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Entire Retail Jewelry Establishment , corner 16th and -Farnam Streets is now in FULL BLAST , and 9
has completely revolutionized prices of
i EVERY ARTICLE Going to the Highest Bidder Without LIMIT OR RESERVE ! I
The magnificent stock is being closed out very rapidly , but most of tlie choicest goods are yet to be sold , fl
To purchase the very best fVu goods made , and at ' . [ • I S
' _ Take advantage of the opportunity to buy y mr HOLIDAY PRESENTS and put them away for . I
( { | | jj | m CHRISTMAS , which is so near at hand A small deposit will reserve any article , and the balance iSlillRl I
can be paid when goods are taken away A hint jffo the wise ought to be sufficient g WW
J. H. FRENCH , . Auctioneer , . _ JL _ > . . ' - MAX MEYER & BRO , Omaha J |
| i A Very Brilliant Rocoptlon at
1 Mrs J. J. MonoUs '
I { Tlio l/itst Tarty of tlio Assembly and
| * a JlciHt of Other Inter , ntins
I 1'eaturcn of Social Life
[ i • Etc , Klo
| Siiuial fjireuf Omalia
I Tlio reception given ou Tuesday evening
f by Mrs Monoll una Mr anil Mrs John
fj Moiicll wus the event of tlio neck After a
[ ' straggling , lonesome snowfall that lusted
' throughout the day , the wcathor cleared a
I * Git , mill about 0 o'clock carriaga after car
' , riagn of guests arrived to Hash for a moment
' tlio splendor of tboir party wraps In the
shining electric light , and then to vnnisli
Into the interior of the brilliantly llghtod
r Such a charming , interesting house as it
, is , nt all times , and in Its gala array of llow-
\ ers , lights and music , it was mora onviublo
| than over In the hall the muntolpicco.wrth
I n mirror above , was banked with white roses
and ditinty rnuidon-hair ferns reflected again
' and again The llrepluco was tilled with
palms mid red geraniums , wbila In the re
ception room flowers were on piano nud cab
i , inets
The library , en passent , is an enchanting
room with boons overywherc , good hooks ull
I of thorn , and ' veil dressed as becomes tboir
I position In the world ; n room to invite ro-
I , llection , Kingdoms have risen und been for
[ ' gotten ; languages have been formed und
f fullen Into disuse since some of tlio books
| , ware written , and yet , with eyes and unJcr-
l stanillng , ono can grow acquainted with the
I interesting thought and characters almost
I since Adam delved and Eve spun 1' '
I Then there are pictures , curios lu china
I nud bronze and Mr , Monell Is the fortunate
I lioiscssor of the most Interesting collection
I I of daggers and arms in tbo west Here the
I mantel plcco was mada to rhyme with that
I ; in the hall , while ono could sea through thor
r , arch the charming decorations of the dlnlng-
[ ; room , the wliolo south end of which was a
I' ' bower of beauty with swinging baskets of
I orchids and trailing plants , and great groups
I' ' of palms und forus
I Thotublo , wasinado to assume a delicious
I pink , n scarf the length of it embroidered
[ with pink roses Unit rivalled the exquisite la
| Franco uncs which , combined with ferns ,
k Hindu a small rose garden la the
center Pink shudes to the candles
< n silver candelabra lent the finishing
L touch uud shod that pretty becoming glow so
[ dear to the heart of any woman as udding
! inaterlully to her beauty
I Mrs Monoll , in n black satin gown , with
I white llowors at her tin oat , and Mrs John
I Mouoll , in a black lace gown over green
I faille with a V-shaped bodlco , ussistcd by
I Mr , Monell , received the guests in tbo roccp-
I tlon room
I Between the hour of 0 and 10 the rooms
I wcro thronged and there were uny uumbcr
[ of guests from Council Bluffs
I . 'J here wore any'number of pretty gownB ,
I , and prettier women in thorn The women
I w ho read this will bo on tenter books to
I know Just what they wore , Kb bicn <
Mrs Frederick Davis , u block net shot
with silver ever black satin on traino docol-
lcto bodice ana pearls
Mrs Uarnouu , black lace skirts with a
peat of Persian stun like cloth of gold.square
cut bodies and elbow sleeves finished with
oiqulslto lace , diamonds
Mrs BrookS prune velvet , with prune ein-
broidery ever white moire en trulno point
lace , diamonds
I Mrs Stewart of Couucll Hlufls , a remark
ably ( iistluguowoman , looked voryhandsome
in a gown of green silk and bluett velvet
I with a black velvet bonnet ,
I Mr * . Worreu Cbaso wore a gray faille en
I traino trimmed with silver
I Mrs H. 13. Wood , a white ) lk en trains
With a front of white silk gauze with pearl
I trimmings , diamonds
I Mrs O. N , Uamsey , a beautiful gown of
ruby velvet and black lace , diamonds
r Mrs , Warren Bwitzler , a wine colored vel-
vet combined with pink satin , V shaped bodice -
ice , diamonds
Mrs Henry Estabrook , a gown of black
satin nud not , without sleeves
Mrs Squires , a becoming gown of black
lnco en traino with a decolloto bodice of
black velvet
Mrs Hnwlov , a gown of litao satin and
black lace
Miss Hawley , a white moire gown com
bined with white net and gold cmbroidory
Miss Chase , a pink gauze with squuro cut
bodlco and American beauty roses
Mrs Hitchcock a pink crepe over pink
Miss May Millard black lace with a decol
loto black satin bodice , pearls
Mrs Grccno a Olack lace gown
Mrs Bradlord , black lace gown decollate ,
bodlco , diamonds .
Mrs Gcorgo I. Gilbert black satin with
front of pink und gold
Mrs van Nostrand , black silk with point
lace bertha
Mrs Ctnrkson black satin and lace gown
Mrs Collier black not over rose colored
Mrs Meredith black silk and let
Mrs Andrew i Jose water a gown of pink
Mrs Roodor a brown silk'gown with vest
of gold and silver embroidery , brown velvet
Miss Wcssols , black satin with the front
of the bodlco of gold brocude
Mrs Crary black silk and duchesso lace
Miss Crary a gown of red gauze ovcrsutin ,
V-shaped bodice
Mrs Uvans n mauve silk gown trimmed
with a darker shade of velvet , bonnet
Madatno U.ieliert a black satin gown en
trnino nnd docolleto with Jet trimmings , dia
Mrs Catllu a hundsoma black and white
slllc gown trimmed elaborately wltn lace
Mrs H. Smith a handsome black satin
gown with low bodlco , diamonds
Miss Smitb a white silk gown combined
with black velvet and white not , pearls
Miss Sherwood a gray silk gown with gray
Miss Yost a pretty gown of brown nnd
blue silk
Miss Shears a green and wbito silk gown
Mrs ilorbach a gown of black , velvet
white satin nud black lace , diamonds
Mrs Montz Meyer a black fuillo gown
with vest of green crcpo
Mrs Warrou Hogers a salmon pink India
silk gown combined with white fishnet and
wino-colored velvet
Among tboso present wore : Mr and
Mrs Gilbert , Mr and Mrs Greene , Mr and
Mrs Stewart and Mr nnd Mrs , Baldwin ,
Council bluffs ; Mr and Mrs Hamsey , Mr ,
nnd Mrs Cornish , Mr nnd Mrs Motcalfo ,
Miss Motculfc , Mr und Mrs Meyer , Mr und
Mrs ltoedcr , Miss Grant , Mr and Mrs ,
Wood , Mr and Mrs CurksonMr und Mrs
Estabrook , Mr nud Mrs Squires Mr and
Mrs Frea Davis , Mr and Mrs Gurnouu ,
Mr , uud Mrs Wessols , Mr and Mrs Swltz
Icr , Mr and Mrs Ilorbach , Mr and Mrs
Van Nostraad , Mr und Mrs Smith , Miss
Smith , Mr and Mrs , Bradford , Mr and
Mrs Hitchcock , General und Mrs Urooke ,
Mrs Edgar , Mrs , Warren Cbuso ,
Mrs Meredith , Miss Collins ,
Mr and Mrs Hawley , Miss HawloyJ
Mrs Crary , Miss Crary , Mr , and Mrs Lin
lnger , Mr and Mrs Huller ,
Miss Shears , Miss Yost , Miss Sherwood ,
Miss Mary Millard
Dr , Gilford , Dr Hridgos , Mr , Wilbur Mr ,
Nathan Crury , Mr Sborwood and Mr , Mor
ljct Us bo lliuutful
Thauksgiving day was variously and do
llgutfully spent lu Omaha Little homo dln >
ners with a friend or two and elaborate
company affairs lu style both old and now ,
Good things , homely , wliolesomo and deltcr
ious with the usual lovon of indigestible
, pies and puddings and again a menu consistr
ing of French made dishes and sweets unnamable -
namable with any quantity of Iicadacboy
cbampaguo , tbo result when all Is done bolti
about the same
At the Pulton hotel the.dlnlog room , brlU
llantly lighted , was • very picturesque sight ,
the chandeliers decorated with smllax and
tbo tables brightened and beautified vdtli
fruits and flowers The wotnon were dinner
gowns and tbo sweetest possible strains of
inutlo floated in from the office whore the
band was statiouod the whllo dinner was in
progress The guests had asked friends to
dine and the scene was as animated as pos
slblo Mr and Mrs Lowur had Mr and
Mrs Joseph U.irlccr , Mr und Mrs McCdrd
and Mr und Mrs Greene
_ Dr and Mrs Summers hadDr Bach nnd
the Misses Bach and D. Gifford
Mr nnd Mrs ltichardsou had Mr and
J. W. Paddock
Mr and Mrs Cowin had Mr and Mrs W.
V. Morse and family and Master Joe Barker
Mr und Mrs Smith baa Mr and Mrs
Horbich una Mr Barlow
M. and Mrs O. M. Carter gave n handsome
dinner at their beautiful liomo on West Par
nnui street to the casliicrB of tlio various
banks In which the American Loan und
Trust Company Is interested The guests
were : Mr A. D. IJuchworth , president of
the No rth Platte Notional bank ; Mr F. E.
Shaw , cashier of the First Nutional bank of
Itovunna ; Mr , J , It Johnson , cashier of the
First National bank of Grant ; Mr R. M.
Hampton.cashierof the American bankof Al
liance ; Mr J. T. Hinklov , cashier of the bunk
of Grafton , Mr D. D. Cooley cashier of the
National bank of Ashland , Neb , Mr C. S.
Montgomery , Mr Philip Potter , Mr A , C.
Powell und Mr C. H. McKennoy , offlcors of
the trust company In Omaha , nil of whom
were ucrompunled by their wives
Healths were drunk , speoehos made and
Jokes nnd stories exchaugod with the couso-
quonco of a thoroughly onjovublo dinner
Mr and Mrs Levi Carter ontertalncd a
few friends at a small und early ,
Mr and Mrs Kloazar Wakoloy invited
some friends to pass the evening with them ,
somoof whom havoonloyed the likn hospi
tality tbeso nine years Apples , nuts and
cakes carried the thoughts to tbo long ago
with tlio result of some fumous reminis
cences and capital stories
Mr A. L. Footo , tbo artist , gave a very
pleasant stag party to a number of his friends
in the way nf a Thanksgiving dlnnor on the
occasion of his birthday ,
There were u uumbor of valuable souve
nirs , among tbem a valuable present from his
friends on the police force
Weddings Abroad
November 20 Miss Mabel C. Newton una
Dr W. H. Shorrndou were inarriod at the
Methodist pursonago , Missouri Valley , tlio
ltov.V. . O. Allen officiating Miss Newton
is a charming , accomplished woman , well
known in Omaha , wbero sbo has inado her
homo for the last two years Dr Sborradcn
of tbo dental firm of Billings & Shorradcn ,
Is a resident of Council Bluffs , and is one of
the best known young men of the twin cities
The wedding was a qulot ono , only about a
dozen friends bobig present , among them
Mr nnd Mrs Grcory and Mrs Shcrrudon ,
mother of the groom , from Omaha and
Council Bluffs A wedding breakfast was
served at tbo parsonagoto tbo Invited guests ,
After December 18 Mr nnd Mrs , Sherradcu
will be at home to their friends at ai3 South
Ninth street , Council Bluffs
On Sunday , lu Kansas City , at tbo homo
of ber uncle , was celebrated the marriage of
Miss Ona Grltllth to Mr George M. Entri-
kln Miss Griffith , a pretty woman with
pleasing manners , is well known in Omaha
Air Kutrikiu Is the agent of tbo Wabash
railway nnd has n largo circle of friends
hero Mr and Mrs Kntrikln will take a
fortnights wedding lournoy to Chicago uud
St Louis and nfor ( January 1 will bo at
homo to their friends at SfeOI Hickory street
A llnppy lnlr ,
Miss Shears und Mr . Wilbur presented tlio
the littto English play of "A Happy Pair at
Mrs Hltchcoclcf on Wednesday evening tea
a large and appreciative audlonoo who applauded
plauded to every echo "
The motive Is a gradual taking out of tan
gla the domestic dlfllculties brought about by
too much sentimentality ou the part of the
bride and too near acquaintance with bore
dom ou the part of the bridegroom The
scene was a pretty breakfast room with a
cosy tea table Inviting buffett and a Jolly
open tire Miso Shears looked bewitobingly
pretty in a fetching alrectolro gown of white
sprinkled with violets nud a violet train and
made tea in such 'dainty-wise manner that
the men iu the audience voted her husband a
She personated the character admirably
and Mr.- Wilbur bravely shared the honors
playing with a zest nnd spirit that was very
After the play there was supper and con
versation made up principally of compliment
tor tho'stars who had muuo the evonlng so
Among tbo guests were : General and Mrs
Brooke , General and Mrs Whoatnu , Mr
and Mrs Carter , Miss Hosford , Miss Coo ,
Mr nnd Mrs Heed , Miss Ualcombo , Miss
Mabol Bulcombe , Mr and Mrs Guincau ,
Mr and Mrs Estabrook Mr and Mrs
Broatch , Mr and Mrs Webster , Mr nnd
Mrs Cowin , Mr ana Mrs . Peck , Miss
Bishop , Mr and Mrs Wells , Miss Reese ,
Mr and Mra Monell , Mr and Mrs Patter
sou , Mrs Devvov , Miss Dewey , Mr und
Mrs Colpetror , Mr and Mrs Patrick , Mr
and Mra Wheeler Mr and Mrs Ramsey ,
Miss Sherwood , Miss Chase , Mr Ford Mr
Ford , Mr , Robert Patrick , Mr Morris and
Mr Sherwood
Par in its , Swuor sorrow
Mr Voss loft yostorduy for Meeker , Col ,
whore ho will enter Mr Hughes bank
Ho has made many.fricnds In Omaha , who
received the news of his going finally with
lively regret , and who tried to take off the
edge of goodbye in making him something
of a lion during tbo week
A 5 o'clock tea at Miss Millard's Monday
evening , a dinner Into at Miss Yost's and a
pleasant cavd party Tuesday evening at Mrs ,
Stobbins' pretty homo on Dodge street ,
A horscbacic ride was planned for Tues
day , which the falling thermometer nipped
in the bud However , a Jolly Thanksgiving
dinner at Mr Koonig's caused them to forgot
tboir disappointment ,
Covers were laid for fourteoni Miss Yost ,
Miss Anna Millard , Miss Sadie Nosh , Miss
Hoagland , Miss Grace Chambers nnd Miss
Rustin , Mr Voss , Mr , Pierre Garneau , Mr
Wilbur , Mr McCaguo , Air Will Doaue , Mr
Sherwood and Mr Kocnlg
Mr , McCaguo took the sanio party to the
theater to hour the Old Home3tcad'l
Thanksgiving evening nnd Saturday avou-
ingthey ( .urpnsed him at the station with
parting remembrances nnd regretful God
Siv'fft hlnglnir
Tuesday afternoon , at tbo Ladles Musi
cal e , " the programme was unusually pleas
ing and tbo happy handful of women who at
tended bad the felicity of being carried out
of themselves by the witchery of a magultl-
cent contralto votco
All the numbers were good and during the
afternoon Mrs Walter C. Wyman with a
voice 9
That crowds and hurries and precipitates
With thtcK fast inarbje , Its d-dlclous notev'
poured out bcr heart u pd soul In melody ,
Her hearers satenfchunted during ber generous -
orous soloctlons : "ICnowest Thou the Fair
Land , " from MignoiiIO , ! Salute , " from the
Huguenots , two songftjOf Noving , and tender
love lays m.Fronch.uud German , witn any
number of others , scarcely daring to breathe
lost they should break tbo silver swell spell
Mrs Wymanvlii livcs , In Chicago , wbero
lier voice is famous a ' nd the fashion , studied
several years wltb/jMurchlsl. , , Sbo Is a
famous , fascluotln ( , ' [ , woman with a potent
charm of manner , uud , when added to this ,
Is a voice so dlvino as/to / "cniry ono straight
to heaven , " quoting , fi6in ; a listener on Wed
nesday , It affects oaf ! ( is n pity that all femin
ity was not cast in tuesamo mould und mudo
equality musical • ( ,
A Kuiiefiipclnn Tea
Every ono is familiar in imagination with
the unfinished babywMrt that Becky Sharp
of • • Vanity Fair , " lisod to bring forth as a
bit of needlework whou the son for whom
it was originally intended bad reached man
hood and had bairnles of his own
It may bo an owlish prophesy , but the
chances are that some of the pieces of fancy
work only seen op high days , holidays
, uud at Kensington teas will have
grown out of fashion at least ,
before they ure completed However , there
Is nothing prettier than a lot of women with
gold thimbles on their carefully tended
hands tiifllng with'some dainty bit of work ,
their thoughts flying with their needles
At Mrs Webster's delightful tea Wednes
day afternoon there were some pretty time
honored specimens of handiwork , a few new
ones , some fetching gowns and an amount of
good bumor and friendly irossin Those , to
gether with a charming hostess and a de
licious tea , made the afternoon a capital sue
Among those present wcra Mesdames Es >
tabrook , ColpotzeiCoffman , Gaylord , Con
nor , Rtnlo , Ray , Frank Johnson .Carrlce ,
Holler , Irvin , Mayor , Dicltoy , Wheeler ,
Squirgs , Chase , Baum , Greene , Higglnson ,
Patterson , Congdon , Moore ; Misses Dundy ,
Dowev , Orchard , Z'mmorman , Jessie Mil
lard , Wakoloy nnd Beveus
A Tlio at ro Parly
Victoria Vokos though not nearly so clever
nor ladyllko nor charming as her sister , was
the raison detro for a number of theatre
parties , and the occasion of some Jolty even
Mr Wilson gave a delightful box party
Wednesday evening in honor of Miss Fore
paugb , with two boxes chaperoned respect
ively by Mrs McKenna and Mrs Benham
The young people wore : Miss Forepaugh ,
Miss McKenna , Miss Orchard , Miss Yost ,
Miss Ludlnpton tind Miss Smitb Mr John
Patrick , Mr , Crofutt , Mr Nothorton Hall ,
Mr Hull , Mr , Coles " and Mr Wilson ' There
was u Jolly supper afterwards ut The Bach
elors "on Capital avenua and 10thwhere the
men who muko their homo there , showed
that they rcalizod the Importance of the oc
casion , by putting on more airs than the
Hungarian band can play Housekeeping
becomes them wonderfully , the supper was
good nnd the ovonlngchnrming
A Unzaar For Charity
On Tuesday , there was held at Mrs J.
H. Millards , u bazaar for the sale of fuuey
articles in the Interest of the Child's ' hos
Notwithstanding the decidedly disagree
able weather any number of women put in
an appearance to select from with yulo-tldo
in tboir minds and tbo comfortable reilcction
that their generosity was coupled with char
There were two tables and the piano cov
ered with uccdlowork , useful and ornamental
In the drawing rooms , salted almonds in cun
ning llttlo baskets and wholesome homemade
made candy daintily served for sale in the
Mrs Millard , Mrs Guy Barton , Mrs
Clarkson , Mrs Wallace , Mrs Stebbins , Miss
Ogdou , Miss Millard , Miss Brown una Miss
Hoagland were assisting ut the various ta
Chrysanthemums nodded encouragingly to
tbo buyers In tbo drawing room und
In the dining room Miss Millard's
hospitality had arranged an inviting
table charmingly decorated with roses und
ferns and holding macarroons , waters und
frugrant coffee which was very grateful
after tbo shivery , ponotratlng weather out
of door ) .
The urticlos were very pretty and sold rai > -
laly , among the buyers weroj Mrs , Sherl-
dun , Mrs Summers , Miss Summers , Mrs D.
V , Bnrkalow , Mrs D. H. Barkalow , Mrs
Hussoll Harrison , Mis Cuduby , Mrs Coff-
mau , Mrs Rustin , Mrs Mover , Mrs Ilor
bach , Mrs Wells , Mrs Baum , Mrs Warren
Chase , Miss Cliaso , Mrs Clement Chase ,
Mrs Gaylord , Miss Tutinlsman , Mrs Victor
Caldwell , Mrs D. O. Clurk , Mrs Uiorbower ,
Mm Patterson , Mrs Shears , Allss Campbell ,
Miss Leila Shears and Miss Hall
Saturday Illcti Five
Last Saturday Mrs D , J , Collins cntor-
tulnod the newly formed Saturday High
Five Club'1 with the result of a charming
evening of close and Interesting games The
scores are to bo kept during the season and
the prizes , which will bo decidedly worth
while , awarded at the last meeting ,
The e present wcro ; Mr , and Mrs , Win
cote , Mr and Mrs Mulford , Mr auu Mrs
Carey , Mr and Mrs , Raynolus , Mr and Mrs
Baum , Mr and Mrs Chase , Miss Dundy ,
Miss Luna Dundy , Miss Ida Sharp , the
Misses Tatum , Miss Charlton , Miss Nichols ,
Miss Orchard , Mrs George , Mr , CartonMr
Hule , Mr Will Crary Mr Coles , Mr Frank
Hamilton , Mr Wily Wakeley Mr , Will Wy
man , Mr , Ualdildgo aud Dr Wilcox
A. Ilirttiilny Party
Mrs , Van Nostraud , who entertains easily
and agreeably , gave a delightful little card
party on the occasion of Miss Funny Walls
High flvo was the game chosen , aud the
laughter und bright talk did not interfere
with the interest of the players
At supper was introduced the pretty foa-
turo of a birthday cake in which w.is con
cealed a ring for u wedding , a thimble for
diligence mid a sixpence for a fortune Xheso
being variously drawn were grucofully pre
sented to Miss Wnll with kindly wishes that
her heart would guide her regarding the first ,
her bead tbo second and the third to coma to
her through no efforts of her own ana that
right speedily
Xli "A iHimDly "
The last assembly nt the Millard ou Fri
day evening was a most brilliant affair , and
eclipsed by far nil previous meetings Several -
eral young and ntetty debutantes were pres
ent , and by their presence added beauty to
the scene The evening was ono of mirth
and was one which will long bo remembered
by those who were present Among the
guests present were Mr and Mrs Mctcalf ,
Mr und Mrs McCord , Mr nnd Mrs Esta
brook , Mr and Mrs Barkalow , Mr
and Mrs Lomax , Mr nnd Mrs
Hiall , Mr and Mrs Garneau Mr
and Mrs Muir , Mr nnd Mrs Rollins ,
Mr and Mrs McWborter , Mr and Mrs
Colpet/.er , Mr and Mrs Hilssoy , Mr and
Mrs Strawn , Mr nnd Mrs Lock wood , Mr
and Mrs Levi Carter , Mr nnd Mrs Wurren
Hogors , Mr aud Mrs Bon Wood , Mr and
Mrs Ben Smith , Mr , and Mrs Coulant ,
Mr und Mrs Dean , Mr nnd MrsE S.
Dundy , jr , Mr and Mrs O , M. Carter , Mr
and Mrs Squires , Mr nnd Mrs .1. IC
Chambers Mr und Mrs Edwin Buum , Mr
nnd Mrs McKcnna , Misses Hosford , Coe ,
Metcalf Sherwood , Anna Millard , Wool
worth , Hoagland Orchard , Laurn Houglund ,
Dewey , Bulcombe , McKenna , Smith of
Chicago , Barlow of Colorado Springs , Fitch ,
Larimer , Mime ! Balcombo , Williams , Mrs
Russell Harrison , Messrs , Hodges , Wyman ,
Piorra Garneau , Paxton , Guiou , Squires ,
Wllber , Hamilton , Henry Wyman , Dr
Smith , Barlow , Gates , Loomis , Whiting , Dr
Leo , John Collins , McCormick , Saunders ,
Drake , Dr Gilford , Cameron , Bishop , Coles ,
Voss , Berlin , Caldwell , Hamilton , Patterson ,
Turner , Ed Sherwood
At the Fori
Wednesday being tbo birthday of Miss
Mills , daughterof Captain and Mrs Mills ,
her parents arranged a delightful party in
ber honor Tbo evonlng was spontln games ,
musio and dunclng At ! ) ; 30 refreshments
wcro served Among thosa present were :
Miss A. Mills , Miss Nuro , Miss Mabel
Hartsuff.Miss Wneatou.Miss Anotu and Muy
Roller , Mrs Mills , Mrs , Malory , Messrs
Mills , Nare , Tom nnd Uort Butler und Ca | > -
tnin Mills
General and Mrs Whoatnn gave n dimm
ing dluuor Thanksgiving ut their homo Fort
Omana Covers luld for twelve of their most
intlmatu friends uud relatives , namely ; Mr
nnd Mrs Snuldlug , Lieutenant uud Mrs
Waring , Lieutenant and Mrs Powell , Lieu
tenant Ktnzle , Mr MuDougall Miss Miller ,
Miss Waring and Lieutenant Chrisman ,
Hliollll UiMiip
Mrs Connetl has gone to Washington ,
Mrs Charles Woolworth has returned to
Sioux City ,
Mr , una Mrs Hughus left on Monday for
California ,
Mrs L. M. Bennett will glvoa Kensington
ton Monday afternoon
Miss Larrlmer has returned from a four
months stay in Europe
The Omuha guards cave a pleasant inform
al dance Tuosduy eveuiug
Mrs Bradford Issued cards to a tea , to bo
given Wednesday ofternoou
Mrs W. F. Paxton will give a reception
Wednesday iu honor of Mrs Durfco
Miss Dewey returned on Tuesday , after a
delightful visit In St , Joseph ,
The Altar Guild of Trinity cathedral held
a meeting at the church on Thursday
Mrs Garneau entertained Mrs Wyman at
high tea Monday evening Just short of her
The Damenspkttan of ( ho turnvereln gives
a dancing party at Germauiu hall on the
evening of December 11.
Mrs S. S. Caldwell loft on Monday for a
visit in the east , during which tlmo she will
attend her mothers golden wedding
G | Mr aud Mra C. W. Hamilton have issued
curds for a reception next Wednesday at
Hamilton place In honor of Mr und Mrs C.
Will Hamilton
The pupils of Prof , Ed Dworak will give a
concert and ball at Germanta bail ou the
; -J '
evening of December 14. Ono of the foutures * |
of the musical progrummo will bo the chll- H
( Irons orchestra * j H
Mr and Mrs C , Will Hamilton returned H
on Sunday und will bo at the Puxton until ; H
they tuka possession of a house in thu Hon H
dricks row on Twenty-fifth and Harney * H
streets H
Mrs Mayer left for Mexico on Friday to 41 _
the slncoro regret of her friends , who fool il _ _
her stuy all too short When asuod If sbo 'II 1
would coma again she unswored prettily H _ _
" ' "
Jesporc ' ! _ _
"Erminio" seems to have begun nnothor * , _ |
long run ut the Casino . M
Louis James has nddod "fngomnr" to his ; _ |
repertory , and it Is said to bo truly burbarJH , ;
A son of Nicolini , the toiior , is n member |
of M. Ksning's company at the Gymnuso in' ' - H
Paris -j | H
The Bolls of Hasolmcro , " a London ' M
molo-drnuiu , is to be produced in Now York _ |
this inontV ' > ' M
The County Fair , " with its mechanical |
horse race scene , is crowding thu Union ' M
Squuro to the doors ut every porforinunco > M
Marie Wuinwriglrt doe * Twelfth Night ' H
on December 1(1 ( ut tlio Fifth Avouuo theatre , _ |
She rests the week beforehand so as to do it ! H
well . M
Walter Damroscli's first Wugnor lecture . H
will ho delivered at the Berkley lyceuin on H
December 0. Tbo subject will bo Das - H
Rheingold " j . H
The season of German grand opera at tlio , * fl
New York Metropolitan oporu house began ' fl
lust Wednesday evening with The Flying t fl
Dutchman " Rcichmunu , the new burltouo , , ' itfl
sung tbo title role ' fl _
If customs regulations will permit , thu Ii
Paris bippodromo will probably bo brought \ % fl
to Now YorK next season This grout circus r fl fl
is possible only through u liborul subvention 'jrfl
from the Freuoh government lj fl
Tbo sooo&d year of The Old Homestead ' 1 fl
ut the Academy has thus iur proved uvea 'II fl
more successful than the manugoment unti'ilfl
cipated People uro turned from tbo doors ' fl
of tbo big pluy house at every performance : j fl
Joe Jefferson and Billy Florence , dcspltoIlfl
their ago , have , with tbo utmost counduncoIlfl
signed u contract for next season together to vlfl
produce "A Poor Gentleman " Nuturo may , H
insist that it shall bo ono poor old gcntloman >
by that time , " ( flfl
Edward Strauss nud his famous orchestra - ° _ |
have just completed a tour of eighty cities in < ffl
180 days , during which time un uvctago of _ fl
twonty-llvo pieces a day were played At < ! fll
Hamburg 4l > ,000 , persons attended bis con ' - '
certs in four weeks , j 1
Among the engagements made by William !
Harris on the otuorsido Is Francois la Blanc , . f
whom ho describe * ns ubout tiftoen Her ' , I
manns rolled into one , and tbo greatest mai - '
Kiclun in Europa Harris lias secured the Ail I
Murtinotti troupe , and they have twenty *
weeks booked i' . the Academy for next sea V fl
sou , . ' -mfl :
Tha fashion of trying now plays at matt * \w
noes is becoming so common In London that * I
the performances themselves ure losing ull Jilll
slgntiicunco There will be twcnty.tiirco % j * I
new mutineo plays at Terry's theater beWfl
tweon now and next Fobruury , Most of ifmM
tbeso , of course , are worthless , and unless > wl
this supply of trash is reduced mntinoe per Ji _ |
formunccs uro llkoly to fall into discredit "ittM
Tommy Kussnl the precocious little follow JJtm
whoso interpretation of the role of Llttlo IWm
Lord Fnuntlcroy has won him fumo.will star TVm
next season with his own company in a ilLl
Juvenile play , Jon of the tbo Windmill , " 3wm
written expressly for tiiui by Mrs Johanna , tWm
Horatio Ewlng.tbo well known English play * " ' 'li '
wright , Tlio play will bo put on lu tievr | | I
YorK at the end of tbls season , and after the * 2m
Now York engagement will be produced in &
thu principal American cltled , li.fil
Mr , William Archer , in the Londou World , twM
reads Mr , Irving a lecture for his failure to 4lll
produce new works He says ; "He has • "iwim
done much for tbo English alago , nothing iffil
for the English drama Ho has been ten ' ' 1811
years a manairer n > > d during that tlmo ho jjIF'l '
has produced two original plays The Cup , ' oHI
by Altred'rennysou , and The Amber Heart , ' iHl
by Alfred Oulmour four acts in all If'WM
Watts Phillips bad been alive , and hod him4fl
self brought 'Tuo Dead Heart , ' a virgin VflH
work , to Mr , Irving , should wo ever have iflfl
seen it ! 1 trow not , A burial certificate is > . _
the iodUpensablo passport to the Lyceum , ; fl |
stsgo " " ' * fl |

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