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I The Omaha Daily Bee
IH Tbo Army Tnkoa Possession of the
JlH Govornmout
H The Ministry linn HcsIkiiciI Very
Hj Llttlo Known n Yet Doni Pedio'o
H AllnlHtcrnt Wm-hlntctun Thinks
H It Is Exaggerated
B Tired t > r Alonuroliv
_ H Nnw YonK , Nov , 15. A prtvnto cablcgnm
/ K /ccoived tliis evening , dated at Rio Janeiro ,
} eays I
H "A revolution 1ms broken out bore Tbo
l Brazilian army Is in control The ministry
i 1 has resigned "
| H- The rovolutlon is ior tbo purpose of form
. Hj lag a republic
I H } In the Hninn Vein
i H' London , Nov 15. Dispatches from Rte
J B Janeiro concerning tbo revolutionary out
; Kj brenk assert that the movement is in favor
I IBS ; of a republican form of government , which
I jfli has recently been strongly fomuntcd , anil Is
B ; the solo cause of the uprising *
I } BB' Up to tbo present hoar tbcro Is UUlo tn-
I Bflj formation of a tangible character
BB' ' A Consorvnt v < i Denial
' Washington , Nov 15. The Brazilian uiin-
jHj Istcr said this ovcnltig that ho bad received
BB no Information from his government in ro-
Hf gurd to the reported rovolutlon in Brazil ,
BB but hud hoard from a third partv tntclll-
BB genco of the sumo purport ns that contained
HI in the cable message to Now York The
IBj minister s.itd that clnco bo loft Brazil in July
( BB ha had hoard considerable about the great
iH strength of the republican party in Brazil ,
| IBj but in Ills opinion its Blrength was overrated
rift in this country
jBjij Ho did not think it at all probable
! tiiat the situation bid tnkon the turu
] ' indicated by the cablegram There
tiBi might have been a ministerial trouble which
I'01 Kiven rbe to the report of a revolution
IUi The correspondent eiiiled on the minister
BJ' ' again at midnight with the report that the
> ' Brazilian minister of mariao hnd been lulled
f In the revolt The minister rofuscd to bo-
H llovo it Ho said tbu republican party , to
Bl which the revolt is ascribed , could not have
jBl grown so lnrgo as to bring about a rovolutlon
At the last election not asinglo member of
that party was chosen on tbo lirst ballot , and
] H | oil tbo second oaly two or thrco wcro elected
, H | from a slnglo province , and that the election
! B was entirely free and open A rovolutlon ,
] H > bo BiiKI , could not have occurred In
jBB [ so frco a country us Brazil without somn
JBfl premonitions There Is notning in tbo latest
vBfl papars received which gives any intimation
) BB of wont is reported to have occurred audi
i/ Bj there is no reason why the rovolutlon should
iKBJ have token Dlacc Brazil ia a frco country
BH and there is a perfect guarantco of the rights
BBj of everybody In their persons and property
ijBB A revolution against n government as frco as
< BBIiruzll seams so absurd that the minister can
> B not bcllcvo it
' 'mm Huron La do Rio the rntnlstor reported
tBfl killed , is well known in ttio United States
I'BB His career as a naval oDlcor began in the
jBB United States navy thirty years ago , ho liav-
jBB ing been sent hero for that purpose by the
I'BB Brazilian government
\fr \ M ColT-e Men Excited
[ / ! New Yomc , Nov 10. Moisrs Ilnrd &
A BJi Rand have received the following from Klo
] | BB Janeiro :
? B ) "a rovoluttou lias broken out bore The
. H Brazilian armies nro in control Tbo minis
'BB ' try has resigned Ouo mlnlstor hasheon
jrflH shot It is an attempt to establish a republic "
BB Dispatches were also recolved by Arbueklo
jBS iBros aud Joseph J. O'Donoboo & Sons
jlHjj Thcsu dispatches were recolved Just after tbo
| H , coffee exchanges closed for the day
* BBj ' The reports came like u clap of thunder to
jHBV the coffco dealers throughout the city , who
fBB | were made ucquulnted with thorn tonight and
ilj BB nro likely to cause serious trouble on ex-
jvVJBB change if conUrmcd
| WBB ' Whllo the dealers generally spoke in a
i 'CBB ] hopeful strain , they exhibited signs of un-
LvBBj easiness William If Grossman , of Cross
IHJBW man Bros , who had recolved a dispatch , but
UKa bud correspondence from Hrazil of a vorv
{ jiBB recent date , which gave no hint of oven nn
jjBV ! anticipation of trouble lu that country , said :
IiBpf "If the report is true , " said that gentle
tlBK man , coffee ia likely to ndvanco to unho.ird
kBK of figures , and when qutot is again restored
IBs In Brazil the enormous shipments arc liitoly
{ BE to causa a pinlo "
HH The blockading of Brazilian ports attend
BBE Ins tbo rovolutlon In that country will result
.BBj In tbo cutting off of mora tban three-fourths
BBJ of the outlro India lubber supply of this
Br country
BBJ Fully Confirmed
JltBB ) London , Nov 15. Later dispatcher from
B v Rio Janeiro fully confirm the previous ro-
"JjBBt ports The revolution alms at the overthrew
liBV" of the government and proclaims a ropubllc
; iB The army supports the movement
JtBl A provisional government has been cstab-
lishod Including lieuhors da l'onseca aud
JBB Bonjamln Constant
JBM | A > "Obgtho uispuches received , butvnot
| BJ | yet ofllcially confirmed , is ono stating that
3HI . Ilaron La da Ilio , minister of murine , bus
| BS f boon klllod -
JBm Ail Quint in CJiiuiemiln
? BB ' New Yoiik , Nov 15. The latest papers
EBh trom Guatemala tell of tbo luimcdlato down
yBB . fall of tbo riotous outbreak which was
I Hs i thought at the time might result In a rovolu-
j ] BB tlou Three loaders were shot , the ethers
R BB lurroudcrcd and all is quiet
wlHBj Liverpool Slnrclianti Proto t Agalnut
1 BBJ it Uollootnn'a lnlorpretntlon
1 BBk [ CuptirhM iSSO bit Jama Hontmi UtwvMA
I BV , Ln-BJU'ooi. , Nov 15. [ Now York Herald
H ' Cable Special to Tub Hen | The ohambor
* BH of commcrco today rosolvcd to communicate
ii BBS with Lord Salisbury rcgurdiug the action of
U' BH the collector of Norfolk , Va , who has lu-
fBBJ , formed the treasury department nt Washing
; JBB ton that employment in the states of clerks
uBS or graders , whoso business it is to classify
( ' cotton for the English markets and who are
S fl' especially tralucd and scat out by Ungllsb
BBJJ cotton brokers as understanding the requlro-
ntents of British trade , is a violation of tbo
labor contract law , The Liverpool chamber
protested against such Inturfercnco as being
I detrimental to trade , and resolved to request
Lord Salisbury to point out to the Washing
ton authorities the evil result which must
follow such notion ,
A Kail In SoiiicIi WnrruntH
ICopi/iluM / ISSO hiJama Oonlou UenHttt ' ]
Gusoow , Nov 15 , [ Now York Ilurald
! Cable Special to Titu lluu.J At tbo
opening of the pig iron maruot today ,
Scotch warrants foil la three mluutcs from
| BBBB CJsBd toUlslJid cash aad Middlcborougb
BBJ' from 054 to ats Ud , whilst Hcmapltu declined
BBBt from 75s lU < d to 71s , Tbo cause is to bo
BBJ found In tbo bull account huvlng become too
BBBJ banleiisomc , the Wdak bulls being unaula to
BBBJ pay the IH rate for a loan of money to curry
BBBJ warrant * . There was great excitement and
BBBJ heavy blocks wcro thrown on the market ,
BBJ Cotton Diiuaufnl Uy I'irr- .
BBBJ tn > | i/ilaht lltoiu JamesOonlnnUmnctt.y
BBJ Livjmiooi , Nov , 15. ( Now York Herald
BBBJ , Cable Special to Tub Heb.I IHvo hundred
BBBJ bales of cotton on tbo Alaska have boon
BBBJ duuiagcd by lire , Tbo latter was discovered
BBJ to-doy In unloading tbo vessel at the Alex
BBB tuidrla docks
A jafaiug& |
I nn ; i\vnjiiit9.
I Wlitlo Protection In llio Slotlo They
Will lloln Style
MoNTOOMEiir , Aln , Nov 15 , The Na
tional lMirmors' congress adjourned today
and the delegates loft this ovcnlnq for Now
Orleans The now oflleers nro ! Prcsidont ,
It hIColb , Alnbamn ; vlco president , A.V. .
Smith , Kansas ) secretary , 13. IA Clayton ,
Iowa : treasurer , William Lawrence Ohio
Vice presidents were elected from each state
The congress decided to hold the next meet
liifj in town , tbo place to bo licroaftor desig
A commlttco was appointed to report to the
next mooting suggestions for n national
A resolution to remove the tau on tobacco
mid ono declaring that the government docs
not need the money raised by Internal revenue -
nuo taxation and thnt the congress favors
the repeal of the internal rcvonuo laws and
that the taxes raised from whisky and to
bacco should bo relegated to tbo different
states to rcliovo tbcm of local taxation was
tukon up nnd ndvorso reports concurred In
A ttsolution was offered by Tabor , of Colorado
rado , asking congress to select Chicago as
the best poitu for the location of the worlds
fair in lsJJ IColly , of Kansas , offered an
amendment striking out Cnic.tpo and insert
ing St Louts ; lost , The question coming
upon locating the fnlr at Chicago tbo vote
stood & 11 nyes to 0 : ) nays
A resolution favoring the unlimited coin
age of silver met with nn ndversa report nnd
was Indellnltoiy postponed
The following , introduced bv Droror , of Il
linois , wns unanimously adopted :
"llcsolvcd , Hv the armors congress , that
it favors n comproliunslvo scliciuo for the
improvement of the Mississippi river , and
the building of a ship canal ncioss the state
of Illinois , connecting the Mississippi rlvor
and Lake Michigan , and It is recommouded
that the United States congress nialto a liberal -
oral appropriation therefor "
Ob motion of Cluyton , Secretary Ituslc
anj btatlscinti Dodge , of the department of
agriculture , wcru unanimously clectod hon
orary membcis Adjourned slue die
The majority resolutions on the tariff
question weio adopted last night They
state substantially :
"Whllo congress maintains the policy of n
protective tariff wo demand that nil
farm products \ > a as fully protected
as the most favored of the manufac
turing industrlos ; that white a tariff
protects the Importations of foreign
carpets and any other nrtlclos wo demand
that the duties on mutton , sheep and wool of
all kinds bo so increased as to equally pro
hibit the Importation of mutton , sheep and
wool or ovcr.v kind which cnu , under protec
tion , bo sufllclontly produced ut fairly remu
nerative pricosto supply all American wants ;
that if protection to this extent bo
denied wo call upon the farmers
of the United States to assert their power nt
tbo ballot box and otherwise to right tbo
wrong and Injustice of the disciimination
against them "
The resolutions declare that the fanners
of the United States nro not called upon to
support the nomination of nny man for pres
ident , senator or representative who will
not , to bis utmost ability , aid In carrylngout
the objects of these resolutions The sllvor
resolution adopted reads :
• "Kcsolvod , That wo favor commercial
treaties which will discriminate la favor of
nations which accept silver as a legal tender
monov as well us gold , and agslust those
which have demonetized silver "
The Kiglits of Labor and the Farmers
Alllnnci ) Will Wed
Atlanta , Go , Nov 10 A federation of
the Knights of Labor with the Farmers al
liance is u foregone conclusion
It Is stated thn ends for which both orders
tire working are identical , and If associated
together tboy could form an irreststlblo
power and what each is obliged to struggle
for , united ihov could demand and obtain
Among the visiting ullianco men were Presi
dent Livlagtono , of the Georgia ullianco , and
Commissioner of Agriculture Henderson
1'icsklcnt Livingstono devoted half
an hour to the discussion of
the principles of the alliance He
described the condition of the farmer
in the south , how ho bad contended against
the greatest dlMcultlos since the war und
how ho now was laboring in thu hope that he
might educate his children The mortgaged
condition of the southern farms formed one
feature or his talk Ills address mudo u
deep impression and was frequently up-
Powdorly's reply showed that ho was
thoroughly In sympathy with the federation
talk and will urge some plan unon both
orders No important action was taken to
Four More Candidates Arrive on the
BisMAitcrc , N. D. , Nov 15. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Hub ] Pour additional candi
dates for the United States sonnto arrived
today They are Walter Muir of Cass
county , M. N. Johnson of Mason , Juilson
Lamouro of Pembina , nnd George H. Win
ship of Grand Forks Mulr and Johnson nro
at work openly und have announced their
candidacy , but Lamouro and Winshlp are
silent A few members have arrived , but
not a BUftlclent number to glvo any lntolll-
gout idea of the seutlmeut of the legislature
on the senatorial quostinn Itogor Allln.who
has been returned to the legislature from
Walsh county , Is bero and is said to bo for
JoluiBon and Sponccr , Nearly all of tboso
who have arrived thus far nro for Pierce , and
there is a very decided sentiment in fuvor of
Appointed Clorlc of Conrta
CiiA.Miiciti.Aix , S. D. , Nov 15. [ Special
Tologramto Tun Hue J The board of county
commissioners today appointedD W. Spald
ing , of this city , cleric of tbo courts
Kansas City'H Trotilng Dog Gives nn
Kxhihltlon ,
Chicago , Nov 15. The Fat Stock show
continues to attract largo crowds A largo
number of awards were mails today for tbo
different classes of stock and also in tbo
dairy department This evening tbo Kansas
City trotting dog , an Irish scttor , gave a
rplendld exhibition , beating a running pony
to harness and Baddlo and afterwards nhow-
tng bis versatility by lumping live feet six
inches over the bars A wild \ve t exhibi
tion was alio given , and a splendid oxulbitlon
of horsomunsblp was wltaesscd
No Glcna of nn Ulnponienr
NbwYoiiic , Nov , 15 | SpocIalTologramto
Tub Hue ] Miss Lillian Hussell arrived in
town this evening from Chicago , und there
was no indication of an elopement and no
signs of young Mr Suuford , of Amsterdam ,
N , Y. Tbo facts boar out Miss Itussoll's do
nlal Mr , Sanford has been In Now York
right along for several weeks , mid bis friend
ship for tbo fair prima donna never has been
of such a character as to suggest nn elope
ment An clopqmont usually comprehends
matrimony , and Miss ltussoll Is still Mrs
Solomon , and wlto of llilllo Taylor , with
whom sue eloped to Kuropo about six years
ago < * •
Tin * Ilnliimori-'M n Flyer
Philipeu'iiu , Nov , 15. Tbo uow cruiser
Baltimore mudo a second trial trip today in
a four hours steady run on the northeast by
east course from Capo llonloncn , Tbo speed
developed was oven mors 1'oiuarkable than
on her first trip , being SU.3 knots an
hour against 10.8 knots boforc , but whotuor
she developed morn or loss than tbo 9,000
horse power called for by tuo contract con
npt bo told until the results are worked out
by the govorumuiit oaglueor
A Prlnou Kor Iortugnl
Lisuo.v , Nov , 15. Tbo queen gave birth tea
a son today Both the mother and tbo
child uro doing well
Very Unusual Secrecy hi Its Prep
An Air nt Mystery That Suggests n-
Doounicnt of Uuiianul Interest
All I ions I'oBsllilu Defeat
nuil lis Hircut
Wamhsotos Duiikau Tun Omaha Hub , )
WAsm.\OTosf. D. C , Nov 15. )
President Harrison's nnsonco rom the city
on n three days duck sboottog tour In Mary
land Is taken as evidence that ho has about
complotcd his messngo to congress It is un
derstood thnt the president Is awaiting some
report from his cabinet oflleers in order that
ho mav bo possessed of certain routine Information
mation necessary to give his message tbo fin
ishing touches Certainly ho has In his pos
session the salient points which tbo report of
the cabinet oflleers will contain nnd tin has
been given the benefit of them tin the prepa
ration of his messngo up to this time
It is tiudorstood that Secretary Wlndom's
report will flguro more prominently In the
messngo than that of any ether cabinet ofllcor
Among the most Interesting features of
the message wilt bo those relating to tbo cir
culation ot national bank notes , national
bank deposits , the abolition ot the lutornul
revenue laws and the expansion of the
monthly coinage of sllvor ' 1 ho secretary's
and the presidents vlows are In accord on
tbu latter subject
Senator Sherman hns visited the white
house several times recently nnd it is stated
that his missions h ivo been to Impress the
president with the necessity of not only ad
vocating a national election law , but of treat
ing it vigorously and earnestly
Representative Burrows of Michigan , and
other republlcuus who recently stumped
Virginia , have also urged the iircsidant to
tnko positive stops m- favor of a national
election law
The determination of the president not to
have his message prlutcd at the government
printing ofllco in ndvunco of Its delivery to
congress , as has boon usual , but to have
manifold copies made by bis private type
writer , is talion as evidence that the docu
ment will contain unusually interesting rec
allison's rossmt.1 ! TjKrmT
The reports published hero from Iowa
concerning the possibility , if not the proba
bility , of the defeat of Senator Allison for
reelection linvo had the effect of stirring up
the senators friends In the national capital
as they were never perturbed before
It Is not likely thnt the republicans of
Iowa fuily appreciate the services of Sena
tor Allison , as ho lias been away from
the prcsenco of his constituents
so much during the past ten years Ills re
tirement to private llfo would bo very un
fortunate for the country at largo Pomo-
cruts , prohibitionists , republicans and citi
zens of all other political faiths would suffer
alike Ho stands as n breakwater against
all kinds of vicious legislation una Is the
ablest representative of tboso western inter
ests which have been maturing durlug the
past quarter of a century A writer in to
days Post , under tbo caption , "Wnr on Sen
ator Allison do the Iowa republicans pro
pose to commit political harikaril" quotes a
dispatch from Dos Moines announcing that
the Bmall majority in the Iowa legislature
makes it probable that the ' senators oppo
nent will defeat his reelection , and then
goes on to call attention to tbo misfortunes ,
especially to Iowa , that would follow Son
tor Allison's retlrcmout to private llfo In
the course of the long article , the following
Is said :
"J ho position Mr Allison has attained as
chairman of the commlttco of appropriations
of the senate makes Iowa ut this time one of
the most intluential states in congress His
defeat moans the loss of this vantage giouud
Iowa can afford no such loss "
Slnco tbo Fortieth congress down to
tbo Fifty-first , inclusive , a period of
twenty-four years , three Btntes have hold
tbo chairmanship of this most important
committee on appropriations tweutv-ycars ot
this time It is n plain proposition that if
Iowa allows hursolf once to loose her griu ou
the nurse strings of the nation , und the con
tioltopassto another state , she will not
under sonutorial usage soon again bo called
upon to rcsumo churgo of thorn Besides his
position of commanding lnlluence on the ap
propriation committee , Senator Allison
is fourth on the commlttoo of
finance , und was chairman of tbo
sub-conimittco to shape tariff legislation
In the Filtleth congress and will bo at the
head of the sub commlttco in the Fifty-first
congress , so that Iowa not only shapes all
appropriation bills , but the west has tnus in
Senator Allison's person been accorded the
prlvilego of shaping the new tariff legis
Tbo main fact is the politician is not born
who will llvo to see Iowa in so commanding
a place as she today occuplos by reason of
the national conildenno reposed in her senior
senator , and tbo republic in legislator who
would malto ono of the few to combine to
tear Iowa from this , her proud position ,
will fill a most unonviublo page m tbo his
tory of the nation , his state and his party
The tldo in the speakership campaign is
turning against Mr Heed , of Maine
Southern and western members are look
lug up bis record on certain questions or
vital importance to tboir sections of the
country Tboy Bay that Mr Hoed hns rc-
poatcdly announced bimcolf la opposition to
tbo river and harbor appropriation ; that ho
not only voted ugainst the last two or three
rlvor und harbor bills , but assisted the flit ,
busterers in defeating the measure In the
last congress They also say that ho has on
more occasions than ono said that ho was in
fnvor of the demonetization of sllvor and that
bo bolleved there was only ono safe metal
lic base for currency and that was gold If
upon examination of thn record ho is found to
have thus opposed the rlvor and barber bills
and tbo regular monthly nolnago of sliver
there is very UUlo if any doubt that tbo
south and west will comblno aualust him It
develops thut the private business that
Major MoKlnloy went to Now Yck on the
other duy rolntes to the speakership Mr
Uood bus worked all summer and fall to
secure the solid eastern delegation and his
friends are claiming a solid delegation from
New York and New England Major Mo
Klnloy during his stay in New York City
Is seeing members of the Now York delega
tion with a vlow to securing some of thorn
for his support General Kotchum , ono of
the oldest Now York members , says the talk
about the delegation being solid for Hood is
all fol do rol , und yet Gcnerrl Ketchum is
ono ot Hoods supporters The slluatiou
polats mora strongly in the direction of u
combination of tbo south aud west and a
withdrawal at an early stage lu the caucus
of thrco ot the four western candidates
with a vlow to securing the defcut of Mr
Heed by the field Mr Cannon , of Illinois ,
is tonight very hopeful that ho Is tbo man
of destiny , and there uro good icusons why
ho should tnko hope
Nebraska Omaha Agency , Thurston
county , HlniKin C. Chase , vice H , D , Huff
oman , resigned ; WclUvlllo , Choyunno
county , J. N , Hollowuy , vice W , II Hock
ford , resigned
Iowa Lumotte Jackson county , N. A.
Hoffman , vice N. 1) . Nouiinora , removed
South Dakota Claremnnt Brown county ,
Gcorgo W , Krum , vlco P. M. Ulnuroso ,
TUB NEHllASKA conscAHitvisa a IBB
InterState Commerce Commissioner
Bragg said today tiiat the commission had
decided to abandon the Nebraska corn-car
rying case of the Baltimore Si Ohio railroad
Complaint was entered before the commis
sion that the Bultimoro & Ohio was violating
the law in Its charge for carrying corn from
Nebraska to the aeacoaat Very volumi
nous testimouy was taken In Baltimore , but
the coininUslon afterward found that it
would bo necessary to taka testimony In
Omnlm nnd ether parts ot Nebraska , This
the commission decided ' would be too ex
pensive and laborious In vldw of the fact
that there no longof.cxis ted any of the com
plaints alleged "Wo foutjd the g.imo would
not bo worth tbo trouble , " said Mr , Uragg
Jtl9C tLASEOuS |
C. Hurt , ot Oelwcin , to , Is at the Johnson ,
A postofflco has boon ostabllshod at Stork ,
Hamilton county , by spoclal sorvlca from
Arborvillc , a dtstanco ot llvo mlles , and
Eskol U. liurko , appointed postmaster
Posteitlcos have boon discontinued In No *
braskn as follows ; Hccchvlllo , Custer county ,
mall to go to Hound Grove ; Irvine , Keith
county , mall to go to Surisliluo
Colonel Wilson , superintendent ot the
West Point military academy , In his annual
• report strongly recommends thnt appoint
ments to cadotshlps bo confined to the Juno
examination , ns appoiutmonls during the
summer recess rcsutclu a large per cent of
Senator Algornon S. Paddock , of Ne
braska , Is at tbo Buckingham Motel , Now
York rnimv S. Huatii
Nebraska ntul Other States IInro
Fnlloil tn Mnkn It-turns.
WAsuiJiOTO.v , Nov 15. Captain Taylor ,
who has been in charge of the appropriation
for the purpose of providing arms , etc , and
camp cquipngo for the national milltln , In his
annual icport makes a plea for nn increased
appropriation It wns $300,000 in 1SS0 nnd
nnd has only boon doubted once slnco for
the neoils of nearly ten times as many people -
plo as then Captain Taylor recommends
thnt it bo increased to $1,000,000 annually
Nohraska and n few ether states have not
made the returns required by law , nnd Cap
tain Taylor recommends that after January
1 , ISO J , no issues of stores bo made .to any
state which has not rendered returns
The Gnirllsh Olass mowers Cine
Wasiiisoiox , Nov.-15. As a result of several -
oral conferences bctweoil Attorney General
Miller Secretary Wtudom nnd Solicitor
Hepburn , In regard to the case ofuho twon-
ty-dvo English glass blowers employed by
Chambers , McKco & Co , of Jcanetto , Pa ,
the first nnmod today referred the case to
the United States district attorney nt Pitts
burg , with instructions to proceed against
the firm named and these oflleers of the
local assembly of glass blowers instrumental
in bringing the English laborers to this
country , provided ho is satisfied suits can bo
maintained against them under the pro
visions of tbo alien contract labor law
Npbrnslcn timl Inwa Pensions
Wasiiinotom , Nov 15. ( Special Telegram
to The Bee.I Pensions granted Nebraskans -
kans : Original invalid Charles M. Phillips ,
Wakefield ; Oscar F. Jones , Ft Omaha ;
George T. Stoyner , Salem Increase Wil
liam J. Grundor , Harvard ; August Thiodc ,
Stanton ; William Murphy , Holdrogo
Pensions for loWansi Original invalid
James Johnston , Onslnw ; Alfred Loason ,
Ottumwa ; JohnT Winters Galesburg/Jobh ; /
H. Woldner , Clarinda ; Ferdinand Stotz ,
Gormanvillo ; Andrew Fdrd , Cedar Rapids ;
Michael V. B. Turner , Waterloo ; John W.
Cannday , Fnlrflold ; Aaron M. Forester , Des
Moines Restoration and increase David
M. Reynold Monroe Iacroaso John Wll-
linm Walker , Council Bluffs ; Alonzo Thorn
ton , Postvlllo ; Bcuonl C Howell , Fremont ;
Macklin E. Coons , Adolf.John V. Vance ,
Whiting ; John Meigs , Audubon Reissue
Daniel E. Wcsthcrlj * , .iSoanug ; William
Micklo , Uaruos City , ,
• Xwo Iowa Men Sued For Mallcloim
CniOAGO Nov 15. T. C. Worrel began
suit today for $30,000 damages for false ar
rest and malicious prosecution against J. A.
Ward and Henry Rlcke ) , of Cedar Rapids ,
la , and W. Watson Thompson , of Clinton ,
Io *
Worrel Is the invontorof a motliod of mix
ing metals by which a casting can bo made
at a price much lefs 'tban by tbo old method
Some time ago Wbriol , who was poor , In
terested tbo defendants in the invention and
they started him in a small foundry in this
city Ho claims they gave him about
$300 for his share and ho worked without
compensation until last month , when his
meaus becatuo exhausted Ho then gave up
thn shop and went to work for anotbor firm
bero Worrel nlouo had'tho soorot of the
now Invention , and ho now claims that slnco
he went to work for'thorOtbor lirm thut the
defendants have boon Worrying him with
suits and had him arrcBtod a few days ago
on the charge of orocbring money under
( also pretences His present employers took
bis side , sccurod his release and provided
him with counsel to press the present suits
against the Iowa people
Defectives Goinir After Dm mm
Kansas Citv , Mo , Nov ID [ Speolal Tel
cgranltoTiiB Beb.J jpjukorton detectives
started tonight for Toronto with the inten
tion ot bringing back with them Andy
Drumm and wife Tboy will go by way oi
Jefferson City , where p tpqrs will bo soourod
from the exocutlvo department Every dav
develops something now in Drumm's fine
nerve It now appears that the ungrateful
young nephew signed Major Drumm's name
to two checks , ouo fur $20,000 und the other
for $50,000. lioing tbo majorls confidential
clerk , young Drumm got the enormous
checks cashed readily , and with some other
funds scoured by various transactions , getaway
away with $53,000. Ho lias hired the best
Canadian counsel nnd will fight his angry
uacle to thq bitter end
Elppud Willi Ills Typewriter
Aliiant , N. " . , Nov 15. Special / ( Tele
gram to Tub Uce ] Colonel W. W. Thomp
son , of this city , a well known lawyer ,
whoso controversy wljh Secretary Noble , of
the Interior department/brought him into
recent notoriety , is missing , having eloped
with his pretty typewriter , Bertha Denton ,
aged twenty The affair creates a big sensa
tion hero Thompson brought the young
woman to bis homo and made her a member
of bis housobold over two ' mouths ago It is
known that Thouipsoii ' uiid Miss Denton took
the 10 o'clock train foi the west Sunday
night J
Itaoe IVrspoutlifii ) In Lnnlslnnn
" Lake Pjioviuencbri. . , Nov , 15. Louis
Ilornthal , of Vicksbupj " , came hero today
from Tompkins Bond ami reports that about
1 o'clock this morning'aq.uAlsntla ' store was
shot into aoout fifty or moro times aad thus
* '
placarded :
"No Jews after thtf Jsl of January A
Delhi warning ot llro and lead willmuko you
louvo " , y
Bernard & Hloch's store at Goodrich's
Landing was also shot Into about twenty
times There were Ufty-oight empty rliio
shells found on } ho levod this morning in
front of their store
The New Mexico Mlznr < l.
Desveii , Cole , , Nov , IB [ Spoclal Tolo
gram to Tin : Bib ] A Trinidad special says
tbo reports from Now Mexico are to the
* '
effect that cattle bavo not suffered us much
from the recent bllzjard as first reported ?
The principal losses uro sheep and horses
The snow is fast disappearing and tbo range
mou are chocrf ul ,
Tbo latest storm victim reported is Henry
Nichols , forman of H. W Loighton's sheep
herd His homo is in LuGrango , led
il < fTDitvU Not Dyins
New Ohlbaks , Nov 16. Jefferson Davis
is a passenger ou the steamer Leathers ,
which arrives liere about noon tomorrow
Ho Is only Buffering from geuoral doblllty
A Hclliy J all * .
Vienna , Nov 15-Uy the yi ot a belfry
at Olahujllau , Hungary , today , six persons
> vero killed and many Injured
A Newton Prloat Robbed rtt the
Polut of a Revolver
Insinuation ot Oflleers of the Grand
Conunnnilcry of" Knights Tanipliir
The Kennedy Murder Case
Iowa Notes
Ilobticd a. Irlrsr
Des Moines , Ia , Nov 15. | Special Telegram -
gram to Tun Bee.1 - Burglars broke
into Father Rollly's resldcnco at Newton , a
few nightsngo , and , prosqnting a revolver at
his head , forced him to got up and unlock a
bureau drawer , from which thov abstracted
his valunblo papers , consisting mostly of
notes , bonds and mortgages , a wntch and $13
in money The party then loft ami have not
slnco bcou heard of Father Roilly at the
time had several hundred dollars in his
pockets which the follows forgot to mquiro
Fatally injured bv Gnsollno
FonT Dodqe , la , Nov 15. [ Special Tele
gram to The Bee.J An old lady nnmod Lip
man was terribly burned at her homo in
West Bend Inst ovcuing by the explosion of
a gasolluo lamp , which Ignited her clothing ,
She can not possibly recover , but lingers lu
great agony
The KnluhtH Tetnplnr
DAVRNronT , In , Nov 15. The grand com
tnnndcry of Knights Templar of Iowa In
stalled the following oflleers to-dny : Grand
commander , Cyrus W. Eaton , Cedar Rnplds ;
deputy grand commander , James A. Guest ,
Burlington : gcnnrallsslmo ' , W. F. Fldlar ,
Davenport ; captain general , W. F.CIovolnnd ,
Hurlan ; prelate , J. M. Torris , Floyd ; treas
urer , RufusJ ? . Smith , Monticello ; recorder ,
Alt Wingato Des Moinossonior ; warden , F.
Hoyor , Osltaloosa ; Junior .vurden , George B.
Owens , Marion ; stundnid bearer , E. S. Pat
terson , Hampton , sword hearer , W. II Hall ,
Osceola ; wardou , A. F. Armstrong , Audu
bon ; Sentinel , Theodora Schreiucr , Mt
Thn Governor Indicna nt
Dr.s Moines , la , , Nov Special [ Telegram -
gram to Tub Bee.J- Governor Larrnbeo Is
Indignant at the construction put upon his
letter to the Dubuque lawyers who are attor
neys for Barney Kennedy , the convicted wife
murderer The governor says tbut the Infcr-
enco made by these nttornoys from the letter
was entirely wrong and without ground Ho
was asked to await the forwarding of peti
tions , and replied asking what time would bo
necessary for the completion of tbeso peti
tions , and ho says tbo inference that the sen
tence would bo commuted is not correct ;
that ho had informed the attorneys that they
need not accompany the petitions , as ho did
not care to hear further argument in the case
Students Must Not Fall In Love
Des Moines , la , Nov 15. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Bee ] There Is still considerable
sidorablo talk about the disclpllno which the
Des Moines college has exercised toward
tbo young and giddy students who went off
aud weio married last week without per
mission A reporter interyjowed Dr Stet
son , the president ot' tbo college , tonight ,
and asked him if the young people had violated
lated any college rule In getting married
Yes sir , " Bald ho Marriage during term
time subjects any student to discipline This
boy , for he is only nineteen , had bcon calling
on tbo girl , who is but sixteen , quite fre
quently , against tbu approval of the faculty
Ho was warned to desist , but did not , and
tbu next wo knew the students gave him a
Boronade ouo night and informed us that the
couple were married Wo held a faculty
meeting and indellnltoiy suspenacd thorn
both Wo dent ' think It right for students
to bo falling in love with each other , to say
nothing of getting married in term time
This young pair broke the rule und they nro
now suffering the penalty "
The Des Moines Ball Team
Des Moines , la , Nov 15. | Special-Tols-
gramto The Bee.1 A meeting of base hall
mon was held at the Commercial exchange
this evening to take mnasnres for maintaining
a team next season A good deal of enthusi
asm was shown , nnd the prospects for next
year are very good The franchise will be
owned by a stock association mudo up of a
largo number of shareholders It Is oxpeoted
to raise $7,500 before the opening ot the sea
son by the sale of 150 shnros of slock ut $50
a share Forty shares have already boon
tukon It is believed that the remainder will
bo placed without difficulty
Onnfcrcnoo of Kailroad Officials
BonuNUTON , la , Nov 15. [ Special Telegram -
gram to The Bee ] A number of Burling
ton officials held a secret meeting in this city
today it is learned that tbo recontchanges
in freight transportation nnd the trnflleo on
western lines was the principal matter under
consideration Among tbo officials present
were First Vice President II 1J. Stone uud
General Manngor E. P. Ripley , of the Bur
llugton , W. F. Merrill , general manager of
the Kansas Citv , St Joscpn & Council Bluffs ,
and tbo Hannibal and St Joseph , and G. W.
Holdrogo , goueral manager of tbo B. & M.
Clariiuln's Irotest
Dbs Moines , la , Nov 15. Complaint has
bcon made by the citizens of Clnrinda against
the action of the Clnrinda & St Louis rail
road in tearing up its track and abandoning
the road This road runs fioin Clarlndu , la ,
to Roseberry , Mo , and is paralleled by tbo
Chicago , Burlington & Quinoy road , which
gets practically all the business So the
former company wants to tuko up its track
The matter has como to the attention of tbo
rullroad commissioners , but It is understood
tbut they will not interfere and do not think
they have the powQv to do so
Binliui'U nt a Dunoc
Dubuque , la , Nov 15. [ SpeolalTolrgram
to The Uee.J Calvin Young , a farmer ngod
fifty , and William Murphy , ugod thirty ,
quarrelled about a place in a sat at a danoo
at Hanover , 111. , near Dubuque , last night
Young stabbed Murphy , who died fifteen
miuutes later The murderer was arrested
this morning and tukon to the Galena Jail

Prlnolpnl Points of Difference From
Orthodox IrotfHliiniH
Chicago , Nov 15. The second annual conference -
ferenco of the churches ot God in Christ
Jesus began hero today with delogatcs from
neatly every state In the union J. H.Wllloy ,
presldoat of tbo conference , presided The
coiitorcnco will contlnuo several days Tbo
principal points ot difference between tbeso
peoples belief and that of the orthodox
Protostuut denominations are suaimed up us
follows ;
The church of God in Christ Jesus holds
to tuo restoration of Israel ; that tburo
is llfo ouly through Joius Christ , and that
mails present state is mortal , dependent on
Christ for future lire They hold that Christ
while ou earth was a personal rutor , nnd
was not controlled directly by the Supreme
Mr . Blown Wuntaa Dlroroo
Chicago , Nov 15. [ Special Telegram to
Tuu Bee.1 Mrs Soiina A. Bloom applied
to Judge Shepird today for a dlvorco from
Robert Q. Bloom , who occupies a position in
un Omaha dry goods store , riho and tier
witnesses stutcd that Bloom had rewarded
Iter kindness by cruelty and ubaudonmont ,
ia 18(37 ( going to Omaha ,
ltcRgs' Attorneys In n Dllonunn Ar
rival of the List Wlcniis * .
Cniotoo , Nov 15. [ Special Telegram to
The llEn.i The nttornoys for John Boggs
nro considering the proprloty of making a
motion in the Cronln case tomorrow for tbo
discharge of their client They are not sure ,
by any means , however , that it would not bo
ovcrrulod ny the court , nnd therefore they
hesitate They fear that the overruling ot
such n motion might give tbo Jury the Im
pression thnt the court saw a prostunpticn of
guilt In the evidence against llcggs nnd that
tills feeling might bo present during their
dellbornllons and Inllunneo their verdict
Should such a motiou ho made it will bo re -
slsted by the stuto *
"Wo will oppose n motion for Beggs' dis
missal , " snld Judge Longencckor to-dny.
"Wo think his case ought to ire to tuo Jury
ntong with the others If wo did not think
his case to bo of sufficient gravity to do
passed on by the Jury wo would not have
brought it to trial "
All the lawyers for the defense were busy
to-dn v preparing for the presentation of tholr
case tomorrow , but none of thorn would dis
cuss the plans
lames Olancoy the Now York reporter
who will testify for the state at the opening
of court tomorrow , arrived in Chicago this
morning and reported to the states attor
ney Mr Clnncoy will bo the last witness
for the state nn tbo direct presentation ot the
case Ho will testify to a conversation be
tween himself and O'Stillivan , in which the
latter mnnlfostcd quaking terror wtion
informed of the finding of Dr Cronln's bodv
On rcbuttul the state will Introduce a wit
ness who will ldontlfy P. O'Sulltvun as the
man whom Mrs Pucrtol saw near the Carl
son cottage on the night whllo she listened
to the sound of the blows unit cries for
mnrcy coming from the dimly lighted front
room Another witness , nlso corroborntivo
of Mrs Paoitol , will bo Introduced , who saw
Dr Cronlu driving near the cottage shortly
before lie was scon bv Mrs Pncrtol The
state saved a few of Its best witnesses to bo
used In rcbuttnl
Rumors are again afloat regarding a con
fession of ono of tbo suspects Tlio.y can
not , however , bo traced to any reliable
ChnrccH or Unnecessary Dolny In
Onmlnc the llcsi'rvnllon Blot ,
Ciuoigo , Nov 15 A meeting wns held
to-dny at army headquarters of tbo Sioux
commission appointed by the president to
treat with the Sioux Indians for the opening
of their reservation , In order to prepare
tbclr final report
Referring to the charges ot unnecessary
delay m the opening of the Sioux reserva
tion , which of late hnvo boon frequent ,
Major Roberts , aldo-do-camp to General
Crook , stutcd the acluy was unavoidable and
was duo to a doeision of the president that
owing to the contradictory phraseology of
two nets ot congress passed nt
the last session , it would bo
uecossary for cougross to act on the report
of the Stoux commission before the laud
could bo opened to settlement Gonornl
Crook , in answering the charges thut tha
dclav in opening the icscrvation was due to
the fact that tbo promise which he hnd made
to the Indians to induce them to cede tholr
territory had not been fulfilled , said :
"I may say thnt neither I tier any member
of the commission made any premise of re
dress of grievances that wo were not
nmply able to carry out and which will not
bo carried out to the letter There were
some small grievances which ' wo could not ,
from their nature , pledge ourselves person
ally to buvo redre3sod , but upon our 'in'omiso
to represent these in as favorable a light as
posslblo it Wushlngton , the chiefs oxpresscd
themselves ns perfectly satisflod "
Tbo commission will contlnuo in session
for several davs engaged in drawing ut > tnis'
report , but It will not bo mudo public until
after it has passed through the usual depart
routine , wblcli will occupy from ono to three
A Gold Mine of Fnhulntis Hichucss
DUcovRivd In North Carolina ,
Rai.bioii , N. C , Nov 15. The Carolina
Wntchmau , published at Salisbury , has sent
a mining expert to Montgomery county to
investigate the rumors of a gold find there
and ho reports that all the statements about
the fabulous wealth discovered there are
true.Tbu find Is said to be the richest over dis
covered in the stuto Three parallel veins
were found about half an Inch iti thickness
and only throe feet apart The ere pans out
a largo per cent of gold
The representative ascertained that a
bushel of solid gold had already been taken
out of the deposit The place Is owned by
three Sanders brnthors Great excitement
is reported in the neighborhood and people
are leaving their work to search for gold It
Is stated tiiat ono man In two hours work got
ouf.OOJ pennyweights of puio gold and was
then compelled by tbo owners to leave
x mouentouh mat re it
Are the I'rr-Einptlon l.nun Repealed
in the New btnteh ?
Bisinitcit , N. D. , Nov 15. A point was
Informally raised today by F. M. Dudley ,
of tbo legal department of tbo Northern Pu-
cillo railway , in the United States land
ofllco that the preemption law had been re
pealed by the act of congress providing for
the admission of the now states
It looks as If it was intended to repeal tbo
eighth section of the act of 1811 as lo the do
nation of 500.000 acres of public land to the
now states for public improvements , but the
text iucludos not only the repeal of that sec
tion , but of tha whole law
The land department had not had its at
tention cailoa to it yet , but It is certain the
commissioner will bo cnllod ou for an opin
ion , aud It his amnion Is adverse the question
will bo carried into the courts
Tbo repeal referred to would also decide
a very largo number of cases wbero the
Northern Pncillorollwav company is n party ,
If the law is repealed all pro-emplion filings
where final proof has not boon made are de
feated This necessarily involves tbo
rights ot every pro emptor who has not
proved up in the four new states
Iln Had the Hinillnox
Chicago , Nov 15. A sensation was created
this afternoon when a young man walked
into the city health ofllco and announced that
bo baa smallpox
An examination proved that bis statement
was true Ho hud called on a physician
several blocks away uud had been directed
to go to the health oDlco Considerable anx
iety is fell now us to whether or not the
persons bo mot In the doctors ofllco ami the
hundreds ho passed In the street uro lu dan
ger of catching the Infection ,
United llioy Fell
New Yoiik , Nov 15. An examination of
tbo books of Heron J , Blakesleo , doing busi
ness as Blakoslco & Co , , plcturo dealers ,
shows , it is said , liabilities of $30,000 , aud
nominal assets of about tbo same amount
Dispatches from Boston sjy Noyos , Crabb
& Co , dealers in paintings , etc , assigned as
tha result of close uuslnoss rotations between
that firm und Blakesleo ii Co
fipiitanenil lo Hung
Lauahib , Wyo , Nov 15. [ Speolal Telegram -
gram to The HBE.J George T. Black , who
killed ranchman Kobort Burnett , afterwards
cremation the body , last May , was tc-day
sentenced to bo hanged January 15 next
Tnis will bo the second legal hanging In Lur-
uinlo's history
A Lrnvouworlh Citizen Riiloldcs
Leavenwohtu , Kan , , Nov 15. [ Speolal
Telegram to Tub Hbb.1 John Idlgoro , ouo
ot the oldcit residontsof the city , committed
suicide this evening by taking morphine
No cause is assigned except despondency
over continued Uluess uud business rovcrsos ,
Oomlntr In tlio
Vnonnoy Woatcrn 5
Stntoa Pnsaoiiffor Aoaoolation ,
The Contract Let Tor the Construction 3
ortho i'ncillo short Line Bridge <
Over the Missouri nt 1
Hlonx City I
Agllnllon Over Abbott's ' SuocosROts i
Chicago , Nov 15 [ Spoclal Telegram to j
The Ucu.l Lively caucusing Is now goinit " *
on concerning the future chairman of th 1 "
Wostoru States Passenger association , The > * '
position is ono of the most important passcn *
gor offices in the country aud only n man oC •
large experience will got the olllce Chair *
man Abbott has practically resigned , his '
resignation taking effect January 1 , and It Is \
undcrslo d will listen to no proposition for ' a ,
continuniico in otllco Tbo Western States
Passenger nssoclatlon ngreomeut provldet
that tbo chairman must be elected unani
mously , n provision which may delay In
definitely the cnolco of a cliuirmnn Oao or ;
two of the roads in the nssoclatlon would • ?
vote against re-oloctlng Mr Abbott , a result i
almost luovitnblo from the fuct thut the main
duty of tbo chairman is to Judge the merits
of the constantly occurring disputes bctwoon ]
thu lines It is tbo unanimous opinion of '
local general passenger agents thut the next ft
chairman must como from the west It \
Is not hoped to got a man of moro ability nnd 5
oxponetico than Mr Abbott The difficulty g
will bo in finding 11 man on whom nil ccuhl j
unite General Passenger Agent WIIboii , df '
tuo Northwestern , could probably have the
office If ho would take It , uud u movement Is i
nlready on foot to soeuro hlsconsunt to the :
use ot uis nnmo Should ho not accept , it U i
not Improbable the association would remain
without a chairman for un Indefinite period , ]
as it seems impossible for the members to % W
unite on nny other mini , 'Jjsj '
Mioux Cltv Hnd c Contract ijrr jK
Chicago , Nov 15. [ Spoclnl Tologrnm to |
Tub Bkb.1 The Pacillo Shoit Line , the J
ralltoad now building between Sioux City J
nnd Ogden , today closed u contract with J.
M. Mocn for the building of a brldgo across >
the river at Sioux City The brldgo will bo *
2 , 'JsO feet long nnd of the combination typo , *
carrying steam and cable car tracks besides !
an extra floor for pedestrians and wagous
A Bantu Fe l'rnpofltlo 1 Ili-Jooroil. , i
Cmovao , Nov 15. The Western Freight j
association today voted down the SantaFo's 4
proposition to reduce llio rate 00 hogs from
H' to 22 cents from Kansas City to Chicago v
The Santa Fo gave uotlco that it would 111- 4
slst on putting the rite Into effect , mid an \
uppoal was taken to the liitor-Stalo Com *
inorcc Hallway association ;
Noihlnu lo tliv > ! Out \
Boston , Nov 15 President Adams said ' i
today with regard to the reports concerning *
tbo Union Pacific and the Denver , Texas & 1 ;
Fort Worth , that tuero was nothing to give , I
out j
tueronurd Union 1'ncillo Kninlnen " \
Boston , Nov 15 The gross earnings of 4
the Union Pacific railway , cntlro system , for -S
September were $3,818,524 , , an Incrcaso over . M | |
thosamo month last , yonr ot $2KJO0T ; net iSP
earnings , $ r,0l7,15aian Increase of $304,080 ; - ffi ?
forthonino months ending September 80 , , &
not earnings , $10,500,402 ; increase , $230,151 \
over the same period last year |
A. BfLtr DlMUNIilXr |
Division ol'Fundi Disturbing the Mt 3
E. Missionary Committee
Kansas Cm- , Nov 15. [ Special Telegram jj
to The Beb | The qutstlou of the division |
of $1,021 , 1,31)9 ) butweon foreign and bomo missions - 5
sions threatened the very stability of the j-J
general missionary commlttea at yesterdays |
sessions , if the organization over splits It $
will bo upon tliia point If It docs split there J
will bo two distinct missions formed , ono 'in ' j §
America and the ether In Europe ft Is as- ft
sorted that the following appropriations will f ;
bo made by the committees , Xf
Switzerland , f' ' .l.SP ) ; Scandinavia , $47,430 ; A
India , Slll.Obll ; Malaysia , $0 500 ; Bulgaria n.
nnd Turkey , $10,220 , ; Jiulv , S17.0UJ ; Mexico , • $
$52 001) ; Japan , 8'JO.lOd ' ; Coroa , $111,101 ; %
Lower California , $1,000 ; total for foreign < 8
missions , J' Wli0. ) ! |
United States missions not 111 the annual i
confcruni'O will be administered us foreign jj
mlssloi s as follows ! •
Aiizonu S4.500 ; Black Hills , $5 525 ; Call J
fornla German , S4,07.i ; Indian territory , t !
$ J,700 ; Nevada , $ .t,4.W ; New Mexico , $ ld,200 ; ( S
North Pacific Gorman $1,500 : Northwest %
Norwegian and Danish , t-J.SiJO ; Utah , $24- f ,
072 ; Wyoming , $ ls0i ; total , ? il.T2i. - M
Domestic Missions Welch S1.5J0 ; ScandlS
navlun , $ J7,740 ; Gorman , $ , iit.G9 : , ; French , if
$7,550 ; Qlilneso , $9,510 ; Japanese , $5,515 ; S
American Indians , $4,500 ; Bohemian and " §
Hungarian , JJ.75U ; Italian , $1,700. 4
Vurious Foreign Populations PhiladolM
nhia $4,500 ; Louisiana ( Swedish ) , $750 | Jf ,
English speaking , $20J,00l ; miscellaneous , Wi
jOJyoo M
Everybody OiiIskId of Moriuondoin ; ij
to ho Cut on * . < 3J
Bjlvt Luce Citv , Utah , Nov 15. [ Spec 4
lal Telegram to The Eib : ] Bcfoio Judge
Anderson today Levi Axtull testified %
to having taken nn oath in the endowment %
house to avengn the death of Joseph Smith ,
to aid 111 overthrowing the government of J
the United Stutes and to support the priest < M
hood implicitly in nil things 3
Ills arms wcro unointcd to give 3
strength to strike all enemies of < §
the kingdom Ho was told that , §
In volumnO nf the church Journal , Brigbam m
Young declared that tbo ehuroh was tha $
kingdom of God , mid thnt all not members ' 1
of It should bo cut down , A sermon in tbo
sumo volume by Cenrga Q. Cannon curses J
the presiaont of tbo United States and all " r
who shall become presidents , and declares it $
the duty of all members to curse them . *
The Mormon church was the kingdom of m ,
God and was to take the place of the United , f-
Stutes government %
Tuo defense objected to the intioductlon m
of church publications as avldonco " 'M
1 ho Herald , tbo Mormon paper , bad a long m
editorial this morniug full of threats to the . - * !
liberals , culling tbcm bummers ami gutter ' 'm
snipes M
HtHiun hip Arrivals , JH
At" Glasgow Tha Prussian , from Phlla- ll
dolphin M
At London Sighted , the steamers Edam , ml
from New York for Amsterdam ; the Island , JK
from New York for Stettin , and the Etrurla , jf |
from Now York for Liverpool
At New York l'ho City of Berlin , from IK
Liverpool , und thu Gallon , from Hamburg , M
At Bremerhaveii Tbo Allen , from New mt
York _ ( #
A niiHinr-HH Poller M
Pints , Nov , 15. It Is expected the gov'M
crnmont will send a communication to tb r. $
chambers Monday doolaring the nocosilty of , m
a practical business policy for the chambers M
and that llio questions of tbo rovition ot tha j |
constitution unit the separation of church and • H
state mutt bo abandoned Wt
Two Ohlldrrui Burned to Death JwA
WATtnauitr , Conn , , Nov 11. David and mm
Kitty , two children of Ho bo ft Honnessy , of | QI |
Danbury , wcro 'burncd to death whllo play JM1
Inn with Uro in their homo this afternoon ' Sfl
The Wralher IforcouHt fnl
For Omaha aud Vicinity Fair weather , 'yH
For Nebraska and South Dakota Fair , mm
wunuer , southerly winds 1 ]
For luw.i Fair , warmer , varlablo wind * . jM

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