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c1lTcr * < l by currier In Any J'art of ho City ix
Tw cnty Cents 1'cr Week.
U. W. T1WON. . . . . . MANAQKIU
N. Y.Plumblns Co.
C. H. Music Co. , C33 Il'wny.
Holler , tailor , 310 Hrondwny. '
Evans' laundry , 73-1 Hrondwny.
D. W. Otis , city ami farm loans. ,
J. D. Thompson wa run In yesterday nftor-
noon mid booked as n suspicious character.
James \Vnltaco has Hied n complaint in
Squlro Scliurz'H court against Frank iTnmca ,
charging him with assault upon Wallace's
The funeral of the Infiint son of Peter
Hnnscn took plnco nt 'J o'clock yesterday
afternoon Irotn the residence , No. 1U53 South
KlRhth street.
The funeral of .lolm C. , Infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Hallo , took plnco at 2 o'clock
yesterday uftcrnooii from the family rcsl-
acnco on Harrison strcut.
To-day will bo "soldiers dny" nt the Clmu-
tnuqun pounds , and all old soldiers , sailors.
their wives and children will bo admitted
free. Tickets may bo secured of Conmido
J , 13. AtkliiH. In the evening Corpornl i un-
ncr will lecture In the tabcruuclo.
Truvol on the electric motor line was
lighter ; yesterday thun on uny Sunday for ix
loiitf tlino. What the motor lacked was moro
than in udo up by the liverymen , however , ns
the struots tind drives In and about the city
were filled with carriages. M\nawa : and
Chnutauquti wcro the objective points , and
nt both places there wcro snvcnil thousand
The democratic county central committee
lias decided to call butono county convention
tins year , instead of two ns formerly. The
consolidation of the two conventions is ren
dered advisable from the fact that the suite
convention will bo held BO late that both
county conventions would como very close
together , hcnco tlio decision , to hold but one
county gathering.
The I , O. G. T. will hold their twelfth ses
slon of the district , lodge In this city to-mor
row. * A largo number of delegates will bo
present , many having already arrived. They
visited the Clmutuuiiuu grounds yesterday.
To-morrow evening nn interesting temper-
nnco meeting will be held in the Uro.idwuy
M. E. church , consisting of songs recitations
and a lecture by George W. E. Hill , of DCS
Molncs , grand chancellor of the order ,
Tno following gentlemen have boon elected
oOlccrs of Council Bluffs lodge , No. 270 , A.
O. U. W. , for the ensuing term , commencing
to-day : M. W. , Prof. James McNaughton ,
foreman , C. H. Frank ; overseer , F. Alns-
worth ; recorder. Dr. J. F. White ; iluuncl.il
secretary , J. C. Pryor ; receiver , William
Arndt ; guide , Cliorlcs Spies ; I. W. , Dr. J.
H. Cleaver ; O. W. , Frank IJeebe ; inedlual
examiner , ono year , Dr. J. II. Cleaver ;
trustee , eighteen months , Peter Smith.
The electric motor extension Into Fair-
mount park will bo laid through the cut to
day. Three curves and four switches will
be all that will remain to bo laid. Those arn
nowou the road , and tire expected this week.
It Is the Intention of the company to have
cars running Into the park by iho middle of
the month. As soon us this is completed
work will bo resumed on the loop around
Upper Broadway and East Pierce street ,
which line will also be in operation in about
BIX weeks , as iho street cur track now laid
on Broadway will bo useu for the motor
Iliivo our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade L/iundrv Co.
City steam luundry , 81 Main , tel. 141.
No Explosions
When persons keep cool and use our
"Sun Dial" gas stoves. Four holes ,
roaster and balceoven. Costs 7 cents
nor hour when running full blast. Now
York Plumbing Co.
Splendid bargains tit Marcus' clothing
store before removal to now building.
S. B. Wndswortb & Co. loan money.
Mrs. U. E. Mulchay , of Sioux City , is the
guest of Miss Mmid Oliver.
Mr. Robert Siniond and wife , of Caldwcll ,
Knn. , arc the guests of Mrs. Dr.Vlnto. .
J. C. Laiitfo , dcnuty United States revenue
collector , has gone to ICcokuk to attend
f Mrs. M. M. Marshall and daughter nro
homo from Centervlllc , In. ; where they spent
the past week with relatives.
United States Commissioner F. M. Hunter
loft last evening for ICeoUuk to attend a
term of the federal court. lie will bo absent
about ten days.
M. Wollman , jeweler , moved to638 B'y
Dr. C. C. Iltiy.en , Uontist , Opera house
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value lit low rates of interest. No
publicity , fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark & Co. , ollico cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
Call on the Birkinbino Engineering
and Supply company , 115 Pearl street ,
Council Blull's , la. , and examine the
Bodinqj'obllng. It will pay you ; Barn-
plus sent on application.
Bed i tele hotel , central location , firstcluss
Money loan oil at L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loan ollico on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly con 11-
Steam and hot water hcatintr , llrst-class
plumbing. Work in both cities. Jonx QIL-
iiiutT , 518 Pearl street , Council B lull's.
Notice the beautiful ilnish given col
lars , culls and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
C. B. Trunlt Factory moved to Chapman's
old stand. Largest trunk factory in west.
Bodlno roofing will last longer and
plvo hotter outisfactlon than any roofing
made ; will not crack , curl or split , and
inalces a perfectly solid joint on the on-
tlro roof. Birkinbino Knglnooi-ing and
Supply company , 115 Pearl street , Coun
cil Bluffs , la.
Ice crcain at wholesale. Louie & Mctzgar ,
535 unit 527 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
J. G. Tlpton , real estate , 627 B'dway.
Council Blurts Furniture comnnny for
good goods at low prices. 407 Broadway.
The Now Ogden is catching traveling
nion ut $2 per day.
The firm of Wollcor & Gore , mtirkot-
rnon , iloiiitf business at No. 007 South
Main street , is this day dissolved by
nmtunl consent , the junior member re
tiring. All pnrlios indebted to enld
linn will pluaso aottlo at once , mul nil
these luvvlng accounts nguinst us will
nlcaso iirosont the siuno for payment.
hlr. M. Wollcor will romuln at tlio old
Bland , and will continue to furnish the
boat inouts in the market ut ronsonublo
rates. WuLKiiii & GOHE.
The Ilummook Cart.
Warranted the oaslost riding vehicle
on wheels. Don't full to see U nnd try
It. Sold only by David Bradley & Co. ,
Council Blurts , la.
Rink llvory and food stable. Ilorsos ,
bungles and cnrriaue8. ; Hacks for call.
B , S. TorwllltRor , 602 , 601 and 600
Iourl ,
Thq Ohuroh Polks Pant at Homo or
Take to the Woods.
Tlio Question ofl'lro Protection Tlio
City KlnntiocH Tlio Day at
Mnnmvn General nntl
Tlio 1'nlpUr-ors.
The attendance at the city churches was
light yesterday. Most of the piously In-
cllncd wcro at the Chautnun.ua grounds or
resting at homo , The Irregularity of services
of late , the closing of some of the churches ,
the heated term and other causes furnished
many an cxcuso for ( staying nway.
Those who gathered In the Congregational
church yesterday morning heard un excel
lent sermon by the pastor , Ruv. Dr. Crofts.
His text was "Though Ho slay mo , yet will I
trust In Him. " The theme of 'Trust In
God" led the speaker to it raw a contrast be
tween Job ana nome of these who suffered
so greatly nt Johnstown. It is stated that
some of these who lost property and friends
by the flood , throw their bible away , declar
ing they had no further use for It. The
speaker did not wonder that such a terrible
calamity should cause oven reason to totter
and cnuso men to lose faith la God. While
not blaming them , ono could not but pity
them. Fultli in God wns never taken away
by Him. It was of our own losing. It was
lamentable to see ono throw It away , just
when it was most needed. One of the
troubles was that our trust In God was often
based on material things , instead of upon tlio
invisible. Wo had trust in God as long ns
we had prosperity , but when home , when
dear ones were taken nway , our trust went
too. True faith was the "sub-
stance of things hoped tor , " not the
present possession of them. H was the evi
dence of things not seen. " If a merchant
should toll a customer , "Yes , I will trust
you , but not out of my sight. If you pay for
these goods right away , before you leave my
presence , I will trust you. " it would bo
lunched at us a poor sort of trust. Yet this
wus the way many trusted God.
And the trouble w.vs that wo did not see
the end. God's ways were so mysterious
and past llndinir out that wo doubted , bo-
causa wo could not understand nil. The
ancients did not itnow so much about the
sun as wo have learned. They could not
compute Its distance , its composition , etc. ,
and yet they made practical use of its light.
Thus wo ought not to shut our eyes to the
light of Uod'B truth , simply because wo do
not comprehend it.
Lnit evening Colonel Hoagland , " 'the
newsboy's friend. " gave an interesting ad
dress on "Ten Years Among the Boys , " Ho
has been very active in the work of reform
ing the struct wnifs , and securing homos for
boys and girls. Some of his experiences arc
thrilling. Ho will remain hero a few days
organizing a local committee to carry on the
work here.
Yesterday morning Kev. Mr. Harris , of
the Bethany Baptist church , was so over
come by the heat while preaching that he
fell in a faint.
Very intei-e.stinj services wcreheld yester
day nt the Second Presbyterian church on
Harmony street. This was formerly the
Harmony mission , and .since it has gone
under the control of the Presbyterian church
has become a strong society. Tlio building
itself has been enlarged to double its foraier
size , and will bo dedicated next Sunday.
The Trinity Methodist Episcopal societ.v
has purchased n lot at the corner of Ninth
avenue and Fourth street , and will soon pro
ceed to erect a church building.
Hotter Flro I'rotsctlon.
At a meeting held Friday morning the
chairman of the lire committee , the chief of
the lire department and the chief engineer of
the waterworks company decided that here
after full lire pressure should DO turned on
ntonco whenever an alarm of flro was re
ceived. Notwithstanding this fact , no ofll-
cial notice of the fact has yet been given the
parties at the police station * whose duty it
would bo to make the change in case an
alarm should Do received. The mere fact
that these gentlemen passed a certain reso
lution will DO productive of little good unless
they look to itn enforcement.
Another matter which was brought to
pabllo notice at the recent fire on Upper
Broadway , demands immediate attention.
When the water was turned on , the stream
that issued from the noz/lo was little else
than thin mud , and so continued for several
minutes , gradually growing loss muddy , al
though at the end of illtccn minutes the
stream was very dark and opaque , showing
the preseaco of a. great deal of sediment in
tlio pipe. Tlioro is hardly any room for
doubt but that the main was p.irtinlly clog
ged with mud , and it Is equally certain that
such is the case in other parts of the city.
In the suburbs , u four-inch main Is used to
supply the hydrants and all consumers. In
a number of the outlying portions of the city ,
the water consumption is very light , and
there is nothing to prevent the deposit of
considerable sediment. This may result in
very materially clogging these mains at n
time when such an obstruction would bo at
tended with serious results. This matter
was attended to for a while , but for some
time tiast no attention whatever has been
paid to it.
The hydrants were opened periodically ,
and the water turned on , thus allowing the
full force of the water to Hush the mains ,
washing out all of the sediment and leaving
tlio mains clean and unobstructed. It Is sug
gested that it would bo wise to resume this
practice , repenting it at least once u month.
There is no doubt but that the size of the
mains In tlio suburbs is much smaller than
it should bo nt present , but they were lafd in
many instances before any of the factories
were built that now rely upon them for pro-
tetion. These mains nro of sufliclent size to
Biipuly n smglo line of lioso , but many build
ings have gone up in these localities which ,
should they got nlirc , would require moro
than a single stream to Insure their protec
tion. This being the case additional mains
on parallel streets scums to bo the only solu
tion of the difficulty unless thepresent mains
nro replaced with larcer pipe.
The several dlsastrouB fires thai
have occurred recently clearly provo
that tlicro Is a dlnlculty somewhere -
where and u remedy Is demanded.
The city has u couple of steamers standing
idle , and a largo number of citizens are urg
ing their return to active service. Witti the
mains us they are , there is plenty of water
to bo had oven if there is not pressure , and
with a steamer in service and suitable con
nections for the suction , a failure-in pressure
could not leave property unprotected. At
these last few tires all the llromon could do
was to stand around and swear , but unless
thrso charges are made , the privilege ! of
swearing will rightfully belong to the
burned-out property owner.
Cltnmniuitn | Lou.
Ono feature connected with the Cnautuu-
qua that augurs well for the future of tbla
grand enterprise , is the doslro of so many
parties to effect leases of lots for a term of
years that they may uroct cottages before
another season opens. The demand for such
leases has boon very actlvo over sl'nco the
opening of the present session , but owing to
the great amount of other business , the trus
tees were utmblo to give the mutter proper
attention. This has at last been decided and
the terms for leases 11 n ally determined ,
The lots arc assessed at from 4150 to $300
each , mid the lessee Is roQuircd to pay 10 per
cent per annum of this assessed valuation ,
The leases run from one to teu years , but at
the end of the ten years another appraise
ment of the lots will bo made , and the sumo
ruto of intorout must bo paid as before. A
number of lota have already boon leased ,
many of them by outsiders , and it is ex
pected that mauy moro will bo leased bcforo
the close of the present assembly.
It IN encouraging to know that several par-
tics have announced their Intention of erect
ing cottufes another year , while- there are
scores ot families in the city which have
made arrangements to secure touts and ro-
maln upou tliogroucdu during the ctitlro sea-
blon next season.
The majority ot the people seem to bo but
Just waking lip to the full moaning of the enterprise
terprise- , and uow that they ful
ly understand It , express their appro-
elation in the most extravagant terms.
It Is hoped that the dtiUcalty experienced
this year ( n securing money to push the Im
provements nt the grounds nod arrange for
the excellent programme will not bo mot
with hereafter , as the people have been nblo
to see what the result Is to bo and can not
fall to appreciate It. It will soon bo time to
begin to arrange for next year , and another
call for money will bo made to secure n pro
gramme that will bo even better than that
of this season. All should bo Biifllcicntly In
terested to 8co that the response is prompt
and liberal.
Additional Council Bluffs news on fifth
lclo\v ! wo give names ofn few or tlio many
Patrons of tlio
tarace. Co.
In Council HluITs anil vicinity. The clmrixctcr
ot the pirons named , and the amount entrusted -
trusted by cixcli to the protection of the com-
pan- , Indicates the confldcnco enjoyed by It nt
homo \\hero Its manner of doing business is
best known.
0.1 > . lllllln S 40,000
l.unor IJros. ACe 57,000
Charles llanglm. , . . W'.Oui
11,1'.Morrow ] oo.V )
John Dennett. ( > .7SO
William O'llallorixn H.I00
Charles Shields > 7,700
N , W.Niisn 7'iO ! )
I. A. Miller 0.000
( IcorgeA. Kry , niHX )
Henry IMscman A : Co. . 5OCk )
HlniKart.Walt.Sc Wlca JJ.tiOO
i : . h. siiiiRnrt 4r\nou
KotiKin C.ithollc Church , , . . . K'.UUJ '
Honinn Cntliollo Church , Westphalia. . . . 40/XX )
Carroll County Oouit House SI.OOJ
Abbott * Cooper ai.iKX )
St. I'rnnrU Academy LUOJO
Cnivcr.Stosla.V Austin LMUK )
T , M. C. I.ocan ] 1 , < K)0 )
Deere. Welfi A : Co 10'JOU
Ucoruo M. Williams II.HIO
8.1) . Kohlcs S.COJ
U. H. Carpenter 11,700
Mnwinlc Temple tt.\X > 3
MctciUC llros II.IKHJ
C. A. lloebo & Co ti.OOO
S.S. ICollor U.ri > 1
NOTICK When our policy exceeds J21 , x.oo )
on property subject to destruction by u single
flro , the excess la re-Insured In other companies.
\/V AN 'I1 R I ) A Kood ilfiiliujroomKlrlTuI I o"mo
IT restiiurant , IU7 UroaiUray.
HUlJS ffofsovon rooniM for rent , loeiitednnrtU
of Union i'nctllc transfer. Iteasonnulo
terms. W. H. Uurns.
WANTIIU 1'artletf desiring row boats or re-
frcslunciHs ut I.ako Mnnana to take the
Union Uno boat house , open at 4 o'clock n. m.
II. .1. Hancock.
WANTED Situation as conchnmn ( Hxvude ) .
riidcritaadscaioof horsss. Steady , sober
and rollablo. I' . .N. , HL'07th ) live , , Co. Illnlls.
FOU HKNT furnlsheil ( for two or tlireo
months ) , the house 1 occupy. No. U'l So.
tlist. H. C. Choyuoy.
TjiOIt SAIjII A butcher sl.op need location.
IA coed business for some ono \vlthsinall
capital. Address H SO , IJeo ollico. Council
WANTKD .VK ) pieces o % 8oond-hand carpet ,
also all good second-hand furniture. A.
J. _ > ! uudcl N'os. : i and itij Hroudway.
T7IOK KXCHANGK-Saveral good farms to ox
-L. change for Council lltnifs lots. Johnston
& Van 1'atten , Uverctt block. < -
AHAKH chance for a .splendid Investment ,
roijulrlm ; uiior v rather than larpe c.ipltal.
A fortune for the rlijlit mini. Halt Interest In
the line : > t practical patent over Issued. Address -
dross dxvan & Walker , 4 Pearl street , Council
T7IOU HUNT Store room , No. 18 Mam ; at. .
- * . ' after July 1. N. C. Jmnes , t ) Pearl st.
RUAf , KSTATi : Moaisht and soM and ex
changed. SpflclU : attention given to exam
ination ot titles. W. C. James , No. 10 Pearl at. .
Council Illiilfs.
" 171011 HCNT Kasy terms two new live-room
-L houses , 1'lth ave. botwaen Hlgn and Third
ats. Sell cheap If taken this week. Inmilro
owner. J. Dickey. 74i ) 11. Way.
1710U SAfji : Old establlsSeJ general mer-
- * - chandlso business. htocK , nxtures. wagons ,
etc. Good room and low rent , Address , J.
llckey.7IOH. Way \ _ _
T710U RENT Largo double ollice over Frank
-L' Levin's cigar store , 0 J Uro adway. Inquire
of Frank Levin
\\TA NTKO Everybody in the city to remom-
T bor Mandel's bargain furniture store Is
the place to buy your goods , yij and 35 Uroad-
In the city. Gilt edged opportunities to imme
diate Investors nnd home beoKera.
301'carl St. . Council Hlturs.
No. 27 Main Street ,
Ov r JiivqiicininN JuwclryStore
UL.il I linU LliL.111 U I HULL *
W. L. PATTOX , Prop.
Elegant Uigs ut Reasonable Rates.
Nos. 19 and 21 , North Main Street.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
1'res. Vice 1're s
CIIAS , It. HAN.VAN. Cashier.
or COUNCIL nr.urry.
Paid Up Cupltul S ] .10,000.00.
Kiirplns 2.\000.oj.
I.Uullltles to Ucno itois. . : ! i.iUXJ.IO ( ,
DiitncTOiH 1. A. .Miller. I' . O. ( rlcason. R. L.
Shiitrarr , U.K. Hart , . ] . I ) . Kdmundson. Clias. H.
Ilnmiiin. Transact cencrnl banking buslnesa.
Laruoit capital and Mirplm of nny bank la
bouthwcatern lown. Interest on tlmo deposits
No. 10 Pearl St.
luos. UrFiar.it. w. II. M. 1'uss
Corner MMn and Oroailway ,
Dealers In foreign tnil domestlo .
Cell ctlous made aua Interest uaia on tlinode-
posltc. _
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanted.
C. II , JUItD ,
Centrally located livery nnd boarding btnblo
IlustnccuuiniuilHtloni lu the city , Special ut-
tcutlon to tranulunt cuntom.
AV. A. HAYS , Prop.
Telephone Stablu , 77. Itcs. 8UO.
How Look out Moths lesmestes
Itconaistsof iinow wlilto rtukes. A iirocUic-
tloii from CouJ Tor. I-KUFKOITA' JIAHM-
l.iss. : Kreu from oil , uchl or uny Htibitanca
that would hunn tlio most delicate fabric or
foatlter , U evaporates williuut leuvlni ; any.
reatdue. H till a moths wlille camphor merely
drives thim away ,
r. J. * UAXII : ,
Bole Agciit , C'ouucll UlulTa.
Newly Furnish
Connected by Motor
Located on Lake Mnrmwn , the finest Watering Place and Summo
Resort in the west , Bcavitlful Bontlng and Fishing.
Unparalelled Bathing Beach.
Special Rates to Parties and Families. Cor
rospondouco Solicited.
I wish to inform the ladles of Omaha and Council BlulTd that ]
have determined upon closing out my entire stock
of goods at my
No. 20 , Main street , , Council BlulTs , within the next ISO days , and
for this purpose I will sell my iroodsi-'AH BELOW COST.
The stock consists of the finest line of hair goods and ornaments
west of Chicago.
MBS. C. la.
Onlcrnby Jteii'lvo mall 1'iompt Attention. No , 29 Main St. , Council Bluffs ,
T.J.CADY , D.V. S.
Hospltal/brLawe / SfcK
' reatmtonSoeniiflcPrincipfes.
'etertnarianfbrtouiicil Bluffs
rogpolice Department ,
No. 131 Broadway.
Eye , Ear and Throat Surgeon.
W , H. CHAMBERLAIN. M , Glasses accurately prescribed.
Ollico corner Main St. , and
i Broadway. .
Surgeon and Homeopath. Room 0 , Brown
PI , building , 115 Pearl St. Ollico hours , 0 to 12.
a. m. , 2 to 0 and 7 to 8 , p. m.
Especially At/apteJ for
25 TO 300'i ' LIGHTING ,
DORSE powi ; Mills and Elevators
pcclUcutlon nnil citlmntri furnished for complete ) ilenm plitnti. Itcjulntlon , Durability . uuuraiitooJ.
Can eliow lelicro fro.n men where fuel economy Is cqunl with Corll'B Non-cunacnilnir.
E.G. HARRISAgent ,
Sontl for citta * . ' 10. No. 510 Pourl Street , Council Blufffi.
HRIRl Il I [ Rl M C Hydraulic nnd Sanltarylilntflnoor. "Plans , Kstlmatos
, DlimiMDIIlC. Spccitications. Supervision of Publlo Work. Brown
Building , Council BlulTn , Iowa.
. UI I I D7 Justice of the Pcaco. Onico over American Exprobs , No. 41
NQP. n U ridL _ | > i-ondwuy , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
QTHNIT Si QIIWI Q Attornoys-at-Law. Practice in the State and Fed-
OlUllL. Ot OllYlO oral Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block ,
Council BlufTs , Iowa.
O M Tll I MAN" Attornoy-at-Law , Hoom 4 , Second Floor , Brown
.U , U , O I ILLIYIMIl Block , 115 Pearl St. , Council Blurts , la. Will
practice in Stale nnd Federal Courts.
Swiss Embroidered Flouncings ,
The prices th lowest ever seen ; from OO to OO per cent less
than nskcd by other dewlers.
Hosiery , Mitts and Gloves.
Prices to suit nil. The most complete stock in the ctty.
Hose from lOc , 3 for 20c. to $1.20 a pair. .
Our guaranteed Fast Black Hose at 28c , 88c mid BOc. beats the
world. Every pair warranted or money refunded.
Mitts and Gloves from lOa a pair up.
Wo show the most complete line In the city. All the latest styles. An
examination will convince anyone. A manufacturer's stock bought
for spot cash , which will bo cleared out at our usual low prices.
At 25c , ABc , BOc and 02jo ; bettor value never handed out to n cus
111 Taifole Linens , Crashes , Towels , SFapkins ,
Muslins and Sheeting's ,
An examination will convince you that the Boston Store Is head
The Boston Store will give avvny free this week with every cnko
of Balsam Fir Soap , the complete work of Robert Elsemore. nlso the
Battle of Belief , by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone , all for i25c. Ono
cake of Soap and the two volumes all for 2Bc. The soap itself Is sold
all over for 25c ; Robert Elsmcre for 5Oe. For 2Bc. ono quarter ' takes
ho lot.
Leaders nnd Promoters of LOW PRICES.
401 Broadway , Council Biu & , Iowa.
Hi ' f' 66 'rf * f < ? * ' ft
10 /2 13 / * 10 1Z 13
< L
i ,
9. 10. 11. 13. a. 10. U. 13.
vanuc- & .
About fifteen minutes ride on the motor to Douglas St. , Oniiiha.
They lie on a level but elevated sirip of ground , about 300 yards from
the now motpr line to Omaha.
They are less than one and one-half miles from the Council Bluffs
Nearly twice as large ai most of the newly platted lots. Good i.mblio
schools near by.
The proposed Boulevard bounds it ou the north.
TITLES Perfect.
ABSTRACT Printed abstract and Warranty Deed with each lot.
GRADE Examine these lots with reference to the grade before buying
a lot. The ordinary price of a lot is saved on grade alone , if you buy ono
of these lots.
TEHMS To a good class of purchasers a limited number of lots will ho
sold for one-tenth down ; balance in monthly payments without interest.
Apply to
gf j itiMiKiw J BEvbBMmil 11'/ij fJ if fcjjj my Wxc nan\J BWOU&MIV UAMM
J. J. Brov/u Building , 111O Pearl St. ,
While In the city do not fail to
call on the
Btore and see the finest and best
Music Hall on the Mo. slope.
Come and take a look at OUP
large stock of Pianos and Organs
and all kinds of musical instru
ments up stairs and down stairs.
103 Main Street ,
Open Dally , All Kiivclmctiii 1'ur Halo.
Call at MuBoum or address
O. 1C ,
816 North 15th Kt. , Oniahu , for Catalogue.

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