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' A Roforcnco to Mr Q. W. Llnlnsor'a
K Publlo Oaroor
B An Knttiuslnstlo Ilndorncinent of Mr
B Iiinlngcr , Mr Hush mill tlio
HM Ullicr Onniliii ntr * on tlio
H Hcpublionn Ticket
BB llonulillcnn Kntliuslnsni
BS A most enthusiastic republican meeting
BB Wns held Inst night ot Alotz hall on South
BB U'enth street The attendance numborcd
BH nbout onu thousand and it could easily bo
BM perceived that it was tnado up ot prudent ,
BH roasonlng sons ot toll There tvoro nlso pros
BM cnt several candldntos , among whom wore
H tlio omnipresent Krnost Stuht , enndluato for
BV coTincllnn of the thirst ward , Dan O'ICcoto ot
BV , the Second , and John Rush , candhlato for
BV city treasurer
BV The gathering was called to order by
BV Charles niguttcr , who inane a very cloquont
BVr introductory audrcss after thd Union Pnclflo
BV l > and had rendered several musical numbers
BV 15. J. Cornish was the first spoakur Uo
BV nald In elTect that the republican party
VVft , wanted to elect officers who wcro opposed to
BV prohibition ; wno were In favor of securing to
BV uvcry purson his personal riKhts , rights
BV which Hhould ho guaranteed until they In-
BV tcrfcrcd with the I Ighis or itouiobody else
BV' ' People who wnnted the saloons closed on
BVt Sunday should huvo tliolr feelings respected ,
BV but they had no right to deny othnrf the
BV privilege of drinking beer on that day it they
V , felt so disposed Republicans wanted ofllcors
V Br who would rucognlzo the rights of labor ,
V V' ' who would consider tlio question as to
VVf whether or not the condition of the Inboror
could bo improved mid who would hold that
J . convict before was both wrong aud
VVJ injurious They wanted officers who
VVJ would bco that tno railroad coin
V B jiunv , to which the city had voted
V bonds on Thursday , when the ttmo eamo
J would lioep its word with the city ; who
V B would make property as valuable in the
r. Third mid First wards , ns it was in the
V V 1'ourth , Sixth , Eighth or Ninth wards ; who
} , would see that there was a certain share of
VVk t'10 ' Public moncv for improvements spent in
VVX the ward All this could bo effected mora
V V < natlsfactonty by voting the republican ticltet
VV # than in any other way
l Speaking of Kir Llnlngor on the subject of
H V prohibition , the speaker suul that his hearers
VVX could go to Mutz Brothers , Krug or Her nnd
VVf nslt thpm to whom they gave cicdit in the
VVk/ legislature of four years ago for killing
E prohibition , nnd they would botcld that it
T was Mr George W. Llnlngor , the candidate
VVx'- " for mayor After the bill had passed the
V V housc.-lt had gene to the senate , where thcro
V B wcro thirteen senators opposed to It , nnd
f where it required sovoiituon toklll : it Mr
[ Llnlngcr , In nil honorable way , induced two
HHf of the hitler senators to absent themselves ,
L nnd when the bill eamo up there wcro
BBm not suniclont votes to pass it
f nnd the bill conscqucntlv was killed
V V It wns not a bill cither which simply pro
V V . vldod for the submission to the people ot the
VK question ot an amendment to the cons tit u-
V B ion , hut a real prohibitory , such us is now in
HHf force in Iowa
V B Puxton and Ijnms , as two good , reliable
BBb nndjioticsl men as lived , were in that sumo
BB > Heniito last session , and the submission bill
f passed Why was it that they ,
BBV democrats , didn't kill it , when
BBS Llnlngor , republican , had done so
BBj' , n tl,0i , preceding Bcssionl It wns simply bo-
J causa they were powerless with republicans
BBj-1 Limtiger know what bill every ropub-
' - IIcan favored He had found this out in
BBj' raucus , nnd with this knowledge he was able
BBh > lln honorable manner to keep those two
VVl' republican prohibitionists from voting for the
* bill nud thcruuy.killing It i
BB > Hopuolicans were opposed to prohibition
VVl . . ' nn principle , and becuuso of expediency
BBV < , Tlioy might put up cverv urcumont to defeat
Bf.- it , nut the place to defeat it was in the
BB ' republican party They hnd to giro
J strength to their oOlccrs to defeat it There
VVj = - r' 'llB " ° Honor plank in the platform at the
BBj- last convention in Hastings Why ) Bu-
BBj" cause the sixty-mno delegates from Douglas
BBft went down tuoro and told iho country delc-
Eates that if they wanted iho support of
louglai they should not meddle wtth prohi-
BBV bitlon That's why prohibition Is not now
HHE talked as it was before
BE- Over in Iowa prohibition was ox-
BBX' perieucmg a change , and it was
< ' mainly bectuso of the utterances
VVl ° f eld Sarnuol Ktrkwood , Iowa's war gov-
VVft ornor , and later secretary ot the interior ,
BBB % TU0 BulJ 'l0 ' would vote tuo republican ticket
BVVj liocauso the purly bad been good to him , but
it was wrong on the question ot prohibition
HHH A republican in his own party was powerful ,
V VF whllo a republican out of bis party was pow
V B' Crlcss
VVKi ; Llnlnger hnd at all times been a friend
VVBh.of tuc luhorcr Mr Mathiuson who served
VVVIc with him and know the position bo had taken
VVM on a" u"Is coulJ endorse the assertion
k The city was about to build a viaduct
VVtThey did not want to vote bonds for a via
VVB duct in order to get n depot which would bo
n shutn Tlioy wanted to got a man for
V H mayor who would sco that the railroads kept
HHt their pledges
> , , Mr Ijltnngor had oxpro sed hlmsolf fairly
V H" 'n ' acceptance of the nomination for mayor
V VT Ho did not intend to bo oleoted because of
HHV premises or pledges given He did not oxpcot
BBB to bo elected by buying his way in , and that
BB vas what wa& meant in bis speech Mr
titnlogcr had been a momborof the council ,
HHV lie bad also bean a member of the legisln-
' turc , and ho had tnld truly that if the pcoplo
BBB" wanted to know how he stood or wouUistand
' on any quostlon , all they had to do was to
BBVexamine his record
VVV | > li * . Llmngcr , when a member of
VVV' ' t,1(3 , council , hud run the first sewer
BB' through the First ward , the tlrst sewer iu
VVBv Omuhn , and wns toduy intorostcd in a nuin-
VVV' ' bor of parcels of land in tha ward , together
VVV , ' with the crcat warohouao of which ho was
BBBk th ° senior partner
BBB : , The speaker didn't know Mr , Cushing , the
BBHdomocrutio candidate for mayor Ho did
BBVii not know anybody who did Cushing inlcht
VVVlf he n pretty good man Ho presumed ho
VVVK > vas Hut Cushing had mndo nearly nil
VVVv bis money out of the H. Si M , Ho
VVVf > might thcro bo considered to have some
V HS friendly intorcst in the road It a question
VVB > should uriso between the city and the 13. &
BBV } rocaraing the viaduct for which the
. bonds were voted yesterday , why perhaps
VVVi Cushing would not be us good u man as ono
BBB > 'vvuo Wft9 no1 tied up with the road
VVV - > Iho speaker then turned tils attention to
; John Hush , the eandidatu for city treasurer
VVVffl 'J10 ' announcement ot thu latter's nuino was
VVVk received with cheers Mr Hush was ad-
VVVI , „ - _ . ml'tcd by all to huvo been u most competent
VVVf-i ' lliianeler , and ouo of the best treasurers
VVVV Omaha had over had It had been admitted
VVBi' ! : y n democratic paper that tils maiiairoinent
VVB1 : ' ° r tUQ ° nlco uud s"vud the city tlUU.OOO In hU
VVVV Bulu of bouds in two years If ho had dona
BBB7 that | n his first term ho might bo expected to
BBB do a great deal more In the next one Uo
BB' bad never been uu advocate of the principle
BBH that because a man was found competent , ho
BV ought therefore to have his services ilIs-
BV' pensed with Mr Hush was infinitely more
VV- competent than his competitor , und It would
VVa t > ° l > anr policy to swap horses when crossing
VVVLv n stream ,
BVBi Urnest Stuht , the candidate for council
VBi ' > an from tbi First , was cammonded as the
VVj ) , I109t indofatlgabto worker ho over saw .
VVV ] There wns no new bill before the eoun-
VVj" c" > wlilcli was a menace to tlio ward ,
VVj' ' that Stuht was cot the first to sound the
VVVkv warning , raise a meeting and huvo tha mat *
VVV tor discussed When the motor compiny
VVVJk Bought to secure tha right of way across the
VVVJr viaduct under tonus unfavorable to the rosl-
VVjr dqntsof that section of the city uud the city
VVH : ' > itself , it was Stuht who discovered the mat
BH tor u * > d took the stepi to preveut it
VVV ] ' ' k It was Stuht who gruded that part
VH ° ' the city , and if their property
VVVL liail Incrcasnd in value and was one of the
VBMft beautiful places lu the city , It was to bo cred-
BBr Ued to Stuht
BVVa 1 > * > Cornish closed by enunciating the
VVj * principles that ropubltcaus favored no prohl-
BVVjk , bitlon , no dotecllvo service , but their neigh
VVj' bors' wclfuro and the good of the city ut
BVl , Chairman Mercer of the city central com *
VVVuinlttee made a rousing speech la which be
VVVm1 ' reviewed ull the good points of the republl-
VVJt Jcan aqdulalcs
VVHF' Then the Uato City quartette , colored , sang
BBH ? 'u an admirable uiauoor a couplu of plautu-
BVV : < lon BUo
r Dau O'Keofu , candidate for councilman of
j the Second word , made un olooueul Bpocch ,
supporting all the republican nomlnoos , and
netting forth his connoctlon with the causa
of Inbor in this city for the past soventcon
years ,
The meeting adjourned to meet In Forest
hall , Sixth and Pacific streets , tonight
McetliiR or tlio Ijoo.i1 Division In
Honor ni'tlio Grnliil Chlnl * .
Thurston division , No 2 , Order of llnltway
Telegraphers , held n meeting at the Paxton
hotel last night to welcome A. D. Thurston ,
grand chief operator , who arrived lu the city
yesterday for the purpose ot meotlng the
members ot the order and conferring with
them on subjects of immedlnto interest to
The meotlng wns well nttondod and was
held with closed doors Tlio cenornl condi
tion of the order and ot the local division
was discussed , ravcaling nvery prosperous
condition of nlTalrs Grand Chief Thurston
addressed the nicotine at length , com
plimenting the local division upon the state
of their organization nnd Impressing them
with the iicco9slty of n Btrlct attention to
the principles ot the order
After receiving the reports of the officers
upon the condition of the finances and the
various deWIN connected with the local di
vision the doors were thrown open to
The grnnd chlof addressed the mooting
briclly , giving a short sketch of the orgaul-
r.atlon nnd growth of the order , Its alms nnd
purposes , and the good which had rcsultod
to monibers of the craft
An adjournment was then taken to Getty's ,
where a banquothad been prepared , to which
nroplo Justice was done by all present Fol
lowing ttio banquet were short addresses bv
Grnnd Chief Thurston , Chief Telegrapher J ,
II Flanagnn cf the local division aud repre
sentatives of the press
Mr Thurston loaves this morning for
Atchison , whore ho will visit the Atchison
division From there ho goes south and
east , visiting divisions at various points
UnlmMnrqsllkc Method i of * the School
Donrtl Coniloinncil by iho Council
At a special meeting ot the city council
Inst night the committee consisting of
Wheeler and Lovvry made its report on the
books of'tbo board ot education Thu report
showed a very bad state ot affairs In no
iustance , says the report , wore the proceeds
of the bonds dated January 1 , 1S3S , expended
according to the conditions under which
thov were voted As u result nn Indebt
edness of ever $30,000 moro than the amount
voted had been incurred In the construction
of four school bulldlugs
The comptroller was commended for the
thorouchncsa of his work and his report , to
gether with the recommendations , was
On motion of Ford the motion confirming
the motion confirming the appointment of
Edmunds as judco of elections in the Third
ward was reconsidered and the mayor asked
to appohit another man Ford charged that
Edmunds had stolen the tally shoot und
stuffed the ballot box nt the prlmarios
Ordinances iU93cd chantriug the grade of
North Twentieth street aud to provide for
appraising damages becnuso of the erection
ot a viaduct over the Uelt line on Park
The council , sitting as a board of equaliza
tion , reported in favor of exempting only
buch church property as was actually in use
for church or school purposes
A number of obsolete otdlnancos were re
Cnptuif I u Hold Up
Dotectivcs Savage and Dempsey and Of
ficer Fahoy arrested Tom Laoy , a well
knowu croon , in the Peoples thontor last
Lncoy is charged with robbing Lewis
vVillfbom , , a verdant Gorman , Thursday
night ubout S o'clock at the corner of Six
teenth and Jones strocts Ho draw n knlfo
and coinpellod Willfbora to hold up his
hands while he.wont through hjin securing
two watches and ? 3 orf I in money As soon
as the the robber disappeared his victim
went to the poliico station aud reported his
Lacey is a tough and has boon arrested bo
fore for the snmo offense , but the police
could not produce evidence cnoueh to con
vict him Ho was arrested once before in
company with Tom Kerns , an old timer
When the police brought Laco.v into the
station his victim , Wlllfbom , was present
nnd at once went through him , finding ono
of the stolen watches in his pocket
Frank Daniels drew an audlonco last night
that ngaln filled Boyd's opera house Mr
Daniels has remodeled his play , "Llttlo
Pucic , " very materially , and improved it by
the substitution of many much brighter lines
than it over contained before
Stntinnnrv EiiitIiipithUrrntlon. .
A meeting of stationary engineers has boon
called for Monday evening noxf , at room 513 ,
Sliccly block , corner of Fifteenth and How
ard streets , nt 7:30 : oclock All the sta
tionary onglnoers of the city are Invited to
bo present , ns business of importance will
como up for consideration The call is signed
by the committee ,
I'nt AVoro n Hug
Pat Murphy , an aged inebriate , was run In
by the police last night ns a suspicious char
acter Pat had acquired a very largo Jag
aud was also arrayed in a largo black fur
rug , which , whllo very comfortable , was sus
picious looking in the eyes of the patrolman ,
' who took tbo old man iu out ot the cold
Judge Uorka will listen to his tale of woo "
l'Oiincturlnir of tlio Only Five-Master
o n ihc Groit tintci-s.
Chicago , Nov 29. [ Special Tologrnm to
Tub Dee.J As n result of tha recent gales
which have been howling ever the lanes for
the past forty-eight hours , the five-masted
stcuuior David Dnws loundorcd oft Chicago
this nttorncon at 3:45 : within full sight of
laud and the haroor for which she was des
tined The David Daws belonged to John
Corrigan of Clovolnnd , nnd wns bound from
Erlo Pa , for Chicago with ' . ' ,050 tons of coal
consigned to W. L , Scott The vessel und
cargo nro a total loss , although all
hands were saved by taking to tha
bouts and by the timely assistance of
tugs The vessel was valued ut $75,000 and
was Insured for $01,000. She sprung various
leaks during tbo gulo , but was nolo to keep
the water nut of the hold till shortly attor
noon , when the engine which was working
the pumps gave out From that lime on tbo
water rapidly galuod and when sixteen miles
south-southeast of Chicago she went down
Tno David Dews was the only flvo-mauer on
the great lakes and was tbo finest vessel of
the Corrigan sailing fleet
THE WK13CKI3U l.I3UM.\Nl\ .
Ono of the Agents Accuses tlio IilTe-
Snv-r * of Cowardice
New Yoiub Nov , 29 , Four more bodlcs-
Jrom thu wreck ot the bark Cermanla were
washed ushoro near Long Branch this morn
ing , Among them was the body of tbo cap
tain Theodore Ruger , ono ot tbo agents of the
vessel , denies she was unsoaworthy Ho de
nounces thu action of the lito Buvlng craw
and assorts they were cowardly aud in
competent Iluger charges that they huddled
together on thu bouch and made no effort to
ave the drowning men ,
tVreokcit on ImUo Michigan ,
CiiEiiuroAK , Mich , Nov 29. A number of
vessels are ashore in this vicinity , Among
tboai are a steam barge and a tbroo-mastod
schoouer both lead to their mastheads , The
crews it safe have not reported there yet
The storm is tarriilo and ull trams are de
layed by tbo immeuso snowdrifts ,
A silver SI in Only ,
St Louis , Mo , Nov 29. The delegates to
tha national silver convention from Colorado ,
California , Nevada , Texas and Montana
today adopted a resolution urging their mom
hers of the Fifty-first congress to vote for
no man oitbor In caucus or eisewbero for
sneaker ot the house whoso record does not
provo blin a consistent friend of the move ,
moot for the restoration of silver ,
Moro Mnnasrora Needed For the
Poatoflloo Department
Iieglslntlon Askoit For tlio IJqtnblish-
inent of Such ft Service Too
Crowded I'ortlio Parcel Sys
tem to Uo Adopted
Tlio Postiunntcr'a Itccoiutncndntlons ,
WiStiiNaTOjr , Nov 29. Postmaster Gen
eral Wnnamnkcr , in his annual report , says :
The postmaster general , with his ndvont
into oflico and the taking up of the dultos
of the department , finds that other now
ofllcors have nlso cntorod the flold The whole
organization at the top is changed and the
work falls into un trained hands This con
stant change will continue , but from a busi
ness point thus to uosottlo the sorvlco can
not bo beneficial to any department
The postmasters first , second and
third nssistnnts hnyo too much
work to attend to , and moro officials nro
needed A fourth assistant postmaster gen
eral is nccdod to bo in dlroct charge of the
railway mail , foreign mail , the inonoy order
oflico the registry nnd supplies divisions
and the dead letter oflico A general man
ngur , ono of the best educated postal nion in
the service Is nlso needed , a man charged
n itb the general management of the service ,
whoso controlling grasp should remain whllo
othcis como und go ; also a general
secretary to whom should bo re
ferred nil plaus of improvement
a man whoso business capacity und
authority would bring ubout reforms nt once
without the usual delays , sometimes of
months , existing under the present cumber
somo'and antiquated methods , "
Of the proposed limited postal telegraph
service , which the postmaster general iiopod
to have outlined in this report for cong ress
to consider , be says ;
"I confess to disappointment that the ne
gotiations Willi the Wcstorn Union tele
graph company did not lead to the scheme
which I hoped to submit whereby the people
nt large could huvo the benollt of the tolo-
graphio service at popular rates , tt is stated
that merchants , bankers nud newspapers are
now tha principal customers of telegraph
companies With u lower telegraphic rate
und with stations at the windows of the post
offices an entirely now class of business would
grow up , affording great convenience to many
not now lu the hubitof using tbo wires "
The great propriety and ndvnntago
of a united service cannot bo ques
tioned from the point of convenience
nnd economy to the people There Is no rea
son whatever why the night messages of
tulegrnph companies should not bo delivered
as postal matter by the first morning deliv
ery carriers This Is properly postoDlco
uuslness und would add to the profits of too
department The vnst notworlc of wires cov
ering the country could easily reach many of
the vlllagopostolhceu and would benefit moro
people than by stopping at rallrond stations ,
which are often a mile or moro distant from
where the people live An experiment could
bo easily and quickly made to ascertain
whether tlio demand for a cbcapor tologrnph
service exists us is cluimed It could bo done
without any outlay of money by the
government nnd with no interference
with tbo existing tolcprnph interests , inns ,
much us it would create , us stated , a now
class of business , "
He usks for legislation to bring nbout the
establishment of such a limited postal telegraph -
graph service
On the Suudny mall service the postmas
ter general says ho will niako use of all tbo
uiinlm7inc ! of postollleo work nn Sunday , because -
cause ho believes the government should , ns
fnr us possible , make no requirements which
will prohibit its employes from onjoylng a
day of re3t.
Tlio postmaster • general , does not favor
tbo extension of the parcel post system All
thu postollleo buildings are overcrowded and
could not make space tor an enlarged pack
age business When the postal service is
carried nearer to the point where there is au
excess of revenue this business can bo con
Of the lotteries and the malls ho suggests
a law for Jurisdiction over the offense by
the courts uttbotifllcos ot delivery , the same
as at tbo mailing offices , thus making tbo
ode use continuous between the office of mail
ing and that of delivery and enlarging tbe
opportunity to convict
Ho nlso recommends an amendment to the
postal laws which will permit , the mailing ot
works of fiction as second class matter
In the special topics discussed by the post
master gencrnl ho recommends a double
fiostal card for return nnswors , the cstab-
Ishmcnt of a postal museum and the prompt
delivery of ull letters on which the postage
is not prepaid aud to collect double postage
Touching the civil Bervice the report runs
thus : The postal department has an indi
viduality of its own The ordinary good
clerk of the government miirhtsnlt perfectly
well in uny other of the civil places , but for
postollleo work ho must almost loam a trade
There ought to bo a kind of apprenticeship
with promotion With 150,000 employes
rightly selected , who feel u proper pride in
representing the government and are alive
every duv to improvement , the postal service
would soon become the host in the world "
The report recommends that larger discre
tion bo given for making contracts for carry
ing foreign mails with An.orlcan registered
It is recommended that all places of a pop
ulation of not less than S,000 , or whore the
postofllco has shown n gross revenue of $7,000
for the previous fiscal year , shall have the
bonefltof the free delivery system
An early consideration is suggested on the i
question of establishing postal savings banks
ut 10,100 of the fourth class ofileos in towns
where such facilities are most needed , leav
ing the extension of the prlvilcgoto bo deter
mined after a trial of two years
Regarding 1 cent postage the report says
that if introduced tomorrow it would reduce
the revenue by nearly $15,000,000 , and the
department is not ready for this wbilo the
present eotlclency exists
Tbo Special Uelliory Service Shows
n Surplus
Washington , Nov 29. Third Assistant
Postmaster General Hazen in his annual report
port bIiows the total revenues of the postal
service for the last fiscal year to bo
$50,149,014. The expenditures and appropria
tions wcro $01,370,817. The outstanding
liabilities at tbo close of the yenr were
$1,121,331. , The deficiency in tno postal
revenue to bo supplied out of the gotioral
treasury to meet expenditures Is estimated
at fO,85U,183.
Tbe revenue of the yoarexceeded the
previous years in the sum ot $3,4.13,833.
Tbo increase lu expenditures and liabilities
was $3S9J,403 over the previous year
For the next fiscal year tbo revenue
Is estimated at $00,018,830 and the appropria
tions for that year nro $ d0U)5,43l. ) For the
year cndlnc Juno 30 , 1891 , the rovenae is es
timated at $ l > 5,414UJ7 , and the expenditures
at $72,431,098 , leaving u deficiency of $7,020 , .
3(11. (
During the past fiscal year 1.005,200 , letters
wore dollvorod by special delivery messengers -
gors , un Increase of nearly 12 per cent over
the previous year In this branch of tbo
service thcro was n surplus ot fees over ex
penditures of $38o33.
Nebrnvka nud Iowa Pensions
Washington , Nov , 29. [ Special Telegram
toTiiBBEE.J Pensions granted Nebraskans ;
Original invalid Andrew J. Cavott , Atkin
son ; Gustav Senncnshein , Stanton ; Sylvester -
tor McDonald , Helwood ; Francis M. Hlk-
ard , Bostricoj Frederick Cox , Ainsivorth ;
John U. Sank , Iloatrlco ; Peter Van Buren ,
Firth ; William Gregg , Fletcher ; Thomas H.
Solby , Stratton ; Franklin Prentlco , Nollgh ;
William M. Turner , Dorchester
Pensions for Iowuns ; Original Invalid
Jainea Heverldge , jr , Orosco ; Uolos Vinton
Morshalltown ; Charles H. Holcomb , Boone ;
Bonjuiuin C. SharkB , Charlton ; Charlns
Stennet , Macedonia ; William Endorsby ,
William Kndersby , Hlllsbero ; John Kelly ,
Grceno Uestorutton and reissue tlias
Conklln ( deceased ) , Alton Iucroaso Henry
W. Williams , Centorvillo ; James Adair ,
Osknloosa ; Basealert P. Wright , Wonolla ;
Charles HalUtadt , Manson ; William Ooppur
Washington ; Henry Lauba , Morsmaut Joel !
in mi u i in
N. WoodwftrdvL flex ; James C. Xndorson ,
Bertram ; Auenstt F. Burger , IVIntorsot ;
GcorgoA Scn.sei Seymour ; Josiah Scott ,
Manhattan ; Wpodson Wallsoo , Ottumwa ;
John Shelly , DcaMoines ; It J. Cliff , Humes
ton ; S. U. Shtutlltndorin ; I-llas Sweonoy-
Wlntorset ; William Benson , Crcsco ; Lewis
Mnln , Moravia ; John C. DoWolf , Iowa City ;
Samuel Kdgertoti , llivcrton ; Grorgo litis-
coer Point Dodge ; William H. Walker , San
tiago ; .1. Ireland ( deceased ) , Ottumwa
Original widow ? , etc Minor of John F.
Wnldron , Ccntefrlllo ; Chnrlotto C , widow
of II Conklln Aft6n ; Susan , widow ot Pat
rick O'Hnrn , tyrfi'Dodgo ' : Sarah , mother of
Isloy Odooro GVMn ; Catherine , widow of
B. Ireland , OttlSmWii
I' ' ! 'it
Porker * Annual
Washington , Nov 29. The annual report
of Admiral Porter shows most ot the ships
In the navy in good condition , ThoAntloam ,
Juniata , Pilgrim nnd Qulunobaughavo been
condemned nnd ordered sold for from S00 to
$10,000 nnd $300 to $15,000 , respectively Tbo
admiral says ho tins frequently found the reports -
ports of the exercises on board the ships un
satisfactory and the regulations imperfectly
complied with , and thinks tha reports should
bo made directly to the bureau of navigation ,
where they might como under the eye of the
department Many things which are obso
lete nro still adhered to In these reports , the
forms for which were made twenty yonrs
ugo , nnd the admiral recommends that nstbo
system of tactics nnd exorcises Is entirely
changed that new forms be made
Worta Looking After
\Vashikoton , Nov 29. The annual report
of General llopburti , solicitor of the treas
ury , shows that the sum of $ . ' 15,000,000 , prin
cipal nnd Interest , is duo the government , as
ovldcnrcd by the Judgments ot the circuit
nnd district courts , but that no reliable esti
mate cun bo given of the vuluo of these
Judgments , The solicitor nsks for an appro
priation of $10,000 to bo expended In hunting
up these debtors and their property in order
to collect these judgments
Tinuio's Keport
Wasuincjton , Nuv 29. Supervising Spec
ial Agent Tingle In his , annual report shows
that the aggrcgato collections for the year
were $225,0ll'll0 nnd the exponscs $0,553,209.
"It would bo well , " ho says , "to change by
net of congress the designation of the chief
ofllcors at interior ports from surveyor to
collector , and to ropcal that part ot section
2,503 of the revised statutes which makes ull
ports on the Mississippi river and its tribu
taries ports of delivery within the collection
district of Now Orleans "
Two CouhuIb Appolntod
WisniNOTOX , Nov 29. The presldont this
attornoon appointed the following United
States consuls ; Hiram J. Dunlap of Illinois
to Drcslau Germany Dunlap Is editor ot
the Champagne Gazette William E. Gardo-
ncr of Wisconsin is sent to Rotterdam ,
Gardener has boon.for several years con
nected with the Evening Wisconsin at Mil
A Democratic Caucus
Washington , Nov 29. A caucus of the
democratic members of tbo house was called
to order this eve i3thg und cx'Spoakor Cnrlislo
made chairman jp o torn No quorum was
present and tbo c&uuus soon adjourned until
Monday inoruiug ' uext
Kulllng Carson
Washington , Nov 29. At a meeting of
the Pennsylvania republican delegation this
afternoon a vet , , vvas taken for spoaltor
Iteed received UwAl MelClnloy G votes For
clerk of tbo house AlcPhcrsou received 11
and John S. Carsbn 0.
TliclntrrilJVjjonal Conference
Washington , goy 29. A brief session of
the International'American conference was
held today Some changes were madq In
the rules , and uu 'adjourninont until Monday
was taken , 't ' ,
i" ' i
UlntnV > llan- Lumbago
Washington ) Nov ( 39. Secretary Blalno
is contlnedito his home with an attack of
Tno Government Abollsho-i tlio Pro
vincial Council nt * iNoblei
St PcTEnsuuno , Nov 29. The govern
ment has abolished the provisional council
cf the nobles of tbo Baltic provinces , and
has substituted ordinary assemblies , colleges
aud private comtnlttpes , whereby the
uristocracy , which hitherto ruled the popu
lace Independently of the government , will
be suppressed
A $ 5O00 Off r.
Boston , Nov 29. John L. Sullivan was
today flourishing a dispatch signed by the
president of the Pnchoco , Cala , athletic
club guaraqtcoing $35,000 , to the winner of
the finish flirht between Sullivan nnd Jack
son Sullivan talked very boastfully nbout
his abilities aud how pcoplu appreciated him
and said ho would certainly nccrpt the bid if
Jackson can get out of his contract binding
him to the California atnlotic club of San
Francisco He asserts ne will have no diffi
culty in doing the blsck man
Ilncint ; at Kliznlirtli
Er.izAiiuTH , N. J. , Nov 29 Five-eighths of
a milo Kenwood won , Winona second , Janet
Murray ( gelding ) third Time liOO ) .
Fivo-oighths of a mile Harry Faustus won
Elmstono second , Newburg third Time
Threo-fourlhs of a mile G. W. Cook won ,
Voltn second Bnttcrsby third Time
1:10 * .
Ono mlle Oregon won , Lavinn Belle bco-
otid , Tnragon third Time l:17Jf\
Three fourths of a milo Rccctio won , Pol-
bam second , Arab third , Time lsl9 # .
Ouo milo bantnleno won , W. Dnlv , Jr ,
second , Glonwood third Time 1:40 : > .
Knocked Out In four Jtoimils
Nnw Youk , Nov 29. A short but fierce
skin glove fight took plnco in a barn on Long
Island tonight between Jimmy Lynch of New
York and Joe Flaherty of Boston The lat
ter was knocked out In the fourth round by
a tremendous blow on tbe Jaw and was un
conscious for live minutes
Burclara AInUo n Hie Haul
Atuol , Mass , Nov , 20. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun Bbe.J Not slnoo the famous
Northampton bank robbery has such a dar
ing burglary been committed in this part of
the state as the oftd' ' here Wounesday night
when the mansion'of Henry 11. Stowoll , the
table manufacturer , wits robbed of cash ,
bonds and Jcwdlryto the amount ot ever
$50,000. .ThoStpwell mansion is the finest
in western Massachusetts , and the munaor
in which tbo robbery was committed tends
to show that thb tpinves must have been
professionals , Thq large safe in the oflico
was opened by u.immor • bund without in
jury HoroMr/Slowoll kept about $50,000
worth of securities , all ot which were
stolen i. , ,
Crazy Ovor'tho Scirld'n Pair
Chicaoo , Novi"i . [ Special Telograui to
Tub BBE.JChicago's world-fnir-in-1893
movement is responslbln for the insanity of
John B. Haiel , colored man , who lives on
Twenty-ninth trj54j. For the last few days
ho has been tryfug , ' , , to pcrsuado bis frieuds
that Chicago is the place for the worlds
fair To illustrate his pojnt the man attempts
to show that Chicago Is the center of the
earth und hence the ccntor of gravity As n
naturaf conclusion ho believes that the people
ple will be drawn to the garden city * Ho
was adjudged insana today and scat to Jef
ferson for troatmept
CrilHlicd to Ilentli
DELixroNTC Pa , Nov , 29. rrank Galla
gher ana Joseph Mayes were crushed to
death by a fall ofalsto In the'Morris lime ]
stone quurry this morning
Miles rvorvttiiud Llvor PIIIh
An Important discovery They not on tbe
liver , stomach and bowels through the
nerves A now principle They speedily
euro billiousnoss , bad taste , torpid liver ,
piles and constipation Spiendld for men ,
women nnd children Suialloit , mildest ,
surest 80 doses for 25 cents Samples free
I at Kuhn < b Co 's , 15th und Douglas
But Llttlo Dnngor of Doprosslon
Prom the Big Flros
Buslnoifl ti Unsurpassed in Volume
Ties * Pressure For , Slnnoy Gnoil
Trade In Wcitorn Oitlos
A Hoom In Iron
Tim Course of Oonunorco
New Yoiik , Nov 29. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Br.n.J H. G. Dun & Company's
weekly review of trade says :
Two heavy flros , with nggregato losses cs-
timntod nt $15,000,003 or moro may have nn
influence upon several branches ot trade
which cannot yet bo cstlmntod Heavy con
current losses may shnko some Insurance
companies nnd nftcct the finance of firms
burned out But the general prosperity and
the largo accumulation of avalloblo capital
will probubly render the intluonco ot those
disasters comparatively narrow nnd brief
In other respects the situation Is quite as en
couraging ns it has boon for nome weeks
past The volume of business is unsur
passed and the pressure In money markets ,
though not ended bore , has seemed to bo
abating olsnwhero The reports from other
cities nro without exception favorable on the
Trade nt Boston prior to Thursday had
boon Improving in wool , with sales of , nenrly
4,000,000 pounds Cotton goods are strotur ,
with mills well employed and prices strongt' -
oiling In metal iniuufaeturns were stir in
With a wldo distribution of products
At Philadelphia iron products nro in strong
demand , bituminous coal is nctlvo ; anthra
cite dull Money was light but with the
prospect ot ease tiftor ten days
Western cities withoutoxception find trndo
good , though grain is moving very slowly at
Milwaukee , und mild weather affects sales
of winter clothing , Monov is fairly active ,
but nowhere strlugdnt , ut western points re
porting , nnd the accounts regarding collec
tions nro bettor than usual Stock receipts
nt ICnnsas City uro lighter , but shlpraonts of
live hogs to Moxloo , lately stopped by the
bieh tariff , are resumed
The speculative markets have not been
very active With sales ot,22,000,000 bushois
hero wheat has declined nearly a cent , nn rt
corn about } ( a with sal03 of 5,000,000 bush
Cotton is unchanged , though receipts this
week exceed last year by 10,000 und exports
by 49.000 bales , end sales have been 37i,00d. )
Coffee has not moved , but oil has dropped
nonrlv 4o. Pork products uro u llttlo lower
nnd sugar is stronger m tone Rubber has
advanced a little , now para Belling nt Qc
A.great boom in Iron abroad with n | ieeu-
latlvo oxcitcmont rnrcly witnessed and rapid
fluctuations in prices caused some apprehen
sion because oxperlonco teaches that audi
rapid and excited movements are usually
followed by ugly reactions The unparal
leled production lu this country still con
tinues una all furnaces of largo
production nro about to go into
operation , and yet prices are firm at
The reported decision that treasury deposits -
posits with banks shall ho gradu illv wit > -
druwn.10 per cent of them by the cud of .innu-
ary.bas been expected because deposit , \v .iti
made , wore intended to bo only temporary ,
and will glvo tha treasury nmplo time to out
an equal umount into circulation in other
wavs Tha treasury has paid out during the
last week Sl 'JOO.OOD more than it has taken
in Tlio busiuess failures number 249 , ns
onmnared with a total of 277 last week and
205 the week previous , For the correspond
ing week last year the figures were 2.13.
Inwn StoCK Itrocdors
Mason City , la , Nov 20. [ Special to The
Itcn.J The sixteenth annual session of the
Iowa Improved Stock Breeders association
will bo hold at Hampton ou Wednesday ,
Thursday nnd Friday of next week , ivith
Henry Wallace , ot the Iowa Homestead , as
president The local committee , consisting
of E. S. Patterson , Dr J. H. Hutchins , Dr
O. 13. Huriitnon , D. W. Mott and O. P.
Thompson have made ample arrangements
to entertain the largo crowd that have signi
fied their intentions ' of attending The pro
gramme that has been prepared is one of
the most complete ever arranged for an oc
casion of this kind in the state
A Connty-Hotiso Trnjjpdy
Covcoud , N. H. , Nov 29. At the Merrl-
mae county farm at North Boscowen yester
day , during the temporary absence of the
matron from the building , a woman named
Bannett attacked another lnmuto named
Sarah C Wood Seizing her around the
body she carried her to a bathroom nnd
throw her into the tub She held her victim
down with her feet , nud turning on the cold
water kept her in that position until she
Officials S utti'iiceu for Bribery
PlTTsnuita , Pa , Nov 29. Aldermen
Callen , Dougherty and Mnnecz , and Detec
tives Bauder , Doyle , Nagle and Bender , con
victed of conspiracy to defraud in arceptiiur
biibes to settle an illegal liquor soiling case ,
were sentenced this morning to terms of im
prisonment runging from six months to
three years
Tlio liono Hlgliwaymnn Airaln
Rbdiiing , Col , Nov , 29. The Heddingand
Woavorvillo stage was robbed a few miles
from hero Inst night by a highwayman who
compelled tbo driver to throw out Wells ,
Fargo & company's treasure box and the
mail pouches There was but llttlo money
in the express box , but thu robber secured
considerable registered mail
Advices lrom Honolulu ,
San Fhancisco , Cal , Nov 29. Advlcos
from Honolulu by the stcainor Australia
today state thai the United States steamer
Iroquois loft there on November 20 for
Samoa to roliovotho Adams , which will pro
ceed to Honolulu Thu United States
steamer Alert was about rendy to sail for
Sun Francisco Thu Mohican and Nlpsio
still remain at Honolulu
Tlio Silver Committee
St Louis , Mo , Nov 29. The general
committee provided for by the silver conven
tion has elected General A. J , Warner of
Ohio chairman and Lee Crandall of Vir
ginia secretary The chairman was author
ized to name the time and place for holding
the next convention and to appoint nn ex
ecutive committee of nine members to con
duct the silver campaign
DriunllHliiMl Plate GIhks Windows
Bukmnoton , la , Nov 29. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tub Hbi : . | Last uleht a man armed
with u sledge hammer churged uu nnd down
the streets of this city smashing plate glass
windows right nnd loft Before ho could bo
arrested ho had completely ruined a dozen or
mora of the finest business fronts of the city ,
uggrosutlnc considerable loss He was put
under 11,000 bond to await trial
Forced to Hniy In Aliiorloa
New Youk , Nov 29 Herman Cohen , one
of the partners ot Susskind & Company , tbe
bankers who closed their doors n few dayfc
ngo on the plea of having failed , was ar
rested lust night in llobolten , N. J , It was
Cohen's Intention of sailing for Hamburg to
morrow The prisoner was locked up to
await requisition papers from here ,
Amor loan News in Mexico ,
Cnr of Mbxico , Nov 29. A charity ball
was given hero last night for tbe benefit of
the American hospital in this city It was
attended by the famlllos of ull tbo American
residents of the cjty und by many Mexicans
Preparations are being made to give a ro
ccptian to the Illinois editorial excursion
party on their arrival in this city
Von Moltlio Gives u Dinner
BitESi.AD , Nov , 29. Count Von Moltko
gave a dinner to a number ot leading mili
tary officerstoday Emperor William was
present and snoko la highly complimentary
tortus of Vou Moltke'B services
Topr-kn'fl Stent Lntv VnM Tcxna linn
• Turlqiliotlnn Ov ir NoOlan's lianil
TorsKA , Kan , Nov 59. Judge Brewer
teeny rendcrod n doclsion that that part ot
the Topeku , meat Inspection ordlnanco which
provides for the Inspection of nnlmnls before
slaughter , within n milo of the city limits , is
nn obstruction of Intorstnto i-ommorco and
therefore void This opens TopoKn to the
Product of the packing houses of Kansas
City nnd Chicago
, Judge Brewer tilso rendered another do
cislnu by which the Stcphons county men
under Indictment for the murder of Sheriff
Cross and his deputies in No-Man's Land nro
to bo sent to the United States court for the
eastern district ot Texas for trial , .ludgo
Brewer declared to bo constitutional the act
of congress known ns the Mtiskogco net
which plncos No-Mnn's Land under the Juris
diction of the Texas courts The twelve in
dicted men will bo nt once taken to Pnris ,
lex , for trial
A Cnunillnn Murdorrr'n Fright nil
Dentil on tlio ( inflows
Uublimt , Ont , Nov 29. W. II Hurvoy ,
Who In March last murdered bis wlfo nnd
two daughters , was banged at 8 o'clock this
morning Tha execution Was the worst
piece of bungling ever witnessed The
weight which lifted the body was not heavy
enough nnd the scaffold was not high enough
to glvo sufficient rebound to breale the mans
neck His struggles und contortions ns ho
slowly strangled to death wore frightful
eighteen Lynchers Arrested
MiMVsUKr.r , Wis , Nov 29. A special
from Whitehall , Wis , says that clghteon
men nnd boys connected with the Olcson
lynching have been arrested on the charge of
rioting They nro out on ball Six have
left the stuto nnd the others , it is thought ,
will bo arrested Many of the best families
In the town of Preston nro implicated Four
boys in Jnil hero have mndo n confession , de
tailing all the incidents ot the hanging and
making publlo the names of nil connected
with the ufTalr
Robert K. Leo Post SoikIb Its Syin *
New Ontr.ANS , Nov 29. JelTorson Davis '
medical adviser tonight reports Davis con
condition improved , Dut the anxiety is not by
uny moans removed
Tlicir Ideal
Richmond , Va , Nov 29. The Robert E.
Leo camp of confederate veterans tonight
forwarded u letter to Jeftorson Davis ex
pressing the profoundest sollcltudo regard
ing his condition and praying God that his
health may bo restored , The letter says :
You were our ideal stntesmun and com
mnnder-ln-chlef , nnd we bog to nssuro you
that our expressions of veneration and affec
tion for you uro Just as uufeigucd , just us
deep and Just ns ardent today ns they were
when you were president of the confeder
acy "
llicy Cur-rli-d Mini
iNbiANAror.is , Nov 29. A special from
Jcffersonvillo says the Ilnrrlson county
wluto clips are ut ivorligaln Their latest
victim was a worthless fellow who worked u
broken down old horse Incessantly with
llttlo feed The whlto enps caught
him , hitched him up nnd made
llu do his horses work ono
whole night Whenthev brought him back
to the stable ho endeavored to be facetious
and remarked that ho always curried his
horse nfter working him The obliging whlto
caps took him ut his word und with the
coaisest curiyeomb thov could find in the
stable groomed the unfortunate wretch's
back until the blood ran
Tlio Torv Lnnd Selionic
London , Nov 29. Balfour und Lord Ash
hourno today presentel to n couimitteo of the
cabinet n dratt of the land scheme which is
to bo submitted to tbo whole cabinet tomor
row It is reported thut the first domnnd is
for from 7,000,001) ) to 10,000,000 , with which
to deal with the disaffected portions of Ire
Fraud Krednriokson
New Youk , Nov 23. Frodorlck3en , the
head of the firm of land swindlers iu Chicago
cage who nro accused of making aivay with
51,000,000 , is reported to bo iu this cltv nnd
under the Burveillhnco of Inspector Burns
detectives It is bolicvcd ho will make an
effort to leave the country
IIiislncHi Trouble * , .
Nnw Youk , Nov 29 , Stern & Storu , man
ufacturing Jewelers , have executions out
ngalnst them aggregating 51,000. Their doors
were closed this morning und nobody was
nllowod to enter Their stock has boon re
moved The liabilities nro estimated at
, *
Another Cashier fioiie Wrong
Sci.ukx , Kan , Nov 29. John Gillette ,
cashier of the Citizens State bank , has been
arrested charged with forging mortgages
and obtnlnlm : money on them from eastern
capitalists The bank is Jn no way involved
Tuo amount of money procured by Gillette
Is bollovcd to bo largo
I lv Mock lrmsps
Raton N. M. , Nov 29. The loss of live
stock in this section by the late storm Is newfound
found to bo much lnrger than at first re
ported Tlio greatest loss was by the scat
tering of largo herds ot beef steers which
had been gathered for shipment east
No Ilooppuicr il" Persons
St Petbiisiiuiw , Nov 29. The epidomlc
of Influenza in the city Is sprcndlng Half of
the population Is suffering , among them the
c/or nnd czarlno and two of her children
Thcro have been no fatal cases
Pour LIUl Girls Killed
EhiioTTsvn.i.i : , W. Va „ Nov 23. Four
llttlo girls , children of Hugh Dunn , found u
keg of powder yesterday nnd In some wuy
set it off All four were blown to pieces
The mother bus gone crazy
Keeps ilie Old Fine
Rio Jankiko , Nov , 29. The government
has finally reauopted the old flag This ac
tion has given rise to some irritation Franco
has recognized the republic
Will Koniiiui ) Wurlc
London , Nov 29. The Clydo engineers
will resume work Monday on the premise
that their wages shall bo advanced on Jan
uury 1 , 1690.
P 1
Absolutely Pure * I
Tillspowuoiiitnorvnrics A innrvidof purity , ? B
Btrrngtn and wholcsoinuucss More ecouonil * \ <
cm than the ordlntri Kinds , nndcannot bo sold 4
In competition with the multtuilo ut low test I IS
short weight nluin urtihospuntponders .S'oM ] M
llnll/II Cdliy lUlVAl , 11AK1MI PoWIIEU CO , 10J
Wall St , N. V.
Old Hutch Cnii' 'ht lu t'to Suucczn * M
Which ltcsultrd
CniCAno , Nov 29. Corn sold nwny up on t
tha market today The November option t
started In nttl.f : } cents nnd advanced to 4. % H
cents during the first hour By 11:110 : the H
price hnd advanced to r > 5 cents The squeeze H
Is headed by shippers Tor New York nudH
other eastern markets nnd is said to have BJ
caught Old Hutch and n host nt smaller < l
victims ' H
A Close hliuvc t M
Jcn'Riisov CmMo „ Nov 29. Burglars B
entered the oflico of the state treasurer Inst , H
night und the iron doors between the inner H
and the outer offices wcro utmost pried oft H
their hinges The robbers , however , were jl
apparently frlghtonod nwny as nothing else } | H
was touched ' I
/ f >
A Pontoon It Idea Washed Hun v. , >
Leavenihiiitii , Ivan , Nov 21) ) . Lust night jH
the pouloon brldga recently constructed | B
across the Missouri river , was washed uwuy , 'tjBJ '
by floating ice The mlssinc parts have ! >
been rcgaiucd nud placed in their former B
places j M
Miners Itlnwn to Pieces ' |
SihViiiiToN , Cole , Nov 29. Pat Golden 1 M
nud Charles Baldwin , miners , nttemptod to M
pick out nu unexplodcd blnst iu the North M
Star initio today , Itva discharged , blow M
ing the men into pieces ' M
Down Htilow Ztii M
St Pauu Minn , Nov 29. For the , first H
time this season the mercury dropped below B
zero , going to : i = below last " night The H
cold snap was general throughout the north H
west , various decrees of cold being recorded H
o HJ
Commmcii Suicide HJ
INPIVNAIOLIS Nov 0. Prof Gilbert-Mo- | BJ
tier Lcvntto committed suicide this nfter- J |
noon Ho was nt ouo tune state geologist H
An Irish Kitnor (3 tt Tlirrr * Months ' H
Dmu.iN , Nov 29. Redmond , editor of the v H
Waturford News , has been sentenced to J , M
three months imprisonment for intimidation , H
The Jicntli Record 'fl
Pirranuita , Nov 29. Prof , Robert Patter - M
son , editor of the Presbyterian Banner , died ' ' |
this morning at Sowickley of paralysis -j H
A Curious Temple in Jn pan Us cor- 1 |
ntcd Willi llnirpltii null Odd Tilings I |
On a hill back of the main temple la t H
an octagonal temple Unit is tlio most H
euriou-i ono I huvo soon in Japan , nnd H
that satisfies ones love of the novel , j H
Htninjjo und picturesque In such edifices ' H
Thu place is filled und covered wtth l H
votive olTet'in < ; s from those who huvo H
been rostorell to health or hail prayers H
answered H
The outside is half iniilod ever with H
little six-inch square boards on which H
uro painted the fauircrlng- pilgrims who M
have been cured and a ledge is hcuped |
lilcfli with awls , which the deaf ofTor up , H
when their hearing restored B
Lucks of liuir , ubort swords nnd devices - M
vices in coins ' M
nro hung up as offerings <
of gratitude on the doors Inaido thcro / H
there is a circular altnr containing old H
statues and sacred images , and its base I J M
'is plated with uword • iults , shoot swords I \ M
and round motnl mirrors until not a bit f |
of the wood work can bo soon \ M
Helmets und bits of urmor are put H
wherever possiulo , und the long shell \ , M
hairpins of Japanese woman Irivo " noon vi |
woven with bilk cords into curtains or liH
screens between the posts bupportlnir |
tlio ilomo roof | H
All around the walls nnd over the ItH
rafters ns fnr up into the darkness ns '
onu cun sco the walls nro covered with jH
short swords ranped closely Bide by RH
side , by ovorlappinjr raotal mirrors , H
sword hilts , bows , arrows , coins and cuM
ri'jus weapons and pieces of armor | H
The little temple is such an oxtraorIH
dinury curio itself , and its contents so ( H
unique , that its loss by lire wouid seem
to bo more than that of tin vothor build.H
inp ; nt lloiiuji writes a correspondent fjB
of the SI Louis Globo-Domocrat. Near il
it is a nunnery whore a family ot woIH
men , with Hliining , t' .havcd heads and [ H
wonrinir the same gowns mid garments II
as priests , huvo their altars and images , {
daily services and lead the same life in VH
every way as the priests { H
i H
Grruinii Kovulty . ' • , ttml bv Proxy ' |
A correspondent who is in Iho secret | |
of hoiv the empresses and princesses of j M
Germany obtain dresses to lit tlium , j l
states that not ono of thorn ever con j l
suits the dressmaker directly The j B
artist is wailed upon with iiutniutions ) Bh
by a lady of thu court , mid materials t H
and sKetehes of the design uro sunt to * HJ
the palnco for , insocction Even i H
fitting nn" has to bo performed in a IHJ
doputl/.od inunnor , and the inurvol la \ M
that a dross should over bo successful , | H
On ono matter the royal Indies nro par 'bH '
ticuhtr They decline to wear any cos- J M
tumo which has boon udoptod at any H
other court j H
Is a constitutional and not a local disease ,
and therefore It cannot bo cuicd by local ap
plications It requires a constitutional rem
edy like Hoods Sarsaparllla , uhlchMoiMug
through the blood , eradicates the Impurity
which causes and promotes tlio disease , and
effects a permanent cure strength."I
people testify to the success of Hoods Sarsa-
parllU as a remedy for catarrh when other
preparations had failed Hoods B.irsaparllla
also builds up the vhole system , nud inahcs
you feel renen cd In health and strength
"I used Hoods Sarsnparllla for catarrh , , M
and rccoHcd great relief nnd benefit from It , H
Tlio catarrh Mas very disagreeable , especially J M
in the whiter , causing constant discharge from .hH
my nose , ringing noises In my cars , and pains H
In tlio back of my head The effect to clear ' H
my head in the morning by liawhlng and spit H
ting vi9 painful HivhI's Bnrsnpaillla gave ! H
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