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i The Omahai Daily Bee \
Twenty Acres of Business Blocks
.Llckod Up Llko Shavings
Just When All Unman I rfort IVnu
Pmvcrloiis the Wind Suddenly
Clinngcd and the City
Wan Saved
• J ho Worst Hlnco 1H72
IIobtott , Nov J3 [ Special rolocram to
1 up BnrJ thanksgiving has been ushered
in In Boston Uj ilio greatest llro slnco ttio
calamity of 187J
It besan at 8 15 am and by noon hod
burnt over twenty acres In the heart of tlio
oltv , entailing a low of tS' oOJOOO
Tlio llro limit Is bounded by ilnrrlaon avenue -
nuo on the cast , the renr of Washington on
tlio u est , and bum nor stroct nnd Lssox on
the north and south ,
It llrst hroko out In tlio big dry goo Is bouso
or Broyvn , burrcll & Company by n badly
connected ulcctrlo lmht wire mid hid un
doubtedly been burning for a long tltno be
I fore It showed for whnn the alarm wns first
Bounded the wliolo rear portion was In
fl lines The building was n tnussivo brown
Btono structure six stones high The llrst
two lloors wcro jammed with dry goods and
tno second lloor was occupied by the Woon
socket Rubber compinv lhotop floor was
used as a store room by Jordan , Marsh &
The second , tHrd fourth nnd general
alarms were soun led ono nftor nnothor nnd
lnsldoof forty mlnutos thirty eight stoim
and ten chomlcil engines were massed around
tlio conflagration , but this dolugn , combined
with apourine lain , hud no effect , nnd the
tire looping across narrow Kingston street
Belted upon the live-story bilok hat factory
of r.amson i , Uubbard No 00 Bedford
stieot nnd the six story brownstone building
of Tftylor Urothors , wholesale clothiers ,
cutting off the llroincn Thov hastily boat a
retreat leaving engines Nos 0 7 an 19 and
HnystiuclcNo 14 to their rate A. lot of
men , dosplto the fin nnro around them pulled I
uhonncal ongiuo No i out of dancer , , while
three stroauis of wutor played on thorn to 1
kcop them fiom rotating
Seeing the whole two blocks between Har-
rlsou uvcnuo and Chauncoy street were bound I
to go , Chlof Webber sent calls for aid from '
Linn , balom , Laurence , Lowell , Worcester
nnd all the suburban towns The vaiioits
railroads were hurriedly clcaro I , and by 11
o'clock the tire engines begin to arrivu In
town , the mob of people who filled the streets
cheering thnui lustllv
By this time the cutiro town was alnimcd ,
nnd business men came rushing frantically
to tholr ofllct s , only to bo turned out of
dnnci by the police Many wept , syvoro
and begged finuticullv to bo allowed to get
( Vt their books , but they yyero kept
from the criistiing walls and ifly-
Ing slutcs Nothing Whatever of the
contents of the bulldiuc was saved , for the
llio spiead rnpidly Uy 11 o clock the llro
bad onirulfod all the buildings between liar
llson and Chauncoy nnd Sumner and Essex
Btreots when foitunntely the strong south
cast wind which had boon prevailing , driv
ing the ill o into the heart of the city , shifted
to the west aud blow the llro baelc oy or the
burnt section saving Boston
llio casualties wcro happily foyv , tie
laddormen being tlio only onoa injured
fatally , ono florn fulling walls the second
from u gas explosion , yvnich cut his head
nearly off After crossing Ohnuucey street
the yviud changing enabled tbo llromen to
hnlt It , but by this time no less than 100 of
the finest waioliouscs in the citv had been
acstroyod It wus in the hcait of the woolen and
linen district , rainy of tbo buildings being
tlio ogcncios and v/urohouscs of the big Noyv
EnUnud mills and they had just got In their
winter stock The loss at noon Is roughly
estimated at $15 000,000 , but no idea of
the Insurauca can bo obtained It is
thought It will bo about tyvo
thirds The ro3ldonco section bolng pparcd ,
thera vvai an absence of these scenes yy hlch
, tnako a oity Uro so nppalliug Uy noon the
lira was under control and Ufty onglncs
wcro keeping It at bay
A. l.ntor Account
Bosto- Nov 28 The most disastrous llro
from yvlileti Boston has suffeiod slnco 1372
and ono iu which the property loss rivals the
great conllticrutlon , at Lynn iuesduy , broke
out about 80 a in today in u slx-moiy
granite building owned by Jordan , Marsh A ,
Company , and occupied by Brown , Duroll > V
Company , dry goods , Bedford street , corner
of Kingston
Tlio great flro of 167J broke out on the
comorof Kingston nod Sumner streets and
the alarm for today's flio yvns rung In fiom
tlio sumo box which horatdol thatuiomora
bio conflagration that consumed nearly $100- ,
000 COO of proi orty
I The llrst alarm rung In today was 1m
mediately folloyycd by the llrst general alarm
In lloston slnco 1S7J
Today's conllugrutlon raged for six hours
mid burnco oyer tyyo auros of torrltojy , cov
crcl by uiabnllicontstruetuies und entailed
u loss now cstlinutod ut fS.lW 000
Ihu goner il ularm yvas soon folloyvod bv
calls upon all the neighboring cities and
towns for assistance
I lames yyuro soon pouring from nil the ,
windows and ttio roof of the Brown Buroll
bulldlnir At 8 45 they hud spread
to the shoo uud leather oxchungo ,
building , another laruu grainto struc
ture adjoining Unwn , Burull A , Company
on Dcaford ktnot broin the other builu-
ings the llauics swept In great masses across
Uedford ttrect to the opposite corner , thence
across Kingston street along Uedford to
Chauncy , where it was stopped in the stnro
of Parity , Bnrvoy X , company , the upper
stories of yvhlch yvcro burned rinoo stores
uloug Chauncy street towurd buuiiioi yvo-o
On the south sldo of Bedford street the
fire Jumped across Kingston street from
llroyvn , Durcll , t Lomihuv's to tbo blgBuud-
Blona bdlt ling oyyued by V L Amos und oc
cupied by la > ior Brothers , and thlsvvas | con
suuied Ihurealtrunito ( building known
us the Noviua block at the comer of
Chauuoy street was ihu next to ko mid the
cutiro bloik clear mound Uuyyo Place to
Kingston street yvas consumed •
lha tire tin n crussod Chauncy rtrcotto
Ihu stortB whieli ere enclosed In Lxour
VUte , a small street running from Harrison
avtuitoto Lhaunoy strout Hero the llro
ttiu got control At Jloyvo Pluto the llro
wus partially checked from bolng toyvard
Lsjcx Btieot , but quickly inoyed toward the
o | poslto side to the luniu nau Allen X Larra
boo biilldtiics , oecuuyli g the squuru between
Hod ford street und mo Hurrison uy eiiue ox
tension of J xctcr Place , at yyhleti point its
further progress was chocked
'llio scenes about the lira were renkto
with excitement aud activity llio terri
tory bounded by Klutstou , Uedford and
Lbauucy sheet * yyus < ho principal tbcatro
of dcstrtfctloj Here the coillagration
leveled everything Within nn hour after
tlio llro alarm sounded the whole utiuctuio
of Brown , Durroll & . Company's building
collapsed witlt a tremendous crush
Humes were darting ( rum the doors
nnd vvlndoyr und the interior of the block
wus u gtoyviug furuueo The dry toods una 1
other combu itlblo nrtlcles with yvhlch the
floors wcro picked burno I to a yyhito hcut
The granlto crumbled und llio Iron girders
molted nyv iv llko lcc 1 ho stre ims from the
engines yore dissipi'cl ' In vuporboforothoy
touched tno llro buadenlv the crv arosei
"Ihowallsaro falllngl Biekl Back I'
The crowd Burgcd hick for their llyci
Startlul by the shouts the firemen
dropped their ho o nnd ran to Bn\o
the llro nppirutu * 'lhoro yyas a
confused an I deafening rour and ii dense
cloud of sinnka und dim mounted heaven
ward When It elenred atvay tlio luxi rlous
palnco of tindolind yunlsbcd only n , funtns
tie heap of bricks , slintli red stone , ttvlstod
Iron iK'jims and brohon coltimna marKing its
silo 1 wo onglncs nnd an aerial lad ler nnd
yyntei truck yvort > rulnrd beyond lopyir llio
scene was ono of thrilllnc grandeur Ilia
toyvorlug Amos block , occupied by Taylor
Brothers yvus ubl no trom roof to batouicut
I'lii ) Ho irs fell with u stunning uulso leaving
but tlio mcro shell Trom this building the
Jho yvis steadily catlutr ltsyviy through to
Chnuncv street dcsplto tlio thousands of gal
Ions of water throyvn on It A sui cession of
sharp explosious Indicated the force of the
compressed heuted air in the firms rooms
and broken gis pipes were plailugitieir part
in the conflagration
Ilia Immensn stores occupied bj samucl
Williams nnd Brlghum & , Company , corner
of Chiunrj street no 1 Uoyyo court , m irked
the furthunst orogress of the llro In that
direction Although ii | parontly Uro-i roof ,
It yyus completely gutted On tbo corner of
Cli iuiicv uu 1 Bedford streets u lurco block
occupied bj binlth , llog & . Gardner and
other * yvas In almost as bad a plight an 1 the
buddings between these tyvo wcro Utterly
dostrove I The leaping flames succeeded jn
crossing Chnuncy street to the ut per stories
of the huco Allen olocn largely
occupied by 1 arloy , Harvey A , Company ,
and those udj uciit < ih fur us Bssex Place It
yyas Imrd to direct stronns of yvntci effect
Ivcly anil for n time it scenic3 us though
Wnrrcn street might yet bo ro ichod 1 ho
tliemcn here niylo a crand rally Many
lluos of hose yyoru emricd through the stores
on Harrison avciiuo and the Too yvas strong
ly fouuht Other hose yy its taken up stubs
und used from tbo yvlndoiys across on Bed
ford street bull other streams yyero ul
rectcu.on the fl im s nnd fin illy the further
progress of the lire yvus stayed
lyyo llrcmon hayn been missing since
morning and It Is feared thov yvcro ciushod
1 > J fulling wall ! ) bovoral narroyv escapes
are reported
bovc ul pcnplo In the building on the cor
ner of Kingston and Bedford streets yvcro
oyercomo by smo to but yvoro rescued by tno
bravery ot l'olleo faergoanl Kimball
Pitrolman Ilayucs nnd Councilman
Barry A policeman and several llremen
are r < portcu scrlousli Injured or burned
llio origin of the lira is notdollnitoly
knoivn , but is attributed to electric yvlr < .s
Lnttci estimates of the loss places it it
nearlj f. > OOJ 0U0 About tyyo hundrcl firms
yyero burned und 100 agents of Nctv York
mil western firms bud their headquarters do
stroj ed
iho agcnte > of n largo number of insur nice
companies intoicstol yvcro soon by a ro
porter and nsked ns to their losses llio
ilsks yyhleU could bo nscortumed ted ly
amount to uoirlj * 2 750,000 , y/bllo a lurjo
number of couipanlns aio jot to bo heard
the fire , coming us it docs , on top of the
greil blaze at Lynn is a crushing bloyv to
manv of the smullci Insurance companies
and it is not sit nil unlikely that It yvill cause
the suspension of some of them
I ho following is n list of the shoo nnd
lei thcr firms burned out , a great many of
tliom being the Boston houses of larco
factories In othir portions of Noyy Lmrlund
C L Aldrieb & . Company the Applcton shoo
comuany , W P Barrntt & Company , A.
Butcs , the W U Uricn shoo company Bun
ion & Couiuanj , Copclnnd .1 Huitwcll John
S ropgii Company , Trunk S Gnge J W
Hurt t Company L P Hnyvlcins A , Com
D in\ Howard Poster W Ircson . Com
paiii I N Keith & Company b Ivolth
.v Company , the Ljun boot and
slip ) or Company , B r Maishull ,
Vdolph Meyer A , Company , George H
Mcnoli T A Parker & , Company B J
Paten PorklnsiV Joyce Joshu i H Purnum
Holers & Wobocr HoycoAOuff the Stun
son bUphcnson shoo manufacturing com
nauy W It M Tennoy L W J vler ,
Wulkoi A , Broyvn , the Woonsocket rubber
company Myron Woodbury , thn Brockton
Inst company the Herbert S. Kapp company ,
the Nation il thread company , O O Palton
Comianj.tio Bro kton Blakolj burnish
ing m ichiuo compaiii George Clark Uuprei
t imkii" I ott s llnding machine coroi any ,
Wheeler A , Cuinmlncs , WoodyvurdiC Wrluht
Loithor houses H G Solomon of Noyy
ark , N T > , I S Bounott& Brothers of Little -
tlo V ills
On ncarlj all of the above the losses are
piactically total Broyvn Durroll & Com
p my carried coeds in stock to the vnluo of
upivurds ot J-80O 010 und the stock yvlll bo n
total loss llio insurance on tills Is $173 000
Joruun , Marsh A , Compiny's shirt fietory
yvus insured for JOOOO llio Woonsocket
rubbnr comptny's stock yvas insured foi
J"0 000 , Taj lor Brothers , hats and cups ,
* 75,000 /
iho Great I ire of 1873
The former great conflagiatlon which
swent over part of the area of the present
fit o commenced at 7 o'clock Saturday even
Ing , November 0,1873 raged nil night and
tbo greater part of bunday and licked up
$100 000 000 worth of property In those
foyv hours 770 buildines , most of them mag
nificent structures of stone and iron , yvcro
consumed as though they were built of
wood Tyvcntv parsons perished In the
The llro broke out In a largo four story
granlto store on the corner of bummer nnd
Kingston otrocts Before tbo flro engines
nrilved on the scene tbo flames had com
municated to the ether houses In the vicinity
nnd in less than twenty minutes the yvbolo
broad facidos oitcnding down Kingston and
bummer stieots yvoro ono shoot of ( lames
mid the boat was bo intensn as to force the
llremen ayvny A stiong breczo sprang up
und tbo Humes spread with rcmatkuble
rapidity llio llremen stiuggled heroic illy
but in vain Barrlcudcs for their protection
yvoro put up , hut they molted before the llerv
clement like wax bo terribly intense bo
cuno the bout ultor a while that
It passed through the brick walls
of adjolnlug bulldhius to tbo fronts of yvaio
houses on the othnr sides of tbo streets ,
Igniting and consuming the latter without
nnj direct contact with flame
About .Iu m , nttompts yyoro made to stay
tbo progress of the Humes bv bloyvlng up the
buildings in its puthyvay with djnamlte , but
proved futile , nnd the mugniilcont portion of
the cltj bounded by Washington , bummer ,
Bedford Water and Ollyerstreets burned
to the yater'sedgo
llio entlro siuco occupied by tbo yvbolo
sula dry goods dealers , yvool merchants , boot
and shoo , hldo and leather dealers , nnd
clothing houses , met total destruction Not
n yvool bouso yvas left standing Bvory
wholes ilu clothing bouso yvlth a single ex
coptloa , was burned , and hut thioa or four
dr.\ goods commission houses yvero loft
standing Tbo tire thus burned oyer the
lyulcst area of massUo and uppnrently In
destructible commercial palaces iu America ,
slxtj-Uva acres
Illy ; l.iindnii Hlnia
Loxnov , Nov 23 Iho White drapery
establishment at Aldcrshot burned today ,
loss i.100 000
Stnoklpct Mill-i IIOHtroy od
Hiivnciun , J.0V , 23 Ilia btocUinet mills
of the Hurtford carpet yyorks ut Thompson
Tillo burned last nitlit , loss heavy
A niuaiu m friini Nfbrimltn
Dai us , Tex , J ov 2i J M Hclmstclter
catno to Dallas bomo monthsugo and married
a beautiful young lady hero A former yvifo
arrived from Nebraska joiterduy bringing
along Boyciul young Jlatmstotters Ihu
bicuuilst yyus arrested ut Uusl last night on
uUldaylt of nlfo No 1 , ho haying tied to that
town on hci airival
511 in l-H Lilioilibnd
London Nov 2S. A tremendous land
slide occurred at Biadonburg.today , com
plctely ehokluir up two shafts and entombing
a unmbur of miner * yvhoso rescue la doubt
" " •
A Commlttco Appotntod to Do
Propaganda Work
It I llni Woi-k il the I'rnotloal Vlolit-
tiun or Ijfiiy Contract hx St-
lniC ni the Xtniii the Act
tyns Pushed
The l > phtnr'-i Hope
St Loti , Nov 23 In the silver conven
tion this morning a resolution by Ifltch of
> ovudn yyas adopted 1 lovulltig for tbo ap
pointment of n national sllyer committee ,
yvlucli should bo empowered to call another
national silver convention and provide for the
election of delec ; itcs , also to provl lu for the
organization of state nnd mttiomil sliver
lciguos foi the promotion of llio objects of
tbo convention A committee was selected ,
among the members bolng W B Phelps ,
Blmwood , 111 , Allen Boot , Omaha , Neb ,
L II Woller , Nashua , I
Congressman Hlaud , chairman of the com
tnlttoc on resolutions , presented tbo follow
ing preamble nnd resolution ns the dcllbcrato
opinion of the convention
Ilcsolvcd , that the demonetization of silver
hns woriied the practical violation of ovorv
contract the i oxisttmr In tbo United States ,
entailed unaccounted losses reduced prices
mora than JO per cent and th it Its ofleets Is
practically to iniilto debts poruotu U , that it
cuuse3 a contraction of the currency , which
reduces values until there Is no profit left to
the larmor , planter or men of sm ill capllil
who dot end upon the sale of their products
for returns for their 1 ibor , tint wo bollcvo
nccitiiicito of thu govoi-nmcnt b icked dollar
lar foi dollar by cold and sllvci com in tbo
ticasuiy of the United States is a
safe nnd sound currency and has
been approved by the people ,
that considering the contraction oiusid by
the surrender of nation il bank notes during
the past thicoyears und tbo vistsums that
must bo collected by the cancellation of gov
ernment bonds dui ing the next three years ,
the nocessltj of restoring silver is as uianl
fost as is the Justice of such a policy , that
the gold aud silver of the yyctt pouiim ; in a
stcodv stream nnoi the onst for forty joars
vitalized every form of business thcro und
steadied nud upheld the credit of tbo nation
thiouc.it a gruit wur and mudo resumption
sumption possible , and that what wo now
demand Is us much more to the interest of
the cast than of the west as the productions
of the c ist OKcecd In value the productions
of the west , that wo beliavo in thoequil
rights or gel 1 and Bllvor nnd the ftco coinage
ago of both , nnd that no nation ev er had or
ever yvlll bavo too much golu aud silver
coins , now , thuioforo , bo il
Uosolved , That tlio rif tv first coniti ess bo
requested by this contention to provide at
Its Hi st , session for tlio opening of the mints
of tlio United btatcs to the frco urd unlim
ited coinage of stuudurd sllvci dollars of the
present weight nnd fineness to bo letn ! ten
der for nil debts , publm oi private , equal
Willi cold , and that when such provlslou is
made that the secretary of the tieasury bo
rcquistcd to rein ? J 000 000 worth of silver
as now authorized by law
Mr Bland announced that a gcntlomnn
from Iowa , Mi Woller , desired his report
printed as p n t of the proceedings of the con
vcntlon und bo vvoull offer no furthoroppo
sl'lou to the udoption of thomajonty report
Ho did Ibis in the interest of harmony llio
report of the committee on resolutions was
then adopted by a vote oti \ , > to 7
Arosolutior iPcicd bv General Gintor of
Missouri fivoring an intern itlonnl silver
congress during the world s fair wns tabled
A icsolutlon tliiiuklnir the As90ciatod presser
or the nblom inner In which the work of
the convention ha 1 been presented to the
people of the United States vas unanimously
h Itch of Nov aduvvas called to tbo plntform
and delivered an nddress , after which thu
cotiv ention took n rccoss
Mr Pitch m nn exhaustive sneoch on the
labor ditllculties , laid all the blumo for tno
poverty stricKou condition of the yyorking
classes at the door of tbo capitalists who
demonetized silver For tiventv years "
end be ' yvo bavo had abundaut prosperity ,
but ut the end of It wo lind wealth centered
in n few hands What has the laborer foi
his twenty years of toill Ho cm boast that
tbooirirORato wealth of the n itlon has largely
increased of factories established , cities
orectcd rivers bridged , tianscontinontnl
lilirhv/nj s reaching from ocean to ocean Ho
c in cull the roll of millionaires and thou
sands will respond where before the wnr
there wis less than live Hundred Ho can
wipe the sweat from bis wc iry tJeo and re
flect that among the 8,000 millionaires may
be enumerated twenty American citizens who
gathered $150 000 000 from tbo toil and tears
of 60 000 (100 people Ho can walk weary and
sbcltorloss in the shadow of the palace ho
has built , but may not enter I seek not to
assail the rlgnts of capitalists or to urouso
acalnst them the prejudices of poverty or
unthrlft , but for twenty years capital bus
tnmi crcd with the people s money and gath
ered to itself illicit gains by increasing the
burdens of industry
"llioilght for the restoration of silver Is
a fight of debtors against ci editors , the
laborer against the capitalist , the poor
nculnst the rich It is useless for the monopo
lists to tell us pi ices bavo boon reduced
because of the increased production In India
This mav be an approximate cause , but I say
tbo primecauso yvill bo found In silver de
monetization nlono Bngliud has bcoma
today the greatest sllvor consumer In the
world , and yet jn all her vast empire she
produces less than 7 p' ' ! cent of the yvorld's
supply , nnd Germany , the co conspirator in
the work of demonetisation produces less
than 3 poi cent 1 upland is the bunco stccioi
of the world und Undo bam is the gontlomnn
from the ioral districts How much longer
will our miners planters and farmers
consent that the senators mid repicscntu
tives at Washington shall continuo to legis
lute in the interest of Wall street I Is It not
time for tbo American eagle to rlso and
shako the Liverpool salt from itB tall ) [ Great
applause ) It may be that sudden rcinonu
fixation of silver would produce some
temporary disturbance ) In Wall street , but
the eastern aud western boiiiiduri"s of this
nation are not found between Pearl sticot
nndHroalvvny Wo are lioro to represent
the cottages aud caoliiB of this country and
their interests should bo protected though
the bulls of the Wallstieet bucket shops
bellow with rage
At the afternoon session a commlttco nt
larto of ten members was appointed , includ
ing Bon A I btovonsun of Illinois A
counnitioo was also appointed to prepuro u
uiomoiiul to congress , uftor which tbo con
vontiou adjouiacd sino die Tbo delegates
wcro given a banquet tonight at the Mcr
chants oxchuugo
An Old Man Uhurgod With Arson
\ller u linm Hi t 1 vlotiou
Golcovua , III , Nov -3 About two vears
ago Air Harrlneton Claainhan , looming
throuc.h his ofllcial position as rocordcr of
deeds of this ( Pope ) county that there was a
defect in the tltlo to certain lands then in the
possession of old Nathan T Hart , bought infer
for the nominal sum of f3 an outstanding
claim and begin au ojectmont suit against
Burt had lived on tlio latf Jlfcr over thlrty-
llvo years , claiming it under a tux title , and
had paid the taxes upon it cud brought it to a
hlc.li state of cultivation , but was , ncverthe
ess , defeated After ntteiupting unsuccess
lullj , however , to obtain compensation for .
his improvements , ho was oy laud nud foreoil
to seek a homo with bis sou-in law
His old homestead wis sold ton stranger ,
hut only a feu day a after tbo trade nuollco 1
was posted on tbo door of the bouso threat •
ening thu burning of the building If any ono 1
ihould endeavor to take possession ofit The
mmmmmmw * i > ln 11
purcliasor bosun prcparrtlfcms to move in ,
when , Just ns his iirranfrfcmcnts vvcio about
co nplotcd , the building burned
Hart was at once oharpod with the crime ,
arrested , uud his preliminary examination
Rot foi vesterdoj but th the lu'crim ho
waived nn examination nhd was hold In
bond Ho is a man who has heretofore stoo 1
well in tbo community , is sovontv llvo years
old , nnd was never In n court liouso until
Buelbv Clnnnahniii Ills friends claim the
nrsou was the work pf an onomj who wishes
to get him out of the wny
The I rcnoli Clmtiilli r In the llstlllta-
ttoti of thrt I loot Inns I'roccs
iropinlul t JJ9 ' /amM Onnfcm Heiuieff.1
Paw , Nor 2 $ fNoiv York Herall
Cable bpeclal to Tiir Bi c | Thocbambei
hns now roach < id a critical stage In tlio rati
Oration of the cloctlins process Up to the
present It has dealt almost solely with elec
tions about which not two similar opinions
were posslhlo Its fdtliro condnct will give
] ta measure of moderation und Impartiality
bo far the ninjontv does not appear to hnvo
decided on anj direct line of policy
It Is divided between two conflicting
Inclinations On the ono hand the oppor
tunists oi nt least tlio moro modornto among
them thoroughly understand that a syste
matic system of Invalidation would bo taken
as a signal of a lovivnl of4a policy of intolor
nnconnd pmty strife , while the l idlcals on
the ether hand , hnvo made Invalidation n
outranco their wntchvvord , bollov Ing with
reason , vhnt "uch n policy will effectually
prevent any co illtion between the right nn 1
the moderuto republicans On Monday last
two members of the rlcht were validated
dcs | ito the strenuous opposition of the ox
trcmo loft , whcioupon the org ins of that
party brol o out Into a loud , flcrco declama
tion against the opportunists The latter bo
ntno tathcr afraid of their own moo oration ,
and , to buv their pardon , nt the cnstilug setting
ting annulled the election of Arnault a roy
alist against whom thcro were no leal
causes for discontent This by tlio way , h
a f ivnrito way of acting with the onpor
tunlsts I or every stop they make towards
a moderate policy they tauo two tow ards rad
lcalism With regard to the Invalidation
of the election of Comto Dillon , the c iso was
different The law was formed , and ns o
necessary conscqucnco of the sentence of
the high court of Justice Dillon lost his tiehts
of citizenship It Is soinowhnt Incompro
henslblo that the right lofused to accept the
position nnd that it bhould bj voting in Dil
Ions f iv or have made demonstrations no less
illcgil than storllo Ot a moio complete
chamctor is tbo election at CI igancourt
The committee engaged on the question
has so far not liccn nblo to
como to any definite decision An
opinion which appears to obtain a larco
moasuroof support is that Juffiins election
is not quito satisfactory 01 loifal but thcro is
I some slowness to formally move its invuhda
I owing to the fear that another election
would result in the return of Boulanger As
the law at present stands the people , under
universal suffrage , could ole t nn ineligible
not ouco but several times over In some
quartora it is'proposed that the law shoald
bo revised Iu tbo sense that any clrcoscrlp-
tion which should persist in electing an in-
cllgiblo candlaato after hls > .clcctlon had boon
once annulled should forfeit 1(3 ( right to re
presentation in parliamdnt daring the re
maindcr of that session
An Bxploslon That Shook the City or
Hnr pltln
ICopurfoftt l lhyjinu Gordon Renii'tl 1
MAtisrniES Nov < > 3 ( Now York Her ild
Cable bncclul to Titr Bre 1 A terrible
oxplosiou this ovonlng caused widespread
terror throughout the cltv The throe
masted ship Vlllc do Marseilles , with a cargo
ot 3,000 barrels of powder shipped for
Mozambi juo caught flro An nttempt was
made to blow up tbo sIiId with dynamite
without success The flro In a short time
leached tlio forchold ivncro thcro were 1,000
barrels ot powder A torriflo o.splosion foi
lowed All the windows jfor a milo around
were shattered Fragments of the ill fated
ship were found 500 motors away from the
scene of the disaster No lives wore lost
The ship bo longed to Siuclar & Company of
William A-it 01 OhiMidlcr
iropj/rWit ISfOhu James Gordon R nntt I
LcfDOS , Nov 23 | Noiv York Herald
Cable Special to Tub Beb I William Astor
Chandler has Just arrived from a hunting
expedition In Central and Bast Africa Bo
is In splendid health nud spirits and s tys ho
made a Journey not acnlovcd by any other
white man Ho had an escort of 123 Z inzt
barls Bn started from Mombassa und went
to Ingierl where Captnln Dawnoy was
killed Only once did ho have tiouble with
the Massai , when thov attempted to steal a
rlllo from one of his men Bo says the mon
who accomnanloa Stevens rovoltcd nt 1 nglcrl
The return iputo taken by btaoloy ho con
siders tbo wisest possible selection Chand
ler left Zanzibar November 3
Aincricnns In L union I at Tin key
[ u < r iirlai t tSBOOu Juno ant Inn lien iK 1
Losdov , Nov 28 fNeiv Yoik Herald
Cable Special to Iiib Bit 1 Americans
here celebrated Thanksgiving day according
to homo fashion , or ns nd irly as it could bo
nnproacned in a foreign land Turkey was
the prlnclpil fcuturo pf many dinners
Mlnco pie there was too , but it was not the
genuine artlclo Dinners ivoro given by
Minister Lincoln , Consul General ' New and
by quite an army ot unqfllclal Americans all
of whom toasted the old ) flag patriotically
and enthusiastically !
Aincricnns nnd dorninnH nine
[ Oh urtuht 19 bu Jama Gordon Jlemi'l' 1
Blumn , Nov 28 I'NJow York Hciald
Cable Special to Tun B t'J Pivo hundred
Americans dined iutbogr eat bull of tboKala-
erboff thlseyorlng Minister Phelps presided
Tbo health of the president and ompeior
was draulc standing To ? tbo latter toast
Herbert Bismarck tcspauded aud proposed
the health of Mfnistor Pholj s Bo told how
proud Americans were ot their country and
the guests n.iplaudcd tcm cs'uously Alvarv
sang tbo ' Stai Spangled Banner , " nnd guyo
as an encore ' Suawunco Btvcr "
Minister Bald t.lvl > a Dinner
ICopurlo' ' I JB hij ni j jjorb 1 JJsn i 1
PAIH3 , Nov 23 Now | Yoik Heiald Cable
Special to Tub Bj.it,1- Minister Held
and Consul General Hathbono gave dinners
today Among the guests at Holds dinner
were bolomon Illrsch , minister to 'luikov ,
William Waldorf AbUh' ' and Caiala | Za-
lluskl '
Htrninsliii ) Airlyulu
At London blghtedr The Ilclila , from
Now York for Stettin { . the City of Boilln ,
from Now York ; the Canada , from Now
York for Loudon ; too Mlcblban , from Bos
At Baltliuoro The Caspian , fiom Liver
At OuecnBtown-iho Germanic , from Now
At Isevv York The Prance , from London
At Queenstown Iho Arizona from Now
At New York The State of Nebraska
from Glasgow und the Culio from Liverpool
A NobrnBka Town Hna n Llvoly
Thnnksfflvltiff Day
The Townspeople Itiut Out nnd
Hnbduii the Ih-ute , ttttt Not Until
n Crent Atunniit of Dviungo
U an I ) inc
A Peculiar Preilioam nt
W est Poivt , Neb , Nov ii [ Spcciol lol
pgram to riti Hi n ] Iho usu il loungers nt
the depot this morning were moro th m ordi
narily surprised when the up freight train ,
Tso 4 , Incited In on the flllotricic nud nil
hands wcro cilled to usslst Iu tinloillng the
local freight lo the great surprlso of all ,
btntion Ac.ent Uiebert cillod foi ono ele
phant All w is co naiotlon at ouco , but the
animal w is safely landed 011 the platform
and word sent immediately to Messrs
Sonnenselioin & Valentine , the parties to
whom the nnlraal was blllod , to came nnd
rccolvo their ircight Sonncnschoin repaired
paired to the depot nnd w is lost In admira
tion ot the line points of the anlinnl , but
when the froieht bill was pn sontod , which
w us about $ THX ) rofuBcdtopa ) the same
\ \ ord was nt once sent to hcadquarlors at
Omaha to And out vvbnt was to bo done
In the mcuuitmo the elephant had broken
out of tbo crnto 111 which ho had been con
fined and bad stirtcd up the principal stioet
ot the city Bis llrst objective point vvs a
livery stable which floated on the street ,
evidently iu scircli of a thanksgiving din
ner 1 rom hero ho mudo a 1 aid upon tlio
front of Crawford A. Draho s now brick
block Binashlng in the entire plato glass
front Crossing the stioet ho entered the
drug store of lliouipson Brothers and de
molished ono entlro sldo of their elegant
stoio building His c 11 cor of demolish
lug wns Btoppod hero Lolls of
rope wcro thrown atound him
and followed bv the entire populaeo
of the town wasltdbick to the depot In
triumph It seemsthatbonnensclicln &Vulcn
tlno bad ordcicd the animal for advertising
pui poses some time lust spring , but not hear
Ing fiom their order , hud irlvonPup all
thoughts of over receiving him , uu I are not
prepared to care for him In the meantlmo
Agent Drebert is unxiouslv nwattlng orders
from lieudquaiteis , while sixteen men are
omplojcd for the nicht to guard the uuiuinl
frnquiry was made at Utuoo P iclflo head
quarters yeslorduy regarding the mammoth
but no ono know any thing concerning It At
last the general frenht iient ( J S lohbelts ,
was found 111 tlio actof eotlitig oiitR < do his
annual turkey , and in icoly to questions
asked , bo stated
' My dear sir I am not running a zoological
garden , nlthouch I confess wo hive an clc
nhant on our hands It is a
tlno quadruped , nnd is as gcntlo ns
a kltt < n It is for sale It will drive
single or double is Kind , nnd will not kiclt
ever tbo tr ices rnl3 elephant Is very fond
of children , but wis never known to oat
moro than ono at a time Ho was four years
old quito a while agu was sired by luinbo ,
the Into Bin num mammoth nnd Is dammed
his dam is unknown Ho has a record
which I now forgot and is IHO hands high
You can have him by paying the fi eight
cnarges.and tbo cost of the baled bay he has
Oaten and will eat '
• O , yes I forgot , I ilso have a box of
whlto snuUes the same species that are oa
exhibition at the musco I see that their
bills say that but one lives at 11 time Ibis
is a mistake The ono they hnvo was born
triplets 1 have the ether two In addition I
have two whlto monkeys at Sioux City
These are very rare in these parts In fact ,
they are scarce But if you see nnyouo who
wants n couple send them around , and , by
the yvnv don t foigot my olopuant Ho will
bo iriintcd whlto without additional cost if
you desire A plcco of the white meat ,
please , " and lubbcts resumed his meal
Southwestern N bruka Teacher *
Nun v ka City Neb , Nov 23 ISnocial
to Tin Bee I The Southyvostern Ncbiaska
Touchers' association met in the distiict
court room In this city this evening , with a
largo ittendance Hon B V Wurron do-
lu otod the address of welcome , winch was
losponded to ny Prof Uluymy of Bcllovuo
and Superintendent P D McCluslcy of Lin
coin Superintendent Rakcstraw of the
Nebraska Citv schools dolivcred au lute-est
iug address , after wntch a brilliant reception
was given at the Young Mona Christian as
sociation ball
The programmo for tomorrow will bo full
of Interest In the morning Prof G E
Barber of tbo state university nnd Suporln
tendent Wells II Skmnor of Crete will rend
Bcvoral interesting pipers which will bo foi
lowed by discussions , participated in by
bupcrintcndent Tordv co of Auburn Super
intonrtent Gardner of Tccumseh and Prof
Ostrom of Nebraska City A loctuio by
Hon J Sto'ling Morton , on the subject of
' ireos , " will bo nn attractive feat uro of the
morning exercises In the afternoon the
session will be held In the lnstituto for the
blind , and these who will tuko part in the
exercises there will bo Prof A M Cham
bcrlnln ot the Christian university of Lin
coin , Uev George Hindlcy of Wcoplng
Water , bupcrintcndent G It Chatnum of
Humboldt Superintendent W W D-uni
mend of Plattsmouth Miss S G Kroiboil of
Syracuse , Miss M Evoljn Bliss of the state
normal school at Peru l'rof I B Parmnloo
of the institute foi tbo blind Mrs BmmuLd-
wards , Llliot sclnol , Lincoln , nnd bupcrin
tcndent P D McCluslcy , Lincoln
Stuto bupciintcndout George B Lane ,
Superintendent J L Melvln ot Nomuhn
Citv , Superintendent M G Jones of Silom
and Superintendent C P Carv of Pairbury ,
yvlll tnko part in u discussion
The evening exercises at the courtroom
will consistof n business meeting reading by
Prof B W Hunt of the state university ,
and a discussion by Prof George I Pure
bam of the state normal BChool , and Superin
tendent I B Bnlburv of Wohoo
The prcsont session Is 0110 of the most In
teresting and impoitant ovei hold by the us
Itufl'iilo Bills Daiiirlitor Mini oil
NoimiPiATTi , Neb , Nov 2S H S Boal
and Arta Cody were marrlod ot the Codv
rusideiico In thu suburbs last ovcnlng Tbo
ceremony was performed according to the
ritual ot the Bpiscopal churcti Only rela
tlvcs and a fnw iutlinato fi lends of the con
tracting parties yvero present No cards
were issued Iho young people left nftor
the coioinon for Denvornnd points west
Among tnc numerous and eluborulo presents
was a ai aft f 10111 the bride s futhor , Lolonul
William P , Lody , for f5 0J0 , and a deed to a
cosy cottage in which Mr and Mrs Boal
will take up their rcsidenco on their return
A County TrmtHitorHhlp Contest
KcAUNKr , Neb , Nov 28 ( bpoclnl Teio-
gram to tin Bi e 1 A contest in the county
treasurerslilp was filed In the county court
nt a Into hour last night B M Grimes , the
republican candidate ut the recent election ,
yvas beaten by II Prod Wiloy by 170 votes ,
nnd Grimes hi lugs action on tlio grounds of
Illegal tickets being used by the peoples
paity ' Kcpuollcnr state ticket was
printed on the top ot these tickets , and tbo
jcopio's candidates were printed on the
suine Attorney General Lteso has decided
that these are specific ( rounds foi aturccss
ful contest bj Mr Grimes
Ci nlnil City I'oslollloo ItumlnrUed
Cestiui Crir , Neb , Nov 23 Jbpccial
Telegram I0T111. Bci ] EarJy this morning
buifclurs brol c lute the postolllco , blow open
the safe und secured $ u00 111 cash , mostly out
of the money cider department , which tlu
postmaster Is Dot allowed to del oi.lt iu other
tlinu national banks Thcro Is no clue , al
[ though the perpetrators uro believed to boone
ono of a local gmg
Will Hnvo ti Amputate UU Untulo ,
CrSTitAi Citv , Neb , Nov -3 ! [ bpoclnl
Tclogrim to Tun Bn | Vlbert Nelson , liv
Ing llvo miles north of Chapman s ha 1 his
bauds sobidlvmnshod In acorn shotlci rues
day that amputation was necessity
A llnsltntrn Mnn Sdium lninn cs
Canst it by 11 IiImU-BrlnMnK Min >
BiSTiMis Neb , Nov 23 Au-iinportant
dnmuLo , tuit litis been Jccl ted in the distiict
court 1 ho enso is 0110 that arises under the
provisions of the blociimb law nnd Is about ns
follows In lbS3 Humj 1 rlcllng run 11 sn
loon In this city in his wlton name Next
door to the saloon Gooigo Wood kept a
bllllnrd room Woods son , lew Wood ,
a minor , assisted his father lit nttuiiltng to
the bllllaul room Birlis In October Wood
w enl to Colorado nnd loft the boy lu cli irge
Soon nfler Wool loft the biy commenced
drinking and inviting his comrades also
Illinois , to drink with him , for which lo
si out nearly nil the 11 ouov iccelvc 1 fo
billiards On October JT the boy lenrncd
that his father would ictiiril in 11
day nr two Bis courngo for ook blm
nnd ha dnrei not fneo his f ithcr Ho took
nil thn nioiioy ho h id left , about 570 and
skipped out Wood lottniicd and found the
billiard room closed nnd the boy gene Ilo
did notlcirn or the boys vvhorcabouts until
the January follow iiifrnml the boy did not
return homo untH Inst boptomber Wood
sued Prlcling and his bondsmen and claimed
$4 200 damages In the trill of the cuso nil
of W ood's ullecutious wcro proven llio defense
fonso did not put 11 witness upon the stunl ,
npp irently reiving upon tbo pie ithat it was
unlnwful for Wood to employ fie boy around
the billiard room Iho Jury was out nbout
ono hour nnd returned 11 verdict fixing llio
duin igcs ut tJ If > > 1 riding lias moved to
Denver and b s bondsmen aio left to BOttle
the bill It will now Lo haul woik for a
Bixtecu year old boy to obtnln a dunk of
In this city
Apprehended By M ltd 11 Hopkins nt
I rnvo City , Utah
Liscoln , Neb , Nov Ja [ Special Tele
gram to Inr Bel J Harry W Hall alias
Wnlton , nllas Wright , who escaped from tbo
stnto penitentiary Jnnuaryfi , 18SS while under
dor a lifo sentence from Choycniio lounty
for nitirdoi nnd robboiy , was captured today
nt Piovo City , Ul 111 , by Warden Hopkins
wno hns been on Ins track llko a vcrltablo
sleuth hound since his appointment to the po
sltion ho now holds
Hall s escape is doubtless as fresh in the
publio mind ns though It vvcio but yesterday
It was attended by such circumstances that
unpleasantness resulto I between the gover
nor m 1 Warden Hycrs and ultimately lei
to his icsin ( ition or raniov il
Warden Hop tins is on routu homo and
barring acci louts , will icacli Hits city with
his prisoner 1 riduy night
hlhe's a aitrjir scm mu
A Plan to Have Sullivan mid Jacks on
I iethi nn Linko Tnhoe
Cviison Nov , Nov 23 Sports iu this city
and Virginia aio makiiif u scheme to hue
Sullivan and Jackson light 011 Luke latioo
for ? 'l > 0J0 , the mill to take place 011 a big
barge in the center of tbo lake The barge ,
which is to bo b lilt for tbo occasion , will bo
a raft made of logs borrowed from U10 Luke
Tahoe Tlumo company The raft will bo
larger than an aero of ground , and will have
In the center a pit twenty four foct squuic ,
filled with earth and tainnod down hard
11 crow ill bo.i big tontovci the ling to kiop
oft the sun , nnd the raft will bo
rciched by stcimers plyinir from the
sboro Tbo raft yvill be anchoiod on the
state line and only the holders of f 100 tick
ets will bo permitted to witness the ml'l
1 bo managers ut picscnc wist to be I ci t in
the backgroun 1 1 hey expect to recDivo
? r0,000 gate money , giy 0 a $ J5 000 pi izo , 1 un
free ir.iins fiom ban Francisco to Iruckce
for ticket holders und have alight to a finish
without gloves
Huvlnc the raft on the line of tbo two
states tbo exact loctlion will not be nuued
un 11 u 1 hour bofoio the light , the authorities
wlllboovudcd and none of the cxpcilences
ofRichburu repeated Iho nir ii ilways
cool and pleas tut nt the lake , and the Idea is
to have llio fight enrly in the spring , with
tbo permission of tbo California Athletic
club Several monoveu men uf Snn Pranclsco
are la the schcino with parties in this state
A Humor on W till htreer Which Is
Gen rally Believed
New Yokk , Nov 2S [ bpeclal Telegram
to The Bee J A rumor has boon pcrsist-
ontly circulated during tbo past week that
Jay Gould is tryiug to buy control of Atchl
son stock A dotlino in the stock is said to
have been engineered lor tbnt purpose In the
face of the uunouncetnont of the success of
the reorganization plan It has oven boon
hinted that Gould is behind tills movement
and l picking up stock in both Now York
and Boston Yesterday a special dispatch
was received on Wall street which road as
follows ' Munlpulatlor- Missouri Pacific
Atchison and bt Louis & ban Prnncisco is
atti ictiug attention und is generally crcd-
ltolto Gould whoso holdings of Atchison
have been estimate I as high as 200,000 ,
shares Although no stock ippcurs in his
iiume 11 ] urc.u umouut has been tratisfoucd
to Grant & Company of Now York J iv
Gould bus always boey credited with a do
aire to obtain the control ot the Atchison
nnd St Louis & , Snn 1 ranciseo rouds lhoro
Is a Lrc at deal of gossip about tbo'Pnsco '
company in Wall street
Mnc Gnmhlorfl Arrested on Suspicion
of Belli tr thu Bobbers
Gainkbvii 1K lexNov 28 [ Special Tel
eeram to Inc Bri ] Nine mon supposed to
bo the perpetrators of tbo robboiy on the
Gulf , Colorauo & banta To Monday nhjit
near Uonvlu , Indian territory , are now lu I
juil They are nil gamblers Some of them
were arrested at Ardmoro and two at Her
win The arrests were made by deputy
marshals and City Murshul Honey cult uf
this pluco i'ho ulllccrs are very reticent , but
it Is claimed that they have a strong ouso
iho prisoners were taken uerots tbo country
to Hcrvvln this afternoon There is u reward
of ? l,000 each for tbo urrcst and conviction
of the robbers Other arrests uro expected
to follow ut once
lyyo of the lobbcrsnro Known to have been
in this city last night and disappeared ismys
tcrlously us they came llio authorities will
not give the names at prcsont but udrait the
arrests Deputies uro still scouring the
country In the vicinity of Bcryvin
IVvIng Hiuli on Clmiity Mono ) .
W'lNMiro , Man , Nov3 The police
bavo discovered that a roau named Inlls ( ,
who acted as custodian of the relief money
of Spoltano Palls at tbo time of the great
llro cud who , it is alleged skippo 1 with a
largo amount of the money , was In this city
this weak scattering nioiioy lively In high
life 1 hey suy ho left for Toronto 1 uosduy
- m
Iho Wtiulhoi Iti port
Tor Omaha and vicinity Pair weather *
Tor Iowa Pair
lor Nebraska aud South Dakota Pair ,
much warmers varlablu winds , beceunng
Wroo ! 011 tlio O & O
Ihontov O , r < ov 23 A disastrous wreck
occurred ot Ccrcdo , on the Chcsanoako Si
Ohio road , this morning A train was
thrown from the tuck by u washout and the
engineer and mo braUcmcn killed
In the Sponkoiehlp Raoo the Hold '
ia Far Bohitid j
IT the Mnlno Stan's Swlflly llylitff
IVot Pull Not Ho Is 11 W Inner
Western Mon Vnj Irln
J11 ntot. . ,
Wasiiimjtov Buiirvu Tin Ovutu Brr , 1
Ml PotmTcrsTii bnirur V 1
Wasiumuon I ) U Soy J8 )
Nothing will di fent Hoed hi the rneo for
the speakership at this st ice but the disgust '
of the members trom the west , south and
northwest nt the application of the unit 1
rule This old time metlio of c irry ing eon I
ventions nnd creating artificial seuilmi ut lu *
fuvor ot 0110 man w is ubandoiic t In Now
\oilc stutojears ngo It inner thriven to
nnv gioat extent in tbo lcpublienn party nnd
the attempt to bilng it to thy fioutnsa j
factor In the niesont eiitnpiljsti h is disgusted t
these men who uro In the liubll of thinking
for themselves But Senator Quay of
Peiinsylv mil owes his own eolitlcul
promlnciica to his nbiitty to compel othora '
to bow to Ins will lnspltoof their own Indi
vidual Inclinations Scnnlor Qu ly is tbo ono *
mau who is trying to cooico the cntlio Penn 5
bj Until 1 du'egntlon ' into voting in hodlctiitos , i
and the clmnces nro tliut ho hns been suc
cessful 'llio unit rule In Now \orltisn
sclieino llrst stibgeste 1 by ox-faeuatoi PI at
Ho has 1 ot uttempted to compel any of his
foltowbrs to vote for Uepil Ho Is too ndroli
a statesman to try any such scheme Ho *
knows that to try the coercion policy would " *
bo ruinous and ho hns In eonsc nionco been \
quietly ut work On out , h bis most ti listed
licutcn nits alt sunnnor to bring about a unit °
Policy on the put of Iho moiubois
from New ork Ho itnoiv at the
outset th it his paltieiilur friends arn Kccd
men nnd it wns thcieforo only necessary
that they should mnkn tholi cello itU09 see
that the bcttoi policy would bo to unite on
somu man Ibis plan has worked to a
charm nnd the action of tlio New Yorkers
tonleht , iu deciding to supper * Mr Keel was
on v what every ono 1 no v last wci It would
bo the outcome
Scnutoi Hiscnck who at rive lhoro yostor-
dny , Ii is l,1vcii out the lloa Hint it wis to
him tint wus duo the unity of action on the
pin of members fiom Now \otk , but ir
bi nator llineock hud announced hist spi Inc
that ho vvnntot Kccd elected the result
infill have been tint the unit rule *
would hnvo novel been applied In Nuw York
It would bavo hid a contrary effect mil In
stead of unity of action the nineteen mem
bers would hive been likely to have voted
for nineteen dilTcrciitcaiidi lutes If tin re had
boon so miiny In the Held It was not until
Heed had consulted Mr Piatt th it ho ic illy
lno v who wus wuntcd for spoiker
It is interesting to note iu this connection
tint the mon cl limed as con ilu to voti fiir
Heed all 01 nearly all < ouio fiom the sections
tions of the count 1 v vvhero the influences
of the Union Pitcllt nnd thoLiinudlan P iclllo *
railioads mo snonc.cst
It is pnticularly tuio that the solid Now
England support claimed filr blm is duo in
ercat mea9uro tothocffoctlvo work of ono or
two Boston gentlemen who uiogic illy inter
CBtcd in a chunc.o in the Interstate common.o
lnvv desired by the Can idi 111 Pnclllo The %
votes of the monibois from Oregon of the i
members I rom Minno otu , Kansa- , mid otiiar
wostcin stiles which are claimed for hlui ° -
uro nlsn slid to be controllul in imoasuroat ' "
least by 0110 or the ether of the two great . ,
corporutions nbovo referred to Still id
Hpito of nil this und Iho ntmosphuro of lteod v
which prevails ovei vwbcio ( the frienda of *
the other cnndldntcs have by no menus >
pivon up bone MeKInloy in 1 articular do- 4
cllncs to udmit thut ho is defeated , on the \
conti iry , Boveril of his fi lends predict that 1
ho will gain many Rood vole 1 after the llrst
ballot and they even go so tnr ns to promptly ,
covci nil bets agiinst blm yy licit odds are of- (
fcred But Mr Kcod h is about font oqt of i
five chances iu tl.e speakership liht ( the way *
it stands tonight J
mi ? en 1 vngoos /
The gororal suiicrlntendent of the railway
mall Bcivica has ditcctod the postmaster ut
Sioux Ciy to dlspitch the through roirls- 1
tcrod poucn from his oDlco for Omaha via
tbo Sioux Lily & . Om ihn rnllwiy postoil
ut 7 30 0 m , oxeopt bunday , coininoiiclugW
once Noninroil has been omitted from the
bt u mull Eorvlco on tlio route betyycon Non
paroll and Murslund f\cl ) , to 1 eln ( Noyom-
bcr.9 IboBoiylco will becln at Lnvn '
After returning from church today the
presi lent nto dinner with his family an 1 ;
passed tboromninilorof tbo day veiy quli tlv f
Secretary Windoni nnd family s | ont the duy ,
in Bi ooklyn und Postmnstor Loncrnl Wann-
maker at bis country bouso near Phila \
dclpbia Secretary Blalno was lcdlsposod
during the forenoon ,
Major William S Worth Tiirhtli Inrnutry , 4
Port Uoblnson , spent tbo day lu the city and * >
loft this ovoiiiug for Now York )
Pi liur fa Hrvrn %
It Has nn Rnloy fthlo Trip to the Brit , •
Ish Doniinloiirf 5
PoiiTiAVn Ore , Nov --3 [ bpeclul to Tna *
Bee 1 Ihu Union Pacific fast mail party , 1
thut loft Omaha about ton duy a ao ( , reached 4
Portland oa their lot urn trli ) this morning 71
f hey bavo m ido a thorough Investigation of '
the innil facilities afforded to pcnplo to tbo Jf
north of Portland , paiticulnrly in the
Puot ( Round country The tilp from j
Portland north Included Btops dt
J'acoinn , Seattle Port ioy/nsend , nnd as *
fni north ns Vlctoila , which is a tlnivlng y ,
city situated on Vancouver Island At caoh *
of the ubavo places the prominent rosldonts
yvcro conferred with , and their vlovvs ob {
tuluod as to what additional liurcased mail ; .
Survico wns needed They all expressed their f
satisfaction at the establishment of now '
mall sorvlco on the Union P nelilc nnd wcro .
exceedingly anxious that the sorvlco bo still '
further cxtendod to the north This will J
probably result 111 the establishment of a "
fast mail circuit between Portland and .
Vletorin \
But short stops wcro made by the party
on route to Vlctoriu It was nt this point 1
that theinslirniaof tbo Biltisb hovernment j
was llrst soon flying from masts of mcr
chant marine As soon as the Olympla , the
stcainor that tonvovod the tourists across •
the placid waters of Puc.ot Sound reached <
the harbor n special committee of the board t
of trndo of that pluco approached and ( j
extended 0 welcome to the ninbassa a
dors of the staves Card ilos were |
pressed Into sorvlco and a drive , i
was t ken about the city Monday night
the visitors yyero banqucttcd at tlio Llarouco
hotel nnd an elegiint rep 1st was sjircud On .
the return today the inombeiH . wore ten V |
dorcd a cordial renontlon by Mayor Moron *
and board ot trade of Kcuttlo A sumptuous
, dinner was served , after which a drlvo about •
thu cltv w is taken 1 ho pat ty will reach
Cmuhu Prlday uftornoon
m \
OniiRnd 11 Hun on tlio llnuk r-
Waym-suuiio , Pa , Nov 83 Bxbhcrlff f
bpragg made aa assignment yesterday |
which iuyolvcd W T Lanlz , cashier of tbo 1
Paiincra' aud Drovers Natlonul bank and 1
the report caused a BnuiU run on the bank '
Ihudncolors assured the deiKititorsof the f
bank they were lerfoctly nblo to pay tbo dePosits - m
Posits Keyerscs in cattle ventures in the 7\ \
west was tie cause of the falluio iho lia- * j ]
bllltics yvlll reach many thousands M
I'r'Hidrnt xonus Burloiidrrs §
PiTTBiiuito , Pa , Nov , 2 Prosldent
Young of the Lawroneo bank surrendered 1
hiuisolf late lust night mid gave ball In the j
buui ot iifiOO for a bearing Wednesday r

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