the big storerooms of
which building IB located the republican
county headquarters , was so cro\ydcd that
the muddy street was the pedestrians' only
unthwuy. On both sides of the avenue , as
fur down as Washington street , the howling ,
Bcrccchlng crowd had full possession , while
thu ( tame condition of affairs prevailed on
Watihinuton street for foursquare. * , and also
ulong Illinois street for two ftquarcs.
All trains arriving in thu city since early
morning brought hundreds of country people ,
who were .swallowed up by the crowd and
noon became imbued with the sumo wild
xpirit of enthusiasm , which seemed to attack
nnd possess everybody , even many demo
crats. It was a regular carnival day. Proba
bly the most uniquu feature wus the way in
which hats wore marked with red und white
chalk. On the back of hundreds were the
figures 544 , the number of votes
General Harrison received at Chicago.
Others had "Now York 11,000"
chalked on their backs , while every
lint bore Rome letters or figures. In the New
Douison and on the street corners were
half n dozen professional chalkcrs doing a
land ofllco business. Diulish young men
would submit to have their garments artis
tically marked with all sorts of humorous
characters. This dcvico that afforded the
throngs thu most amusement was a minia
ture canoe , four feet long , carried through
the HtrcutH by four men. Within the canoe
at n small chubby figure bearing u striking
resemblance to the late candidate , holding
the oars extended. The cards attached sug
gested n trip up the niythio.il Salt river ,
while n hundred men and boys followed ,
singing , "Good-bye , oh Ororor , good-bye. "
The celebration was of the most humorous
and Impromptu character , and certainly wna
nntj.designed as a murk of disrespect to
President Cleveland , us inuiiv southern
readers of this account mik'ht otherwise sup
pose. The Associated press corrc-
| iondcnt Bin-lit several hours on tha
Btrcols wll. .3slng the demonstration ,
but ilid not ln..ct : a single expression
( if personal disrespect toward President
Cleveland , und while the devices dchcribod
vruro HUggcstlvo of a certain broach of pro
priety towurd the chief magistrate of our na
tion , thla fooling will bo moro pronounced
with the reader than with the spectator , for
the good humor of the crowds and the enthusl-
HHIII permeating thu very atmosphere offer an
explanation that the distant reader cannot
fully appreciate.
As evening came on the factories am.
store a added their hundreds to the howling ,
screaming rabble. Between T nnd 8 o'clock
the excitement nearly reached the frenzy
point , A few buildings were illumlnatui
with Chinese lanterns , and thu noise of
cannon , the anvils , firecrackers und tin
horns , which continued until after U o'clock
could bo plainly heard us far out a Genera
Harrison's residence. The general and hs
family , except for these distant echoes , were
unconscious of the stirring scenes in the
Except for n short walk yesterday and this
morning , General Harrison has not luft his
rciBldenco since election day , Just bo
fora dark n train \oad \ of enthusiasts
cauio la from Danville. They word
mostly members of thu ilrsl Lincoln lea ue
orguni7cd lu the -state. With fltttts Hying
men , pushing , Ringing and shouting , drums
tm hpnis , brass lands and cannon , nil unit
ing to truke nu indescribable ml'dley , tha
Harrison rculdenco wus reached. As tno
crowd surged into the yard General llurrl
koii ventured to look out of the south ba ;
window , Ho was teen Immediately and th
crowd broke for thu window. By thin tim
the spokesman of tlio delegation , lion , J
lj 'Uad Uvea uslim'd Into the library. H
said that all they wanted was to tender their
congratulations , nnd that no speech would bo
asked , and thu general accompanied him to
lie front stops. For n time each member of
ho club mudo supreme endeavors to convoy
ils individual congratulation , but Dually
ulet was restored and .Mr , Hull delivered a
ongrutulatory address , saying that "tho
> coplo after four year * of search had found
lie keystone who o loss has threatened the
lostnii'tlon of the whole fabric of the gov-
riiinrnt , anil now the arch Is perfect and the
icoplu are saved. " ( loiioral Harrison shook
lands with a few ami then bade thum a
pleasant "good night" and retired.
Fiom nearly complete returns from all
ongresslonal districts , it Is claimed that the
ndiana delegation in congress will stand ,
Icmoe.ratlotf , Republican 5.
General Harrison began to receive con-
rrntnlutory telegrams from Now York and
ho cast as early as U o'clock election nljht ( ,
vhcn the llrst nn-ugro returns indicated his
irobablo election. From that moment to
lin present writing , telegrams and letters of
ongrntulatlon have poured in upon him from
rvcr.v city in the union. The table in his
Ibrary Is piled with bundles of thcso tele-
rrams , there being fully live thousand. So
eng ns there was a shadow of doubt resting
ipon the result of the election , Goncrnl Harrison
risen was not disposed to submit for publica-
ion any congratulatory communications. The
abor of assorting the telegrams , which con-
Intio to arrive , was begun this evening ,
\mong the congratulations wore those from
.limit-man Quay and Huston , James G.
Maine , John Sherman , cx-Gov. Alger ,
Jlmuncey M. Dopew , Congressman Me-
Cinley , Mrs. Balva Lortkwood. M. M. Estec ,
lolinI. . Thur-ston , Senator Frye , T. C. Platt
mil many other republicans throughout the
MW ; YOUic.
NRW YOIIK , Nov. S. [ Special Telegram to
I'm : BIK. : [ Thu bulletin board lu front of
he Mail and Kxpro.ss building was the
center of Park llow attractions throughout
estcrduy. When positive and chcerlul
icws of Indiana's loyalty appeared on the
> oard about : i o'clock the enthu-tlasm of the
crowd knew no bounds , and three rousing
cheers wore sent ulong the line for Colonel
Elliott F. Shepard. Several hundred citi
zens entered the building cheering , and a
committee of six , with huge roosters on the
crowns of their hats , were then appointed to
wait upon Colonel Shepard in his oftlce on
tno fourth floor and request him to spealc
a few words to his friends below
regarding the great victory. Colonel Shepard
lescendod in the elevator with the commit-
: uc , und when he emerged on thu ground
\oor \ the shouts which greeted him were
deafening. Colonel Shepard tried to escape
without making a speech , but his admirers
would not have it. nnd he was carried bodily
out to thu front of thu building , where , nuiid
frequent interruptions from tlio crowd , he
delivered n short but pointed speech on the
victory of Harrison , Mortlon and protection ,
und the rescuu of the nation from free trade.
The Harrison and Morton banner still
waves triumphantly in front of the repub
lican national headquarters , but thu house
where Senator Quay directed his forces to
victory is no longer ulivo with campaign
workers. Colonel Sword , sorgcant-ut-arms.
had charge of thu building to-day , and
wus having the furniture und paraphernalia
rcinovid. Colonel Quay was smiling us
usual , and said , in reply to a question , that it
wus true ho had won something like 4r > O,000
on General Harrison. Senator Delamuter ,
of Pennsylvania Chairman ' able
, Quay's sec
retary , said that Mr. Quay would remain in
N'cw York until the ollleiul count wus made.
Secretary Faisott is still in the city and
will not depart for several days. Assistant
Secretary Oliarles A. Bull , who volunteered
to leave his business in Wellcsvillc and as
sist Senator Fassett , has gone home. Ho
; uinc nearer than un.vof the prophets hero in
mining Hurrison's plurality in the state.
Niw VoitK , Nov. 8. The campaign is at
ant ended In this city , and things are fast
settling down to their normal condition. The
various campaign committees have closed
their headquarters , with the exception of the
republican and democratic national executive
committees , nnd those will probably be
abandoned to-day. The national democratic
coin mil toe now concede for the llrst titno the
election of Harrison. They make this state
ment : "When the national democratic eoin-
tr.iUou claimed the state of New York on
Tuesday evening by 10,000 to 15,000 majority ,
the llgnres of the returns then received fully
justified the estimate. Hcports from New
York City and from large communities
In the interior of the stnto showed
democratic gains , and the llrst reports
from Brooklyn were to the effect that the
majority there was 19,000. The telegraph
wires were very crowded , and the trans
mission of the committee's bulletins to the
west were considerably delayed. There is
evidently a misapprehension in some parts
of the west as to the time at which tbo dis
patch was sent. "
The particular dispatch referred to was re
ceived in the west from the democratic com
mittee claiming Now York by 10,000 to 15,000
majority. When thu dispatch arrived out
there it was wholly at vuriunco with the re
turns from this state , The democratic com
mittee say it was not intended to deceive
any one , und ut the hour it wus written the
bulletins of the New York papers were
giving the state to Cleveland by 18,000 plu
NKW YOHR , Nov. 8. An extra edition of
thoTolegram says : "Tlio house of repre
sentatives is remarkably close. " The Her
aid and World agree thut the majority is
very uncertain either way. The Herald
tlKiires a majority of two for the democrats
on very incomplete returns. The Star says
thut reports from : ) ! ' ) out of .T-5 congressional
districts give 1G5 democrat * and US republi
c-ads , leaving twelve districts In doubt , with
good chances of continued democratic con
trol of the houflo of representatives. The
New York Times figures a democratic ma
jority , while the Philadelphia Times exactly
reverses the estimates , giving three to the
republican party. McPhoraon Long , the re
publican clerk of thu house of representa
tives , estimates the republican majority at
17 , and the Tribune nccopts thcso figures.
The Press roaches the same result ,
Democratic losses have exceeded republi
can ones apparently , and thu democrats have
only u leeway of fifteen seats In thu present
house. While it takes the oflleial count to
nettle the question , it looks as if thu Fifty-
tlrat congress would bo republican in Doth
branches. _
CAHHOI.L , It. , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram
toTiiBllitK. ] Preparations-for a great bar
becue and ratification meeting to bo held
hero next Saturday are being made by the
republicans. Three hundred dollars have so
far been rained to defray the expenses , and
nil ncighboriiig towns have been invited and
will probably send largo delegations , A big
time Is expected. All republicans are cor
dially Invited. Atlantic and C'orrcctionvillo
also ratify on Saturday , All northwestern
Iowa has gone wild over Harrison's election.
COHNIXO , la , , Nov. 7 , [ Special Telegram
to Tun BKK.J A certainclivuo in this county
has procured an affidavit from a man named
John West , In which ho alleges that KH H.
Hunter paid him * 3 for voting a second time
nn November I ) . West is known hero us u
worthless vagrant , who has been buhlm ! the
barn several times for thieving und other
misdemeanors , mid hits no standing what
ever in the community and will bo impeached
by u majority of the reputable business men
of this city , Mr , Hunter was Informed of
the tiling of this uftlJavIt , and Immediately
returned here on the first train , and did not
go to Chicago , as stated lu a special from
Dos Molnca last night , and gavu band
for appearance whenever called upon , The
whole mutters Is without merit or founda
tion , and Is condemned by the better class of
our citizen * regardless of parly nnlliatlon.
So far us West \a \ concerned it is considered
n blurkin-tlllng schema. When this case
comes up for hearing it is thought that an
abundance of evidence will bo forthcoming
to allow that he was hired to do this , nn ho
inado u statement on the street this morning
that ho would put a Job on sotno one and
make soma money out of it. Ho sent Mr.
Hunter's friends word during the afternoon
of election dav that if he would send him $ 'M
he would leave town , Wfbt bud his pro-
litniuary examination to-day and his owu wit
nesses Impeached his statement ns to Ins
getting money from Hunter for voting.
IK ) < < MOINKS , la , Nov. 8. Sixty-one coun
ties ( complete ) give Harrison a net gain of
10sa or n plurality so fur of 24,000. The
roimilnlng thirty-eight counties will proba
bly raise his plurality to ( H,0 W.
Torr.iu , Kan. , Nov. S. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bnt : . ] The dispatches received by
the republican sUUe central committee from
i-vory county in the state show that the vic
tory achieved by the republicans of Kansas
wus the grandest in the history of the state.
In spite of the desperate fight made by the
democrats , nnd the active opposition of the
union labor party and the the third party
prohibitionists , the republican candidates
have undoubtedly received the largest ma
jorities ever given to n republican candidate
in Kansas. Secretary Hutch ins , of the re
publican state central committee , states that
from telegrams received from almost every
county in the stuto General Harrison will
receive a plurality of 70,000 , nnd
Hovernor Humphrey's ' plurality will without
loubt bo (15,000 ( , but the greatest victory was
in the election of n legislature which is more
unanimously republican than > t has ever
been before. Up to 0 o'clock the connnlttpo
had information of the election of only live
omtosition members of the legislature. In
view of the fact Unit in nearly every county
n the state thu democrats and labor union
mrty had combined on members of the leg
islature nnd made n desperate tight to secure
nn opposition legislature , makes the victory
all the more satisfactory. Wyamlotto
county , which has always boon a democratic
stronghold , elects the entire republican
ticket. Cherokee county , which is another
democratic and laborunian stronghold , elects
tbo republican county ticket for the llrst
time in its history.
Stntc lly Annul
Klvc Thniitmnd.
RAX Fiuxc.ii.co . , Nov. 8. The count of
41,402 votes In the city out of a total of r.5,370
gives Harrison 20,007 and Cleveland 21,4.V > .
It is expected that the canvass of the vote of
the city will bo completed this afternoon.
The republican stuto committee estimates
that the democratic plurality in the city will
bo about live thousand , but contend that out
side counties will furnish n republican plur
ality of 14,000and thut the republican electoral
ticket will be elected by ' .i.OOO plurality. The
prohibition vote , ns far as canvassed , falls
beloiv that of 1SS4. M. II , Do Young , chair
man of the sub-committee of tlio national ex
ecutive committee , telegraphed to Chairman
Quay last night thut all ttio Pacific coast
states had gone for Harrison , and California
particularly , by a rising vote of 8,000. The
estimates of the democratic state committee
does not vary from the one made yesterday ,
of a probable plurality of 'J.OOO to JJ.OOO
in the state. The Examiner editorially claims
California is still in doubt. The Chronielo
says ; "Wo think we are entirely safe in
saying that California has gone republican
by from four to live thousand.
SAV FIUNCISCO , Nov. 8. Late this after
noon ttic count had been counted in 140 pre
cincts in this city out of u total of 17 ( > , and
the result is ns follows : Cleveland 20.9SO ,
Harrison 20,110.
It Gaei Itepulillcaii by at Least
Blf > hlccn Thousand.
MIJ/WAUKZE , Nov. 8. Returns nro coming
in slowly , but enough uro in to make it cer-
taid that the state has gene for Harrison by
at least 18,000 , and probably 21,000. Chair
man Usher of the democratic committee , con
cedes the state to the republicans by
Blaine's ' plurality in 1884 , which was
14,500. , Tlio legislature is overwhelmingly
republican , there being a republican majority
on Joint ballot of over fifty out of a vote of
133. Of the nine congressmen voted for in
this stuto seven are republicans and two
democrats. The democrats reclaimed the
Second district , which wus represented by a
republican for the llrst time in Its history ,
and the republicans have offset this loss by
the gain of the Fourth Milwaukee district ,
represented by a union labor congressman.
COVINOTOX , Nov. 8. A story is In cir
culation in hero , that Speaker Car
lisle Is to be deprived of his certificate of
election. The ground of this action is the
alleged illegality of ballots cast for him in
Campbell and Ken ton counties. It is as
sumed that if they are thrown out bis ma
jority in the district will bo overcome. The
Kentucky law requires that a ballot shall bo
on plain white paper , with no distinguishing
features , but the Carlisle ballots wore
printed on largo sheets of perforated paper ,
so that when the tickets were torn apart
perforations appeared on the edges and
mode them easily distinguishable from the
other tickets. Color is given to the story by
the fact that the canvassing board in Campbell -
boll county is republican.
CINCINNATI , Nov. 6. In regard to the
effect of tickets with perforated edges , that
were voted for Speaner Carlisle in Covington
and Newport , the common opinion of leading
republicans und democrats in Cincinnati , as
well us in Covington and Newport , is that
they are not marked tickets within the
meaning of the Kentucky law. Further
more , it is the general opinion that perforat
ing the sheets on which they were printed ,
instead of rutting the tickets apart , docs not
show any intention to mnko thorn so that
they might bo distinguished as the voter
hamlcd them to the Judgo. In any event , if
all the tickets thus technically marked wore
thrown out it would not bo lilculy to elect
Carlisle's opponent.
WIIERMXO , Nov. 8. Dispatches just re
ceived to-night from the capitol of the state
announce that the democratic state treasurer
urer , Thompson , concedes the state to the
republicans by from -100 to 703 majority.
This Is simply a confirmation of the steady
republican gains that have been coming in
to-day. Thu republican state committee
here claims the state by a much larger ma
jority. They claim to have nt least three ,
and probably 11 solid delegation of tlvo con-
pressmen. They claim majorities for the
electoral ticket and a majority lu the legisla
ture.Tho scene of republican enthusiasm In this
city to-night is unprecedented. Thousands
of | > cople have crowded the streets in front
of tha Intelligencer building lo rend "tho
bulletins , und on every hand is heard the
cry thut the "solid south" is broken at lust
by the vote of this stuto.
DRTUOIT , Nov. 8. Harrison's plurality In
Michigan will reach 23,000 , against 8j,000 : for
Blalno In 1SS4 , The combined greonbackcrs
and union labor vote of labt Tuesday will not
exceed 0,000. Comparatively few counties
have mode returns of prohibition vote , but
St. John's vote pf 18,403 hus been reduceil
nearly one-half. Luco ( rep. ) for governor ,
will have a plurality of ubsut 13.f > 00. Ho was
bitterly opposed by the luiuor men , and ran
behind In all the largo cities. In tuis county
Cleveland's plurality is 4,404 , uni ! that of
Hurt ( dem , ) for governor , is 11,013. In the
country , however , Luco more than held his
own , Thu republicans have carried eight
congressional districts , the democrats two
and ono ( the Tenth ) U in doubt. The repub
licuns gain two. The republicans will have
a majority In the legislature ot thirty-live on
Joint ballot. _
HiciiMUSn , Nov. S , United States Com
missioner Pleasants has arrested thu city
board of commissioners of election of Rich
iiiond for refusing to allow the United State
supervisors of election to bo present nt the
count of the vote to-day ,
CIUIII.CSTON , Nov. 6 Information reached
liei'C thut JcJTcreou couuty goes
ratio , and Fuycttc , Mason , Putnam nnd
Canawa counties republican. The rcpubii-
mis claim the legislature while the dumo-
ruts say that they' gain three , being n true
najority on Joint ballot .of . 11. There was
nuch scratching and It is Impossible to give
uiyttilng strictly roliublfc except thut the
lute officers will be' democratic.
CIUPAOO , Nov. 8. H will probably require
he ofllcml canvass to decide whether Cook
county , Including- ( the city of Chicago , Is
leuiocrntle or republican ! According to the
Iguros of tlio Tribune it gave Hnrrlson n
ilurallty of 4')7. ) According to the Inter-
Ocean it pavuhltn.7'JO plurality. The Times
and Daily News figure a plurality for Cleve
land , the former of 857 and the latter of MM.
Cinctnn , Nov. 8. Thu oflleial returns of
St. Clalr county , received here lo-niyht , ro-
ducu the plurality of Formnn ( dem. ) , candi
date for congress , 121 votes. His plurality
In the- county is 2-MJ , and not , ns reported un
officially lust night , 350. Tliis makes thu dis-
rict so close that only thu ofllclal figures
'rom the remaining counties can tell dell-
iltoly whether Forman is elected or Jehu
iJukcr ( rop. ) , who bent William II. Morrison.
CIIICAIKI , Nov. 8. The republican stnto
centrnl committee reports thai complete re-
.urns from ninety counties In Illinois and a
careful estimate of the remaining twelve
live Fifor , for governor , lil,007 plurality.
Harrison's plurality is placed In thu nelgh-
norhood of 25,000. , The Times chums that
unofficial returns from ninety-two counties
show Vifor's plurality to be 0,274 , and Har
rison's iyU20.
Nov. 8.- The nent legisla
ture will probably stand Mxtcon republicans
to fourteen democrats , Insuring the election
of a republican successor to Senator Salis
bury , wtiose term expires next March.
Wn.MiXfiTON , Nov. S. Cleveland's plu
rality in the state is 8,114. Congressman
Pennington ( dem. ) is > rolectcd by over
3,400 plurality. The next' legislature will
stand : Senate , democrats 7 , republicans U.
Housu , democrats 7 , republicans 14 , giving
the republicans u majority of two on Joint
ballot. _ _
SAN FIIAXCISCO , Nov. 8. The Altn , ndemo-
cratic morning paper , has n summary of the
vote on the legislative ticket. Including
senators who holdover from the last session ,
thu next legislature Will stand as follows :
Setiutu , twenty-two democrats and seventeen
republicans. House , thirty-nine democrats ,
forty-one republicans. This gives Die demo
crats a majority of three on n Joint ballot.
There is u vacancy in one senatorial district ,
caused by the death of at republican senator
a week ago. _
ST. Louis , Nov. 8. Official nnd semiofficial
cial returns have been received from 110 of
the 114 counties in the state , und with ad
vices from the remainlngSl show that Cleve
land's plurality will excobd 25,000. Francis
( dem. ) , for governor , will have n plurality
over Kimball ( rep. ) of about 12.0PO. The re
publican state committee now concedes the
election of Francis , but by a very small plu
rality. No further changes huvo occurred
in the congressional delegation.
SAN FIIAXCISCO , NoviS. Returns from the
state of Nevada , as for 'as ' counted , give Harrison
risen 4,443 , Cleveland ' 8,133. For congress
the returns as far ns couYitcd-give-iBartinc
( rep. ) 4,105 , Cassidy 8,1-43.
DENVEK , Nov. S. State returns show that
with the exception of three members of the
Icglslatura the entire republican ticket is
elected by majorities of from 8,000 to 10,000.
CIIATTAHOOONov. . 8. Evans ( rep. ) , for
congress , is elected by nearly 300 majority.
Hill ItocrotH Cleveland's Defeat.
ALIIANV , Nov. 8. Governor Hill was ser
enaded to-night at the executive mansion ,
and in his address to the thousands of per
sons who thronged the terraces occurred
these utterances : ' 'Our ' success in the gub
ernatorial contest , however , is marred by the
shadow of national disaster. In common
with every true democrat , I greatly regret
the defeat of President Cleveland in this
state and In the nation. Ho deserved better
at the hands of tha people of this country.
Honest , bravo and courageous , he gallantly
led his party in the great contest for tariff re
form , und suffers defeat , owing to false
clamor , unjustjprejudices , ' unfair represent
ations and the gigantic and combined efforts
of all the monopolies of the country. He did
his duty , as ho understood it , regardless of
personal or political considerations , and ho
should have been sustained by thu tax
payers , consumers and masses of the people ,
whose true interests ho desired to subserve
und whoso rights ho unselfishly endeavored
to maintain. It is not necessary or profitable
to inquire whether the issue which ho so
boldly tnado might not moro wisely have
been earlier presented or postponed to a
later period. It Is sufficient to say that as
the trusted leader of the democratic party ,
after a full and careful consideration of the
whole subject , ho deemed thut the best nnd
truest Interests of the country required that
the issue should bo-mado at this crisis , und
with that patriotic and deliberate conclusion ,
when once reached , there should have been
prompt acquiescence. "
Ilrlco an nti Optimist.
NKW YOIIK , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram to
THE BEB. ] Chairman Brlco , of the demo
cratic national cxccutivo committee , kept up
his reputation as a "rainbow-chaser" up to
the very last moment , Tuesday evening ,
after the polls had been closed three hours ,
ho met ex-Governor Samuel T. Hauscr of
Montana , a democrat , and invited him to
Dcimonico's to celebrate the "democratic
victory. " Ha told the ex-governor that Now
Vork had umlaubtcdlyjgtvcii Cleveland from
15,000 to 20,000 plurality. Thcso figures
somewhat elated the-Montana ) democrat ,
and ho locked arms 'With the "rainbow-
chaser" and started diiia- triumphal march to
Dcimonico's. On th'el ' viiy Colonel Brlco
met several republlcanp'uml chaffed them on
their defeat and. invited1 them also Into Del-
monlco's. Ho had a * jolly time and then
wont forth to read the returns and have the
bad fact forced upon'-ljlin that "man may bo
deluded by the intensity of his own optimistic
recklessness , "
Anna Dlckltnon ntH Her Money.
NKW YOIIK , Nov. S.i Anna E. Dickinson ,
lecturer and actress , < has begun suit in the
supreme court against 'tho republican na
tional committee to recover fl,250 for services
rendered during the ( campaign. She claims
that she was engaged ' in September to de
liver thirty lectures la ) the wrst , und was te
receive f.'t,750 , but clniuis it wus also ugreeO
thut in the event of Harrison's election she
was to receive 15,000. Complaint wus served
on Senator Quay and his fellow committeemen -
men to-night.
AV. II. Burniiin Herionsly III.
Nuw HAVEX , Nov. 8. W. II. Uarnuni , of
the democratic national committee , is seri
ously ill at hla homo nt Lime Hock. In an
swer to a telephone inquiry to-night it wus
learned that ho wna taken sick a week ago ,
whila in New York ; Ho returned to his homo
on Monduy und his illness assumed u danger
ous character. To-nght | , however , his con
dition Is slightly Improved , The trouble was
caused by overwork , resulting in nervous
Paper Hills Destroyed.
IXi > iA\Aros ( | , Nov. 8. The paper and
bag mills of the Indiana t'apor cor pany ut
South Bund were destroyed this uHernoou
by fire. Loss , $200,000. Insurance , fiO,000 , ,
chiefly- eastern companies.
They -Contlnuo to Oomo in , But
Very Slowly.
Democrats Will Out Very Ijlttlo Com
fort Kroin it , Wlillu ttic Ilcpiib-
lIcniiH Have Abundant Cause
to lie Joyful.
PAWNKH CITT , Nob. , Nov. S. Official returns -
turns from Pawnee glvo Harrison 1,20" ,
2levclnml ( MS ; for governor , Thnyer 1,27s ,
McShuno ( MM ; for congress , Council 1,2'7 ' ' ,
Morton 047 ; for senator , I.ltm ( rep. ) 1'iW ,
Martin 77rt ; for representatives , Khodos
( rep. ) 1,845 , Merry ( rep. ) 1,2(51 ( , A very ( dem , )
oca. _
Snwxni ) , Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Hp.K.l Tlio Seward county oniflnl
returns uro us follows : Harrison 1M)1 ) ,
Cleveland lr.5S , Tlmyrr 1,77(1 ( , McSllane
1.0S7 , Laird 1,78. , Hustings 1IV > S. Senator
Miictcentti ilistriet , Klclmrd Norvnl ( rep. )
1,81 , Smith ( dom. ) lini. : Republican rep
resentatives , Ailiini Seed lSi : > , Henry Beck-
iniin 1,7W ; democrat , Stoneekci lOI'.l , Her-
nceker 1,641. Loose , attorney general , HOi'i
nuijority. Anderson , county attorney ( rep. ) ,
240 majority. The democrats elect a ma
jority of the board of supervisors.
iNiiRX , Neb. , Nov. S. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : lice , ] The oftieial vote of Kearney
is as follows : Harrison 1,05(1 ( , Cleveland
lift" , Fi5k lilt , Stroator 117. Tor governor ,
Tluiycr 1,0-JI. MeShatio 7U'.i , Hiu'olow 11H ,
Butler 112. For congress , Lulnt M7 , llnst-
intrs 074 , Scott l.W , Kohr 125. For represen
tative , Abruhumson ( rep ) 1.01)1 ) , McLean fisi ,
Thompson ( labor ) 10) ) , Vunniso ( pro ) ' . 5. For
secretary of state , laws 1IKH ) , llinus (571. (
For treasurer , Hill 1I5I ( , Patterson OtM. For
attorney f-ener.il , Leeso 1,053 , Mungor 17U.
Hnnuoy , Neb. , Nov. 8. In Thayer county
the onicial canvass gives the following vote :
Kenubllcan national ticket 11V,1 ! , Thayer
1.II72 , Meiklejohn 1.SS7 , Laws 1,832. Hill
1JHJ : ! , Henton 1,3I'J ! , Lecso 1 , S3 , Stein 1,091 ,
Lane l.IWi , Luird 1W7 : , Witherall l.filil ,
Trtiisdnll 1.309 , Hakcr 1 , : S , Kicbards
Iifl5 : , Halu 1,37J. Democratic national ticket
l,0 l ) , McShano 1.10U , Foldtv 1,0H ( , Hmes
1,005 , Patterson l,0ilo , Poyntcr 1,003 , Mun-
ger 1,0'Jl , Jntison lUOi , Thrasher 1.074 , Hast
ings l,12a , Stewart 'JS7 , Itopor 1,180 , Hurress
1,129 , Fisk 133 , Hull 1,122 , union labor 73 ,
prohibition S3.
GCNP.VA , Neb. , Nov. 8. Oniclal returns ,
Fillmore county ; Total vote 11,404 ; Harrison
1'Jl'J , Cleveland 1,313 , Thnyer 1,854 , Mc
Shane 1,400 , Lccso l,9iS , Munper l,3Sii ,
Laird 1,8 ' 0 , Hustings 1.3S3 , prohibition vote
about ICO.
TKKAMAII , Neb. , Nov. S. [ Special to Tun
Bui : . I Following are the majorities of the
candidates named : Harrison SOI , Thayer
78S , DorscySGl , Sothcrland U40 , Hardy 671 ,
Evoret 894.
Harrison 2,035 , Cleveland 1,023 , Thay6r
2.00U , McSlmno 1.040 , Laird ( rep. ) 1.U50 ,
Hustings'Cttem. ) J.OOO , Hurd ( rep. ) 2,010 , Van
Duyn ( dem.-1.020.Chri9ty ) ( rep. ) 2.3Q7 , John
ston ( dem. ) 1,018 , Bortis ( rep. ) 2.0ir : , Glazier
( dem. ) 1,02.1 , Epucrson ( rep. ) 2,040 , Clark
( dem. ) 1,002.
CuMJnnT ox , Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Special Tele-
cram to Tin : Hii.l Hayes county polled a
total vote of SOS. Following ur ° the majori
ties : Harrison 103 , Thayer 175 , Laws 200 ,
Hill 194 , Lecse 15" , Laird for congress 178 ,
Llndsey for state senator 191 , Thompson
( dem. ) for representative 07 , Kobert Orr was
elected county attorney.
Ci'MiKUTSON , Neb. , Nov. S. [ Special Tele-
grain to TUB HcE.J Following is the offi
cial canvass of the vote in Hitchcock county :
Harrison 830 , Cleveland 43rt , Thayer 7Ki ! , Mc-
Sliane409 , Higelow25 , Butler 42. For con
gress Laird received SOS , Hastings 451. For
representative Meeker received ( ! : ] ( ) , Thomp
son 595 , scattering 75. F. M. Flansbury was
elected county attorney by a small plurality.
Leese ran behind 75 votes. The total vote
of the county is 1,335.
FAinuuur , Nob. , Nov. 8. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB HBK. ] Following is the can
vass of the vote cast in Jefferson county :
Harrison 1,742 , { Cleveland 1,001 , Thayer
1.051 , McShnno 1,101. For congressman
Second district , James Laird ( rep. ) 1,1551V. .
G. Hastings ( dem. ) 1,0(10. ( For the state sen
ate , F. M. Wethcrald ( rep. ) 1,770 , U. F.
Slump ( dem. ) 9S7. For representatives , H.
S. Hakcr , ( rep. ) 1,813 , P. F. Burross ( dem. )
SfiS , W. H. Diller ( rep. ) l.fiM , G. II. Turner
( dem. ) 1,153. For county attorney , C. li.
Letton ( rep. ) 1,088 , H. M. Holbrook ( dem. )
1 > ( M1'
Giuxn ISLAND Neb , , Nov. 8. The full
vote in the county on state and national
ticket gives the republicans 1,875 , democrats
1,5'JO , prohibitionists and labor 140. Donman
and Hooper ( rep. ) are elected to the legisla
ture and \Volbach ( dem. ) is returned to the
CIIKYBNNB , Neb , , Nov. 8. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB BEK. ] The returns for the
county so far as follows : Harrison 820 ,
Thayer TIM , Cleveland fi37 , McShano 470 ,
Dorsey 701 , Weatherby 49 , ' ? , Nesbitt 773 ,
Vroman 4i > 5 ; for representative , St. Hoy-
ner 793 , Feltz 511 ; for county attorney , Leo
( rop. ) 803 , Wallace ( dem. ) 371 , Sixteen out
of thirty-six precincts have oeon heard from.
County division Is carried by COO majority.
Hiioiu ; .
AMIION , Neb. . Nov. 8. The official vote of
Hoono county gives the national and state re
publican ticket a majority of 590. For state
senator the republicans have u majority
of 424.
Ore cloy.
SCOTIA , Neb , , Nov. 8. The following js
the oniciul canvass for Grceloy countv : Harrison
risen 519 , Cleveland 508 , Thnyer 453. Mc
Shane (134 ( , Uorsoy511Vcathcrby579 , Uooho
490 , Barry 595. Representatives , Hanna470 ,
Covov 014. County attorney , Bell 495 , Gear-
nan 5901
Kxox. Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram
to Tim BHK.J The official canvass of Knox
county shows the following majorities : Uo-
publican national ticket 322 , Thayer 2U ,
Lecse 292. For representative , Itobertson ,
republican , 31" ; Lowu.rcpulilicai . ! , representa
tive , 274.
WIIITMAM , Neb. , Nov. 8. [ Snccial to Tun
BU.J The republicans elect O , P , Warner
county attorney , and Gust Buflnch commis
sioner , Thayer ran a trille behind the na
tional ticket. The county gives a democratic
majority of 3.
Hex finite.
Harrison 743 , Cleveland 573 , Tlmycr T10. Mc
Shane 003 , G. W. K. Dorsoy ( rop. ) 742 , K. P.
Weatherly ( dom. ) 573. Charles II. Cornell
( rep. ) 734 , Herbert A. Cox ( dom. ) 584 , L. W
Gilchrlst ( rep. ) 849 , W. H. Wcstovcr ( dem , )
490 , James H. Dunskm ( rep. ) 620 , W. M
lodonco ( dem. ) 499.
Trains Collide Near Chicago.
Cm CAQO , Nov. 8 , A dense fog to-day ro
suited in u collision on the St. Paul roai
near Crnijin a suburb of this city , between
freight and passenger trains. A man in a
passenger car was seriously , if not fatally
Injured. The other passengers wcru badly
shaken up and some of them slightly injured
Tlin Death Itccord
NEW YO K , Nov. 8. President George H
Forster , of the board of aldunnnn , who was
re-elected Tuesday for another term , died a
9:30 : o'clock tli in morning at his home In
Hivcrdalu , The deceased wan
ball democrat of loot standing.
GliulHtonn AtltlresnoM n \\\K \ Liberal
Nov. S. [ Special Cablegram
to TEH HKK. ] A great liberal meeting was
held In Blngley hall last ovening. There was
an enormous demand for tickets , two guineas
being paid for the best scuts , and the whole
space loft freeto the public was crov.'dod
throe hours before the spouklng began. Be
hind thu platform was a shield onvhloh \ was
inscribed : "Tho Tide Is With With Us. "
Punctually at 7o : : ; o'clock Mr. Gladstone ,
looking hiilo and hourly , usi-ondod the plat
form , the atidienco cheering him enthusias
tically. Ho was accompanied by Chairman
O.slet , Lords Ulpon , Spencer and Hosoborry ,
Sir Wlllum | llureourt , Mr. John Morley , und
other prominent liberals.
Mr. Gladstone , upon rislin : to speak , was
loudly cheered , Ho said that Lord Hurting-
ton , who , among the opponents of the liberal
patty , spoke with the greatest weight , had
recently said that the homo rule question
was dead. Ho ( HarUiigtoiil had developed
a peculiarity hitherto unsuspected. Ho
showed a vivid imagination. [ Cheers. | But
ho would sec from those proceed Ings whether
homo rule was dead or whether the aid of mi
undertaker should bo Invoked to serve the
absolute necessities of the other party.
| Laughter. 1 The Irish ought not to acqui
esce in government by unequal law * . They
should resent a government which , while
irofosMir.g iinxioty to execute the law , man-
lestcd contempt for it whenever it found the
aw's action inconvenient. Apart from the
jnperlal necessities Irishmen must bo the
jest Judges us to how to deal with local af
Mr. Gladstone illustrated nt length the in-
oqalitics in the laws under which the Irish
suffer , cspucinlly the laws dealing with com-
inutions , public meetings , and the prison
: roatmeht of political offenders. Lord
llartinglon , ho said , charged the liberals
with thu responsibility for the evictions in
Ireland. The responsibility in reality bo-
.ongs . to those who refuse to give to the Irish
: onant the relief from arrears that had been
jlvon to the Highland tenant.
When Mr , Gladstone referred to the two
wings of the liberal party for the purpose of
denouncing the broken pledges of the dissi
dents , some one in the hall shouted , ' 'Ono
wing has no feathers 1" This sully was
greeted with much laughter.
Mr. Gladstone wont over the old ground
of the historyof the union. He .said that at
the oloso of the lust century the Protestants
and Catholics In Ireland Joined hands , but
the tory wire-pullers made it their business
to introduce , mainly through Orange , lodges ,
religious animosity and intolerance between
them , In conclusion , ho asked what
the dissidents could look for except speedy
extinction. Could they reasonably expect
Irishmen , under the present favorublo cir
cumstances , to change opinions thut had
been hold for seven centuries ? Why persist
in such n hopeless battle now that Ireland
wus lighting not with threats of separation
nor Fenian lam , but with confidence in a
powerful party whoso irrevocable decision
she knew was supported by the affection of
England ? It would bo bettor to endeavor
to promote and consolidate the affection that
was ready to burst from every Irish heart
und voico.
Mr. Gladstone resumed bis sent after
ppcaking for nearly two hours. The close
of his address wus the signal for prolonged
cheering. Sir William Vernon Harcourt
proposed a vote of thanks to Mr , Gladstone ,
and Mr. Morley seconded thu motion , which
was adopted. Mr. Gladstone made a brief
A "Woman Driven Insane Br thfe Ex-
CniCAfJO , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram to
TUB 13KB. ] There was n remarkable , case
this morning among the unfortunates who
were brought into the insane court. Mrs.
Sadie Walters , a well dressed und comely
woman , twenty-eight years old , was ad
judged insane and will be sent to an asylum.
She is the wife of Joseph C. Walters , a
traveling salesman. The witnesses in tbo
case were the husband , George Stung , u
brother of the lady , and a Mrs. Peterson , a
friend of tbo family. Both the brother and
husband testified that in their opinion Mrs.
Walters' insanity had been caused by the
excessive use of cigarettes. She hud been
ailing for a year , and about five months ago
begun to show signs of derangement and on
Sunday night last she became violent , and
Mr. Stung had her removed to the detention
hospital for the insane. In court Mrs.
Walters was quiet , and she sat in bur chair
before the Jury Jauuhing ut the testimony
given by her friends. From the testimony
in court , and the statements of the husband
und brother made subsequently , it appears
that about two years ago Mrs. Walters suf
fered from hay fever. She was recom
mended to try cubeb cigarettes , which she
did. From this use she contracted the habit
of using the tobacco kind , and the desire for
them became so strong that she smoked al
most constantly. Her friends admonished
her and tried to induce her to quit the prac
tice , but without avail. When she wus
brought to the Jail a package ot the noxious
things , nearly full , wus found in her pocket.
iii Council.
BOSTO.V , Nov. 8. The bishops of the nleth
odist Episcopal church began their semi
annual session this forenoon In this city.
The Episcopal board is made up of eighteen
members , sixteen of whom are here , as fol
lows : Hors. Thomas Bowmanof St. Louis ;
Handolph II. Foster , Boston ; Stephen M.
Merrill , Chicago ; Edward G. Andrew , New
York ; Henry W.Varron. . Denver ; Cyrus 1) .
Foss , Philadelphia ; John S. Hurst , Wash
ington , I ) . C. ; William M. Mind , Topoka.
Kan. ; John M. Walden , Cincinnati , O. ; Wil-
Inrd F. J. Mnllllllero , Now Orleans ; John H.
\'inccnt , Buffalo ; lames N. Fitsgerald , Min
neapolis ; Isaac W. Joyce , Chattanooga ; John
P. Newman , Omaha , and David A. Goodscll ,
Texas. The bishops In council repruHcnl
more than 2,000,000 of communicants , They
will hold their sessions mornings and after
noons. These councils are secret.
They Cut anil lilt.
TAHJ.I : HOCK , Neb. [ Special Telegram to
Tins Hiiii. ] At3 o'clock yesterday morning
quite n crowd was at the. depot waiting for
election Haws , arid a quarrel started between
James Whcelor and Gcorgo Purccll. Aftoi
a few words they clinched and n. lively
scrimmage ensued. Both were larpo , power
ful men , and it was some time before the
crowd could separate thum. Purccll hud ono
linger bitten off , while Wheeler was badly
cut in five or six places , and hud to bo car
ried homo. It is not yet known whether Ills
wounds will prove serious. James Wheeler ,
although notn quarrelsome mnn , had the
reputation of being u great fighter , and thin
is the llrnttimo he lias been worsted In his
iiiany local battles , The quarrel originated
over some trille.
.More LcttnrN Found.
BEKUN , Nov. 8. ID addition to the letters
from the late Emperor Frederick found in
Baron Von Koggcnbach's house , the police
discovered In a secret drawer in a writing
desk two bundles of telegrams and letters
from Frederick , written when ho was crowr
prince.to his wife , Queen Victoria , the Prince
of Wules , Prince Alexander of BatU-nburg
Or , Mackenzie , thu duke of Cumberland
Count Von HelcUcndorff , Dr. Windthors
and others.
The CabinetMculliiir.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 8. All the members o
the cabinet , except Secretary Vilas and Post
master General Dickinson , attended the
cabinet meeting to-day , which lasted ovc
two hours.
lin.ivy Hutting : In 'Mexico.
Crrv OF MKXICO , Nov. S , There has boon
inten&t excitement here over the tlc-ctioi
news from the United States and the bettln
on the result " , YA6 heavy.
Notwithstanding His Bnd Luck , the
Frooklont is Ohoorful.
\llliougli Ho llpllevoH nin Devotion ( a
Tariff llcrorm Dcl'onlcit Illtn-Tlio
No\t lloiiHC Will Umloulit-
filly Bo Hopnlillunn ,
fill ) KorllTBGNTIlSTKKBT , }
ASIIINCITHN. 13. O. , Nov. 8. I
The usual Thursday cabinet mooting
icld at the white house to-day , nil of tha
nembors being present except Messrs. Dick-
nson and Vllus , who hwvo not boon hoard ,
rom since the voting day. Very little wua
ulked about at the cabinet mooting but tha
lection , Us results and the causes thut led
hereto. Whllo the giithor'.ng was not so
oily ns it sometimes Is , the president was
he most cheerful gentliiman present. Ho
lad several sly Jokes with SocrcfaryBuyurd
> vor the loss of the democratic senator in
) cluwuro. As ono member of the cabinet
xpressed it , Mr. Cleveland took his defeat
ike an old gumblor. Ho said thut perhups it
vas a mistake politically to have forced the
uriff issue , but he thought it wus tlino to
> ring It before thu country , and lie did not
eerot m the least huving done so. Ho Old
lot consider it a personal defeat , but n simple
[ iicstion of an issue which the people had
lotormlned , ho considered , unwisely. Ho
lad nothing to regret , would mnko no
hanger * in his policy aim hopes that u till-ill
eforin bill will pass congress before the ex-
lirallon of his term.
run NEXT nnriR.
The democrats here now concede a repiib-
icun majority In tlio next house of repro-
tentative : ) and in the senate , which is an
entire overturning of both brunches of the
government to ttio opposition , Kdwnrd Mo-
Micrson , who Is bettor posted than any other
icrson in this city as to the congressional
.Dilution , claims a republican majority in the
louse of sixteen , but the democrats do not
oneode moro than half as uiiiny. At any
ate there will bo a good working majority
ind a contest for the spvnUership will ooni-
ncnee ut once , there being four candidates ,
VIe.ssrs. Hold of Maine , Molvlnloy of Ohio ,
Uurrows of Michigan and Cannon of Illi
nois , Mr. Kdwnrd McPherson will undoubt
edly bo elected and a new sot of ofticcra
chosen. The little state of Delaware is
to small thut it has been considered iui-
lossiblo for anything to turn around in
t , but according to the latest returns the leg
islature is republican nnd will elect n repuu-
iean senator to succeed the venerable Mr.
Salisbury , whoso term expires on the 4th of
March next. There was to bo n very hard
light between the Bayard and Saulsbury fac
tions in that little state ovitr the scnutorahip.
and it wus expected that the secretury of
state would retire from tlio cabinet for the
fiurpose of muking a canvass , but ho will not
t > e required to do so now. The result in Del
aware is so unexpected that uo republican has.
yet been talked of. " i
The engagement of Miss Kndlcott and
Joseph Chamberlain , Is now formally mud *
known to the friends of the fumly | by the
mother of the prospective bride , and the
wedding will take place at the residence of
ttio secretary of war next Thursday. Mr.
Chamberlain being at present upon tho-At-
lantic on his way to claim hU proposed bride ,
Tho'cnguBomcnt has boon repeatedly denied
by the members of the Kndicott family.and
it is said the announcement was withheld
until after the election for four of the cffccl
upon the Irish vote. PCIIHY S. HEATH.
Speculation ns to WIio Will Bo tlio
New Prinhlcnt'H AdvlBnm. ,
Nr.iv YORK , Nov. 8. [ Special Telegram to \
Tni : Bui : . ] Charles K. Coon , ex-assistant
secretary of treasury , in conversation to-day
at the Fifth avenue hotel , gave the names of
several statesmen who he had no doi'ibc
would bo selected by President Harrison for
his cabinet. He said : "My opinion is that j
Senator John Sherman will bo secretary o *
state. I huve little doubt about it. Ho Is a
statesman in the largest sense of the word ,
und hus made u study of the Canadian
question. During the next few years wo
will have to deal with Cnnudn , nnd naturally
General Harrison will dcsiro to have trained
nnd able statesmen to settle our differences
and establish an entente cordiulo that cannot
easily tie disturbed. Senator Sherman , I
think , will accept the seorularyHhip , Ho
hus had political honors heaped upon !
him for years , und hus no )
umbithm beyond a nesiro to help this ropub-1
lie to prosperity and peace , I bulleva he will'
be willing to relinquish his seat in the seimto
which ho has so ably filled , to go into tha
cabinet. He has been secretary of the trens-
ury ami I do not think be would care for it'
again. "
"Who do you think will bo chosen secre
tary of the treasury I"
"Kx-Senutor Warner Miller will undoubt
edly be selected , unit wilt muku one of the
ablest officials thut over graced thu ofllcc. Hal
is a safe man , hus mudo n great fight hero in
New York and should be chosen. "
"Will Mr. Blalno go in the cabinet ! "
"No. Ho will , in my judgment , bo sent ua
minister to the court of St. Juincn. He Is put
culiurly fitted to bu n diplomat , and will re
flect great credit on President Hurrison'n ud
ministration. Then , too , he will bo 'person : *
grata' to the English. They udmlro Mr/ /
Blame because ho is such a staunch und ouU
spoken American. All tulk about Mr. '
Hlalnu's being u power behind the throne in'
nonsense. General Harrison will bo prcsi'
dent In fuel us well us in numu , "
Five Men Killed.
Loi'isvu.M ) , Ky , , Nov. H. [ Special Tele
gram to Tno Bui ! . | Particulars of the elect
ion day Unlit at Livingston , Ky. , allow that
five men were killed and ono other seriously
wounded. The light ticg.iu with u quarrel
over politics between Champion Mullins , a
prominent republican , and John Martin , n
government oflleial , Hath drew revolver *
and began shooting. Twenty other men
jolnod in the fray and n pitched battle ensued.
The light continued a quarter of an hour ,
when for want of ammunition It reuHRii.
Samuel Ward , u member of the Kentucky
legislature , John Martin , a government Htoro
keeper , John Clifford and Frank Stewart ,
railroad men , and Champion Miilllns , were
hilled , and Sam Crook , a merchant , duspor-
utely wounced ,
Anoilier Kloothm Klllluc.
SANTA FJ : , N. M. , Nov. 8. A report from
Valencia county nays there waa trouble be
tween a republican and democratic jnil o of
election at Sari Kafncl Tuesday over an at
tempt of the fosmer to secure the poll boohs.
T. Provonsonor , one of the judges and uri
old-time citizen , was shot through the heart
and killed by tlio attacking party , who c-
caped to tlio mountains ,
Tlio Went lie-r Indlunlloni.
For Nebraska and Unkotu : Slightly
warmer , fair weather , winds blurting to
For Iowa ; Fair weather , prwdcd : by rain.
In eastern portions , stationary temperature ,
followed by colder wcatlier Friday nlflit lu
BOUthcuaUirn portions , northerly winds.
Had Flroin .Milwaukee.
MiUYAUKKi : , Nov. 8At an curly bourn
this Liorning the upper story uf the building
occupied by the wholesale grocery house of
Jacob \Vclluncr was dwtroyrd by lire. The
loss , which was caund mainly by witer , !
100,000 dollars ; fully Insured. Fireinua
ly vbcuucd death by

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