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H | Bluff Tom Rood of Malno Dooan't
Hi Blarney Anybody
; .
hotrllo Mnlntnmw 111 * l.cnrtorslilp In
jf * tlio Howie MoKlnloy Jlim thn-Goii-
PHi Iiih nr Common Hcnsr lieu
HH > ( lernii nnil Utirrmvs
I " Tim Entries for tlio Kix-nkcrstnii.
PH' ( raiivHghffillSSt Jti/nfltibff. tVirprnkr )
pH' Washington , , Nov 2S. [ Special Corrcs-
PHT pomlcnco of Tun ISkc.J Tom Hend say lie
PH1 felt during his flr .t air months In congress
PH' llko n llj In n bowl of tuolasscs there was
pH' ' ptontyof sweetness , but no light " His con
PH tlitlon Is about tlio snuio totlny ns to tlio
PH speakership , and this Is the situation of his
PH competitors Tnffy flows from tlio tongues
PH of McKlnley and Htirrovra , anil Hcmloraon
PH nbd Cannon nro moving about the hotels
PH smiling on friends and etiomics nllkc , with
PH , all thu enthusiasm of a cat chewing wax
H Promises nro plcntlcr thnn blackberries in
PH August , and committeeships ate bolng nr *
PH ranged on the basis of the successful con
PH tcstnnt
J , r Who will it bo !
H' This is where tho-lnclc of light comes in
H ( I dent pretend to say I glvo you pen pic-
H \ turcs of nil of them You get the lot for u
H , nickel Vou pajs your money anilvou takes
Hr ' J our choice
R Major McKlnloy of Ohio Is one of the
Hi' finest looking men In congress Five feet
Hl seven Inches in height , ho Is ns straight as
Hf Michael Angclo's stn'tio of David , and n
B ; line ( hopped from tlio crowu of his jot black
HB bead would Just toucli the heels of lila pol-
- ished hoot * , liroad shouldered and well
HJ $ padded , his form would servo as n model for
PH the Washington Atblctto club , and tils
HJ' classic , smooth shaven face v ould not bo
HJ out of place among the signers of the do-
HI ? clarntion of indpoendoneo m the palnl'ifg '
HJt which bangs In the rotundaof ihocapitol
1 Major McKlnley undoubtedly looks like
HJL Napoleon liotinparto , though ho once told
BML mowthut ho did not like to bo reminded of
HJf the resemblance ; Ho has the same grave ,
' dlgnillcd mouth , the same high , broad nnd
HI full forohcad , nnd the sumo heavy lower
HJ ! > jaw Ho is a hotter looking man than was
HI v klS'apolcon , and his oright , dark eyes shine
out under brows which nro less lieury thnn
HI those of lloiiunnrtc , nnd his frown is bv no
. menus so terrible us thai of the Llttlo Cor-
poral Ho appreciates , bowoicr , the vulno
of , dignitVi always dresses in a double
HB breasted trock eont and crowns his classic
head with a tall elk ' hat
Ho generally walks un to the capitol , and
- . ns ho goes nlong with his chest to tlio front
' • and bis tail hat in the air1 he Is ono of the
HI striking figures on Pennsylvania avenue It
HI was"during" suchli walk that I once passed
• t hnu in the tnet car In company with two
fl Maryland congressmen 1'hcso men were
' frco traders , and they naturally disliked Mc-
. Kin ley As Vto wi < ut by him ono of them
' , pointed to thu street nnd said in a most slir-
flf nifloanttono :
Some men nro born great , and omc are
* born In Ohio "
Tlio other two congressmen laughed and
, . laid , Just so , " nnd tlio two continued to
HB ; Rigglo over the remark for the next tnreo
HB' ' blocks
HJ , ' McKlnlej' was born in Ohio , and no made
HHt ; his first speech ono cold l uorunry morning
HHI just forty-llvo years ugo , Whotlicr horn
HHf great or not , bo has succeeded in maklne
Bt- himself so In the eyes of the pcoplo Ho is
; not a man of extraordinary natural ability ,
I but ho is possessed of the genius of common
jf " * Bonso Mo knows how to take advnntago of ;
HH n good opportunity , and ho never make ? a 1
HJ i { mistake Iludues not speak often In uon-
; gress and his speeches cover but few sub
I' facts He prepares himself well , however , >
v and when ho docs rise the house nnd tbo 1
H country know that ho has something to sav
, • ' lie is well posted on the rules of the house ,
' and ho would multe u gooa speaker His 1
t' > election might bo looked upon ns n dcclarn-
Hf tlon to tlio country that the republican party
H proposed to run its campaign on the protec-
Bt tivo taiift basis , and ho would bo Just tbo 1
voppositj in every respect of the former
B ] u. speaker , Mr Carlisle Ho would in many
BBt - ' ways make n much greater speaker than
BB | " ' Mr Uced , and the partv it is urged , could 1
Bb y much easier spare him from the lloor than 1
BB | i the bright-eyed , vltnol-tongued genius from '
BB ] Maine
H , Tom Heed Ls a genius His brain weighs
BB | more than thnt of any other man in nubile
BB | . life , nnd it is of the llncst intellectual tex
BH" turo Ho can say moro bright things in tno
BB } / spare of ten minutes thnn any other man in :
BB | congress can get olt in the compass of an '
BB | • hour Ho knows what ho knows too , and ho
BB | is not afraid to say it Ha has the Bnlno con
BB | Jldonco in hlmsolf as ho had vvbon be wan a
BB | ; ' boy teaching school nnd applying forudmls-
BB | ' t i sion to the bar in California , Tom Uced [
BJ- ; tolls the story hlmsolf His admission oc-
BB | ' > currci ) ut the time when thu constitutional
BBit ! " ity of the legal tender act was being dls- \
BBV cussed by the gruatcst lawyers of the state
BB/ / of California The first question the Judge
BBp ' asked me " says Heed , was : * Ih the legal l
BB | * tender act unconstitutional or constitu-
BBli . tionalt' I didn'thesitntoa moinont but ro-
BB | lilicd coolly and omphutically , 'It is constitu-
BBt , , tional ' ' 11ns ended my questioning , 'Vou j
BB | ' can pass , 'said.tho . Judge 'Wo always pass
BBjf'a man Hho can settle great constitutional l
BB | > f . questions offhand ' " Tom Ucod has boon
BB ] , settling constitutional questions from that :
BBi * | day to this Ho sottlcd his cases well
BBa ' enough to make a buccoss ns a lawyer , and 1
BBgt lus self-conlldonco added to Ids romarkatilo ,
BBf , ability has made him the republican leader
BBmll of cougruss _ _ _ _ _
f Ko ono disputes Heeds loadcrstup Mo-
_ _ _ _ _ _ Kitiloy , Cannon , Honderson and Uurrows all
BJi follow him and when the light is on in the
B _ BH bouso it is Hood who watches for mid Is pro
BB | pared for every surprise His long term in
BJB * congress has umply lifted him for ( ho posl-
BJB&i tlon Ho Is iiostcd on all publio questions w
B _ B5 and his reading has coveted nearly every
BBlK Hold of knowledge Ho Is a line Trench
B _ B : ' scholnr , nnd his Slmkcsponro is hotter
B _ B' , thumbed than his bible , though he knows the
B _ B latter well Ho has an annlytio mind , and
B _ B < when ho gets hold of a fui't It arops into ono
B _ B. x of thollttlo plgeon-lioles of his brain , ready
B _ B _ v to slide off his sllppory tongue at u seconds
BJBJt l iiotko Helms the bump of humor lurgoly
BR 1 developed , and ho cant resist saying u s&r-
Bin castle thing oven it does cut the man at
BBVlwhom It Is directed It Is this elctnout of his
BBBk iDtellfcUuul n at nro that will hurt him in tils
B _ BP candidacy for the speakership Man v of the
BBmp sharp things ho has said in the past are rs- :
B _ BJL . memherod now , and some of tnosa have lost
B _ Bp him votes and Irlunds I rcmombor ono in-
B _ B& stance rcsoectlng u prominent member of ;
BBhL ono of the committees of the Fiftieth con [
B _ By grcss The man is dead now , and I will call '
B B him Mr Blank Hoods
_ , as remark concern '
B Bj" inglilm is not crodltablo to his memory ,
B BJ Hoed was asked his opinion of the committee
BJBJ to which this Mr Ulank belonged Ho ro- '
BJBJ , tilled ; " 0,1 llko tbo commlttou very wall
BBBf t It is composed , lu the main , of good follows " ;
B' 1 "I llko them all except that little squirt of a
BIBJt Dlcklilank , who is good Tor nothing In Gods
BBB ; ' world but to bo stood up in a corner and spit '
B BjV upou " Of course tbls created a laugh ut
B BjV * Blank , but Blank was by no means a non
BBBf entity The story was repeated to him , and
BBBL ' Blank never forgot nor 1 oreuvo it Ills ox-
B BJ > \ perionco Is similar to mauy others in the
BBB ; bouso of rcprotcntatlves , though they are
BBBb mainly on tbo democratic side Tom Ucod is
BBW' nothing of n diplomatist , and bis leadership
BBBf \ lias not been gamed by tbo obstinacy which 1
BBBft Kayo Kundull Ids rank umong the tlouiocrats ,
BBBlr' ' or by the Oily Gammon actions which made I
BBBF Morrison a leader Ho maintains his posi- j
B _ B _ < tloa by sheer force of brain , courage and elo-
BBB qucuco
Tom Heed looks unjthing butthotradl- |
BJBJm i tional leader He has tbo frame of a J np-
BBB' , , , nne o wrcallor , und his head might Borvq for
BB I that of a Chinese giant Ho is fat aud tall I ,
B BJi und his bltr-bonod body is padded ut every
BB jiolot with muscular llesb 1 have never
BB Been bim strike , but his Ost , under John
BBS fiulllvun' # traluiug , would fell an ox ; und
B _ Bk ho has n foot which would make himouoof
BIBjr the greatest ; football play era of the world ,
BBp > His face is broad , fair and fat ; the checks
B _ B | . - . I'ttfi outh und a pair of half-almond eyes
BB , fchmo llljb diamonds under a broad forehead ,
BBW' ' I tvlnch goes on and on upward until It fades
BBS * way ioto a fuzzy baldness about three !
Inches In front of Heeds crown Kced's
mouth Is n strong one , nnd ho has n slrngt
gllng red musthcho on his upper lip contain
ing about enough bristles to tnnkon camels
lmlr ' brush Heeds hair Is thickest at the
sides nnd nt the back It Is not luxuriant at
any place , und ho combs the sandy locks
well up nnd back of his nnrs , so that the
ends of them Just touch the collar of his
coat This big , round head is pasted down
ufion Heeds broad , fat shoulders with n fat ,
wnfor-liko neck , and when Heed sits In liis
chair in the bouse , with his hands tit * under
his chin nnd elbows leaning on his desk , you
wonder whether ho has nny neck nt nil , ncd
you can nardly Imunlno him to bo the gront-
cst man ataoug all the members surrounding
him '
Lot a discussion coma up nnd you wonder
no longer Heeds evet begin to twinkle , a
queer stnlto hovers nround thnt blir mouth ,
nnd n moment Inter yon see turn throw his
six feet into the arena of debate , and in a
dhari ) nasal twang ho pours suruism nnd ar
gument , outnt friend and foe As ho goeson
with his speech his checkschnugafrom white
to red , his soml-baU pito becomes the color
of a boiled lobster , and ho gestures violently
with his nrms , nmphnsl2lnir every sentence
with n shako of ills bond , Ilocnrei but lit
tle for nppenrance , nnd during the quieter
part of the session he wains about the bouso
with his hands in Ills pocket , stooping now
nnd then to tell n Btory to a crowd of brother
members , and making laughter wherever ho
goes Ho is always ready with n story or n
snecch , He novcr writes out his Bpccchcs
for I the Record , und seldom corrects the
proof j of them us tnken down by thu sonoftrnt
pliers J Ho can innku ns good an nftcr-dlnticr
speech ns n congressional ono , nnd ho enjoys
the good things of this life us well as any
other man in congress
Tom Heed Is , however , simple in his hnb-
Its | lln is not n money savor norn money
accumulator i , und bo would bo a richer mnn
li I ho had remained out of congress During
his ' past career ho hns lived very simplv in
Washington His quarters wore nt the Ham
ilton I house , n private hotel frequented lnrgo-
lv by New Hnglnndcrs Heed had u couplu of
j little rooms up near the attic , and ho worked
away nt his desk against the wall nnd undur
n , gas-Jet. The only plcturu In the room was
n : print of Abraham Lincoln , whom Ucod
ndmircd j greatly You never found him
lonllng ' nbout the hotel , nnd ho has spent tbo
chief ] imrt of his leisure in study 'Jhis\cnr
ho has changed his quarters , nnd ha willlivo
ntShoroham , , which is moro comfortable ,
but 1 which1 will bo quite its retired ns the
His quarters hero are not far from these
of , the Hnu Joe Cannon , Who is making a
. ; lively fight for tbo speakership , nnd who
thinks ho Will got it Cannon Is n3 uncon
ventional in his appearance aad habits as
Hoed , but ho is an entirely different kind of
man Of medium height , ho is lean and
wiry , nnd his fnir , rosy fuco with n pair of
bright bjuo eyes looks out from under a
slouch bat , which ho pulls uoivn over it Ho
is a wostorncr in nnpearance , and , llko Heed ,
ho frequently moves nbout with his hands In
his pocket . , Ho is n great smoker , und is
seldom seen without a cigar in his mouth ,
the end of which is always well chewed Ho
does , not weigh as much as cither McKitiloy
or , Heed , but his frame has bceomo Iron
through oxcrclso , nnd It has been bis custom ,
to tuko a horseback ride every dav during
hi9 stay in Washington Mr Canuon is now
flfty-thrco years of nge , nnd ho has been in
conirress for the last sixtcon years Ho has
always held a good position on tbo lloor , nnd
ho is noted ns n iichtcr His favotlto attitude -
tudo in speaking is with ono foot on the
chair nearest him Then leaning over ho
shoots bis words nt the rate of 200 a minute
at the opnosito sldo of tbo bouse , gesturing
as ha docs so by slinking his linger at the
democracy , and by now and then violently
throwing Ills hand nt them Ho Is u good
speaker , is welt po3tcd onthoiulos , and ho
has many fnonas There Is nothing snob
bish about him , and everyone knows him as
Joe Cannon
Mr Cannon has not as many enemies as
Hoed , though bo is'by no moans so mealy
mouthed us ono of his Illinois constituents
Mr Cannon told the story of tbls muu
the ether dav When talking about the
habit of tatty giving , " which so largely
prevails at WusUlngton , said ho : "I have
in my district out in Illinois a mnn who
ought to have been \Vasbington society
woman Ho has a good thing to say about
every man nnd . everything , and ho comes
in especially strong at funerals , I will
call him JOnes for short Tboro is never a
funeral in the country but that Jones is
there , and In talking about the vlrturcs of
the deceased there is no praise so protuso
nor tongue so glib as Jones Ho can Ond
virtues in the worst of reprobates after they
nro den d , and ho is packed full of the milk
of human kindness from the bottom of his
flat cowhldo boots to the top of his bald
crown This peculiarity of his has become
a matter of county talk , and two young fellows -
lows of Dnnville made a bet upon the death
of a roprobatoof thocounty that Jones could
not find anything good to say about bim ,
This man seemed to be altogether bad ; ho !
bad been a worthless , good-for-nothing , lazy
follow during his whole life , und ho was
oao of those Idiosyncrasies ot nature which
scorn to have no good in them At tbo ,
time of the funeral the young follows rauk-
lng tbo bet stationed themselves in the '
window near which the procession going by
the coflln must pass , nnd waited for Jones
Ho came along In good time with his
handkerchief in his hand Ho stopped the |
procession as ho stood beside the coflln and
looked down on the reprobates foco long
and earnestly At last with a sigh ho ox-
clairaed :
Well , any way , ho had good tooth I"
Tlio two other candidates for the speaker
ship are Henderson of Iowa , and Burrows [
of Michigan They nro both reaching out i
their bands after the gavel , und tboro maybe r
bo some dark horses which may como in at t
the last moment Burrows and Hondcison i
are both built on the Brutus order , though 1
Burrows hns been christened by his parents 1
Julius Cfcsar They are plain , blnnt mon ,
and a largo part of tueir camtal lies In the |
open-hnnded , hall-foHow-well-met style pos
seasfcd by each Burrows Is a Ponnsylva-
nlnn by birth , and a Michlgandcr by adnp-
tlon , Ho has been In congress from Michi
gan for ten > ears , and ho thinks the sun i
rises und sots in the great northwest He is ii
n man of moro than ordinary ability ; is a
coed spodlcor and n good stumper , and I am
told that the campaign which ho has Just
finished In Virginia nas inndu him very pop
ulur with the republican element of that l
Htato He talked to the people of the back
counties us though ho were teaching u km-
dorgartcn , and gave them their 111 u plain
understanding of the tariff ,
Goncral David Brenner Henderson is a
Scotchman , who.was brought to Illinois at
thu ace of six years and got his education iu
Iowa Ho was only an ordinary momberot
congress until about three years ago when
ha made a great hit in bis defnnso of Colonel 1
W.V. . liudloy ns prison commissioner ,
Henderson does not look unlike Dudley ; ho
has the same dark hair combed tip from a
high forehead , thu same dark complexion J
which turns to the color of the moss rose as
bo talks , and the same halMImp wait : duo to
the wooden log roplaclngthnt which ho , like
DuUloy , lost on the buttloflold Hondorsonls
a good speaker , ho gestures well , nnd has
lungs equal to those of tbo famed bull of
Dastmn Ho Is a lawyer by profession , and
ho lives nt Dubuque Ho is ono of the hand
somestinun ot tbo house , and ono of the
welt-drossed members Ho wears a slouch
hat and a cutaway coat , and notwithstanding
his wooden log ho walks well without
crutches Ho is a man of great Industry J
and unlimited ambition ,
All of the speakership candidatOK nro mar
rled Mrs , Heed is a llnoly educated woniuu ,
nndtho daughter of liov S. II Merrill , ono
ot the noted Congregational preachers ot
Mai no She is of medium height and has
dark hair and eves She is possessed of
much Boclal ability , and she will be a lit
lender for the ladles of tbo congressional
cirelo Mrs MclCinloy has not been able to
go into society for some years on account of
her health She Is a very pretty woman I ,
and Is , like her hutbaud , of Ohio birth Her
fathur was ono of the oldest newspaper men
or that statu , and the founder of the Canton
Repository , Mrs Cannon comes from Ohio '
Bha is noted as a society leader , and she will ;
bring to her aid two daughterswho are very
well educated as well as very pretty Mrs
Burrows met bcr husband when the two
were at school tocetacr It was a case of ,
love at first sight , nod Julius Cioiar inarriod
her as soon as be came out of the army ,
Mrs Burrows is tall and slender ; she has
sparkling eyes and a rosy comploxton She
Is fond of society and society is fond of her
The same may bo said of Mrs Henoorson , ,
who is a pretty , enlertainlnglowa lady ; and j'
however , the light for the gavel ends it Is
certain that the house social circle will not
lack an accomplished leader
FlUtKK G , CV.f'M&U. ' .
. -
Modjoska and Other Aotrosaos Toll
Why They Dent Wear Ooraots
" " " " "
Itosn Itoiihcur and n ruinous I'oninlo
UolciitUt Are AiitmiRttio Nil nil ) * r
niiglnntl'ft Future Queen Sue
gostiuna for Girls
_ _ _ _ _
Those ActrosHrn Ilnn't MVnr Contot * .
Corsets upon tbo stngol" oxclttlmoil
Mme j Modjeska the ether dny Why ,
no womtvn can bo prucoful in a corset
1 ii o\er wotir ono in a pitrt Lot mo
show > ou whnt I tlo wow ; Its mi tnvon-
tion of my own "
Cnrlossly throwing tisido her loose
morning wrapper , nn exceedingly llus-
sinn robe of whlto cnshincrc , with
trimming t . of black fur , she showed a
tightly fitted bodiuo of buckskin that
came up to the armpits und well down
over the hips '
"Vou hce , " said thn uctrosi , as she
swayed her bo y to and fro , that wliat-
ever pose I nssutno tlio contour ot the
body 1 ts proscrvod I utn supported
without . being restricted , as every ono
is in a cortiot "
The buckskin garment was laced on
cither sldo , and lilted tlio llguro per
fectly I , yet there was no suggestion of
"I wear this iu all my parts , " con
tinued I Modjoska The Idea was sug
gested to mo by wearing an outer gar
niout of buckskin in my role of Rosa
lind 1 I discovered that 1 could move
with grcator case , and also that I made
a boUer appouranco thnnin any garment -
mont L Had ever worn "
The preservation ot whnt is known as
the line of beauty is a great fad with
some > ot the loadinir stars Mtiry An-
dorsou < , in her statuesque roles , mnkes
a great point ot this particular
"I think a corset is an instrument of
torture , " she said onuo , when nslcod to
give ' an opinion lam perfectly mis
erable ' if I put one on for half an hour
All my dinner dresses are made to bo
worn without corsets , und they are con
sidered ; by good judges to be \ cry ar
tistic i " .
What do jou wear Instead ot a corset -
set ? " asked the correspondent ot the
Philadelphia Press
• Noting when oft the stage , but in
my parts 1 wear this , " nnd she hold up
a i roll of stout linen , cut in a bttip
nbout four inches wide It lookotl ex
actly like a surgoon'a bandage , nnd she
puts it on exactly as a bandage is put
on , rolling it round and round ncrbody ,
high enough to support the breast and
low enough to cover the torso
I ventured to remark that I should
think it would bo very still
"It Is moderately so , " said Miss An-
deison ; "it needs to bo in order to sup
port the body , but it is not like the bar
riendo of whalebones "
In some of the dilllcult rnovomouts
which she executes upon the stage Miss
Anderson says that this bundago is so 1
much of a support to her back thnt she
could not do without it in such parts as
the in The Winters Tale "
Then It is not so easy as it looks , " I
"No , " said Miss Andersen , with a '
smile ; very few things are "
Mrs Potter wears neither a corset nor
any substitute for ono
"I wear just four things , " said Mrs
Potter "A union suit ot heavy white 1
silk underwear , a broad bandaga round
the torso knitted ot heavy rod wool , a
ilannol Bkirt and my dross Inovor
were a corset in my lifo , nor did my
mother "
Mrs -Langtry says that the idea of
going without a corset or of/substitut
ing something else for it , is all non
souse There 'is nothtng , " she says , 1
"so easy as a perfectly mudo French 1
corset Talk about the 'lino-of beauty , '
there it is , " and she turned her body
just enough to show the curve of her
superb hip
Miss Jessie Millword , the English '
actress who has just como over , does
not wear a corset on the stngo and sub '
stitutes only tight bandages worn below
ho waist Sara Bernhardt wears a
tightly-lltted waist of ilannol , not as a i.
support , " she says , only because it is 1
comfortable and healthful "
Mr Bouclcault says that the aspect of '
crnco is UoponQont entirely upon the '
movement of the oody at the waist ,
VWutch the Oriental dancing girls , "
says this gentleman You will observe '
that all their subtlety of graeo is the '
swaying of the bodv by apoculiar move
mont ot the hips There is nothing else '
in the world sd seductive nnd so on-
trancing It is very sitnplo , and yet
there are hundreds of wontou with al-
moat faultless figures who move like
wooden images "
'llioy Wear ilm Ahum Tremor * .
The wearing of masculine dross by >
women is , when ono counts up the number -
bor of woman who do it , not such a very
uncommon performance attor all , says
the New Yorld Another famous foinalo
sclontist und explorer , Mmo.-Diculufoy ,
a Fro noli woman , always wears coat nnd J
trousers whllo she is journeying in
strange lands She substitutes a skirt J
for the trousers when she gets back to
Paris , nnd the savnn ts assemble to listen '
to the results ot her travels , but the ?
cent she retains , with its nttondantshirt
and waistcoat , and she does not allow [
her hair to grow She declares that
woman's dross has done moro to hamper '
woman's energy and brains than all the
scoldings udministorod to Independent
women by it ion from the time of Isaiah ,
the prophet , to the proiont day Our
own Dr Mary Walker , with her trousers -
ors , her long braids and her high silk
hat , is familiar to every American who
has nvor boon in Washington Rosa
Bonliour , the palutor of the "Ilorso
Pair , " wears trousers while working
She has a thick mop ot short
hair that hangs in confusion ever her {
square , masculino-lnokitig brow , and
she wears a pair of wide trousers "
linen in summer and tweed in wlntor -
with coat to match , when she is tramp '
iug about her farm and in the holds
wutohlng and sketching animals She
also wears this costume when painting i
for she says that whllo standing before
tbo canvas so long the weight of her
skirt tires her , nnd , as she usually
paints such big pictures tboro is much
walking backward to bodono to obscvo
itho olfeet ot brush strokes , and that
hoie again her skirts hamper her She
always returns to skirts in the evening
when her days work is done , and never
sits down to dlunor in trousers Any
ono sooiug her tramping about the
Holds in male uttlro with short hair •
and a wide , soft hat pulled oyer her
eyes would never imogino her a
woman , so strong aud heavy tnodolod is
her fuco 'Loulso Lawson , the seulp-
tress of "Ayacanora , " also wears
trousers and coat when she works , for
her labors io tlio oluy with her big
statues would bo much interfered with
by skirts A well-known European
courier , Louis Herman , fell ill the
other day , and the doctor discovered
that "ho" < rVh } it woman so to epoak
She confo9JoW that she had norn male
clothes for forty years , and the truth
hud 1 never been suspected by nny ono
A IhMiAr'lfar ' tlio Completion
The patron is seated in nn ndjustahlo
chair and a hand glass placed on her
lap 1 , writes a Paris correspondent ot the
3t Now 3 Yorkg Jro s. By degrees the
shndo is rolled down from the window
and tnndnmo looks her customer ever
nnd t knows Urn , things to bo done in nn
instant j A greasy , gray face is
thoroughly washed by steaming it to
open , the pOnrVt and eruptions Blotches
nnd soronossi'of the lips are trentod
with \ swcot oil and crcaim In Untried
lids 1 are nnointod , lashes nro combed
and i clipped , eyebrows shaped to dc-
scribe pretty curves , nnd whuro there is
a ! tendency to moot , the brldgo of the
nemo Ib cleared of struggling hairs by
nn electric ncodlo She trains the
hair j to grow about the tomplcs in the
t 1 miinner i most becoming to the fuco nnd
scolding ' locks and oar pieces uro
olToctually ' dealt with
A poor completion is mndo the sub
ject of dioloctio philosophy , nnd if necessary -
ossary j she will make out a bill of faro
which , if adhered to for a your , will
certainly < provo bouollclal not only to
the j fuco , but to thn gonoml health of
the body She lias great faith in pros1
pi ration , and advises long walks , oven
in the hottest weather , with the face
houvllv veiled • Kitchen work is also
prescribed Not long ago a lady in so
ciety ' who pa\u.'t cook Sli.OOU a > cnr , was
told to go into the kitchen niid , shell
pens , mix a cuko or knead btead for an
hour every day to freshen up her com
plexiou Mtulnmo is an enthusiast on
the subject ot cleunllness , and argues
thnt there is a degree of porsonul neat
ness equally nsjnsoi tin ting as beauty
Kiilllnml'rt future Quern
I hear from a high English source ,
says J a Paris letter to the Now York
Tribune , that the Princess Feodora ot
Sehleswig-Holstcin , who did the KlITol
tower the ether day , chaperoned by her
elderly maidou aunt , Amelia , of the
same i house , is in all likelihood the
coming Princess Albert Vietor of
Wales She is a sister of the Gorman
emprossnnd ' a niece of Prince Chris
tian , the dull old husband of the best of
Queen ' Victoria's daughters , is going on
sixteen , loulcs a good sort of girl , and is
almost pretty But she is not likely to
improve when the bloom ot youth de
parts , and she wants winsome graces ,
hvidotitly Hhu has not como to her full
height When she does she will proba
bly bo as tall as her imperial sister
The queer would like to secure her
the crown of Great Britain , because she
is descended from her majesty's mother ,
thu duchess of Kent , ' whoso lirt hus
band was Prince Loinlngon Princess
Feodora has been a great deal here with
a party of aristocratic English frlonds ,
bomo of whom uro connections of her
aunt-in-lnw bn the maternal side , Coun
tess Gloichuiil Count Gloiclion aban
doned his highborn Gorman status to
marrv Laurnr'Soymour , and is a profes
sional sculptor , high iu tlio queens
favor Agnliibt German etiquette she
has been latterly styling thorn both
pcreno highliusbcs An objection to the
proposed royalimalch is thnt the young
lady's ' mothcr'ls in a inadhoti- . There
is already more 'thnn a touch of insanity
in the royal family of England
I ; H
Sunsgstjons tn our Girls ,
Girls should bo taught to cook well
Much misuryjcoines from bad cooking ,
writes "An Old Bachelor
to an ex
change A jfouilg man marries a girl
who cannot coolt a dccontimcnl Then
mlschiut begins lie works hard , earns
inonoy , gives moat of it to her She
takes the monoytbuys victuals , cooks
them badly Ho nnd she oat thorn
The victuals are so badly cooked that
they will not sustain * the liros of indus
try Ho books stimulants , drinks
She , poor and ignorant croatdro , gets
consolation from the nearest sewing so-
cioty She cant undorstaud the chnngo
that has como ever him no knows it
will do no good to acquaint her with
the truth ; it would bo stranger than
fiction to her
There are thousands of ensos em
braced iu this outline , all caused by the
prevailing inability to cook well Boys
uro trained for practical duties of lifo
Girls need a moro comprehensive edu
cation , They should be taught how to I
cook a decent meal , ono that sustains i
the Arcs of application , without which
no man can succeed in the battles of i
lifo Every girls school should have 1
among its faculty a competent cooking
teacher -
Itoynl tSkflotons "
The queen , it is known , is very par
ticular in many matters of dross , nnd it ;
seems that the princess of Wales and [
her datightow are no loss so Low
necked and short-sleeved toilets nt the 1
proper time have never como under
royalty's frown , but the queen his always -
ways insisted on a bona ildo sleeve , and I
no princess handover been allowed to )
withstand this verysonslblo regulation '
In the matter of high-heeled shoes , too ,
some slight tribulation has risen at
times , fashions rcqiiiromont and the
queens moderation being very dilllcult
of reconciliation
The princess of Wulos hns not to con t
cern herself much about the dress of
these nround liorsliico she is to a great
extent tno nrbitross in the highest cir
cles of what i . * correct She ulwiijs
dresses well , and yet wo loai n that not
till the last minute docs she dccldo
what her toilet shall bo
The princess and her daughters have
ouch their busts and dross stands , the
former mouldod.exactly . to their figures
These ' skeletons "
royal are of wire i
beautifully padded , and covered with
brown hollaud.tho uaino of the original I
being distinctly wrItten on each shapely ;
back This takes considerably from the
dillloulty of dross-building at
nigh pros ,
sure Princess Victoria of PriioSia hnd
an accurate • Tntodol of her llguro made
during her rftufertt stay ut Windsor
, • " ' '
CliliH-Hp Olrlrfooj to fltnrrylne ; .
English aiia'Winorlcan girls occnslon-
ally commit Sjljiydo through disappolnt-
mont nt not grftt'nir married ; but it will
surprise thcnutalcarn that the Ghincso
young ladieaii ' uivo such a drond of the
matrimonial fchiiin that they frotjuontly
prefer death toifnarriago
"Of nil ij6ulo [ | , " said Confucius i ,
"woinon nro llio most dilllcult to man
ago If you , pro farnilinr with thorn
they bocomoorwnrd | , and if you keep [
thorn at a disdojico they become discon-
tented " U bi
So many nru the disabilities of mnr- .
rlcd womoii'"thnt ' „
many girls prefer
going into Budliliist or Taulst nunuor-
ies , or oven committing suicide , to
trustlug their future to men of whom
they can know nothing but fiom the in-
torestod reports of the go-botweons.
Archdeacon Gray , in his work on
China , states that in 1878 eight young ; ,
girls residing near Canton who hud
boon nlllnncod , drowned thomsolvcs In
order to avoid marriiigo They clothed
themr > elves } n their best attir ' o , and at
li o'clock , iu the darkness of the night t ,
having bound themselves together ; ,
they throw themselves into a tributary
stream of the Cunton river "
Home Women'a Ueoupatlone
At Martha's Vinoynrd a dumD noman
owns and manugesu schoonornhd earns i
a living as a fisherman , says the Now
Orleans Picayune Botweou times she
poddies threads nnd buttons nlong tlio
coast At Cincinnati there is also a
boat I woman who earns her nving on
the t watox1 . In Maine many women nro
fnrmors f , working from two hundred to
three t hundred ncros nnd , of course ,
finding | time to road the Atlantic
Monthly j At Louisvlllo a Mrs Shelby
is i sexton of St Johns cemotcry At
Gnrdlnor ( Mo , Mrs Problo is a marble
and i grnnito cutter , employing ton or
twoho i mon In Now York city Mrs
Gill ( is a shoemaker The best of her
work i is cobbling Also in Now York ,
Mrs i Emma Yowdoll gets nlong fnlrly
well \ kooplng a 11 very stable San Fran
cisco ( nnd Brooklyn hn\o each a woman
blacksmith 1 Mrs Lena Selgfrled , of
Now j Orleans , Is n bird h mi tor living
on ( her fathers schooner , nnd nblo to
kill | , clean and prepare moro birds to
the i hour thnn nny male hunter along
the | coast In Now Orleans , moro than
iu i any ether city , wo have woinon en
gaged j in occupations unusual to the
box Hero are to bo found woinon edi
tors i , merchants , Horlsts , dairy farmers
nnd i niantifiicUirerri in grcnt numbers ,
all i earning good sumsot money
The small'bonnet Is moribund
All slcovcs nro loose nbovo the elbow
Waists grow shorter und less pcnltcd
The bnsquo waist Is almost a tiling ot the
past 1
Tartans and stripes nro in higher favor
thnn over
Skirts grow longer In the buck but shorter
in front
Old rose nnd Ulack are n titihioiitblo com
Table covers no longer lung all ever nnd
all urnund the table
Clognnl sashes are made of passementerie
finished witli deep fringe
'Ihocru7ofor antique oak and whlto nnd
gold furniture is on tuo increase
Urown , tan , gray and black gloves nro
the correct wear with all out-of-door
Panels remain a fashionable and popular
feature on most gowns for street or carriage
Ostrich feather tippets in colors to match
evening and dinner gowns nro seen In the
best houses
All waists have surpllcus , brotollcs ,
plastrons , waistcoats , or rover3 of ono kinder
or another
Do not purchase n seal cap unless your
features uro regular In BUeh enso ouu will
ho very becoming
Tartan shoulder capos In triple folds , with
long , stjuaro fronts , also triple folded , are
seen atnoiic the utility short wraps for early
fall wear
The capo-sloovod jacket , simulating a
capo and waistcoat in front nnd u
jacket in the hack , is n now and favorite
light wrap
Mr.ntel lambrequins of delicately tinted
China silks fringed with varicolored sIIk
tassels or with gilt bangles nro the latest
fancy in mantel drapery fads
A pretty skating costume would bo of eiffel
tower red plush , trimmed with fur Chin
chilla would look well , and sbould he set on
ns a bnutt around thu skirt uud trim a half
fltiing jaclfot
Dove nr Quaker gray is the most fashion
able and almost the most becoming stiado of
tins try ng color It combines well with
Eiffel , pule rosj , blue , water green , canary
yellow , llunimjo red nnd other shades of
brmht and posltivo color , with cream , pure
white , bluck , silver and gold , copper and
Combination costumes nro in rcmaikablo
fntor Among recent ideas is that of n skirt
made wholly of sldo pluitings in alternations
of two colors which appear of course on the
corsage , in some ono of the many different
methods nt present In vncue On the subject
of corsasro adornments , moreover , a modiste
can hardly go astray , since they are still
more Intricate and lavish thnn during tlio
summer The old-tlmo method of closing
oy buttons is almost abandoned In consequence
quence , and the fastenings on sinuous wind
iug , often provo u trial to the patience of any
but devotees to the cause , Conbinntions
have extended to cloaks which never were so
fanciful or In such vanoty of shape The
use of clcirant brocades is marked , whllo garments -
monts of thick , sort camels hair woven In
largo , flowered patterns , are offset by addi
tions of fur , velvet , silk or ribbon
Turned-up collars aru in tiuth particularly
stylish , in view of whica some are ready
wired , but the greater number may stand
erect or lie Hat ut the wearers option , nnd
as a consequence seal cups nre being pur
chased to un unwonted extent The uniting
of two furs in ono garment is , moreover ,
iu cording to Lord and Taylor , an especial
feature this winter and is seen in mugs ,
which , although for the most natt small as
formerly and of ono fur , nre sometimes
vuried by tiimmings of another sort 1 rim
ming furs nro cither black , quito dark or
quite light ; the medium shades are not in
dotnnnd , and it can bo added that fur as a
gncnituro is notonly iu oxtruordinury voeuc ,
but is often combined in the same garment
with trimmings of quito opposite nature , as
for example , lace or uasscmontcrle , this
being true not only lu respect to cloaks , but
costumes where fur trimmings and even
combinations are a feature
Long , Huffy boas were never moro fushion-
able and the same can he asso ) ted of fur
caps Either nro suitahlo for ladles of nny
ago , provided oulv , that the wearer bo not
too stout ; where the llguro is well developed ,
ono like thn other is ill advised and both
should glvo way to the short seal'wraps
which como in jaunty shapes for young
ladies , and for matrons , In becoming styles
short at tlio back und having lone point pcUs
Elegant long garments In seal , displuy also
such chntiues in cutns may render tnom sult-
nbls to different persons , whether stout or
slender and for the former , show bIoovos beginning -
ginning at the bucic seams , whllo for the lat
tcr , como these which llttod or half-fitted ,
huvo sleeves Just lartro enough to udmit the
arm easily and commencing at thu shoulder
Seal jackets do credit to the makers skill ,
by reason of oxquislto lit and tills season nro
rendered novel from tno use-of natural or
nr plucked otter or astrakhan , whIUi is
plated in V shapa at tlio back , appears ou
the cuffs und lines the collar that may bo
turned un to exhibit such couibinntluns
The ffguro " 9" in our dates is with us and
hns como to stuy No muu or woman now
Hying ' will ever date a document without
usiug the llguro U. It now stands on the
extreme right lbbJ Next year it will bo In
the third place , where it will romuiu ten
years It wilt then move up to the second
pluco WOO nnd there it will rest ono hun
dred years ,
There Is another " 0" which has also como
to stay : it is called the Nn " 0. ) > It Is not
llko the llguro " 0" in-our dates in the respect
that It will have to wait until next year
for thli d pluco , or ten years for second place ,
ns it has this year stood Id first pluco , and
it will not move trom there ; It Is the new '
No 0" High Arm Wheeler < fc Wilson Sow
ing Machine
' 1 ho No l > " is not nn old style of machine
havinc some slight change made In it und
then called now unproved , " but It is nn entirely -
tiroly now machine It was Invented bv thu
best mechunic.il exports of the ngu What
bettor proof is wanted of that fact than tlio
following cablegram direct lrom the Paris
Exposition , which was published in nil the
Chicago newspapers of Octobor.udl
KxpoHirios Umviiiii.i.I : ! , Paiiis , October
I. [ SpecIal-1 Tno hlghekt possible premium
mill the only graudpil/u tor sewlnu muihlnes
was uwurded thu Wheeler and Wilson Mumtfac ,
turlng Company ,
The No O1' ' has taken the hrst promlum
this year at the Btr.to fairs of Iowa , Minnesota -
seta and Wisconsin , and tbo first premium
nt every county fair where It has been ex-
iso woman , If she desires to bo happy
should be without a No 9" No man
should bo happy until ho has purchased the
lightest rnnning lock stitch pinihiue in the
world , the Np 9" for his homo No agent
is happy unless ho sella the "No , 11. " No
dealer will bo happy and prosperous in thiu
ago of progress unless bo furnishes his custo-
mors with the only perfect sowing inachlno
mechanism for family use , the "No , V. " Wo
are buppv , for our trade has moro thau
doubled since the birth of the No tt "
185 uud 187 Wabash uye . Chicago
/ s Vytwwitij V *
The Largest and ltest Equipped School In tbo
West Thorough Practical Department ,
1 BEND roll colleui ; JOUIlNAL t
I ( lf * - & • IFTTTTi \ , 4AT * l

For Five Dollars IB
DR R. W. BAILEY , Dentist , I
. PaKton Blok , 16th and Faruaui Streets j |
VVtJ-ti.ltJ TTfvpp - LU SJfmr months and hnvln9 Inrgoly within lncrcrtsed the past two out H H
oTrioo , room , nro now better pro jdred to turn out the best class of 'i ' H
work , and much more rapidly thnn hcrotorore Wc make a fUllsot H
orteeth on rubber for F1VK DOLLARS , gunrnnteod to bo ns wol M
mndo | as plntes sent out ornnydentnl orrico in this country Do not H
lot others . influence you not to come , but make us n cnll nnd see for ! H
yourself H
> j
Teeth extracted WITHOUT PAW , nnd
without using ohloroTorm / i M
gns , ether or electricity Filling nt lowest rates Remember the lo- V V _ _ i
cntlon DR BAILEY , .
Dentist , Pnxton Block J ; |
Open evenings . until 8 o'clock Tata . elevator on 10th stteet Kith and lannni I ! _ i
: Cut this out Mention tlili pnprr i r _ _ H
| • < . WOODS . 1
JAMESM02&T0N & S03ST , Agents , M
Telophonc 437. 1511 Dodge St M
m carloTTDSbeFco ; , I
_ H
Manufactui ers nnd Wholesale Dealers in il' _ _ i
Ycalloi r Plnet ] m
To dtalors onlj Mills Southern Miisourl ltooins 1.2 . Rnrtll V , S. National Bunk llulIdliTg J > _ H
'Xrluntione 1:107 , Omnlia o ! • * _ H
• • diH
15J3 Douglas Street , Omaha , Nebraska i. |
Dewey & ; Stone , LI
Furniture Company m
A magnificent displny or everything useatl and ornamental in the ' _ H
furniture makers art at reasonable prices i H
l4 ! South I5th St , Next to P , 0.
Mnnu facturors of Sonlsklh and Pur
Garments I3oas , Muffs , Glees , Caps ,
Robes , Mnts , oto , nhvuys on hnncl
Old Seal Garments rodyod , refitted
and rolincd
Plush Clonks ropatrcd
Hit 'hest prices paid for fur skins
Health is Wealth I
. EC WKSl'H NfinVB ANIl HllAIN Illl'AT-
MKNT BiiaraiitiTj Hiieclllo for ll > Mnlii , lllzil-
ness Convulsom , Ill * , Nenons NmiralKltt ,
Ht-aaacho. Nervous I'rubtrntlon
- ciiusoil by tlm
use or ulcoliol tolincco tVHlcofulncbs , tfonlal
Dupri-isloii.SoftPiiliiirof the llrain , itsiiltln In
1 ufiwiltyinKlli'Hillii ! 'to Hilary , decay ami Month
l > remnur Olil ABe , llni-ii'uurss. IosKof I'imor
In elllior bei , Imoluiitiuy lotHi'H nnd Siurmut
torliu uciuisoO liy ovt'ii'Xiitl < niotliolnilii bclf-
nbuso or ororliululKunia Kuch box rnntatns
one MKiiith's t lent merit Ul.fiOn box , or fix boxes
for5W , sent by mnllproralil on receipt of price
To euro nny chro With rn < li order receliot by
us tor six lio.xoi , nrcoiiiimulrd by J. ) UJ o will
seinl theuurdiuHProur wltten Kiuruntee to re-
ruml thu monxy If the treatment iloes not erred
n euro , ( luarautoes Imueil only by ( loolman
llniot Co , DriiBirlsts , Kole Auents , 1110 l'Brnam
Street , Umahu Nobraukn
Voeliuulcal KnulnBir anil Uraliiman , will net ni on
vulllni/eiiiniieur. Kstliualfs made Drawlnjri Imc
Iiiki llluiil'iliiliHiKlt-ncdncntloiii
I * r Bed ( Jure , btti 40. M • • U Oil iN'll Bf * *
H.W.C0D. I3FH&D0DCE8T8 , OMAHA NED { > fl
CIOIadlfflH M
BeitF cillt ! jArptritHinijneraedltiforBucce ifu' < I M
Xieatmtnt of tury form o < D .m regulrlnr I f H
BoardSiAtUiiduei BeitActomiaoditJciMlaW it ! ' ' H
CO-WHlTr tOV ontOUXABRoa D formlUei anl } i H
BrttM Truuii , Club feat , Ovrratureiof Cpiit.rilo , 'l falH
Il.ctxiilty , Pm 1 Ii , fepllapiy , Kllnw Sliiitt , fi M
By , ku , aula tno Wood and all Surgical Op raUorj . 1.1 | H
wi niTMiiTtLr iuuidi liucu BtrjBTBuTrou Ivii H
woim uiunucoirintiiKKT ( tlfHSItlJJIVAlf ) ICii H
OiJyB UakloM dic lIniUtjUiE klnE Bfeiiallyol W H
AtlTlMA DU m nrf ( • • fall uitvltd iiji-UiiHo k cU a ) M | l l
VtBoiadfr atB iriun wllL Mltatirirr * l w U iUr U lUll l ll
fr .l t rLMiDrritLron : tC l-fiUiiii U lofUIt 1 M
• itu/t tr ftl 'tl.lbftM ' ly orrti | > otidaB ( , llt oa > Biy.l | 4 < | M p pi
U DiioaQdtiUI Wt41cla < iorUiiiiu > BUiiiitb/iutllers * ) • p pi
BraiiMfliirffirpkkffdB n rk ilBdlealtc i.i < Biii > rifu < ] tr , II P | J
Da B r oa riat MU\rprar irt4.Csil dcociBUMort sl I M
yutcrv or r u . ctj w will Mad lttJ > Ulii * r\frt * t 1 p |
book to utn , f , 1 ? . " . ' . " . : ' , ' - ; ; :
UUUI | < 1 V.rlto/.lt , hli q.l ! o IliU tttfn B H
13th aad Sadf * 8U U , OMAHA , gjB | I H

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